This piano-inspired wifi router is like music for your eyes!

The same way a skyscraper doesn’t fit in amongst brownstones, the classic WiFi router is an eyesore in any room. Typically, they’re clunky, blockish, and wire-twisted. They always get in the way and seem to epitomize user-unfriendliness, with indistinguishable blinking signals and difficult, hard-to-reach dimensions. Thankfully, designer Lee Haupenn has come up with a solution: his new Piano WiFi 6 router that resembles a chord’s worth of piano keys, designed to appear less obtrusive and more as it belongs.

The fully realized WiFi 6 router is emotive in its appearance and, with its sleek body, allows you to enjoy any room for what it’s meant, without any black, plastic network boxes to distract you. The black ‘keys’ lift up to reveal the router’s antennae and the indented base diminishes some of the visual thickness that’s commonly expected from routers. Certain to improve user-friendliness, the L-shaped indicator light provides comprehensible insight regarding signals and product operation. Familiarity was a vital aspect of the router’s conceptual stages as Lee Haupenn incorporated the image of the piano, emoting a feeling of cohesion to any room. The classic white and black color scheme provides the router with another chameleon-like feature: interior adaptability for all spaces, that of which bulky, wire-heavy routers do not have. That seamless bridging between the world of technology and our intimate home spaces is the true essence of this design.

Red Dot issued 2020’s Best of the Best award to the Shenzhen-based design team for their cleverly tasteful reimagination of the classic router. Offering the latest generation of wireless capabilities, this router is as charming as it is operative, bridging the power of technology with the comfort of home. Collectively, it seems that we’re retreating further and further into the cyber world, which means that the demand for efficient wireless technology and network is high. However, the designers at Lee Haupenn seem to understand that when it comes to routers, as demand increases, creativity in design seems to fall by the wayside. Due to this imbalance, routers look cold, even unapproachable, just the tangles of wires look too complicated. With such a necessary product of the times, Lee Haupenn gave the antiquated router a much-needed fine-tuning. Even though this piano can’t really be played, it is visual poetry for your eyes!

Designers: Lee Haupenn

Kitchen appliances that will perfectly assist your chef dreams!

The designs here aren’t your average microwave, stoves, or blenders. Technology has picked up pace – its no longer weird to ‘talk’ to your microwave or your fridge anymore. Kitchen appliances have followed the tech wave and if you’re new to the kitchen or an old professional, everyone’s kitchen can benefit from an upgrade with these awesome product designs. While quarantine has surely upgraded your cooking skills, its time to make your kitchen applications the perfect sous chef to your cooking challenges! Mini pancakes, anyone?


Ordine by Adriano Design is an innovative cooking solution designed for the modern user. Optimized for small spaces, the design eliminates the need for a bulky traditional stove, clearing the way for more cabinet and counter space. The design features two hob units that are mounted on a central power hub on the wall. Elevated neatly out of the way, the user must simply grab one or both hobs off the wall and set the desired temperature to activate.

This 3-in-1 dishwasher design by Fotile hides your dishwasher and dryer elegantly by welding it to your stainless steel sink. The dishwasher has a larget fillet that facilitates accelerated rotation of water flow to improve the efficiency of wash cycles. Another great perk of it being fitted in your sink is that it reduces the hassle of cleaning inside the appliance. It also has a flat embedded ‘lid’ which makes it easy for you to keep your countertop clean while not sacrificing surface space. Apart from killing 99.99% of bacteria from the dishes, it also doubles up as a fruit and vegetable purifier. Using ultrasonic technology and a turbulent spray, it removes 90% of pesticide residue from your produce. This dishwasher claims to have no blind spots – 360-degree cleaning and drying!

Designed to be your go-to for any cooking measurements, the Kitchen Cube integrates all measuring vessels into its singular, yellow, cube-shaped body. With over 19+ measuring units designed into its 6-sided shape, the Kitchen Cube can be used to measure anything from teaspoons and tablespoons to even cups, working with both wet and dry ingredients alike. The cube comes with both metric and US measuring units molded into its unique design, allowing you to even measure out your ingredients in milliliters if the recipe calls for it.

Since professional coffee machines have a different product for each part of the process, Rebuild:ratio was designed as an espresso machine that would streamline the process of making coffee and while not taking away from the authentic process. This espresso machine gives you a high-quality product with easy user experience. Feel like barista yourself when you grind the beans and steam your milk but without the hassle of keeping up with three separate appliances. While the machine looks like a complicated, professional one, it has actually been organized in a way for you to feel confident about making cafe-grade beverages with ease. There are three shape concepts: layer, build, and tool that make up this sleek appliance.

Designed for better control, the Cheat Sheets don’t just allow you to segregate separate ingredients for the same dish, they let you simultaneously cook two separate dishes together too, separating them according to flavor. The most obvious instance is in desserts, where people tend to get picky. I, for instance, am a basic vanilla and fruit junkie, while others around me usually tend to gravitate towards decadent chocolate desserts. The Cheat Sheets allow you to simultaneously cook two separate dishes in their respective containers – as opposed to using rudimentary aluminum foil dividers, or running your oven for two separate cycles. The Cheat Sheets let you responsibly divide and utilize real estate on your baking tray, giving you the ability to be versatile, and still be in control of your cooking. In fact, each Cheat Sheet container-set comes with its own baking tray, as well as a handy guide that gives you cooking times and temperatures for all your food, so you never over or undercook any ingredient again.

The first step to start your cooking journey must be with perfect hard-boiled eggs! Made from heat-resistant and food-safe plastic, the Egguins by Peleg Design is an innovative way to store, boil, or serve eggs. The hollow penguin shape allows you to slide eggs (both small and large) into it, completing it visually and making it look like a flock of Emperor Penguins ready to dash right into the water – the visual metaphor of connecting the egg, the bird, and the water is just perfect! The uniform placement of the eggs also ensures they are cooked evenly, perfect for every new cook. Whoever said cooking cannot be fun.

 Pierre Nibart’s OGarden is the indoor gardening system that makes growing fruit and veg a breeze! By bringing the produce into the home, you are no longer reliant on the weather, therefore having greater control of the entire process. An incredible 90 plants can be grown simultaneously, with 60 plants flourishing within the wheel, and a further 30 seedlings growing in the cabinet below! OGarden features a rather unique watering system that controls the plant’s water intake; the rotating wheel gives each plant the optimum amount of time to take in the water, allowing them to thrive, whilst a secondary reservoir that’s coupled with a pump provides the developing seedlings with water.

You can easily sanitize your knives and cutting surfaces, embrace your inner quarantine chef with germ-free cooking thanks to Chopbox’s built-in disinfecting UVC light – see I told you, this board is lit and literally! We clean our knives but do we ever think about the germs in knife blocks or the crevices of our cutting boards? With Chopbox all you have to do place your knife in between the two cutting surfaces and activate the small but powerful 254nm UVC light that can sanitize up to 3 knives at once as well as both the cutting surfaces. “Just one minute of UVC light exposure is guaranteed to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria. The 254nm UVC light used in the ChopBox is small and has a limited angle with only a small gap in the boards when in use. It is 100% safe for all humans to be around and near this light. The UVC light will automatically switch off when you separate the two boards or you can press the second button on the control panel to turn it off. You will receive no negative side effects from this UVC light,” says the team.

Oliver Hatton and Nicolas Schmitt for VanBerlo Agency created with Gutmann this downward ventilator, who is a global leader in manufacturing high-quality exhaust hoods for households and is trusted by the best of specialized kitchen dealers. The design team combined their superior engineering with their own creative vision to give the users a cleaner experience. To come up with the solution, the team had to understand that performance, cleaning, and changing the filters are the core pillars of creating an efficient product. “With downdraft becoming the new norm, power was questionable. We said it had to step above the current noise. Emphasizing airflow, and creating clarity in the UI were our central points,” said the design team about their goal to create a downdraft hood that had the same (if not better) impact as the ceiling hood.

 “What if the knives weight-adjusted based on how you used them?” It sounds like a bizarre question, but to be honest, it’s all in the physics of knife-work. When you need your wrists to put in the work, a knife with a heavy handle serves best. When you need a knife’s blade to do the work for you, a heavier blade allows for better cutting, so rather than having different knives for different applications, the Ecriture Perfect Knives come with a switch on the handle that lets you shift the knife’s center of gravity. A sliding weight inside the hollow handle allows you to decide the knife’s balancing point, giving you better control based on your technique. The Ecriture Perfect Knives come in a set of 6 exquisitely designed blades for handling a variety of tasks. From mincing to filleting, julienning to slicing, there’s a blade for every occasion and a patented weight-switching mechanism in each handle for every individual.

The OTE Juicer’s small, bulbous design makes it instantly approachable and friendly, while the form language, pastel color cues, and the judicious use of chrome seems very characteristic of companies like SMEG and Cuisinart. The OTE is palm-sized, with a base-heavy design that gives it an adorable appeal, almost like a pudgy little cartoon character. A clear juice-vessel sits on top (like you’d see in a Nutribullet), and a nifty little chrome key on the side lets you control the juicer, making everything from smoothies to shakes, sauces, and spice-powders.

Meet the Mercedes-Benz Vision Duet, the next impossible concept for the luxury automaker to conquer!

Fast forward to the year 2035 and you’ll be riding in the cozy confines of your luxury coupe for your next escapade – connecting with nature like never before. That’s what designer Lujie Huang has proposed for millennials to be close to nature and also with their close ones. As a part of his senior thesis, while studying at the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California, Lujie thought of creating a 3-seat grand tour which has an inside out design approach. According to him, “The objective is to capture the magical moments of user experience offered by autonomous vehicles as a part of our lifestyles.”

He calls this luxury coup of the future “Mercedes-Benz Vision Duet” and it has the essence of marine design influence and by the Mobius strip (yes, the same one that inspired Tony Stark!) The coupe has cocooned seating embodied with an open seating experience, much like the two-seater coupe convertible. Huang believes that autonomous electric vehicles will be a common thing by the 2030s. Given the level 5 autonomous design of the Vison Duet, the car carries that very imagination with no driving controls like steering wheel, pedals, or gear shifters. The inside-out approach is evident in the comfortable forward-facing seats and a center table inside the cabin. On the one side on the front, there’s a retracting storage drawer for food and utensils while on the opposite side there is a built-in mini-fridge. When the car is parked amidst nature, the glass roof retracts and the third seat opposite the conventional seating area (inspired by the seating layout of leisure boats) can be used for enjoying the surrounding view with your pals. On the outside, the car impresses with an iconic Mercedes-Benz grille and the rear sporting a strikingly cool bumper design.

The EV also derives inspiration from the classics of the past, blending it with modern luxury which is apparent from the overall flowing design on the coupe. In a way, it also looks influenced by the very future-forward and practical Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR (the names sound similar too). The only predicament of the design and functionality with Huang’s iteration is its practicality! The lack of doors makes safety an issue. Also, not to ignore the ability of the EV to reach high speeds since the aerodynamic drag would make it impossible for the riders to get away with chunky hair after a long trip! The fun is when the car is parked and you can bask in the luxury of a picnic-like setup. Perhaps, the addition of clear glass doors that can be retracted is a more viable option for the riders to feel safe. Maybe Mercedes should ask Tony Stark to share his input after all the Mobius strip did help him breakthrough one difficult problem already!

Designer: Lujie Huang

Ideation and Explorations

The Final Design

This mini vacuum cleaner cleans while hiding in plain sight!

This mini vacuum was built with style and function equally in mind. At first glance, it could be mistaken for an off-brand hydro-flask or a portable speaker. This ambiguity works as a visual advantage. Car passengers and desk mates will wonder how you keep these spaces so clean (not realizing that your secret weapon may be hiding in plain sight). They might even compliment your new olive-green accessory.
The vacuum’s slender, cylinder design allows for easy storage in your car or desk drawer… and these are the exact areas that the product was designed to clean. It comes with two attachments: a narrow nozzle that can reach debris in tight corners and a slightly wider one rimmed with soft bristles that can suction dust from inside an air vent or in-between your laptop’s keys. Basically, it cleans the spaces that other handhelds can’t reach. Also, the vacuum comes with a removable cap to keep the debris from escaping the canister… so you won’t have to worry about cleaning messes a second time.

Designer: Yifanzi J

This e-bike has a chassis like no other…


Its unique, unusual form language earned it a German Design Award prize, and quite a well-deserved prize it was. The Pocket Rocket does the two most important things a bike must do. Get you from A to B efficiently, and grab eyes along the way… and it does so while running on ecologically viable electric energy.

Housing every bit of electronics and machinery into its innovative inverted triangle shape, the Pocket Rocket doesn’t have the serious demeanor of a sports bike, but why should it, right? It hits that sweet spot between bicycles and motorbikes known as the e-bike aesthetic, and the minimal frame could just be iconic (I’m only a slight bit concerned about the base of the V being a little low, but on city roads, the Pocket Rocket should do fine). I’ve also grown to love the name Pocket Rocket, although it obviously has some suggestive connotations.

Designed by Manuel Messmer and engineered by SOL Motors, the Pocket Rocket is clean, compact, and well thought through. The thick tubular column on the top becomes a perfect surface to sit on, once you’ve got a saddle in place, and right at both ends, you’ve got the headlight and taillight. The product is currently in its conceptual stages and the specifications haven’t been made public yet, but we’ll let you know the minute we do!

Designers: Manuel Messmer & Sol Motors.

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This innovative pitcher goes beyond filtration to purify your drinking water with UV-C light

Raise your hand if the pandemic’s made you a little more health-conscious than before. I’m not talking about wearing a mask in public and washing your hands 10 times a day… I’m talking about just re-evaluating how much trash we put into our system in the name of convenience, whether it’s junk food, soda, or just an unhealthy lifestyle. The LARQ Pitcher was designed to perfectly suit the latter response to the pandemic. This 1.9-liter pitcher comes with a unique multi-stage purification system that goes above and beyond what most water filters do. Not only does it remove potentially harmful compounds and contaminants from the water you drink, it sanitizes it by using UV-C light to neutralize any bio-contaminants that may be present in your tap water.

Designed by the CES and Red Dot Award-winning LARQ team, the LARQ Pitcher takes multiple steps to ensure your drinking water is as safe as can be. The pitcher’s sleek design houses a filtration system on the top, and a transparent water-container at the base to show you how pristine your water is. Designed for easy, one-handed filling, simply pour tap water through the counterbalanced top to easily fill the reservoir. It then passes into the LARQ Pitcher’s filter housing, and through its plant-based carbon-filter that’s capable of catching Lead, Chlorine, Radon, metals, asbestos, VOCs, and hard-water minerals. The plant-based filter lasts up to 50% longer than most of its competition (purifying as much as 60 gallons), and sits in a sustainable housing made from a woven material, replacing plastic by as much as 75% in the overall filter’s design.

While its physical filter improves taste and removes pollutants as one aspect of the filtration purification process, the LARQ Pitcher even comes with its proprietary technology, PureVis™, a built-in UV-C LED light wand that further purifies the water with ultraviolet light. The PureVis™ Wand purifies the water as it enters the pitcher’s main vessel, neutralizing bacteria, viruses, and molds to keep your water cleaner for longer. While most water filters end up becoming breeding grounds for microorganisms after weeks of use, the PureVis™ UV-C technology prevents that from happening, making sure that the water you drink is doubly purified to the highest standard possible in any purifier-pitcher.

The LARQ Pitcher comes in a singular size, with two color combinations – a classic Pure White, and an unusually eye-catching Monaco Blue. The transparent base of the pitcher is made from a pristine, clear BPA/BPS-free plastic that’s glass-like and literally shows you the results of the LARQ Pitcher’s multi-stage purification system… and when you ever need to replace a filter, the pitcher’s light track handily notifies you with an LED light. Moreover, if you want to actively track your LARQ Pitcher’s progress, LARQ is developing a smartphone app that will show you your filter health stats in real-time, along with insights and information about what’s really inside your tap water. The app debuts in Spring 2021, while the pitcher begins shipping as early as December 2020.

Designer: Impel Studio for LARQ

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LARQ Pitcher – Pure Water Beyond Filtration

Traditional pitchers collect unwanted pollutants in filters where they can quickly multiply and reverse contaminate your water. The LARQ Pitcher goes beyond filtration with a unique 2-step filtration and purification process for pure-tasting water sip after sip.

Why Reinvent the Pitcher

By removing chlorine, the filters become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and other pollutants in just 2 weeks—making the filter itself a source of contamination. Read about it in the white paper.

Step 1: Better Filteration

Their carbon-derived, plant-based filter gets rid of unwanted contaminants like lead, mercury, chlorine, VOCs, and more, leaving you with pure, crisp-tasting water. No compromises here.

Step 2: PureVis™ Purification Technology

What traditional water pitchers are missing is a vital second step—PureVis™ UV-C purification, which eradicates bio-contaminants at the molecular level. Keeping your water as pure as nature intended.

Smart & Sustainable

Tech Backed by Science

LARQ’s proprietary and patented PureVis™ UV-C LED technology is the most advanced in the world.

Sustainable Design

The team opted out of the hard outer plastic casing you’ll find with traditional filters and created a more sustainable woven material to help provide structure to the filter media. The result? A 75% reduction in plastic use during filter replacements over the course of a year. By flattening the filter geometry we were able to maximize surface area for the perfect balance between efficacy, filter speed, and lifetime.

Two types of filters to choose from based on your water quality needs. LARQ Filters will be tested to NSF standards (42 and 53) to achieve >90% reduction across a range of contaminants.

Lab-tested & Proven

Here’s a look at the preliminary third-party testing across a range of contaminants.

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This air pollution sucking bike wheel is the solution needed to provide clean breathing air!

Human inflicted air pollution is a nemesis for the planet, upsetting the balance of the ecosystem and contributing largely to the global warming woes. The problem has quickly escalated and is proving to be a major headache for nations worldwide. People are doing their bit by adopting emission-free modes of commuting – bicycles being the simplest and easiest ones to adopt right now, giving us all reason enough to make the switch from four-wheeled air-polluting vehicles. As an added bonus, they fit right in with the fitness regime for a healthy lifestyle. According to the European Cyclists’ Federation, “average bike emits 21g of CO2 per kilometer traveled – 5g for the bike’s manufacture and maintenance and 16g for the calories consumed, and subsequently burned, by the cyclist to power the pedals.” In comparison, a motor vehicle emits 271g of CO2 per passenger kilometer!

Taking a ride on the pedal-powered bike is an eco-friendly way of living but can it be bettered? According to industrial design graduate from London Southbank University, Kristen Tapping, it is possible. She has thought of an innovative way to turn the bike’s wheel into air pollution capturing device that purifies the air and releases it back into the environment. The award-winning invention christened Rolloe Roll Of Emissions, inspired by the highly air polluted streets of London, has to be one of the cleanest ways of commuting, especially in crowded cities. Kristen pondered the spinning movement of the bike’s wheel and its use as an air filter, just like a conventional household air filter does with the spinning motion. The mechanism works by pushing the polluted air inside the rim of the wheel which houses the filters. These filters are made up of the loofa sponge which is a washable and biodegradable HEPA filter that captures the large particulates and activated carbon which is proven for its properties to capture gas molecules and volatile organic compounds.

The innovative wheel is designed in a way to suck in the air through the central cavity and push clean air out through the fins. The more the biker pedals forward, the more particulates are captured. For now, the prototype developed by Kristen captures 0.665m³ of air per kilometer cycled. According to her if “10% of all London cyclists had one Rolloe installed on their bike, they would filter approximately 266,865m³ of air – 20 times the size of Trafalgar Square.” Kristen wants to improve her design and develop a rear-wheel which doubles those numbers. She is also working on 3D printing a portion of the three-spoke mag wheel and using weatherproof and sustainable material for the wheel. Rolloe is surely a wise step in the right direction and we can’t wait to see it become a part of our everyday life!

Designer: Kristen Tapping

This Dieter Rams-inspired speaker lets you focus on the music and without any smartphone distractions!

This Dieter Rams-Inspired Speaker Brings the Simplicity of the 1950s to Bluetooth

Music is sometimes the only company you need, whether you’re listening to your favorite artist with your ears perked up beside the speaker or letting jazz fill in the background while you work. With quarantine, however, it can sometimes feel difficult to just let listening to music be an activity in and of itself. The list of distractions and temptations is literally endless – the timeline never runs dry. Instagram’s feed is ever-changing and endlessly refreshable, as another text message rings and more unread emails pile up, and Twitter has the latest and most accessible updates out there. But this new Dieter Rams-inspired Bluetooth speaker design encourages you to click the lock button and stow the phone away if only for a song.

The design’s concept is visually approachable and inviting, with a single speaker on the product design’s right-hand side, a roomier pocket for your phone on the left, and self-explanatory player controls on top. While the visual and compartmental design makes the music device easily portable, it also motivates you to end the constant scrolling and just enjoy the music. Since the speaker works with Bluetooth, the space to stow away your phone is more of a light suggestion than a prerequisite for operation. However, if you do decide to use the suggested space for your phone, the product’s design becomes user-adjustable. Since the speaker’s screen, which encases your phone, is transparent, that means you can transform your screen into a compact cassette or any other background, invoking your favorite musical memory within any room.

It’s admittedly hard to put the phone down when you’re spending a lot of time in the same space every day – the timeline isn’t the only thing that could use some refreshing. If anything, quarantine has awakened many of us to the relief that design can provide by reigniting in us simpler, warmer energy from yesteryear. Inspired by Dieter Rams’ widely-celebrated TP-1 transistor radio and phonograph, this new speaker design offers exactly that. The elemental structure and visually friendly presentation echo the early years of sound recording, back when listening to music was more coveted and less instantly gratified.

Designers: Linda B

This simple ergonomic tool makes it easier for left-handed people to write without any smudging

Over 90% of the world is right-handed, and the way we write is strongly informed by that fact… but it makes it difficult for the people who use their left hand to write/draw with. The minute you write with your left hand, you risk smudging the text with your palm every single time. The FELEF caters to a relatively small group of people but solves a large problem for them.

Created as a simple extension of the pen’s cylindrical design, the Felef helps offset your writing instrument, maintaining a safe distance between your palm and your pen’s nib. By putting the palm below the nib rather than beside it, the FELEF makes sure your palm’s always resting against the blank paper, preventing any accidental smudges.

The FELEF works with any pen, simply fastening to it using a tightening screw. Its organic design offers a more comfortable gripping experience and the fact that it is ambidextrous means you can use it with your right hand too, especially if you find your hand cramping, or if you’re working with text that’s written from right to left!

Designers: Aakash Dolas, Shruthi Iyer & Tanay Dhongade.

This genius universal airtight lid fits on nearly every vessel you have!

The SKUZEE is the perfect example of a “eureka moment” product. It’s a brilliant idea that’s never existed before, and now when I look at it, I can’t help but wonder why I (or anyone else) never thought of it before… and that’s always a good sign! The SKUZEE is a silicone lid that’s designed to fit on practically any bottle, carafe, jar, glass, mug, or container you own, turning regular vessels into airtight ones. Its unique construction allows it to snap onto a variety of neck-widths by flexing to fit around them, and a standard 28mm threading on the inside lets it screw onto most PET bottles too, eliminating the need to own separate containers with lids, or discard containers that are missing their lids. The SKUZEE is literally made to be the one-true lid to fit all sorts of bottles/mugs/containers, giving you the ability to easily store, preserve, and carry your liquids without worrying about leaks!

The BPA-free silicone outer body is what gives the SKUZEE its remarkable airtight-ability and flexibility. The lid opens up to fit onto a variety of containers, snapping in place once you push down on it. The patented-designed pull-to-open 360° valve on the top of the lid lets you pour from any angle, and the fluted texture on the SKUZEE’s surface makes it easy for you to remove the lid when you want to place it on another bottle, or when you want to rinse it under a tap or in the dishwasher.

SKUZEE’s universal design with its modular inserts that turn the air-tight lid into a citrus juicer, a tea-infuser, or a drink-chiller means it is even more useful. Armed with these three inserts (and with more on the way), you can use your SKUZEE lid as more than just a lid. Place it in a carafe and use it to juice oranges – the silicone body never slips or skids as you squeeze the orange halves. Switch out the juicer insert for an infuser insert and the SKUZEE lets you make cold-tea brews and water infusions… and replace the infuser for the chilling wand and the SKUZEE instantly chills your beverages without watering them down!

Designed to be durable and sustainable, the SKUZEE replaces practically every lid you own. It fits on travel-cups, so you can ditch those plastic lids coffee shops. You can even snap it onto a jar of milk, or a carafe of orange juice to help it last longer in the fridge, or to make storing and pouring more convenient. The silicone and durable plastic construction make the SKUZEE easy to wash and maintain, and the fact that you can use it on any vessel means a lower dependence on single-use plastic lids, bottles, straws, and other paraphernalia that would eventually get thrown into a landfill or our oceans. Besides, with an array of eye-catching colors, don’t be surprised if the SKUZEE rapidly becomes your lid of choice, replacing every other lid you own. Now that’s what I call a win for the planet, your kitchen drawer, and your sense of style! Cheers!

Designers: Ming-Hua Huang, Lung-Hsun Song, Hung-Yu Hsieh & Lin-Chun Sun

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SKUZEE – The Most Convenient Lid Ever Made

The SKUZEE is a reusable airtight lid that fits almost any cup, bottle, jar, and mug you own. In addition, the modular inserts turn the lid into a citrus juicer, a tea-infuser, or a drink-chiller.

During the design stage, the market surveys indicated that 55 – 60mm and 85 – 90mm were the standard and wide openings used the most. Thus, SKUZEE is designed to match most of containers.

Below: Examples of things SKUZEE has been tested on.

The Juicer Module

The SKUZEE juicer has more juicer ridges that ensure the pulp is crushed and the juice is separated more easily. Additionally, less pressure is required. The hole design means seeds are collected and prevented from passing into your juice.

The Tea Infuser Module

Tea-lovers are in for a treat because of the straight-line grille opening design, that keeps tea leaves in full contact with the water at all times, leaving more space for the flavor to develop, and making the infuser itself easier to wash too!

The Chilling Wand Module

Keep your drinks cool for hours without affecting the taste. The chilling wand is made from surgical grade SUS316 stainless steel, which is safer and more resistant to both acids and alkalis than the SUS304 that is commonly used for food containers.

SKUZEE also incorporates a cup into the lid as part of its multi-purpose design.

Made from Liquid Silicon Rubber

SKUZEE is made from skin-friendly BPA-free food grade liquid silicon rubber, an extremely durable, chemical-resistant, and biocompatible material, which means SKUZEE is not harmful or toxic to the human body.

360-Degree Valve

The special patented water stop valve design is easy-to-open for drinking and pouring. You can pour your drink 360˚ and never worry about the direction of the flow. Or just open SKUZEE and drink from it directly. The built-in flow guiding design means liquids never accumulate in the lid so you will never spill a drop.

In Blue, Red & Green

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