Meet the world’s first TWS Earbuds with Super Active Noise Cancelling that protects your hearing

Here’s a scenario. You’re in a cafe listening to a podcast or to music. It’s relatively noisy and to drown the noise out, you just crank the volume on your earphones. Although this works on paper, you’re causing incredible harm to your hearing because of those high volumes. The Serena Super ANC earbuds from Hear+Hi can prevent that from happening by drastically reducing external noise while listening. Using a proprietary Super ANC system thanks to two external microphones, Serena can reduce external noise by as much as 45 decibels, bringing loud sounds down to a manageable level. This effectively lets you listen to music or podcasts even in loud cafes, subways, or buses without having to damage your hearing.

Designer: Hear+Hi

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They say prolonged exposure to audio above 80 decibels can cause permanent hearing damage – something that most smartphones caution you against with popup messages if you listen to something on high volumes. Gemini, on the other hand, just reduces external noise so you can listen to audio at its intended volume. Designed to look like a stylish pair of everyday TWS earbuds, Serena in fact comes with dual mics for its Super ANC feature, and dual mics for Echo Noise Cancellation, enabling crystal clear speech while on phone calls.

The ability to attenuate 45 decibels is rather new for a TWS earphone this small. Most earphones max out at 25 decibels (they can reduce external noise by 25 decibels), but Serena practically doubles that, thanks to the fact that its ANC microphone sits inside your ear instead of outside it. Keeping the ANC microphone closer to the eardrum means Serena is instantly able to do a much better job blocking out unwanted audio from hitting your eardrum.

The Serena comes with an in-ear design featuring silicone tips that help create a nice seal while listening. The earbuds are compactly designed, featuring a footprint that’s smaller than the AirPods Pro, given the absence of stems. They run on Bluetooth 5.0, for a strong, seamless, low-latency connection that works right out of the box, and the earphones have a run-time of 7 hours (5 hours with ANC) extendable up to 30 hours when paired with the charging case. You can grab your own pair for a 47% discounted price of $79 on the website, and get an additional 10% off using the code YANKO10.

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $149 (45% off). Get an additional 10% off using the exclusive code “YANKO10”. Hurry, deal ends July 10th.

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Air-Shape is a lamp design idea that will give any room a dreamlike atmosphere

Not all lamps have to conform to basic shapes or even reality.

Lamps bring light to houses and rooms, but that’s not the only thing they can offer. With their own design and personality, they can change the tone of a room as effectively as their lights. They can convey a sense of serenity or calculating precision, warmth or cold, minimalism or extravagance. Lamps can take many forms and take inspiration from many sources, showcasing nature’s innate beauty or mankind’s acquired artistry. They can also become messengers of whimsy, playfulness, and even dreams, like a pendant and wall lamp that almost keeps you on the edge of your seat, waiting for the delicate bubble to pop and scatter in the wind.

Designer: Sunriu

It’s not difficult to deduce the inspiration for this work of art that’s also meant to be a design for an actual lamp. Many of us would have had fond memories of blowing bubbles through circular devices, sometimes screaming in glee as each ephemeral sphere floated and then popped. There is something otherworldly about bubbles as they display the different colors of the rainbow on their translucent surfaces. Our hazy childhood memories of these playful times even add to the fanciful imagery of bubbles.

It is that emotion that the Air-Shape concept design tries to capture in an almost ethereal manner. It’s as if the bubble is frozen in time, stuck at the moment of its birth when it wavers and trembles against gentle winds until it takes its final spherical shape. Its form has an element of uncertainty and fragility that also sends a message of potential and birthing. A bubble doesn’t simply come out perfectly formed from a flat, soapy surface, after all.

Naturally, glass would be the perfect material to bring this idea to life. Iridescent glass, in particular, captures the prismatic qualities of the bubble’s surface, while traditional glass blowing methods could help create the random yet gentle bumps of the Air-Shape’s bubble-inspired form. The metal ring not only serves as the visual portal from which the delicate shape rises but also houses the actual lighting that sets the mood for this fixture.

The Air-Shape lamp can be hung in different ways. It can turn any wall into a magical surface that is seemingly capable of generating dreams and flights of fancy. Hanging above tables or heads, the lamp creates a light and fun atmosphere that reflects its own whimsical design. Whichever way you place it, the lighting is sure to change the room’s tone the moment light starts to dance on its glass surface.

Air-Shape is definitely a striking concept for a pendant lamp or a wall lamp, one that could prove tricky to pull off in reality. It is almost as if the very lamp itself is too delicate to bring into the real world, blessed and cursed to remain as a figment of our imagination. It is the stuff that dreams are made of, just like rainbows and bubbles.

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Asus ROG Cetra True Wireless Pro earbuds turn into wired buds for gaming advantage

Gamers are already in a state of heightened anticipation with the release of ROG Phone 6 series phones, and there’s more coming from the house of Asus. They’ve just launched a pair of wireless earbuds that are actually wired ones too. This will ring a bell for avid mobile gamers who value minimum audio latency, and of course sound quality too.

Dubbed the Asus ROG Cetra True Wireless Pro, the earbuds are designed for convenience and audiophile-appealing features. The dual utility of the accessory comes courtesy of the ESS 9280 quad DAC with an in-line audio optimizer which brings high-res immersive gaming to the otherwise lifestyle-centric earbuds. Just connect the supplied USB-C audio cable and you’re good to go. Now, that is a definitive influence from some of the wired IEMs that can be used as wireless earbuds if need be.

Designer: Asus

ROG Cetra True Wireless Pro comes with 10mm drivers with support for the Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound platform. They are compatible with the AptX Lossless audio format tuned at 24-bit, 96 kHz quality. Pair them up with the ROG Phone 6 series, and the user can take advantage of the ultra-low-latency gaming mode that offers 45ms audio latency. All this ensures lag-free audio delivery which is crucial in competitive e-Sports gaming, as well as casual play.

The IPX4 splash-proof earbuds come with a variety of ANC settings for superior noise cancellation or ambient modes. For crisp in-game communications with team members, the ROG Cetra has an AI Noise-Canceling Microphone that is capable of subduing 95% of a wide variety of backdrop noises.

Their standalone battery life is seven hours on a single charge which can be extended to 21 hours with the compact charging case. With the ANC mode active, this number drops to 13 hours. For now, the accessory is only available in the Malaysian market for a price tag of RM 515 (approximately $118). There is still no word on the pricing of the earbuds in other parts of the globe, and the only thing Asus promises is the September or October launch.

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This quirky contraption is a non-perforating compass that does more than draw circles

Anyone who has worked with paper and pen will most likely have come across the venerable drawing tool that is the compass. For centuries, it has been the standard way to draw circles of any diameter, and for centuries, artists, designers, and engineers have been forced to deal with holes in their canvases and papers. Fortunately, that’s a thing of the past, and designers today have come up with multiple ways to draw circles without harming your paper, but that’s as far as many of these modern compasses go. At the end of the day, it’s yet another tool to add to your pouch or drawer, taking up space for something you might not use that often. In contrast, this tool looks a little bit complicated because it sort of is. Although you’ll probably use it to primarily draw circles and ellipses, this modular stationery can actually replace almost a dozen of your other tools as well.

Designer: Pik Shan Lee

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It’s difficult to blame product designers of the ancient past for how they made compasses that would become a staple of the trade. It wasn’t until recently that we’d have access to better materials, more accessible resources, and more unconventional design thinking to create a tool that doesn’t need to poke a hole in the middle of your material. These non-perforating compasses are starting to become more familiar with designers today, but Exlicon takes that idea to the next level and beyond perfect circles.

The basic concept behind Exlicon is the same. You have a disc that you set in the middle of the circle you want to draw, and then you swing a movable arm to draw that circle. In this tool’s case, however, the arm or arms or wings can attach in different ways to draw not just circles but also ellipses of different orientations. Going beyond round forms, however, the tool supports drawing other geometric shapes and can also measure things you’ve already drawn.

It mostly depends on how you use or connect the wings, with one serving as a typical ruler while another can measure angles like a protractor. Another wing has holes and cutouts to draw golden ratio triangles and curves. You can even draw hexagons and pentagrams without having to pull out a different tool from your arsenal. There are also add-on discs that can do spirals, mandalas, and perspective guides.

All in all, the Exlicon and its discs can replace about nine other drawing tools you might have to carry separately. With an all-steel build, the tool has its own distinct appeal and a promise of longevity that many plastic rules and curves can’t deliver. That said, the multi-shape design tool does look a bit daunting because of its many parts and complex use, but it is the price that must be paid for an all-in-one solution to many of your drawing and measuring needs.

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Richard Mille RM UP-01 Ferrari is now the world’s thinnest mechanical wristwatch

Renowned Watchmakers are constantly pushing the envelope of ‘attention to detail’ with their thin designs to set a new precedence in horology. Yes, I’m talking about the Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Ultra watch that set the world record for being the thinnest mechanical timepiece back in the month of March 2022 – measuring just 1.80mm thick. That crown has now been taken away by the Richard Mille RM UP-01 Ferrari which is just 1.75mm thick. That’s about the thickness of two credit cards!

Not only is this Ferrari collaborative, an ultra-thin skeletonized timepiece, but also the most robust out there with the ability to take on a force of 5,000 Gs (litany of strength tests approved) and water-resistant of up to 100m. This mind-boggling size shrink is possible courtesy of the redeveloped escapement and case construction. Compared to the Bulgari’s watch that has the caseback doubled as the baseplate, the RM UP-01 Ferrari has assembled the entire movement (developed by RM and Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi) measuring 1.18mm thick into the case itself.

Designer: Richard Mille

The intricate design has a titanium variable inertia balance wheel for thickness reduction without compromising any functions. Unlike traditional escapements on most watches that protect the lever from shock with a guard pin and safety roller, The RM’s patented creation eliminates these components and brings the banking function directly to the anchor fork. Further, this fork is elongated and the horns are modified to accommodate the size crunch.

Case of the RM UP-01 Ferrari has a rounded rectangular shape, as elements surrounding the time display are the bezel here. The crown for selecting winding or setting options is etched onto the vast bezel. This crown has two black ceramic inserts to protect the bezel from friction or water damage. The dial on this wafer-thin timepiece is covered with sapphire crystal and an anti-reflective coating on each side. The Ferrari logo inside the divot is a nod to the racing character of this jaw-dropping creation of modern art.

According to Richard Mille, only 150 limited edition pieces of this ultra-thin wristwatch will be created. Loyal RM fans and collectors who swear by the brand can own this modern marvel of watchmaking for a steep price tag of $1,888,000. The level of detail and the intricate skill required to put together this masterpiece justifies it all.

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Top 10 kitchen appliances you need to make cooking an effortless part of your daily routine

If you love cooking but can never find enough time for it, or you’re completely terrified of cooking but you need to start, and don’t know where to start – then you’ve reached the right place. The first step towards having a streamlined and efficient cooking experience is to have an arsenal of functional kitchen appliances by your side. With the right kitchen tools and appliances, cooking can be a fun and effortless process. The right products can reduce your prep time in half, make the little cooking tasks much easier, and help you with tedious and complicated techniques. From the Electrolux GRO kitchen that offers a fresh take on sustainable eating to a tiny cooking appliance that helps you cook for one – these innovative kitchen accessories are all you need to undertake cooking and become a MasterChef in the comfort of your own home. Happy cooking!

1. Electrolux GRO

The one thing that COVID-19 brought to the forefront – is that health is DEFINITELY wealth. Whether that means maintaining a healthy diet, drinking enough water, working out daily, having your vitamins and minerals, or a mix of all these great habits. Eating healthy has gained almost a cult-like status now. New diet trends are always on the rise, and people are constantly trying to figure out which diets work the best for them – often forgetting that a certain amount of attention must be paid to the ingredients from which their meals are prepared. They often turn a blind eye to the long-term effects of our food supply systems on the Earth’s ecosystem. Our food shouldn’t be healthy for us only, but for the planet as well. And one great solution to tackle this issue would be plant-based diets!

Why is it noteworthy?

GRO includes a modular compartment system that you can combine like LEGO bricks, depending on your dietary needs and kitchen space. Each compartment is designed not only to preserve ingredients but also to showcase its diversity and beauty. A Plant Gallery, for example, provides optimal conditions for storing fruits and vegetables while also letting you enjoy their fresh appearance behind textured glass.

What we like

  • The GRO Coach digital food companion will help you make the right sustainable choices based on your habits and needs
  • The system also defies stereotypes of plant-forward diets as bland or unexciting, especially to taste buds. In fact, GRO encourages exploration and experimentation, like the Grain and Pulse Library, which lets you try out alternative sources of protein from grains and pulses

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

2. Minepot

Millennials, today, usually live alone. As great as living alone can be at times, it can also be quite a hassle in some ways. For example – cooking for one is almost always an issue. You need to cook the perfect amount so that you don’t end up wasting food or eating the same damn dish for three days in a row, which is no better a fate (according to me). However, we are seeing products in the market that are being made for this specific niche of people!

Why is it noteworthy?

One such example is this latest product concept from Yifeeling which is all about making cooking for yourself a part of your daily “ritual” and not just a chore you have to get through. Minepot looks like a food processor at first glance but it actually seems to be an air fryer or food fryer type of appliance. It is noticeably smaller than other similar kitchen tools and it is designed that way so that you not only cook for one but you are also able to have food intake that’s just right for you.

What we like

  • Opaque or semi-transparent upper section which allows you to keep an eye on your food as it is being cooked
  • Helps include cooking in your daily ritual

What we dislike

  • It’s still a concept!

3. Reusable Seal Tray

One of my favorite parts of the cooking process is chopping up fruits and veggies. There is almost a therapeutic quality to this activity, I believe. But as much as I love chopping up a couple of carrots and cucumbers, I almost always have a portion of chopped veggies that are untouched by the time I’m done with my cooking. Storing these leftover vegetables and fruits usually involves single-use plastic, which is a downright catastrophe for the environment. However, thinking of kitchen accessories to reduce the use of these kinds of plastics is something that product designers have been conscious about the past few years.

Why is it noteworthy?

This Reusable Seal Tray is a food preservation tray that is simple yet highly functional. It is able to preserve your pre-cut food ingredients in your ref, reduce oxidation, and also prevent odor contamination by other stuff inside your ref. It has a sealing system with a 100% Platinum Silicone flexible sheet that will still keep various shapes and sizes of vegetables and even cheese and sausages. There is a disclaimer though that what you can store here are those that have just a little liquid.

What we like

  • You’ll be able to use it in two positions depending on the size of the items that you’ll store
  • Dishwasher safe design

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

4. The BA/CA Board

Portability is a quality that’s often mutually exclusive to kitchen appliances. Or so was the case earlier. Recently, we have been seeing a lot of travel-friendly kitchen appliances being introduced into the market, however, a travel-friendly ‘cutting board’ isn’t something that’s been truly experimented with. But, AK Studios Design decided to change that with the BA/CA Board.

Why is it noteworthy?

The BA/CA Board is a compact, travel-friendly cutting board that’s perfect indoors and outdoors… because it also happens to have a chef’s knife docked right into it! The cutting board doubles as a sheath for your knife, making it safer and easier to carry outdoors, and if you’re not a travel bug, The BA/CA Board works just as well in your indoor kitchen, conveniently organizing your knife and board together so you can easily begin meal prep in just seconds

What we like

  • Super portable and easy to carry around
  • A strong magnetic retention system makes sure that the razor-sharp 440c stainless steel knife stays put and safe inside

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

5. The Kreis Cup

Meet the Kreis Cup, a coffee cup that’s sustainable, durable, and designed to enhance your coffee drinking experience! Available in cup and travel-mug styles, the Kreis Cup is a reusable cup made from used coffee grounds and plant-based materials, free of petroleum-based plastics.

Why is it noteworthy?

It is heat resistant and designed to keep your coffee hot longer. That being said, the Kreis Cup is still ultimately biodegradable, unlike plastic-based to-go mugs you get at your local cafe or the breakable ceramic mugs you use at home. Once it reaches the end of its lifespan, the Kreis Cup disintegrates easily into the soil, leaving absolutely nothing behind.

What we like

  • Made from spent coffee grounds that have been dried, treated, and are then suspended in a natural, plant-based polymer
  • Has the faint, unmistakable scent of coffee

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

6. The Froli All-Purpose Holder

Froli Alleshalter All-Purpose Holder

Something that’s been gaining immense popularity since the pandemic is mobile home living. It’s economical, flexible, and more energy-efficient.  However, storing items in a mobile home that’s always on the go can be a pain in the butt. The constant clinking and clanking of plates, bowls, glasses, and cutlery can make you want to shove in your earplugs! A solution that can keep stuff stowed away safely and quietly is called the Froli All-Purpose Holder.

Why is it noteworthy?

The Froli All-Purpose Holder (Froli Alleshalter) is a modular system that holds small kitchen objects from rattling or slipping while stored inside a cabinet or a drawer. One packaged set features 16 individual plastic concave square parts that can be easily plugged in and connected to create compact storage for your moving home or vehicle. The extra side connecting pieces can be removed to fit most cupboards.

What we like

  • Can accommodate glasses and cups of different shapes and sizes
  • A buildable design you can assemble by yourself

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

7. SOC Lunch Box

As relaxing and recalibrating as sitting down to eat a proper meal can be, work always seems to come first. SOC is a lunch box created by designers at Midea who hope to bring back the ceremony of enjoying a meal, even during the busier workdays.

Why is it noteworthy?

SOC Lunch Box is a three-tier lunch container packaged inside a magnetic carrying case that doubles as a tablecloth. The three levels of SOC provide space for the user’s different food items to be separated and neatly arranged, with enough room inside for utensils and a metal cover that keeps the food steamed throughout the day. With three enclosed compartments, each meal taken from SOC will taste as fresh as when it was made. Once each meal is properly placed inside SOC, the closed lunch box gets folded into its case which securely locks with a magnetic buckle.

What we like

  • A magnetic carrying case unfolds to create a tablecloth or placemat for mealtime
  • SOC Lunch Box comes in three layers, with enough room for a full meal, steam cover, and utensils

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

8. The 4T7 Smart Chopping Board

The 4T7 Smart Chopping Board is one of those amazing kitchen appliances that help you in almost every stage of the cooking process, while also counting calories as you weigh the ingredients that’ll go into your meal. Healthy meal prep can often be complicated and tedious, but this smart chopping board makes the entire process streamlined and easier!

Why is it noteworthy?

4T7 breaks meal prep into its different components, adding good design and tech wherever necessary. The board comes with 4 distinct parts, a main bamboo chopping board, a secondary silver-ion anti-bacterial board for veggies to prevent cross-contamination, and a third heat-conducting defrosting tray that helps rapidly thaw frozen foods, and lastly, the 4T7’s base, which has its own built-in weighing scale. The only part of the 4T7 experience to exist outside the actual board is its smartphone app, which counts calories as you weigh your ingredients. Once your prep-work is done, the digital display on the 4T7 can also function as a kitchen timer, while the board itself becomes a magnetic knife-holder.

What we like

  • All of 4T7’s components are designed to be wonderfully functional as independent items
  • The board works equally well for fruits/veggies as well as for meats

What we dislike

  • No complaints!


Meet the ECLIPSE, a portable tea brewing station that isn’t as limiting or as archaic as the teabag. It combines a travel thermos and a french-press-style brewing system in one easy-to-use, easy-to-carry design, and lets you brew two cups (or one large mug) of the tea of your choice.

Why is it noteworthy?

In all fairness, I’m not surprised that a device like the ECLIPSE hasn’t become ubiquitous all this while. Tea is the second-most consumed beverage in the world, and as far as tea cultures go, its brewing methods are still deeply rooted in tradition. What ECLIPSE does is simply modernize it, by providing the same steps you’d expect in regular tea brewing. The multi-part travel press comes with a measuring cup, a brewing teapot, a plunger (that acts as a strainer), and a drinking vessel.

What we like

  • Portable and easy-to-carry design
  • The inner layer of the ECLIPSE is lined with a ceramic coating to honor the traditional practice of brewing in ceramic teapots

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

10. BORA x BO Smart Steam Oven

BORA’s latest innovation, the BORA X BO flex oven, comes close to being the ultimate dream smart oven, automating and taking care of many parts of the cooking process, leaving you free to focus on preparing and then enjoying your healthy dish.

Why is it noteworthy?

Cooking is a multi-step process that may feel overwhelming for some, especially when they think about the cleanup they have to do afterward. Ovens, in particular, are notorious for being hard to clean, especially to get rid of odors. Keeping tabs on the food’s temperature and making sure you don’t stink up the whole house are tiring jobs in themselves, and you’ll be forgiven if you wished that ovens were smart enough to do that themselves. The BORA X BO is, thankfully, and it makes the cooking process a lot less burdensome, especially for the parts you might have taken for granted.

What we like

  • All its operations are driven by a bright and colorful 19-inch touch display on top, including setting food preferences, looking up recipes, or manually tweaking each and every possible option there is
  • BORA included an animated guide right on the screen

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

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These corner protectors give your iPhone all-round protection while still enabling MagSafe charging

Rmour’s candy-inspired corner protectors give your iPhone an understated bling upgrade while protecting the most vulnerable areas of your gadget. The best part? They don’t interfere with your iPhone’s MagSafe or wireless charging abilities.

It’s a serious internal conflict when you buy a beautiful smartphone only to put a protective case on it because you want it to stay beautiful for longer. I personally am a pro-case kind of person, just because it breaks my heart to see a tiny ding on the corner or a scratch on my screen. I hate the case, but I observe it as a necessity, although there is a better alternative. Instead of shrouding your entire smartphone (the back and the edges) in a plastic/metal/leather/silicone case, how about just protecting the corners?

Designer: Creatio Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $55 $120 (54% off). Hurry, only 7/10 left!

Drop your phone on the floor, chances are it never falls perfectly flat on the ground. It’s always the corner that takes the first point of impact, sending shock waves to the rest of the phone… so theoretically, protect your phone’s corners and you pretty much end up protecting the entire phone from most damage-causing scenarios. That’s what the Rmour Candy Corner Protector does, but in style.

Designed to be protective jewelry for your iPhone, the Rmour Candy Corner Protectors come made from 925 silver with a decorative enamel inlay to match your iPhone’s color. Made to fit comfortably on iPhone 12 and newer models, the Rmour Candy Corner Protectors attach to the 4 corners of your iPhone using a strong-yet-non-destructive adhesive tape that keeps them firmly in place. When attached, the corner protectors create a 1mm lip around your iPhone, safeguarding the edges, back, camera bump, and screen from damage if you drop your iPhone on any flat surface. However, this protection comes with a few noticeable benefits, starting with the fact that you can still show off your iPhone in all its glory, without having it wrapped up in an opaque case.

This minimal footprint’s benefits go a long way beyond just protecting your phone. With the iPhone, the Rmour Candy Corner Protectors also allow you to use your MagSafe accessories and wireless charger just as intended. Unlike most phone cases that can often inhibit/block wireless charging or prevent you from attaching the MagSafe wallet to the back of your phone, the Rmour Candy Corner Protectors offer no such disadvantage, given the fact that they occupy such a small amount of space.

Ultimately, the idea behind the Rmour Candy Corner Protectors was to create functional jewelry for your phone. The s925 silver and vitreous enamel construction offer a unique combination of impact resistance and shock absorption to protect your phone, while giving your iPhone just a hint of bling to make it stand out. For now, the corner protectors come in 7 solid colors and one Mondrian-inspired multi-color variant. You can grab a 4-piece kit of corner protectors for a discounted price of $55, and if you plan on upgrading your phone, don’t worry! In all likelihood, your Rmour Candy corner protectors should just as easily fit on future iPhones if their radius and thickness remain unchanged!

Click Here to Buy Now: $55 $120 (54% off). Hurry, only 7/10 left!

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This all-metal pen with a magnetic activation system combines premium with fun

Cooler than any space pen you’ll ever find, the Lazlo is a uniquely alluring pen with an all-metal design and a fidget-worthy magnetic system. Designed by the folks at Makers Cabinet, Lazlo adds to their kit of high-end desirable and functional stationery, which all started with the HØVEL, an unconventional sharpening tool inspired by the planer – a popular woodworking tool.

Designers: Odin Ardagh and Noah Bier of Makers Cabinet

Click Here to Buy Now: $70 $108 (35% off). Hurry, only 3/105 left!

Named after Laszlo Biro, the inventor of the popular ballpoint pen we so commonly use today, the eponymous pen celebrates almost 85 years since Biro unveiled his invention to the world. It comes with a Schmidt MegaLine ballpoint refill on the inside (a highly sophisticated writing module based on a gas-pressurized system), and is triggered by a patent-pending dipole magnetic mechanism that works with a simple twist. A textured knob on the rear of the pen engages the magnets, causing them to either attract or repel based on their orientation. This pushes the refill either into the pen, or outwards, allowing you to write!

The Patent Pending Mechanism – Diametrically opposed neodymium magnets rotate bi-directionally to engage and disengage the cartridge to create an unparalleled crisp click.

A Satisfying, Balanced Weight – The profile is marginally tapered, forming an elegant shape which is both comfortable in your hand and balanced in weight.

The Lazlo comes in brass as well as aluminum variants, both offering their own merits. The aerospace-grade aluminum offers a more lightweight writing experience at just 40 grams, and comes in a matte silver finish that some would appreciate, since it pairs rather well with the anodized aluminum bodies of laptops. For others, the brass Lazlo has a distinct gravitas. It weighs 65 grams, offering a more stable, weighted writing experience, and the brass patinas over time, giving the Lazlo a more personalized vintage touch with prolonged use… something an old-fashioned purist would appreciate much more.

Longevity Tested to 80+ Years of Use.

Featuring Schmidt – The Schmidt MegaLine ballpoint refill is a highly sophisticated writing module based on a gas-pressurized system. This enables you to not only write upside down but also in the most extreme environmental conditions.

The Drop Stand.

Each pen is built to last generations with sustained use, and maintaining your Lazlo is designed to be simple too. The front of the pen screws off, allowing you to access the refill and replace it from time to time, and the Lazlo is designed to accommodate euro-styled refills too. Whether you choose the brass or aluminum variant, each Lazlo comes with a removable metal clip, making it easy to carry around in your lapel pocket, or you could opt for Makers Cabinet’s leather sheath designed specifically for carrying the Lazlo. If you’re more of the kind of person to keep your pen on a tabletop surface, the designers also offer an exquisite-looking Drop Stand machined from metal too, which lets you dock your Lazlo in a perfectly vertical position, so it’s easy to grab when you want to write, and admire at other times!

Click Here to Buy Now: $70 $108 (35% off). Hurry, only 3/105 left!

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This adorable tissue box turns your tissue papers into tiny icebergs floating on the Arctic ocean!

Designed by Japan-based artist who goes by the name Michiru, this Arctic-inspired tissue box adorably reinterprets tissue papers as floating icebergs!

Quite reminiscent of National Geographic’s June 2018 cover (the one with the plastic bag floating in the ocean, looking like an iceberg), the Iceberg Tissue Box is a transparent blue box with tissues emerging from a slot running across the center (as is with regular tissue boxes). However, the Iceberg Tissue Box reinterprets the tissue paper’s uneven triangular shape as an iceberg adrift on the vast blue crystal clear ocean. What’s even more adorable is the presence of a tiny polar bear hovering on a smaller iceberg right beside it, adding to the ‘aww’ factor of the Iceberg Tissue Box!

It’s unclear if Michiru plans on selling any of his creations (all he has are a Twitter and a YouTube page), although this would make a wonderful addition to anyone’s desk! However, if you’re on the market for a nifty, quirky tissue paper dispenser, this sunrise-inspired napkin box makes for a pretty awe-striking alternative!

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This FPS gaming VR controller has realistic force feedback to feel actual gun recoil

Virtual reality experiences are gradually going to take over our digital adventures – Metaverse is the prime example – and gaming is the first stepping stone for this transition. The market dotted with VR gaming accessories such as Oculus Touch, HTC Vive, PlayStation Move or Samsung Gear VR already bring superior interaction with the in-game action.

But there’s always room for dedicated VR controller products for FPS games to come alive. The ViR controller designed for VR platforms is inspired by the PlayStation 5 controller, and it brings a refreshing take on what ergonomic gaming accessories of the future ought to be like. Not on PS5, but the controller will be compatible across a range of gaming and VR applications.

Designer: Tom Man Design

Typically crafted for first-person shooting action, the ergonomic controller concept brings forth a realistic sensory experience for the gamers in virtual reality. Just imagine feeling the gun recoil, as would in real life, while toppling enemies like dominos in a gory blood bath. The motivation of the concept is to break the traditional look of guns and pistols for existing controllers, and bring a more settled and elegant design. This is important because in the coming years how we experience virtual reality in games is going to be on an altogether different scale.

The ViR controller feels like an actual weapon in hands, but visually it is a toned-down version of a gun, to keep things practical for frequent use. It has very realistic feedback – combining dynamic trigger, front-facing stereo cameras, full thumb and finger tracking, and actuators. All these in combination simulate the real feel of the gamer’s on-screen action. According to the designer, the dynamic trigger
brings a very refined level of force and tension feedback, as you interact with the in-game equipment and environment, to get a more realistic experience.

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