RaDoTech lets you perform a full body scan to see how healthy you are on the inside

Yes, your smartwatch can read your heart rate, but does it know your stress levels? Does it know how your lungs are performing? Or whether your liver is okay? Or how about your pancreas, bladder, or even stomach. Designed to help you get a more holistic view on your body, vitals, and internal organs, RaDoTech is a simple hand-held device that can, in a span of 5 minutes, help you perform a full body scan to see how healthy you are on the inside. Bring it in contact with certain acupressure points on your body, and the RaDoTech reads electrical currents to judge the health of your internal organs. The clinically tested results are sent to your phone, allowing you to see how each individual organ is performing, giving you an accurate health reading, along with personal, actionable insights to help you live better.

The RaDoTech could be labelled as a consumer tool that’s great for everyone’s health, but it’s best suited for people who want to keep better track of their internals. They could be medical patients, fitness freaks, or just people who want to take better care of their loved ones and themselves. Designed to work by simple touch, the RaDoTech helps you examine your body right down to the organ level to make sure you’re living your best life possible.

Designer: RaDoTech

Cosmetic bottles that stack into each other for functionality as well as beauty

Place the Cubessence bottles on top of each other and they stack almost seamlessly. The trick is in the design of the bottle, that comes with an angular base, but a regular skirt around it. The bottle’s bases are placed at an angle to avoid the neck of the bottle below, but that doesn’t mean they sit at an angle when you place them on their own, because the side walls still extend downwards in a regular fashion. This allows each bottle to individually look slightly unique, but look beautiful together, as they vertically align, forming a totem-pole of sorts. This makes the Cubessence bottles both efficient to pack, as well as interesting to look at! A third benefit lies within this design too. The angled base reduces wastage. By making sure that one corner of the base is lower than the others, Cubessence makes sure the pipe within the bottle sits at this lowest corner, pumping out every ounce of the liquid to make sure the bottle is completely empty before you decide to dispose of it!

The Cubessence is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2019.

Designer: Luo Haozhen

These directional speakers throw sound in focused beams like a spotlight

Remember when you wanted to blast music on your speaker at home but your dad kept yelling at you to keep it down? How about if I told you there were speakers that could channel their sound in a tight beam, so you can only hear the music if the speaker is pointed at you. If you move out of the speaker’s audio beam, you hear nothing. Sounds pretty neat, doesn’t it?

The SRAY speakers are the equivalent of headphones but they don’t sit in your ears. They throw audio in a beam, like a flashlight focuses light in a beam, illuminating only what you point it at. The SRAY work similarly with sound. Using ultrasonic propagation, these small speakers can bind audio in a unidirectional channel. Point the speakers at yourself and you hear the music. Point them even slightly away and its complete silence.

Audio spotlights, as the technology is often labelled, have been in development for a few years now. I remember seeing a video where someone used these unidirectional speakers to listen to music in a library. You could practically focus the audio towards a single line of people in a crowd, making the technology useful in places like roads and railways, where only people near the train tracks hear the train’s siren, or only the cars in front of you hear you horning, but not the cars beside or behind you.

While this technology is still pretty nascent, the guys at CatchFlow figured out how to shrink it down to a handy size, and democratize it so anyone can access the technology. You can use the SRAY speakers to listen to podcasts, music, driving instructions, or practically any audio without disturbing the person right beside you.

The SRAY is the world’s smallest commercially available ‘audio spotlight’ speaker. It’s practically small enough to fit in your palm, which says a lot for a technology that’s relatively new, and challenging to shrink. The SRAY is capable of providing a uniquely private listening experience by focusing the audio in a thin beam using ultrasonic vibrations.

This allows only the people in the path of the audio beam to listen to the audio, making it great for public services, museums, libraries, transportation, or even at home when you’re around other people who don’t necessarily want to listen to the football game. The SRAY comes with its own stand, allowing you to easily position it in the direction you want, and uses low power too, allowing you to hook it to a power bank for endless hours of use.

That doesn’t stop the SRAY from being a regular speaker. A simple switch allows you to turn the unidirectional speaker into an omnidirectional one. A second audio driver within the SRAY lets it work like a regular speaker, throwing sound in all directions and allowing everyone to hear what’s playing on your phone, the radio, or any device connected to it.

This ability is truly what makes the SRAY such a remarkable speaker. Its unique technology allows it to give you the oomph of a Bluetooth speaker, but also the privacy of a pair of headphones without damaging your ears… And with the ability to seriously impress and shock the people who experience its magic!

Designer: Tae-Young Kim of CatchFlow

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SRAY: World’s Smallest Directional Speaker

A headphone-replacing speaker, that generates sounds only you can hear. It is the smallest directional speaker that creates fields of sound which spread less than most traditional speakers by ultrasonic waves.

SRAY generates ultrasonic waves modulated with audio signal and as they pass through the air they modulated and sound can be.

How SRAY Works

SRAY produces a directional beam of sound, sort of like a spot light for sound. This means if you are standing in front of SRAY when it’s on, you will hear the sound it produces. If you step to the side, you won’t hear anything produced by SRAY. In comparison, the speakers we are used to tend to emit sound radially, filling an entire space around it with sound.

All of The Sound, None of The Noise

Earbuds Raise Your Risk of Hearing Loss

Earbuds or headphones enable you to listen with disturbing nobody. However, headphones and earbuds cause damage to your ears the same way other loud noises too, resulting in what audiologists call ‘noise-induced hearing loss (A.K.A NHL)’. Over time the sounds from your headphones cause the hair cells in the cochlea to bend down too much or too severely. If they don’t get time to recover, the damage can be permanent.

So here is the solution, SRAY, headphone-replacing sound generator.

Features of SRAY

Private Area – SRAY brings focused audio to target audiences without disturbing anyone. By user experience, the existence of different sounds can be possible.

Miniaturization – Up to now (present), the directional speakers on the market, cannot be user-friendly due to the size and weight matters. Currently SRAY is the smallest directional speaker in the world and super light. Via SRAY, directional sound is now for everyone.

Dual Mode [Parametric/Hybrid/Normal] – Do you want to share what you hear with people around you? SRAY can assure you. Convertible modes are available depending on the situations or environments.

Low Power – SRAY fits in everywhere due to low energy consumption. Indoor, outdoor, even in the car.

Sleek Design – Modern and simple design are suitable for anywhere displayed.

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These toxin absorbing algae coated tiles could be the next big eco-friendly trend!

The artisan and textile industry in India has always been a vital part of the country’s culture. It has thrived, spreading it’s work all over the world, garnering much appreciation and revenue in the name of talent and of course, the country. Unfortunately, the wastewater left behind by this industry is another matter altogether. Over 70% of the water resources in India are contaminated due to untreated discharge of wastewater. And it is estimated that artisan industries compose 40% of the total wastewater. Moved by this dilemma, architect Shneel Malik created Indus.

A part of the Bio-Integrated Design Lab at the Bartlett School of Architecture, Malik came up with this tile-based, modular bioreactor wall system for cleaning water through ‘bioremediation’. The catalyst behind bioremediation is algae, the single-celled, non-flowering organism found sprawled virtually on every ocean bed. The algae suck or filter out the toxic chemicals and impurities from the wastewater. They are able to do so because of a symbiotic relationship that exists between them and the pollutants. The microorganisms release a set of compounds called phytochelatins, allowing them to trap pollutants which they then use for their own nutrition and growth. Hence the water is completely rid of harmful pollutants such as cadmium, whereas the same pollutants are then stored in the algae cells aiding their sustenance.

Designer: Shneel Malik

The algae capture pollutants such as cadmium, in turn, cleansing the former wastewater.

“These site visits made us better understand the site and context-specific constraints and challenges in wastewater treatment. Neither the artisan workers have any space available for Westernized high-tech water treatment solutions, nor do they have the economic capacity to get additional support. . . . Therefore, we started to design a system—which is both spatially compatible, but more importantly can be constructed and maintained by the artisans themselves.” Shneel said. Hence the “goal [behind Indus] is to enable the rural community of artisans, panchayats, to regenerate water for reuse within their manufacturing processes”, which is one of the reasons why the tiles on the wall systems are made locally using traditional clay making methods. In fact, the entire system is designed to be “fabricated using locally available materials and techniques, thereby reducing capital expenditure significantly.” Inspiration was taken from the architecture of a leaf to design Indus. The water flows over a series of vein-like channels containing algae. The algae aren’t administered alone into the leaves but are first prepared in a seaweed-based hydrogel, and the mixture is then added. The hydrogel, which by the way is wholly recyclable needs to be replaced after it reaches a saturation point. The algae will need to be replaced as well after a certain point of time, but the tiles can always be reused.

The tiles on the wall systems were designed taking inspirations from leaves.

Though Indus was originally developed for the Indian environment, Malik is certain it can be used in different regions and countries to tackle the issue of water pollution. She believes that “it’s about finding solutions through natural processes”. And through her effort of biomimicry, it does seem she has given local communities the access they needed to re-use water. Indus did win the international design competition called Water Futures organized by A/D/O, Mini, New York, but with it’s naturalistic and bio-integrated approach it is sure to win the dynamic battle against water pollution as well.

The entire system including the clay tiles is built locally using traditional methods. 

Ergonomic invisible phone stand that increases productivity is real and its here!


The guys at MOFT make it look so easy to build a stand that’s strong, yet so incredibly sleek and lightweight, it’s practically invisible. Fresh off its high after receiving nearly a million dollars in funding, the MOFT Laptop stand still remains one of the most innovative stands I’ve seen. Weighing practically nothing, and measuring as thick as a credit card, the MOFT Laptop stand sat flat on the back of your laptop, being practically unnoticeable until it opened out to become a two-angle stand for your laptop. Moreover, the stand was universal, and was designed to be sleek enough to sit on the back of your laptop all the time. The guys behind that laptop stand are back now, with a stand for your phones and tablets! Designed with its signature lightweight and thin form factor, the MOFT X “Invisible” Stand for your phone and tablet sits flat against the back of your device, can be opened and used in both portrait and landscape modes, works as a grip for your fingers, so you can use your smart-device single-handedly, and even doubles as a wallet to store some of your payment/identity cards while on the go! If anything, the MOFT X stand for your smartphone and tablet delivers even more function than its elder brother, the laptop stand, did.

The MOFT X invisible foldaway smartphone and tablet stand sits flat against your smart device, just like its laptop counterpart. Designed to fold out with a quick outward motion, it converts into a stand you can use in portrait mode, resting at a variety of angles that are perfect for typing, Skyping, and swiping. The angles help reduce neck strain, and even work with your facial unlocking system to unlock your phone whenever you look at it. Tilt your phone sideways and the stand continues to prop your device up, thanks to its ability to work in both portrait as well as landscape. The stand’s internal magnetic adhesion system is strong enough for the MOFT X to even work as a gripping-loop for your fingers. Slide your hand in, and the MOFT X lets you use your smartphone singlehandedly, providing the same sort of functionality a Pop Socket would give you, while remaining sleek enough to slide into your pockets without getting caught in the fabric.

You’d think the MOFT X’s functionality ends there, but the guys at MOFT Studio had other ideas. You see, the MOFT X for your smartphone even works as a wallet, with enough space to stash 3 cards, allowing you to carry your favorite payment cards, your public-transport access cards, loyalty cards, or your identity cards. Just slip them into the MOFT X’s slot and the stand doubles into a slim, minimalist wallet that’s attached to the back of your phone. Its magnetic system even gives it mounting abilities, allowing you to mount your smart-device in your car, on your bathroom wall, or even in the kitchen, on your fridge.

At less than 2mm thick, the MOFT X is designed to universally work with any smartphone or tablet. Designed with a repositionable glue base, the MOFT X can fit on your phone/tablet with or without a case (as long as the surface is flat and texture-less), and can even be peeled off when needed, leaving absolutely no marks on your gadget. Optimized for a use-case that is more versatile than a laptop, the MOFT X uses its sleek material and innovative design to push the boundaries of what a stand can do for you. I mean, how often do you come across a phone/tablet stand that’s less than 2mm thin, adjustable up to 3 angles, magnetically mountable on walls, and with the ability to even work as a wallet?!

Designer: MOFT Studio

Click Here to Buy Now: $16 $19.99 (20% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left! Raised over $650,000.

MOFT X – Invisible and Foldaway Stand for Smartphone/Tablet

A versatile stand for phones/tablets that offers maximum productivity and comfort with a minimalist design.

MOFT X series is unseen when attached, unfelt when worked on, and unnoticed when carried.

MOFT X for Phone

Vertical 60-degree Golden Angle

Scientific research indicates that smartphone users hold their phones vertically about 94% of the time. However, most of the attachable stands on the market are only designed with horizontal angles.

60° is perfect when you stand it up, you need an angle to help you read these vertical contents in clarity & comfort, so we got the best one – 60°. It has the best viewing angle when you are in the business, the best ergonomics when you interact with it.

Whether it’s Facial unlock, video-chat, messaging, news browsing… At 60°, you can totally do anything we mentioned just now, hands-free.

Instant Face-unlock

Simply fold it in your hands and take it wherever you go, no strings attached.

Landscape Mode in a Jiffy

5 mm Thin and Weighs only 1 Ounce

Very thin and light – at 5mm/0.15inch thinness & 1oz weight, you won’t even feel it in your pocket.

Holds 3 Cards

Carry your driving license, your credit card, your name card. Don’t worry, the stand blocks RFID, all your cards are safe and sound.

In-built Magnet

Firm Handgrip

An extra stand on the back will keep your phone on your hand like a magnet. No more worries when you try to use it on un-wieldy angles.

Removable Glue

The perfect glue for the stand – where it can be removed from your phone stand without leaving a single mark or scratch, while still being tough and strong to endure all kinds of pulling and tearing.

MOFT X for Tablet

Built for Dual Screen Set Up

Portrait mode is usually for web-browsing, reading, hand-writing, and video chatting. Through a simple fold-line and change of direction, MOFT X tablet stand is the only one in the market that offers 3 angles to make sure you complete the tasks in most postures, most distances, and most comfortable way.

Landscape mode works best with media contents. Videos, games, art creations, etcs. With the help of a smart “v” line, you can also have 3 angles that keeps all the contents crispy to eyes, and all the drawings smooth to hands.

The tik-tok mode enables 1-second instant message sharing between two or more colleagues/family members/friends.

Charge Apple Pencil 2 on the Go

Clip to charge, easy to store, and full protection from head to toe.

Slim, Stable and Tough


Behind the Scenes

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Barbeque in the summer, stay warm in the winter with this grungy 4-in-1 concrete grill

With the onset of autumn, barbeque season is at its peak! But with winter barely around the corner, I’m sure we all want to get our stomach’s worth of grilling done before the cold truly sets in, and it seems like the Brazilian brand Noori has decided to give us a helping hand.  If you’ve been tempted to treat yourself to an updated version of your old BBQ grill, well then hold your horses because Noori’s multipurpose stove, the V01 model will do it all for you. It functions not only as a rocket stove but as a barbeque, pizza oven, and fire pit. From ribs, burgers, hot dogs to wood-fired pizza, the V01 functions as a versatile cooker for all occasions. The inspiration behind the product was to take us to a time when “cooking with fire was at the core of our rituals”.

Designer: Noori

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Contemporary, compact and easily portable the V01 comprises a rounded bullet-like body modeled from heat- resistant refractory concrete. An L-shape enamel pipe transports the fuel through the body of the stove to the grilling surface. The multipurpose stove optimizes the combustion of fuel, allowing us to completely skip out on the unwanted smoke that slithers out during the cooking process. The base consists of wheels, allowing us to easily transport, store and arrange the stove depending on the occasion and the location.  “The goal was to design a product where a ragu, a feijoada, a pasta, a pizza, grilled vegetables, and meat could be prepared,” Eduardo Gayotto, the designer behind Noori added. “We wanted to break with the limitations of a standard barbecue.” And as we can see the featured highlight 0f V01 remains it’s modularity.

Noori can be used as a permaculture vertical ‘Rocket Stove’. The wood-burning stove, aided with its ability to ensure complete fuel combustion, can be used to cook various recipes with diverse cooking utensils such as pans, casseroles and other stovetop dishes.

However, you can amp up your cooking sessions by adding charcoal to the mix or by simply combining wood and charcoal, which transforms the stove into a ‘Churrasqueira’ or a BBQ Grill. A lid with a built-in temperature gauge can be used to prepare smoked food. A blend of different woods can be used to enhance the flavor of the food while it sears on the grate.

Probably my favorite use of the Noori V01 is that it functions as a pizza oven! Traditional wood pizza ovens can be bulky and cumbersome, and not something we can easily place in our homes, hence the portable Noori is sure to be a fan favorite!  It comes along with a Noori pizza disk, which can be used to prepare a pizza in about 4 minutes. You discard the central element and place the pizza disk on the stovetop, which can heat up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit, depending upon how much wood you use as fuel.

And of course last but not the least, it serves as a wood fire pit, warming up even the coldest of days. It can burn both wood and charcoal. The complete refractory body can be used to burn wood, whereas the toned-down version involving only the burner functions as a charcoal burner.

A 4 in 1 grill with good looks and easy portability to fall back upon? I think I know what I for Christmas this year!

Home appliance giant Bosch needs a Senior Industrial Designer!

BSH Home Appliances Corporation is operating in the United States under the brands Bosch, Thermador, and Gaggenau. BSH Home Appliances Corporation is highly regarded as a market leader for innovation in home appliances. As an international group with over 12.2 Billion in annual sales, they continually strive to engage their dedicated customers around the world through intelligent engineering, streamlined design and distinct ease of use. BSH believes that “Tomorrow is our home.” Find out how easily you can achieve at BSH Home Appliances Corporation: As a leading manufacturer of home appliances and solutions, they encourage commitment and open-mindedness among their employees. With their global brands Bosch and Gaggenau as well as their local brand Thermador, the focus truly is on innovation. And that doesn’t just apply to all their products and services but also drives the way in which BSH cooperates, exchanges ideas and organizes their teams. Apply now to make your individual contribution to the company’s overall success!

The new Bosch Cookit was launched at one of the biggest tech fairs in Europe, the “Internationale Funkausstellung 2019” in Berlin. It offers versatile cooking options such as guided cooking, numerous automatic programs, and manual cooking mode, and is the only appliance on the market to support temperatures up to 200 degrees!

The Opportunity

BSH’s brand Bosch is seeking a highly motivated candidate that will be responsible for the conception and industrial design realization of future innovations in the luxury refrigeration market. This position will be pivotal in the long-term development and strategy of luxury home appliances. As a creative thinker, you will work with various groups to collect and generate ideas for the next luxury refrigeration products within interdisciplinary teams (product marketing, design, product management, development, etc.). It is essential that this role champions curiosity, openness, and is keen to explore the underlying needs of consumers. The role will focus on developing new innovations that are steered using user experience tests, design thinking, and market research studies to ensure the most consumer-driven innovations are pursued. This position will be located at either our Industrial Design office in Irvine, CA or our Refrigeration Development Center in Knoxville, TN and will travel frequently to the other location. Candidates must identify the location desired to work from.


• The main function of this position is to lead the Industrial Design of projects focused on Luxury refrigeration products.
• Plan and implement Design Thinking sprints of multidisciplinary teams to develop highly innovative solutions in the luxury refrigeration market including service solutions.
• Implement market research to support future innovations for the luxury consumer (e.g. ethnographic studies, qualitative, quantitative, etc.).
• Support refrigeration departments to gain clarity and certainty in specifying consumer-centric solutions.
• Work with external model makers to create design prototypes.
• Create design data including CAD, Photo-real renderings, Drawings, CMF Specification, and Print Films.
• Works with Product Marketing and Engineering to realize design concepts.
• Manages external design firms for renderings, CAD, UI work.
• Mentors Industrial Designers I and II and Interns.
• Initiates and works on pre-development projects.
• Responsible for additional department function (i.e. rapid prototyping machine, intern recruitment, technology scouting).


• Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design
• 5+ years of experience
• Extensive computer knowledge of graphic and CAD software
• Knowledge of consumer research, design thinking, and UX methodologies
• Knowledge of construction and manufacturing standards with a possible connection to design
• Capable of working on design projects with a very high level of complexity
• Strong communication skills, both verbal and written
• Optimistic, creative and motivating personality, also good analytical and problem-solving skills
• Must be team-oriented and flexible
• Highly organized with exceptional planning capabilities
• Ability to moderate group discussions
• Ability to influence cross-functional teams without formal authority
• Ability to perform duties with minimal supervision, handle multiple tasks and be prompt in meeting deadlines.
• Ability to interact with multiple levels of management essential
• Motivation to take on greater responsibilities over time with a positive attitude
• Proficient with all Microsoft Office products.
• Proficient with CAD, Sketch-up, Keyshot, Adobe Creative Suite.
• Travel required approximately 30-40% (Domestic & International including Germany and Turkey)


A comprehensive benefits package including paid vacation, holidays, medical, dental, vision, life insurance, disability insurance, educational assistance, and a 401(k) plan.

How to Apply

Please visit https://www.bsh-group.com/us/ and find a new home for your professional ambitions. This position is eligible for the BSH Associate Referral Program. BSH is an EOE / AA Employer and participates in E-Verify. International candidates must hold a valid US working permit.


Irvine, CA or Knoxville, TN.

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Here’s an Airpods case that lets you carry a bit of Apple history around with you!

The AW3 from elago pays tribute to Apple’s original hero product from its heyday. The 1984 Macintosh-inspired silicone sleeve for the Airpods case really gives it less of a dental-floss vibe and more of a cute relic appeal. The white silicone sleeve guards your Airpods case, cushioning it from accidental bumps and scratches, while an outlet at its base allows you to charge it too. In fact, the entire sleeve is compatible with wireless chargers too, letting you use even the new generation Airpods 2 with it.

AW3’s design comes with the iconic Hello engraved into its form, which also lets you see the green charging light when the case is plugged in. The case opens traditionally, to reveal the Airpods inside, but when shut, really makes for an interesting old-vs-new comparison, reminding you of how far we’ve come from archaic clunky desktop computers to computers so small they fit in the concavity of our external ear!

Designer: Elago

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The Analogue Pocket is a Game Boy from an alternate universe that plays games and creates music

It looks like a Game Boy. It plays Game Boy titles, along with Game Boy Color, GBA, Sega’s Game Gear, SNK’s Neo Geo Pocket Color, and Atari’s Lynx, giving you an absolute buffet of nostalgia. It also has its own DAW or Digital Audio Workstation called Nanoloop that lets you create your own electro 8-bit soundtracks. It’s called the Analogue Pocket and it is everything a retro gamer dreams about.

With a shape, size, and form that gamers have fallen love with for decades, the Analogue Pocket could be called a Game Boy clone, but that would take away from exactly how much better the Pocket is. Built on Analogue’s FPGA hardware, the Pocket can run practically every 90’s handheld console game on its own, without an emulator. When you’re tired of playing the thousands of games you previously owned (but couldn’t play because of obsolete hardware), Pocket has a digital audio workstation built in called Nanoloop. It’s a synthesizer and a sequencer that’s designed for music creation and live performance, letting you create those wonderfully glitchy 8-bit electronic tracks to take you back to the old days. It also has a 3.5″ LCD screen with a resolution of 1600×1440, mappable buttons, a MicroSD card slot, USB-C charging, an HDMI output, 2 USB inputs for wired controllers, Bluetooth for wireless controllers, and the best feature yet… the ability to save progress in your games. Hallelujah, it’s the glorious 1990s again, but slightly better! The Analogue Pocket will launch in 2020.

Designer: Analogue

A fully automatic yet personalized home garden that grows 76 different plants!

If you have the inclination to grow your own greens, then there are many solutions available today. Once you have done your market research, there are a couple of factors that will stand out and help you with the final choice – efficiency of the system, soil or soilless, how often do you have water the plants, the variety you can grow, modularity and of course the cost.

Now imagine an assistant who does all these calculations for your plant needs and all you have to do is follow those instructions every 1-3 weeks. The Verdeat personalized home garden does exactly that! A modular fully automatic gardening system created from environment-friendly materials, the Verdeat is an automatic gardening system that grows up to 76 plants. The seed tray fits in 19 seed pods and is ideal for basil, lettuce, oregano, etc. which have 3-4 weeks growth time. The Microgreen tray fits 4 microgreen pads and has a growth time of 7-10 days that lets you plant watercress, mustard, alfalfa, and the likes. Whereas the pot tray holds 5 standard pots and you can grow your lemons, peppers, cherry tomatoes in there! So all you have to do is choose your plant, pick a tray for it and follow instructions.

Verdeat uses a soilless, organic plant cultivation system and smartly irrigates and provides nutrition to vegetables and herbs. Using the accompanying app, the modular garden is self-sustainable for 1 to 3 weeks, depending on what is growing. It automatically adjusts the water, energy, and nutrients required, without unnecessary wastage.

Being notorious for killing plants easily, I’m keen to see how this system will fare in my home!

Designer: Robert Paluch

Click Here to Buy Now: $174 $250 (30% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!

Verdeat – a Modular Fully Automatic Gardening System

Verdeat is an indoor garden system that uses soilless, organic plant cultivation. It is an app-controlled system which is self-sustainable for 1-3 weeks by smartly irrigating and providing nutrition to vegetables and herbs.

A Size for Every Requirement

Verdeat S is the best option for kitchen countertops. Ideal for single users and couples living in small apartments.

Verdeat M fits every floor in the kitchen or living room. Ideal for couples and small families living in medium apartments and houses.

Verdeat L fits every floor in the kitchen or living room. Ideal for families, medium apartments and houses.

growing plant


Autonomous App-Controlled System

It is almost entirely maintenance-free: all you need to do is add water and the required nutrient once every 1-3 weeks. The mobile app will guide you to take care of your plants.

Modular Tray System

The system consists of modular trays with slots to plant the seeds along with a soil-free natural substrate (e.g. coconut fiber). Its unique universality and modularity also allow the growth of regular soil-based pot plants and microgreens.


Verdeat is manufactured in EU with 95% recycled materials.

With each purchase, they will plant a tree and give you 3 tree seeds to cultivate in Verdeat and then plant in your neighborhood as a way of giving back to nature. Each unit (size L) is made from plastic waste weighing 10kg / 22lbs.

Mood-boosting Sun-like Light and Better Air Quality

Verdeat creates a near-natural light source that allows you to cultivate anywhere at any time. The plants also act as air purifiers and have a therapeutic effect on your overall wellbeing.

Design Process and Technology

2017 marks the concept/ R&D phase of this idea followed by prototyping in 2018.

How to use

Grow your food in these easy steps:

1. Fill the main tank (placed in the base) with water
2. Add few drops of vegan plant nutrients (included in the kit)
3. Start the app

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