This iPhone Pro concept is the perfect bridge between the smartphone and the professional tablet

Now that Jony Ive is no longer running Apple’s design team (he’s off their website too), a folding iPhone may just be a possibility. Here’s what Seong Jun Park believes it should look like. Park’s flexible iPhone manifests itself as an intersection between a phone and a tablet (like most folding phones), but the advantage Apple has over its competition is its complete dominance in the tablet sector. The iPhone Pro neatly goes from a regular smartphone (with a notch) to a 4:3 screen tablet (with a slightly offset notch). It comes with not one, but two hinges that separate the AMOLED screen into three parts with outward facing screens, and a slight cantilever at one end that allows the rear camera to not be covered (not the most elegant of solutions, but then again it lets you have a screen right beside the powerful triple-lens rear-view camera.

To facilitate folding, the iPhone Pro ditches the glass back for the padded fabric used in the iPad’s smart cases. I’d guess that the fabric still retains the iPhone Pro’s ability to wirelessly charge. The iPhone Pro’s biggest sell (apart from the 3-part screen, obviously) is its Pro suffix, which, with the large screen can only mean one thing… Apple Pencil support! The phone comes with the ability to dock and charge your Apple Pencil, even using it on the iPhone’s vast tablet-esque screen to quite literally get the best of both worlds. Plus, with a screen that big, Apple TV+ would probably just come to life, right??

Designer: Seong Jun Park

I got my Xbox Cloud Controller concept rapid-prototyped in China and the results were FABULOUS!

You’d imagine that a rapid-prototyping company that has BMW, Lamborghini, and Volkswagen on their client list would have some incredibly high standards of quality. You’d be absolutely right in doing so! A while back we featured 3ERP’s services that help bring designers’ concepts to life, and it only seemed fair that I send one of my own concepts over to see exactly how good their services were, and here’s the short version: It’s bloody amazing! 3ERP managed to seamlessly reproduce my 3D model, literally bringing it to life. Every detail, from a single speaker-grille hole to a tiny metallic charging pin was replicated with sheer perfection. It literally felt like a product right off the shelf, surpassing anything I could make in a week’s time with the tools at my disposal.

Below is the prototype, manufactured to scale at 3ERP’s center in GuangDong, China. Their service and my deliverables were set up to be so simple, it honestly is as easy as hitting a render button. All I did was send over my 3D files, a basic list of materials to be used, my artwork, and rendering samples. 3ERP’s quotation service used all this to generate a quotation free of charge. All you need to do to proceed is to approve the quote and provide a delivery address. I received my sample earlier last week, and straight out of the box, the prototype looks as good as the renders do.

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The prototype gaming controller is made to scale, CNC machined from ABS plastic, and fits my Pixel 2 phone perfectly. The buttons feel exactly the way they should, and the joystick is as inviting as the real deal. Flippers on either side hold my phone in place with rubber pads for added friction, and every detail is painstakingly replicated, right down to the small headphone icon embossed right beside the headphone jack. Flip it over to the back and the artwork is lined up and printed with perfect alignment. Even on the front, the Xbox logo, the Xbox Cloud logo, and the symbols on the buttons are printed with perfection. 3ERP’s understanding of material, surfacing, and finish is pretty remarkable too. The product is glossy or matte where it needs to be and metallic where indicated.

At the end of the day, there’s little difference (if none) between the render and 3ERP’s prototype. With their capabilities of handling everything from prototyping techniques like injection molding, 3D printing, CNC machining to surface treatments, painting, coating, printing, and assembly, 3ERP’s command over every aspect of the rapid prototyping process means designers get to perfectly fabricate and execute their concepts without wasting any time sanding away at pieces of wood, plastic or foam, and without having to invest in expensive machines like 3D printers and CNC milling centers!

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Made from sustainable Beech trees, this highly breathable blazer weighs only 200 grams

The blazer is a classic garment, in that it hasn’t changed in centuries, and probably doesn’t need to… but with modern times a few updates are long overdue. Meet the AIR, a blazer that I decidedly call futuristic. It’s still the evergreen blazer, with a few timely tweaks to help it adorn the modern consumer. The blazer is breathable, reversible, wrinkle-free, anti-microbial, odor-resistant, stain-resistant, lightweight, and comes with magnetic buttons. It fits like a glove, giving you a defined silhouette, but doesn’t restrain movement. The stretchable fabric makes it easy to move around in, and its signature weave and cloth give it breathability, so you can wear it all year round, while cutting down on maintenance by keeping the jacket perpetually wrinkle-free.

The AIR Jacket deviates from the standard wool/cotton/linen construction and opts for a specialized fabric made from Austrian Beechwood pulp. The new fabric boasts of remarkable breathability, further reinforced by the cloth’s microgap weave that allows your skin to breathe naturally so you don’t feel as sweaty as you would in a wool jacket. The Beechwood fabric even resists wrinkling, keeping the jacket as good as new even hours after wearing it. You can say goodbye to those inside-elbow and waist creases. The fabric is further infused with elastane to give it a 3D stretch that lets you move around naturally in the jacket without being limited by its perfect fit. Couple that with the Beechwood fabric’s natural resistance to microbes and you’ve got a jacket that doesn’t become musty when kept in the wardrobe… and the designers say you probably won’t have to worry about getting it dry-cleaned because the fabric is stain-resistant too, instantly repelling any water, wine, or coffee that you might end up spilling on yourself.

The AIR jacket comes with a reversible design, allowing you to easily flip between plain and patterned fabric, going from formal to semi-formal in a single flip. The reversible design even features a reversible buttoning system, thanks to the use of discreet magnets hidden within the fabric that allow you to snap it open or shut. To top everything off, the AIR comes with a special monogrammed sleeve (on both reversible sides) to give your jacket a truly unique and personal touch.

The magnetic closure remains perhaps my favorite design feature. Not only is it incredibly cool to magnetically-snap your blazer shut, it’s a brilliant win for accessibility too, allowing the disabled to open or close their blazer without fiddling with those buttons. It also means the buttons on your blazer will never ever get lost because hey, they aren’t even there in the first place! Stroke of genius if you ask me!

Designer: Harsha Kasey of GOTTLICH

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AIR: Breathable Blazer with 20 Features

Made with Austrian Beech Trees, the AIR blazer is breathable, lightweight, wrinkle resistant, stain/liquid repellent and stretchable.

Made from sustainably grown Austrian Beech Trees, popularly known as Modal. However, their modal has been specially tweaked, blended & engineered to suit the AIR blazer’s desired properties – to look like wool but to breathe like a shirt. Unlike wool/poly-wool AIR’s fabric is naturally porous allowing free airflow at a molecular level itself. It is inherently 50% more breathable than traditional cotton.

The already breathable fibers are then woven into a luxurious fabric with specially engineered micro gaps which further allow more airflow resulting in additional breathability. They have achieved air permeability of 6000 units.

For the first time ever, a blazer has a Magnetic Closure. Two identical powerful coin magnets are inserted & stitched to facilitate the blazer closure. The Patent Pending design makes it much quicker & easier to use than a button closure.

AIR is a Seamlessly Reversible blazer. The team has developed innovative 360-degree rotational lapels that beautifully conceal the reversible nature. A special micro-coil single needle chain stitch has been developed to facilitate this seamlessness. It is impossible for the naked eye to know that the AIR blazer is reversible.

AIR weighs about 200 grams owing primarily to the inherent nature of the beech tree fabric and also because of the superfine & super lean internal construction which is delicately sandwiched between the plain & the pattern fabric sides. AIR is approximately 66% lesser in weight than any other blazer in the world. It is almost as light as a cotton dress shirt.

The AIR blazer has a Sleeve Monogram made from pure Mulberry Silk which is the most luxurious & exotic among the silk family. Generally, the blazer monograms are present on the blazer’s inside chest area & are hidden from the outside world.

Due to the fabric’s natural cellulose property, the blazer feels soft & smooth on the skin. Especially while sporting the AIR blazer with a T-shirt, the skin around the neck, arms, forearms & hands are in contact with the blazer fabric, you immediately feel the soft sensation unlike the rough touch of the wool, cotton & linen blazers.

AIR’s fabric is infused with flexible elastane providing an optimum 3-dimensional stretch. You are no longer limited in your movement. While there have been a few stretchable blazers in the past, all of them are knitted, not woven, with their fabric looking like a cotton T-Shirt fabric with a little stretch & dramatically bring down the sheer elegance of a woven blazer.

AIR’s fabric is magically blended with a specially engineered porous microfiber resulting in exquisite wrinkle resistance. After multiple iterations & carefully studying every fabric swatch the team prototyped & developed, they finally accomplished to engineer the AIR’s fabric to look like luxury wool with a sublime crosshatch melange finish.

Infused with the latest liquid & stain repellent nanotechnology. You never have to worry about spilling water, coffee, cola drinks, alcoholic beverages, etc. All liquid will roll right off, protecting you from any stains. Any leftover residual liquids can be absorbed easily with a paper towel/napkin.

AIR’s fabric is enriched with Silver Ions. The silver ions disrupt the cell division process of bacteria. When bacteria come in contact with the silver enriched fabric, the bacteria cells dock & take up the positively charged ‘Ag+’ silver ions. Upon consuming the silver ions, the bacteria cells get damaged or destroyed.

AIR comes in four carefully selected, poetically named, elegant, exotic colors: Deep Ocean, Alpine Grey, Cloud and Sky.

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This modular keyboard design slides to double productivity!

Our work desks are probably the most cluttered surface in our lives, what with our laptops or desktops, keyboard, books, stationery, etc. Add a tablet to the mix and its utter chaos! So, South Korean product designer Cheolsu Park designed ‘Slide’. Slide is a keyboard that doubles up as a tablet. A combination of a keyboard and tablet, Slide, as its name implies comes with a ‘sliding’ element.

The tablet can be easily pulled out or pushed in, enabling it to hide sneakily below the keyboard. With two products being packed into one, space is efficiently saved, bringing the usual clutter of your desk to a minimum. When you’re only using the keyboard, the tablet snugly remains a part of it. Park added a lock button to the product, pressing it prevents the keyboard from sliding up and down, keeping it firmly in position. The edges of the product have been centered using a weighty material, ensuring that the product does not tilt in its extended form, especially when you’re typing on the keyboard. Slide comes along with two tablet pens, designed especially to complement the product. They can be operated using the rounded controls on their body. The pen and tablet duo can be used for all your sketching needs! Sketch, doodle and scribble away without the need for an individual tablet to bring your creations to life.

Available in attractive shades of olive green, honey-yellow, neutral beige, and classic black, Slide is the two-in-one, space-saving desk product that could really make our lives easier. Portable and easy to use, Slide’s sleek looks also make it a head turner!

Designer: Cheolsu Park

A multifunctional pocket clip straight off the Christmas wish list of any EDC lover!

Dango is in a league of its own when it comes to highly functional EDC products, especially their super smart and modular wallets. And now they’ve taken things a notch higher with their latest ‘Pocket Clip’. Dango’s Pocket Clip is no ordinary clip, as is typical of the brand, the EDC does much more than its name suggests. Crafted from Dango’s iconic combination of 6061 CNC machined aluminum with formed stainless steel and mil-spec bolts, the Pocket Clip is fit for years of rough and tough use.

As a stand-alone, the clip can hold it’s own. Easily attachable to your pocket, belt or strap, the clip is your companion at all times. It can also hold together your cash while serving as a nifty little cash clip. In fact, it can hold 10-12 bills or even more Dango claims! One end of the clip also functions as a bottle opener. Popping open a bottle of beer at a party has never been easier! Equipped with a keyhole, the Pocket Clip can be used as a keychain as well, or as an anchor to support and hold together all your precious EDC items. With Dango’s Pocket Clip tethering everything together, the days of losing your house keys are long gone.

However, Dango pumped things up further by designing the Pocket Clip to complement any Dango M-series Bifold Wallet you may own. You could use it as a typical clip and latch it onto your wallet, or you could slide it through the fold of the Bifold Wallet, and watch as the clip becomes a cohesive component of it. Efficiently installed to your wallet, the clip can hold your cash without you having to fret.

Aesthetically unique and pleasing, multifunctional and versatile, I know the EDC tool we could all use this Christmas! Dango’s Pocket Clip is sure to be on every EDC lover’s wishlist.

Designer: Dango

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This innovative smartphone case lets you text without even touching the screen

Designed by product engineer Dougie Mann, the TypeCase is a remarkable win for inclusive design! The smartphone case comes with a keyboard built right into its rim and relies on a “chord system” to generate text, where a certain combination of button-pushes results in a letter being typed out on the smartphone screen. This allows you to literally text while holding your phone in one hand, making it easy for special-needs cases as well as for people who often find themselves needing to text with one hand occupied.

The case reintroduces the familiar feeling of tactile feedback while typing, as a gestural keyboard around the rim of the screen works as an input device. The TypeCase comes with four buttons on one side and one on the other, corresponding to the positions of your fingers and thumb when you’re holding the device. The initial learning curve would be memorizing the individual ‘chord’ gestures required to type out certain letters and words, but Mann’s demo shows how easy it is to proceed once you get the hang of it. The case connects to your phone via Bluetooth, while the buttons on its rim are raised for ease-of-use for people with visual or motor impairment. Once the user is familiar with the chord-system, the TypeCase brings back the old and cherished feeling of being able to confidently type out full sentences without even looking at the screen. What’s not there to love?!

Designer: Dougie Mann

Co/Studio’s traveling workspace lets you ‘work from home’ anywhere you go

As someone who’s extremely particular about how and where he works, I can’t begin to say how insightful and innovative Co/Studio’s design is. Small enough to fold up and fit right into your backpack, the Co/Studio gives you more freedom, functionality, and productivity than working in a coffee-shop with your laptop. Its nifty foldout design, and the inclusion of a whopping 25,600mAh power bank, means you can turn any table into YOUR table. The pad, a folding ‘yoga mat for your laptop’ provides a great surface to lay your tools out. It opens out onto any surface, giving you a singular place to rest your laptop, phone, wallet, keys, and other belongings. It even folds to turn into an angled stand for your laptop, and if you’re in a particularly crowded space, it works as a partition, letting you set up your own private space for focused productivity. It offers you the ability to ‘set up your workspace’ in a way that’s uniquely personalized, organized, and brings out the best in you.

Talking about the Co/Studio is really incomplete without mentioning the Power block, a 25,600mAh power behemoth that sits squarely in a corner of your workplace, powering it no matter where you are. The Power block works as a laptop charger as well as a wireless charger for your phone and AirPods. Its ridged upper surface lets you use it as a pencil-rest and with 2 USB-A ports and 1 USB-C port, you can power your entire workspace, charging anything from tablets to cameras to drones to even a Nintendo Switch if you like taking breaks between working. The ridged top of the Power block comes with a dual-coil wireless charger, for your phone, your earphones, or smartwatch, giving you everything you need to work remotely, no matter how far you are from a conveniently placed power socket.

Carrying your ‘workspace’ with you is as easy as sliding Co/Studio’s foldable Pad and the Power block into your laptop bag. Depending on your work needs, the Pad folds out to become your portable workstation. You can either lay it out landscape, like a mat, placing your laptop in the center, the Power block in the top left corner, and using its surface to organize your belongings… or you can fold it like you would an iPad cover, turning the mat into an angled stand for your laptop.

If you like working with a sense of privacy, however, the mat can stand upright, becoming a partition for a bespoke, private workspace. You can even use magnetic tacks with the partition, sticking notes or Post-its on it for a more customized layout. The fact that it’s a simple product with multiple applications is precisely what’s so remarkable about the Co/Studio. It respects your ‘ritual’ of working and molds itself to your needs, allowing you to be productive on the go. And when you’re done, it slides right back into your bag, waiting to be used again.

Co/Studio even lets you further customize your traveling workspace with a series of addons. A dedicated mousepad allows you to use your USB or wireless mouse on any table, without worrying about it not being effective enough, and Co/Studio’s addon Wallet gives you a storage pouch that’s the same size as the Power block, with the appropriate pouches for your cables, cards, Post-it notes, and even an Apple Pencil or so. Freelancers and digital nomads, your prayers have been answered!

Designers: Joon Hyung Yi & Kidong Kwon

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Co/Studio: A Portable Workstation for Mobile Lifestyle

It’s a laptop power bank, a wireless charger, a smart stand, a desk organizer – all at a size that fits in your backpack. Co/studio is a system of products that redefines conventionally static work culture by empowering you to work on the go.

Turn any space into your own personal workstation – creating structure, offering repose, and sparking inspiration – all at a size that fits in your everyday carry.

Mobile Working is Becoming a Norm

But working on-the-go also comes at a high cost – battery drainage, clutter, lack of privacy and everyone’s greatest fear: no power outlets.

The First Portable Workstation

The Co/Studio by Cosmilli can transform any space into a full-fledged personal workstation in just seconds.

It is uniquely designed to complement modern mobile professionals. A revolution in mobile working, Co/Studio combines a suite of products to complement the modern mobile lifestyle and work experience.

The Pad – Unfold the Potential

The Pad is a versatile unit that provides multiple working surfaces with its simple folding mechanism. The work pad doubles as a stable platform for your devices, a private shield or a space divider in crowded areas.

Work pad mode: work mat that perfectly fits a 13’ – 15’ size laptop, a mouse pad, a pocket, and your favorite Matcha Latte.

Smart stand Mode: create multiple stands for books, phones, and tablets. It has enough space to support multiple objects at once.

Private mode: establish your personal space within a space.

The Power – No One Likes an Outlet Hogger

They harnessed 25,600 milliamp hours of raw power into a beautiful, compact battery. No outlets nearby? With its wireless charging and Power Delivery capability, you can quickly power an incredibly wide range of products up to 5 multiple devices at once. On average, the Power block can power your phone about 7 times, your laptop about 2 times or your AirPods about 45 times, allowing you to work anytime, anywhere.

– Quick charge multiple devices at the same time.
– Wirelessly charge your phones and other eligible devices.
– Large capacity and wide compatibility allows a wide range of products, and yes, even laptops!
– Modern and slim design makes it portable and beautiful to have out, and it doubles as a tray for your work tools.

The Accessories – The Cherry on Top

They added even more functionality with included accessories such as a mouse pad, a wallet, and a set of magnets. Carry your cables or credit cards, and even turn the Pad into a magnetic memo board. No more flipping through cluttered desks to find what you’re looking for.

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The stuul is a toilet-stool that makes your ‘morning business’ easy-breezy

The first ‘job’ (we’re a family site and I’ll stay clear of the word!) of the day is usually a tough one. Some people first need their morning coffee, with other people it’s like clockwork, and for the rest of us, it’s just guess-work. Either way, stuul promises to make the journey easier. Designed as a two-part stool, the stuul occupies a fraction of its intended space when not in use, and transforms into two foot-stools when you’re on the John. Using stuul helps elevate your legs in a way that resembles the squatting posture that’s clinically proven to make the job easier. stuul’s design helps position the legs at the desired angle to help promote a healthy bathroom routine and prevent diseases like IBS.

With a design-conscious approach, the stuul is styled less as a clinical product and more as something fitting of being in your well-decorated bathroom. The two tripod-stools fit together into each other, becoming a single form that’s easy to stash somewhere for later, while its faceted design gives it a decidedly premium feel. The stuul is made from a special material with a high strength-to-weight ratio in a sustainable factory with a carbon-neutral manufacturing process. The material is naturally warm, soft, neutral to the skin, is relatively inert, and doesn’t leave any marks on your tiled floor. Moreover, stuul is 100% recyclable. Available in 5 colors to complement your bathroom’s decor, the stuul is easy to use, great to look at, saves on space, and sets you up for a great beginning to the day, if you know what I mean!

Designers: JUUCE (Ralph Christian Bremenkamp & Daniel Thomas Kövary)

Click Here to Buy Now: $99. Hurry, Free International Shipping Only Till December 2019.

stuul – Re-thinking the Toilet Stool

stuul is the first attempt to disrupt this important product area through an innovative and holistic design approach. It is a known and proven fact that the toilets we use in our western society are a contributing factor to irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids and even chronic bowel diseases through an unfavorable ergonomic posture of our 90° seating position.

The solution to this issue is quite simple: just place an ergonomically fitting footstool in front of the toilet that forces you into a more natural and healthy squatting position.

A foot stool put in front of the toilet forces us into a healthier squat position which happens to provide an effective quick fix to the issue. stuul actively supports your wellbeing and health while being a contemporary and beautifully stylish addition to any modern bathroom interior. stuul’s high tech material is warm & soft to the touch, neutral to skin acids, non-reacting to cleaning substances and 100% recyclable.

stuul consists of two identical stools that can be inserted into each other. The innovative and award winning two-piece design takes up far less space in the bathroom, is beautiful and discreetly unobtrusive.

More practical: stuul is out of the way when not in use, and the high tech material is warm, soft, neutral to the skin and unaffected by exposure to most chemicals. It also has a very high strength-to-weigh ratio, withstands impacts without damage and won’t leave any scratch marks on the floor.

More beautiful: stuul is the first toilet stool designed to fit modern, premium bathroom interiors.

More ecological: stuul is a 100% climate neutral product and sustainably produced in Germany. All production-related emissions are reduced to a minimum and all remaining CO₂ emissions are offset with climate protection measures. In case anyone ever wanted to dispose of it, the makers invite their customers to send it back to their production site so it can be directly fed back into the material cycle.

More economical: Our product consists of more than 90% pure air – which is not only good for your back when handling it, but also for the environment. The small amount of material saves natural resources and allows for a very low use of energy for its transport.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99. Hurry, Free International Shipping Only Till December 2019.

Merging seamlessly with your wall, this light pops out only when you need it!

Cool and innovative lighting designs can really pump up any living space! Introduce a well-designed lamp with some subtle mood lighting and the vibe of your room can instantly change. Always on the lookout for intriguing designs, I discovered a concept that left me wanting it at once. Povilas Danius’ ‘Power Switch Light’ is no ordinary light, in fact, it’s a ‘hidden’ one. A wall lamp with a secret? I bet you want to know more!

A mixture of concrete and organic glass, Danius’ light can hide within a wall or reveal itself with the simple touch of your hand! Merging flawlessly with any wall, the Power Switch Light reveals itself with a subtle push. Supported by a spring mechanism, the light emerges from the wall within minutes, click it once again, and it goes back into hiding!

Designed to fit into a 15 cm wall, a group of these lamps can be clustered together and automated to respond to passersby. The cap of the lamp is interchangeable! You can switch the lamp cap to match the texture of the wall, allowing it to seamlessly integrate with the interiors of your home. A lighting fixture that not only emerges like a magic trick but also camouflages perfectly. The smart design completely eradicates the need for power switches, with simply the touch of your hand sufficing as one. I don’t know about you, but this quirky lighting concept has won my heart!

Designer: Povilas Danius

This smart portable dehumidifier does it’s job even when you’re away!

With climate change on the rise, humidity is at its peak. Especially in the tropical countries, mid-summer and it’s accompanying rains can make our comfortable homes seem like the center of a rainforest. Coming home from a long day at work, to enter what seems like the kingdom of humidity isn’t the best feeling. Hence product designer Bokyeong Lee created ‘Smoving’. A portable dehumidifier that does its job even when you’re away!

Lee decided to deep dive into understanding what users really want from a dehumidifier. Her research encouraged her to create a product thriving on free mobility and serving its purpose irrespective of anybody being present in the home or not. She added the interesting ‘Turn On Booking’ feature. What’s that now? Well, Lee’s dehumidifier comes equipped with an auto-focus camera and humidity sensor, as well as a timer. The Turn On Booking allows the user to set a time on the timer. You can set the timer and leave your home at ease. Once you activate the Turn On Booking feature, Smoving goes into Automatic Operation Mode. When the appointed time arrives, and Smoving is in Automatic Operate Mode, the moisture sensor begins to detect and recognize the most humid spots in the home. Once the spot has been detected, the auto-focus camera perceives the surrounding, picking out obstacles, ensuring that the dehumidifier reaches the wet spot without encountering any of them. Smoving dehumidifies the area, maintaining an appropriate level of humidity in turn.

However, equipped with a handle, Smoving can be used manually by the user as well. A smart humidifier that maintains it’s functionality irrespective of our presence is exactly the kind of home appliance we need in today’s day and age. No more walking into your home, only to feel like you’ve entered a steam and sauna!

Designer: Bokyeong Lee