This Nintendo Switch Lite bluetooth adapter lets you connect AirPods to your console

Designed as a sleeker upgrade to Genki’s Bluetooth adapter from 2018, the Genki Audio Lite is a tiny, plug-and-play Bluetooth module that fits right into your Nintendo Switch Lite, allowing you to connect Bluetooth earphones and speakers to your gaming console.

Giving the Nintendo Switch Lite wireless Bluetooth connectivity doesn’t just upgrade the console, it makes sense. The Switch Lite was designed to provide a lighter, less unencumbered gaming experience than the Switch, so providing an aux input literally feels like being bound by a chain… or a wire, to be specific. The Genki Audio Lite’s tiny size adds a great deal of functionality to the already capable device. You can now use your TWS earphones, AirPods, or even the AirPods Max with it, allowing for a portable, private gaming session. The Genki Audio Lite comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and is equipped with aptX™ high fidelity low latency codecs that provide lag-free audio while you game. Although it is as much as 70% slimmer than its predecessor, it does give your Switch Lite a tiny little chin, which is why Genki even has a custom dual magnetic flip case called the Force Field that allows you to keep your Switch Lite protected while the Audio Lite is plugged in.

Designer: Genki

LEGO creations that you can use as fun and functional everyday products for your home!

I love LEGO, and I know everyone has a soft spot for it, no matter how old we get! You’re always gonna get excited when you see some LEGO blocks lying around, or a cute little LEGO build. We’ve covered a whole lot of LEGO creations by master builders that have honestly taken our breath away. They leave us mesmerized and wondering “How the hell was this created…and from LEGO blocks?!” However, LEGO has managed to make its place in our ordinary day to day life as well. You can even use it to create everyday designs that have high functionality in our household! From pencil and toothbrush holders to laptop stands, and even chore charts, you can use LEGO to solve unique problems in your home. They don’t always have to be fancy creations, sometimes the simplest solutions can be very special too.

The Botanical Collection Flower Bouquet is the perfect flower arrangement for your living space. Created wholly from LEGO blocks, the beautiful bouquet consists of a myriad variety of colorful and gushing flowers, from roses to sunflowers. Place them in your living room, and brighten it up, without the constant worry of having to water them!

This laptop riser/ monitor stand is the perfect addition to your work from home desk! Bored of the usual laptop stands? Build your own using LEGO! The nifty little design even accommodates little storage drawers to keep your pens, pencils, notepads, and other miscellaneous stationery. It even manages to incorporate cable management in its structure.

Any Harry Potter fans in the house? These buildable Harry Potter House Crests signify your allegiance to either Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw. You can also combine all four to create one impressive House Crest, and place it anywhere in your home. It’s a modern piece of art that’ll look super cute and verify your status as a true Potterhead!

Allyson Gail ( allysongaillego) used the often forgotten orange pieces – the LEGO separators to create handy everyday objects! From a cute little pencil holder to a phone stand or even a napkin holder, she’s transformed the otherwise ignored pieces into designs with immense daily utility!

LEGO teamed up with IKEA to create the BYGGLEK Boxes! The BYGGLEK collection is a range of simple, and easy to put together storage solutions that deal with your everyday storage problems. You can build multiple storage designs to cater to your various storage needs – from a tea box to a little planter, the possibilities are endless!

This LEGO toothbrush-holder is perfect for holding your entire family’s toothbrushes, plus an additional toothpaste squeezer makes this the ideal set of bathroom accessories. Clean, sleek, and simple, these buildable accessories are sure to brighten up your morning!

Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken items with gold has gained immense popularity nowadays. And LEGO TSUGI has been inspired by Kintsugi, you can now repair broken objects such as your plant holders, pots, lamps, tables, and other household items with LEGO, instead of gold! How cool is that?

This LEGO brick-build is a unique Lazy Susan or rotating plate that you’d love to have in your home. Its mosaic-inspired pattern will complement any living space, creating a nifty turntable that you can use to display souvenirs, distribute food at your next dinner party or simply place it as a beautiful stand-alone piece. The playful possibilities are never-ending!

You can now build various hanging items for your home using LEGO! You can create picture frames to showcase your treasured memories, adaptable calendars to never miss an important date, trendy art designs and signs to jazz up your living space, and to simply add your personal touch in your own buildable and customizable way.

Do you have trouble keeping up with your chores and tasks, and almost always miss out on one? You can now build your own Chore Chart using LEGO blocks! This unique chart hack makes sure you’re always at the top of your task game, and tick off everything on your to-do list.

This sanitizing coat rack is a pandemic-era design that will be a part of the restaurant’s new normal

Whether it be to the grocery store or the library, when I leave the house nowadays, you won’t catch me without my hand sanitizer. No matter how little room I have in my pockets, I won’t leave the house without it. However, most stores are installing hand sanitizing stations in their storefronts in order to encourage sanitary browsing. Typically these stations come in the form of an old, previously discarded working desk with a handwritten note taped on the front that reads a friendly, health code reminder to use the available hand sanitizer before entering the store’s sales floor.

Retail establishments were quick to install their own hand sanitizing stations to their storefronts, but for some, the makeshift health posts end up looking less than sanitary and more like worn-down gatekeepers whose only purpose is to enforce clean shopping. Mexico City-based NOS Design understood how design plays a major role in making this essential health precaution feel a little more inviting, so they teamed up with Trusty Tower to design a sanitizing coat rack that fuses functionality with necessity and looks more familiar and less like an unfortunate sign of the times. Their sanitizing coat rack based on a conventional, average-sized metal tube that’s bent at its top so that bottles of hand sanitizers can be placed at an angle. Just below the metal tube’s bend, a short rod insert holds the hand sanitizer in place, allowing the bottle to be pumped at an angle by pressing the coat rack’s top lid.

Additionally, NOS Design attached four hooks for different items like outerwear, purses, or some trendy mask cases. I know when I enter the stores that require hand sanitizing before browsing, it usually takes a minute for me to set all that I’m carrying down before I can sanitize, and even afterward, gathering all my belongings takes more time than necessary. NOS Design cuts that time in half by assembling a means to sanitize and providing an easy hanging spot for all of your belongings at the same time. Hopefully, since responsible shopping in the age of COVID-19 is so important, with designs like this one, sanitizing your hands won’t feel like such a hassle before you can resume regular (pre-Corona) programming (shopping).

Designer: NOS Design x Trendy Tower

Incredibly clever measuring spoons are shaped to help you easily visualize their quantities

While the words “half a teaspoon” or “two tablespoons” aren’t really a set standard, they’re used everywhere, from recipe books, to buzzfeed videos, but the problem of varying sizes remains. Not everyone owns the same measuring spoons, and even if you pull out two different spoons from your kitchen drawer, they’re probably not the exact same shape and size.

The Visual Measuring Spoons build on the brilliance of the Visual Measuring Cups from 2019. Designed to quickly and effectively help you ‘visualize’ quantities, the Visual Measuring Spoons are shaped to look like fractions so you can, at a glance, understand which spoon measures what. The tablespoon is square-shaped, to look like a table. The teaspoon is slightly smaller and circular, the half-teaspoon is semicircular to indicate that it’s half of a full circle, and the quarter-teaspoon is quadrant-shaped. Just by intuitively looking at each spoon, you instantly understand what it’s for, helping you measure more efficiently and cook more effectively. You don’t need to eyeball your measurements as you cook, and you don’t even need to bust out the weighing machine to weigh out your ingredients in grams. By making the process “visual”, the spoons are incredibly easy to identify, making it not just great for adults, kids, and even people with learning disabilities!

When I covered the Visual Measuring Cups in 2019, I was marveled by how ‘sensible’ this approach was. We are, as a species, quick to understand by seeing rather than by reading, so translating ‘half a teaspoon’ to visuals is much easier when the spoon literally looks like ‘half a spoon’! For further clarity, the actual measurement of the spoon is written on it too, making it absolutely foolproof. The spoons are molded in clear plastic, so they’re easy to measure with and keep clean, and here’s the icing on the cake… their shapes are even designed to nest within each other for easy storage!

Designers: Pam Daniels & Brandon Williams of Welcome Industries

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Visual Measuring Spoons – What You See Is What You Get

With visual measuring spoons, the shape tells the size. No more struggling to read the labels; a half teaspoon simply looks like half.

Set includes 1 Tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, ½ teaspoon, and ¼ teaspoon.

Spoons nest together for easy storage and are joined with a loop.

Labels are subtly debossed on the underside of each handle.

Building on the Success of the Visual Measuring Cups

Visual measuring spoons are intended to feel as smart & fun as the visual measuring cups, which were called a “Leap Forward” by The New York Times, “Brilliant” by Core77. A Global Innovation Award finalist at the 2019 Housewares Show too!

The Design Story

“We’d been playing and prototyping for a while until the design felt “right,” a process which took about a year and a half. One of the main challenges was deciding how to distinguish the Tablespoon from the teaspoon. We tried everything from ovals to squares to triangular shapes (since a Tablespoon is 3x the volume of a teaspoon), and finally settled on the rotated square to represent the Tablespoon. Another design breakthrough was when Brandon suggested making the quarter teaspoon the width of the handle.”

Great for Kids

With baking on the rise for everyone and kids participating more than ever, visual measuring tools have been a popular hit with young cooks and bakers. Fractions are a lot less complicated when you can see them in action!

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Yanko Design recommends these unique furniture designs to shop that give IKEA a run for its money!

Furniture designs are incredibly important to any space, whether it’s an office or a home. And, with this ongoing pandemic, our homes are now our new office! The right furniture can really set a space apart, creating a comfortable and functional home cum office that caters to all our needs. Our living space nowadays should be one where we can comfortably longe about, and work efficiently. So, we’ve curated a collection of super functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture designs that are sure to not only brighten up your living space but provide unique solutions to all your furniture problems. From work chairs that take care of your posture to a smart bed designed with everything you could possibly think of – we’ve got all your needs covered!

The Soul Seat helps you sit in a neutral posture that is effortless and comfortable. The springs on the elevated perch tilt the pelvis forward, open the hips and help align the spine. You can sit in several positions if crossing legs isn’t comfortable for you, the chair enables you to switch between multiple positions frequently keeping your body engaged and blood flowing. For some, this may also alleviate neck and back pain! The height of both levels can be adjusted to suit your workspace setup. I know there were many comments from our Instagram audience about it missing a backrest and while I don’t think it causes harm if you sit without one (people meditate and work in this very posture for hours in Asian countries), I do think having an option of a detachable backrest can help those who are just starting to work on their posture ease into it. It is about having that choice which opens up many more people to use the Soul Seat, however, there are countless reviews that mention it being comfortable as it is so it is a great design but it does come down to personal preference.

Click Here to Buy Now: $980

Fitwork’s design sort of embodies a no-excuse mentality to being fit. Whether it’s the excuse of ‘being too busy’, or of ‘not wanting to go all the way to the gym’, Fitwork combats it by bringing the gym not just to your house, but to your workspace. Designed as a product to let you work and work out at the same time, this crazy hybrid of a desk-chair and treadmill keeps your legs active while you work. Whether you’re sitting in front of a laptop or standing in front of one, it’s the sedentary lifestyle that Fitwork tackles. The setup (which is sure to grab a few eyeballs) comes with an office chair attached to a treadmill underneath, and an elliptical in front. Coupled with an elevating desk, the Fitwork allows you to keep the lower half of your body active while you work, giving you cardio as well as keeping your spine engaged, whether you’re sitting or standing while working.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1499

KUR!O’s design features a simple grid base that you wedge shelving-plates into. The plates interlock with each other, creating walls and floors for your shelf, allowing you to store all your belongings in the dedicated spaces you planned out for them! The base of the shape-shifting, infinitely customizable shelf is its underlying grid, made from sandwiched wood-fiber boards. The cuts in the grid go as much as 20mm deep, allowing you press-fit powder-coated steel panels into it. The steel panels come in a variety of colors, giving the KUR!O its uniquely vibrant appeal, and feature carefully-placed cuts that let individual panels interlock into each other. The 2mm thick panels are heavy-duty enough to take on large loads, making the KUR!O robust, despite the fact that there isn’t any screwing or gluing of parts. Each KUR!O even comes with a set of 8mm thick steel sticks or dowels that peg into the circular holes at the intersection of the cutouts. Plug a stick in and you instantly have yourself a series of hooks right beside your shelf-spaces so you can both hang as well as place items on your KUR!O.

Click Here to Buy Now: $318

This is the ultimate bed just like its name states – the Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed! You know how we always have to get up to get stuff before we settle into relax mode? Well, this bed was designed to have everything you will need to relax within your bed frame. It has an integrated reclining massage chair with a remote, a built-in Bluetooth speaker, a bookshelf, a reading lamp, an air cleaning system, an area to plug-in and charge your devices, a foot-stool that opens up for extra storage, and a pop-up desk for the ultimate WFH setup, Netflix marathon or cozy reading hours. The sound system also features an SD card slot, an auxiliary port, and a USB port. Another interesting detail about the Hariana bed is a password-protected safe box for you to store your most precious belongings – for me, it would be my passport and snacks!

Click Here to Buy Now: $2800

Bringing new life to the room divider, the designers at Molo, a design and production studio led by Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen, created their own rendition, calling it a paper softwall or folding partition, one that folds and bends, with the flexibility to be shaped in any curved or linear formation, and expands and contracts, like breathing. When expanded, the paper softwall is like a monolithic accordion paper organizer that is surprisingly lightweight and can easily change direction to define private spaces or supply dramatic backdrops for performances. Each paper softwall expands to a total of 15 feet when fully extended and positioned in a straight line, but can reach any length in between for shorter, or more curved lines. When the soft paperwall is properly compressed, it recoils and achieves the thickness of a book.

Click Here to Buy Now: $950

The SMĪLE shelf is a modular system that relies on recycled steel frames that fix to a wall, holding shelves in between. The steel frames can be arranged practically in any orientation and arrangement, giving you the freedom to create your own shelving design that can even be expanded if you want to, in the future! Depending on the size of the shelf you buy, it comes with the recycled steel frames and ChopValue’s signature chopstick shelves. Each shelf uses hundreds of bamboo chopsticks, compressed together to create a unique looking material with its own bespoke grain-pattern. Most disposable chopsticks are manufactured using bamboo (because of how fast it grows), and travel nearly 8,000 – 10,000 kilometers from China to other parts of the world, only to be used for 30 minutes before being thrown into the trash. Instead of letting them enter a landfill, ChopValue harvests them and turns them into this new material that can be used again.

Click Here to Buy Now: $139

This particular piece of cat furniture is extremely easy to set-up and seamlessly integrates with your current home setting minus the bulkiness of a conventional cat tree. In 2020, it is all about how modular the product is, and that applies to pet furniture too. With Catssup you can create a DIY jungle gym by simply clamping the different parts onto existing furniture and changing the set-up whenever ‘you’ (read: your cat) need. The best part is that it doesn’t require any floor space so if you want to lie down and WFH – you absolutely can with the extra room! The Catssup set includes a Dot Step, a Sleeping Pill, a Space Ball, a Cloud Lounge, and a Climbing Tower – I would just like to say that I strongly believe human furniture should also have fun labels like this and maybe we would be more invested in it.

Click Here to Buy Now: $356

BeYou is a “transforming chair that adapts to you,” which means that whatever seated position is calling your name, BeYou will adjust accordingly. The spirit of this chair and what makes it so special is that it isn’t fixed by any means, it was designed to be ever-changing to meet your growing needs. The convertible chair is cushioned with soft and durable fabric that wraps itself over a double layer of foam for a bouncy and form-fitting seat rest. Oak veneer coats the exterior parts of BeYou so that the chair not only conforms to your body but also your room and office, or wherever you choose to position your BeYou chair. The quick-release hinges that switch the chair’s positions and presentation are user-friendly in that they operate through simple, intuitive mechanical movements.

Click Here to Buy Now: $349

In a parallel universe without gravity, we’d probably be surrounded by storage units like the Geco Hub. You see, gravity allows us to simply place items on a horizontal surface, which is almost the fundamental aspect of a cabinet. The Geco Hub, on the other hand, grabs items almost like a pair of hands. Its silicone ‘fingers’ let you store everything from your keys to sunglasses, and from wallets to even post-it notes. The hubs come in a series of modular tiles that you can attach to any type of wall using either screws or adhesive strips. Add as many hubs as you need and you’ve got a wall of storage you can place items on, into, or under. The silicone ‘fingers’ have enough friction to securely hold onto things like keychains, wallets, spectacles, cases, notebooks, and stationery. They come with flaps too that let you secure notes onto them, giving you a wall of storage and functionality – which is unusually pleasing to look at as well as a really good way to declutter spaces.

Click Here to Buy Now: $29

The SSD chair stands for Simple, Strong, and Durable (and not Solid State Drive, as one might think). Designed to be an alternative to flimsy, cheap, run-of-the-mill plastic or wood chairs, the SSD Chair has a simple, classic appeal, and is made to last for decades. The SSD is strong too. Designed with a metal tubing structure that is more than capable of years of everyday use, the SSD gives you the advantage of strength as well as the comfort of having European-made plywood seats and backrests. The SSD is durable too. Designed to be sustainably manufactured, the SSD uses strong components, ethically and sustainably sourced wood, a simple design, a minimal number of parts, and even uses 80% recycled packaging.

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World’s largest unmanned aquatic vessel sets sail to explore depths of underwater mysteries

Only 20 percent of the world’s ocean has been mapped – even the topography of Moon and Mars is better known to humankind. To this end, the significance of ocean surveying vessels that have a lower carbon footprint is vital in assessing the ocean beds and the diverse ecology that these mystical places have kept hidden for centuries. There’s so much to get baffled by when it comes to understanding the marine environment and San Francisco-based Saildrone has the right unmanned aquatic vehicles for underwater exploration, and it is the world’s largest of its kind currently.

The aquatic drone-maker has surprised with its previous builds of autonomous surface vehicles exploring the Southern Ocean (in agreement with the Australian research team), and now they are back with their latest version. The 72-feet Saildrone Surveyor is a bigger, better variant of the previous generation models – loaded with new-age hardware to reach the extremities of the seafloor for findings that’ll surprise mankind. All this while being zero-emission courtesy of the wind and solar-powered credentials. The on-board equipment including the navigation systems, SONAR equipment, or the marine and atmospheric sensors are fed by the stored energy from the solar energy while the Surveyor is propelled by the energy of the wind.

All this means a non-stop exploration duration of 12 months on one go – being autonomously driven or remote-controlled from the shore. This allows the experts to have ample environmental data for deeply analyzing the carbon level fluctuations or assessing the degree of biomass in the water columns. The advanced SONAR equipment on the Surveyor will map the ocean depths of 7,000 meters to collect DNA samples of unknown organisms who survive in the harsh environment devoid of any sunlight and oxygen. To this end, the Surveyor joins the fleet of existing unmanned aquatic vehicles by Saildrone who’ve got more than 10,000 days of sail time so far. To start off things, Saildrone Surveyor will set on its adventure between San Francisco and Hawaii for ocean mapping missions.

Surveyor has been a result of a cooperative effort by NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) who gave a three-year grant through the National Oceanographic Partnership Program to the University of New Hampshire, in partnership with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute and Saildrone. For the launch of Surveyor Alan Leonardi, director of the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research said that this is a huge leap for the unscrewed underwater missions and now “a scalable solution now exists to map our planet within our lifetime, at an affordable cost.”

Saildrone Surveyor has the same wind-powered technology as that of the Explorer that has covered more than 500,000 nautical miles from the Arctic to the Antarctic for its ocean mapping and maritime security, looking to uncover more about the oceans and their depths for a better understanding of the planet.

Designer: Saildrone

Saildrone Explorer 

This wearable lets your plants communicate with you

While the term “Plant Parent” has become a pretty standard term in the millennial lexicon, taking care of plants isn’t as easy as it looks! Sure, if you’ve got a dog or a cat, they let you know when they’re hungry, it’s easy to know when they’re bored or frisky, and you can take them to the vet when they’re unwell or unhealthy. With plants, not so much. There are a lot of factors that contribute to a plant’s health – soil, water, sunlight, pests, etc. But there isn’t any easy way of knowing what your plant needs… the BioCollar is changing that.

Designed by students at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, the BioCaller is a wearable that builds empathy between the wearer and the connected plant. When paired with a piece of hardware that goes into the planter, the collar helps you understand the plant’s needs through real-time feedback. It becomes moderately tighter when the plant needs water, gets warm when the plant has too much sunlight, and vibrates when the plant has an infestation. In doing so, the wearable aims at letting the plant easily communicate its needs to you, and enables you to be a better plant-parent.

The BioCollar was designed as a part of a larger system called the BioPermit – a service that uses the collar to test prospective plant-buyers to see if they’re empathetic caregivers (a lot like how people are interviewed before they adopt a baby or pet). Obviously, the system is a speculative one, with its main aim being to test future scenarios and see if sensors can be developed that convert plant-needs into haptic feedback. I can definitely see this getting translated into something as effective as a wrist-worn fitness tracker that tracks your plant’s progress, or better still, an app that lets your plant communicate with you!

Designers: Sammy Creeger, Elliott Wortham & Maria Jose Tamayo

This desktop dishwasher inspired by rain is the space-saving solution modern homes need

I usually do my dishes just before bed so all I have to worry about in the morning is making my coffee. On some evenings, however, I just feel too tired before bed – doing the dishes feels more like running a marathon. I live in a studio apartment, so I know the importance of keeping a tidy space, but I don’t have room for automatic machines like dishwashers or steamers. To come up with a solution for small spaces in need of an automatic dishwasher, a team of creatives from Yifeeling Design felt inspired by the cleansing and quiet nature of gentle rain to design a micro dishwasher called Rain that’s functional for small spaces and also quiet, so it can run through the night.

Rain’s structure is inviting and bright, like a gentle sunshower, with rounded edges and smoothed-down sides for a reflective finish and refined shine. Then, Rain’s translucent front facade hides the dishes in plain sight with raindrops etched onto the dishwasher’s glass-pane door. The stainless steel interior of Rain reveals a compartment large enough to hold your bigger plates and a few smaller bowls, making it the ideal personal-sized dishwasher. Sockets for water tubing are attached to Rain’s rear and provide clean water for washing and an exit tube for dirty water. Finally, Rain’s control panel is located on the front-facing, digital interface where you can find a timer option, the power, start, and stop buttons, as well as a mode selector.

Yifeeling noticed a few problems in our existing catalog of dishwashing options. Mostly, dishwashers are too bulky and require too much space, they’re expensive and just don’t fit into smaller kitchens. In order to reduce the volume and space that dishwashers regularly occupy, Yifeeling aimed to design a desktop dishwasher that doesn’t rely on noisy mechanics to get the job of cleaning dishes done. Instead, Rain utilizes the gentle cleanse that follows a day of rain. The days after those summer rainstorms always bring with them cleaner air quality and naturally fresh aromas – those days just feel cleaner. While rain can sometimes be destructive and bring on floods or thunderstorms, it is also a natural element of our ecosystem and it always brings life to dry climates or lush forests, despite the floods and lightning. The creatives at Yifeeling Design utilized this latter aspect of rain to bring their own desktop dishwasher to life.

Designer: Yifeeling Design

This prosthetic leg grows with your child!

Prosthetics are expensive and if you have you start using them when you are young, it is an exponential cost that keeps increasing as you grow. It is not convinient or affordable to keep getting new prosthetics, so designer Snezana Jeremic has come up with a concept that grows with you! Ring is an adjustable, custom-made prosthetic leg designed specifically for transtibial amputee children in developing countries to help reduce costs while bettering their quality of life.

The conceptual prosthetic leg aims to make the otherwise rigid medical equipment more flexible especially to fit seamlessly in the life of a growing child. The user will wear the leg and it can be adjusted it as they grow to make sure the fit is always optimal and comfortable. “Ring achieves this thanks to an adjustable foot portion to ensure an optimal stride as well as the upper portion that can be paired with additional rings to suit the person’s body as they grow and develop,” says Jeremic.

Ring is a conversation starter that addresses the need for more modular healthcare equipment. Prosthetics like these make sure that individuals don’t need a whole new device every time they have a growth spurt!

Designer: Snezana Jeremic



This thumb-sized unbreakable, waterproof SSD makes cloud-storage feel ancient

Ever so often a technology comes along and replaces the status quo. The compact disc made floppies go extinct, the thumb-drive did the same to compact discs, and then cloud storage came and changed the game. What the ECLLPSE does is give us a taste of what the future ahead of cloud storage is.

Designed to be as compact as a pen-drive, with the capacity of a cloud-storage service, and without those nagging subscription costs, the ECLLPSE is a ridiculously small, universally compatible SSD with a robust outer construction that can go wherever you go. The SSD sits within a rugged, IP67 water and dust resistant enclosure that’s roughly the size of your thumb, boasting of storage as high as 2 terabytes fitting right within the palm of your hand. A USB-C interface allows the ECLLPSE to work with a wide variety of devices (there’s even a USB-A dongle for broader compatibility), ranging from mobiles to computers and even specialized gear like gaming consoles, cameras, and high-end recording equipment. Support for WTG (Windows to Go) even allows you to install operating systems on your ECLLPSE, letting you carry your own computer right in your pocket.

Flash drives were doomed when cloud storage took over, promising larger storage capacities that could be accessed anywhere. However, that golden future came with a caveat… subscription costs. One terabyte of storage could set you back hundreds of dollars a year even with the most affordable of rates, making that convenience more expensive in the long run. All that changes with the ECLLPSE. It’s just as portable as a pen-drive, with nearly 50 times the storage capacity. Multiple ports, jacks, and dongles ensure mass connectivity, which means the ECLLPSE works with your phone, laptop, camera, even your PS5 or Switch, and the fact that you pay for it once means you get the kind of convenience you’d expect from a cloud drive, but in a much more affordable avatar… and the icing on the cake, offline storage – which means your data is available everywhere, even without an internet connection. Along with that, the ECLLPSE even boasts of blazing-fast read and write times, giving you nearly 550mbps of read/write speeds (something your internet connection would barely be able to pull off).

Ultimately, ECLLPSE aims at being safer too. The fact that your data exists offline on a device you own means that it’s impervious to hackers and data breaches. Couple that with ECLLPSE’s rough, rugged, water-resistant construction and you’ve got storage that’s designed to serve you everywhere, indoors and out, whether you’re working on a laptop or backing up photos on your phone, or even whether you’re capturing and dumping 4K footage from your DSLR, or just storing your console games on a nifty stick-shaped SSD that you can carry around with you anywhere you go… without those pesky subscription charges too!

Designer: Jason Kwok

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ECLLPSE – Unbreakable High-Speed Portable SSD

With up to 2TB of storage, ECLLPSE is the world’s first and only portable SSD with OTG File Manager support capabilities for seamless data backup and storage for iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices using a lightning connector. ECLLPSE’s USB-C supports high-speed data transfer at up to 550MB/s and is compatible with Macs, PCs, Android devices, and digital cameras.

High-Speed Transfer

Comparable to the size of a USB thumb drive, ECLLPSE is a solid-state hard drive with up to 550 MB/s transfer speed, that’s 4x faster than your typical external hard disk. It takes only 39 seconds to transfer a 20GB video to your ECLLPSE, which is 20x faster than your typical SD card.

ECLLPSE takes about 20 seconds to transfer 11GB video.

Due to its high read and write speeds, you can edit all your creative files, play games and watch 4K movies directly from ECLLPSE!

Waterproof & Shockproof

With a rating of IP67, it is 100% protected against solid objects such as dust and sand; it’s also been tested to work for at least 30 minutes under up to 1m of water.

Its durable design and high impact plastic exterior makes ECLLPSE virtually indestructible.

Multi-device Compatibility

ECLLPSE comes with multiple adapters for every device imaginable. With its lightning adapter, you can connect, backup and transfer data from any iPhone or iPad. The USB-C adapter connects to any PC, Android and digital camera as external storage, macOS Time Machine or Windows To Go.


Using intricate craftsmanship and components the team have made ECLLPSE extremely small and portable without affecting performance and efficiency. 1TB and 2TB models both use Silicon Motion SM2258H controllers combined with Sandisk / Toshiba BiC 64 bit 3D TLC flash to provide extreme stable performance.

The specially designed silica gel outer shell provides great heat dissipation.


Small & Lightweight

Weighing 19g/0.67oz, it’s ideal as portable, everyday item.

Back Up Your Data Instantly

With a drive attached, you’ll be able to move files around freely between the drive and your iPhone or iPad. With ECLLPSE, it’s simply a matter of plugging it to your smartphone. You can easily backup and transfer files anywhere and anytime.


As a bootable drive, you can install Windows on ECLLPSE and take it anywhere you go

Black Magic speed test

10GB file transfer test

Android phone demo

iPad Pro demo

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