This wild 5-in-1 backpack lets you stack-and-zip different modules to increase its storage capacity

Building on their absolutely game-changing modular system from 2016, Wool & Oak’s Carry-On Backpack lets you carry anywhere from one laptop to an entire weekend’s worth of luggage on your shoulders. How, you ask?? Simply by letting you attach elements to the original backpack to expand its size and storage capacity!

Remember how in Power Rangers their mecha suits could function individually, but could also attach to each other to become an ultimate mecha fighter? Wool & Oak’s design is kind of like that. Individually, the Carry-On Backpack comprises 5 separate bags that can be used as standalone units, or better yet, they can be attached together to become one cohesive ‘superbag’ that straps across your shoulders.

Designer: Johnathan Webster

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Each of the 5 bags has its own identity and uses. The Pro Backpack is your everyday laptop bag with enough storage for all your daily needs, including 19 different pockets (internal and external) for individual belongings and a separate area big enough for a 16” laptop. The Pro Backpack sits on your shoulders thanks to padded straps, and can even be carried horizontally like a briefcase… but its most impressive feature is its ability to let you strap on the Weekender Duffle to it.

The Pro Backpack

The Weekender Duffle

The Weekender Duffle is your closet-to-go providing you that much-needed extra space for all your clothes.

The Weekender Duffle is the largest of the 5 bags, with dual side access, multiple hidden pockets for storing precious belongings, and the ability to be used as a standalone duffle/backpack. However, if you want to just carry your Weekender Duffle and Pro Backpack together, you can carry them either as individual units (boring!) or zip them together to turn them into a larger backpack that has everything from your laptop to your clothes. The Pro Backpack and Weekender Duffle combine together to become greater than the sum of their parts, giving you a power-packed, spacious bag that lets you carry all your belongings right on your shoulders without needing to check them in at the airport.

Laptop Sleeve

Toiletry Kit


The other 3 bags revolve around these two, enhancing their features and abilities. There’s a slick laptop sleeve that lets you carry just the bare basics (it slides into the Pro Backpack too, should you choose. A dedicated toiletry kit lets you carry all your liquids, creams, pastes, toothbrushes, and floss (don’t forget to floss, folks) separately from your luggage. Slide it into the duffle, or if you’re just carrying your Pro Backpack, attach it to the front of the Pro to make it look like the backpack has its own mini backpack! The final bag is a sling-style fanny pack that lets you relive the glorious 2000s and carry items like sunglasses, your wallet, phone, etc. strapped across your waist or chest.

Dual Side Access

The one extra element that makes up the Carry-On kit is an add-on premium camera cube. The folks at Wool & Oak realized that camera-folk have a very specific set of needs that don’t get fulfilled by usual bags, which is why they designed the camera cube, an optional bag that comes in black, and can be used either individually, or snugly fitted into one half of the Weekender Duffle. The cube comes with a soft protective lining, and adjustable dividers to let you manipulate the internal space to fit your gear perfectly.

Together, all the bags make up Wool & Oak’s Carry-On, or the most modular, versatile, shoulder-mounted storage system ever made. Use the bags individually when you need, or strap them together and confidently walk into an airplane knowing well that you’re gaming the system by carrying an entire travel bag on your shoulders! That way, you can fit even more into your check-in or cabin luggage, giving you the best of all worlds!

Wool & Oak’s Carry-On marks their seventh product, following a string of 6 incredibly successful Kickstarter-led luggage designs. The entire kit comes made from premium leather, available in brown or black tanned options. You can grab the backpack or the duffle for $299 and $379 individually, or as a combined set for $599. The Sling-bag, Laptop Sleeve, Toiletry Kit, and Camera Cube are all available as separate add-ons, allowing you to build the carry-on solution of your dreams!

Click Here to Buy Now: $599 $799 ($200 off). Hurry, only 10/100 left! Raised over $240,000.

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This custom Street Bob crafted from forged carbon fiber rolled straight out of a Metaverse world

Cooler Master is better known for its jaw-dropping PC cases and peripherals but a motorbike link seemed unlikely until now.

A customized Street Bob from the Harley Davidson camp comes as no surprise, but one that’s modernized for a sci-fi look is rare. Fusing the cool lighting of a Cooler Master case and the freedom of a 2020 Harley-Davidson Street Bob getting dapper customization is the highlight of this edgy cruiser bike.

Designer: Rough Crafts

Taiwan-based Rough Crafts is the team behind this build specially crafted to celebrate Cooler Master’s 30th anniversary. The red cherry on the top is a matching computer case. To mark the occasion, the custom shop chose forged carbon fiber for the meticulous texture of the bike. The aluminum fins on the fuel tank and the rear section add contrast to the hyper-realistic creation. According to Winston Yeh of Rough Crafts, the idea was “to combine the signature elements of both worlds.”

Attention to detail is undeniable as Winston leveraged 3D printing to digitally design the fairing tank and tail from a high-end polymer material. Wrapping the carbon fiber parts with eye-popping marble texture on the bike parts is something to behold here. Rough Crafts leveraged the expertise of his trusted collaborators like MS Pro and CT-Garage to handle the fabrication and final assembly respectively.

Meaning, the Cooler Master’s identifiable purple lighting setup (nod to the PC heat sink) and the sharp looks of their geeky computer cases, fused with the fin details of the custom shop’s builds and use of lots of forged carbon fiber. The LED projector headlights, taillights, and turn signal lights all come courtesy Koso.

Chassis upgrades include the Öhlins forks connected to the custom yokes and Öhlins shock mated to The Speed Merchant swingarm. The in-house handlebars and finned air filter along with the switches from Rebuffini directly integrate with the Street Bob’s CAN bus system for plug-and-play functionality. To put it precisely, a balanced mix of cool and cliched aesthetics with riding superiority to boast.

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This modernized binocular made me realize that the accessory actually needs a design uplift from random curves

Whether you’re a stargazer, birdwatcher or casual nature lover; zooming in on things including subject of interest is made easy with a pair of binoculars. An adventurers’ accessory per se, it is the holy grail for people from all walks of life owing to which it has seen gradual improvements in the levels of magnification without compromising on the quality.

But looking at the Zoomers Binoculars, it has struck me for that first time that these viewers have been so random despite the number of years they have been around.

Designer: karnswork

We have grown up using binoculars to watch birds, track our favorite sportsperson, or peep through the window of that girl across the lane, but it has never occurred – at least to me – that the binocular design deserves a design upgrade.

This is why there was no second thought about sharing the Zoomers Binoculars for your appreciation. It makes a unique boxy appearance and has a unified design that’s a league apart from the random and bespoke binoculars we have seen in our time.

The renders are apparent in the objectivity of the accessory but divulge nothing much about the lens capabilities besides the fact that they are designed with dual-tone CMF and straightforward controls. This pair of binoculars will fit like a glove in the present-day scenario with its aesthetical appeal. It will though have to match up with the digital camera capabilities that enhance the overall appeal and put one from the heap onto the podium of elites.

I doubt little that when these digital binoculars travel out of the blender3D, it will be a modernized rendition of the traditional pairs. The catch will be to keep the high-end binoculars from burning a hole in our pockets. If that is a possibility, the designer has really idolized a perfectly good pair of binoculars for your hobby or a favorite pastime.

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This collection of 3D printed homeware is designed to be tiny architecture that fits in your hand

Vienna-based designer Nicolas Gold trained with Zaha Hadid, before building ‘Sheyn’ with his partner Markus Schaffer. Sheyn focuses on creating “Tiny Furniture” – which is basically homeware designed by architects. The homeware has been infused with an architect’s tendency to fuss and mull over “the tiniest details of furniture and fixtures”.

Designer: Sheyn

Tiny Furniture is a collection of beautifully detailed and intricately patterned homeware that is created using 3D printing technology. The stunning products are designed using an architect’s eye for detail, and a tendency to hyperfocus on even the tiniest detail. The entire collection consists of vases, bowls, planters, and lighting. All the products are created using a light and sturdy recyclable bioplastic made from corn.

“This obsession with designing for the smallest spaces has now collided with the democratization of modern technologies like open-source 3D modeling and 3D printing to produce a new kind of architecture that can fit in the palm of your hand or the corner of your table,” said Sheyn.

With Tiny Architecture, the brand is attempting to create a type of architecture that you can quite literally hold and feel, or place in any part of your home. It’s building an intriguing world where product design, architecture, and 3D printing collide to create a range of homeware designs that are nuanced, and yet loud.

The Tiny Architecture collection comes in a variety of fourteen different colors, with each variant made using a partly recycled material, that adds an element of uniqueness and individuality to them. There are several intricate and detailed patterns in this collection – ranging from an asymmetrical Bloz to a fabric-like Fald, which is marked by delicate folds of varying depths.

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This low-key metal cylinder can take care of all your aromatic needs

Most of us probably take our sense of smell for granted, but it’s actually one of the easiest ways to put our minds in a state of calm and relaxation. Given how our world is becoming increasingly stressful these days, it’s no surprise that a growing number of people are taking to incense and essential oils to give themselves a temporary respite. Not all aromas are created equal, of course, and some of them require different devices or diffusers to work. Oil diffusers, for example, won’t work with incense, and there are different types of incense that often need a different kind of incense holder. Rather than stressing over those small details, this seemingly simple incense burner covers all the bases in a rather smart way.

Designer: Contexte Design

Although essential oils have become the most recent fad, it’s hardly the only way to give your nose a treat. Some people and cultures are more particular about incense, both either in stick or conical forms. There might even be some who prefer directly burning sandalwood or sage leaves instead of using these manufactured products. Rather than worrying about needing a different burner for each of these, Trataka is able to handle all of them with elegance and grace despite its very simple design.

At first glance, it’s a bit difficult to tell what Trataka is. It looks like a metal can with a sunken, concave top and sides that are cut off at four places. In reality, however, it’s made of two separate pieces, each with two “pillars” of the four sides, and these parts have different roles to play, depending on the type of aromatic experience you’re in the mood for. A hole at the top, for example, can hold your incense stick in place and catch the falling ash on the curved surface. That surface, however, can also act as a platform for cone-type incense.

Things get a bit more interesting when you consider you can put different things on top as well. For example, you can place a sprig of sage on top and burn it to let the aromatic smoke fill the room. Or you can put a few drops of your favorite oil on top and place a candle inside to heat it up. In fact, that bottom half can be used on its own as a candle holder to provide a gentle flicker of light any time you want. And when it’s not in use, it stands as a simple yet beautiful piece of minimalist decor on a desk or shelf.

Trataka doesn’t use gimmicks or complicated mechanisms to be able to serve different purposes. In fact, it’s all too simple, and that is exactly what makes it striking. Whether you’re looking forward to chilling with your favorite aromas or simply want something nice to look at, this unassuming but charming metal cylinder definitely does the trick in the simplest way.

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Col&MacArthur’s latest timepiece pays tribute to French rockstar Johnny Hallyday with a piece of his iconic leather jacket in every watch

With some of their past watches having actual pieces of lunar meteorites and vials of Mars dust, it’s safe to say that the folks at Col&MacArthur take authentic representation rather seriously. This time, their watches pay homage to “the Elvis Presley of France”, Johnny Hallyday, who died at the age of 74, leaving France and Europe in a perpetual state of mourning. The “Jamais Seul” watch (named after Hallyday’s 2011 song which translates to ‘Never Alone’) hopes to become as immortal as Hallyday’s legacy and live on along with his music. The watch is decorated with references to the artist, and even has a piece of his iconic leather jacket embedded into the watch’s side.

Designer: Sebastien Colen

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The only official Johnny Hallyday watch, filled with symbols and adorned with an authentic piece of the artist’s jacket.

The watch was designed and crafted by the people at Col&MacArthur, a watchmaking brand steeped in history and tradition. The watchmakers are credited with crafting wristwatches for the Royal Guards serving Her Majesty the Queen Elisabeth II. The “Jamais Seul” is their love letter to the king of music from across the English Channel. “Jamais Seul” is the only official Johnny Hallyday watch worldwide, and comes filled with symbolism that anyone who cherished the artist will instantly recognize.

The commemorative timepiece is limited to just 2017 numbered units (for the automatic movement variant), to mark the year that Hallyday passed. The Johnny Hallyday watch is available in automatic and quartz (battery-operated) versions, in silver, black, and gold, with a choice of straps (leather or steel). The watch itself is a melange of rock and elegance, with an etched body depicting a feather pattern, a reference to the eagle tattoo on Hallyday’s own arm, marking his love for America. The watch body comes with yet another hidden gem in the form of a capsule embedded on the opposite side of the watch crown. Within the capsule lies a piece of Hallyday’s leather jacket, permanently preserved for die-hard fans.

Johnny Hallyday was and remains the most emblematic and appreciated French singer. The guilloche pattern in the centre of the dial is reminiscent of the mesh of a microphone.

That eagle tattooed on his shoulder was an expression of a great love for America.

There is a capsule on the side of the case (at 9 o’clock). This contains a piece of the leather jacket he wore when he received the gold record. This hidden treasure gives an unequivocal emotional dimension.

Inspired by a Harley Davidson rim, in reference to his passion.

Johnny’s signature will be printed to the back of the watch. Around it, the personalized inscription of your choice can be engraved.

Turn your attention to the watch’s face and you instantly notice a texture that feels familiar. The circular face and that woven metal texture are a hat-tip to the microphone mesh seen on most stage microphones, Hallyday’s ‘weapon of choice’. A “Jamais Seul” plaque sits at the 12 o’clock position, and the second hand comes in an electric blue regardless of the model variant, as a callback to the rockstar’s piercing blue eyes. The watch’s bezel marks the cities in which Hallyday did his final USA tour in 2016, along with an etched pattern designed to look like vinyl indentations, celebrating the more than 100 million vinyl records he sold. Flip the watch over and you get its final flair, a Johnny Hallyday official signature on the watch’s back (the Automatic variant comes with an exhibition back).

The watch comes with an official license from Hallyday’s estate, along with a certificate of authenticity for the leather jacket fragment embedded in the watch’s side, as well as for the watch itself. Ardent Hallyday fans can grab their tribute timepiece starting at €449 for the Quartz version and €1499 for the Automatic variant. You even get to choose between a Col&MacArthur box or an upgraded Johnny Hallyday collector-edition box.

Click Here to Buy Now: $348.84 $387.60 (Sitewide 10% off with coupon code “Yanko Design”). Hurry, deal ends in 24 hours!

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Keep on reading while sipping your tea with this unique book-shaped bookmark

Bookmarks are great for those times you need to put a book aside for a while to do other things. There are even quite a few designs available for these, from simple cards to decorative fixtures or even multi-functional night lamps. But when you want to keep your book open just to reach for a drink or a snack, however, bookmarks can’t do squat. Especially if you actually want to keep on reading the open book. Fortunately, the solution doesn’t require sophisticated designs or complicated mechanics. All you need is some outside-the-box thinking and put a book on a book, just like this rather unconventional acrylic bookmark that, oddly enough, also looks like a book.

Designer: TENT

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There are admittedly a few bookmarks made from clear acrylic, but those run in the more common design of rectangular pieces meant to be inserted in between pages. There are some that are pretty much paperweights to hold a page down, but their design doesn’t really make that convenient or elegant. You might as well just put weights on every corner of the book to keep it open.

The moment you take a look at Book on Book, you know it’s not your average bookmark. It looks like more than just a regular book but an open book at that, a true page-turner if there ever was one. Sure, it won’t lay nicely flat on a desk if you place it there unused, but that’s definitely not what it was designed for anyway. This bookish bookmark is supposed to sit on your book and keep it open so that you can have your tea (or preferred drink) and keep on reading calmly.

The acrylic bookmark’s unique shape ensures that the book not only stays open but also in its natural curved form. It has enough weight at 220g to make that happen, but it doesn’t force the book to lie flat and damage its binding in the process. It’s the perfect way to keep the book open while you use both your hands for other things, like snacking, sewing, or cooking.

Of course, the “bookception’s” transparent body makes it possible to read the text underneath. Its size is perfect for covering a pocketbook from end to end, but it can be used for larger books as well. If it can cover the entire page, it can also protect the page from, say, oil smudges or crumbs. Now you have the perfect way to keep that cookbook open while you toil in the kitchen over a recipe.

There’s no denying that this open bookmark, despite its simple shape, is also a thing of beauty, like a mystical crystal tome that almost deserves to be enthroned on a shelf like any other book. You can definitely do that, but that would deny it its true purpose, a purpose that encourages you never to stop reading, even when your hands are busy with something else.

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These delicious candy-like chairs are shockingly made from real balloons

Chairs, stools, and couches come in all shapes and sizes, but they are bound by a single hard requirement. They must be stable enough and sturdy enough so that people can sit on them with confidence that they won’t fall on their butts when they least expect it. Some seats put that requirement at the heart of their visual design, exuding that stability and durability simply by the way they look. Others, on the other hand, try to trick the mind by presenting what is almost like an optical illusion, making a sofa float in mid-air without making you crash to the ground. This striking collection of chairs and seats straddle the fine line between these two, offering furniture that seems to be structurally sound yet fragile enough to pop and burst at the slightest touch.

Designer: Seungjin Yang

There is something about balloons that bring out the inner child in us. Even grownups still find something fascinating about balloons twisted into different shapes and creatures. A balloon dog made of metal steel even became a famed designer Jeff Koons’ iconic signature. Balloons’ often shiny colors convey a sense of playfulness, while their round forms that encapsulate air almost give them an ephemeral character, two qualities you might not exactly associate with something that needs to be stable and sturdy, like chairs.

That, however, is exactly what the Blowing collection brings to the table, or rather to the floor. Made from different balloon sizes shaped into rods, circles, and spirals, the chairs immediately capture one’s attention because of their unusual shapes. Whether opaque or translucent, the bright colors and shiny surfaces will probably make one think of candies, which should probably be a cautionary note for parents with toddlers and babes.

Despite how whimsical they look, the chairs are all serious business when it comes to being chairs. Each balloon is blown up and shaped before being bathed in epoxy several times over. The multiple layers of resin are necessary to make them solid enough to support people of different weights. Once that treatment is done, the parts are assembled into a single eye-catching piece, turning several balloons into stools, chairs, or even couches for people of different ages.

The design allows for a variety of color combinations, whether going for a single chromatic theme or letting loose on the paintbrush. Admittedly, the fanciful visage of these chairs might not fit some interiors, but if you’re looking for something that will instantly spark interest and conversation, you can do no wrong with a chair that both looks charming and yet also a little worrying at the same time.

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These eight conceptual chairs represent Hong Kong’s urban landscape and density

Italian designer Andrea Ponti created a collection of furniture designs called ‘Shadows in the Windows. Comprising of eight colorful and clean variations, the collection captures and represents Hong Kong’s urban landscape through two symbolic elements – a window, and a seat. The intriguing collection was displayed at Superstudio Più during Milan Design Week 2017.

Designer: Andrea Ponti

Shadows in the Windows is meant to provide a sneak peek into the hustle bustle and powerful personality of Hong Kong. Each piece in the collection features a square-shaped window frame, as well as the structure of a chair. Ponti says that the window is the architectural element that best represents urban density – the exteriors of buildings are always enmassed by windows, and they create an opening into the interiors.

At first, the windows seem to be functional and practical, posing as sturdy grids and columns. Still, as you look closer, you realize they provide a glimpse into the lives of the people behind them, which is represented by the seat or chair element of the variations. The seat projects its shadow and contour over the window, portraying the story of the people living in the buildings. Clean lines, steel structures, and ABS seats define all eight variations.

Despite the familiarities all the variations share, they’re also quite unique, and each piece has its own different pattern, shape, and orientation. The pieces represent an interesting connection between the individual, product, and urban landscape while functioning as a metaphor for urban density.

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Top 10 furniture designs for your modern contemporary home

What truly makes or breaks a home at the end of the day is the furniture that’s placed in it. The right kind of furniture design can create the essence and soul of a home. And I do feel it’s essential that the soul of our home is a reflection of our own soul. Hence picking furniture pieces that bring out the best in our homes, while authentically representing our personality is a must. You need to pick designs that are fun, sophisticated, and functional. They add an extra spark to your home, without compromising on utility in the least. From a table built from Tasmanian wood sourced from the bottom of a lake to a gorgeous dune-inspired table – these intriguing furniture designs are what your modern home needs!

1. The Intersection Table

Architecture studio Snøhetta designed a beautiful table crafted from wood sourced from the bottom of a lake called Pieman Lake in Tasmania, Australia. Called the Intersection table, the minimalist table is constructed using Tasmanian oak sourced by Hydrowood – “one of the world’s first underwater forestry companies”.

Why is it noteworthy?

As part of Snøhetta’s ongoing exploration of defining valuable use of new and forgotten material technologies, the worktable is the first exploration into wood aged at the depth of a lake for decades. The table was created by Snøhetta’s Adelaide and Oslo offices and was in fact handmade via traditional woodworking techniques. The tabletop features an impressive torsion box construction, which mimics the wings of an airplane.

What we like

  • This torsion box construction supports large cantilevers which provide rigidity and structure
  • The Intersection Table boasts a form that is meant to represent “the endless Australian coast”

What we dislike

  • A bulky design that occupies a lot of space

2. The Linoleum Collection

A graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven, Lina Chi decided to revamp the usage of linoleum – by creating a collection of curvy and quirky furniture designs built from single sheets of linoleum. Quite aptly named ‘Linoleum’, Chi hopes to reinvent the material and provide it with a new identity.

Why is it noteworthy?

The Linoleum collection consists of a bench, two stools, and a low table. Linoleum is a material that has been existing for ages. It is primarily used as flooring, although it can be used as furniture.  It is a material that is quite common in spaces – such as schools, kitchens, and hospitals but is often mistaken to be plastic since they both have a similar appearance. Chi wanted to rebrand linoleum and present it in a new light.

What we like

  • Sculptural + visually pleasing
  • Reimagination of a familiar material

What we dislike

  • Not everyone may like furniture created from linoleum

3. The Follow Meeting Cone

Designed by office furniture brand Mara, the Follow Meeting Cone is an intriguing table with a conical base and an adjustable tabletop that can be controlled and operated using a mechanical component.

Why is it noteworthy?

The Follow Meeting Cone utilizes the brand’s pioneered height-adjusting mechanism that can support both sitting and standing working positions effortlessly! The table’s mechanical system allows the table to be raised or lowered, enabling you to position it at the angle you want to work in. The base and top are connected using a metal telescopic-element that is visible once the table has been raised.

What we like

  • The table’s interesting conical-shaped base serves as the star of the design and gives it a sculptural silhouette
  • The cone is designed to be used in commercial workplaces, as well as home offices or residential spaces

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

4. Wooden Arcade Cabinet

We’ve seen many of these “old school” designs surface in the past few years, thanks to successful “retro mini” revivals of popular consoles from a few decades ago. Of course, not all revivals have to stick to those same old designs, especially when there’s plenty of room to see these old giants in a new light. This arcade cabinet, for example, offers the same functionality as its predecessors but puts it inside a bare, minimalist wooden structure that looks stylish and perfect for a luxurious room.

Why is it noteworthy?

Unlike conventional arcade cabinets, this design can hardly be called a “cabinet” because of its shape. Instead of a large box, this arcade cabinet only has the outer “skin,” showing only the silhouette of the gaming contraption. In fact, it also has its sides left out so that you’ll only see the outline of its profile when seen from the sides. Unlike a typical cabinet as well, this interpretation has its back tapered a bit, streamlining the design and minimizing space.

What we like

  • It has plenty of curves that give it a softer personality
  • This arcade cabinet almost looks more like an art piece paying homage to the golden age of arcades

What we dislike

  • It’s still a concept!

5. The COUCH-19

Given the volume of single-use masks produced and discarded on a regular basis, that can easily cause an environmental problem. What makes the situation worse is that very few people are aware of this situation, let alone of the harmful potential of these masks. What better way to call their attention, then, than by putting this number into perspective in a rather shocking manner?

Why is it noteworthy?

That is what COUCH-19 does in a way that is both meaningful but also useful. Hundreds of used masks are collected and then sanitized using ozone before they’re entombed in a pouf made from recyclable crystal PVC. Each pouf is modular so that it can be combined with others to form a couch to one’s specifications. The poufs are shaped irregularly to give the semblance of the masks frozen in time.

What we like

  • The iceberg-like design is intended to be a reference to global warming
  • Conveys a grave but integral message

What we dislike

  • As a couch, the COUCH-19 looks both interesting but also a bit unsettling, which might not be widely liked

6. The Bookgroove

We’re seeing a lot of product concepts for tables, shelves, and sideboards that can house books so designers need to create something that will stand out. And one such design is Bookgroove. The Bookgroove is a bookrack and table in one that has a pretty unique shape.

Why is it noteworthy?

The table itself is circular at first glance but there’s an almost J-shaped carving on one side that can fit several books. It’s not the most usual way to store books as they have to follow the shape of the built-in shelf on the side table

What we like

  • You can place a cup of coffee or glass of wine on the top part
  • It’s a fun way to store your favorite books

What we dislike

  • The books that will be at the bottom of the curve may get damaged over time because of their positioning
  • It’s also probably difficult to get some of the books when you want to read them

7. The Dune

There is something about loose sand that gives people a peaceful feeling, whether it’s sand on the beach or sand in zen gardens. There is one other location where such sand exists, but not everyone will want to travel to the desert just to enjoy such a view. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to recreate that imagery at home, and this center table concept design is arguably one of the most gorgeous.

Why is it noteworthy?

The Dune table’s name makes clear its inspiration, which might not be immediately apparent simply from its form. Unlike a gently sloping dune, the table’s base rises and falls in an almost random pattern. This creates forms, edges, and corners that wouldn’t be normally possible with natural dunes. Along with its blue hue, however, it gives the table an almost mystical and otherworldly character that only adds to its soothing visual.

What we like

  • The tabletop also follows this amorphous design, forming an irregular shape rather than a typical circle or ellipse. It gives a perfect view of the man-made dune underneath, serving both functional and aesthetic duties

What we dislike

  • It’s still a concept!

8. The Goyo Chair

The “Goyo” chair is an avant-garde-looking piece of furniture that gives you a space for tranquility in the middle of a busy and stressful day.

Why is it noteworthy?

It’s actually inspired by the traditional singing bowls we see Tibetan monks use for their meditation practices and special rituals. It does look like a bowl with its rounded steel shape that will enclose you and give you the calming and healing qualities associated with the bowls.

What we like

  • The round seat is meant to engulf you and keep away all the distractions that may be bringing you stress and pain.
  • The backrest and the seat are also angled and contoured to make it more comfortable for you to sit there and meditate and experience the healing qualities it may bring to you

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

9. The Diag Desk

This beautiful, minimal, and modern desk is called the Diag Desk. It’s built to optimize storage space while integrating storage elements such as removable leather compartments. As simple and minimal as the desk is, it doesn’t lack in functionality or practicality in any form.

Why is it noteworthy?

Considering its minimalist build, more space can be devoted to the desk’s tabletop, where most of the desk’s purpose is reserved. The Diag Desk from Polish designer Marek Błażucki is one kind of minimalist design that integrates storage systems into its build, ensuring that users have ample desk space while still keeping their necessary stationery within arm’s reach.

What we like

  • Integrates ample storage systems into its build
  • Ensures stationery doesn’t fall off

What we dislike

  • There are a lot of visually similar desks on the market

10. Sharing Joy

Rather aptly titled ‘Sharing Joy’, this award-winning chair comes with a side table for humans to place their books and cups of tea/coffee on, and a crawl space for cats to casually lounge in (complete with a suspended toy for them to play with).

Why is it noteworthy?

What I personally love about Sharing Joy is that it subscribes to a broader vision of what lounging is and who can ‘lounge’. Designed for humans and cats to cozy up in, the chair comes with a hollow, oblong backrest that’s perfectly sized for an adult cat (or a tiny dog) to crawl into and laze around in. Moreover, the idea of having the human and pet lounging together against each other sounds like absolute perfection. 10/10 will give you the happiness hormones.

What we like

  • The chair sports a minimalist aesthetic that fits in most contemporary homes

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

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