Google Assistant will place your Dunkin’ orders, finally

Google just added a handful of voice control features to Google Assistant. You can now manage notes and lists in select third-party apps, ask Assistant to search your photos, search for podcasts by topic and set reminders for the whole family. You ca...

Once Upon a Midnight Dreary Came this Edgar Allen Poe Notecard Set

I’ve often thought that in his day Edgar Allan Poe must have been whatever his generation called a goth. He had very dark ideas, and probably creeped out generations of old-timey people with thoughts of pits and sealing people into walls and whatnot. If you need a gift to give your literature teacher to get on their good side, this Edgar Allan Poe Deluxe Notecard set might do the trick for you.

The set includes a 192-page ruled pocket journal with “Edgar Allen Poe” embossed on it; also included are 20 envelopes and 20 sticker seals. The box that holds it all looks like a vintage book.

It’s a bit costly to give as a teacher’s gift at $24.99, but the value of the Christmas gift for a teacher generally depends on how badly you are doing in the class in my experience.  It might also be perfect for the melancholy modern goth on your Christmas list. You can order up the set now at ThinkGeek.

Google Assistant may soon have a web app for lists and notes

Google Assistant might soon have its own list- and note-taking functions instead of leaning on third-party apps. The 9to5Google team has sifted through the Google search app's code to discover an unannounced "Lists and Notes" web app for Assistant t...

Ideas come and go. The Post-It Extreme goes nowhere!


There’s always one guy in the office who has no regard for refrigerator or microwave ethics. You need to make sure you write your name on your food or it disappears… or you’re left with a funky microwave because someone heated leftover seafood in it. Next time, you can just leave a post-it note around and know that rules will be followed. Post-It Extreme was made for this express purpose. Meant more for leaving notes that stick longer than for your impromptu brainstorming sessions, the Extreme 3″ x 3″ sticky notes are water resistant and durable. Sporting the same repositionable glue like its predecessor, the Extreme notes won’t crumple or peel off due to moisture, making them perfect for use not only on the outside but even inside the fridge, or in the shower to remind bae to clean up the residual hair after a bath. Avoid confrontation… leave a friendly, durable reminder!

Designer: The 3M Company.

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Moleskine planner syncs your handwritten schedule with the cloud

As helpful as online calendars can be, it's hard to give up the satisfying feel of jotting down appointments in an old-school planner. Wouldn't it be nice if you could use a pen and paper while still having all the benefits of the internet era? Mol...