Top 10 MUJI-Worthy Writing Supplies You Need In Your Arsenal Of Stationery

What really makes a desk stand out to me is the collection of stationery items placed on top of it (and also the manner in which they are placed). The true value and efficiency of your desk lie in the smart assortment of designs you adorn it with – these are after all the objects that are gonna help you get through your workday, and directly or indirectly affect your productivity. And if you’re someone who works better with taking notes and jotting down your plans and ideas, then this collection of writing supplies and designs is for you! From a Japanese memo pad to a levitating pen – these accessories are a must-have for your desk.

1. Everlasting All-Metal Pencil

The Everlasting All-Metal Pencil is the ideal writing supply that you definitely need to get your hands on. You can give up the eternal cycle of pencil sharpening and struggling with weak mechanical leads, and instead adopt this innovative pencil, which allows the effortless and smooth facilitation of your creative ideas. It is a one-of-a-kind writing tool that can keep up with your fast-paced thoughts!

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Why is it noteworthy?

The pencil is made with a special alloy core, and it is placed inside a sleek aluminum body. The pencil offers a writing experience that is exceptionally smooth and provides a consistent and sturdy performance, without having to deal with the constant dilemma of sharpening.

What we like

  • You can easily erase whatever you’ve written or sketched using the regular eraser
  • Guarantees a smooth and effortless writing experience

What we dislike

  • There is no replacement tip for the pencil

2. Levitating Pen 3.0

Called the Levitating Pen, this grand writing accessory is basically a sleek black pen with a Schmidt ballpoint cartridge which makes the pen easy and sturdy to hold. The pen is designed to offer you an excellent hassle-free writing experience, and making it a seamless and smooth experience.

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Why is it noteworthy?

The Levitating Pen has a magnetic cap that you can click to your satisfaction. You can also place the pen in its holder, which is magnetized, and keeps your pen floating in that particular position! Give the pen a simple twist, and it starts spinning around for 20 seconds, allowing you to play with the pen and have fun.

What we like

  • Easy to write with, and to hold
  • You can spin the pen intervals to bust your stress and relax

What we dislike

  • The smooth edges of the pen may cause it to roll off the table when kept on a curved surface

3. MagBoard Clipboard

Meet the MagBoard Clipboard – this simple, efficient, and clever solution allows you to attach any paper – whether dotted, grid, or blank in 2 sizes, giving you access to writing material with ease. It provides a fresh paper smell whenever you attach new stationery. You just need to lift the magnetic panel and keep your pen inside to prepare for whenever the next big idea strikes!

Click Here to Buy Now: $45

Why is it noteworthy?

The MagBoard Clipboard is quite easy to organize and use. It features the Magnet x Lever mechanism which firmly holds your paper through the day, allowing you to shuffle your notes with ease wherever you go.

What we like

  • Features a magnetic design, which lets you attach the clipboard to metal surfaces
  • Doesnt feature a ring, so you don’t need to tear the paper away

What we dislike

  • Can only hold 30 sheets at a time, which can be limiting

4. Zen Pen

This unique Japanese-made pen utilizes visuals and texture to function as a wiring instrument that helps you be mindful of the present, even if it is only for a second. The pen is inspired by the composition of a Zen garden, sand, stone and more. The Zen Pen recreates the stillness of a zen garden on a smaller scale.

Why is it noteworthy?

It imitates the key elements of a Zen garden in such a manner that you can see and feel them in the palm of your hand. The 3D-printed grooves that snake around the barrel and cap remind you of the thin lines and circles that are drawn on a typical rock garden.

What we like

  • Result of the handiwork of skilled Japanese craftsmen utilizing modern technologies

What we dislike

5. Japanese Drawing Pad

If you’re someone who loves using Japanese paper, then you need to get your hands on the Japanese Drawing Pad. The Japanese Drawing Pad features high-quality Japanese paper which often much loved by artists, designers, and stationery lovers. It makes the writing experience so special and effortless!

Click Here to Buy Now: $26

Why is it noteworthy?

The pad is of excellent quality, and it lets you pen down your thoughts and ideas without the stress of accidentally damaging or tearing the durable paper fibers. It lets you remove all distractions, letting your thoughts roam freely, allowing them to grow and evolve.

What we like

  • It is microperforated which allows easy tearing
  • The pad is available in various sizes and colors

What we dislike

  • When you first look at the pad, it seems like an ordinary pad with no USP

6. Serenity Pen Stand

Dubbed the Serenity Pen Stand, this Japanese minimalist pen has a metallic hint and will store your pen upright, keeping it ready for you to use. The pan stand keeps your precious pen in place, providing easy access to it. Since pens can be easy to lose, this clever design ensures it is always in your sight.

Click Here to Buy Now: $39

Why is it noteworthy?

The sleek little pen stand ensures constant access to your pen, ensuring you never lose it. The pen is made from aluminum and copper, and it serves as a well-balanced cylinder. It adds some personality and Japanese design ethos to your mundane workdesk.

What we like

  • You can easily set it up, use it, and carry it
  • Has a heavy copper bottom which ensures a stable form

What we dislike

  • The pen stand is quite small, and it can be easily lost

7. Japanese Paper Memo Block

Named the Japanese paper Memo Block, this little notepad will perfectly capture your itinerant and exciting thoughts, ensuring you never miss out on any of them. We live in fear of these thoughts escaping us, hence we need to note them down in the nick of time.

Click Here to Buy Now: $20.00

Why is it noteworthy?

The Japanese paper Memo Block allows you to focus on the important tasks at hand, letting you note down your innermost thoughts before you lose track of them and get distracted. The memo block is quite small, and you can place it anywhere on your desk in any position.

What we like

  • Has a pure black/white surface which pulls new thoughts onto the paper from your mind
  • Made using high-quality Japanese paper

What we dislike

  • Looks like an ordinary memo pad with no real specialty

8. Bloomstick

Called the Bloomstick, this conceptual pen lets you note down your dreams since it is as important to write them down, as it is to make them come true. The pen lets your dreams “bloom like flowers” when you write them on paper using it. The tagline of the pen is “Click to bloom your dream”.

Why is it noteworthy?

The pen features a silicone-covered button which when you press, it opens up into a flower-like shape, allowing you to use it as a blooming instrument. The pen is available in a variety of different colors such as green, blue, and pink. When closed, it looks like a typical pen, but you can still use it.

What we like

  • Gives a whimsical and fun twist to your everyday pen

What we dislike

  • Seem to only have an aesthetic USP, no functional USP

9. Gravity Pen

Named the Gravity Pen, this sleek and all-black pen positions the center of gravity close to your fingers, ensuring a smooth and seamless writing experience. The pen is relatively easy to hold, and you can make quick agile strokes with it. It features a larger grip than the barrel, so you can hold it comfortably.

Click Here to Buy Now: $45

Why is it noteworthy?

Since the grip has a rather faceted form, the pen is easy to hold. It has an ergonomic design owing to the utilization of physics and minimalist design principles. It is the kind of no-fuss and no-frills writing instrument you need!

What we like

  • It is quite easy to hold and has an ergonomic form
  • Lightweight body making it easy to carry everywhere with you

What we dislike

  • Not a lot of color options to pick from, and limited choice of product

10. Eco-Friendly Pencil Sharpener

A winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award, this Eco-Friendly Pencil Sharpener is a truly innovative and unique stationery design that increases the lifespan of tiny pencil stubs by elongating them! This ensures that your pencils last longer, and you don’t need to constantly keep replacing your pencils.

Why is it noteworthy?

You simply need to thread one end of the tiny pencil, and tap a larger pencil, so you can easily screw one pencil into another. This forms a bigger and longer pencil, which lasts longer, but also reduces wastage!

What we like

  • This unique design reduces the waste of pencil stubs, and the constant purchase of new pencils

What we dislike

  • It’s a concept, so we are unsure how well-functioning and practical this product will turn out to be

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This Smart Rolling Ruler needs to be a part of every Designer, Architect, and Engineer’s tool kit

We’ve got AI practically inserting itself in every aspect of our lives and we’re still using old-fashioned measuring tapes and metal/plastic/wooden rulers to measure distances? That, I can’t tolerate.

Meet the NeoRulerGO, a tinier version of Hozo Design’s NeoRuler smart measuring device from last year. Having practically pioneered the concept of a rolling ruler powered by a smart chipset, Hozo Design’s earlier devices could measure curved surfaces, linear distances, random undulating lines, and even scale up or down measurements, converting units on the go. The only problem, if there ever was one, was that the gadgets weren’t really as small as a bundle of measuring tape. The NeoRulerGO, on the other hand, is roughly the size of a car’s keyfob, but can measure everything from millimeters to miles with stunning accuracy. Just roll the NeoRulerGO from point A to B, and distances get captured on its tiny display. You can then convert them, scale them, or send them to the MEAZOR app, which then lets you turn measurements into technical drawings in seconds.

Designer: Tiancheng Liang

Click Here to Buy Now: $49 $69 (30% off). Hurry, only a few left! Raised over $91,000.

The NeoRulerGO is pocket-friendly in more ways than one. It costs a mere $49, weighs an ounce and a half, and is small enough to fit around a keychain, or even be attached to your belt loop to carry around. The compact size, however, doesn’t take away from how handy it is when it comes to measuring surfaces. Hold it the way you’d hold a keyfob, and roll it along straight or curved lines, or even between two corners. A laser guide helps you stay in line with 1mm accuracy, a screen helps you see how far you’ve come, and an app captures all your measurements for you to refer back to later.




The rolling ruler design makes the NeoRulerGO perfect for a whole variety of measurements. You can use it like a scale, measuring linear distances, or like a tape, measuring curved profiles. The roller allows you to keep going without running out of tape or exhausting the length of your scale, which means you could practically go on for yards and meters in one single movement. Meanwhile, a laser guide lets you know your start and end points, so you can measure even in tight spaces, from one corner to another, or even across complicated surfaces without losing your way or going off course. The laser line also improves your accuracy, allowing you to roll in a straight linear movement for perfect measuring. 93 built-in scales let you measure in both metric and imperial units, gathering distances and even calculating areas. Measuring a blueprint for a house? The NeoRulerGO can scale up your measurements, turning inches into feet, or giving you the ability to determine a scale of your choosing.

What makes the NeoRulerGO even more of a must-have for creatives is the fact that it comes with a snap-on stationery case. Given its compact form factor, the folks at Hozo Design decided to turn the device modular, allowing it to easily snap onto the NeoPencil Case. The long-ish case holds a NeoPencil Mini, but also serves as an ergonomic handle for the ruler, allowing you to roll/measure while holding comfortably. In between measurements, open the case and you’ll find a compact NeoPencil Mini inside. The pencil sports a classy aluminum alloy body, with an attachable graphite tip that can be replaced when dull or used up. The case’s lid holds 4 extra replaceable graphite tips, allowing you to sketch, edit, measure, and mark-up all in one device.

The NeoRulerGO is a tiny device that’s a mere 12mm (0.5 inches) thick and weighs just 45 grams or 1.5 ounces. A built-in battery gives it 90 days worth of use on a full charge, and for what it’s worth, the entire device is IP54 water and dust-resistant. The NeoRulerGO starts at a discounted $49, and for $109 you can upgrade to the premium bundle which includes the NeoPencil Case, a NeoPencil Mini, as well as other Hozo Design products like the NeoPencil Classic, and NeoStands with both color and black graphite nibs for the pencil.

Click Here to Buy Now: $49 $69 (30% off). Hurry, only a few left! Raised over $91,000.

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Zen garden pen brings a visual and tactile way to inspire mindfulness

Pens, regardless of design, are almost always associated with productivity and creativity, in other words, activity. While you can use the writing instrument to clear your head and achieve a state of calm, that’s only after you’ve actively used it. Rarely does a pen by its mere appearance actually take you to that state, but that is exactly what this unique-looking pen tries to accomplish. Using not only visuals but also texture, this Japanese-made pen aims to help you become mindful of the present, even if only for a moment, taking inspiration from the easily distinguishable composition of a Zen garden, sand and stone and all.

Designer: Jacopo Drago (Zenical)

It’s almost miraculous how a dry landscape and a meticulous arrangement of stone in gravel or sand can nudge the mind into a meditative state. That, however, is the magic and science that Zen Buddhist monks have discovered and developed over centuries, combining contrasting elements, minimalist arrangements, and natural elements to design a space meant to inspire calm and maybe clear a few cobwebs inside the brain. The stillness of the rock standing amid the thin lines of movement drawn on gravel around it, the smoothness of the pebbles contrasting with the coarseness of the sand, and the presence of living trees or shrubs standing defiant on lifeless ground, all these elements work in harmony to take the mind for a peaceful journey.

These rock gardens have become so popular that a few people have miniature Zen gardens on shelves or even their desks, but they can neither take these with them wherever they go nor always have them available when they need to. The Zen Pen tries to bring that same experience to an even smaller scale by recreating the key elements of a Zen garden in a way that you can see and feel in your hand. A part of that is clearly seen in the 3D-printed grooves that snake around the barrel and the cap, easily reminiscent of the thin lines and circles drawn on a rock garden.

It doesn’t stop there, however. The clip, which is often regarded as a utilitarian element, also contributes to the composition. Its smooth, oval shape is like one of those rocks or pebbles lying on the gravel, and you can see the typical circles radiating from its position. That position is actually off-center, doubling down on the contrasting themes of balance and asymmetry associated with Zen gardens.

The Zen Pen isn’t just a visual treat but also a tactile one, thanks to the handiwork of skilled Japanese craftsmen utilizing modern technologies like 3D printing and milling. While the grip near the nib is smooth and plain in order to be comfortable to hold, the rest of the barrel and the cap feature this textured surface that delights the fingertips. And as many variations of fidget toys have proven, mindlessly stimulating those fingers, even just by gliding over those grooves, can also help stimulate the mind.

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Odd pen holder has a unique way to showcase your favorite writing tool

The key design elements for a pen holder or pen pot are pretty simple. It just needs to be tall enough to support writing instruments of different heights without them tipping over and would have enough room for at least a handful of pens, pencils, markers, and the like. Beyond that, the designer is free to interpret the shape of the container, and some even have dividers to segregate the different tools. But while pen holders are a convenient way to keep your pens together, they don’t really make it easy to pick out your favorite one from among the bundle. Some people would use a separate stand just for that single pen, which takes up unnecessary space on your desk. This concept design has a rather curious answer to the problem, one that pretty much leaves a conspicuous hole in the middle of the pill-shaped pot.

Designer: Liam de la Bedoyere

Usually, having a hole in the middle of a container is considered to be a defect, one that not only weakens the structure of the shape but also mars its visual integrity. After, something that cuts through an otherwise clean and whole form is sure to bother one’s aesthetic sense. In this case, however, that hole is not only intentional but also functional, setting the Void Pen Pot apart from your run-of-the-mill pen holders.

The hole that runs through the body of the pill-shaped container actually provides a convenient resting place for your most-used pen or pencil. Instead of wasting time and effort looking for that pen among half a dozen similar-looking rods, you can simply pull it out from its hole and start using it immediately. And when you’re done, you can just shove it back in to wait for the next time you need it.

Since that hole practically bisects the container, it also acts as a built-in divider that lets you group your pens into two. That said, this also means you’re not able to maximize the entire space of the container for your pens, specifically the area above and below the “tunnel” made by this hole.

The concept comes in two flavors, four if you consider the pen holder can be pill-shaped or a conventional can. One design employs a polished chrome body, while the other tries to adopt Japanese minimalist brand MUJI’s signature frosted polypropylene, both with cork bottoms. While the function of having an odd yet special place for your favorite pen is definitely useful, it still raises the question of whether such a quirky design will be appealing or off-putting instead, with a pen sticking out from an otherwise blemish-free surface.

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This Stationery Set Of The Future Unlocks Unique Opportunities For Designers And Artists

The advancement of a society is determined by the tools it uses. That’s why we labeled epochs by materials, like the stone age, bronze age, iron age and the industrial age. With how much design and art has evolved over the past few decades, it really doesn’t make much sense using stationery tools from centuries ago. Gone are the days of relying on protractors and set-squares, the folks at Ddiin have designed something new, the Exlicon L is an all-encompassing toolkit that combines clever detailing with new-age requirements. With 3 tools that achieve a variety of unique tasks, the Exlicon L lets you master distances, circles, arcs, parabolic curves, triangles, and the golden ratio – one of nature and visual design’s most prominent templates.

Designer: Ddiin Concept Ltd./ Sofia Lee Pik Shan

Click Here to Buy Now: $26 $36 (27% off). Hurry, only 9/100 left! Raised over $47,000.

Sofia Lee, the visionary behind Ddiin, founded the company in 2019, winning over 30 design awards (like the iF Design Award and IDEA Award) for their unique spin on stationery and their commitment to enhancing the functional aesthetics of design tools. The Exlicon L is perhaps their most extensive toolkit yet, designed to allow web designers, graphic designers, architects, artists, industrial designers, fashion designers, and more to effortlessly create shapes and lines that adhere to the golden ratio—a universally admired aesthetic standard that imbues works with a natural sense of harmony and balance.

The golden ratio is a mathematical concept that describes a perfectly balanced and visually pleasing proportion found in nature and design. It is approximately 1.618, and can be expressed mathematically as follows: φ = (1 + √5) / 2

We are inspired by the golden ratio in nature and architecture.

The toolkit is cleverly engineered to be compact yet comprehensive, accommodating a wide array of design needs. It includes tools like the TG, Triangle, and Circle, each crafted to facilitate the creation of precise geometric shapes, golden spirals, and thick lines, all within the palm of your hand. The precision of these tools addresses a common challenge in freehand drawing—achieving accurate proportions without traditional measuring devices, which can often disrupt the creative flow.

The design of the Circle Tool has a broad spectrum of radius sizes enabling a total of 112 circles to be drawn.

One of the set’s key components, the Circle Tool, addresses a longstanding challenge for artists seeking to master circles and arcs. The tool lets you easily draw as many as 112 circles of different diameters, using pencils, pens, and even thick markers. Three measuring scales built into this tool let you capture distances including metric and imperial linear distances for radii and diameters, or even measure circumferences with a length of up to 18 centimeters. Unlike any existing circle-master, this tool gives you mastery over radial lines too, as well as allows you to quickly make mandalas and other geometric patterns.

Extending the Circle Tool’s functionality is the Golden Ratio Tool Set, comprising the TG Tool and Triangle Tool – each brimming with functionalities designed to streamline the creative process. Imagine incorporating golden spirals, precise angle measurements, and a ruler seamlessly into your workflow – all within a single, portable, and user-friendly toolset.

The TG Tool

Parabolic Curve

The TG Tool is quite unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Modeled on the shape of a golden spiral, the TG Tool gives you mastery over one of the oldest ratios based on the Fibonacci sequence found in nature. This sequence helps determine proportions and can be found in nature, architecture, art, and practically every phase of life. The golden ratio, roughly equal to 1.618, is a mathematical formula that embodies perfect balance and aesthetic appeal, frequently observed in nature and artistic masterpieces. Traditionally, achieving this ratio with freehand techniques has been a frustrating exercise, often requiring rulers, dividers, and a healthy dose of guesswork. The Exlicon L TG Tool eliminates this frustration. The ingenious tool comes with 3 spirals of 55.7, 51.7 & 47.4 mm radii, allowing you to draw spirals, plot details along the golden curve, make isosceles golden triangles, and even draw parabolic curves with sheer certainty.

The Triangle Tool

Finally, the Triangle Tool enables the creation of a series of golden triangles, which are essential for designs that require rigorous proportionality and aesthetic alignment with the golden ratio. It features various marking groups that guide the user in drawing triangles starting from different base lengths, such as 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100 mm. Each marking group is distinctly designed—solid, hollow, and semi-circular—to facilitate easy identification and use, making this tool incredibly user-friendly and efficient for both professional designers and hobbyists aiming for precision in their creative endeavors.

You can either buy the set of three tools together, or choose an individual tool that you’re most likely to use often. Each tool is crafted from high-quality stainless steel, making them robust, sleek, and resistant to damage or corrosion. The Exlicon L starts at $26 for an individual tool of your choice, or you can bag the entire set of $79, with free shipping anywhere in the world.

Click Here to Buy Now: $26 $36 (27% off). Hurry, only 9/100 left! Raised over $47,000.

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Ultra-minimalist clipboard made from a sheet of metal has a built-in light

You’ve probably had your share of seeing articles, YouTube videos, and Instagram posts about beautifully crafted notebooks and journals. Despite the prevalence of smartphones, computers, and digital devices, there is still a very strong culture around paper notebooks and the tools that support their use. That said, notebooks aren’t the only medium for this kind of creative activity, and loose-leaf paper has some benefits as well, at least as long as you have a way of keeping them together or writing on them on a flat surface. This extremely simple clipboard offers that kind of experience for artists, architects, and engineers, and it even adds a feature you’ve probably never seen on any clipboard before.

Designer: Studio SHFT

Clipboards have been around for decades, maybe even centuries, but very few people actually give them a second thought. You’d usually see them in offices, store rooms, or even on the field to hold a few sheets of paper together, mostly checklists or forms to be filled while standing up. Unfortunately, that underestimates the utility of this tool, and this all-metal clipboard demonstrates how you can take advantage of its features with a few ingenious design details.

The most striking thing about the FOLD B is that it’s made from a single sheet of stainless steel. Although most clipboards are often made with plastic, cardboard, or even cork, a steel one isn’t at all unheard of yet extremely rare. Even rarer is the fact that it’s really just one flat sheet of metal, without even a clip to keep paper in place.

That function is instead delegated to two small cylindrical magnets that are strong enough to hold the paper down, though probably only a single sheet as well. The idea is to use the clipboard not as an organizer for loose-leaf paper but as a drawing board or canvas. You place a sheet of paper, “pin” it down with those two magnets, and start drawing, drafting, or writing to your heart’s content. The clipboard’s elevated rear drives home the fact that it’s really made for this kind of use case.

While it doesn’t have a paper clip, The one thing that does protrude from the top of the clipboard is a small rechargeable lamp. This assists the user to keep on working even in darker spaces, though it’s still better to have a properly lit environment anyway. This lamp is connected to the clipboard with screws, so it’s completely possible to remove it if you feel that it hinders rather than helps. Curiously, this built-in lighting also opens the design to more uses, like a guest book or a menu holder for restaurants.

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This fountain pen makes creation flow on the writing surface, comes with turbo ink filling mechanism

Pens as a writing instrument have stood the test of time and they’ll be timeless accessories for eternity. Those who cherish the joy of writing down stuff with their fountain or rollerball pen always appreciate the idea of investing in a quality option. The unique writing experience these writing instruments offer is unmatchable, making them a must-have everyday carry.

If you also love keeping a fountain pen handy, the Submarine Collection by TaG will interest you. The submarine-shaped fountain pen edition is developed in collaboration with Hou Xin-Yong, a highly experienced calligrapher with over 2 decades of expertise, and Lee Tai-Ying, the founder of a fountain pen club in Taiwan.

Click Here to Buy Now: $100 $145 ($45 off) Hurry! Only 10 Days Left. Raised over $130,000

The heart of the solid brass fountain pen is its ink-filling mechanism which is second to none. Simply dip the pen’s tailormade black PVD stainless steel nib from Schmidt (you can also choose the gold-plated nib version) into the ink bottle and turn the knob at the top, it’s as easy as that. The weight balance of the writing instrument makes it a treat to use for long writing sessions and ensures natural movement of the hand across the paper. This is attributed to the anti-slip tapered fiber grooves around the pen for a secure grip and tactile dimension to the whole writing experience.

To make sure, there is no ink leakage like other conventional friction-free converter structures, the pen has an internal treaded structure between the converter and the pen’s outer shell. At the top of the writing instrument, the turbine-inspired cap element complements the streamlined design aesthetics of the pen. According to TaG, the fountain pen is crafted with precision as every detail right from “the choice of premium materials to the aesthetic appeal, has been thoroughly considered for a creation that is functionally and visually pleasing at the same time.”

If you are more oriented toward the rollerball pen option, the makers have a compelling option for you. The Submarine Rollerball Pen has the same sleek design and the signature turbo-filling mechanism. It comes with a Schmidt rollerball tip that moves on the writing surface like butter. Both these writing instruments are in a league of their own with massive crowdfunding already, surpassing the goal by a humongous margin. If you already fancy the idea of buying one you can pledge the fountain pen for $109 and the ballpoint pen for $100.

Click Here to Buy Now: $100 $145 ($45 off) Hurry! Only 10 Days Left. Raised over $130,000

Click Here to Buy Now: $100 $145 ($45 off) Hurry! Only 10 Days Left. Raised over $130,000

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10 Best Japanese Desk Gear To Achieve Peak Desk Productivity

Irrespective if you’re working at home or in commercial life, both these scenarios involve a desk! A desk is probably one of the most important pieces of furniture in our modern lives, only because we spend the majority of our day on it. You may be typing away to glory, munching away on a snack, or simply fidgeting with a random object – you do end up spending hours on your desk. And hence, your desk must be neat, tidy, and uncluttered. Not only will this improve your work routine and productivity, but it will also help you maintain a clearer and more streamlined mindset. And, I’ve discovered that adding limited, quality, and innovative products to my desk setup can help me in achieving these goals! And if they’re Japanese products then rest assured they’re gonna be minimal, functional, and ergonomic. And we’ve curated a collection of smart and well-designed desk gear to help you achieve peak productivity. Happy working!

1. Levitating Pen 3.0

Dubbed the Levitating Pen, this sleek writing accessory features a Schmidt ballpoint cartridge, letting you hold it with ease, and write seamlessly and smoothly. The pen floats at a 60-degree angle when it is resting in its specially designed stand, which instantly reminds you of a spacecraft floating about in the galaxy!

Click Here to Buy Now: $129

Why is it noteworthy?

This good-looking pen can be placed in its magnetized holder, which keeps it floating in position. You simply need to give the pen a little twist, and it will spin for 20 seconds, letting you have a playful experience with it.

What we like

  • Easy and sturdy to hold and use
  • Spinning the pen can be a fun stress-busting activity for you

What we dislike

  • When placed on a curved surface the pen can easily roll off, so you need to keep it aside with care

2. Bookish Bookmark

Have you ever found yourself browsing through your favorite book on your desk, and you want to leave it open while you quickly grab a snack or a drink, but you can’t find anything to mark your place with?! Well, this is where the Bookish Bookmark comes in. It is a unique acrylic bookmark that also looks like a book!

Click Here to Buy Now: $65

Why is it noteworthy?

The second you look at the Bookish Bookmark, you know it is no ordinary bookmark. It is created to sit on your book, keeping it open for you as you sip some coffee, or chomp down on your favorite snacks. It lets you read while conducting other activities, but also ensures that the natural curved form of your book isn’t harmed.

What we like

  • Protects the natural curved form of your book, doesn’t damage its binding or ruin its shape
  • Lets you multitask while reading, you can sew or cook!

What we dislike

  • If you place the bookmark on your desk unused, it won’t lay completely flat

3. Serenity Pen Stand

Called the Serenity Pen Stand, this Japanese minimalist design exudes a metallic hint and is created to hold your pen upright, keeping it ready to use. This pen stand ensures that you never really lose your pen, since pens can be easy to misplace, it keeps your pen in sight always.

Click Here to Buy Now: $39

Why is it noteworthy?

This minimal and sleek pen stand offers constant easy access to your pen, and making sure that you never lose it. Made using aluminum and copper, it functions as a well-balanced cylinder, that is designed to add a pop of personality and Japanese design ethos to your desk.

What we like

  • Features a sleek minimal design that is easy to set up, use, and carry
  • Equipped with a heavy copper bottom, offering a stable form

What we dislike

  • Since the pen stand is quite minimal and compact, it can be easily misplaced
  • There aren’t many color options to choose from

4. World Clock

If you’re someone who always ends up procrastinating, and often loses track of time, then the World Clock is what you need on your desk. It isn’t your everyday desk clock, and it has a unique dodecagonal shape with a single hand and a minimalist face. The innovative clock presents 12 time zones!

Click Here to Buy Now: $49

Why is it noteworthy?

With a unique design and form, the World Clock not only offers the correct information about your country, but also extra details on the time in other parts of the world. At first glance, you can tell the hour, but with a closer look, you can figure out which quarter of the hour it is.

What we like

  • Has 12 sides with individual markings for a city that represents a certain timezone

What we dislike

  • It features only 12 set time zones, so you will be missing out on some time zones

5. Mecricco Catch

Called the Mecricco Catch, these elastic page-turning aids are designed by Plus, and let you turn your paper products with ease. The aids feature an outer rib, which lets you hold the paper firmly, while the inner rib doesn’t let your fingers slip while you’re flipping through pages.

Why is it noteworthy?

These page-turning aids have a concave curve at the bottom, which lets you move your fingers around as you flip through pages. It has holes that offer ventilation, giving your fingers some room to breathe.

What we like

  • An excellent option for those who have fancy nail jobs, and need to protect their fingers as they flip through pages

What we dislike

  • Not a necessary item, if you’ve gone completely digital

6. The Scissors w/ Base

Dubbed the Scissors w/ Base, these unique scissors are equipped with a magnetic base which makes the design a cutting-edge one. This innovative design allows you to completely reshape and jazz up your workspace organization, making sure your scissors aren’t lying around creating clutter.

Click Here to Buy Now: $49

Why is it noteworthy?

The scissors’ feature a magnet base which is a total game-changer, snagging a VIP spot on your desk. They are crafted from lustrous Japanese steel, and besides functioning as a pretty nifty tool, they also make a sleek and good-looking addition to your desk decor.

What we like

  • The magnetic base can be utilized as a dedicated spot for your scissors
  • Equipped with a built-in cutter, which is quite an innovative forward-thinking detail we appreciate

What we dislike

  • Cannot function as an alternative to the heavy-duty scissors you need for difficult tasks

7. Effortless Standing Letter Cutter

Dubbed the Effortless Standing Letter Cutter, this nifty tool is something you defo need on your work desk. This simple tool can totally elevate your daily productivity and ensure you have a clean and well-maintained desk. The letter cutter also doubles up as a paperweight!

Click Here to Buy Now: $49

Why is it noteworthy?

The Effortless Standing Letter Cutter completely transforms an ordinary and standard office tool. You can cut through paper efficiently and effectively, while also functioning as a paperweight. It is an excellent solution for boosting productivity!

What we like

  • The letter cutter cuts precisely leaving no mess behind
  • Doubles up as a paperweight as well, maintaining an organized desk

What we dislike

  • The letter cutter is not versatile enough to deal with intricate mail or bulkier packages

8. Everlasting All-Metal Pencil

Called the Everlasting All-Metal Pencil, this little pencil is an essential addition to your work desk. You can now bid farewell to the mundane cycle of pencil sharpening and dealing with annoying mechanical leads. You can harness creative ideas, and let them flow freely without any hindrance.

Click Here to Buy Now: $20

Why is it noteworthy?

This special pencil has been crafted with a special alloy core and has an aluminum body that doesn’t need to be sharpened. This pencil is a durable and practical writing instrument, and it leaves marks without causing any wear or tear to the core.

What we like

  • Can be easily erased with regular erases
  • Offers a seamless and smooth writing experience

What we dislike

  • Doesn’t offer the same grip and comfort as traditional wooden pencils

9. Japanese Drawing Pad

Japanese paper is known for its stunning and premium quality and is quite loved by designers and artists. If you want to add some beautiful Japanese paper to your workdesk, then you need to get your hands on the Japanese Drawing Pad!

Click Here to Buy Now: $26

Why is it noteworthy?

This premium-quality pad allows you to jot down your thoughts and ideas without the fear of damaging the durable paper fibers. The pad builds an engaging, smooth, and relaxing writing experience.

What we like

  • The paper is micro-perforated, which makes the paper to tear
  • The pad is available in various colors and sizes, so you can pick the one that suits your drawing needs

What we dislike

  • Aesthetically it looks like an ordinary pad, but the high quality is an experience, nothing something that can be seen

10. ASMR Zen Ball

This cute-looking ball is called the ASMR Zen Ball, and it merges natural and engineered elements to build a space-inspired design that offers a calming experience to its users. It has a meteorite-inspired porous surface which can serve as an excellent absorbent surface for your aroma oils as well.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99

Why is it noteworthy?

It is crafted from genuine volcanic stone and matte aluminum alloy. It also doubles up as a fidget toy, which offers an interactive experience, allowing users to connect with the natural energy of the earth.

What we like

  • Functions as a fidget toy as well, which offers sensory stimulation

What we dislike

  • If the ball is not attached to the base, it can get rolling due to accidental bumps

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This Transparent Stationery Kit Tells Stories Through Its Unconventional Design

The stationery from Royi looks nothing like the kind you’re used to – They make office supplies that have stories to tell. These stories teach us important lessons, like being honest and true to ourselves. Royi’s staplers and hard disks aren’t just regular—they’re see-through, showing us what’s inside. This makes us think about what’s really important. In this article, we’ll explore how Royi Stationery makes our daily tasks more meaningful. Join us as we discover the stories behind their creations and how they can change the way we see our workspace.

Designers: YoonJeong LeeHyobin Jeon, and yerin An

The tale of the naked king is a timeless fable that transcends generations. It speaks of a monarch consumed by vanity, whose obsession with outward appearances leads to his ultimate folly. This narrative, originating centuries ago, finds new life in Royi’s modern interpretation.

The story of the naked king serves as a poignant reminder of the risks of superficiality, urging individuals to look beyond the façade and introspect. Royi Stationery, through its thoughtful design choices, aims to evoke this reflection in everyday moments.

Imagine your everyday stapler but with a twist! A stapler that doesn’t hide what’s inside. It’s see-through, like a window into its inner workings. When you press it down, you can actually see the staple punching through the papers. It’s not just a regular stapler; it’s like a symbol of honesty and openness, reminding us of an old story about a king who learned the hard way about the importance of being true to oneself.

Now, think about your external hard disk. Normally, it’s just a box that holds your files. But what if you could see through it? You’d notice all the tiny parts inside, working hard to keep your data safe. That transparent casing isn’t just for show; it’s a reminder of how precious our information is and how much we rely on technology to protect it.

Even something as simple as a coin bank can tell a story. Imagine watching your coins pile up through a clear container. It’s like seeing your savings grow right before your eyes. Each coin becomes a tiny piece of freedom, echoing the dreams of a king who longed to break free from the constraints of his kingdom.

What makes Royi Stationery special is that they aren’t just products; they are stories. Each item is designed with a purpose, to remind us of important lessons and spark our imagination. In a world where looks often overshadow meaning, Royi Stationery stands out by putting the message front and center.

So, next time you reach for a stapler or plug in your hard disk, take a moment to think about the story behind it. A lot of times the story is lost behind the superficial aesthetic of products and the reason for their creation does not hold the value that it actually should. Objects can hold a lot of value if they come with a lesson just like this one. So that’s why this stationery set invites us to look beyond the surface and engage with our everyday objects in a meaningful way. It’s a gentle nudge to pause, reflect, and appreciate the wisdom hidden in the things we use every day.

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This Ergonomic Metal Ruler Is The Perfect Stationery EDC Hybrid

Who would have guessed something as simple as a ruler could get a dose of innovation for quality of life? Yes, that’s right as your trusted good old ruler can be way better than what you have lying in your drawer. Meet the 25° Ruler that’ll make all the rulers out there seem dated with its small changes that result in big benefits. Riding on the resounding success of the 30° Ruler this tool is a must-have for everyone who wants the assurance of millimeter perfection in everything that can be measured.

Designer: orangered life

Click Here to Buy Now: $26 Hurry! Only 4 Days Left! Raised over $100,000.

Made out of aerospace-grade aluminum, the lightweight ruler is built for unparalleled precision and durability. To ensure the measurements are perfect every time, the tool is laser-engraved with markings that don’t wear out or fade away with years of use. To make sure this resourceful ruler is useful for anyone out there – be it a student, homeowner, or a professional – there are five different sizes available for convenience. Of course, styling is not ignored here as you can get the 25° Ruler in five different color options as well.

The namesake derived from the angle of the ruler for the best ergonomic working position improves on the successful design of the 30° Ruler. A small improvement that goes a long way in improving usability is the positioning of the measurements of the marks at the bottom edge. So, at any point while using the ruler you don’t have to lean forward to read the markings, thereby enhancing the comfort of use and accuracy of readings taken. A good ruler should have a sharp edge but that can also be counterintuitive to safety – not the case with this ruler though. The hand holding the scale is naturally kept away from the blade with a teardrop-shaped design on the opposite side. This also makes it easy to pick up the ruler from smooth surfaces like a table.

Reading the ruler markings from a distance is very easy thanks to the clear and large fonts. To make sure the ruler is good enough for taking measurements in metric and imperial units. The dual-sided design has the millimeters, centimeters, and inches marked tactfully to make the easy transition. Accuracy is the key feature of the ruler as everything is labeled clearly. The biggest plus is the starting position at zero to ensure there are no blank spaces.

The 25° Ruler is available in five different sizes – the standard S, M, L, and the larger XL and XXL – each measuring 6 inches, 8 inches, 12 inches, 18 inches and 20 inches respectively. The peppy color options liven things up, so you can get the ruler in blue, green, black, white, or orange variants for a price starting at $26 for the standard-sized rulers, or $36 for the larger-sized ones in the early bird deals.

Click Here to Buy Now: $26 Hurry! Only 4 Days Left! Raised over $100,000.

Click Here to Buy Now: $26 Hurry! Only 4 Days Left! Raised over $100,000.

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