Serve Your Spaghetti with Some Pasta Monsters

A few years back, we came across a pasta strainer inspired by the famed Flying Spaghetti Monster. Now you can turn any bowl of noodles into a pasta monster with this pair of serving utensils that look like a couple of googly alien eyeballs.

Made by Animi Causa, these Pasta Monster serving spoons actually will turn any food you serve into a monster, but they look best sitting in a big bowl of spaghetti or linguine. The pair includes one noodle-draining spoon, and one regular spoon, so I suppose you could use them individually to make some kind of serving cyclops.

They’re made of BPA-free, dishwasher safe plastic, and are guaranteed to give your guests a laugh when you put your serving bowl down on the dining table. You can grab the Pasta Monsters set over at Animi Causa for just $19.99.

Flying Spaghetti Monster Colander Perfect for Pastafarians

When it comes to making pasta, there are few things I dislike more than watery tomato sauce. The trick is to make sure your noodles are properly strained to get out all the excess water before you mix them with your red gravy. If your old pasta strainer is clogged up, or just plain boring, it’s time to upgrade. This Spaghetti Monster colander should do the trick nicely.

Designed by Lior Rokah Kor of housewares shop OTOTO, this colander turns your bowl of spaghetti into a flying spaghetti monster – like the one worshipped by the Pastafarians – members of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a lighthearted religion (partially) explained in the video below:

Whether or not you convert to Pastafarianism, anyone can enjoy their spaghetti in this wonderful noodle strainer. It’s available for pre-order now for $18(USD), and starts shipping this September.

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Donuts Made from Spaghetti… YES PLEASE

Donuts are usually the domain of sweet eats for early morning gobbling. You can get some savory donuts though, like the bacon maple variety that the fancy gas station up the street from me gets fresh every morning. They are as yummy as you would expect something with bacon on it to be. In Brooklyn, you can now get donuts made of spaghetti.

Yes, it’s a pasta donut and it sounds yummy. Pop Pasta’s special donut is a bastardization of a classic Neapolitan dish known as the spaghetti pie. The donut is baked with cheese and other goodies, and they’re meant to be eaten at room temp or warmed up. They look super yummy and I want one right now.

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Barilla Pronto Pasta: The Lazy Man’s Noodle

Despite being one of the more basic things to make in the kitchen, cooking pasta still requires several steps – boiling water, adding pasta, stirring pasta, draining pasta, putting pasta back into pot and adding sauce. ‘Aint nobody got time for that.

barilla_pronto_1zoom in

Thankfully, Barilla has come along and invented a dry pasta that only requires that you put the pasta in the pan, add cold water, turn on high heat, and stir occasionally. In 10 minutes, Pronto pasta absorbs all of the water, and the pasta turns out perfectly al dente. Just add your sauce, meats or veggies, and it’s all cooked in a single pot without draining.

It’s pretty neat how all the water is sopped up by the pasta, and it tastes great too. Trust me – my stomach has been filled with these deliciously lazy noodles all week.

barilla_pronto_2zoom in


Cook from Scratch with a Turntable Cheese Grater

dj cheese grater
Make a meal from scratch, DJ style with the DJ Grater. This little metal cheese grater looks just like a turntable. The control knobs on the right are actually spaghetti measurers. Just like a real DJ you can grate your cheese coarsely or finely. Yes that’s what DJ’s do, after they hit play on their iPods, right? I have no idea what they really do, but they look good doing it.
dj grater
It’s a super fun kitchen accessory for the music lover and cheese lover. Not to mention lovers of cheesy music. All the major DJ’s have this in their kitchens- DJ Fusilli Jerry, DJ Vinny Linguini, DJ Parmesan Ron, DJ Baked Ziti, and of course DJ Riga-Tony.

Cook from Scratch with a Turntable Cheese Grater
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Trap Door Colander

trap door colander Trap Door Colander
The problem with colanders is that their wide top makes it hard to pour things out of them after you’ve strained them. The Trap Door Colander Trap Door Colander solves this problem by letting you pour things out of the bottom. Just strain your pasta, then move the Trap Door Colander over your bowl, pull the handles and the food goes right onto the plate. There’s actually two trap doors and two levers so you can control the portions. No mess on your countertop, no having to use a helper spoon while you awkwardly hold the colander with only one hand, no tongs needed, no problems.

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Trap Door Colander