This futuristic e-bike comes with a sleek design featuring hubless wheels and a fingerprint lock!

As this world takes to bicycling again (the pandemic has seen a surge in bicycle-use), the guys at Beno Inc want to finally get e-bikes right. Meet Reevo, an e-bike that ushers in the future of bicycling, with a sleek design, hubless wheels, built-in GPS, and a biometric sensor for antitheft!

Made to practically be the Tesla of bicycles, the Reevo approaches design, engineering, materials, and performance with a completely fresh set of eyes. Designed to be hollow on the inside, the patent-pending wheels put Reevo in a visual class of its own, giving it a silhouette that’s both futuristic and memorable. We’ll get back to the un-ignorable aesthetic beauty of the Reevo, but let’s just dive into its performance and features for a bit.

Reevo can be used as a traditional bicycle, a pedal-assisted e-bike, or a fully electric bicycle powered entirely by the throttle. The US model comes with a 750W motor that allows it to have the 100% throttle feature and a top speed of 25mph. The EU model, however, comes with a 250W motor that assists while you pedal, giving you a boost of speed as much as 25 km/h. The Adaptive Pedal Assist function kicks in when the Reevo detects an incline or riding. Both bike models come with a 48V, 10.5Ah detachable battery that sits within the bike’s sleek frame. Designed to be removable, the battery can easily be popped out when it needs charging, or when you lock the bike, preventing anyone from driving off with it… and that’s just one of the safety features integrated into the Reevo.

The bike’s handlebar even sports a biometric locking feature, which deploys powerful electronic wheel-lock mechanisms that lie hidden within the Reevo’s design, out of reach from bolt-cutters. A motion-detecting microchip lies within the Reevo’s frame too, allowing it to alert you if anyone tries to move it… and a built-in GPS module lets you track the Reevo’s whereabouts from your phone anytime, anywhere. In fact, your smartphone plays an integral role in operating the bike too, serving as its dashboard during the ride. The e-bike comes with a cradle for your phone, allowing you to secure your device in place and use your own map application to navigate. Alternatively, Reevo’s app gives you navigation as well as stats like your speed and e-bike battery level. It also serves as a bridge for future OTA updates for your e-bike.

Reevo’s state-of-the-art engineering and hardware play a strong part in its futuristic appeal, but its sleek, almost Tron-like aesthetic just helps drive the point home better! The bike’s hubless wheels are a work of art in their own right, but where things get interesting is when you notice that the sleek wheels even integrate headlamps and taillights into them. These switch on automatically, thanks to an ambient light-sensor within the e-bike. The headlamps, located strategically on the front wheel, help illuminate the road ahead, while the taillights flashes when you brake, and serve as indicators when you turn. However, if you thought those hubless wheels were appropriately audacious, the Reevo even comes with a carry-bag that fits right into the hollow center of the rear-wheel! A clever alternative to the amateurish baskets that you see on the front of some bicycles, this bag sits perfectly in the negative space of the rear-wheel. It’s features like these, and the sleek headlamps and taillights that really set the Reevo apart, reinforcing exactly why I call it the Tesla of bicycles. A combination of futuristic design and engineering, the Reevo was built to be the natural evolution of biking as the human race finally begins picking up the mode of transportation again. Each Reevo e-bike even comes with a 1-year warranty that covers any material and workmanship, so you know that you’re getting yourself a two-wheeler that’s both futuristic and reliable!

Designers: Alec Lim, Andrea Stona, Andrew Ooi, Gurpreet Singh, Ivan Chew & Reeve Kent

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Reevo: The Hubless E-Bike

The Reevo is a modern hubless e-bike with triple-barrier security and built around a strong, lightweight core with a sleek stealth black finish.


Features & Benefits

Reevo is virtually theft proof, featuring a one-touch fingerprint sensor, and integrated, automatic lock and GPS tracking.

An ambient light sensor detects darkness and automatically turns on and off the ultra bright headlamps and tail light. So you can stay safe no matter when you ride.

Reevo’s built-in turn signals prove that safety can be cool.

Reevo’s hubless wheels are meticulously impact tested in our lab to be safe up to 265lbs. The wheels are triple-sealed from the elements for superb long term reliability.

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Samsung is rumored to be working on a dual-hinge folding Galaxy smartphone with a sliding keyboard!

Based on a patent filed in mid-2018 at the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), which was uncovered only recently by the fine folks at LetsGoDigital, Samsung is reported to be working on a folding smartphone with a dual-hinge and a slide-out keyboard that bridges the gap between phone and laptop, but most importantly, fulfills the ‘Z’ element of the Z Fold product-line. LetsGoDigital has christened this the Galaxy Z Fold 3, and here’s what visualizations of the rumored product look like! Scroll down for a detailed look.

It’s safe to say that Samsung would eventually stumble across a dual-hinge folding phone. They’ve experimented with single-hinge phones in both vertical and horizontal formats, and it’s only natural that the company would make one with an even larger screen and with two hinges to rival Xiaomi’s efforts in this department. Meet the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 concept… It actually folds in the shape of the letter Z, and comes with one singular screen that cascades from the inside to the out, unlike previous folding models that had a dedicated external display and a folding internal one. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 works out the hinges in a way that allows you to use only the outer part of the display when in closed-mode, and the entire screen when completely opened.

When opened, the dual-hinge format gives the smartphone multiple ways to orient it. You could potentially open it out completely, turning it into a tablet, or use it in one of many shapes, allowing the phone’s flexible body to work as a stand. The most standout feature of this concept is its ability to be used as a real laptop. While earlier iterations of the Galaxy Fold phones explored the potential laptop format, none are as convenient as the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which comes with its own dedicated slide-out keyboard.

The two images below show the two different orientations for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 to be used in laptop mode. Version 1 gives you a compact device with the slide-out keyboard, and the ability to use the hole-punch front-facing camera for video-calls, while version 2 opens out into a more expansive device, allowing you to access two separate screens for multitasking. One part of the screen faces away from you, giving you the potential to even present to a client.

While the dual-hinge 3-part flexible OLED display is clearly the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s most defining feature, the slide-out keyboard really gives it meaning. Just like the Galaxy Note series comes with a stylus that clearly outlines what the product is meant to be used for, the slide-out keyboard on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 helps it bridge the gap between phone and laptop. There’s no clear information in the patent as to whether the keyboard is a dynamic display or a static one, so the concept opts for the latter, but comes outfitted with everything you’d need to get work done, from a full QWERTY keyboard to a Numpad, and even a voice-command button that lets you dictate to the phone when you don’t want to type.

The phone’s dual-hinge, three-part setup definitely results in an overall device that’s on the thicker side, but it still tries to stay within an inch in thickness, making it relatively pocket-friendly and roughly as thick as most bifold wallets. Where it lacks in sleekness, it makes up for in functionality by being your all-in-one smartphone/tablet/laptop hybrid. Like every Galaxy phone, the Z Fold 3 too sports a USB-C charging hub, and we wouldn’t be surprised if this phone was 5G capable too. A single front-facing camera sits on the screen in the hole-punch format, while the back features a 3-lens setup, similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 2 (See Below).

The product’s been visualized in Rose Gold, although it would probably come in a range of colors catering to Samsung’s catalog. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a conceptual product based on patented files by Samsung. It’s been visualized as a collaborative effort between LetsGoDigital and Sarang Sheth and isn’t affiliated with the Samsung brand in any way.

Designer/Visualizer: Sarang Sheth in partnership with LetsGoDigital

This concept was first published on LetsGoDigital. Click here to view the original piece.

This 65W GaN travel adapter lets you charge your phone, tablet, and laptop anywhere on the planet!

If you’ve got some tape lying around you, try strapping your laptop/smartphone power-brick to your travel adapter. It probably looks bulky, and downright ugly, but the truth is you can’t really do without either of these when you’re traveling abroad. The international travel adapter is an important interface that helps you plug your devices into any power socket across the world, and the power-brick is just as essential, allowing you to regulate the power being transferred to your smart-devices. They both currently exist as two, separate, bulky yet unavoidable products, but the Nan-Fuse hopes to integrate them into a singular, sleek, travel-friendly device.

Meet the Nan-Fuse… it’s a sleeker, smaller alternative to that taped-up device I told you to make earlier. Designed to function as an international 5-in-1 adapter, as well as a power-brick for your laptop/tablet/smartphone, the Nan-Fuse comes with multiple ports that let you charge multiple gadgets simultaneously. Powered by GaN semiconductor technology, and with an output of up to 65 watts, the Nan-Fuse is the only charging accessory you need to travel with, apart from a bunch of USB-cables, of course.

The GaN (Gallium Nitride) semiconductor tech on the inside of the Nan-Fuse is what makes it so incredibly small. The cutting-edge technology outperforms silicone in multiple areas, and allows adapters and power-bricks to be much smaller while supply power more efficiently. Nan-Fuse capitalizes on GaN’s ability to supply power more efficiently in a smaller avatar by introducing it to perhaps the most fitting industry… travel-tech. Its portable exterior and powerful interior make it incredibly convenient to carry around, and the two USB-C ports and single USB-A port let you juice all your smart devices using one single power-brick. Moreover, the Nan-Fuse packs two traditional 2 and 3-pronged plug-points too, allowing you to use it to power travel accessories like your beard-trimmer or your portable hair-dryer. Its SmartVoltage feature lets it efficiently distribute power to all your devices, allowing you to charge as many as 5 gadgets at the same time without worrying about your adapter heating. The 65W output is powerful enough to charge your laptop, or even quick-charge devices like your phone or tablet! Besides, the Nan-Fuse comes with a set of 10 international adapters to choose from, so you can just pick the ones you’ll need (based on the countries you’re traveling to) and pack them in your bag. I mean, why carry multiple bulky travel accessories when you could carry one sleek one!

Designer: Paul Zeng of Ceptics

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Nan-Fuse: A Super Compact Five-in-One Adaptor

Powered by GaN semiconductor technology, and with an output of up to 65 watts, the compact Nan-Fuse is a 5-in-1 international adapter made for world travelers.

Overall Features:

– 65W of power
– Charge up to 5 devices at once
– Fully grounded for safe operation
– Uses the latest GaN technology to keep it compact
– Comes with 6 adaptors for international travel
– Option for 7 more adaptors to cover the entire world
– 2x 3 prong outlets, 2x USB-C, 1x USB-A

The GaN Advantage

GaN chargers are physically smaller and don’t require as many components as their silicon chargers, while being able to conduct higher voltages. Ceptics has leveraged this GaN technology in the Nan-Fuse.

Charge Up To 5 Devices

Charge multiple devices by accessing just one outlet in your vacation home, hotel or remote business location. With Nan-Fuse, you get:

– 2x North American pass through outlets
– 2 USB-C full speed chargers
– 1 USB-A standard charger
– 65 Watts of full speed power
– A full 3 prong experience – so it won’t fall off the wall once you add weight to it

International Grounding

Enjoy your equipment regardless of where you are in the world.

10+ International Attachments

Ceptics’ products have been around for almost 10 years and they are proudly one of the biggest charger resellers on Amazon. And these adapters are part of existing systems, so they are more than proven.

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The iconic Fender Stratocaster electric guitar gets immortalized in LEGO, with an amplifier too!

The Fender Stratocaster is often regarded as the most legendary guitar model in rock-history. With legends such as Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Jimi Hendrix, Malmsteen, and Buddy Holly picking it as their guitar of choice, it’s fair to say the Strat (as it’s lovingly called) is a rock icon. It’s even the same guitar that was used for Deep Purple’s Smoke On The Water guitar riff, and for David Gilmour’s guitar solo in Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb.

While the guitar attained legendary status nearly half a century ago, LEGO aficionado TOMOELL is finally giving it its rightful place in LEGO’s brick-laden universe. TOMOELL’s LEGO Fender Stratocaster is an immaculate beauty, looking very recognizably like the original. It comes with 6 faux-strings that connect from the bridge all the way down the fretboard to 6 tuning keys (I’m fairly certain those are representational too), and even sports the knobs, pickups, and the vibrato arm that guitarists love to use! Made from 335 LEGO bricks, the Strat is incomplete without its accessories, a 54-piece guitar-stand, a 287-piece Fender amp, and even a tiny foot-pedal for extra effect!

The model comes in as many as 5 colors and stands at approximately 1½ feet tall. It currently is a hot favorite in the LEGO Ideas community, with a lot of the community voting for LEGO to officially produce it as a production-ready kit.

Designer: TOMOELL for LEGO

The new Bugatti Bolide’s headlights look suspiciously a lot like the SpaceX logo

Touted as “the most extreme, uncompromising, fastest and lightest” car it has ever made, the Bugatti Bolide seems to marry the best of Bugatti’s technical genius, design expertise, and brand values into one automobile. Bugatti was known for making some of the world’s lightest racecars before being acquired by Volkswagen. Under their new ownership, the company created record-shattering speed-demons like the Veyron and Chiron, but lacked in the one area they shone in back in the day, a light automobile. The Bolide hopes to be a “radically light vehicle” that harks back to the old Bugatti days, but without compromising on the speed, values, and aesthetic standards the company’s set in modern times.

“We asked ourselves how we could realize the mighty W-16 engine as a technical symbol of the brand in its purest form—with solely four wheels, engine, gearbox, steering wheel and, as the only luxury, two seats,” Bugatti boss Stephan Winkelmann said in a statement. “Important aspects of our considerations were fine-tuning our iconic powertrain without any limitations as regards the weight-to-power ratio”. The result is a car that almost perfectly walks the balance between form and function, with an aesthetic that is drop-dead gorgeous, but also engineered perfectly for performance.

The car comes with a carbon-monocoque body, engineered to make the overall vehicle lighter than a Mini Cooper. Under the hood sits the quad-turbo W-16, one of Bugatti’s engineering marvels. Couple that with the car’s all-wheel-drive and you have a 1,825 horsepower beast capable of hitting well over 300mph and allowing it to complete a Le Mans lap in 3:07 minutes, faster than any LMP1 car.

A lot of the Bolide’s ability to hit high speeds is a direct result of its fusion of design and engineering. The car’s body is lightweight for sure, but it’s also made to maximize downforce, and comes with a couple of unusual features to increase air-flow and reduce drag. The rear wing and front splitter are both adjustable, allowing them to autonomously reposition themselves based on your speed, but by far the Bolide’s most interesting detail lies in its air-intake on the car roof. Made from a morphable outer skin, the roof’s surface changes based on the speed you drive at. It remains flat at lower speeds, but when you start to pick up pace, bubbles on the roof’s surface inflate to increase its surface-area and allow more air to come in contact with it, optimizing air-flow to the rear wing. To indicate the experimental nature of this new, innovative detail, Bugatti even employed an X-shape in both the headlights and the taillights. The headlights heavily remind me of the X in the SpaceX logo, but I digress… The interiors reinforce the Bolide’s need for speed. If the exterior spots shape-shifting air-intakes and four afterburners, the insides are designed to look like the cockpit of a jet engine, with two racing seats complete with six-point harnesses, a complex steering wheel in front of a digital gauge cluster, and a small panel on the dash with push-button transmission controls and a few other switches.

The Bolide was created as a grand tribute of Bugatti’s car-making prowess and its racetrack domination ever since the Type 35 in 1924, which went on to achieve over 2,000 victories in just 6 years since its production. Designed to inherit the race-track legacy left behind by its ancestor, the Bolide hat-tips Ettore Bugatti’s own genius in creating lightweight race-machines a century ago. The Bolide weighs a mere 1,240 kilograms (2733 pounds), and is currently only a race-track concept. Whether the Bugatti Bolide will go into series production is something that has not been decided yet.

Designer: Bugatti

This 3D modular standing mat was designed to replicate the feeling of standing in the outdoors

In a time when stepping out seems like such an existential threat, the Stoic wonderfully mimics the effects of being outdoors. Designed to be a mat you stand on, but with an unusual twist, the Stoic actually comes with a three-dimensional surface on top, with textures that either trigger acupressure points on your foot, or 3D patterns inspired by the outdoors, giving your feet the feeling of standing on natural ground. The patterns range from actual scans of forest floors to pebbled creeks, giving your feet something more than just a carpet or a hardwood floor to stand on. Coupled with a nifty balance-beam running right down the center of the Stoic, the mat offers much more than what your regular exercise or yoga-mat does. While giving you a dedicated space to work out or meditate, the Stoic actively helps strengthen the muscles and joints in your feet. It stimulates the nerve endings on the bottom with its soft 3D-textures, and helps release chemicals in the brain that help you stay focused and relaxed. Ultimately, it serves as a safer alternative to being outdoors by bringing nature’s grand designs to the comfort and safety of your home.

The Stoic mat was built to serve five broad uses – Motion, Balance, Fitness, Massage, and Strength. The base of the mat comes with removable uppers, letting you swap out the textured foam surfaces. The balance-board in the center comes with multiple swappable options, including a bamboo flat-board, a curved board, a ridged board for higher difficulty, and a fidget-board with a massage-ball fitted in. Coupled with the Stoic app, which guides you through multiple exercises you can do on the mat, the entire setup’s built to give you the feeling of standing on natural land, while you either meditate, exercise, or even work!

Its swappable elements give it more than 50+ configurations to choose from. You could either use the Stoic mat to exercise/meditate on, using its undulating patterns and textures to stimulate your feet and present a slightly harder challenge than exercising on flat-ground, or you could just replace your sitting workplace for a standing one, with the Stoic underneath your feet. Stoic’s nature-inspired 3D surfaces not only help you constantly correct and improve your own posture and increase your core strength, but its variety of foot-fidget toys also help you boost focus as you work, and give you something to further exercise your foot-muscles on. The mat even features two hooks on each side to suspend bungee-bands from, allowing you to get a more intense work-out while you’re at home.

While we’re self-isolating at home (it’s hard to think that we’ve been doing this for 8 months already), away from nature, recreation, and even the gym, the Stoic brings its unusual set of outdoor and gym-inspired experiences to our homes. The swappable mats give you the impression of standing on an uneven forest floor, complete with branches, twigs, and pinecones, or an undulating pebbled surface that your toes can explore and wrap around, or even a textured design aimed at targetting your foot’s pressure points to boost blood flow. The balance-board running across the center provides a new dimension too, giving you MUCH more than anything your traditional yoga-mat could. It isn’t safe to venture outdoors, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring the positive effects of the outdoors to the comfort and security of our own homes!

Designers: Dan Vinson and David Hunt

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STOIC – The Natural Standing Mat

STOIC™ is the world’s first modular standing mat inspired by nature to stretch, strengthen and massage your feet during your workday.

Use it at your home office, office desk, home school or anywhere you like to. It helps relieve chronic pain, strengthen feet, ankles, knees and joints. STOIC helps you improve posture and core strength, along with helping you stay focused on the task at hand. Other benefits include:

– De-stress and relax
– Having fun while working
– Burn calories
– Ground yourself and enhance awareness
– ADHD relief
– Alleviate pain from plantar fasciitis

STOIC Features

Stoic features the 5 Elements of Natural Standing:  Motion, Balance, Fidget, Massage & Strength.

Features 50+ setup options.

Stoic App guides you through daily flows.

Comfortably firm yet supple.

STOIC Benefits

Stretch and strengthen over 100 muscles, 30 joints and 26 bones in your feet.

Fully engage your ankles, knees and hips.

Practice perfect posture.

Get a deep tissue massage without going to a therapist.

Burn calories just by standing and ease your mind by reducing stress and anxiety.

Focus and finish your (home) work early.

No-sweat strength training right at your desk.

How It Works

It’s no secret that stillness is the killer silently stalking this new species of desk-bound humans.

When you slump in your chair for hours each day your body slowly erodes, even down to the cellular level. Without movement muscles tighten, tendons and ligaments stiffen and your metabolism becomes disrupted. Stoic adds back natural levels of activity to your day which means you’ll stimulate blood flow, improve joint health and mobility, stretch and strengthen muscles in your feet, knees and legs, maintain good posture, increase flexibility and even lose weight.

Balance is a skill, use it or lose it.

Balance is especially important for preventing injury and maintaining core strength. Stoic allows you to level-up as you develop more skills, so you can continue to improve your balance for years. Your new balance practice will help to increase your proprioception (aka body awareness) and strengthen your core.

Stoic’s pop-in fidgets help you stay focused, relieve stress and anxiety, and add some fun to all that boring screen-time.

Stressed? Who isn’t?! Soothe the angst while also improving your foot health and focus. By manipulating the dexterity balls and exploring the toe-spreaders your feet get a workout while your mind gets a break.

Our feet have it rough.

Not only do they have to carry us around all day, but they also get shoved unnaturally into shoes, boots, and other modern forms of footwear that may look sweet, but come at a cost. Do your feet a favor and stand on Stoic. Massage improves circulation, stimulates muscles, reduces tension, and often eases pain.

Maintain momentum with quick, sweat-free workouts – without leaving your desk.

For thousands of years, our ancestors would spend their days moving at a relatively slow, easy pace. This casual activity would be regularly broken up by short feats of strength. Whether it was carrying food, constructing a shelter, or wrangling a wild child – strength was a common and everyday part of life. The Stoic strength philosophy seeks to thoughtfully reintroduce regular moments of Strength back into your day.

Completely modular design.

Level up as you get stronger.

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These pants are made with the world’s strongest material woven into its fabric – Graphene

There’s a high chance that the Omega pants will outlive the human race. Now I’m not being a pessimist, I’m just stating that these all-purpose pants come with the toughest ever material known to man woven into its fabric. With a lifetime warranty that should last long enough for it to be passed down multiple generations, the Omega pants were built to literally be worn forever, or quite possibly until the end-times… a little too stark? Maybe, but it drives the point home!

Designed for practically any activity that requires pants, the Omega pants by Graphene-X come with a 3-layer fabric that isn’t just destruction-proof, it’s stretchable, waterproof, and has the ability to regulate your body’s temperature so you could potentially wear the same pair of pants while rock-climbing in the sun or on a skiing trip to a snow-capped peak. The pants’ fabric as well as its construction together help it juggle its different roles. Styled like a pair of all-purpose pants with removable leg-pieces, the Omega transforms from full-pant to a pair of durable everyday shorts in a matter of seconds. Its four-way stretchable fabric enables complete freedom of movement, allowing the pants to stretch as you move around while trekking, rock-climbing, or engaging in any outdoor activity that requires uninhibited movement.

The three-layer fabric on the Omega gives it durability as well as versatility. For starters, the Omega pants designed to be breathable, allowing you to wear them for hours without working up a sweat. If it’s hot out, the pants ensure you remain cool on the inside, but the minute you wear the pants out in the cold, the fabric helps retain body warmth while being wind-proof, keeping you warm and protected on the inside. The Omega’s most standout feature however remains the integration of Graphene into its yarn. Hailed as the strongest material known to man, Graphene helps the Omega pants brave practically any amount of abuse without showing any wear and tear. You could take an abrasive pad or sandpaper to it and where most tactical clothing show signs of failure, the Omega ends up looking like nothing ever happened to it. The pants’ construction further enables this durability, with knee-panels, a reinforced crotch, and taped seams to hold the stitching together even after a rough day. The Graphene pants are naturally anti-microbial too, which means they need less frequent washing than your regular pair of pants, and the fabric comes treated with a water-repellent coating too, allowing it to never get stained or wet if you jump into a muddy creek or accidentally drop coffee on it.

What’s a pair of all-purpose pants without an abundance of pockets though, right? Well, the Omega comes with multiple pockets and pouches for your belongings. Aside from the regular pockets on the front and the back, the Omega even has a dedicated phone-pouch, along with two zippered pockets on the front for anything else you want to store. A pen-knife pocket on the side lets you carry your EDC with you, while zippered pockets on your back give you secure storage for your wallet, passport, or any other belongings. The pants even come with pockets beside each knee that you can open to increase ventilation on exceptionally warm days.

The Omega isn’t Graphene-X’s first experiment with the wonder-material. Towards the end of 2019, they debuted the Graphene-X jacket, which garnered a lot of attention and shipped to over 70 countries. The material-science and crowdfunding experience for their first project has informed the development of the Omega pants, which claim to easily be one of the toughest in the world. The Graphene-lined fabric, along with YKK zippers, welded belt-hoops, and taped seams give the Omega their superior durability, and barring any manufacturing defects (which Graphene-X will gladly exchange your pants for), the Omega will probably be the last pair of outdoor pants you’ll ever need to buy. The only natural progression is to now have Vibranium-infused apparel!

Designer: Claudia Rehnfeldt

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OMEGA Pants – World’s First Graphene Integrated Pants

The OMEGA pants are the world’s first fully waterproof (not only water-resistant), all-around Graphene integrated pants. Comfort, versatility, durability, and performance at its peak.

They ran the Martindale abrasion and pilling test (this test basically “rubs” the fabrics over and over to see when it gets damaged). Normally the maximum amount of rubs you measure are 50.000 – but they are all about experimenting and going the extra mile, so they requested a 150.000 rubs test.

Click Here to Buy Now: $249 $349 ($100 off). Hurry, only 5/825 left! Raised over $290,000.

This desktop night-lamp also wirelessly charges your smartphone

A portmanteau of the words Lamp and Balance, the Lance night-light and wireless-charger is the kind you’d stop to admire for two reasons. Firstly, it’s a cute, quaint product that sits obediently on your tabletop, but at the same time, it charges your phone, so you’re not distracted by a screen.

The Lance was created as a project by Francesco Brunetti while he was a student at Design School Kolding, Denmark as a collaboration with IKEA. The brief was to design ‘furniture for small spaces which should have playful characteristics as well as foster togetherness’, and the Lance truly delivers. Its relatively flat design doesn’t have any sharp edges, making it feel instantly friendly, and the warm LED light on the top can be changed in color as well as intensity to soothe your room with a wash of ambient light.

The Lance at the same time also serves as a wireless charger for smartphones, thanks to a slot right beneath the light wide enough to slide your phone too. The slot is covered by the night-light in a clever bid to obscure the screen so you aren’t distracted, and while all that’s happening, your phone’s battery gets juiced! Really clever, eh?

Designers: Francesco Brunetti in collaboration with IKEA and DSKD

Custom Yamaha XSR700 with a wooden body is giving me major longboard vibes!

It’s unusual for the body of a modern-day motorcycle to be made out of wood, but the ‘Hommage’ a custom Yamaha XSR700 by George Woodman, isn’t your usual bile. Designed to absolutely turn heads, the Hommage takes inspiration from the old race motorcycle with a complete full fairing made of carving wood.

The Hommage’s full fairing is made bespoke of beech wood, with an overlay of fiberglass and resin to keep it stable (similar to the process used to make wooden surfboards). The spectacular-looking wooden body was laid on the existing chassis, and manually finished by hand with a grinder and various sanding-discs to bring out the wood’s grain and unusual texture that shapeshift with the bike’s organic curves.

“The Xsr 700 base was already upgraded with many performance parts like Ohlins in the fork and for the rear spring, rear set by Gilles.Tooling, KN filters, Rizoma Fuel tap, Xrace exhaust, Diablo SuperCorsa tires , ABS system off, etc…” says Woodman, who was accompanied by Jérome Lopez of Colorside who finished the Hommage with its paint-job. It’s honestly unthinkable, the number of hours that went into manually finishing the bike’s organic body with all its curves… and if your eyes are affixed on this beauty’s natural wooden body, I’d urge you to take a second to admire the rolled-leather seat… or better still, the Jeep headlight that’s fixed at the front!

Designer: GeorgeWoodmanGarage

Mattel’s Baby Yoda toy sports a remote control that lets it wiggle its ears and waddle around the house!

With the Season 2 of The Mandalorian hot on its heels, Mattel and Disney have launched perhaps the greatest toy ever made… a Remote-Controlled Animatronic Baby Yoda that wiggles its ears, struts around like a baby penguin, and reaches out for objects with its adorable baby hands, as if it’s summoning the force!

The Star Wars: The Mandalorian the Child “Real Moves Plush” (I wonder how Yoda would say that name) stands at less than a foot tall, and looks almost like the real deal. The Baby Yoda Plush comes with perfectly tinted translucent skin that’s almost see-through around the ears, and large glossy eyes that can look directly at your soul. The plush comes clad in its khaki robes, along with an optional Mythosaur pendant that you can make it wear (just like the one Din Djarin gifted him at the end of the first season). While the Child possesses its own mystic mind-control powers, it is, in fact, operated by a tracking fob-shaped controller that resembles the one the bounty hunters in the series use to locate their targets. The controller allows you to make Baby Yoda look left and right, up and down, and occasionally wiggle its ears with a level of realism that feels uncanny for a $60 toy. The remote controller also allows the little green alien to waddle around on its two feet, and occasionally reach for objects with its adorably tiny 3-fingered hands!

Season 1 of The Mandalorian saw Disney struggling to develop Baby Yoda merchandise to keep up with the heavy demand once the audience fell in love with the character. It seems like they’re not making that mistake again with the second season, partnering with Mattel to release this plush just a few days short of the Season 2 premiere on Friday. You can grab your own remote-controlled animatronic Yoda at the shopDisney webstore, or even at any of Disney’s parks. Beware though, with its adorably good looks and that $60 price tag, it may just magically disappear off the shelves.

Designer: Mattel