Nothing launches ultra-affordable $54 Watch Pro with Bluetooth Calling and Heart Monitoring

It’s about 80% cheaper than Apple’s Watch SE, but has all the features you’d expect from a good budget smartwatch.

Pretty much following exactly what the leaked images said, Nothing’s sub-brand CMF has announced its first three products, the Buds Pro TWS earbuds, the Power 65W GaN charger, and the Watch Pro, an affordable but mighty smartwatch that hopes to bring the Nothing experience to even more users with its pocket-friendly price tag. At just Rs. 4,499 INR (or $54 USD converted), the Watch Pro shouldn’t really come with any expectations, but it exceeds whatever I have with a feature-packed design. It sports a “mighty” 1.96-inch AMOLED always-on display accompanied by a single hardware button. The watch lets you answer calls via Bluetooth (with an AI noise reduction algorithm), tracks as many as 110 sports/activities, has a comprehensive heart monitor, a built-in GPS, IP68 dust and water resistance, and a whopping 13-day battery life. Did I mention it costs just $54 bucks?

Designer: CMF by Nothing

What immediately stands out with the Watch Pro is the fact that it’s nothing like Nothing. There’s no transparency, no fanfare, not even as much as an online event or even a video. The reason lies in Nothing’s underlying strategy to pretty much conquer the budget market with well-made gadgets that are recognizable, but don’t affect Nothing’s own brand positioning. The CMF devices aren’t transparent because that’s the Nothing visual DNA. Instead, they come with opaque designs that are punctuated by the use of a bright orange, either in the hardware, or in the software. The name CMF stands for Color, Material, Finish – a reference to the abbreviated term used by designers and engineers.

While the design isn’t overtly revolutionary or innovative, the watch does deliver quite the bang for its buck. On the hardware front, there’s a whole lot to write home about. The watch obviously tells the time, lets you monitor the weather, has GPS tracking, and even has Bluetooth support so you can answer phone calls without taking your phone out. The folks at Nothing say their AI noise reduction algorithm was trained on over 100,000 noise models, allowing it to work remarkably well at isolating your voice when you’re in a crowded or noisy space.

It even supports up to 110 sports modes, letting you track all your sports and activities right on the watch, with a comprehensive breakdown of your reps duration, calories, heart rate, pace, steps, and distance. The comprehensive health monitor tracks your heart rate, blood SpO2, sleep, stress levels, etc. to enhance your health journey. There’s even a water reminder thrown in there so that the Watch Pro constantly ensures you stay hydrated.

What really does set the Watch Pro apart from any other smartwatch we’ve seen, however, is the OS. Most smartwatches distil down their respective smartphone OS or rely entirely on Android Wear to power their experience, but the Watch Pro is an entirely different experience. The smartwatch’s UI quite literally uses just a combination of 4 colors – black, white, grey, and orange, but achieves so much with its limited palette. The interface is this minimalist Bauhaus-inspired work of art that practically uplifts every screen, from the multiple watch faces to the functions/features within the watch. It might be a $54 smartwatch, but it feels nothing like one, with a kind of cleanliness that’s only reserved for flagships.

The Watch Pro comes with a respectable 13 days of battery life with moderate use, going down to 11 days with heavy use. This includes the fact that the Watch Pro has an always-on display that’s ever ready to give you the time of the day, the date, the weather forecast, or any notification you may need to see. Partnering with your smartphone, the Watch Pro has Find My features to help locate both your phone as well as your watch. There’s also a built-in Voice AI as well as music control for playback on your phone or your TWS earbuds.

For now, the Watch Pro along with other CMF products are just limited to an India launch. It makes sense, given Nothing’s flagship production center is in India too, as is a majority of its audience.

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This Leather iPhone 15 Pro Case + Wallet is perfect for those who don’t want Apple’s FineWoven cases

FineWoven is great for the environment, but the folks at The Verge have some pretty nasty stuff to say about its overall quality. It looks good for precisely a day, and then starts fraying, gathering scratches, getting dirty, and becoming quite the eyesore. FineWoven may have a lower impact on the environment on face value, but it doesn’t last as long or look as good as leather – so if you’re bummed out that Apple’s discontinued making leather cases for their iPhones, don’t worry… Mujjo hasn’t.

The Full Leather Wallet Case for the iPhone 15 Pro is everything your smartphone needs to look great while staying protected. The case comes clad in premium European leather tanned in the Netherlands, with remarkable grain and a choice between black, brown, and blue finishes. A machined metal rim around the camera protects your precious lenses, while a polycarbonate inner structure with a microfiber interior lining keeps your phone protected from bumps and scratches. Moreover, each Wallet Case comes with a slot stitched into the back that holds two cards that you can easily fish out whenever you need… and unlike MagSafe, the wallet doesn’t accidentally detach while you pull your phone out of your pocket.

Designer: Mujjo

Mujjo’s leather cases complement the iPhone beautifully. They use the highest-quality leather and are tanned using a special DriTan process that doesn’t use any water whatsoever, bringing down the leather’s carbon footprint drastically. Moreover, Mujjo’s cases are built to last, and patina beautifully over time, so you’re less likely to swap them out after a year or two.

The cases feature a 3D leather wrap around a polycarbonate inner frame. The camera bump as well as the buttons on the case are made from recycled metal, and the phone features a luxurious Japanese microfiber lining on the inside that ensures your iPhone 15 Pro’s glass back doesn’t get scratched. The cases are even MagSafe compatible, which means you can snap Apple’s MagSafe charger onto the back and have it juice your iPhone’s battery. You’ll have to remove the cards, though.

Full Leather Wallet Case on the iPhone 15 Pro

Mujjo’s cases don’t just protect your phone, they respect their aesthetic too. The cases come made from the highest-quality leather (Gold Rated by the Leather Working Group) while also ensuring the leather is processed adhering to strict environmental standards, sans the use of harsh chemicals. Moreover, unlike Apple’s FineWoven which shows signs of wear and tear within days of use, Mujjo backs its case with a 2-year warranty against craftsmanship/manufacturing defects. The leather case adorns the iPhone beautifully, and patinas with time, gathering even more character as the leather ages. Mujjo’s Full Leather Wallet Case is designed to be compatible with the iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max with a price range of $54 to $64 depending on the model and size.

Full Leather Wallet Case on the iPhone 15 Pro

Full Leather Wallet Case on the iPhone 15 Pro

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Check out this modern, electrified version of the iconic Mercedes-Benz 280SL

Known for its distinct style – especially the ‘Pagoda’ concave roof, the 280SL still remains one of Mercedes-Benz’s most memorable cars, arguably the most memorable in its SL or Sports Leicht range. The 280SL was revered for its elegant design, with sleek lines and a timeless aesthetic… which is why its design language carries over so beautifully into this contemporary remake of a classic. Designed by concept artist Shane Baxley, the TWO8eSL (pronounced two-eighty-SL) is a modern reinterpretation of its predecessor with a retrofuturistic touch and an electric drivetrain underneath. Baxley’s concept art has found itself in various movies, including The Transformers, Suicide Squad, and even Alita: Battle Angel. While it’s safe to say that this particular concept is more rooted in reality than any of his work from The Transformers franchise, it still captivates with a sense of ‘what could have been’ if Mercedes had decided to electrify its old classics.

Designer: Shane Baxley

The original 280SL was designed by Friedrich Geiger, who was also responsible for the iconic Mercedes 300SL “Gullwing” coupe. Rather than reinterpreting the entire aesthetic, Baxley stayed true to Geiger’s original vision, relying on a slightly modernized touch-up of the body-work, and doing away with those overtly-retro chrome bumpers for something a little more contemporary.

To any enthusiast, the redesign looks absolutely unmistakable, it has the same Pagoda-style roof on the top, the vertical capsule-shaped headlights, conventional-looking taillights, and the unmistakable Mercedes-Benz logo on both the front and the back. However, given the car’s electric make, Baxley ditches the grill on the front for a flat surface, which some would argue would sacrifice aerodynamics for visual accuracy. However, the massive tri-tip star that would otherwise be on the grill makes its way to the hood of the car, giving it a premium touch.

“My intention was to maintain this original funk in a slightly modernized proportion. [The car was] Modeled from the ground up in Maya, rendered in OTOY,” Baxley reveals.

Skirting around the front and sides gives the car a low-riding appeal.

The first thing that you really notice with the TWO80eSL is the headlight. Ditching the reflector-based lamp for something much more modern, Baxley uses two powerful LEDs with a halftone graphic on the front to diffuse the glare. The capsule-shaped headlight also has LED strips around the edges, reinforcing its shape.

Baxley’s concept follows a running trend of ‘cyberpunking’ classic cars with a more modern makeover. The Chevrolet Camaro got a pretty dazzling revamp last year, as did the Dodge Charger RT… although our hot favorite remains this gorgeous fan-made remake of the Lamborghini Countach.

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DJI Mini 4 Pro drone packs Mavic-style flagship features into a mini-package with a $759 price tag

Dubbed by DJI as the “ultimate mini drone”, the DJI Mini 4 Pro gives you the greatest specs in the smallest package yet, with a compact folding design that weighs under 250 grams, making it narrowly avoid FAA guidelines that require you to register drones above 250 grams in weight. That small size, however, doesn’t take away from this drone’s mammoth capabilities – it packs a main camera with a 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor capable of 4K/60fps HDR, a bunch of other cameras that give it situational awareness and advanced object avoidance, and the ability to record in both landscape as well as portrait modes. Borrowing from its flagship counterpart, the Mavic series, the Mini 4 Pro now also supports shooting in 10-bit D-Log M and HLG color profiles, and lets you set waypoints and activate cruise control while flying. With a starting price of $759, the Mini 4 Pro gives you flagship-grade features for less than half of the price.

Designer: DJI

Even by today’s standards, the Mini 3 Pro is quite a banger of a drone, but with the Mini 4 Pro, DJI just checks all the boxes to make sure there’s really no more room for improvement. The Mini 4 Pro arrives with a slew of upgrades, with a particular focus on its camera and processing capabilities. Notably, it now supports slow-motion recording at up to 4K@100fps, a substantial leap from the previous generation’s 1080p@120fps. If you’re looking for a higher dynamic range, the camera outputs HDR videos at 4k/60fps, giving your footage stunning crisp details with balanced yet vibrant colors. Want to switch from cinematic to social content? The camera flips 90° to record in true portrait mode, utilizing every pixel on its 1/1.3″ sensor instead of cropping the sides like most drones would.

“The Mini 4 Pro perfectly marries professional-grade capabilities while keeping its hallmark lightweight design, offering unmatched freedom and adaptability,” says Ferdinand Wolf, Creative Director at DJI. “This drone emerges as the ultimate all-rounder, designed to elevate your creative toolkit.”

Low-light performance takes a significant step forward thanks to a new sensor equipped with dual native ISO, permitting the use of a secondary (higher) ISO setting to minimize noise. DJI has also incorporated an upgraded noise reduction algorithm within a Night Shots video mode, further enhancing the quality of footage captured in low-light conditions. Additionally, DJI has even introduced a wide-angle accessory lens, offering an expansive 100° field of view, available for separate purchase. This lens seamlessly attaches to the camera, akin to how Moment lenses enhance smartphone photography.

Range enthusiasts will appreciate the enhanced capabilities of the Mini 4 Pro, courtesy of the new O4 video transmission system, which now supports up to 1080p/60fps FHD at distances of a whopping 20 km. While keeping the drone within visual range remains essential, this upgrade fortifies signal strength against radio interference and unforeseen obstacles. On the software front, DJI has also introduced the Waypoints and Cruise Control features to the Mini 4 Pro, a welcome addition previously exclusive to the professional-grade Mavic line. This empowers users to program their drones to follow predefined paths or maintain a direct flight trajectory without constant manual input. You can save camera paths for later, or even draw camera paths with your finger directly on the app or the controller display, guiding the camera in the most intuitive way possible – with your fingertips.

The one area where the Mini 4 Pro somehow holds back is in the battery department. The drone ships with a standard battery that delivers 34 minutes of flight time, which can be upgraded to 45 minutes with the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus. This new battery, unfortunately, pushes the drone above the 250g mark, forcing you to register the drone with the FAA if you want to operate it legally. The Intelligent Flight Battery Plus also delivers 2 less minutes of flying on the Mini 4 Pro than the Mini 3 Pro, which could output 47 minutes.

For those considering the Mini 4 Pro, the base package retails at $759, which includes the DJI RC-N2 Remote Controller (requiring a smartphone), Intelligent Flight Battery, a pair of propellers, and the usual assortment of cables and accessories. An alternative package with the RC 2 controller is available for $959, offering the same contents. For the ultimate flight experience, the Fly More Combo (featuring the RC 2 controller) is priced at $1,099 and encompasses three batteries, three pairs of propellers, a DJI Mini Shoulder Bag, and a Two-Way Charging Hub. Enthusiasts seeking extended flight times can opt for the Fly More Combo Plus, which includes the upgraded batteries, priced at $1,159.

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The Ultimate Space-Saver: Table Expands 7X from 2 to 12 Seater in Seconds

We live in a time of small apartments and large social circles. Although it isn’t possible to have furniture to entertain a group of 10, the folks at Transforming Table are using clever design tricks and engineering to build the most clever table of all time. Now in its fourth design iteration, the Transformer Table makes a pretty bold claim – it can go from an 18-inch console table to a 10-foot table long enough to feed a party of twelve people. The table’s unique expanding design is so mesmerizing to look at, it still holds the title of the most-viewed product video on Instagram with 131 million views and counting. The fourth iteration now comes with 6 new solid wood finishes to choose from, and with the same expanding framework underneath.

Designer: Transformer Table

Click Here to Buy Now: Dining Set for $2,999 $3,738 ($739 off). Use coupon code “YANKO100” to get an additional $100 off. Valid on orders above $999. Hurry, offer ends in 48 hours!

It takes a lot to be able to claim you’ve made the ‘best table in the world’, but with design awards, the highest view-count on Instagram, and the reigning title of being the highest-funded furniture campaign on Kickstarter, the Transformer Table certainly has receipts! Designed for small apartments, the table uses a telescopic sliding mechanism to expand nearly 7x in size, going from an 18-inch console table to a banquet table for up to 12 guests. The table is also accompanied by a self-storing bench that expands in size too, fitting an entire group of people without you needing to buy and stash folding chairs all over your apartment. The table can also support up to 750 pounds, allowing you to lay out an entire Thanksgiving feast on it for friends and family.

With One Panel in Scandinavian Oak

With Two Panels in American Walnut

With 3 Panels in Smoked Hickory

With 4 Panels in Canadian Birch

With 5 Panels in Brazilian Sequoia

Now in its version 4.0, the Transformer Table boasts of 6 new wood finishes inspired by the colors and textures of nature: Scandinavian Oak, American Walnut, Brazilian Sequoia, Canadian Birch, Smoked Hickory, and Aged Elm. The wood is designed to be liquid, heat, and scratch-resistant, and is reinforced by the table’s steel telescopic mechanism which comes with its own lifetime warranty. To expand the table, simply pull its two halves apart and the table expands, revealing the telescopic rails underneath. The table legs on the left and the right are further aided by a set of middle legs that help support the weight of the items kept on the table. After the table is extended by pulling its sides apart, wooden planks are added on top to create a long surface. When the table’s closed, however, the wooden planks can be stacked on top of each other into a separate coffee table, giving you an extra piece of furniture.

Transformer Bench When Closed

Transformer Bench with 5 Panels

The Transformer Table is also accompanied by an expanding Transformer Bench that has its wooden panels stored inside its hollow center. The bench’s height allows it to fit under the table too, making the arrangement utilitarian yet incredibly compact.

The Transformer Table made its debut in 2016, taking the world by storm with its clever expanding design. Seven years and more than 70,000 sold units later, the folks behind the transforming furniture are just getting started. The tables are perfect for people in large cities and small apartments, giving you the option of expanding and accommodating for the occasional set of guests, while still maintaining a compact framework. The new wood finishes are gorgeous, and are designed to last for years, making the table perfect for your first matchbox apartment as well as the 3BHK home you end up buying after a couple of years. The Transformer Table 4.0 ships for free to 35+ countries, and you can grab yours now (along with the Transformer Bench) right before the holiday season.

Click Here to Buy Now: Dining Set for $2,999 $3,738 ($739 off). Use coupon code “YANKO100” to get an additional $100 off. Valid on orders above $999. Hurry, offer ends in 48 hours!

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Titanium Meets Carbon Fiber: The Tactical EDC Knife You Won’t Want To Live Without

Call it an occupational hazard, but I’ve probably seen over a thousand EDC knives through my 8-year career as a design writer and I’ve probably forgotten a bunch of them. There are a few handful of designs, however, that stand out in my memory for having either a unique design, a clever detail, immense functionality, or using a particular set of materials. The Thunder utility knife ticks most of those boxes.

With a name like “The Thunder”, you’ve got to take this knife seriously, right? Designed to be compact, easy to deploy, and ridiculously effective, the Thunder knife finds its purpose in being a tactical-ready knife that’s just perfect for everything you’d need a knife for. Whether you’re cutting through zip-tie handcuffs, whittling wood for a fireplace, or even opening a box you received in the mail, the Thunder knife serves as an ideal companion. The knife relies on a sharp, replaceable CKB-2 utility blade, and comes with a Grade-5 Titanium handle with Carbon Fiber inlays and an incredibly enjoyable one-hand deployment mechanism. In short, the knife’s handle will last multiple lifetimes, and the replaceable blade lets you always have a dangerously sharp utility knife at all times without all the maintenance most knives require.

Designer: AlloyX

Click Here to Buy Now: $149 $199 (25% off) Hurry! Only 4 Days Left!

The Thunder is an extraordinary flipper for a whole variety of reasons. It’s robust, reliable, and has a ravishing personality. The handle, blade holder, and pocket clip all come machined from solid Grade-5 Titanium (the same kind used in the new iPhone 15 Pro phones), while carbon fiber inlays within the handle give the Thunder its dynamic, edgy appearance. There isn’t enough carbon fiber to materially reduce the weight of the Thunder or add to its ruggedness, but let’s not forget that Titanium is the strongest metal in the world, and it’s also significantly lighter than stainless steel, making the Thunder weigh a mere 3.17 ounces (90 grams) despite its full-size design.

The Thunder’s clever design allows for a number of different deployment styles – all of which are just as rapid and effective. A fin on the top of the knife (when closed) lets you trigger the blade open with your index finger, or alternatively, a thumb stud lets you use your thumb to flick the blade open. Both methods work equally well, allowing you to deploy your knife blade with a single hand, while a liner lock snaps the blade in place so it doesn’t accidentally shut while you’re cutting something. Disengaging the liner lock can be done with a single hand or both hands, and the blade can then be docked back within its handle for another day.

Rather than having its own blade, the Thunder relies on a standard CKB-2 utility blade that you can easily insert into the knife’s holder. Counter-sunk screws hold the knife’s various parts together, and the entire body can be disassembled every time you want to replace an old blade with a new one. If that sounds cumbersome, it’s guaranteed to be faster than sitting and sharpening your blade, and actually results in less waste since you just need to swap out the blade itself rather than throwing the entire knife away. The detachable blade design also makes the Thunder TSA-friendly, allowing you to simply ditch the blade (or pack it separately) and travel with just the handle in your carry-on luggage or on your person.

The CKB-2 blade is an absolute monster, working phenomenally well with its scalpel-style design and long edge to get you out of sticky situations. The tactical blade works well in emergency situations but serves remarkably in regular outdoor and indoor use too. Use it to cut wood, slice and dice food, open boxes, or even envelopes. Manufactured by Olfa, the blades come made from high-quality stainless steel, and are known for their edge retention, corrosion resistance, and versatility, making them a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and survivalists.

The Thunder measures 4.48 inches long when closed, opening to a 6.8-inch knife that’s easy to grip thanks to that full-size ergonomic ambidextrous handle. It even comes with an ambidextrous deep pocket clip that you can attach on either side, or remove entirely too. A lanyard hole on the extreme end lets you string a cord or pass a keyring/carabiner through the Thunder, making it easy to carry around. The knife also sports 4 tritium slots (two in the handle, two in the blade holder) that let you mount glowing tritium sticks into it so that it’s easier to spot in the dark.

The Thunder Utility Knife starts at a respectable $149 (that’s 25% off its 199 MSRP), which is a steal considering its GR5 Titanium + Carbon Fiber make. For an extra $15, however, you can either get a custom engraving on the knife’s body, or have it PVD-coated matte black to make it look even more stealthy and deadly. The Thunder comes with one CKB-2 blade included, and for $25 the makers will ship you two spare blades. Deliveries for the Thunder begin as early as November 2023, with free global shipping.

Click Here to Buy Now: $149 $199 (25% off) Hurry! Only 4 Days Left!

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This Ingenious LEGO Chess Board folds into a Sculptural Tower when not in use

You could design a board game to be so compact that it folds into practical nothingness when not in use… or alternatively, you could turn it into an object of art that disguises the board game as home decor. Ferbrick1’s Tower Chess LEGO build takes the latter approach. The cleverly designed chess board morphs into a castle tower when not in use, storing the chess pieces in built-in racks, while the board wraps around to become the tower’s brick facade. Nobody would guess that an entire chess set is hidden underneath, but the minute you open the setup, it’s guaranteed to drop a few jaws and elicit some audible gasps!

Designer: Ferbrick1

An incredibly clever entry into the LEGO Ideas forum, this particular build comes from the mind of LEGO creator Ferbrick1. Designed to look like the tower of a castle or the ‘rook’ chess piece in the game, it fits all the players inside its hollow design and has the LEGO board wrapping around it to conceal the pieces. When you want to play a game, unwrap the board and lay it on a flat surface, before taking the pieces off their individual racks. Once a piece is killed off in the game, it can be placed back on that rack to keep the entire game organized.

The kit transforms into a standard chess board with 64 squares and 32 chess pieces

The Tower Chess Set’s beauty lies in its biggest constraint – it’s made ONLY out of LEGO bricks that have been assembled ‘legally’. That means no gluing pieces together, no wedging them into one another, and no using non-LEGO pieces to build the set. Ferbrick1 hasn’t fashioned us with any details about the number of pieces or the overall dimensions, but his entry into the LEGO Ideas forum does have over 6,000 votes from the LEGO community. If it does get to the coveted 10,000 mark, it’ll be reviewed by LEGO’s internal team before being turned into a retail box set. If you want to see that happen, I’d recommend giving the Tower Chess your vote!

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Meet the World’s First Terrarium that also works as a Tabletop Air-Purifier and Humidifier

While we’re taught that trees and forests are responsible for the bulk of the oxygen we breathe, nearly 30% of atmospheric oxygen comes from the humble moss –  a small, non-vascular plant found in damp or shady environments. Dubbed as nature’s greatest asset, moss is tiny yet incredibly effective at cleansing the air of toxins, increasing the air’s oxygen concentration, eliminating dust particles, and generating negative ions that are beneficial for human health. Dismissed as that green ‘gunk’ growing on tree barks and along parts of sidewalks, moss deserves much more credit than it gets… and now nature’s own air purifier finds itself in our homes thanks to Moss Air – a tabletop terrarium that uses living moss to purify the air we breathe, while also humidifying it.

Designer: Yoonsang Kim of Mosslab

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $99 (20% off). Raised over $550,000.

Moss Air combines nature and technology into a small tabletop purifier that’s as visually charming as it’s innovative. The front facade of the purifier features a living moss wall that constantly cleanses the air you breathe by trapping toxins, enriching it with oxygen, and eliminating dust and organic compounds. Behind this ‘living wall’ is the Moss Air’s water chamber, which feeds its humidifier. The humidifier turns the air into a delicate mist that interacts with the moss wall, creating a natural hourglass that’s just a pleasure to watch. Humidified air makes its way out of the top of the Moss Air, thanks to an outlet that you can either keep open, or close if you don’t want to run the humidifier function.

Moss, Green Lung of the Earth – Found in deep forests and greenery across the globe, this interesting plant has over 12,000 species and is known for its incredible capabilities.

Moss Air’s moss panel filters out fine dust and converts carbon dioxide into oxygen, providing a fresher and greener living environment.

Why Moss? It removes fine dust particles and has an incredible capacity to convert CO2 into oxygen much more efficiently than most types of trees.

Unlike most air purifiers that use HEPA filters, activated charcoal blocks, and UV chambers, the Moss Air taps into the most effective air purifier there is – nature. Moss Air’s moss filter is actually made up of living plants that are capable of surviving without being watered for months (so you don’t need to worry about having a green thumb). Quite like having a plant that you really don’t need to care about, the moss sustains itself, similar to a terrarium that can stay active without human intervention. Aside from being incredibly resilient, moss also does a much better job of oxygen production than most plants hundreds of times its size. Responsible for 30% of the world’s oxygen, you require only a small amount of moss to reduce atmospheric CO2 than actual trees. In fact, a 307 square meter patch of moss can remove an entire ton of atmospheric CO2 per year, as opposed to 3144 square meters of oak trees. Even though the Moss Air contains just a small patch of the plant, it’s enough to boost your living room’s oxygen levels, reduce the CO2 from ‘stale air’, trap dust, neutralize chemicals and VOCs, and release negative ions that help our body the way a walk in the park does. Moreover, the moss lends a certain ‘forest-y’ smell to your living space, bringing the outdoors to you.

The panel of moss sits encased within a rather alluring zen-worthy chamber. Equipped with an LED backlight that gives the entire tabletop purifier a wonderful ambient character, the Moss Air provides joy on a multi-sensorial level. It’s beautiful to look at, imparts a wonderful smell, and has your skin feeling great thanks to the humidifier built into the device.

The magnetic ball at the top of Moss Air acts as a mechanism for mode switching. Simply roll the magnetic ball across the top of the device to open and close the humidifier hole.

Humidifier Mode – Ball in rest position.

Terrarium Mode – Ball covering humidity opening.

The Moss Air can be used in two modes – a Terrarium Mode and a Humidifier Mode. A magnetized ball-bearing on top lets you switch between modes, providing an interactive element that adds to the product’s ‘joy quotient’. In Terrarium Mode, the metal ball blocks the Moss Air’s humidifier outlet, allowing the purifier to generate mist within itself. The mist helps enrich and hydrate the moss, keeping it alive and healthy. Flip the ball over and the Moss Air enters Humidifier Mode, and the mist emanates into your room, humidifying your air and preventing your skin and hair from feeling dry. The humidified air also has added benefits, like helping alleviate allergies and respiratory problems, fighting germs, easing sinus problems, and even reducing snoring caused by a dry throat.

Maintenance is a ‘breeze’ with the Moss Air. In Terrarium Mode, the misted ‘breeze’ created within the inner chamber keeps the moss alive without any external effort. If you’ve kept your Moss Air device turned off for too long, all you need to do is either switch it on or spritz the moss with a spray bottle filled with water. The moss can survive half a year without being watered, and when introduced to water, it comes back to life. The folks at Mosslab claim that a healthy moss panel can survive for up to 30 years, outliving pretty much any other house plant you might have with 1% of the effort!

The Moss Filter panel is super simple to change if needed. Simply press the two side tabs in, pop out, and press the new one in place until it clicks.

Each Moss Air also comes with a 400ml water chamber at the back, which can easily be refilled by simply running under a tap. The water in the chamber lasts for up to 10 hours, and a paper filter helps purify the water before it’s converted into vapor. Depending on the quality of your tap water, the paper filter can need replacing every 3-6 months, once you see signs of browning on the white paper. The moss panel itself can be replaced too, simply by plugging it out and swapping a new moss panel in. A built-in battery allows the Moss Air to run for 8 hours on a full charge, and a USB-C port lets you use your regular smartphone/gadget charger to recharge the Moss Air’s battery.

With up to 8 hours of battery life, Moss Air can be moved around the home with you.

Bring Nature with Moss

The Moss Air pretty much ticks all the boxes. It combines terra and technology wonderfully, giving you a tabletop appliance that’s compact, functional, easy to maintain, and gorgeous to look at. The moss looks almost like a forest observed from the top, with the plant’s tiny stems looking like individual coniferous trees. The LED mood light just brings an added appeal to it, allowing you to admire it even at night, and when used in the terrarium mode, the humid mist looks like the morning fog that envelops the forest every day as the sun rises! Aside from humidifying and purifying the air we breathe, the Moss Air also purifies on an emotional level by bringing us close to nature. Its zen design has an incredibly calming effect, making it much more enriching and endearing than any humidifier you’ve ever seen. Starting at just $79, the Moss Air is a perfect addition to your work table, kitchen counter, mantelpiece, or even your bookshelf, making for the most gorgeous book-end ever!

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $99 (20% off). Raised over $550,000.

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Twelve South unveils 3-in-1 MagSafe Charger that also supports the iPhone’s StandBy Mode

Although the most interesting iPhone feature to be announced at WWDC, it seems like the StandBy Mode‘s thunder was entirely stolen by the Vision Pro headset announcement. The StandBy Mode is Apple’s clever way of making the iPhone screen useful even when you’re not using it. Dock the iPhone horizontally on a MagSafe charger and the StandBy Mode screen kicks in, turning into a clock, calendar, or widget of your choice. The screen uses Apple’s always-on display technology, and since it needs to be plugged in to be active, it doesn’t affect your iPhone battery. The StandBy Mode was announced in June, but it gets its first proper third-party product in the form of Twelve South’s HiRise 3 Deluxe – a 3-in-1 charging stand that charges your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch simultaneously without occupying a lot of space on your nightstand.

Designer: Twelve South

The HiRise 3 Deluxe is MagSafe certified, capable of charging your iPhone at up to 15W. It offers a unique advantage with its adjustable MagSafe pad, allowing a 35-degree angle shift for optimal viewing. Unlike traditional side-by-side layouts, this charger adopts a front-to-back arrangement, saving crucial desk real estate for those cramped nightstands or cluttered work areas. Twelve South prides itself on a footprint smaller than an iPhone 14 Pro Max laid flat. Additionally, the Apple Watch charging spot can be angle-adjusted too, allowing you to charge the Watch laid down flat, or even sitting upright if your band doesn’t open like traditional straps.

Although almost any MagSafe charging stand would activate the iPhone’s StandBy Mode, Twelve South was quick to capitalize on the HiRise 3 Deluxe’s ability by pretty much showing it in action. Dock the iPhone in place and its StandBy Mode activates automatically. You can swipe through screens to choose different clock/calendar styles or even select your own cards/widgets to show up when you’re charging your phone. Conversely, if you just want to charge your phone without the ‘theatrics’, dock it in portrait mode and it charges normally.

Aside from its clever, compact design, the HiRise 3 Deluxe is also MFi-certified, which allows it to charge your devices at the highest speeds permissible. In that vein, the dock supplies your phone with 15W, while giving your AirPods 7.5W of power to juice them faster than most conventional wireless chargers. The convenience ultimately lies in the fact that one single dock takes care of all your devices using a single cable and a single power socket, saving space pretty much everywhere. I’d throw in an AirPower Mat joke here but given how classy and functional the HiRise 3 Deluxe is, I wouldn’t want to kick a trillion-dollar company when it’s down.

Available on both Twelve South’s as well as on Apple’s own website, the HiRise 3 Deluxe starts at $149.95 and only comes in black.

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The Perfect Playground: Miniature Cityscape-shaped Furniture Designed for Inquisitive Cats

Cats are perhaps the most adaptable creatures around. They’re perfectly independent in the wild, have the same survival instincts in the urban jungle, and even when kept indoors, are just as capable of figuring stuff out. A lot of that boils down to the cat being an innately curious, hands-on animal that isn’t afraid to say no to a new challenge. Designed for these cats, the Mocats Multifunctional Cat Furniture lets indoor cats have a taste of the outdoor world. Shaped like a city skyline, the adaptable, modular furniture gives cats their own buildings, apartments, and roofs to explore and conquer. The modular design allows cat-parents to build out the kind of toy that fits their space perfectly. Undulating rooftops add a wonderful touch to the home’s decor, while providing a uniquely intricate piece of furniture for your cat to explore and rest in.

Designer: La Jato del Gato

The brains behind Mocats are a pair of architects and devoted cat owners who understand the delicate balance between feline comfort and human aesthetics. Their inspiration stems from the idea of creating adaptable spaces that cater to the ever-changing needs of cats and their owners. In short, when your cats grow in size or in numbers (or even when they get bored of the old layout), the Mocats can be expanded or altered to keep your furry friends engaged. These cat-scale spaces are built on the principles of flexibility and growth, ensuring that your pet’s furniture evolves with them.

Mocats takes the interaction between humans and cats to a new level. The act of assembling each module and configuring various circuits becomes a bonding experience between human and cat. Owners are given the freedom to choose the pieces and configurations that suit their lifestyle, enhancing the connection between them and their feline companions.

At the heart of Mocats is its modular design, which allows your cat to scratch, climb, hide, observe, sleep, and play to their heart’s content. But it doesn’t stop there – these eco-friendly furniture pieces seamlessly integrate into your home’s decor, adapting to your lifestyle and available spaces. Crafted from cardboard and plywood, Mocats utilizes a manufacturing process that excludes toxic additives, only relying on traditional fixtures like dowels and washers, and ensuring the safety and well-being of your pets. Digital design programs and laser cutting technology are employed to create precise templates and components, bringing down production costs while making assembly a breeze.

The Mocats Multifunctional Cat Furniture is a Silver Winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2023.

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