The custom-made BMW R9T looks like a post-apocalyptic steampunk beauty!

It’s 2030, we’ve survived the pandemic, but at a cost. Society has collapsed, and we’ve gone from fighting over toilet paper to fighting over more valuable resources like food and water (sort of like Mad Max: Fury Road, but without any copyright infringements). Now imagine a fierce warrior speeding through modern-day ghost-town Los Angeles. He’s on an equally fierce-looking bike that’s some sort of salt-flats racer/Tron-bike hybrid. You look a little closer and you see the familiar white-blue circular logo with the letters BMW around it.

Now snap out of that apocalyptic dreamland I built and marvel the bike I’m talking about. Meet the BMW R9T, a one-off customized version of BMW’s new R18 cruiser, by the guys at Moscow-based Zillers Garage. It retains the R18’s internal build but comes with a redesigned outer body, made entirely from fabricated aluminum parts. The bike comes with a relatively closed design that integrates all its elements, from the headlight, all the way till the tail-light into a single unified mass with a naked metal finish that gives it its raw, post-apocalyptic appeal. It comes with a menacing HID lamp at the front, and a taillight mounted on a sliding rear that you can open to access the bike’s electricals. The bike’s dashboard gets integrated right into its fuel-tank, into displays that lie recessed into the bodywork in a way that’s clearly visible to the rider.

Move a little lower and you’ve got the original R18’s incredibly wide boxer engine that literally protrudes right out of the modified bike’s body-work. I’ll admit the engine’s width makes me worried about burning my shins, but it seems like something BMW would have already thought of. The bodywork by Zillers Garage gives volume to the bike, making the boxer engines look almost like the bike grew a pair of biceps. The R9T also doesn’t provide much in terms of ground clearance, but this bike’s more of a collector’s showpiece in my opinion, and an incredibly sexy one at that! Besides, post-apocalyptic Los Angeles seems a little far off anyway.

Designers: Zillers Garage, Mikhail Smolyanov & John Reed

You can attach this palm-sized self-watering herb planter to the side of your fridge!

I couldn’t possibly articulate it better than designers Arun and Karanvir, who call the Pico “the farm that fits in your palm”! It’s an elegant (and frankly accurate) way to describe this portable, self-watering planter that’s small enough to be attached to the side of your fridge for the freshest, healthiest produce ever.

The Pico is a tiny self-contained, self-watering planter with its own lighting unit that’s portable enough to be placed anywhere, from a kitchen countertop, to even mounted on a wall. Slightly smaller than an Amazon Echo, the Pico lets you access fresh herbs and produce faster than you can say “Hey Alexa”, because it’s designed to be your own personal kitchen garden!

The Pico planter is a smaller, more effective, and more convenient sibling of last year’s Herbstation, which led the movement to empower people to grow their own greens. Given that as much as 50% of your greens’ nutrition gets lost from the time it is harvested to the time it takes to reach your plate, and that you never really know where the produce you buy is actually coming from, Pico was designed let you grow your own greens in the freshest of conditions, without any chemicals or wastage, and for free! It’s tiny, portable, and frankly adorable design is reminiscent of a Tamagotchi, but here’s where things were designed to get easier. The Pico actually comes with its own sun-mimicking growth light and a self-watering reservoir, so you literally have to do the bare minimum of charging it and replenishing the water supply once every week and the plant practically grows itself.

Moreover, the Pico is designed to be convenient and portable. Why’s that important, you ask? Because most people don’t like the idea of a kitchen garden because it sounds ‘messy’. By being small, mess-free, and so convenient you could have multiple planters around your home, Pico takes the hassle out of growing your own herbs. It’s as small as a Smart-Speaker, which means you can place it on any desk or tabletop, and it also comes with a variety of attachments on the back, from magnets to wall-mount hooks, to even velcro, allowing you to stick the planter on your fridge, cupboard, wall, or even a soft-board. Moreover, the lighting unit comes with a telescopic attachment that you can expand as your plant continues to grow upwards!

Ultimately, Pico’s job is to make botany convenient and accessible. While the very idea of the Pico was to grow microgreens in your kitchen, you can use it to grow decorative flowers or even air-purifying plants. Its self-watering, self-lighting technology does the hard work for you, leaving you with the job of just admiring your plants as they grow on their own, and occasionally dipping in to grab a handful of the freshest herbs to garnish your food with!

Designer: Arun Raj

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Pico: A Garden in your Palm

Get plant parenting right with Pico – with telescopic LED grow lights, multiple mounts, and a self-watering system.

The Problem with Plants

While having plants is immensely rewarding—both mentally and physically—it is not always easy.

Pico – No More Guess Work!

Don’t worry about under-watering or overwatering. Don’t worry about them not getting enough sunlight or being too exposed. Be it edibles, succulents or ornamentals, Pico knows what your plants need.

This little thing.

Transforms into this.

And has some cool LED grow lights.

Sticks anywhere, waters itself and grows anything!

Pico Features

Your Personal Sun

Thanks to Pico’s multi-spectrum LED grow lights, giving your plant enough light isn’t a problem anymore.

Powered by high-performance power-efficient LEDs from OSRAM, Pico provides all the necessary wavelengths of light to replace the sun completely, and allow you to grow plants all year round.

These powerful LEDs are chosen to support a wide range of plants and each color wavelength stimulates a specific biological function in plants.

The LEDs are mounted on an easily-adjustable telescopic arm—because plants grow like crazy under our LEDs! Reminiscent of a vintage radio antenna, it grows alongside your plants. As they extend upwards towards the light, extend Pico by up to a foot in height.

The aluminum heatsink makes the LED module rigid and lightweight; it also helps the LED chips last longer through its excellent heat dissipation.

Self-watering System

Pico’s watering system makes sure your plants have as much water as they need—no more, no less—to sustain their health and beauty. All you need to do is pour water in once a week.

Like the roots of your plants pulling water through the soil towards them, through capillary action, Pico wicks the water from the reservoir into the soil. As your plants soak up the water, Pico just feeds them more. This ensures that they never dry out or are left to rot in too much water.

Employing just capillary action and gravity, this design does not require any power supply or involve a motor or pumps.

Place Your Plants Anywhere

With 3 interchangeable mounts (magnetic, velcro and wall mount), you can grow anywhere.

With its USB Type-C ports on both sides, you can chain multiple Picos together and build yourself an indoor jungle! Just connect cables to either side, and each Pico will accept and pass-through power to the next one.

Grow Anything You Like

With Pico, they made sure to get all variables just right, so you can grow your favorite herbs at home without a hassle.

Available in Tangy orange, Oh-so-lemon and Krispy mint.

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $45 (35% off). Hurry, only 1/280 left! Raised over $70,000.

The Pokket Mixer lets you bust out DJ sets using two phones and a music app

The Pokket Mixer lets you do three things that seem pretty valuable during a lockdown. A. It lets you hone a new skill, B. it keeps you entertained, and C. it lets you create some banging DJ sets to help entertain your friends and family. Designed to be as small and as portable as your smartphone, the $99 Pokket Mixer is quite literally a 2-way mixer that lets you connect to two playback devices and mix audio between them. You could plug in practically anything, from record players to smartphones, iPods, iPads, laptops, or even your smart speakers if you’re up for the challenge! The mixer features basic equalizer controls for 2 decks, a crossfader to switch between decks, a master volume knob, 2 aux inputs for your music devices and 2 aux outputs… one for a pair of headphones (so you have more control over your mix), and another for routing to an amplifier so your entire apartment can rave it out, or a laptop/phone so you can stream your mix to a live audience! It’s a simple, bare-basics device that’s great for beginners or even for professionals who want to carry their mixing capabilities in their pocket, and at $99, it’s arguably as cheap as a pro-deejaying app on the App Store!

Designer: Uncommon Goods

This concept Porsche was designed to be the last car you’d ever need to buy

The brief behind Ilya Zakharov’s Porsche Exclusive GT is simple. Make the car less of an impulse buy and more of a consciously purchased product you’ll own and cherish forever. The car is beautiful, no doubt, but its beauty is backed by the fact that Zakharov hopes it’ll serve a lifetime – with insides that are built to last years without going obsolete, and with an outer aesthetic that looks so cutting edge, it won’t ever age.

The Porsche Exclusive GT started as Zakharov’s MA Thesis project and gradually evolved into one of the most futuristic Porsche designs I’ve seen in a while. The Exclusive GT ups the aggression with its sinewy, muscular form that’s visible around the wheels with elevated fenders and rear quarter panels that almost make it look like the car’s crouching. Given that the car’s required to deliver a lifetime of peak performance, the Exclusive GT comes with exaggerated air intakes around the front that result in floating headlights… a detail that slightly resembles Porsche’s Mission E, but with a more dominating presence. The design extends to the back too, with a linear tail-light surrounded by a set of outlets for the air to pass through as the Exclusive GT cuts through time and space. The car sports a carbon-fiber body (you’ll notice the texture in the render right away), which probably indicates at a future where the composite material’s more widely present, along with rear-facing cameras for side-mirrors, another future-friendly detail. It’s safe to assume that the Porsche Exclusive GT concept is electric too, following the Taycan, and seats up to 4 people in its relatively small, yet extremely captivating design.

Designer: Ilya Zakharov

Why lust after an AirPower mat when this flexible device lets you charge and dock all your devices

Rumor has it that the AirPower mat, which Apple suddenly and surreptitiously axed behind closed doors, isn’t quite dead yet. The company is reportedly working on a smaller wireless charging mat, but until Tim steps up on stage (or in front of a video camera) and makes the announcement, let’s just re-evaluate our alternatives… like this 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Mat which works as an angled dock for your devices too.

The 3-in-1 mat is named for its ability to charge 3 devices at once. The foldable mat also flips open into an angled stand, becoming an easel for your devices. A three-pronged LED indicator on top points at three separate charging zones where you can place your devices. You can either charge your phone in portrait or in landscape, although the former frees up space at the bottom for a pair of AirPods. The mat even comes with a dedicated charging zone on the top right for your Apple Watch, allowing you to even secure it in place using a cutout at the base to slide your band through. All in all, the charger is as flat as an AirPower mat and can handle as many devices, but it’s much more versatile, allowing you to not just charge your devices but dock them too in a way that makes them easier to view while kept on a desk or bedside table. ‘Classy’, as Jim Halpert would say.

The 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Mat is a winner of the iF Design Award for the year 2020.

Designer: Shenzhen Renqing Excellent Technology Co., Ltd.

This series of sheet-metal lamps look like Suprematist hanging planters

With the allure and appearance of minimal greenery (for the lack of a better term), Katerina Sokolova’s Suprematic lamps for NOOM brighten the home, quite literally, if I may add! The 3-part lamps come fabricated from powder-coated sheet metal and metallic pipe cross-sections, and can be simply assembled by fitting them together using interlocking cutouts.

The lamps cast a warm, downward light that takes on a diffused greenish glow, thanks to Suprematic’s powder-coated color-palette, both illuminating spaces as well as creating a sense of calm, not too different from the calm associated with having plants around you… because the Suprematic does look like an abstract, suprematist Bauhaus take on a planter with plants!

Designer: Kateryna Sokolova for NOOM

The MagRig gives you a MagSafe connector for all your USB-C devices

It’s not that Apple doesn’t want us to have good things but let’s face it, the iPhone doesn’t have a headphone jack anymore, the MacBook keyboards are some of the worst in the industry, and that beautiful MagSafe connector that made charging laptops an absolute breeze, well, Apple took it away too. The MagRig, however, is bringing back one of those fond features.

Modeled on the concept of the MagSafe charger, the MagRig works with all Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C devices, which means not only does it bring the magnetic charging port back to the MacBook, it also works with the iPad Pro, most Android phones, the Nintendo Switch, and any device that use a Type-C connector. The two-part adapter attaches itself to both the port as well as the jack, giving you the satisfying magnetic click whenever you plug a device in. The magnetic connection even helps prevent damage caused by accidental cable-tugs. Instead of your phone, iPad, or laptop flying right off the table because your dog snagged the wire while running around the house, the MagRig detaches with graceful choreography, keeping your gadgets safe from physical damage.

The MagRig extends its MagSafe-style abilities to all devices, supporting power delivery of up to 100W (enough to comfortably charge your laptop) as well as data transfer in keeping with Thunderbolt 3 standards – which roughly translates to being able to support 6K video transfer, and data up to breakneck speeds of 40Gb/s. Two neodymium rare-earth magnets secure the magnetic connection, and are strong enough to accommodate a tilt of as much as 9° without disrupting the connection. The MagRig’s male connector unit comes with an incredibly slim design, allowing it to permanently attach to phones or tablets, even ones with cases. The female connector instantly plugs in without any effort, lighting up with a single white LED to indicate a positive connection. In every way, the MagRig brings back the brilliant UX of one of Apple’s most loved technologies… however, with universal support for USB-C and Thunderbolt devices, and with the ability to perform power as well as data delivery, the MagRig does much more than the MagSafe could ever do!

Designer: MagRig Design

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MagRig – Thunderbolt 3 Magnetic USB-C Adapter for Macs & iPad Pro

The MagRig Adapter not only brings back the MagSafe feature that Apple discontinued, but by adding Thunderbolt 3-enabled, 40 Gb/s, 6K display and 100W power delivery, it far exceeds the original MagSafe.

The MagRig Adapter consists of two parts – the magnetic USB-C male tip and the magnetic USB-C female adapter – which is an ideal combination of magnetic connection and Thunderbolt 3. The detachable magnetic tip easily fits virtually any USB-C device.

To connect, simply snap the cable with the magnetic adapter to the magnetic receiver tip. It also effortlessly and safely disconnects when the cable is pulled away from the adapter, just like MagSafe.

Who Needs MagRig

Your workflows are amazingly being speeded up MagRig. Perfect for designer, video producer, video gamer, photographer, coder, editor, social media influencer and MagSafe lover.

Why MagRig

Benefits of MagRig

Safer. Save your precious devices from unintended yank, avoidable dust, normal wear and tear, and electric surge.

Faster. But connecting magnetically isn’t all. Transferring data at speeds of up to 40Gb/s with one Thunderbolt 3 cable, Magrig Adapter delivers the fastest connection to any dock, display or device. Simply snap it on and speed away.

Stronger. It’s capable of transferring up to 100 watts of power, so two Magrig Adapters with one single cable can be used to connect to a dock or display and charge your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air simultaneously. No power drains at all!

Bigger. A Mac with Thunderbolt 3 supports up to four 4K displays or two 6K displays, which means more productivity for content creators. MagRig Adapter supports a wider range of compatible displays, from 4K to 6K, compared to other existing magnetic chargers.

MagRig Adapter Design

Improvement #1: Two Same Magnets Magnify the Attraction. The same structure embedded in each of two magnets doubles the magnetic forces, which makes Magrig Adapter the strongest magnetic adapter on the market. And they’re chrome-plated so they can withstand impacts and drops.

Improvement #2: Two Types of Pogo Pins for Steady Connection. The team designed two types of pogo pins for the reliability of the connection. The design amazingly allows for ±9 degrees of angle for the female adapter to ensure reliable connection against unintended tilt. They call it SteadyConnect™.

Improvement #3: Four Ribs & Four Grooves for Safety Mechanism. 4ribs and 4 grooves are designed relatively on the mounts to physically isolate two rows of contact pins, which practically eliminates the possibility of short-circuit and enables auto alignment between the male tip and female adapters when approaching.

Specs & Tests

– Size & weight: Magrig USB-C tip: 6.38 x 16.06 x 11.7 mm, 2.6g; Magrig USB-C adapter: 7.6 x 17.28 x 21.11 mm, 5.4g
– Rate of magnet: N52 (Neodymium magnet Grade 52, 2 pieces)
– Power delivery: up to 20V 5A, 100W
– Data transfer: up to 40Gb/s
– Color options: silver, space grey
– Tested compatible devices: Mac with Thunderbolt 3, HyperDrive Hub, Thunderbolt 3 passive/active cable, USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 cable, LG Ultrafine 4K & 5K Displays, Samsung Thunderbolt 3 SSD, iPad Pro 11-inch & 12.9-inch, Nintendo Switch, StarTech DP to Thunderbolt 3 adapter, Mophie Powerstation USB-C XXL, OWC Thunderbolt 3 SSD enclosure.

Tested output of the combination:

– Apple USB-C power cord / charge cable — Charge only
– Thunderbolt 3 active cable (certified only) — Charge, data transfer up to 40 Gb/s
– Thunderbolt 3 passive cable (shorter than 0.7m / 2.3ft) — Charge, data transfer up to 40 Gb/s
– USB-C cable with USB 3.1 Gen 2 — Charge, data transfer up to 10 Gb/s
– USB-C cable with USB 3.1 Gen 1 (USB 3.0) — Charge, data transfer up to 5 Gb/s
– USB-C cable with PD protocol (USB 2.0) — Charge, data transfer up to 5 Gb/s


Apple MacBook Pro
+ LG UltraFine 5K Display
+ Magrig Adapter


Apple MacBook Pro
+ HyperDrive (Thunderbolt 3-enabled)
+ LG UltraFine 5K Display
+ Magrig Adapter


Apple MacBook Pro
+ Samsung Thunderbolt 3 SSD X5
+ LG UltraFine 5K Display
+ 2× Magrig Adapter


Apple MacBook Pro
+ LG UltraFine 5K Display
+ Power-Z USB-C Tester
+ Magrig Adapter


Apple iPad Pro
+ LG UltraFine 5K Display
+ Magrig Thunderbolt 3 Cable (0.7m / 2.3ft)
+ Magrig Adapter


Apple MacBook Pro
+ Apple Power Adapter 87W for MacBook Pro
+ Samsung Thunderbolt 3 SSD X5
+ Power-Z USB-C Tester
+ Magrig Thunderbolt 3 Cable (0.7m /2.3ft)
+ 3× Magrig Adapter


Apple MacBook Pro
+ Mophie Powerstation XXL
+ Samsung Thunderbolt 3 SSD X5
+ Power-Z USB-C Tester
+ Magrig Thunderbolt 3 Cable (0.7m / 2.3ft)
+ 3× Magrig Adapter

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This work-desk can turn into a double bed when you’re sharing a space

Kerstin Pfleger’s multifunctional furniture shape-shifts to accommodate a work-from-home lifestyle. By day, it’s a desk-space for work, and by night, it transforms into a bed for two. How does it do it? By using a clever set of mechanisms that compress the bed right into the desk’s storage units!

Titled the Work/Sleep Balance, this morphing piece of home decor is ideal for tiny apartments, serving two purposes within a small footprint. The desk top is large enough to accommodate most of your work accouterments, while the cabinet on the side features a collapsible tri-axial bed frame that opens up to become a base for the mattress, which rolls right up and slides into a compartment in the desk’s back. The transformation takes around 2-3 minutes, allowing you to efficiently use your space to work during the day, and catch some shut-eye during the night!

Designer: Kerstin Pfleger

This innovative curvy stand for the MacBook cantilevers it beautifully, like the new iPad Pro

If you own a laptop and an external display, here’s a fun observation game you can play. Keep both of them side by side and compare the angle at which your neck bends when looking at the display on a laptop, versus an external display. Most external displays come with an elevation that’s factored in especially for ergonomic reasons, something that the laptop doesn’t have, because it’s attached to a keyboard that needs to maintain a relatively lower elevation for easy hand accessibility. That difference in height amounts to approximately 10° in your neck’s angle, which doesn’t sound like much, but it’s enough to cause neck aches over prolonged hours.

So what’s the solution? A more expensive one would be to buy an external display and hook it to your laptop, a more sensible one would be to just elevate your laptop and use a regular wireless keyboard. Twelve South’s Curve is all about the latter. In fact, they have gone a step further and introduced a Matte White version – Curve SE – that perfectly matches clean modern office spaces and white desktops.

With minimal material and maximal robustness, the Curve SE elevates your laptop 6.5 inches of your desk, allowing your neck to rest at a much more comfortable angle. Made from a single curved piece of anodized aluminum, the Curve SE’s clean design complements your MacBook perfectly although it works universally with all laptops. Silicone grips ensure your expensive machine is held well in place so any accidental nudges don’t knock it over.

The Curve SE’s elevated (in the literal sense) sense of design even helps keep your laptop ventilated, promoting proper air flow so your machine doesn’t heat up. In the event that it does, though, I imagine the metal body serves as some sort of heat-sink to help dissipate heat and cool your machine down faster. That’s speculation on my end… although the fact that it’s sure to make working on your laptop less of a pain in the neck, that’s guaranteed!

Designer: Twelve South

Click Here to Buy Now: $49.99 $59.99 ($10 off) and Free U.S. Shipping! Hurry, for a limited time only!

Curve SE Lifts Your MacBook While Elevating Your Desktop Style

With MacBook accessories, design matters and that’s why you should place it on top of Curve SE. With its beautiful matte finish and improved ergonomic design, it is the ultimate partnership of style and functionality.

Place alongside an external display to create the perfect dual-screen setup.

Elevates your screen to a healthier, more comfortable ergonomic height.

Matte White for Your Inner Minimalist

White blends nicely into beautiful modern workspaces and clean white desktops. Since your white desk will likely outlast your favorite color notebook, doesn’t it make sense to own a stand to match the environment it lives in?

Curve SE also complements your Magic Mouse, Power Adapter, cables and the keys on your Magic keyboard.

Ergonomics 101

Curve SE helps prevent pain by elevating your MacBook screen an ergonomic standard 6.5 inches off your desk. When you sit up straight and look directly at your screen, you’ll feel less tension in your neck and shoulders, allowing the ideas to flow out of you. The way it should be.

Solid, One-piece Design

Curve SE has two slender arms that allow maximum airflow and easily support today’s ultra-light MacBooks. Plus, Curve lets you freely open and close your MacBook without the hinge getting hung up like it does on flat, old stands.

Curve SE is made of metal accented with non-slip silicone grips on the bottom and arms. The curved one-piece design has no extra parts, which means there’s nothing to lose, fall off or break.

Click Here to Buy Now: $49.99 $59.99 ($10 off) and Free U.S. Shipping! Hurry, for a limited time only!

Polaroid’s new $99 instant camera comes with autofocus and dual-exposure

Meet the Polaroid Now, an instant camera which, as its name rightfully suggests, wants you to live in the moments you capture. Designed around its i-Type film technology, the Polaroid Now is a simple, easy-to-use $99 instant camera that’s all about clicking great pictures. The Polaroid Now comes with an autofocus feature that allows it to automatically adjust between a 35mm and 40mm lens to capture your subject with great detail, be it a portrait or a landscape shot. It also has an adaptive flash that adjusts the flash hue based on the lighting of your scene. With a large, red camera trigger button on the front, all it takes for you to capture a great photo is to look into the viewfinder and click your picture when you’re ready. The Polaroid Now even comes with a double-exposure feature, allowing you to click trippy, artistic photos that print right out onto its i-Type film. Pretty impressive for a $99 camera!

Designer: Polaroid