Snapmaker Artisan can expertly 3D print, laser cut, and CNC carve, all in one consumer-friendly machine

Meet the Artisan, a one-of-a-kind 3D printer that builds on Snapmaker’s modular architecture but pushes the limit on what a single machine can do. With a simple swap of modules, the Artisan can alternate between dual-extrusion 3D printing, 10W laser cutting/engraving, and 200W CNC carving/cutting. Occupying just a little more space than your regular desktop 3D printer, the Snapmaker Artisan turns your tabletop into a fab-lab that’s perfect for hobbyists and creators, design studios, and even engineering prototype requirements.

Designer: Snapmaker

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Designed as a successor to the Snapmaker 2.0 (which holds multiple design/tech awards and the title of the most crowd-funded 3D printer on Kickstarter in 2019), the Artisan, which is available for pre-order starting today (August 9th), pushes the limits of what a modular fabrication station can do. It sports up to a 400mm x 400mm x 400mm work area that isn’t limited to just 3D printing, because just like the Snapmaker 2.0, the Artisan comes with swappable modules that also let you perform CNC-machining and laser-cutting operations. As a result, you can push the boundaries and prototype/print much larger items like a full-face helmet or a kid’s stool without worrying about any sizing constraints. This is more than your regular desktop printer could ever achieve – not to mention the Artisan can CNC cut/carve and laser cut too.

As an upgrade to its predecessor, the Artisan uses industrial-grade linear modules that are machined on the micron-level for a kind of accuracy, stability, and rigidity that even the Snapmaker 2.0 can’t match. This means much more reliable prints and carvings with minimum inaccuracies.

300ºC Dual Extrusion 3D Printing

The Artisan isn’t just more precise, it’s also more powerful. For starters, the 3D printing module comes with dual extrusion nozzles and the ability to heat filaments up to 300°C. While extruding in two materials unlocks a wide range of design possibilities, the Artisan’s dual-extrusion 3D printing module now also supports PVA, HIPS, and other dissolvable materials, letting you go beyond just ‘breakable support structures’ and actually print supports that can dissolve to give you perfect prints every time. Moreover, the modularity extends within the 3D printing module too, as the Artisan for the first time lets you swap out hot-ends based on the filament and the nozzle-size requirement. The company also allows you to purchase more customized hot ends with nozzle diameters from 0.2 to 0.8 mm, and hardened steel nozzle which enables you to print PA, PA-CF, and PA-GF. Snapmaker’s Luban firmware can even detect nozzle sizes and types, speeding up your workflow so you spend less time configuring and more time creating.

10W Laser Engraving & Cutting

From soft materials like leather and fabrics to hard ones like rocks and metal, they can all be your canvas.

The other modules get massive upgrades too, with the Artisan’s 10W laser module being nearly 7 times more powerful than the 1600mW (or 1.6W) module found on the Snapmaker 2.0. Thanks to built-in Laser Beam Splitters and beam shaping optics, the laser module features an ultra-fine laser focus (0.05 mm × 0.2 mm) that, combined with the 10W output results in faster and deeper cutting on a wider range of materials.

200W CNC Carving & Cutting

You can now choose from a wider variety of materials for CNC as well.

However, if the laser module doesn’t quite cut deep enough for you, all you need to do is plug it out and snap the CNC module in, which comes with a 200W output (that’s 4x higher than the Snapmaker 2.0’s 50W CNC module). This effectively allows the Artisan’s spindle to spin at a dizzying 18,000 RPM, letting you work with more materials than before while also pushing your Artisan to complete jobs faster. Moreover, the Artisan’s ‘quick-swap’ platforms and toolheads allow users to shift between three functions in just under a minute.

Two other aspects of the Artisan that give it an edge over the Snapmaker 2.0 are its enclosure, for helping provide a layer of safety to both the machine and the user during its run-time. The enclosure also helps with ensuring 3D prints are accurate by preventing drafts of wind that may end up cooling the filament down too fast and causing surface imperfections.

Ultra-wide 7″ Touchscreen

The Artisan also comes with its own dedicated control unit which sports a large 7″ touchscreen running the company’s free, open-source CAM software. Together, all these components set the Artisan apart, making it a unique combination of user-friendly as well as state-of-the-art so no matter whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, you can expect the best results out of your Artisan. YD readers can grab their own Snapmaker Artisan for a discounted $2799 USD, which definitely is on the higher end of the spectrum… but think about how much it would cost to buy a 3D printer, a CNC machine, and a laser-cutter separately! The Snapmaker Artisan ships globally with free shipping and comes with a minimum 1-year warranty that can be extended.

Click Here to Buy Now: $2799 $2999 ($200 off and free shipping). Hurry, for a limited time only!

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Elegant tabletop waste disposal system turns all your food-waste into nutrient-rich compost

Like a high-end trash-can designed to sit on your kitchen countertop, the Cavdle WasteCycler offers a much better alternative to using your kitchen sink’s garbage disposer. The entirely concealed unit creates the perfect conditions to turn any sort of food waste into rich compost, from food scraps and peels to even bones, cartons, and biodegradable plastics. Moreover, the Cavdle WasteCycler’s built-in air purification system even eliminates the stink, allowing food to break down into nutrient-dense fertilizer without that weird funky garbage odor.

Working both as a garbage disposal system and a compost generator, the Cavdle WasteCycler isn’t the kind of device you’d hide away in the shed. Its cutting-edge design borrows from the aesthetic seen on washing machines, with a clear tinted lid that lets you see the Cavdle WasteCycler go to work at your food waste, breaking it down rapidly using aerobic decomposition. The Cavdle WasteCycler relies on 5 parameters to help turn organic substances into compost – Time, Humidity, Temperature, Dry Organics, and Oxygen. It then goes to work, creating compost without the smell, the mess, or even the sound. Operating at just under 35 decibels, the Cavdle WasteCycler grinds down your food waste while heating it up to the exact temperature needed to help good bacteria thrive while killing off the bad bacteria. At the end of the day, you’re left with a natural fertilizer that you can then use to nourish your plants, while resting assured that your food waste isn’t going into a landfill where it generates methane and contributes to global warming.

Designer: Laekerrt Official

Click Here to Buy Now: $269 $499 (46% off) Hurry! Only 40 hours left!

Standing at a little over 12 inches tall, the Cavdle WasteCycler is a sleek device large enough to sit on any kitchen countertop. With an internal basket that can hold up to 2 liters of waste at a time, the kitchen gadget comes with a transparent-window lid that lets you see how full-empty your device is, and tilts forward at a slight angle to not just enable visibility and accessibility, but also to let gravity and the rotating blades work in unison so that the Cavdle WasteCycler can effectively grind all your waste without missing anything.

The Cavdle WasteCycler comes with an internal basket that can hold up to 2 liters of organic matter. You can access the basket by simply twisting to open the clear lid, adding the waste, and twisting the lid shut back again. A simple UI comprising 4 buttons and an LCD display let you operate the Cavdle WasteCycler, telling it how much waste is on the inside, and choosing its run time. You can rapidly process your waste using the Quick mode in under 2 hours, or go for the Standard 4-hour mode that works even with biodegradable plastics. A third Ferment mode lets you customize your cycle to take a longer time while consuming lesser energy.

The Cavdle WasteCycler’s blades rotate to grind your waste into a pulp that helps speed up the decomposition process. An intelligent thermal system heats up the inner basket to high temperatures that allow the good bacteria (mesophile) to thrive and break down sugars and proteins, while killing bad pathogenic bacteria and insect eggs. A dual-cartridge filtration system introduces oxygen into the chamber, enabling what’s called aerobic decomposition, and the gases emitted from the decomposition process are further filtered to ensure that the Cavdle WasteCycler emits absolutely no odors.

In just about 2 hours of operation, the Cavdle WasteCycler can reduce 2 litres of waste down by as much as 90%, turning it into compost that you can either use in your own garden, or dispose of for a lower price given the massive volume reduction. Alternatively, you can even sell the compost at farmer’s markets, earning a quick buck out of what essentially was once waste. The Cavdle WasteCycler isn’t just easy to use, it’s easy to maintain too. It consumes roughly 0.7kWh of energy per cycle, using about as much as a lawnmower does in 2 hours of use, and the Cavdle WasteCycler’s internal basket can be removed for periodic cleaning – either under the kitchen sink or even inside your dishwasher!

Available for a discounted price of $269, the Cavdle WasteCycler comes with a 1-year warranty and begins shipping in October 2022.

Click Here to Buy Now: $269 $499 (46% off) Hurry! Only 40 hours left!

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This vlogger’s camera comes with DSLR-like features packed into a self-recording-friendly format

Take a look at any professional camera and its design has a certain logic to it. Especially if you look at the heavier DSLRs, they’re made to be ergonomic and held a certain way. You can’t hold a DSLR with your left hand, the grip’s made in a way that only promotes right-handed usage. Similarly, not all cameras come with screens that pivot 180° to face forwards. In short, a DSLR or Mirrorless camera is made to record other subjects, not yourself. In comes the VoCam concept to change that.

A winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award, VoCam explores a vlogger-specific camera style that enables self-recording among other recording styles. The three key areas where the camera truly shines is A. in its orientation-agnostic form that can be held in portrait and landscape formats for the recording style and social media outlet of your choosing, B. the adjustable screen that faces all the way forward so you can record yourself as effortlessly as you would on a smartphone, and C. the grip on the side that opens up into a pop-out handle/grip for carrying your camera while walking and recording. The camera is also pretty much designed to be an expert kit right out of the box. It doesn’t need extra lenses or additional accessories like tripods. Sure, you can upgrade your camera with USB storage, gimbals, etc., but the VoCam is designed to be as capable as possible with minimal upgrading required!

Designer: Fan Chenchen

The VoCam’s design comes from China-based designer Fan Chenchen, with inspirations that clearly feel like a hat-tip to Polaroid’s fun, young-demographic-friendly style. It features an f1.8 lens on the front that seems to be the exact same one found on the Sony RX100, and if we’re going by that reference, the VoCam also probably has a massive 20.2MP 1-inch CMOS sensor underneath, allowing for high amounts of light capture that is perfect for shooting in all kinds of light.

What’s really remarkable about the VoCam is that it isn’t just a camera. It’s a full-fledged recording station that has the best of all worlds. The lens, like I mentioned earlier, is top-notch, but the camera also comes with a 180° adjustable screen that lets you record others as well as yourself. There’s a rather large pop-out flashlight on one side of the camera that can be made to face any which way, and on the other side, right underneath the detachable grip is an adjustable boom mic of sorts, giving you the ability to record videos with stellar audio to match.

To keep the purists happy, however, the VoCam has a tripod mount located on its side (visible through the hollow part of the flashlight). It also has an SD card slot and a USB-C port to keep the camera charged.

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There’s now an official Wordle board game that you can buy to spice up your house parties!

While the app may have gotten acquired and somewhat died down in initial wild popularity, the WORDLE board game provides the same thrill as its virtual counterpart… however, it takes the solo game and turns it into a fast-paced and fun game for 2-4 players! Here’s the best part – you can play it as many times as you want without having to wait 24 hours for the levels to reset!

Designer: Hasbro

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If you haven’t been consumed by Wordle’s craze in the first half of 2021 (probably because you were living under a large boulder), here’s how it’s played. You’re given 6 tries to guess the 5-lettered Wordle of the day. You start completely clueless, and with each subsequent guess, you’re given clues about what the word can be. When your word features yellow highlighted letters, it means you’ve got the characters right, but in the wrong order. A green highlight confirms the right character in the right place. Characters (like vowels) can be repeated, so that’s something to remember. The idea is to guess the word before you exhaust your 6 tries.

The board game works the same way, although it requires one player to provide the Wordle while the others guess it. Answers are recorded on a dry-erase card with a whiteboard marker, and translucent yellow and green tiles are awarded to players based on their guesses. Each player also gets a paper shield to prevent others from cheating.

A unique characteristic of the Wordle app was the fact that it could only be played once a day. Each day revealed a new ‘Wordle of the day’, and everyone guessed it without cheating by looking up the answer on the internet. You could even share your score with people via social media by broadcasting the yellow and green square grid (the more green and the lesser rows, the better).

The board game doesn’t let you gloat online the way the app does, but it DOES let you play as many times as you want! Supporting as many as 4 players, each can take turns deciding the Wordle for that specific round, while others guess away. Player scores are recorded on a score card, and the player with the highest score gets bragging rights for being the undisputed Wordle champ!

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Located near the sea, this conch shell-inspired theater is an instant city landmark

Just imagine watching Finding Nemo or The Little Mermaid there!

Designed to proudly sit on the coast of the port city of Qingdao, the Show Theater’s conch shape is a hat-tip to the city’s marine-rich culture. It also sits right beside the Grand Theater, which has a more subtle design language, creating a kind of contrast that’s wonderful to look at. “In history, Qingdao was the hometown of Dongyi’s marine civilization, the important place of the Nation of Sea King in the Spring and Autumn Period, and one of the earliest prosperous places on the Maritime Silk Road”, mentions designer Shanxing Gao. The Show Theater follows the government’s attempts to revitalize the city and restore it to its original glory.

Designer: Shanxing Gao

A winner of the A’ Design Award, the Show Theater explores parametric architecture with a strong marine theme. The entire outer facade has swirling elements, reminiscent of the spiral found on conch shells. This pairs rather wonderfully with the theater’s organic shape too, helping build a marine cultural brand and a famous coastal cultural tourism city. “A brand-new cultural, tourism and performing arts product not only enables citizens and tourists to feel the unique charm of the world’s top art performances but also better meets their strong demand for nightlife in the island city”, says Gao.

The Show Theater was completed on January 18, 2019, and officially inaugurated on April 29, 2019, in Qingdao.

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Handheld garment steamer with an adjustable head lets you both steam coats and iron clothes

Looking sort of like something that would come from the mind of a Dyson design team, the Ranvoo Garment Steamer comes with a design that’s both compact and versatile, making it perfect for using both at home as well as on the go. Sort of assuming a flat-packed shape, the steamer fits well within any suitcase, and comes with a rotating head that lets you set it up for use.

The way you use the Ranvoo Garment Steamer is just about as simple as it gets. Just power the machine, fill the reservoir with water, and use the steaming head to un-wrinkle clothes. The rotating head can be used in any orientation, giving you the kind of coverage you need and allowing you to move the steamer in either vertical or horizontal orientations. Thanks to the marginally thicker handle (which houses the water reservoir), this gadget also has a much slimmer form factor, given that the electronics and water reservoir are elegantly separated.

Designer: Zhinan Huang

What really sets this particular appliance apart is its approach to visual aesthetics. Instead of taking on a more appliance-like appearance, the Ranvoo Garment Steamer ditches the plastic design for a more satin metal finish, with no ergonomic or organic curves. The steamer prioritizes straight lines for the handle, which immediately makes it look like it’s made from extruded machined aluminum, and the anodized colors on the steam head take on a metallic color too, almost reminiscent of the ones found on the iPhone – you’ve got midnight green, rose gold, and black!

The Ranvoo Garment Steamer is intuitive to use and comes with a single-button interface that allows you to switch it on or off. Your hand is never in contact with the steamer head, so there’s a lower likelihood of betting burnt, and at just 42mm thick, the steamer has the same form factor as a small book or novel, making it perfect to carry around wherever you go!

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This unique sand-filled heating pad can be wrapped anywhere around your body, and used for cooling too

Sweden-based Ergostone is taking soapstone, a mining by-product, and turning it into an ergonomic and sustainable wellness product.

Meet Ergostone, a heating pad that looks and feels nothing like the heating pads you’re used to. Instead of being filled with water, wheat, or gel the Ergostone is filled with a fine sand made from soapstone. Soapstone has unique thermal-retention properties, and is excavated in large amounts during mining activities. Ergostone simply turns that wasted mineral into a compress or pad that can be quickly heated in a microwave or normal oven, or cooled in a freezer. Suspended in a silicone sleeve, the Ergostone can then be placed on parts of your body or even wrapped around joints or limbs and used as either a hot or cold compress. Aside from providing relief through temperature, the pad also weighs roughly 4.4 lbs (2 kilograms) doubling up as a relaxation weight to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Designer: Ergostone

Click Here to Buy Now: $86 $145 (40% off). Hurry, only 29/50 left!

The Ergostone isn’t your average heating pad. In fact, it isn’t quite a pad either. With its organic shape inspired by a smooth beach pebble, the Ergostone has the unique ability to maneuver around your body and wrap around your limbs or drape over your shoulder, thigh, etc.

The flexible silicone sleeve and fine soapstone sand on the inside allow the Ergostone to take on any shape to provide comfort and support for long periods of time. The silicone sleeve itself helps comfortably disperse hot or cold temperatures while the soapstone’s thermal abilities allow it to work for long sessions. With its minimalist design that prioritizes the user experience over everything, the Ergostone is Scandinavian Design at its best!

Using the Ergostone is simple. It heats up quickly in the microwave or in a regular oven, or can alternatively be stashed in your freezer to cool it down. When heated up, the Ergostone works well for pain relief, cramps, muscle pulls, and general stiffness. In its cooled-down avatar, the Ergostone doubles as a cryotherapy device for swelling reduction or sports injuries. At 4.4 lbs, it can even be used as is for weight therapy or for weight training!

The Ergostone is designed and manufactured in Sweden using upcycled mining waste. Soapstone is often used to make utensils, working with properties comparable to cast iron. However, in excavating large soapstone rocks and boulders, a lot of the smaller pieces end up getting discarded as waste. Ergostone uses these tinier pieces, pulverizing them into a fine sand before filling them into durable, ergonomic sleeves made from petrol-free recyclable silicone. The Ergostone’s construction makes it practically last a lifetime, and the soapstone sand on the inside doesn’t lose its thermal properties over time, letting you benefit from the Ergostone for decades to come. Each Ergostone starts at a discounted price tag of $86, and promises the kind of versatility that you’d get from a heat pack and a cold pack combined!

Click Here to Buy Now: $86 $145 (40% off). Hurry, only 29/50 left!

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Philips Screeneo U4 Ultra Short Throw Projector turns your wall into a 120-inch cinema screen

Small box. Big picture. That’s pretty much all there is to say about the new Philips Screeneo U4 short-throw projector. The tiny shoebox-sized gadget sits against any wall, casting a stellar 120″ display on command. With a Full HD 1080p output, HDR10, 2.1 stereo speakers, and a remote control for navigating through your favorite titles, the Screeneo U4 is the closest you could possibly get to having your own personal cinema in your living room. The only thing missing from this equation is a tub of popcorn.

Designer: Philips

Click Here to Buy Now: $659 $1218 (45% off) Hurry! Only 7 days left!

Philips Screeneo U4 Ultra Short Throw Projector

Labeled as an Ultra Short Throw projector, the Screeneo U4 is designed to be placed near walls instead of away from it. With a casting ratio of 0.25:1, the Screeneo U4 can project a massive 80-inch display on a wall when kept just 12 inches away from it. This effectively provides two benefits – firstly, the projector can easily be connected to a nearby power outlet because it’s kept so close to the wall, and secondly, you never have to worry about people blocking the projector every time they stand up to go to the kitchen or grab another beer.

Philips Screeneo U4 Ultra Short Throw Projector

The Philips Screeneo U4 is the fourth version of the company’s ultra short throw projector line. In its smallest avatar yet, the gizmo measures a mere 8.8-inches long and weighs 3 pounds. However, it packs a fair punch in the projection department, with 1080p capabilities, automatic focusing and keystone, HDR10, and a respectable brightness of 400 lumens which should work rather well in a dark environment.

Philips Screeneo U4 Ultra Short Throw Projector

Philips Screeneo U4 Ultra Short Throw Projector

The Screeneo U4 comes with its own built-in 15W stereo speakers that give a television-like experience with audio coming from the source of the video (unlike projectors that need to be connected to independently located speakers). However, the U4 does sport Bluetooth 5.0 which lets you hook your earphones or wireless speakers to the projector for a much more customized experience, and there’s even a 3.5mm jack available if your home theater is much more traditional and wired.

Philips Screeneo U4 Ultra Short Throw Projector

The only conceivable disadvantage here is the lack of ‘smartness’. While it’s expected that most projectors today come with a built-in OS that supports your favorite streaming platforms, the U4 doesn’t quite have that. It does, however, let you plug a Chromecast/Fire Stick or input device via the HDMI port, or even via the USB-C port, and the U4 also has dual Bluetooth, which means you can use one Bluetooth channel for your speaker, and another Bluetooth channel to beam videos directly from a phone/tablet to the U4. You can then control playback via the remote control that comes along with your U4.

Philips Screeneo U4 Ultra Short Throw Projector

The Screeneo U4 is currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo – a route that Philips is currently testing to help develop new products and deliver them directly to enthusiasts. Before this, the company crowdfunded the Philips PicoPix Max – a 1080p pico projector. While there’s always an inherent risk with crowdfunding, one could argue that Philips has much more brand value than most campaign creators, so rest assured your money is in reliable hands. To sweeten the deal, however, Philips is offering a sizeable 45% discount to its backers by letting them procure the Screeneo U4 for a reduced price tag of $659 USD (€649 EUR). The Screeneo U4 comes with a 2-year warranty and begins shipping in October of 2022.

Philips Screeneo U4 Ultra Short Throw Projector

Click Here to Buy Now: $659 $1218 (45% off) Hurry! Only 7 days left!

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Traveling soon? This modular 40L travel backpack has individual storage solutions for every single item

It isn’t often that you see a backpack that has its own built-in laundry bag, or a backpack with dedicated, separate storage for your shoes as well as your laptop and charger, but the Tripper backpack isn’t the kind of backpack you see too often. After a two year hiatus, the world is slowly opening up to full-scale traveling again and the Tripper wants you to be as prepared as you can be.

Designers: Walden Wolf, Ronnie Lau & Rolphe Fu

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $229 (56% off). Hurry, only 7/830 left!

Going above and beyond your average backpack design, the Tripper (as its name suggests) prepares you for extensive trips, whether they’re leisure trips, staycations, business excursions, holidays, or just impromptu getaways. The backpack’s 40-liter capacity provides about as much storage as you’d get from a duffle, although where it outperforms your duffle is in its sheer attention to detail and conscientious modularity. Sounds hyperbolic? Well, I assure you it isn’t.

One Bag for All – Equipped with four powerful modular packing tools, 25 pockets and more than 15 unique features.

The Tripper comes with dedicated storage for possibly any travel-carry you could conceive of. It has a large storage space for your clothes, accessible via a 180° opening flap and complete with harness straps on the inside that secure your clothes, preventing them from getting crushed. It even has its own removable IPX8 waterproof laundry bag inside, so your worn, soiled clothes can sit in a separate bag, away from your clean ones.

40L Capacity & 180 Degree Shell Opening – The zipper on the top opens directly 180 degrees, providing a large opening through which you can easily reach all your gear.

The Tripper also comes with its bespoke toiletries bag made from soft plastic, allowing it to be waterproof too so your shampoos and moisturizers won’t even think of leaking all over your clothes and tech.

Speaking of tech, the Tripper also arms you with a laptop sleeve that fits your laptop, tablet, and phone, securing your gadgets with a Fidlock locking system. Wondering where to stash your chargers? There are mesh pouches for all of them, with the ability to even stash a power bank on the inside and connect it to your phone using a USB port built into the backpack’s design… and that’s just the storage solutions on the inside of the Tripper bag.

On the outside, the Tripper comes with its own separately located ventilated shoe-bag in the base of the backpack, lined with an antibacterial fabric. The backpack is also equipped with quick-access RFID-blocking pouches for things like your wallet and passport, and even though the Tripper is built with a hydrophobic water-repelling fabric and waterproof YKK zippers, each bag also comes with its own rain cover that further shields it from the elements.

The elements, however, aren’t the only thing travelers and tourists worry about and Tripper is well aware of that too. While the RFID-blocking pouch gives you a certain degree of security, the Tripper also comes with its own anti-theft system in the form of a detaching shoulder strap that can then be wrapped around a secure object and locked in place, preventing anyone from picking up and taking off with your bag.

The Tripper Bag is also equipped with Okoban, a global lost-and-found database that allows other people to notify you if they find your lost bag… although I’d recommend just chucking an AirTag into the backpack for good measure.

Built-in Raincover – Pull out the backpack rain covers and happily protect your backpacks.

IPX8 Waterproof Laundry Bag – This bag is a great place to put wet or dirty items.

All in all, Tripper’s design does a pretty fine job of carefully considering all your travel needs and factoring them into the bag’s design. In a rush? The bag is equipped with a chest strap that takes the pressure off your shoulders, or alternatively, you can even hook both the shoulder straps together and turn them into a single strap, allowing you to carry your Tripper like a duffle bag.

Moreover, each Tripper also includes a small cross-shoulder sling bag for storing small items like your phone, spectacles, wallet, AirPods, etc. The sling bag can even be used independently on most days when you’re stepping out of the house to meet friends or run errands. Designed not just for all weathers but also for overall durability, each Tripper is manufactured to the highest standards with industry-leading YKK zippers and also a scratch-resistant fabric that can take everything life throws at you. The Tripper backpack starts at $99 for just the backpack itself without any of the trims. However, for just $20 more, you can grab the entire bundle which includes the backpack, laptop sleeve, sling bag, toiletries bag, and waterproof laundry bag.

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $229 (56% off). Hurry, only 7/830 left! Raised over $190,000.

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The world’s first 4K webcam with a 3-axis gimbal does a MUCH better job than Apple’s Center Stage

Instead of recording a widescreen video and cropping + zooming to keep the subject in range, the Insta360 Link just uses its 3-axis gimbal to follow subjects around while coolly recording everything in 4K.

In terms of webcam capabilities, the Insta360 Link is what we professionals like to call absolute overkill. The Link records in 4K and comes with a massive (by webcam standards) 1/2-inch sensor that’s capable of recording in HDR, has a monitor clip but also a built-in tripod mount, and comes with a gimbal system that uses AI to track subjects and even sports a top-view mode that can record what’s on your table in a top-view-stye format like Apple’s own Continuity Camera feature. In fact, it’s so capable as a webcam that its only true enemy is a bad internet connection!

Designer: Insta360

The Insta360 Link is less of a webcam and more of a vlogger’s camera designed to ‘also’ work with your office presentations and online meetings. However, that unique distinction works rather well in the Link’s favor because most current webcams truly suck (so much so that Apple just invented a way to turn your iPhone’s main camera into a webcam). However, if you’re looking for something a little more specialized (and if you’ve got $299 to spare), the Link makes for a compelling buy. Not only do you get to use it for online meetings and presentations but it also doubles up as a good camera for recording videos, streaming, and even performing for social media.

The Insta360 Link comes with a format that seems rather similar to the DJI Pocket 2. The camera sits mounted on 3 motors that give it a great deal of flexibility and stability, allowing it to follow subjects, shift angles, focus on areas, and even flip over to a portrait-mode style of shooting that seems pretty congruous with social media apps like Instagram and TikTok.

On the inside, the Link sports a 1/2-inch sensor (marginally larger than the Pocket 2’s 1/1.7″ sensor) capable of recording at 4K while also executing rather impressive focusing abilities thanks to Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) and auto exposure technologies that ensure your webcam isn’t struggling to focus on you or any object the way most webcams sort of do.

The Link’s 3-axis gimbal system works in a bunch of ways. Running off an AI that can detect subjects and even gestures, the Link can be used for walking-style presentations (like Apple’s keynotes) where the camera promptly keeps you in the frame, or can even focus on whiteboards/softboards using the camera’s gesture-recognition abilities. Its most impressive feature, however, rides on the coattails of something Apple announced with their new MacOS reveal. The Link’s DeskView Mode allows its camera to tilt downwards and capture your desk, while using AI to help ‘keystone adjust’ it to make it look like a perfect top-view. I can’t help but think that this is a feature that may just end up driving sales for the Link because not everyone has an iPhone 13 to spare for webcam-use. Moreover, the Link’s laundry list of capabilities more than justifies its cost.

A green LED ring powers on when the camera is running, to let you know that you’re being recorded. However, when powered off, the camera can be put in ‘Privacy Mode’ with the lens facing downwards so it never accidentally ends up video recording you without your consent.

You can plug the Insta360 Link on any laptop or desktop display using the clipping mechanism built into the base. There’s even a standard tripod mount if you want to position your camera at a better angle (gamers and YouTubers, this one’s for you). The Link lets you adjust your camera’s parameters like the brightness, contrast, and saturation, and even toggle on or off the HDR abilities for a clearer feed (the HDR doesn’t work with the camera’s 4K output and will only toggle on when the quality’s downgraded to 1080p). Insta360 even touts that the large sensor on the Link helps it perform better in low-light conditions (bigger sensor captures more light), and stereo microphones on the front even offer noise canceling abilities so a dog/baby/traffic/Roomba/plumber don’t ever affect the audio quality of your presentations!

The Insta360 Link is available for $299 on the company’s website with a 1-year warranty. If you’re looking for a webcam that also doubles as a professional vlogging camera, this one might just be for you!

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