The 2-piece Proclamation Duo was designed to replace 90% of your cookware

The Proclamation Duo from Proclamation Goods is called a kitchen anti-set for a reason. Together, the two-pan (with lid included) combo effectively performs the job of a skillet, a wok, a stockpot, and even a dutch-oven, challenging the idea that home cooks need a cabinet full of cookware. Designed to be versatile enough to use independently, or hinged together to form a heat-trapping oven, you can actually cook everything from phenomenal steaks to pizzas to braises. The iF Design Award-winning Proclamation Duo is a breath of fresh air in cookware design.

“We’re passionate about creating thoughtful, versatile designs with a personality that weren’t previously available in the market, and we are thrilled to have won such a prestigious award as the iF Design Award for that work,” says Tony Leo, Proclamation Goods’ Chief Product Officer. Versatile is probably the best word to describe the Proclamation Duo. The two-piece anti-set’s design allows it to replace the need to own a litany of pots and pans. The Duo includes a 12” Skillet and 7QT hybrid Pot (plus a matching lid). The Skillet comes in a choice between naturally low-stick, high-performance Carbon Steel or a lightweight, incredibly even cooking multi-ply Stainless Steel, while the 7-quart Pot comes in the same multi-ply Stainless Steel construction, featuring an aluminum core for excellent heat conduction. Both the pans are designed to be induction and oven-compatible, have hollow-cast insulated handles that stay cool on the stovetop, and offer a patent-pending “ball-in-socket” hinging mechanism on the opposite end that allows them to interlock to become a large enclosed vessel, like a Dutch or French Oven.

This ability to effectively hinge and layer the two vessels helps you achieve much more with less. You can use the Skillet to pan-sear a cut of meat before braising it in the Pot or prepare a marinara sauce in the Pot before making a deep-dish Dutch oven pizza. The two vessels, with their interlocking ability, allow you to expand your cooking abilities without needing to expand your kitchen arsenal. They also prove that utensil designs, which have been around and mostly unchanged for centuries, shouldn’t be taken for granted and that there’s always room for great innovation!

The Proclamation Duo isn’t just consciously designed… it’s conscientiously designed too. The Duos are made in the USA from responsibly-sourced materials and are 100% chemical and toxin-free. The company is also a part of the 1% for the Planet movement, pledging to donate one percent of all sales to environmental non-profits, and has committed to use its burgeoning success to support sustainable agriculture and access to nutritious food for all. Each Duo kit is designed to be naturally low-stick, scratch-resistant, and dishwasher safe… and here’s the part that really brings home the bacon – the Proclamation Duo even packs a lifetime warranty, with the promise to provide the great taste of home-cooked meals for generations to come!

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Designer: Tony Leo of Proclamation Goods

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The Proclamation Duo: Two Pans, One Modern Dutch Oven

The Proclamation Duo was created to challenge the notion that you need a bloated 10-piece set of cookware to be successful in the kitchen, and instead empowering home chefs to cook more with less. It is a two pan cookware kit that includes the 12” sidekick Skillet and 7QT hybrid Pot, plus a matching lid, designed to stand alone or hinge together to create a Dutch oven while cooking and nest together in a streamlined stack when dinner’s done.

Fewer pieces means less clutter. Nested design for streamlined storage. Reinforced handles to hang above stove. Beautifully designed so you never need to put away.

Built for versatility: sauté, braise, fry, bake, and more. Responsibly sourced stainless steel with aluminum core for perfectly even cooking.

Unmatched Hybrid Design for Ultimate Versatility

1. 12″ Stainless Steel Skillet. Wide cooking surface for quick and even heating. Low, sloping sides for easy access.
2. Hinged Side Handles. Patent-pending ball and socket offers option to hinge pans together, creating a dutch oven.
3. 7QT Stainless Steel Pot. Rounded sides and a wide surface, ideal for almost any meal.
4. Hollow Cast, Dual Finish Handles. Stays cool on your stovetop for easy, no fuss handling.
5. Multi-Ply Construction. High quality stainless steel with aluminum core for excellent heat conduction and distribution. Lightweight and dishwasher safe.
6. Pourable, No-Drip Rim. Specially-formed lip for easy pouring from all angles.

Designed To Last For Generations

Lifetime Warranty

Their Story

Frustrated with unused, wasted cookware pieces and the toxicity associated with nonstick pots and pans, they set out to design an endlessly versatile and clean cookware solution. Proclamation creates intelligent kitchen essentials for the conscious consumer who cares about sustainability and cooking ‘farm to table’ whenever possible. They source responsibly, embrace minimalism, and care about our impact on the planet.

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HTC’s Project Proton AR headsets make you look like Ant-Man (and there’s some logic to it)

HTC’s ambitious Project Proton does something very remarkable not for augmented reality technology, but rather for how we perceive AR tech. Project Proton was supposed to form a part of HTC’s announcement at the now-canceled Mobile World Congress. It expands on HTC’s Vive Cosmos headset, which offers the ability to work with Mixed Reality by using cameras on the headset that capture the outside world for the eyes on the inside. Here’s the problem with headsets though (and I’ve said this before)… they look horrible.

It isn’t the fact that they just look horrible, AR and VR headsets are literally a visual disconnect from the world. You know how you hesitate to talk to someone who has headphones on? Imagine that hesitation with someone who has a black toaster strapped to their face as they interact with virtual objects, looking almost like demented zombies in the real world. Face to face conversations become very difficult when there isn’t a face to look at, but HTC’s Project Proton could solve that. The mixed reality headset concept actually borrows from eyewear, and is designed to look like a pair of skiing goggles (or a popular Marvel superhero’s mask) rather than a black box that blocks 70% of your face. The design is split into two, with tinted pieces of glass covering the headset’s two ‘eyes’. Just like when you’re talking to people with heavily tinted sunglasses, you don’t see their eyes, but it’s still easy to have a conversation with them because the sunglasses are structured in a way that allows your brain to put two and two together to perceive someone’s face. By using two tinted eyepieces styled in a way to look like voguish glares, HTC’s hoping to make Mixed Reality headsets that still keep you grounded in reality… even more so by shaping how people around you perceive you.

The company hasn’t officially released any information on the Proton headsets, but I assume a press-release with specs, a price-tag, and launch date should be underway.

Designer: HTC

This sustainable crib was made without using a single drop of fossil fuel

The challenge with designing the Fossil Free Crib wasn’t so much in the design, but was in researching the materials the crib would require. Almost every material available to designers today involves a fraction of fossil fuel… whether it’s crude oil used to make plastic or something as basic as the gasoline used in chainsaws that cut down trees. Ultimately, materials are transported from source to factory to consumer using petrol. Designing a crib is easy… designing a crib without using a single gram of coal, oil, or gas, that’s a real challenge.

Designed for Sweden-based sustainable energy company Vattenfall, the Fossil Free Crib is an effort to remove every bit of non-renewable energy from the product cycle. It involves making conscious material choices and design considerations. For instance, the Fossil Free Crib’s wood was sourced from an aging tree that needed to be cut down. The lumberers used electric chainsaws as opposed to gas-powered ones, and the wood was readied and transported using renewable resources only. The crib’s blanket was locally sourced and hand-spun using alpaca and merino wool, but the crib’s mattress proved to be a much tougher challenge, especially given that cotton needs to be shipped from parts of Europe or Asia. Instead, the design team looked to locally sourced linen, hand-spun from flax-fibers. The filling on the inside of the mattress needed relooking too, especially since coconut fiber wasn’t a material indigenous to Sweden, and foams would mean resorting to plastics. Instead, the mattress was filled with sheep’s wool, sourced from Texel island. How does one source wool from an island without using fuel?? Well, via sailboat!

In a conscious effort to question the use of every material, the design team at FROLIC saw themselves traveling almost 150 years back to look at materials and practices before the invention of plastics and the practice of mass-manufacturing. The base of the crib comes made from fossil-free steel, something that does sound contradictory, but was made possible thanks to a special plant that used hydro-electric power to process the iron ore. This steel was finished with a special bio-paint created from mixing potato-starch slurry with chalk, and well, for the rest of the potato, the skins were used to form a composite bio-laminate board that was placed right under the mattress for support!

“The first thing to note is that “fossil-fuel free” is quite distinct from “sustainable”, “C02 neutral”, “organic” and other ubiquitous terms used in environmentally conscious manufacturing. Our primary challenge was to interrogate the supply chain through the lens of fossil fuel use, which includes examining not just a product’s composition but its sourcing, transportation, and complete processing”, says the FROLIC team. The Fossil Free Crib was created as a prototype to test the possibility of successfully designing something without leaning on the crutch of convenience and opting for materials that utilize fuel. This was doubly challenging, considering the product was a crib for a baby, requiring it to not just be fossil-free but non-toxic, non-allergic, and extremely comfortable. The product was detailed in-house using CNC-machining (powered by electricity) to create soft forms within the wood, and was assembled using a natural hide-glue to ensure a sturdy build.

It’s unlikely that this process will yield a product that can be mass-manufactured… because the Fossil-Free Crib was made to challenge the very notion of mass-manufacturing! Instead, it hopes to usher in an age where the new generation is born into a world where fossil-free living isn’t a one-off exception, but rather a standard.

Designer: FROLIC Studio for Vattenfall

A kiridashi with a raw aesthetic and a brutish appeal!

You wouldn’t be the first one to wonder what sabertooth bone the Sankaku 2 kiridashi was carved out of. The blade comes with a remarkably beautiful texture to it that feels primitive. The kiridashi, however, is surprisingly handy, and comes with a sharp, versatile blade. The knife measures an overall 110mm in length and comes hand-forged from D2 steel – an older, proven tool steel, relied upon in industrial settings for making some of the most durable cutting and metal forming tools possible. Needless to say, this allows the Sankaku 2 kiridashi to outperform itself and retain its edge while doing so. The blade is further made wear-resistant by cryogenically treating it.

The Sankaku 2 is pretty useful as an outdoor knife. Designed to be small enough to entirely fit in the palm of your hand, the kiridashi is perfect EDC material (it does come with a leather sheath), and that scalpel-style blade is ideal for cutting, slicing, piercing, or even whittling away outdoors!

Designer: Vasverblades

Nebia gives you a 100% shower experience with just 50% of the water

People say that a cup of coffee can make or break a person’s day, I say that a good or bad shower has a stronger impact on the outcome of your day. A perfect shower is arguably more exhilarating than a great cup of coffee. It awakens your senses, opens your eyes, pores, and mind, and has you looking and feeling like an absolute champion. A dull, cold, lifeless shower, on the other hand, can have you feeling groggy, bitter, and shivering. The last time I checked, nobody likes a bad, spiritless shower.

Here’s the formula. A great shower is determined by three variables. Water pressure, temperature, and coverage. Most showerheads check two out of those three boxes, and there are probably a few that check all three, but the Nebia by Moen also checks a secret fourth variable… shower length. With its third Kickstarter iteration, Nebia’s managed to engineer the showerhead in a way that controls your experience on the scale of a micrometer. This new arrangement allows your shower to have twice the intensity and coverage while retaining the temperature that you deem perfect. It also saves as much as 45% water as compared to your regular showerhead, allowing you to shower for longer while using lesser water.

Designed in partnership with Moen’s shower technology, Nebia’s showerhead works with water droplets that are less than a millimeter thick. Just like a 4K screen has smaller and more clustered pixels as compared to a 720p screen, Nebia’s showerhead creates what the company calls a “high definition” shower experience. Now that may be marketing-speak, but the shower definitely covers a larger area than a regular shower, especially with its ring-shaped Rainshower head and the shower wand, that bombard you with rain-like water sprays from not just the top, but even the front. That perfect stream of well-heated water is courtesy the specially engineered nozzles within the Nebia by Moen which don’t work as flow-regulators, but rather function as pressure-regulators which help it deliver a consistent experience no matter which part of the world you’re in.

The design comes in an incredibly sleek avatar, with the choice between a chrome finish, matte-black finish, and a slightly golden nickel finish. Borrowing from the company’s first two variants, the Nebia by Moen features the same easy-to-fit fixture system that lets you instantly plug-and-use your shower kit. The design features a 17-inch vertical slider, a swivel mechanism, and an angular adjuster that lets you aim and position the shower relative to your needs. The optional shower wand even has a magnetic dock that lets you snap it on or off whenever you want.

The Nebia by Moen is the company’s third piece of innovation in the pursuit of the perfect shower. Designed and engineered to work on a level that’s much more precise than any other showerhead out in the market, Nebia by Moen aims at conquering the three golden pillars of the perfect shower, along with that secret fourth pillar that lets you shower for longer while using 45% lesser water. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? You wouldn’t be alone, especially given that the showerhead’s garnered over 7 thousand backers who’ve raised $1.5 million… because a positive shower experience can lead to a positive day!

Designer: Nebia

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Nebia by Moen: 2X More Coverage Saving Half the Water of Standard Showers

Nebia’s mission has been to bring the world’s best and most sustainable shower to as many people as possible. Over the past five years, the team came out with the Nebia 1.0 and Nebia 2.0. Now, Nebia’s patented atomization technology is coming to more homes than ever. To achieve this, the team has partnered with Moen, a leader in the shower industry for over 70 years.

The original Nebia Spa Shower was launched on Kickstarter in 2015. After receiving feedback from thousands of shower lovers and countless hours in the wet lab, the team launched the next-generation, Nebia 2.0, in 2019. With Nebia 1.0 and 2.0, they are proud to say that they have elevated showers around the world and saved over 120 million gallons of water.

Why Nebia by Moen

“We are a small startup with a big dream — to transform the way we interact with water. We do this by building innovative products that people love and that are better for the planet.

Like us, Moen started with a breakthrough innovation.

70 years ago, Al Moen invented the first single-handed faucet. Now, together we’ve designed a product that will set the standard for the next era of innovation and sustainability.”

By coupling Nebia’s atomization expertise with Moen’s world-class design and manufacturing capabilities, the team has created the most thoughtful, versatile, and accessible shower system yet. The hope is that Nebia by Moen will reach more homes than ever and play a critical role in the ambitious goal to save one billion gallons of water by 2021. The team expects overall water savings to reach 6 billion gallons of water by 2024.

Three New Finishes

Matt Black

Spot Resist Nickel

Spot Resist Nickel is a trademarked Moen finish which prevents water spots and fingerprints, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your home and less time cleaning.

White + Chrome

The Nebia Experience

Nebia by Moen has 2X more coverage and saves about half the water used by standard showers.

The team has perfected the ideal combination of droplet size, spray pattern, and droplet velocity that results in the best thermal performance yet, and a shower that feels powerful while also enveloping and spa-like. When compared to Nebia 2.0 the droplets are 61% larger in mass (17% larger in diameter), which significantly increases their ability to retain heat.

It is the combination of size, speed and location of each droplet that ensures your shower is magical, enveloping, warm and efficient. Nebia by Moen controls more droplets, more precisely, across more showers setups, than anyone else. This control places precise droplets in the right place and at the right speed.

While traditional showers use flow restrictors or regulators, Nebia use a pressure regulator. Instead of limiting the amount of water that can go through your shower, Nebia by Moen controls the pressure to our proprietary nozzle array to deliver the perfect spray across all showers, from a tiny home in the countryside, to a penthouse apartment in the heart of downtown.

Easy self-install

Unlike a traditional overhead-handheld combo shower system, which often costs thousands of dollars including extra valves, in-wall plumbing and an expert to help, you can install Nebia by Moen yourself. Simple and intuitive “click together” features assure watertight seals without complicated plumbing tools. If you can change a lightbulb, you can install Nebia by Moen.

Adjustability to optimize your experience

Not only does the Wand complete the enveloping spray of Nebia by Moen, but now the Rainshower is more adjustable to your needs than ever. The shower system is compatible with waist-high water outlets and International BSPP threads, commonly found in Europe and other parts of the globe.

Click Here to Buy Now: $160 $199 ($40 off). Hurry, only 7 days left! Over $1,700,000 raised.

These universal air-tight lids turn regular food bowls into vacuum-packed containers

There’s this hilariously true Seinfeld bit about milk. Buying milk isn’t a financial transaction… it’s a race between you and the milk’s expiration date. The minute you pay for the milk, the clock starts ticking and it’s just a matter of who gets to the milk first… you? Or that use-by date! This is true for practically every grocery item you buy. Avocados spoil in days, wine spoils in weeks, and dried food like nuts or cornflakes can spoil in months. We, as a species, waste 1.3 billion tonnes of food each year… a large portion of that is is attributed to food that gets spoilt sitting in the fridge. There’s no escaping the use-by date, but there’s one way of pushing it further… by limiting your food’s contact with air.

Foods spoil/age either by being exposed to bacteria in the air, or by oxidizing in the presence of, well, oxygen. By eliminating air out of the equation, the Freshy! vacuum lids help significantly slow that process down. The Freshy! vacuum lids are a set of universally fitting circular lids that turn any regular bowl, mug, can, or container into a vacuum-sealed one. Armed with a handy pump that can create a vacuum within the container in just 5 seconds, Freshy’s glass lids sport a silicone-sealant that helps keep food fresher for longer by increasing their shelf life by as much as 700%! This means cooked meals and leftovers can last as long as 10 days, fruits as long as 2 weeks, cheeses for nearly two months, and your favorite coffee grounds for as long as an entire year. The lids sit flat on any container/vessel with a smooth circular rim, and the pump immediately creates an impermeable seal while removing all the air from inside the container. The lids come in a variety of sizes, and are designed to fit into shelves when not in use, and slide right into the dishwasher after usage. Each lid also sports a proprietary cap/valve that you can pop open to break the vacuum when you want to remove the lid… and the series also includes an air-tight bottle stopper that helps prevent your wine from going flat by pausing the oxidation process.

Together, the lids help achieve a few key things. They keep food fresher naturally for longer, allowing you to eat fresh and healthy always. They also extend the shelf life of foods, eliminating food waste in the longer run – and also saving big bucks because you don’t need to keep buying fresh food every 2-3 days to restock your fridge. They also give you a significant advantage in your race against the expiration date, allowing you to cheat your way into eating fresh, tasty food at your own convenience. That sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it?

Designer: Equilibric

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $89 (23% off) Hurry! Only 65 hours left!

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $89 (23% off) Hurry! Only 65 hours left!

‘Brace’ is a discreet compression-wearable that helps teenagers with expanded rib-cages

The unseen problem that most medical designs often fail to consider is social stigma. Stigma is why some people don’t like using their asthma inhaler in public, or why some kids often take their dental retainers off when they’re among friends. Stigma can often cause an effective medical design to fail because their patients seem reticent or feel awkward.

The Brace was designed to eliminate the stigma around wearing chest-braces. Designed for children with pectus carinatum, also known as pigeon chest (an affliction that affects 1 in 400 children, causing their rib-cage to protrude outwards), the Brace works as a compression apparatus that gradually compresses the chest-plate inwards, bringing it back in shape. Designed by UK-based PDR, the Brace treats the harness as less of a medical apparatus and more like something out of a superhero costume. Its slim profile allows it to fit discreetly under clothes, while the product’s form itself takes on a much more innovative, contemporary approach, with angular lines, novel materials, and fresh-looking colors!

The Brace is a winner of the iF Gold Design Award for the year 2020.

Designer: PDR for R&D Surgical Ltd.

The Oppo C1 gamepad turns your smartphone into a Switch-style portable gaming setup

While its lack of symmetric design does bother me a slight bit, the Oppo Gamepad C1 Unicorn Gundam Edition (the name’s quite a mouthful) does give you a great handheld gaming experience. It features a telescopic expandable design that lets you fit a smartphone in, although it’s tailored specifically to visually complement Oppo’s Reno Ace Gundam Edition.

The C1 Gamepad’s most defining feature is its ergonomic, asymmetric design. It’s ergonomic to allow you to grip it better (especially with that curved back) while gaming… and that asymmetric design allows you to use the gamepad not just in landscape mode (with the right-hand controls being on-screen) but also as a makeshift GameBoy in portrait mode! The Gamepad also comes with two light-up notification/menu buttons to the right of the joystick and XYAB buttons, and for some strange reason, 3 shoulder buttons (as opposed to the standard 4 buttons).

The gaming controller sports its own USB-C port that allows you to charge it, giving you 40 hours of play-time on a full battery, and even features a nifty cutout along the grip on the right to let you plug your phone into a charger while gaming. Here’s the strange bit though… The controller comes with Bluetooth 5.0 for a lag-free gaming experience, but is compatible only with Oppo’s Reno series and with iPhones. I guess there’s some love lost between Oppo and the Android brand!

Designer: Oppo

Winston encrypts your home wi-fi, preventing Facebook, Google, and Amazon from tracking you

Alexa, Google, and Siri. It took just three words to absolutely erode our freedom and privacy. Don’t worry, I’m just as much a part of this as you are. I have a Google Pixel smartphone and an iPad Pro, and flatmate in the room next door has an Amazon Echo. I also spend roughly 3-4 hours each day on Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp everyday. Ambient computing, voice assistants, and the ever-expanding realm of social networks have effectively undermined the private way of life.

If you suddenly got a message on your phone saying $20,000 was deducted from your bank account, you’d understandably lose your mind. Twenty thousand dollars is a LOT of money. You know because it’s easy to quantify it by visualizing its worth. It’s probably 3 month’s salary, or a year’s worth of rent, or a car. It isn’t easy to quantify digital privacy. You don’t know exactly how much is at stake because A. it’s entirely virtual and difficult to ‘see’, and B. it provides a convenient service.

For long, the way to reclaim one’s privacy was to just reject technology. Don’t want Facebook tracking you? Uninstall the app. Don’t want Apple or Google to know your location? Just use a dumb-phone. It seems unreasonable in today’s world to reject technology that vehemently. I need Google Maps so that I can use Uber. I need Whatsapp because my family texts me on Whatsapp, and Instagram because it forms a major part of my digital social life. The solution to our privacy problem shouldn’t be to reject these services, but rather to protect our data.

If your personal data is a needle, think of Winston as a haystack. This minimal-looking, silver-colored ‘black-box’ connects to your home network and effectively scrambles your outgoing data in a way that’s impossible to track back to you. Unlike VPNs which just mask your IP address, Winston ‘muddies the water’ by mixing your data with data from thousands of other Winston users. It connects directly to your home wi-fi, acting as a buffer between the internet and all your devices, from your phones to your smart-speakers, smart TVs, thermostats, and even smart doorbells… effectively allowing you to use all your internet-based services, but preventing large corporations, ad-networks, hackers, and even your internet providers from gathering any accurate data from you.

The Winston box comes with its software that helps scramble and anonymize your data… and that isn’t all. It blocks ISPs from snooping on you, blocks ads, pop-ups, and periodically deletes cookies. Ridding your internet connection of all this excess baggage, Winston allows you to browse the internet faster, and even cuts down on your data usage… but most importantly, it does so without requiring you to alter your behavior. You don’t need to tape up your webcams or put your phone in flight mode, or think twice before saying something in the vicinity of a smart speaker. You can still use Instagram, TikTok, Amazon, Google, or any other service knowing fully well that your privacy is protected, because these companies are definitely collecting data… it’s just that Winston’s rendered that data absolutely useless!

Designer: MNML

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Winston: Take Back Control of Your Online Privacy

This is a plug-n-play hardware filter that reclaims your use of the Internet on ALL connected devices at home. It stops tracking, spying & hacking.

Winston doesn’t let big tech companies, advertisers, data brokers, hackers and governments access your data. Winston delivers true online privacy for safe browsing experience.

Below: Winston Puts You In Control

Winston vs Other Privacy Solutions

How Winston Protects Your Online Privacy

Winston’s Zero-knowledge technology doesn’t allow anyone to see, log or decrypt your internet activity. It scrambles and encrypts your home network, preventing anyone from watching what you are doing.

Complete Encryption

Winston scrambles and encrypts your home network, preventing anyone from watching what you’re doing.

Hide Your IP Address

Winston’s anonymous privacy mesh network conceals your location from advertisers, hackers and other snoops.

Below: Winston’s Encryption & Anonymity Functionality

The Hardware

Plug in your Winston between your router and your modem, and within 60 seconds, it will protect every internet-connected device in your home network.

The Software

Once plugged in, Winston routes your web traffic through 20-30 other Winston units, which are selected randomly several times each hour. This makes it impossible to correlate individual users to their IP addresses, and it does so without logging any data.

The Online Dashboard

Winston’s online dashboard lets you dig into your network analytics and see exactly how Winston is working for you. You can:

– Inspect blocked ads and trackers
– View your network health
– Monitor activity
– View detailed usage reports

This is a demonstration of cookieless surveillance methods that can be used to track your browser, even in incognito mode.

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The doqo case turns your iPad Pro into a MacBook… with a trackpad and multiple ports!

One could argue that doqo’s case does something that even Apple couldn’t seem to do… it gives you a MacBook with a great keyboard.

Designed to give iPad Pro users the laptop experience, doqo’s case design transforms your tablet into a full-fledged MacBook. Slip the iPad Pro into the doqo and there’s little difference between this setup and any of Apple’s laptops. The case comes with a gorgeous aluminum design, a full-sized keyboard, a functioning trackpad, and enough ports to make a MacBook Pro jealous! Integrated into its slim profile is an SD card reader (remember those?) and even an HDMI port that lets you connect your setup to a larger display! You’ve also got 2 USB-C ports for charging your iPad or diverting power to an iPhone and 2 USB 3.0 ports for pen drives, hard drives, or any dongles you may need to go about your day-to-day activities. The case comes with a robust friction hinge that holds your iPad at any angle, and rather than relying on Bluetooth, connects to your iPad directly by plugging right into its Type-C port.

Unlike other iPad Keyboards, the doqo actually does give you the full MacBook experience. It packs a full-size backlit keyboard with those glorious scissor-switches that make typing feel like a tactile dream come true. Just like MacBooks, the keyboard even has a set of function keys along the top that let you control your iPad’s brightness, volume, as well as your keyboard’s backlight. Under it lies a fully functional trackpad that’s as large as the ones you’d find on MacBooks, and thanks to the new updates to the iPadOS, you can actually have a cursor working right within the interface. The case even comes with a 4300 mAh built-in battery to give you power to work longer, and unlike those cases from Brydge, it completely encloses your iPad Pro from all sides (even the back and around the edges), protecting the tablet from accidental drops or scratches, while making sure your iPad’s power and volume buttons remain easily accessible… and since they’ve just crossed their $200,000 goal, the case will feature a 3.5mm audio port too!

Designer: doqo

Click Here to Buy Now: $139 $198 (30% off) Hurry! Only 3 days left!

Click Here to Buy Now: $139 $198 (30% off) Hurry! Only 3 days left!