This automated mushroom chamber uses smart technology to grow and harvest your own mushrooms at home!

Mella is a household mushroom fruiting chamber that uses smart technology to automatically grow and harvest a variety of mushrooms.

Over the past couple of years, our homes have become test kitchens for everything from colorful sourdough bread to dalgona coffee. Now it’s time to make some counter space for an at-home smart mushroom fruiting chamber.

Mella, an innovative new kitchen appliance from FirstBuild, a co-creation community backed by GE appliances, uses smart technology to grow and harvest your own mushrooms at home.

Smart technology has made mealtime simpler than ever. With smart technology, we can program our appliances to do the hard parts for us. Mella’s automated programming brings just the right amount of fresh air and humidity into the fruiting chamber to allow mushrooms to mature at the right time and speed, growing into full-size, edible mushrooms. With automated technology running the show, seasoned mycelium harvesters and recreational growers can sit back and enjoy the show.

Located on the outside of Mella’s chamber, the water basin can easily be refilled to funnel in just the right amount of water to combine with fresh air and become humidity for optimal mushroom-growing conditions. Then, the hygrometer indicates the humidity levels inside the chamber so that users can always keep tabs on the best conditions for harvesting mushrooms. Four LED lights also pour light into the chamber to ensure the mushrooms receive the necessary amount. Finally, a WiFi-compatible program controller allows users to adjust Mella’s settings as they see fit to help mushrooms grow.

Summing up Mella in their own words, the team behind FirstBuild notes, “Made for those mad about mushrooms Mella controls and automates the inputs necessary to grow delicious, edible mushrooms in the comfort of your home.”

Designer: FirstBuild


This space-themed kitchen appliance merges a microwave and air fryer for your home fast food cooking needs!

Fooding is a new kitchen appliance concept from Yifeleing that combines a microwave and air fryer into a one-stop shop for all your at-home fast food cooking needs.

Air fryers are like the microwaves of the 21st century. Over the span of sixty years, new designs have transformed the way we cook fast food at home. While new products have come out, the classics aren’t going anywhere. The air fryer is like the shiny new toy on the playground for trendy snacks like kale chips and low-cal vegan wings, but nothing beats a Hot Pocket straight out of the microwave.

Fooding, a new kitchen appliance concept from Yifeeling Design, combines the best of the microwave and air fryer. Turns out, we can have it all. Inspired by the bulbous shape of an astronaut’s helmet, Fooding merges the microwave’s traditional rectangular shape with the air fryer’s modern rounded edges.

While air fryers heat up some tasty meals, they typically take up a lot of counter space which makes them less user-friendly. By combining the air fryer with the microwave, Fooding takes up less space in the kitchen and merges two appliances into one for a one-stop-shop.

Similar to conventional microwaves, Fooding features an internal, rotating heat plate and a heat-strengthened glass covering so users can always keep an eye on their food. On Fooding’s left-hand side, a control panel features all of the different cooking options, including thaw, roast, air fry, heat, and slow cook, along with varying degrees of temperature.

We can all agree the microwave is one of the best things to come out of the 1940s. We’ve relied on them for after-school snacks and late-night dinners since they hit the market. Then, air fryers changed the game and made cooking fast food at home a little healthier. Fooding brings both to the kitchen and saves counter space at the same time.

Designer: Yifeeling Design

Samsung’s Bespoke Design Contest reveals the three winning refrigerator designs from over 1,500 submissions!

The top three winning refrigerator designs of Samsung’s Bespoke Design Contest have been revealed after over 1,500 custom designs were submitted.

Samsung household appliances have been trusted by homeowners for years. In an effort to make their collection of refrigerators more unique to their consumers’ tastes and to reflect the appliance’s standard of dependability, Samsung hosted their Bespoke Design Contest with Wallpaper* Magazine. Between July 7 and August 4, 2021, 1,581 designs were submitted to the contest, a number narrowed down to three one-of-a-kind designs that were voted on by the public.

The contest’s top 50 designs were hand-selected by a panel of judges comprised of Wallpaper* editor-in-chief Sarah Douglas, Senior Vice President and Head of Design for Samsung Digital Appliances Harry Choi, Senior Vice President and Head of Samsung Design Europe, Felix Heck, interior designer Kelly Hoppen CBE, and artist Yinka Ilori. Following their announcement, Samsung invited their followers to vote for the contest’s top 15 designs by “liking” their posts on Samsung Bespoke’s Instagram.

At the top of the podium, Rita Louis’s “Lost Landscape” looks to walks in nature for inspiration. Taking cues from the subtle nuances of natural landscapes, Louis bedecked her off-white modular refrigerator system with splatters and thick brushstrokes of royal blue paint. Lauded for its “artistic, light and inspiring,” personality, “Lost Landscape” was voted for with enthusiasm from Samsung, Wallpaper*, and the general public.

Right beside Rita Louis’s creation, “Foodie” by Weronika Slifierz takes a different approach to custom design. Borrowing the color scheme of popular illustrations from the ‘90s, Slifierz coated her refrigerator in cartoons of food imagery. Sushi, watermelon, avocados, ramen, and a good ole’ carton of OJ grace the double doors of Slifierz’s refrigerator, serving to wet the tastebuds before a good, healthy meal, which Slifierz believes we should all indulge in every day.

“Nestled,” from Ioana Sabau was inspired by the company that food brings. Describing this, Sabau explains, “food brings people together, and…the time we spend in the kitchen can be [time spent] connecting with each other.” Noting the project’s particular use of abstract colors, Heck remarks, “The colors, the scale, the symmetry, and the cute, cartoony abstraction create a uniqueness and beauty that make me feel positive [about] this beautiful little love story.”

Designer: Samsung Bespoke Design Contest

This minimal electric kettle’s design has been inspired from iconic Roman architecture!

People travel across the world to see Roman architecture, especially the linear columns that are so iconic! Drawing inspiration from the popular historic style, SeungHyun Lee designed HYGGE – a modern, minimal, and sleek hybrid kitchen appliance.  HYGGE is an electric kettle but also functions as a jar to store your drink. Although it is inspired by Roman architecture, its name comes from the Danish word ‘hygge’ which is a cultural attitude that implies well-being, coziness, and contentment.

HYGGE’s design embodies all the emotions behind the Danish lifestyle practice which is all about making choices that lead to satisfaction and happiness by finding the magic in small, everyday things. Pronounced “hoo-gah”, the defining cultural practice celebrates mindfulness and joy in tiny things like drinking a cup of hot chocolate in winter.


“The curve comes from nature, and the straight line comes from humans. The man-made Roman column, while blending with the natural sunlight, is balanced between man-made and natural, and finally becomes a work of art between sky and ground. I hope that users who use the health kettle can find their own balance in work and life, and become themselves,” explains Lee.


The kettle’s top is designed to create an interactive experience with the product, a kind of communication between designers and users across time and space. The best part is that this method avoids the situation where your hands are scalded by steam! The sleek aesthetics help it perfectly stay on your counter or table, unlike the outdated plastic ones that we all hide too often in your cabinets. HYGGE lets you enjoy the simple practice of boiling water in an electric kettle and adds elegance to the otherwise mundane task – it elevates the experience of brewing and drinking tea into a cozier, beautiful moment!

Designer: SeungHyun Lee

Innovative kitchen appliances designed to add a fun spark to your kitchen + cooking process!

The pandemic birthed a lot of home chefs, who discovered a deep and profound love for cooking! Surprisingly, I was one of them. Before the pandemic took place, cooking was a chore I completely avoided. But now, I honestly find it quite therapeutic! The pandemic, and all the free time that came along with it, somehow awakened my inner chef, and I do love making use of kitchen appliances in my cooking process. I feel they really cut down on my prep time, simplify complicated and tedious procedures, and make the mundane little cooking tasks a whole lot bearable. But quite honestly, I’m bored of the usual and traditional appliances that are lined up in my kitchen cabinet. So, how about kitchen accessories that promise to be totally fun and quirky, that not only look super cool but are also interesting to use? In my hunt for appliances that will liven up my kitchen space and my cooking process, I came across a whole bunch of designs that I am now completely dying to buy! From an adorable penguin-shaped egg boiler and holder to a back-scratching Grizzly bear that will grate your veggies, herbs, and cheese – these fun yet functional appliances are the breath of fresh air your kitchen needs!

Made from heat-resistant and food-safe plastic, the Egguins are an innovative way to store, boil, or serve eggs. The hollow penguin shape allows you to slide eggs (both small and large) into it, completing it visually and making it look like a flock of Emperor Penguins ready to dash right into the water (the visual metaphor of connecting the egg, the bird, and the water is just perfect)! Immerse the Egguins into a saucepan of boiling water using the handle above, and just lift them out when you’re done boiling them to the softness or hardness of your choice.

This uniquely playful grater comes from OTOTO, one of our favorite design houses, as a part of their new kitchen and home items catalog. Barry’s back-scratching abilities work best with carrots and cheeses, as its metallic back grates your produce to a fine pile that gathers right inside Barry’s chubby old body. Lift Barry up and your grated cheese or carrot is collected in a nice pile, ready for you to use in your cooking or garnishing!

The Food Crayons really don’t need much explaining – traditional crayons are made from wax and dye and are formed into the crayon shape… Food Crayons, on the other hand, are made from food ingredients suspended in an edible substrate, agar-agar. Commonly used as a gelling agent, and a vegan alternative to animal-based gelatine, the agar-agar helps bind the ingredients into the crayon shape. Once the crayon’s been cast, they can easily be shaved over food, flavoring it in an absolutely engaging and exciting way!

OTOTO‘s Tea Trap puts a fun spin on the art of brewing tea. Unlike those boring metal infusers, the Tea Trap models itself on a carnivorous plant that chomps down on your tea leaves. Once the Tea Trap’s stomach (or mouth) is full, just dunk it in a cup of hot water, and the tea begins infusing through the perforations on the sides of the infuser. Use the Tea Trap’s elongated handle to stir it around till your tea reaches the right color, and when you’re done, the Tea Trap will very kindly spit out the tea leaves into the waste-bin, because nobody likes eating tea leaves… not even carnivorous plants!

Inspired by a bird, Beerdy by Peleg Design is the most patient bottle opener you’ll ever meet! You can use Beerdy to open your beer for you, and then place it on the cap of your next beer. It’ll wait there patiently for you, while you finish your beer, and get ready to drink the next one! How cool is that? Beerdy is the most loyal bottle opener I’ve seen.

The Conchiglie is a neat, conch-shaped device inspired directly by the conchiglie pasta. Colored in yellow and molded out of food-grade silicone, the Conchiglie comes with a hollow inner that’s perfectly sized for a lemon half. Slip the lemon in and squeeze it from the outside and the Conchiglie does a wonderful job of juicing the lemon without getting your hands all sticky and messy. The silicone construction gives you the friction and grip you need, and a tiny strainer at the end of the conch helps catch the lemon seeds as you juice away.

Designer Gil Cohen has created Pelix for Peleg Design, a cute kitchen companion that will reduce your internal shrieks and actually lift your mood while doing dishes. This little pelican-shaped cloth and sponge holder will be perched on your counter and the only thing that will fly is the time taken to do chores. Pelix’s bright break is actually a cloth holder, so hang up that dishcloth while the body of the pelican is a cup for your sponge. Pelix makes it easy to keep dish cleaning essentials right where they are needed with its suction cup bottom, but unlike Ross Geller, it can pivot and make your life easier!

These tongs come with an interlocking design that turns them into a handly citrus juicer when joined together. However, when you’re done drizzling your salad with lemon juice, just pull the tongs apart into two spoons and toss your greens with them! The Juicepair’s 2-in-1 design makes it handy during use as well as while storing them. When interlocked, it’s easy to stash them in the drawer without worrying about one of them going missing, and while in use, the dual-purpose design makes the tongs the perfect set of tools for juicing citrus fruits, tossing/stirring food, or even serving up tasty meals.

The largest mammal on earth is now going to help you keep your teeth clean! Jonah-The Toothpick Dispenser by Peleg Design is a happy-go-lucky blue whale, that happens to store toothpicks in its belly and releases them through its spout. Just shake the dispenser, and pick the lucky one that escapes through Jonah’s spout.

Dip Sea is a dipping dish with a beautiful whale carved in it. Pour some balsamic vinegar and olive oil in it, and watch as the whale floats in a sea of oily heaven! Dip some bread in it, and enjoy your meal. Or if you’re in the mood for some Japanese, you could use Dip Sea to serve some soy sauce with your sushi.

Alessi and Kartell are sponsoring the Parmigiano Reggiano Design Challenge 2021… And the winner gets a chance to visit Italy!

Iconic Italian design brands Alessi and Kartell are sponsoring the Parmigiano Reggiano® Design Challenge and inviting professional designers and design students to submit their product concepts.

The brief? To elevate the human experience through products that celebrate authenticity across the journey of enjoying a meal.

The prize? A trip to Italy for two to enjoy The Ultimate Italian Design Experience!

Click Here to Submit Your Designs Now for the Parmigiano Reggiano® Design Challenge. Hurry, entries close October 15, 2021.

About Parmigiano Reggiano

For almost 1,000 years, Parmigiano Reggiano has been made in the same region of Italy, with the same methods and ingredients that were used at the start. This relentless commitment to tradition is one of the many reasons why the cheese ranks as one of Italy’s most loved brands. To further cement its role as a cultural icon, the brand has organized a design competition that challenges the design community to submit product concepts inspired by ‘authenticity’.

About The Competition

The Design Challenge is accepting entries in three categories: Cooking (graters, knives, chopping boards, utensils, etc.); Eating (plates, bowls, cutlery, napkins, etc.); and Sitting (credenzas, tables, chairs, stools, etc.). The idea is to submit product concepts designed to create a better and more authentic experience at every point across the journey of preparing and enjoying a meal. Designers are invited to consider materials, technologies, functionality and sustainability as part of their concepts. The entries can be submitted online as sketches, renderings, or photos of prototypes.

About The Jury and The Sponsors

The panel of jurors who will ultimately select the winners, is composed of design industry visionaries, including: Mauro Porcini (CDO, PepsiCo), Karim Rashid (Multidisciplinary Design Icon), Ayse Birsel and Bibi Seck (Founders of Studio Birsel+Seck), and Pietro Rovatti (the Brand Director for Parmigiano Reggiano). If that wasn’t enough, Alessi and Kartel – two of the top Italian design brands in the product and furniture categories are sponsoring the competition. The opportunity for contestants to be seen by influential industry leaders and top design brands is reason enough to enter your work!

Can I Enter? Is It Free?

The competition is open to professionals, students, and even non-designers and is totally FREE! If you’ve got an idea or even the spark of an idea in your mind, this is the right time to start sketching and get a chance to put your work in front of some of the most influential professionals in the business. Just make sure you submit your design before the deadline – on October 15th, 2021!

What About the Awards?

The winners will be announced in October 2021. Winners in each category will receive Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards, product gifts, as well as extensive coverage on Yanko Design and other reputed design blogs. The ‘Best of Show’ in the Professional Category will get a one-week, all-expenses-paid trip for two to Italy! The trip will include a private tour of a Parmigiano Reggiano cheese-making facility, as well as separate VIP experiences at Alessi and Kartell’s facilities and museums… and obviously the opportunity to enjoy the best food Italy has to offer, including a sumptuous Italian dinner in one of the region’s best restaurants!

Learn More. Deadline is October 15, 2021.

Click Here to visit the Parmigiano Reggiano Design Challenge site for complete details about the competition and how to enter it. Don’t forget – you have until October 15 to submit your entries… so it’s best to get the wheels rolling on your concept development! For some inspiration, just scroll below for a few uniquely authentic and creative designs. Oh, and as they say in Italy, “Buona Fortuna!”

Enter the Parmigiano Reggiano Design Challenge 2021.

The prize: A trip to Italy for two to enjoy The Ultimate Italian Design Experience!
Click Here to Submit Your Designs Now for the Parmigiano Reggiano® Design Challenge. Hurry, entries close October 15, 2021.

Like posting photos of your coffee on Instagram? This beautifully rustic ceramic + wooden cup is perfect for the gram

Picture yourself at the foothills of the Himalayas, a bonfire in front of you, a sunrise ahead of you, a herd of yaks in the distance. You’re sitting with your Sherpa, sipping a perfectly brewed batch of coffee from your Mountain and Sea Coffee Mug.

If brewing coffee is an art, it only makes sense that the cup you drink it from does the brew justice too. Designed with an incredibly rustic sculptural appeal, Coffeify’s Mountain And Sea mugs come with a ceramic body and a wooden handle that exudes an earthy warmth. The ceramic mug is finished with a stone-like texture, and comes with relief-work of mountains and oceans on its base, while the cup itself sports a beautiful black to turquoise gradient glaze… with that wooden handle giving the design a wonderful finishing touch.

The mugs are available as a 3-piece set, featuring the mug itself, a lid to keep your beverage warm for as long as possible, and a removable container with a mesh base for being able to brew your coffee or tea. The ceramic mugs offer a heat resistance of up to 302°F (150°C) and are food-safe and microwave-safe (without the mesh).

All of Coffeify’s ceramic mugs are hand-made on a potter’s wheel, before being hand-finished with the stone-like texture. Finally, the cups are finished with a highly saturated glaze that doesn’t lose color or fade over time, before the wooden handle gets glued in place. The mugs are travel-friendly (just make sure you pack them safely), although Coffeify’s website mentions that they aren’t safe for the dishwasher, so they need to be washed/rinsed by hand. The mugs hold up to 450ml of liquid (that’s slightly less than a Starbucks grande) and are available for a discounted $49 on Coffeify’s website.

Designer: Coffeify

The key to a healthier diet starts by redesigning the refrigerator.

“Displaying vegetables and fruits makes me remember to eat them”, said one of the target users in an interview with designer Tati Ferrucio while she was developing The Fresh Fridge.

The Fresh Fridge relooks the very brief of the refrigerator. Most fridges are designed to perform one prime function – keeping your food fresh for long. The Fresh Fridge, however, also considers other aspects like the contents of the fridge and the behaviors of the user, and promotes a lifestyle that gets you to eat healthier, more nutritious food like fruits and vegetables. With a transparent door, the Fresh Fridge feels like the produce section of the supermarket. The fruits are kept on display, reminding you to eat them when you’re hungry, and the transparent window actually discourages you from wanting to keep unhealthy food in the fridge, in case other people see it and judge your eating habits.

The Fresh Fridge is an ecosystem featuring the fridge itself, and a smart display above it. Designed by IDSA Student Merit Award-winner Tati Ferrucio, the Fresh Fridge focuses on the complex system of a healthier lifestyle, rather than just on individual food items. The smart display above the fridge comes with a touch-sensitive surface and a built-in camera. It acts as a sort of hub for all information, allowing you to manage inventory, order fresh food online, watch recipe tutorials, and bond with friends or family members while you prepare food or while eating (you also get the added bonus of being able to show your mum you’re eating healthy!)

Underneath the smart display sits the main fridge, designed to be a slightly more compact companion to your regular fridge (where you’d store all your day-to-day meals, groceries, drinks, leftovers, etc.) The Fresh Fridge comes with compartments designed specifically for different kinds of healthy foods – leafy greens go on top, where it’s cooler, while fruits and veggies occupy the lower spaces. The trays even account for prepared/cooked items like salads, burrito bowls, smoothie bowls, or cut fruits, with slide-in areas for airtight containers.

The top of the Fresh Fridge becomes the perfect area to prep your food. The ingredients remain easily accessible below, while the smart display on top lets you tick off items from your inventory and even prepare meals by watching recipe videos or chatting with your nonna who guides you with their tips. Plug-points built into the top of the Fresh Fridge let you hook up appliances like blenders, induction stoves, or rice-cookers, while a slide-out tray makes mise en place easy, allowing you to chop, dice, peel, mash, season, or garnish your food.

As you take food from the Fresh Fridge, the smart display on the top lets you tick it off, helping the fridge track inventory for a more planned grocery shopping experience. It’s not entirely clear if the Fresh Fridge also reminds you when food’s spoiling, although that would be an extremely handy feature in making sure you don’t waste anything!

The Fresh Fridge approaches the appliance’s design rather uniquely. The clear (slightly textured) glass on the front really helps inform the interiors, which Ferrucio designed keeping organization in mind. Each of the trays (made from recycled plastic) come with horizontal shelves that help you neatly organize and present your food. The trays feature a modular section on the right too, letting you add containers with dividers, airtight storage boxes, microwave-friendly lunchboxes, etc. Lastly, a mild light on the inside helps illuminate the Fresh Fridge like the refrigerated aisle at supermarkets. The light activates the minute the camera on the smart display notices someone approaching the fridge or walking by, and the fact that the healthy food’s put on display for you really helps condition the mind into eating healthier, more nutritious meals!

Designer: Tati Ferrucio

Kitchen Appliances designed to transform your cooking experiments into MasterChef-worthy delicacies!

The pandemic birthed a lot of home chefs, who discovered a deep and profound love for cooking! Surprisingly, I was one of them. Before the pandemic took place, cooking was a chore I completely avoided. But now, I honestly find it quite therapeutic! The pandemic, and all the free time that came along with it, somehow awakened my inner chef. To encourage and motivate all the inner chefs that came to life during the pandemic, we’ve curated a collection of kitchen appliances that promise to transform cooking from a Herculean feat to an enjoyable and fun process! From a food storage appliance that features an intuitive control design to a sustainable underground fridge that keeps your food naturally chilled – these kitchen products promise to transform your disastrous cooking experiments into MasterChef-worthy delicacies! These products can reduce your prep time in half, make the little cooking tasks much easier, and help you with tedious and complicated techniques. They make cooking effortless and easy. Enjoy!

That plastic kettle sitting on our kitchen counter probably looks like something from a time capsule compared to all the other appliances that have gotten design makeovers. Finally, it is the kettle’s turn and the B POINT shows it all off. It features a touch interface that instantly gets the appliance up to speed with others and lets the user form a more organic connection with it. The circular display has two rings – the outer ring shows the temperature and the inner ring shows the water level inside. Countdown starts after setting the water temperature and will beep once it is ready! The choice of CMF really elevates the simple appliance into an aesthetic product that you can display proudly on your kitchen counter.

Providing leverage for one-handed users, Moray is built with an assortment of chamfers, angled surfaces, and curved edges that hold dishes in one place while they’re getting washed. In refining her universal kitchen sink, Baltazar identified the obstacles faced in the kitchen for one-handed dishwashers and sought to solve them with Moray. Following a series of indirect observation and ideation periods, Baltazar learned that it’s less so about introducing new tools and more about redesigning the sink from the basin up.

ODNY.BOX is a food storage concept with an intuitive control dial and a minimal aesthetic for users to store any type of leftover, from hot baked cookies to cold Greek yogurt. Inspired by the bulbous shape that water makes when it drops on flat surfaces, the glass lid of ODNY.BOX comes together as half of a globe and almost curls under the platform where food is kept to ensure sealed storage. The seasons have an effect not only on the food we eat but also on how that food is kept for tomorrow. During the winter months, the hot food we order or cook at home is subject to cold temperatures, while during the warmer months, perishables like produce are the first to go bad.

A 2021 winner of the Red Dot Design Award, the Gevi rubbishes the notion that a coffee machine needs to look like a large, bulky, boxy appliance. With its cylindrical design that branches out into the cantilevered coffee-grinder and brewer, the Gevi capitalizes on visual drama, looking almost sculptural, like a ballerina on a single leg. While that description maybe a little too artistic for what’s essentially a coffee machine, it drives home a point… that even a mundane kitchen appliance can be designed to look beautiful.

Cellars have been used across the ages to store food or even act like bunker houses in case of natural disasters. Groundfridge takes that design one step further by adding fresh food refrigeration to the game. The trick used by Groundfridge is by utilizing the natural insulating capacity of the ground and the cooler night air temperatures. The balance of this design allows you to store your vegetables, fruits, cheese, and even wine throughout the year. Ventilating this project uses a fan with a timer that replenishes the cool air during the night. Too hot for comfort? An additional cooler can be used to power it during the hottest summer days.

Instant Cooking Pot with Lantern

Meet WAMP, an instant cooking pot made from ultra-durable duralumin material, ideal for campers who value multiple uses of things they stuff in the backpack. Although a pretty basic utensil, this solves a very useful purpose. You can put it on top of any oil lantern to employ the heat dissipated to good use. Case-in-point, heating or keeping the food warm without expending any extra energy. Be it cooking piping hot canned food or preparing energy-boosting tea on a long trip to the mountains.

OTOTO‘s Tea Trap puts a fun spin on the art of brewing tea. Unlike those boring metal infusers, the Tea Trap models itself on a carnivorous plant that chomps down on your tea leaves. Once the Tea Trap’s stomach (or mouth) is full, just dunk it in a cup of hot water, and the tea begins infusing through the perforations on the sides of the infuser. Use the Tea Trap’s elongated handle to stir it around till your tea reaches the right color, and when you’re done, the Tea Trap will very kindly spit out the tea leaves into the waste-bin, because nobody likes eating tea leaves… not even carnivorous plants!

Designed as a portable bottle that lets you instantly carbonate your water or beverage whenever you want, the Bottle+ comes with a puck-shaped carbon dioxide chamber, contained in an adapter that screws onto the base of the bottle. Once filled with CO2, the chamber lets you fizz up your beverage with the push of a button. The little chamber, contained within what’s called the Spark Adapter, lets you carbonate your water up to 15 times no matter where you are without any batteries. Once the Spark Adapter is out of CO2, it refills via a home refilling station that sits on your kitchen countertop.

This outdoor grill balances design aesthetics with the robustness of lightweight tubular frame construction to take on any abuse from the off-road environment coming it’s way. It has practically designed dual-zone, high-output BTU propane burners with easily cleanable aesthetics. The Forge 15 grill boasts a fold-out prep table for easy stowing, an easy-to-read temperature gauge, a big steel handle, a removable grease tray, a built-in bottle opener, and a weatherproof cover. While tucked in the vehicle’s tailgate while traveling, the pivoting swingarm moves the grill away from the car for cooking when it’s time to set up camp.

Noticing that people have a harder time removing the water bottle’s lid and holding it while they drink, the designers made Loop so that users can slide the lid over the bottle’s neck when taking a drink. The shape of Loop’s neck was specially designed to double as a storage method for the water bottle’s lid, providing a convenient and sanitary place to carry the cap. Expanding on the design of the Loop, the designers note, “The inside of the loop is gently curved and is an identical match to the bottle’s contours; allowing a tight friction-fit that prevents it from sliding while the user is drinking. Further, the lid doubles up as a convenient carry handle and attachment-point for hanging from bags.”

This coffee-grinder’s retro-inspired form harks back to the golden age of Italian automotive design

Look at the Niche Zero and tell me it doesn’t possess the soul of a Vespa! The beautifully curvilinear design of the Niche Zero coffee grinder isn’t a result of function, but rather of expression. Inspired by old-timey automobiles (and even appliances), the Niche Zero coffee grinder celebrates the bold, beautiful design languages of icons like Piaggio, Fiat, Alessi, and Olivetti.

The Niche’s commanding presence in your kitchen is a stark deviation from most burr grinders that look to be compact, sleek, and portable. Designed by UK-based brand Niche Coffee, Niche Zero is a specially designed single-dose grinder that refreshes you with not just a cup of coffee, but also with its eye-catching design. The grinder, which comes in either white or black, features a gently curved metal body, retro-style switches, and wooden accents and stubby legs that make it look warm and approachable. On the inside, the Niche Zero comes with 63mm conical steel burr grinders with a step-less adjustment system that gives you precise and complete control over your grind size. Load the coffee beans into the hopper, secure the safety lid, and flip the antique toggle-style switch on the side and the Niche Zero begins whirring to life, delivering a single dose of ground coffee powder that you can then use with your espresso machine, French press, pour-over, cold-brew carafe, or any style of coffee-brewing apparatus you may have!

The Niche Zero measures a little over 12 inches in height (311mm) and boldly sits on your kitchen counter almost like a sculptural piece. It operates at 72 decibels too, which some might consider just a tad loud (if you’re one of them, maybe invest in a hand-grinder).

Each Niche Zero comes in either Pure White or Midnight Black (both equally classy colors, although the white one looks less visually heavy) with oak wood accents. The grinder comes along with a 58mm grind cup (perfect for most portafilters), a wooden-handled cleaning brush, a user manual, and a socket driver.

The grinder itself is incredibly easy and intuitive to use. The safety lid on top helps secure the beans while the machine is operational, and a step-less adjustment disc on the inside even comes with a marked guide that lets you calibrate your grind-size to suit the kind of brewing you plan on doing (finer grind for Espresso, coarser grind for a French press). A single switch on the side lets you turn the Niche Zero on or off, and the grinder’s direct outlet path ensures that no bits and specks of coffee dust remain behind inside the machine. However, a nifty little accompanying brush lets you clean out your Niche Zero every couple of uses.

Designer: Niche Coffee