Tea maker lets you smell your tea while steeping and relaxing

Making and drinking tea is highly relaxing for a lot of people, even more than making coffee (at least, for some people). When you need to relax or destress, people tell you to drink tea rather than another kind of drink like caffeine and alcohol. Another way to destress is to light up your diffuser or scented candles. If you could combine the two plus add some other relaxing techniques, then you can come up with a pretty great nighttime relaxing routine.

Designers: 빈 허 (Heo Been), Jaewoo Jang, 이 지호 (Jiho Lee), 최 예은 (Choi Yea eun)

U Soo is a concept for a tea maker that can help you “relax and chill”. The difference with this compared to other tea makers is that you can also smell the tea as it steeps so you also get an aroma diffuser with the machine. The machine itself looks like a coffee maker or something that belongs in a laboratory. You see the whole process from the boiling of the water to the steeping of the tea to when it pours out to your cup. The transparency actually adds to the therapeutic feels of the machine.

The tea to be used in U Soo are dried leaves that are compressed into balls. They will “unfurl” once in the machine being steeped into the water. There is a cylinder like part in the machine with a tube inside where you put the water in and then it goes to the other side where the tea ball is dropped, unfurled, and steeped. The water then goes back onto the other side through a small tube and then dispensed to the cup that is in the middle.

There are of course controls on the machine to help you through all those processes. On paper, it’s a pretty interesting product. And for someone who is incorporating tea drinking into her routine, this is something that can definitely help me with that.

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Diet-friendly electric spoon enhances saltiness in food without actual salt

It’s almost too easy to take salt for granted these days given how common it is, but there was a time long ago when it was as valuable as gold. The role that salt and salty flavors play in our lives becomes all too apparent the moment we taste bland food, resulting in requesting for seasoning or, well, salt. Too much salt, however, put people’s health at risk, especially in cultures that lean towards very salty dishes. Replacing salt with healthier alternatives might just be a stopgap solution, so this innovative electric spoon simply tries to trick our tongues into tasting saltiness where there is barely any salt, allowing people to consume less salt without actual giving up their favorite flavor.

Designer: Kirin

Simple as it may look, our tongues are really complex systems of taste buds that may react different depending on their location and sensitivity to certain flavors. We’ve all been through science experiments related to the different areas of the tongue as well as how weak electrical currents, like those from a lemon, can affect our sense of taste. The latter is the principle behind this simple-looking electric salt spoon that aims to promote a healthier diet by reducing the amount of salt you need to use or consume just to get that salty flavor you love.

In a nutshell, the plastic and metal spoon passes a very weak electrical current on your tongue that tries to draw sodium ions that are normally dispersed and wasted, enhancing the salty flavor that would have otherwise been lost normally. This does mean that the salty flavor doesn’t just magically appear and there needs to still be some amount of salt in the dish for the magic to work. That said, the technology promises 1.5 times more saltiness, which mean you can use 1.5 times less salt to taste the same flavor. For a food culture like Japan that consumes 10g of salt daily, much higher than what the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends, that’s still a significant reduction.

The design of the spoon itself is pretty basic, and its large handle almost makes it look and feel like a child’s spoon. Operating the electric spoon is a simple matter of pressing a single button to turn it on and cycling through different electrical intensities. Amusingly, they recommend a proper way of holding the spoon and positioning your arm in order to maximize the effect of the weak current provided by a rechargeable lithium battery.

It might be a weird idea to be giving your tongue a tiny electrical shock to make food taste saltier, and the company behind the innovation promises it’s all within safe ranges. While it’s not going to make food magically taste better, the electric salt spoon offers a simpler, and somewhat more affordable way to enjoy low-salt diets without resorting to expensive salt alternatives.

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This compact, detachable hot plate is designed for on the go convenience and ease of storage

Working overtime and getting home late almost every day to find your dinner cold and unsavory? I’m sure a family member or your spouse has to wait through the night and then serve you hot food. It’s still fine on hot summer days, but the long winter nights can really get tough for everyone; you cannot have a cold meal at all! Hot plates have been a solution to this culinary conundrum through the years. But traditional warming boards only add bulk to your kitchen and do not do much to your meal.

What if you could have piping hot dishes on your table without taking up extra space? Whether you’re working late or hosting friends, the idea of a hot, delicious meal awaiting you at the table is a sublime feeling for many, including the designer of this electrically powered, folding and detachable heating plate that would be your biggest help when you’re hosting family or friends at home, partying at the pool, or out camping with your pooch.

Designer: Wenhua Xu

Conceptualized with the simple idea of ensuring a warm, delectable meal every time; this hot plate in pastel colors, functions on rapid heat transfer technology to ensure your food is at an ideal temperature, and it is constantly heated to maintain it as long as you want. The construction material of this heating board is anyone’s guess at the moment but from the images, it is easy to confirm that it is safe and easy to clean.

Besides, the overall concept – with an adjustable control panel – excels in heat retention. It helps preserve your food’s warmth and flavor with its three different temperature settings, keeping the heat maintained for almost eight hours. Interestingly, the warming board is ideal for heating dishes, milk, and drying food – all ensuring a delightful dining experience.

Add to that the convenience of detaching the three individual heating plates that comprise the entire unit. It can be used together or separately – thanks to the tri-folding design – to work with metal, ceramic, glass, or enamel utensils, serving bowls and other kitchenware. You can pack it in the bag for travel convenience, simultaneously warm up to six dishes, and keep the food warm and fresh every time. This portable and detachable marvel can be effortlessly stored to maximize space in your kitchen.

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Want Perfect Sourdough Bread every single time? This Kitchen Tool gives you foolproof results

The beauty of baking your own bread lies in its simplicity, and the fact that the yeast and bacteria does most of the job for you. You don’t need fancy equipment or ingredients, just a big container to proof your bread, and an oven to bake a perfectly rustic loaf of sourdough that you can then top up with avocado or ricotta and honey. However, what most bakers don’t tell you is that your loaf of bread is actually a living being. The yeast, whether natural or the instant kind you buy at the market, is a living creature that transforms your ball of dough into a fluffy, airy, mildly tart slice of bread that tastes so good with anything you put on top. This yeast needs just 3 things to perform this transformation – flour, water (hydration), and the right temperature. Most home bakers ignore that last metric, and if you’ve made a loaf of bread that just lacked that oomph or the right texture, chances are you followed your recipe correctly, but missed out on ensuring the yeast could grow under the right temperature. The DoughBed, however, takes care of that part of the breadmaking journey for you. Designed to be a perfectly optimal proofing tray for your dough, the Doughbed is a wide glass tray with a cork lid and a heating bed that creates exactly the right temperature for your loaf. Keep your dough to proof in the DoughBed and you’ll be consistently rewarded with the perfect proofing every time, whether it’s for sourdough loaves, pizzas, baguettes, focaccias, brioche buns, or any other kind of leavened bread you desire to bake!

Designers: Sourhouse (Erik Fabian & Jennifer Yoko Olson)

Click Here to Buy Now: $175 $225 ($50 off). Hurry, deal ends in 72-hours! Raised over $220,000.

Designed by home-baker Erik Fabian and industrial designer Jennifer Yoko Olson, the DoughBed is basically an incubation chamber for bread microbes that creates the perfect thermal conditions for yeast (and sourdough bacteria) to feed and grow. “The problem is not your dough, it’s your kitchen. Kitchen temperatures are often too cold for bread dough, and more importantly, always changing,” say the duo behind the DoughBed. The yeast in your dough thrives at temperatures of 75-82°F (24-28°C), but that might just be a tad too warm for humans, who set their thermostats or air conditioners to slightly lower temperatures. This mild temperature difference (of a mere 4-5°F) can be the difference between a perfect loaf, and a loaf that just doesn’t have the right open crumb. The solution? A mini habitat for your doughball, allowing it to do its job flawlessly well, every single time.

Mat + Bowl + Lid = The Perfect Proofing Solution

DoughBed combines a warming mat, a glass dough bowl, and a cork lid to create an efficient warming solution. The dough bowl has a wide bottom so your dough is gently and evenly warmed to 75-82°F (24-28°C) by the mat below.

Each DoughBed is made of 3 parts – an oval-shaped glass bowl, a cork lid, and a warming base that gives your bread microbes the ideal temperature to do its job. The wide oval tray is big enough to hold 3 loaves worth of dough at one time, and is perfectly shaped and sized for mixing your dough in, resting and proofing, and pouring your dough out for shaping before baking. As a bonus, it’s even designed to be oven safe, although baking a loaf that big would be overkill!

The warming mat is made with cork to prevent heat loss into your cold counter.

Once your dough’s ready for proofing, simply cover the glass tray with the DoughBed’s cork lid and place the tray and lid on the DoughBed’s electric base, which heats up to just the right temperature for your bread microbes to thrive. The bowl’s wide base helps the bread dough heat evenly and quickly, and the DoughBed’s single temperature target works with remarkable consistency all throughout the year, giving you perfect loaves even in autumn or winter months.

Oval = the Best Shape for Dough Handling

The DoughBed is perfect for home bakers looking to upgrade their bread game. The oblong oval shape of the glass bowl is ideal for mixing, kneading, and folding with both your hands, and the cork lid and base don’t just give the DoughBed its rustic aesthetic, they’re key to helping your dough maintain its temperature efficiently, and the cork base prevents heat-loss into your kitchen counter.

The DoughBed’s base operates with just 10W of power (that’s 75% less than an oven light), relying on a USB cable that can be wound up and tucked into the underside of the base when not in use. The cork lid comes with a removable, food-safe polypropylene liner, and both the glass bowl and polypropylene liner are dishwasher safe. We’d recommend not washing the cork to ensure it lasts longer. The DoughBed starts at a discounted $175 for backers – that’s a lot cheaper than the Le Creuset you’d mix and proof your sourdough loaf in.

Click Here to Buy Now: $175 $225 ($50 off). Hurry, deal ends in 72-hours! Raised over $220,000.

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Death Star Popcorn Maker Gives You The Finest Popcorn In The Cosmos Without Butter Or Oil

I guess the exploding Death Star metaphor works well here considering it also explodes kernels of corn.

Meet the Death Star Popcorn Maker, an intergalactic-themed appliance that gets you ready for any movie night in minutes. Designed to look like Darth Vader’s cosmic headquarters, this contraption whips up a bowl of popcorn without relying on a drop of oil or butter. It uses a clever vortex of hot air that super-heats the corn kernels up, making them pop. The air then carries the popped kernels out of the heat chamber, giving you popcorn that’s perfectly cooked without getting burnt… and without any unpopped kernels.

Designer: Uncanny Brands

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Created by the folks at Uncanny Brands, this popcorn maker is perfect for your May 4th ritual of watching every Star Wars movie made (you may require the entire weekend for that program if you commit to it). The Death Star Popcorn Maker comes in two parts, the base of the planet is where the action happens – corn is popped without oil or butter, using pure heated air. Once it’s popped, the corn rises to the top where it collects in a transparent cloche, getting dispensed in the upper half of the Death Star, which conveniently becomes your popcorn bowl!

The air vortex technology is clever for a bunch of reasons. From just a health point of view, the idea of having popcorn without copious amounts of butter or oil just feels less sinful – sure, you can absolutely add butter to your corn after it’s popped. The lack of grease means the Popcorn Maker doesn’t need cleaning up after either – all you need to do is empty out any unpopped kernels. Popcorn pops evenly with a nearly 98% success rate, and the air vortex automatically pushes the popped corn upwards and out into the bowl, so you’re never left with any burnt flavor. You can then easily season your corn with powders and spices of your choice.

When all’s said and done, simply lift the transparent cover and place the popcorn bowl back on top and your popcorn maker magically transforms back into a Death Star replica, looking less like a kitchen appliance and more like fan memorabilia!

Click Here to Buy Now

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Durat’s Sustainable Surfaces Merge Aesthetics with Environmental Ethics

Since its establishment in 1990, Durat, a Finnish leader in sustainable design materials, has been at the forefront of both ecological innovation and aesthetic functionality. With a steadfast commitment to transforming industrial waste into high-quality, recyclable solid surfaces, Durat redefines the traditional use of recycled materials. At the core of its philosophy, deeply rooted in the principles of the circular economy, these values are evident in its product offerings and holistic approach to design and production. During Milano Design Week 2024, Durat showcased the “PORTA DEI COLORI” installation, a vivid illustration of their philosophy. This installation, brought to life by Linda Bergroth, symbolizes the marriage of sustainable practices with imaginative design. It demonstrates that recycled materials can be used beyond just practical applications, achieving significant artistic value.

Designer: Linda Bergroth + Durat

Unlike traditional countertop materials such as granite, quartz, or laminate, Durat’s sustainable solid surfaces present several environmental and functional advantages. Traditional materials like granite and quartz involve energy-intensive mining processes and often require long-distance transportation, which significantly impacts the environment. Additionally, laminate countertops may release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) due to the chemicals involved in their production. In contrast, Durat’s materials are crafted from recycled post-industrial plastics, significantly reducing the ecological footprint by minimizing waste and avoiding the depletion of natural resources. These surfaces are eco-friendly and fully recyclable at their life’s end, promoting a sustainable lifecycle.

Durat’s materials have the potential to outperform traditional options in terms of durability and ease of maintenance. While granite is robust, it can crack under severe impact and requires periodic sealing to prevent staining. Quartz, though less prone to staining, can suffer damage from excessive heat. Laminate, although versatile, is vulnerable to scratches, chips, and heat damage. In stark contrast, Durat surfaces are engineered for resilience and longevity, capable of withstanding wear, impact, and high temperatures without compromising their structural integrity or appearance. Their non-porous nature ensures they’re hygienic, easy to clean, and resistant to bacterial growth, making them ideal for both bustling commercial environments and busy home kitchens.

While traditional materials are often constrained by the availability of natural patterns and colors, Durat offers a refreshing alternative with its diverse range of over 300 colors, complemented by distinctive grit effects that create dynamic and continuously evolving patterns. This vast palette provides remarkable creative freedom, enabling designers and architects to precisely tailor their projects, pushing the boundaries of design aesthetics from the minimalistic to the avant-garde. These materials are lighter and more adaptable than their stone counterparts, simplifying the installation process and making repairs and refinishing easier. They also appeal to a wide array of consumers and professionals. Eco-conscious consumers and businesses appreciate Durat’s commitment to environmental stewardship, aligning perfectly with their sustainability practices. The durability and hygienic properties of Durat surfaces make them ideal for high-traffic areas like schools, hospitals, and retail spaces, where facility managers need long-lasting, easy-to-maintain solutions. Additionally, the ease of installation and maintenance makes Durat a favored choice among DIY enthusiasts, enhancing its popularity for home improvement projects and allowing for reduced installation costs while maintaining the material’s pristine condition over time.

This dedication ensures Durat’s solid surfaces meet today’s design professionals’ aesthetic and functional needs while also contributing positively to environmental conservation, positioning Durat as a leader in the future of sustainable modern design.

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H&M and Pantone bring even more colorful accessories to your table

When it comes to decorating our homes with furniture and accessories, there are two kinds of people: the minimalist and monochromatic kind or the maximalist and colorful aesthetic. There can also be some sort of cross-over between the two but mostly, that’s the two general kind of homeowners. I am more of the latter as I have a lot of stuff and I want to keep my surroundings colorful and vibrant. This new collaboration between H&M Home and Pantone will definitely appeal for those who are like me.

Designer: H&M Home and Pantone

This is actually the second time that these two brands have collaborated and this time around, the colors just keep on coming. The H&M Home 🖤 Pantone Collection comes in two palettes: Zesty & Fresh and Sweet & Juicy. The collection includes different food serving and food storage items like serving bowls, placemats, footed trays, coasters, salt shakers, etc. Just like the previous collection, you also get different colors of scented candles that come in the pantone palette looking box.

Unlike the previous collection that had more “calm” colors, these two collections are brighter and more vibrant and has more color options for those who want to mix and match or stay with their color of choice. The Sweet & Juicy has spicy red and strong orange colourways, representing excitement and passion and love and anger, respectively. This is the more intense option if that’s your aesthetic. The Zesty & Fresh collection meanwhile has a more refreshing vibe, with the fresh lime bringing balance, joy, and serenity while the bright yellow is more of joy and happiness but also enhances communication and wisdom, as per the color experts.

The collection includes the following dining and kitchen accessories: small and large plates, serving bowls, coasters, placemats, and container jars. The scented candles available are Mandarin Gelato (orange), Pink Grapefruit (red), Lemon Verde (yellow), and Green Basil (green). The collection is now available in selected stores and at their online store. My wallet is thanking me that this is not available where I live.

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10 Best Products All Coffee & Tea Makers Need In Their Kitchens

Everyone has a beverage of choice that they need in the morning to wake them up – usually, it is coffee or tea. For me personally, it is coffee!  I love coffee, I need it to start my day, or else I simply refuse to start my day! It’s the boost of energy, dose of motivation, and rush of serotonin that I need every morning. And, I’m pretty sure that’s the case for most of us. We all need our cup of tea or coffee. There is a different satisfaction and pleasure in sipping caffeine that you know is the result of your hard work, something precariously prepared with your personal touch to it. And if you’re someone who’s chasing that feeling, then a unique, innovative, and interactive coffee machine or tea brewer is all you need, and ninety-five percent of the battle is won (the other five percent is you setting aside your laziness and operating the machine)! From a smart teapot to the Tesla of coffee machines – this collection of super cool and easy-to-use tools will start you off on your coffee/tea brewing journey. Cheers!

1. K-Round

Keurig has designed the K-Round – a puck of compressed coffee that eliminates the pod completely. The puck is made using only plant-based natural materials. It is completely compostable and doesn’t leave behind any waste except for a small leftover disc that can be discarded or even composted with natural waste.

Why is it noteworthy?

The K-Round has completely recreated the whole idea of the pod by providing users with a sensorial and unique experience even before the coffee has been brewed. The pods have a distinctive and powerful coffee smell that titillates your nose and makes the coffee-making experience even more engaging.

What we like

  • Comes in a variety of sizes, depending on the brew you want
  • You can look at the pods and see how fine or coarse they are

What we dislike

  • Only compatible with the upcoming Keurig Alta
  • The pods haven’t been released yet

2. xBloom

Called the xBloom – the Tesla of Coffee Machines is the first coffee machine with innovative Autopilot features, which makes it a pretty unique one. This device makes prepping coffee super easy and convenient, and it transforms it into an art form. The machine is quite sleek and pristine!

Why is it noteworthy?

Designed by ex-Apple employees, the xBloom can be used to identify, grind, dispense, brew, and pour your coffee for you. It utilizes the finest beans which has been sourced from the top roasters worldwide, making it the finest cup of coffee you can enjoy.

What we like

  • Makes you feel like a professional barista is making you a cup of coffee, providing an enhanced coffee-making and drinking experience.
  • Equipped with NFC technology

What we dislike

  • The machine does not accommodate instant coffee, which is often a problem for coffee drinkers

3. OutIn Nano

Named the OutIn Nano, this adorable flask-shaped beauty lets you prepare a golden cup of coffee anywhere. You can use the espresso maker indoors, outdoors, or even in the sky, as it lets you pull a shot of espresso wherever you like, letting you enjoy a hot cup of coffee in ease.

Why is it noteworthy?

The Nano also features its own water heater, so it warms up your water as it brews the coffee, so you don’t need anything to prepare coffee besides an empty cup, and a desire to prepare some coffee!

What we like

  • A portable espresso maker that heats your water for you
  • Features an easy-to-use single-button interface to brew your coffee

What we dislike

4. Smart Tea Pot

If you’re in the mood for a nice hot cup of tea, then you need to get your hands on the Smart Tea Pot. The Smart Tea Pot is a unique connected teapot that allows you to brew your own tea using technology. This pot lets you prepare a yummy brew based on the kind of tea you like to drink.

Click Here to Buy Now: $349

Why is it noteworthy?

The Smart Tea Pot has advanced brewing adjustments which can be adjusted according to the tea you drink, as well as your tea-drinking requirements. The pot has a “Golden Drop” rotating infuser which is the perfect specimen of Japanese minimalism.

What we like

  • Features a compact size, and clean minimal aesthetics

What we dislike

  • The teapot uses technology for brewing, which can be complicated for some people to use

5. Ceramic Mug

This beautiful little mug is finely crafted and is the perfect specimen of earth meets wood. The mug features a unique and lovely symphony of textures and is intended to be a lovely treat for your lips and your fingers. As you drink from the mug, you experience sensory stimulation.

Click Here to Buy Now: $60

Why is it noteworthy?

As you sip the drink, your lips come into contact with the surface, and this lovely impression sets the mood for the entire experience. It functions as an engaging design with interesting contrasts.

What we like

  • The mug is made from quality Japanese ceramics

What we dislike

  • The mug cannot be placed in a microwave

6. The LanderShot Lunar Espresso Machine

The LanderShot Lunar Espresso Machine is crafted from sleek, space-grade aluminum and carbon fiber. It has a unique futuristic aesthetic that is extremely attractive and will turn heads. It features robust dials and gauges to the stainless steel plumbing which is created for precision and durability.

Why is it noteworthy?

The design is an excellent fusion of functionality and futuristic aesthetics. It is made from CNC-machined type III hard-coated 6061 aluminum and carbon fiber. The coffee machine features a robust and sleek chassis, accompanied by stainless steel plumbing and a sturdy pump system.

What we like

  • Provides an interactive and hands-on approach to coffee brewing
  • The control transforms the brewing process

What we dislike

  • Quite a hefty price tag

7. Brewster

This battery-powered coffee machine is called the Brewster, and it is designed for the future. It will satisfy your random coffee cravings with complete convenience and precision, allowing you to enjoy the perfect cup of joe everywhere you like. It is a portable design providing you with coffee anytime, anywhere.

Why is it noteworthy?

Brewster is more than just a coffee machine, it is a lifestyle innovation designed for the future. It features a convenient compact design, that makes it super easy to carry around.

What we like

  • Features a battery-powered design that doesn’t really need to be tethered to a chord
  • It has an intuitive design that offers a hassle-free coffee-making experience

What we dislike

  • It’s a conceptual design, so we’re not sure how functional and practical it will be as a real product

8. Earth-friendly Stacking Cup

Meet the Earth-friendly stacking cup – a minimal and elegant stacking cup that saves the environment! Made from eco-friendly synthetic materials, this cup has a unique texture that adds a sensory experience to your tea-drinking experience.

Click Here to Buy Now: $25

Why is it noteworthy?

The stacking cup has a lovely texture that resembles wood and ceramic. It creates a distinctive sensory experience in your mouth and lips while encapsulating minimal aesthetics and eco-friendly practices.

What we like

  • The cup is crafted from plant-derived biodegradable resin

What we dislike

  • Aesthetically quite common to other cups on the market, nothing to set it apart

9. Earth-Friendly Tumbler

Named PAPLUS, this unique earth-friendly tumbler features a new type of thermoplastic resin that can be mixed with biodegradable paper. This makes the tumbler sustainable and stylish, making it quite easy on the eyes.

Click Here to Buy Now: $25

Why is it noteworthy?

The tumbler is made using eco-friendly material to which creates a texture quite similar to that of ceramic or wooden cups. Once you take a sip from the tumbler, you are presented with a lovely flavor, which builds a new sensation for your lips.

What we like

The tumbler creates a lovely new act of drinking beverages, taking it to a whole new level

Features a heat resistance of 120°,

What we dislike

  • The natural color will fade with time, which may not be liked by all users

10. Slim Fold Dish Rack

Called the Slim Fold Dish Rack, this innovative dish rack can be carried anywhere with you! The rack features a patent-pending spring mechanism which can be adjusted and shrunk. You can easily deploy the dish rack, and it is quite easy to set up and use.

Click Here to Buy Now: $75.00

Why is it noteworthy?

This product has a minimalist yet sturdy design. It provides adequate ventilation, and there is enough space for utensils, plates, and cookware of any size. It is a great design for your kitchen, or for camping outdoors.

What we like

  • The rack is easy to clean and maintain
  • Features a flexible collapsible form

What we dislike

  • The wires are quite slim, and it can be tough to hold utensils

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How to Use Patterned Tiles in the Kitchen: 15 Ways to Uplift Your Cooking Space

The kitchen has transcended its traditional role as merely a space for food preparation. Today, considerable attention is paid to its aesthetics, from the choice of cabinetry to the color scheme. A prevailing trend involves integrating patterned tiles into both the floors and walls, transforming them into interesting design elements. Notably, the backsplash serves a dual purpose, not only safeguarding the walls from food splatters but also serving as a canvas for creative expression. Additionally, ensuring the floors are slip-resistant is crucial for preventing accidents and maintaining safety in the bustling kitchen environment.

Designer: Florian Beser

1. Introduce Jewel Tones

Image courtesy of: photocreo

The varied jewel tones of green in the backsplash form an intriguing pattern, beautifully contrasting with the dark charcoal grey cabinets, elevating the kitchen’s appearance. They introduce richness and a touch of biophilia, as the green pattern tiles mimic the appearance of leaves within this compact kitchen unit.

2. Say Yes to Chequered Tiles

Instead of opting for patterned tiles, consider using black and white tiles to craft an intriguing pattern on the backsplash of this all-white kitchen. This choice breaks the monotony of the white kitchen, and the black countertop complements the backsplash tiles. Also, hanging pendant lights from an all-white ceiling can enhance the aesthetic appeal.

Incorporating chequered tiles for the flooring disrupts the off-white and pastel-green kitchen and creates a bold pattern on the floor, offering a striking contrast.

Image courtesy of: pro_creator

In this compact kitchen, the chequered tiles extend seamlessly from the floor to the ceiling, establishing a sense of continuity in the kitchen’s design.

3. Add Geometric Patterns

Image courtesy of: FollowTheFlowStudio

Geometric patterns arranged spontaneously generate a dynamic composition, infusing a vibrant energy ideal for modern and minimalist kitchens.

4. Consider Hexagonal Patterns

Image courtesy of: Vladdeep

The hexagonal pattern, nature’s favorite geometric motif, is showcased through a combination and random arrangement of black and white tiles, forming a stunning composition. This interplay contrasts with the white overhead cabinets, black base cabinets, and wooden countertops.

Image courtesy of: Lobachad

If you prefer to avoid a stark contrast, the hexagonal patterns can harmonize with the off-white overhead and base cabinets. The wall tiles feature a blend of plain and patterned tiles to achieve a subtle appearance, while the hexagonal grid forms the underlying pattern.

5. Beautify with Wall Art

Who says that patterned tiles are solely reserved for backsplashes and floors? Sensory tiles or intricately textured and patterned ones can serve as captivating wall art, elevating the kitchen’s aesthetic. However, if opting for textured tiles, it’s advisable to avoid placing them near the cooktop. The textured surfaces may trap cooking residue, making maintenance challenging over time, which is one drawback to consider.

Designer: Duffy London

The Abyss Wall Tile is a versatile and sustainable wall decoration inspired by the ocean’s depths. Crafted with hexagonal tiles featuring intricate layered designs reminiscent of contour maps, this innovative product offers endless possibilities for wall arrangements. With three distinct patterns available, each hexagon seamlessly integrates to create a unified composition, allowing for easy customization and modification. Made from plexiglass, recycled plastic, and brushed stainless steel, the Abyss Wall Tile is visually captivating and environmentally friendly. One can bring the beauty of the abyss into your kitchen space with this handcrafted, flexible wall decor solution.

Designer: bioMATTERS

The MYCO-ALGA is a revolutionary 3D-printed tile system. Crafted from natural waste and living organisms, these tiles offer a unique, organic aesthetic. These tiles use sustainable processes, including 3D printing and organism cultivation to be transformed into lightweight yet sturdy tiles. Enhanced with bio-pigments from harvested algae, each tile boasts a visually striking, non-repeating pattern, resembling crawling organisms. Not only visually captivating but also 100% sustainable and biodegradable. Redefine the look of your kitchen space with MYCO-ALGA tiles—a conversation piece that’s both eco-friendly and stylish.

6. Experiment with Moroccan Tiles

Image courtesy of: BGStock72

The vibrant hues and intricate patterns of Moroccan tiles enhance the appeal of any kitchen backsplash, infusing it with a distinctive blend of geometric motifs and rich colors. These vibrant tones not only elevate the aesthetic but also imbue the kitchen design with a sense of luxury and warmth.

7. Traditional Herringbone Pattern

Image courtesy of: pro_creator

The stunning herringbone pattern elevates the appearance of any kitchen backsplash and can be created using simple tiles arranged strategically. The resulting joint lines form an intriguing pattern that injects dynamism into the walls. Herringbone consists of equally sized rectangular pieces arranged in a staggered zig-zag layout.

8. Go for Azulejos Tiles

Image courtesy of: pro_creator

Azulejo represents a style of tin-glazed ceramic tile work originating from Portugal and Spain. When used as a kitchen wall backsplash, it infuses an artistic flair, elevating the ambiance to new heights. The varied shades of blue impart a refreshing and calming effect to the wall, complementing white kitchen settings seamlessly.

9. Introduce Pastel Hues

Image courtesy of: lyulkamazur

Patterned tiles in various designs are artfully arranged to create a lively pattern, yet the beauty lies in how the soft pastel hues gracefully enhance the kitchen without overwhelming the space.

10. Chevron Patterns

Image courtesy of: irinapavlova1

In the kitchen backsplash, the chevron pattern, alternating between light and subtly contrasting shades, enhances the overall beauty. The alternating patterns introduce an intriguing element, while the darker tones add depth. Chevron, characterized by its inverted V shape, seamlessly creates a zig-zag pattern, making it a favored choice for backsplashes.

11. Glass Mosaic Tiles

Image courtesy of: pro_creator

The reflective surface of the glass mosaic enhances the kitchen’s appearance by creating reflections of its surroundings. The multicolored glass mosaic pattern creates a pixilated effect and injects dynamism into the kitchen space, adding a luxurious touch. Additionally, the ease of cleaning glass surfaces is a notable advantage, and it lends a pixelated aesthetic to the kitchen.

12. Go for a Patterned Border

Image courtesy of: pro_creator

When using patterned tiles, the overall design can appear overwhelming and busy. However, if you still desire a simple and minimalist look with patterns, consider this approach: defining the lower section of the tiles with the pattern while keeping the upper portion plain. In this example, light grey cabinets complement the design seamlessly, creating a balanced and sophisticated appearance that feels neat and refined.

13. Use Natural Stone

Image courtesy of: jamurka

Natural stone materials are highly durable, making them perfect for kitchen backsplashes. They possess unique grain patterns, ensuring each stone slab is one of a kind. This organic quality adds character to the kitchen space. For example, the backsplash, with its beautiful green and white hues, beautifully contrasts with the natural marble countertop. This timeless combination ensures an enduring style that never goes out of fashion.

14. Design the Carpet Flooring

Image courtesy of: pro_creator

While carpets inject a burst of color and pattern into any space, they’re not the most practical choice for the kitchen due to the likelihood of spills and food stains. However, if you still desire patterned flooring, patterned tiles offer a solution. These tiles can be arranged to form a permanent “carpet” on the floor. Despite the aesthetic appeal of patterned flooring, its permanence is a drawback. In this kitchen and dining area, a combination of plain and patterned tiles is used for the flooring. The position of the dining table remains fixed, breaking the monotony of the terracotta-hued tiles.

15. Add Vibrancy with Bold Color Tiles

Image courtesy of: ADDICTIVE_STOCK

Instead of opting for patterned tiles, utilize a mix of bold square tiles arranged randomly to form a dynamic composition. This approach yields a striking effect, blending warm and cool colors harmoniously.

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Top Ten Ways to Give a Stylish Makeover to Your Existing Kitchen

The kitchen is not only a space for cooking but it has evolved into a space for family bonding as well as an interactive space during social gatherings. Just like we pay attention to the décor of the living room and bedroom, it is advisable to enhance the overall look of the kitchen. Since it is not practical to dismantle an existing kitchen, here are some smart and easy ways to enhance the overall look of the kitchen without completely replacing it.

Designer: MAGPIE

1. Paint the Kitchen Cabinets

Image courtesy of: FollowTheFlowStudio

Painting the cabinets can enhance the look of the kitchen at a fraction of the cost. When deciding on the color of the kitchen cabinets, make sure that the cabinets match with color of the countertop and the walls. Opt for glossy or matte finish paint on the cabinets and replace old knobs and handles with new ones as it is one of the easiest ways to upgrade the look of the kitchen cabinets.

2. Install Designer Tiles

Image courtesy of: FollowTheFlowStudio

The kitchen backsplash can transform into a beautiful canvas for introducing color and pattern into your kitchen décor. Tiles come in a variety of styles, colors, and textures, and have the ability to completely transform the appearance of any kitchen just like in this example above. The geometric tile patterns in hues of white, black, and grey combine with the all-white cabinetry to elevate the overall look of the kitchen and impart a modern look to the interiors.

3. Introduce Dual Tones

Image courtesy of: vanitjan

Break away from the conventional, monochromatic color scheme like whites, off-whites, and browns that are found in most kitchens. Instead, consider incorporating a bold, contrasting color or a vibrant shade to infuse a sense of joy into your kitchen’s design. One effective approach to achieve this is by incorporating dual tones, like the bold color combination of tomato red and dark grey overhead and base cabinets of this contemporary kitchen design.

4. Accessorize the Kitchen

One can enhance the overall ambiance of the kitchen by incorporating decorative cookware that is not only functional but also serves as stylish accessories. Some of the most commonly used items that can make a statement include colanders, platters, pots, pans, ladles, and dishes. They effortlessly form a vibrant and eye-catching display with their various shapes, sizes, and colors. Make it a point to keep the counters clean and clutter-free as cluttered surfaces pull down the look of the kitchen.

Designer: Ernest Perera

Dish racks not only hold plates, utensils, and glassware but also serve a dual role by facilitating the drying process via effective water drainage. The Aurea drying racks are crafted from “stratify wood,” and they resemble wooden cutouts that can be used for accommodating plates, openings for wine bottles, and raised sections for cups.

Designer: Gianluca Soldi for SoldiDesign

The Ovetto wastebin is designed by Gianluca Soldi for SoldiDesign while this egg-shaped waste and recycling bin is named after the Italian word for egg and it features an artistic and functional design. The bin includes three compartments for easy waste and recyclable sorting. In this bin, users can simply push one of the three circular hatches to dispose of their waste, and when it’s full, the sides can be opened for removal. Another interesting feature is that the bin has a concealed integrated bottle crusher on top, while its curved shell gives it an elegant sculptural appearance that makes it a decorative statement piece when not in use.

5. Layered Lighting

Image courtesy of: anontae2522

One of the easiest ways to upgrade the look of the kitchen is by designing the space with a layered lighting scheme. This includes ambient lighting for the overall illumination of the space, and task lighting, such as under-cabinet lighting or chimney lighting, which provides focused illumination for food preparation. One can replace ordinary pendant lights with decorative pendant lights in the kitchen or install statement lights above the kitchen island. Also LED lights can be used to illuminate the cabinets.

6. Introduce a Green Thumb

Introduce color and create an artistic kitchen space by hanging planters to showcase your greens or simply grow microgreens. This arrangement not only looks good but also provides organic food for the family while a fresh bouquet of flowers is also an interesting way to elevate the look of the kitchen.

Designer: Tilden Cooper (Assoc. AIA)

Nutraponics is an automated hydroponics system, that functions as a self-sustaining indoor garden that uses water-based solutions instead of soil. This innovative device simplifies plant care by managing growth and monitoring the crops. It combines various technologies, like the balanced light spectrum of the Grow Ring and an electronically controlled water pump, which delivers nutrient-rich water to plant roots through a patented water distribution panel, ensuring plants receive the necessary nourishment as and when required promoting efficient and heat-free growth.

7. Introduce Built-in Appliances

Image courtesy of: pro_creator

Upgrade the overall look of the kitchen and give it a clutter-free appearance with built-in appliances as they work as ergonomic space savers that ensure easy maintenance and create an organized and efficient workspace. Concealing appliances behind closed doors adds sophistication and gives the look of bespoke furniture with a seamless look. However, make sure that the cabinet finishes the match with the appliance fronts. Additionally, one can incorporate the range hood into custom cabinetry to complement the overall kitchen design.

Designer: Alperen Çağdaş

The HIDE is a sleek built-in oven with a hidden interface panel that functions as a hidden handle. This appliance combines the convenience of modern automatic doors, which seamlessly integrates with the kitchen aesthetics.

Designer: Samsung

Samsung has ventured into the Bespoke line that aims to enhance consumers’ lives through innovative design collaborations with artists and designers. The brand actively promotes global participation and recognizes the power of collaboration. Samsung’s Bespoke concept empowers customers to create designs that reflect their unique personality, transforming it into a creative partnership that fosters self-expression for both artists and consumers.

8. Create a Sitting Area

Image courtesy of: bialasiewicz

In an open-style kitchen, one can improve the functionality of the kitchen by introducing a cozy breakfast counter with head-turning stools. This is a functional addition that not only provides extra seating but also serves as an interesting design statement.

9. Upgrade the Sink

The choice of sink material and the design of the faucets can immediately enhance the look of the kitchen and one can choose from options such as stainless steel, enamel-coated, fire clay, or granite sinks.

Designer: Shubh Wadel

The Grifo-A Sliding Faucet is an innovative faucet that is designed to tackle the challenges associated with conventional dishwashing methods. The faucet reimagines the sink’s functionality, reducing water wastage, introducing height-adjustable sink options, simplifying and expediting procedures, and implementing an efficient leftover food disposal system.

10. Install a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island helps create an extra countertop, that helps in creating a clutter-free space for cooking, and entertaining, and enhancing the overall look of the area.

Designer: Falper

The Falper’s Small Living Kitchens aims to revolutionize the kitchen experience in compact homes. It features kitchen islands that are meticulously crafted to impart a sense of spaciousness and luxury to even the tiniest kitchen spaces. The Small Living Kitchen makes a statement and seamlessly integrates into a variety of home settings, from apartments to houses. These tips will surely help you to upgrade the overall look of your kitchen like a pro.

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