This coffee machine was designed to let you make espressos with one hand

To all the coffee lovers like myself, staying quarantined has made us realize that there is an unparalleled joy that we experience when a barista makes you a drink vs when you make one for yourself. If you truly want to make coffee that matches the level of cafes, you need an espresso machine – now I know what you’re thinking, they are complicated and there are way too many accessories, it is high maintenance, etc. But what if there was an appliance that combined all the accessories into one espresso machine and made it easy for even beginners to enjoy a foamy cappuccino? Say hello to Rebuild: ratio!

Since professional coffee machines have a different product for each part of the process, Rebuild:ratio was designed as an espresso machine that would streamline the process of making coffee and while not taking away from the authentic process. This espresso machine gives you a high-quality product with easy user experience. Feel like barista yourself when you grind the beans and steam your milk but without the hassle of keeping up with three separate appliances. While the machine looks like a complicated, professional one, it has actually been organized in a way for you to feel confident about making cafe-grade beverages with ease. There are three shape concepts: layer, build, and tool that make up this sleek appliance.

The analog-type grinder door is one of its most distinguished features when compared to existing machines. This enables the user to differentiate between the grinding part and the discharge part using a simple opening-closing action and minimizing the porter filter movement. It has been designed such that if you need to remove the knock box by holding the porter filter you can easily remove it using just one hand. The front and side sides of the knock box cover are created to be smoothly removed without friction, unlike most espresso machines, especially the ones made for home use.

To prevent water from getting all around the machine or from any milk-steaming accidents, the drip tray is made of diagonal lines for more efficient draining. This induces the water to enter the tray when it falls instead of making the surrounding area dirty. To keep with the clean lines aesthetic, the handle is not made to be protruding and adds to the seamless visual build. The transparent water container lets you check the amount and refill accurately. The slightly curved lid makes opening and closing effortless. The only parts that protrude from the overall linear design are the bucket, bucket support, and grinder parts to prevents the heat and wires from coming out of the vent hole when the machine is in close contact with the wall. Anyone else wants to open a home cafe after this?

Designers: Wankeun Oh, Lee Hyo min and Studio OKL

This swirling orb of ice helps make your drinks look amazing and cool faster too!

This could be the mildly delusional me speaking but oh, what I’d give to be in a crowded bar, not being able to hear myself think while sipping on an Old Fashioned and admiring the swirling orb of ice in it. As perfect as that orb does tend to look with the orange peel above it and the alcohol around it, it seems like it could be perfected, be engineered to look better, and perform better.

It isn’t often that something as mundane as an ice-mold wins a design award, but it seems like the Icy Galaxy deserves recognition. Designed to look like a beautiful wavy orb of ice, the Icy Galaxy sphere does two things – It creates an interesting interaction with the liquid it’s immersed in, especially when the liquid slides into the orb’s multiple crevasses, but at the same time, it also helps rapidly cool drinks down by increasing the icy orb’s surface area (similar to how motorcycle engines come with fins that increase their surface area allowing wind to cool them more effectively). The orbs are crafted using silicone+plastic molds that create two spheres at a time, and the resulting ice spheres look absolutely mesmerizing when suspended in colorful liquids… sort of like galaxies within your glass!

The Icy Galaxy Ice Mold is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2020.

Designers: Ladan Zadfar and Mohammad Farshad

Pharrell Williams co-designed an incredibly gorgeous looking cutlery set from recycled CDs

I’ll admit, there’s nothing about that headline that could even remotely be predicted. Each word seems more improbable than the next, like predictive text gone absolutely bonkers, but it’s true… the man behind Happy and Get Lucky just partnered with Pentatonic, a circular economy company, to release a portable multi-use cutlery set that’ll make you feel happy and the planet feel lucky. Pardon my horrible wordplay, it’s a Friday night where I’m from, even if it’s being spent at home.

Titled the Pebble, these gorgeously vivid and funky cutlery tools are a collaboration between Pentatonic and i am OTHER, a creative collective assembled by Pharrell, and are made mostly from recycled materials. The unusually vibrant cutlery set is named after the pebble-shaped container it comes in. The colored container is made using plastic recycled from music CDs, and perfectly houses a spoon, knife, fork, a pair of chopsticks, and even a collapsible drinking straw. Plastic handles for the cutlery are crafted from recycled food packaging, while the cutlery themselves are crafted from steel, with a highly durable anodized titanium coating for strength as well as to give the cutlery their unmistakable vibrant purple hue.

The Pebble serves as a vibrant, desirable, eco-friendly, and multi-use alternative to single-use plastic cutlery… a problem that results in 40 billion plastic utensils being thrown out as waste each year in USA alone. Designed as a quirky, candy-esque alternative to the boring white plastic sporks that come with packaged food, the Pebble’s foldable/collapsible cutlery can be used and reused multiple times. The grippy, rounded outer case and the added carabiner clip makes it easy to carry around or to secure it to a backpack while camping outdoors, and that absolutely delicious color combination should really get your mouth watering and your heart singing!

Designers: Pentatonic & i am OTHER

The Bariseur 2.0 wakes you up each morning with a fresh cup of coffee and a charged phone

Aside from having a puppy lick my face, the Bariseur 2.0 gives me everything I need to begin my day the right way!

The Bariseur really made waves when the first edition debuted back in 2016. A great design experience always aims at being a multisensory one. We love motorbikes not just because they get us from A to B, they’re a thrill. Whether it’s the wind in your hair, the purr of the motor, or just the way the motorbike looks, it’s the overall multisensory experience that makes riding a bike so goddamn amazing. I’d say that the Bariseur does the same thing with waking up. Nobody really likes being jolted awake by a neurotic noise-making box, right? Bariseur’s ability to cross over into the multisensory realm makes waking up an absolute treat, because not only does it wake you up with sound, it tantalizes your nostrils with the smell of fresh coffee, getting you out of bed with something to look forward to, and probably a sunnier disposition too.

It’s 2020, the world is practically on fire, but the Bariseur 2.0 does a pretty good job of making mornings a little more pleasurable than they would have been. In its second edition, the beverage-brewing alarm clock comes with an updated design featuring a better brewing system using a one-of-a-kind immersion brewer that works equally well with tea or coffee. Rather than brewing your drink right into the cup, the immersion brewer keeps your beverage contained in a chamber, allowing you to pour yourself a cuppa whenever you need it. The smell, however, wafts out pretty effortlessly, allowing you to wake up to the aroma of coffee beans or aromatic tea. The Bariseur 2.0 even features a redesigned shower-head and smart induction heater that allows water to be scattered across your coffee grounds or tea leaves evenly, and at a precise temperature of 94° C – ideal for brewing.

Along with its subtle-but-effective improvements, the Bariseur even comes with a mini-fridge to keep a small glass of milk refrigerated for you to pour into your coffee or tea, and if you want to use the apparatus without the alarm feature, the immersion brewer is detachable, so you can brew multiple cups in a day. The Bariseur 2.0 even features an added wireless charging mat that helps replenish your phone, giving you just the sheer joy of beginning your day with a fresh hot cup of chai/coffee and a fresh 100% charged smartphone. It’s the little pleasures, really!

Designer: Joy Resolve (Joshua Renouf)

This kitchen cupboard’s detailed design will please Marie Kondo and Bobby Berk!

We all want a cupboard or a wardrobe that will take us to Narnia because dealing with the White Witch seems easier than dealing with this pandemic. While magic furniture may not be something we can order online, we sure hope we can get the Muzhi cupboard to make the extended hours in the kitchen more magical! Yen-Hao, Chu is an award-winning designer who has created the Muzhi cupboard for storing all your kitchenware in a way that will make Marie Kondo proud of your organization skills and Bobby Berk happy with your sense of aesthetic.

The cupboard is made of three main parts that the owner can assemble or disassemble according to their needs. The upper part of the cupboard is semi-open where the right side can be used to store tableware and the left side can be used for potted plants as it is open on three sides which allows for ample sunlight. The middle area is an open spacious section that can be used as a sideboard, a small bar counter, or a place to keep small and medium-sized appliances like a kettle, coffee maker or a toaster. Meanwhile, the lower section has a partly glazed left-hand drawer to let the owner see what’s stored inside and the large tray area on the right-hand side can be used to store pot covers or everyday utensils. Details like the solid timber handrail and hanging rails were added to provide a neat place for towels and wine glasses.

Muzhi comes in two finishes and has a simple yet elegant design that blends clean lines with the warmth of wood – a piece of evergreen furniture that will always be useful. It also makes the kitchen look more airy and spacious with the partially-open components. The modular build of this piece makes it the right fit for any kitchen but especially smaller ones that need to optimize space. Having Muzhi is definitely better than a bunch of bulky cabinets, it adds a timeless touch to your kitchen and you never have to fumble to find your dishes again.

Designer: Yen-Hao, Chu

All your kitchen measuring instruments fit right into this cube’s creative design!

Designed to be your go-to for any cooking measurements, the Kitchen Cube integrates all measuring vessels into its singular, yellow, cube-shaped body. With over 19+ measuring units designed into its 6-sided shape, the Kitchen Cube can be used to measure anything from teaspoons and tablespoons to even cups, working with both wet and dry ingredients alike. The cube comes with both metric and US measuring units molded into its unique design, allowing you to even measure out your ingredients in milliliters if the recipe calls for it. Molded from food-grade plastic, the cube is dishwasher-friendly and even safe to use in the microwave, so you can swiftly heat up or melt your ingredients once you measure them out! Besides, its singular design helps instantly de-clutter your kitchen drawer or counter, but most importantly, it integrates all your measuring instruments into one cube so you don’t accidentally ever lose small measuring spoons!

Designer: The Kitchen Cube

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The world’s first no-chimney kitchen exhaust uses a drawer for ventilation

Okay, I am just going to say it, I have never met a kitchen exhaust or vent that has helped prevent the ringing of the smoke alarm when I cook. Some that are good certainly delay it, but if you have a small New York City apartment then your house is going to smell like your dish for at least a day. I am glad someone out there thought we needed a more innovative solution and designed the world’s first downdraft with a central cooking plate and underhung drawer! A top-notch setting that controls ventilation, making cleaning easier, and elevates the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Gutmann is a global leader in manufacturing high-quality exhaust hoods for households and is trusted by the best of specialized kitchen dealers. The design team combined their superior engineering with their own creative vision to give the users a cleaner experience. To come up with the solution, the team had to understand that performance, cleaning, and changing the filters are the core pillars of creating an efficient product. “With downdraft becoming the new norm, power was questionable. We said it had to step above the current noise. Emphasizing airflow, and creating clarity in the UI were our central points,” said the design team about their goal to create a downdraft hood that had the same (if not better) impact as the ceiling hood.

Each kitchen is different, there is a large variation in depths and heights of cabinets and drawers; so the design of this cooktop was kept lightweight without compromising on the advanced technology and materials. It was important to highlight the drawer during use and assembling all components in a central zone for intuitive user experience – optimizing storage and making cooking a stress-free process. Cooktops are used every day and they have to be durable to endure the constant cleaning and cooking. It can wear down even the most enthusiastic chef and homeowner to maintain appliances. To make this easier all the components were made with precise dimensions so they would fit directly into the dishwasher. This cooktop set up should go straight on top of your kitchen wishlist!

Designers: Oliver Hatton and Nicolas Schmitt for VanBerlo Agency

This Spaghetti-inspired spoon brilliantly re-imagines the pasta shape with functionality!

The various shapes of pasta we see today were all influenced directly by their region and the ingredients used in the pastas. Some pasta shapes were made hollow to hold sauce within them, some were created in the noodle format so as to be coated in the sauces. The shape of pasta is perhaps one of the best examples of form following function, and the guys at Monkey Business pushed the boundaries to give the pasta form some more functions! Meet the Spaghetti Spoon, created as a part of Monkey Business’s Pasta Series that envisions popular pasta shapes as kitchen tools. The Spaghetti Spoon, as its name suggests, is a spoon that’s designed to resemble strands of al-dente spaghetti. Created from heat-resistant plastic, the spoon’s uniquely appetizing shape is perfect for scooping and transferring any sort of noodle-based pasta between saucepans or serving plates. Just don’t try biting into it!

Designer: Avichai Tadmor (Monkey Business)

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This fermentation station is the easiest way to make pickles, sauerkraut, sriracha, and kimchi

Did you know that if it hadn’t been for pickles, Columbus wouldn’t have discovered America?? As ridiculous as it sounds, the discovery of the country owes itself to the humble pickle, which Columbus rationed heavily on his ship to give to his sailors to prevent them from getting scurvy. I imagine pickling items may have been a bit of a task back in the day, what with all those barrels and the carbon dioxide buildup. The Kefirko makes pickling easy, with a glass bottle that holds your veggies and brine, a weight to keep the veggies completely submerged, and an auto-burping mechanism that allows carbon dioxide to pass through a one-way-valve to release pressure. What’s more, the pickling jar even comes with a daytimer on the top that counts down the number of days you’ve kept your veggies to pickle. The one-of-a-kind fermentation station makes it ridiculously easy to pickle practically anything, from veggies to kimchi, or even some sauerkraut!

The Kefirko fermentation station (which helped build the foundation of the American nation) comes in two sizes, and with an easy-to-use setup that allows even the most amateur pickers to master the art of fermentation. The glass jar acts as an inert container, allowing the brine and veggies to ferment without reacting with the walls of the jar. To make sure the veggies are completely submerged in the brine (any air contact can ruin the pickling process), a spring-loaded glass weight helps press them down, creating a volume of air on the top that can easily be pumped out by pushing a button on the top of the lid. As CO2 builds up into the jar (a natural by-product of the fermentation process), one-way air-valves help ‘burp’ the jar too, by letting any extra air out to prevent too much pressure from building up inside. Together these features make pickling veggies as easy as chucking them in a jar, setting a day-timer on the top, and forgetting about it! The overall setup even comes with an extra lid fitted with an activated carbon filter to help absorb any funky odors released during the pickling process. (Try smelling a pickled onion and I guarantee you, your nose-hairs will evaporate)

Apart from preventing scurvy, pickles are pretty good for you. The bacteria that help ferment the veggies actually help maintain good gut flora, aiding digestion and keeping your body healthy. The pickle-juice/vinegar created in the process even helps curb spikes in blood sugar, and replenishes the body with necessary electrolytes. Cleopatra even swore that eating pickles made her beautiful… I can’t imagine what her breath smelled like though.

The Kefirko jar comes in two sizes, can be used multiple times, and is dishwasher friendly. Each pickling jar even comes with its own handbook with over 25 recipes, to help you ferment practically any fruit or veggie… not just because pickles are tasty or healthy, but also because it’s practically a patriotic duty, given its history!

Designers: Marko Borko & Andrej Glažar

Click Here to Buy Now: $22 $32 (31% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $165,000.

Kefirko Veggie Fermenter

The Kefirko combined tradition with new technology and created a simple tool to prepare nourishing fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut, kimchi, or any other vegetable in your kitchen!

This innovative fermenter is set out to provide you with the tools for traditional fermentation that you can easily master.

Almost any vegetable can be fermented, and fermenting farm-fresh produce is a great way to provide good nutrition year-round. Ferment one vegetable alone or create mix of many different kinds, along with herbs and spices, for a great variety of cultured foods.

What is Fermentation?

How to Use Kefirko Veggie Fermenter

Glass weight with a pressing spring holds down the veggies to make sure all the air bubbles caught in the jar can flow up.

You can pump out the excess air in the jar. Oxygen-free environment helps the good bacteria to thrive.

Mark the date of starting fermentation with built-in fermentation clock and let live organisms do their magic.

Veggie Fermenter keeps your ferment safe with the one way valve technology. This enables air to come out but not into your ferment.

It forces the gas out once the pressure builds up. No risk of bottle explosion, no burping the jars needed!

It catches bad smells that form during the fermentation and efficiently neutralizes them with active carbon felt filter positioned on the top lid.

With stackable top lids you can save space in your pantry by stacking the jars one on top of the other.

Sustainable Solution

With fermentation you can store them in the fridge for months. Making small batches of ferment is convenient because you can actually put vegetables and fruits directly from the garden to the fermenting jar. This is an important step to self-sufficiency. You can actually make sure you are never without important nutrients, even when food is not in season or you don’t have access to the stores, etc.

Click Here to Buy Now: $22 $32 (31% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $165,000.

This quirky jar turns your tea-leaves into soil, and the teaspoon into a sapling!

I’ve been pretty vocal about my love for Qualy Design’s products and how they reinterpret mundane objects as beautiful, desirable keepsakes. The Sprout Jar is yet another example of how Qualy Design has this innate tendency to view products around them with an almost childlike curiosity, turning them from regular products into designs with depth, and emotional storytelling value. Unlike your run-of-the-mill jars, the Sprout Jar comes with a sprout-shaped spoon fixed into its cap. Designed for things like tea-leaves, ground coffee, dried herbs, or anything that would look like soil (I guess brown-sugar would work too!), the jar comes with a design that’s meant to be placed on counters inverted. When flipped over, the leaves/grounds/herbs form a base layer around the sprout-shaped spoon, making it look like a sapling emerging from the ground! The clear-plastic container also comes with a slightly domed top, making it look almost like a bell-jar that’s encasing a mini terrarium within!

Designer: Qualy Design

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