I didn’t know how desperately I needed a Knock Box for my Espresso Machine

Diving into the world of coffee is a slippery slope because it’s a never-ending void of products and processes that can improve your brew. The last time I checked, people were recommending using a frozen metal ball in the espresso pouring process to help preserve more delicate flavor profiles. The point is, coffee aficionados will stop at nothing to make sure they’re brewing the best coffee possible… and for the most part, the products they use are absolutely unnecessary (I’m looking at you, coffee needle distributors), but the second I lay my eyes on the Olympus Knock Box, I knew there was something different about it. Designed as a practical addition to your coffee brewing setup, the Olympus Knock Box is a two-part accessory that serves as a tamping station as well as a bin for your coffee after it’s been brewed. Made from molded cork, powder-coated steel, and silicone, the Olympus helps you brew your coffee efficiently (and cleanly too). The tamping station lets you quickly tamp your portafilter, while the knock box itself lets you whack out that puck of coffee after it’s been brewed and extracted. Unlike extracting your espresso over a frozen metal orb, the Olympus Knock Box is just one of those devices that makes the brewing process more convenient, cleaner, and just more effective, whether you’re a home-brewer or a barista at an artisanal cafe.

Designer: Bron Davis

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Knock Boxes have been around for a while, but haven’t really gained much prominence and I think it’s time we change that. Having a knock box with your coffee machine is just about as sensible as wearing an apron while cooking. Just like you wouldn’t want to get your clothes dirty while making food, you wouldn’t want to have your counter or floor a mess while you’re tamping your coffee or knocking the espresso puck out into a bin after extraction. The Olympus provides a nifty station for you to do both activities, keeping your kitchen clean while looking like an elegant little container worthy of adorning your countertop.

Olympus’ knock box design does away with the traditional knock bar, instead utilizing a central rubber silicone pad. This way you can empty out your portafilter with just one clean mess-free hit – perfect for the home coffee bar (that might be doubling as a counter).

The Olympus has a gorgeously simple-looking design that relies on a winning combination of minimalism and a brown/black color palette. The Olympus’ base is made from a molded cork composite that uses micro-granules of cork bound with a natural binding agent that’s nature-friendly, toxin-free, and has zero plastics. It has the appeal of engineered wood, which goes rather well with the black components that sit on top. Nested into this cork base is the powder-coated steel bin that holds as many as 6 espresso pucks in its receptacle.

Once filled, you can merely empty the bin into your trash or add it to your compost pile or kitchen garden. Finally, upon the steel tray sits the Olympus’ tamping station, made out of stiff-yet-flexible silicone. The station has a unique design that accepts portafilters of various sizes, ranging from 51mm to as big as 58mm. The filter snugly fits in, getting secured by a set of silicone fins that prevent it from slipping as you firmly tamp your coffee grounds. Once you’re done, the rim of the tamping station is the perfect point to knock your filter, causing the puck of coffee to fall out in the bin. The silicone is stiff enough to provide a reliable knock without any loud clacking sound.

Designed for homes and tiny hideout cafes, the Olympus has a compact form factor that occupies a mere 6.75″x5.6″ rectangle on your countertop (with a 4″ vertical). Although our hearts are overwhelmingly set on the brown and black variant, there’s another one with a brown base and a white tray and tamping station (although you’ll probably notice dirt faster on it). For coffee enthusiasts looking to own a perfect knock box, the Olympus starts at a 20% discounted price of $99 and ships globally starting Jan-Feb 2024.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $125 (20% off). Hurry, only 7/70 left!

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Top 5 Underrated Smart Kitchen Accessories That Are A Must-Try For An Efficient Kitchen

After a long and tiring day at work, I really don’t have the energy to deal with complicated and cumbersome kitchen appliances. I need appliances that are quick, efficient, or to be more accurate…Smart! Smart kitchen appliances are a boon in today’s day and age, they do most of the work for you. All you need to do is adjust a few settings on the touchscreen or swipe through a few options on your smartphone – and most of your kitchen chores are done for you. And, we’ve curated a few of our favorite smart kitchen accessories for you that we believe deserve a spot in your kitchen. These innovative accessories are the ingenious sidekicks you need on your cooking adventures!

1. Hoto Kitchen Scale

Designed by Lu Zheng, Hoto is a smart kitchen scale that integrates the perks of smart technology such as accompanied social media channels and interactive control panels.

Click Here to Buy Now: $35

Why is it noteworthy?

The smart kitchen scale is minimally designed and features stainless steel controls, and a polished reflective sheen. It doesn’t include a whole bunch of controls and buttons, and in fact, consolidates every control into one interactive knob.

What we like

  • Sleek and smart design with one knob operating it
  • Allows Hoto users to share recipes using the accompanying social media app

What we dislike

  • Since it allows users to keep track of how much they’re consuming, it could promote an unhealthy lifestyle if not used in a balanced manner

2. BORA x BO Flex Oven

The BORA x BO flex oven is intended to be the ultimate dream smart oven, that automates many parts of the cooking process for you, allowing you to pay more attention to preparing the dish.

Why is it noteworthy?

Cooking is a complicated and multi-step process that can take up a lot of your time, and can often feel overwhelming. The BORA x BO smart steam oven makes the cooking process easier, and more streamlined, taking care of many of the parts that you may have taken for granted.

What we like

  • Features an animated grid right on the screen
  • You can control all the operations via a bright 19-inch touch display on top

What we dislike

  • The BORA x BO flex oven is a massive kitchen appliance and will occupy a substantial amount of space in your kitchen

3. Suvie Kitchen Robot

Meet Suvie – a smart WiFi-enabled countertop multi-zone cooker and refrigerator that transforms four individual meal components – raw proteins, dry starches, fresh veggies, and chef-designed sauces into one delicious restaurant-quality meal.

Click Here to Buy Now: $299

Why is it noteworthy?

Suvie is designed for those people who want healthy meals made from fresh ingredients but don’t have the time to cook them. Suvie is combined with optional meal kits, providing fresh healthy meals for working parents and busy professionals.

What we like

  • Comes with a fully customizable Suvie Smart Meals delivery service
  • Requires minimal clean-up

What we dislike

  • Serves 2-4 adults, so not the best appliance to cater to a dinner party or provide meals for a larger family

4. Super Smart Fridge

The Super Smart Fridge by Rocco co-founders Alyse Borkan and Sam Naparstek is a compact and stylish refrigerator that looks more like a furniture piece than a modern kitchen appliance!

Why is it noteworthy?

The Super Smart Fridge is a mix between a small fridge and a dedicated wine fridge. The good-looking fridge features a modern and contemporary design, which includes a smart exterior paired with a fluted glass door.

What we like

  • Effortlessly merges with the rest of the home decor and furniture in the room, so you can place it in your living room as well

What we dislike

  • Looks more suited to hold wine bottles than food items or containers, so not the most versatile appliance

5. TOKIT Omni Cook

Dubbed the TOKIT Omni Cook, this all-in-one kitchen appliance is the ultimate kitchen assistant you’ve been looking for. It makes meal prep, faster and more efficient, and with an element of fun involved!

Why is it noteworthy?

It is equipped with innovative technology, an automated cooking process, and step-by-step digital recipes, which makes cooking up delicious dishes super easy and simple. It has 11+ built-in culinary modes and can function as 21 cooking appliances.

What we like

  • Features an integrated 7-inch touchscreen display, allowing you to customize and tweak your preferences
  • Compact design that occupies minimum space

What we dislike

  • The numerous culinary modes and functionalities can make the appliance a bit difficult to use and operate

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These Modern Food Containers keep food fresh using traditional preservatives like bay leaves and rice

In the quest for a sustainable and innovative solution for preserving pantry essentials, Twist emerges as a beacon, seamlessly blending age-old culinary wisdom with modern convenience. This ingenious food storage system takes inspiration from diverse cultures, such as the Indian, Mediterranean, and Southeast Asian, where preservation methods have evolved over centuries. With a commitment to sustainability and a focus on versatility, Twist is set to revolutionize the way we protect and store our precious ingredients.

Designer: Elanur Aslan

Twist pays homage to the rich culinary traditions of various cultures by incorporating time-tested preservation techniques. Throughout history, communities worldwide have devised ingenious methods to shield their food from insects and excess moisture. Twist takes cues from these traditions, ensuring that the essence of heritage is preserved along with the pantry essentials.

At the core of its container lies a hidden chamber within its lid, strategically designed to accommodate natural preservatives like bay leaves, garlic, and rice. The ancient use of bay leaves, in protecting legumes and grains from pests and moisture serves as a key inspiration. Additionally, the method of placing rice alongside small-grain foods to prevent clumping due to moisture finds a modern application in the design of Twist, bridging the gap between tradition and innovation.

This canister simplifies the preservation process with its user-friendly design. A quick twist opens the chamber, allowing you to add your preferred preservative. Another twist in the opposite direction securely seals the jar, safeguarding its contents from insects and moisture. Say goodbye to concerns about unwanted guests or moisture ruining your stored goods – Twist ensures your pantry staples remain fresh and intact.

This storage container takes a firm stance on sustainability, making conscious choices in its materials. The cover of this innovative food storage solution is crafted from PLA, a plant-derived polymer, while the body is made of fully recyclable glass. PLA, derived from sugar cane, is not only renewable but also biodegradable, significantly reducing the environmental impact. Twist not only offers an environmentally friendly product but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable future for our planet.

Understanding the diverse storage needs in every kitchen, it comes in three different size options. Whether you’re safeguarding delicate strands of spaghetti or ensuring your salt stays perfectly dry, Twist adapts effortlessly to accommodate a wide array of products. Versatility is key in the kitchen, and Twist is designed with that principle in mind.

Twist is more than a food storage solution; it’s a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, where heritage meets freshness, and tradition meets the future. With its commitment to sustainability, user-friendly design, and versatile sizing options, Twist is poised to become an essential tool in kitchens worldwide, preserving not just ingredients but also the rich cultural tapestry of culinary practices.

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Electricity-free Refrigerator uses Natural Clay to Keep Food Fresh

In the world of innovative design, industrial designer Lea Lorenz has unveiled Tony, a revolutionary portable refrigerator and food container that takes inspiration from an age-old tradition of using clay pots to store fruits and vegetables. Tony represents a modern reimagination of the traditional clay jug cooler, utilizing the power of evaporative cooling to create an eco-friendly and electricity-free solution for preserving perishables.

Designer: Lea Lorenz

At the heart of Tony lies its porous raku clay shell, a material that naturally absorbs water from a reservoir. Through the process of evaporation, this unique cooling system brings the interior temperature to a range of 13°C-17°C without relying on electricity. Lea Lorenz explains that this temperature range creates an ideal storage environment for foods that are sensitive to extreme cold, such as fruits and vegetables, which can lose flavor and undergo undesirable post-ripening processes in traditional refrigerators.

To achieve the optimal cooling effect, Lea Lorenz conducted extensive experiments with different types of clay and clay mixtures. The results revealed that a Raku clay shell absorbs water from the tank most effectively. Each Tony clay container comprises a water tank, a food container, and a lid, allowing each section to operate independently with its water supply. The outer wall’s surface is meticulously subtractively machined to increase the surface area for enhanced water evaporation and a quicker drop in temperature inside.

Understanding the impact of external factors like sunlight and nearby heat sources on internal temperature, Lea paired Tony with a wooden stand for increased mobility. This allows users to move the clay cooler around, ensuring optimal storage conditions for fruits and vegetables.

Lea Lorenz addressed the importance of proper fruit and vegetable storage by designing Tony as several rectangular clay containers of varying sizes that can be stacked on top of each other. This innovative approach provides a designated space for each group of produce, contributing to longer freshness and reduced spoilage.

Lea emphasizes the environmental sustainability of Tony throughout its lifecycle. The Raku clay is responsibly sourced from the Westerwald region of Germany, minimizing transport routes and reducing CO2 emissions. The production process involves firing the clay coolers at the lowest possible temperature of 1000°C for minimal energy consumption. Furthermore, Tony is built to last, and if it becomes non-functional, the clay coolers can be recycled by grinding them into fireclay, which can then be used to manufacture new coolers.

Tony by Lea Lorenz is not just a functional and aesthetically pleasing design; it represents a thoughtful and sustainable solution to food storage. By marrying traditional methods with modern technology, Tony offers an eco-friendly alternative to conventional refrigeration, promoting food longevity, reducing waste, and contributing to a more sustainable future.

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Sleek + Modular Kitchen System Can Adapt To All Kinds Of Kitchens In Our Modern Homes

Designed by interior architect Ntaiana Charalampous, co-founder of Dedàleo, this customizable kitchen system is called the Ilo+milo 2.0. It is built from stainless steel modules, and is designed to be an alternative to “the rigid and static nature of traditional kitchens”. Having a flexible and functional kitchen is important in today’s homes which tend to be cramped and stuffy. Hence, a modern kitchen system needs to be adaptable and should perfectly cater to our contemporary homes. And, the Ilo+milo 2.0 makes for an excellent kitchen system for our homes.

Designer: Ntaiana Charalampous of Dedàleo

Designed for homeowners and young individuals, the Ilo+milo 2.0 is meant to be an adaptable solution to help users obtain the perfect kitchen layout “Recognising that modern lifestyles are dynamic and ever-changing, the project aims to provide a solution that allows for flexibility and versatility within the kitchen environment,” said Charalampous. “By introducing a revolutionary modular system, Ilo+milo 2.0 enables users to rearrange and reconfigure their kitchen layout effortlessly.”

Measuring 60×60 centimeters, the stainless steel system can be combined and configured in multiple ways to build a personalized design that will cater to the niche needs of users. Users can build a generous and open layout by merging the various wall units with a kitchen island, or they can create a compact and space-saving configuration that is better suited for homes with space constraints.

The various modules can be customized in different finishes and materials, and accessorized with drawers, metal doors, and pull-out tops that are available in different colors. Users can pick the color and material options that perfectly suit their taste! The vertical metal elements can be customized as well – plain, perforated, and corrugated. On the other hand, the work surfaces can be built using stainless steel or a terrazzo-like material made from recycled metal and glass waste. The recyclable stainless-steel frames and the worktops built from recycled materials ensure that the product is sustainable, and that waste is minimized during its production. The potential for reuse is also amplified, owing to the use of recycled materials.

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These 3-in-1 Trivets with beautiful Moroccan patterns can stack into each other or be used separately

A brilliant example of how form, function, and art can coexist, Peleg Design’s TriveTiles aren’t just decorative trivets for your table. These Mediterranean-inspired artistic trivets are, in fact, elaborate puzzle pieces. Pull them apart and one single trivet turns into three separate trivets that you can use to keep multiple hot dishes on your table. Cooking a one-pot meal? Put the trivets back together and you’ve got yourself a single gorgeous heat-resistant Moroccan artistic tile that complements your decorative ceramicware beautifully… or adds a pop of vibrant color to your table if you primarily use solid-color IKEA plates and Le Creuset cookware!

Designer: Peleg Design

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The TriveTile’s design can be credited to the various cultures that use similar floral/geometric patterns all across the Mediterranean. They can be seen in France and Italy, and find roots as far east as Turkey, although they’re more commonly known by the term Zellige in Morocco, where they feature heavily in the architecture of the country. The TriveTile uses a 3-color pattern to create a tile that can exist in a singular form but also split into three separate trivets.

The tiles feature three familiar color palettes – an ashy Grey, a bright Navy, and a warm Tan. All the tiles come made from heat-resistant silicone, resisting temperatures up to 260°C / 500°F. That makes them a perfect addition to your decorative table set, allowing you to easily rest hot dishes without scorching your table or tablecloth.

The beauty of the TriveTile lies in its multi-purpose design. Although rather beautiful just on its own, the TriveTile transforms into something even more enchanting when you peel it apart into three separate trivets. The three trivets nest back into each other perfectly once you’re done, helping you easily store your TriveTile in your kitchen drawer without worrying about anything getting lost. Plus, given its silicone construction, it’s perfect for the dishwasher too!

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A Coffee Grinder So Sleek and User-Friendly, You’d Think Apple or Dyson Designed It

I’m not one to throw the words Apple and Dyson too flippantly, but that’s pretty much the feeling you get looking at the BURRUS coffee grinder. While you’d expect a regular coffee grinder to simply crush your coffee beans to a fine powder, the BURRUS far outpaces anything you’d expect from a standard grinder. It comes with both automatic and hand-cranked mechanisms, and has a circular display on top that lets you cycle through various settings depending on the kind of grind you want, a magnetically docking wooden collector-mug at the bottom that gathers all your grounds to be transported to your coffee maker, an integrated precision scale that lets you measure out every gram of coffee you grind, and a wireless charging pad that powers the automatic grinder’s motor while also moonlighting as a smartphone charger every now and then. Even the grinder itself is built to the highest standards, with 48mm conical burrs that grind your beans with unmatched consistency, along with a magnetic pre-filter that catches any stray objects like staples that may accidentally end up in your grinder, damaging it. The entire product comes ensconced in an anodized aluminum and mahogany wood exterior, boasting a minimal design that’s still captivating to the eye… like if Sir James Dyson met ace barista James Hoffmann.

Designer: Tolga Akkoç

Click Here to Buy Now: $349 $1000 ($650 off). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours! Raised over $40,000.

Say goodbye to costly high-end electric grinders. Harness the Power or Go Manual
The Choice is Yours!

Standing tall with its metal + wood body, the BURRUS occupies less physical as well as visual space on your kitchen countertop. Its design marries great style with cutting-edge tech, complementing your state-of-the-art coffee machine and premium single-origin coffee beans. The grinder comes in two variants, a hand-cranked manual version that lets you personally grind each batch of coffee, or an automatic version that relies on an electrical motor that grinds exactly the right amount of coffee down to the milligram with staggering consistency.

With 200 distinct grind settings, you’re not just making coffee – you’re crafting an experience.

Whether it’s the rich oils of a dark roast or the subtle notes of a light roast, our 48mm burr captures the essence, delivering a grind that’s both precise and consistent.

The hand-cranked version is still miles ahead of any manual burr grinder you could find on Amazon. It has a mahogany-knobbed handle that snaps into the grinder magnetically, while the grinder itself is slim enough to be gripped with your other hand. A ring on the base lets you set the coarseness of your grind (coarse for a French press or pour-over, fine for a Moka pot or espresso machine), with a staggering 200 grind settings to choose from. 48mm stainless steel conical burr grinders help crush your beans with incredible consistency. The conical shape of the grinders guides your bean downwards while ensuring the grinding gears don’t shift around too much. This means every coffee ground particle that comes out of the BURRUS is roughly the same size, resulting in a uniform brew. The grounds get collected in a wooden container cup made from mahogany. The cup sits inside the BURRUS, docking magnetically in place. Hold it by the handle and pull it out when you’re done and you can pour the grounds directly into the coffee machine of your choosing.

If you fancy yourself something a little more high-tech, just replace the handle with BURRUS’ electric motor module that turns your manual grinder into an automatic one. The module comes with a 1.3-inch display on the top with a rotating bezel that lets you cycle through the grinder’s multitude of options. You can choose your grind speed, and even program exactly how many grams of coffee you want ground. Hit the button and the BURRUS gets to work, effectively (and silently) crushing your roasted beans to perfection. Grounds are dispensed into the mahogany container below, and a precision scale under it tells the BURRUS exactly when to stop. This means you grind exactly how much coffee you need without any wastage, while also saving money on an additional weighing scale that you’d have to buy separately.

Set your desired grind amount, adjust the speed, and tailor your brew with a level of precision unprecedented in coffee grinders.

The BURRUS comes in black and white color variants, with bronze metal accents and mahogany wood detailing in the handle, base, and the cup. You can alternate between hand-cranked and automatic modes simply by switching the modules on the top, going from a personal experience to an electric motor-powered one depending on what you’re in the mood for. A ring on the waist of the grinder lets you select the burr size, and when in automatic mode, you can even select the grind amount down to a micro-level as well as determine the grind speed you want. The patented inner hardware works silently, so your coffee-grinding ritual doesn’t end up waking everyone else. The automatic grinder also knows exactly when to stop grinding, and in the event that a bean gets stuck in the burrs, an anti-stuck feature allows the BURRUS to course-correct and dislodge the stuck bean. Each grinder is also accompanied by a mahogany wood charging base that you can rest your grinder on… with MagSafe no less, allowing you to also charge your smartphone!

The BURRUS starts at a specially discounted $349 (for just the first 48 hours of the sale) before settling to its super early bird price of $499. It ships globally, and you can also choose to add a wooden cleaning brush (to maintain your grinder) or a premium hard-shell carrying case to your pledge.

Click Here to Buy Now: $349 $1000 ($650 off). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours! Raised over $40,000.

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Refined Kitchen Elegance Meets Precision in Top-Tier Meat Slicing Scissors

When thinking of cutting up food, especially meats, most of us will probably think of very sharp and sometimes large knives, from chef’s knives to steak knives. While those are indeed the most common tools, they’re not always the most efficient. Chef’s shears or kitchen scissors are just as useful for cutting up not just meats but also any kind of ingredient. But just like their stationery counterparts, these kitchen tools are often made following a common design, easy to manufacture but not exactly the easiest to use. Fortunately, all it takes is some creative thinking and a deep connection to traditional craftsmanship to design a pair of kitchen shears that are not only a pleasure to hold but also a pleasure to behold.

Designer: Chiaki Murata

Click Here to Buy Now: $84 $99 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, Black Friday sale ends in 48 hours!

Cutting up meat using scissors is admittedly not a common practice except for kitchen veterans, but not because it’s that useful. The reason is mostly because of convenience and effort when common kitchen scissors are not cut out for the job, pun totally intended. The common kitchen shears are pretty much just bigger, sharper, and edgier versions of your desk scissors, and not much more. They can cut through some meats, sure, but they don’t always make for an enjoyable experience, especially when the tool starts to get dull and look worn.

The Precision Chef Kitchen Scissors easily set itself apart not just with their looks but also with their performance. It is filled with design details that, at first glance, might look simply aesthetic but are actually carefully thought out to improve the tool’s usability. For example, the serrated cutting edge and curved blade are not just for show, though they definitely make the scissors look more interesting. They make it easier to slide the scissors under what you’re cutting and also prevent the material from sliding out accidentally.

The design of the hinge is also unique, larger than what you’d find even on most kitchen scissors. Because it is fully covered, however, it doesn’t get dirty as easily as other hinges. Along with the thick handles, these kitchen shears lie a bit elevated when placed horizontally on a table, creating a more hygienic design that prevents the blades from coming in contact with the surface. You can also make the scissors stand vertically and it will stay balanced and raise the blades away from the table’s surface. Whichever way you place it, the scissors remain easy to pick up, ready for your next food snip.

It doesn’t hurt that the mighty shears are handsome to boot. Made in Tsubame Sanjo, Niigata, Japan, the scissors take advantage of the region’s world-renowned expertise in metalwork and cutlery to craft such a fine specimen of a kitchen tool. The oxidation coloring method used to give the stainless steel body a distinct black luster also makes it impervious to discoloration after long periods of use. The oxide film even causes light to be reflected in different ways, creating the illusion of colors that add to the scissors’ charm. Whether you’re cutting meat for cooking, cutting chives for garnishing, or even cutting pizza to divide among yourselves, these elegant kitchen scissors promise to deliver a less stressful experience that also makes you look good in the process.

Click Here to Buy Now: $84 $99 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, Black Friday sale ends in 48 hours!

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This Gorgeous Coffee Advent Calendar gives you 24 Unique Blends to count down days till Christmas

A calendar that looks AND tastes great!

For the uninitiated, Advent Calendars aren’t your standard calendars. Rather than chronicling the 365 days into 12 months, Advent Calendars have just one simple purpose – to count down the days till Christmas. The calendar became somewhat of a tradition in the 1850s, with 24 different flaps that had Bible verses that you’d read every day up until Christmas Day on the 25th of December. In modern times, the calendar has become more of a gifting ritual, with brands creating tiny calendars with products/gifts for each day. This year, the folks at Onyx Coffee Lab decided to make a calendar that quite literally gets you ‘charged up’ for Christmas. The 2023 Coffee Advent Calendar comes in a gorgeous box that opens up to reveal an entire spread of coffee. The box itself is decorated beautifully with gold foil, and creates a wonderful fanned presentation of coffee sachets when opened. I imagine once you’re done drinking all that coffee, it would make for an incredible book or magazine holder!

Designer: Onyx Coffee Lab

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Featuring 24 days of coffee, the calendar explores various origins, blends, and processing methods, allowing you to experience a veritable tapestry of coffee flavors leading up to Christmas. It’s a perfect way to explore the world through a single cup before deciding on what coffee you want to try more of in the next year!

While Onyx delights practically every year with its gorgeous advent calendars, this year’s packaging exudes elegance and is designed to leave a lasting impression. The box’s exterior is adorned with stunning seasonal illustrations, enhanced with gold foil treatments. Upon opening the box, you’ll discover an accordion-style collection box revealing 24 individually wrapped bags of coffee. Each bag is marked from Day 1 to Day 24, guiding you on a daily journey of coffee discovery. A beautifully designed information card is also included, providing details about each coffee, adding to the overall unique coffee experience.

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The Super Smart Fridge Is The Compact & Stylish Furniture-Like Kitchen Appliance For Your Living Room

Owning a second fridge has become a pretty popular and common trend, that has slowly made its way to homes in the past few years. However, fridges tend to be pretty large and occupy a substantial amount of space wherever they’re placed, hence accommodating them in smaller homes and apartments ends up being an issue. But this is where the Super Smart Fridge comes in. Designed by Rocco co-founders Alyse Borkan and Sam Naparstek, the Super Smart Fridge is a compact and stylish refrigerator that looks more like a piece of furniture than a kitchen appliance.

Designer: Rocco

The Super Smart Fridge is a mix between a small fridge and a dedicated wine fridge. The good-looking fridge features a modern and contemporary design, which includes a smart exterior paired with a fluted glass door. The modern exterior is further accentuated by the compact and small size of the fridge which allows it to seamlessly merge with the rest of the home decor and furniture in the room. This makes the Super Smart Fridge an ideal fit for not only your kitchen but also your living room or bedroom.

Measuring 16 inches in depth, the compact fridge is designed to be subtly pushed against a wall, allowing the fridge to further blend in with the furniture and the space surrounding it. If you look at the Super Smart Fridge, it looks more like a bar cart than a kitchen appliance! It is built using a powder-coated steel frame which is available in a wide range of colors, so you can pick the color that perfectly suits your aesthetic and home. The fridge features walls that are 3x thicker than anything available on the market today and boasts the same compressor as the Sub-Zero.

The Super Smart Fridge functions efficiently and smoothly in any living space, without causing any kind of excessive noise. It is covered by a 10-year warranty and has a unique technological feature that enables you to connect the fridge to your phone, via an internal camera system called Sight System. This allows users to glance into their fridge to see if anything needs to be restocked or purchased – pretty cool, eh?!

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