Playmobil Releasing Giant 39-Inch USS Enterprise Playset: Beam Me Up, Scotty

Hot on the heels of their successful Back to the Future DeLorean and Marty McFly’s truck playsets, Playmobil is releasing another set aimed at adults with this giant Star Trek: The Original Series USS Enterprise NCC-1701. I’ve already added it to both my birthday and Christmas lists.

The 148-piece USS Enterprise measures 39-inches long and features numerous light and sound effects, as well as dialog from the original show. Playable areas include the ship’s bridge (with a place to put your smartphone in landscape mode to act as the bridge’s monitor, seen above) and engineering room (with dilithium core that powers the ship on and sounds an alarm when removed, seen below).

The set includes seven figures (Captain Kirk, Spock, Lt. Uhura, Doctor McCoy, Hikaru Sulu, Scotty, and Chekov), some tribbles, phasers, and other accessories as well as hardware to hang the ship, and a display stand. It will be available on September 21st with a retail price of $500. That’s a lot of space bucks!

I was just about ready for Scotty to beam me up until I heard the price. I can’t even remember the last time I spent $500 on a toy and got away with it, but you can rest assured it’s only because my wife hasn’t found out about it yet.

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Apple and Star Trek inspired the neat, interactive, and clean design and UX/UI for this coffee machine!

I love coffee, I love Apple and I love Star Trek, and thereby I love the Elemental coffee machine because it combines ‘elements’ from them all! The sleek machine has a silhouette of an espresso group-head with an intuitive modern touch interface. The clean form is a nod to how easy it is to use and a freshly brewed pot of coffee is still the center of attention here.

Torres takes a very stripped-back, modernist approach, with nothing hidden in terms of the machine’s function. You can see everything you need to make a good cup of coffee which adds clarity to the simple form. The interface is completely touch-based and therefore the UI had to be intuitive while still communicating movement as well as a sense of urgency. The UI is a homage to the ‘okudagrams’, an loving name given to the interactive and usually re-organizable displays found on control panels and computer interfaces in 23rd and 24th-century starships. It started with Star Trek and then spread to every sci-fi thing ever. The idea of integrating it here was to alleviate the comparatively long time it takes for filter coffee to brew, it almost gives the illusion that more is happening than there actually is.”I wanted to avoid the basic – almost traditional at this point – style of touch UI so I went with more of a sci-fi theme inspired by TNG LCARS, but actually, you know – usable,” says Torres.

The conceptual coffee maker also incorporates a digital scale to the hopper lid and a simple twist will push the beans into the grinder. The latch would also have a switch to activate the grinder and the cover has to be shut in order to complete the circuit. There is a sneaky little MacPro reference in the internal compartments because it looked much neater than bare PCBs and offered more protection from any potential leaks. The intricate grooves on the dripper were an attempt to avoid having a sprinkler in order to distribute the water evenly to the coffee grounds. The heating element is also woven into this section to prevent hot water from needing to be pumped up the exposed pipe and potentially causing a safety hazard.

“There was limited capacity for physical prototyping, so CAD + simulation software was used to quickly iterate and solve problems with the design. Surprisingly, this actually worked fairly well, at least in this case. Blender mantaflow simulations were used on the CAD models were used to help drive the water channels and filter arrangement,” explained Torres. Now, all I can think of is getting a good cup of coffee and watching sci-fi movies.

Designer: Leo Torres

Porsche’s sleek design language is the inspiration behind this futuristic work desk!

Desks help define our workspaces. Following the pandemic’s toll on working conditions, desks have become the way we express our modes of working at home. Looking to the automobile marque Porsche for inspiration, Encho Enchev has recently debuted his 3D rendering where he conceptualized a desk design fit for the set of Star Trek with interwoven elements from Porsche strewn throughout.

Characterized by sleek fly-lines and smooth curves, Porsche is known for embedding their automobiles with the same sense of luxury that laps their front doors and grille. Enhancing the desk’s luxe design, Enchev integrated a capacitive sensor touch screen into the desk to control the main Dell computer desktop, functioning as both a keyboard and control panel. The Dell computer spans almost a quarter of the desk, jutting from its mainframe to lengthen the desktop’s screen width. Then additional control systems punctuate this desk from the future, including a touch mouse pad and what appears as an upright landline telephone in stainless steel.

His modern desk design curves into an L-shape, taking the traditional shape of desks that accommodate larger computer systems, snugly fitting into office spaces and den corners. Just beneath the working desktop area, the desk’s leg space is carved out for open room to move the legs and comfortably remain seated. Along the shorter end of the desk, automatic, soft-close drawers create storage space for workers while they’re seated at the desk. Rendered in iconic Porsche color schemes, this desk just came from the future for those who want to bring the marque’s iconic status into their home office.

Designer: Encho Enchev

Forming the shape of a curved L, this modern desk takes the shape of a traditional working desk accommodating a large desktop computer.

Taking inspiration from Porsche’s design language, Enchev designed a desk fit for the luxe marque.

Sleek and understated by design, this modern desk takes on warped corners and shadowed angles to bring it to the future.

Enchev outfitted each desk with a touch screen control panel, extended desktop display, touch mouse pad, and futuristic landline.

Soft-close drawers create storage options for workers throughout the day. A footstool extension also creates a place for workers to rest their feet.

Characterized by their iconic color schemes, Porsche’s design language fills out this modern desk design from the build to its paint job.

Black stained wood covers the desk’s surface, echoing Porsche’s black and white color patterns.


Star Ducks: The Next Generation

Do you know what would have Star Trek: The Next Generation even better? If the entire crew was made up of ducks. Well, thanks to the guys at Numskull, that can now be a reality. That is, assuming, that your reality is played out with action figures on a cardboard cutout of the bridge of the Enterprise.

The series of TUBBZ collectible figures includes duck versions of Jean Luc Picard, Deanna Troi, Geordi La Forge, and Worf. They look so much better as ducks than as humans if you ask me. I’m only disappointed that they didn’t give them new duck names. I guess I have to do all the work. Let’s go with Jean-Luc Canard, Deanna Decoy, Geordi a l’Orange, and Worf, because I couldn’t find my Klingon-to-Duck dictionary.

You can pre-order all four figures from Just Geek for $12.99 each, or two for $20. While you’re there, you can grab some Original Series duck figures.

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Star Trek animated comedy ‘Lower Decks’ heads to Blu-ray on May 18th

Paramount+ (née CBS All Access) might be going full steam on becoming the Star Trek streaming service (among other things), but if you haven’t ponied up the $6 a month or prefer owning physical media, you can still snag the new Trek shows on Blu-ray...

‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ will debut on Paramount+ before airing on Nickelodeon

When CBS first shared details on Star Trek: Prodigy last year, it should it would premiere on Nickelodeon. That’s no longer the case. The computer-animated series for kids will now instead debut on Paramount+ later this year. Only once it completes i...

Dock Your Keys in This Star Trek Federation Key Holder

Are you always leaving the keys to your starship sitting around? The last thing you need is some rogue Ferengi getting their hands on them and trading your ship for a bunch of gold-pressed latinum. What you need is an official Starfleet key rack to keep your key ring from getting lost.

This $39 laser-cut wood key rack comes from Etsy seller NerdySwagger. The rack has five wooden starships and five docking bays that hold onto them. The 9.25″ x 13.25″ rack features an engraved United Federation of Planets Starfleet Command logo, along with a starbase designation in the upper right corner. By default, you get Orion Starbase, but you can get it personalized with your own words for an extra $10. I’d go with “All Your Base Are Belong to Us.”

When you think about it, does a Federation starship require keys to open its doors and start it up? I’m guessing by the 23rd century, we will have standardized biometric scanning for all of our authentication systems.

Star Trek Enterprise Cat Tree: Bolding Going Where No Cat Has Gone Before

A USS Enterprise and Deep Space Nine themed cat tree: it’s what every Star Trek loving feline owner’s home has been missing. And now thanks to Etsy seller CE360designs, you can finally fill that void with a custom Star Trek Enterprise 1701D and DS9 Wood Cat Tower. You know they say good things come in small packages, but I imagine this box being on the larger side.

The 4-foot cat tree sells for $270 and has a USS Enterprise at the very top (with the option to be swapped for Voyager), with the Deep Space Nine space station below. The very bottom represents the two ends of a wormhole (with the option to be replaced with a Borg ship), all set atop the Starfleet insignia. According to the seller, “This is sure to make a conversation starter,” and I couldn’t agree more. I’m already talking about it and I don’t even own one.

Are your cats just as likely to play with the box the tree comes in as the tree itself? Knowing my cats, yes. I buy them all the latest cat toys but whenever I come home, there they are – chasing a piece of crumpled paper or torn cardboard. You know, with cats maybe it really is the simple things in life.

Star Trek TNG Shuttlecraft House Slippers: The Final Frontier for Feet

Do you know what my feet have been missing? A pedicure. My wife won’t even let me sleep without socks on because she’s worried I might make accidental contact. They’ve also been missing these Star Trek: The Next Generation house slippers, perfect for boldly going downstairs for breakfast on a Saturday morning.

The $30 slippers are available in three-sizes-fit-most and include nonslip gripping dots on the soles so you don’t start your morning with an accidental slip-and-fall. A broken hip because you were wearing cheap house slippers – that’s a day ruiner.

I imagine a lot of peoples’ shuttlecrafts will be making repeat voyages between the coffee pot and bathroom on any given stardate. ‘They practically fly themselves!’ I imagine telling myself while I shuffle into the downstairs bathroom half awake. But are the soles LEGO proof? I’m not sure, but I have the sneaking suspicion I’m going to find out whether I want to or not.

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The Moflin is a Tribble-like AI Pet with Emotional Capabilities

What you’re looking at is an artificial intelligence-driven furry electronic pet that can express its own emotions via movement and sound. The Moflin’s AI allows its emotions to constantly change based on its environment – much like a real pet’s, except you’ll save a small fortune on pet food. Originally launched as a Kickstarter project, the campaign was a success, and Moflins will be available later this year for around $400. Still, no word if they’ll breed as quickly as Tribbles.

A Moflin constantly scans its surroundings with its sensors and uses its own interactions to determine patterns and respond accordingly, with “an infinite number of movement and sound combinations” available to express its feelings. Not bad. For reference, I’m only capable of grunting and shaking my head no.

Pretty cool, but if they really wanted to sell these things they should have scored the Star Wars licensing rights and made them look like Baby Yoda. You wouldn’t be able to keep them on store shelves! They’d be this year and every year’s must-have Christmas gift. Wait – did I just come up with a multi-million dollar idea? We need The Mandalorian’s blessing, STAT. Somebody call him, tell him The Child is in trouble.

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