Retro LEGO Projector Can ACTUALLY Project Images Onto Any Wall

Think of it as a ViewMaster, but instead of a small viewfinder that lets you see images up close, the LEGO Magic Lantern can cast blurry yet discernible images onto your wall, making it an incredibly engaging and entertaining build for you and your curious child.

In the time before TV, before movies, and even before bright stage lights, a Dutch scientist developed a machine that could make pictures move right in front of you. People were amazed by it, and they called it the Magic Lantern. Jump ahead 400 years and we’ve got the LEGO version! However, the LEGO Magic Lantern by Norders doesn’t use candles or gas or quicklime as its light source – it uses something much more modern that everyone has in their pocket: the flashlight from your phone!

Designer: Norders

Inspired by the original Lanterna Magica from the 17th century (around the time when the greatest minds were devoting their time towards exploring optics and lenses), Norders’ LEGO creation is a tiny tabletop device with steampunk-retro-esque details. Styled like a lantern, the contraption has a lens on the front that shoots images out onto any wall, using the light from your smartphone. Given its fixed focal length, the projector does need to be adjusted to ensure the image on the wall isn’t blurry or washed out. At the right distance, you’re left with a clear, bright image with a little vignetting around the sides, giving it an incredibly vintage appeal. Imagine how advanced this must have been during the 17th century!

The way the projector works is by putting a translucent slide into its mounting slot, causing light passing through the projector to cast the image on a wall. The slides are removable and replaceable, letting you play out a literal slide show by changing the individual images every few seconds! In fact, the 17th-century magic lantern is where we get the word ‘slide show’ from!

By LEGO-build standards, Norders’ Magic Lantern takes a few unconventional liberties. It uses parts that aren’t found in the LEGO catalog, like lenses, mirrors, and printed images. The lenses play a rather integral role in shaping the beam of light, which travels upwards from your smartphone to a 45° mirror, which then channels it forward towards the front of the projector. The printed image is mounted on a transparent LEGO brick, and light passing through it hits a final lens before going through a shadow mask to help create that final circular image. In LEGO parlance, these techniques are ‘illegal’ because of the use of non-LEGO components. However, we can chalk it down to ‘creative liberty’.

Keeping the Magic Lantern 150cm (59 inches) far from the wall results in an image 60cm (23.5 inches) in diameter

The Magic Lantern’s schematic features an adjustable mirror because the flashlight isn’t located at exactly the same place for every smartphone

The Magic Lantern is made from 513 LEGO bricks, making it much easier than some other detailed LEGO construction kits. Each additional slide requires 7 bricks, allowing you to expand on your slide collection to display through the lantern (you’ll still have to print your images on transparent sheets). Norder’s creation is a part of the LEGO Ideas forum, where independent creators can submit their ideas for LEGO builds and have the global LEGO community vote to select their favorite. As of writing this, the LEGO Magic Lantern has a staggering 8,355 votes, putting it just inches behind the 10,000-vote finish line. You can help by voting for it on the LEGO Ideas forum and with luck, help turn it into a buyable set!

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LEGO Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ Cottage set is made for Disney fans of all ages

Disney fans are definitely upset with the delayed release of Marc Webb’s upcoming remake of the 1937 classic. They had been waiting to see Rachel Zegler bite the forbidden fruit in the new Snow White movie, which is now pushed back by almost a year from its original March 22, 2024 release date to March 21, 2025. That is not a reason for LEGO to fall back and procrastinate.

The passionate brick builders have released a gorgeous, and immensely detailed, LEGO version of the Seven Dwarf’s Cottage from the iconic Disney animation. This build comprises 2228 pieces and 10 mini figurines – slated to go on sale starting March 4, 2024 for $220. If you’re a LEGO Insider, you have a chance to get early access to this set beginning March 1.

Designer: LEGO

Created to allow Disney buffs bring the sweet story home in LEGO bricks; it is not a simple layout. The build is intriguing and effectively detailed to remind us of all the interesting aspects of the lore. In that breath, the LEGO Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ Cottage comes complete with Snow White’s glass coffin, the Evil Queen with the forbidden red apple, all Seven Dwarfs, and the Prince to revive the Snow White out of the death bed with his kiss.

This quaint forest cottage with a straw-roofed structure is nestled in a bounty of green vegetation, close to the wishing well, and has animal friends for company. The open layout of the cottage with a removable side of the roof features other highlights like the bedroom with seven beds, dining table, and a room with a pipe organ.

The LEGO’s new Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs set – measuring 8 inches high, 14 inches wide, and 7.5 inches deep – is a pretty exciting deviation for the disappointed aficionados. And even if you are not a fan, this set for adults can be a distinctive themed gift for movie lovers in your circle!

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The Great British Bake Off gets an adorable LEGO recreation with the entire set, crew, and judges

I absolutely can’t take my eyes off those tiny KitchenAid mixers on every counter!

One of Britain’s many cultural exports, the Great British Bake Off (renamed The Great British Baking Show in the US for legal reasons) is a wonderful example of what you get when you mix dry British humor with cooking. Sure, Masterchef has its appeal, but nothing is quite as funny as watching the Brits compete over their culinary talents. The sarcasm, chaos, camaraderie, warmth of the judges, and the sheer wit and humor of the hosts make the show a delightful watch no matter where you are… and if you’re a LEGO enthusiast as well, user ‘timoth_e_e’ has an adorable build that recreates the magic of the show, down to brick-size!

Designer: timoth_e_e

The LEGO Great British Bake Off set is littered with an INCREDIBLE amount of detail. Recreating almost every aspect of the show down to its tiniest details, the build set features six decked-out participant islands with burners, utensils, a sink, a KitchenAid mixer, and even an oven in the bottom, while the backdrop has those signature string lights, Union Jack flags, and the entire kitchen pantry for all the participants.

The show is nothing without its camera crew, which is why this set pays homage to them too, providing 3 dedicated Minifigures with filming gear. You’ve got two camera operators and a boom mic operator, two shoulder cams, two boom mics, a tripod, and a pair of poseable studio lights.

The entire build features a whopping 2800 pieces (nearly 4-5 times your average LEGO build), but a lot of that boils down to small details like just the sheer amount of equipment on each countertop, as well as the plants (which timoth_e_e mentions can be scaled down to reduce the ‘clutter’). The kitchens have just about everything you could ask for, with mixing bowls, whisks, cups, pie tins, and food galore.

“This set is meant to be very playable; the refrigerators and freezers open and close and have space for a 2×2 custard (or dough that needs proving), the counters and bakers can be switched around and mixed up for various combinations, and the ingredients on the counter can be switched out depending on if the bakers are working on a technical challenge or a showstopper,” says LEGO user timoth_e_e, the brainchild behind this set. “The idea is to be able to recreate almost any of the moments from the show with this model.”

Nothing beats a Lemon Meringue Pie, now does it?

Put your cake in the fridge to cool it down before you apply icing!

Once made, food gets displayed on the iconic Gingham altar, a linear table where the judges (and the hosts) inspect the food before digging in. In the meanwhile, contestants either wait at their stations, or sit on a row of benches, awaiting the verdict of the judges. The entire set has a whopping 21 Minifigures, including judges Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood, hosts Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas, the three film crew, and 14 popular participants from multiple seasons of the show, allowing you to pick and choose your favorite contestants to play with.

“I think this model would be a fantastic addition to any Lego collection either as an amazing display piece or for its playability. With its instantly recognizable features and characters, the Great British Bake Off has a special magic that I think would translate well to Lego,” writes timoth_e_e on his submission page. The LEGO Great British Bake Off is his submission to the LEGO Ideas Forum, where enthusiasts create, share, and support original builds using LEGO bricks. Submissions that garner a lot of support get sent to the LEGO internal review team, and following their approval, get turned into retail kits for everyone to buy. With over 6,300 votes as of writing this, the MOC (My Own Creation) is well on its way to hitting the coveted 10,000 vote mark. You can vote for the build on the LEGO Ideas website.

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Lego gives you romantic couch potato date with a date night box

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if you still don’t have any idea how to spend it with your loved one, don’t worry. There are tons of brands that will be offering you some alternatives aside from the usual dinner, chocolates, and flowers. More and more couples have actually been spending quality time at home (if they choose to celebrate at all) instead of going out so we’re also seeing brands create things for these home buddies. If you live in Singapore and you love Lego, then you’ll be excited about this.

Designer: Lego

If you were expecting that they will create a romantic themed Lego build, then you’re only half right. Brick Date is indeed sweet and will bring you two closer together, but you don’t have to worry about creating an elaborate build. The “date night in a box” contains some things you can use while you’re sipping wine at home on a couch potato kind of date (not necessarily on the 14th of course). In case your partner enjoys receiving physical cards, the box has a romantic greeting card inside along with 23 conversation cards that you can use to bond, whether you’re just new in the relationship or you’ve been together for a long time.

There’s also a heart-shaped lock made from Lego pieces of course that you can use as a symbol of your “unbreakable bond”. You can keep it at home or leave in a place where people put up love locks. Yours will probably stand out since most of the locks there will be normal looking padlocks. The box also has two coasters with heart-shaped Lego bricks so you can place your aforementioned wine glasses or coffee or tea mugs in case that’s your drink of choice.

The Brick Date box itself can also be transformed into a playmat in case you need something to place the cards on. There’s also a sticker sheet inside in case you need something to put in your journal or wall to commemorate your date night. Unfortunately, this is only available as an exclusive gift for those who will purchase SG$199 worth of selected Lego products in Singapore until February 18. When you click on their website though it says the Date Night In A Box is already sold out so we don’t know if they’ll be restocking in time for next week.

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The 1,642 piece LEGO Mercedes-AMG W14 E Performance will arrive in March 2024

LEGO Technic has found a deep-rooted fancy for motorsports lately with the release of the McLaren F1 MP4 Ayrton Senna LEGO set and Speed Champions 2023 McLaren. Now the group has revealed the Mercedes-AMG W14 E Performance and a smaller pull-back version. The scaled replica of Lewis Hamilton’s 2023 Mercedes-AMG W14 F1 car is highly intricate and one to get for Formula-1 fans who follow the sport passionately.

The seven-time world champion sparked the interest of audiences worldwide with his domination at the pinnacle of motorsports for nearly a decade. This has earned the team millions of fans who come to witness the driving craft of Lewis and his machine. Sadly the team has tumbled from the top spot as Red Bull hit back with a flurry of wins but that doesn’t take anything away from the champion and his glory years. This LEGO set celebrates that winning spree and domination etched forever in the hearts of Mercedes fans.

Designer: LEGO Group

LEGO Technic is expanding its ever-growing collection of motorsports replicas with the Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 E Performance LEGO set. The 1/8 scale model can be built piece by piece from the individual 1,642 LEGO bricks to form the W14 measuring 13 cm tall, 63cm long and 26 cm wide. Symbolized by the black color to keep the carbon parts from being painted to reduce that minuscule amount of weight, the F1 car is crafted to the most fine details.

The see-through V6 engine has moving piston parts, a working steering wheel, suspensions, differential, slick tires (without the Pirelli branding) and a DRS rear wing to complete the build. The original livery in the form of stickers has been replicated on the bodywork, making it a very inviting final form if you love the Silver Arrows for what they are.

The LEGO set will be released on March 1, 2024, for interested buyers and I’m sure there will be many takers. Also, LEGO will release a smaller version for kids in a pull-back form to have maximum fun.

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Apple-inspired alarm clock concept helps you snooze a bit longer

People buy and use alarm clocks to wake them up at the right time, but let’s face it, almost everyone ends up extending their sleep by five or ten more minutes or at least want to. With the advent of smartphones, that has become even easier with the built-in snooze functionality in apps. But just as reaching for your phone before bedtime can be bad for your health, doing the same when you just want to snooze your alarm could also end up keeping you from going back to sleep instantly. What you probably need is an alarm clock whose only purpose, ironically, is to get you to sleep longer, which is what this device concept offers in addition to looking like one of Apple’s stylishly minimalist products.

Designer: Antoine Brieux

Useful as they are, our smartphones are notorious for also being sources of distractions. At night, those incessant notifications and the screen’s blue light keep us awake, but our phones also prevent us from snoozing properly again in the morning. Few of us dare to slide the screen blindly for fear of pushing the phone over the edge and breaking it, so we’re forced to open our eyes, get blinded by the screen, and be tempted by the number of unread notifications. There goes your plan to continue that sweet dream!

You know those shows or cartoons where people simply push or smash a button on their bedside clock to silence their alarms, all without even looking at the thing? Well, that’s what this alarm clock concept design also lets you do, except it doesn’t stop the alarm from sounding. The big, though flat, button on top of the small box has one and only one purpose: to snooze the alarm and let you extend your sleep, all without pulling you out of your slumbering state completely. No fumbling over which button to push. You can even hit it with your eyes closed, which is the point entirely.

With such an extremely focused purpose, the design of the device can’t be any more complex than it needs to be. It’s a perfect opportunity to apply some of Apple’s famous minimalist design language, leaving a small cube that’s bereft of any unnecessary feature other than a small LCD screen on the front, a USB-C charging port on the back, and Apple’s iconic logo on top. That said, the design is also so simple that it can actually be easily used by other brands, for example, a LEGO-inspired yellow block.

The alarm clock does have another hidden functionality. It can charge your iPhone, but only if you place it on the iPhone’s back. It makes for an awkward position where the iPhone has to lie face down on a flat surface, which risks scratching its screen. Of course, the bigger question is whether there’s a real need for such a device that does only one thing, especially if that one thing encourages and even rewards sleeping in when you really should be getting up.

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LEGO version of ‘Settlers of Catan’ is PERFECT for brick-lovers and board-game nerds

The iconic game Settlers of Catan is entirely about building a community… so why not go the distance and build the game from scratch using LEGO? This MoC (My Own Creation) from AthleticSkylor088 gives you creative control like never before, letting you build out your game in ways never imaginable previously. By relying on LEGO bricks instead of the conventional 2D board, this unique build lets you turn your game into a brick-based microcosm, with 3D details, plants, fields, humans, animals, and every detail you’d expect from the popular board game!

Designer: AthleticSkylor088

“Starting out with almost nothing, gathering materials, and building settlements is all part of the great game of CATAN. Building your own towns and cities is a lot of fun, so why not play in the form of LEGO bricks?” asks AthleticSkylor088. “Build your very own CATAN board and biomes,” he adds.

The beauty of the board game lies in the fact that it pops out of the board, immersing you in depth and detail. AthleticSkylor088 hasn’t detailed how many bricks are used in this build, but the fact that it’s so hyper-customizable means you can play around with details, make them more realistic or artistic, or even go off the deep end and build a futuristic version with cyberpunk biomes. Although that would stray a little too far from the original, the fact that it’s possible (and that it looks this adorable) is what makes this LEGO build such a charming one.

Mine for ore inside these LEGO mountains

Watch as the sheep graze on the field

Observe the farmers tending to their wheat fields

Avoid the robbers in the desert

Watch the masons molding the bricks

Multiple pieces offer the entire Catan experience, from roads to bricks, timber, and animals.

This, however, isn’t the first time we’ve come across a LEGO version of a playable board game. Many LEGO MoC builders have made a variety of popular games, like chess, Go, Scrabble, and even Monopoly… although one has to admit, there’s a distinct charm to this particular iteration of Catan.

AthleticSkylor088’s LEGO Settlers of Catan board game is currently on the LEGO Ideas forum, where fans and enthusiasts can not only build out their own unique LEGO creations but can even vote for their favorite ones. With 2083 votes under its belt, the LEGO Settlers of Catan is well on its way to hit the coveted 10,000 vote mark, following which it will get an internal review by LEGO’s own team and then will hopefully be turned into a box set that anyone can buy and build. Click here if you want to vote for this MoC.

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LEGO McLaren MP4/4 with Ayrton Senna minifig arriving in March to grace F1 fans’ shelves

Ayrton Senna is the undisputed legend of motor racing and he could have achieved timeless greatness (not that he has already not achieved the feat) hadn’t it been for that fateful corner at the Imola Circuit in Italy during the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix. Hence, Ffor a Formula-1 fanatic, any memorabilia or piece of history that recalls the legend’s memories is a prized possession.

For such fans, LEGO Speed Champions and Technic lineup will add to the proud collection in the form of the McLaren F1 MP4 Ayrton Senna LEGO set. The set comprising of 693 pieces will go on sale from March 1, 2024 for a suggested price tag of $80. Highlight of this set is the Senna minifigure on a podium holding the winner’s trophy with a plate displaying the photo and quote,  alongside the McLaren in action mode.

Designer: LEGO Group

The main focus here is the successful F1 MP4/4 car powered by the Honda turbocharged engine that was used during the 1988 Formula 1 season. Ayrton alongside his teammate Alain Prost pushed this beast to its limits in a spectacle of racing craft dominating the competition winning 15 out of the 16 races during the season. Ayrton stole the limelight with eight wins for the team, securing his place as the world champion, while Alain just missed the bar winning seven races.

The MP4/4’s reliability and pure performance made it one of the most dominant cars in the history of F1 to date. Of course, one can attribute that feat to the skill of Ayrton who showed some of the most mind-blowing driving craft during the season. Coming back to this LEGO build, it looks like Shell is again on good terms with the LEGO Group after a lull of a decade. You can spot the Sheel and Honda logos while the controversial Marlboro branding has been given a pass.

The 1:8 LEGO model is 553 mm long, 257 mm wide, and 125mm high. It comes with functional suspensions, a steering wheel, a V6 engine, a turbo compressor (with intercooler radiators), snorkels and exhaust blowing under the rear diffuser. What more could you ask for?

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Top 10 Japan-Inspired LEGO Builds For Those LEGO Fanatics Who Also Love Some Sushi & Cherry Blossom

Japanese culture and history have always been a source of inspiration for the entire design world. We see Japan-inspired designs in almost every aspect of our lives, so why not in the world of LEGO?! Japanese culture has managed to inspire many talented LEGO builders around the world, resulting in beautiful creations that perfectly capture the essence and spirit of Japan. From a bowl of steaming hot ramen to the traditional Shogun Armour, LEGO master builders have managed to capture them all in the form of exquisite and intricately built LEGO constructions. Dive in!

1. LEGO Ramen Bowl

Micdud’s LEGO Ramen Bowl is made using LEGO bricks and it looks super realistic! “The model was designed, as a fully customizable construction, thanks to a wide selection of ingredients,” says LEGO builder Micdud. The ramen bowl includes a “bamboo” roll-out pad, a stunning “ceramic” bowl made with intricate details, as well as chopsticks that are hidden in a decorated “paper” wrapping. It also includes a special chirirenge spoon!

2. LEGO Cherry Blossom

These lovely LEGO Cherry Blossoms are designed to get you ready for Spring! The LEGO build features two buildable cherry blossom twigs that can you mix and match to create some pretty white and pink blooms. You need to build the flowers with the 438 pieces that come with the set, to build two twigs that measure up to 14 inches.

3. The Great Wave of Kanagawa

The Great Wave of Kanagawa is one of the most iconic paintings in the art world. It is a lovely and significant hallmark of Japan’s Ukioy-e art movement, and LEGO Art’s interpretation of it includes plastic blocks and a brick count of 1810 pieces. The build also includes a special brick that holds artist Hokusai’s signature! It makes use of multiple dot-shaped bricks that give the painting a pointillism effect.

4. LEGO Sushi Board

If you’re a sushi lover, then this LEGO Sushi Board is a dream come true for you! Made using 1348 pieces, this sushi board is accompanied by matching chopsticks, 6 types of sushi, ginger, wasabi, as well as a matching bowl of soy sauce. The objects aren’t attached to the board, and they can be moved around and arranged, creating an interactive and adorable sushi experience. The sushi includes – one regular and one vegetarian maki roll, a regular uramaki roll, a shrimp nigiri, a salmon nigiri, and an egg nigiri!

5. LEGO Toyota GR Supra

To celebrate the iconic Toyota GR Supra’s 35th anniversary a few years ago, LEGO Japan, LEGOLAND Japan, and Toyota Gazoo Racing created a life-size replica of the sports car. The LEGO version was wider than the original automotive and weighed more as well – almost 4156 pounds. The car was almost entirely made of LEGO bricks, which was truly a commendable and impressive sight, whether you’re a LEGO fan or not!

6. LEGO Girls In Kimonos

Inspired by a summer trip to Japan, LEGO builder The DriXx built two girls in kimonos and traditional Japanese accessories using LEGO bricks! One of the kimonos was embossed with cherry blossoms, while the other one was inspired by cranes and flowers. He wanted to capture the sight of people wearing yukatas or summer kimonos during the summer festival, with everyone walking around cheerfully. He used flower pieces and rounded tiles for the intricate and beautiful patterning of the kimonos.

7. LEGO Eventide

This 2486-piece LEGO mosaic signifies eventide- 宵 (you), which is a Kanji character symbolic of the hours of the evening until midnight. The character also represents the eve of an event, particularly festivals. The LEGO build was created to celebrate the many flower festivals that are held in Japan, and the beautiful flower motif blossoming from the setting sun is meant to signify the growing excitement and merriment on the eve of festivals.

8. LEGO Japanese Koi Fish Pond

LEGO builder ToboPro created a LEGO koi fish pond with koi that swims around if you rotate the handle. Koi fish have a lot of significant value and meaning in Japanese culture. They represent perseverance, luck, love, and prosperity, and ToboPro wanted to translate these meaningful concepts into a tangible build made using 1970 pieces. The pond is decorated with bamboo and other greenery.

9. LEGO Shogun Armour

This beautiful ornate shogun design by Mohamed Marei artfully uses a balance of LEGO Technic and System parts. Each LEGO piece has been chosen to beautifully replicate the plated nature of the ancient Japanese armor, creating a design that is divine looking. Mohamed used all types of gold 1×1 round plates in this build. Tread pieces were also used around the arms above the elbow and at the base of the warrior’s kusazuri.

10. LEGO Soba Noodle Bowl

Build by LEGO builder John Snyder this bowl of soba noodles looks so yummy and appealing, it almost looks real! John wanted to build radish slices, and slowly and steadily he created a whole bowl of noodles. He inserted bicycle wheels into inverted radar dishes to create the radish slices. The chopsticks are made from LEGO as well, and the color balancing is perfect, really making the entire dish stand out.

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The Brooklyn Nine-Nine precinct gets immortalized with its very own LEGO build

Chills… Literal Chills.

Meet the most lovable police force in the NYPD. This adorable build by LEGO creator Ben Fankhauser details the entire 99th precinct, complete with all the rooms and characters of the hit TV series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The set, in great detail, features all of the show’s recurring characters, along with the bullpen, captain’s office, rec room, kitchen, and the printer room. The only missing room seems to be the infamous briefing/meeting room that formed a core part of the planning (and chaos) behind some of the squad’s missions… but that’s a trade-off I’m happily willing to make.

Designer: Ben Fankhauser

The beauty of Fankhauser’s build is just the sheer amount of detail gone into recreating every aspect of the precinct’s floor, along with a few secret details scattered along the way. “The set is packed full of Easter eggs,” says Fankhauser, detailing some of the dizzyingly specific references to the show itself. The break room has the training dummy, while Holt’s office has his pet corgi, Cheddar. You’ll find a portrait of Holt on Terry’s desk (right beside his yogurt), and those disgusting chocolate and cheese fountains on Hitchcock and Scully’s tables. Speaking of disgusting, Jake Peralta’s pet rat Algernon can be found somewhere too, as can Boyle’s ancestral sourdough starter.

The details extend to the characters found in the set too. You’ve obviously got the showrunners, Jake Peralta, Charles Boyle, Amy Santiago, Rosa Diaz, Sgt. Terry Jeffords, Capt. Raymond Holt, Gina Linetti, Norm Scully, and Michael Hitchcock… but the set also includes a few crowd favorites like Holt’s partner Kevin Cozner, and arguably Jake’s soulmate, the elusive Doug Judy, the Pontiac Bandit!

The set comes in at a little over 1,500 pieces, with the bulk of this piece count coming from small 2×2 tiles used for the flooring. The smooth floor is perfect for anyone aiming to recreate the full bullpen, playing out scenes from the TV series.

Almost emblematic of the series itself, this LEGO build from Ben Fankhauzer was ‘cancelled’ by LEGO not once, but twice. It reached its 10,000 vote mark twice but was rejected by the LEGO internal team (probably for licensing reasons). Unfazed by defeat, Fankhauser is giving the LEGO MoC (My Own Creation) yet another shot at being turned into a box-set, and has already gathered a staggering 6,382 votes (including my own) and is looking to hit the 10,000 mark for a third, and hopefully last time. You can cast your vote for the build on the LEGO Ideas website here. Captain Holt would want this.

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