Reviving Elegance in Design – The Porsche Pepita Edition by Vitra Blends Classic and Modern Mastery

The Porsche Pepita Edition by Vitra represents a masterful integration of automotive heritage and contemporary design, where each piece fulfills a functional role and also carries a legacy of innovation and timeless design as it finds a place in homes and offices. Vitra’s limited release of iconic chairs, such as the ‘Eames Plastic Side Chair,’ ‘ID Trim L,’ and ‘Petit Repos,’ show the synergy between traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics. This houndstooth pattern, a long-standing feature in Porsche interiors since 1965, symbolizes a tradition of exceptional craftsmanship and aesthetic finesse.

Designer: Porsche x Vitra Collab

First introduced in the interiors of Porsche vehicles in the 1960s, the Pepita fabric is a distinctive duotone checkered pattern that resembles abstract four-pointed shapes. It is often rendered in black and white, though it can be incorporated through a specific weaving process that interlaces two contrasting colors to create a visually striking and uniquely recognizable broken check pattern. Pepita fabric has become synonymous with high quality and sophisticated taste.

Initially featured as upholstery in the iconic Porsche 911 models, the rarity of Pepita fabric has increased as fewer manufacturers choose to undertake the labor-intensive production of true houndstooth weaves. This scarcity has made genuine Pepita a coveted element in both the automotive and interior design sectors. Vitra’s reintroduction of this fabric through limited edition pieces revives a classic style and maintains its exclusivity, making it highly treasured among collectors. The combination of its limited availability, storied heritage, and intricate aesthetics solidifies Pepita fabric’s status as a rare and distinctive feature across design and automotive history.

In the 1960s, the introduction of the iconic 911, launched in 1963, exemplified Porsche’s commitment to combining performance with sophisticated comfort. The interior design focused on functionality and luxury, resonating with discerning customers through the use of durable and tactile materials like leather and the stylish Pepita fabric for seat coverings. The clean and driver-oriented dashboard design emphasized ease of use and clear visibility of essential instruments, with the tachometer centrally positioned to align with Porsche’s performance-driven philosophy. Subdued color schemes of blacks, greys, and browns dominated, though brighter colors were also available, reflecting personal preferences and the vibrant styles of the 60s.

The unveiling at the ‘The Art of Dreams’ event in Milan highlights the seamless integration of innovation and design excellence between Vitra and Porsche. The collection prioritizes exclusivity, mirroring significant Porsche models and milestones, such as the ‘Eames Plastic Side Chair Pepita Edition’, limited to 1,963 pieces to commemorate the year Porsche introduced the Pepita option in its 911 model. These chairs are more than functional items; they are collector’s pieces that echo the narratives of their creators and pivotal moments in both design and automotive history, celebrating a rich heritage and the evolution of design.

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A Smart Case with Quick Action Button Transform Your iPhone 14 and 15 Pro/Max with a Single Press

Bringing the iPhone 15/14 Pro or 15/14 Pro Max into your daily routine is significantly enhanced with the addition of the BANG!CASE, which combines durable protection with intuitive functionality. For iPhone 14 Pro/Max users, they can experience an upgrade to the iPhone 15 Action Button. At its core, the case boasts a resilient TPU shell complemented by reinforced glass, striking the perfect balance between durability and elegance. The design elements of the BANG!CASE combines form and function without detracting from the iPhone’s sleek aesthetic while providing protection that doesn’t compromise on style.

Designer: Bitmolab Team

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BANG!CASE has a transparent strengthened glass back, ensuring strength while also allowing you to see through it, revealing the workings of the BANG!Button.

The standout feature of this case is undoubtedly the BANG!Button. This ingenious addition changes the way you interact with your iPhone, allowing the creation of shortcuts to frequently used apps or actions. This means less time navigating through menus and more time enjoying a streamlined, efficient user experience.

One-click screenshot, no more unnecessary actions!

One-touch photo sharing to Instagram, share the fun one step faster!

The BANG!CASE transforms your iPhone experience with its unique Playbook portal. This software is packed with shortcuts created by the BANG!CASE team and users from around the world. It lets you easily share to social media, turn voice notes into text, find your way home, or locate your car in a packed lot, all without a hassle. These complex operations and many more features can all be accomplished with just a single button. You can also assign three different functions to a short press, double tap, and long press to meet various needs in daily use.

Turn on notifications with one click and never miss anything important again!

The case’s design is a thoughtful combination of aesthetics and functionality. Its clear back has multi-layered graphics that not only enhance the visual appeal but also intuitively guide users to the BANG!Button. Set against a vibrant orange background, the iconic [!] symbol is unmistakable, ensuring quick and easy access to the button’s functionalities.

Memory capsule: Press the BANG!Button to start recording audio, transcribe the recording into text, and save it in your memory capsule, ensuring your inspiration doesn’t get lost.

In terms of power, the BANG!CASE is equipped to keep up with your active lifestyle. It has a 200mAh battery, supported by a magnetic charger that ensures your BANG!Button is always charged and within reach. Despite its powerful features, the case remains remarkably lightweight, adding minimal bulk to your device.

Digging deeper into the technical specs, the BANG!CASE supports a charging power of 5V 0.2A, ensuring efficient energy replenishment. The included magnetic charging cable facilitates a hassle-free charging experience, fully charging the case in under three hours. Once charged, the battery life is impressive, lasting more than 30 days, ensuring that your case is always ready for you to click away at the BANG!Button.

The case’s magnetic attachment feature adds an additional layer of functionality. It uses N52 neodymium magnets, which provide a magnetic force surpassing even that of the iPhone’s own Magsafe technology, offering a secure, reliable connection. Pairing the case with your iPhone is seamless, achieved through a simple long press on the BANG!Button, connecting via Bluetooth for instant interaction.

All in all, the BANG!CASE for iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max features a smart BANG!Button for quick shortcuts, a long-lasting battery, magnetic charging, and strong magnets for easy attachment. Ideal for everyday use.

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Unbuilt Visions and Architectural Narratives of Frank Lloyd Wright in Southwestern Pennsylvania


Saturday, April 13, marked the grand opening of “Frank Lloyd Wright’s Southwestern Pennsylvania” at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. This collaborative effort between The Westmoreland Museum of American Art and Fallingwater, guided by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, showcases a detailed exploration of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural vision through both his realized and unrealized projects.

Designer: Frank Lloyd Wright


The exhibition, curated by Scott W. Perkins and Jeremiah William McCarthy, who are recognized for their expertise in American art preservation and curation, provides an intricate look at Wright’s proposals from the 1930s through the 1950s, considering their potential impacts across various landscapes. Noteworthy are the animated reconstructions of five projects that were conceived but never executed. These include innovative designs such as the transformation of the Point in 1947, a futuristic self-service garage at Kaufmann’s Department Store in 1949, and the Point View Residences planned in 1952 for the Edgar J. Kaufmann Charitable Trust.


Enhanced by state-of-the-art three-dimensional rendering technologies that parallel those used in contemporary cinema, these animations by Skyline Ink Animators + Illustrators bring Wright’s unrealized ideas to life. The experience is augmented in a dedicated viewing theater, complete with a specially composed musical score by Daniel May and Marty Ashby, which accentuates Wright’s meticulous attention to material detail, textures, and the interplay of light and shadow.


Aileen Fuchs, the president and executive director of the National Building Museum, expressed her enthusiasm for the exhibition, noting its fit with the museum’s dedication to showcasing innovative and inspiring works. The exhibit highlights Wright’s architectural genius and encourages visitors to explore the ‘what might have been’ of his unrealized projects.


The exhibition also underscores Wright’s significant influence in Pittsburgh, a connection initiated by Edgar J. Kaufmann, Sr., who introduced Wright to the city in 1934 and advocated for his involvement in various civic projects. This partnership often aligned with the goals of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, which aimed to tackle urban challenges and enhance the city’s cultural landscape.


“Frank Lloyd Wright’s Southwestern Pennsylvania” will continue to engage visitors until March 17, 2025. It enjoys the support of The Heinz Endowments, The Hillman Exhibition Fund of The Westmoreland Museum of American Art, and donors like Wendy and David Barensfeld. Contributions from The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, The Museum of Modern Art, and the Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library at Columbia University further enrich the exhibition.

This display commemorates Wright’s architectural legacy and functions as an educational platform. It merges historical context with contemporary technological displays to invite visitors to appreciate the blend of artistic expression and architectural innovation.

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Our Top Four Picks for Best Accessories Announced at NAB 2024 Show

The NAB Show 2024 showcased a captivating array of accessories designed to enhance the toolkit of both professional videographers and passionate content creators. As the digital media landscape continues to evolve, the need for innovative, versatile tools becomes ever more crucial. This year’s event did not disappoint, offering up gadgets that promise to refine the creative process and broaden the horizons of what can be achieved with video production. Here are the top four standout accessories from the show that are essential for anyone looking to elevate their content creation game.

Atomos Ninja Phone

The Atomos Ninja Phone is an innovative accessory designed to transform the iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max into a professional monitor and recorder, significantly enhancing the video recording capabilities of the device. By supporting Apple ProRes and H.265 formats, it utilizes the iPhone’s excellent display as a dual-purpose screen and storage solution for capturing high-quality video. This integration makes the Ninja Phone a cost-effective option for mirrorless cameras needing a portable, high-resolution recording solution. However, its limitation to a maximum output of 1080p at 60fps might be restrictive for users requiring higher video resolutions. Essentially, the Ninja Phone acts as a bridge, leveraging the iPhone’s advanced display technology and adding professional recording features typically found in more sophisticated recording equipment.

Designer: Atomos

One of the key features of the Ninja Phone is its seamless integration with the iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max. The device is specifically designed to utilize the iPhone’s HDR OLED display as a monitor. This proves advantageous because the iPhone’s screen offers a peak brightness of 1600 nits and a contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1. These features deliver vibrant and precise visuals, which are invaluable for accurate monitoring during shooting.

Moreover, it facilitates recording in Apple ProRes and 10-bit H.265 directly to the iPhone’s internal storage. Professionals widely prefer these formats due to their high quality and flexibility in post-production. This feature allows for superior color grading and editing capabilities, in contrast to the more compressed standard video formats typically generated by mirrorless cameras.

Additionally, the Ninja Phone includes a video co-processor unit that clips onto the iPhone inside a custom case. This unit effectively manages data transfer between the camera and the iPhone, ensuring efficient recording of video feeds without overloading the phone’s primary processor.

There are several connectivity options, including USB-C and HDMI. These connections are secure, featuring locking mechanisms to maintain stable links between the camera, Ninja Phone, and iPhone. Furthermore, it is powered by a single Sony NP battery, offering a convenient and widely available power solution, making battery swaps as needed during extended shoots effortless.

Another key feature includes streaming video feeds directly to Atomos’ Cloud Service using 5G or Wi-Fi, providing a robust live broadcasting or remote monitoring solution. When combined with the Atomos app, users can access professional monitoring tools like focus peaking, zebra stripes, and false color, greatly enhancing the iPhone’s usability as a professional video monitor.

SmallRig X Caleb Pike VB212 Mini V Mount Battery

The SmallRig X Caleb Pike VB212 Mini V Mount Battery is a compact powerhouse, ideal for filmmakers and content creators who are constantly on the move. It is equipped with high-capacity LG battery cells, delivering 14.76V 14.4Ah 212.544Wh and supporting rapid 140W charging, which allows it to reach full capacity in just 2.5 hours. This minimizes downtime and maximizes energy management efficiency.

Designer: SmallRig

Designed for versatility, the VB212 can power a range of devices simultaneously—from cameras and lights to smartphones like the iPhone. It includes multiple output options: two USB-C ports, a USB-A port for quick device charging, and two D-Tap ports along with specific DC outputs for high-demand equipment.

The battery’s robust design features an intelligent Battery Management System that safeguards against overcurrent, short circuits, overheating, and overvoltage, ensuring the safety and longevity of both the battery and connected devices. Constructed from durable aluminum alloy and coated with silicone, TPU, and PC V0 materials, the VB212 is built to withstand challenging environments, making it suitable for outdoor and demanding settings.

Additionally, its portability and compact frame make it a perfect complement to the iPhone’s mobility, allowing for extended shooting sessions without frequent recharges. This is further supported by the inclusion of USB-C and USB-A ports, which also charge essential mobile videography accessories. A clear TFT display monitors battery status and usage, while silicone covers protect delicate interfaces from dust and damage.

Rode Magnetic Mount

Rode’s Magnetic Mount, compatible with MagSafe-enabled devices, is a robust solution designed for mobile videography. This magnetic mounting system, crafted from high-grade aluminum, offers both durability and lightweight portability, making it ideal for dynamic or harsh shooting environments.

Designer: Rode

The mount’s strong magnet ensures that attached devices, like microphones and lights, remain stable even during active use. Its modular design includes short and long cold shoe arms and a long arm with a 1/4-inch thread, allowing for versatile setups in a variety of configurations to meet diverse filming requirements.

The Magnetic Mount’s compactness enhances its portability, fitting easily into a backpack, kit bag, or pocket. This feature is particularly beneficial for mobile videographers and photographers who require flexibility in their equipment.

For iPhone users, the Magnetic Mount is transformative, providing a stable platform for external accessories. The integration of MagSafe technology secures the attachment, crucial for producing smooth, stable footage. The mount’s design facilitates easy switching between portrait and landscape modes, adding to its functionality and versatility.

I personally like the idea that Rode has taken measures to ensure the Magnetic Mount securely latches on to the iPhone; there’s nothing worse than an expensive iPhone 15 Pro Max flying off during a shoot. The versatility and durability also enhance iPhone users’ capabilities to produce high-quality video content. The magnetic mount aligns well with the iPhone’s advanced features, supporting professional-grade content creation across various settings.

OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite

The OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite represents a big improvement in webcam technology. Designed to improve video communication and live streaming quality without a high price tag, this compact device combines high-performance features and a user-friendly interface, making professional video capabilities available to a wider audience.

Designer: OBSBOT

At the core of the Tiny 2 Lite’s appeal is its UHD 4K resolution, which remains competitive with other high-end devices while surpassing the video quality typically available from standard webcams and built-in smartphone cameras. This enhancement ensures that every frame is captured with clarity and detail, making it a valuable accessory for everything from professional webinars to intimate chats with loved ones.

Additionally, it comes with dual omnidirectional microphones, which are important for good audio quality and help with maintaining clear and synchronized communication during video calls or while streaming content. This feature is particularly valuable in environments where audio clarity can be affected by background noise or distance from the device.

What sets the Tiny 2 Lite apart are its AI-driven functionalities, such as Auto Tracking with Auto Zoom and Gesture Control 2.0. Auto Tracking keeps the subject in the center of the frame, automatically adjusting the zoom to accommodate movement, which is incredibly useful during presentations or performances. Gesture Control allows users to manipulate camera settings with simple hand motions, enabling a more interactive and engaging user experience without physically interacting with the device.

There are also a variety of preset modes that can be easily switched between, allowing users to tailor the camera setup to their specific needs, whether for a static interview or an animated teaching session. This adaptability is complemented by advanced focusing technology that ensures the video remains sharp and subjects stay in focus, even with significant movement.

This portable webcam is an excellent enhancement for iPhone users, leveraging the phone’s capabilities to produce higher-quality video outputs for streaming and calls. Its compact design and straightforward setup mean it can be easily integrated into various environments, aligning with the iPhone’s portability and emphasis on high usability. Whether used in a home office, during travel, or in a professional studio, the OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite can be a valuable accessory for creating video content and delivering professional results in a multitude of settings.

There you have it: the accessories featured at NAB Show 2024 offer practical solutions tailored to the varied demands of modern content creators. From transforming an iPhone into a professional recording device to providing reliable power in remote locations, securing equipment on the move, or enhancing home studio setups for clearer streaming, these tools significantly enhance video production capabilities. They streamline the creation process and ensure that every detail is captured clearly, supporting creators in producing high-quality content effectively.

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Strikingly Playful: The Omega x Swatch Snoopy ‘New Moon’ and ‘Full Moon’ MoonSwatch Reinvent Classic Design

The Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award 50th Anniversary and the MoonSwatch editions—officially named the Omega x Swatch Snoopy MoonSwatch Misson To The Moonphase Full Moon for the white edition and the New Moon for the black edition—illustrate a profound blend of space exploration themes and cultural iconography within the world of horology. These timepieces honor the historical Apollo missions and cater to distinct segments of the watch enthusiast community through their unique narratives and varied pricing strategies.

Designer: OMEGA

Before diving into the MoonSwatch edition, let’s briefly look at the Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award 50th Anniversary. Introduced on October 5, 2020, this timepiece marks a significant celebration of Omega’s pivotal role in the safe return of the Apollo 13 mission. For its contributions, NASA awarded Omega the “Silver Snoopy,” a symbol of safety and outstanding achievement. The watch intertwines precise timekeeping with an engaging story, highlighted by an animated depiction of Snoopy, the beloved Peanuts character, orbiting the moon in a command module. Visible through the sapphire crystal case back, this animation serves as a creative tribute to Omega’s contributions to space exploration.

Celebrating a momentous half-century milestone, the Omega Speedmaster marks the 50th anniversary of receiving NASA’s esteemed Silver Snoopy Award with a special edition timepiece that embodies the brand’s rich legacy of space exploration and innovative design. Known for its historic role as the first watch on the moon and a participant in all six lunar missions, the Speedmaster epitomizes Omega’s adventurous and pioneering spirit.

This commemorative model honors the five decades since Omega was recognized by NASA for its significant contributions to space exploration. The watch features a beautiful 42mm stainless steel case paired elegantly with a blue nylon strap, which subtly incorporates the trajectory of the Apollo 12 mission on its embossed lining, merging historical reverence with contemporary style.

The dial of this unique timepiece is rendered in a refined silver-tone, complemented by blue PVD hour markers and hands and three striking blue subdials. A standout feature is the 9 o’clock subdial, where Snoopy is depicted as an embossed silver medallion, celebrating the enduring partnership between Omega and the iconic Peanuts character.

However, it is the caseback that truly transforms this watch into a statement piece. Through the sapphire crystal, an animated Snoopy aboard his Command and Service Module is vividly animated on a special hand mechanism. This feature, activated by the chronograph function, simulates Snoopy’s journey through space. At the same time, an Earth disc rotates in the background, completing one full rotation every minute to correspond with the small seconds hand, adding a dynamic visual element to the watch’s design.

Powered by Omega’s 3861 calibre movement, a clear demonstration of the brand’s horological expertise, this timepiece serves as a dynamic celebration of Omega’s storied achievements on Earth and beyond. Each element of the watch, from the METAS-certified OMEGA Master Chronometer movement to its artistic and functional details, underscores Omega’s commitment to excellence and adventure. This Speedmaster encapsulates a narrative of heroic pasts and infinite frontiers.

New Omega × Swatch Speedmaster MoonSwatch Misson To The Moonphase Full Moon and New Moon

On a more accessible level, the MoonSwatch editions, specifically named Omega x Swatch Snoopy MoonSwatch Mission To The Moonphase Full Moon for the white version and New Moon for the black, bring a playful touch to the same space-themed legacy. Molded from Bioceramic materials, these watches merge Omega’s renowned watchmaking expertise with Swatch’s innovative, design-centric approach. The “Snoopy MoonSwatch” mirrors the luminous full moon with its white hue, while the New Moon edition embodies the hidden aspects of the lunar cycle with its deep black color. Each version boasts a moonphase complication at the 2 o’clock position, adorned with Snoopy and Woodstock, which enhances the watch’s functionality and adds a whimsical element tied deeply to the lunar cycle.

Designer: Swatch and OMEGA

The MoonSwatch editions are designed for everyday wear or as an introductory piece for new collectors. They offer an accessible entry price point into the theme of space exploration without the significant investment typically associated with luxury watches. Their playful designs and historical motifs are intended to engage a broader audience, making the celebrated theme of space exploration enjoyable and attainable.

The straps for the MoonSwatch’s Full Moon and New Moon editions are thoughtfully designed to complement each watch’s unique themes. The Full Moon edition features a white Velcro strap, while the New Moon edition comes with a black Velcro strap, each enhancing both comfort and durability. These straps feature tone-on-tone stitching and bear the Omega and Swatch logo inscriptions, underscoring the collaboration between the two brands.

The use of Velcro allows for easy adjustability and a snug fit, making the straps ideal for everyday wear and ensuring that the watch remains securely on the wrist during various activities. This choice of material aligns with the overall design philosophy of the MoonSwatch series, which aims to be casual, fun, and user-friendly.

Although these watches haven’t been declared limited editions, they are only available at select stores worldwide, and customers are limited to purchasing one watch per day. When we attempted to line up at a Swatch store in Nagoya, Japan, to purchase one, the line was hundreds deep. Suffice it to say, we didn’t stick around.

Bridging Time and Space: The Omega Speedmaster and MoonSwatch Snoopy Editions Unite Tradition and Innovation

Both the Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award 50th Anniversary and the MoonSwatch Snoopy editions—Full Moon and the New Moon — celebrate the spirit of adventure and the role of Snoopy as NASA’s safety mascot. They do so across different market segments, appealing respectively to seasoned collectors and those seeking a stylish, affordable piece of space-themed memorabilia. Each watch tells the time and narrates a story of human achievement in space, employing various styles and materials to connect with audiences who share a fascination with the cosmos and the narratives we construct about our extraterrestrial journeys.

The Omega Speedmaster’s story shows its ongoing iconic status, enhanced by collaborations that broaden its legacy with new designs and formats centered on space exploration and cultural significance. Whether drawn to its nostalgia, design, function, or the excitement of the collaboration, these editions confirm the Omega Speedmaster’s enduring presence in the horology world.

Do you value this collaboration between Omega and Swatch, especially if you already own or intend to own the Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award 50th Anniversary? If not, given the chance, would you contemplate acquiring the black, white, or both MoonSwatch Snoopy editions? We’re eager to hear your thoughts.

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COOLiFY Combines Personal Cooling with Relief for the Autism Community

TORRAS, known for its tech products, recently combined efforts with autism communities through its COOLiFY line. The company aimed to support autistic individuals and their families while also raising awareness of its products.

Designer: TORRAS

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TORRAS’s “Stay Cool, Share Warmth” campaign emphasizes its commitment to social responsibility and the autism community

In line with World Autism Awareness Day, TORRAS started the “Stay Cool with Cyber, Share Warmth COOLiFY” campaign, uniting their COOLiFY Cyber products with social responsibility efforts. This move emphasizes COOLiFY’s role in offering comfort through personal air conditioning and its support for the autism community, showcasing TORRAS’s commitment to using technology for positive impact and community connection.

On April 5th, TORRAS transformed the American Airlines Center in Dallas into a hub of philanthropy and fun with a curling game aimed at autism awareness and support. Each participant’s engagement led to a $1 donation to Bust Buddies by TORRAS, drawing a lively crowd, including Dallas Mavericks fans, all eager to support the cause and win a COOLiFY product. This initiative, inspired by COOLiFY’s temperature-regulating technology, underscores TORRAS’s dedication to enhancing comfort for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), acknowledging the challenges they face with temperature sensitivity.

Specifically, the first prize is a TORRAS COOLiFY Cyber, which is a personal air conditioner that’s the first of its kind, marking a significant advancement in personal comfort technology.

The COOLiFY Cyber provides quick, multi-dimensional cooling

The COOLiFY Cyber, with its sleek and ergonomic design, wraps gently around the neck, delivering a cooling breeze that feels like a refreshing hug. Its unique semiconductor cooling plate, powered by a robust motor, ensures rapid and effective temperature regulation, making it an ideal companion for individuals in hot climates, during travel, or engaging in physical activities. What distinguishes the COOLiFY Cyber is its capacity to offer multi-dimensional cooling relief. Its three-speed settings and seven air outlets engulf the user in a cocoon of cool air.

TORRAS APP: Personalized temperature with three modes and smart adjustments

For individuals with autism who may experience heightened sensitivity to sensory inputs, the COOLiFY Cyber offers a soothing relaxation. The device’s 366 cooling particles create a gentle, immersive experience, cooling the head, neck, and back with precision and care. This attention to detail in cooling is complemented by advanced heat dissipation technology, ensuring efficiency and comfort in every use.

Offering remarkable comfort and coverage, the COOLiFY Cyber’s high-speed, aerodynamic airflow can reach up to 7,200 RPM, distributing cool air from multiple directions. This capability, along with the ability to manage temperature settings personally through the TORRAS app and the integrated NTC temperature control, enables users to customize their cooling experience according to their specific needs, ensuring relief and comfort across a range of temperatures.

Charging is swift and convenient. Its 20W fast charging technology recharges the device quickly, ensuring it’s ready when needed. Its ErgoFit Engineering promises a comfortable fit for a range of neck sizes, allowing for freedom of movement and long-term wear without discomfort.

Durability and portability are key aspects of the COOLiFY Cyber’s design, making it a reliable accessory for on-the-go lifestyles. Its compact size, resistance to sweat, dust, and impact, and waterproof and durable construction emphasize its suitability for everyday use, ensuring that those with autism can find a moment of calm and comfort wherever they are.

The COOLiFY Cyber: swift charging, ergonomic fit, and durable design for on-the-go lifestyles

As fans eagerly competed for this innovative product, the value of the COOLiFY Cyber goes beyond its advanced features. It becomes a conduit for enhanced everyday ease and sensory solace, particularly for individuals within the autism spectrum, illustrating TORRAS’s commitment to combining state-of-the-art tech with profound support for those requiring extra care.

Vibrant crowd at Dallas’s American Airlines Center for TORRAS’s autism awareness curling event

During the event, a family affected by autism shared their story, highlighting the potential benefits of COOLiFY for individuals like Rand’s daughter, Carinna. The event also featured interactive elements, such as a button that, when pressed, signified a donation to autism support, linking the cause directly to the product’s use.

Following the curling event, TORRAS and its partner Best Buddies hosted over ten families with autistic members at a basketball game on April 7th, providing them with COOLiFY Cyber devices to enhance their experience.

Through these actions, TORRAS aims to demonstrate its commitment to technological innovation and positively impact the lives of individuals with autism and their families. The company views technology as a tool for improving quality of life and fostering a sense of community and support.

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Tron’s an AI-Powered Robotic Lawnmower with 360-Degree Vision and Auto-Mulching

Imagine your lawn could gently communicate its needs to a friendly robotic grass cutter designed to dart around your yard, ensuring every blade of grass is cut to precision. This wonder is brought to life by Airseekers’ Tron and Tron Max, the advanced champions of backyard maintenance. These machines are far more than lifeless robots; think of them as devoted groundskeepers overflowing with a zest for meticulous care and an innate ability to navigate the sprawling green haven that is your lawn.

Designer: Airseekers

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Armed with cutting-edge features like the 5-camera Air Vision system for unparalleled navigation, the ability to tackle challenging 65% slopes, and the innovative Flowcut technology that lifts and finely chops grass for a pristine finish, Tron and Tron Max stand out. Their smart AI mapping does away with the need for perimeter wires, offering freedom and flexibility in lawn care. The edge-cutting mode ensures neat borders, and with the capability to adjust the cutting height from 1.2 to 3.5 inches, they cater to a variety of grass types and preferences. If these features sound amazing, continue reading and supporting this project.

The accompanying app enriches the experience further, allowing for detailed zone mapping, real-time yard monitoring, and even remote-control mowing. It puts the power of precision lawn care at your fingertips. Whether it’s pattern drawing for that custom look or smart path planning to maximize efficiency, Tron and Tron Max are equipped to transform lawn maintenance into a seamless and enjoyable task.

Much like Elon Musk’s Tesla vehicles harness the power of Autopilot, utilizing pure vision to navigate through complex urban landscapes and highways with remarkable precision, Tron adopts a similar cutting-edge approach for lawn care. Its Air Vision technology empowers it to seamlessly maneuver across smaller gardens, intelligently mapping and adapting to each yard’s unique contours and obstacles. Tron Max comes into its own when the terrain expands, akin to a Tesla transitioning from city streets to vast, open highways. Armed with additional tech capabilities, it ensures comprehensive coverage of larger landscapes, maintaining the meticulous attention to detail and adaptive responsiveness that Tesla’s Autopilot offers to drivers on the road.

Now, Tron Max doesn’t just rely on its eyesight; it has an additional feature called RTK. Imagine having a super precise GPS system that tells you your exact spot within a few centimeters. That’s RTK for you! It’s like having a high-tech compass that ensures Tron Max never loses its way, even when the lawn is just one big green canvas with hardly a landmark in sight.

But the real game-changer comes into play under the dense canopy of a majestic oak tree, or in my case, a small forest of thirty-three oaks. Where other mowers might falter or lose their bearings amidst the dappled shade, Tron Max remains unfazed. Its secret? A reliance not just on RTK, but on its visionary capabilities. Even as the RTK signal plays a game of hide and seek beneath the leafy boughs, Tron Max continues its diligent work. Guided by its advanced visual system, it glides across the lawn with elegance and precision, undeterred by the challenges above.

Setting up this tech wonder is straightforward, so don’t worry about losing your weekend to it! The RTK kit with Tron Max is super easy to use — basically plug-and-play. It’s designed to be hassle-free, meaning you won’t have to puzzle over complex instructions. Just a heads up, though, if you’re eyeing the RTK kit, it’s exclusively bundled with Tron Max for now and isn’t available as a separate accessory. And for those leaning towards a greener setup, it even supports a solar panel option to keep things eco-friendly. As for the best spot for the RTK base station, it’s all good! You can place it on your roof or in your yard, wherever suits you best. It operates independently, so connecting it to any other device is unnecessary.

When it comes to braving the elements, both Tron and Tron Max are like outdoor warriors. They’re made to tackle everything from glaring sun to sudden showers easily. Thanks to their IPX6 rating, rain is merely a minor inconvenience, and their smart systems keep them cool even in the heat of summer. Plus, they’ve got the smarts to hold off on mowing when the weather turns foul, looking out for their wellbeing and the health of your lawn.

It’s worth noting, though, that mowing wet grass is a no-go, a rule Tron and Tron Max strictly follow for good reason. When grass blades are wet, they become more susceptible to damage — they can be torn rather than neatly snipped, leading to a less healthy lawn. Wet grass can also clump together, interfering with even cutting and potentially clogging the mower. Moreover, mowing wet lawns can compact the soil, restricting airflow and harming root growth. So, Tron and Tron Max are designed with the understanding to wait for drier conditions, ensuring your lawn stays in peak condition.

The ease of handling stood out prominently during a visit to Shenzhen to experience Tron firsthand. As endurance athletes of the robotic mowing world, both Tron and its larger counterpart, Max, have the capability to maintain your lawn’s beauty for a solid 3 hours on a single charge. Should your expansive greenery require extended care, I discovered that pulling out the battery and replacing it was remarkably easy, ensuring the mowers can continue their diligent work without pause.

Navigating your yard with the grace of a dancer, Tron deftly avoids obstacles like lawn chairs and toys. I even tested its agility by tossing my shoe in its path, and it did a fantastic job swerving around, barely missing a beat. But Tron’s work extends beyond simple grass cutting. It’s about creating a perfectly manicured outdoor area. Each grass blade is cut precisely, and all clippings and leaves are finely mulched, ensuring your lawn looks like a well-crafted masterpiece.

While Tron and Tron Max are busy keeping your lawn in shape, they’re also shaking things up compared to the usual gang of robotic mowers. They’re not about just following a wire or needing constant check-ins. They’re autonomous, smart, and designed to treat every part of your lawn with the care it deserves, turning obstacles into mere stepping stones in their graceful ballet of lawn care.

Woo, the inventor of Tron, expressed his understanding that everyone has their unique perspective on the ideal robotic mower. He welcomes constructive feedback, aiming to gather insights and experiences to improve Tron and Tron Max. His goal is to make them as user-friendly as possible, especially considering Tron does not require an RTK sidekick for navigation.

So, there you have it. Tron and Tron Max are your yard’s new best friends, ready to roll up their sleeves (if they had sleeves, that is) and keep your lawn looking lush, neat, and utterly enviable.

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Smart Stair-Climbing Robot Vacuum with Unmatched Suction Power for Effortless, Comprehensive Multi-Floor Cleaning

Until now, I haven’t encountered a robotic vacuum cleaner capable of climbing stairs. The Migo Ascender stands out as the first of its kind in the world of robotic vacuums and mops. It’s designed to tackle flat surfaces and the challenging terrain of staircases. This capability is due to an innovative mechanical arm structure that allows it to climb stairs effortlessly, a feature unprecedented in conventional robot cleaners. At the core of the Ascender’s performance are its advanced AI algorithms, which guide the device around typical home obstacles while skillfully navigating staircases, ensuring your home is thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom.

Designer: Yun Long

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If you are impressed by its ability to climb stairs of different heights up to 8.7 inches and its versatility to handle various types such as open-riser, curved, open-riser spiral, and traditional stairs, then brace yourself. That’s not all it can do. What truly impresses me is the square design complemented by motorized omnidirectional wheels, allowing it to move laterally and achieve impeccable edge cleaning. At its base, the device is equipped with a pioneering pivotable brushing system – a first of its kind – which allows the brush to pivot 90 degrees during side-to-side movements. This feature is particularly effective for sweeping up larger debris, such as dog hair, food crumbs, or just plain old dirt that your kids drag in from outside.

With a suction power of 9,700 Pascals (Pa), the Ascender far exceeds the standard range for robotic vacuum cleaners, typically between 500 to 2000 Pa. Few can match this power, even among high-end models boasting greater suction capabilities. The market’s highest suction powers are usually around 2,500 to 5,000 Pa, seen only in the most advanced and premium models. Thus, with its 9,700 Pa suction, the Ascender surpasses conventional standards and sets a new benchmark for robotic vacuum suction power. This promises exceptional cleaning performance, particularly for demanding tasks like deep carpet cleaning and picking up heavier debris.

Whether your home has wooden, carpet, laminated wood, or marble floors, the Ascender is designed to identify and thoroughly clean them. It applies 17N of downward pressure, three times that of a typical vacuum and mopping robot cleaner. It also features a high-speed 4-zone scrubbing system operating 3000 times per minute and an automatic mop lifting feature that raises the mop by 0.79 inches (20 mm) when encountering carpets.

My home spans 4,100 square feet. While the vacuum cleaner might not reach every area, it should be able to clean the entire house in one go. This is largely thanks to its 12000mAh battery. The Ascender’s claim that it can sweep, mop, and climb a grade slope of up to 5,380 square feet (500 square meters) on a single charge is impressive!

Every home has furniture like couches and coffee tables, which can make cleaning underneath them a challenge, whether done manually or with a robotic cleaner. However, the Ascender’s slim and sleek design, at just 3.86 inches in height, allows it to clean under furniture and reach areas that are usually hard to access. This provides a straightforward solution for keeping your home spotless at all levels.

Great ideas always need a bit of intelligence to make them work, especially when it’s about turning a robotic vacuum into something that can ‘see’ and ‘think.’ In my view, the Ascender is a robotic maid navigating through the house. It’s got a sophisticated camera, a super-smart LiDAR for mapping out rooms, and six clever sensors that help it understand every little bit of your space. But the real magic? That’s in its intelligent AI that can zip through tons of calculations in no time, making it more than just a vacuum.

The Ascender app, compatible with Android and iOS devices, simplifies your cleaning routine with the Ascender vacuum. It provides a hassle-free experience by giving you complete control over the device. With the app, you can set restricted areas, schedule cleanups, and even direct the vacuum to specific spots using a virtual joystick. Its 3D mapping feature vividly displays Ascender’s real-time navigation through your home, blending convenience with interactive smart living. Moreover, Ascender is compatible with smart home ecosystems like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing for easy voice commands. The app’s offline functionality ensures that you can command your vacuum even without an internet connection, offering flexibility and the potential to save over $100 on electricity over three years when set to charge only during off-peak hours.

Lastly, the fully enclosed docking and charging station design is desirable as it keeps the vacuum cleaner out of sight. However, this could be a significant safety feature for families with small children. The enclosure is expected to reduce the noise of dust emptying by 10 dB. Furthermore, the dust bag can hold up to 60 days’ worth of cleaning, and its 3.5-liter water tank can last for up to 30 days of mopping. The Ascender’s features, including swapping dirty water for clean water, automatic dust emptying, and hot-air drying, harmoniously coexist.

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Effortlessly Mow Your Lawn with The Ultimate Remote-Controlled Mowing Experience

For those who value a well-maintained lawn but dislike manual labor in the hot summer sun, a solution is in sight. The Mowrator S1 is not just an average mower. This powerful, remote-controlled lawn mower does most of the work for you. It features a full-size blade for efficient cutting, a long-lasting battery, and built-in safety mechanisms to stay cool even in high temperatures. It also has smart sensors for easy navigation. When Autumn arrives with its inevitable blanket of fallen leaves, the Mowrator S1 shines again. An optional attachment transforms it into a powerful leaf vacuum, simplifying what could otherwise be a tedious cleanup task. Let’s explore how this innovative, battery-powered, remote-controlled mower, capable of handling slopes, can be the go-to solution for maintaining the neat look of your residential or commercial outdoor spaces.


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The Mowrator S1 features a robust 21-inch blade, ideal for efficiently covering large areas and tackling dense, tall grass like St. Augustine, which can grow over 7 inches. The use of a standard-sized blade, similar to traditional mowers, ensures efficiency and reliability. Unlike many robotic mowers that struggle with tougher grass and even thick bushes of weeds due to smaller blades, the Mowrator S1 maintains consistent, high-quality performance across a range of lawn conditions.

Impressively, the company has tested this mower in some of the most demanding conditions, particularly on dense St. Augustine grass. This demonstrates that the Mowrator S1 can effortlessly manage what other robotic mowers can’t. It’s not just about cutting the usual lawn; even the tallest, driest grass doesn’t stand a chance. That said, the Mowrator S1 is also designed to conquer challenging terrains. From steep inclines to uneven fields dotted with ditches, its four-wheel drive system ensures smooth navigation and conquest – so powerful that it’s capable of pulling a car. No longer will you deal with the frustration of a mower that stumbles on uneven ground.

For anyone who’s ever struggled with the daunting hills and steep slopes of their property, the Mowrator S1 feels like a trusted landscaper, capable of tackling inclines that would make most mowers balk. The real charm lies in its remote control feature, offering a safer, more comfortable alternative to the precarious perches of riding mowers without any compromise on performance. And for someone like me, who battles fierce reactions to dust, pollen, or exhaust fumes, the ability to guide this mower from afar is nothing short of a breath of fresh air, making lawn care a breeze rather than a burden.

While not entirely self-operating, this lawn mower introduces an effortless approach to managing vast expanses of green. A simple button press activates seamless cruise control, propelling the device forward without constant guidance. Embedded within is a sophisticated IMU, ensuring it maintains a straight trajectory across uneven terrains. Another button press effortlessly makes a U-turn, easily laying down those professional-grade lawn stripes. It’s these intuitive, almost human-like touches that make the Mowrator S1 feel like more than just a machine; it’s a reliable tool that you can trust to get the job done right.

On top of everything the Mowrator S1 is capable of, from meticulously manicuring your lawn to bravely battling steep slopes, the real icing on the cake is its transformation into a formidable leaf vacuum. With just an optional add-on, this versatile mower becomes your garden’s guardian, wielding a specialized vacuum blade and a clever windshield design to summon suction power that rivals traditional gas-powered vacuums.


This upgrade enhances its utility and extends its reach to the nooks and crannies of your garden with an extendable vacuum hose, ensuring no leaf is left behind, even in the most delicate flower beds and around bushy areas. And the cherry on top? The Mowrator S1 simplifies your life with its one-button dumping system, allowing you to clear out collected debris effortlessly. This feature makes cleaning your lawn as relaxed as spending an afternoon in the comfort of your backyard.

Wrapping it all up, if tackling your weekend lawn care feels like going into battle with your yard, the Mowrator S1 is equipped and ready, from the front lines to the final retreat in the backyard. At its core lies a rechargeable 18Ah LiFePO4 battery, your secret weapon ensuring every inch of your terrain is covered on a single charge. This battery is built for the long campaign, with a lifespan of up to 1500 cycles, potentially serving you for a decade of weekly three-acre engagements. Its built-in cooling system and protective casing ensure it remains durable and reliable through every season.

The company is seeking TUV safety certification for the Mowrator S1 for enhanced safety. If granted, it will be the first RC Mower with this certification, further solidifying its reputation for innovation and reliability. Winning the lawn battle isn’t only about power. The Mowrator S1 uses advanced ultrasonic sensors to proactively detect obstacles, pets, or family members, temporarily stopping its blades to avoid accidents. And for those moments of unexpected encounters or curiosity, the mower features a quick-stop mechanism that immediately halts the blades if the grass discharge area is accessed, ensuring every surprise is safely managed.

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This $599 Lunar Timepiece lets you wear Actual Moon Dust on your wrist

It’s a sort of hilarious coincidence that our timekeeping journey started with sundials and ends in 2024 with moon-watches. Behold the LUNAR1,622, a watch that celebrates our cosmic neighbor by quite literally letting you wear a piece of it. With a vial containing actual certified moon dust, the LUNAR1,622 pays tribute to the Apollo 11 mission and not too soon! As NASA prepares to send Artemis III with humans back to the moon, the watch aptly ushers in our new era of space travel! Along with the tiny vial of moon dust located in one corner of the watch dial, the LUNAR1,622 even comes with a meticulously 3D-printed watch face that captures the moon’s intricately mottled surface, coupled with Neil Armstrong’s famed quote as he set foot on the lunar surface – “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” If all that wasn’t enough to satisfy even the hungriest of space-lover-appetites, Premium editions of the watch also come with built-in NFC chips that bring up all the watch’s details when tapped against a smartphone.

Designer: Sebastien Colen

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Designed for watch enthusiasts who also pride themselves in being space nerds, the timepiece celebrates the moon and the hope it represents. The LUNAR1,622 watch itself is an homage to the moon’s surface, with a highly detailed 3D printed dial that wonderfully catches light and shadows to recreate depth. In fact, the 1,622 in the watch’s name is a hat-tip to the moon’s surface gravity. Designed by up-and-coming watch startup INTERSTELLAR (who previously debuted a watch with actual Mars dust), the LUNAR1,622 comes in three variants – a Standard, with a 3 o’clock window that contains a graphic of the iconic footprint on the moon, or the Advanced and Premium variants that swap the graphic for a vial containing certified moon dust collected from a moon meteorite.

Meteorite Moon Dust – Their meteorite, with the ID#NWA11515, was found in 2017 and provided by MSG Meteorites, a British company specialized in certified space rocks and licensed by the IMCA (International Meteorite Collectors Association).

Lunar1,622 Watch with Integrated NASA Logo – The project respects the necessary permissions and aligns with NASA’s guidelines for NASA logo usage.

The bezel features a timeline of all NASA moon missions, with successful landings highlighted in gold, while the Apollo 11 mission details can be found inscribed on the border of the 3 o’clock vial, along with Neil Armstrong’s initials. Shift your gaze further to the outer edge and you’ll spot Armstrong’s legendary quote etched into the dial, right near the crown. Even the caseback features the official NASA meatball logo, a subtle tribute to their unwavering pursuit of lunar knowledge.

LUNAR1,622 commemorates Neil Armstrong’s iconic words, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

On the edge of the dial all the way around it, you’ll find all successful Apollo missions numbered. All missions that landed on the moon are marked in gold.

Commemorating the historic Apollo 11 mission, this timepiece features the mission’s name, date and Neil Armstrong’s initials.

The folks at INTERSTELLAR partnered with renowned timekeeping brand Col&MacArthur to power the watch’s internals. The Standard and Advanced variants house a reputable Japanese-made Miyota 8215 automatic movement on the inside, while the Premium edition packs a Swiss-made Sellita SW200-1 automatic movement. The Premium variant also upgrades the watch case to cutting-edge titanium (as opposed to the standard 316L steel), complete with gold-plated hands to give the watch a distinctly elevated style. An integrated NFC chip also allows you to tap your Premium LUNAR1,622 wristwatch to your phone, instantly pulling up the watch’s details and story – a feature that’s sure to impress people even further after you tell them your watch contains actual moon dust!

If the idea of wearing a piece of the cosmos on your wrist excites you, the LUNAR1,622 is available right now and ships globally. The Standard variant goes for $449, while a YD-special discounted price of $599 gets you upgraded to the Advanced variant with the vial of lunar dust. The Premium variant with the Swiss movement, Titanium body, and built-in NFC chip boasts a price tag of $1049.

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