This Wearable Anti-Insect Tent Is a Real Product That Exists

The great outdoors: it comes with a lot of bugs. And what if you don’t like those bugs? Enter the WalkingPod Mesh personal anti-insect tent, a wearable fine-gauge mesh tent that prevents pesky bugs from getting too close. Plus it makes you look cool while you’re mowing the lawn or picnicking with your significant other.

Available from Under The Weather, the limited edition (act now!) $90 pod stays in place via backpack-style shoulder straps and an adjustable belt. It also has an elastic waistband to prevent bugs from entering from underneath, and two elastic holes to stick your arms through, making your exposed forearms an all-you-can-eat buffet for mosquitos.

So, did you already buy one? I bet you didn’t, because I already bought them all out of stock. Now I’m reselling them on eBay for twice the price like PS5s, although they’re not exactly selling like the hotcakes I expected them to be. As a matter of fact, I’ve actually had to take a loss on most of them. Also, there’s a 100% chance I forget I’m wearing my WalkingPod and smash a hotdog into the mesh.

[via CNet]

Real Dead Giant Murder Hornets for Sale

Want to own your own giant murder hornet (Vespa mandarinia) as a memento to remember 2020 by? Well, you’re in luck, because BicBugs has got some very nice specimens available. Sold with their wings spread, they’re available either unmounted ($47), or pinned and framed ($59), and are sure to be one of this Christmas’s must-have gifts.

Just look at that beast! What was Mother Nature thinking when she created these things? Some human must have really upset her, and we should probably find that person and make them apologize before she decides to develop murder versions of everything and makes going outside a deadly proposition.

So once a murder hornet is dead it can’t still sting, right? Like even if you touch its stinger in a panic? Asking for a friend who plans on placing one on his wife’s shoulder when she least expects it.

[via This Is Why I’m Broke]

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