Sonic the Hedgehog Head Plush: Sonic the Headshog?

I don’t know about you, but I’m used to seeing Sonic the Hedgehog with his head attached to his body. But if you don’t mind having a decapitated blue hedgehog head sitting on your couch, then you might want to grab this colorful plush toy from Tomy and Club Mocchi- Mocchi.

The 15″ plush collectible is a Target exclusive and sells for $29.99. The soft and squishy hedgehog head looks incredibly huggable and would look great in your game room alongside all of those other video game characters who have had their heads separated from their bodies. What? You don’t have any other plush heads lying around? Well, you’d better get your scissors out and start cutting up your stuffed animal collection now.

I think that Sonic’s Spin Dash move would be much more efficient if he was only a head.

[via Geek Culture]

LEGO to Produce a Sonic the Hedgehog Playset: Start Saving Your Gold Rings

Because dreams occasionally do come true, a Sonic The Hedgehog themed LEGO playset originally proposed by LEGO Ideas user toastergrl (aka 24-year old Viv Grannell) has garnered the necessary 10,000 supporters on the website and approval by LEGO to become an actual product. Wow, 10-year old me is so excited right now! Also: current me.

LEGO is still finalizing the set’s design, although I hope it’s as close to Viv’s original “Green Hill Zone” submission as possible because that looks like a fun playset. Just not to step on – especially not Doctor Robotnik’s drill hands. My toes curled in pain just thinking about it.

Did you watch the Sonic The Hedgehog movie that came out last year? I liked it. And apparently so did enough other people for Paramount to decide to make a sequel, currently set for release April 8th, 2022. Race you to the theater! Get it? Because Sonic runs so fast. I know, with gems like that I’m surprised they didn’t hire me to write it.

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