Xbox Series S suitcase continues the Microsoft tradition of wacky yet must-have merchandise you can actually win!

Microsoft Flight Simulator has finally arrived for the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles today for gamers who can’t wait to fly high on this highly acclaimed sim. However, for those who tend to take their compact Xbox Series S along on the next planned trip, there’s a better way, at least if you are lucky enough! Microsoft has collaborated with high-end luggage manufacturing company July to create a limited-edition Xbox Series S suitcase for lucky fans.

While the simulator offers players to fly around the world from the cozy confines of their living room, the Xbox Series S suitcase does allow them to go on a holiday and carry their kit safely. Coming on to this gorgeous July suitcase, it has a pure white exterior matching the color theme of the gaming console. On the inside is where all the goodies are there. It has the Microsoft Series S console, a pair of wireless controllers, and a portable ASUS ROG Strix XG17 display for immersive gaming on the go. Of course, all the connecting cables and other accessories are also a part of this package.

This terrific accessory is up for grabs via social media content exclusively for Australian and New Zealand residents older than 13 years of age. Ones under the age of 18 require parental/guardian approval to enter the contest. This fantastic promotion will run through till 11:59 pm AEST on August 2, 2021, and already some influencers have been sent over this cool Xbox Series S suitcase!

This is the best thing to own right now for a hardcore gamer, and I hope it is up for purchase for eager buyers later. That said, the whole package is evaluated to be around a steep $3,282. The beautiful display alone is estimated to be somewhere around $490! While I’m already daydreaming about owning one, I’ll have to find solace as it is just limited to the two nations for now! Microsoft has been no stranger to such creations as earlier they revealed the Xbox Mini Fridge coming this holiday season – and while we wait, we hope they drop some more fun designs to keep us on our toes!

Designer: July for Microsoft

Carl Pei’s Nothing debuts its first product – a pair of TWS earbuds with a ‘zero-secrets’ transparent design

There was a time when you could take a screwdriver and practically fix anything. A radio, a telephone, a washing machine, all you’d need was a simple tool to help you inspect, replace, and repair parts and your product was good as new, but that isn’t the case today. Try venturing a guess on what’s really inside your smartphone, or how your TWS earbuds work, and the regular consumer will probably draw a massive blank. We take these complex products for granted because they do their job without a fuss, but without even really knowing how beautifully complicated they are on the inside. Nothing, former OnePlus founder Carl Pei’s latest venture, is lifting the veil on products with its brand of minimalist ‘nothingness’. The ear (1) marks Nothing’s debut in the product space and comes with a rather alluring transparent design. The earphones sport a transparent housing that lets you really appreciate the design and detail gone into the product’s inner assemblies, and a transparent case accentuates the brand’s ethos… of being a breath of fresh air in a saturated tech space that’s all about making black and white boxes.

Partnering with Teenage Engineering over the design of the ear (1), Nothing highlights the fact that the design’s beauty lies in ints inherent rawness. “Nothing like you’ve seen before, the raw beauty of ear (1)’s stripped-down aesthetic features transparency to expose the engineering, including microphones, magnets, and circuit board. Everything that is ear (1) is there with purpose”, the brand mentions in a press release.

The earphones boast a massive 11.6mm audio driver, tuned to perfection by the folks at Teenage Engineering, who have established themselves as one of the leading audio-tech brands of our time. The audiophiles at Teenage Engineering painstakingly dialed in the software and hardware for balanced bass, mid, and treble performance, and equipped the TWS earbuds with Bluetooth 5.2 for incredible connectivity.

The earbuds sit rather tightly in your ear thanks to liquid silicone ear-tips, and are even equipped with ANC – a feature that’s definitely worth praise given the TWS earbuds’ $99 price tag. The ANC can be controlled with different modes – like a Light mode for moderate cancelation in a relatively noise-free setting, and a Maximum mode for much noisier environments like in the outdoors, or in public transport. A Transparency mode lets you easily listen to the world around you when you’re walking down roads or you need to pay attention to your surroundings, and the ear (1)’s built-in Clear Voice Technology dramatically reduces distractive background noise, like the wind.

Yet another noteworthy feature is the earbud’s battery life – a cumulative 34 hours, along with the charging case. I’ll admit, there’s definitely an allure to being able to see the earbuds inside their case – it’s almost like a work of art… and you’ve got to admire the way every single element in the earphones is visible, including the magnets that cause the buds to align inside the case. The transparency does trigger a human response to think that the earbuds are fragile, but Nothing ensures that they’re built to a world-class standard. They come sweat and water-resistant, and each earbud weighs a stunningly low 4.7 grams. The case charges wirelessly too, and is Qi-compatible.

The launch of Nothing’s ear (1) quite mirrors how OnePlus established itself as a brand. When OnePlus launched its first phone, it capitalized on crowd fanfare brought about by an alluring design, an extremely competitive price, and a highly limited edition drop that had the crowd begging for more. Nothing seems to be employing a similar strategy too, given its rather eye-catching transparent design and transparently low price. The TWS earbuds will also be available via limited drops on their website Open sales will begin on 17 August 2021 across 45 countries and regions, including the UK, USA, and Canada.

Designer: Teenage Engineering and Nothing

This autonomous delivery robot comes with its own little trailer to deliver the bigger parcels!

The age of Amazon Prime same-day delivery and Instacart grocery shopping has turned instant gratification into an expectation. For better or worse, modern delivery services have redefined priority mail, bringing goods to our doorsteps the same day we put in the order. As delivery operators streamline their services, designers are thinking up automated delivery bots to do the magic for us. Oliver, an autonomous and mobile goods courier, is one such bot, developed by Seoul-based designer Taeuk Ham.

Oliver is a collaborative robot that can operate both automated and manual delivery services. Smart technology equips Oliver with the know-how to handle autonomous delivery outings most likely contained within indoor spaces like warehouses and office buildings. Goods can be placed inside of Oliver the same way items are carried by utility carts and additional packages can be attached to Oliver’s rear trailer. Once the goods are packed away, a touchscreen display allows users to orient Oliver and schedule their deliveries. The vertical carrying space automatically rises at each delivery destination to make the unloading process more manageable. Besides automated delivery services, Oliver can operate as a conventional utility cart if users would prefer to deliver their goods on foot.

Even outside of Amazon’s speedy delivery services, workers in offices and warehouses depend on quick deliveries even between floors and adjacent buildings. While Oliver might be limited to indoor settings, an autonomous delivery robot would streamline deliveries during the workday so that workers don’t have to waste any time walking from one office to the next with goods in tow.

Designer: Taeuk Ham

Items can be placed inside Oliver’s frontal cargo space while rear trailers provide additional space for carrying goods.

Deliveries can be programmed on Oliver’s touchscreen panel.

Rear trailers provide additional space for users to place their goods.

Oliver can be used on automatic settings or manually via its steel handlebar.

Oliver is a three-wheeled autonomous delivery robot.

Amazon Products designed to revolutionize + establish trends in the tech world!

Amazon has revolutionized the tech world with its ingenious releases! They’ve pioneered major change right from their designs to the way they work and consumer behavior. And today in an ode to the tech giant, we’ve curated a collection of its best products. From a bi-directional robotaxi that brings autonomous ridesharing to even a 3-in-1 humidifier – these innovative products have unlimited scope and possibilities. Amazon has dipped its toes in almost every category possible, and this list celebrates the best of those explorations. Enjoy!

Amazon-owned Zoox (acquired last year by Amazon) has been working relentlessly for six years towards its goal of bringing fully autonomous robotaxi to the crowded urban landscape, which has finally been revealed. Zoox is a conventional cube-shaped with a unique bi-directional ride sans any steering wheel – having the capability to smoothly navigate tight spaces without much fuzz since it comes with a 4 wheel independent suspension system. The fact that it can move in any direction (independent turning wheels) and does not need to reverse (remember it is bi-directional) gives it an advantage on urban roads as it measures just 3.63 meters.

I’m not entirely sure whether the resemblance to the Harman Kardon Aura Studio is intentional or not, but it definitely gives the Amazon Humidifier a certain visual appeal. The humidifier is powered by ultrasonic tech that helps create a uniformly distributed mist of vapor in the air. An auto-sensing mechanism allows it to switch on when the air gets exceptionally dry, and turn off after a while.

The Always Home Cam (as it’s called) expands on Ring’s home security line-up (an Amazon company), giving you a camera that sits INSIDE your house rather than at the entrance of it, like the Ring’s more popular video doorbells. When it detects a break-in, the flying camera un-docks from its station and travels to the intruder, capturing their face on video, which is beamed to the owner’s phone (and possibly even the police, considering Ring’s partnerships with local police forces). It’s designed to activate only when the owners aren’t at home and come with a completely enclosed propeller system so that it doesn’t harm anyone or any pets as it flies around the house to surveil intrusions.

Labeled as the ‘best-dressed Echo yet’, the speakers look less like a mysterious black orb and more colorful, fitting with your home’s decor. Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg introduced the three patterns that are very much evergreen styles, with palettes that add a fresh zing to your living space. Titled Midnight Kiss, Ikat, and Twigs, the Echo Dots turn the boring black sphere into an instant point-of-interest in the room.

Health and wellness are one of the few industries still thriving in unprecedented times because physical and mental well-being is of utmost priority for everyone right now. Amazon’s Halo’s most exclusive feature is the fact that it creates a 3D model of your body and tracks the emotional tone in your voice for an even more personalized wellness journey. Technology with EQ (emotional quotient) capabilities are rare and mostly seen in experimental robots. The existing trackers can probably get an idea about your feeling through heart rate but evaluating your emotions through your voice is new in wearables.

Called Echo Show 10, it’s roughly 20 bucks costlier than the previous 10.1-inch brick but is more life-like and productive. This smart assistant comes with a similar 10.1-inch full-HD screen (two tweeters and a woofer) that’s capable of rotating as you move around in front of it. The movement is only kicked off when you interact with it – whether by saying “Alexa” – to trigger the voice assistant – or by touching the screen. You can be confident you’re not being followed around the room when you’ve not authorized the device to do so. Echo Show 10 employs audio beamforming technology and computer vision to know where you are in the room and then silently face the screen toward you.

Amazon’s musical instrument isn’t for musicians… it’s for developers. This is the AWS DeepComposer, a machine learning-driven keyboard aimed at coders and developers, giving them a creative, hands-on way to approach machine learning, and probably knock out a few jams while they’re at it. “AWS DeepComposer is a 32-key, 2-octave keyboard designed for developers to get hands-on with Generative AI, with either pre-trained models or your own”, says Julien Simon from Amazon Web Services.

The drone (there’s no codename yet) is the culmination of over 50,000 iterations and computer tests, and Amazon hopes to use it for delivering smaller items like groceries and supplies over distances of 7-8 miles, helping the company achieve same-day instant deliveries without the hassle of moving parts of trucks, delivery agents, and traffic. The drone’s design comes with an integrated squarish pod that can carry a parcel at a time, delivering items in under 30 minutes to customers. Its design comes equipped with 6 rotor units sporting unique S-shaped propellers that provide the thrust without making excess noise, allowing the drone to fly over neighborhoods without causing much of a disturbance (an issue most citizens expressed their concern over during multiple tests runs).

Amazon’s Echo Sub unit can be used alongside the Echo and Echo Dot. Its purpose? To bring the bass! Colliding head-on with companies like Sonos (or even Apple’s exorbitant Home Pod), the Echo Sub is a 100W down-firing woofer that can pair with existing Echo devices to bring a rich low-end to the music you listen to. The Sub can connect with as many as two Echo devices too, to give you a rather nifty stereo 2.1 setup. The Echo Sub’s up for pre-orders, with shipping beginning as soon as the end of this month!

Amazon also unleashed some interesting releases for its own workspaces! AmaZen brings employees into interactive kiosks that are dotted throughout Amazon’s factories to guide them through meditation and mindfulness practices, and Wellness Zones “provide employees with voluntary stretching and muscle recovery via easily accessible, dedicated spaces within Amazon’s operations buildings”.

Endless hours of gaming? The Zephyr Pro mouse comes with its own inbuilt fan to keep your palms cool

Sweaty palms after an intense round of Fortnite or GTA or whatever it is everyone’s playing these days? Wouldn’t it be nice if your mouse also had a fan to keep your hand cool as you gamed? That’s practically the business pitch of Marsback’s Zephyr Pro gaming mouse.

The Zephyr Pro comes with an ergonomic form and a hollow cage design that makes it lightweight and breathable… but that’s not all. The mouse even comes fitted with its own cooling fan underneath the cage, constantly pushing a breeze of cool air to keep your palms from getting sweaty (Eminem would approve). For added flair, the fan comes with RGB LED backlights, creating a ‘light-show’ that one can only come to expect from gaming hardware.

Designer: Marsback

The Zephyr Pro is the spiritual successor to Marsback’s Zephyr gaming mouse, which garnered support from over 700 backers on Kickstarter around July last year. Touted as a ‘sweatproof’ mouse, the hardware may be targeted towards gamers, but it serves its purpose for pretty much anyone who works long hours (WFH, am I right?) The upgraded design’s made to be quieter and less prone to vibration than its predecessor. It comes with customizable RGB lighting, and is powered by the Pixart 3389 Sensor that gives you a sensitivity range between 100 to 16,000 DPI. You can calibrate the RGB lights and your mouse’s sensitivity to fit your needs, and the Zephyr Pro’s onboard memory remembers your settings every time.

The mouse comes in 2 colors – black or white – although the RGB lights make up by offering 16.8 million colors to choose from (customizable via a software that lets you even create custom key-binds, macros, and profiles). The mouse weighs a mere 65g, making it even lighter than the Makalu 67 – even though that didn’t have a fan, and comes with a durable construction, featuring OMRON switches that are good for 50 million clicks, PTFE footpads that travel smoothly on surfaces without damaging them, and a high-grade paracord cable that’s both durable as well as low-friction, allowing you to glide your mouse across your table with sheer ease.

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This sleek drone fits in your pocket and transforms uses its magnetic modular design!

The rise of drone photography and videography has opened the door to plenty of technological and design advancements. Likewise, with the rise of social media, drones have seen some major improvements across the board, spanning from obstacle avoidance to camera quality and speed. Adding portability to the list, industrial designer Kendal Toerner conceptualized Xenon Drone, a handheld and modular drone designed for the most rugged of adventures.

Xenon Drone was first designed for the drone videographer looking for a drone that’s as durable as it is portable. Noticing the lack of handheld and high-quality drones on the market, Toerner sought to balance functionality and space. Broken down into three pieces, Xenon Drone is made from recyclable, plant-based thermoplastic and features a magnetic launching pad wedged between two drone modules. To communicate Xenon’s portability and simplicity, Toerner designed the drone to be versatile in its assembly, resulting in three different possible forms for flying and stacking achieved via magnetic connectors.

Getting Xenon Drone out of your hands and into the sky is simple—users need only attach the two drone modules at their center magnetic grooves, connect their propellers, and let it fly. One end of each module contains the chunk of embedded electronic wiring; the other end holds Xenon Drone’s triple-axis gimbal camera and batteries. But, while getting it up in the air is exciting, Toerner didn’t lose sight of the importance of a safe landing. Embedded with ultrasonic sensors, Xenon Drone depends on a magnetic landing wand to guide its safe descent—by raising the magnetic wand, Xenon Drone can land safely no matter where it flies from.

Users can also control Xenon Drone’s route from their smartphones using an elastic joystick controller that can adapt to almost any smartphone. From your smartphone, Xenon Drone’s joystick controller displays the drone’s altitude, distance, and velocity, as well as the haptic joystick and pan controls. In addition, integrated GPS technology and Bluetooth connectivity allow users to locate Xenon Drone wherever it lands.

Designer: Kendall Toerner

Broken down into two parts, each module of the Xenon Drone attaches at its magnetic center.

A launching pad was wedged between the two modules to ensure an effective takeoff.

Embedded magnetic springs pluck out to deploy each drone module.

After the two modules connect, propellers are attached before Xenon can take flight.

Xenon’s magnetic connector.

Users need only attach the two modules and connect their respective propellers.

A magnetic landing wand guides Xenon in a safe descent.

An elastic joystick controller allows users to choose Xenon’s route.

“By modulating an electromagnetic force on your fingertip, the flat surface of the controller feels just like a joystick. The further from the center, the more resistance. This allows for eyes-off flying, mitigating finger-drifting issues,” Toerner notes.

“Using the onboard transceiver, GPS, and Bluetooth, the exact location of the two drone parts is always known even when they separate.”

“A camera with a triple-axis gimbal allows for optical image stabilization and manual panning. Having both a wide-angle and telephoto lens allows for unique options when capturing adventures.”

“A thermoplastic, layer-based circuit board can be decoupled from its components with a hot liquid solvent, allowing for reuse and recycle of almost every part. Xenon is manufactured using renewable energy, plant-based thermoplastic, (recyclable) metal, and can be fully disassembled because it uses fasteners and a removable thermal adhesive.”

USB-C hubs + more MacBook Accessories designed to be the best investments of 2021 for Apple lovers!

I honestly cannot do without my MacBook, probably because it is one of my most prized possessions! It contains basically everything I hold important in my life – from work documents to memorable pictures from even ten years ago. And not to mention, I do end up spending most of my day, typing away and working on my MacBook. Since it is such an integral part of my daily and work routine, I’m always looking for ways to elevate my MacBook. I love innovative and nifty gadgets that function as the perfect sidekick to my MacBook, helping me boost up my daily productivity and efficiency. Here, we’ve curated a few of our favorite MacBook accessories that’ll promise to level up your already awesome and beloved MacBook. These are must-have accompaniments to your MacBook, and the best investments of 2021 for Apple lovers!

The HybridDrive is a lot like if your external hard drive and your USB hub had a love-child. Think of it as the one, true, all-powerful accessory to your MacBook or your iPad Pro, or even your Android phone. Armed with a two-piece design that can plug into each other, the HybridDrive is like the Yin and the Yang of computing accessories… the Yin being extra ports, and the Yang being extra storage. Compatible with most USB-C devices, the HybridDrive offsets your need for multiple hubs, dongles, and drives. With a multiport on one end, and an SSD on another, and a USB-C interface connecting the two, the HybridDrive bridges the gap between your portable devices (laptop/tablet/phone) and your desktop – in the sense that it gives you extra ports and expandable storage… something most desktops have in common.

Designed to be portable and compact, HUB–OX initially comes as a lightweight, palm-sized USB-C hub, which splits into two halves, both equipped with plenty of charging slots, HDMI connections, and ethernet ports. HUB–OX is compatible with MacBook Pro models that have four USB-C ports, generally any MacBook Pro from 2016 or any of its succeeding generations. When HUB–OX is split in two, users can plug the USB-C chargers into all four of their MacBook Pro’s ports, lifting their laptops to an angle of 7.7° to keep them charged and at eye level for the rest of the day. Working at our laptops for long periods of time often makes us want to crane our necks and spines to meet our screens. The small hoist HUB–OX gives our MacBook Pros is just enough to keep our necks straight and spines against our chairs. In addition to helping our posture while working, the built-in laptop stand allows for better heat dissipation from our laptops’ heat sinks, keeping our laptops cool and their fans low.

This Leather-crafted MacBook case gives your precious $2,000 machine all the protection it deserves but doesn’t get. The case covers both top and bottom, making sure you don’t end up scratching the beauty (after all, aluminum doesn’t stand a chance against your keys), and even forms a lip around the edges and curves so that accidental drops don’t dent the edges of your machine. The case even doubles up as a stand for your laptop, allowing it to tilt upwards and forwards just a little bit to give you the angle you desire (especially for you standing-desk types).

This Dongle truly empowers iPad Pro users into connecting pretty much anything to their iPad Pros. With one USB-C port at one end, and a WIDE variety of possibilities at the other, the latest dongle lets you connect everything from a LAN cable, to a pair of headphones, to memory cards, to even iPods (Hallelujah!) “With the dongle’s multi-purpose design, there’s something for everyone”, says Jonathan Ive, to which CEO Tim Cook adds, “We believe this is truly the best iPad Pro and MacBook accessory we’ve ever built. We can’t wait to see how the dongle helps users in their day to day tasks”. The dongle even comes with a proprietary cable technology that ensures that the dongle’s multitude of wires don’t get entangled, and is available in a wide variety of colors.

You can now keep your entire collection of Apple products super organized with the Kensington StudioCaddy Apple device storage system. The nifty storage system has designated spots for your MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPhone! It ensures that your devices are always organized, charged, and ready to be used! It helps you maintain a clean and tidy desk, and maximizes your desk space. And it even holds your MacBook in a vertical position. How cool is that?!

The Henge Docks Vertical MacBook Pro Dock holds your MacBook vertically! This helps to make more space on your desk, allowing you to make the utmost use of it and keeping it super organized. Amped with intake and exhaust vents, the dock ensures that your MacBook will not get overheated while standing upright or while being used. This dock is a must for a tidy desk that maximizes productivity!

It’s a shame that the Macbook Pro ditched everyone’s favorite, the light-up Apple logo at the back. It was truly one of the unnecessary yet most loved design details on the laptops (some people even modded their iPhones and iPads to have the glowing logo). Nevertheless, we as a human species have always persevered and in most cases, come up with our own solutions to life’s problems. The Brik Book is one such solution. It ditches the boring metal Macbook back for something more playful. “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing” once said the wise George Bernard Shaw, and that’s exactly why we need the Brik Book.

If you want to cover your webcam for safety purposes, then the StopSpy Compact Webcam Cover is the ideal product for you! You can use it to cover the webcam on your MacBook, iPad, or even your iPhone if you like. The super-compact cover is thinner than a credit card and measures 0.3 millimeters. Not to mention, it’s super easy to use and attach to your webcam!

With minimal material and maximal robustness, the Curve SE elevates your laptop 6.5 inches from your desk, allowing your neck to rest at a much more comfortable angle. Made from a single curved piece of anodized aluminum, the Curve SE’s clean design complements your MacBook perfectly although it works universally with all laptops. Silicone grips ensure your expensive machine is held well in place so any accidental nudges don’t knock it over. The Curve SE’s elevated (in the literal sense) sense of design even helps keep your laptop ventilated, promoting proper airflow so your machine doesn’t heat up. In the event that it does, though, I imagine the metal body serves as some sort of heat sink to help dissipate heat and cool your machine down faster.


Boost, as its name says, is a razor-thin case that gives the Macbook a much-needed adrenaline shot, making it powerful in ways beyond Apple’s imagination. The case comes in two halves that cover the upper and lower parts of the MacBook. The upper half of the case comes in a decorative decal that not just ups your mac’s style quotient, it also prevents your laptop’s delicate Aluminum body from scratching or denting. The lower half of the case, however, steals the show. This absolute tech marvel turns your MacBook into nothing short of a performance laptop. With six different ports/readers and not one, but TWO 3300 mAh batteries cleverly hidden inside its sleek design, the Boost has the body of a laptop case, but the personality of a multi-port dongle and a power bank.

This tiny cubic USB-C hub doubles as a laptop stand, effectively cooling and charging your MacBook Pro!

When we’re on a roll at work or on our own creative projects, we depend on our laptops to bring us to the finish line, or at least to lunch. That means the WiFi connection has to be consistent, the battery better last, and we gotta have the best seat in the coffee shop (next to the outlets). Jimlo Z Studio recently debuted their pocket-sized, eight-in-one USB-C Hub and MacBook Stand, HUB–OX, that gives us the power boost we need to meet our deadlines before lunch.

Designed to be portable and compact, HUB–OX initially comes as a lightweight, palm-sized USB-C hub, which splits into two halves, both equipped with plenty of charging slots, HDMI connections, and ethernet ports. HUB–OX is compatible with MacBook Pro models that have four USB-C ports, generally any MacBook Pro from 2016 or any of its succeeding generations. When HUB–OX is split in two, users can plug the USB-C chargers into all four of their MacBook Pro’s ports, lifting their laptops to an angle of 7.7° to keep them charged and at eye level for the rest of the day. Working at our laptops for long periods of time often makes us want to crane our necks and spines to meet our screens. The small hoist HUB–OX gives our MacBook Pros is just enough to keep our necks straight and spines against our chairs. In addition to helping our posture while working, the built-in laptop stand allows for better heat dissipation from our laptops’ heat sinks, keeping our laptops cool and their fans low.

Equipped with 100W of power and an HDMI port that can project 4K pictures at 30Hz, HUB–OX makes an ideal computer accessory for business projects and extended work periods. Then, when you feel like working at that cafe without any WiFi, HUB–OX has an RJ45 ethernet port with internet speeds ranging from 10 to 1,000Mbps. As soon as the workday is done and all that’s left to do is finish your cup of coffee, HUB–OX clicks back into its initial box form with magnetic snapping, so you can hit your lunch break.

Designer: Jimlo Z Studio

HUB—OX comes as a palm-sized laptop hub, equipped with USB-C, HDMI, and ethernet ports.

HUB—OX can also split into two halves that plug into MacBook Pro’s USB-C ports, giving your laptop a good boost.

The USB-C chargers built into HUB—OX plug into the MacBook Pro’s ports, providing a laptop stand as well as 100W worth of charge.

When used as a laptop stand, HUB—OX provides better heat dissipation for your laptop’s heat sink.

Multiple devices can be connected to HUB—OX at once.

Early sketches of HUB—OX.

Prototyping and multiple ideations led to HUB—OX’s final form.

HUB—OX was designed to fit in the palm of your hand to be as portable and compact as possible.

HUB—OX’s built-in HDMI port projects 4K pictures at 30Hz.

This Nokia steering Wheel revives nostalgic memories of 5300 ExpressMusic phone!

Steering wheels and phones don’t have much common in them, but only to the unassuming eye! For a designer with an associative eye, they are two separate entities that can be intertwined in a way no one else could think of. Yes, that’s what the Nokia Wheel by Tadas Malinauskas is all about – a creation that elegantly adapts the design of a gadget into an automotive part. Tadas got inspired by one of his favorite phone designs, the Nokia 5300 ExpressMusic, and adapted it for a steering wheel that looks absolutely badass. Coincidently, the Nokia 5300 ExpressMusic phone was the first colored display screen phone I happened to own, and reason enough to feature it here on Yanko Design!

The cool-looking steering wheel, which I’m assuming is going to be a Bluetooth-enabled accessory for all your gaming needs, also doubles as a storage box for everyday essentials. The rear section of the wheel has space for keeping keys, coins, stationery, or anything else that fits. Who knows maybe it could even take the role of a dual-duty steering wheel that steers your car, and then, later on, can be taken out to play games on the racing simulators. That is a possibility since Fanatec has also designed the Podium Steering Wheel BMW M4 GT3 and Bentley Continental Pikes Peak GT3 steering wheel which are both usable in the respective cars and the racing sims too!

The Nokia 5300 ExpressMusic elements are apparent in the steering wheel design – starting off with the dialer keys and the home navigation button below the display area. I particularly like the steering wheel’s simplistic design aesthetics matte black finish in the middle and the textured fabric on the outside for a better grip at high speeds. To put it precisely, the steering wheel brings back cherished memories when smartphones were like your priced toys!

Designer: Tadas Malinauskas


Crazy MagSafe ‘iStorage’ adds a snap-on physical drive to increase the storage on your iPhone

Sure, a MagSafe battery pack is nice, but how about some extra MagSafe storage for my iPhone’s camera roll?

Everyone knows those pesky iCloud fees can be an absolute bummer. Yes, Apple makes it very certain that you’re getting a whole lot of functionality for the price, but what if I just want to bump up my phone’s storage because I’m busy clicking selfies and taking videos on my iPhone? Designer Abdelrahman Shaapan has an idea – Magsafe Storage. Designed to resemble Apple’s newly launched MagSafe Battery Pack (although Abdel came up with this design all the way back in May), the iStorage is a nifty wireless drive that lets you add extra storage to your phone in literally a snap.

To most people, it would seem quite unlike Apple to release a product that competes with one of its other services, but then again, the iPad is constantly pitched against the MacBook by being referred to as the laptop reinvented. For a while, the AirPods and the Beats by Dre constantly competed with each other too. Similarly, the iStorage is ‘somewhat’ a competitor to Apple’s iCloud service… although it’s purpose-built to work as more of an offline-only storage system. Snap it on, and the iPhone’s internal memory instantly gets a boost. You can back your phone up to the iStorage, or just transfer heavy files to it, like a wireless pen-drive.

How would the iStorage even work in theory? Clearly, the MagSafe is built just for hooking accessories to the iPhone and chargers to the wireless-charging coil. How would the iStorage even transfer data? Well, even though Abdelrahman’s iStorage is just a fan-made concept, the real device could easily communicate with the iPhone or any other Apple device using AirDrop protocols. The snap-on feature would probably be just something of a convenience, but I could easily imagine the iStorage as being Apple’s own hard-drive… something that the company hasn’t really ever worked on.

What’s really remarkable about Abdelrahman’s concept is that it also comes in a splash of colors to match your phone. He’s been rather clever in matching the iStorage’s colors with the current iPhone 12 palette, including the new purple color-way as well as Apple’s signature Project RED edition.

While there’s absolutely no chance that Apple’s working on something like this, it’s fun to see what designers come up with. More often than not, they’re indicative of what the consumer actually wants… and I’m pretty sure no consumer wants to pay recurring cloud-storage fees!

Designer: Abdelrahman Shaapan