The Morning After: ‘Matrix 4’ release date sets up a Keanu Reeves double feature

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Tonight we'll be watching The Game Awards, but first we're plotting out a dual Matrix/John Wick marathon that will take place next May. Also, Twitter is building a new future for social networks, and Skydio's ne...

Amazon just announced a musical keyboard… for coders.

You’d probably think Amazon got its target audience slightly wrong with this one, but that title couldn’t be more accurate. Amazon’s newest reveal is a musical instrument, but it isn’t for musicians… it’s for developers. This is the AWS DeepComposer, a machine learning-driven keyboard aimed at coders and developers, giving them a creative, hands-on way to approach machine learning, and probably knock out a few jams while they’re at it.

“AWS DeepComposer is a 32-key, 2-octave keyboard designed for developers to get hands on with Generative AI, with either pretrained models or your own”, says Julien Simon from Amazon Web Services. Generative AI works a lot like generative design does, wherein the AI uses parameters and experience to create something new and advanced. Introduce machine learning to it and the AI gets better over time, creating more polished, refined, and accurate results. Amazon’s AWS DeepComposer isn’t a musician’s tool, but Amazon hopes it could be in the future. Coders and developers can help train the AI by using the keyboard to play tunes and have the AI support it with genre-specific music. Developers can either choose from genre-models, or develop new genres of their own within the AWS DeepComposer console. The keyboard also works as a MIDI controller within DAWs or digital audio workstations, allowing you to quickly and effectively jam out tunes, creating layered compositions built by a combination of human and AI creativity. Who knows, the next deejay at Coachella could be an artificial entity…

This is Amazon’s third machine learning teaching device, along with the DeepLens camera that the company introduced in 2017 and the DeepRacer racing cars debuted last year.

Designer: Amazon Web Services

Skydio 2 review: The best self-flying drone is now a great all-rounder

Around a year and a half ago, Skydio blew my mind. The then-unknown company presented the R1 drone to the world, and it was quite special. Typically, follow features and obstacle avoidance aren't very effective, or only work in certain modes (i.e. wi...

A voice-activated faucet so you can operate the tap, hands-free!

Delta has officially taken kitchen faucets to a whole new level. Apparently you can now give them commands! Delta’s faucets have been on the market for a while, however, their VoiceIQ Technology has just begun to take over households by storm.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled devices, you can command Delta’s latest Trinsic Voice-Activated Faucet to turn on and off! Instruct it on the exact amount of water to dispense, and it does exactly that. In fact, you can even ask it to warm the water for you. You can customize commands so that Delta can attend to your personalized requirements. This makes everyday tasks such as filling a coffee pot, a dog bowl, a watering can, etc much easier. “Alexa, ask Delta to fill the spaghetti bowl for me!” Yes, it’s as easy as that.

It is also a capacitative touch faucet, meaning you can turn it on, by simply touching any part of the faucet. This is especially useful when your hands are full, and you’re busy juggling with kitchen chores. No more touching faucets with dirty hands! Delta thought of it all, as they even conceived an attachable module that enables the VoiceIQ technology on the Delta Touch2O faucets that were manufactured after January 1st, 2018. Gone are the days of manually turning on a faucet, smart tech has reached the kitchen as well!

Designer: Delta

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