Dog-friendly products designed to help you give your pet the best life he truly deserves!

Though I am a cat person through and through, I cannot help but go gaga over doggos from time to time. They are just so adorable, and not to mention insanely loving (a quality most cat owners aren’t used to witnessing in their pets). And as much as I love pampering my kittie cats with presents from time to time, I’m sure all dog owners feel the same. Ensuring your pet feels safe, secure, and comfortable at home is every pet owner’s priority. We want to make sure they always feel loved and truly at home! It’s important to create an environment where they feel completely safe to let their guard down, while also managing to stay active and playful. And, we’ve curated a collection of dog-friendly product designs that promise to do exactly that! These pet products will help turn your home into the ultimate safe haven for your dogs, allowing you to connect and bond with them better while ensuring they’re always comfortable. From an adaptable food bowl with a customizable stand to a carabiner-based dog leash – these products will be absolutely loved by your dogs!


TOMO gives pet gear the upgrade it’s always needed, with minimalist aesthetics and beautifully engineered designs backed by high-quality materials. Putting basic plaid collars and harnesses with those fiddly carabiner clips in the rear-view mirror, TOMO’s pet gear comes in beautiful matte black, from the leash to collar to harness, and features a unique, robust metal clasp that’s minimal, durable, and easy to secure in a matter of seconds. All the products look like they’re a part of a wonderful ecosystem (unlike current pet gear where the leash, collar, and dog tag look different because they were all bought separately. The entire ecosystem of products draws a balance between functionality, comfort, and aesthetics, giving pet-gear a modern upgrade and making them complement each other when worn together, like a well-designed suit.

The Pupsule’s name sort of perfectly encapsulates exactly what the product is. Designed like a capsule for your pup, the tiny contraption is perfectly small enough to carry with you on your pet walks. The patent-pending Pupsule comes with a two-part design – an upper half that houses empty plastic bags and a plunger, while the lower half has a 360° grabber arm (controlled by the plunger) and a smell-proof leak-proof area to store the poo until you need to dispose of it. Using the Pupsule is intuitively simple. Take off its cap, pull out an empty plastic bag and drape it around the grabber arm’s claws, and use the plunger to grab your pet’s waste before wrapping the end of the plastic and putting the cap back on. When you find yourself suitable trash can dispose of the waste, all you do is grab the top of the plastic bag, lift it out of the Pupsule, and chuck the bag in… without getting your hands or even the Pupsule dirty.

In her uploaded YouTube video, A chair made for needy pets Giertz takes us through the construction of both the chair’s initial prototype and its final form. Using Fusion 360, Giertz created a 3D model of the pet chair. The model features an enclosed crate, the main dog door, footrest, stairs, and roof to also work as Giertz’s seat. Employing CNC milling to construct the chair’s top seat and roof, sidewalls, stairs, and front entryway, Giertz cut vertical ridges along the sidewalls to bend them around the radius of the chair. After mounting the pieces of plywood together to form the prototype’s planned structure, Giertz uses screws to attach them, but the finished prototype saw some improvements. Giertz turned to CNC milling to construct the chair’s bottom piece, this time formed in two sections to fit onto the CNC bed. On top of the chair’s joined bottom piece, the rest of the CNC-milled pieces of plywood came together. To help Scraps move up and down the chair’s steps with more confidence, Giertz narrowed the distance between the steps and added a railing system to border the chair’s stairs, main seat, and roof.

Nest Bowl is a food and water bowl designed for dogs with an optional, silicone-lined stand that elevates the food bowl so that your dog won’t have to strain their necks every meal. Designed with a hexagonal shape to keep the food in place better than a round bowl, dogs can really lick their bowl clean with Nest Bowl. Coming in two different sizes, Nest Bowl’s elevated stands are included to elevate the food bowl so that it meets your dog’s height, allowing your pup to eat without having to strain their neck. In addition to its customizable height, users can choose a dual-tone color scheme to match their dog’s personality and home decor.

Designed as a heavy-duty carabiner-leash, the GPCA X Clip PRO is, well, for heavy-duty dogs. It comes with a CNC-machined 360clip that easily clips onto any dog collar or harness, offering a better user experience than traditional clasps, which are fiddly and fragile at best. The 360clip is thicker and comes machined out of solid stainless steel. It clips onto any D-ring with absolute ease, and a diamond-knurled grip makes it easy to maneuver for humans, allowing you to slip it on or off with ease. The 360clip even supports a special no-pull leash looping formation, formulated via the GPCA team. By simply allowing you to loop the leash around the dog’s front legs before clipping it to the D-ring, the no-pull formation forces the dog to turn sideways every time they pull too hard against the leash.

If your doggo has been around for a while and is aging, then the Dog Cloud Bed may just be the perfect bed for him! The Cloud Bed is a therapeutic bed that helps relieve any joint pain or discomfort they may be experiencing, by massaging them. The massaging bed provides a 3D cloud wave vibration massage using its layers of orthopedic and memory foam. In fact, you can even schedule and set up four massages for your dog in a day! You can pair it up to your smartphone via WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity, and control the bed through your phone. The Dog Cloud Bed also helps with separation anxiety, circulation, and in assisting your pet to relax and sleep better.

MUF is more of a curatorial experience for you and your pup. Inspired by the MBTI, which is a lengthy introspective test that indicates different tendencies in regard to test-takers personalities. For example, I am an INFP, indicating introversion, intuition, feeling, and perceiving, which ultimately reveals how I interact with everyday life and decision-making. Hyemin Kim, the designer behind MUF, created her own doggo-inspired MBTI system that comprises different personality traits for different dogs. A total of eight possible traits, any combination of which can be applied to your own dog, make up Hyemin Kim’s MBTI for dogs, and a piece of dog furniture is associated with each personality type.

The Joyda muzzle presents a more subtle, comfortable alternative to existing products. Instead of following a common muzzle design, which essentially looks like a cage over the dog’s mouth, the Joyda uses a light strip of fabric around the snout. For the most part, the Joyda muzzle hangs loosely, not restricting the dog’s mouth at all. The strap will only tighten when it senses a potential attack. How can the Joyda tell? Well, the muzzle comes with a sensor that clips onto the dog’s collar. If the monitor notices a change in heart rate or other signs that might indicate aggression, it will send a signal to the muzzle and tighten around the dog’s snout until the perceived threat passes.

Outdoor pet equipment company TailHigh has revealed the ‘Hybrid Dog Harness’ combining a harness with a leash in one single contraption that saves the trouble of carrying an additional leash and attaching or detaching it to the harness. This innovative dog accessory, with a lightweight and retractable tape-type leash extendable up to 5 feet, is designed by BKID. Interestingly, it is made from breathable, soft EVA foam combined with mesh fabric for a comfortable fit. The harness is equipped with a seat belt like two-way-lock safety stop technology, which if the dog pulls the string during an unexpected action, can automatically stop the line even if the owner misses the handle, letting the dog escapes unhurt.

Migo is short for ‘amigo,’ which means ‘friend’ in Spanish. Each component of Migo communicates and connects to one another via Bluetooth, which allows for remote interaction between dogs and their owners. The system’s main appeal is the collar since it comes equipped with a tracking system, temperature sensor, heart rate monitor, audio output, and an LED flashlight. Owners can also have all eyes on their dog at home through the camera unit that functions as a traditional surveillance camera. The camera even comes with a speaker so that owners can speak to their dogs whenever anxiety levels seem to rise.

The iPhone 14 with a sliding display could be Apple’s answer to the folding iPhone

Apple has just launched the new iPhone 13 series, which has left many of us dumbstruck with the photographic capabilities and beautiful ProMotion displays on offer. While consumers are still headed for the four beauties in the lineup with open wallets, there is still a lingering question in the mind of fans whether the iPhone 14 will be the iconic design change we are all looking for. Taking the liberty to experiment with this design, ConceptsiPhone has created extreme renders of how the next-generation Apple phones should be.

The insane renders of the iPhone 14 with a sliding concept are far and above what Apple would likely have in mind at this point. The Cupertino company however has been toiling with the folding iPhone idea since 2016. The tech giant has been through a few patents since, but it has chosen to remain silent about the possibility of an iPhone to rival the Galaxy Fold and Flip series handsets from Samsung. Apple is weighing its options as other OEMs – Samsung included – fine-tune the wrinkles in the folding devices; and it prefers to stick to the more acceptable brick form factor.

The biggest upgrade to the iPhone, many would trust, will be a folding form factor, which will be a stark difference to its image, and give fanboys a little more to consider as they weigh their options. In such a scenario, a Nokia-style sliding keyboard would make more sense than a book-like folding phone. If you are from the same school of assumptions; this new concept with a second slider screen will be a definite yes.

The renders and video of the iPhone 14 slider concept shared by ConceptsiPhone show the iPhone 14 in new and beautiful colors and revives the Touch ID biometric system under the display. In addition to the sliding design, the idea of a notch-less iPhone is what fans have been longing for Apple to adopt. That didn’t stand to change in the iPhone 13 – where the notch has been slimed slightly though – but if Apple can do away with it in the coming models, this concept shows how the phone could appear.

What has really caught my eye with these renders is the throw-back design. Yes, the images do away with the new square-edged design that Apple achieved with the iPhone 12 and has transpired into the iPhone 13. The idea is lost in this concept, which feels the iPhone 14 should reflect back the design that was before the iPhone 12. While the sliding XDR display concept is a deal for some, it’s the triple camera on the back that we would definitely want Apple to take a leaf from. The camera array is extremely sleek, no camera bump to show. Apple has a slight camera bulge in iPhone 13, in iPhone 14 we would love to see that go flat along the phone’s back.

Apple still remains adamant with switching from lightning port to USB-C, which European Union at least is pushing to become a standard for all companies to follow. There were rumors initially that iPhone 13 could be a port-less device, relying on MagSafe charging completely. It hasn’t happened this year, and ConceptsiPhone assumes, it’s not going to be the case with iPhone 14 either; but the new device could arrive with Air charging as an option along with MagSafe, which we assume is going to stay for long!

Designer: ConceptsiPhone

Razer’s Zephyr face mask aka Project Hazel with RGB lighting is finally available for sale at $100!

While the company has dropped some high-end features, the RGB lit filters remain.

In CES 2021 – the first-ever virtual avatar of the biggest tech event to kickstart 2021 and Razer has come up with an answer to a question on everyone’s mind – how will tech handle our covid infested world? 2021 promises to be the year of solutions, with vaccines rolling out with speed, while realistically, we know that face masks aren’t going anywhere. Razer, the world’s leading lifestyle accessories brand for gamers takes a dip in the face mask world with the Project Hazel, now released as Zephyr.

The face mask concept showcased a glossy, waterproof, and scratch-resistant shell, transparent by design to allow for lip-reading, and made from recycled plastic. The main attraction is the two circular ‘Active Ventilation’ discs that sit on the sides of your mouth and hold the reusable N95 filters that give a 95% filtration efficiency.

Every Instagram-worthy gaming setup is in visual sync with each other, why should your mask not be a part of the new normal? Jokes aside, if this is a feature that helps people keep their masks ‘on’ wherever they are, I am all for it. The rings can glow with the color of your choice and the LEDs automatically detect and light up in a low light setting to illuminate your face so you can always be seen talking. How helpful is this feature, that is something we will know only once we actually try it but it does sound good in theory!

As Razer says, “The Razer Zephyr is not a medical device, respirator, surgical mask, or personal protective equipment (PPE) and is not meant to be used in medical or clinical settings. It is not tested specifically against the COVID-19 virus but offers the same functionality and adequate protection due to its 99% BFE rating.” Razer has dropped the before-promised UV charging case and voice amplification module to save costs.

Speaking of specs, the mask is now available on Razer’s site with three pairs of filters tested to last about three days each for a full day’s use. As an add-on, a pack with 10 sets of replacement filters will run $30. You can also buy it in a starter pack with the mask and 33 sets of filters — roughly 3 months’ worth — for $150! The mask weighs 209 grams (7 ounces) and it runs for about 8 hours with dual-speed fans set to low.

The mask is currently made for the masses, with no size variations or even allowances for a beard. Razer was one of the few companies worldwide that converted their manufacturing plants for the creation of surgical masks and wanted to pledge and donate up to a million surgical masks. The mask currently ships with an antifog spray, with Razer recommending that you don’t wipe your mask surface. Given all this, the mask seems more aesthetic rather than a medical wearable, but we’ll wait for further reviews to make a final call!

Designer: Razer

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iPhone 13 Accessories designed to elevate Apple’s latest smartphone + fulfill every tech lover’s dream!

On September 14th, 2021, the iPhone 13 series was launched at Apple’s event. Everyone had major expectations for the latest iPhone family – some were met, some were not. This year’s iPhone has a smaller notch, bigger battery, better chip, and not too many major changes. Whether you were disappointed or excited by this year’s iPhone launch, whether you found it compelling or a tad bit boring – there’s always scope to amp up your iPhone with a bunch of exciting accessories! And by accessories, we don’t simply mean the same old covers and cases that we’ve all gotten pretty much accustomed to. Designers have been leveling up their accessories game, creating unique and handy products that will totally elevate your iPhone 13! From a MagSafe iStorage that adds a snap-on physical drive to your smartphone to a tiny 20W power bank that can charge multiple Apple devices – these innovative accessories are what your iPhone 13 truly needs!


Touted as the most powerful power bank for its size, the Pixy Mini is this pocket-friendly, granola bar-shaped power bank with a capacity of 5,000mAh and a 20W power delivery, making it capable of recharging practically any portable gadget you’ve got on hand… even your laptop. What’s so impressive about the Pixy Mini is its deceptively small size. Tinier than a credit card, and hardly bulkier than a Zippo lighter, the Pixy Mini was designed to be carried around… but not even in your backpack, rather in your pocket. Outwardly, it looks like any other power bank, with a USB-A port and a USB-C port on either side, and 4 LED indicators that tell you how much power the Pixy Mini’s battery has.

Designed in California (quite like the iPhone shown inside it), the Moshi Crossbody Holster is a slick little piece of EDC that carries your phone as well as your cards. Perfect when you want to head out for a quick coffee run or to meet a friend (when you don’t need to carry anything more than your phone, wallet, and keys), the Crossbody Holster serves in a pretty stylish fashion accessory that’s just as functional. The holster comes built out of vegan leather and is wide enough to hold all sorts of phones (from the smaller ones to the larger Pro/Max/Plus ones too).

Chau is a wireless charger that can be either mobile or stationary. Much like wireless chargers already on the market, Chau comes in two parts: a wireless charger and its charging dock. The charging dock can be plugged into any outlet and features two charging stations for Apple products. The raised charging station holds the auxiliary charger in place so users can either leave their phone to charge on the dock or dislodge the auxiliary charger from its magnetic port and charge on the go. Working from home, we don’t have all of the supplemental charging accessories that fill up the office and our appliances with juice.

Designer Abdelrahman Shaapan has an idea – Magsafe Storage. Designed to resemble Apple’s newly launched MagSafe Battery Pack (although Abdel came up with this design all the way back in May), the iStorage is a nifty wireless drive that lets you add extra storage to your phone in literally a snap. How would the iStorage even work in theory? Clearly, the MagSafe is built just for hooking accessories to the iPhone and chargers to the wireless charging coil. How would the iStorage even transfer data? Well, even though Abdelrahman’s iStorage is just a fan-made concept, the real device could easily communicate with the iPhone or any other Apple device using AirDrop protocols. The snap-on feature would probably be just something of a convenience, but I could easily imagine the iStorage as being Apple’s own hard drive… something that the company hasn’t really ever worked on.

The Alto Metro Leather Wallet Case completely protects the iPhone 13 series! The case features a card pocket with anti-magnetic properties and is compatible with the iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max. You can insert a contactless card within the pocket, and you don’t even have to remove it to make purchases! The interesting wallet case has been crafted from leather, which exhibits an elegant and unique color and texture. The leather also cushions your iPhone and protects it from any damage. At the same time, it also manages to wirelessly charge your smartphone!

The OMNIA Q5 is a nifty docking and charging station that replaces your drawer of cables. Designed as a slick, compact dock that can fit on even the smallest night-stand, or the corner of your work-desk, the OMNIA Q5 lets you organize and charge all your Apple gadgets at once, supplying the right amount of power to each one of them to charge them rapidly and simultaneously. Designed to be an integral part of your ecosystem of Apple products, the OMNIA Q5 acts as an organizer for your gadgets. It docks them in individually assigned areas (so they’re always neatly arranged) and charges them too – wirelessly for the most part, except the iPad which needs a cable with a USB-C input.

The Native Union CLIC Case & Bundle helps you customize your iPhone 13 the way you want! The bundle includes a CLIC Pop or CLIC Classic Case and a Sling or Leather Sling. You can create a style of your choice – either with a simple case or a case attached with a sling (which is easy to detach via the Click Lock mechanism). The leather case comes in a classic black or tan, whereas the sling has eight unique color options! You can wear the sling crossbody or as a necklace. The options are unlimited – you can customize and carry your beloved smartphone in your true style!

Inspired by the daily sunrise, industrial designer Taesung Yoon has thought of the 2 in 1 Apple Devices Charging Stand (yes, that’s the name of this accessory) that does what it says. Designed after feedback from the data-driven research and realizing what people actually want in their unified Apple charging stand, this accessory has been cleverly designed for form and function. The charging stand’s vertical stance with a slightly arched top means that the iPhone sits comfortably without the fear of accidentally toppling it over with an accidental shove.

The Fjorden turns your iPhone into a hybrid DSLR. It physically snaps onto the back of your iPhone, giving you analog camera controls including a two-stage shutter button, a jog dial, a zoom slider, and even an extra multi-function button you can use to do stuff like trigger the flash. The overall form is comfortably tactile and grippy (and comes with the same texture found on cameras) and orients the buttons in a way that’s intuitive and easy to use (so you don’t have to sprain your thumb to reach the shutter button while holding your phone with the same hand). Moreover, the actual physical buttons allow you to use the camera with gloves on, an understated-yet-impressive upgrade to the iPhone camera experience).

The Nimble Wireless Convertible Stand makes wireless charging more flexible than ever! It charges your smartphone on contact and the built-in stand lets you place your iPhone in either a flat or propped-up position. This allows you to use your phone, and continue binging on your favorite Netflix show, while your phone is charging. The stand also features an additional port, so you can charge a second device as well. The built-in thermal management ensures a safe and hazard-free charging experience.

This funky wireless charger with Twitch emote keys lets you react to livestreams as your phone charges

Call it probably the most Gen-Z product ever, but the Wireless Charger for Twitch really helps pass a few hours as your phone’s battery gets charged. The wireless charging dock lets you rest your phone at an angle that’s easy to view, and a keyboard comprising 11 mechanical keys lets you send emojis right into the Twitch chatroom while you’re watching a stream. Call it the most entertaining wireless charger ever made.

The design was developed around emotes that best capture Twitch’s unique meme culture. Each key is emblematic of an emoji, and the keycaps can easily be replaced to choose which emojis you want on your keyboard – a feature that translates right into the app, letting you customize your inputs. The minute you dock your phone in place, a tiny NFC chip beside the charging coil connects the Twitch keyboard to your phone. The keyboard works as a Bluetooth input device, letting you comment in memes and emojis as you watch a stream. Spare keycaps can be turned into keychain attachments, letting you wear your Twitch allegiance as a badge on your person.

Designed as a promotional content piece for Twitch Korea, the Wireless Charger for Twitch is sadly just a concept… although any engineer worth their salt could easily hack together a gadget like this and publish the schematics on Reddit. If you do, however, happen to build this little bad boy out, don’t hesitate to drop us a line and share your creation!

Designer: FM Communications

TIE Fighter Kinetic Watch Winder: Use The Force, Luke

Do you own a fancy watch that’s powered solely by the movement of your wrist as you wear it? But are you not always wearing it and need an automatic watch winder to keep it powered and accurate? Are you a huge Star Wars fan? And RICH? Enter the TIE Advanced x1 Watch Winder from Kross Studio, a watch winder in the form of Darth Vader’s fighter during the attack on the Death Star.

The black anodized aluminum watch winder, released after the Studio’s $150,000 Death Star Tourbillon watch, uses an infrared sensor to detect the presence of a watch and begin winding, with replaceable batteries powering the unit for up to two years. It costs $2,500, which is just a drop in the bucket for somebody who just spent $150,000 on a watch. Honestly, that watch should probably come with one of these winders free of charge.

Rich people, am I right? I still wear the same Casio calculator watch I’ve had since high school that I wasn’t allowed to wear during math tests. “You know, you won’t always have a calculator in your pocket to help you in the future,” I remember Mrs. McKay being completely wrong about just before the release of smartphones.

[via Werd]

This wearable smart ring detects cab driver’s alcohol levels to keep passengers safe from harm’s way

A smart ring capable of detecting drunk cab drivers, and keeping the passengers well informed in advance via a connected cab rental app for a safe journey home in odd hours.

Hopping into a cab with a drunk driver is not what someone would want to do – especially for women in the late hours. Ola and Uber have had their fair share of incidents where irresponsible cab drivers employed have been found driving drunk. In fact, a survey suggests that more than 50 percent of cab drivers confess to drunken driving, and also more than 60 percent reveal they consume drinks in their vehicles. Another startling fact is the number of people who get killed due to drunk driving behavior – it’s a mind-numbing 56 percent.

Keeping a track of drivers’ drinking habits is virtually impossible for car rental companies, or is it? With Cue smart wearable ring conceptualized by Risha Garg keeping real-time track of driver’s state is ultra-easy. The smart gadget can be worn like a ring, as it tracks the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels by tracking the sweat. A ring is an apt wearable to track sweat as palms and fingers have a large concentration of sweat glands. Also, it keeps a check on the pulse rate and temperature of the driver for tell-tale signs of not fit to drive conditions. All this is synced with the cab service provider’s app to keep the passengers informed of the driver’s BAC levels, and if the ride is actually safe for boarding.

In the event of a driver’s non-compliant BAC levels, the app automatically restricts the driver from accepting rides from anything as low as 90 minutes to even 24 hours. The Cue ring displays the real-time data of the driver’s condition indicated by the 0-100 BAC level indicator. Anything below 30 is permissible, while values above that indicate an unsafe drunken state. To make sure the ring is worn by the driver, GPS tracking keeps things in check. The wearable disconnects as soon as it is kept a few meters away from the driver’s phone. Risha’s solution to ensure a safe drive for passengers is well worth the development and exploring beyond the conceptual stage.

Designer: Risha Garg


Squid Game home security camera guards your home, keeping you safe without any violence!

While I would have wished the Squid Game security was themed on the cold expressionless masked character, the “Front Man”, this design is a perfect addition for every pop-culture enthusiast!

If you haven’t heard of Squid Game, you must be living under a rock! Hunger Games was already your cup of tea, then a highly viral South Korean dark series trending on Netflix should be on your binge-watching list. If you’ve already watched the 9 episode Squid Game series, then it’s highly likely you’ll fancy this home security camera. The accessory themed around Squid Game is inspired by the workers monitoring the activities of players on a CCTV monitor.

The ruthless workers in the viral series will now adorn the secure corners of our homes, as the security camera keeps us safe – well, a cliche of sorts. The rotating lens positioned right where the eyes of the character would provide a 180-degree view of the surroundings for complete security. The movement is actuated by motion and an audio sensor that sets the camera into action, tracking the movement. Since most security cameras attached to the servers can have access to all the inside activities when not intended by the user, the creators of this concept add a useful feature. To make sure there are no hacking attempts or unauthorized access to the footage, there is a privacy mask that physically blocks the FOV when the camera is not in use.

Since we are living in a world where Zoom meetings and online classes are the new normal, the Squid Game camera has its own light illumination. The light intensity can be adjusted as per the user’s need or level of ambient lighting in the room. The designers Cheon Ryong Choi, Soonook Kwon and Jaeyeon Nam have created two other themed versions of this cute little home security camera. One carrying an oxygen cylinder on the back like an astronaut and the other dressed in a raincoat and umbrella. Personally, I will stick to the Squid Game character, if ever such a security camera met fruition.

Designer: Cheon Ryong Choi, Soonook Kwon and Jaeyeon Nam

Ingenious Apple designs that we are itching to see at the October 18th event!

September 14th, 2021 was an exciting day for the entire tech world! Apple had its much-awaited event, and as it ended, it left us with some pretty amazing launches. Apple revealed the iPhone 13 models, the Apple Watch Series 7, the new iPad, and iPad Mini. The leaks that have been pouring in for almost the past year left us with some major expectations. Some were met, and some were not. This year’s iPhone has a smaller notch, bigger battery, better chip, and not too many major changes. While The iPad Mini comes with a modern flat-edge design, an ultrawide camera on the front, TouchID in the power button, support for Apple Pencil, USB-C, and 5G, making it an absolute behemoth even for its size. As we pour over and explore what Apple did give us this year, we can also fantasize about what it didn’t! But there’s still hope…in the form of the October 18th event! Everything we wanted to see, and couldn’t witness at the September event, may just be unveiled at the event on Monday. And, we’ve curated a collection of ingenious conceptual designs that we WISH Apple launches on Monday! From an Apple device that merges AirDrop with an external flash drive to an iPod Classic concept that celebrates its 20th anniversary – these are the designs we hope we get to see soon!

The notebook will feature a flat-edged design, doing away with the curved edges for a more iPhone 12-like form factor. The designer here sways from the thought and envisions the design identical to how we have come to recognize the MacBook Pro in recent years, and it looks splendid nonetheless. The most notable difference this year is expected to be in the display. The MacBook will have brighter panels, supposedly with mini-LEDs, the first for the MacBook. Mini-LED display means there will be a significant improvement in the screen’s picture quality, contrast, and brightness. Marc’s vision suggests thinner bezels – whereas, I, for one, want Apple to shed the thick bezels to give us more screen real estate and also step up the MacBook Pros case in 2021.

Apple devices have their own technical language, so working between two Apple devices is always a walk in the park compared to working between one Apple and another non-Apple device. Incorporating Apple’s design and technical language into his product, Taiseer created Drop to make file transferring and storage between Apple devices even easier. Drop operates as a wireless USB Type C and offline external flash drive and an AirDrop file transfer and Thunderbolt 3 data transfer device. Drop is a standalone Apple-inspired device that operates as a flash drive, storage device, and file transfer cable.

Designer Iván Antón has come up with an Apple TV 2021 concept, which comes with a wall plug built-in. Now that’s full marks for the compact build, but the practicality is debatable until we have something like this to use. Taking nothing away from the vision, I’m impressed with the concept of Apple TV’s ability to interact with Siri without the need for a remote. Furthermore, the new concept also integrates the MagSafe charger into the Apple TV unit, so the compatible remote can now be charged conveniently by sticking it to the back of the set-top box.

Apple iPod Nano Circular Concept by Andrea Copellino

Apple iPod Nano Circular Concept by Andrea Copellino

As Apple gradually began phasing out the iPod, it increasingly began looking like the iPhone (in fact the iPod Touch was almost indistinguishable from earlier models of the iPhone). Copellino sidesteps this problem by giving the iPod a complete refresh and making it circular. The new iPod Nano paves its own path forward with a fresh new design that’s instantly distinguishable from the iPhone. It sports a circular UI that Copellino designed from scratch too, borrowing elements from the Apple Watch. It also comes with a circular display that looks just marginally smaller than the one used on the HomePod Mini.

The iPod officially turns 20 this year, and we do wonder what if Apple had released a newly designed iPod Classic to celebrate its 20th anniversary?! Andrea Copellino took the iPod classic and gave it some modern touches – thin bezels, curved edges, and a lot of glass! He did however maintain the iconic click wheel but integrated it with the concept of a magic trackpad, so you don’t actually have to click anything. He wanted to create an iPod design that harmoniously integrates the old and the new…a design that celebrates everything we loved and appreciated about the iPod while adding some much-needed futuristic upgrades. I do wish I’d gotten to see this launched at the September 2021 event!

Louis Berger took the current square-shaped Mac Mini and transformed it into a futuristic pill-like design. Called, The Mac Pill Mini, Berger integrated it with a Touch Bar. Although one would wonder, is such a change more for aesthetic purposes, rather than functional ones? Aesthetically, it would contrast with the current Apple designs, which are leaning towards sharp and edgy! Whatever the reason may be for this redesign, it surely is a refreshing one!

Antón’s redesign turns the Apple AirPods Pro case from something that looks like a ‘box of floss’ to a really classy-looking ‘chewing-gum-stick dispenser’. The rounded-box shape gets ditched for a taller and sleeker capsule shape, with lids on both ends, allowing individual earpieces to fit into each end of the case. Sure, the redesign presents some structural issues – like where would one place the Qi charging coil or the battery, but what Antón’s concept really provides is a sense of variety, while sticking to Apple’s design philosophy of building sleek products. The redesigned AirPods Pro case also fundamentally changes the UX of the AirPods.

This Pencil or ‘input tool’ would sit within the MacBook’s magnetic docking area, charging while not in use. Pop it out and I’d imagine you could use it on both the screen as well as the trackpad, although Patently Apple’s article doesn’t really highlight usage. It does, however, show that the Pencil is no ordinary stylus. This new input device would have multiple buttons or touch-zones on it, allowing it to double up like a row of Function keys when docked, and even letting you calibrate/control settings like your screen’s brightness, media volume, or more specifically brush sizes as you sketch on the MacBook screen.

How the next exciting iPhone will look is anybody’s guess, for now, to be frank, but industrial designer Laci Lacko believes it could be a radical leap with its roots tracing back to the iPhone 7 series. That similar rounded side design lending it a thin feel in hand. Surprisingly, the designer doesn’t give us a peek into the front of the device, but going by the rumor mill, it should have minimal (as compared to iPhone 13) or no notch at all. What’s highlighted in this concept phone is the rear camera module.

Chau is a wireless charger that can be either mobile or stationary. Much like wireless chargers already on the market, Chau comes in two parts: a wireless charger and its charging dock. The charging dock can be plugged into any outlet and features two charging stations for Apple products. The raised charging station holds the auxiliary charger in place so users can either leave their phone to charge on the dock or dislodge the auxiliary charger from its magnetic port and charge on the go.

Futuristic Wearables that are making waves in the tech world with their innovative + unique designs!

Wearable designs are currently in the limelight, and we thought it would be fun to explore some of the cool wearable designs in the market! Wearable designs make our lives easier and more efficient in multiple ways! From smartwatches, Fitbits to even wearable furniture, innovative wearable designs can be valuable additions to our daily lifestyles. And, not to mention sometimes they’re really fun to use and trendy to wear as well! And, this collection of wearable designs are not only super easy to wear on your person, but also promise to make your everyday life easier, simpler, and effortless! From a wearable 5K OLED display to a personal security wearable that uses voice recognition to keep you safe in emergencies – these futuristic product designs are the trending wearables of 2021!

Immersive experience

This is the world’s first personal cinema HMD that features dual 2.5K micro-OLED and a Dolby Digital® certified headphone with 5.1 channels of surround sound – it is the closest thing you can get to having your own movie theatre without buying multiple appliances or doing construction. The combination of those visual and audio elements is elite! It truly gives you a complete theatrical immersive experience with high-quality video and audio which makes the Cinera Edge a mobile cinema. It is not just for watching movies or your favorite shows, you can integrate it with your TV and gaming systems to take your everyday entertainment to the next level.

R RYZR is built for the crowded city streets as well as open freeways – that’s the USP of the concept. It has a central spine running the length of the chassis, and two seats are suspended on either side. The drive-by-wire assisted centrally-mounted steering wheel is designed to operate independently of its position. Meaning, both the driver and passenger can drive it from their sitting position by simply sliding it. The central spine gives the EV freedom to pivot on the front and rear arms – this makes leaning and carving through tight corners on the hubless wheels highly maneuverable.

The wearable medical gadget is still in the concept prototype stage but unlike other designs, this is created in complete synergy between the design team who give direction to the aesthetic requirements, and the technology team who ideate the concept. The end result, a functional gadget that solves the intended purpose while being aesthetically ideal for practical usage. Here it is, the accurate detection of blood oxygen levels of the skin tissue and underlying vessels and capillaries. The oxygen detector is designed for ASON Co. Ltd. and it is highly likely it will make it to the mass consumer market in a couple of years.

Romware’s bracelet helps to reinforce the social distancing guidelines as more of us return to work. The digital device monitors the employees’ location and warns them if they are too close to each other. Initially designed for industries such as construction, logistic, warehousing, manufacturing, and port services, this bracelet can be used by any large company that cannot function remotely and relies on labor. Whenever employees are closer than 6 feet they will feel a vibration that warns them. The bracelet has a geofencing feature that allows you to set a limit for how many employees can be in a specific area to ensure there are no large gatherings. One of its most effective features is that it enables contact tracing, so if someone does fall sick the employer can easily track anyone who may have been in contact and take necessary measures.

NASA isn’t selling these directly, but Jet Propulsion Laboratory has made the 3D-printed concept available as an open-source project so anyone can make this smart wearable for their own health and safety. It works on a simple mechanism – the necklace has a sensor that detects when the user lifts their hands towards their face and it will vibrate to warn them using power from a common button battery. This vibration is a reminder for the user to not touch their face and soon establishes the muscle memory required to turn this into a new behavioral pattern. All the necessary STL files, the list of the parts you’ll need, and the assembly instructions have been made freely available for anyone to make these. Apart from the 3D printer and having the knowledge of basic electrical DIY skills, all the components are easy to source and if you want to learn then YouTube is always there as a resource.

Kyle Hamm has intended to design Waveform, a wearable that lets you feel the deep bass in your chest, matching the audio frequency being beamed in your ears by the pair of headphones. Similar to that vibration in your chest while at a live music concert – this gadget adds the dimension of touch to the audio. Learning from some of the prototypes that want to achieve something similar, Kyle focused on the portability, ergonomics, and comfort of the Waveform. After digging deep about the design and the functionality Kyle determined that the vibration is best felt on the front and back of the chest. Thus came to life the blueprint and prototype of Waveform that’s inspired by the rhythmic movement of stone skips on the surface of the water. To ensure the vibration of the contoured gadget reaches the body, Waveform has spring-loaded arms to create tension with subtle pressure.

Once activated, EVE launches a 10-second alarm meant to discourage the attacker from continuing their assault and instantly calls the local police station, sending operators the location and live audio recordings of the attack. EVE follows a two-step activation process to launch the wristband’s emergency features. First, to unlock EVE and prepare it for activation, the user simply shakes their wrist repeatedly three to five times. Embedded inside the wristband, an accelerometer and gyroscope detect the shaking and rotation of the wrist, awakening the device and gearing it up for activation. Then, either by announcing previously recorded voice triggers or by placing pressure on the wristband’s sensors, the 110dB alarm sounds, and the police are called, sending live recordings of the assault to an emergency operator, along with the GPS location of the EVE user.

This watch conceptualized by Michael Szczególski of 2sympleks Design draws inspiration from the OnePlus Concept One phone that has an electrochromic glass (based on electronic CMF technology) for the camera module glass covering. While on first look it might seem like any other smartwatch, there’s one thing that makes it stand out from the crowd. When the camera app is activated, the glass magically turns transparent to reveal the sensors otherwise hidden from plain sight. The Concept One Watch employs this technology to blur the lines between a classic analog watch with kinetic movement and modern-day smartwatch functionality. The Android WearOS watch is a perfect hybrid capable of satisfying proponents of classic watches and ones who like the more modern approach of the connected ecosystem of smartwatches.

Acknowledging the mental stressors within the ICU, a team of designers created SOVA, an ICU medical aid device that tracks the patient’s health progress and allows the patient to communicate their needs by simply directing their eyes. Either before, during, or following their visit to the ICU, almost half of the patients who receive medical treatment experience some form of trauma or suffer from mental stressors that make it difficult to communicate their needs. SOVA is a medical device that tracks and registers early signs of physical or mental pain so that medical personnel within the ICU can provide the patient with proper treatment. While physical pain, insomnia, and anxiety are only a few of the stressors in the ICU, SOVA operates as a system to track these stressors for real-time support and treatment.

Mictic converts your hand movements into digital signals that trigger virtual instruments within the Mictic smartphone app. The two wearables sit on your wrists, and their individual movements help the app understand how your hands are moving. First, you need to pair your bands with your smartphone and select the drum instrument within the Mictic app. Now beat your hands around in the air and the app plays back drum sounds as if you were sitting in front of a real drum kit. Similarly, select the guitar instrument and shred away in the air and the Mictic app generates a killer solo. You don’t necessarily need to be authentic with your movements. Just dance away and Mictic uses them to create an abstract audio composition, allowing your dance to turn into something more meaningful.