Baby Shark Mess Free Coloring Book

Baby shark, color color color color, baby shark. Somehow the creators of Baby Shark have turned a 2 minute repetitive jingle into a merchandising empire. And now they’ve even partnered with Crayola to create the Color Wonder Baby Shark Coloring Book. It (somehow?!) features 18 full pages of baby sharks for your kids to color in. Apparently there’s a lot of scenarios that these sharks can get themselves into besides just stating their own names in song. Five markers are also included, so you’re ready to color straight away, all with no mess.

Wait, no mess? If you’re not familiar with Crayola’s “Color Wonder” products, these are specially designed magic markers and paper. The markers will ONLY write on the Color Wonder paper and not all over your walls, tables, kids faces, bathtub, and all the other great places kids love to use markers on. It’s all the fun of markers, without all the fun of Mom having to clean up the walls afterwards. How does it work exactly? Magic. That’s why they’re called “magic markers”. A magical writing instrument never reveals his tricks.

Baby Shark Mess Free Coloring Book

Ring Security Briefcase, a Wedding Pillow Alternative

Here’s something different and unique for your wedding day! Instead of a typical wedding pillow for your ring bearer, have him walk down the aisle with a Wedding Ring Security Briefcase. How adorable would this be paired with a pair of sunglasses and a badge? Plus it makes a great keepsake for your official ring security officer.

The case measures a bit over 9″ by 6″ by 1.75″ so it’s big enough to fit your rings but small enough to be carried around by a small child (and big enough to not somehow get lost before it makes it’s way down the aisle!). Best of all it’s personalized with the name of your ring bearer printed directly onto the case. A lot of couples are looking for good alternative wedding ideas to make their special day different and more suited to their individual personalities, and this fits the bill perfectly.

Ring Security Briefcase, a Wedding Pillow Alternative
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