This LEGO kit comes with LED lights to build your own Flux Capacitor, like the one in ‘Back to the Future’

In Back to the Future, Doc Brown warns Marty, “Whatever happens Marty, don’t go to 2020!” Wise words, Doc. While 2020 certainly wasn’t our golden year, 2021 is making up for the lost time. Alternatives for safe travel are cropping up and product designs for playing and relaxing at home are too. While we don’t want to travel back to 2020, perhaps some point in the distant future sounds more like it. While electronic hobby group Brickstuff has yet to construct an IRL version of Doc’s Flux Capacitor, a miniature LEGO replica will suffice for now.

Building with LEGO blocks will never go out of style. If I had a bucket of LEGO bricks in front of me right now, I wouldn’t waste any time before getting on the floor to build my dream home, making my younger self proud. Fusing the nostalgia of watching ‘80s cult classics like Back to the Future and spending entire afternoons building with LEGO bricks, Brickstuff designed the LEGO version of Doc Brown’s Flux Capacitor as a kit for anyone to construct, all ages welcome. The kit comes complete with a whopping 18 new LEGO bricks, a pre-assembled pliant circuit board, LED lights that actually glow with the help of a battery pack, and three AA batteries. You’ll have to buy the batteries separately, but the kit comes included with illustrated assembly instructions to aid in the building process.

LEGO bricks are the type of toy that instantly brings us back to our childhood. There was a time when LEGO was my whole universe. Back to the Future is nostalgic in itself, and I can still remember the first time I watched the movie–English class, sophomore year of high school. Brickstuff brings together these two forces from our childhood to create a miniature collectible item that we can build ourselves, reminding us that we can accomplish anything if we put our minds to it.

Designer: Brickstuff

Brickstuff’s LEGO replica of Doc Brown’s Flux Capacitor features glowing LED lights and a miniature circuit board.

Users can open the Flux Capacitor to mimic iconic scenes from Back to the Future.

An attached battery pack requires three AA batteries for the LED lights to turn on.

The kit comes with 18 new LEGO bricks and illustrated assembly instructions.

The kit comes with everything you might need to build your own Flux Capacitor – just add batteries.

This unique joinery toy lets kid connect with nature and utilize their creativity to build engaging structures!

Connecting with nature as a young kid brings out some of the most imaginative and tactile experiences the world has to offer. Each one of us can think back on afternoons spent blazing through our grandmother’s forested backyard or early morning swims at our favorite beach. While being in nature by itself is an experience that brings out our most creative and peaceful potential, collective global design house Studio 5.5 takes afternoons spent in nature one step further with a new collection called The Things To Make.

Primarily composed of a series of odds and ends that connect different items found in nature together to create items like kites, magnifying glasses, tents, and any other item our imagination allows, The Things To Make is a collection of accessories that help guide creative building processes for little kids. Complete with end sockets, fabric, and string, kids find the rest of the building materials, like twigs, branches, and leaves, in their backyard or nearby forest.

The kite’s building kit comes with end sockets that can connect tree twigs and branches to form a cross that can then be covered with the included kite fabric. Similarly, the 3D shape building kit comes with a collection of end sockets that children can get creative with and connect twigs to form 3D geometric structures like cubes or pyramids. To literally bring kids even closer to nature, Studio 5.5 includes a deconstructed magnifying glass that kids can put together and use sticks for the handle. Studio 5.5 then completes the collection with a tent-building kit, which includes end sockets and a camouflage tarp to be overlaid on top of the tent’s frame, giving kids a nature-made hideout.

Designer: Studio 5.5

The kite building kit comes with a spool and end sockets to make kites from twigs and branches.

Kids can connect two branches together to create a T shape and ultimately a flying kite.

End sockets allow kids to connect twigs together to create shapes.

Kids can also create their own geometric structures using the provided end sockets.

Studio 5.5 also included a magnifying glass for kids to construct together.

To complete the collection, Studio 5.5 devised a tent building kit for kids to escape to when the playtime is done.

The bookshelf integrating seating nooks makes this renovated basement the ideal summer escape!

As a kid, you either wanna be the one with the coolest basement in school or be friends with the person who has the coolest basement. Manhattan-based architecture and design studio Eisner Design renovated a family’s basement into a private miniature theme park for their kids, complete with adult-only theme parks in the form of a wine bar. The basement in Water Mill, New York is the ideal summertime destination for kids and adults alike, equipped with everything from a wine bar to a rock climbing wall and foam pit.

Eisner Design’s renovation pads the children’s basement playscape with cushioning from the floor to the ceiling to ensure rowdy and safe play. From the bookshelf to the tree swings, the designers at Eisner envisioned kids’ imagination and brought it to life. Stenciled between cubbies and bookshelves, Eisner Design lodged cushioned seats that work as hideouts tucked away from the action for when playtime gets too tiring. One shaped into a perfect circle and the other forming the shape of a lima bean, the new seating nooks offer kids their own midday nap destination, à la mom and dad. Rooted just in front of the seating nooks, a modular, cushioned playground is stationed next to an indoor tree trunk that can be used for climbing or as a base during games of tag.

Beyond the colorful resting nooks and modular playground, the basement once again assumes its minimalist optic white color scheme and introduces the basement’s hammock tree, constructed from a steel, columnar base and cloth seated hammock beds. Then, tucked away in the basement’s corners, an upholstered low-rise wall forms the pool of a foam pit where kids can plummet into after climbing to the top of the basement’s rock climbing wall or hanging from its monkey bars.

Since basements are the spot for sleepovers, Eisner Design equipped it with PlayPlace-approved sleeping accommodations, providing netted bunk beds located next to the basement’s indoor basketball net. Of course, while the kids are playing, adults can enjoy the basement’s integrated wine bar, complete with white Caesarstone countertops where you can enjoy a beverage you couldn’t get at McDonald’s PlayPlace.

Designer: Eisner Design

A modular cushioned playground gives the newly renovated a safe place for kids to get rowdy and escape the heat of the summertime.

Integrated seated nooks provide kids with their own naptime escapes just like mom and dad.

Cushioned window seating create nooks with outdoor views throughout the basement.

A basketball net stationed next to the basement’s netted bunk beds gives the sleeping area a playful touch.

Just beyond the modular playground, a hammock tree, and foam pit bring this basement to the next level.

An integrated wine bar for mom and dad provides the adults with entertainment that McDonald’s can’t.

The rock climbing wall is stationed atop a foam pit for kids to fall into after falling either from the climbing wall or overhead monkey bars.

DIY Rocket Ship Night Light Kit: For Space Dreams

Space: the final frontier. I mean at least according to Star Trek. I always thought the final frontier was death. But enough deep philosophizing, this is the $28 DIY Rocket Night Light Decoration available from Apollo Box. The kit includes everything you need to make a rocket ship night light like the one seen above, provided you have the necessary do-it-yourself skills. I’m… not very confident.

Available in both battery and USB powered models, the kit includes a string of lights, clear base, cotton “smoke”, plastic tube armature (to hold the rocket up), and modeling clay and paint to shape and decorate the rocket ship. It also includes two hot glue sticks (gun not included) to stick everything together. As you can see in the video below, the kit is VERY do-it-yourself. Or, in my case, very honey-can-you-please-do-it-for-me.

So you’re basically responsible for making the whole thing from scratch. And do you know what happened the last time I tried to make something from scratch? Everybody who ate the lasagna got sick, and now I don’t get invited to pot-lucks anymore. Food for thought.

Giant Inflatable Rocketship Sprinkler: For an Out of This World Good Time

Fun in the sun: it’s hands down one of my favorite kinds of fun, third only to fun in the shade, and fun inside playing video games. And what better way to enjoy some fun in the sun than running around in a sprinkler? Enter the Inflatable Backyard Rocketship Sprinkler from Funboy and available on Amazon (affiliate link). Just let me mix up a blender of margaritas real quick and I’m ready to party.

The rocketship stands a very respectable 7.5′ tall and has four separate water sprinklers around its circumference for 360-degree coverage, so as long as you’re standing nearby, you’re getting wet. I can already hear my wife yelling at me for running through the house before drying off.

Just don’t forget to wear sunscreen when you’re out playing in the sun. Because I forgot to wear sunscreen at the beach last year and the back of my ears got burnt. Then for the rest of the trip, I couldn’t tell if they were burning because somebody was talking about me or because of the actual sunburn. It made for a very confusing vacation.

[via The Green Head]

Cartoon Shark Wall Desk: You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

Remember the first time you saw Jaws? How long did it take before you felt safe going back to the beach? Because I saw it thirty years ago and still haven’t been back. Enter the whimsical shark desk from Cilek, a much less menacing-looking shark than Bruce (the shark from Jaws, named by Steven Spielberg after his lawyer, Bruce Ramer).

The Shark desk costs $540 on Amazon (affiliate link), measures 40″W x 62″H x 24″D, has eyes that can roll around in their sockets, and an upper set of teeth illuminated with LEDs inside. You know, just like a real shark.

So now the next time you tell your teacher your pet shark ate your homework you can both have a good laugh about it before she fails you and you have to go to summer school. I can’t even remember how many times I went to fifth grade, but it was more than third grade, I know that.

[via GeeksAreSexy]

Magnus, A Modular, Magnetic Children’s Sofa for Making Furniture Forts

Remember making pillow forts as a kid? Those were the days, weren’t they? The only thing missing? Magnus, the magnetic play couch. It can be assembled as a children’s sofa or disassembled and built into various fort configurations using its integrated magnet system. Don’t worry. I already emailed demanding an adult-size version.

Each cushion has dozens of magnets inside for connecting to other pieces, and the covers are all removable and machine washable in case somebody pees on them. Ahem, Ellie! Ellie’s my dog, just so we’re clear. Currently a Kickstarter project, the 14-piece Magnus set costs $199 but will increase to $320 after all the early-bird rewards have been fulfilled.

Looks fun, doesn’t it? I just wish there were even more pieces for more building possibilities. Because if we’re being honest, I still make the occasional pillow and blanket fort as an adult, and I don’t even have kids. I do have a bunch of people at IKEA pointing and staring at me, though.

[via DudeIWantThat]

Google Play Books update brings audio narration to kids titles

Google has been trying to make ebooks accessible to a wider global audience including those who are learning to read. The web giant is continuing its focus on youngsters by launching a set of audio resource tools for children's titles on Google P...

3D-printed attachment turns your foamed handwash soap into Mickey Mouse!

In what possibly may be the most ingenious way to get kids to wash their hands more thoroughly and often, Slic3DArt’s Mickey Soap Dispenser Attachment turns that blob of foam into the silhouette of the most famous mouse in the world! The Mickey Soap Dispenser Attachment isn’t an officially licensed product from Disney, but is rather a clever fan-made product that retrofits onto most foaming handwash dispenser nozzles (although the designer recommends Bath and Body Works soap bottles). The attachment basically helps distribute the foamed handwash into three large blobs instead of one, making it resemble Mickey Mouse’s iconic circular head and ears (or Deadmau5, if you’re an electronic music aficionado).

The 3D printed attachment is pretty simple to install and even simpler to use. It comes in three solid colors (that gold one looks rather nice), as well as two decorated variants that resemble Mickey and Minnie. When assembled, it works almost flawlessly, distributing just the perfect amount of soap needed to clean hands… and that adorable mouse-head works as the perfect playful element to get kids to wash their hands more often, keeping them safe and sanitized!

Designer: Slic3DArt