Fadi baby bowl teaches little tots self-feeding

FADI Learning Tableware for Toddlers

Teaching kids proper table manners begins at home so it is mainly the responsibility of the parents or guardians or whoever is the primary caregiver. Knowing the proper tableware is a good start but what is more important is that children know how to feed themselves. Many will probably agree that knowing how a tool or tableware works is just half the battle because kids need to learn how to self-feed after some time. Allowing a baby or a toddler to feed himself acknowledges his power to make his own choices even at an early age. It’s just food, alright, but the act is good for a child’s development as it also aids in developing hand-and-eye coordination, hand and finger strength, and fine motor skills. This is true in most cases, but it can be observed that there are toddlers having a hard time learning self-control if they are still spoon-fed.

Designer: Jian Lu

FADI Learning Tableware for Kids

Solutions for such a dilemma are available, but everything is not absolute, because what we are offered is only supplemental to what the adults should teach the children. Fadi enters the scene to teach a little person to self-feed while helping the adults and reducing the cleaning time for parents after a messy meal. Of course, toddlers will still be frustrated, but the Fadi tableware is expected to assist both the child in self-feeding and the parent in caring for the little one.

FADI Learning Tableware

FADI Learning Tableware Features

The Fadi baby tableware was recognized at the 2021 Good Design Awards for its thoughtful design, features, and aesthetics. Designed by Jian Lu, the patented learning tableware set is meant to allow a more efficient self-feeding and easier cleanup. A toddler’s utensil set should not be complicated and must be easier to use; however, some styles available in the market are not exactly helpful.

FADI Learning Tableware Advantage

FADI Learning Tableware Benefits

Taiwanese industrial designer Jian Lu understands the need for simple-looking yet functional tableware because feeding a kid is not really easy, so he designed the tableware with efficiency and comfort in mind. The whole set actually includes different pieces: the toddler bowl with a lopsided design and a suction, a standable bent spoon with a curved handle, and a TPU cover. The suction keeps the bowl from slipping, the bent spoon is to make things easier for the toddler to carry food, while the spoon with its bigger handle is for easier grabbing.  The design of the Fadi allows a more enjoyable mealtime experience for everyone, and after a delightful meal, carrying out and washing are also easier.

FADI Learning Tableware Concept

This concept tableware is mainly a baby bowl that can teach the baby to learn to self-feed. The bowl won’t slip or fall off because of the strong suction, so even if the baby wants to release it, the bowl won’t fall. The Fadi tableware offers many other thoughtful functions so every mealtime can be enjoyable for the tiny tot. A happy baby means a happy mommy—so yes, what parent wouldn’t want to have this?

FADI Learning Tableware for Children

FADI Learning Tableware Details

FADI Learning Tableware Design

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Kidear Headset ideal for children as the pair helps prevent ear damage


The Kidear is yet another pair of headphones perfect for the kids. However, we also want to say it’s not just another pair because this is better in many ways.

Kidear has been designed to reduce possible damage to children’s hearing. Using such accessories are already common among the young generation, especially in the past couple of years. With online learning being pushed, using proper headphones has become a standard. It’s not exactly an ideal activity because children’s hearing can be damaged.

Designers: Seungchan Ahn and Yuna Jang

Kidear Colors

The Kidear Headset features lights on the speaker cups to tell parents if the volume is too loud. The pair allows the children to learn proper habits for using the headphones. It shouldn’t be too loud, so parents should check if their kids hear just the right volume to prevent ear damage.

Kidear Features

Proper habits for the usage of headphones must be taught. It can be easier if there are helpful tools and reminders. The Kidear makes it possible for any guardian to know because the light color changes depending on the volume level.

There’s Green, Yellow, and Red. Green and Yellow are just right, while Red means caution, and the volume is too loud. The lights on the ear cups are also filled differently, depending on usage time. The headset works with a companion app that tells you the status of the accessory and the sound level, as well as hours of usage.

Kidear Childrens Headphones

Kidear Headphones

The headphones come in different colors combined with white: Blue, Purple, and Green. The light on the cups also comes in various shapes: Circle, Star, and Heart. The earpads are set in color and are designed to offer comfort, while the main headset handle is white and appears to be adjustable. We see a few control buttons on the right ear: Power, Volume Up, and Volume Down.

Kidear Headset

The headphones offer wireless connectivity, so you don’t see any cable or wire. It can be assumed the pair can be charged and won’t need any external batteries. The pair also appears ready for those cute little ears that need protection. Two Korean designers have designed the pair, so you can notice the playfulness of the headphones as most Korean stuff we know. The use of lights and colors is actually smart as it is easy to tell if there is a need to adjust the volume level, therefore, avoiding possible ear damage.

Kidear Design

Kidear App

Kidear Design Concept

Kidear Lights

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STRAMP Table and Chair Set ready for developmental play and learning

Concept STRAMP Chair and Table

Kids’ chairs and tables don’t always have to be basic. This category can actually be explored not only by designers and furniture makers but also by parents and educators. It’s a totally different business as the children have very different needs from the adults and even among themselves.

It’s not enough that we know children of different ages are different from one another. For example, some kids have special needs, so that must be considered. In addition, some children have been diagnosed with ADHD, which means there is a particular approach to dealing with them.

Designer: SUNRIU Design

Concept STRAMP Chair and Table Design

STRAMP Chair and Table Details

Parents, guardians, and teachers must know what to do. First, it pays to be correctly diagnosed and guided by professionals. Then, there are proper treatments to help the children cope in life. The goal is to help the kids reduce or prevent possible challenges like anti-social behaviors, anxieties, depression, or learning difficulties.

Children with ADHD are recommended to undergo behavioral therapies. Small group activities are essential, so it’s a must you look for the right group and have the right tools. Everything must be done to help improve a kid’s focus and social skills. The STRAMP may help as the table and chair set has been designed to allow children to have and be adventurous.

Concept STRAMP Chair and Table Details

STRAMP Chair and Table Design

STRAMP can be the perfect space for children. It’s really just a table and chair set, but it can be transformed into an activity area. Under regular mode, the STRAMP features a table and chair. Come playtime, you can flip the table, and it becomes a ramp with handles. The chair then transforms into stairs that you can combine with the other piece.

The possibilities are endless with the STRAMP, as kids will never run out of things to do with the set. The Stramp transforms into a mini playground when things get boring and dull. Of course, it’s only a concept, but we can imagine several sets being used and positioned in a big room where kids can have all the fun.

STRAMP Chair and Table Concept

STRAMP Chair and Table

ADHD is nothing to be ashamed of, but if your kid gets diagnosed, you need to do everything you can to understand and manage the symptoms. Be there for your child and decide you will help him with his progress. There are plenty of designs, products, and services that cater to ADHD. We have featured a few here, like the Squizits toy and Hoglet HedgeHog Mouse. There’s also the Forest, a set of desk partitions and slot profiles you can attach to the student’s table.

STRAMP Chair and Table Concept Illustration

STRAMP Chair and Table Concept Packaging

STRAMP Chair and Table Concept Design Sample

STRAMP Chair and Table Concept Sample

STRAMP Chair and Table Concept Prototype

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This crib can become a couch when your kid is all grown up

Your child won’t stay a baby forever (though some might actually wish they did), so this modular furniture concept turns that sleeping place into a seating space when the time finally comes.

Parents sometimes tend to go overboard in buying things for their newborns, which is pretty understandable given how emotions can run high over our little ones. They don’t remain little forever, of course, and there will come a time when they will outgrow everything that you have bought for them. Clothes are one thing, but physical objects like toys, baby gadgets, and cribs are harder to get rid of without feeling a tad guilty. As adults, we also have a responsibility to make sure the world remains habitable for our children and our children’s children, and being able to reuse that crib helps drive that home, no pun intended.

Designer: Vedran Erceg

Baby cribs are designed with the comfort and the safety of a baby or toddler in mind. Everything else is secondary, but that doesn’t exactly mean that nothing else can be done to give the piece of furniture a fresh spin, especially one that will extend its use long after the baby has grown up. That, of course, requires that every part of the crib is reusable, which is the proposition that the Evolvie concept is trying to make.

Just like what its name tries to convey, the crib grows with its owner to some extent. That’s because Evolvie can be taken apart, and each of its different parts can be used for a slightly different purpose. At its most basic, the crib has a flat platform for the bed, a thick mattress on top of it, and two L-shaped pieces with bars that form the walls of the crib.

When you need a slightly larger bed, however, you can use a longer platform and mattress. The sides no longer meet at the edges, so you’ll need two wooden panels to connect them, one of which can be used as a door. Spread the base further, and you have the makings of a comfortable but admittedly odd-looking sofa.

What’s impressive about the concept is that there are other configurations possible that go beyond sleeping or sitting. The sides can be turned to become the legs of the table, with the wooden doors serving as a panel for sticky notes or a wall to lean your kid’s stationery on. It can even become a teen-sized bed, presuming you’re comfortable sleeping on something that narrow.

The concept leaves the door open for the materials to be used, but wood definitely plays a big role. It’s most likely that even the bars will be made of wood but probably coated with something safe for kids. There is also plenty of room for color combinations that will keep a child’s eye occupied for years to come. The flexibility and multi-purpose design of this crib are what make Evolvie really stand out, showing that even the most special-purpose products can become so much more with enough imagination and creative design thinking.

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Kidzilla colorful chair can transform into a desk and an activity station

Don’t be fooled by the name as the Kidzilla isn’t something to be feared. The suffix usually means fearsome and having monster-like traits, but this concept furniture design doesn’t look anything scary.

At first glance, the Kidzilla looks like a colorful chair with its rainbow colors. The chair part is movable, so you can transform it into a desk or maybe a play station. Each movable part is shaped like a T with smooth and rounded edges.

Designer: Rashi Khemka

The material appears to be plastic to keep the weight down. There are eight of them in rainbow colors: violet, teal, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and pink. The unique legs are painted black, which contrasts the colors. The legs actually appear to be spray-painted with that smooth and shiny finish.

The design of Kidzilla is a solution to small living spaces. Kids can have their furniture pieces, but it would be practical if each one offered more function. In small spaces, it will be helpful if a furniture item doubles as something else. The most straightforward form we imagine is a chair that transforms into a step stool like the Flip-Flap Children’s Chair or this Kidzilla.

The Kidzilla offers multiple purposes, but it remains playful and fun for the children, especially with its colors. It is sturdy yet customizable and is baby-proof. It delivers innovation and brings people to conversations, for the furniture piece appears like a unique and functional sculpture.

The design of Kidzilla is somewhat intriguing as it is one of a kind. This piece doesn’t just serve as a chair, but it can also be a home decor. However, this one is not just a chair as it can also be a table or a play area for your kid. The rainbow colors make it more attractive, but we wish there were minimalist or neutral versions for the big kids.

Kids furniture is a special category of furniture that requires intelligent design, innovation, and quality. We have recently seen interesting pieces like the Toynia Toybox that works as a chair, desk, and toy storage in one. The Modular Climbing Wall System also adapts to children’s needs as they grow. Design-wise, this Kidzilla reminds us a bit of the Xylo Living Furniture System because of the use of lines and curves. The Kidzilla doesn’t seem to need assembly, but it could also be flat-packed.

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SOSwim Safety Bracelet for the kids alert you of danger and drowning

SOS means ‘Save Our Ship’ and people often use it not because their ship is wrecked but to express distress over a situation. The acronym is generally used in emergencies, and we believe it is something everyone in the world must be aware of.

When it comes to children’s safety, people must be aware of their surroundings. Adults must also prepare the basics like First Aid and know how to save a drowning child. You see, when it comes to kids’ security, safety, and privacy, you can never be too prepared.

Designer: Mariya Cherkasova

Concept SOSwim Safety Bracelet Features

Concept SOSwim Safety Bracelet Demo

There are plenty of inventions and tools that can help parents and guardians. For example, this SOSwim is designed as a safety bracelet for children while swimming. Don’t say it is just another safety bracelet, as this one will really be helpful to parents who always worry about their kids.

The SOSwim Safety Bracelet will particularly be essential during summer when all the kids want to do is just frolic in the water. So when the children want to stay in the pool or the beach, you have to make sure they are safe. If they don’t know how to swim, look after them or have someone watch them. For additional peace of mind, get a safety bracelet like the SOSwim.

Concept SOSwim Safety Bracelet Information


Drowning is a leading cause of accidental death among children. It can be painful and it’s something you don’t want to witness or experience. SOSwim has been designed to solve situations when people, kids especially, are helpless. What it does is simple: send a notification to an adult’s smartphone if the child starts to drown.

The design of the safety bracelet is based on a lifebuoy. This includes the shapes and the colors, while the sea wave design on the bracelet is where the LED lights are located. It works with a compatible mobile app where parents can see the alerts and see the children’s physical ability.

SOSwim Safety Bracelet Concept Design

Concept SOSwim Safety Bracelet Details

The app also works as a fitness tracker as it can tell you your child’s distance, time, and body temperature. This helps prevent the kid from hypothermia as you can quickly call him to get off the water for a while. The safety bracelet will flash to communicate with your child. Other details the app can show include the name of the kid, age, height, distinctive features, temperature, distance, and time.

SOSwim Safety Bracelet

The bracelet is designed with photoluminescent silicone, which may help locate a drowning kid. The main signal light on the bracelet is composed of LEDs. It also features organic glass, 5mm LEDs, a heart rate monitor, Bluetooth connectivity, and a Micro Controller Unit (MCU).

SOSwim Safety Bracelet Concept

Concept SOSwim Safety Bracelet Design

Concept SOSwim Safety Bracelet Sketch

Concept SOSwim Safety Bracelet Sketch Images

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StudyBook kid-friendly laptop comes with a built-in drawing slate and stylus

StudyBook Child-friendly Laptop with Built-in Pad and Stylus

There are plenty of kid-friendly laptops available on the market, but they arrive with many limits and restrictions. They don’t come complete but that’s expected since children’s use of gadgets should always be controlled. The StudyBook has been designed to be a child-friendly laptop with added features that kids and parents will find helpful. It comes with a built-in pad and stylus, so you can do more with the device.

This StudyBook can be your kid’s very first laptop. It’s not just for watching videos as it can help them learn new lessons and activities even if the learning environment is remote. The pandemic has changed the horizon of education, so parents, teachers, and children need all the help they can get.

Designer: Compal

StudyBook Child-friendly Laptop Tablet Stylus

Everyone needs the proper tools to make learning effective. Even kids need suitable devices and an environment conducive to learning. The StudyBook offers numerous conveniences for the children and the adults as the notebook assists them in learning in clas and be free in getting creative.

StudyBook Child-friendly Laptop Notebook

The StudyBook features a large laptop display perfect for learning. There is a detachable keyboard that reveals a CLCD drawing pad underneath. The large pad works with a stylus so children can draw or write on the surface. The slate doesn’t need any charging, so your kid can use it every time without worrying it will lose power.

This particular laptop has a unique fold-out mirror and camera solution. This allows kids to show off whatever is on the CLCD and share it on screen for others to see. Perhaps it can be their homework for their teachers to see or a new drawing to showcase to grandparents. You can also use it to cover the camera if you prefer, so kids are safe. The clever design makes it an ideal gadget for school because it is convenient to use.

StudyBook Child-friendly Laptop

Since kids may not really know how to care for stuff, the StudyBook’s colorful rubber around the edge will keep the device safe and protected against bumps, scrapes, and drops. This product is undoubtedly making heads turn with its design, features, and functions. It has reached the iF Design Award 2022 and can be found under the Computer category.

StudyBook Laptop

This multi-function laptop from Compal is ready to make the parents’ and guardians’ lives more manageable because of its additional features and advantages. It’s a concept product for now, but we see the potential of this thing. There are no specs, but we can see the standard ports like a 3.5mm audio port, microSD card reader, USB Type-C, USB Type-A, and HDMI. There is a power button on the side that seems accessible and easy to press.


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Jerome Kids Desk ready with tilt functions and adjustable height

There are plenty of things to consider when shopping for kids’ furniture. Of course, it’s a special task for the parents, but before items hit the stores, designers are pouring their hearts and minds into every piece.

At the iF Design Awards 2022, we are introduced to dozens to hundreds of product designs meant to achieve a task while combining aesthetics and offering an emotional appeal. The products are expected to be usable, efficient, and delivering several user benefits. In addition, the design should bring an idea to life and offer form and function in the most innovative way.

Designer: Iloom

JEROME Kids Adjustable Desk

Iloom is a Korean brand more popular for kids’ and teens’ furniture. It’s been around for more than two decades now, delivering creative and innovative products that fit the lifestyle of the consumers. Iloom takes pride in making efficient furniture designs that are of good quality and offered at an affordable price.

Iloom has introduced a new kids’ desk with tilt functions and adjustable height. Officially called ‘JEROME,’ this furniture piece has been recognized at the iF Design Awards 2022 under the Babies/Kids category. This item is created for pre-school-aged children, allowing them to sit comfortably with correct posture.

JEROME Kids Desk

As young as they are, preschoolers need to learn how to sit properly. Correct posture must be learned at home before they enter kindergarten. Doing so will help them develop essential habits in studying and sitting.

The Jerome Kids Desk is designed to support kids in different postures according to activities and growth. Its size is very compact, so it fits just right in a kid’s room or a study area. The desk offers an adjustable height, but there is a kid’s lock, so children cannot make the adjustments independently. Only their parents can set the height of the desk and lock the switch.

Iloom JEROME Kids Desk Adjustale Height Table

The edges of the desk are rounded for the kids’ safety. The table’s lines are also smooth to ensure no one would get hurt. This kid-friendly desk has a height adjusting switch with a kid’s lock for safety.

Iloom JEROME Kids Desk Adjustale Height

The JEROME Kids Desk comes with a built-in electrical outlet with a sliding cover for safety. The desk itself can be tilted up to 45-degrees so your kid can use it ergonomically when using a tablet or drawing. On the right of the desk is a hook where you can hang your school bag. The desk encourages children to do the correct posture while working.

Iloom JEROME Kids Desk

JEROME Kids Desk Furniture

Iloom JEROME Kids Adjustable Desk

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Nini Amici Wooden Toy Set lets you make your own animals

Nini Amici Toy Details

Wooden toys are way better than the plastic ones that are widely available. Design-wise, such wooden toy sets are more visually appealing with their classic look and feel.

The fact that wooden toys are sustainable and environmentally safe is a plus. They are more durable and are also safer for children. They say wooden toys are best for your child but remember that not all toys are made equal. Quality toys are hard to come by, so the search for them won’t be over until you no longer have a young kid at home.

Designer: Dingwerkstatt

Nini Amici Toys

NINI AMICI is a new set of small toys made of elmwood. There are only ten pieces, but the toy set is modular, so you can make more toys. It uses a magnetic connector system to attach different parts to make different animals.

Three base bodies can work as the tail, head, or hump. Kids can make most of the known animals, but you can also create new ones depending on the children’s imaginative play. You can call the pieces that connect with magnets as NINIs.

Nini Amici Wooden Toys

What’s more remarkable about the NINIs are the people who make them. The toys are made in Upper Franconia, Germany in a workshop for people with mental and physical disabilities. They are fairly produced and special because of the special people who make them.

The wooden toy set is ideal for people ages three and above. Even the adults will find joy in creating and playing with the NINIs. Make sure kids under 36 months don’t play with them as there are small parts that can be swallowed. The wooden parts have magnets, so you should also keep them away from people who wear defibrillators or pacemakers.

Nini Amici Wooden Toy Set

These wooden toys are very appealing with a minimalist aesthetic. We can consider them as user-configurable as it is up to the kids what animals they want to make. Looking at the suggestions in the booklet, we can see you can make a cat, a dinosaur, an alpaca, a goat, a camel, a dog, a giraffe, an elephant, and a goat.

Wooden Toys Nini Amici Set

A NINI AMICI WOODEN ANIMAL SET costs €85.00 which is about $93. Each wooden toy set contains three basic bodies in different sizes, seven body parts with magnets, one storage bag, and one booklet that shows examples. You can purchase from HERE. The only limit is your imagination, so go on and be creative.

Nini Amici Set

Nini Amici Set Design

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Floof for People is a fluffy cave you can snuggle into to escape the world

No one is too old to have a comfortable place to escape worries and anxieties, even if you sometimes need to be a contortionist to fit inside.

Most of us had something like a fortress of solitude when we were kids, whether they were made from stacked boxes, piles of pillows, or sheets held up by ropes. As we grew older, we gave up those sacred places in exchange for a simple blanket and pillow. There is no reason not to have that comfortable and comforting space again, no matter how young or old you are. That’s the very tempting proposition that these “cuddle caves” are making if you don’t mind looking like a human inari sushi in the process. Then again, you’re trying to escape from the world’s judging eyes anyway.

Designer: Rose (Floofcouture)

There is almost nothing more comforting than being wrapped with something soft and warm, be it a hug or smooth fabric with soft, thick filling inside. That’s why we dive into our beds or duck under covers after especially exhausting days. Our bodies and brains seem to be hardwired to find such physical sensations soothing and relaxing, perhaps reminding us of human companionship and love.

Of course, we don’t always have access to hugs, even from our pets, but we can always have access to a Floof. Initially designed for our furred friends, the designer has created two human-sized Floofs for the perfect at-home getaway, even for just a few hours. Simply dive in, alone or with a friend or a snack, and curl up into a hopefully comfortable position to while the day away.

Made from high-end faux fur and stuffed with thick filling inside, these “escape dens” offer a safe and comfortable zone to chill after a day’s work or even get rid of a hangover during the weekend. Handsewn with Brazilian waxed cord, each Floof for People comes out as a unique work of art that doubles as a floor pillow, whether you’re inside or out. It’s also made to vegan specifications so that it can be used by any and all people.

The Floofs are actually made with kids in mind, but the product seems to be more popular with adults. It only goes to show that you’re never too old for a cuddle, and now you don’t have to feel embarrassed about it because you can have your cuddle completely on your own.

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