This crib can become a couch when your kid is all grown up

Your child won’t stay a baby forever (though some might actually wish they did), so this modular furniture concept turns that sleeping place into a seating space when the time finally comes.

Parents sometimes tend to go overboard in buying things for their newborns, which is pretty understandable given how emotions can run high over our little ones. They don’t remain little forever, of course, and there will come a time when they will outgrow everything that you have bought for them. Clothes are one thing, but physical objects like toys, baby gadgets, and cribs are harder to get rid of without feeling a tad guilty. As adults, we also have a responsibility to make sure the world remains habitable for our children and our children’s children, and being able to reuse that crib helps drive that home, no pun intended.

Designer: Vedran Erceg

Baby cribs are designed with the comfort and the safety of a baby or toddler in mind. Everything else is secondary, but that doesn’t exactly mean that nothing else can be done to give the piece of furniture a fresh spin, especially one that will extend its use long after the baby has grown up. That, of course, requires that every part of the crib is reusable, which is the proposition that the Evolvie concept is trying to make.

Just like what its name tries to convey, the crib grows with its owner to some extent. That’s because Evolvie can be taken apart, and each of its different parts can be used for a slightly different purpose. At its most basic, the crib has a flat platform for the bed, a thick mattress on top of it, and two L-shaped pieces with bars that form the walls of the crib.

When you need a slightly larger bed, however, you can use a longer platform and mattress. The sides no longer meet at the edges, so you’ll need two wooden panels to connect them, one of which can be used as a door. Spread the base further, and you have the makings of a comfortable but admittedly odd-looking sofa.

What’s impressive about the concept is that there are other configurations possible that go beyond sleeping or sitting. The sides can be turned to become the legs of the table, with the wooden doors serving as a panel for sticky notes or a wall to lean your kid’s stationery on. It can even become a teen-sized bed, presuming you’re comfortable sleeping on something that narrow.

The concept leaves the door open for the materials to be used, but wood definitely plays a big role. It’s most likely that even the bars will be made of wood but probably coated with something safe for kids. There is also plenty of room for color combinations that will keep a child’s eye occupied for years to come. The flexibility and multi-purpose design of this crib are what make Evolvie really stand out, showing that even the most special-purpose products can become so much more with enough imagination and creative design thinking.

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This modular pouf and sofa hybrid concept looks a teeny bit uncomfortable

Modular furniture has become quite the fad these days, especially as people begin to understand how little floor space they actually have. Furniture that performs more than one function is also en vogue because having two pieces of furniture in the space of one helps a lot in saving space and money. Not everything can be combined perfectly, of course, and some take a bit of creative thinking to get around contrasting or incompatible elements. There are times when you do end up with a solution that is visually interesting to the point of being beautiful but may, unfortunately, be impractical for the purpose it was designed for in the first place.

Designer: Rostyslav Sorokovyi

Adding poufs, sometimes called poofs, to a room is a common way to add a bit of visual flair while also adding functionality. Often confused with an ottoman, a pouf is a solid cushion that is mostly (or only) used as a seat while also adding some accents to the room. Since it doesn’t take up more space than a chair, it’s an easy way to spice up the space or bring a bit of color and contrast to an otherwise normal, boring interior.

A pouf, however, often only accommodates one person, which means you might want to have more of them if you want to seat more. You could get a sofa, but that ties you into a fixed size that will forever take up a portion of the area, at least until you throw it out. Combining pouf and sofa, the “Puffa” tries to let you have the best of both worlds while leaving plenty of room to change your mind repeatedly later on.

That’s partly because the Puffa is designed to be modular so that you can combine or remove segments as the need arises. You can have a single pouf-like arrangement with three standard size capsule-like cushions, or you can have a long sofa that combines a number of cushions with one extra tall piece for the backrest. You can even have two chairs if you don’t need a full sofa taking up a single stretch of floor space.

Puffa is envisioned to come in different colors, and you can mix and match them to your heart’s desires or aesthetic tastes. This meets the original function of a pouf to give some life to a room by offering something visually interesting for the eyes to settle on. Unfortunately, while the Puffa looks good indeed, it might not be the most comfortable thing to sit on.

The capsule-like design of the cushions creates arched shapes on top, which look a bit too bumpy for your bumper. It might even be less comfortable to lie on, which is what some people do on their sofas. The material could be soft enough to be comfortable, but the uneven surface could still be bad news for your body. There could be other ways to design such a modular “pouf + sofa” hybrid, like using blocks instead of capsules, but that does lose the visual appeal of a rather odd and eye-catching form in the room.

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Transparent Mass Sofa lets you personalize your couch to your own style

Mass Sofa Tells Studio Lifestyle

The sofa is not just for sitting; it can also serve as a bed that can give you a good night’s rest. There is something about it that makes me fall asleep right away. I wish to have one inside the bedroom the same way I also want a TV inside. How weird is that? Or is it just because I’m getting older?

For many people, sofas also serve as home decor. A couch can be the centerpiece of a living room. It can offer comfort and be an oasis for those living a busy life. Imagine yourself coming home and plopping down on the couch and going for a nap—now that can be relaxing.

Designer: Tells Studio

Mass Sofa Tells Studio Design

Mass Sofa Tells Studio Decor

A sofa can also serve as an accent piece. The Mass Sofa by Tells Studio can start conversations when you have guests over. Its design is something to be discussed and celebrated. Is it a sofa or a storage bin? It depends on how you intend to use it.

A good sofa design offers is not just about comfort. Yes, it should be comfortable, but it should also be aligned with or reflect your personality. Your stuff at home reveals one’s desire and choice of aesthetics. Your home should represent the kind of life you want to live. If you’re shopping for new furniture pieces, you may check out the Mass Sofa. It has an exciting design that shows how one furniture item can be reconstructed.

Mass Sofa Tells Studio

Tells Studio’s sofa art project was introduced with a very clear and clever look. The clear sofa can be filled with almost anything you want to put inside. So fill it up with whatever you want to see before sitting down.

The material used is transparent TPU which is durable like hard rubber. It is the same material used on 3D-printed sneakers. Holding the sofa is a beautiful stainless-steel frame, offering an unobstructed view of what’s inside. The transparent couch can receive a variety of fillings depending on the user’s style and desire. This means the Mass Sofa can have different unique looks. Customization is an essential element so feel free to be creative and playful—just be yourself.

Mass Sofa Tells Studio Details

You can put all your expensive sneakers inside, or how about stuffed toys. You can also place pillows or colorful plastic balls. Bag lovers can probably put their favorite pieces there too. The possibilities are endless, but make sure you don’t put anything sharp inside.

Demand for furniture personalization is increasing among different age groups. The younger generation is seemingly the perfect target for such hip pieces, but older people are also looking for artistic and interesting items. The Mass Sofa is something everyone at home will love, so perhaps each family member should get one so no more hogging the couch.

Mass Sofa Tells Studio Fillers


Mass Sofa Tells Studio Where to Buy

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Giant Boxing Gloves Sectional Sofa Delivers a Knock Out toYour Wallet

Are you a professional boxer? Or maybe you’re the world’s biggest boxing fan. If you’re one of the two, then this vintage Boxing Glove Sectional sofa may be for you. If you’re not, it probably isn’t. Produced by Swiss design house De Sede in 1978, the sofa is available through 1stDibs for the knock-out price of $31,500. I don’t know about you, but I’ve tapped out already.

Constructed with an all-leather exterior complete with glove tie accents, you can also separate the sofa into two individual lounge chairs in the event you can’t watch television with your roommate without arguing and eventually throwing punches. I know exactly what that’s like. We have to wear mouthguards just to get through an episode of The Book of Boba Fett.

So, for the price of a new car, you can be the proud owner of a boxing glove sectional sofa. Alternatively, you could spend a tiny fraction of that cost to pay me to knock some sense into you. Just FYI, if you want me to wear gloves, though, it will cost you extra.

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The LOAFA: A Sofa That Looks Like It’s Made Out of Bread

Clearly designed with deliciousness in mind, the LOAFA is the brainchild of rapper TOMM¥ €A$H in collaboration with artist Gab Bois and, allegedly, IKEA. Tommy recently took to Instagram to claim that IKEA told him if his post reached 10,000 comments, they’d make a limited run of the LOAFA. The post blew through that goal, so will we actually see the LOAFA reach production? Well, I didn’t just buy 80 pounds of butter and the world’s largest toaster, hoping it doesn’t.

I assume the production model would be constructed of cushions printed with a realistic bread finish. Or, who knows, maybe they’ll make them out of actual bread. I mean, who doesn’t want a rat problem? Still, I think we can agree it would make the perfect sofa for loafing around on a lazy weekend afternoon. It would also make the perfect sofa for trying to eat when you want a snack but don’t feel like getting up. We’ve all been there. Shoot, I live there.

But does it smell like bread? And where’s the deli meat ottoman and cheese wedge coffee table? Because if we’re going in with a bread sofa, I want to go ALL IN with a complete sandwich-themed living room set. Fingers crossed, they start giving them away as prizes on The Price Is Right!

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IKEA sofa from Tommy Cash collaboration might make you crave for bread all the time

A piece of furniture that’s a bit uncharacteristic of IKEA might redefine what it means to be a couch potato.

Sofas, sometimes called couches, have long been associated with relaxation and comfort. In more modern times, they have also been associated with TVs, home entertainment, and the food that usually gets consumed during such passive activities. The kinds of foods commonly thought of when talking about couches and sofas usually range from light snacks to microwavable meals, but a new design that’s coming to IKEA turns that idea on its head and might make you crave for a different kind of treat.

Designer: gab bois for Tommy Cash and IKEA

Bread is not exactly the first kind of food that would come to mind when the word “sofa” is mentioned. Pastries are often messy and would ruin upholstery, while certain rolls are best eaten with other kinds of food that might also make a mess on the sofa. That said, bread is also often associated with soft and fluffy feelings, which may have been the inspiration behind this tasty piece of furniture.

Rapper Tommy Cash is probably better known in design circles for his eccentric and outlandish ideas, and this LOAFA sofa is a clear testament to that. Designed to resemble a serving of glazed bread rolls, the sofa really looks good enough to eat. While it looks comfy, it almost also looks a bit sticky, perhaps generating conflicting feelings when deciding whether to sit on it or not.

Curiously, the LOAFA’s inspiration came from something unrelated to food. Designers gab bois indicated that the sofa is a nod to designer Mario Bellini’s classic Camaleonda modular sofa. Then again, those do look a bit like dinner rolls as well, and it didn’t take too much imagination to knead it into a Camaleon-dough. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the LOAFA will be just as modular and will forever be frozen in its L-shaped form.

designboom recounts how Tommy Cash tried to garner more than 10,000 comments in order to convince IKEA to start selling the LOAFA sofa. The Instagram post already surpassed that number, though the famed furniture maker has yet to confirm if this piece of furniture is already baking in the oven. Given it will be IKEA that will be selling this pan-tastic piece, some people might end up biting more than they can chew for its price.

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The fact that a sofa’s design could be inspired by corrugated paper shows that inspiration can be found anywhere

Corrugated Sofa by Johan Kim

There’s a sense of familiarity when you look at the Corrugated Sofa’s design and its familiar brown color. You’re instantly reminded of corrugated paper, and while the sofa isn’t really made out of paper, it’s easy to draw the parallels instantly by looking at it.

The work of Johan Kim, the Corrugated Sofa actually started off as a tiny model made from a sheet of corrugated paper, which he then decided to translate into scale. The final sofa, conversely, is clad in brown tanned leather, with a foam interior to give it its bulbous volume.

Corrugated Sofa by Johan Kim

Corrugated Sofa by Johan Kim

Corrugated Sofa by Johan Kim

Corrugated Sofa by Johan Kim

The sofa’s design makes it an ideal accent piece for any room, and can be used individually or paired along with another Corrugated Sofa. It seats one, and comes with a wide backrest that travels all the way to the sides, turning into armrests. The pleated design gives it its brown corrugated paper-like appearance, and the pleats carry all the way to the back, giving the chair an interesting visual detail.

You can scroll down to the bottom of the article to see Johan’s corrugated paper experiments.

Designer: Johan Kim

Corrugated Sofa by Johan Kim

Corrugated Sofa by Johan Kim

Corrugated Sofa by Johan Kim

Corrugated Sofa by Johan Kim

This no-spill couch buddy with a gyroscope is your ultimate weekend essential!

Many of us are still home, which means our plans include bingeing Netflix and a snack marathon! After the week we have had, our couch is what bears the brunt of our weekends – as we go from eating, watching, talking, and even sleeping on the couch. The tons of stains and crumbs that litter your couch pockets (unless you can maintain a Monic Geller level of cleanliness zeal) are a testament to every spill-filled journey we’ve shared with our couch. That is until we met Couch Console.

Couch Console is all you need to have a productive binge/snack session – no more trying to balance your chips, drinks, and remote! The designer did tons of ideating and mockups before settling on a modular couch buddy that holds everything for you while chilling to the max (can we bring back chillax?). Couch Console’s core pillars are simple geometry and clear functionality. The main attraction is the cupholder that has a mechanical gyroscope with a counterweight that ensures your drink stays still even on uneven surfaces – you don’t have to sit upright anymore, get comfy! The cupholder’s size fits most glasses and even comes with a lock for some added security. The console comes with a nifty little compartment that holds your knick-knacks out of sight. Always wonder where did you leave your glasses? Now you have a dedicated compartment and holds your glasses for an uninterrupted TV viewing experience. The other components are a snack holder, phone stand, charging dock, and a dedicated remote tray – everything you need for an uninterrupted binge session.

The Couch Console would be the perfect gift for Joey and Chandler to go with their Barca loungers! And till we can get a reclining, plushy seat to keep us comfortable – the Couch Console will keep your current resting place clean and keep your precious drinls from spilling. Afterall who wants to clean up after a day spent relaxing!

Designer: Sushant Vora for Ebite Inc

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The gyroscope system ensures your cup will stay in a vertical position no matter how uneven or soft the surface you put the Couch Console on is. The Cup Holder will fit most standard glasses, and you can also lock the system.


To get the most out of it, we made the modules independent from one another so you can customize the layout just the way you like it. Are you having two types of beverages? Just add two cup modules. Need to store more items? Just put the cup in the snack module and use the spacer to divide it accordingly.


The Couch Console has a USB C plug on top. The USB C hub goes directly to the storage space where you can connect any external battery you have. We didn’t include a battery because most of us already have external batteries we can use, and it would unnecessarily increase the cost of the product.


Cables, batteries, evens snacks don’t have to stay scattered anymore – we’ve incorporated a generous storage area in the couch console where you can store all the essentials you need close by.

This flat-packed, inflatable sofa gives a modern makeover to the bulky furniture your parent’s used!

In a fast-paced world, the need for functional furniture that makes life easier is always appreciated. The Puffa inflatable sofa is one of them, designed keeping in mind the urban lifestyle. Creation of industrial designers Yin-Yu Lo and Trinna Wu, this accessory takes flat packaging as the core idea for portability. I like the idea of having the option to carry a comfy sofa to the next camping trip or the leisurely beach day on the weekend. It can even be a good option for people who frequently move from one apartment to another or light up a dorm room with ease!

The duo has designed the urban sofa using 3D weaving distance technology in the inflatable structure. This production method keeps the middle surface of the sofa flat with a stable supporting force that prevents eventual sagging with such inflatable products. It can be inflated instantly without much hassle, and the stiffness level of the seat and cushion can be adjusted as required. When it needs to be transported to another place, deflate Puffa and easily carry it public transit or store it in the car’s boot. The transparent/neon colour scheme is a shock to the old-fashioned furniture design, and who knows, it might just be the next trend to replace bean bags everywhere!

The sofa folds to the size of a yoga mat, making it ultra-portable in nature. The level of comfort and, most importantly, the practicality in use is what makes Puffa stand out from other such creations on the market. Plus, the fact that it will never sag like other inflatable sofas is one thing that’s drawing me towards this cool design. Would I want one for my apartment? Definitely, this one makes it past my critical skepticism!

Designer: Yin-Yu Lo and Trinna Wu

Magnus, A Modular, Magnetic Children’s Sofa for Making Furniture Forts

Remember making pillow forts as a kid? Those were the days, weren’t they? The only thing missing? Magnus, the magnetic play couch. It can be assembled as a children’s sofa or disassembled and built into various fort configurations using its integrated magnet system. Don’t worry. I already emailed demanding an adult-size version.

Each cushion has dozens of magnets inside for connecting to other pieces, and the covers are all removable and machine washable in case somebody pees on them. Ahem, Ellie! Ellie’s my dog, just so we’re clear. Currently a Kickstarter project, the 14-piece Magnus set costs $199 but will increase to $320 after all the early-bird rewards have been fulfilled.

Looks fun, doesn’t it? I just wish there were even more pieces for more building possibilities. Because if we’re being honest, I still make the occasional pillow and blanket fort as an adult, and I don’t even have kids. I do have a bunch of people at IKEA pointing and staring at me, though.

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