This scoop spoon uses liquid thermal energy to easily scoop through rock-solid ice-cream

Imagine how good an ice-cream scooping spoon would have to be to win a Global Innovation Award. With a special heat-retaining liquid inside its handle, and a thermally-conductive alloy structure internal structure that guides the heat to the scoop’s rim, the ScoopTHAT II can quite naturally carve through that solid block of ice-cream with zero fuss. Relying on just the physical transfer of heat, ScoopTHAT II slices through frozen cream like a hot knife through butter, but without any electricity or batteries… just good old science.

The scoop comes with a non-stick concave scoop-head, and a special metallic rim that pulls thermal energy from the handle, giving you absolutely effortless scoops, no matter how frozen your ice-cream is. The ice-cream plops off the scoop-spoon effortlessly too, thanks to the non-stick finish, giving you the most perfect looking ice-cream spheres ever… perfect enough to warrant a Global Innovation Award!

Designer: THAT! Inventions

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