The Airseekers Ultimate AI-Powered Robotic Lawnmower Mows Your Yard So You Don’t Have To

Experience top-tier automated lawn care with Airseekers TRON, the AI-powered robotic mower that redefines precision and convenience. Featuring 360-degree vision and auto-mulching capabilities, this advanced mower seamlessly cuts and mulches grass clippings, eliminating the hassle of disposal and simplifying your lawn maintenance routine. Equipped with a state-of-the-art 6-camera AI Vision navigation system and a TOF sensor, TRON captures extensive visual data, allowing it to plan the most efficient cutting paths and expertly avoid obstacles. This ensures precise localization and performance even in areas with weak GPS signals. Designed to handle complex terrains easily, TRON is your perfect partner for maintaining a pristine lawn, making traditional mowers obsolete. Embrace the future of lawn care with TRON unparalleled technology and intelligent design.

Designer: Airseekers

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Experience the future of yard maintenance with our advanced, full-range visual technology. This innovation allows you to achieve precise localization and a comprehensive 360-degree perception of your yard. Gone are the days of dealing with inconvenient perimeter wires, complex manual setups, or the need for RTK stations. Instead, Airseekers technology enables you to map your yard in three dimensions using the power of AI panoramic perception. This cutting-edge feature ensures seamless and smooth lawn maintenance, even in areas with weak signal reception. This technology is designed to make lawn maintenance easy and hassle-free, giving you more time to enjoy your beautifully kept yard.

Enjoy worry-free mowing with the AI vision system, which skillfully identifies and avoids obstacles. The mower cuts, shreds, and mulches grass and leaves as it goes, laying finely chopped clippings back onto the soil for a neat and attractive lawn. Streamline your lawn maintenance with self-guided navigation, efficient path planning, auto-recharging, and uninterrupted mowing, eliminating the need to empty clippings midway.

Experience a straightforward setup, eliminating the need for manual wiring or RTK base stations. The 6-camera and TOF sensor system provides a comprehensive 360-degree view for in-depth lawn analysis. Using the app, you can effortlessly create virtual boundaries, designate no-go zones, and configure pathways between multiple zones.

This AI mower outperforms RTK-only models with a wide 360-degree vision for top precision and full lawn coverage, getting it right on the first try. Set your custom paths, angles, and patterns to match your lawn’s shape. Armed with six cameras and a TOF sensor, including three RGB cameras, dual stereo vision cameras, and one rear camera, the Air Vision system provides a detailed 360-degree view and depth insights. By analyzing extensive visual data using advanced AI algorithms, it ensures precise, stable positioning without RTK stations or signal poles.

The expansive multi-lens field of view continuously monitors every direction, enabling smarter obstacle avoidance. The system dynamically adjusts to static and moving targets in real-time, ensuring smooth operation without getting stuck. Leveraging AI deep learning and TOF sensors, the mower offers human-like perception for obstacle avoidance.

This advanced technology excels in narrow spaces and weak signal areas, maintaining performance under trees, close to eaves, or along tight fences. Its high-redundancy, multi-camera system captures vast visual data, staying stable even if a camera fails. Efficiently cutting and mulching grass and leaves, the mower spreads finely chopped debris evenly over the soil, ensuring a clump-free, nourished lawn.

Robust Algorithms Handling Extreme Situations: High-redundancy, multi-camera system ensures stability by capturing vast visual data, allowing seamless takeover if a camera fails or shakes.

Discover the sleek FlowCut Mowing system, featuring an X-shaped vortex chamber that uses aerodynamics to vacuum grass upwards, ensuring crisp cuts every time. The dual-layer blades swiftly shred grass while the chamber expertly mulches, creating a perfect, carpet-like lawn in one smooth motion. Enjoy the neatly trimmed grass without uneven edges, keeping your lawn healthy and visually appealing.

FlowCut Mowing System: The X-shaped chamber vacuums grass for crisp cuts, while dual-layer blades shred and mulch for a perfect, carpet-like lawn.

The adjustable cutting chamber offers a versatile mowing height range from 1.2 to 3.5 inches, ensuring the perfect trim while preventing grass scalping. With its anti-clogging cutting deck, the mower easily handles thick grass. The X-shaped vortex chamber maintains a steady airflow for seamless operation, making cutting through grass effortless.

Mastering Tall, Thick, and Wet Grass: Adjustable cutting height from 1.2 to 3.5 inches prevents scalping.

Enhance your lawn’s charm with precise app control, crafting vibrant patterns without height adjustments. The powerful rear-wheel drive, larger front wheels, and high-clearance EV chassis improve passability across various terrains. An intelligent self-rescue system enables smooth disengagement and continuous operation with automatic reverse and turning actions if stuck.

When Others Get Stuck, TRON Prevails: Powerful drive, high clearance, and smart self-rescue system.

The mower can climb hills up to a 65% slope and effortlessly traverse uneven ground or potholes. The 30-degree inward-angled wheels reduce grass tearing and ensure stability during straight-line driving. An edge-cutting mode ensures clean lawn boundaries.

This mower features a detachable and interchangeable battery, boosting convenience and adaptability. Powered by a high-capacity battery, it offers a reliable 3-hour runtime per charge and a quick 120-minute charging time, surpassing traditional gas-powered options. The robot autonomously recharges at low battery, precisely docking in GPS-challenged areas, and resumes mowing right where it left off.

High-Capacity Battery Excels Gas Power: TRON’s large battery provides 3-hour runtime, surpassing traditional gas-powered options.

Multi-tiered security measures prevent theft, including app alerts, GPS tracking with PIN code protection, and real-time location monitoring. The person who first sets up the mower is recognized as the owner, with the ability to authorize family members.

Meeting IPX6 waterproof standards, the mower is easy to clean with a convenient handle for lifting and washing the blades. Intuitive controls streamline complex functions, and a rain sensor triggers an automatic return to the charging station during rain. OTA updates continuously improve performance and features, enhancing precision over time with AI learning.

Diverse connectivity options offer easy remote management, including 4G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Autonomous operation is maintained with a programmed schedule, free from constant connectivity needs. The standard cutting width of 220mm efficiently covers about 250 square meters per hour, with an optional larger cutting disc kit for increased efficiency.

Changing cutting discs takes less than three minutes, and the “Quick Cut Mode” available in the app allows the mower to cover up to 400 square meters in just an hour with the larger cutting disc. Comprehensive safety features ensure protection for people, pets, and wildlife.

Great news for backers! Airseekers offers free 3D files and design blueprints for DIY mower garages with every pledge for TRON or TRON Max. These will be emailed directly to our valued backers at the end of the campaign, allowing for easy customization and cost savings.

Experience the future of lawn care with Airseekers’ AI-powered precision, intelligent obstacle avoidance, no wiring or signal issues, and hassle-free mulching for neat lawns.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1299 $2499 ($1200 off). Hurry, only 3-days left! Raised over $2,030,000.

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Helinox Tactical Cot Tent lets you not sleep directly on the ground when camping

Camping or sleeping outdoors is one of the things that you probably cannot make me do (unless it’s a really comfortable or glamorous glamping kind of thing). But if I am forced to do so, I’d prefer to have something that will not let me sleep directly on the ground and also something that means I won’t share it with other people. Of course there are sleeping bags out there but again, I’d prefer not to have contact with the ground. So a cot that I can sleep in by myself would be the ideal thing (if you’re forcing me to sleep outdoors, that is).

Designer Name: Jake Lah

The Helinox cots are pretty innovative accessories that you can bring with you when staying outdoors. The designer is now making it even more comfortable if you want to sleep outdoors using the compatible cots by giving you the Tactical Cot Tent. Made from your choice of mesh or fabric, the tent attachment will turn your cot into a fully enclosed sleeping space for one person that is off the ground. This means when folded, it can also be easily carried on your vehicle and then assembled when needed since it’s 22.5” x 8” x 8” ultralight ripstop cinch bag and weighs just 3.5 lbs when packed.

The tent uses shock-corded poles to lock the frame into place while the pole clips make it easy to install. There are also reinforced corners, ties, and corner sleeves so you get a more secure sleeping space. To anchor it to the ground, it uses four J-stakes, one for each corner. Inside your tent, you have four interior mesh pockets, two on the ceiling and two on the sides, to store your valuables. You can also hang your gear on the four interior loops found inside the tent. The 40D polyester hexagon mesh is breathable for the mesh version while the durable 70D nylon ripstop can withstand the elements for the fabric version. Both have water-repellent PU-coated 70D nylon taffeta floors.

If you know that you might get some rain, there’s also the Tactical Cot Tent Solo Fly that you can attach to put on top of the tent to protect you from the elements. It uses velcro tabs to attach to the cot tent while four J-stakes secure it to the ground. You get two front doors skewed towards the side with a single back door and rear ventilation window for better air flow and reduce condensation inside as well.

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This $599 Exoskeleton gives your legs Superhuman Powers while helping you save 50% energy

It isn’t Iron Man’s suit, but it’s still a pretty big augmentation to humans and their capabilities.

The promise of great technology is to make life easy for everyone… the only problem is that a lot of times, it takes YEARS before great technology can become accessible to everyone. EVs were very niche before they weren’t, DARPA (the defense research wing of the US government) played a pivotal role in developing the internet for communication on the front lines in the 1960s before the internet finally became household technology. Cameras were incredibly specialist equipment before they became small enough to fit into a smartphone, and exoskeletons were originally developed for military personnel to give them superhuman strength, before ending up in warehouses to allow workers to lift heavy objects without using all their energy. If you went online, chances are you wouldn’t be able to simply buy an exoskeleton for yourself (or you’d probably end up paying thousands of dollars for it), but the folks at Dnsys are hoping to make the technology accessible to all humans.

The $599 X1 is an exoskeleton that aids with mobility by giving your legs an extra set of mechanical muscles. Powerful enough to reduce the energy you spend walking/running/trekking by a staggering 50% and reduce your load by nearly 83 lbs, the Dnsys X1 runs on a set of 900W motors that output 1.2 horsepower with a top speed of 27km/h (16.7mph), allowing you to walk, climb, and run with more agility and less exertion. The entire device, which straps to your waist and thighs, weighs a paltry 1.6 kilograms (3.5 lbs) and has a battery that offers a range of 25 kilometers, allowing you to push your boundaries further without being restrained by your human limitations.

Designer: Dnsys

Click Here to Buy Now: $599 $1198 (50% off) Hurry! Only 10 left of 890. Raised over $1,000,000.

The X1 hopes to shatter the misconception that exoskeletons just belong in warehouses. Quite like Apple’s Vision Pro became one of the first VR headsets to actually be seen in real society, with people wearing them in cafes and subways, the Dnsys X1 aims at being the exoskeleton for all kinds of outdoor use. You could be an explorer or trekker looking to cover lots of ground, a backpacker trying to walk large distances with a heavy backpack, a photographer looking to navigate an outdoor location with a lot of gear, or just a fitness enthusiast looking to get in your movement while protecting your knees and legs from strain or injuries. The X1 gives your legs a set of helping hands (or helping legs, if you want to switch the idiom), allowing you to move faster, farther, and with much less energy.

The hallmark of the Dnsys X1 is its ultra-lightweight construction, weighing a mere 1.6kg, thanks to the utilization of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. This not only ensures durability but significantly reduces weight, making it an unobtrusive companion for any journey. The exoskeleton’s sophisticated motor, the DNA-1, embodies sheer power, delivering 1.2 horsepower and a torque of 50 Nm/kg, which, in simpler terms, is similar to the power performance of a Formula One race car.

Making an exoskeleton isn’t as easy as simply slapping motors onto a body brace. The X1 employs advanced AI algorithms to adapt to the user’s walking pattern, offering instantaneous walking assistance that makes every step feel lighter. This AI innovation, combined with state-of-the-art motion sensors, enables the device to conserve up to 50% of the user’s energy, essentially halving the strain of carrying heavy loads during challenging treks or climbs. Imagine exploring the wild with the ability to walk or run with less fatigue, climb higher, and embark on longer adventures, all while protecting your knees and reducing the risk of physical exertion-related injuries. The X1’s clever design also enables all kinds of movements, aiding you with walking forwards and backwards, sideways, upwards, or even any odd movement that would result from you walking on an uneven path or terrain.

Different modes let you achieve different tasks. A regular mode gives you a maximum range of 25 kilometers (15.5 miles), aiding with load reduction and energy conservation, while a Boost mode, activated simply by pressing a button on the sides, gives you the full effect of the X1’s 1.2 horsepower output. The regular mode is perfect for walking and climbing, while the boost mode is the equivalent of going full throttle, allowing for more machine power that gives you maximum speeds of 27km/h or 16.7mph. Conversely, instead of having the X1 boost your performance, you can even flip to a Workout mode which restrains your walking ability, making you put more effort in. Designed to be the equivalent of training with weights or resistance bands, this mode is for maximizing your exercise, making it perfect for strength training and isokinetic exercise. The resistance mode also helps reduce impact on your knees during downhill walks, helping prevent injuries.

The X1 starts at $599, a massive 50% reduction over its original $1198 retail price. It includes an app that also works to monitor device status in real-time, and track medical-grade health data such as hip joint mobility and step frequency. Each X1 ships with a smart battery capable of kinetic energy recovery (KERS) for high efficiency, a charging dock, and a charging cable. The Dnsys X1 ships globally starting July 2024.

Click Here to Buy Now: $599 $1198 (50% off) Hurry! Only 10 left of 890. Raised over $1,000,000.

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Camper’s bliss: Nike’s convertible ISPA Metamorph Poncho will let you leave your tent at home

If you don’t mind the inconvenience of hiking to a dramatic campsite in a waterproof robe hanging all the way down to your ankles, you could leave your tent home and just head out on your adventure wearing the Nike ISPA Metamorph Poncho. Watch closely! The reversible and convertible poncho, created by Nike’s innovative division, is completely unique in style and function. Made from multiple layers of weather-resistant materials, the wearable converts into a functional tent to ensure you’re covered from the elements whenever the need arises.

ISPA (Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, Adapt) is a Nike sub-label that has been pushing the bounds of design across all categories, especially footwear, for years now, always innovating to the discrete demands of the city dwellers. This time around, the target is the fashion-conscious adventurers who may prefer this – inconvenience for me – convenience on their camping adventures.

Designer: Nike ISPA

The stylish ISPA Metamorph Poncho, whether you agree or not, is definitely the ultimate piece of all-season gear that stands out for its convertible design. Provided in a grayish colorway, this reversible wearable is made from – ISPA special–layered lightweight nylon. This option along with a two-way zip closure makes the poncho water-resistant and capable of handling the elements both as apparel and as a sunshade or tent.

Speaking of which, the Metamorph Poncho has a detachable hood and comes complete with collapsable tent poles, so you can just take it off your body, pitch it, and forget about the world outside. All this convenience with Nike ISPA branding throughout the poncho (visible on the outside of the tent when pitched) scales the price way past $600 ($620 to be precise), but that seems somehow acceptable for the fact that this poncho can fully transform into a one-man tent.

The Metamorph’s versatility is not limited to its transformation into a tent. When you’re not hiking to a remote campsite, but only loitering in the market, the Nike poncho can swiftly transition into an easy-to-carry bag to haul your groceries. ISPA has made the poncho tent available, but stock’s running out fast.

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This Butterfly Machete with a folding design may be the most badass EDC Knife we’ve ever seen

It’s as if Danny Trejo met Donnie Yen…

Say hello to the Gerber DoubleDown, or as I like to call it, the EDC equivalent of your worst enemy. Designed to be perhaps the only folding machete I’ve ever seen, the DoubleDown is equal parts nimble and dangerous. Modeled on the format of a butterfly knife, the DoubleDown scales the knife up to the size of your standard machete, giving you an EDC that can cut, chop, and split wood while looking deviously cool. The knife features a two-part handle with a quad-locking system that gives you all the benefits of a full-size blade for outdoor use, with a compact form factor that shrinks down to half its size when the deed’s done.

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The DoubleDown boasts a lengthy 6.75-inch high-carbon steel blade, surpassing the typical butterfly knife in both length and width. When unfolded, the DoubleDown reaches a total length of 15 inches, rivaling Gerber’s own fixed-blade machete offerings. The magic lies in the folding mechanism. The DoubleDown’s dual-piece handle, reminiscent of a pliers multi-tool, folds securely around the blade for safe and convenient storage. A MOLLE-compatible sheath makes carrying the DoubleDown on your pack a breeze. When deployed, the handle sections rotate a full 180 degrees, locking into place at four points while providing a comfortable, ergonomic grip.

So, is it a folding machete or a supersized butterfly knife? Gerber cleverly calls it a “folding machete hybrid.” The design caters to three key tasks: cutting, chopping, and batoning. The innovative QuadLock system ensures the blade stays securely locked in three different positions, guaranteeing user safety during operation.

For taking on dense jungle or thick mangrove undergrowth, a traditional fixed-blade machete might still be the champion… But for lighter brush clearing and those seeking a more pack-friendly option, the DoubleDown shines. Weighing in at a manageable 18 ounces, this Gerber creation offers a compelling blend of power and portability.

The DoubleDown made its debut in 2020, quickly rising through the ranks as one of Gerber’s most exciting and reliable offerings, and currently comes in 3 colors – green/stainless, black/stainless, and an all-black variant that I assume Batman would use to chop firewood when Alfred’s off duty.

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The World’s First Portable Espresso Maker with its own Water Heater lets you Brew Coffee literally anywhere

Dubbed the OutIn Nano, this little flask-shaped beauty is your key to a golden cup of coffee literally anywhere. Use it indoors, outdoors, or even in the sky – the OutIn Nano Portable Espresso Maker lets you pull a shot of espresso anywhere, letting you relish your coffee whenever you want. Even equipped with its own water heater, the Nano will warm up your water as it brews the coffee, which means you really don’t need anything apart from an empty cup and a caffeine craving.

Designer: OutIn

The OutIn Nano is perhaps the only portable espresso maker that will heat your water for you. Sure, other portable espresso makers boast a compact design, but every single one of them needs you to add your own hot water. That really isn’t a concern for the OutIn Nano, which has its own heating coil that ensures you get a perfect espresso shot even if all you have is tap water or mineral water around. The vertical flask-shaped design lets you add water to the top, and either a Nespresso or Keurig pod at the bottom, or a small puck filled with your own coffee grounds. A single-button interface gets your coffee brewing, and a built-in pump extracts your espresso right into the OutIn Nano’s cap, which serves as a nifty cup.

A 7500mAh battery powers the OutIn Nano, heating up water in just 200 seconds. Alternatively, you could just add hot water the way you would with any other portable espresso maker and that should speed up the process. The battery life also significantly differs between cold and hot water, with the OutIn Nano brewing 5 cups of coffee if you add cold water and rely on the built-in water heater feature, or a stunning 200 cups of coffee on a full battery if you use pre-heated water.

The resulting coffee is deliciously authentic, with a rich crema created by heating/brewing at 92°C/198°F and passing the water through the coffee grounds at an impressive 20 bars of pressure. The entire cycle takes just 4 minutes from start to finish (if you use the water heater), giving you your espresso. The OutIn Nano holds as much as 80ml of water, which is more than enough for a double-shot, allowing you to either drink your coffee neat or turn it into an Americano or a latte by adding water or milk.

Weighing just 700 grams, the OutIn Nano was practically built for the outdoors. It comes in 5 colors, charges via USB (even working with your car charger), and ships in a soft-shell case that includes the entire coffee-making kit. Heck, the Nano even won both the Red Dot and iF Design Award last year for its impressively compact design.

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Eco-friendly seed-pods made from plant and seafood waste could revolutionize bio-packaging

Born from discarded seafood shells, SEAD merges tradition with innovation, offering eco-friendly pods for heirloom seeds. It’s a journey of reimagined agriculture, where waste transforms into a resource and every seed sown signifies sustainability. SEAD’s design mirrors ecological harmony and agricultural resilience, promising a greener future. Join the movement where innovation blossoms and sustainability flourishes, one seed, one pod at a time.

Designer: Mara Zimmerman

SEAD represents more than just packaging; it embodies a sustainable ethos by repurposing waste material into a valuable resource. Its inception showcases the potential of replacing virgin materials with recycled alternatives, contributing to a circular economy and reducing environmental impact.

At the heart of SEAD lies the preservation of heirloom seeds, varieties passed down through generations, each carrying a rich history and cultural significance. Heirloom seeds, with their diverse traits and adaptability, play a crucial role in maintaining biodiversity and ensuring food security in the face of evolving environmental challenges.

The use of chitin (pronounced kai-tun) in SEAD packaging not only offers a sustainable alternative to traditional materials but also brings agricultural benefits. Chitin, and its derivatives, act as bio-stimulants, enhancing seed germination, and promoting crop growth. Its natural properties boost plant defenses against pests and diseases while improving water retention in adverse conditions.

Crafted through a meticulous three-step pressing process, SEAD packaging demonstrates the remarkable self-binding ability of chitin, eliminating the need for additional agents. Laser-engraved labeling ensures traceability without the use of inks or dyes, aligning with SEAD’s commitment to sustainability.

Inspired by nature’s design, SEAD packaging mimics the structure of fruits and vegetables, providing a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution. The innovative design features creases that allow for easy tearing, enabling users to plant seeds conveniently while keeping the rest of the packaging intact.

SEAD offers a holistic approach to sustainable agriculture, combining ecological principles with practical innovation. By seamlessly integrating packaging with planting, SEAD promotes zero-waste practices and fosters a deeper connection between consumers and the environment.

Just in four simple steps: Break pods along perforated lines, gently crush for better seed exposure, plant enriched seeds, and store remaining bars conveniently. These actions seamlessly integrate eco-friendly practices into gardening routines, fostering a deeper connection with the environment. Each step contributes to a greener future, promoting sustainability and preserving heirloom seeds. With SEAD, every seed sown signifies a commitment to ecological harmony and agricultural resilience, paving the way for a more sustainable tomorrow.

SEAD’s innovative seed packaging, crafted from discarded seafood shells, faces cultural barriers in regions like India and Mexico, where pure vegetarianism is prevalent. Mixing seafood with vegetables may encounter resistance due to dietary preferences. Convincing individuals adhering to strict vegetarian or vegan diets of SEAD’s ecological benefits requires careful communication. Despite these challenges, SEAD offers a sustainable option for open-minded consumers committed to environmental conservation. It’s crucial to acknowledge cultural sensitivities and cater to diverse preferences.

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Digital nomads can live and work in self-sufficient mobile home

One of the advantages of people who can work remotely (digital marketers, writers, virtual assistants, etc) is that they can work from literally anywhere. As long as there’s internet and a power source for when their devices run out of juice eventually, these digital nomads have the freedom to set up shop wherever they are and to live in things like mobile homes. We’re seeing a lot of products and concepts targeting this segment and I for one am very interested to see these come to life.

Designer: Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC)

The Mobile Catalyst, nicknamed MOCA, was developed by masteral students from IAAC. Not only is it a perfect space for those that want to work while staying anywhere with a view but it is also an experiment into sustainable and self-sufficient habitat with a digital twist. It is basically a 5.4 meter long, 2.4 meter wide, and 3.6 meter high minimalist space that gives you the basic necessities of living. Its interior is made from dowel-laminated timber produced at the IAAC itself but sustainably harvested of course.

The front part of this mobile home has the basic amenities you would need to live in it like a kitchen, toilet and shower, and electric and water systems. In the middle and the back part is the space that can be turned into an office, a meeting area, a library, a recreation room, or even a space for small events. If you need privacy or partitions and also protection from different weather conditions, there are glass doors and a water-resistant cotton fabric that slides or folds with a pulley. There are also two beds on its “mezzanine” floor and you can reach it through a movable ladder.

And of course since MOCA is designed to be sustainable, you have three light-flexible mono-crystalline solar panels on the roof and LED strips as an interior lining. The house can run on its own for around 24 hours before it needs recharging. Water is also self-sufficient as the system stores, filters, and returns the shower water into reusable water. The entire mobile home is built with digital nomads in mind so they can live, work, and play anywhere they want, as long as the trailer can move and fit in that area.

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Cozy & Serene Hut Lounge Bed Is The Perfect Outdoor Furniture Design For Your Yard

It is the peak Spring season with birds chirping in the air, and trees looking greener and prettier than ever! Spring is currently in full swing, and it is the perfect time to spend your days in the outdoors, taking in some fresh air, and letting the lovely spring sun soak through our skin. There couldn’t be a better time to be in your backyard! I mean, you can do a lot in your backyard! We shouldn’t underestimate our backyards, as they can be major spaces of fun, recreation, and relaxation. And a lovely addition to your backyard could be the Hut Lounge Bed by Marco Lavit for Ethimo.

Designer: Marco Lavit for Ethimo

The Hut Lounge Bed is a wonderful furniture design for the outdoors by designer Marco Lavit for the Italian outdoor furniture company Ethimo. Designed to provide you with a cozy space to relax and unwind in, and to function as a peaceful place to lounge about in, the Hut Lounge Bed lets you soak in some sun, and connect with nature. It is equipped with a conical, and semi-enclosed shape with makes you feel protected, while also allowing you to truly relax.

“Hut is a unique nest on a human scale, a place to pause and regenerate,” said Lavit. “A habitat where the alternating rhythm of the slats creates gaps that filter perception of this space, in a natural dialogue between inside and out.” The Hut is built using Accoya wood construction and features little gaps between the slats, which allow sunlight to stream in, while a massive circular mattress invites you in, and looks like a wonderful space for a nap. Accoya wood is an excellent material of choice since it is a high-performance modified wood that features a non-toxic treatment and can handle years of exposure to the elements and weather.

The wood is complemented by a circular metal rail which lets you hang a curtain to offer some privacy, or to provide some protection against the sun. The Hut Lounge Wood is a perfect fit for your backyard during the spring season, when the weather is kind, and nature is in full bloom.

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Hand-worn smart display concept safely shows information for bikers, mountaineers

Smartphones can provide all sorts of useful information and features, but there will always be occasions when you can’t just whip out the phone from your pocket to use it. Smartwatches are supposed to solve that problem by offering more condensed information on your wrists, but that can still be problematic for some class users, especially those who engage in outdoor activities. Although smartwatches are often marketed for athletes and people with active lifestyles because of their health-tracking features, actually using the wearable once the gloves come on can actually be difficult, if not impossible. Fortunately, your wrist isn’t the only body part you can use for a wearable, and this design concept tries to place a bigger display on the back of your hand instead.

Designer: Anuj Pate

Smartwatches are the most popular kind of wearable design simply because they are the most convenient and the most familiar. That doesn’t exactly mean they’re the best or only design possible, definitely not for all kinds of people. The rising interest in smart rings does indicate a sort of “smartwatch fatigue” that’s making people think outside the box on how to deliver some of those features through other means. A smartwatch’s display, for example, is only useful if can see it, which often means having to twist your wrist at the very least to have the screen at a proper angle.

Unfortunately, that’s not easy or even safe for some people whose hands have to be in a fixed position or can’t easily touch the smartwatch screen once they’ve started wearing gloves. That’s the case for cyclists, bikers, and mountain climbers who still need access to some critical information but can’t see their smartwatch for one reason or another. Rather than rely on complicated and distracting solutions like audio notifications or augmented reality goggles, zIng simply moves the display to a position where it can be easily seen even without twisting your wrist or squinting your eyes.

The wearable design concept practically puts a decently sized trapezoid-shaped display on the back of your hand. If you have your hand forward like when you’re holding bike handles or gripping a mountain wall, this immediately puts that screen within your vision. The display is also large enough to tap with a finger even when you’re wearing very thick gloves, which is often the case for biking and mountaineering gear.

zIng is just one of a new generation of wearable designs that are challenging the status quo of smartwatches. An ergonomic Apple Watch band moves the smartwatch away from the wrist and onto the back of the hand as well, this time a little below the thumb, though that doesn’t solve the cramped screen space. Admittedly, the zIng concept targets a very niche market, but it also clearly shows that there’s no one-size-fits-all wearable design that will be perfect for all use cases.

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