Library Designs every book addict will add to their bucket list!

I’m a complete bibliophile! In fact, give me a good book and I can cuddle up with it, completely forgetting about the rest of the world. Hence, it’s no surprise that a library is one of my favorite places in the world, and I’m sure others share the same sentiment. Libraries are warm and comforting spaces with the promise of unlimited knowledge, and are the entryway to another world. So, we’ve curated a collection of exquisite and intriguing libraries that will awaken the bibliophile within each of you!

The Stuttgart City Library by Yi Architects is shaped like a neat little white cube. A central roof lighting illuminates the entire room creating a clean and crisp space where anyone would love to catch up on some reading!

The Tianjin Binhai Library designed by MVRDV & TUPDI took the entire architectural world by storm! The 33,700 square meter structure features floor-to-ceiling bookcases that are truly impressive. The bookshelves even create staircases, seating areas and louvers on the facade.

Snøhetta and Dialog’s new Central Library in Calgary, Canada is said to be one of the biggest library systems in North America. In fact, the structure even incorporates a fully functional light rail line. Featuring a glazed exterior with wooden interiors combined with unfinished concrete, the library has a very textured and organic feel to it.

The Old Library at Trinity College, Dublin was designed by Thomas Burgh. Opened in 1732, the library is a real architectural wonder and a safe haven for readers. In fact, the famous Long Room which houses almost 200,000 books is said to be an inspiration for the Harry Potter movies!

GMP Architekten designed the Suzhou No.2 library with an intelligent storage system that has the capacity to virtually hold up to seven million books. The exterior structure is meant to resemble a stack of books or sheets of paper. Transparent glazed windows add an ethereal feel to the structure.

The Starfield Library at COEX Mall in Seoul, Korea is one of the most modern libraries with the quintessential floor-to-ceiling bookshelves! Designed by Gensler Architects, the 2500 square meter structure with wooden interiors has a rather warm feel to it.

Wolfgang Tschapeller renovated the infamous Rand Hall at Cornell University, creating the Mui Ho Fine Arts Library with four sections of suspended books stacked one above the other. Seminar rooms, a maker space, a research lab, and digital fabrication shops are included in the space.

Andreas Schüring Architekten recently designed a library for the Cologne University in Germany. Inspired by the concept of order and freedom, the 700 square meter space follows a minimal monochromatic theme. Connected ceiling lighting subtly illuminates the entire space.

Located in Mexico City, this house by Pedro Reyes features an impressive double-height library with two levels connected by a rustic concrete staircase. In fact, even the bookshelves have been created from concrete, lending a very organic feel to the space.

Architects Bruno Gaudin and Virginie Brégal renovated what previously used to be France’s National Library. A new technical network was implemented so visitors can easily move from one room to another, but the original classic interiors were maintained as much as possible.

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Vinyl turntables designed to turn you into a vinyl junkie!

Vinyl turntables never seem to go out of style! They are classic collectibles that have reached iconic status. Any vinyl record owner or audiophile loves to showcase their beloved turntable. After all, they seem to wash over everyone with a wave of nostalgia. One glance at a turntable, and you’re taken on a trip down memory lane, and a very retro one that is. Hence designers have been exploring when it comes to turntable designs, and we’ve curated a collection of exciting and innovative ones!

Saturn is a beautiful vinyl record player inspired by the planet Saturn, its rings and its moon Titan. It comprises of a black turn-table platform, which will subtly remind you of Saturn’s rings. Placed on top of the base platform is a spherical speaker or the upper hemisphere of the entire structure, which is what the planet Saturn would probably look like if viewed from the top. Attached to the sphere is the tonearm, and the end of the needle has been inspired by Titan!


Introducing o-ton, a vertical, wireless turntable that lets you import and digitally enhance your vinyl records. It’s almost entirely translucent, so you can see all the inner workings and, of course, your vinyl’s unique cover art. The design features a digital stylus that automatically turns your device on if you insert a vinyl. With an integrated optical sensor, the stylus can identify and jump individual tracks.

The SC+P Turntable uses the combination of high-quality materials, precision engineering, and a visually striking design to emphasize the state of the art components that reside within its body. The undeniably beautiful device is made up of a striking framework that draws attention towards the vinyl that sits at the center. The result of this skeleton-like form is the exposure of the mechanics and electronics that allow the device to function.


Titled the Kozmophone, this alternate-reality gramophone takes one of Edison’s greatest inventions and gives it multiple upgrades, including a miniature holograph projector that brings back the visual joy we associated with Windows Media Player’s visualizer graphics before online streaming took over. The avant-garde gramophone comes with a slick, glossy, cutting-edge design, featuring an Audio Technica AT 91 cartridge and belt-driven turntable with built-in vibration damping.

LOVE is a premium, smartphone-controlled record player that you can use with the support of an app or without. It reads records utilizing a traditional stylus or can be connected to Bluetooth and WiFi. You can use your smartphone to play, stop, repeat and skip records, and even select different RPM speeds. It is said to be the world’s first intelligent turntable!


Echoing the vinyl disc’s gentle concentric carvings, the Barky turntable’s base has something similar, but something that has been around for millennia. A cross-section of wood taken from an ash tree, the Barky’s base has wooden age-lines that match perfectly with the shape and nature of vinyl, creating something that looks absolutely surreal as you begin to notice the biomimicry of sorts.


The turntable itself is a rather retro/hipster product and using concrete in the Enso only makes it more kitschy and cool. With its imperfections, concrete gives a different flavor to a product that has otherwise only seen the use of plastic, glass, metal, and wood. Designed with a simple rounded form that highlights the vinyl disc platter and arm, the Enso comes with a rather integrated form and the only thing breaking it is the walnut wood control panel which juts out to end the monotony and play with one’s visual expectation of continuity.

We love a cool vinyl turntable, and Gearbox’s Automatic Turntable MkII is as cool as it gets! Inspired by Dieter Rams’ 1955 Braun PC 3 SV record player, you can actually observe the inner workings of the transparent turntable. Yes, you heard that right, it’s transparent! Not to mention it’s the perfect culmination of retro meets future. However, one of its most exciting features would be the turntable’s high-fidelity built-in valve phono stage, making it the first turntable in the world to actually have one!

The RokBlok by Pink Donut isn’t your conventional vinyl record player! It’s the world’s smallest, wireless record player. You simply place the RokBlok upon your favorite record and listen to your favorites tunes anytime anywhere. It functions as a turntable without actually looking or being one, intriguing right?

Designed to be a DJ console that offers incredible amounts of control to the person behind it, Whiteout features a base with multiple grooves and a series of knobs you can place on them. The knobs work both as rotary-controls as well as sliders, while the base itself lights up with a minimalist interface. A pair of grooved circles on the base act as the turntables, while touch-sensitive controls on the top let you play, pause, loop, transition, solo, and mute tracks.

Zero waste living is easy with these products designed for the conscious customers!

A zero-waste lifestyle is something we should all aspire towards. Whether it’s by trying our hand at composting, reusing products, or buying products that are recyclable and eco-friendly, we can all start by taking a few steps. Luckily designers have been coming up with designs that support a zero-waste lifestyle. So, here are a couple of designs that will help you kickstart your zero-waste journey!

Ditching the notion that computer peripherals must always be made of plastic, the Ice Mouse is a nifty, ergonomic wireless mouse with an unusual (yet justified) choice of materials that are a combination of renewable and recyclable. Say hello to Ice Mouse, probably the world’s first computer mouse with a bamboo and aluminum body, designed by Aloic.

Research shows that almost 1.3 billion tons of food end up in landfills every year, that’s 1/3rd of the total production of food itself.  One option to reduce food wastage is composting. Orre is a modular compact composter that is ideal for everyday use in our homes. In fact, it’s so compact, that you can easily carry it around from one room to another! Featuring a matte black finish and a quirky cork stand, Orre is visually attractive and inviting.

An academic project gave birth to Coolpaste, created by Allan Gomes for the Federal University of Minas Gerais – the eco-friendly alter ego of our trusty old toothpaste. The aim was to develop a sustainable packaging design for toothpaste in a way that didn’t affect their durability while being transported or stacked on shelves.


Designed for nature, and from nature, the Alphapot transforms food waste into a molded, modular planter. Its grave to cradle approach reduces waste by turning the food we throw away into a planter that can be used to grow plants, allowing the waste to serve a much nobler purpose.

Indian designer, Saksham Mahajan, has come up with a sustainable version of an iron made from bamboo. The designer started the project as a challenge to explore bamboo as a material, “It’s sustainability can be exploited to make so many different things”, says Saksham

Created from recycled borosilicate glass, these straws are sculptural beauties. Recyclable, reusable, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean and maintain, these aesthetic straws also make for eye-catching centerpieces and are designed by Benjamin Hubert of London-based design agency Layer.

Bubble is a food tracker, that monitors our food consumption, in an attempt to encourage a healthier lifestyle and to reduce food wastage. It promises to track, store, and replenish our food items in accordance with our needs. Bubble identifies and tracks all the items placed within it. It directly sends updates to your smartphone, so you’re always aware of what’s in your kitchen! You can track which food products you consume the most, and what you consume the least.

The regular shoes you wear may eventually end up in a landfill, but even a decade of wearing them results in sole abrasion, which causes plastic microparticles to enter the ground and atmosphere. By ditching the very use of synthetic polymers, WAES’ shoes have a significantly lower impact on the environment, and they biodegrade naturally, creating less waste in the long run.

Soapack is an innovative series of liquid soap bottles, made from soap themselves. The solid outer bottle holds the liquids inside, and can eventually be used as soap once you’re done with it, leaving you with absolutely zero waste. The bottles are designed to look luxurious and desirable too, relying on soap’s inherent translucency along with beautiful perfume-bottle-inspired forms and a soft pastel color palette.


The Be. toothbrush aims at providing the experience of an electric toothbrush, but without the electric bit. Devoid of motors, and batteries, and circuit boards, the Be. uses a wind-up mechanism we’ve seen being used for long in toys and timers. It simply converts one form of energy into another, allowing you to merely rotate a dial on its base that then winds up a mechanism within the toothbrush body, causing the head to vibrate as would any electric toothbrush.

The Newton Espresso Machine is a minimal, lever-free coffee machine. It allows users to craft their coffee in a manual and industrial manner. The hands-on coffee brewing experience leaves behind no waste!

Karden by Tommy Cheong and Keith JX Lee is a starter kit designed to help you get started with composting in the comfort of your own home or even your workspace! The kit comes along with soil and compost starter. So you simply pop them into the compost bin along with the waste and shake it daily for 1-2 months. When the compost is finally ready, transfer it into a plant pot.

Ferv by Abidur Chowdhury is a thermally insulated kettle that aims at saving energy, time and water. It does so by boiling water and maintaining it at the same temperature for up to 4 hours. This ensures that we don’t have to constantly heat up more water again and again!  It utilizes a graphical user interface to communicate details.

Paos’ line of waste-free cosmetic products is green, sustainable and totally pro zero waste! Their wooden toothbrush is an eco-friendly and minimal alternative to the conventional toothbrushes found in the market.

Stationery Designs to kick start your bullet journaling journey!

It’s time for some super cool stationery designs! Excited? Me too! A good stationery design can really perk up your work desk, and… your mood. Add a few creative and highly functional stationery products to your desk, and every task just becomes so much simpler and not to mention more fun. So, here are a few stationery designs we know you would love to get your hands on!

Created as a cross between a Pantone shade card and a stationery set, the Pen Fan fits 8 different flat-head sketch pens in a small, easy-to-carry set. The flat pens are connected to each other, forming a neat Japanese-fan style layout that displays all the 8 colors for you to pick and choose from.


The world’s largest bird is here to store your paper clips! The Running Ostrich by Arthur Xin is a shiny metallic ostrich skidding along in red sneakers, while simultaneously holding your paper clips for you.

Table Zoo by RONG Design is an innovative series of stationery products in the shape of some adorable animals! The first product in their collection is a tiny frog that functions like a tape dispenser. The second item in the Table Zoo collection is a prickly porcupine. Taking inspiration from the quills or sharp spines on a porcupine’s back, the product functions as a pin holder. A chirpy little bird completes the collection. The elongated tail of the elegant bird functions as a pen/pencil holder

The Logifaces puzzle comprises a series of triangles of the same size, but different heights (at each vertex), and the only rule is, “Create a form by placing the prisms next to each other to build a continuous surface”.

Titled the OO for the two circular discs at one end of the ruler, this piece of stationery is capable of measuring linear as well as non-linear surfaces, up to a stunning 99.9 centimeters! Using a clever gear system and two marked rolling-discs, the OO ruler can be rolled on surfaces, with a set of windows depicting the measurement based on how much the discs roll.

The Bowl Sharpener is shaped like a cute little soup bowl! The base of the bowl consists of the actual sharpener opening, through which you slip in your pencil, and begin to sharpen it. As you sharpen your pencil, the pencil shavings and the lead residue are stored in the bowl. If you’re sharpening color pencils, the different colored shavings create a beautiful visual!

Are you continuously fidgeting about, and have a tendency to be restless? Well, the Fidget Pen is perfect for you! Integrated into the end of the pen, a finger fidget mechanism allows users to turn the wheels, press buttons and feel the intaglio to their subconscious heart’s content! Because it doubles as a writing utensil, it will have twice the chance of staying with the user.

The Fillit Pocket is perfect for carrying all your small everyday items hands-free! You can attach it to your laptop or tablet, and carry all your personal belongings with you at all times.

The INKdrop Pen is, in fact, an ink sharing pen! Designed to encourage and develop interaction and connections between people, it allows you to share the ink of your pen (if you have enough) with someone who doesn’t. Who knew stationery could create meaningful relationships?

This super cool tape dispenser by Wms & Co. has got my attention! A vibrant orangish-red in color, the tape dispenser can hold four standard large rolls of tape. The blades on it are super sharp ensuring you can snap off some tape in an instant…so be careful!

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Chair Designs that prove why they are the king of modern furniture!

A good chair design is extremely crucial. Whether it’s one for our work desk, dining table, or simply to lounge about in our living room, there should be no compromise when it comes to selecting a chair for any space. Comfort, functionality, and aesthetics should all be taken into consideration, not to mention an ergonomic form! Hence, we’ve curated a collection of innovative chair designs to help you spruce up your seating habits!


Designed to be a part of Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomade collection, the Concertina Chair by London-based design studio Raw-Edges is foldable… but not the kind of foldable you’d expect. Opening up like a Japanese fan, the chair uses angled blades to turn the fan into a chair. A zip on the back, and an elegant clasp on the front lock the chair in seating-mode.

Normalization by Josh Kline is the kind of armchair I’ve never seen before! Defined as a work of modern art, the chair was created from polymerized gypsum, sand, and gravel. Though it may not be very comfy to sit upon, there’s no doubt it’s an extremely intriguing sculpture!

Functionally still a chair, the Exploded Chair is a visual break-down of the very idea of the chair. Taking a wooden chair and splitting it into its various parts, and then putting those parts into separate acrylic boxes, the Exploded Chair is hilariously creative!

Designed to be compact enough to fit into any space, yet comfortable enough to have you sink right in with your favorite book, the Conch comes with a molded-plywood inner body and a dual-density foam outer body. It has a storage unit right under you for everything from books to a cushion to other bric-a-brac.

Inspired by his recent trip to India, designer Marc Ange created the II Pavone Throne. The exquisite emerald and sapphire armchair (to be honest it is more of a throne) looks like a royal peacock!

Inspired by the concept of flat-packed furniture, Tehila Guy designed Anda. Anda is an inflatable chair, with a transparent plastic seat supported by wooden rods. Comfortable and quirky, it’s a unique chair design!

Soft, generous and with an ergonomic backrest, the NOA armchair by Stefano Bigi can merge into almost any living space effortless. Available in both leather and fabric options this is one cozy seating spot!

Sit in the Capsule Chair and as your behind sinks into the cushion, you notice your peripheral vision getting narrowed. Its cocoon-esque design covers your sides and your top, blocking not just vision but also absorbing audio, leaving you in a tranquil bubble as you sleep, read, or work.

A half-wood and half bronze chair from the Bronze Age Collection by Frank Tjepkema of the Dutch studio Tjep. The melding of two completely different materials creates a beautiful contrast! Not to mention the bronze and turquoise green color combination is like a match made in heaven.

Botera is a family of big plush armchairs. The chair’s chunky base is supported by a backrest, which can be high or low to suit your needs! The chairs can be arranged in groups, allowing for interaction and engagement between people, or they can be separated, creating little private spots for individuals.

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Tiny Home setups that prove why micro-living will be the next big trend: Part 2

Minimalism has reached a level of popularity that is unbelievable, and it has even extended to our style of living and architecture! With everyone veering towards the path of micro-living, while simultaneously breaking ties with materialism, tiny homes are the future. More and more individuals and families are opting for simple, comfortable and functional tiny houses. Hence, we’ve curated a collection of fascinating mini homes to give you a crash course on micro-living!

The Pacific Harbor is a tiny house built on a 30’x8.5’ triple axel Iron Eagle trailer – compact, convenient and classy. The interiors are kept light and breezy to manifest the feeling of spaciousness. The tiny home includes a downstairs flex area that can be turned into a bedroom or home office, a sleeping loft in the back, and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen.

The tiny house Le Château Ambulant by Tiny House Baluchon is a tribute to Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle. Featuring some exquisite woodwork using cedar, it’s a double-axle trailer measuring 6 m. Its cute square windows and French-inspired aesthetics make it a total eye-catcher!

This tiny home is perfect for hobbits, and seems to have sprung right out of The Lord of The Rings! But in reality, it’s a quaint little castle in Romania.

Comprising of two bedrooms this tiny home by Tiny House Baluchon is perfect for a nuclear family. Featuring wooden accents, a set of stairs in the home lead to the upper section, where a comfy bed awaits!

Designed by Modern Tiny Living, The Fox is a 28 ft x 8.5 ft tiny home. Located in Ohio, the home on wheels features a pastel-colored exterior and modern clean interiors.

This adorable cabin by Off-Grid Inn is the perfect tiny home in the wilderness. Surrounded by nature on all four sides, it’s ideal for a quick compact getaway!

Droplet’s Teardrop Camping Trailer is the perfect trailer for anyone who wants to travel light! Weighing only 950 lbs, the Scandinavian-inspired trailer can be attached to almost any car and features spacious windows, a wide door, and even a lift-gate outdoor kitchen.

This triangular cabin by Jacob Witzling and Sara Underwood has a very green roof! Surrounded by nature, it makes for the perfect tiny home out in the woods!

The Mohican by Modern Tiny Living is a 20 feet custom tiny home showcasing a beautiful cedar trim and pine siding. It has all the facilities you would find in a ordinary-sized home, except it’s more compact and cute!

Inspired by the ideology of sustainability, Finnish designer Robin Falck created an A-frame mirrored holiday house, Nolla.  Functioning entirely on renewable energy, the tiny house has been built entirely using sustainable materials such as local plywood and pine. Nolla is powered by emission-free solar panels.

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Furniture designed to satisfy the art lover in you

Having functional pieces with high utility in our homes is very important. However, sometimes we need a couple of designs around us purely for vain reasons…because they’re super aesthetic and attractive! So, we’ve curated a collection of artistic designs, that separate themselves from the usual products, standing tall as artistic masterpieces that could add a certain magical touch to your living space.

Neil Aronowitz utilized and manipulated the material Concrete Canvas which is basically “concrete cloth on a roll” to create a furniture collection that seems more like artwork. The exquisite collection consists of the Whorl Console and Table.

Almost like something you’d make in a 3D version of Tetris, the Yellow Brick Chair breaks down the elements of seating and reinterprets it using the lens of abstractionism. Not only does it play with the very idea of what a chair should be, but its daring use of sharp forms made out of soft cushions also creates a visual contrast that’s definitely eye-catching.

The Tree Table by Sebastian Errazuriz uses wooden boards to mimic the horizontal section of a tree and its branches. This organic nature-inspired piece is the perfect addition to any living space.

There’s something so soothing about this piece by Arben Vllasaliu, that puts my mind to ease at once. The little spheres effortlessly sliding and rolling over the crevices in the base sends a shiver of satisfaction through me!

Fungk is an organic lighting fixture by Tabo Design Studio that takes its inspiration from flowers and branches. The hand-shaped lampshades are truly a work of art!

Ceal Floyer merges art, product design, and architecture in her Speaker Stairs. The conceptual staircase consists of black rectangular speakers that form the individual steps. It’s like walking on music!

 The More Sky window was designed as a creative experiment. It is a designer window concept that expands and attempts to replace the traditional windows we are so used to. The extending window unit allows for surreal views of the sky, and in fact, forms a mini balcony!

Inspired by my favorite type of pasta, spaghetti, the designer adopted the neutral form of public benches for the Spaghetti benches and transformed them into playful works of art. The structures extend into curvy elongated branches, free of their functionality as benches, and soar towards the sky.

Created wholly from thermoplastic polycarbonate and supported by a stainless-steel frame, the chairs quite simply represent a glass of wine. The Merlot is available not only in the form of a classic chair and a stool but also comes in three colors, depending upon your wine of choice: red, white or rosé.

These floating ceramic light sculptures by Zuko Nishikawa are super quirky and cute! Available in myriad shapes and colors, they’re sure to put you in a good mood instantly!

Architectural designs that focus on humans and nature alike: Part 2

With climate change rearing its ugly head and sending major riptides throughout the Earth, architects and designers have realized the importance of integrating sustainability with their work. Hence, here are a few exciting designs aimed at creating greener and more sustainable spaces for us, and helping us reconnect with nature once more!

The Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp and Resort allows you to sleep and hang out in the exquisite jungle of Northern Thailand, while majestic elephants casually stroll about. Designed by Eye in The Sky, these little bubbles are the true definition of architecture meets nature!

This triangular cabin by Jacob Witzling and Sara Underwood has a very green roof! It makes for the perfect little getaway. You will be surrounded by nature and sheltered by a roof brimming with plants and shrubs.

L’Oasis D’Aboukir by Patrick Blanc is a 25-meter vertical garden housing almost 7600 plants. Located in Paris, the wall houses 237 different plant species and is the perfect example of architecture integrating with nature.

Located in Rovinj, Croatia, and designed by 3LHD, the Grand Park Hotel features planted terraces lined with greenery that lead one down towards the Adriatic Sea.

Designed by Studio Mapos, the Peconic House features an impressive green roof, allowing the house to merge with its surroundings and truly be at one with the landscape. It exudes beauty and class while maintaining a rustic connection with nature.

Designed by Six N. Five, this example of floating architecture subtly floats on a water body while being surrounded by nature in its raw essence. It doesn’t get more relaxing or greener than this!

Designed by MIA Design Studio, each floor of this home in Saigon, Vietnam, extends to hold geometric planters that house various plants, shrubs, and trees. The architects merged nature into each section of this home.

Olsun Kundig revealed plans for a facility in Seattle that composts and transforms human bodies into soil, after death. The facility is filled with trees and plants, which may be grown using the soil the facility composts itself!

In the Bosland forest of Limburg, Belgium, Burol and Schap designed a stilted 10-meter high cycling path, surrounded and weaving through trees and the lush forest. I would love to go for a ride on my bicycle here!

Somewhere in Mexico City, suspended on a treetop is the Casa Flotante. It translates to floating house, and to be honest, the name completely fits. Designed by Talleresque, this elegant cabin gives the impression that it is floating in mid-air. However, supported by nine stilts, it is firmly bound to the ground. It’s a treehouse for adults!

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Get your childhood unplugged with these innovative treehouse designs!

A treehouse is every child’s fantasy, a safe haven among the trees, somewhere to simply relax and get away from the world. We all may not have had access to treehouses as children, but, it doesn’t mean that we can’t indulge in this fantasy a little as adults! To feed your childhood indulgence, we’ve curated a collection of picturesque treehouses, which could probably serve as options for your next holiday destination!

Somewhere in Mexico City, suspended on a treetop is the Casa Flotante. It translates to floating house, and to be honest, the name completely fits. Designed by Talleresque, this elegant cabin gives the impression that it is floating in mid-air. However, supported by nine stilts, it is firmly bound to the ground. It’s a treehouse for adults!

This beautiful treehouse by Jay Nelson displays perfect craftmanship and woodwork! The twirling stairs, quaint cottage-style architecture, and clean work make me want to sneak into it right away!

Straight out of a fairytale, the PAN Treetop Cabin by Espen Surnevik is located in the forests of Norway. A two-hour drive from Oslo, this treehouse features a spiral staircase leading to the triangular cabin, with a quaint fireplace within to keep you warm. My next winter vacation is planned!

The Montana Treehouse Retreat is an impressive double-decker treehouse perfect for large families! The luxury vacation home is artistically crafted and provides surreal views of the surrounding snowy landscapes.

The Mirrorcube is one of the treehouses at the Treehotel that you can vacation in! Designed by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter, the treehouse is a suspended glass box, wrapped around the trunk of a tree. Its mirrored exterior creates an almost out-worldly visual!

The Pinecone Treehouse by Dustin Fieder of O2 Treehouse stands sixty feet above the ground, with panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows providing views of the forest around you. You can now sleep while being surrounded by nature!

Located in Guangzhou, China, the Kaiyuan Senbo Resort features treehouse-style villas that truly make you feel you’re at one with the forest and nature. The cascading cabins run one above the other supported by trees and surrounded by lush greenery.

This treetop cabin is part of the collection of treehouses at the Treehotel. Designed by Snøhetta, the treehouse stands ten feet above the ground supported by a tall pine tree. It’s truly a winter wonderland!

Architect Gerardo Broissin designed a transparent treehouse that floats among the trees and vegetation in a Mexico City backyard.

The Sylvan Float Treehouse by The Canopy Crew, with its cute little hammock-style bed, is the perfect getaway from your daily life. A quaint spot to relax and take a breather. Would you consider adding this to your backyard?

Kitchen Designs that will become your zen space

Our kitchens are where we cook and prepare the meals that, well, sustain us. Depending on how we perceive them, they can either be positive happy havens or the place we’re doomed to slave away in. So, we’ve curated a collection of fun and aesthetic kitchen layouts, to help you give your kitchen the makeover it deserves, and change your perception of it!

This modern kitchen design by Edvinas Skiestenis is perfect for our modern homes! Matte black countertops, shelves, and cabinets manage to add a sleek urban feel.

This kitchen layout by Marco Podrini incorporates cool marble elements, open windows, and wooden drawers and shelves to create a spacious and warm space perfect for cooking your meals!

The geometric backsplash in this kitchen is accentuated by pastel drawers, forming a pretty kitchen space ideal for all spring lovers! Designed by Dom W Sansewieriach, the space also features cute little hexagonal wall storage units!

This award-winning kitchen design by Cutting Edge Homes features subtle grey cabinets and drawers, and an eye-catching brass faucet! The brass cabinet handles match the faucet perfectly.

The super cool backsplash in this kitchen by Construction2Style has a 3D feel to it! The trippy cubes are accompanied by otherwise subtle shades of grey throughout the kitchen.

I wouldn’t mind whipping up some breakfast in this beach-facing kitchen by Gicinque Cucine! Minimal wooden stools and a wooden kitchen counter are accompanied by breathtaking views of the ocean.

La Cornue integrated beautiful copper knobs into this retro-inspired kitchen! A white kitchen top and a white brick wall were added as neutral elements.

Surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, this kitchen design by R&D Cesar helps you reconnect with nature while you cook away. Prepping your meals has never been so relaxing!

Estudio Vilablanch designed this fun-loving and cheerful kitchen! Colorful orange furniture, patterned floor tiles, and a simple grey kitchen unit make it the perfect spot to cook, wine and dine.

Designed by Azbuka Dom Studio, this kitchen is sleek and sophisticated! The plush grey high top chairs have got my attention.