You can make your own rotary cellphone

As convenient as modern cellphones are, there's a certain charm to spinning an old-fashioned rotary dial to make a call -- and now, there's a cellphone that caters to that nostalgia. Brookhaven National Lab engineer Justine Haupt has developed a rot...

This Clock Draws the Time Using Sequins

There are lots of different ways to tell the time. You can use an old school analog clock with hands, a segmented digital display, or even a sundial. But I can say with 100% certainty that this is the first clock I’ve ever seen that tells time with sequins.

Architect Ekaggrat Singh Kalsi put together the Sequino, a truly unique timepiece that takes advantage of the bi-colored nature of some sequins, flipping them from one side to the other to reveal the current time. The sequins are set onto a cylindrical backdrop, and then a mechanical arm moves up, down, left and right to flip the sparkly bits over with a specially engineered tip that’s designed to emulate a human fingertip. Imagine a two axis plotter set onto a curved surface, and that’s basically the mechanism. It’s driven by a pair of motors and controlled by an Arduino Nano. Check it out in action in the video below:

If you’d like to build your own Sequino, you can read the full details of the build over on Hackaday.

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RVR is a Sphero robot for budding tinkerers

Sphero's been amusing us with its collection of robotic balls, like its adorable BB-8, for eight years. But lately the company has been getting away from the toy aspect of its products and embracing its educational potential. It's had an app th...

Learn to Master Arduino (and Pay What You Want)

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Learn About Robotics with This Bionic Lizard

Interested in learning more about robotics? The DIY Bionic Robot Lizard is a perfect way to make robotics education really fun. Designed for STEM education, this mechanical lizard can provide hours of amusement to both beginners and advanced robotics experts, all while being an effective educational experience.

With the kit, users will assemble the lizard robot, then utilize the provided programming language and Sunfounder Nano board to make the robotic reptile move. By the end of the lesson, students will have gained valuable knowledge about all different aspects of electronics and programming.

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Make Your Own Robot with This DIY Kit

Want to be able to say you actually built a robot? The SunFounder Nano DIY 4-DOF Robot Kit gives you everything you need to build your first robot for less than $50!

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