The Flaming Mini Light Is Designed To Capture & Portray The Poise & Elegance Of Its Namesake Bird

If you’ve recently done up your home, or are simply looking to rejuvenate your current interior decor, then you may want to consider adding a few bespoke and uplifting lighting designs. A beautifully designed lighting fixture can completely uplift and elevate a living space! A well-designed lighting fixture should not only be able to efficiently illuminate any living space but also add that extra oomph factor! I mean, of course, we need them to see in the dark, but as highly functional as they should be, a lighting fixture also needs to be aesthetically pleasing, adding an attractive and visually soothing element to your home or office space. And, a lighting design that would make a fitting addition to your home is the Flamingo Mini lighting by Antoni Arola for Vibia.

Designer: Antoni Arola for Vibia

Designed by Barcelona-based designer Antoni Arola for Vibia, the Flamingo Mini light is a deconstructed pendant light that utilizes polycarbonate diffusers to cast an ethereal and customizable glow. It was designed by Arola to capture and portray the poise, elegance, and grace of the bird after which it is named.

The Flamingo Mini light is made using a cylindrical LED light, which artfully hangs on stainless steel rods, and emits light through subtle layers of translucent polycarbonate diffusers. “Flamingo Mini’s delicate, deconstructed silhouette expresses a sense of extreme lightness,” said Vibia. “By separating the light source from the diffusers, light is projected onto each shade rather than surrounding the source, resulting in an ethereal, weightless effect.”

The polycarbonate diffusers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they can be arranged to suit the proportions of the space they are placed in. The light source can be directed in an upward direction to create an ambient flow, or it can be pointed downwards to produce an intimate illumination – for example over a dining table. Flamingo Mini is a smaller version of the brand’s Flamingo product, and it is designed for smaller rooms with lower ceilings.

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To maximize usability and access, the SPLIT travel case has TWO front-faces

Call its design ambidextrous or two-faced or whatever you want, the SPLIT suitcase makes an important observation when it comes to packing for travel. There’s a difference between organization and access. Your travel case may have multiple slots and compartments to organize your items, but they’re all accessible through the same opening… so whether you want to grab something as small as your sunglasses case, or something as bulky as your jacket, it takes you the same amount of time and effort because your bag may have multiple compartments, but it has only one pathway of access.

That distinction is Split’s design brief. It comes with an organized central space for your items like most travel cases, but where it truly differs in its design is in the fact that it’s accessible from two sides, in two ways, for two reasons. There are items you pack with the intent of unpacking at your destination, and items you pack but may need to instantly access at any given point of time, like your laptop, ebook reader, passport, tickets, sunscreen, etc. SPLIT’s design takes cognizance of this dichotomy of need and comes with access flaps on both sides of the bag… one opening traditionally, for storing larger items that don’t need to be accessed easily, and another letterbox-style flap that lets you easily dip into your bag to grab your laptop or headphones.

Organization and access are what give the SPLIT travel case its edge. The bag comes with essentially two front-faces, eliminating the back panel, which usually houses the telescopic handle. Instead, the handle covers the sides of the SPLIT, giving you a bag you can easily wheel beside you rather than tugging behind you. The insides of the split come well organized for all sorts of travel, be it for leisure or work. A divider panel splits the inner mass into two, while acting as a detachable sleeve for your laptop, power-bank, mouse, etc., while a variety of SYSTEMA organizer soft-boxes let you separate your clothes, shoes, toiletry, etc. The SPLIT secures all your belongings with industry-leading YKK zips and a TSA lock that lets you lock and unlock both flaps on either side, and USB ports on the outside to charge your phone while waiting at airport terminals.

Built with a robust hard-case ABS outer, the SPLIT comes in three variants – Light, Business, and Premium, sporting different panels ranging from hard plastic to ballistic nylon, and even premium leather. The Business SPLIT gives you an extra slot on the inside for a tablet, and for business cards, while the Premium comes with the SYSTEMA organizer-boxes included. You even get a slick leather ID tag to complement your leather bag!

Designer: Appercase Design

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SPLIT – The Dual Access Carry-On Suitcase

The SPLIT suitcase by Appercase design is a premium carry-on roller with horizontal and vertical openings on both sides for easy access to your essentials and dedicated pockets for laptop, cables and documents.

All the space you need for personal organization.

Adjust the interior space according to your business and personal needs.

For maximum security and selective opening (front and back panel).

Optimized interior space and increased stability, in a unique, sleek design.

Choose Your SPLIT

LIGHT With minimal interior organization, LIGHT is made from the best polycarbonate materials. The design is focused on durability and simplicity and the construction of the model allows maximum storage space for your personal belongings. Think less is more.

BUSINESS prioritizes the organization system that is made out of ballistic nylon fabric and provides a fully formulated luggage interior layout with assembling compartments for laptop, tablet, business cards, pens and many other items, keeping all of your devices and belongings safely stored while you travel.

PREMIUM design is made with leather and offers the ultimate comfort. Fitted with a full interior organization system with laptop and tablet pockets, it comes with an additional set of three removable organizer items from our SYSTEMA collection, included to complete the custom layout of this exclusive suitcase.


Click Here to Buy Now: $249 $350 ($101 off).

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