These luminous ropes are lighting fixtures made from flexible LEDs, woven nylon, and silicone!

Luke Kelly found his calling in an abandoned railcar. As he recounts, stumbling upon some antique, industrial lighting fixtures while exploring an old railroad in New Hampshire, Kelly decided to take them home and create something new from them. Fast forward to today and his creative career in designing lighting fixtures has taken off. Since the start of his career, Kelly’s LED Rope Lighting designs have been strung from the ceilings of popular hotel lobbies and busy city restaurants and are recognized for their customizability and versatility.

Luke Kelly’s LED Rope Lighting fixtures are adaptable by nature due to the materials sourced for their construction. Built by starting with flexible LEDs, each fixture’s brightness is subdued and covered with woven nylon rope and silicone to provide durability and pliability, allowing the light fixture to maintain a fixed formation when woven in even free-form designs. Luke Kelly’s collection of light fixtures come with a wide array of available options, ranging from unconventional chandeliers that merge with the ceiling to wall-mountable light fixtures that pop with brass, nickel, or copper accents.

Kelly’s Tracer Loop appears almost like a luminous jump rope or rope swing and attaches both of its ends to the ceiling with standard junction boxes. Then, longer and shorter ropes intersect with one another, creating a sort of cat’s cradle of glowing LED ropes. The Tracer Swag, another standout of Kelly’s LED Rope Lighting collection, utilizes a U-Bolt, affixed to a standard junction box, from which various light ropes hang and cluster to give the effect of ivy growing any which way on the side of a building.

Each of Luke Kelly’s LED Rope Lighting fixtures is presented differently to accommodate the space where they’re hung. Whether it’s a simple, minimalist bedroom or grandiose, gilded ballroom, Luke Kelly notes, “Every space presents a challenge– from the intimacy of a restaurant to the openness of a hotel lobby to the visibility of storefront, to the privacy of one’s home– our lighting is made for these challenges because customization and adaptability is not an afterthought, it is our focus.”

Designer: Luke Kelly Co

Luke Kelly’s Tracer Loop Collection

Luke Kelly’s Surrey Suspension Collection

The Artemis Suspension pictured above connects to a brass rod and uses a pendant to canopy hang structure.

Luke Kelly’s Leto Suspension forms a straight-line design for a touch elegant minimalism.

The Tracer Bar collection takes a free form design.

The Tracer Swag hangs from U-Bolts.

Here the Tracer Bar is hung from brass rods.

This playful, customizable lamp makes ‘Happiness’ a design feature

If there’s ever a secret to great design, it’s to make something that lingers in your memory. Design a product that finds estate in your mind and you’ve unlocked the holy grail of a product’s “emotional value”, making them something you think about, something you get attached to, and eventually feel nostalgic about. Toys have a unique power of doing this, which is why GI Joes, Barbies, LEGO blocks, Tamagotchis, Beanie Babies, and Mr. Potato Head (or Potato Head, henceforth) have so much emotional value, even today. They’re products that are playful, imaginative, and designed in a way that emotionally attaches you to them. Therefore they’re products you remember and cherish. Mr. Watt, a desk lamp, hopes to take the same route with its friendly, anthropomorphic design.

Mr. Watt is a desk lamp styled like a little humanoid with large eyes that light up when you pat its head. Along with the curious eyes that shine bright enough to illuminate whatever Mr. Watt looks at, the lamp even comes with a positionable head, which means the little guy can look up, down, and sideways, working quite like an adjustable spotlight of sorts. Available in two sizes, Mr. Watt occupies no more than 5×5 inches of space, making it perfect to use as a tabletop lamp, a bedside lamp, or just a light placed anywhere on a shelf in either the living room or a kid’s bedroom. Once assembled (with a cable routed through the base), Mr. Watt becomes a friendly ally that lights up to help you read/study, or navigate the room. To switch it on, all you need to do is pat it on the head and the lamp’s eyes light up (literally!) — keep your hand on its head for a little longer and you can adjust Mr. Watt’s brightness, going from ambient light to full-blown spotlight bright enough to clearly light up a tabletop!

That playful interaction is just one component of Mr. Watt’s happiness-inducing design. The lamp comes with an entire ecosystem of accessories that help give Mr. Watt character. From hairstyles to different headgear, goggles, and even clothes, Mr. Watt can become everything from a hipster coder, an old granny with horn-rimmed glasses and hair tied in a bun, to even pets! This ability to impose a character on Mr. Watt turns it from a lamp into a toy, or rather a totem that holds value. You could name it (think of Mr. Watt as just a placeholder name), give it a backstory, and allow your child to bond with it as they would bond with a toy. This instantly turns Mr. Watt from just another lamp to a lamp that provides a connection, emotional support, and makes empathy and happiness a design feature!

Designers: Norbert Schlotter & DesignNest

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Mr. Watt – Buddy that Brightens Your Day

Mr.Watt is a playful, customizable, dimmable desk lamp with a rotatable head to point light where it’s needed.

Cat and Dog

Mother and Father

Boy and Girl

Powerful Eyes

Mr. Watt eyes are the light source, made with 2 high performance LED puck lights of 180 lumens. These LEDs are made to last, and designed so that they can be changed easily when needed.

Rotatable Head

Mr.Watt’s head can rotate 360 degree horizontally and 60 degree vertically. So, you can smoothly rotate the head to your preferred position, pointing light where it’s needed. This also allows me to express my emotions. Based on the direction Mr.Watt can look happy, sad, curious, or even shy.

Unique Switch

Tap Mr.Watt’s head to turn on the lights. Tap again to turn the lights off. The capacitive sensor in the head recognizes your touch. That means you only have to touch the head, with no need for twisting or turning. Rest your hand on the head and it will either dim or brighten the lights. And when you turn Mr.Watt off and back on, it will remember your previous light setting.


You can change Mr.Watt’s clothes, hairstyle, put on accessories to add a personal touch, reflecting your character or personality.


Click Here to Buy Now: $37 $50 (25% off). Hurry, only 47/100 left!

This Nixie clock and radio with a Hi-Fi speaker is for audiophiles who savor pure vintage!

In times when we all are so accustomed to platter-served music on our cloud streaming services like Spotify or Tidal, the good old radio is the nostalgic detour we need to refresh our mind, body, and soul. Combine that with a steampunk flavor of vintage Nixie tubes + brass trims, and you’ve got a beautiful little box ready to take you on a melodic journey.

The Retio brings the antique 90’s essence of eye-catchy Nixie tubes and the golden appeal of radio listening for people who value retro things in their modern form. Handcrafted in San Francisco Bay Area with profound attention to detail, the radio clock is crafted from American black walnut. It’s embellished with 360 brass dials and corner trims to give it that cool steampunk appeal. The IN-12 Nixie tubes used in each one of these units are sourced from genuine vintage stock collected in the 90s. That single bit makes the Retio unique in its own rights. For audiophiles who appreciate sublime quality, Retio is the one to have in your living room or bedroom. That’s because it comes with support for AUX and Bluetooth connectivity with a Hi-Fi speaker module that is pure bliss for the ears.

Add to that the clock functionality and you are all prepared to get rid of your desk clock, vintage AM/FM radio, and portable speaker for this beautiful piece of vintage accessory. The light from the glowing Nixie tubes will suffice your need to warmly illuminate the corner of your room, so it’s another added advantage of sporting this in your home interiors. I already can’t get enough of this timeless radio clock, can you?

Designer: Retio

Click Here to Buy Now: $349

This glowing orb is filled with the same bioluminescent algae found on glowing beaches

While it may not entirely be possible to travel to those Instagram-worthy glowing beaches, Pyrofarms’ Bio Orb brings that very glowing phenomenon right to you! Behold the Bio Orb, a hand-blown glass sphere filled with seawater and living bioluminescent phytoplankton (dinoflagellates, scientifically speaking). These phytoplankton absorb light during the day and release them at night, but only when agitated. So, gently swirl the orb around and the water comes to life with that mysterious blue glow, looking like you’ve got actual galaxies suspended in the orb!

The glowing algae (or dinoflagellates) are living organisms that follow the circadian clock, like humans, sensing when it’s night time (past sunset). The closer it gets to midnight, the more they shine. They’re pretty easy to take care of too, requiring regular room temperature and moderate light during the day. Apart from presenting you with a mystic light show at night, the algae provide a pretty neat service during the day by absorbing CO2 and other airborne toxins and releasing fresh oxygen to purify your air! Did you know that microalgae are responsible for up to 75% of the oxygen we breathe?! Pretty incredible, isn’t it?? You can grab this natural wonder at a special 20% discount right on the Pyrofarms website using the link below!

Designer: Pyrofarms

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $49 (20% off). Hurry, for a limited time only!

Bioluminescent Bio Orb

The Bioluminescent Bio-Orb is an interactive night light, air purifier, objet d’art, conversation starter and science lesson all in one classic glass sphere.

The Bioluminescent Bio-Orb is filled with bioluminescent dinoflagellates (plant-plankton). Easy to care for, like a house plant, the Bio-Orb will produce natural light at night (bioluminescence) when gently swirled.

Bioluminescence is a natural light produced by living organisms. Dinoflagellates produce bioluminescence as a defense mechanism. Dinoflagellates are at the base of the ocean’s food web. Predators induce bioluminescence when preying on Dinoflagellates. It is hypothesized that the light acts as a burglar alarm to attract a larger predator who will eat the dinoflagellate predator. Dinoflagellates produce blue light because blue light wavelengths are more compact and travel more efficiently through water.

Like many people, dinoflagellates have a circadian clock that helps them discern daytime from nighttime. Dinoflagellates collect light energy during their ‘day cycle’ and produce bioluminescence during their ‘night cycle’. Dinoflagellates will not produce light (bioluminescence) during their daytime cycle. Steady changes to their light conditions will change their day and night cycle.

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Ornate candles that turn your mantelpiece into a miniature landscape!

Named the ‘Tusk Candle’ collection, these decorative candles are inspired by natural motifs: Ivory, tusks, canines, teeth, and other fangs, although when put together, it’s difficult to discount that they look like an undulating landscape of mountains! The Tusk series of candles come made in 100% beeswax with a hemp wick. The hand-casted candles boast of an eye-catching ridged surface that not only lends beauty to the candles, but also helps slow down its burning time, allowing each candle to last for longer. Even when unlit, the candles have a way of brightening a room by how appealing they look. Stack them together and they resemble rocks, mountains, or sand-dunes, giving your tabletop or manteltop surface a raw and calming aesthetic! The candles come unscented, but I do wish they had potpourri fragrances!

Designer: UMÉ Studio

Yanko Design recommends these award-winning lighting designs to brighten your spaces!

We’re kicking off 2021 with inspirational lighting designs to help ‘spark’ your imagination! Perhaps the most ‘lit’ amongst the A’ Design Award’s multiple categories, this list looks at winning designs from the past year, celebrating good design from the year gone by. The Italy-based A’ Design Awards and Competition have always tried to be more than an award, by creating a multi-disciplinary program that rewards designers while also creating an environment that helps designers grow their products as well as careers… And yes, you also win a shiny trophy.

We look at the top Lighting Designs from last year, creating a compilation of what A’ Design’s stellar 218-member international jury panel deemed worthy of winning the A’ Design Award. While we’re at it, do check out what Winning an Award does for your Design Career, and don’t forget to head down to the A’ Design Award and Competition page to register to submit your design entries for the Award. The last date of submission is February 28th, 2021 and the awards will be announced here on YD on April 15th!

Register to participate in the A’ Design Awards now! Hurry, with the final date just 3 weeks away… You still have time to grab yourself an A’ Design Award and make 2021 YOUR year!

01. Mobius Lamp Lamp by Kejun Li, Zhang Jiahua and Nitesh Narappa Re

Inspired by the shape of the Mobius strip, this lamp transforms the 2D strip-design into a 3D form, creating a bending path of light that looks interesting while illuminating a larger area. While Mobius Strips are known to have a single, continuous surface, the Mobius Lamp sacrifices that detail in an effort to create something arguably more interesting. The 3D lamp has a single illuminating surface that twists around wooden veneers, creating something that looks impressive even when it’s switched off!

02. Pluto Lamp by Heitor Lobo Campos for Gantri

Pluto was inspired by telescopes, which use tripods and dynamic but stable forms… however, instead of having a lamp focusing upward and outward (like telescopes), Pluto shines downward, focusing on the earth in general, and your table, specifically. Designed by Heitor Lobo Campos for 3D-printing lighting company Gantri, Pluto’s form is simple and sensible. A cylindrical lamp rests on 3 legs, giving it a small, stable footprint, while a circular ring that extends around the top works as a handle, allowing you to lift the lamp to move it around, while also sort of making it look like a planet with rings around it. Maybe the lamp should have been called Saturn, eh?!

03. Mobius Pendant Lamp Pendant Lamp by Nhi Ton

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you! This is an example of how a single source of inspiration can lead to two incredible (and award-winning) designs! This Mobius Lamp by Nhi Ton uses a pleated paper design to create a visually interesting light source. Unlike the previous Mobius lamp, this one isn’t a stiff, solid design. The paper construction means the lamp can be played with, twisted, pulled, compressed, and manipulated in all directions. Aside from looking visually exquisite, the lamp also introduces a tactile element, which means you don’t just appreciate the lamp with your eyes, you do so with your hands too!

04. Fragrance Lamp Lighting object by Georgiana Ghit

The Fragrance lamp too, is a multisensorial lamp that targets the visual, tactile, as well as the olfactory senses! Perhaps the first lamp I’ve heard of that also was designed to be smelled, the Fragrance Lamp’s shade uses a combination of dried lavender seeds, buds, and a wooden paste to create something that has the texture and consistency of papier-mache, with the aroma of natural essential oils. If dried and preserved correctly, the lamp will never lose its fragrance. Touch it for texture, smell it for perfume, and switch it on to illuminate spaces… the Fragrance Lamp does things not many lamps are capable of doing!

05. Frutta Lamp by Masashi Yamanaka and Kaori Osawa

The name hints at the product’s source of inspiration! Designed to mimic the act of picking a fruit off a tree, the Frutta lamp is an orb-shaped lighting device with an ecosystem of lamp-stands that range from a floor-standing ‘tree’, to a tabletop ‘shrub’, to a fruit tray! The lamp can be mounted (and charged) on any of these stands, and the purpose of the stand is to really drive home the story behind the product while the interaction of ‘plucking’ the fruit reinforces this award-winning lamp’s powerful story!

06. Oplamp Table Lamp by Sapiens Design Studio

The Oplamp has three different avatars within the same body! Its strange shape (reminds me of the Wacom logo) features three intersecting hollow cones, with a lamp at the center. Place the Oplamp any way you want by resting it on any of the three surfaces and the remaining two cones point the light in different directions. The three differently shaped and angled cones allow the light to point in a variety of directions, depending on which cone you use as the base. It’s a clever little trick that allows the Oplamp to be an ambient light, an accent light, or even a table-lamp!

07. Poise Adjustable Table Lamp by Dabi Robert

Minimal, contemporary, flexible – these three words perfectly capture the Poise lamp’s features and its inherent appeal. The adjustable table-lamp has a unique halo-shaped light mounted on a vertical channel that rests on the lamp’s base. With a total of 3 swivel joints at the top and the bottom of the vertical channel, the Poise can be rotated up to 320 degrees and be adjusted in multiple ways, creating a unique combination of geometric forms each time!

08. Wave Lamp by Mario Mazzer

The Wave Lamp isn’t so much about the light itself as it is about how the light reacts to the lamp’s frilly surface. Created using multiple wavy plastic elements, the floor lamp has almost a coral chandelier quality to it. The lamp has a visual duality. When lit, the waves that reflect the light create a suggestive chiaroscuro effect giving the lamp a visual perception of depth which changes depending upon the viewing angle. The light beam sways thanks to the wavy rings of the lamp creating evocative shadows. When switched off, the lamp appears more dense and sculptural.

09. Dorian Architectural Lamp by Marcello Colli

Designed with a dual purpose, the geometric Dorian Lamp comes with a slim metal frame that has an independently rotating disc within it. On one side of the disc is a mirror, while the other is a lamp. Marcello Colli calls the Dorian’s frame and use of geometry essentialist, not minimalist. It’s a way of understanding that every part of the lamp plays an essential role, be it the frame, which holds the main unit aloft, or the rotating disc, which serves as illumination when you need it to, and reflection when you want it to.

10. E Drum Kinetic Electronic Drums Show by Idan Herbet

Easily the most unusual entry in this design round-up, the E Drum also echoes the philosophy of multi-sensorial design. Can light be heard? Surely not, right? But what if I reframe the question… how much of the experience of a musical concert is JUST in the listening? Light plays an incredibly important role in bringing music concerts to life, which is why there’s a euphoria associated with seeing your favorite artist perform on a stage versus listening to them on Spotify. E Drum was created to give the audience an extraordinary experience they had never seen before. Every aspect of the drummer’s performance was re-engineered simply to make it more visual, more dramatic. From the 360° layout (which is designed in a way to make the drums at the back visible too), to the fact that each drum is ring-lit, the E Drum is an audiovisual treat. Moreover, when the drummer hits the beat, it sends a MIDI signal to the light around the drum, creating almost a Guitar Hero-ish experience in real life, where the light dances to the beat of the drums!

Register Here for the A’ Design Awards and Competition 2020-2021: Deadline 28th February 2021

Endlessly modular smart LED panels turn your walls into dynamic light installations!

The year is 2021 and wallpaper has just been rendered obsolete. Meet the Nanoleaf Shapes, a series of slim, smart LED panels that come in geometric shapes and can be connected to one another to create a dynamic work of art on your walls. The modular panels can be used to create shapes, patterns, textures, even text, and they add a touch of color to spaces when off, but completely transform the ambiance of a room when switched on!

The Nanoleaf Shapes are infinitely customizable, like a jigsaw puzzle with no real end-goal. You can create the shape or graphic that you want, and the smart LED panels do the rest of the work. The panels can light up in as many as 16 million different colors, and can be customized within their smartphone app. The LayoutDetect™ feature allows the individual LED panels to identify the shape and layout of your design, and enables them to work in tandem with each other, behaving as a singular lighting unit. Once connected, you an use the panels as mere ambient lights, although they’re capable of much more. The smart LED panels work via touch, and can instantly be transformed into an interactive installation that changes hues when you touch any of the panels. Alternatively, they can connect to your smart speaker and change colors to the rhythm of the music you play, or better still, connect them to a television and activate the Match mode to make them light up with hues from your screen, turning your wall green when you watch a football match, blue when you watch an ocean documentary, or dynamically shift colors as you watch a movie! Your walls and room will never look dull again! And with 16 million colors to choose from, they definitely shouldn’t!

Designer: Nanoleaf Shapes

This ultra modern tiny home comes with a full-sized kitchen and high ceilings to make it feel anything but tiny!

The recent surge in popularity over tiny homes is arguably the best thing to come out of 2020. Just the other day I noticed a tiny home in mint condition parked right in front of a house for sale and I couldn’t help but consider making the switch myself. Tiny homes on wheels are ideal for smaller families, single households, or couples hoping to ditch lifestyles filled with excess for a type of tiny living that makes thriftiness and sustainability their top priorities. Living Big in a Tiny House, a YouTube channel that documents those who have successfully made the jump from large-scale city living to eco-conscious tiny living, recently showcased a couple’s tiny home in Australia that doesn’t feel so tiny.

Just like the rest of us, Matt and Lisa of Tailored Tiny Co. have been dreaming about tiny homes for quite some time and Living Big in a Tiny House caught up with them soon after they constructed one of their own. Nestled high above an Australian forest, Matt and Lisa’s jet-black, two-floor tiny home was constructed by the couple with help from a few friends. The tiny home’s black metal siding surely stands out, but amidst high eucalyptus treetops, it offers a more inconspicuous appeal, tying it up artfully with recycled hardwood trimming for the home’s protruding gables. Matt and Lisa’s home-on-wheels measures almost 30 feet in length and just about eight feet in width – the ceiling reaches sweeping heights of 14 feet, slightly above average for the conventional tiny home. But then tiny homes are anything but conventional. Coming from a builder’s background, the couple brought modern amenities to their tiny home such as cable, electricity, and running water, as well as a few playful outdoor features like an attached cat’s run.

Walking through the home’s front door, it’s obvious that Matt and Lisa took full advantage of the interior space to include a spacious den, bathroom, dual storage area, and full kitchen. The den features a roomy loveseat and flat screen, along with a biophilic lighting fixture that laces plantlife between grids on a recycled steel barricade. At the opposite end of the home’s single hallway, the bathroom is impressive for a tiny home as it appears larger than most – broad mirrors reflect the bathroom’s double-door shower – and comes equipped with an underground septic system to provide flush for the toilet. Matt and Lisa also enjoy a full kitchen with a deep sink, compact dishwasher, four-burner gas stove, and microwave on one side, and then an oven and refrigerator merge snugly into the open space beneath the staircase. Occupying the full 14-feet available, Matt and Lisa integrated a cozy loft, where the master’s king-sized bed for Matt and Lisa and the guest loft are kept. Plenty of skylights also offer warm, natural lighting to permeate the home and an expansive outdoor deck provides this tiny home with enough space to accommodate visitors. And yes, we’d like to visit, please.

Designer: Tailored Tiny Co.

This furniture system can furnish your entire room just by repurposing stainless steel cable ties!

Cable ties are those flexible fastening strips that bend back and forth like those blow-up air dancers that hang around drive-thru oil changes and car washes. Nowadays, they’re typically made from nylon or plastic and are used to help organize and hold together bunches of cables. Around their conception in 1958, they were initially cut from stainless steel and invented for use in airplanes as wire harnesses. Today, the designers at South Korea-based Dawn Studio have returned to the cable tie’s initial form in order to use the stainless steel metal strips as fasteners for a new interior furniture system.

In order to construct Dawn’s Cable Furniture, the creatives at Dawn Studio essentially take the unused cable ties that bind various items together like delivery shipment boxes or bunches of cables and use them instead to fasten parts of furniture together. For example, the system’s featured side table is constructed by looping stainless steel cable ties through laser-cut slits found on the tabletop and its legs, forming a simple and sturdy table. The furniture system’s easy assembly makes it possible to build other furniture variations like umbrella holders and lighting fixtures. Following a similar construction process as the side table, the build of Dawn’s Cable Furniture’s lighting fixtures is slightly more complex. In order to fit sockets and varying bulb sizes, the metallic slabs that form each lamp’s covers are adapted to promote optimal lighting. In addition to these more fundamental furniture pieces, Dawn Cable furniture features a clock built from joined stainless steel cable ties that employ nuts and bolts to form the clock’s center dial. With Dawn’s Cable Furniture, users can create monochromatic vanity spaces or moody nighttime reading nooks.

The evolution of a product design often seems to mirror the changing needs of its users, but when it comes to single-use items like cable ties, the pursuit for durability is usually abandoned for an overall less costly production process. Recognizing the untapped potential of stainless steel cable ties, the team at Dawn Studio sought to transform the product’s single-use identity, turning them instead into permanent fasteners that hold entire furniture systems together.

Designer: DAWN Studio

These air-ventilated and soundproof modular meeting room are here to improve those laggy Zoom meetings!

Work meetings during the age of COVID-19 have changed. Despite all of the memes about sitting in a meeting that could have been an email, the acute need for collaborative workspaces remains. The value of in-person collaboration has become that much more obvious with the onset of stay-and-work from home orders and teams of designers across the globe have issued solutions that both address and transcend the immediate needs brought on by the pandemic. The creatives at Room, a design firm dedicated to rethinking the modern workplace, developed their own solution for the changing needs of the modern workplace with their latest modular meeting room design.

ROOM’s Meeting Room is a soundproof and air-ventilated external collaborative pod that can be placed almost anywhere in order to provide a meeting space that works for business meetings or presentations that require privacy. Silent fans located in The Meeting Room’s roof provide silent air-ventilation to keep the air fresh and moving for longer work meetings. Built as a prefabricated office pod, The Meeting Room comes equipped with all the office essentials such as a whiteboard, round table, integrated powerbox for charging, and even storage units like shelves and wooden boxes. The Meeting Room can be placed in any setting from preexisting office spaces to crowded spacious coffeeshops and it requires no construction for assembly. Just like those old phone booths, The Meeting Room provides a soundproof space with 27 decibels of outside noise reduction so that it can operate as a private working space or conference room for confidential matters. The Meeting Room’s powerbox comes complete with 3 AC outlets, two USB-A ports, one USB-C port, two CAT6 data ports, 1 HDMI port, and a camera connection for its Jabra’s 180-degree PanaCast. Additionally, the external pod’s lighting can be adjusted for dimming or brightening to fit different types of collaboration such as presentations or brainstorming.

In-person collaboration cannot be replaced by technological developments or virtual workdays, but while some try and figure out the ways by which it can be, adaptive workplace designs like the modular Meeting Room from ROOM offer a physical means for collaboration in the meantime. Outfitted to be a microcosm of the office buildings we’ve grown accustomed to, The Meeting Room delivers the conveniences that come with them and promotes both the economic sensibility and sustainability that comes with thinking modular.

Designer: ROOM

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