Govee Christmas String Lights Review: It’s a Holiday Everyday


  • Tons of fun and dynamic smart features for any holiday or occasion

  • Simple discreet design is perfect for installing anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors

  • Very affordable price tag


  • No dedicated pure white color

  • Silver cable stands out against some colors and trees

  • Adapter only has IP44 dust and water resistance




The Govee Christmas String Lights offer delightful light shows, smart features, and great value all year round.

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again, and if you haven’t already set up some lights before Halloween, you are most likely already planning how you’d decorate your homes for the holidays. There is no shortage of lighting options available, both smart and traditional, but the majority of them have one flaw in common. They lose their appeal after the holiday season has come and gone, making their setup and cleanup feel a little more work than they’re worth. The new Govee Christmas String Lights clearly have “Christmas” in their name, but their design and functions make them sound appealing no matter the season. That’s why we took these colorful lights for a spin to check if they check all the right boxes not just for a festive Christmas atmosphere but also for all-year-round smart lighting.

Designer: Govee

Click Here to Buy Now: $89.99


Traditional Christmas lights come in fairy or rice light designs, which are great for spinning around trees or hanging from windows and roofs, but not much else. The very visible bulbs that protrude from the main cord make them look too conspicuous and difficult to hide in plain sight. In contrast, the 100 or 200 lamp beads (depending on which length you purchase) that make up the Govee Christmas String Lights are almost integrated with the braided cable, making them almost invisible unless you take a closer look. That cable’s design is also quite discrete and plain, making it easier to install the lights almost anywhere.

That said, the Govee Christmas String Lights cable comes in only a single white or silver color. That means it will be able to match many walls or backdrops, and it looks great on a white Christmas tree. A black cable might actually be easier to hide in most contexts, but black doesn’t really come off as a festive color, which is why most Christmas lights go for either green or white.

When the lights are off, the Govee Christmas String Lights are admittedly a rather plain and boring sight, indistinguishable from others of its kind. Fortunately, that perception immediately disappears once the lights are turned on, thanks to each bead’s ability to display one of 16 million possible colors courtesy of Govee’s RGBIC and Uni-IC Control Technology. That already makes these lights give a dazzling display of colors from the get-go, but no owner is going to be satisfied with just displaying static colors. Fortunately, Govee’s true strength lies not just in the quality of the lights themselves but in the smart and fun controls they offer, as we’ll soon see.


Before you’re able to enjoy the light show, however, you have to set them up first, and we’re happy to report that handling the Govee Christmas String Lights is as easy as pie. There’s almost no effort involved if you’ll just be coiling it around a Christmas tree, but you’ll have to do a bit of planning if you’ll be hanging them elsewhere. Unlike Govee’s other string or rice lights, these don’t come with hooks or mounts for walls or ceilings, so you’ll have to take care of those yourself. The control box does have a pre-installed adhesive for quickly sticking it to flat surfaces.

If there’s one important factor you’ll have to consider, it would be the fixed length of the lights, which come in 33ft or 66ft variants. There’s no way to physically connect two or more string lights into a single unit, so you’ll want to make sure before you buy what length you’ll be needing for your installation. The 66ft length, for example, is good enough to cover a Christmas tree 5-6ft in height, or 7ft at most.

Once the physical labor is done, all that’s left is connecting the lights to your home network, which is what opens the door to all of the lights’ nifty features. If you’ve had any sort of experience setting up smart lights and smart speakers, this process will be familiar and easy. The Govee Home app itself, which acts as your remote control, is easy to use and intuitive, making the use of the lights just as enjoyable as watching them.


The Govee Christmas String Lights’ strengths come from two areas. The first is the bright and colorful lights that the beads give off, so bright that even the lowest intensity can still be a bit uncomfortable if you put it around your bed’s headrest. Govee’s RGBIC technology shows off millions of colors, except perhaps pure white. Without a dedicated white chip, the lights can only make do with an approximation of white mixed from RGB colors, which results in off-white or even warm white hues. It’s not exactly a deal-breaker unless you’re aiming for a pure white Christmas kind of theme.

Admittedly, a lot of Christmas lights can boast those same colorful feats, but where the Govee Christmas String Lights really shine (pardon the pun) is in the smart features. You can connect it to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for completely hands-free voice-controlled operations, but that’s really just scratching the surface of what the lights are capable of. The Govee Home app reveals the full breadth of features available in every string of light, features that take it beyond being a seasonal decoration.

For example, there are more than 99 preset scene modes that apply dynamic effects to make sure the patterns and rhythms never go stale, whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, or even Valentine’s. The built-in mic in the control box enables Music and Game modes that make the lights sync to the beat or react to children’s clapping, turning the light show into an interactive experience. There’s even DreamView, that makes different Govee lights operate in unison without any extra accessory.

The string lights as well as the control box are also IP65 rated, which means they’re also fit for outdoor use. The adapter, however, isn’t waterproof, so you’ll have to make sure to keep it tucked away safely. With all these smart features, the Govee Christmas String Lights have something to offer any time of the year, whether it’s lighting up parties or simply jazzing up your house to make you the envy of the neighborhood.


The Govee Christmas String Lights are made from your typical collection of plastic and other synthetic materials, not unlike any other string lights in the market. And like any LED lamp, once busted there is no way to replace it, especially with the cable’s design. That doesn’t bode well when it comes to sustainability, but the product does have one saving grace in this regard: its longevity.

Despite its name, Govee made these string lights fit for use in all seasons and under many weather conditions. That IP65 dust and water resistance rating helps it survive downpours, and the simple design makes it easy to hide the lights underneath some cover or protection. And thanks to its versatile functions, its use extends beyond just one or two seasons, so you are really getting your money’s worth.


With so many Christmas lights to choose from, it can be a daunting experience looking for that elusive perfect one. You might be tempted to just grab any box off the shelf until you remember that the last one barely lasted a year. And then there are those fascinating smart lights that promise dozens of enticing features but then slap you with a three-digit price tag.

Like many of Govee’s products, the Govee Christmas String Lights buck the trend to deliver a product that is not only talented but also accessible to everyone. The lights sell for only $59.99 and $89.99, for the 33ft and 66ft lengths, respectively, and that’s without discounts and sales that happen quite frequently. But even at full price, you’re getting a bright, colorful, and smart lighting solution that goes beyond just a single holiday, making that amount an investment that will last you for years.


The holiday season is the best time to throw a splash of colors both outside and inside your house, but that doesn’t have to be the only time either. Sure, you only bring out the Christmas tree once a year, but your walls, windows, and room could also use a bit of lively lights any night. Most Christmas lights, unfortunately, look awkward outside of the holidays, presuming they even last that long. The Govee Christmas String Lights is clearly an outlier, and one that bears noting this time of the year and beyond.

Of course, it is designed with Christmas festivities in mind, and it definitely excels in that regard. The bright, colorful LED beads deliver an unparalleled number of colors that really paint your tree, your room, or your house with the colors of the season. Smart features not only make controlling the lights easier, but they also make them fun with the likes of Music Mode and Game Mode. What makes these lights truly noteworthy, however, is how both its design and its features can fit any occasion, holiday, or setting. Whether you’re dressing up the living room for Christmas, giving the lawn a spooky atmosphere for Halloween, or simply giving your house a colorful makeover each night, the Govee Christmas String Lights has got you covered all year round.

Click Here to Buy Now: $89.99

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This glass and marble lamp creates an air of mystery and harmony with contrasting materials

Think of a lamp and you will probably immediately imagine a bulb on a metal pole, a circular base, and a conical lampshade. More modern designs often involve simpler geometric shapes like bars with rotating arms. Of course, there’s a wide world of lamp designs that cater to an equally wide range of needs and tastes. Some even tell stories with their forms, materials, and production. This beautiful lamp, for example, exudes an ethereal character as well as a sense of timelessness, two different properties brought together in graceful harmony thanks to the interplay of contrasting elements made in very different ways.

Designer: Omar Godínez for Peca Estudio

Some materials carry a distinctive character simply by their very nature. Rock is hard and unmoving, wood is warm and tactile, and paper is light and flexible. Some materials even stand diametrically opposed to each other, but just like many things in nature, sometimes complement each other so perfectly that it almost feels like they were made for each other from the start.

The Talla Lamp is a gorgeous design born of that duality, combining the ethereal fragility of glass with the timeless memory of marble. One feels like it would break at the slightest force, while the other would break other things instead. And yet the spherical glass sits calmly and gracefully on top of the marble prism, fitting snugly in each other’s embrace. The small bulb inside creates an otherworldly light that shines through the tinted glass and casts eerie shadows on the marble stand, illuminating and mesmerizing at the same time.

The glass half of the lamp has its own story to tell. It is made using free-blown techniques that make each piece truly unique. That complements the marble base, made using more mechanical methods, whose patterns also differ from block to block. As such, each Talla lamp carries its own character and story, a subtle nod to the personal stories we ourselves make every day in our life’s journey.

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Lush’s Bath Bot brings the bath bomb to a digital level

Taking a bath is a functional experience that we all have almost every day. There are of course people who get bored when in the shower or in the bath tub so they do something else like singing in the shower, listening to music or podcasts, or even having a mini dance party just to relieve the routine. If you have a bathtub, adding a bath bomb every once in a while can make you feel like you’re at a bubble party. What if you could have all of these experiences using just one device?

Designer: Lush

Lush is a brand that you wouldn’t normally associate with gadgets or devices but it is closely co-related with taking a bath. They are set to release their very own “digital bath bomb” called Bath Bot which will be able to give you a “custom light, sound, and colour experience” whenever you take a bath. Basically it’s the same size and shape of their bath bombs but is actually a water-proof speaker that you can put in the bathtub with you or on the sink near your shower if you don’t have a bathtub.

The Bath Bot will give you a 180-degree sound show so you can play your favorite music or audio book or podcast while enjoying a bath. If you want more of a colorful mode, you can also get full-spectrum multi-directional lights so you can have your very own spa or rave experience, whichever end of the spectrum you want. There are several colors available including lavender, pink, red, green, blue, etc. You can also have tiny bubbles fizzing across the speaker if you want even more of a multi-sensory experience.

The devices themselves are just available in two colorways: white or black. But you have several modes available like Rave Mode, Fun Mode, and Sleepy Mode, all of which you can adjust in the Lush app which also has podcasts and playlists. I don’t get bored when taking a bath but this just take my bathing experience to a whole new level.

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The Chapeaux Light Manages To Disappear From Sight While Grabbing Your Attention

Lighting designs are no longer boring little pieces that simply illuminate your home, without adding any oomph to it. They’re not simply typically designed objects but are in fact well-designed lighting fixtures that add some sparkle and personality to your home while lighting it up. I mean, of course, they need to be functional and practical, but they also need to have some aesthetic and visual appeal. And a unique lighting design that I would recommend for your home is the Chapeaux Light!

Designer: Rodolfo Dordoni for Foscarini

Designed by the late Rodolfo Dordoni, the Chapeaux Table Lamp is deemed worthy to be part of a magic show. Produced by Foscarini, the Chapeaux Table Lamp is an enchanting and captivating lighting fixture that will grab your attention with its unique design that is built using three main parts. One of the focal features of the lamp is the transparent pyrex body which is accentuated with a cylindrical steam that widens up at both ends. The bottom section supports and stabilizes the lamp while the top embraces the hat diffuser. Once the lamp is switched on, the entire body is highlighted with pretty subtle reflections.

The second element of the lamp which is also pretty interesting is the floating light source. The floating light source was specially created by Foscarini, ensuring that it subtly conceals all the technical bits, while also providing the lamp with a simple and m minimal form. The lamp also includes a freely placed hat, which lends the design its name. The hat is placed without interlocks, and putting all these components together, it almost seems as if the lamp disappears mysteriously while also grabbing your attention.

The Chapeaux Lamp is available in three varied configurations. The most minimal design is the Chapeaux M, which features a hat reflector in metal, making it a great fit for workspaces. The Chapeaux V features coated blown glass which produces warm ambient lighting. The third configuration is the Chapeaux P which includes a bone china hat that filters light, providing the design with a subtle and delicate illumination.

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Lamps that Simulate Natural Sunlight to Help You Cope with Seasonal Affective Disorder

When you don’t spend a lot of time outdoors and therefore you don’t get enough natural light, there are times when this can affect your mood or your mental health in general. Especially during seasons when the days are short and the nights are long, people get affected with things like SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and other conditions affected by lack of natural light. Light therapy is one of the things suggested by professionals and there are some products out there that are the next best thing to natural light if you can’t get it.

Designer: Bios

There are a couple of lamps out there called Skyview that can be used as part of your light therapy but are also aesthetically pleasing. Bios has designed these lamps according to “documented scientific research” which means it is able to simulate exposure to sunlight even when you’re just inside your home and the sun is not actually out. The way the lamps look are also more natural in a home setting so it doesn’t feel weird or out of place whether in your living room, bedroom, or your work area.

As the day progresses, the lamp can also be programmed to adjsut to the time of day and the natural light outside in terms of brightness and light temperature but at a more comfortable rate than when you’re actually outside under the glare of the sun. It is also able to adapt the spectrum of natural light with all its colors and even simulate the light when it shines above the horizon.

There are two models available for the Skyview lamps. One is a taller model at 20.7 inches and has a handblown glass globe while the smaller and cheaper one is at 11.6 inches and has a diffused polycarbonate globe design. Both have 1,302 lumens LED brightness and have a die-cast aluminum base. It is also able to have around 50,000 hours lifespan and has an 80 color rendering index score. The taller one or the Skyview 2 Pro is priced at $949 while the Skyview 2 model is available for $449.

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Create your own dazzling Christmas light show the easy way with Govee Smart Lighting

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again when houses burst into a dozen twinkling colors to greet the season and bring on the holiday cheer. But while the nighttime light show may be a wonder to behold, the preparation and installation of these colorful lights isn’t as glamorous as the final result might look like. Setting up strip lights, fairy lights, and other kinds of fixtures can often be laborious, and orchestrating these separate segments can be a mind-boggling puzzle that takes the joy out of the celebration. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way now that we live in the age of smart lighting. With Govee’s selection of outdoor and indoor lights, you can upgrade your Christmas decor the smart way and look like a technology wizard in front of your family and friends as you conduct the lights to the beat of the music.

Designer: Govee

Click Here to Buy Now:

Permanent Outdoor Lights Pro: $699.99.
Christmas Strip Lights: $59.99.
Curtain Lights: $129.99.
Outdoor Lights Show Box: $39.99.

The traditional method of setting up Christmas lights has always been to string waterproof lights outside and then drape some fairy lights down curtains or across walls. While these can turn out to be quite nice, the amount of work needed to accomplish that is just too much to ask for, especially for something that might only be usable for a few months each year. And then there’s the fact that these disparate pieces of lighting don’t really work well together, leaving you with either static or random flashes of light that don’t exactly inspire or captivate. Those boring Christmas lights are now a thing of the past thanks to how Govee provides an effortless way to set up and be the conductor of your own light show, whether indoors, outdoors, or both!

Create lighting effects that bring unforgettable holiday cheer!

Want to be the envy of your entire neighborhood? Then create an outdoor light extravaganza with Govee’s finest selection of weather-ready smart lighting solutions. Just in time for the holidays, the new Govee Christmas String Lights create the perfect cheerful atmosphere with its bright lights and adjustable colors, with each bead supporting 16 million colors to let you really go to town with all the hues available for the eyes to enjoy. With Uni-IC Control technology, you don’t have to settle for fixed blinking patterns and go wild with a wide variety of lighting effects and game modes to entertain your family and your guests. That includes asking Alexa or Google Assistant to turn the Christmas lights on or off for you. And with an IP65 dust and water resistance rating for the Control Box and the String Light itself, you don’t have to worry about white or wet Christmases either.

Govee Christmas String Lights transform your space into a stunning festive scene. This set of lights has adjustable colors and brightness levels to create the most cheerful ambiance for any occasion.

Christmas may only come once a year, but the enchanting effect of bright colorful lights happens all year round. With the new Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights Pro, you can dazzle the town with your orchestrated light show not only this Christmas but on every holiday that comes after. The RGBIC technology not only delivers bright intensities but also 16 million colors you can play with like an artist with their paint. The triangular lighting effect that each light produces gives your roofs and walls a distinct character you won’t find in typical Christmas lights. With an easy installation process and IP67 waterproof rating for the lights and adapter (IP65 for the control box), you don’t have to stress over having to remove the lights once the holidays are over so that you can enjoy the beauty and security that these lights bring 365 night of the year.

Discover a stunning light show with Govee RGBIC Curtain Lights. With 520 LEDs, you can create dynamic lighting effects and customize your own DIY light show. Add a special touch to any evening with these dazzling lights.

If you want a more intimate light show indoors, the Govee Curtain Lights is the perfect solution to add an accent to any room. The 520 tear-shaped light beads deliver a dazzling array of colors that you can control to your heart’s content. Sit back and relax with hands-free voice controls and dozens of pre-made scenes for every occasion, or let loose your creative side and use the Govee Curtain Lights as your DIY art canvas to display your choice of images or even animated GIFs. With DreamView and Music Modes, you can let the beads dance to the music or have them interact with other Govee lights in your home. And because the lights are IP65-rated (IP64 for the adapter), these curtain lights can also be used for an entertaining outdoor light display, whether there’s a special occasion or not.

The Govee outdoor light show box can control up to 10 devices with accurate sound pickup. Other features include preset scene modes and music modes for the best in music synchronization.

It only takes a few taps in the Govee app’s Dreamview function to sync all the Govee lights together and create the light show. For outdoor light shows, you can use the Govee Outdoor Light Show Box, allowing you to control up to multiple devices like a skillful conductor guiding an orchestra of different instruments. A single Light Show Box can connect up to 10 Govee lights using Bluetooth and the Govee Home App, syncing them to create festive indoor and outdoor shows thanks to a library of 22 music modes and 18 scene modes. With an IP65 and a rechargeable 2500mAh battery that gives it 12 hours of use on a single charge, the Govee Outdoor Light Show Box makes it effortless to orchestrate your fancy light party out in the yard. Indoor light decoration can also be turned into a light show with Govee Dreamview. Ignite the Christmas vide with all the dazzling light show at the corner of your house.

Smart lights don’t have to be boring, static fixtures that do nothing more than just illuminate your house. With the Govee Light Show collection, not only can you light up your house, you can also bring it to life with a dazzling display of colors that seem to dance to a magical beat. Whether indoors or outdoors, Christmastime or every time, Govee’s innovative, easy-to-install, and vibrant smart lights are guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

Click Here to Buy Now:

Permanent Outdoor Lights Pro: $699.99.
Christmas Strip Lights: $59.99.
Curtain Lights: $129.99.
Outdoor Lights Show Box: $39.99.

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Top 10 Lighting Designs That Will Shine The Brightest In Your Home

Gone are the days when lighting designs were boring and typically designed objects that did nothing but add light to a living space. A well-designed lighting fixture should not only have the ability to illuminate any living space but also add that extra oomph factor! I mean, of course, we need them to see in the dark, but as highly functional as they should be, a lighting fixture also needs to be aesthetically pleasing, adding an attractive and visually soothing element to your home or office space. From a ghost-like chandelier to sleek lighting designs that incorporate wireless charging trays– these unique lighting designs are what you need to elevate your living or working space!

1. Sunne Light

Dubbed the Sunne light, this unique self-powered solar light is called the Sunne light, and it harvests sunlight during the day to illuminate your home at night. It is an extraordinary sunlight-mimicking lamp that not only collects solar energy but also powers itself using that energy.

Why is it noteworthy?

The Sunne light has been equipped with photovoltaic cells and is meant to be hung in front of a window. The suspended lighting fixture collects solar energy through the entirety of the day, and at night it utilizes this energy to illuminate your home. It features an integrated battery that stores the solar energy it collects and hence eliminates any reliance on an external or additional power source.

What we like

  • It not only collects solar energy but uses that to power itself
  • The lamp remains suspended in the air, so doesn’t occupy any precious real estate in your home

What we dislike

  • Heavy price tag
  • Since the lamp is suspended, it could be difficult to clean and maintain

2. Soft Serve Lamp

Named the Soft Serve Lamp, this adorable-looking lamp resembles a swirly ice cream, and is 3D-printed to create a unique dessert-shaped form.

Why is it noteworthy?

The Soft Serve lamp is 3D-printed using a bioplastic that is made from recycled food packaging. 3D printing is utilized to create the unique swirling shape of the lamp. It is available in a range of cute sorbet colors.

What we like

  • Made to order, making the production process quick and sustainable

What we dislike

  • The lamp seems more aesthetic than functional

3. The Madco Table Lamp

Created by Italian designer Elisa Ossino for the Japanese brand Ambientec, the Madco Table Lamp is designed to be a subtle and minimalistic recreation of festive Japanese lanterns.

Why is it noteworthy?

The lamp is designed to be portable, and it can be recharged using a UBC-C. The designer says that you should take the lamp outside, as it is waterproof, and will create a pretty and intriguing interplay with plants. It can be hung from its handle as well!

What we like

  • Portable and flexible design
  • Adds a pop of color to your home

What we dislike

  • The design looks a bit fragile and easily breakable

4. Emotional Lab Light

Dubbed the Emotional Lab Light, this unique and ethereal-looking lighting design was created by interior designer Hania Jneid. Jneid was inspired by chemistry sets, and she drew influence from them to create her eclectic and elaborate floor lamp.

Why is it noteworthy?

The Emotional Lab floor lamp includes a tall and slender metal lamp that provides support to multiple beaker-like glass vessels that illuminate any space they’re placed into with a warm and inviting flow.

What we like

  • Influenced by the designer’s childhood memories of chemistry lab

What we dislike

  • Looks easily breakable and fragile, and not very moveable

5. Ghost Chandelier

Designed by 101 Copenhagen, the Ghost Chandelier is ghostly, ghoulish, and yet insanely graceful. There is something simply so alluring about the lighting design, that you can’t help but be mesmerized by it.

Why is it noteworthy?

Created by Kristian Sofus Hansen and Tommy Hyldahl of NORR11 for the Danish design studio, the artistic lighting design intends to cast a myriad range of shapes and patterns in your home. The stunning piece is inspired by minimalist art.

What we like

  • Looks different from different angles and viewpoints
  • Creates a seductive and moody ambiance

What we dislike

  • Looks difficult to clean and maintain

6. Handmaid Table Lamp

The Handmaid Table Lamp or Night Light perfectly captures the joy of crafting paper cones as a child and transforms it into a functional and good-looking household object.

Why is it noteworthy?

Besides being an aesthetically pleasing decor piece, the table lamp is a fun DIY project to do at home. You can assemble it within a few seconds using the clever clip-on mechanism that makes folding and assembling it quite simple.

What we like

  • DIY design that is simple and fun to put together
  • Creates a warm and inviting atmosphere

What we dislike

  • It’s a concept, so we don’t know how the actual product will turn out to be
  • No options in color and size

7.  Current Task Light

Designed by UK-based Jones and Partners, the Current Task Light is yet another addition to the studio’s portfolio of simple, minimalist, and highly functional products.

Why is it noteworthy?

The award-winning task lighting + charging concept is a multifunctional product to aid in your daily multitasking and is perfectly complementary to both residential and commercial spaces.

What we like

  • Allows coworkers to plug their devices across a large desk while working together

What we dislike

  • It’s a concept right now, so we don’t know how the final product will turn out

8. Hexa Light

The Hexa Light is designed to be a ‘horizontal chandelier’ that can be attached to your ceiling like a 2D fixture rather than a 3D one. It illuminates a place very well, while also transforming your ceiling into a canvas for its unique patterns.

Why is it noteworthy?

The inspiration behind Hexa Light traces its roots to traditional Iranian architectural decorations. The design’s geometric pattern, reminiscent of “Girih” and “miniature” motifs, showcases intricate interlaced strapwork patterns.

What we like

  • A unique and mesmerizing blend of cultural iconography and modern technology

What we dislike

  • Space-consuming design not intended for smaller homes

9. Matin Lamp

Designed by Inga Hempe, the Matin Lamp is a contemporary and modern interpretation of a common lighting fixture that uses a steel wire frame to condense the form to its most basic.

Why is it noteworthy?

Its unique pleated lampshade gives a distinctive character to the product, creating a play of shapes and shadows that contrast with its plain block of color.

What we like

  • The lamp is a harmonious contrast of order and chaos with repeating patterns of flowers, petals, and leaves

What we dislike

  • The lamp may be too quirky and eclectic for some

10. Nebula Desk Lamp

The Nebula Desk Lamp was designed by COG Design Studio in partnership with the lighting brand Bonakia by building a basic yet defined form of lighting via repetition, transformation, and an innovative combination of distinctive geometric shapes.

Why is it noteworthy?

The Nebula Desk Lamp was designed by giving a subtle and formative beauty to flat shapes using three-dimensional changes in direction and bending. This creates a refreshed and interesting form for a lighting design, by simply playing around with various geometric figures, and imparting them with an emotional aesthetic.

What we like

  • The innovative design gives the impression of a nebula in space, which lends the design its name

What we dislike

  • There is no option to change/customize the design as needed

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Innovative & Playful Blown-Glass Wall Light Will Add A Pop Of Fun To Your Living Room

Gone are the days when lighting designs were boring and typically designed objects that did nothing but add light to a living space. A well-designed lighting fixture should not only have the ability to illuminate any living space but also add that extra oomph factor! I mean, of course, we need them to see in the dark, but as highly functional as they should be, a lighting fixture also needs to be aesthetically pleasing, adding an attractive and visually soothing element to your home or office space. And, a super cool lighting design for your home would be the Poke Wall Light by Daniel Emma for Jam.

Designer: Daniel Emma for Jam

Launched by Australian craft organization JamFactory, the Jam is a collection of furniture, lighting, and objects, which includes a stunning blown-glass Poke wall light. The wall light is designed by the Adelaide-based studio Daniel Emma. The Jam collection is described as being “uniquely Australian”, and the Poke light is “innovative and playful” by the JamFactory. The collection is designed to add a “pop of fun and color” to the walls of your home.

The Poke wall light is built using glass blown in JamFactory’s glass studio in Adelaide, Australia. The wall light is equipped with an organically shaped sphere and is available in rosy Apricot or greyish Tourmaline color, with a small cylindrical roster diffuser protruding in the center. The spheres are given a wobbly shape, each with its own unique form since the glass is blown freely. The lamps are used together in a group, creating a charming space, in a hallway or dining space, or on the sides of your bed.

The Poke wall light is available in a clear or frosted finish, with a simple minimalist form that is perfect for both classic and contemporary interiors. You can pick the finish that perfectly matches your living space, to add an ethereal and elegant lighting element to your home. You could also add other designs from the Jam collection, to create a living space that perfectly represents your personal taste.

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The Adorable Soft Serve Lamp Was Designed To Look Like A Swirly Ice Cream

Gone are the days when lighting designs were boring and typically designed objects that did nothing but add light to a living space. A well-designed lighting fixture should not only have the ability to illuminate any living space but also add that extra oomph factor! I mean, of course, we need them to see in the dark, but as highly functional as they should be, a lighting design also needs to be aesthetically pleasing, adding an attractive and visually soothing element to your home or office space. And, one such unique lighting design I came across is the Soft Serve Lamp – which quite literally looks what it sounds like!

Designer: Crème Atelier

Designed by Stockholm design studio Crème Atelier, the Soft Serve lamp was created to mimic a “swirly ice cream”, and is available in a range of adorable sorbet colors. The Soft Serve lamp is 3D-printed and is inspired by pastries and desserts, which in my opinion makes a great source of inspiration for lighting designs.

“We find that baked goods and desserts have very captivating shapes and forms,” said Crème Atelier co-founder Jacqueline Kessidis. “We were very intrigued by the creamy organic shapes of meringue and soft serve ice cream,” she added. “Soft serve lamp is inspired by the swirly ice creams and we like to compare the 3D printer with an ice cream machine.”

As mentioned before, the Soft Serve lamp is 3D-printed using a bioplastic that is made from recycled food packaging. 3D printing is utilized to create the unique swirling shape of the lamp. All the lamps are made to order, which makes the entire production method pretty swift and sustainable according to the agency. “Our starting point was to find a sustainable material and that’s how we found our way to 3D printing as a production method,” said Kessidis. “The biggest advantage is definitely the fact that you can go from an idea to holding the physical object in your hand just hours later.”

The Soft Serve lamp is available in two versions – a ceiling and table lamp version. It is also sold in a variety of colorful colors including pastel pinks, blues, and bright yellow.

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Desk and wall lamp brings mood lighting and productivity in one

When most of the world was in lockdown and working from home became the normal, the lines between rest and work became more blurred than ever. I would often find myself in bed trying to work but ending up watching k-dramas. Or when I’m supposed to be sleeping, I would still be catching up with work that I missed because I was slacking off. While things seem to be getting back to normal now, there are still lines that are sometimes a bit blurred.

Designer: Teixeira Design Studio for Gantri

Because of these blurred lines, we are seeing products now that are designed to serve dual purposes, whether it’s for productivity and/or relaxation. If you find yourself staying in bed most of the time and you need a lamp that can be both relaxing and also let you work properly, this new collaboration between Gantri and Teixeira Design Studio may be the one you’re looking for. Fold is a 3D-printed lamp that is able to cast its light downwards and upwards so it can serve as a functional lamp and for mood lighting as well.

The Fold Wall Light creates mood lighting because of its upward, diffused glow but since it also has a downward light, you can use it for times when you need to actually work and be productive. You don’t need to turn on/off or adjust anything as the design itself brings the two kinds of light together. It is also space-saving as it can be mounted on the wall or placed on a side table or a small desk. The fact that it can provide both direct light and ambient light means you can save up on having multiple lamps as well.

The lamp also has a minimalist look so it can fit into your room whatever the look you’re going for is. As a desk lamp, it looks a bit bulkier than when placed on the wall although it’s still more space-saving than most other desk lamps. I don’t know if I would really want a lamp that can be both for work and for relaxation as it defeats the purpose or at least the illusion of work-life balance.

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