Lamps designed to improve your desk setup’s productivity!

Lamps or light has been an essential part of our existence since the cavemen first discovered fire. Being one of those products that we can’t just live without, lamps must be one of the most experimented upon product designs. Collecting some of the best of these conceptual lamps under Render Weekly’s desk lamp challenge, every lamp design featured here marries form and functionality with some exceptional rendering skills to produce dramatic results. We all know we need a desk lamp, especially when most of the globe is stuck quarantined at home and these desk lamps will help you focus, declutter and stay more organized, giving a jump to your productivity!

The Blooming Lamp uses a clever manual fan-like spreading technique to give you complete control on the amount of light you get. Designed by Yohan Lansard, Blooming Lamp’s fun, interactive design is as much playful as it is functional.

Leo De Brito’s table lamp is a simple yet iconic design, with a focus on getting every detail right. Available in a variety of colors that complement each other, this lamp is sure to be a statement piece wherever you place it.

The Clamp Lamp! The name has a great ring to it and so does the functionality. The Clamp Lamp’s super ability is the way it can clip itself to the side of your desk, giving you a catch-all tray at the bottom and not occupy and precious desk space. Designed by Raghavendra Rao, this eye-popping orange-colored lamp is sure to stand out!

Yes, we need purely functional designs like a lamp on our desk, but designers are here to jazz up your life, or your desk in this case. Designed by Nikhil Kapoor, the Fidget Lamp as its name implies invites you to come and play with it. With a small marble in place of the traditional switch or knob, you can change the intensity of light by just moving the marble up and down along the groove placed in the lamp’s surface!

Peep Lantern by Roshan Hakkim loves the details and we love those details. Showcased with the ability to throw out 6 different shades, the design has a sleek form factor and looks at home in any tech-based space. Sleek, edgy and modern, this lamp is a perfect addition to any bachelor pad!

Joaquin Bozicovich’s Braun inspired lamp is a visual explanation of why Braun’s style rocked the world. The lamp comes equipped with a 360-degree rotating head and the minimal contrast of a simple orange button with the beige body has us entranced.

Lee Sung Wook’s retro-inspired lamp is sure to win every retro lover’s heart! Using metal against old-fashioned glass light diffuser, the lamp will surely cast an intricate pattern on your surrounding space. Mood lighting for the old soul.

Analog designs have a beauty that digital design is trying to embody. Feel the full beauty of it in this lamp design by Tyson Mai that comes with a puck-like lamp head that can be rotated to switch it on/off as well as adjust how many lumens of light would you like to receive!

The minimal Halo Lamp is a perfect design for any modern house. Focusing on the beauty of a circular LED, the light’s halo-like form holds the light and allows it do all the talking. No extra frills to distract you from the sheer beauty of glass and light in this design by Quentin de Coster.

Inspired by the desk lamp from the IKEA and Teenage Engineering collab project the FREKVENS, Adam Miklosi’s lamp is rendered to be a beautiful pop of color that is sure to light up any desk!

This ‘Wooden Chandelier’ helps add a unique rustic touch to an interior space

If you looked at Ronny Buarøy’s Fire Of Dragon lamp and instantly felt it resembled a dragon egg from The Game Of Thrones, rest assured that you’re not the only one. This laser-cut wooden lightpiece has a rustic yet ornamental quality about it, thanks to the repetitive arrangement of plywood panels that make the light look like a faceted jewel of sorts. The Fire Of Dragon features 8 rows of differently sized plywood panels cut to precision and put together using simple press-fit joineries. Pair the entire setup with a warm LED and the light comes to life, almost as if the dragon inside is getting ready to break out in an inferno of fire and smoke!

Designer: Ronny Buarøy

You can adjust this lamp’s lighting by simply flipping over its shade!

Born as a result of an Instagram Render Weekly challenge, the Flip lamp from Joe Fentress makes me question why we’re still living in a world with boring lamps that don’t have flipping shades. Check out the GIF below and you’ll see what I mean. The Flip Lamp comes with a truncated conical base and a light-source at the top, but where it introduces a fun bit of interaction is in its lampshade, which can flip over 180° to focus light downwards or upwards. This unique detail allows the Flip to work either as an ambient light, illuminating an interior space, or as a task/desk light, illuminating a table or workspace. The lamp uses an LED light source too, to make sure the shade doesn’t heat up. It’s fun, it’s functional, it’s flippin’ amazing!

Fentress created the lamp as a simple concept for a render challenge, but hopes to take it further by developing on the design.

Designer: Joseph Fentress

Aptly named, Slate is a 360-degree rotating lamp that’s a head-turner!

When you first look at the Slate lamp, there’s something instantly attractive about it! Probably its odd shape and the fact that it doesn’t really look like a lamp catches your attention right away. The designer Pasque D. Mawalla utilized the principles of simple geometry to create a unique lighting design. Inspired by the concept of fluidity, the lamp was designed to be as free-flowing as possible.

Slate consists of two major parts. The first part which is basically the bottom half consists of the circular base and the lower cylindrical section. This is the primary power source. The second part consists of the upper half, which is an extension of the cylinder and goes on to form an elongated slate-like element. The underside of the slate section holds the light tube and is the source of lighting. However, it’s most interesting feature would be that the entire upper half including the slate can be rotated at 360 degrees! This separates it from the usual one-directional table lamps, transforming it into a lighting piece that can be positioned according to your needs, allowing you to adjust the light source and focus it on any section of your desk!

According to Mawalla, Slate is “a statement piece”, and we agree! It’s a far cry from the conventional table lamps, unique not only in its functionality but also in its classy aesthetics!

Designer: Pasque D. Mawalla

A Siri-enabled power strip to control and save the energy flow at home!

Power strips are usually something we hide for two reasons – they don’t look good enough and are often a tangled mess of wires. In this day and age where all simple appliances we use are turning ‘smart’, the household essential powerstrip can’t be left behind. We have FINALLY found a strip that fits your aesthetic and lets you control it via an app, so your home is another device closer to being 100% smart!

The Eve Energy Strip has three outlets that you can control individually with the app or Siri. It allows you to turn each outlet on and off based on your needs and protects your expensive tech from surge shocks. You can even schedule it to turn on and charge if you are not home and don’t want to damage your battery by leaving the devices plugged in unnecessarily for hours. The smart power strip also tracks your energy consumption and helps you understand that data in a way that you can use it to prolong the life of your appliances. Like does your TV use more energy than it should? Then maybe it is time for a change. Believe it or not, 10% of the household energy consumption is due to devices plugged in on a standby mode – with Eve Energy strip you can save on your electric bill and live a little more sustainably.

With surge protection, overcurrent protection, and overvoltage protection your gadgets at home will be shielded from almost any grid-based fault like energy spikes, short circuits, and excessive currents. You can automate smart devices connected to it via your presence like set the lights to turn on when you enter and turn off when you leave. The lengthy  190 cm/6.3 ft cable makes it easy to set it up anywhere in your space. An important feature is the child lock control included in the Eve Energy strip, so you are stress-free when toddlers are around without losing data mid-download or have your artsy floor lamp spark up. We often underestimate our control over power strips and with Eve’s energy strip, one quick touch or shoutout to Siri can ease the ‘load’ in our lives at home.

Designer: Eve

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A 3D printed Martian oasis inspired by intersecting magnetic fields!

What would you print with free access to a 3D printer and resources? My imagination is running wild between custom accessories and a tiny house! Architecture firm, MEAN* (Middle East Architecture Network), did just that and designed a complete 3D printed pavilion to welcome visitors from all over the world into the mystical desert of Wadi Rum in Jordan. Fun fact about Wadi Rum – it looks so much like the Martian landscape that it has served as a stage for multiple space movies, even for ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’, a cult classic!

The Desert Pavilion was created to be a communal oasis of heritage and micro-ecology. When you look at the renders, the structure is a blend of local Bedouin architecture with space-age technology. The design team has envisioned an innovative use of 3D printed panels by deploying them onto a CNC bent steel pipe system. To simulate a holistic tent-like structure, the team used a hybrid of 3D printed polymer shells on 3D printed concrete topography with the ‘Mesh Relaxation’ parametric strategy.

“We used the patterns emerging from the interaction of one space to another, to develop the floor plan of the pavilion. The physical phenomena of the magnetic force patterns between a number of nodes represent an opportunity for an interesting planning strategy,” explains the design team when talking about the use of field lines and supporting pipes to form funicular touch-points around which seating areas are laid out. Desert trees and shrubs are planted in the center to regulate the flow of atmosphere inside.

The outer shell is made of panels that overlap without gaps and also create a mosaic-like aesthetic that optimizes 3D printing. These tessellated panels filter light inside the unique space while keeping the ventilation window open. For night time, there are linear lighting fixtures installed aligned with the force field patterns to create gentle ambient lighting. The same funnels also act as wells of natural light during the day which is then beautifully diffused throughout the space – sounds like plants + good lighting which makes it a perfect photo spot! After all, the purpose is to create art in the form of architecture where locals and tourists can gather to tell stories, rest, and celebrate the desert in its most authentic state. Another fun fact – it can also be used as a case study for future Martian habitats!

Designer: MEAN*

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Charge your Tesla and lower your electric bill with these solar blinds!

Renewable energy is our ticket to the future and the current climate crisis. From electric cars to sustainable tools, designers are changing the world for the better one product at a time. Joining that list are these Solar Blinds from SolarGaps that make your home smarter and your environment better. If you want to charge your Tesla without increasing your bill, this should be your first buy.

Solar Blinds help you save on your energy costs and reduces your electric bill by 30% compared to conventional energy usage costs, in simpler terms that is a third of your air conditioning bill if you live in a hot climate. These blinds can generate 100W per 1sqm which is enough to charge a smartphone, a laptop or power a tv. Solar Blinds also help you to massively reduce your carbon footprint – 1 sqm of solar energy can prevent 100 gms of carbon emissions. Now imagine the impact if your entire neighborhood will have if everyone installs these blinds. The blinds are meant for the future and they are created to be smart, you can control them with an app on your phone and they are also compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Another cool feature is that these solar-powered blinds can be used as an alarm clock in the morning by setting them at the time you want them to open.

“The idea to combine solar panels and blinds struck me when I saw sunflowers in the field turning to face the sun. With my invention, I wanted to claim that everyone is responsible for saving our planet,” says Yevgen Erik, CEO of SolarGaps and I love how being an accountable citizen of this world is now more accessible with his design.

Designer: SolarGaps

Ammunition and Gantri collaborate over a series of 3D-Printed lights

SF-based design studio Ammunition Group is adding Gantri to its list of collaborators/clients, as the two companies get together to launch a series of lights designed for the Gantri platform. The lamps are designed to complement and wonderfully reflect Gantri’s clean design language, brought about by their unique 3D-printing processes and use of innovative custom plant-based filaments.

The series spans three categories that embrace distinct visual styles. The Gio Collection borrows from Italian lighting designs of the 1970s, while the Carve Collection showcases monolithic designs created by a union of two separate forms, resembling the effect of carving out sculptures from marble-blocks. The Signal Collection features louvered slats integrated into the lamp’s body, inspired by architectural details.

Each collection comes with tabletop, wall-mounted, and stand light variants, and are fitted with Gantri’s museum-quality dimmable LEDs. Each light is 3D printed on-demand and finished in a way that feels more bespoke than industrial. They are available in five beautiful nature-inspired finishes including “Sedona,” a deep red color exclusive to the Ammunition collections.

The ambitious Ammunition and Gantri collaboration is a great win for consumers who want to elevate their homes with well-designed lighting solutions without having to defer to IKEA’s catalog. 3D printed on demand, and with a very modest price starting at $148, Ammunition X Gantri’s lamps are perhaps the definition of bespoke, while also being sustainable, thanks to the use of Gantri’s bio-filaments. The collaboration is also a great moment for the design industry, which Gantri has constantly supported through its past partnerships with designers from around the globe. It truly is remarkable to see them pair up with Ammunition Group, arguably one of the most well known design outfits from Silicon Valley, responsible for culture-shifting products like Beats by Dre, Polaroid’s cameras, Lyft’s beacon, and the Ember self-heating mug series.

Check out the series on Gantri’s website by clicking here.

Designer: Ammunition Group for Gantri

The International Design Excellence Awards 2020 are open for entries – Here are a look at last year’s winners

The International Design Excellence Awards are considered to be the most prestigious design accolade in the world. The year 2020 marks the 40th edition of the award program, conducted by the Industrial Designers Society of America. Originally conceived to reward industrial design, the award has blossomed into one of the biggest interdisciplinary design awards with a 4-decade long, illustrious legacy. IDEA winners include both exceptional design students and designers from world-class brands like Google, Samsung, Logitech, LG, and many more.

Currently in its 40th year, IDEA 2020 aims to recognize and reward exemplary products and services that encourage, inspire, and push the industry forward. Each year, the awards program sees some of the most eminent figures in the design industry come together to form the IDEA jury. This year’s panel will be led by Jonah Becker, IDSA, VP of Design at Fitbit.

The International Design Excellence Awards have gradually branched out to cover all industries and aspects of design, from Automotive Design to Medical Design, Furniture, Consumer Technology, Packaging Design, Branding, Design for Social Impact, and even Service Design. IDEA also commits to rewarding student work with its Student Design category, putting young designers on par with top industry leaders and design studios. IDEA winners receive the highly coveted, puzzle-shaped IDEA trophy on stage at the IDEA Ceremony & Gala, this year in Seattle, WA on Sept. 14 as part of the International Design Conference. The winning works also are permanently housed in the Henry Ford Museum, where they remain ever-present symbols of ingenuity and mastery of craft. IDEA-winning designs are published in the annual Yearbook of Design Excellence issue of INNOVATION magazine, on IDSA’s website and social media channels, and on popular design blogs and websites (much like ours!). Above all, IDEA winners go on to become some of the most talked-about and shared designs around the world.

Head down to look at some of the top designs that won IDEAs in 2019. You can submit your own work to IDEA 2020 by visiting their website below. Entries are open until March 16, 2020. Hurry!

Submit your Design project for the International Design Excellence Awards 2020: Last Date – March 16, 2020

01. Essentia by Genesis Design Center

Best described as one of the most cutting-edge automotive designs we’ve seen in a while, the Genesis Essentia concept is an all-electric high-performance concept car that embodies “Athletic Elegance”. The car comes with a spectacular windshield that goes all the way from the hood to the front, over to the top, and right to the back, giving the riders on the inside a pristine, panoramic view of their surroundings. The car even comes with a carbon-fiber monocoque that uses a diamond-like infill pattern on the inside to add strength without weight. Designed to dominate roads and hearts, this all-electric stallion could go from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds.

02. MX Vertical Mouse by Logitech

Arguably one of the most iconic ergonomic mice (mouses?) of our time, the Logitech MX Vertical’s design is inspired by the handshake. Designed to be as comfortable as gripping someone’s hand, the MX Vertical’s form tilts at a precise 57° angle that’s both comfortable to use as well as productivity-boosting, allowing you to work for hours without feeling any strain whatsoever.

03. Helm Personal Server by New Deal Design

This small custom-built server gives you autonomy over your data. Designed to sit within your own home, the Helm is a private server that connects to a user’s home or small-office network and sends, receives, and manages email, contacts, and calendars, and even photos. Designed by New Deal Design for Helm, the showpiece-worthy server looks nothing like a piece of tech, but is a powerful privacy-protecting tool. It takes a mere 3 minutes to set up, and even features a stackable design that lets you add more servers to the mix. Besides, it literally looks like a roof, echoing its message of security and privacy, and acting as a home for all your data.

04. Tetra Dishwasher by Frog Design for Heatworks

Meet Tetra… a dishwasher that looks more like an aquarium for your crockery! Its unique 3D printer-inspired aesthetic (and countertop-worthy size) makes the Tetra a truly delightful appliance that demystifies the process of washing your dishes. Just lift the clear hood, add your utensils in, close the hood, and get washing. In just 10 minutes, the Tetra can wash anything from dishes, to glassware, to baby bottles, to even food ingredients! Extra points for that beautiful water-inspired detail on the top of the clear hood!

05. EDGE Travel kit by Cho Yonghun, Lee Taekkyung, Park Chanhong

Combining a hairdryer and an iron into a single product is, in itself, an idea worthy of an award! The EDGE uses a single air-heating electrical component in two ways, allowing you to dry your hair as well as swiftly iron your clothes by simply switching attachments. How incredibly ingenious!

06. Zip-Top Reusable Containers by Rebecca Finell

Arguably the biggest food-storage innovation since Tupperware, the Zip-Top is a zip-lock bag made out of silicone. This simple but revolutionary material-swap makes it infinitely reusable, non-toxic, fridge-safe, dishwasher-safe, oven-safe, microwave-friendly, and that flat base lets you use the Zip-Top to store everything from snacks to soups. You could literally use the product to sous-vide food too… and here’s the cherry on the cake. The Zip-Tops with the circular base are size-optimized to fit right into the cup-holder in your car!

07. Coat+ by Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute

This regular jacket has an inner expansion mechanism for pregnant women! Realizing that fashion should be more accommodating for women in their maternity period, the designers decided to reinvent the coat so it fits women who are pregnant as well as even after pregnancy. It doesn’t make sense having to buy separate clothes just because you’re expecting a child, only to throw those clothes away after the child is born, right? Coat+ is a coat that women can wear all through their lives! An extra fabric attachment zips to the coat allowing you to expand it… when you don’t need the expandable attachment, you can wear it as a scarf!

08. Molded Pulp Packaging by BenQ

BenQ’s molded pulp packaging tackles multiple problems headfirst. Designed to house delicate appliances like BenQ’s projectors, the molded-pulp packaging does a significantly better job of protecting the items inside than most regular boxes. Made from non-composite molded pulp, the packaging is environmentally-friendly, easy to recycle, and utilizes waste rather than creating any.

09. Lava Me Pro Guitar by Lava Music

The Lava Me Pro guitar comes crafted in single piece, entirely out of carbon fiber. With a curved single-piece construction that goes from body to fretboard without breaking continuity, the Lava Me Pro is undoubtedly strong as well as lightweight. The carbon fiber construction also lends a very unique set of features to a guitar. Aside from making it practically unbreakable and possibly quadrupling its lifespan, it lends a unique timbre to the guitar. Carbon-fiber’s all-graphite construction brings a crystalline and detailed tone to the guitar while also allowing the instrument to have greater acoustic volume.

10. Microplastics Sensing Autonomous Underwater Vehicle by Draper and Sprout Studios

I’ve always maintained that drones should be designed to do what humans either should not do, like rescuing people or fighting fire, or cannot do, like scanning vast bodies of water for microplastic particles that are too small for the human eye to detect. When the Draper is deployed, it skims the top nine meters of the water where most microplastics are located. It then scans for microplastics, tests the water for specific types of particles, and ultimately relays GPS coordinates to its hub, which enables scientists to understand where they are originating from.

IDEA 2020 Trophy

Submit your Design project for the International Design Excellence Awards 2020: Last Date – March 16, 2020

This lamp purifies the air you breathe using photons

Is it a lamp? Or a sculpture? Or both? The Guilin is most appropriately described as a ‘lampscape’. With etched acrylic mountains that sit on an illuminated base, the multiple award-winning Guilin lamp lights up your room with an ambient glow, while also adding sculptural beauty to one’s space… and it purifies the air too.

Principally, the Guilin lampscape comes with a base that uses edge-lit acrylic mountains to disperse light around the room. The abstractly designed edge-lit mountains come made from glass-reinforced acrylic and sit within slots in a metallic base fitted with a low-voltage 2700K warm LED light. The light shines through the base and the clear mountains, bouncing off the lines etched into the acrylic…. but that isn’t all. The Guilin Lamp also works as a photocatalytic air purifier that uses visible light to unlock certain naturally occurring minerals to cleanse the environment of impurities and toxins like 99.99% bacteria, CO2, formaldehyde, and odor particles. A good example of how this works can be found right above you for roughly half a day… the sun. The Guilin Lamp uses a similar light-based treatment to enrich and elevate your surroundings, not just aesthetically, but also in a very tangible way by purifying the very air you breathe… and it does so while channeling the same sort of imagery, hence the mountain-inspired design.

You can shift and orient the mountains to create a landscape that gives you calm or complements your space. You can even cleverly add more mountains to diffuse more light, much like a physical, interactive dimmer mechanism. Designed as an ode to nature and the tranquility of mother earth, the Guilin lamp’s base comes coated in environmentally friendly paint, while the acrylic mountains themselves are made from 40% recycled plastic. Place the Guilin lampscape on a glossy reflective surface and it mimics the feeling of staring at the mountains sitting right behind a lake!

Designer: Kevin Chu

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Guilin Lamp – Customizable Designer Lamp That Can Cleanse

A new category in lighting design. With etched acrylic mountains that sit on an illuminated base, the Guilin lamp lights up your room with an ambient glow while also adding sculptural beauty to one’s space and it purifies the air.

The Guilin is embedded with their Photocatalytic Environment Cleansing Treatment. Photocatalysis is a process that uses any visible light (natural or artificial) to activate certain naturally occurring minerals to cleanse the environment of 99.9% of all known bacteria such as E-Coli, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, formaldehyde, odors and molds.

The treatment lasts forever and the more mountains you have on your Lampscape, the better it will cleanse the environment. With the standard Guilin (4 Various Size Hills) are able to cleanse an area approx of 1.8 meter cubic volume.

Designed as an ode to nature, Guilin is a living design and lighting element and you can transform it infinitely. You give shape to your own glowing landscape. You can slot as many mountains as you like in the 3 grooves located at the base and change their position whenever you like. Thus, the lamp puts you into the role of a creator.

The number of mountains you slot and their position can create different lighting effects:

– The more mountains that are placed on the lamp the brighter it becomes.
– The reflection between the layering of mountains will increase the brightness.

Unleash your creativity and Combine, Layer or Joint Horizontally several Guilin into an ever-changing rolling Lampscape.

The Guilin Dawn uses their World Exclusive Italian nano-tech acrylic material that changes to a beautiful orange/yellow tint when the lamp is on and magically becomes near transparent when the lamp is off.

Inspiration & Story

When you think of China and its fabled mountains in ancient mythology, you are thinking of the famous Guilin Mountains.

Founders Kevin Chu and Giulia Di Bonaventura went on an adventure trip to Guilin Mountains and there they were mesmerized by the mythical scenery and always thought one day on using the mist-filled mountainous elements to create a design paying tribute to this region. In the beginning Kevin drew up a few criteria for the design to create a lamp that is:

– Unique and Revolutionary
– A Functional Illuminating sculpture
– With Infinite Customization Possibilities to extend its design longevity made with Sustainable Materials
– Simple and Elegant as abstracted visualization of the inspired elements and after 883 days of hard work, Guilin Lamp was born:

Sustainable Materials

Made of Sustainable High Quality Materials and Components, GUILIN consists of a rectangular steel base that is embedded with low voltage warm white (2700K) LED lighting. 5mm thick Glass Fiber Reinforced Acrylic Panels can be placed inside the 3 slots in the base. When the light is switched on the acrylic mountains will absorb the vertical illumination into its Surgical Grade laser engraved lines.

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