Origami-inspired table concept folds into a lamp to save space

Tables are important pieces of furniture in any human space, whether it’s the dining table at home or a meeting table at the office. That said, we don’t always use these flat horizontal surfaces all the time, and there will be times when they’re just taking up precious space. Yes, more aesthetic tables do provide some visual value, but it doesn’t outweigh the cost of their presence. Foldable tables are practical, but few actually look good even when unfolded and the hassle of moving the folded table out of the way makes them less compelling. But what if you didn’t need to put the table away because it not only becomes more compact but also serves a different purpose? That’s the kind of multi-functional design that this concept proposes, turning a table into a lamp.

Designer: Sonakshi Gupta

The Japanese art of folding paper has inspired many designs because of its beauty, simplicity, and space efficiency. A large and flat sheet of paper can suddenly become a geometric flower or swan with a few folds, significantly reducing the area that the piece of paper once occupied. This art doesn’t involve removing or adding parts, which makes each piece an independent and standalone unit.

LightUP is a concept that takes inspiration from origami and kirigami (which does involve cutting away and gluing pieces together) to design a table that not only saves space but also provides a completely different functionality or two. The squarish wooden tabletop folds up into a shape that’s like a flower bud, freeing up the space around the table for use. Thanks to ingenious invisible hinges, not only do you have a clean and flat table surface but moving only one or two corners is enough to fold and unfold the table. The easier you can perform this action, the more frequently you’re willing to do it.

Of course, that’s not where it all ends. The design’s name comes from the fact that wide LED light strips from the pyramidal base of the table to each of the four corners. Thus, the table becomes a room-wide lamp at night but can also remain as a space-saving art object when the lights are off.

Admittedly, the design’s implementation is actually more complicated than it looks thanks to the moving parts and hinges involved. Those may become points of failure over time due to wear and tear. The idea, however, could give birth to a simpler design, one that takes into account aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability altogether for a truly space-saving piece of furniture.

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Fritz Hansen’s Pendant Light gets a Korean Redesign for his 150th Anniversary Celebration Exhibition

Explore the modern Korean perspective through Drop Light. It’s all about mixing straight lines and curves to tell a captivating story of balance and contrast for Fritz Hansen’s 150th Anniversary Exhibition in Seoul. The exhibition, themed ‘Eternal Beauty,’ shows off a beautiful blend of precise shapes and natural flow. Come along and explore the beauty of shapes and curves!

Designer: SWNA

Lee’s creative journey with Drop Light delves deep into the interplay between straight lines and curves, a narrative echoing his profound fascination with sculptural contrasts and balance. Rooted in the theme of ‘Eternal Beauty,’ the exhibition’s overarching motif, Lee orchestrates a symphony of geometric precision and organic fluidity.

At the heart of Drop Light lies a meticulous exploration of three-dimensional manifestations of flat features. Lee embarks on a quest to unearth the inherent harmony nestled within the convergence of lines and planes, transcending conventional design paradigms. While Lee’s upbringing in Korean culture serves as a foundational influence, his focus pivots towards addressing his intrinsic design ethos, imbuing Koreaness with a contemporary flair.

The luminescent allure of Drop Light emanates from its multidimensional interpretation of intersecting lines and evolving forms. From its embryonic sketches to the final iteration, the design journey meanders through a landscape of experimentation and prototyping. Through this iterative process, two distinct drop trays emerge, each bearing testament to Lee’s unwavering pursuit of design excellence.

At its core, Drop Light is a marriage of fluid curves and steadfast solidity. The lampshade, characterized by its dynamic contours and shifting perspectives, finds synergy with cylindrical solid wood support. This juxtaposition of ethereal lightness and grounded stability encapsulates the essence of Lee’s design philosophy, inviting viewers to contemplate the interplay between form and function.

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Bedside lamp combines ambient light and focused reading light in one

As someone who lives alone most of the time, reading in bed with the lights on has never been a problem. But I know of couples who have a constant tug of war with their partners if one reads late into the night while the other is a light sleeper and is bothered by light sources. I also know of those that prefer not to have lights on at all while the other needs to have some sort of light within the room to fall asleep. This new innovative lamp may solve those issues for partners and stop future bedroom wars from happening.

Designer: Jess Gupta

Nightside is an LED bedside lamp that serves as an ambient light that doesn’t really disturb those who are sleeping while still providing illumination. The secret weapon built into it is that there’s also a “spotlight” that is a focused reading light, in case you would still like to read in bed and let the person beside you continue sleeping. There’s just one control button and that’s a front-mounted dimmer switch knob which turns on and extends the reading spotlight for those who can’t put that book down just yet.

The lamp has a soothing warm-white LED light with a color temperature of 3000k. It also has a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 80-85 which is a pretty good measure of how accurately it can reproduce colors. The shape of the lamp is one, long, elongated body with the option for gray or white colors for the top and bottom parts. The focused reading light when extended makes it look like a tiny robot came out of the light to accompany you as you read well into the night.

The Nightside Personal Task Lamp may seem a bit pricey at $350 but each piece is actually assembled by hand at their factory. The plastic parts actually come from China while the machined ones are from some parts of Asia while the gas sprint is from Germany but all the parts are put together in California. They had an initial limited run of 1,000 pieces and all of these are numbered and signed. So if you want you and your partner to have a harmonious sleeping and/or reading time, you might want to check it out.

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These quirky-functional tabletop accessories add a splash of joy and color to your boring workdesk

Repetitive daily tasks at a desk can often feel monotonous and uninspiring. Whether it’s answering emails, crunching numbers, or attending meetings, the routine nature of these activities can drain one’s enthusiasm. However, what if there was a way to instill some excitement and freshness into these mundane tasks? This is where Plat comes into play.

Designers: Soobin Cho, Junyoung LeeSeoyeong Lee, and Hyunsub ‍Shin

Plat cleverly blends everyday tasks with the art of cooking. Imagine the joy of preparing a delicious meal in your kitchen – the aroma of spices, the sizzle of sauce, and the warmth of the oven. Plat seamlessly incorporates these elements into desk-mounted products, bringing a breath of fresh air to the daily grind. I personally don’t really cook, but anything related to food would definitely excite me.

At the core of Plat’s design philosophy lies the fusion of familiarity and novelty. By infusing elements from the kitchen, such as the interaction of the opening water in the sink and the scent and light of the oven, Plat reconstructs them into innovative products that redefine the desk experience. The name “plat,” meaning “cooking” in French, perfectly encapsulates the brand’s identity and mission.

One of Plat’s standout features is its custom typography logo, inspired by the diverse shapes of kitchen cutlery. The logo’s geometric sans design blends soft and sharp edges, creating a cohesive and organized visual identity. Additionally, Plat’s graphic elements draw inspiration from common cooking experiences, simplifying forms such as sprayed sauce, stacked plates, and water vapor into sleek and functional designs.

Plat offers 2 desk products designed to enhance productivity and comfort.

1. Wireless Charging Dock:

This multifunctional cradle serves not only as a wireless charging station for smartphones but also as a trigger for initiating work sessions.

The interaction begins with the lifting of the cradle, which activates an ambient light, signaling the start of focused work. As the user settles into their tasks, the identity timer embedded within the interface architecture comes into play. Drawing inspiration from the gradual heat buildup in cooking, this timer employs color interactions that intensify over time, subtly guiding users to recognize the passage of time. It also has additional wired charging ports at the back with a loop to keep the cables safe from damage.

Moreover, Plat’s Wireless Charging Dock goes beyond mere functionality, offering efficient task management tools through its intuitive dashboard interface on the smartphone. Users can effortlessly track urgent goals and sub-tasks, monitor weekly work time and concentration levels, and access detailed analysis reports for insightful self-assessments. The inclusion of a storage box at the bottom ensures organizational ease, accommodating essentials such as pens, chargers, and stationery, while a charging inlet and cable loop prevent clutter and damage.

2. Desk Lighting:

In a nod to the comforting ambiance of a kitchen after a satisfying meal, Plat’s Desk Lighting draws inspiration from familiar culinary motifs. This innovative light fixture features upper indirect lighting that illuminates workspaces during task-oriented sessions. However, its functionality transcends mere illumination.

Upon completion of work time, the indirect lighting gently fades, signaling a transition to rest and relaxation. Simultaneously, a diffuser at the bottom releases subtle scents, evoking a sense of calm and prompting users to take much-needed breaks. Operational usability is paramount, with a labeled button allowing for easy brightness adjustment and a base that accommodates smaller items like phones or stationery.

The lighting fixture boasts 60-70 mini LED lights strategically spread across the top pallet, ensuring uniform illumination. Additionally, a connection inlet at the bottom ensures seamless integration with power sources, offering convenience and flexibility.

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Sandblasted Pendant Lights That Represent Artistry And Freedom And Elevate Any Room

British lighting specialists at Curiousa have once again captivated the design world with the release of their latest masterpiece – the Wave II collection. This innovative series serves as a sequel to their earlier pendant lights, seamlessly marrying glass craftsmanship with an explosion of colors and shapes.

Designer: Curiousa

Renowned for their eclectic blown-glass designs, Curiousa’s creations are a testament to the age-old technique of glass blowing. For those unfamiliar with the process, it involves skillfully inflating molten glass into a bubble using a blowpipe, resulting in beautiful forms that give off both elegance and charm.

The Wave II collection takes this tradition to new heights, featuring candy-colored glass elements meticulously arranged along cords, reminiscent of beads on a string. Some of these elements are sandblasted, imparting a semi-opaque finish that imbues the lights with a soft, ethereal quality, adding to their allure.

Wonder what’s special about these? It is not only their visual appeal but also their textural richness. Wooden and silk elements intermingle with the glass, creating a symphony of materials that elevate the designs to a whole new level. The tubular light source, cleverly framed and diffused by the surrounding elements, further enhances the play of light and shadow, casting mesmerizing patterns in any space.

The Wave II collection comprises seven distinct designs, each a masterpiece in its own right. Among the new additions are the Lozenge Squircle and Lozenge Wave, which boast sculptural forms that push the boundaries of traditional lighting design. Meanwhile, favorites from the previous series, such as the horizontal Ripple Beam and vertical Crest lights, have been reimagined, breathing new life into timeless classics.

Lozenge Squircle from the Wave II Collection

In a nod to traditional craftsmanship, the Crest Tassel pendant features a silk textile element crafted by London-based artist Jessica Light, drawing inspiration from Asian lanterns. Additionally, wooden discs in walnut or white finish add a touch of contrast, further enriching the visual narrative of the collection. All of these are available as single pendants or even chandeliers.

Designed by Curiousa’s visionary founder, Esther Patterson, the Wave II collection is a labor of love, meticulously crafted by hand in the brand’s studio in Derbyshire, UK. Patterson’s philosophy shines through in every piece, as she strives to create designs that are not only visually striking but also imbued with a sense of vitality and freedom.

Ripple Corona & Ripple Mezzo from the Wave II Collection

“It’s important the pieces feel alive and even tactile,” says Patterson. “Even though I’ve designed a certain uniformity – they needed to feel instinctive, sculptural, and free of constraint.”

In a world where mass production often reigns supreme, the Wave II collection is a testament to artisanal craftsmanship’s enduring allure. With its vibrant colors, intricate textures, and timeless elegance, it is sure to illuminate any space with its radiant charm, leaving admirers in awe of its beauty and ingenuity.

Crest Tassel from the Wave II Collection

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Otherworldly-Looking Origami-Inspired Lighting Fixture Seems To Suspend Mid-Air

Lighting designs today are truly innovative and unique, I mean you find all kinds of cool lighting designs out there! Today designers are creating unique, functional, and powerful pieces that not only light up a living space but also add an extra oomph factor! These lighting designs not only help you see in the dark, but they also function as an attractive and visually appealing piece. And, one such lighting design is Sora Light by Fung + Bedford for Frandsen.

Designer: Fung + Bedford for Frandsen

Designed by UK-based design duo Fung + Bedford, this statement light for the Danish brand Frandsen is inspired by the Japanese art of origami. As you look at it, you can see how widely and generously it has drawn on art the of origami. Called the Sora pendant light, it features a horizontal form and is artfully suspended between two cords, and flanked by wing-like intrusions, which gives the impression that it is floating in mid-air.

An LED strip light is embedded inside the bottom of the fixture, which allows it to radiate a soft and warm light. The subtle glow seems to spread across the lamp’s structure, which is crafted from tyvek – a paper-like and synthetic material produced from compressed fibers. Tyvek has been utilized since it is waterproof and features tear-proof characteristics. It is also a 100 percent recyclable material, according to the designers.

“A sculptural statement piece which appears to levitate in its surroundings, Sora exudes a serene, radiant aura whilst transcending the boundaries of traditional lighting design,” said Frandsen. And Sora truly has an almost other-worldly and ethereal look to it. It seems to suspend from the air, giving it a charming and floating quality. It can add an extra oomph factor, and loads of muted elegance to a living space, or even a commercial office space if you’re feeling experimenting.

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IKEA JETSTRÖM smart LED wall light panel embodies the brand’s minimalist spirit

It’s almost too easy to get into the smart lighting scene, especially if you consider bulbs you can simply screw on, string lights you just need to hang, or panels you can stick to walls or other flat surfaces. That said, the theory might be simple, but the design and features of these smart lights can sometimes be complex and confusing, requiring owners to spend time, effort, and energy on setting up the “perfect” installation. Ever the masters of minimalism, IKEA is fighting against the flow with its newest smart light design, basically just a simple, nondescript square panel that does one thing but does it to beautiful perfection.

Designer: Andreas Fredriksson (IKEA)

IKEA can probably be credited for popularizing two things: flat-packed furniture, and Scandinavian minimalism. Granted, some of its designs straddle the fine line separating design trends, and it has also become infamous for simple yet overpriced products. The new IKEA JETSTRÖM, however, seems to go back to the roots of the brand’s design language, championing elegant minimalism that can fit any interior motif over complex shapes and features.

Like the ceiling lamp of the same name, the new JETSTRÖM is a single-piece lighting panel, this time just a 30cm x 30cm (11.8in x 11.8in) square. It’s not a plain square though, as it has rounded corners and curved edges, softening some of the harshness that usually comes from straight edges and inorganic forms. There’s only one color available for the diffuser cover, and you can’t really go wrong with white in order to blend well with different wall colors and decors.

That’s pretty much it in terms of visual design and aesthetics. There are no connecting mechanisms to worry about, as each JETSTRÖM is intended to be a self-sufficient and sometimes isolated unit. You can place several of these squares side by side if you want to, but there’s no requirement or expectation to do so, unlike wall-mounted smart lights like those from Nanoleaf. In a way, it’s a “what you see is what you get” kind of experience, and it’s a simple yet powerful one.

It might look simple, but the JETSTRÖM isn’t lacking in smart lighting features, at least when it comes to the essentials. The default cold white light can be made warmer to set the mood, or set to different colors to match a theme. All of these can be set from the IKEA Home mobile app, whether on its own or in concert with other IKEA smart lights via the DIRIGERA hub. To keep things even simpler, you can use a dedicated remote, though that’s a separate purchase. And contrary to expectations, the IKEA JETSTRÖM actually only costs around $44, which is pretty affordable for a large smart LED panel, especially one that comes from IKEA.

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Helix Lamp Is An Innovative 3D-Printed Lighting Solution for Modern Spaces

Lighting plays a pivotal role in shaping the ambiance and character of a space. The Helix Lamp, a creation by innovative minds, redefines the concept of illumination with its striking 3D-printed coil design. Beyond mere functionality, this lamp serves as a statement piece, infusing spaces with a touch of whimsy and charm.

Designer: Liam de la Bedoyere

At first glance, the Helix Lamp captivates with its mesmerizing coil structure. Its appeal extends far beyond aesthetics. The genius lies in its remarkable adaptability. The central feature of the lamp is its inner light orb, suspended within the intricate coil. What sets it apart is the ability to adjust the height of the orb simply by rotating the coil. Imagining them moving, reminds me of the retro charm of lava lamps, this modern iteration brings a fresh twist to contemporary interiors. This interactive feature not only adds a playful element but also allows users to customize their lighting experience effortlessly.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the lamp is its versatility in lighting options. Users have the freedom to personalize their illumination by adding or removing orbs, thereby modulating brightness levels according to preference. Whether you seek a soft, ambient glow for relaxation or a brighter light for task-oriented activities, the Helix Lamp adapts seamlessly to meet your needs.

The lamp finds its perfect niche in vibrant, dynamic environments craving a touch of quirkiness. Ideal for kids’ rooms, play areas, or any space with a lively atmosphere, it injects personality and character effortlessly. Its ability to evoke nostalgia while embodying modern design sensibilities makes it a standout piece that sparks conversation and admiration.

From bedside tables to cozy corners beside a couch, the lamp effortlessly integrates into various settings, enhancing the visual appeal of any room. Its diffused outer layer ensures a soft, gentle glow that bathes the surroundings in warmth and comfort. The well-rounded shapes of the orbs further contribute to the overall softness of the lighting, creating a serene ambiance that invites relaxation and tranquility.

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Bedside lava lamp concept improves sleep with white noise, warm lights

People are finally realizing that sleep actually plays an important role in productivity and shouldn’t be sacrificed for its sake. Unfortunately, many people by now have acquired one sleeping disorder or another, or at the very least have developed poor habits that lead to poor-quality sleep. There are plenty of methods being offered these days, from supplements to meditation to aromas, but sometimes the simplest solution is to use our body’s natural faculties to induce sleep and correct bad practices. That’s the kind of answer that this concept lamp tries to give, using light and sound to lull our minds and bodies to a more peaceful slumber and an even more refreshing awakening.

Designer: Alessandro Pennese

There are plenty of reasons why we have trouble sleeping in this day and age, but most of them boil down to our habits and lifestyles. Many of us flood our eyes with harmful blue light from our phones even while lying in bed, or let our ears be hammered by noise and distractions. Supplements rely on chemical changes to the body, which might be effective in the short term but could do more harm than good in the long run. Meditation is a good habit to develop in any context, but it only goes so far into actually inducing a physical change in our bodies.

EPY is a lamp concept that tries to trigger those changes by using white noise and warm lights. White noise has been known to be effective in canceling out ambient noise that could be keeping our brains active, using sounds from nature to lull our minds to sleep. Warm light, which is closer to natural light, also soothes the eyes and helps generate melatonin, mimicking the setting sun’s gentle glow that signals our bodies to slow down as well.

This lava lamp-like design encourages the user to develop good sleeping habits in order to help repair and rejuvenate their bodies. But although good sleep is important, waking up properly is also a significant factor in a good day. Like the sun at dawn, that same warm light helps our body slowly wake up in a more graceful and peaceful manner, ensuring that we’re ready to face the day full of energy and zest each time.

EPY’s very design is also meant to evoke a sense of calm with its minimalist aesthetic and simple controls. The translucent cap of the lamp acts as a timer when you twist it, letting you set the time of playback for up to 45 minutes. Hidden at the bottom of the lamp are two dials, one for setting how long you intend to sleep while the other sets the volume of the white noise playback. It doesn’t have complicated features, nor does it require you to reach for your phone, which would defeat the entire purpose of getting you to sleep swiftly and peacefully.

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Ethereal-Looking Lighting Design Celebrates “The Refractive Nature Of Crystal”

Lighting designs are plenty and not at all lacking, but a lighting design that is the perfect mix of functionality, personality, and good looks isn’t always easy to come by. And I’m always looking for well-designed lighting pieces that not only do their job of illumination but are also interesting little designs that spark conversations and elevate mundane living spaces. And this collection of table and wall lamps truly hit the spot! Called the Port range, this collection is designed by an Australian designer Tom Fereday in collaboration with the lighting brand Rakumba.

Designer: Tom Fereday x Rakumba

The Port Collection celebrates “the refractive nature of crystal”. It is the lovechild of the creative efforts of Tom Fereday and Rakumba, and the collection includes two shapes – the circular Round design, and the lozenge-shaped Stadium design. They both are available in tabletop or wall-mounted interactions. Each variant includes a solid glass block supported by a metal base. The glass block features an interesting conical shape with an internal stepped form. This intriguing form allows a subtle play with the refraction of light when switched on.

Since the block isn’t directly connected to the base, this block can be flipped over and also reset into the base, altering the manner in which the light is cast. “Port celebrates the purity and refractive nature of crystal,” said designer Tom Fereday. “Reversing the crystal form entirely changes the way the light is perceived, revealing Port’s unique dual character.” The Port collection beautifully captures and showcases the purity and characteristics of crystal. It takes the beauty of the material to a whole new level, allowing the material to take center place and grab attention without the need for any excessive bells and tassels.

The metallic base of the lighting design is available in a wide range of metallic finishes, so you can pick and choose the finish that perfectly suits the interiors of your living or working space. The Port lighting designs are versatile pieces that can be used in a variety of interiors – ranging from residential spaces to restaurants, making it a lighting piece that can find utility almost anywhere.

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