Neon lighting designs meet 3D concrete sculptures to bring your home to life!

Exquisite and unique lighting pieces that can brighten up any living space will always have my heart. Though designers all over the world do give justice to such pieces, one of my favorites is artist Morgane Tschiember and her work involving fundamental elements such as form, shapes, color, and material. Whether it comes to working in film, photography, installation or sculpture, Tschiember identifies herself as a ‘classicist’, one who is obsessed with the exploration and exhibition of pictorialism. The collection featured here today is a series of sculptural lights that use a mix of dense concrete and delicate neon tubes to give a perfectly balanced lighting design.

Designer: Morgane Tschiember

Tschiember’s Open Space piece named ‘Escalier’

At the Carpenters Workshop Gallery’s ‘Art Light’ exhibition held in Paris, she introduced ‘Open Space’, a series of fluorescent light tube sculptures, enunciating her fascination with the relationship existing between dimensions, how they relate and create dialogues with each other. The piece consists of neon light tubes, contrasted by three-dimensional geometric shapes sculpted from concrete. “Her sculptures are not simply three dimensional, but also explore time, action, movement, flux, and fluidity, thereby opening up the space an object takes and exploring its relationship to where it stands.” the Carpenters Workshop Gallery explains.

Tschiember’s Open Space piece named ‘Half Pipe’

These minimalistic pieces possess not only the ability to illuminate rooms but have significant aesthetic value, with each luminous structure showcasing a different geometric shape. Such pieces could truly enliven any living space they would be introduced into! Circular from the front, Half Pipe reveals it’s fun, hidden nature when viewed from the side.

Tschiember’s Open Space piece named ‘Angle’

All of Tschiember’s pieces are sleek, contemporary and highly functional with tube-like fluorescent fittings. This piece named Angle brings to mind the geometric angle we would draw as children in school.

 Tschiember’s Open Space piece named ‘Cascade’

Cascade showcases the flow of light like a waterfall, bringing fluidity to art.

Her work was featured alongside the work of other distinguished artists such as Atelier Van Lieshout, Nacho Carbonell, and Stuart Haygarth at the Art Exhibit.

Meet the lifestyle products that embody Tumi’s legendary ballistic nylon, wheel and tag design!

With over 40 years of experience in their arsenal, Tumi is one of the most well-known manufacturer of high-end travel suitcases and bags. Named after a Peruvian ceremonial knife used for sacrifices, Tumi possesses a great reputation for the quality, functionality, and durability of their products. In fact, their signature black-on-black ballistic nylon material and handy travel tags have become iconic symbols, allowing people to instantly recognize the brand anywhere! Inspired by their classic designs, Shanghai-based RONG Design decided to focus on the brand’s signature elements and honor them, by recreating them into daily objects that can be used in day to day life. They created a series of products to highlight the transformation of Tumi’s classic products into modern lifestyle pieces.

Deemed ‘Perfecting Yourself’ the collection consists of three products; Life, Path and Strength. These represent the spirit of continuous innovation and improvement that the brand and its products possess. RONG Design focused on Tumi’s three signature elements- the travel tag, the wheel, and their ballistic nylon material. They took Tumi’s travel tag and transformed it into a solar-powered flashlight called ‘Life’. Still retaining the original form of the tag, the new and improved travel tag can be used to light up even the darkest corners. Portable and nifty, it’s the perfect tool when it’s ‘lights out’ time! The second piece in the collection is called ‘Path’. RONG Design adopted the wheels present in all of Tumi’s luggage and created a rolling measurer out of them. Imitating a wheel, ‘Path’ functions as a measurement scale that can be used to calculate the measurements of curved objects. And last but not least is; ‘Strength’. For ‘Strength’ they used TUMI’s black-on-black ballistic nylon to create a wallet. The one-piece wallet showcases the durability and protective element of the ballistic nylon, while also managing to look super smart!

RONG Design has managed to adopt some of the legendary elements of Tumi’s products, and in turn has created a range of modern lifestyle products that are sleek, portable and highly functional!

Designer: RONG design

A wall light that’s out of this world!

A child’s imagination is a powerful thing, so why not encourage this by surrounding them with sources of inspiration? The Mystic lamp carries a witty and characterful form that looks right at home within the playful surroundings of a child’s playroom. The quirky UFO gives the child an entirely new world to explore, where their imagination leads to limitless creating! The lighting emits as an eerie beam that gently illuminates the room! Operation is a simple as flicking a switch; a button located on the underside of the device makes the battery-operated light a breeze to turn on and off!

Designer: Jonggun Kim

Philips’ new Hue Play box syncs your lights with your TV

It's been a long time coming, but there's now an easy way to sync your Hue lights with your TV no matter what's on-screen. Signify has introduced a Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box that (as its name implies) controls your smart lights based on whateve...

Neon lights redesigned to meet your interior lighting needs

We typically find neon tubes used as signboards and in outdoor advertising, one of the rare occasions we are seeing them bent into shape as creative indoor lighting, is with the MÖN lamps. These energy-saving lamps use neon technology and offer endless possibilities in terms of creativity. For this series we see some manually-bent neon tubes teamed with special aluminum body, that create silhouettes that are alluring.

Available in three forms: standing, hanging, or wall-mounted, you can control the illumination thanks to the dimmer that is integrated. The fun part however, is the fact that you can get the lamps customized and bent into a size that suits you and of course the tube color.


This illuminating map captures the feeling of looking out of an airplane at night

NiteLanding’s lamp looks like the view from your airplane as you’re flying over a city at night! Taking topographical data of cities and adding light to them, NiteLanding isn’t really a decorative map as much as it’s an interactive lighting device. In the day, it looks like a bird’s eye view of your favorite city, but as night falls, the NiteLanding lights up, just like the city does, mimicking streetlights and building lights as seen from above! It truly resembles looking down upon your city from the skies!

NiteLanding was born out of a passion for travel, and a need to capture the beauty of a city, not just during the day but also at night. NiteLanding comes to life in the dark, as small pores and dots light up on its surface to resemble the city’s lights. Each city’s map is crafted to perfection, sometimes with details that are as much as half a millimeter thin. The maps use highly accurate and open-source data from OpenStreetMap, capturing the finest and smallest of details to create a relief map that’s as accurate as it gets. Right behind the map sits a piece of acrylic glass with thousands of dots etched into it. LEDs around the edges of the map help illuminate these etched dots, making them look like thousands upon thousands of street lamps and building lights. The lights even come with a dimmer switch to control the brightness and intensity of your city’s sparkle!

Each NiteLanding comes with a frame that allows you to hang it on a wall, and a cover that lets you use it as an interactive installation, placing miniature objects and figurines on it to bring out the map’s interactive element. You could put that Eiffel Tower keychain to much better use, resting it right across the Trocadero on your miniature map of Paris, or add souvenirs from your travel on top of the map to give it a more personalized, more interactive touch. The NiteLanding lamps come in two sizes, and can even be customized to carve a special message or your holiday hashtag into its bottom right corner, near the city’s name. Who knew maps could look this mesmerizing at night too!?

Designers: Azmi J & Kittichai Reawsanguanwong

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NiteLanding Lamp – City Light View from 30,000 Feet

NiteLanding is an evocative lamp, crafted to bring back the moment of looking down at a bustling metropolis city view from your window airplane seat at 30,000 ft in the air. A decoration lamp display famous city maps from around the world. Style your home in the day, and experience the city light at night.

A look of London City Map in the day & Night

2-in1 Decorative Art Display

NiteLanding is the world’s first lamp that let you experience the hybrid nature of showcasing it’s ART in 2 different versions. During the day, it gives the visual impression of a detailed 3D city map. At night, the lamp comes to life, illuminating a fabulous city light view.

City Art by Day

City Light by Night

NiteLanding Lamp Story

“We all love to travel and our goal is to run out of pages in our passports. Our story began from one night flight, when we were approaching our destination’s airport for landing. We was captivated by the mesmerizing views of the city skyline with golden lights peppering the city. The warm, ambient glow emanated from buildings, roads, and streetlights, all forming the modern-day city we know so well. That’s how the NiteLanding Lamp came to be. We created this lamp so that we could pause time and stay in that moment forever,” Reawsanguanwong told Yanko Design.

Below: The Art of City Day Street in 3 Dimensional

A close up look of Satin-White city street details, created the look of white canvas painting in 3D ART.

Each artwork of the city map is crafted with precise clean cut and contours with micro details (some lines as thin as 0.6 mm). We remain all the actual map accuracy (OpenStreetMap data), and restyle the streets, roads and rivers in the form of 3D ART. Our Satin-White finishing of the city street layer resemble a minimal purity of white canvas painting. Each city map is accompanied by the city’s name with its respective time zone (UTC).

Below: Glowing Sreet Night Light

They created the “Glowing Street Light Effect” (patent pending) to simulate the city night view. By implementing lighting depth illusion on the transparent plexiglass layer (underneath the city street map) to replicate more than a thousand illuminated lighting effect of buildings and street lights.

The basic theory is when the light travels into the edge of a clear polymer or glass, the light will bounce around inside until it finds a way out at the far edges with the effect of no light being lost (similar to the basis of fiber optics). But an interesting twist happens when the surface between the edges is disrupted. By etching and carving pattern on each surface of the material one by one, we control where the light escapes and create the effect of more than thousand street lamps.

More than thousand lighting effect underneath city street layer.

A comparison of Nitelanding’s city light with the actual Paris map (photo reference from NASA earth observatory)

Tell Your Travel Stories

Each city you visited has your own unique encounters and experiences, share and inspire others with your own city stories. Time flies but our memories on that city last forever!

Get Creative

Not only the NiteLanding Lamp is a great gift or display but doubles out as a creative avenue for the young one to explore their imagination. Encourage them to create their own adventure in the big city. Have them spark their imagination with toy planes roaming above the city or the boat gliding through the river.

Creative builders & hobbyists will love how their iconic landmarks comes to life when placed next to the NiteLanding Lamp. Creating their own mini cities in their favorite space. They may choose to display standing or having it displayed flat on the surface.

Low Heat Lighting: Safe to touch

LEDs are cool to touch because they generally don’t produce heat in the form of IR. We designed the “Glowing Street Light Effect” by having the LEDs conceal along the side of the frame, a similar technique to the edge-light system for light guide panel (ELS-LGP).

With the city street layer placed on top, the heat is placed further from light source making the lamp surface low in heat and safe to touch even for playing.

Touch & hold to control the brightness level

Touch Sensor Dimmer Switch

Take control of your lamp with a smart light dimmer. A simple touch on the logo to turn the lamp ON/OFF. Touch and hold to dim the light up/down. Adjust your city light brightness to your preference with the step-less dimmer.

Touch Sensor Dimmer Switch

With built in smart memory chipset, the lamp intelligently recognized your last brightness when turned OFF. Perfect for your preferred preset brightness to your bed light level before sleep!

The feature of the rotatable touch button connector making running of the wire convenient when mounting on walls

Below: Design Meets Art

With the compact M size, it stand perfectly on the bookshelf

Style your living room with the L size, wall hang or put them in the bigger space

Attach the interchangeable plug according to your local socket with a simple twist click

Universal Power Adaptor

Each NiteLanding Lamp comes with Universal power adaptor. We will also provide FREE 4 additional changeable plugs attachment consist of US, UK, EU, AU sockets for every set. The new locking system makes it easy to change the plug according to the different country electrical socket. Perfect gift for your family and friends who lives in different country!

Below: Available Sizes

The M size come in perfect square shape, while the L size come in rectangular shape and displays a larger city area

– NiteLanding Lamp – M size (10”x10”), 25 x 25 x 5 cm
– NiteLanding Lamp – L size (16.5”x12.5”), 42 x 33 x 5 cm

A comparison look of the M & L size during the day and night

Style your room with the wall mounted NiteLanding L size

Special Edition: Custom Light Up Message

Personalize your NiteLanding Lamp with a special light up message. Add your special story about your trip. Bring back your wonderful memory and make it last forever! You may delight your love ones with the memorable time you had in Paris or could be a fun secret code only you and your buddy knew of that crazy trip.You can put anything you want – it’s the perfect personalized gift for the whole family!

You can add your own text message up to 30 characters (for NiteLanding M size), and 40 characters (for NiteLanding L size) for example;

– “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”

– “London is calling, Smith’s family”

– “Our honeymoon trip, Justin & Alice 14.02.19”

What’s In The Box

Each NiteLanding Lamp come with inline touch dimmer button and universal adaptor. We also provide FREE additional 4 plugs (US, UK, EU, AU) for every set. What a perfect gift to send to your friends or family around the world.

Available Cities: Top 30 world’s most-visited cities

The Team

We’re a group of passionate designers and always dream of creating our very own product that could benefit people from all walks of life. We truly believed with the simple touch of design could make a big impact on society and let them enjoy life to the fullest. NiteLanding Lamp is a clean & simple art that contains the spirit of our design. This project is all about helping people travel back to a particular moment in an instant, and relive it all over again.

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Nanoleaf’s colorful wall tiles now act as Razer gaming controls

Nanoleaf and Razer teamed up last year to making gaming an even more immersive experience. Thanks to integrations between Nanoleaf's modular lights and Razer's Synapse IoT platform, gamers could enjoy everything from event-based flashes and explosion...

Modular roof-shaped lighting that goes from your desk to your floor with ease!

Lamps are an almost essential addition to our workspaces, they allow us to burn the midnight oil or introduce a little bit of atmosphere into the room, in fact, they are used in a plethora of different environments for an extensive list of uses! This is the exact reason ‘Roof’ was designed.

Roof uses modular design to beautifully create a family of products, each created for their own unique use. As the name suggests, Roof gets its unusual design from the distinctive shape of conventional roofing; this element of the design is the only part that is consistently present on each of its many forms.

The interchangeable bases and supports allow it to transform into a lamp that is appropriate for the task at hand, without losing any of its beautiful personality. Packed into the over-sized base is a wireless charging pad that elegantly turns this lamp into a multifunctional, highly convenient and stunning piece of design.

Designer: Gunwoong Kim

The TL Micro and Klip are like the Batman and Robin of the EDC world

Powerful as individuals with their unique skill sets, and practically invincible when brought together, the Klip EDC Knife and the TL Micro EDC Torch make a perfect duo. Perfectly capable in their own right, they combine to help you see, and then conquer. The Klip captured our hearts earlier this year with its compact design, titanium build, and versatile tanto-style blade. After its wildly successful run on Kickstarter, Klip is making its comeback with a sidekick of its own… the TL Micro flashlight.

Just 54mm long, and 25mm wide, the TL Micro puts a powerful 280 lumen torchlight into the form factor of a key-fob. With a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can run for as long as 17 hours on the torch’s low-brightness setting, the TL Micro comes with three brightness settings (the highest being more than 5 times brighter than your phone’s flashlight). Perhaps the brightest torch for its size, the TL Micro is powered by a LED made by Nichia, the world’s largest LED supplier, and is housed in a military-grade aluminum casing that’s durable enough to withstand being run over by a car (Dapper truly sticks to its Go Hard Or Go Home ethos). Rechargeable via MicroUSB, the TL Micro comes with a single capacitive-touch button that allows you to tap to trigger the light as well as swipe to toggle through its three brightness settings.

The TL Micro is aided by the Klip, a pocket knife we’ve spoken about in length before. With a 66 millimeter pocket-clip-shaped body and a foldable tanto-style blade, the Klip pocket knife is capable as well as compact. In short, it’s there when you need it, and practically invisible when you don’t. The Klip conveniently clips to pockets, and thanks to its hollow hinge, can easily transform into a keychain by slipping a keyring in. Designed to pair with the TL Micro, the Klip comes in a black 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum body with a super-sharp 440C steel blade. Together with the TL Micro, you’ve got two of the most common utilities you need in your EDC arsenal. Practical and portable, the Klip pocket knife and TL Micro flashlight are literal must-haves for your outdoor (as well as indoor) adventures.

Designer: Dapper Design

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TouchLight Micro & Klip Black

Introducing TL MICRO

TL MICRO (TouchLight Micro) is an ultra-compact rechargeable LED Flashlight featuring a Touch-sensor, Micro-USB port, and ultra-bright Nichia LED emitter. With four lighting modes and a blinding 280 maximum lumen output, this isn’t your typical micro flashlight.

TL MICRO’s rectangular form is designed to be unobtrusive in the pocket and smooth to retrieve.

Touch Sensor

TL MICRO features touch-activation which makes going through modes as easy as a light touch or swipe.

Powering On. Simply touch, tap, or swipe the sensor to activate the flashlight and blue mood-light feature. From the blue mood-light (or from the OFF position; you do not need to go into blue mode first) press and hold for mode 1 and then simply swipe or tap again to cycle through the other modes…

You can then turn off the flashlight from any mode with a short press and hold.

Locking Out. To prevent accidental activation, press and hold down for 3 seconds, light will blink 3 times to confirm. To unlock, press and hold for 3 seconds.

TL MICRO’s 36-meter range allows you to see many times farther and wider than a smartphone light, with a comfortable grip that better protects your safety.

– Blue mood-light: 50 hours
– Moonlight: 3 lumens 17 hours
– Medium: 50 lumens 1 hour 50 mins
– High: 280 lumens 48 mins
– Standby: 3378 hours
– Recharge: 50 mins (250mAh Lithium-ion battery)
– Lock-out mode


TL MICRO is built with a nearly indestructible body that can take a beating. They are so confident they gave their prototype a crush test to prove it. This 4,000 lb Toyota 4Runner was no match for TL MICRO’s durable housing.


TL MICRO’s powerful illumination is provided by a NICHIA 219C 4000K CRI 90+ LED. It packs a 280 lumen punch of HIGH CRI (92-95) light into your pocket.

Who is Nichia?

Nichia is a Japanese company and the world’s largest supplier of LEDs. It designs, manufactures, and markets LEDs for display, LCD backlighting, automotive and general lighting applications with the many different LEDs across the entire visible spectrum. By using a quality brand-name emitter, you can rest assure that TL MICRO is built to last.

An illustration of CRI. Image: LUX Technology Group

What is CRI?

CRI (Color Rendering Index) is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light. The measurement is based from 0 to 100 – with 100 being all the colors found in sunlight. TL MICRO features HIGH CRI because we want to make sure whatever you’re trying to light, you will be able to see the colors pop, textures stand-out, and finishes with depth and luster.

Who is it For

TL MICRO is literally for anyone who has ever used their mobile phone as a flashlight. Sure, your phone fulfills basic lighting tasks, but the goal of TL MICRO is to give you a high-quality, dedicated tool that is right for the job. If you have ever been in a situation where you need a flashlight AND to use both of your hands; holding a TL MICRO in your mouth for those emergency “headlamp” situations sure beats trying to bite down on your mobile phone!

Below: Dimensions & Specifications

– Length: 54mm / 2.12″
– Width: 25mm / 0.98″
– Thickness: 9mm / 0.35″
– Weight: 24 grams / 0.84 ounces

TL MICRO is splash and dust-proof but not fully submersible underwater.

Design and Prototypes

There are a lot of cylindrical-shaped flashlights out there. But they didn’t want to make just another flashlight that looked and operated like everything else on the market; they wanted to challenge themselves and their engineers by going with a rectangular battery; kind of like the ones you’ve seen in cell phones. From there, they incorporated the smallest capacitive touch-sensor that they can find.

Introducing KLIP Black

KLIP is an everyday-carry suspension key hook with built-in precision blade. KLIP Black is an aluminum version of their titanium KLIP. Titanium may not be everyone’s preferred material or color and for this reason they created a lighter, longer, and more affordable version in a sleek black aircraft-grade aluminum.

Precision Blade

Never a ‘dull’ moment with KLIP by your side. Use the built-in knife for almost any cutting task that you’d use a conventional pocket knife to do. Open letters, packages, remove staples, or defend yourself in an emergency.

Below: Dimensions & Specifications

– Opened: 93mm / 3.66″
– Closed: 66mm / 2.59″
– Blade: 27mm / 1.06″
– Height: 16.25mm / 0.63″
– Thickness: 8.15mm / 0.32″
– Weight: 13.5 grams / 0.47 ounces

Keep KLIP in your pocket at all times to quickly respond to practically any cutting task. For everyday carry situations, KLIP is simply a crucial component of being prepared.

– Black 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum
– Ultra-strong and lightweight
– Smooth spring-loaded detent ball mechanism
– Satisfying “click” on blade open/close
– Super-sharp 440C steel blade
– Adjustable pivot screw

Click Here To Buy Now: $40 $60 (33% off). Hurry, only 48/100 left!

Products that showcase why concrete is the trending design material

Concrete, the solid manufacturing material has poorly been grouped together with bulky structures, construction work, and other not-so-delicate uses. Bring to the mix modern-day manufacturing techniques which have taken the poor man’s concrete, transformed and elevated it to a high-class material that lets you form delicate, even tiny parts with it. Products made with concrete bring to them an element of surprise and wonder as people take a while to associate the beautifully designed object in front of them to the material they have traditionally known, making it a favorite of the modern designer. See to believe, the list includes a watch made from concrete, an elegant chess set to speakers and even lights designed to portray concrete in a manner you have never seen before!

The Fortify chess set celebrates concrete and its contribution to civilization by using it in the aptest game possible, chess by Daniel Skoták.

Ghost Flowerpots by Studio Iludi.

The Concretus Speaker uses concrete as a material with imperfections, but it contributes to a larger sense of aesthetics, making each product unique in a way because each speaker has a different surface finish, different air-bubbles in different places by Gražina Bočkutė.

Open space is a lighting collection from French designer MorganeTschiember, which plays with shape, form, and light.

A concrete patch in the hardwood floor for those snowy boots and muddy sneakers by Matt Gibson of Gibson Carpentry.

HexaSeat by Pouya Hosseinzadeh for Enison Co.

The 4th Dimension Watch was born from a fascination with contemporary architecture and design with a spiral staircase immediately stands out as a visual connecting point between 2 separate dimensions by 22 Design Studio.

Vista Concrete side table by Benton Fusion.

Concrete Key Holder with hidden magnets by Alexander Wilhelm of Betolz.

The minimal yet surprisingly elegant Oval concrete washbasin by Gravelli Design.

‘Basso shelf system’ is a modular shelf consisting of three different basic elements created by the Austrian designer Thomas Feichtner. The design is a modular shelf system consisting of three different basic elements. Stacked one upon or next to the other these cubes are fixed with simple round pegs. “Basso” works inside as well as outside and could be used for books or ring binders or as a shelf for wine bottles or firewood.