The Flaming Mini Light Is Designed To Capture & Portray The Poise & Elegance Of Its Namesake Bird

If you’ve recently done up your home, or are simply looking to rejuvenate your current interior decor, then you may want to consider adding a few bespoke and uplifting lighting designs. A beautifully designed lighting fixture can completely uplift and elevate a living space! A well-designed lighting fixture should not only be able to efficiently illuminate any living space but also add that extra oomph factor! I mean, of course, we need them to see in the dark, but as highly functional as they should be, a lighting fixture also needs to be aesthetically pleasing, adding an attractive and visually soothing element to your home or office space. And, a lighting design that would make a fitting addition to your home is the Flamingo Mini lighting by Antoni Arola for Vibia.

Designer: Antoni Arola for Vibia

Designed by Barcelona-based designer Antoni Arola for Vibia, the Flamingo Mini light is a deconstructed pendant light that utilizes polycarbonate diffusers to cast an ethereal and customizable glow. It was designed by Arola to capture and portray the poise, elegance, and grace of the bird after which it is named.

The Flamingo Mini light is made using a cylindrical LED light, which artfully hangs on stainless steel rods, and emits light through subtle layers of translucent polycarbonate diffusers. “Flamingo Mini’s delicate, deconstructed silhouette expresses a sense of extreme lightness,” said Vibia. “By separating the light source from the diffusers, light is projected onto each shade rather than surrounding the source, resulting in an ethereal, weightless effect.”

The polycarbonate diffusers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they can be arranged to suit the proportions of the space they are placed in. The light source can be directed in an upward direction to create an ambient flow, or it can be pointed downwards to produce an intimate illumination – for example over a dining table. Flamingo Mini is a smaller version of the brand’s Flamingo product, and it is designed for smaller rooms with lower ceilings.

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This MINI electric concept depicts natural progression of the hatchback

MINI Cooper is a compact hatchback that everyone swears by for fun, energetic drives on the freeway. Throw any city challenge at this agile, speedy four-wheeler and it doesn’t disappoint. The unique-looking car has made its own dominant space in the automotive lovers’ world all these years, and there’s no stopping!

MINI has a race car-like quality when aggression is needed, and still, it maintains the immaculate grace of a city commuter. Like all other major automotive manufacturers, BMW Group has also vowed to reduce the carbon footprint with electric versions of the compact hatchback.

Designer: Roman Ignatowski

The current generation MINI electric powered by the electric drivetrain checks some boxes while missing out on others, still, the iconic look has been a major USP. This concept design of a future MINI builds on the deep-rooted status of the brand without going overboard. The MINImalistic design of the original is apparent and thank god the original dimensions have not been tinkered with.

Transportation designer Roman has created the MINI in the cool EV avatar as his personal study project. The car gets nifty alterations to completely change the perception of a classic four-wheeler. There’s a sense of airiness to the interiors with the pillar size reduced and the sunroof more dynamic to liven up things. The headlamps and the taillight get a more aggressive treatment to reinforce the aggressive stance. The same goes for the diamond-cut finish wheels that add to the edgy personality of the otherwise contoured EV.

Interiors get the same MINImalist treatment inline with the future trends dominated by light-colored spaces. The car’s dashboard gets the all-white treatment with a digital display for the telemetry. The central console is an extension of the dashboard itself and it’s MINImal too. The iconic steering wheel of the MINI gets the biggest facelift in the shape of a yoke-style racing wheel. Those alone project the futuristic transformation of the MINI.

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MINI Spaceman reinvents the legendary hatchback’s iconic status

The current generation MINI Cooper is a prime example of powerful engineering, compact size and superior handling. That classic British styling in a nimble package denotes the freedom and spontaneity of commuting in comfort. And who can deny the unique look of this likable set of wheels?

Way back in 1959 when the first MINI burst into the scene, it baffled the automotive community – of course in a good sense. Thankfully, all these years the basic design of the MINI has been hooked on tight to the initial roots. Perhaps that’s why so many car lovers swear by this small power-packed car. To elevate the MINI into the next era of modernization dominated by lounge-styled commuting, the MINI Spaceman concept is born.

Designer: Leif Mortz

This hatchback concept is a culmination of a fun-to-drive vehicle that ditches the four-seater configuration for a futuristic three-seater setup. The idea is to cocoon the riders in comfort and leave room for lounging when desired. The rear on this one gives up some of the contours for a sharper aesthetic and more space, courtesy of the elongated boot section. Whether or not MINI fans will like this disbalance is completely subjective and depends on users’ needs. For someone with a family, this makes more sense, but for one who loves MINI for the pure fun of driving, it doesn’t hold much merit.

The sense of airiness is given precedence here with the use of more glass panels on all sides as compared to the current generation MINI. The seating configuration of the front seat can be oriented in the relaxation mode as it can be maneuvered in all directions depending to need. It can even be folded down to make space for additional poufs for relaxing comfortably on the rear seats. The perfect scenario for working in a scenic landscape or socializing with buddies. For a motorist’s delight, the MINI Spaceman will come in a convertible model too!

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The Mini CarSharing concept shows how transportation must evolve along with ever-changing cities

The Mini Cooper is ostensibly a proud, Brit-made car designed for the cities… but as cities grow larger, and a growing population adds more pressure on resources, roads, and other infrastructure, transportation needs to evolve. Daniel Pokorný’s Mini City CarSharing concept shows how the tiny humble hatchback can evolve to become an icon of urban commuting.

The goal was to create a fully electric vehicle ideal for car-sharing fleets that could be easily cleaned after every use. The design integrates Mini’s values, combining a minimalist and practical interior with an exterior that highlights contemporary automotive design. Outwardly, it’s unmistakably a Mini. Aside from the fact that the Mini logo is emblazoned across the front, the car boasts of Mini-esque proportions, the signature round headlights, and a design that’s both comfortable yet compact.

The compact car sports large windows to make up for its small size, these quirky proportions lend to the car’s ‘cute’ demeanor, while also providing a nice view to the passengers on the inside. The CarSharing concept comes with an incredibly short bonnet, characterized further by a large air-intake beneath it. Daniel calls this a cognitive element that communicates the electrified nature of the car. With a minimal front overhang, the car’s front is finally made complete with two ring-shaped headlights divided by thin LED stripes, and the Mini logo.

The two-seater hatchback comes with ample boot space for luggage, making it perfect for long commutes or even journeys to and from the airport/station. The rear hatch opens up in two parts, quite like the Mini Rocketman Concept from a decade ago, giving you easy access to the back to add or remove heavy bags. The top even comes with a fin that reads ShareNow, making the car instantly identifiable from a distance… and the roof boasts a transparent design, supported by pillars that resemble the Union Jack, once again hinting at the car’s British origins.

The car’s dashboard is incredibly minimal, with a two-spoke steering wheel, a small digital instrument cluster, and a smartphone dock attached to it. The car immediately recognizes the user based on the smartphone, working almost like an authentication device that then allows the car to customize its settings according to your preferences. Additionally, since the vehicle’s more suited for constant use (given its ride-sharing nature), it features a removable/replaceable battery, so the car doesn’t need any off-time for charging.

Designer: Daniel Pokorný

A Tiny Everyday Carry Slingshot: For Plinking On The Go

Inspired by the design of their 2017 full-size slingshot, this is the $100 Mini Sling from knife manufacturer TOPS. The company decided to create the miniature version after customers requested a smaller, everyday carry sling for plinking on the go. Empty cans beware!

The sling measures 3.5″ x 1.75″ and weighs only 3.2 ounces. TOPS insists it’s so light that “you’d forget you were carrying it, if only it wasn’t so fun to shoot.” It also comes with a brown leather sheath that can be attached to a belt either horizontally or vertically. Me? I plan on carrying mine in my fanny pack with my Big League Chew and sunscreen.

I’ve been known to spend the better part of a Saturday afternoon on my back deck casually drinking beer and plinking the empty cans lined up on the handrail. Do I start to miss more often the more beers I’ve had? That depends on who you ask, but if you ask someone who’s telling the truth, yes.

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MINI EV unveiled at BMW NextGen – a living room on wheels that focuses on designing social experiences!

Traditionally, MINI is all about fun and functional approach towards mobility – well that changes with the Vision Urbanaut, a bold take on the future of ultra-customizable mobility highlighted by the adaptive exterior and interior ambiance. Unusually tall by MINI’s standards, the Vision Urbanaut unveiled at the BMW NEXTGen platform tips more towards the fantasy end of the scale with no clarity about its prospects of making it through to production any time soon. Yet, the automated concept already signals the strong promise of an achievable idea that most people will take with both hands for its mindful use of space – keeping things minimal yet highly functional.

The electric drivetrain powered minivan concept is defined essentially by three exemplary MINI moments – Chill, Wanderlust, and Vibe. Something that feels like home (your living room to be precise) and also transports you and your loved ones just like any other four-wheeler. “Chill” is dominated by the relaxing pod-like feel for relaxing peaceful moments, “Vibe” is oriented towards the fun mood with pals and Wanderlust is about experiencing the drive with fellow travelers having the option to take control of the retracted steering wheel. Defining the design process, these moments transform the interior space – driving aids, seating configuration, lighting, aesthetics, and connectivity settings – for the best experiential mobility keeping in mind the socializing aspect!

The whole vibe on the outside also changes with the front and rear lighting setting to the tune of the particular moment selected. Add to that the funky wheels that are LED lit, and you are in for a futuristic ride you don’t want to get off when you reach your destination. On the inside, the futuristic ride is highlighted by textile crafted out of recycled and natural materials. The dashboard transforms into a daybed depending on the mood you’ve set, and that’s the whole theme of creating this concept ride. It even manages to find space for a table with a planter, giving us all a good idea about the clever use of interior space. All-in-all a well thought out concept for a futuristic open-spaced minivan for your private escapades as well as social gatherings.

Designer: BMW Group

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