How many laws of physics does it take to hold this table together?

Tension is both a physical and mental state a body can be in – and I am sure we are feeling some of that right now. I was amused that the same feeling could be translated so well into a piece of furniture that actually looks good. This conceptual table is actually called ‘Ten s ion’ – it looks like the designer was trying to break the tension.

The minimal black side table almost looks luxurious – it has slim legs and a smooth top which are held in place with a brightly colored cable suspended from the center. Tension is what makes this table unique, might I even say that tension ‘adds character’ to this table. You can adjust the height of the table by adjusting the cable length. The neon-colored cables are what make it stand out, they are subtle but the yellow and blue make the monochromatic tables pop even more. The simple combinations make it appealing to every generation and interior setting.

Having the tension table in your home is sure to attract some attention because we all know the concept but we never see it being used to create actually usable furniture that fits our aesthetic – until ‘Ten s ion’ came to the scene. Obviously, keep it away from pets and kids.

Designer: Mike Tracz

IKEA x Pizza Hut create a special pizza for the real pizza saver tables!

Have you ever wondered why do they place a little table in the center of the pizza? It’s to keep the cheese from sticking to the box but it is a very realistic mini table and I think it would be nice to have some chairs around it. I was clearly not the only one planning a house for Jerry (of the Tom and Jerry fame) because looks like someone at IKEA had the same thought and the iconic pizza table is a REAL THING now (I want it!) that is selling like hot cakes….or hot slices at this point!

We all love this table but we didn’t know we needed it until Ogilvy at Hong Kong rolled out a campaign that invited people like you and me to go into an IKEA store and buy a SÄVA table. Yes, our beloved cheese-protecting table is called the SÄVA and it is the life-size version of the three-legged plastic table on our pizzas. The table comes flat-packed in a pizza box which is really a full-circle (get it?) moment. Also, IKEA has put an end to our assembly woes with this table, it seems to be one of the easiest pieces of furniture to put together. Since IKEA took an element of Pizza Hut, it gave the food company a chance to make pizzas with their famous meatballs and I call that a very fair trade deal! It is truly the best of both worlds – the IKEA meatballs on a Pizz Hut pizza being eaten on the SÄVA table. That scene is mere art and someone has to paint it for the golden times of the Italian-Swedish-American era.

IKEA is no stranger to doing viral collaborations, its one of the reasons for their success because they go after what people think of and make it happen. Let’s continue thinking, IKEA and something from Taco Bell, I am sure they are listening just like they did for my pizza table.

Designer: IKEA

This no-screws Dougong Table assembles like Lego and looks like art

Alright, who is ready for a table that looks like art and does not come with a frustrating IKEA assembly guide? Because Boston-based designer Mian Wei has created this beautiful piece of furniture that marries minimal aesthetic with cultural heritage. The Dougong blocks from ancient Chinese architecture play a central role in the build and concept of the grid table – think of it as an advanced Lego challenge! Mian Wei won the Silver A’Design Award for this grid table in the homeware and furniture category, showcasing his exceptional skills as a multimedia artist who brings to life ideas that blend industrial design and emotions seamlessly.

This is a no screws assembly – yes – there is no need to keep a track of the different screw sizes and the tiny anvil! The grid table relies on the ages-old Dougong method of interlocking blocks so effectively that it not only distributes weight evenly but also lays a strong foundation while experiencing history. The supporting structure (Dougong) is made of modular parts that can be easily disassembled and reassembled in need of storage and moving. The bracket connectors (Gong) slide easily into the beams (Dou) to form the weight-bearing structure and retain structural integrity when the table is being lifted. It is made of ash, maple, and plywood which brings tone and texture ‘to the table’ (I just had to take that opportunity!).

“This project, on the one hand, tries to go back to the root to reinvestigate the practicality and scalability and bring new life to the ancient tradition. On the other hand, the project seeks to explore new aesthetic possibilities of the structure with modern forms and production techniques” says Mian Wei. The grid table gives form to the visual of wisdom and can be a stand-alone accent piece in the room (while also holding your tea and books!) without being too bold. The table is minimal yet so intricate in what can only be described as ‘engineered art’. As the owner builds the table, the complexity fades away, and the sensible nature reveals itself – the complete opposite of what I have ever felt while assembling the simplest chest of drawers in my home.

Designer: Mian Wei