Star Wars Hoth + Kamino inspired desk – ‘may the work force be with you’

Geeky work desk setups hit those right notes when it comes to getting in the groove. Add to the mix a Star Wars theme, and there’ll not be a living soul that fails to admire it. Glen Vivaris has crafted miniature Millennium Falcon in the past, and it sure was impressive. Now, the YouTuber has created another work of art that’s tailor-made for an avid fan.

Now he’s got down to putting together a very intrinsic Hoth and Kamino-inspired workbench that’ll keep anyone glued to the seat for hours at end. Made out of a salvaged IKEA table, the workbench carries over the weathered look of the dystopian world pictured in the epic intergalactic saga. While the ocean dominated Kamino, and became an important contributor to the shift in political power during the final days of the Republic, the Hoth was witness to the battle between Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance who had set up the Echo Base on the freezing planet. Both these worlds have dotted the memories of Star Wars fans, and this desk is a testament to the mystical worlds.

Designer: Glen Makes

Glen has put a lot of effort into this DIY project – right from the greeblies on the front edge, droid power port and the floating Mandalorian ship to the structuring of the table legs, accompanying chair and the overall weathered look. The power strip concealed in a vertical position can be brought up by turning the mechanism and pushing a button. This is what I find the most intriguing in the cool design worthy of a geeky den.

Going in with the Star Wars theme, there’s a lamp and exhaust hose draped in the white hues. To make the DIY more impactful, the wall has also been redone in a matching paint job. Overall, this DIY is well worth trying as a weekend project if you desperately want a desk setup up like this one.

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Burnt Cork highlights resiliency in eclectic furniture collection

When you think of cork, you probably automatically think of wine or champagne. It has also been associated with accessories like bags, wallets, coasters, etc. But you don’t really think of furniture made from this material. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done right? A new furniture collection is showing off how this material, specifically Portuguese cork, is not just aesthetically beautiful but can also be a symbol of resilience.

Designer: Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

The material used for the Burnt Cork furniture collection was created in the designer’s Portugal-based studio. While driving through the country and seeing the forest fires last 2017, the experience stuck with him and when thinking about using cork, he also wanted it to become a tribute to the resilience not just of the material but of the process and the people of Portugal as well. The “sombeiro” or cork oak tree is pretty resilient and so that goes perfectly well with what he was planning. What we get are pieces of furniture that have unique textures and curving forms.

What he did was use the blackened bark tissue from burnt forest trees and then transforms them into blocks with gradient colors and textures. They are then carved into minimalist chairs and tables that aren’t just functional as for usual furniture but they also look like pieces of sculpture that you’d love to display in your living room and dining room. The bottom part of these pieces have charcoal-laden cork materials while you get finer tan granules as you go up the furniture.

The Burnt Cork collection is made up of three tables, two chairs, a stool, and the very first piece, a chaise lounge. The base starts off rigid and strong and they gradually morph into curved shapes that turn them, specifically the chairs, into comfortable pieces of furniture. The stool for one, looks like a museum piece with its three legs and eclectic shape, although I’m not sure if I can actually sit on it for a long time. I wouldn’t mind displaying them at home though.

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Groove table concept uses fabric as curvy surface

When we think of tables, we automatically think of flat, hard, sturdy planes where objects can be placed on a plain surface. While there have been a lot of innovations when it comes to designs and concepts for tables, almost all of them probably follow the same structure, which is that of the flat, hard, and sturdy kind. There are those whoever who would like to experiment with various textures, materials, and more innovative designs.

Designer: Hyangeon Park

The Groove concept for a curved table is pretty interesting. You get two levels for this furniture with the bottom part being the flat, hard, sturdy plane but the top part being the curvy section as it uses a fabric material. The designer calculated the depth that the fabric can reach and up to what weight you can place on it without it tearing or falling over. It also uses a wide shape rather than a circular one as you can see the changes in the fabric when you put light or heavy objects on it.

The second space of the table is the more stable one and is made from iron plate. So basically you get two options when placing an object and the contrast between the the “flexible-shaped fabric and hard steel plate” is pretty interesting. Obviously, the design for this kind of table is more aesthetic than functional. The main purpose is really not to have a place to eat on top of or to store various objects but more to display certain items on a different surface or to have the curved table itself as your decoration.

The product renders show green color for the crease-resistant fabric that they used but obviously, there will be more colors available if this becomes a commercial product. It would be interesting to see other colors and designs for Groove as this will also add to the aesthetics of such a table.

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Replace your swanky work desk with this inventive ping pong table and never look back

Arguably, tables are an integral part of home furnishing. Dining tables, coffee tables, nightstands, low tables, and even work tables; each of them has its own layout, requirement and usefulness. Presenting a modern dimension to the work table, Strol x cloudandco –studios brainchild of designers Yeo Junyoung and Yeongkyu Yoo respectively – have designed a ping pong table that can also facilitate work from home.

Rightfully called the Play Table, it is categorically designed for a home than a recreational space. To ensure it finds a rightful place at home where stylish and contemporary tables rule the roost, the ping pong table does a multipurpose gimmick in a modern design outfit. Kicking back the tradition of a single-purpose table, the Play Table gears up for a game of tennis and in an instant transforms into a work table complete with wireless charging and storage for your stationery and supplies.

Designer: Strol x cloudandco

At first sight, it’s a simple table. Behind the sliding genius, however, lies an entertainment table. Its top is made from high-density HPL coated solid birch wood while the slides are finished with an intricate 8mm cut of maple. The table legs are made from aluminum with steel castors that make it effortless to move the table, in case you choose to relocate its position.

The interactive table is ready for a ping pong game as soon as a provided magnetic rope net is installed. Post the game, the net is easily removed and along with the rackets and the ball is popped into the storage opened up by sliding apart the two halves of the tabletop. When closed, the table instantly because a space for focus. The surface is provided with a wireless charger and the hidden compartments also stores all the cables, power strip, and still have space for other supplies you’d want to keep safe. Interestingly, when you have co-workers home, you can also sectionalize the table with supplied partitions and your little office table is ready for a work desk for a small team.

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The Astronaut Rabbit Side Table/Tissue Holder Is a Real Product That Exists

The day has finally come: the astronaut rabbit butler side table/tissue holder we’ve all been waiting for is finally available for sale! And to think of all the sleepless nights I’ve had to endure just waiting for it. I’ll be sleeping like a baby bunny tonight, that’s for sure.

The table is manufactured by WRNM, available on Amazon (affiliate link) in green, orange, grey, and white, and comes in two sizes: 28″ tall, and 35″ tall. Obviously, rabbit astronaut side tables are definitely a go-big-or-go-home situation, so you better buy the larger version. The astrobunny’s helmet also holds a box of tissues, that way you can wipe all your tears of joy for finally acquiring your dream side table.

I don’t know about you, but I just bought two – one for each side of the sofa. That way there will always be an astronaut rabbit side table within reach. Unless I’m sitting on the middle cushion, which is why I actually just bought three. The cover of Metropolitan Home, here I come!

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Industrial Shipping Container Side Tables Won’t Get Stuck in the Suez Canal

Inspired by the giant cargo shipping containers that carry goods all over the globe, these side tables (affiliate link) are the perfect addition to any home or office’s industrial interior design motif. Don’t have an industrial interior design motif? Start with one of these side tables! Or, if you’re like me, have no choice but to stick to the modern farmhouse style my wife insists on. But I want a tiki bar theme!

The iron tables are available in 13 different colors, measure approximately 40cm x 38cm x 48cm (16″ x 15″ x 19″), and weigh around 17 pounds. For reference, an actual shipping container weighs around 8,000 pounds and can store up to 59,000 pounds, for a total weight of 67,000 pounds. Obviously, you don’t want to stub your toe on that in the middle of the night! Or this tiny version. I can’t remember the last time I had my tetanus shot, but it definitely wasn’t in the past two decades, I do know that.

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STRAMP Table and Chair Set ready for developmental play and learning

Concept STRAMP Chair and Table

Kids’ chairs and tables don’t always have to be basic. This category can actually be explored not only by designers and furniture makers but also by parents and educators. It’s a totally different business as the children have very different needs from the adults and even among themselves.

It’s not enough that we know children of different ages are different from one another. For example, some kids have special needs, so that must be considered. In addition, some children have been diagnosed with ADHD, which means there is a particular approach to dealing with them.

Designer: SUNRIU Design

Concept STRAMP Chair and Table Design

STRAMP Chair and Table Details

Parents, guardians, and teachers must know what to do. First, it pays to be correctly diagnosed and guided by professionals. Then, there are proper treatments to help the children cope in life. The goal is to help the kids reduce or prevent possible challenges like anti-social behaviors, anxieties, depression, or learning difficulties.

Children with ADHD are recommended to undergo behavioral therapies. Small group activities are essential, so it’s a must you look for the right group and have the right tools. Everything must be done to help improve a kid’s focus and social skills. The STRAMP may help as the table and chair set has been designed to allow children to have and be adventurous.

Concept STRAMP Chair and Table Details

STRAMP Chair and Table Design

STRAMP can be the perfect space for children. It’s really just a table and chair set, but it can be transformed into an activity area. Under regular mode, the STRAMP features a table and chair. Come playtime, you can flip the table, and it becomes a ramp with handles. The chair then transforms into stairs that you can combine with the other piece.

The possibilities are endless with the STRAMP, as kids will never run out of things to do with the set. The Stramp transforms into a mini playground when things get boring and dull. Of course, it’s only a concept, but we can imagine several sets being used and positioned in a big room where kids can have all the fun.

STRAMP Chair and Table Concept

STRAMP Chair and Table

ADHD is nothing to be ashamed of, but if your kid gets diagnosed, you need to do everything you can to understand and manage the symptoms. Be there for your child and decide you will help him with his progress. There are plenty of designs, products, and services that cater to ADHD. We have featured a few here, like the Squizits toy and Hoglet HedgeHog Mouse. There’s also the Forest, a set of desk partitions and slot profiles you can attach to the student’s table.

STRAMP Chair and Table Concept Illustration

STRAMP Chair and Table Concept Packaging

STRAMP Chair and Table Concept Design Sample

STRAMP Chair and Table Concept Sample

STRAMP Chair and Table Concept Prototype

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Low Wall turns a simple side table into a bookshelf

For a book lover, and let’s face it, hoarder like me, almost every space in my house is filled with books. I have a main bookshelf, shelves on my work table, bedside tables, movable storage, and yes, even the floor is littered with books. I don’t live in a big space and so I have to make the most out of my existing furniture and the floor. So if I see concept designs that will give me more ideas on where to place more of my books, it immediately catches my eye.

Designer: Leemok Studio

Low Wall is a concept for a side table that can also function as a small bookshelf for those that only have a few books to display or those like me who need all the help I can get. The table’s legs are actually pillars that go through the top and so instead of just having furniture on the side of your sofa to put trinkets, drinks, and other small stuff on, this becomes a tiny bookshelf to house magazines, books, and other stuff you need to place on the side.

The design for the side table/bookshelf is pretty simple but durable. The renders show that it can fit into a flat box, with the pillars separate from the circular tabletop. You will then assemble it by putting the “legs” through the top with the slats to fit them and create “low hills” or shelves not just on top but also at the bottom with the legs. The lower part has taller shelves so you can place your bigger coffee table-type books there while the top is shorter but can still fit the books you want at easy rich.

The designer didn’t specify what kind of wood is used for the concept design but there seems to be different shades and types of wooden finishes for the renders. It would be nice if there are options since you would want your side table to fit in with the aesthetics of your living room or bedroom. My books that are currently “unhoused” and lying on my floor and sofa would definitely welcome this kind of storage eventually.

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InsTable Side Table only comes with two legs but can be kept upright

InsTable Construction

Wobby tables are not welcome because tables should be sturdy and stable all the time. A stable table seems easy to get a hold of, but we know that tables are not created equal just like all other furniture items.

But then what happens when you have something that doesn’t have complete legs yet has an appeal to the sense. That’s what the InsTable is–looking quirky with only two legs and an interesting form. The InsTable can’t stand on its own, so you’ll be questioning what kind of furniture piece this is.

Designer: André Paiva

InsTable Concept Design

InsTable Side Table

The InsTable is a side table that you can easily move and transport. It can be easily carried and moved to a different place because you can grab the furniture and go. However, it really is unstable because it only comes with two legs. It can’t stand on its own as it needs to stand against a wall for support.

This unique table may not always be reliable, but it can be the perfect conversation starter. It will definitely catch anyone’s attention with its unique form. Having just two legs doesn’t really require any permanent fix but this needs some form of physical support.

InsTable Support


The tabletop is round, but a portion appears to be folded upright. That portion is what carries the table’s weight when leaning against a wall. When you look from one side, it appears to be a UFO about to descend on earth.

The InsTable reminds us a bit of the Grab Side Table and the Wavelet Side Table with its curled side that doubles as a handle. The upright fold of the new table also doubles as a handle. Others say it looks like a bent plane, but we just know the fold is what makes the table stand up. The materials used on the table are pine and MDF. The tabletop is painted black, while the legs have a natural wooden finish.

InsTable Details

A side table is often placed on the side of another piece of furniture like a bed or a couch. It’s not the main attraction, but it can be a lovely accent to any room. In addition, it works as a place for items that you want to be within easy reach. Recently, we’ve seen numerous attractive side table designs like the Hyobodo Fuoco Side Table, the simple and elegant O Side Table, and the REVERSE Table. Expect more innovative and unique side table designs will be introduced as more designers are exploring this category.

InsTable Design

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This sleek singular office table comes with multi-levels good for storage

The table is a piece of furniture that will forever be an essential fixture. It can be found in every home and in every room in any house. We don’t need to further explain why you need a table because everybody knows the importance of this furniture item.

Your office table shouldn’t be just a place for your computer or books. Instead, it should be that one place for all the stuff you need to make a living. An office desk is where your creativity flows and where all the work gets done, so it should be the best.

Designer: Pedro de Sousa

THE TABLE Singular Office Table

You can say you can work anywhere, especially now that working from home is becoming a standard, no thanks to the pandemic. However, it would help if you had a more proper table and chair to work with more efficiency. You don’t need just any table you can find in the furniture shop. It would be best if you gett something that offers comfort, convenience, and a solution to your clutter problem.

The Office Table designed by Pedro de Sousa can be THE office table for you. It’s an old design, but we like how it is timeless and modern at the same time. The table comes with different levels and surfaces that can be anything for the user.

Concept Singular Office Table

The main tabletop is where you place your laptop and monitor, keyboard, and mouse. There is ample space for your other stuff for the day, like documents you need to sign, your notebook, or reference books. On the right, there are additional levels for other objects. The longer one that extends to the right could function as a monitor stand. It could also be a place for more books. You could see more space on the right with another level where a lamp may be placed.

Just below the main tabletop, on the right side, are more space for more things. Not that we’re encouraging you to put more stuff because a clutter-free desk is recommended, but it’s good to have something that offers enough storage.

THE TABLE Singular Office Table Concept

The four diagonal legs that appear as if piercing the panels add visual delight to the table. We see them in shiny gold material that adds to the elegance of the design. The table is made of wood that is curved around the edges, so there are no sharp points.

Singular Office Table Details

This table can be THE office table for you if you like furniture pieces with a minimalist look and feel. The combination of wood and gold further enhances the aesthetic appeal of the table. It’s a mix of natural elements and colors that result from the smart choice of materials.

Concept THE TABLE Singular Office Table Pedro de Sousa

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