This Wooden Android is always ready to sharpen your pencils!

Designed to add an element of fun to your workspace, Robot (or its female counterpart Roboni) is a cute, wooden android that’s on a strict diet of pencil-shavings! Crafted by Taiwanese studio Carpenter, the Robot and Roboni stand at 10cm tall, and come with a rotating head and moving hands, allowing them to be positioned in many ways!

Crafted from Beechwood, Robot and Roboni come with sharpeners fitted into their jaws. Just place a pencil in from the side and rotate to sharpen! When you’re bored, just grab the antenna on the top to make them look left or right… or better still, use their LEGO-ish hands to grab your phone charging cable!

Designer: Carpenter Taiwan

White House said to be in talks with Intel, TSMC for US chip factories

The Trump administration hasn’t been shy about wanting to reduce its dependence on Asia for technology, and that might soon include the processors inside PCs and phones. Wall Street Journal sources say the White House is talking to Intel and TSMC abo...

The surveillance profiteers of COVID-19 are here

Our worlds are so upside-down and backwards right now that Wired claims Surveillance Could Save Lives Amid a Public Health Crisis, and privacy activist Maciej Cegłowski flat-out stated We Need A Massive Surveillance Program.

Blizzard bans ‘Hearthstone’ pro for Hong Kong protest support

The esports world is finding itself embroiled in a political dispute. Blizzard has banned pro Hearthstone player Ng Wai Chung (aka Blitzchung) for a year after he voiced support for Hong Kong protesters in a post-match interview. The statement alle...

Gogoro brings its on-demand electric scooter rentals to Taiwan

Gogoro is expanding its on-demand scooter rental service. In August, the two-wheeled, electric Smartscooters will be available as part of a ridesharing program in Taiwan called GoShare. The scooters will use Gogoro's swappable batteries, so instead o...

Tariffs are forcing Big Tech to move production out of China

In response to the Trump administration's trade war with China, major tech companies are preparing to relocate key manufacturing operations. According to Bloomberg, Google is moving production of its US-bound Nest thermostats and motherboards to Taiw...