Cleverly designed dual-sided shower scrubber comes infused with charcoal for healthy skin

With a dual-sided design that lets you choose between a softer massaging side, and an effective exfoliating side, the Shower Scrubber comes from the folks at Casamera, who shook up the industry with their ridiculously comfortable and absorbent bath towels and robes earlier this year. The Shower Scrubber comes with a radical new redesign, sporting a honeycomb pattern on one side, to open your skin pores, and a walnut-shell textured surface on the other side, for scrubbing off dead cells to leave your skin shining. The sponge is made from a soft, absorbent, naturally occurring Konjac root (used for centuries by the Japanese to bathe young babies), and comes with a choice of 5 different infusions, from activated charcoal to clear your skin, to matcha, known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Designers: Omar Bugaigis & Suliman Elrayes

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While Konjac sponges aren’t new (the internet’s absolutely littered with them), the Shower Scrubber unlocks its true potential with its design and the various infusions. The large guitar-pick-shaped design comes with a honeycomb texture on one side, inspired by Casamera’s waffle-textured towels. The honeycomb texture helps gently massage and pamper the skin (especially around the face), open the pores, and more importantly, is incredibly effective at building up a lather. The other side, however, is a textural contrast, as the sponge comes with particles of walnut shells suspended within the surface, offering an exfoliating experience that’s great at removing dead skin on your body to reveal shining, supple, radiant skin underneath.

Gentle Side – Use the front honeycomb texture for the most gentle applications like your face and nose area.

Exfoliating Side – The reverse side utilizes a greater concentration of natural walnut shells to buff away dead and dry skin cells.

Unclog your pores especially with oily and acne-prone skin.

Scrub away pain-free.

Moreover, the Shower Scrubber wholeheartedly trumps your boring bath loofah with its infused variants. The Shower Scrubber comes with 5 infusions to choose from – Activated Charcoal, Red Clay, Peppermint, Matcha, and Walnut. The infusions work in different ways, providing various benefits, from oil control to anti-microbial properties and even skin rejuvenation with minerals and Vitamin B. Moreover, unlike most bath sponges that are made with synthetic polymers, the Shower Scrubber is completely natural, making it much gentler on the skin while also allowing it to easily biodegrade when disposed of. Grab a Shower Scrubber for an early bird price of $10 using the link below.

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The most versatile and useful flashlight on the planet has a magnetic mounting system and an internal power bank

Imagine being able to charge your smartphone with your bicycle’s headlight. Sounds a little absurd, but it’s one of the many things the F.100 can do. Equipped with a 1000 lumen CREE LED bulb, a 2600 mAh battery, an IPX6 waterproof design, and a magnetic mounting system, the F.100 is pretty much designed for anything you can throw at it. It’ll charge your phone, brightly illuminate your surroundings, work perfectly well in inclement weather, and even snap around objects like your bike’s handlebar to transform into a bright, makeshift headlamp. It comes with one-push adjustable brightness, a replaceable battery, and can even charge your gadgets via USB-C. Your smartphone’s flashlight may be pretty convenient, but the F.100 is purpose-built to be more versatile, more powerful, and just the most useful EDC flashlight you can carry around.

Designers: Michael Chijoff, Richard Benson & Jake Baumann

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The F.100 isn’t your dollar-store flashlight… And it isn’t that basic little light mounted on the back of your smartphone either. With a 1000 lumen CREE LED bulb and a scratch-free mineral glass cover encased in a robust hard-anodized aluminum frame, it’s much more powerful and durable than the average pocket flashlight. It’s portable and weatherproof, making it the perfect addition to your everyday carry, and it complements your needs and your gadgets’ needs too, thanks to its flexible mounting system and the fact that it serves as a power bank too.

The holder easily snaps onto any steel surface making the F100 at home.

The flexible magnetic mounting system brings innovation to how you can use your flashlight. The F.100 features a paracord with internal rare-earth magnets, for easy carrying, a torch mount that attaches to any metal surface, and a matching bike mount that turns your F.100 into a bonafide headlamp. Now you can store, carry and use your torch like never before – from your refrigerator, workshop, bike, car, or caravan, you can choose where and how to light up your night.

Comes with a 2600mAh rechargeable battery that can be swapped out.

Equipped with a USB-C port under the tail cap, it delivers a 5V 1A supply to your tech.

The 1000 lumen LED is powered by F.100’s internal replaceable 2600 mAh battery, which also interfaces with a USB-C port that fast-charges via power delivery. This allows you to recharge your torch to 50% in 30 minutes or even use the torch as an external power bank to recharge your other gadgets. Since the battery is replaceable, you can bump up its capacity too, choosing an 18650 Li-ion battery with a higher capacity for a longer usage cycle. This unique feature completely sets the F.100 in a league of its own, because it isn’t just a torch with a large battery or a power bank with a built-in LED. The fact that it’s versatile yet upgradable, and durable yet portable allows it to have a much broader appeal… and the magnetic mounting system is just an example of design-done-well, allowing you to mount your torch for a hands-free experience or even as a bicycle headlight.

The F.100 comes with a hard-anodized aluminum body, giving it a combination of sleekness, durability, and lightweight. The hard-anodized aluminum surface is impervious to scratches or chipping, and the mineral glass covering the LED resists damage too, ensuring a perfect beam of light. A single-button interface lets you switch it on or off and toggle through multiple brightness levels and even strobe mode.

The F.100’s even built to be IPX6 waterproof, which is impressive enough for a torch, never mind a water-resistant torch that also works as a headlight, and also charges all your devices. The F.100 flashlight is available at over 40% off at $69 (the magnetic mounting system is available as a $14 addon) and ships in three colors – black, silver, and a bright orange. It’s designed to be durable and realistically last multiple years, especially considering the fact that it comes with a replaceable battery you can easily swap out every few years.

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This portable shaver with ceramic blades will literally ‘erase’ your stubble to give you the cleanest shave

Rather aptly named for a portable shaver, the Erazor was designed to erase stubble right off your face. Armed with ceramic blades housed inside a compact design that’s no bigger than a shaving brush, the Erazor is a portable grooming device that takes a fraction of the time as opposed to your shaving kit, and doesn’t create a mess either.

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The Erazor’s compact design is a breath of fresh air compared to the standard elongated hyper-ergonomic form seen with most regular electric shavers. Its overall form factor might be tiny, but it’s still comfortable to use. Designed to be maneuvered across your face the same way you’d maneuver a shaving brush along your jaw, the Erazor’s ceramic blades finely trim down your stubble, leaving you with a clean shave that doesn’t hurt, pinch, or leave behind razor burns.

While its portable, compact design sounds like its most appreciated feature, the Erazor’s finest bit of innovation is in its use of ceramic blades. Most traditional shavers come with metal blades that are DLC coated for sharpness, however, the coating wears down over time causing the blade to become dull, but more importantly, contact with water or humidity (since most shaving happens in the bathroom) causes even the best blades to begin rusting with time. You want a clean shave, not a close shave with death, am I right?

Erazor’s blades are made from zirconium oxide, an incredibly hard and durable material only second to actual diamonds. Zirconia is most commonly used to make artificial dental caps and even ceramic knives, which seem to really be a testament to their sharpness and durability. Erazor’s Zirconia blades sit under a stainless-steel mesh shield and are powered by a high-torque motor that rotates at 6600RPM (for perspective, that’s about 1.5 times faster than a traditional shaver and twice as fast as a lawnmower) for a quick shave.

The stainless-steel mesh shield measures a mere 0.5mm in thickness too, resulting in a much cleaner shave. The electronics sit within an IPX7 waterproof housing, which means you can use the Erazor while showering, and even rinse the ceramic blades under running water when you’re done. The stainless-steel mesh pops off for cleaning out stubble, and the Erazor even comes with a nifty brush that lets you clean/maintain your portable shaver before or after use.

According to Erazor’s designers, it’s roughly the size of an egg. While an egg isn’t exactly something you’d carry around in your pocket or backpack, it’s a handy little metric to really emphasize how compact and portable the Erazor is. The device easily fits into any travel bag, and weighs just 68 grams (or about as much as 1 and a half eggs).

For easy transport, the Erazor sports a safety-lock feature that prevents it from accidentally turning on while it’s inside your bag pressed against your other belongings… and a 60-day battery means you really need to charge your shaver a handful of times in the entire year. Besides, the Erazor charges via USB-C, which means you can hook it to your smartphone charger or even plug it into a power bank to juice the battery up.

As far as colors go, you’ve got two to choose from – a classic black, or an avant-garde space gray… making it sort of look like either a futuristic pepper shaker or a salt shaker. Each Erazor even comes with a 2-year warranty, retails for $50, and ships in November, which means you should begin using it as early as December once No-Shave November ends!

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This high-tech air purifier uses laser sensor + plasma field to track and kill 99.99% of all airborne particles

Going above and beyond anything your HEPA-based air purifiers can do (or even some of the UV ones), OneLife X uses plasma-field technology to purify the air… yes, the same plasma energy found in our sun. The OneLife X traps and eliminates 99.99% of all airborne particles, catching particles as small as 0.01 micrometers (that’s 10 times smaller than the Coronavirus), and runs indefinitely without ever requiring a filter replacement.

Designer: Christoph Burkhardt of OneLife

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As OneLife CEO Christoph Burkhardt rather astutely puts it, “If you don’t have an air purifier, you ARE the air purifier”. Aside from relying on your eyes to see dust in the air, or your nose to correctly pick up on any gases, there’s really no way of telling if the air you’re breathing is polluted/unhealthy or not. The truth is that indoor air is almost always more unhealthy than the air outdoors, sometimes by a factor of 5 to 10 times… and unless you’ve got a great air purifier working round the clock to catch those unhealthy particles and toxins, chances are your lungs are catching them instead.

Eliminates 99.99% of airborne particles without the need to replace the filter ever.

Uses a high-precision laser sensor that detects particles as small as 1 micrometer, then the plasma technology removes particles down to 0.01 micrometers.

Burkhardt’s OneLife has devoted its efforts to building the most effective air purification technologies. OneLife’s magnum opus is the plasma field tech, which, as it turns out, is MUCH more effective than a HEPA filter, and healthier than an ionizing purifier. It’s extremely sustainable too, as the filters never need replacement, and can easily be cleaned under a running tap or a dishwasher. The OneLife X uses the same plasma field to purify the air rapidly and quietly, operating at a mere 25 decibels. It’s a whole lot cheaper to run too, with an operational cost of just $6 annually, unlike HEPA-based purifiers that can cost hundreds of dollars in replacement filters every year.

The entire purifier fits in a compact, easy-to-carry design that should remind you of the Apple Mac Pro computer. The OneLife X comes with an outer body made from a curved bamboo plank, with the filter being fitted inside, leaving a gap on the top and the bottom to act as handles as well as for air to pass through. The inner filter mass can swivel forwards and backwards, allowing you to ‘point’ the purifier’s outlet anywhere you want, and the OneLife X can even work kept sideways.

Air from the OneLife X travels from the inlet at the bottom, and comes out through the outlet at the top. As the air passes through the purifier unit, it first goes through a series of lasers that catch even the tiniest of suspended particles (sort of like something out of Mission Impossible), after which, the plasma field charges up particles as small as 0.01 microns, which then finally get trapped by the catching plates that magnetically attract them.

The catching plates can be removed when the purifier’s switched off, and cleaned under running water or even in a dishwasher. The water washes the particles off, making the plate as good as new, and allowing your OneLife X to work at peak performance yet again.

The purifier comes in a choice between two colors – black or grey, with three operational modes – a hassle-free Auto mode, a quiet Night Mode, and a Boost mode that can purify the air in a 270 sq. ft. room at record speeds.

The OneLife X can be operated via a simple control panel on the appliance, or even through the OneLife X app, which shows you your current air quality broken down by PM level as well as VOC level, as well as sending warnings during events like pollen season, wildfires, or dust clouds. You can set up multiple purifiers in different rooms of the house, getting a detailed analysis of the air quality in each room, and integration with Apple’s HomeKit means the OneLife X can easily become a reliable part of your smart-home network.

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This tiny coffee maker can grind, brew, and filter your coffee beans… and it’s the size of a Starbucks cup

A winner of the iF Design Award as well as the Golden Pin Design Award, the ATONCE is a compact, portable 5-in-1 coffee machine that can fit right in your pocket.

Designer: LKK Design

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Ask a coffee purist what they think of instant coffee and Nespresso pods, and you’ll understand what the ATONCE is trying to achieve. The perfect coffee isn’t a beverage, it’s a journey. The beans need to be roasted, ground, brewed, and filtered before you get yourself a cup of sheer perfection… and often, those procedures can require multiple appliances.

That being said, there’s a certain simplicity to popping a Nespresso or Keurig pod into a small machine and having coffee come out the dispenser. It’s convenient, takes less time, and in some situations, can be portable too… but it’s sort of like comparing instant noodles to a bowl of authentic ramen that’s been drizzled with slow-cooked dashi broth and topped off with slices of pan-seared pork. Similarly, great coffee comes from a bean, not an industrially-packaged pod, and while there’s no arguing that the pod’s much more convenient when you want that quick fix, ATONCE is changing that by making bean-to-brew coffee easy, convenient, and portable.

The ATONCE coffee maker is a thermos-sized device that comes with its own kettle, bean-grinder, pour-over filter, and coffee-mug. Compact enough so you can carry it around with you in your bag, backpack, or even in a baggy pocket, ATONCE helps you brew barista-grade coffee with your favorite beans wherever you are, in under 5 minutes. Its multi-part design has a kettle for pouring water, an adjustable ceramic-burr motorized bean-grinder, a double-mesh stainless steel filter, a vacuum-insulated coffee cup, and a sipper-lid, packaging every coffee-making appliance in a nifty, compact form. To ensure coffee-consistency, ATONCE comes with a 15g scoop that picks up just the right amount of beans for a single cup, and a 230ml marking on the kettle, allowing you to measure just the right amount of water for brewing the ‘golden cup’ according to the SCA or the Specialty Coffee Association… a fact that may sound slightly pretentious, but just goes to show how the ATONCE helps even novices make the perfect cup of coffee.

How it Works

It all starts with the grinding of the beans, which ATONCE’s burr-grinder does at the press of a single button. To achieve a consistent grind (because different-sized particles can mess up your brew), ATONCE uses a grinding shaft with two bearings to ensure the grinder doesn’t shake while rotating. The conical ceramic burr-grinder effectively collects and pulverizes the roasted beans to a sand-like consistency, and an adjustable gauge lets you choose how fine or coarse you want your brew (a coarser brew allows water to pass through faster, resulting in a milder coffee, a fine brew traps water for longer, making your coffee more intense). Once your beans are ground, they descend into the conical pour-over filter, lined with a double stainless steel mesh (so you don’t need to use/waste paper filters). The upper vessel of the ATONCE acts as a pouring kettle, while that sipper-lid lets you pour a fine stream of pre-heated water over your grounds. The coffee gradually brews and filters out through the sieves into the double-vacuum insulated cup, which you can then directly drink from, or close shut with the sipper lid while your coffee stays warm for up to 8 hours at a stretch.

About as tall as a Starbucks order, the ATONCE coffee maker can be carried to outdoor trips, in your car’s cup-holder, and can be used anywhere you are. The burr-grinder is powered by a 15W motor that runs off a 1600mAh battery which can grind about 18 cups worth of beans before needing to be recharged via USB. Each ATONCE comes with a handy USB cable too, along with the 15g scoop, a cleaning brush for maintaining the stainless-steel mesh filters, a portable beans container, and a user-manual. The entire coffee maker stands at under 9-inches tall and weighs a mere 700 grams, reinforcing its portability. It comes in 3 colors, black, white, and a rather heartwarming yellow, and begins shipping as early as next month! Go ahead and treat yourself to something vastly better than that second-rate mediocre powdered coffee.

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These Japanese watchmakers are challenging the luxury watch industry with affordable full Skeleton Tourbillon watches

A good skeleton tourbillon watch can cost as much as a small yacht… ZEROOTIME’s watches, on the other hand, look just as luxurious, but at 1/100th the price.

The Tourbillon has a pretty interesting history. Invented more than 200 years ago by Abraham-Louis Breguet, a Parisian watchmaker, the tourbillon’s purpose was to fight off the pesky effects of gravity on a pocket watch’s intricate movement. Given that pocket watches were often in one of two positions (vertical in a pocket or horizontal on a surface), their delicate inner mechanisms would suffer from unilateral drag caused by the earth’s pull. To circumvent this, Breguet devised a small cage in which to mount the most important components – the escapement and balance wheel – and had it constantly rotate so as to negate positional errors. He called it a “tourbillon”, meaning “whirlwind” in French, and earned a patent for it in 1801.

Designer: SYUU

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Today, however, the term Tourbillon is relegated to the most luxurious of brands. Given its incredibly ornamental nature (and its immensely intricate construction), luxury brands often charge a ‘premium’ for adding tourbillons to their timepieces; often hundreds of times more than what the timepiece should actually cost. The watchmakers at Japan-based ZEROOTIME are challenging that notion with their affordable Skeleton Tourbillon Watches. By relying on crowdfunding (where you circumvent barriers like retail costs, brand markups, showroom fees, expensive exhibitions) and delivering to-order watches directly to passionate consumers, ZEROOTIME’s been able to make and sell watches at their ‘true cost’. Their 2021 series, titled The Archer, comes in two styles, the T1 Alpha with its circular body, and the T2 Square, sporting a square body. Both watches boast of an elegantly bare skeleton-design that lets you see the artistry underneath the dial. The watches showcase the tourbillons at the 9 o’clock position (which is rather rare, given most watches prefer to put it at the 6 o’clock position) and have double-springs located at 1 o’clock and 5 o’clock positions, giving the watch a power reserve of 72 hours.

ZEROOTIME T1 Alpha Archer Watch

ZEROOTIME T2 Square Archer Watch

In the pursuit of creating a watch that’s as skeletal as possible, the Archer series boasts a transparent rim around the watches too. The case, with its sparingly minimal design, comes made from 316L Stainless Steel, and is capped on the top and bottom with Sapphire Crystal displays that let you observe the tourbillon’s choreographed dance. The rim of the watch sports a crystal glass ring too, letting you see the movement from the side too, giving you an unusual view of the tourbillon that’s rare to come by in watches. Each watch comes with a Nightglow Lumionva coating on the hand as well as the markings around the incredibly slim rim, and when the hand reaches the 3 o’clock position, the skeletal frame and hand look almost like a bow and arrow… leading to the series being fittingly named ‘Archer’.

The two watches within the Archer series are limited to just 250 units each. This helps the watchmakers at Zerootime plan their supply chain like clockwork (for the lack of a better term!) and allows them to narrow the cost of each watch down to the exact dollar needed to keep the company in the green while allowing patrons to receive high-quality Japanese-built timepieces. The circular and square-shaped watches come in two styles – a silver skeleton-body matched with a blue handmade leather strap, and a golden skeleton body complemented by a black handmade leather strap. With a $1,500 price tag, the Archer series are probably the most reasonably (or rather, fairly) priced Skeleton Tourbillon watches. Each watch even comes with a 2-year warranty and sits upon a leather cushion inside its premium wooden case (with beautiful Rolls-Royce-inspired doors) that also doubles as the warranty certificate.

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Declutter your desk with this compact GaN charger that can charge 5 devices at the same time

Not only does the Spruce cleverly compile all your charging needs into an organized little cube, it also uses GaN technology to efficiently and rapidly charge all your devices at the same time, without looking like a monstrosity.

If you’re reading this at your work-table, take a second to look underneath the desk and tell me what you see. A sea of wires leading to an ugly elongated box that plugs into a power outlet? Yeah, me too. There is no escaping that extension box (or power strip as it’s called in parts of the world) and the tangled cables, power-bricks, and massive adapters/plugs that connect into it, although there’s definitely a way to better manage how you charge your devices.

Designers: Chen Guo, Weida Tan & Michelle Walsh of Fledging

Click Here to Buy Now: $79.99 $125 ($45 off with exclusive coupon code “YANKO10”). Hurry, sale ends July 26th.

Barely the size of a bar of soap, the Spruce condenses the extension box into an impressively small, organized little cube that does away with those massive plugs and power-bricks. Powered internally by gallium-nitride-based components, the Spruce lets you directly plug up to 4 gadgets into it using the USB-C and USB-A ports on the side, as well as wirelessly charge a phone on its flip-top which transforms into a charging dock. It effectively and efficiently manages power-delivery to all your devices, simultaneously, replacing the need to have multiple clunky chargers for each of your devices.

4 times as efficient as silicon. GaN charges faster, stays cooler, and treats the planet better.

The secret to the Spruce’s small size lies in its use of GaN microchips. Designed to be much more efficient at power-delivery and heat-dissipation than traditional SiC (silicon carbide) chips, GaN chargers can be exceedingly smaller, yet handle high power-output just as effectively without heating up too. That basically means doing away with that godforsaken extension box and the mess of wires located at your feet. Spruce neatly organizes all your charging needs right at your desk. Each USB-C port can deliver up to 100W of power, allowing you to even charge your laptop right off of it; and the true beauty of the GaN semiconductor is that it can seamlessly manage and allocate power too, which means even while you’re charging other devices, Spruce will always ensure that gadgets like your laptop always get higher power-delivery.

The USB-A port has an impressive power-delivery of 30W too – enough to fast-charge any other devices you’ve got lying around, and that wireless charger on top is perhaps the most inspired design detail I’ve seen! The upper surface flips to an angle of 70°, allowing you to charge your phone while it’s vertically docked. The 10W wireless charger works with any smartphone, and even in landscape and portrait orientations. When flat, it charges your AirPods too!

The Spruce runs on an AC power supply and plugs directly into your wall. It’s a definite upgrade over those archaic power-strips and surge-protectors, compressing everything into a small palm-sized box that elegantly (and rapidly) charges your devices via USB. Each Spruce comes along with its AC power-supply cable, a free USB-C cable, and a 1-year warranty on the device… Not to mention freedom from bulky boxes, thick wires, and large plugs.

Click Here to Buy Now: $79.99 $125 ($45 off with exclusive coupon code “YANKO10”). Hurry, sale ends July 26th.

This smart motion control electric screwdriver needs to be an essential in every home toolkit

With built-in shadowless lights, an internal motor with 5 modes of torque, and an OLED screen that tells you which direction the screwdriver is turning in, the SES PRO is a nifty tool that’s perfect for homes, offices, hobbies, and workshops. It’s also the shape and size of a pen, making it an incredibly handy and useful piece of hardware to work with – unlike those bulky drills or like those manual screwdrivers that require a fair bit of elbow grease.

Designers: Yin Liu, Shi Teng Yuan & Chun Hiu Tseung of Arrowmax

Click Here to Buy Now: $79. Hurry, only 9/3050 left!

Features smart motion control, smart torque force, OLED display, 5 torque settings, continuously variable transmission (CVT) and weighs only 52g.

Smart Motions – The SES PRO is instructed and commanded by the direction you twist your wrist. Gently rotate direction (left/right) to tighten or loosen the screws.

Designed to be like your own tiny handheld drill, the SES PRO is perfect for assembling, disassembling, and fixing gadgets and small products – notably electronics or items like watches/spectacles. It comes with its own motor, capable of delivering anywhere between 0.5 to 2 of torque, and a 32-bit microprocessor that can cleverly determine and adjust the speed, direction, and torque of the driver based on use. Armed with 34 replaceable bits, the SES PRO easily lets you teardown, repair, and assemble items around you.

The comparison to the electric drill is rather fitting, given that the SES PRO scales the drill down to its smallest possible form factor. Measuring 5.3 inches in length, the SES PRO’s pen-like form factor makes it really easy to grip and maneuver with a single hand. Four lights located at its tip illuminate the drilling spot without casting shadows, and a magnet inside the driver helps attach driver bits and pick up screws with ease (the driver bit tray demagnetizes them later). The SES PRO even comes equipped with its own inbuilt 500 mAh battery that lets it wirelessly operate for 2 full hours, and a USB-C port lets you charge it in between uses.

Torques – The SES PRO allows you to digitally select from 5 torque settings, A-1-2-3-4, ranging from, giving you superb control and the power needed.

The smart screwdriver gets its ‘smart’ distinction from its ability to take the guesswork and effort out of working with electronics. The SES PRO comes with 4 modes of torque to choose from, and an automatic mode that variably adjusts the torque on the fly as well as the direction. Just begin turning the screw clockwise or anticlockwise and the driver intuitively starts rotating in that direction. An OLED screen gives you a glimpse of the torque the driver is rotating at, as well as the direction and the driver’s overall battery level.

De-magnetizer – Placed the tips back on the magnetised tray when it gets weaker.

Each SES PRO comes with its own kit including 34 swappable driver bits (featuring the most commonly used bit types) in a compact tray that even demagnetizes the bits after they’ve been used. For more hard-to-reach screws, the SES PRO also has its own 62mm long extension tip that fits between the driver and the bit, letting you access tamper-proof screws in laptops and other electronics.

28 bits will be included in the SES MINI version.

The SES PRO is even accompanied by its smaller, equally handy variant, the SES Mini – although it doesn’t come with an OLED screen, has a smaller 350 mAh battery, and only has a single 1.5 torque output.

Both the SES PRO and SES Mini come in nifty, easy-to-carry aluminum metal cases, and in the interest of the environment, don’t come pre-packaged with a USB-C cable, although you can use your current USB-C charger to juice the smart screwdrivers up. The SES PRO Smart Motion Control Electric Screwdriver is the winner of the 2021 Red Dot Product Design Award for their innovative, state-of-the-art design.

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Minimalist dog collar with a snap-on leash gives your pet the ultimate style upgrade

Your pet probably couldn’t tell a regular chair from a Herman Miller, but there’s a case to be made around designing better pet products. There’s a long-standing adage that form follows function, but good design is all about emotion too. A well-designed pet product doesn’t just functionally serve the pet’s needs, its aesthetics also keep the owner happy, creating a user experience that takes everyone into account. As they say, good design benefits everybody. Consider that the ethos of TOMO, an up-and-coming pet-gear brand fueled by great design. TOMO is a minimally designed, easy-to-connect, leash, collar, and harness set that will make your life easier and your dog more stylish.

Designers: Brandon Lopez & Eric Renard

Click Here to Buy Now: $80 $100 (20% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!

TOMO gives pet-gear the upgrade it’s always needed, with minimalist aesthetics and beautifully engineered designs backed by high-quality materials. Putting basic plaid collars and harnesses with those fiddly carabiner clips in the rear-view mirror, TOMO’s pet gear comes in beautiful matte black, from leash to collar to harness, and features a unique, robust metal clasp that’s minimal, durable, and easy to secure in a matter of seconds.

All the products look like they’re a part of a wonderful ecosystem (unlike current pet-gear where the leash, collar, and dog-tag look different because they were all bought separately. The entire ecosystem of products draws a balance between functionality, comfort, and aesthetics, giving pet-gear a modern upgrade and making them complement each other when worn together, like a well-designed suit.

The leash attaches to either the dog collar or the harness using a specially-designed patent-pending latch. Designed to be quick, easy, and secure, the metal latch locks/unlocks intuitively and is designed to withstand immense force, allowing it to easily take on heavy tugs and pulls from “rambunctious” dogs.

The human-end of the leash sports a circular latch too, allowing you to easily tether your pet to a pole or fence when needed. TOMO’s collars come with an adjustable design and in 4 sizes, while the harnesses come in 6 sizes to suit all breeds of dogs. Aside from making your pooch look dapper, they’re designed to be comfortable too, making both pet and owner happy.

Thoughtfully designed to encompass the entire pet-walking experience, TOMO’s product ecosystem also includes a ‘silent dog tag’ and a dispenser for waste-bags. The silent dog tag sits on the dog-collar like a badge instead of hanging from it, and comes with a minimal design that features the dog’s name and a contact number.

The waste-bag dispenser comes with a matching minimal design too, and can attach to the leash, allowing you to pull out the plastic bags after your dog’s done its business. The products are designed to complement each other, looking like they belong together… and they even come coated with a washable, waterproof, scuff-resistant, and odor-resistant BioThane© coating, so even if your dog’s the mud-loving kind, their gear remains looking stylish no matter what!

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The world’s tiniest smartphone stabilizer comes with a wireless power bank and even AI tracking

Over the years, the smartphone camera has become one of the most advanced and pop photography and videography tools on the planet… the hand holding the camera, however, hasn’t evolved as much. No matter how good your phone’s optical/digital image stabilization is, you can always tell the difference between a handheld shot versus a stabilized/tripod shot. For the most part, that distinction existed because while cameras became popular and consumer-friendly, gimbals and stabilizers have still always been expensive professional tools. All that changes with the PowerVision S1, the world’s most compact smartphone gimbal with a built-in 3-axis stabilizer, a wireless power bank, a tripod, and even AI tracking for those completely hands-free shots.

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Designed to be the size of a power bank, the PowerVision S1 is quite literally a tiny, AI-powered film crew. It can track and follow subjects, stabilize video footage (without degrading the quality like your phone’s digital stabilizer), and comes bundled with an app that lets you automatically stream to your social media, or even edit the videos in post. If that wasn’t enough, the PowerVision S1 is also a wireless power bank that lets you charge your phone (at 10W) in between shots, keeping your video-setup going for longer so you can take that extra take or make that blooper reel to share with your fans and followers.

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The hardware of the PowerVision S1 is perhaps one of the most impressive designs and engineering feats I’ve seen. Gimbals can often be extremely large devices (often the size of a human torso) because of the large film cameras they need to support. What the PowerVision S1 does is scale that tech down to the size of your palm, while keeping it just as effective as larger stabilizing gimbals with more robust motors.

The 3-axis stabilizer comes with a universal mount on top that allows you to magnetically snap any smartphone onto it in portrait or landscape. The magnetic mounting system is made possible via a magnetic case that attaches to your smartphone. The case serves multiple purposes – aside from protecting your phone from damage and supporting the PowerVision S1’s magnetic mounting feature, it comes with its own kickstand that lets you prop the phone up anywhere, and the magnetic mount works universally – on car-mounts as well as on metallic surfaces like gym equipment or your refrigerator.

The case even supports wireless charging, allowing the PowerVision S1’s passthrough wireless charging system to juice up your phone’s battery. If your phone already has a case of its own, PowerVision S1 also has just a mounting accessory that sticks to your existing case via a strong adhesive.

Once you’ve got the case/mount assembled, your stabilizer ready, and the camera app running, the PowerVision S1’s software chops take over, turning the tiny device into an AI-powered camera crew. Aside from simply stabilizing your videos and allowing you to perform clever camera movements like panning, twisting, etc., the PowerVision S1 has AI-based facial tracking and body tracking, so it can follow subjects as they move around within the frame or even outside the frame.

The device can be used as a handheld stabilizer, a selfie stick, and even as a hands-free rig, thanks to a built-in tripod that lets you place your phone anywhere on a flat surface.

Adding further to its hands-free experience, the PowerVision S1 even has gesture recognition that lets you start/stop recording or tracking, and even click pictures on a timer.

A free-to-use smartphone app even lets you add pro-level production features to your photo/video content, like taking automatic time-lapses, editing videos, adding filters, transitions, and subtitles, or even directly streaming to your social media accounts or video conferences.

The S1 is the latest in PowerVision’s lineup of robotic devices. Founded in 2009, the company developed multiple aerial and marine drones – so cameras, stabilizers, and AI videography tools are definitely in their wheelhouse. While their drones have always been for more specialized purposes, the S1 is perhaps their truly consumer-grade product. It’s compact, lightweight, intuitive, and brings multiple pro-level features to your smartphone’s pro-level camera, allowing you to upgrade your photo and video game, be it for vlogs, events, sports, filmmaking, social content, or even business/commercial use… and when you’re done, it either doubles into a wireless power bank for your phone, or slides right into your pocket!

Designer: PowerVision

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