Plug-in Bluetooth speaker brings high-quality audio anywhere there’s a power socket

Bluetooth speakers are convenient for letting almost anything connect to them without cables, but most of them still need at least one wire to connect to a power source. Battery-powered wireless speakers only give a few hours of freedom at most, and then you’re back to plugging it in, anyway. If you have plenty of power outlets within easy reach, then a better option is now available that will change the way you’ve been listening to audio at home or at work. With OC Acoustic’s new speaker, you can enjoy high-quality music, podcasts, and every enjoyable piece of audio content with a stylish speaker that plugs directly into a power socket, offering you even more freedom and flexibility than your typical wireless home speaker.

Designers: Kenji Kawaguchi & Tandem Product Design

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Wireless speakers have become quite popular in the past few years, and recent designs have made them stand out as beautiful pieces of home decoration. That’s almost by necessity, though, since these speakers have to take up space on tables, shelves, and countertops, space that could have otherwise been occupied by more essential or even more decorative things. What if, however, you could take out the middle man and cut off all the wires completely without worrying about battery life as well? That’s exactly what this ball-sized speaker brings to the table, or rather literally takes away from the table.

Simply put, the Newport Plug-in Bluetooth speaker is a highly accessible audio device that plugs directly into a power outlet, wherever that outlet may be. You don’t have to worry about any wires to hide because there aren’t any, and the speaker is always ready to reconnect to your device the moment you step within Bluetooth range. It hides in plain sight, but you also have the option to make it playfully stand out. Pick from four color choices to either match your decor or be a vibrant beacon of fun at parties.

Despite its size, the OC Acoustic Newport delivers powerful audio to accompany you while you do your work, get you pumped up during your workouts, or get the party going. Each speaker packs a 52mm full-range driver and a 5W RMS speaker, but if one isn’t enough, you can string as many as 50 of these together to really fill up the house. And you don’t need to feel like you’re losing a power outlet because the speaker has a built-in USB type A port to charge your phone or tablet at the same time.

You might think that you’ll be limiting yourself by having a speaker that needs to be on a power outlet directly, but those outlets don’t have to be on walls anyway. With the OC Acoustic Newport Plug-in Bluetooth Speaker, you actually have more freedom because you place it anywhere without it getting in the way. Whether you’re preparing coffee orders, running on the treadmill, or chopping veggies, you can have your music fix wherever you are, as long as there’s a socket nearby.

Click Here to Buy Now: $67.99 $79.99 (15% off with Coupon Code “YANKO23” ). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

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This levitating box-cutter and paperclip holder are by far the coolest tabletop stationery money can buy

Designed by the maker of the Levitating Pen from a little over a year ago, Novium returns with some more gravity-defying office instruments. The two new pieces of space-inspired stationery are the Edge, a hovering box-cutter, letter-opener, and scale, and the Shuttleport, a similar gravity-defying paperclip holder. With a design that’s a unique combination of practical and utterly fascinating, the Edge and Shuttleport bring a sense of futurism and whimsy to your tabletop. They compel you to look away from your screen once in a while and just stare in wonder at them as they float. Suspended using a set of precisely positioned magnets, the Edge and Shuttleport make for rather engaging fidget toys too, as they bob up and down when gently nudged.

Designer: Novium

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $134 (26% Off) Hurry! Just 5 more days left!

The Novium Edge is a multipurpose tool that effortlessly hovers above its magnetic base, making it an eye-catching addition to any desk. The levitating box cutter, letter-opener, and scale comes with an edgy, future-friendly design that’s simultaneously also ergonomic, intuitive, and safe to use. When docked, the Edge rests reliably on its anti-gravity base, hovering at a precise 12° angle that makes it easy to grab whenever you want.

The Edge’s design visually splits into its three broad functions. At the very tip is the box-cutter, made from stainless steel with a 1mm-wide safety tip that lets you pierce through boxes but not hurt or harm skin. The Edge’s anodized aluminum grip has a notched upper surface that serves as a precision scale, and a semi-sharp bottom surface that’s perfectly dull enough to cut through envelopes and packages to reveal the contents within.

The Edge sits at a 12° angle against its magnetic base, with the handle hovering in mid-air for you to easily grab onto. Docking the Edge is satisfying too as it instantly grabs its position with a click.

The Edge weighs a mere 25 grams, and despite its angular grip, is incredibly comfortable to hold and use. Its weighted mid-section gives it a sense of reliability as you grip it, and the blunt-tipped box cutter is safe enough to hold without hurting yourself. It’s notoriously effective against boxes, though, so points for that. The Edge’s base, on the other hand, is made from zinc (with powerful built-in rare-earth magnets) and weighs a sizeable 130 grams. This makes it an effective docking station for the Edge because it remains in its place as you engage or disengage the magnetic system while you’re lifting or docking the Edge. The heavy base also makes it a pretty wonderful paperweight, adding to the Edge’s list of impressive features.

The Edge’s rocking motion makes it a brilliant fidget-toy to constantly play with

While magnetic paper-clip holders have been around for decades, none are as impressive as the Shuttleport. With a design that actually glorifies the paper clip, the Shuttleport comes with a split-arc form factor that’s filled with visual drama, and its matte-black color simply serves to guide your eye to the hovering silver paperclip located at its center. The Shuttleport comes with two kinds of clips, the bent-wire kind and the sheet-metal kind. Both the clips sport an angular paper-plane-inspired design (giving legitimacy to the word Shuttle in Shuttleport), although one is well suited for binding papers together into documents, and the other acts as a metallic bookmark, marking pages for you to go back to.

The Shuttleport’s anti-gravity base comes with a platform for docking one levitating clip, and a dedicated storage area on the side for keeping the rest of the clips handy just when you need them. The anti-gravity base looks a lot like the one seen on the company’s levitating HoverPen series, although this one’s designed to work with paper-clips instead. The clips rest at a precarious angle, pointing towards the sky, while their plane/jet-inspired design just feels like a wonderful extra design detail that is bound to grab anyone’s attention even when the clips aren’t on their levitating docking station.

Simply pinch the clip and lift it off its anti-gravity base to un-dock it. Once you’ve used the clip, return it to the base and it automatically aligns with the magnets.

The paper clip and bookmark both come with a paper-plane-inspired design

Both the Novium Edge and Shuttleport are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The aluminum, steel, and zinc construction gives them a premium feel while being lightweight and easy to handle. The weighted magnetic bases provide a stable foundation for these levitating marvels, ensuring that they stay in place and function flawlessly.

The Edge comes in Space Black and Starlight Silver color options, whereas the Shuttleport has a single Space Black variant. Launched as Novium’s fourth campaign on Kickstarter, the Edge starts at a discounted $69 while the Shuttleport is priced at a discounted $39. If you want to grab both of them, you can for just $99, making them a wonderful addition to your office or WFH tabletop, or an absolutely stellar gift for a special someone. The Novium Edge and Shuttleport begin shipping in August 2023.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $134 (26% Off) Hurry! Just 5 more days left!

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Deals Reminder: Roomie Sophie Smart Body Scale with Free App, save 58%

Roomie Sophie

Just a quick reminder about the awesome deal on the Roomie Sophie Smart Body Scale with Free App in the Geeky Gadgets Deals store this week. The Roomie Sophie Smart Body Scale with Free App is available in our deals store for just $32.99, which is a saving of 58% off the regular price. The […]

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You’ve seen laptop bags before… Meet the first tablet + camera bag that’s changing how we carry gear

Laptop bags are great for most days… but when you want to travel light with your gear, carrying a 4-pound laptop with its bulky charger around with you just won’t cut it. Designed as a minimalist alternative to the maximalist laptop bag, the Grip Sling from Black Ember is a modular daily carry sideways sling that’s wide enough for an 11-inch tablet, and spacious enough to keep a camera and two lenses… should you choose. Created as a compact, lightweight alternative that doesn’t compromise, the Grip Sling still has storage for the rest of your gear. It comes with an easy-adjust messenger-style strap, Fidlock-enabled key-holder, space for your phone/wallet/notepad, and optional expandable storage (with modular dividers) for your camera, headphones, drone, Nintendo Switch, or other gear. In short, everything but that heavy laptop.

Designers: Chris Gadway & Black Ember

Click Here to Buy Now: $119 $149 ($30 off). Hurry, only 3/275 left!

Wear the Grip high.

Wear the Grip low.

Their new Quick-Slide Lever lets you adjust quickly.

The Grip Sling looks and feels like the classic Messenger-style side-sling bag, but comes with a hip new design that’s built around the idea of modularity, comfort, and style. Designed to be worn in a multitude of ways, the Grip Sling features a strap with the bag’s Quick-Slide Lever, an aluminum buckle that lets you easily pivot your bag to the front, back, or hang it off the sides like a sling. Hold the buckle and pull it the way you would an airline seatbelt and the Grip Sling instantly tightens or loosens to help you adjust your bag, bringing it to the front when you want to quickly access something, and pushing it to the side or back when you’re done. Two aluminum pivot points connect the bag to its strap, giving it the freedom of mobility so you can wear the bag however you want, while carefully-designed interiors carry all your gear, organizing them in a way that makes them easy to access.

Made for Mirrorless DSLRs and similar camera sizes.

2 omni-positionable protective dividers.

Padded, magnetic tablet sleeve fits all iPads up to 11″.

A laptop bag’s size is dictated by the size of the laptop going inside it. Nothing else that goes inside a laptop is as big as the laptop, so remove it and now you’ve got yourself a much smaller footprint you can work with. That’s pretty much what the Grip Sling does. Designed around the ‘rest of your gear’, the sling comes with a padded compartment big enough for an 11-inch iPad or an A4 notebook, with a magnetic fixture that locks your tablet or book in place, and a spacious front compartment that fits your other gear, be it clothes, headphones, chargers, EDC, a bottle, or even your camera and lenses. A separate camera insert lets you store your photography equipment in the Grip Sling, with adjustable padded dividers to keep lenses, chargers, and more.

V-buckle compression straps are great for attaching gear.

The built-in key ring features its quick-release fidlock magnetic buckle.

The front pocket is divided into 2 sections with a padded divider.

Like any good bag or backpack, the Grip Sling also comes with dedicated internal and external storage pockets for other smaller gear. Internal pockets are perfect for stationery, wallets, and other essentials that you don’t need immediately, while an outer storage pocket is divided into two sections with a padded wall between them. This outer pocket is perfect for quick-access essentials like your phone, and the Grip Sling also comes with a built-in keyring that attaches to the sling via a magnetic Fidlock buckle. Optional V-buckle compression straps let you also attach additional items like umbrellas or tripods to your sling, giving you the entire gamut of gear in a compact carry-on.

Although built with a focus on style and size, the Grip Sling’s construction shines a light on security and sustainability too. The bag itself is the first ever to use CORDURA® 420D Velocity, the latest textile in the brand’s re/cor™ RN66 fabric collection for its outer clad. Made from reclaimed pre-consumer waste materials that have been recycled into high-quality yarns, Velocity fabric is durable and has a Matte-Shine finish with a water-resistant top coating that repels dust and dirt. The bag is also outfitted with YKK Aquaguard waterproof zippers along with Hypalon locking zipper pulls to keep your gear safe from the elements. The Quick-Slide Lever and Left and Right Pivot Points are all machined from T6 aluminum and are anodized in black to match the bag’s all-black aesthetic. The Grip Sling, like all Black Ember products, is made using the company’s proprietary BOND-STITCH high-precision construction. All textile components are laser-cut for high accuracy, before being bonded and technically sewed for a superior finish and a durable build.

The Grip Sling imagines a world where laptops aren’t a part of your everyday carry. By ditching the largest, bulkiest gadget in your backpack, it gives you something that’s smaller, lighter, more comfortable, and oozes sophistication with its uniquely customizable wearing style. The Grip Sling is priced at a discounted $119 and ships globally starting June 2023. The camera insert and compression straps are bundled separately, bringing the entire kit to a $179 price tag.

Click Here to Buy Now: $119 $149 ($30 off). Hurry, only 3/275 left!

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Looking for a good 3D printer for your design needs? Here’s some advice for you…

Marketing guru Seth Godin has an analogy he likes to call “The Quarter Inch Drill Bit.” In the analogy, he highlights that when a customer goes to a shop to buy a quarter-inch drill bit, they don’t really need a quarter-inch drill bit… They just need a quarter-inch hole. The drill bit is merely a means to an end; an instrument that they require to make a quarter-inch hole in the wall that can then be used to hang a shelf. Now apply this analogy to the world of 3D printers.

You could be on the market for a 3D printer, whether it’s for building prototypes, miniature figurines, hobby items, or actual products. Instead of splurging on a 3D printer, however, the folks at Xometry have a better solution – just use their printers instead. A global company based in Maryland, Xometry has a network of over 10,000 CNC manufacturers, 3D printers, molders, and other equipment that you can access. A whole lot easier than buying, maintaining, and upgrading your own personal 3D printer, Xometry’s online dashboard and Instant Quoting Engine let you easily upload your CAD files and have them printed just the way you want and shipped to your doorstep in a matter of days.

Visit Xometry’s website to upload your 3D models and get an instant quote today!

These hyperrealistic pumpkins were 3D printed on Xometry’s PolyJet printers

With its online dashboard and global presence, Xometry makes 3D printing accessible to pretty much everyone… without you even needing to own a printer. Working almost like the ‘Amazon’ of fabrication, Xometry simplifies the prototyping process to a handful of steps and gives you exactly the kind of quality you need, going from basic single-color prints to even detailed prints with as many as 600,000 colors (including those from Pantone, RAL, HEX, and CMYK libraries), and also home-delivers the results to you just like ordering something online. Quite like the way Uber makes transportation easy without owning a car, Xometry makes fabrication easy without needing to own any expensive gear or have elaborately designed spaces for it.

The printers allow for solid, transparent, and translucent prototyping

The 3D printers used by Xometry aren’t your average consumer-grade ones either. Xometry offers eight types of industrial 3D printing using top-of-the-line equipment from Stratasys, EOS, Carbon, Desktop Metal, 3D Systems, SLM Solutions, Concept Laser, and more.

Xometry’s 3D printing and fabrication services are used in an expansive range of industries, from design and engineering to architecture, automotive, aerospace, art & decor, and even the culinary industry. Their 3D printing services are even favored by large multinational corporations, the likes of Bosch, BMW, Dell, General Electric, and NASA, all of whom use Xometry’s platform to quickly prototype ideas to perfection without investing in expensive 3D printing equipment or massive fabrication/prototyping divisions… and honestly, you shouldn’t have to either. Xometry’s online dashboard makes it easy to just upload your design and generate a quote and delivery timeline for your final product. You can modify your process too, opting between regular or PolyJet printing, and choosing your print colors, quality, and material, saving time, energy, and money in the process. Don’t buy a 3D printer. Just rent the services of one out instead!

Visit Xometry’s website to upload your 3D models and get an instant quote today!

Polyjet printing lets you print up to 60,000 colors, layer by layer, allowing for hyperrealistic prints

The various printing capabilities let you mimic shape, size, color, and texture.

Visit Xometry’s website to upload your 3D models and get an instant quote today!

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Deals: 2023 Complete Blender Bundle Learn to Create Game Art in Blender

2023 Complete Blender Bundle

We have an awesome deal on the 2023 Complete Blender Bundle Learn to Create Game Art in Blender, you can save 94% off the normal price. The 2023 Complete Blender Bundle Learn to Create Game Art in Blender is available in the Geeky Gadgets Deals store for just $34.99 Take your first steps to becoming […]

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Transform Your Food Waste into Nutrient-Rich Compost with this Elegant Tabletop Device

The Nagualep Nano is a countertop kitchen composter that cuts down your organic waste by as much as 90% by turning it into nutrient-rich homemade fertilizer. The entire device is as compact as an air fryer, quieter than a refrigerator, consumes as much electricity as a coffee maker, and turns up to 3.5 liters of food scraps into organic compost in under 30 minutes without any odor, germs, or pests.

Designer: Jordan Scott Miller

Click Here to Buy Now: $399 $639 (37% off). Hurry, only 42/50 left!

Let’s be honest. Nobody feels ‘good’ chucking their food waste into the waste disposer. It’s noisy, energy-consuming, and acts as a reminder that you’ve wasted food that is now headed into the drainage and eventually, the oceans. Designed to be about as convenient, but 100x more sustainable, the Nagualep Nano is a countertop kitchen composter that quickly turns your food waste into food for the planet. Its unique design helps it sanitize your food, and then immediately break it down into dry, nutrient-dense fertilizer that you can either use in your own kitchen garden or backyard, or dump in the trash knowing fully well that the fertilizer will benefit the earth rather than harm it. It also helps cut your waste footprint down to 10% of what it would originally be, so you’ll feel less bad about disposing of food scraps, peels, shells, pulp, bones, etc.

With a 3.5L capacity, the Nagualep Nano is a small but spacious little device, occupying the same amount of footprint as a coffee maker or air-fryer on your kitchen countertop. With a top-loading design, the Nano becomes your go-to for disposing of any kind of organic, biodegradable waste, from peels and scraps to bones, shells, spoilt food, yard waste, and even biodegradable paper/plastic containers. A simple two-button interface lets you switch between composting mode and self-cleaning mode, and once you hit the button on the inside, the Nano’s proprietary high-torque motor gets to work, silently doing its job of breaking down your waste and reducing it by 90% of its original volume while also killing all the bad germs and bacteria in the process. Here’s how it works.

Sterilizing Temperatures – Nano begins to heat up internally to 260°F to kill 99.9% of bacteria.

The Nagualep Nano uses a combination of heat and the motor’s chopping action to break down the organic matter into compost. Put your waste in and just hit the button on top and the Nano fires up its internal chamber to an operating temperature of 260°F, killing 99% of all the bacteria in the waste in under 6 minutes. After its 6-minute heat-treatment cycle, the Nano brings the chamber down to a regular operating temperature, with a reduced power consumption of 70W. It then continues to process your waste for another 24 minutes, chopping and churning it to aerobically break down your waste into a soil-like compost. The entire process happens in less time than a washing machine takes to do your laundry, and the Nagualep Nano generates no noise or odors in the process.

Proprietary Motor – With German-made carbon brushes, Nano’s motor features high-torque, low RPM, and a long service life. This is why you can hardly hear Nano during operation.

This odorless, soundless operation is thanks to the Nano’s pretty impressive design. Building on Nagualep’s NA2 kitchen composter from 2021, the Nano shows a few significant improvements. While its predecessor only had a 2.5L capacity, emitted 40dB of noise, and took a full 1.5 hours to complete its composting cycle, the Nano is more spacious, more intelligent, less noisy (at just 35dB), and 3 times as fast. Its proprietary high-torque low-RPM motor works completely silently, thanks to German carbon brushes, and the Nano can even intelligently detect if there’s something too big or unnaturally hard in the Nano’s basket, shutting down the process to prevent damage to its parts.

Self-Cleaning – Clean at the press of a button.

Maintaining the Nagualep Nano is rather easy too, and can be done once every couple of cycles to keep your kitchen countertop sanitary. The Nano’s control panel has its own self-cleaning button that immediately cleans out the internal basket when pressed. All you need to do is pour some water in and the Nano gets to work, meticulously self-cleaning without any chemicals or solvents. The Nano also has its own active carbon air filters on the back that keep your kitchen odor-free by filtering the air and absorbing any odor molecules and VOCs. The filter does require changing too, but only once or twice in an entire year, depending on how frequently you use your Nano.

The Nagualep Nano comes in two colors, a white and a space-gray, with a two-button interface and a blue LED halftone pattern on the front that lights up to let you know when the Nano’s running. The 3.5L of internal storage is big enough for 2-3 days worth of food if you’re a small family, and provides the perfect alternative to smelly trash cans that attract flies, bugs, bacteria, and pests like raccoons. Just a simple push of a button turns your waste into an odorless soil in just 30 minutes, which you can then use in your own backyard or kitchen garden to grow your own produce, living a life that’s healthier for you as well as for the planet! The Nagualep Nano starts at a discounted price of $399 and begins shipping as soon as May 2023.

Click Here to Buy Now: $399 $639 (37% off). Hurry, only 42/50 left!

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Last Minute Deal: Headway Premium Family Plan Lifetime Subscription

Headway Premium

Don’t forget to check out our last-minute deal for our readers on the Headway Premium Family Plan Lifetime Subscription in the Geeky Gadgets Deals store this week. The Headway Premium Family Plan Lifetime Subscription is available in our deals store for $239.99, there is also a single-user version available as well. Are you ready to […]

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Want to up your grilling and charcuterie game? This stovetop smoker lets you hot, cold, or water-smoke your food

Jerry Seinfeld believes that cinnamon is the ultimate secret ingredient, but little does he know that smoke is a much more powerful addition to a meal. Smoked food just tastes much more wonderful, activating not just your taste buds but also your sense of smell to give you a multisensorial, layered experience. The art of smoking, however, seems to be limited to fancy restaurants and large steakhouses with equipment that’s either too big to fit in most homes or too small (those smoke guns) to really create a lasting impact. The SMOKER-X changes that, with its design that condenses the traditional smoker machine to something the size of a large saucepan or dutch oven. Sit it on top of a stove, grill, or outdoor fire and the SMOKER-X does the job of a much larger smoker, layering your food with a rich smokey flavor… but the SMOKER-X doesn’t stop there. Aside from hot-smoking your food, the SMOKER-X lets you cold-smoke as well as water-smoke your food too, letting you add different kinds of complex flavor profiles to your cuts of meat, whether they’re surf, turf, or even processed cold cuts.


Click Here to Buy Now: $139 $250 ($111 off). Hurry, only 142/200 left!

Smoked cheese and nuts done by Smoker-X.

Designed to be the only 3-way smoker that’s small enough to be used in most homes, the SMOKER-X comes with a compact and durable metal build featuring the main smoking basket, two mesh trays for meats, a saucepan for ice cubes or the liquid of your choice, and a lid with a built-in thermometer to check the temperature of your smoker’s interior. The SMOKER-X’s 3-ply metal construction is made to be compatible with gas, induction, and electric stovetops, as well as being dishwasher-friendly.

Mouth-watering hot bacon.

Hot Smoking – Fire up your wood chips and smoke passes right through to cook your food and infuse it with smoky goodness.

Perfect cold smoked salmon.

Cold Smoking with Ice – Add ice cubes to the saucer and place it over the wood chips. The smoke cools off as it passes through the ice, infusing your fresh salmon, cheeses and meats with smoky flavor without them heating up or melting.

Wine-infused wings.

Water Smoking with Beer or Wine – The smoke from the wood chips passes through the liquid so that the smoke and beer/wine vapor is absorbed, resulting in juicy spare ribs or chicken infused with flavor.

Made to work just like a professional-grade smoker, but intuitive enough that an amateur could use it too, the SMOKER-X offers three unique ways of imparting a smokey flavor to your food. The standard hot-smoking technique lets you add wood chips into the main frame before loading a mesh on top with the meats, cheeses, nuts, etc. of your choice. Close the lid and place your SMOKER-X on a hot stovetop and the heat causes the wood chips to burn, cooking your food while also diffusing a wonderful wood-smoke flavor to your food. Adding a saucepan with ice between the wood chips and the food lets you cold-smoke it too. The smoke and heat from the wood are brought down to a lower temperature, filling your food with a smoky aroma without necessarily cooking it. Swap out the ice for a liquid like wine or broth and the food gets even more complex notes. It’s a sure-shot way to easily take your food from tasty to absolutely legendary.

Cleaning up after your smoking session is pretty easy too. The SMOKER-X can be cleaned under running water and is compact enough to fit into most dishwashers too. The SMOKER-X’s durable and portable form factor makes it perfect even for the outdoors, with two mesh racks so you can cook large batches of food just like a pit master. Each SMOKER-X also comes with its own handy recipe book to give your food the ultimate flavor upgrade!

Click Here to Buy Now: $139 $250 ($111 off). Hurry, only 142/200 left!

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