The Scripter is a nifty note-taking virtual assistant that you can wear on your collar

Wear it. Forget about it. The Scripter gives you quick access to a virtual assistant without needing to take your smartphone out of your pocket, or pop AirPods into your ears. It sits right on your collar like a brooch, letting you easily turn all your narrations and conversations into text transcripts, so you don’t need to juggle thinking and typing/writing together. Perfect for linguists, teachers, authors, scriptwriters, or anyone who wants to document conversations or meetings, the Scripter instantly turns voices into paragraphs of text without needing a keyboard or worrying about typos… and it works seamlessly across as many as 16 languages.

Designer: Nazar Fedorchuk

Click Here to Buy Now: $129. Hurry, less than 24 hours left!

Designed to be a smart 21st-century dictaphone, Scripter modernizes note-taking by delegating the menial task to a powerful, capable AI. A single button starts and stops the Scripter’s ability to record (so you’ve got control over what the device listens to), and the Scripter’s internal computer can actively transcribe voices across 16 languages, all while accurately editing the transcribed text to add punctuation, paragraphs, capitalization, and even handling syntax, without needing to connect to the internet.

Better documentation and time-saving.

The Scripter looks like an outwardly simple device. Its plain design sports a two-part magnetic assembly that lets you easily attach your Scripter to clothes (without needing pins that damage your clothing). A single button interface allows you to toggle the wide membrane microphone which can pick up on even the slightest vocal cues, comparable to a professional microphone… while Scripter’s most understatedly impressive feature is its battery, which allows you to continuously transcribe audio over an hour-long, making it perfect for meetings or lectures (proving to be especially useful for multi-lingual conversations with international clients/lecturers). 1GB of onboard storage allows the Scripter to run continuously too, giving it nearly 20x more recording time than its predecessor, the Senstone (which could record/transcribe only 3 minutes at a time).

Stay organized.

While the Scripter sounds really like a niche product, it’s much more useful than you’d think. Designed to make capturing thoughts easy, the Scripter is a modern journaling tool, allowing people to focus on thinking, interacting, and focusing on social cues instead of frantically typing away at a keyboard (ironically, like I am) as they collect their thoughts, or focus on the thoughts of others. It’s a tool that serves creatives as well as executives, educators as well as scientists, linguists/communicators, and even people with ADHD, helping them document their train of thought. In fact, Scripter’s received FCC certification, making it safe to use for people with heart implants, and even secured NASA’s Seal of Approval, assisting them in addressing challenges facing exploration of the Moon and Mars.

Transcribe meetings.

Measuring about the same size as an AirTag, the Scripter is discreet as it’s powerful. The magnetic clip lets you secure it to even thick clothes like jackets and coats, without any danger of it falling off. All of Scripter’s transcription happens offline, without needing an internet connection. Audio gets sent in real-time to the Scripter app on a smartphone via Bluetooth 5.1, which uses AI to process the recording and convert it into editable text.

Works offline.

The battery within the Scripter gives it a whopping 8+ hours of continuous use on a full charge, and up to 2 weeks on standby. The tiny device charges via USB-C too, letting you quickly hook your standard Android smartphone charger to the Scripter to keep it running. For now, the Scripter seems to only come in black, and ships for a special Kickstarter price of $140. It currently supports 16 different languages on a freemium model, with a paid tier for more accurate transcriptions for select languages.

Click Here to Buy Now: $129. Hurry, less than 24 hours left!

Last Chance to grab this tiny forest-powered natural air purifier at a discounted price!

With over 80% of briiv Air Filters delivered to loyal Kickstarter backers, the all-natural forest-powered air-cleanser is beginning its transition from a crowdfunded product to a retail product… which means you’ve got a limited window of time to buy a briiv of your own at its 28% discounted crowdfunding price.

Designers: Sean Sykes & James Whitfield

Click Here to Buy Now: $344 $477 (28% off). Hurry, only 5 left! Raised over $1,000,000.

Made from 90% natural and sustainable materials and 100% biodegradable filter materials, briiv is the most sustainable natural air purifier there is. Designed to look like a tiny terrarium, briiv ditches those non-biodegradable HEPA filters for a natural kind of filtration that does the job of 3,043 houseplants, purifying a standard 6m x 6m room in just 1 hour. It does so while consuming negligible amounts of energy (5V) and generating zero waste. All those features combined together, briiv’s gone on to receive international recognition and a seal of approval from numerous organizations including winning the prestigious 2021 Red Dot Award and also being named the WIRED ‘Gear of the Year’ for 2021.

While the pandemic has practically created a boom for the air-purifier industry, its clean air has an incredibly dirty secret behind it… HEPA filters aren’t recyclable and they don’t biodegrade. 6000 tonnes of HEPA filters find their way into landfills each year and they take millennia to decompose. While using them in medical equipment and PPE makes sense, briiv aims to shift the perception that human-manufactured plastic filters are needed in domestic air purifiers. Unlike artificial plastic-based HEPA filters, briiv utilizes nature not only in the elephant grass-based bioplastic but also the filters themselves, which are derived from lichen, coconut, and ahimsa silk, that are extremely effective at tackling air pollution but need absolutely no maintenance or watering. They generate zero artificial waste, are completely biodegradable, and offer a healthy, natural, and aesthetic alternative that’s as good as having a mini-forest in your house.

With a design that looks like a cross between a terrarium and an Apple Homepod, the briiv is a modern-looking air purifier that adds a touch of green to your apartment. The filter comes with a special, sustainably-grown, dried moss on the inside that naturally purifies the air by trapping harmful particles, killing microorganisms, and releasing clean, fresh air. Sitting underneath the moss are multiple bio-filters, including one made from loosely woven coconut fibers, another filter comprising reconstituted and recycled coconut waste material, and a proprietary bespoke material created combination filter made of silk and activated carbon that together combines to filter particles as small as PM 0.3 while also trapping and neutralizing bacteria, molds, and other volatile organic compounds to give you air that’s been freshened naturally, in a filter that’s designed to be the equivalent of as many as 3000 house plants in one device.

Ultimately, briiv is a winning combination of nature-inspired design and consumer-tech. The purifier comes with smart features that let you power it with your voice, allowing you to either use your smart speaker to perform a deep-purification cycle, or use the briiv’s app to set on and off timers on your phone. A simple 1-hour run-time on the briiv does the job of a miniature forest, rapidly cleansing the air you breathe by helping trap microparticles, microorganisms, and odors. briiv doesn’t need to be watered or kept in the sun, and the replaceable filters can easily be composted instead of being thrown in the trash. It does the job of a well-engineered air-purifier, while all along being bio-friendly and adding a beautiful touch of greenery and nature to your space!

The road to providing homes with filtered air has been a rather winding one for briiv. While the pandemic and a need for cleaner air helped briiv cross the $1 million milestone, the designers also had to overcome challenges presented by halts in the supply chain brought about by several lockdowns. briiv is now delivering to backers (with over 80% of commitments fulfilled), and its crowdfunding campaign officially ends on the 1st of November. Go ahead and grab your own forest-powered air filter while it’s still running a crowdfunding discounted price of £249 ($344) before you end up having to pay its full retail price of £349 ($477)!

Click Here to Buy Now: $344 $477 (28% off). Hurry, only 5 left! Raised over $1,000,000.

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This large, portable external display is powered by a detachable, independent ultra-short-throw pico projector

Coming from the folks at Arovia who designed the SPUD external display in 2016, the Splay is a smaller, brighter, more versatile version of their previous product. Designed to efficiently tick two boxes while being compact and portable, the Splay works both as an ultra-short-throw pico projector with a projection image up to 80-inches, as well as a bright external display, thanks to its foldable projection screen that opens out to give you a large external monitor for your laptop, tablet, or phone.

Designers: Mark Kimbrough & John Jaworski

Click Here to Buy Now: $674 $1299 ($625 off). Hurry, only 2/105 left!

The Splay is a pretty unique device, if you come to think of it. It’s a projector as well as an external display, all packaged into a product that can easily fit into the average backpack. The projector can be used as a standalone device, allowing you to watch 1080p content on a nice 80-inch surface… but things get even more interesting with the Splay’s expandable display that turns your projector into an external monitor using an inverted umbrella-shaped device that lets you project images onto a bright 24-inch screen. In this format, the pico projector transforms into a monitor that you can use alongside your laptop, or with your tablet or phone, for added productivity.

Projector Mode

Auto Vertical Keystone

Building on the SPUD’s format (Spontaneous Pop-Up Display), the Splay returns as a smaller, stronger, and lighter device. The tiny projector works at a resolution of 1080p with an ultra-short-throw, giving you an 80-inch screen in just 2 ft. of projection distance, along with two powerful built-in speakers. The ultra-short-throw makes it perfect for smaller places, and automatic vertical keystone means always having a straight projection no matter what angle you tilt your projector to.

However, things get really interesting when you throw the expandable display into the mix. The display attaches onto the front of the pico-projector, turning it into something that looks about the shape of a lightbox. When assembled, you get a 24-inch external HD screen that has 800 nits of brightness, making the Splay a perfect primary or secondary display for attaching to any of your gadgets.

The patented expandable display produces a crease-free, warp-free image that’s comparable to traditional monitors, and the most impressive thing about it is that it folds down right into a flat-packed fabric unit that just wraps around the Splay pico projector, so you can carry your setup anywhere.

On the connectivity front, the Splay comes with an HDMI input for plugging in your devices, as well as a USB output for using the Splay as a power bank, or using it to supply power to your Chromecast or Fire Stick. The Splay comes with a USB-C input too, to power its internal battery, which runs for a good 4 hours on a full charge.

All in all, the entire contraption is about the size of a smart speaker… and when packed along with the external display, forms a pouch no larger than a bento box (weighing just 2.5 lbs), making the Splay perfect to carry around with you either to an office, a coworking space, on business trips, or even to a friend’s house for a movie or game night. The projector comes with a tripod mount and onboard controls to adjust the brightness, volume, focus, and toggling between projector and display modes (they’re essentially mirror images of each other). The Splay is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, with a pretty modest price tag of $674 (48% off) and delivery next year. Each Splay ships with the projector and expandable display, along with an HDMI cable, a USB-C cable + adapter, and a protective case, so you can carry your projector/external-monitor wherever you want!

Click Here to Buy Now: $674 $1299 ($625 off). Hurry, only 2/105 left! Raised over $270,000.

This fog-resistant transparent face shield provides ergonomic comfort for sustained wear in the new normal

The SafeSpace Shield is an ultra-secure, sealed, and extremely comfortable all-day face shield that elevates your personal protection from pathogens, without any fogging issues. This intuitive face shield designed with precise engineering is tailored for all the frontline individuals including medical professionals, teachers, workers, kids, and people who are frequently in contact with multiple people.

Designer: Intellisafe

Click Here to Buy Now: $249 $300 ($51 off). Hurry, for a limited time only.

The pandemic is still an uncertain battle that can amplify in the future and we cannot leave anything to chance, can we? This prolonged pandemic has made us complacent with the urge to return to our old normal has taken over the panic-inducing scenario that we first battled in 2020. By now, however, we have resigned ourselves to the fact that face masks and shields are here to be a way of life. The face shield has been the first line of defense against COVID-19 for frontline workers, and it will stay that way. Now that we’ve realized how important it actually is, SafeSpace Shield comes into the picture with a face protector that is almost like a second skin, protecting from the pathogens in the environment without any discomfort when worn for extended periods of time.

The core idea of the SafeSpace Shield and the initial development of the product germinated from a random meeting with a Johnson & Johnson executive who wanted a practical solution that didn’t have the irks other face protectors have. SafeSpace Shield created using injection molding process is made to the exact specifications with the full-membrane Airtight Tecoflex Seal that’s lab tested for comfort and longevity of constant use.

To keep the seal tightly in place, the developers have devised a four-point attachment that can be easily adjusted according to ergonomic comfort. To counteract the common side-effect of sealing, the face shield has an anti-fog coating for a clear view of the outside world even if you are breathing out profoundly. The filter carrier keeps the filter tightly snug with the locking mechanism.

Unlike other options on the market that have their own set of advantages and shortcomings – the SafeSpace Shield has all the valued features and does away with the things that have not been liked by users over time. For example, it has the full face view of an open face shield while having a full-face seal of a powered air-purifying respirator. The design is also lightweight, and strap pressure points are well distributed using a four-point attachment around the back of the head and neck. Most of all, the distance of the shield from the face makes them perfect for people who wear glasses. It can be put on while wearing spectacles without any hassle courtesy of the custom eyeglass insert kit that comes with the package.

Grappling with COVID-19 on a regional basis, we have our neighborhood safe and vaccinated. What we lack is the ability to help out the frontline workers battling the pandemic across the world. SafeSpace Shield understands this feeling – to give to make the world a safer space by choosing to donate a shield to a frontline worker in a developing country, at a discounted rate. The project aims to help the world with every step you take – making the protectors of the world safe while they fight the good fight.

It has to be said, the SafeSpace Shield is a mindful solution that we all have been longing for, now that face protection has become an integral part of our daily routine when out in the open. With advanced anti-fogging and comfortable design, the face shield is hard to give a miss. Top that off with the non-obstructive view, and we are talking of a winning product design that will be a staple in everyone’s daily life. Currently, the advanced face shield is up on Kickstarter for an early bird price tag of $249 –saving you $51 on the MSRP. The essential accessory is slated to ship worldwide from March 2022, and now is the time to book one for yourself.

Click Here to Buy Now: $249 $300 ($51 off). Hurry, for a limited time only.

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Deals Reminder: Koofr Cloud Storage Lifetime Subscription, Save 93%

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This Zoom-friendly charging station elevates + charges everything from your iPad to your laptop, making it the complete WFH package!

This all-in-one charging station is the complete package – taking you from home comfort to professional Zoom call ready with its inbuilt Bodo Board, Bodo Stand, multiple wireless charging points as well as a Zoom Light in one neat setup. Equipped with a stand, the entire setup (including your iPad and the Zoom Light) can be quickly elevated to an ergonomic height, making it ideal for all video calls.

Designer: Bodosnap with Ecco Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $96 $160 (40% off). Hurry, only 3 left!

We live in a world where our gadgets rule us – with multiple chargers and charging points snaking across our home to ensure we never face the dreaded ‘Battery Low’ alert. Add to the chaos of finding the work-life balance; we have everyone recommending those ‘Top 10 hacks for an organized workplace’ all promising the miraculous solution to an improved workflow and increased productivity. After going through tons of such organization and productivity hacks, the “Bodo: The All-in-one modular charging station” is a comprehensive solution that will amp up your setup, whether you are working from home or back in the office.

Bodo is touted to be the world’s first all-in-one charging organizer, and in the true sense, it is actually one. Unlike other all-in-one stations with more substance on paper than in reality, the Bodo charging station arranges all the gadgets meticulously on a pegboard-like organizer that sits right on your desk. The entire setup needs one USB-C-powered port to relay power to the board, which is then distributed across a tablet charger, a phone charger, a watch + AirPods charger, a Zoom light, and a USB-A, and a USB-C charger that can be used to power your laptop as well. That’s an extensive list for the power-packed design, and the solution is so effective, the team patented the electric magnetic charging method!

Say goodbye to the chaos and clutter since the Bodo Board comes with a stand – no occupying the precious desk real estate – allowing you to place your gadgets at an elevated position at the desired angle. In fact, the stand goes up to your eye level to help you achieve that flattering angle for your video calls and video recordings. The stand also allows you to sit in an ergonomic posture that provides the best position for your neck, for writing or reading on the tablet as well as creating a great angle for your video calls. The entire board is your canvas for putting up your gadgets in the orientation you want and desired placement according to your comfort. This design brings a new era of ease in switching between tasks.

Bodo’s design team includes a prolific inventor and technology design entrepreneur for Fortune 500 companies with over 40 patents, and you can see that attention to detail that makes Bodo a minimalist fit for every desk setup. Along with the Bodo accessories, it creates an ecosystem that is perfect for work from home or the office.

The zoom light provides the best lighting ambiance for content creation, video calls, or professional online conferences. This tiny device is a valuable addition that will actually set you apart from the crowd without adding extra wires or clutter to your space.

Not only your desk, but the ultra-useful accessory is also the perfect mate for your kitchen or living room, for attending online yoga classes, or while working out when you need to follow the instructions of the live instructor or while following a recipe online. This is possible with the snap-on modules and detachable stands which bring true utility to the charging station. Add to it the minimal IKEA pegboard-inspired aesthetics, this design will be a fun yet functional addition to your desk setup!

Click Here to Buy Now: $96 $160 (40% off). Hurry, only 3 left!