Huawei Watch Buds leak suggests it will come with built-in wireless earbuds

Thanks to the retirement of headphone jacks on more recent phones, wireless earbuds have started becoming a staple of modern mobile life. But while they offer the convenience of freedom from tangling cables, their diminutive sizes make them easy to lose. More importantly, the need for a charging case to keep them in means an additional object that you need to carry with you all the time and also potentially lose in the process. There have been some attempts to solve this problem, often by tracking the location of the buds or the case and warning the owner if they stray too far. Huawei, however, seems to have designed a rather crafty solution that removes the need for a charging case and, coincidentally, gives its own smartwatch another reason to exist.

Designer: Huawei (via Huawei Central)

It wasn’t until recently that smartwatches became a more common consumer electronics device, in no small part thanks to Apple creating a niche for it. Not everyone, however, might be in need of an advanced fitness tracker and mobile health diagnostic device, but there will always be a few that will need TWS earbuds to go along with their smartphones. Huawei’s solution is simply to merge the two so that you get both for the price of one or probably the equivalent price of one and a half.

Huawei recently teased its next wearable called “Huawei Watch Buds,” which is a rather odd name that sounds like a mashup of two devices. Apparently, that’s really the case, and a batch of leaked photos and a video shows a smartwatch with a pair of wireless earbuds hidden inside. Conversely, it could also be a pair of buds that come with a charging case that happens to be a smartwatch as well. Either way, the design is both ingenious but also odd, and it trades in some problems for others.

Given the fact that it has to store earbuds inside, the smartwatch’s body is unsurprisingly quite thick. This comes at a time when most non-sports smartwatches are trying to go on a diet to make them more presentable and more appealing to buyers. The earbuds themselves are also quite small by necessity, and they come as small capsule-like devices that might instill worries of getting stuck inside your ear.

As for the watch itself, it isn’t that remarkable, especially with the large bezels around the display. Huawei will have to include a larger-than-usual battery inside to offset the needs of the earbuds, further adding to the watch’s size and weight. It remains to be seen how effective this solution will be, but one has to give Huawei some credit for thinking outside the box and designing something so interesting that you might actually want to buy it to try it for yourself.

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This low-key metal cylinder can take care of all your aromatic needs

Most of us probably take our sense of smell for granted, but it’s actually one of the easiest ways to put our minds in a state of calm and relaxation. Given how our world is becoming increasingly stressful these days, it’s no surprise that a growing number of people are taking to incense and essential oils to give themselves a temporary respite. Not all aromas are created equal, of course, and some of them require different devices or diffusers to work. Oil diffusers, for example, won’t work with incense, and there are different types of incense that often need a different kind of incense holder. Rather than stressing over those small details, this seemingly simple incense burner covers all the bases in a rather smart way.

Designer: Contexte Design

Although essential oils have become the most recent fad, it’s hardly the only way to give your nose a treat. Some people and cultures are more particular about incense, both either in stick or conical forms. There might even be some who prefer directly burning sandalwood or sage leaves instead of using these manufactured products. Rather than worrying about needing a different burner for each of these, Trataka is able to handle all of them with elegance and grace despite its very simple design.

At first glance, it’s a bit difficult to tell what Trataka is. It looks like a metal can with a sunken, concave top and sides that are cut off at four places. In reality, however, it’s made of two separate pieces, each with two “pillars” of the four sides, and these parts have different roles to play, depending on the type of aromatic experience you’re in the mood for. A hole at the top, for example, can hold your incense stick in place and catch the falling ash on the curved surface. That surface, however, can also act as a platform for cone-type incense.

Things get a bit more interesting when you consider you can put different things on top as well. For example, you can place a sprig of sage on top and burn it to let the aromatic smoke fill the room. Or you can put a few drops of your favorite oil on top and place a candle inside to heat it up. In fact, that bottom half can be used on its own as a candle holder to provide a gentle flicker of light any time you want. And when it’s not in use, it stands as a simple yet beautiful piece of minimalist decor on a desk or shelf.

Trataka doesn’t use gimmicks or complicated mechanisms to be able to serve different purposes. In fact, it’s all too simple, and that is exactly what makes it striking. Whether you’re looking forward to chilling with your favorite aromas or simply want something nice to look at, this unassuming but charming metal cylinder definitely does the trick in the simplest way.

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Kensington SlimBlade Pro is a stylish wireless trackball with HAL 9000 vibes

Tech companies and visionaries would have us believe that the future of computer interaction will all be either touch screens or holograms floating in front of our faces. Our present, however, is still very much tied down to indirect pointing devices like mice and touchpads. These aren’t the only input methods for computers, though, and some prefer a type that traces its origins even farther back than the venerable mouse. There are some people who still swear by trackballs that may now look alien to our eyes because of the convenience and precision they offer. Kensington is definitely still heavily invested in this market, and it just launched a wireless version of its elegant trackball that eerily calls to mind one of pop culture’s less savory AIs.

Designer: Kensington

Although mice became the predominant computer pointing device, it was hardly the first one. To some extent, the older trackball had an advantage in precision and economy of movement since you won’t have to lift and move the base around. It may look and feel weird to the majority of people who have grown around the mouse, but there is no shortage of professionals that find it more ergonomic and more usable. Kensington was actually one of the first to make the trackball popular with its Expert Mouse, and the new SlimBlade Pro tries to keep it ahead of the game.

The SlimBlade is one of the company’s most recent trackballs, and this new “Pro” model cuts off the cord to help keep your work desk neat and tidy. You can still use it with a USB-C cable if that’s what floats your boat, but its selling point is the wireless and Bluetooth connectivity options. It uses a built-in rechargeable battery that’s advertised to last up to four months on a full charge, freeing your mind of worries as much as it frees your desk of an additional cable.

The Kensington SlimBlade Pro definitely looks classy and refined on your desk without the wire. The base’s black surface contrasts nicely with the shiny red ball that serves as the main control of the trackball, almost like a crystal ball or gem that gives you power over your computer. Seen from the top, though, the trackball is almost like a glowing red eye staring at you, reminiscent of HAL 9000’s iconic and notorious appearance.

A trackball may now be the distant minority compared to even touch screens, but its design offers ergonomic benefits over a conventional mouse. The Kensington SlimBlade Pro even takes that to the next level by providing a finger-operated design that can be used by either the left or the right hand. It will definitely require retraining muscle memory, but for the professionals who have gone through that process, it was well worth the growing pains.

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This innovative sports communication device lets you share the thrills at every turn

Whether you’re doing sports for health benefits or performing extreme sports stunts, chances are you will have family or friends whom you’d want to share those moments with. Action cameras were born for that very reason, but they’re mostly for sharing your adventures after the fact. Real-time communication while skiing or cycling is practically impossible in most conditions, increasing the safety risks and dangers of these sports. Shouting at the top of your lungs is pretty pointless and only adds to the pressure in what could already be stressful situations. Fortunately, that archaic communication method is no longer necessary now that YoAudio has jumped into the fray, bringing the power of technology to let you easily share not only the thrills but also the safety of your sports adventures.

Designer: YoAudio

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While certain sports like skiing, snowboarding, cycling, or hiking are undertaken by individuals, there’s no better way to really enjoy these sports than with a family or a group of other like-minded people. Some people even take it to the extreme, performing death-defying stunts that are meant to be seen or at least heard. Communicating over distances in these situations can already be difficult, but the environments of these particular sports make it almost impossible, even if you shout your head off.

High quality audio featuring wind reduction technology

Manage communication with one tap mute and unmute

Enter YoAudio, an innovative audio communication device that makes yelling a thing of the past. No bigger than the palm of your hand, the device easily clips to helmets and headgear, or you can directly hang it over your ear, just like a Bluetooth earpiece. In fact, YoAudio functions in the same way, harnessing the power of Bluetooth 5.1 technology to enable clear communication with other YoAudio wearers from a distance of over 2,000ft. Spotty cellular reception, which is often the case in remote areas, will no longer be a problem.

YoAudio might look small, but it packs quite a punch when it comes to features. All-day battery life gives you peace of mind knowing that you will be able to keep in touch with others no matter how long the adventure takes. With a single tap, you can mute or unmute the device, ensuring that your hands are where they should be most of the time. Its rugged design and water resistance ensure that it’ll still keep working even if you face plant on the snow, which everyone will now be able to hear in crystal-clear audio.

Whether you’re cycling off the beaten path with family or doing ski tricks down the slope with friends, YoAudio will make sure you’re always connected and heard, sharing both the joys and the dangers of your little adventures. And for only $199 for a Super Early Bird Dual Pack, you get two units to share with your partner or friend. Never worry again about not being heard with the clear and reliable YoAudio communication device.

Click Here to Buy Now: $199 $299 (30% off). Hurry, only 15/65 left!

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This super-thin MagSafe power bank has a trick to keep your iPhone standing

Although it was terribly late to the wireless charging party, Apple managed to one-up everyone else by adding something that it already had a lot of experience with. Adding magnets to the equation sounds almost trivial, but it’s a small change that made the technology not only more convenient but also more flexible. Now there are dozens of magnetic wireless charging accessories, including those certified for Apple’s MagSafe branding, that take advantage of this development. Unsurprisingly, some are better designed than others, especially when it comes to both appearance and usability. This power bank concept, for example, is designed not only to keep your phone alive before you reach home but also to keep it standing so you can watch your favorite videos in comfort.

Designer: Eli Lan

Power banks are old news, of course, but they have always carried with them some level of inconvenience in exchange for their portable batteries. Most require you to wrestle with cables to charge your phone, making it difficult to use the phone at the same time. Others do come in cases that enclose the device, but it’s an all-or-nothing situation with these. Magnetic wireless charging thankfully mitigates some of those problems, leaving enough room for innovation and creativity in design.

This STRICKERS concept, for example, utilizes an ultra-thin power bank that magnetically attaches to the back of a phone, most likely an iPhone. Current technologies do allow such a small pack to have a 10,000mAh battery capacity so that it won’t add too much bulk to your phone’s back. It could actually be thicker in reality, but at least you don’t have to stick it to the phone if you’re not using it, unlike bulky battery cases.

What makes STRICKERS really special, however, is the sheet of bendable silicone material that turns the power bank into a smartphone stand. Most accessories of this kind utilize awkward rings or kickstands, but this design allows the stand to stay flat and stay out of the way when you don’t need it. And since the power bank uses magnets, it is possible to use the stand in both vertical and horizontal positions, breaking the mold of limited phone stands.

Despite this mix of convenient features, the power bank remains visually simple. The power bank’s form itself is almost like a mirror of the iPhone’s current design, while the silicone stand brings not only a contrasting material but also a better grip compared to slippery glass or metal. The design also leaves plenty of room for different colorways to match available iPhone options. This sadly remains in the realm of ideas, though, but it’s a shining example of the kind of designs that are now possible, all thanks to the addition of a few small magnets.

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Off-White c/o Victorinox limited edition Swiss Army Knife carries Virgil Abloh’s miraculous touch

Victorinox has been developing the most useful and dynamic multitool there is for decades without fail. To retain its image at the pinnacle as the best EDC manufacturer, the Switzerland-based brand has collaborated with a range of inventive fashion giants including adidas. For instance, the duo joined forces for the adidas x Victorinox EQT 93 sneaker, a limited-edition silhouette loaded with a capable Swiss Army Knife for the more modern users.

For its recent limited edition collaborative attempt, Victorinox has partnered with Virgil Abloh’s Off-White brand. Under development for over two years, this Swiss Knife is probably one of the last designs to undergo the creative direction of the late design icon, who we lost in November last year.

Designer: Off-White and Victorinox

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The Abloh touch is evident in the collaborative Swiss Knife which is delivered in white with black graphics. This utility equipment, with fashion aesthetics, is officially called the Off-White c/o Victorinox limited edition Swiss Army Knife. The multitool is strictly limited to only 3,000 examples available worldwide which makes complete sense, coming from the legendary icon’s magic mind.

The EDC features 11 different tools within its sleek body measuring 0.7- x 3.6- x 1.6 inches. Weighing at just 2.9 oz, each pocket knife is engraved with a unique serial number to maintain exclusivity. Victorinox has for the first time delivered its premier multitool in Corian material, and the blades within are designed to represent stones (from Adam and Eve era) that have evolved into tools with round protruding edges.

The Off-White c/o Victorinox limited edition Swiss Army Knife is retailing for $500 and is available through Victorinox and Off-White stores. So, if you want to grab one, now is the time to do it before the limited edition piece is completely sold out.

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Pininfarina designs super exclusive iPhone 13 Pro, 14 Pro cases you can customize to match your ride

After the sassiest and most stylish cars, Pininfarina, an ace Italian design house, is now collaborating in the far east to deliver the most desirable iPhone case for motorheads. The cases designed in partnership with Japanese startup INKAR are perhaps the most incredible choice if you have the means and zeal to burn 10 grands for a way to protect your iPhone.

Boasting top-notch craftsmanship and immaculate detail in design, the Pininfarina x INKAR iPhone Cases are made to order. The buyers have the option to configure these cases to match their supercar if they like.

Designer: Pininfarina and INKAR

According to Pininfarina, the cases are visually inspired by the Ferrari 512S Modulo, and the limited-edition covers are made to order in Italy. The accessories are strictly limited to iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro only for now.

Since Pininfarina’s idea is to allow buyers to receive an iPhone case that is designed to match their car; the buyers have a choice to choose their preferred color for the case – from a range of five distinct options – and can even select lens trim leathers. Even more exciting is the option of black plate materials that a buyer can select. These choices range from carbon fiber to leather and from aluminum to wood.

Despite your selection of color and the base plate material, each Pininfarina x INKAR iPhone Case is distinctly numbered for exclusivity. The serial number is engraved into the case. For the techier ones, every iPhone case comes with an NFT that provides access to INKAR’s exclusive membership program and early access to the Japanese brand’s forthcoming products. As the cases are limited to only 99 models of each iPhone 13 Pro and 14 Pro smartphones, these are steeply priced at $10,000 apiece, and expected to be available starting December 1.

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This cute gadget is the physical manifestation of checking off a task

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, and each of these devices has some form of a to-do list app or another. That said, not everyone uses these apps to keep track of things they need to get done, and some don’t even have such a list of tasks at all. There are, however, many proponents of keeping even the simplest of task lists, not just for the sake of writing down those to-dos. There is evidence of a subtle yet effective psychological benefit to checking off boxes or striking out tasks, something that doesn’t translate cleanly to their digital counterparts. That’s the kind of mind trick that this simplistic-looking device uses, offering a distraction-free way of getting addicted to getting your to-dos done.

Designers: Go Eunseo, janchi

There is definitely something satisfying in the physical act of marking a task as completed. Sure, you can tap on your phone’s screen to do the same, but it requires almost no effort to make that action really meaningful. Perhaps it is the physical activity paired with the sense of accomplishment that gives us that dose of dopamine, which means that it might not require pen and paper to pull that same trick off in other forms.

PRESS is a concept for a device that brings a bit of that phenomenon in a new way that bridges the physical and digital worlds. It has a minimalist design that leaves no room for guesswork on what it does, especially with a big orange button that simply says “Press” on it. Of course, its actual implementation might not be so simplistic, and the theories behind it are quite profound as well.

In a nutshell, this device shows a single line of text displayed in an almost retro LCD-like font. There is a small part above the text for a 2×2 matrix of numbers representing the time in 24-hour format. All these displays are “hidden” beneath the surface so that the gadget looks completely clean when there is nothing to show.

The idea is for PRESS to show a single task at a time and the time when it needs to be done. Ideally, it could be a recurring task that happens at the same time daily, like writing or reading at night. When the time for doing the task nears, it will display that data. And when the task is done, you simply press on the orange button to mark it as completed, almost like those buzzers that contestants smash on TV game shows.

It is a pair of triggers and actions that can help develop a habit over time. The design does leave plenty of room for possible features, like automatically syncing data with a phone or computer. Those, however, can just be icing on the cake since PRESS really focuses on delivering that little bit of euphoria whenever you complete a task and press that big, orange button.

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Modern 10 bicycle accessories for urban riders

If in this era of pollution, pandemic, and panic, you aren’t already a bicycle person, it’s high time you convert into one! Bicycles are slowly becoming people’s preferred means of transportation. People are ditching the fossil fuel consuming and air pollution causing automobiles for the more eco-friendly option of bikes. Not only are bicycles a boon to the environment, but they also promote good health and ensure we get our daily dose of physical exercise done. In fact, you can even upgrade and amp up your bicycle with some fun and functional accessories. From an ingenious folding helmet to a multi-functional bike lock that doubles up as a taillight and tire inflator  – these accessories are the perfect sidekicks to your bicycle!

1. reTyre

reTyre’s zippable tire-tread system gives your city bicycle the versatility to work off the road too. A simple zipping mechanism allows you to add a secondary, tougher tread on your tires, letting you go from riding on smooth asphalt to traversing through tough terrain.

Why is it noteworthy?

reTyre’s special bicycle tire comes with a zipper lining and a selection of treads or skins that you can clad on your existing tire. The original tire works great on asphalt, and the wide variety of skins allows you to ride your bicycle on mud, gravel, rocks, or even snow. Working on straight roads, curved paths, and even on tough downhill trails, the tire treads give you exactly the grip you need, and the industrial-strength zipper system perseveres through rain, snow, or even rocky terrain… every single time.

What we like

  • When not in use, the treads easily fold up and go right into your backpack

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

2. FR-1 Bike Saddle

This Scottish brand is one such company that wants to bring more sustainable solutions for the bikes and bike parts that they manufacture. Their first product is called FR-1 Bike Saddle and it is made from cork

Why is it noteworthy?

At first, you would think this is not a sturdy and comfortable material for something that you will be sitting on probably for a long period. But cork is actually pretty durable and lightweight so it should be something that can last a long time and not hurt your tushy that much. It is also water-resistant and can offer better cushioning compared to other materials.

What we like

  • Stronger but also more lightweight compared to the more common steel that a lot of bike seats use
  • Sustainable + supports historic local cork farming

What we dislike

  • It is a bit expensive

3. The PikaBoost

PikaBoost gives you not only the power to assist your foot-powered cycling but also the flexibility to install the kit on any bike at any time. It comes as a single unit (not including the removable battery compartments) that weighs only 3kg/6.6lbs, adding little weight to a bike.

Why is it noteworthy?

You attach one end to the seat post and let the other sit on top of the rear wheel, all without having to use any tool for installation. You can easily remove it again to install it on another bike or put it in your bag for safekeeping while your bike is parked in public.

What we like

  • The quiet 250W motor provides smooth yet powerful assistance to give your legs and knees a break on rougher terrains and inclined roads

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

4. TOOB Accessories

More economical and efficient than recycling, the upcycling mentality has taken root with many designers, and this line of TOOB accessories demonstrates how even something as simple and unattractive as an inner tube can become a useful and even stylish product.

Why is it noteworthy?

“Useless” bicycle inner tubes are handpicked from Tel Aviv’s local shops and are then inspected and thoroughly cleaned. Depending on how much damage it has, the useful parts are cut off and then transformed into completely different products. The TOOB Keychains, for example, only need a small part of the inner tube. In addition to the material’s natural durability, TOOB adds a strong button that makes it easy to open and close the keychain to look around belts and bags. The TOOB Strap, in contrast, requires a longer stretch of inner tubing. The accessory takes advantage of the tube’s natural stretchy properties to hold things down onto bike rails or other surfaces.

What we like

  • Supports the local bicycle economy by giving shop owners a better way to dispose of their waste

What we dislike

  • Inner tubes don’t last forever, though, and TOOB does admit that the material will eventually wear out and dry


Designed by the same company that brought us the LIVALL EVO21 smart helmet with built-in safety lights, the LIVALL LTS21 are wireless earphones designed specifically for cyclists.

Why is it noteworthy?

With a unique design that allows you to wear most cycling helmets along with the earphones, the LTS21 gives you the ability to listen to music/podcasts, answer calls, and talk to fellow riders while still providing situational awareness through its open-ear design.

What we like

  • Can be worn regularly as well as with your cycling helmet

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

6. The Musguard Omni

The Musguard Omni starts off as a roll of plastic, but unroll it and fold it along its crease lines, and it transforms from a flimsy plastic sheet to a stiff-yet-flexible mudguard that easily straps to your bike’s frame. If there was ever a practical use for Origami, this would be it. Maybe the James Webb telescope too, but definitely this as well!

Why is it noteworthy?

Available in front and rear formats, the Musguard Omni’s clever sheet-based design achieves a few notable things. For starters, it comes made from sheet plastic, requiring MUCH simpler manufacturing practices than an injection-molded part. The plastic sheet is just a whole lot cheaper and lighter, making the Musguard Omni easy to ship as well as easy to carry around.

What we like

  • The Musguard Omni takes its shape when it’s folded and strapped in place
  • The mudguard comes equipped with two adjustable hooks and straps that wrap around most bike frames

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

7. Two-Piece 3D Floating Rotor

Most modern bicycles have hydraulic disc brakes as the standard which can cause such issues and a Taiwanese company wants to eliminate the evident issue with its innovative Two-Piece 3D Floating Rotor.

Why is it noteworthy?

Obviously, a rider cannot control the overheating or deformation inherent to the hydraulic disks as rotors currently available on the market don’t spring back to position once they cool down. The new rotor design by PSB wants to address this problem with its elastic and floating outer disk. There are spring rivets on the back of the rotor that create insulation between the outer and inner discs which ultimately prevents deformation. The cuts on the 6th and 12th ribs bring elastic function that further aids in achieving the intended result.

What we like

  • When the rider brakes, the angle cuts provide support as the margin space reaches the threshold and doesn’t affect the disc strength

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

8. Folding Helmet

Designed by Tokyo-based R&D Mak, the intuitive design of the folding helmet falls flat like flat-pack furniture. It’s basically a helmet that you can squeeze like a burrito for keeping in backpacks, drawers or closets.

Why is it noteworthy?

The simple pull mechanism to unfold it is the simplest I’ve seen thus far. To squeeze it to a compact form, just pressing the button on the rear section does the trick.

What we like

  • A god-sent solution for emergency respondents who now don’t have to carry the bulk of a bloated helmet all the time

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

9. Omnilock

Omnilock multifunctional Bike Lock is a unique bicycle accessory that performs double duty as a bright taillight and tire inflator as well. This multiple utilities of the accessory means – the rider has less to worry about – if he/she is an avid bicycle user.

Why is it noteworthy?

Someone who likes to pedal to the mountains or spend a whole lot of time going for extended bike runs in the morning for fitness. Safety is another important thing that the bike lock addresses as the taillight adds another layer of visibility for motorists to take note of when on the go. That means the bike lock sits right under the saddle when in commute, and when you need to park it, simply take out Omnilock and lock the rear wheel.

What we like

  • Performs double duty as a bright taillight and tire inflator as well

What we dislike

  • It’s a concept!

10. Vento

Inspired by his desire “to reinvent the ways we use and produce energy,” on small-scale levels, Vento is not merely a bicycle light, as Bestenheider describes, but “a power plant, a way to question energy consumption, and an object to connect like-minded individuals. Vento is a mindset.”

Why is it noteworthy?

Composed of four main components, Vento is like a miniature wind turbine. Constructed from recycled plexiglass and aluminum, Vento’s microturbine harvests wind energy while the bicycle is in motion. Then, the energy is converted into electricity through electromagnetic induction that takes place in the turbine’s generator. The bicycle light’s battery then stores this energy and the LED bulb generates light.

What we like

  • Vento also features on/off and blinking switches for day use
  • World’s first bicycle helmet that uses wind energy as power

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

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Casamera blanket and slippers embrace you with comfort all year round

Blankets are pretty much the universal metaphor for comfort and security, which is why it’s often used as a prop for people, especially kids, to hide under when they’re scared. Adults might not want to admit it, but they’re also just as dependent on blankets for both physiological and psychological reasons. Many would wrap themselves up in a blanket while binging videos on a cold night, while others can’t even sleep without a blanket covering their bodies. Unfortunately, the comfort of blankets often drops when the temperature rises, particularly because they aren’t meant to be used during warm days and nights. Not unless they’re made with an innovative fabric like Casamera’s cozy blanket that will tempt you to never leave the confines of your bed, day or night, all year round.

Designers: Omar Bugaighis & Suliman Elrayes

Click Here to Buy Now: The Homebody Kit for $120 $240 (51% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!

Build your anywhere, everywhere bed.

There is quite a variety of blankets made using different materials, but most of them fall in one of two extremes. On the one hand, there are light and durable microfiber blankets that are unfortunately also too thin and can get very warm. On the other hand, there are weighted blankets that give a bit more fluffy comfort but are also hot and hard to carry around, especially when traveling. Neither type is designed to be usable in hot weather and is most often made in ways that are harmful to the environment.

Casamera’s One Blanket challenges the status quo with a unique material that is comfortable and usable no matter the season or time of day. An open waffle-weave fabric produces a blanket that is breathable and thermoregulating so that it won’t add too much warmth on an already warm day or night. The fabric is also soft, plush, bouncy, and perfectly weighted, delivering that familiar feeling of security and comfort from your favorite blankets of ages past.

These desirable properties make the Blanket perfect for any situation anywhere, whether you’re sleeping comfortably in bed or cuddling with your partner on the couch. It’s so lightweight and durable that you easily roll or fold it up to bring with you wherever you go so that you’re never really far from it. It will be your new best friend and cuddle partner that you can take with you anywhere to help improve your sleep and lift up your mood.

To round up the perfect self-care package, Casamera also has The Slippers to hug your feet with the same level of comfort that the rest of your body gets. In addition to the same breathable open waffle-weave fabric, the slippers’ suede soles give you a soft but tasty bounce with each step you take. It might even coax you off your bed and walk around the house to enjoy that cozy feeling.

The cherry on top is that The Blanket and The Slippers aren’t just good for humans but also good for the planet. Made from eco-friendly materials and with sustainable processes, these comfort accessories are designed to last a very long time to help prevent waste. For just $90 for a super comfy One Blanket and $30 for cozy Slippers, you can enjoy that warm, fuzzy feeling every day of the year while also enjoying the knowledge that you’ll be helping get more trees planted as well.

Click Here to Buy Now: The Homebody Kit for $120 $240 (51% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!

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