Why Lenovo Tab Plus is Perfect for Multimedia and Productivity

The Lenovo Tab Plus redefines what an entertainment tablet can be by blending high-quality audio and visual features at a budget-friendly price. This 11.5-inch device features eight JBL Hi-Fi speakers tuned by Dolby Atmos, delivering deep bass and clear treble for an immersive sound experience. The 2K display with a 90Hz refresh rate ensures smooth and vibrant visuals, ideal for watching videos or playing games. Its adjustable kickstand allows for flexible viewing angles, making it suitable for any activity. Powered by the MediaTek Helio G99 processor, the Tab Plus ensures smooth performance for everyday tasks. The 8,600 mAh battery offers up to 12 hours of streaming, with 45W fast charging for minimal downtime. With additional features like Immersive Reading Mode and Standby Mode, the Lenovo Tab Plus provides a comprehensive multimedia experience without breaking the bank.

Designer: Lenovo

Design Elements

Boasting a sleek, modern design that balances aesthetics with functionality, this tablet is slim and lightweight, making it highly portable and ideal for users on the go. Its back features a minimalist design with a smooth, metallic finish, lending it a premium look and feel. Attention to detail is evident in the rounded edges of the device, ensuring a comfortable grip for extended use.

A key feature of the Lenovo Tab Plus is its adjustable kickstand. This built-in component provides up to 175 degrees of viewing adaptability, enabling users to optimize their viewing angle for various activities such as watching videos, reading, or working. The kickstand is smoothly incorporated into the tablet’s rear design, preserving its sleek profile and enhancing its versatility.

Accessories Integration

The Lenovo Tab Plus is designed to work seamlessly with a range of accessories that enhance its functionality. The Lenovo Tab Pen Plus is a notable accessory, allowing users to take notes, draw, or navigate the tablet with precision. This pen is particularly useful for students, artists, and professionals who require a stylus for their work. The tablet includes a convenient slot for storing the pen, ensuring it is always within reach.

Another essential accessory is the Lenovo 68W USB-C Wall Charger, which supports fast charging. This charger can quickly bring the tablet’s 8,600 mAh battery back to full power, minimizing downtime and ensuring that the tablet is always ready for use. The fast charging capability is particularly beneficial for users who rely heavily on their tablet throughout the day.

The Lenovo Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard adds another layer of functionality, transforming the tablet into a more versatile productivity tool. This keyboard is designed for comfortable typing, making it easier to compose emails, write documents, or engage in extended chat sessions. The keyboard connects wirelessly to the tablet, providing a clutter-free setup that is ideal for both home and office use.

Additionally, the tablet comes with a protective sleeve made from DuPont Tyvek material and PU leather. This sleeve not only protects the tablet from scratches and minor impacts but also adds a touch of elegance. The sleeve is designed to fit the tablet perfectly, offering protection without adding bulk.

Overall, the Lenovo Tab Plus’s design and accessories work together to provide a comprehensive user experience. Whether you are using it for entertainment, productivity, or creative work, the tablet and its accessories are designed to meet a wide range of needs, making it a versatile and valuable device.

High-Quality Audio

Designed for those who appreciate high-quality audio, the Lenovo Tab Plus features eight JBL Hi-Fi speakers tuned by Dolby Atmos. These speakers deliver deeper bass and clearer treble, enhancing your listening experience whether you’re enjoying music, watching a movie, or playing a game. Strategically placed along the edges, the speakers direct audio towards the user, providing an immersive sound experience. Despite the powerful audio components, the tablet’s design remains clean and uncluttered, with the speakers seamlessly integrated into its body.

In addition to its built-in speakers, the Tab Plus can transform into a Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to stream audio from your smartphone or other portable devices. This versatility makes it useful for various entertainment needs. This dual functionality ensures that this Lenovo tablet serves both as a standalone entertainment hub and an extension of your existing audio setup.

Vibrant Visuals

The Lenovo Tab Plus sounds good and looks good. It boasts an 11.5-inch 2K display with a 90Hz refresh rate, which ensures that everything from videos to games runs smoothly and looks crisp. This high-resolution screen brings your media to life with vibrant colors and sharp details, making it ideal for binge-watching your favorite shows or diving into a new game.

The display is also TÜV-certified for low blue light, which helps reduce eye strain during long viewing sessions. This feature is particularly useful for those who spend extended periods using their tablet. Moreover, the adjustable kickstand provides flexibility, allowing you to find the perfect angle for any activity, whether you’re watching a movie, reading, or participating in a video call.

Performance and Battery Life

Under the hood, the Lenovo Tab Plus is powered by the MediaTek Helio G99 processor, which ensures smooth performance for everyday tasks. This processor handles multitasking efficiently, allowing you to switch between apps, browse the web, and enjoy media without any lag. The tablet also offers up to 256GB of internal storage, which can be expanded via a MicroSD card, giving you ample space for apps, games, and media files.

Battery life is another strong suit of the Lenovo Tab Plus. With an 8,600 mAh battery, it supports up to 12 hours of continuous streaming, so you can enjoy your favorite content without frequent recharges. When it does need a boost, the 45W fast charging capability ensures that the tablet is back to full power quickly, minimizing downtime and keeping you connected to your entertainment.

Versatile Features

The Lenovo Tab Plus comes packed with features that enhance its usability and versatility. One such feature is the Immersive Reading Mode, which adjusts the display to mimic the color of book pages, making it easier on the eyes during long reading sessions. This makes the tablet a great choice for avid readers who want a more comfortable digital reading experience.

Standby Mode is another useful feature that transforms the tablet into a digital photo frame or clock when it’s not in use. This adds a touch of functionality and style to your home or office. Additionally, the tablet includes personalized app volume control, which adjusts the sound based on the app you’re using, ensuring an optimized audio experience tailored to your preferences.

Durability and Support

The Lenovo Tab Plus is built to withstand everyday use and more. It has an IP52 rating for water and dust resistance, providing protection against spills and splashes. This durability means you can use the tablet in various environments without worrying about accidental damage.

To further enhance user confidence, Lenovo includes a privacy dashboard that helps manage app permissions and ensure data security. The tablet also benefits from Lenovo’s commitment to software support, with two years of OS upgrades and four years of security patches guaranteed. This long-term support ensures that the tablet remains up-to-date with the latest features and protections, providing peace of mind to users.

Affordable Price

Despite its impressive array of features, the Lenovo Tab Plus is offered at a budget-friendly price, making it accessible to a wide range of consumers. Starting at €279 (including VAT) or $289.99, it provides excellent value for money. This affordability does not come at the expense of quality, as the tablet still delivers premium features typically found in higher-priced models.

Whether you’re using it for entertainment, productivity, or everyday tasks, the Lenovo Tab Plus offers more bang for your buck. Its combination of high-quality audio, vibrant visuals, strong performance, and versatile features makes it a compelling choice for anyone in the market for a new tablet.

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Smart cane automatically adjusts to your walking terrain

According to the World Health Organization, falls, specifically for senior citizens, is a major public health problem. There are a lot who use canes and other walking aids but there are also some who prefer not to use any since they’re inconvenient at times or because of their pride. But we’re also seeing some aids that have become smarter and can adjust to the needs of those that need these tools to move around.

Designer: Claire Ko

Halo is one such tool that may appeal to those who are still hesitant to use canes because of their limitations. This one is a smart cane where you can adjust your smartphone so it can adjust its height automatically. It can adjust the height of the cane depending on the terrain that you’re walking on. This includes walking up and down the stairs, which is one of the most difficult daily tasks that senior citizens and other people with walking difficulties experience.

The Halo Smart Cane provides control to those using it as you are not limited to just the standard height of most canes. It also provides stability to the user as it will not let you slop or stumble even when it changes its height based on what the smartphone and the app detects. Once you attach your phone, there is a button on the cane that switches to automatic mode.

The height-adjustment mechanism included in the cane is still patent-pending but on paper, it is a pretty useful tool for those who need better assistance while walking. There isn’t a lot of detailed information yet on the materials used and the mechanism involved probably because of the ongoing patent application.

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Inflatable helmet lets you carry it around conveniently when not in use

If you ride a bicycle or a motorcycle regularly, one of the most necessary but cumbersome things is to carry your protective helmet with you at all times. Of course you need one for safety and legal purposes but they’re usually bulky, heavy, and a pain to bring around. We’ve seen several start-ups attempt to come up with an inflatable version and this is one of the latest ones to be announced.

Designer: Ventete

The Ventete aH-1 bicycle helmet is designed to be flattened and portable when not in use but with just a few pumps of air, it is inflated into an actual protective helmet. It comes with an electric pocket pump so you don’t need to worry about running out of air to blow it up, so to speak. When it’s time to pack it up, you can deflate it and fold it like an accordion then put it in your bag.

The ribbed design of the helmet gives it a texture that lets you fold it like an accordion but flattened to fit into your bag or to carry it lightly around. When deflated, it actually looks like a boomerang but they say that the thickness is that of a laptop. When inflated, it looks like a cosplayer’s crown with its ribbed design that sometimes looks like spikes. So you also have that unique and interesting looking factor.

They have not yet announced the specifications and pricing of the Ventete aH-1 bicycle helmet but they are already promoting it heavily so details may come out soon. It would be interesting to see how it can compare to other startups that have their own inflatable helmets starting out in the market as well.

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Logitech Keys-to-Go 2 portable keyboard hides a few gems in its slim body

Phones and tablets are made for touch, whether that’s swiping through social media or typing messages. The latter, however, has become more complicated thanks to more powerful devices and more sophisticated activities. Typing up an email, posting on social, or even writing a novel on the go would require not only a keyboard but one that you can bring with you anywhere. Logitech has a wide variety of portable keyboards available, but it seems to have really gone out with its latest design. Combining powerful features, a slim body, and sustainable design, the new Keys-to-Go 2 aims to go where no mobile keyboard has gone before.

Designer: Logitech

There are plenty of portable keyboards in the market today promising comfort and portability, but many of them end up sacrificing one for the other. Foldable keyboards, in particular, are notorious for really being compact when not in use, but their ergonomics and accuracy leave a lot to be desired. Truth be told, it’s not easy to strike a balance between these two seemingly opposing ideals, but the new Logitech Keys-to-Go 2 probably comes close with a few special features to boot. It’s still going to be more cramped than regular desktop keyboards, but its wider body provides a more comfortable spread of keys compared to the first Keys-to-Go.

Unlike most wireless keyboards, the Keys-to-Go 2 comes with a built-in cover to protect the important keys while inside your bag or when exposed to the elements. You flip it all the way to the bottom of the keyboard when you’re about to use it so you don’t have to worry about losing the cover. Unfortunately, it’s a missed opportunity to have the cover also function as a makeshift stand for phones and tablets, so you’ll have to pull out your own stand when working outdoors.

Logitech also takes a stronger sustainability stand with the Keys-to-Go 2, using as much as 36% (Pale Gray, Graphite colors) or 33% (Lilac color) post-consumer recycled plastics for this iteration, while also employing renewable energy when producing the keyboard’s aluminum bracket. Surprisingly, Logitech opted to go with replaceable coin cell batteries rather than the common built-in rechargeable type, promising to keep the keyboard running for up to three years and lower the carbon footprint from repeated charging.

Unlike its predecessor, the Keys-to-Go 2 supports pairing with up to three devices simultaneously, and switching between these three is as easy as pushing a button. Aside from the rare lilac color, the keyboard’s design is pretty typical of Logitech’s style, simple yet also pleasing to look at. At only $79.99, the Logitech Keys-to-Go 2 becomes a very tempting option that almost gets that balance between comfort, convenience, portability, and sustainability just right.

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Toy-like cold aroma diffuser offers a fun way to make a room smell great

Aroma and essential oil diffusers have become quite the fad in the past few years, offering a slice of peace and calm by stimulating one of the most underrated senses that we have: the sense of smell. There is a wide variety of designs for these products, ranging from extremely minimalist clay pots to hi-tech boxes, from garish tech products to aesthetic pieces of art. Most of these use evaporation or water vapor to spread their scents around, but a few simply rely on natural air to do the heavy lifting, so to speak. This diffuser is part of the latter group, but it does more than just stand still and hope a gentle breeze will carry the aroma around. Instead, this upside-down lollipop uses a simple yet effective trick inspired by the last thing you expect: a child’s toy.

Designer: Diptyque

Although they might be effective in diffusing the scent of aromatic oils across a space, most diffusers also have some downsides, like being fire risks or raising the temperature and humidity in a room. For smaller enclosed areas, a passive or cold diffuser might be a better and simpler option, letting nature run its course by using the air around or a breeze to carry the aroma. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to give it a little push, which is what the Culbuto does by moving back and forth like a metronome.

The name might sound foreign, but all of us will be familiar with toys that have spherical bottoms swaying back and forth to the delight of many kids and even some adults. This oscillating diffuser uses that same motion to help fan the scent emanating from its ceramic stick, sending the scent of Baies or Berries, specifically blackcurrant berries, mixed with flowery smells to all sides of a room. It requires no flame or electricity, simply a literal nudge in the right direction, creating an experience that is fun and engaging.

The Culbuto oscillating diffuser, however, is also a work of art that deserves a prominent place on your desk or shelf. The spherical body is wholly made from beechwood, crafted using traditional wood-turning techniques that bring a touch of elegance to a utilitarian product. The aroma comes from a ceramic stick that, pardon the pun, sticks out from the ball of wood, complementing and contrasting the base in a beautiful manner. The stick is “endlessly refillable,” making the cold diffuser not only simpler and more beautiful but also more sustainable in the long run.

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Top 5 iPad Accessories To Elevate Your Tablet Game To A Whole New Level

My iPad has almost reached necessity status in my life, I’m pretty sure all of us tablet owners are super reliant on them (I mean, I am for sure)! I personally find tablets extremely handy, they’re the comfortable middle ground between a smartphone and a laptop, and they pretty much perform the same functions as these two. They’re super easy to carry around, and honestly, I could survive wholly and solely on my iPad if I really wanted to. I’m always on the lookout for innovative and fun accessories to amp up my tablet (besides the basic ones Apple offers). Luckily there’s a whole bunch of crafty designs out there that can function as the perfect sidekick to your precious tablet.  Here’s a collection of super cool and functional product designs that promise to upgrade your iPad game to a whole other level!

1. HyperDrive

Dubbed HyperDrive, this is the world’s first-ever form-fitting USB-C hub with six different media ports and a media shortcut key. The HyperDrive is quite compact and fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. It features a 4K60Hz HDMI port, USB-C 5Gbps 60W Power Delivery port, MicroSD UHS-I port, SD UHS-I port, USB-A 5Gbps port, and a 3.5mm Audio Jack. It is also equipped with a built-in shortcut key which lets you “play, pause, fast-forward or rewind your favorite songs, videos, or podcasts without interrupting your workflow.”

2. Macintosh Studio

Designed by Scott Yu-Jan, this interesting DIY project is inspired by the Mac mini. It gives a home for an iPad mini and hides the Mac Studio in plain sight. Called the Macintosh Studio, the enclosure is placed on top of and hugs the Mac Studio, only the buttons are left unrestricted. The front of the device features a slot for the iPad mini to slide in and connect to the Mac Mini using a single UBC-C cable. This allows the iPad mini to be charged always, keeping it ready to go whenever you need, it while also allowing it to serve as a second screen for the Mac Studio.

3. Pro Stylus 2

Meet ZAGG’s Pro Stylus 2, which is designed to work with the iPad as well as the iPhone. The Pro Stylus 2 will feel super familiar and comfortable in your hand owing to its slim design. It features a precise fine tip that supports accurate drawing, as well as palm rejection to prevent your hand from accidentally touching or tapping the screen as you sketch or write. It is also equipped with tilt recognition to alter your stroke style when you change angles. Magnetic wireless charging allows you to snap the Pro Stylus 2 onto the side of your iPad Pro.

4. PenPad

The PenPad is designed to make the iPad’s famous sketching/painting app easier to use by removing the trouble of navigating the Procreate interface. The PenPad offers access to 22 different functions that you can use while sketching on Procreate – these range from increasing and decreasing brush size to even accessing the color wheel. It is a compact hardware accessory that allows you to paint with one hand while letting you press buttons to make the workflow faster and more efficient.

5. Apple Pencil Nibs

Yanko Design created nibs for the Apple Pencil! These fascinating interchangeable nibs include a fine-tip nib, a chisel nib, and a flexible brush-pen nib. Other different nibs could also hold the potential for 3D modeling features like the ability to sculpt on the iPad. These nibs would allow the iPad Pro to become the ultimate creator’s setup – for both 2D and 3D creation. It would serve as a ‘power-user’ tool enabling creators and designers to unlock new potentials.

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Wacaco Minipresso GR2: Better Coffee in a Smaller, Lighter, Portable Design

Good things take time. Whether it’s waiting minutes while your coffee brews, waiting weeks for new episodes of your favorite series, waiting years for tech to improve, or in the case of Wacaco, waiting 10 long years for their award-winning Minipresso to get its much-needed upgrade. Since its launch in 2014, the Minipresso has been perhaps the gold standard in outdoor portable espresso brewing. Wacaco designed the entire gizmo from the ground up, with a patented pressure-building system that worked without batteries. The Minipresso ran entirely on kinetic energy, using a hand-powered pump to generate up to 8 bars of pressure for the perfect brew. 10 years later, the Minipresso GR2 makes its debut, with a smaller, lighter design that accepts more coffee grounds than before, giving you more brew for your buck. It still runs on its classic hand-pumped design, but now also uses eco-friendly biomaterials in its design that reduce plastic consumption and waste.

Designer: Wacaco

Click Here to Buy Now: $59.90

The challenge with the Minipresso GR2 was to pretty much create a version 2.0 of a product that was already pretty perfect. The first-edition Minipresso GR still is impressive for its size and capabilities, so going back to the drawing board wasn’t about problem-solving, it was about design-refinement and feature-addition. The Minipresso GR2 is now a whopping 5cm or 2 inches shorter than its predecessor, making it shorter than the average smartphone at just 4.9 inches in height. Designed originally for travel and outdoor use, this tinier design makes it much more space-efficient, allowing it to fit into handbags, backpacks, travel cases, duffels, or even in a jacket pocket for you to carry around. The smaller design is lighter too, weighing 285 grams or 0.63 lbs, but the small size doesn’t necessarily mean less coffee… in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

The Minipresso GR2 embodies user-friendliness, sturdy materials, and an elegant design, ensuring a flawless espresso brewing experience with every use.

While the previous Minipresso GR accepted only 8 grams of coffee in its basket, the GR2 gives you the option of loading 12 grams of coffee grounds in for a stronger shot of espresso. The basket comes with a modular, height-adjustable design, letting you load either 8 or 12 grams of coffee into its basket. Depending on whether you like your coffee regular or strong (also depending on the roast you load into the Minipresso GR2), you have the option of brewing a lighter or bolder cup of coffee. The user experience is further enhanced with the integration of a water tank that also includes a dosing funnel and a drip tray.

This cutting-edge portable espresso maker incorporates our most advanced pumping system, which results from years of experience and innovation, ensuring optimal extraction efficiency.

Brewing with the Minipresso GR2 hasn’t changed at all, helping users adjust to the newer design with no learning curve. The Minipresso GR2 disassembles to reveal its multiple parts. The upper double-walled flask holds up to 80ml of hot water, while the basket below it carries the coffee grounds. To brew your coffee, set up the pump by twisting it to have it pop out. Pump the Minipresso a few times to build the pressure needed for the espresso to brew perfectly, and use the included lid as an espresso cup to extract your coffee into. The process takes under a minute, and can be done without batteries or electricity, letting you brew fresh coffee on a beach, a campsite, a mountaintop, or heck, even inside an airplane so you don’t pay for the overpriced coffee they serve on flights.

Measure your coffee.

Get your coffee fix ready.

Enjoy your drink.

The tinier Minipresso GR2 comes with a new design too, boasting cleaner surfaces, minimal details, and an easy-to-clean format that makes maintenance a breeze. The double-wall design helps keep the hot water inside the Minipresso GR2 hot, while keeping the outer surface cool so you can brew your coffee without having to deal with a hot or warm device. The outer shell is also made from a new wheat-composite polymer as opposed to traditional petrochemical-based plastics. This bioplastic, along with the 30% smaller size helps the Minipresso GR2 have a much smaller climate impact than its predecessor… all while letting you brew more, better, stronger coffee. I guess that’s something worth waiting a few years for, right?

Handy cover.

Photo credit: Garance Rx

Click Here to Buy Now: $59.90

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10 Best Essential Lifestyle Products To Gift Modern Dads This Father’s Day

A true gentleman is always selective about the products he carries and uses since they are an extension of his own personal style. The first gentlemen we all encounter are our dads, and this Father’s Day why not gift your dad thoughtful and functional lifestyle products that will add to his natural aura, and charisma while adding value to his everyday life? Striking a unique balance between functionality and style is extremely important – especially when it comes to men’s lifestyle designs. And we do believe we may have found a collection of product designs that harmoniously capture this balance! From a portable shaver with ceramic blades to give you the perfect clean shave to an innovative key ring that will hold all keys – these products are essential must-haves for all the gentlemen out there.

1. Painless Key Ring

Called the Painless Key Ring, this innovative product is equipped with a revolutionary wave spring key ring. The design draws inspiration from the mechanism used in the aerospace and automotive industries, ensuring you handle your keys in a smooth and hassle-free manner. If your dad tends to lose his keys easily or hates dealing with typical key rings, then he can finally bid farewell to them, and thank the Painless Key Ring!

Click Here to Buy Now: $25

Why is it noteworthy?

This key ring organizes your keys using a high-tech and durable design letting you store your keys in an easy-to-access manner. It has. a compact and lightweight form which makes it easy to carry around and store.

What we like

  • It utilizes a wave spring tech to remove and add keys

What we dislike

  • More expensive compared to conventional keyrings
  • There is no system to differentiate between the keys they hold

2. The Erazor

Called the Erazor, this unique portable shaver is designed to erase the stubble off your face, using ceramic blades. It is supposed to be the first shaver featuring ceramic blades. It is a compact and lightweight product that is quite easy to carry around, and also super comfortable to use. It makes for a thoughtful and functional Father’s Day present for your dad!

Why is it noteworthy?

The ceramic blades are designed to neatly and swiftly trim down your stubble, providing a totally clean shave, without causing any painful razor burns. The ceramic blades are a great alternative to meat blades which are coated with DLC for sharpness. But with time the coating can wear off, making the blades prone to nicking you.

What we like

  • The blades are made from Zirconium Oxide – an extremely durable material

What we dislike

  • The ceramic blades may take a while to adjust to if you’re used to metal blades

3. AirTag Carabiners

Called the AirTag Carabiners, these minimalist and good-looking designs are a refreshing new version of the typical old metal carabiners. They are precision-made and have a pretty compact form, making them easy to carry and even easier to use. The functional and portable design makes for a handy Father’s Day present.

Click Here to Buy Now: $119

Why is it noteworthy?

They are handcrafted to make them durable and sturdy. These aren’t just simple melted metal casings, in fact, each piece is unlike any other, as manufacturing conditions alter the final design.

What we like

  • Handcrafted using premium-quality metal
  • Lightweight and easy-to-carry design

What we dislike

  • The process of attaching or detaching the AirTag isn’t very user-friendly and can be tedious

4. Pebble Time Watches

Called Pebble Time, this color e-paper smartwatch is designed to have seven days of battery, as well as a new timeline interface that highlights what’s most important in your day. There are two variants – Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel, and they’re both infused with an improved timeline interface. If your dad doesn’t own a smartwatch, but you want to hook him up to the smartwatch game, then this is a good option for Father’s Day.

Why is it noteworthy?

The watches feature a color e-paper display as well as a microphone for responding to notifications. They are amped with four days of battery life, water resistance, and customizability. They are compatible with 6500+ existing Pebble apps and watch faces.

What we like

  • The e-paper display is ideal for displaying incoming notifications and your favorite watch face

What we dislike

  • Has a pretty thick bezel
  • Compatibility issues with certain apps

5. Unfiltered Titanium Whisky Glass

Dubbed the Unfiltered Titanium Whisky Glass, this classy glass draws inspiration from metallic hues and forms a fascinating light and color play. It builds a beautiful visual experience for you owing to its 1/f fluctuating pattern, which looks like a murmuring stream. Made from pure titanium, it elevates the drinking experience with its purity. It makes for an elegant and functional gift for your dad on Father’s Day, letting him enjoy his drink with class.

Click Here to Buy Now: $65.00

Why is it noteworthy?

The whisky glass uses cutting-edge technology which creates a fascinating color play. It is biocompatible and safe, even more so than gold or platinum. The glass is pretty resistant to stains and odors and has long-term hygiene.

What we like

  • It uses advanced space development technology

What we dislike

  • Since it is a solid glass, you cannot see the quantity being poured or the amount in the glass from afar

6. MagSafe Origami Grip Stand

Called the MagSafe Origami Grip Stand – this sleek little stand is inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding. It can be folded flat and vice versa, cutting down the trouble of assembly and disassembly. This stand will offer excellent support to your dad’s iPhone, without causing any damage to it. We can watch his shows in peace, or scroll through his phone without having to hold it up.

Click Here to Buy Now: $45

Why is it noteworthy?

The MagSafe Origami Grip Stand is lightweight, with a card-sized thin design. It can be easily attached to your phone, or slipping into your pocket, and it won’t look awkward or odd! The stand will be firmly attached to your phone, and it won’t fall apart even if you move about a lot.

What we like

  • Draws inspiration from the Japanese art of Origami
  • It will stay securely attached to your phone

What we dislike

  • It only works with iPhone 12 and later models, excluding the iPhone SE, making it a limited product

7. Everyday Messenger

Say hello to the Everyday Messenger – a visually stunning, smartly-designed, and adaptable messenger bag which is designed to be many things – ranging from a camera bag to a day-to-day essential carry workhorse. If your dad works in the creative field and has a ton of work gear he needs to carry around, but no stylish and convenient way to carry it, then you need to gift him the Everyday Messenger this Father’s Day!

Why is it noteworthy?

The Everyday Messenger is designed for photographers, creatives, travelers, and daily commuters. It is available in Charcoal and Heritage Tan colors and adds an element of sleek style and quick efficiency to your everyday carry experience. The bag maintains its shapely figure even if your load is light or heavy.

What we like

  • Features dividers that allow the bag to expand or contract depending on your gear
  • You can wear the strap in a multitude of styles

What we dislike

  • Users said it slides around too much when worn

8. AirCard

Meet AirCard – the first card-sized tracker in the world with an integrated Digital ID, which works exclusively with the Apple Find My network. There are multitudes of Apple products being used around the world, and the AirCard emits a strong Bluetooth signal which can be detected by devices surrounding it in the network. This allows you to track your wallet no matter where it is, ensuring you never truly lose. If your dad is someone who frequently loses his wallet, then the AirCard is an ingenious present for him.

Why is it noteworthy?

Even if your wallet is hidden somewhere close by, you can make it emit a noise using the AirCard app, allowing you to easily trace and locate it. You could also ask Siri where your wallet is, and to make it sound. Also if you leave your wallet behind somewhere, you will get a notification immediately due to the Find My app.

What we like

  • It also has an advanced lost mode to provide your contact details in case someone finds your wallet

What we dislike

  • The battery is not replaceable

9. Full Leather Wallet Case

Called the Full Leather Wallet Case, this cover for the iPhone 15 Pro provides complete protection to your smartphone, while also making it look great. The cover features premium European leather tanned in the Netherlands, and there is a choice between black, brown, and blue finishes. The camera lenses are protected by a machined metal rim, while a polycarbonate inner structure with a microfiber interior lining provides protection against bumps.

Why is it noteworthy?

Each case features a slot on the back that can hold up to two cards with ease. You can also pull out the cards easily, and the wallet doesn’t detach or fall off from your phone when you pull it out of your pocket.

What we like

  • Utilizes the highest-quality leather and is tanned using a special DriTan process

What we dislike

  • You will need to remove the cards when you snap Apple’s MagSafe charger onto the back of the cover


Say hello to the world’s smallest LED flashlight – the BULLET light. Designed to be functional, minima, and refined, the BULLET EDC is more than just your regular flashlight. It is a tiny flashlight designed to be the next step in mini everyday carry. If your dad loves carrying compact little tools with him on the go, then the BULLET light is a thoughtful and exceptional Father’s Day present for him.

Why is it noteworthy?

Shaped and sized like a bullet, the BULLET flashlight features a sleek and minimal design that isn’t too bad on the eyes. It is a strong LED mini flashlight in a lightweight and minimal form, and it eliminates the use of bulky flashlights from your everyday carry.

What we like

  • Features a built-in keychain that lets you carry the flashlight with you wherever you go

What we dislike

  • The size is pretty small, so it can be easily misplaced if not handled carefully

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Street number is a nesting space for tiny birds in the cities

I live in a city where seeing birds out in the concrete jungle is very rare since all the noise, smog, and the tall buildings have probably scared them away. So when I visited New Zealand and saw birds just “walking” around and mingling with people (and stealing their food at times), I was enchanted and wished our cities were bird-friendly as well. It’s a good sign when an urban space has birds freely flying around and not afraid of people and their environment.

Designers: Mikołaj Nicer and Paweł Frej

Numbird is a nesting box that can invite small birds to rest and stay in it while also doubling as a street address marker since they’re shaped as digits. There’s a small hole in the middle that serves as the space where the birds can nest. So it’s just tiny birds that can fit into that although the bigger birds can perch on the numbers if they wanted to. The birdhouses are easy to assemble so it can be a group activity in your family or it can also be a community project to show that people and birds can co-exist even in a highly urbanized area.

The nesting box is made from waterproof plywood components that were impregnated with natural oil. The kit has all the necessary parts and tools needed to put together the birdhouses that are also your house or building number. It looks pretty easy to assemble so both kids and grown-ups can have a fun and easy time putting them together. They say that the shared number is not only a practical thing but also a symbolic element into “improving the lives of all city inhabitants”.

A lot of the natural habitats of these birds, particularly the small ones, have been destroyed by rapid urbanization. These digit-shaped nesting boxes cannot bring back their original homes or make them less afraid of interacting with humans but it’s a step towards helping humans and the avian species in our urban spaces “co-exist peacefully”.

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Beautiful walking cane transforms into a compact wooden stool in a snap

No one can escape the passage of time or how the body grows old and frail. We can really only delay the inevitable with a healthy lifestyle, but there will always come a time when we’ll need someone or something to lean on while walking or need to sit down more regularly even if there’s not a chair in sight. Walking aids and stools are common sights in everyday life, and products that combine these two are also no longer alien to our eyes. Unfortunately, most of them, while functional, are also unattractive and sometimes even difficult to use. They’re often a cause of embarrassment for users who’d rather leave these at home and endure discomfort rather than be seen using them. Fortunately, all hope is not lost and this rather unique “sitting cane” shows how a well-designed tool can be functional, beautiful, and uplifting all at the same time.

Designer: Anker Bak

Made from a single piece of solid ash wood split in the middle and held together with six brass bolts, the SNILD, the Danish word for handy or dextrous, shatters expectations of what a walking aid should look like. Rather than a traditional stick or a rod that ends with legs at the bottom, it looks more like a tapered paper clip viewed from the front. The curved top and bottom edges along with the sloping sides give the tool a more elegant and stylish appearance, while also providing bigger surface areas for holding or standing on the floor. The loop at the top also lets you hoist the sitting cane over your shoulder if you need to make use of both hands.

Unlike walking aids that also function as stools, transforming the SNILD is as easy as pulling the top halves apart. This reveals a leather seat that is both durable and comfortable, and it uses simple physics to hold the person up. The rubber feet of the legs provide the necessary grip to prevent the stool or the cane from sliding.

More than its functionality, it’s the design and aesthetic that puts the SNILD above the rest. It has a dignified appearance that goes beyond a simple walking aid or seat, and that sense of dignity is transferred to the user who no longer feels the shame of carrying one. It is a part of the designer’s vision of Everyday Assistive Furniture (EAF) design furniture that’s not only a tool but can even be a source of pride and an heirloom for future generations.

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