Crafting The Enigmatic Ambience Of John Wick’s Continental – Chapter 4

No Wife, No Dog, No Home. You Have Nothing, John. Vengeance Is All You Have Left!

Image Credits: Lionsgate

The highly anticipated “John Wick 4,” starring Keanu Reeves, made its much-anticipated debut this year, featuring Reeves’ return as the renowned hitman set on avenging the wrongs of the High Table. In the world of the John Wick series, a retired assassin is reignited into a world of violence after his car is stolen and a puppy gifted to him by his late wife is killed. Constantly on the move to survive and eliminate his targets, Wick is determined to seek revenge against the powerful High Table.

“When Helen died, I lost everything. Until that dog arrived on my doorstep. A final gift from my wife. In that moment I received some semblance of hope. An opportunity to grieve unalone. And your son took that from me…stole that from me…killed that from me! People keep asking if I’m back. And I haven’t really had an answer. But now, yeah, I’m thinking’ I’m back!”

With the John Wick series staged in the 1970s, we have carefully selected design elements and products that seamlessly blend with movie series and can craft a modern narrative.

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1. Continental’s Location

A suit doesn’t make a man; it’s what’s inside the suit that counts – resourcefulness and perhaps an open heart,” Winston continues, adding, “This is more than vengeance; this is justice,” as he assumes control of the notorious ‘The Continental’ hotel, renowned as a sanctuary for assassins.

Image Credits: Legendary Trips

Image Credit: johnwickmovie

The outer facade of the Continental was captured on film at the distinctive flatiron-shaped Beaver Building located at 1 Wall Street Court in Manhattan’s Financial District.

Image Credits: Lionsgate

Apart from the facade, the entrance hall of the Continental is the sole setting featured in every John Wick film to date. Situated approximately half a mile from the Beaver Building, these scenes were shot in the lobby of the Cunard Building at 25 Broadway.

2. John Wick’s Ride

I become dangerous when focused!

Image Credits: Carscoop

In Chapter 4 of John Wick, the car he drives is a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda, a part of the Barracuda’s third generation, manufactured by Chrysler from 1964 to 1974. The 1971 model is renowned for its distinctive front grille divided into six sections resembling barracuda fish teeth. Alongside its updated aesthetics, the 1971 Plymouth Barracuda offered an impressive eight engine options, spanning from the 125 bhp six-cylinder to the remarkable 425 bhp 426 Hemi V8.

Imagine Keanu seeking vengeance while driving these sleek vehicles.

Audi introduces the “activesphere,” a unique crossover merging Audi Sportback’s elegance, SUV practicality, and off-road capability, driven by the PPE modular system. With an electric drive, quick-charging tech, 600+ km range, and zero local emissions, it embodies sustainability, dynamics, and long-distance capabilities of modern EVs.

Would you like to witness your favorite hitman behind the wheel of a futuristic sedan capable of shifting through 32 colors, akin to a chameleon?

Unveiled at CES 2023, the futuristic concept car aims to transform the driving experience and creates a stronger bond between people and cars. The sedan stands out as it can switch between colors and change its looks by using color-changing E-ink technology. Also, while welcoming the driver into the vehicle, an image of the driver’s avatar can be projected onto the side windows!

3. His Two-Wheeled Avenger

Don’t confuse my personality with my attitude….My personality is who I am. My attitude depends on who you are…

Image Credits: webbikeworld

Image Credits: webbikeworld

The “John Wick: Chapter 4” movie showcases Aprilia Tuono.

Hugo Eccles, known for collaborations with Nike, TAG Heuer, Ford, and LG, unveils the UMC-063 XP Zero by Untitled Motorcycles, after seven years of development. This custom electric bike, derived from the Zero SR/F, melds retro-futuristic style with aviation nuances. Its 82 kW motor, powered by a 15.2 kWh battery pack, delivers 110 hp and 146 ft-lbs of torque, reaching 124 mph and 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds. The UMC-063 XP Zero’s design, performance, and customization options are now available for orders.

Designer: Jez Williman

Hyperscooters, akin to hypercars in the e-scooter world, exude performance. Dragonfly electric scooters feature four wheels, offering stability on rugged terrain. The patented Full-Tilt Steering System makes control intuitive. With dual 550W motors, speeds of 25 mph (40 km/h), and a 49.7-mile (80 km) range, safety is upheld via dual wishbone suspension and hydraulic damped spring suspensions. Dragonfly Hydroscooter offers two variants: urban-friendly standard and adventure-focused Dragonfly X. Both combine style and power.

4. Let me Finish My Drink!

Designer: Waterford

Also known as a brandy snifter, brandy glass, brandy bowl, or a cognac glass, snifter is a short-stemmed glass with a wide bottom and a relatively narrow top. It is primarily used for serving aged brown liquors such as bourbon, brandy, and whisky.

5. Embracing the Night Mood

In Chapter 4, the majority of its intricate sequences unfold against the nighttime backdrop, with these illuminations capturing the enchantment of the John Wick series.

Designer: Northern Lights

“Solti” by Northern Lights is crafted from Georgian brass and paired with meticulously crafted clear fluted glass, resulting in a compelling and impactful design.

In harmony with its source of inspiration, the lamp ignites through candlelight, initiating a luminous flow resembling currents that cascade towards illuminating the lamp’s cube-shaped ends. Captivating and deeply connected to its origins, this lamp promises to evoke a sense of awe in all who encounter its mesmerizing presence.

Designer: Vinterior

Made in Czechoslovakia, this chandelier features glass, lacquered metal, and brass components with an aged patina that has been re-polished.

6. Vintage Glamour

Image Credits: Batter Bee Decor

The iconic Chesterfield sofa is characterized by equally high, rolled arms mirroring the back’s height. Typically draped in rich leather or velvet, its notable charm emanates from deep button tufting.

7. Weaving Elegance into John Wick’s World

Introduce vintage elegance using this exquisite Green Gold Wallpaper, featuring details for a luxurious touch.

8. A Slice of Lethal Style

You stabbed the devil in the back and forced him back into the life he had just left.

Designer: Tekto

Weighing just 4.5 oz (127g), Tekto F3 Charlie boasts a 3.8-inch drop-point blade, inspired by hunting knives, for precision piercing, scraping, and slicing. G10 fiberglass handle strikes a balance between size and control. Deploy swiftly with button lock and finger flipper—perfect for tactical use. Resilient D2 steel blade features a titanium finish for enduring strength.

Designer: Tekto

Experience swift precision with the Tekto F2 Bravo tactical knife. Its D2 steel drop point blade, propelled by durable ceramic ball bearings, ensures efficient cutting. The minimalist Forged Carbon and G10 handle, featuring titanium accents, offers lightweight durability without compromising comfort. Weighing 68g, this knife empowers you to tackle tasks confidently and swiftly. The F2 Bravo seamlessly combines power and aesthetics for a high-end tool.

9. Capturing John Wick’s Universe through the Lens

Image Credits: Lionsgate

Designer: Xiaomi

Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept flaunts an audacious camera bump with dual 1-inch sensors. Resembling its predecessor, this conceptual smartphone notably accommodates a sizable Leica lens, blurring the smartphone and professional camera distinction. Despite omitting one camera, the centrally located periscope lens, the phone’s innovation lies in the two 1-inch CMOS sensors within the bump.

10. How It All Began with A Puppy!

Image Credits: Lionsgate

All of this for what, because of a puppy? John Wick : It wasn’t just a puppy.

Designer: Dave Lim

Wicked Egg is a dual-purpose pet toy and reward system. It holds treats in its upper cavity, promoting obedience training by dispensing treats for pet actions. Designed for use when the pet parent is away, it provides stimulation and engagement, enhancing your pet’s development and fun.

John, I’m sorry I can’t be there for you. But you still need something, someone to love, so start with this. Because the car doesn’t count. I love you, John. This illness has loomed over us for a long time and now that I have found my peace, find yours. Until that day, your best friend, Helen.” – Helen

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TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate iPhone 15 Case Review: Versatility and Protection in One


  • Air-filled Bumpers offer almost total protection from bumps and falls

  • MagSafe-compatible O-Ring provides a versatile kickstand and holder

  • Slim and lightweight design maintains the iPhone 15's elegance


  • O-Ring doesn't rotate to support arbitrary positions or angles

  • Only available for the iPhone Pro and Pro Max models




The TORRAS UPRO Ostand's air-filled bumpers protect your iPhone from every angle, and a MagSafe-compatible O-ring works as both a holder as well as a kickstand. Apple invented MagSafe. TORRAS perfected it.

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, allowing us to connect with each other, retrieve information, and even create and record memories. We bring our phones with us everywhere, even in some places or circumstances that would be precarious for the electronic device. Apple’s latest event played up that “wonderlust” and presented the iPhone 15 series as the perfect companion for your life’s journeys, especially when it comes time to snap up photos or record videos for posterity. Bringing along a naked iPhone to your many adventures, however, might not be the smartest and most efficient move, especially when not if accidents happen. Just in time for the release of the iPhone 15, TORRAS launched new cases designed to be just as adventurous as the new iPhones, so we take it for a bumpy ride to see if the new UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate can truly turn the iPhone 15 into your faithful companion through life’s up and, most especially, downs.

Designer: TORRAS

Click Here to Buy Now: $39.99 $49.99 (20% off with coupon code “202yanko”). Hurry, deal ends in 48-hours!


With so many cases for smartphones littering the market today, you might almost be tempted to give the UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate a pass. Your opinion will quickly change, however, the moment you behold the case, and especially after you’ve put it on your iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max. Depending on the color variant, the case is mostly clear or has a frosted surface that still lets the iPhone’s elegant colors shine through. The Gray case’s clear surface is perfect for the iPhone 15’s Natural or White Titanium colorways, but there are also Black and Blue options to cover the entire iPhone 15 lineup. Either way, your iPhone 15 doesn’t need to sacrifice its elegant colors just so that it can be protected.

You might, however, notice that the edges of the case have a different color and are slightly raised as if bulging a bit. This isn’t just some pointless embellishment and actually serves one of the UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate’s most important functions, which we’ll get to later. Unfortunately, its color, which is mostly light gray, easily stands out from the rest of the case’s edges because of the color contrast. Some might find it visually disconcerting while others might not mind it so much. It could become a problem, however, with other iPhone 15 color options, like RED or future variants. It would have been nice if you could swap out these bumpers for different colors, but that could also reduce the case’s durability in the process.

The other visual detail that stands out is the ring on the back of the case. Thanks to many MagSafe-compatible accessories, the presence of this ring is no longer alien, even though Apple itself doesn’t mark the area on its iPhones. Thankfully, the ring, which is formally called the O-Ring, sits flush on the surface of the case, so it doesn’t cause the phone to wobble when placed on a table, nor will it snag in your pants pocket or other things in your bag. All in all, the TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS has a rather minimalist design, both visually and physically, except for those bumpers and that ring that serve important purposes that give the case its selling points.


Despite knowing the risks of dropping an expensive iPhone, many people are reluctant to put them in protective cases. These iPhones are, after all, beautiful unclothed and are meant to be slim and comfortable to hold. Most of the fears stem from making the iPhone look like it’s going to war, which is fortunately not the case with this UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate.

In addition to being visually simple and minimalist, the case is also space-efficient and lightweight. It delivers 92% protection against disastrous falls, but instead of simply wrapping the phone in thick layers of material, TORRAS employs innovative technologies that keep the case as slim as possible. The result is that it doesn’t add too much bulk to an already large iPhone 15 Pro or even bigger iPhone 15 Pro Max, nor does it add more burden to your hand when holding it.

In fact, the UPRO Ostand SS improves the iPhone 15’s ergonomics by giving your hand a non-slipper surface to grip. There’s also that O-Ring that folds out of the case, transforming into a holder for your finger to keep the phone steady, whether you’re simply watching videos or taking photos and selfies. The latter is a very important use case for both the new iPhone 15 and this UPRO Ostand SS, giving you the freedom and the confidence to shoot anywhere, knowing that the phone is secure in your hand. And unlike the typical rings that you stick to the back of your phone, the O-Ring folds flat when not in use, hiding in plain sight until it’s needed once more.


Right out of the packaging, you can already tell that the TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate is not your average case. The contrasting color of the embossed edges immediately call your attention, but these aren’t just for show. Their unique form is actually the case’s main selling point, being air-filled bumpers that protect your phone from drops and shocks, especially when it drops on one of its corners or edges, which is the most common place for this kind of accident.

For this innovation, TORRAS took inspiration from car airbags that protect you from accidents. When the iPhone accidentally drops on its corner or side, the air-filled thermoplastic polyurethane not only absorbs the force of the impact but actually bounces it off, preventing the shock from being transferred to the rest of your phone, which is the most common cause of cracked screens. These bumpers give the phone 360-degree military-grade impact protection that can absorb up to 98% of the shock.

But while protection is its main purpose, that isn’t the only talent that the UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate has, which you can probably discern from its name. It features TORRAS’s unique O-Ring, a ring grip and stand combination that’s built right into the case and, more importantly, doesn’t stick out of it. You simply fold it out and you’re ready to go, standing the iPhone 15 on any flat surface or holding the phone in your hand with support for your finger. You can stand the iPhone vertically or horizontally depending on your use case, and the O-Ring will be able to support it. Unfortunately, the position of the ring itself is fixed in its position, unlike the Ostand R cases where the O-Ring can rotate 360 degrees. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it would have been nice to have to increase the case’s versatility.

That O-Ring has a third function in addition to grip and stand thanks to its use of a Halbach array of magnets. These strong magnets let you stick the phone to any MagSafe stand or holder, like those for cars or bedside tables. Alternatively, you can also stick the iPhone 15 to any metallic surface, from refrigerator or car doors to metal poles and walls. You no longer need to worry about not having a selfie stick or tripod when you can set up the iPhone at a distance anywhere. And, of course, the case lets you charge with MagSafe without having to remove the case. Apple may have introduced the universal USB-C connector for the iPhone 15 series, but those who have tasted MagSafe will probably never go back to cables if they can help it.


The UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate for the iPhone 15 Pro is stylish, durable, and versatile, but the list of its strengths doesn’t end there. When it comes to sustainability, it also has an edge over other smartphone cases. Sure, it has its fair share of plastics, rubber, and other environment-unfriendly materials, but its use of thermoplastic polyurethane for its headlining feature scores in its favor. It has also committed to nurturing one tree in the Brazil Atlantic Forest for every three cases sold. If TORRAS could start using recycled plastics or lay out a more definite sustainability strategy, it would definitely take the lead in this market.

Where the case does shine is in its durability, which is to say that it’s made to last a really long time. It is, after all, designed to protect the iPhone 15 it holds, so it is also quite resilient itself. It won’t last forever, of course, and the case’s surface might tarnish and show discoloration over time. It would have been nice if the bumpers could be replaced independently of the rest of the case or vice versa, but TORRAS probably had to prioritize the product’s structural integrity over that kind of modularity.


There are countless smartphone cases in the market today, especially for something as popular as Apple iPhones. With the launch of the iPhone 15 series, there’s bound to be even more, as proven by the flood of announcements following Apple’s event last week. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of cases that promise the same things but deliver in different ways, sometimes not at all. The TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate for the iPhone 15 Pro sets itself apart from the crowd by delivering not only protection for your precious new iPhone but also confidence and peace of mind.

The Ostand SS ShieldMate frees you from worries about accidents when bringing your iPhone 15 along for the ride in your outdoor adventures, globe-trotting, and other activities. It also allows you to hold the phone securely in your hand, whether for enjoying content or creating it, even letting you stick it to walls, poles, and surfaces to make it easier to take group selfies or do hands-free live streaming. The UPRO Ostand SS is definitely a great deal, but that only applies if you own an iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max. Unfortunately, the cases aren’t available for the non-Pro models, but TORRAS has a plethora of other options that offer protection as well as the versatility of the O-Ring for a wide range of iPhones.


Smartphones have reached a point where they’ve become more than just gadgets but also important companions in our lives. The iPhone 15, with its enhanced photography prowess and upgraded hardware, offers one of if not the best tools for making life more enjoyable and more memorable. Its stylish designs, now in titanium, give it the expected Apple elegance that you wouldn’t want to cover up with a tank-like case, regardless of how much protection it offers.

Fortunately, the TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate is here to check all the right boxes and then some. While Apple’s absolutely dropped the ball on MagSafe, the folks at TORRAS thankfully are taking the magnetic ring to new heights. The UPRO Ostand is a unique iPhone case that doesn’t just protect your phone, it gives it superpowers. The Ostand’s air-filled bumpers protect your iPhone from every angle, and a MagSafe-compatible O-ring works as both a holder as well as a kickstand. Apple invented MagSafe. TORRAS perfected it.

Sarang Sheth contributed to this review.

Click Here to Buy Now: $39.99 $49.99 (20% off with coupon code “202yanko”). Hurry, deal ends in 48-hours!

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The Tesla Of Coffee Machines + More Kitchen Accessories To Give Your Cooking Process A Top Chef-Worthy Upgrade

If you’re a passionate lover of cooking, or you’ve recently kickstarted your cooking journey, and want to accelerate it even further then you’ve reached the right place. Having an efficient and streamlined cooking process is the key to preparing dishes that simply taste excellent! And the number one aid you need in having an effortless process is an arsenal of great kitchen appliances.  With the right kitchen tools and appliances, cooking can be an increasingly fun and simplified process. The right products can reduce your prep time in half, make the little cooking tasks much easier, and help you with tedious and complicated techniques. From a water purifier that takes purity to the next level to an aesthetic coffee machine that lets you experience the brewing process – these innovative and exceptional appliances are all you need in your kitchen.

1. xBloom

Rightfully dubbed the “Tesla of Coffee Machines” by our Editor-in-Chief, the futuristic xBloom is the first coffee machine with an innovative Autopilot feature that completely assists you in the art of making coffee. The coffee machine looks super sleek and pristine, almost straight out of a sci-fi future!

Why is it noteworthy?

Designed by ex-Apple employees, the xBloom identifies, grinds, dispenses, brews, and pours your coffee for you! It uses some of the finest beans sourced from the top roasters worldwide, providing you with the finest cup of coffee ever.

What we like

  • It quite literally feels as if a professional barista made you a cup of coffee
  • Equipped with the power of NFC technology

What we dislike

  • The xBloom does not accommodate instant coffee

2. The ROPOT-Lite

The ROPOT-Lite is designed to be a countertop purifier and is the same size as your coffee machine. But it features a comprehensive water filter with 5-stage purification underneath the surface. The purifier comes with a borosilicate carafe that collects all the water for you at the end of the filtration system.

Why is it noteworthy?

A perfect appliance for a household with 1-2 people, the ROPOT-Lite filters out 1.2 liters at a time, always ensuring you have a filled carafe of water at hand. Unlike most filters, it requires no conventional ‘installation’, and works right out of the box once you plug its power cable into the socket.

What we like

  • The 5-step filtration eliminates particles as small as 0.0001 μm

What we dislike

  • Hefty price tag

3. The Good Grips Salad Dressing Shaker

Designed by the OXO, the shaker and pourer is the ultimate modern solution to creating some delicious dressing without creating a complete mess in your kitchen.

What we like

The shaker has a wide top that can be swiftly unscrewed to add a variety of ingredients like oil, mayonnaise, vinegar, garlic, onions, mustard, etc. The cup has measurements in both milliliters and ounces to support easy measuring.

What we like

  • Features a leakproof design
  • You can also mix, serve, and prepare marinades and sauces

What we dislike

  • Seems a bit fragile and easily breakable

4. NiNJA’s Kitchen Knives

The NiNJA’s kitchen knives are fashionable and attention-grabbing, owing to their sleek black blades. The color gives them a refined and sophisticated look, providing the knives with a modern and effective upgrade.

Why is it noteworthy?

There is almost no other embellishment on the blade other than the discreet “i” logo, removing any potential distraction. Like a ninja hiding in the shadows or a secret agent in a black suit, these knives stealthily move in for the kill, cutting ingredients with precision and grace.

What we like

  • Built from molybdenum vanadium steel, known for its highly durable sharpness
  • Coated with titanium for increased wear resistance

What we dislike

  • Given only one aesthetic option, we don’t have a range of colours/options to match our kitchen.


Dubbed DOTS, this portable coffee machine works perfectly for automated vehicles and other on-the-go scenarios. It features a removable button so it can easily adapt to whatever or wherever you’re using it for!

Why is it noteworthy?

It also uses coffee capsules instead of the usual brewing method to make it easier to use. The capsules are placed on the top and replaced by removing that part. Water is stored in the cylindrical space at the bottom.

What we like

  • A control or lever lets you adjust the intensity of the extraction method from the capsule

What we dislike

  • It has a lid to place a straw on it, but sipping hot coffee with a straw seems weird and uncomfortable

6. The Dancing Grid

This innovative and modular wall shelf isn’t just an ordinary wall shelf designed to show off your kitchenware. Named the Dancing Grid, the design has an inviting appeal that tastefully utilizes tiles to give ti a classy and attractive appearance.

Why is it noteworthy?

The different tiles have different functions, ranging from shelving to peg boards to blank spaces that provide some “breathing room” for the arrangement.

What we like

  • Offers excellent storage functionality while also adding a personal touch to your kitchen

What we dislike

  • It is a space-consuming design that will occupy a substantial amount of space in your kitchen, not well-suited for smaller homes

7. Precision Chef Kitchen Scissors

These innovative kitchen shears are designed to help you cut through meat and food in an easy and breezy manner. They make cutting meat and all kinds of food extremely effortless and efficient!

Why is it noteworthy?

The beautiful black scissor evokes both power and style and will occupy an intimidating and undeniable presence in your kitchen or dining table. The elegant black kitchen scissors will cut your steak, vegetables, and pizza with finesse and functionality.

What we like

  • Features a specially-designed curved serrated blade that makes cutting meat easy and safe

What we dislike

  • No options in color variants

8. JIU

JIU is a super cool and innovative kitchen appliance as it is essentially a plate that you can cook your food on or a flying plate with a removable handle! It is an ingenious and revolutionary way to merge cooking and eating.

Why is it noteworthy?

A thick iron plate makes up the body of the plate or frying pan. Thanks to this material, you can cook food slowly under low heat, never letting natural juices go to waste and keeping the crispiness of the ingredients inside. And since you don’t have to transfer the food from pan to plate, you can enjoy your meal while it’s warm.

What we like

  • You can easily and efficiently attach and detach the wooden handle as needed

What we dislike

  • The plate is built from iron, making it difficult and tough to carry around

9. LetPot LPH-Max

Called the LetPot LPH-Max, this tabletop planter is designed to make home gardening super easy and fun, especially for those who don’t have a green thumb. It takes control of the plant’s entire cultivation system from seed to sprout to harvest, without any soil.

Why is it noteworthy?

The LetPot LPH-Max is a smart hydroponic plant cultivator that works entirely autonomously. It provides the plant with the water and nutrition it needs and even comes with an automatic sun-mimicking LED panel that gives the plants the light they need to photosynthesize.

What we like

  • It completely takes over the plant cultivation process, leaving you stress-free and relaxed
  • Can handle growing up to 21 plant pods simultaneously across a variety of flower, herb, and leafy green species

What we dislike

  • The design is restricted to 21 pots, not allowing for growth for interested users

10. Plate Grater

The Plate Grater is shaped like a tiny round plate instead of the traditional rectangular sheet of metal. The compact little grater is designed to be placed on a table, rather than being held up in the air like other graters. You can have it on the table at all times since it has a unique pattern and distinctive look even when it is unused.

Why is it noteworthy?

Unlike a regular grater with rows of blades, you make circular movements to grate ingredients. Rather than falling through holes, the grated pieces accumulate at the sides in full, fluffy lumps. The repetitive action, rather than being tiring and burdensome, becomes almost a mindful practice that puts you in the moment.

What we like

  • Features a silicon rubber base that prevents it from slipping on the table when you make circling motions

What we dislike

  • Intended primarily for wasabi and daikon radish, making it a limited design
  • Some people may find the form and structure of a traditional grater more appealing and usable

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Tiny all-in-one travel adapter with a 35.5W output will fast-charge your phone in over 200 countries

Traveling can be both exciting and challenging, especially when it comes to staying connected in a world driven by technology. I marvel at the fact that I’ve never navigated a city using an actual printed map, or learned a foreign language through a book or through flashcards. Every aspect of my travel is connected to my phone or laptop, from booking air and hotel tickets, checking into flights, catching cabs, navigating streets, and even interacting with locals. In this connected era, traveling without your gadgets is sort of like traveling naked. You feel lost, awkward, and alone… but what do you do when you’ve got your gadgets in a foreign country where the plug-points are different from the one on your charger? Say hello to the TA-205, a compact universal travel adapter that supports plug-points in over 200 countries, and comes with multiple plug-inlets to charge all your gadgets at once… including a fast-charge USB-C port that outputs 35.5W for rapidly charging your smartphone so you can step out instead of being trapped in your hotel room.

Designer: Epicka Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $29.99 $34.99 (14% off with Coupon Code “YANKO”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

The TA-205 is practically a travel-essential, offering dual AC sockets – a universal one and a US socket – that adapt to over 200+ countries and regions, all in a tiny, travel-friendly design. Switches on the side let you choose from the TA-205’s different universal plug styles, and once plugged in, the adapter can charge as many as 7 different appliances and gadgets all at the same time. A universal socket in front accepts most common plugs, while a second outlet on the top gives you space to hook up one more appliance. The TA-205 also has three USB-A ports on the right side for connecting gadgets like your AirPods, Power Bank, and DSLR camera, and two additional USB-C ports on the left for your tablet and your smartphone.

With an AC input of 100-240V~, 50-60Hz, and AC output of 100-240V~, 10A Max, the TA-205 can handle up to 1000W at 100V~ and a whopping 2400W at 240V~ (the TA-205 doesn’t convert voltage, so do check your appliance label to see if it supports dual voltage). A primary USB-C port provides a maximum PD output of 35.5W, letting you fast-charge the gadget of your choice, be it your phone right before you step out, or your tablet so you can quickly shoot out an email from your hotel room. The USB-A ports, on the other hand, output a respectable 15.5W.

Each TA-205 Universal Travel Adapter is rated for international use with RoHS, CE, and FCC certifications, along with safety measures like a built-in 10A fuse, safety shutters, and a plug lock system. The TA-205 starts at $34.99, comes with a 2-year warranty, and ships with a convenient carry bag, two spare fuses, and a user manual – everything you need for a seamless travel experience… Except for your passport, of course!

Click Here to Buy Now: $29.99 $34.99 (14% off with Coupon Code “YANKO”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

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Top 10 Unique Accessories for Digital Nomads & Their On The Go Work Setup

Whether you’re working from home, or in a corporate office, the one thing that’s pretty much consistent in both these scenarios is a desk! Or, if you’re a digital nomad who works on the go, your desk could often switch between a typical work desk or a table at a cafe. A desk is probably one of the most important pieces of furniture in our modern lives, only because we spend the majority of our day on it. You may be typing away to glory, munching away on a snack, or simply fidgeting with a random object – you do end up spending hours on your desk. And hence, it’s really important that your desk be neat, tidy, and uncluttered. Not only will this improve your work routine and productivity, but it will also help you maintain a clearer and more streamlined mindset. And, I’ve discovered that adding limited, quality, and innovative products to my desk setup can help me in achieving these goals! The desk accessories you place on your desk are an integral part of your home/corporate office. From a USB key that can fit into your keypad to a mechanical keyboard made from recyclable materials – these ingenious desk accessories are all you need to achieve your desk setup goals!

1. Saint Antoine USB Key

USB flash drives are usually tiny and compact, making them convenient to carry around. But the issue arises when you misplace that same USB drive owing to its small size. This concept design tries to eliminate that issue by making the drive so thin that you can stick it between your laptop’s screen and keyboard.

Why is it noteworthy?

What this concept does differently is to eschew the traditional rectangular form of these accessories into something that has small protrusions branching off a relatively thin stem. This shape isn’t without its purpose, though, since that shape makes it possible to fit the USB key in between the keys of a laptop keyboard.

What we like

  • It allows you to keep an eye on your USB key, and prevent you from misplacing it
  • Safe to close the laptop lid on it as it won’t puncture the screen

What we dislike

  • Since it is quite thin, it may not have enough space to store all your data
  • Removing it from the keyboard every time may also be very inconvenient, and it could impact your typing experience

2. The Altar I

Electronic Materials Office recently unveiled its first product – a keyboard made from sustainable materials. Post-consumer waste-derived plastic was used to create the keyboard, and it has a unibody aluminum framed peripheral amped with US and UK layouts with 78 and 77 keys.

Why is it noteworthy?

The Altar I’s keycaps are also forged out of recycled polymers, thereby making it a sensible accessory that doesn’t harm Planet Earth. The accessory is designed for touch typing and can be utilized on two devices simultaneously, which is suitable for those who switch between their laptop and tablet frequently.

What we like

  • Clean, crisp, and minimalist font
  • Crafted using recyclable and earth-friendly materials

What we dislike

  • No information on the pricing and availability for now
  • Only available in black, with no other color options, we would love some diversity

3. Mayku Accessories

The Mayku Accessories collection comprises a keyboard, a mouse, and a more traditional webcam that attaches to the top of a monitor. While their designs don’t show anything functionally new it’s their appearance that really catches the eye.

Why is it noteworthy?

Instead of using the usual flat surfaces and sharp corners, these products use “softer,” more curved forms, like the sides and tops of the keycaps, the entire surface of the mouse, or the body of the webcam.

What we like

  • The usually cold, impersonal, and traditional devices look like hard candy or even soft marshmallows

What we dislike

  • While the visuals are arresting, the functionality retained is the same, no innovation there

4. Portable Hard Drive Concept

This hard drive concept by CLAIRE + LÉA is designed to occupy minimum space while also looking good. It features a spring-loaded slider mechanism so that you can clamp and attach the hard drive to the edge of your desk.

Why is it noteworthy?

This interesting feature has the effect of hiding the device from sight, even when it is being used. The hard drive has a simple and distinctive design that demands to be shown off on your desk.

What we like

  • Even though it is hidden, it is still quite easily accessible owing to the USB port on top

What we dislike

  • You could bump or hit your knee and leg against the drive since it is hanging from the edge

5. ovOlio

Finding some peace and calm in your chaotic day can often seem impossible. But this tranquil desk accessory is a revolutionary fusion of design and mindfulness, and it is created to enhance your workspace and state of mind.

Why is it noteworthy?

Called ovOlio, the desk accessory features a partial magnetic levitation of the wooden block at its center with just a small base for support. You can open the block and add in a few drops of your favorite essential oil, allowing the delicate aroma to spread in the room.

What we like

  • Promotes a calm and balanced workday
  • Combats anxiety and makes you feel more at peace

What we dislike

  • Looks easily breakable, and the oil could spill over if it falls

6. Belkin BoostCharge Accessories

The BoostCharge Convertible Qi2 Wireless Pad to Stand and the other dubbed BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad with Qi2 are Belkin’s latest accessories for the iPhone 15.

Why is it noteworthy?

The BoostCharge Convertible Qi2 Wireless Pad to Stand is for people who want a wireless charging pad that can flip upwards so that they can easily watch content. The BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad with Qi2 is for gadget lovers who frequently charge their array of devices in tandem.

What we like

  • Will juice up MagSafe-equipped iPhone with Qi2 standard at 15W

What we dislike

  • They’re not available yet in the market
  • No variations in color and style

7. Blocco

Dubbed Blocco, this functional yet good-looking calculator is no ordinary everyday calculator. It effortlessly combines grace and precision in a simple and minimal design, while adding a visually appealing element to your desk.

Why is it noteworthy?

The Blocco calculator features a universal and ergonomic design that is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users. It features an angular chamfered surface that supports quick and effortless typing and enhances visual appeal.

What we like

  • Directly projects calculations onto paper further enhancing its user-friendliness
  • Aesthetically and visually pleasing looks, a far cry from boring old calculators

What we dislike

  • Feature a portable design, but its usage is limited as it needs a flat surface to project the equations clearly

8. The Peg-Mag System

If your desk isn’t large enough to accommodate your working gear, and you need more space but don’t want to splurge a butt load of money you may want to opt for the Peg-Mag System!

Why is it noteworthy?

The Peg-Mag System combines three clever strategies to help you maximize your desk’s space and potential. The first is a balcony-like Desk Extender that attaches to the side of your table, giving you an extra shelf that cantilevers off your table. Designed to hold a significant amount, the extender is perfect for books, stationery, speakers, or even a fairly heavy gaming rig or CPU.

What we like

  • Features a rail  for attaching a pegboard slider
  • Transforms your desk into a pinnacle for productivity

What we dislike

  • No color/style customization

9. Wooden Pen Holder

This block of wood is actually the most zen and calming pen holder you could add to your desk. It creates an atmosphere where you can pick up your pen, much like the way you would pick up a brush or a fountain pen from an inkwell.

Why is it noteworthy?

Made from genuine maple wood, each piece has grains and patterns that make it unique and special. Together with an equally stylish pen, this block transforms any desk into a thinker’s workbench, where the tools of the trade are just at an arm’s reach.

What we like

  • The Wooden Pen Holder has a gently curving depression that can accommodate any pen with a standard-size
  • When you pick the pen up, you almost believe that the ink will also follow it up from an invisible well of ideas

What we dislike

  • It occupies precious real estate on a bench that cannot be adjusted/reduced

10. Flash Back

The Flash back is a conceptual product designed to be a digital photo frame that showcases one or more photos, from your smartphone’s gallery. The device is locked to a very specific presentation mode, unlike typical digital frames.

Why is it noteworthy?

Flash back slowly scrolls through the photos sideways, creating an interesting film reel rather than a slideshow. The curved shape of the device is a tribute to the physical medium, providing it with an old-school feel while maintaining modern functionality.

What we like

  • Multifunctional design that also serves as a pen holder, with a basin for clips and small items that would otherwise litter your desk

What we dislike

  • It’s a concept, not a real tangible product, so we don’t know how smoothly or efficiently it’ll work in actuality

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Top 10 Accessories To Complement Apple’s New Launches At The Wonderlust Event

Since its foundation in 1976, Apple has always been at the peak of modern innovation! And let’s take a moment to appreciate all the awesome products and inspiration Apple has provided us with. The groundbreaking tech giant never fails to surprise us, we always find ourselves biting our nails and squirming with curiosity, whenever Apple announces a new product launch. And at the Wonderlust event yesterday, Apple introduced some amazing launches. From the new iPhone 15 family to the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 – Apple’s latest releases have tech lovers jumping up and down with joy! And, we’ve curated a collection of innovative and super cool accessories to complement the new Apple devices. Which one are you planning to buy?

1. Apple MagSafe Grip Stand

This Apple MagSafe Grip Stand is inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding. The structure is able to fold flat and vice versa without the hassle of assembly and disassembly. Since, the accessory is quite thin and card-size, and efficiently attaches to your phone, you can slip your phone into your pocket without the stress of it snagging or looking awkward in your pocket. Even if you jump and move around, the stand won’t separate from your phone!

Click Here to Buy Now: $40 $45 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, Apple Event sales end in 24 hours!

2. AirTag Carabiners

You can ditch and dump your boring old standard metal carabiners, and opt for the innovative AirTag Carabiners. Each carabiner is precision-made from metal and is meticulously handcrafted to provide you with superior durability. These carabiners aren’t just melted metal casing and each piece is unique since manufacturing conditions affect the final design.

Click Here to Buy Now: $107 $119 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, Apple Event sales end in 24 hours!

3. The TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate

The TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate, short for “Super Shockproof” is a protective case that was created to let your iPhone’s design completely shine through, while offering seamless protection, when you drop your phone from any height or angle. The case is built from a high-durability TPU material that absorbs 98% of the shock.

4. The PodChain

The PodChain functions as a strap to which you can attach your AirPods or AirPods Pro so you can hang them around your neck or a hook until it’s time to utilize or charge them. But these buds don’t just dangle off your shoulders! It has a One-Click Patented Lock, that you can use to secure your AirPods in place.

Click Here to Buy Now: $35 $39 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, Apple Event sales end in 24 hours!

5. Belkin BoostCharge Accessories

The BoostCharge Convertible Qi2 Wireless Pad to Stand and the other dubbed BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad with Qi2 are Belkin’s latest accessories for the iPhone 15. The BoostCharge Convertible Qi2 Wireless Pad to Stand is for people who want a wireless charging pad that can flip upwards so that they can easily watch content. The BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad with Qi2 is for gadget lovers who frequently charge their array of devices in tandem.

6. The UPRO Ostand Case

The UPRO Ostand case is an innovative accessory designed to provide your iPhone’s MagSafe feature with a bunch of uber-cool upgrades, such as the ability to make your phone stand, hang, or stay securely in your hands as you click a selfie or scroll through Instagram. The UPRO Ostand case won the iF Design Award but gives your everyday iPhone cases a refreshing upgrade.

7. The Anker 3-in-1 Cube

The Anker 3-in-1 Cube is a MagSafe-compatible accessory that can hold all three devices all at once. It has a simple appearance but power-packed functionality. The charging section can be accessed by lifting the lid like a tiny treasure box, that can be faced in the direction opposite you. This ensures that your phone can be tilted to face you!

8. PocketPlay

The PocketPlay is created using unwavering 3D modeling and rendering, resulting in a sleek and innovative device that provides iPhone gaming controllers with the precise control they crave during games. It has a completely foldable and rotatable design for easy transport and gameplay. So, you can easily fold it up, and and slide it into your pocket or bag.

9. The Ringo Bottle

The Ringo Bottle is an innovative accessory you can use to quench your thirst while transforming your smartphone into a tripod on the fly. It combines the practicality of a water bottle, with the convenience and functionality of a MagSafe-compatible iPhone stand. It helps you stay hydrated, take videos, and shoot IG Reels!


Meet PLAUD NOTE, the world’s first ChatGPT-powered recording device that captures audio files, transcribes them, summarizes them, and provides you with your entire recording in key actionable takeaways. PLAUD NOTE comes with MagSafe, so you can snap it to your iPhone, and carry it along with you!

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Top 5 iPhone 15 Accessories to Quench Your Wonderlust

The new iPhone 15 isn’t just a simple upgrade from last year’s model. Sure, there are typical improvements as far as hardware specs go, but features like the improved camera system, USB-C port, and programmable action button present a whole new experience as well. Of course, that’s also a prime opportunity for designers and manufacturers to enhance that experience with their own products, offering options and features that Apple itself doesn’t. This year, we’ve collected a few of these novel and interesting designs that take your iPhone and Apple products to the next level. Here are five such products, designed to satisfy your cravings for new experiences and new memories created from your Wonderlust.

1. PITAKA StarPeak MagEZ Case 4

Apple used the portmanteau of “wonder” and “wanderlust” to frame the launch of the iPhone 15 series as the perfect partner for life’s journeys. And, when it comes to that metaphor, no other objects inspire the imagery of travel than the stars that helped the earliest navigators and the mountains that represent the highest goal of one’s endeavors. PITAKA captured these images and preserved them for posterity on its latest StarPeak MagEZ Case 4 for the new iPhone 15 series, creating a memorable visual and tactile experience that calls to mind beautiful memories of gazing at the Milky Way Galaxy at night or pondering what lies Over The Horizon.

Designer: PITAKA

Click Here to Buy Now: $69.99

PITAKA’s goal has always been to create a fusion of technology and art, and nowhere is that better seen than in the PITAKA StarPeak MagEZ Case 4. Made from the brand’s unique Fusion Weaving technology, the case creates patterns of alternating colors that are reminiscent of beautiful pixel art. Both of the two designs available speak to the human desire for travel and growth. “Milky Way Galaxy” paints the case with a hazy band of stars that have long been the inspiration for myths and stories, representing aspirations and growth. “Over the Horizon” brings mountain ranges that draw your mind to what lies beyond, sparking wonder and a sense of adventure.

PITAKA’s use of woven aramid fibers gives the StarPeak MagEZ cases a unique visual flair, but its benefits go beyond just appearances. Stronger and lighter than steel, the cases offer premium protection without unnecessarily bulking up the phone’s slim silhouette. At only 0.95mm thin, it’s as if you’re holding a naked iPhone, but with one crucial difference. The unique granular texture of the woven aramid fibers creates a 3D grip that brings confidence and comfort to your hold.

The StarPeak MagEZ Case 4 offers a new experience that goes beyond aesthetics and nature. Built-in NFC chips add a touch interaction, allowing owners to verify the authenticity of the product or access matching themes, music, games, and services provided by PITAKA. It is MagSafe compatible as well, which enhances the value of the case when used with other accessories, from chargers to stands. An asymmetrical raised camera lip provides not only protection for the iPhone 15’s biggest upgrade, it also makes the case look more elegant and fashionable.

Last but definitely not least, the PITAKA StarPeak MagEZ Case 4 delivers a strong sustainability message in support of the planet we’re all traveling on. Its package is made from environment-friendly, biodegradable bagasse material, and the camera lip will be made from recycled aramid fiber. Built to last and designed to remind us of our Earthly home, the PITAKA StarPeak MagEZ Case 4 brings beauty and protection as you take your iPhone 15 on your adventures, big or small.

Click Here to Buy Now: $69.99

2. CASETiFY iPhone 15 Ultra Bounce Case

You are definitely going to want to protect your shiny new iPhone 15, especially considering how not-so-expensive it is. At the same time, however, you probably don’t want to make your new partner look like a tank heading into a warzone. It’s a bit difficult to find a solution that satisfies both requirements in the best way possible, but CASETiFY managed to pull a rabbit out of its hat. With the new CASETiFY Ultra Bounce cases, you get the protection you can rely on that still lets your iPhone or your choice of design shine through.

Designer: CASETiFY

Click Here to Buy Now: $99

The secret to this new case is the combination of a 6-layer Rugged Protection System and specially designed corners with air pockets that provide structural support for the phone when accidents do happen. The clear material of its back lets your iPhone show off its true colors, but you also have the option to customize the design to really make the case yours. Even better, the CASETiFY Ultra Bounce is made of recycled plastics gathered from discarded cases, creating a more sustainable ecosystem that benefits everyone, including the planet.

3. MagSafe Origami Grip Stand

With the iPhone 15’s gorgeous display and more powerful cameras, you’ll probably want to use it more often to watch your favorite flicks and record precious moments. There are plenty of accessories that can prop up an iPhone on a table or help you hold it up securely and steadily, but few are able to do both. The ones that do serve both purposes, often end up adding unappealing bulk to your slim iPhone. Thankfully, there’s an elegant solution that takes inspiration from the centuries-old Japanese art of folding paper.

Designer: Marcy Arimoto

Click Here to Buy Now: MagSafe Origami Grip Stand ($45)

You won’t be making paper cranes, but you and your friends might be enchanted by how this MagSafe grip stand can fold into the support that your iPhone 15 needs and then fold flat after its task is done. A strong magnet lets it stick to your phone almost like glue and lets you stick your phone on any metal surface, be it a car door, a metal pole, or a fridge. Every part and fold of this stylish accessory serves a purpose, including the hole that lets you slip in a finger to have a better grip on your phone. Taking selfies and watching videos has never been easier!

4. AirPods/AirPods Pro Neck Strap

Losing a single AirPod or forgetting to even check if they’re inside their case has become sort of a running gag, but the stress and expense these situations cause is no laughing matter. Going back to wired EarPods is quite impossible and impractical at this point, so we need a better solution that combines the best of both worlds. That’s where these fashionable woven neck straps come in, providing a rather ingenious solution that keeps your AirPods safe in a visually interesting way.

Designer: M.CRAFTSMAN Design Studio

Click Here to Buy Now: AirPods/AirPods Pro Neck Strap ($39)

The gist of the AirPods Neck Strap’s solution is to have the buds magnetically attach to the ends of one of these colorful woven cords, allowing you to hang the buds around your neck without tying you down to actual wired earphones. When they’re not in your ears, the buds can magnetically clasp together to close the loop, preventing them from snagging or falling off. Now you’ll never have to lose those AirPods again and also get a beautiful necklace in the process!

5. AirTag Carabiner

Sometimes, what you want to protect isn’t just your iPhone or its accessories. You most likely have important bags and items like keys that you should never ever lose. Unfortunately, mishaps do happen, and Apple’s small AirTags were designed exactly for that problem. These trackers’ slim and petite forms make them easy to use but only to a certain extent. When it comes to attaching them to other things, however, they almost become a liability, which is why this durable, all-weather carabiner was created, ensuring the safety of your possessions as well as the AirTag itself under all circumstances.

Designer: Saegusa Design

Click Here to Buy Now: AirTag Carabiner ($119)

This all-metal carabiner provides both function and aesthetics when it comes to holding your AirTag. Unlike alternatives made from leather or silicone, this AirTag Carabiner is made to stand the test of time and weather the elements, while also securely holding onto your keys, bags, bikes, and any other object you need to keep track of. The metallic surfaces and colors also give the product a more memorable personality that fits the lifestyle of an adventurer always on the lookout for new experiences, with their iPhone 15 and AirPods in tow.

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TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS and R iPhone 15 Cases Hands-on: Elevating the mobile experience

Apple has just launched the latest generation of iPhones and, to no one’s surprise, they are chock full of new features and stunning designs that take smartphones to the next level. Of course, the occasion is also an opportunity for brands to show off their new wares designed specifically for the new iPhone 15 series. As always, there’s a wide variety of them available to cater to different needs and aesthetic tastes, but one type of accessory that always stands out is the cases that protect your investment while also adding a little extra to your experience. That’s the kind of deal that TORRAS’s new UPRO cases for the new iPhone 15 are bringing to the table, offering not only all-around protection but also enhanced usability that takes your smartphone use to the next level, whether you’re navigating on the highway, leisurely watching a video, or even live streaming your latest adventure.

Designer: TORRAS

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting at $31.99 (20% off with code ‘201yanko’ ). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

iPhone 15 Pro

TORRAS UPRO Ostand Super Shockproof Shield Mate: Protection and Innovation in Tandem

The iPhone 15 series just went live with beautiful new colors and new materials, which will make you want to make sure they’re well protected even more. Phone cases are a dime a dozen, especially for iPhones, but few are able to do their job while still preserving the elegance of the iPhone’s innate design. Even fewer are able to offer value beyond just protection, making them a single-trick pony at best.

The TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate, short for “Super Shockproof,” definitely stands apart from the crowd, pun totally intended. The protective case was meticulously designed to let the iPhone’s design shine through its clear surface while still offering unparalleled protection when, not if, accidents happen, especially when dropping the phone from any height or angle. The high-durability TPU material alone already absorbs 98% of the shock, but it has another trick up its sleeve to add even more protection to the phone and confidence to users.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

Inspired by the air cushion found in many shoes, the TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate utilizes air-filled bumpers around the edges of the case to bounce back external forces from drops and bumps. SGS-certified for 12-foot drop tests, the case is unmatched in offering protection for your precious new iPhone 15. And that’s without making the phone look like a tank heading out for war, maintaining the iPhone 15’s slim profile, and letting its true colors catch the eye of any beholder.

But wait, there’s more! The Ostand line of cases takes its name from the innovative O-shaped ring, a versatile kickstand that offers three functions in one design. The built-in kickstand lets you prop up the iPhone 15 on any flat surface, whether vertically or horizontally, to make short work of video calls and video binges. The MagSafe-compatible ring also lets you wirelessly charge the phone without having to take off the UPRO case, attach MagSafe accessories, or stick the phone to car chargers or even refrigerator doors. Finally, that O-ring lets you hold the phone securely with one hand, similar to other ring attachments but without the awkward bulk that gets in your way.

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting at $31.99 (20% off with code ‘201yanko’ ). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

TORRAS UPRO Ostand R: 360-degree Versatility

If the compact UPRO Ostand SS still feels a bit too much, TORRAS has another option that doesn’t skimp on protection while still offering impressive flexibility of functions. The TORRAS UPRO Ostand R, now available for the iPhone 15 Pro line, brings an extra slim protective case that still boasts SGS and RoHS certifications for drops from a height of 12ft. That’s thanks to the ShockMAT technology that brings full-body protection not just against drops but also against scratches. All these while keeping the phone in your pocket as close to the original thin profile of the iPhone 15 Pro.

Its defining feature, however, is its innovative magnetic ring that functions as a kickstand and holder, similar to the new UPRO Ostand SS. What makes it different, however, is its ability to rotate 360 to any position you want, allowing it to be more flexible and more versatile in the positioning of the phone. The kickstand itself can be set to almost any angle, providing limitless ways to prop up the iPhone 15 Pro for content consumption or creation.

That O-ring uses powerful neodymium magnets so attaching to compatible surfaces is lightning fast. Of course, it’s compatible with MagSafe technology, so chargers and accessories are fully supported without having to take off the case and expose your iPhone to harm. Whether you’re taking an unplanned business call outdoors, shooting your latest social media clip, or simply lounging in bed to watch your favorite TV series, the TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS and Ostand R bring unmatched protection and versatility that levels up your iPhone 15 game.

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting at $31.99 (20% off with code ‘201yanko’ ). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

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How this fashionable Apple AirPods necklace makes sure you never lose them again

Apple’s AirPods ushered in a new generation of audio accessories and put the 3.5mm headphone jack on its way to retirement. But while the previously ridiculed wireless earbuds have practically become the new trend, unsurprisingly, it did create a new problem for people still unused to juggling two small thingamajigs in their hands. AirPods keep getting lost left and right, pun intended, forcing people to waste money on backup pairs. It’s extremely difficult when you lose one piece, so the best answer is to always keep them together no matter what. That’s exactly the kind of solution that these neck straps offer, but they do so in a way that transforms practical utility into trendsetting fashion.

Designer: M.CRAFTSMAN Design Studio

Click Here to Buy Now: $35 $39 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, Apple Event sales end in 24 hours!

Panther Black

Truly wireless earbuds like the AirPods free us from the tyranny of tangled cables, but that liberty doesn’t come without its own price. In theory, they should always be inside their case when they’re not on your ears, but in practice, people tend to take them off temporarily, only to forget where they placed them in the first place. That’s the benefit that cables have, even for those wireless earphones that still have a wire connecting both ends since you can always hang them around your neck while not using them.

Daisy Yellow

That’s the design that the PodChain is aiming for, but it takes the concept to the next level when it comes to aesthetics. Yes, it provides a strap you can attach a pair of AirPods or AirPods Pro so you can hang them around your neck or on a hook until it’s time to use them again or charge them. The key difference is that it goes a step further in making sure those buds don’t just dangle off your shoulders.

Midnight Blue

With a One Click Patented Lock, you can easily secure each AirPod in place. And, when you’re not using them, you can magnetically join the two pieces together, closing the loop around your neck. No more dangling ends that get snagged by objects and people you pass by; just a single, eye-catching woven cord that you can proudly wear like a necklace.

And that’s where the AirPods necklace’s other big features comes in. Each strap is made from beautifully braided cords that combine complementary colors, depending on the style. Blue, black, and gray combine to create a romantic Midnight Blue, while yellow, blue, and brown mix for an earthy Daisy Yellow. And you don’t have to settle for one, either since you can easily change the necklace you’ll wear depending on your mood or outfit for the day. So give yourself some well-deserved peace of mind with these stylish necklaces designed to give your AirPods a home so that they never get lost again.

Click Here to Buy Now: $35 $39 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, Apple Event sales end in 24 hours!

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Grovemade’s Hardwood Cups & Planters Are An Affordable & Eco-Friendly Way To Organize Your Desk

Whether you’re working from home, or in a corporate office, you still need an ergonomic and well-designed desk. A desk is probably one of the most important pieces of furniture in our modern lives, only because we spend the majority of our day on it. You may be typing away to glory, munching away on a snack, or simply fidgeting with a random object – you do end up spending hours on your desk. And hence, it’s really important that your desk be neat, tidy, and uncluttered. Not only will this improve your work routine and productivity, but it will also help you maintain a clearer and more streamlined mindset. And, I’ve discovered that adding limited, quality, and innovative products to my desk setup can help me in achieving these goals! And an excellent addition to your workdesk would be Grovemade’s planters and pen cups.

Designer: Grovemade

Grovemade’s desk accessories and office gear always tend to be pretty immaculate. They’re simple, well-designed, minimalist, and highly functional. They are utilitarian yet good-looking pieces that are an added bonus to your workdesk. And Grovemade’s newly expanded collection of planters and pen cups fit the bill perfectly! Made the hard old school way in Grovemade’s Portland OR factory, the cups, planters, and dishes are carved from solid maple or walnut. The detailed pieces are then hand-sanded and finished with a clear vegetable-based oil which highlights the natural warmth, elegance, and sheer beauty of the wood.

The collection basically consists of cups, dishes, and planters in a variety of different woods. The cups are tall containers that are ideal for holding your pens, pencils, scissors, markers, etc. The dishes are wider and can be used to store your paper clips, push pins, loose change, and other tiny workplace items. The planters feature a custom metallic liner cup to hold your favorite miniature flora! The cup comes in two metal options – brass and stainless steel. They’re an excellent means to add a touch of green and nature to your otherwise chaotic workdesk.

The entire range of hardwood containers is clean, thoughtfully designed and not to mentioned well-priced. The prices start at $50! You can deck up your desk with some new additions without burning a major hole in your pocket.

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