This scoop spoon uses liquid thermal energy to easily scoop through rock-solid ice-cream

Imagine how good an ice-cream scooping spoon would have to be to win a Global Innovation Award. With a special heat-retaining liquid inside its handle, and a thermally-conductive alloy structure internal structure that guides the heat to the scoop’s rim, the ScoopTHAT II can quite naturally carve through that solid block of ice-cream with zero fuss. Relying on just the physical transfer of heat, ScoopTHAT II slices through frozen cream like a hot knife through butter, but without any electricity or batteries… just good old science.

The scoop comes with a non-stick concave scoop-head, and a special metallic rim that pulls thermal energy from the handle, giving you absolutely effortless scoops, no matter how frozen your ice-cream is. The ice-cream plops off the scoop-spoon effortlessly too, thanks to the non-stick finish, giving you the most perfect looking ice-cream spheres ever… perfect enough to warrant a Global Innovation Award!

Designer: THAT! Inventions

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Ice pops in ten minutes

Not only do ice pops act as a tasty refreshment on a summer’s day, but they can also be used to quickly cool us down in the sweltering heat. However, the ice pop making process is anything but quick, which can lead to frustratingly long waits as our impatience levels increase. This is certainly not the case for THE SEAL, which reduces the processing time down to a mere 10 minutes!

You may be asking how this has been achieved? It takes full advantage of the working principle of an ice-cream maker but reduces the volume significantly. This, paired with the metal molds that reduce the freezing time even further, allow for ice-lollies to be made in just a matter of minutes… so you can enjoy the refreshing treat on a whim!

At first glance, you would be forgiven for not recognizing the device and an ice-lolly maker; its minimalistic aesthetic leads to an inconspicuously designed object that gives no hints at the craving-satisfying capabilities that it harnesses.

Designer: Ellie Tsang

If Deadpool Was an Ice Cream Cone

We’ve seen Deadpool take all sorts of forms, from a dog to a kid to a duck. But I can say with 100% certainty that this is the first time I’ve come across Deadpool in ice cream form.

This awesomely silly collectible is part of Unruly Industries‘ “One Scoops,” a series of limited-edition vinyl toys that envision comic book characters as ice cream cones.

Designer Erik Scoggan nailed the look with this figure, which looks like a melty merc with a mouth as his iconic black and red mask drips onto the cone below. It’s like somebody left their Funko POP figure out in the sun for too long. The figure measures 6.5″ tall and comes with a stand that looks like Deadpool’s gloved hand.

If you’re a fan of either Deadpool or ice cream, you need one of these in your collection. You can pre-order one now from Sideshow Collectibles for $85. Keep in mind that the images shown here are prototypes of the final toy, so they may change between now and when they ship in early 2020.

Nissan’s zero-emission ice cream truck uses recycled EV batteries

For some, chasing the neighborhood ice cream truck is a favorite summer tradition. But many ice cream trucks have diesel engines, and older models keep those engines running to power the freezers. That means you get a hefty side of CO2 emissions with...

LG’s SnowWhite is like a Keurig for ice cream

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Pizza Flavored Ice Cream Served on a Slice

I really like ice cream, and I really like pizza. The problem is that after an entire life of eating Blue Bell ice cream or Braum’s, I am a total ice cream snob. Breyers, Blue Bunny, and whatever else you can find at the store doesn’t do the trick. As such, I’m not sure what to think of this pizza flavored ice cream.

I’m traditionally a food segregationist, I don’t like to mix sweet and savory. I’d give this a go though. It’s got a frosty scoop of pizza flavored ice cream sitting atop a slice of pizza. So basically, you can have your entree and dessert at the same time. If you prefer a more traditional serving, you can get the pizza ice cream in a cone, too.

Have you ever tried pizza ice cream on a slice of pizza⁉️ 🙋‍♂️

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The mix up is a collaboration between of a pair of next door restaurants in Philadelphia called Little Baby’s Ice Cream and Pizza Brain. To confuse matters even further, the dish is called the “Frankford Ave. Taco.” Huh, wha?


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[via That’s Nerdalicious via Laughing Squid]

This Cotton Candy Burrito Must Be What Unicorns Poop

I like me some burritos, but I am a burrito snob. I once ate a gas station breakfast burrito and my anus hated me for a week. I now stick with burritos I see being made to order from Chipotle; thankfully they are on approximately every corner in Colorado Springs. That all said, I would SO eat this cotton candy burrito.

This cotton candy burrito comes from a place in Sarnia, Ontario called Sugar Sugar and it has a ice cream core wrapped in cotton candy. It sort of looks like a unicorn turd, but a turd I would eat the sprinkles out of. I wonder when my trusty dog Jetty McJetface eats a turd if this is what his little doggy eyes see?

I hope those colored dots inside are actually Nerds candy and not sprinkles. The best thing Dairy Queen ever made, and then discontinued, was the Nerds Blizzard. I want this so bad.

[via That’s Nerdalicious]

Delicious Dino Dessert!


This Dino Ice Cream is literally all types of cool! Designed to resemble a dinosaur fossil trapped in ice or amber, the redesigned stick and the ice-cream shape complement each other beautifully to make this dessert prehistorically palatable!

Available in 3 flavors (Orange, Strawberry, and Grape) these Dino Ice candies are perfectly playful treats for the hot summers! Ice candy on the outside, with a prehistoric dinosaur trapped inside. No preservatives included! 😉

Designers: Sasha B. Perelman & Katya Mushkina.





Expect Crappy Service at the Poop Café

This new cafe in Toronto is the s**t! The Poop Café Dessert Bar is a brand new restaurant opening up in Toronto later this month. It is fantastically fecal. No really. Everything on the menu is brown and looks like human excrement. Because humanity is doomed, that’s why.

poop_cafe_1zoom in

Customers eat out of toilet shaped dishes while sitting on top of fake toilets. They take the theme seriously. I have no idea if all the beverages look urine or if the napkins look like toilet paper, but if not they are really missing an opportunity. I also have to wonder if some of the more special items come with the odd piece of corn or peanuts.You might as well go all the way with the theme.

Presumably they came up with the idea to open this place after realizing that the ice cream and poop emojis are basically the same thing:

icecreampoo1zoom in

[via The Independent via Incredible Things]

Yogurtland Gets Mario-Themed Flavors

I’m not familiar with the Yogurtland franchise, but I presume it’s a frozen yogurt place along the lines of TCBY and the throngs of similar stores. Yogurtland has some flavors coming soon that fans of Mario might want to check out.

yogurtland_mario_flavors_1zoom in

The first two flavors to land were Mario’s Chocolate Gelato and Bowser’s Dragon Berry Tart. The remaining calendar includes the following flavors: July 8: Toad’s Rocky Road; July 15: Yoshi’s Honeydew; July 22: Goomba’s Iced Coffee; July 29: Princess Peach Tart; August 5: Donkey Kong Banana Cream; August 12: Shy Guy’s Pineapple Lime Coconut Sorbet; August 19: Koopa Troopa’s Lemon cupcake (I’m totally in on this one); and on August 26: Luigi’s White Chocolate Pistachio.

yogurtland_mario_flavors_2 yogurtland-3 yogurtland-1 yogurtland-8 yogurtland-4 yogurtland-7 yogurtland-6 yogurtland-2 yogurtland-5

Some of those flavors sound gross, but others might be good. I’m in for just about anything lemon flavored. I’d pass on anything coffee or melon flavored, but that’s just me. I’m just glad they didn’t do anything that tastes like mushrooms.

[via Kotaku]