Friday the 13th Glowing Jason Mask Light is Nightmare Ready

Because nothing says ‘Sweet dreams!’ like the glowing mask of a mass murderer in your bedroom, FireBox is selling this officially licensed Friday the 13th lamp. The lamp looks like Jason Voorhees’ iconic hockey mask from Friday the 13th Part III, and will make the perfect addition to a child’s bedroom after making them watch the movie for the first time.

The mask lamp can be powered via USB or two AAA batteries so it can be displayed (base included) or hung anywhere, and its energy-efficient LED lights ensure you’ll get the most out of its battery life. Your actual life? I mean, you did just invite a masked murderer into your bedroom.

Am I going to get up early one morning and put this mask in my place on the pillow, waiting for my wife to wake up and see it? Maybe! I guess it really depends on just how badly I want to be killed.

Giant Tarantula Plush Pillows: Arachnophobes Beware

Crafted and sold by the very appropriately named Etsy shop LifelikeSpiderArt, these extra-large Spider Sleeping Plushes are just the thing to add a bit of ‘what in the hell?’ to your bedroom. Obviously, they’re the perfect pillows for letting a lover know they may be killed and eaten before sunrise.

The black plush spiders measure approximately 60″ and the white ones 75″. They’re all are covered in faux fur, so you don’t have to stay up at night worrying that any actual tarantulas were harmed in their production. The legs feature flexible wire-frame paws for posing so you and your spider can sleep in just the right position at night. They also cost $860 – $980, leading me to believe I may just be better off taking my chances buying a giant spiderling from Hagrid.

I’m going to buy several and pose them in various stages of attack around the bedroom. How cool will that be?! According to my wife not very, and I can already imagine her making up the bed in the guest room to sleep in from now on.

[via DudeIWantThat]

Glass Ship in a Bottle Liquor Decanter: Grog Me!

Because fancy liquor demands a fancy decanter, retailer of things you didn’t know you needed Firebox is selling this very nautical $70 Ship In A Bottle Decanter. It features a borosilicate glass ship in a 750ml bottle, complete with cork stopper (ignore the glass one in the photos) for a satisfying ‘pop’ whenever it’s rum time. It’s five o’clock somewhere, right? Which means it’s also one o’clock somewhere else and time for my nap.

Obviously, any pirate captain would be remiss to not have a ship in a bottle decanter in his cabin. I mean without one how could his crew take him seriously and not mutiny? Just like the song goes, “Yo, ho, ho, and a ship in a bottle of rum.” It’s practically a requisite for not having to walk the plank.

I really want one, but I’m torn. On the one hand, my nautical/tiki themed office pretty much demands this ship in a bottle decanter be on display. But on the other hand, a hook. Get it? Pirate joke! Yarrrrrr!


Store Your Floppy Disk Coasters in a Wooden Floppy Drive

Do you long for the days when software shipped on a bunch of floppy disks? Yeah, me either. But I do have a soft spot in my heart for collecting retro technology and art that celebrates it out of a sense of nostalgia. A while back I used my laser cutter to make myself some wood coasters that look like 3.5-inch floppy disks, but they just end up sitting out all over the place. I think it would be better if I had a disk drive to keep them in. Well, thanks to Lazerjammer Studios, that’s now a possibility.

This wooden coaster storage box looks like a vintage disk drive, with a slot in the front where you can deposit up to four wooden 3.5″ coasters. The box has a hinged top for retrieving the coasters, and its interior is lined with felt to protect them. Now I’ve tried inserting my floppy disk coasters in a real 3.5″ drive and they just get stuck, and I need a bunch of tools to yank them back out. And never mind what happened when I tried jamming four of them in there. This is a much better solution.

As I mentioned, I made my own wood floppy disk coasters, but the ones that Lazerjammer sells look much more professional than mine, and will definitely fit inside of the storage box/disk drive. So I recommend buying those to go with. They’re sold in a set of four for $24.95. The disk drive also sells for $24.95, so you’re looking at a great gift for under 50 bucks. And don’t forget to flip the write-protect tabs so your important files don’t get overwritten when you put your coffee cup on top.

Freddy Krueger Fire Pit Is the Stuff of Nightmares

One, Two, Freddy’s coming for you… Three, Four, better lock your door… Those simple words still send chills down my spine. After all, Freddy Krueger is one of the scariest villains in the history of horror flicks. Those of us who grew up watching A Nightmare on Elm Street and its sequels had a hard time sleeping after worrying that Freddy might come to visit us in our dreams. Now, Freddy is back and ready to take up residence as a waking nightmare in your backyard. Only this time, he’s on fire!

UK artist Burned by Design makes this custom Freddy Krueger fire pit that’s sure to give your neighbors pause before stepping across the property line. The 33″ tall wood burner features Freddy’s nightmarish visage, complete with scars and burn marks, his beady eyes, and jagged teeth backlit by fire. Flames belch forth from his trademark hat while his steel-bladed glove beckons you to come closer to the flame.

If you’ve got about $1500 burning a hole in your pocket, you can order your own Freddy Krueger fire pit from the Burned by Design shop on Etsy.

[via Laughing Squid]

This Custom Pac-Man Synthesizer Looks A-maze-ing

You know what? I’m surprised that they never came up with a vaccine for Pac-Man Fever. I mean, I’ve had it for nearly four decades, and it’s not getting any better. I suppose if you’re still a Pac-Man fan like me, you might want something like this sweet Pac-Man-themed synthesizer by Swedish artist and vintage gadget fan Love Hultén.

The custom-built synthesizer is done up in a vibrant color scheme inspired by Namco’s classic maze game. The customized Korg Minilogue synth has Pac-Man yellow keys with orange sharps and flats. Its case has a Pac-Man logo and ghost artwork straight from the game’s original arcade cabinet, and there are other little details like cherries on the keyboard and a pair of blue ghosts with light-up eyes being chased by Pac-Man. Check it out in action and give it a listen in the video below:

Surprisingly, this isn’t the only Pac-Man synthesizer that Hultén has built. He also created a custom synth with a yellow case and blue keys, presumably on Opposite Day.

If you love the retro-modernist look of these pieces, be sure to check out Love’s Instagram page and website for more awesome custom electronic gear.

AT-AT Aquarium Looks Like Hoth After Global Warming

When you think of AT-ATs, you think of these giant mechanical beasts stomping along the snowy surface of Hoth. But what would happen if the Empire’s war machines ran on fossil fuels and their CO2 emissions, resulting in a greenhouse effect? It might end up looking something like this aquarium scene created by Carly Thompson.

After receiving a model AT-AT as a Christmas gift, she decided to incorporate the Imperial Walker into a small fish tank. She says the scene was inspired by the Kashyyk level of Jedi Fallen Order, and Endor from Return of the Jedi. But to me, it looks like Hoth after the polar ice caps have melted, raising the sea levels, and flooding the land as surface temperatures increased above freezing. The AT-AT has definitely seen better days, now that it has moss growing out of it, but it sure makes a nice home for the red cherry shrimp and Ramshorn snails who have taken up residence here.

[via Reddit via MyModernMet and GeekNative]

This Bed Lets Kids Sleep Under an Imperial Walker

Can you imagine waking up every morning and looking up to see an Imperial Walker towering over your head? Well, if you’ve got $8500 lying around, your kid could experience that thanks to the guys at Tiny Town Studios. These guys create all kinds of amazing custom builds, from pirate ships to giant alligators you can walk through.

This awesome handmade bed lets kids sleep between the legs of an AT-AT while imagining they’re flying along the snowy surface of Hoth in a T-47 Rebel Airspeeder. Of course, you wouldn’t your kid to be lying beneath this thing when it came crashing down, so it’s best not to try wrapping its legs with a tow cable.

The bed appears to be twin-size, but I’m sure with deep enough pockets, you could convince Tiny Town to build you a version with a bigger bed underneath. I want a California King with enough room for me to roll around on it my AT-AT pilot costume. Or better yet, can I get a version with a ladder, and the bed is inside the AT-AT? And rig it up so the legs move and I can stomp around my neighborhood this winter when there’s snow on the ground.

Display Your LEGO Minifigs in a Giant Minifig

Do you or your kids like to collect LEGO minifigures? You could leave them scattered around the room where you could step on one, or the dog could try to eat them, or you could store and display them in a more appropriate place. This oversize wood minifig display is perfect for organizing and showing off your favorite LEGO figures.

The $36 wall display is made by Alabama Etsy shop JEMWorXCo using premium 1/2″ baltic birch wood and holds up to 19 figures. Each of its little cutouts is just the right size to hold a minifig along with accessories like their tiny hats, though I’m guessing the sombrero on my Mariachi Maraca Man Minifigure won’t fit.

The only thing better would be if they made a huge version that held the 200+ minifigs I have littering my basement, but I guess I could just buy a dozen of these, and that would look pretty awesome too.

LEGO Expert Turns NES Kit into a Game Boy Transformer

As a fan of classic video games and LEGO bricks, I was pretty stoked when they released the official LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System in 2020. The 2600+ piece set lets you build a detailed model of an NES along with a TV set, a game cartridge, and a gamepad. Now, one inventive LEGO builder has figured out how to reconfigure the kit into a completely different Nintendo system – a Game Boy. But this isn’t just any Game Boy – this is the Game Boy ROBO.

The Moko Brick Laboratory specializes in making transforming robots out of LEGO parts. Their latest build used some of the numerous parts from the LEGO NES to create this awesome Game Boy that can turn into a robot. Sure, the Transformers had cars and cassette tape players that could turn into robots, but they never had a Game Boy. Now, all we need is for Nintendo to develop a way to make one of these that is actually playable, and they’d sell millions. Can you imagine playing Super Mario Bros. or Tetris on this thing?

Check out the full build video for the Game Boy ROBO below:

I love how this guy wears white gloves while working on his LEGO builds. Parents, I suggest that you make your kids do the same so they don’t get chocolate and Cheetos dust all over the bricks like they usually do.