Man Turns Old IKEA Desk Into A Star Wars Workbench

Presumably using a healthy dose of The Force, filmmaker Glen Vivaris of the YouTube channel Glen Makes crafted this Star Wars-inspired workbench from an old IKEA desk. Most impressive! For reference, I turned my old IKEA desk into kindling, which I then used to light the sofa at my last bonfire party. Now I know what you’re thinking, and I couldn’t agree more; you should have been there.

In addition to the Star Wars-style greebles on its drawer, the desk features a pop-up power strip, and the wall behind the desk has a suction vent for sucking away harmful soldering fumes. It’s a thermal exhaust port! Glen better hope the Rebel Alliance doesn’t fire any proton torpedoes down that thing.

An impressive workbench, to be sure. Currently, my own workbench is a closet door laid across two uneven towers of cardboard boxes. I keep telling myself it’s only temporary, but I’ve been telling myself that since I moved in three years ago, so at this point, I’m really just lying to myself.

[via Laughing Squid]

Leather Gas Can Bag: High Octane Fashion

Who hasn’t dreamed of walking down the side of the road and motorists stopping to ask if you need a lift to the gas station and you explaining the gas can you’re carrying is actually a leather bag? Etsy shop krukrustudio is selling these large leather purses that resemble old military-style gas cans. “Well, it’s about time somebody did it,” I thought to myself when I first saw them.

The bags are available in thirteen different dyed leather colors, so there’s sure to be one to match your outfit, especially if that outfit is an oil-stained mechanic’s jumpsuit. Of course, red is probably the best choice as far as realism goes. But how many gallons does it hold? Will gasoline pour out from its zipper or seep out of the leather?

The bags sell for $180, making it significantly cheaper to carry an actual gas can full of gasoline. Sure, this thing might not have the practical carrying capacity of a leather bag, but what better way to show up at a party with five gallons of warm beer?

World’s First Chia Toilet: The Sprouthouse

Who hasn’t dreamed of resting their rear on some soft green sprouts while they go about their bathroom business? Good news! YouTuber Ali Spagnola created the Sprouthouse: a toilet completely covered in chia seedlings. As far as good ideas go, I think we can all agree this one is Nobel Prize-worthy. Somebody get Ali one of those MacArthur Fellowship genius grants too.

First, Ali wrapped her entire toilet with gauze to hold the seeds while they spout, then carefully watered them every day for seven days until she had the world’s greenest toilet. She then takes a seat to test it, which she describes as “just a little moist, but in a satisfying way.” Wow, who knew sitting on a moist toilet could ever be satisfying?

Ali insists nobody should go their whole life without sitting on a Chia toilet, and I couldn’t agree more. I mean, is a life having never sat on a plant-covered crapper truly worth living? I, for one, don’t plan on risking it. Now I just need to convince my wife to not go into the guest bathroom for the next week.

Building a Massive 2-Ton, $100,000 Thor’s Hammer

Because dream it, and, with enough funding, you can achieve it, the gang at the Hacksmith channel on YouTube went and constructed a massive 2-ton version of Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir. Admittedly, that is probably the largest Thor’s hammer I have ever seen. The whole project cost around $100,000, which, I think we can all agree, was money well spent.

Because the individual metal pieces needed were so large, Hacksmith had to outsource their production to a steel company instead of cutting the pieces themselves since they were limited by the size of their machinery. The whole hammer was galvanized to prevent rusting, and the team plans to release a video of it being lifted via crane and dropped on various objects in the near future, although there’s a preview video (the second clip below) of it crushing a homemade robot. This looks promising!

Could I lift it? Of course, I could lift it, but I’m also the king of severely overestimating my abilities. Take, for instance, when I thought I could cut it as a blogger. ‘How hard could it really be?’ I asked myself before you had to read this.

[via TechEBlog]

Realistic Heart Flower Vase: Love In Bloom

The Love In Bloom porcelain flower vase is shaped like a realistic human heart, complete with ventricles, atria, and arteries. Made by Seletti and available on Amazon (affiliate link), the heart measures approximately 4″ x 7″ x 10″, making it bigger than mine, and significantly larger than the Grinch’s. That’s something. Something I’m not 100% convinced I want sitting on the foyer table to great me when I come home. An ice cream cake, absolutely.

The heart features multiple vein and artery holes to place stems in to create a beautiful, albeit somewhat macabre display. I can’t tell if my wife would think it was sweet or think I was weird if I gave her one. I guess there’s only one way to find out! One I’m still not sure I’m willing to pay for to find out.

Hey, different strokes for different folks. Maybe you’re in desperate need of a realistic heart flower vase, I’m not here to judge. I’m just here to…wait, what am I here for? God – I demand answers!

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Thor Love And Thunder Xbox Mod Turns Console Into Mjölnir

To promote the release of Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder on July 8th, Microsoft is giving one lucky winner a custom Xbox Series X that looks like Thor’s hammer Mjölnir, complete with handle and everything. Don’t even bother entering, because it will be mine.

I shouldn’t be telling you this if I want to win, but all you have to do to enter the contest is follow Microsoft’s Twitter account and retweet the announcement with the hashtag #ThorLoveandThunderXboxSweepstakes. That’s a long hashtag. I would have suggested they go with #hammeryourXbox instead, but they didn’t ask me.

Would that even fit on my entertainment stand? Probably not. At least not without sawing the handle off first, which is likely considered sacrilege. Plus, I’ll probably never even be able to lift it onto the stand, considering how unworthy I am to wield Mjölnir in the first place. I think about these things.

[via TechEBlog]

These Dice Are Made from Civet Poop Coffee Beans

Kopi Luwak coffee is made from beans that have passed through the digestive system of the Asian palm civet and been pooped out, where they’re collected to make the world’s most expensive coffee. And now you can own dice made with the beans that once briefly passed through a small mammal’s butt! What a time to be alive and a tabletop gamer!

Kopi Luwak Civet Poop Dice are handcrafted by Artisan Dice, and each features real kopi luwak coffee beans that have been collected from the fecal matter of civets. Of course, they’ve been thoroughly cleaned first because nobody wants to roll crappy dice.

A single D20 will set you back $54, or you can get a complete 10-piece polyhedral set for $237. So they’re not the cheapest dice, but neither is the coffee. And can you really put a price on dice that were once poop? I would argue not, and I would be 100% correct.

Terrifying ‘Realistic’ LEGO Minifig: Everything Is Not Awesome

Because a pleasant night’s sleep void of nightmares is overrated, model builder and YouTuber North of the Border went and crafted this ‘realistic’ LEGO minifig, complete with a terrifying face and unholy finger and toenails. I think it goes without saying, but my wife is going to be annoyed that I insist on sleeping with the lights on tonight.

Those eyes. That mouth. Those nails! Nothing about this is okay, and I really wish North of the Border would have reconsidered the project before going through with it, and that the website I saw it at reconsidered before posting it. Yet here we are. I don’t like it here.

Well, at least it doesn’t move. At least there’s that. And don’t let that give you any new project ideas! Good lord – could you imagine this little creeper crawling out of your toy chest and sprinting across the room to the foot of your bed right when you’re about to turn the lights off for the night? Sweet dreams!

[via Neatorama]

Skull Eyeglass Holders are a Deathly Vision

Skulls: I find them fascinating. They’re a reminder of our own mortality, and my wife also likes to remind me mine is unusually thicker than others. Whatever that means! Crafted by Etsy shop G7T6 Design, these Human Skull Eyewear Stands are hand-cast and painted to provide a unique way to store and display your eyewear with a serious memento mori (Latin: remember that you must die) vibe.

Available in black, silver, and gold, the stands cost around $44 and are definitely a conversation piece. A conversation that will likely involve me trying to convince a guest it’s made from the actual skull of one of my enemies slain in a medieval sword battle. I’m a convincing liar.

Alternatively, just toss your sunglasses down wherever when you arrive home – that’s what I do. Sure I’ve sat on countless pairs and have to buy new ones constantly, but that’s why they sell them near the cash register at gas stations, right?

[via DudeIWantThat]

Animated LED Super Mario Bros. Clock: The Time is 1-Up

Crafted by software engineer and Instructables user jnthas, this Super Mario Bros. animated LED clock features Mario jumping up to hit a question block to change the displayed time. How clever is that? Very clever – the answer is very clever. Far more clever than any clock I could ever come up with. Stupid raindial, what was I thinking?!

The clock consists of an ESP32 Dev Board, 64×64 RGB LED Matrix, some firmware, and a 5V power supply, all of which were purchased off AliExpress. You just slap all the parts together, and presto… nothing’s happening. Maybe you don’t just slap them all together as I had anticipated. There might be more steps.

If you want to build your own, you can follow jnthas’s Instructable, which is apparently well written and descriptive enough that multiple people have already replicated the project. Me not being one of them, just so we’re clear. Can somebody make one for me?