The tech-laden Tokyo Olympics have been postponed

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has finally accepted that the summer games in Tokyo can't go ahead. Shinzo Abe, Japan's prime minister, asked Thomas Bach, the president of the IOC, for a delay on the phone earlier today. The coronavirus pan...

Japan Has a Coronavirus Quarantine Mascot, and He’s as Adorable as You’d Think

Despite some early worries, Japan has so far managed to keep the COVID-19 outbreak relatively well contained in their country. It certainly could spike, but I’m hopeful that their efforts to reduce social interaction, and to quarantine people with the virus have paid off. To help reinforce their message, the country now has a quarantine mascot, and his name is Quaran.

FORTH, Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare created the mascot to help remind people that they need to follow quarantine rules, and to promote awareness of their Quarantine Information Office. The adorable yellow egg with wings and a cat tail wears protective goggles and carries a triangular shield as symbols of his protective work. Naturally, he wears a “Q” on his head as a reminder of his name.

The mascot was actually created before the novel coronavirus outbreak took the world by storm, but now Quaran is working overtime to get the message out to people as a reminder to avoid crowds and practice social distancing whenever possible.

[via TimeOut Tokyo] (Thanks Francesco!)

Japanese TV shows that inspired ‘Power Rangers’ are coming to YouTube

Many millennials grew up watching Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and the similar shows that followed in its popularity, but they most likely have never seen the source material from Japan that was used to create the action-heavy battle scenes. TOEI --...

Japan’s In Game Booster Gel Wants to Level Up your Gaming

Ready to take on an marathon gaming session? You might think a highly caffeinated drink like Mountain Dew or Red Bull will help you stay awake and alert, but there’s a company in Japan that thinks that’s wrong. Instead, the guys at Morinaga believe vitamins and other nutrients are the key to a sharp mind and focus while gaming.

In Game Booster is a gel-based energy supplement that comes in 180 gram (6.3 ounce) ready-to-slurp pouches.m The blueberry flavored jelly inside is formulated with 180 calories of energy, along with vitamin A and GABA amino acids. Morinaga claims this combination will help replenish your energy during gaming sessions, and thanks to its gelatin-based composition, it will also make you feel fuller than simply drinking liquid.

I took a moment to translate the label, and it looks like the main ingredients are a fructose-glucose liquid sugar, along with maltodextrin, and real blueberry juice, along with the aforementioned supplements. No caffeine here. Just sugar and vitamins.

The guys over at SoraNews24 recently tested out some of the In Game Booster gel, and thought it was pretty good stuff, at least as jelly drinks go. You can read their full review here. It’s available for purchase from Amazon Japan for ¥1,580 (~$15 USD) for a 6-pack, or ¥9,480 (~$88 USD) for a case of 36.

These Unique Clothes are Made from Rubber Bands

As far as I know, most clothes are made out of fabric like cotton, polyester, leather, or nylon. But this unusual fashion line is made entirely out of rubber bands.

Student Rie Sakamoto designed the stretchy clothes as part of her Integrated Design thesis project at Japan’s Tama Art University. She made each piece in the line by painstakingly knitting rubber bands into panels, then assembling them into the shapes of a sweater dress and a matching cardigan.

It took Sakamoto over a year to knit all of the rubber bands together, but the result was worth it. Not only does the clothing look really amazing, but I suppose she could always pull off a band here and there if she wanted to start a rubber band fight, or if she needed to band some things together.

I’d imagine you’d need to be pretty skinny to pull off this look, or you might look like you’re wearing a sausage casing. I also wonder how difficult it is to put these super-elastic clothes or take them off.

[via ITMedia via Laughing Squid]