McDonald’s Korea just launched a limited-edition Big Mac-inspired stackable lunchbox!

If you think about it, a burger is a stackable product too… so it wasn’t going to be long before someone drew the parallel and made a burger-shaped stackable tiffin box!

It seems like that brainwave came to McDonald’s Korea, which just unveiled the limited-edition lunchbox inspired by their iconic burger. The lunchbox comes with vertically stackable containers, celebrating the traditional Korean ‘dosirak’, a portioned lunchbox quite similar to the Japanese bento box. Its circular, vertically stackable shape allows it to perfectly mirror the stackable design of a burger, with orange containers with artwork on the side resembling patties leaves, and sauces, while the lid on top comes with a sesame seed pattern to complete the visual experience!

The lunchbox sports two containers that lock together using clasps, with a sesame-bun cover on the top and two fold-out handles to carry the box around. The two containers have separate lids of their own too, helping retain heat while ensuring that liquids or gravies don’t leak out during transit.

For a limited time, Korean patrons of the global fast-food giant can get their hands on this quirky lunchbox for ₩7,500 KRW (approximately $7 USD) upon purchase of a Big Mac or a Big Mac Bacon. I’m lovin’ it!

Designer: McDonald’s Korea

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