A Few Gifts Ideas For Active Men

Getting the right present for someone who’s into an active lifestyle can be a daunting task, and that’s so not only because of the broad variety of products available out there but also because every male is different from the next. No one can provide a straightforward definition to the […]

DadBag Fanny Pack Celebrates Beer Guts

There are few things in this world that say “middle aged Dad” than a beer gut and a fanny pack. Now, thanks to one clever inventor, you can have both even if you don’t have the beer gut yet.

The DadBag is at once a ridiculous and clever idea. It’s a jumbo size fanny pack that lets you keep your beer, snacks, keys, loose change, and other items right there along your waistline, while also letting you express your inner Chris Farley.

It’s pretty goofy looking all on its own, but it’s especially amusing on a super skinny dude. I can only imagine it would be damned funny on a woman too.

I’m guessing their product expansion strategy will be to release DadBags with all kinds of different skin tones and varying amounts of belly hair. Okay, I’m pretty sure that in the 11+ years I’ve been running this site, I’ve never used the phrase “belly hair.” Guess there’s a first time for everything.

The guys at DadBag have yet to release details on when or where you can buy their clever invention, but you can sign up for their mailing list over on their website for more info.

[via odditymall]

This Chinese Mall Has Storage Pods for Bored Husbands

It’s an immutable fact of the universe – husbands get bored when their wives go shopping. So the Global Harbour Mall in Shanghai has come up with an interesting way to keep men occupied while their wives shop: ‘husband storage pods‘. Store your husband in one while you shop.

Each glass pod has a comfortable chair with television, a PC gaming rig, and controllers. Hell, sign me up. The pods are free to use right now, although the mall says they will probably start charging a small fee for them soon. This is basically babysitting your husband for you so you don’t have to hear him complain while you look through dress racks and try on shoes.

This might lead to a trend where women just dump their husbands in pods all of the time. We won’t mind because… video games.

[BBC via Luxury Launches via Geekologie]