Microsoft Windows Ugly Sweater arrives in time to bring holiday jeer

The Christmas season is often associated with staying warm (if you’re living in the northern hemisphere) and having fun, and there’s a rather recent tradition that combines those with tongue-in-cheek humor. Ugly sweaters are exactly what their names imply, intentionally designed to be ridiculously laughable so that there’s really no room for misinterpretation. Making a pun on being a “soft wear” company, Microsoft has been releasing such unfashionable wearables for half a decade now, poking good-natured fun at its own products. This year’s design is an ode to the early 2000s, bringing back fond and not-so-fond memories of one of the longest-lived Windows versions of all: Windows XP.

Designer: Microsoft

Parts of the Windows XP design have perhaps forever been engraved in people’s memories, at least for those old enough to be using computers by 2001 onward. The candy-like “Luna” theme, the familiar login sound, and, of course, the iconic wallpaper that’s actually a photo of a landscape in Sonoma County, California. It’s this wallpaper, named “Bliss,” that Microsoft is bringing in somewhat low-res quality to this year’s Ugly Sweater, taking wearers and onlookers for a trip down memory lane, whether they like to or not.

Bliss is simple yet captivating, basically a picture of a green hill against the backdrop of a blue sky and white clouds. As its name suggests, it evokes a sense of serenity and calm, which is hardly the emotions you’d associate with using Windows XP, especially when the dreaded BSOD or Blue Screen of Death rears its ugly head. Nonetheless, it’s a powerful and admittedly warm image, just the perfect match for a warm piece of clothing.

That is, of course, if you’d be fine wearing what is practically the Windows XP wallpaper, letting everyone see your loyalty to the operating system or to the company. It’s not a perfect recreation of the wallpaper, though, and is more pixelated than what you’d see on a screen. It’s almost as if someone booted the sweater in Safe Mode, and there’s probably some underlying message there that we missed. And yes, there’s a very large mouse cursor there, fortunately pointing nowhere embarrassing.

This year’s Windows Ugly Sweater does have some hidden beauty, at least in how it is trying hard to save the environment. Specifically, Microsoft has partnered with The Nature Conservancy for this project, though exact details haven’t been laid out. At least you’ll be feeling a little good about yourself every time you intentionally put a large target on your back by wearing such an incredibly comical sweater this holiday season.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Maison Margiela Edition dips its toes into the haute couture world

It was only recently that smartphones stopped being geeky gadgets and fashionable accessories, and that paradigm shift hasn’t been lost on the fashion and design industry. Smartphones have, in a way, become status symbols, or at the very least expressions of one’s tastes, interests, and even aspirations. In other words, they can become perfect fashion statements, and there have indeed been a few phone designs that try to present themselves as such with mixed results. After all, not all manufacturers are expert fashion designers, so it sometimes pays to have a collab with an industry giant, like this Maison Margiela edition for one of Samsung’s most fashionable phones yet, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 foldable.

Designer: Samsung x Maison Margiela

Clamshell or flip phones have always had this air of style surrounding them even back in the day. They appeared in plenty of TV shows and movies, and they have retained this image throughout the years. It’s no surprise then that phone manufacturers have been trying to revive design but with a slight twist: a foldable screen. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 5 is the latest iteration of that design, and one that has a very clear focus and target audience. Thanks to its design and accessory ecosystem, the foldable phone is aimed at fashion-conscious owners who love to express their style through their phones and might even change their preferences from time to time.

It is thanks to that customizable design that this Galaxy Z Flip 5 Maison Margiela Edition was made possible. It’s actually the second time that the atelier lent its name to this class of smartphones, but this is perhaps the most comprehensive set so far. In addition to the specially-themed phone itself, there is a Flap Leather Case and a Flipsuit Case with interchangeable plates, a.k.a. “Cards,” to match. It doesn’t stop with the contents of the box either, because the packaging itself is designed like an archival sample storage for fabric samples and threads. Everything about it screams fashion, including the paper-based woven book cloth fabric that covers the box.

Of course, most people will be focusing on the Galaxy Z Flip 5 itself, which comes with a striking and unique exterior right out of the box. It shows Maison Margiela’s iconic jacket underneath a transparent glass, revealing the structure and details of the garment. The Flipsuit Cases, on the other hand, come with two cards, one with a minimalist silver plate and another with paint splatters. Attaching either of these cards automatically changes the phone’s theme taken from Maison Margiela’s artisanal collection to match. Last but definitely not least, the Flap Leather Case represents the marque’s craftsmanship, incorporating handwoven stitches into the black leather cover and woven fabrics. When the phone is unfolded, it reveals a pocket design that adds a touch of flair to the design.

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 Maison Margiela Edition is meant to showcase the fusion of technology and fashion in a way that’s not so different from how haute couture garments are made. It tries to push the boundaries of how smartphones are perceived, not just as productivity tools but also as tools of self-expression. The Galaxy Z Flip5 Maison Margiela edition will be available from November 30 in select markets.

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This T-Shirt has a Wearable Display that lets you turn GIF Reactions into Fashion!

Have you ever wished your mood or thoughts could be broadcasted to the world and people just understood you without you having to say a word? The T-Shirt TV is here to turn that imaginative concept into a stylish reality, making it a groundbreaking upgrade for introverts and expressive individuals alike. Move over plain white tees; this wearable tech isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s a dynamic canvas that transforms your clothing into a medium of expression.

Designer: T-Shirt TV

The T-Shirt TV takes the ordinary and turns it extraordinary with a sleek, 10-inch HD screen seamlessly integrated into the fabric. This high-tech addition is not only lightweight but also unobtrusive, ensuring that your fashion-forward look is not compromised. The result? Your outfit becomes a moving, talking spectacle, delivering a visual narrative that transcends traditional clothing.

With the T-Shirt TV, you have the power to showcase anything from art and activism to personal branding and entertainment. The 10-inch screen allows for stunning clarity, turning your tee into a portable canvas for your chosen visuals. Imagine carrying your message, digital creations, or even your favorite sports team’s highlights with you wherever you go.

Uploading content is a breeze; simply connect a USB to transform your tee into a looping showcase of videos, images, and audio. The T-shirt comes equipped with 2 GB of storage and a battery life of two to four hours, extendable with an extra battery. This ensures that your dynamic display keeps going as long as you do.

The T-Shirt TV is not just a party accessory; it’s a powerful medium for creatives and communicators of all kinds. Artists can display their digital creations, activists can amplify their messages, and sports enthusiasts can flaunt their team spirit. In essence, it’s a mobile billboard, a personal gallery, and a conversation starter—all wrapped up in a stylish package with sleeves.

Once reserved for media giants like 20th Century Fox and CNN for promotions and events, the T-shirt TV is now democratizing expression. Through a new Kickstarter campaign, this innovative wearable is being offered to anyone with a vision to share. Now, individuals from all walks of life can embrace this wearable canvas and make their statements heard, seen, and experienced.

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This modular heated jacket lets you pick your level of warmth and comfort all year round

Nothing is probably more unpredictable than weather, and temperatures can vary greatly even in the same season. People often prepare different wardrobes for different situations, but it can get pretty cumbersome to keep switching jackets whenever the weather changes. Plus, you might have a favorite that you wish you could use whether it’s chilly, sunny, or even rainy. The good news is that such a jacket is no longer just a dream but a toasty reality, thanks to an ingenious jacket design that not only lets you select your desired warmth but also lets you add or remove parts to match the weather, the season, and your sense of style.

Designer: Carolina Gutierrez, founder of UZE, a Miami-based start-up

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One Jacket, Countless Options – Thanks to the precision engineering of its modular design, you get more than a jacket – you get an ally for every occasion.

Heated jackets have been around for quite a bit, but the majority of them are as effective as shoving a hot pack inside the jacket’s pocket. You only have one level of heat, which may be too little or too much depending on the weather. These jackets are also designed to be thick and bulky to keep your body warm, which means you can only use them for a limited number of months each year. The UZE Heated Jacket changes the game completely, promising a jacket that you can wear in all four seasons while giving you the power to decide just how toasty you really need to be.

Look Cool, Feel Hot – Four Graphene heat zones and three heat settings (120°F, 140°F, 160°F) ensure you stay warm in any weather.

The secret to this unbelievable feat is the same graphene technology that the brand uses for its popular power banks, which happens to be a remarkable material for heat conduction. With four graphene heat zones and three heat settings of 120°F, 140°F, and 160°F, you don’t have to frantically search for the right jacket just because it suddenly gets colder or warmer. With a simple touch of a button, you can select the level of warmth that will make you feel comfortable, whether you’re going out for a brisk morning walk or braving the snow. And you don’t have to worry about your jacket running out of power in the middle of the day. UZE is best known for its power banks, so you shouldn’t be surprised that its Heated Jacket carries one that can keep you warm for up to 10 hours and charges in 45 minutes, 10x faster than your run-of-the-mill heated jacket.

Charge 10x Faster, Instant Warmth – The UZE Power Bank keeps you warm for up to 10 hours and charges 10x faster than typical heated jacket power banks (45 minutes vs. 8 hours).

That adjustable warmth is just one of the UZE Heated Jacket’s superpowers. Even when you don’t actually need that kind of heat, the jacket provides comfort and style all year round thanks to its modular design and stylish looks. Add a fur-lined hood when you want to keep your head warm as well or remove the liner when you want a snug fit. There’s even an underarm zipper for better ventilation, perfect for people with more active lifestyles. So yes, you can even wear it as part of your summer glam or fall fashion with its clean style and modern looks.

No More Raining on Your Parade – The fabric’s membranes are 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water but larger than water vapor molecules, achieving superior breathability.

Everything In Its Place, Always Within Reach – Instant access, all within reach. Bank card, key card or ski pass. Bid farewell to fiddly pockets.

One Jacket, Countless Options – Thanks to the precision engineering of its modular design, you get more than a jacket – you get an ally for every occasion.

With waterproof zippers and the specially-developed UZEShield fabric, you can also wear it under the rain or in strong winds. This proprietary fabric prevents water droplets from getting in while allowing water vapor to escape, ensuring enhanced breathability. Want to travel light without a bag? The jacket has plenty of pockets to carry not just the power bank, but also your phone, cards, and other accessories. It even has a cloth wiper for your sunglasses and a built-in keychain holder so you won’t have to worry about losing your keys ever again. With the UZE Heated Jacket, you’re in complete control of your comfort and your style, giving you the exact amount of warmth and protection you need, regardless of what the weather throws at you.

Click Here to Buy Now: $279 $599 ($320 off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $95,000.

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This modular bracelet concept lets you choose how smart you want your jewelry to be

The popularity of the Apple Watch has finally given smartwatches their place in the market, making them understandable and even desirable. Of course, that doesn’t mean that everyone now wants a smartwatch, especially those who prefer mechanical watches or have different aesthetic tastes. Unfortunately, the majority of wrist-worn smart trackers seem to be made with sporty and rugged designs in mind. Given hardware requirements, that’s not exactly surprising, but that shouldn’t stop designers from imagining what’s possible. One such dream is reflected in this minimalist yet distinctive bracelet that throws all smart wearable design conventions out the window, offering a modular piece of jewelry that is smart in more ways than one.

Designers: Akasaki Vanhuyse, Astrid Vanhuyse

If you remove the actual time-keeping function of a smartwatch or a fitness tracker, all you’re really left with are the sensors that actually do the work of keeping tabs on different metrics of your health, directly or indirectly. A display isn’t even necessary since you can always check those figures on a smartphone. In fact, a display might even be detrimental because of the distractions it pushes your way or how it clashes with some fashion styles. Smartwatch designs are primarily constricted by hardware such as displays and big batteries, but what if you could be free of those restrictions?

That’s what the BEAD concept seems to be proposing, offering the same health and wellness monitoring functionalities but in a form that is a bit more universal and, at the same time, more personal. At the heart of the design are the beads, actually tiny cylinders that each hide a single sensor used to track a specific biometric like a pulse oximeter or an accelerometer. Each bead is an independent unit, free from displays or large batteries, performing a single task and performing it to perfection.

The idea is that you can combine any number of these beads on a string or wire to achieve the same collective effect as a fitness tracker. You wear it around your wrist like a bracelet, held together at the ends by magnets in the shape of half-spheres. The wire is white, plain, and unadorned, which puts a bigger visual focus on the beads. Those beads themselves carry a brushed metal finish that helps hide whatever scratches they may incur over time while also giving them unique characters.

You can add or remove as many of these modular beads as you need, only paying for the functionality you actually use. It also makes repairing broken beads easier, since you only need to replace that single piece. Admittedly, the industrial aesthetic might not appeal to everyone’s tastes, but the concept opens the possibility of using different, perhaps more stylish designs that will truly create a fusion of fashion and technology in a simple smart bracelet.

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Vollebak’s Indestructible Hoodie Is Practically Armor

Vollebak has a knack for inventing apparel designed for adventurers. If you weren’t impressed by its Solar Charged Hat, just wait until you see the British fashion company’s newest innovation: the Indestructible Hoodie. It’s easy to poke fun at any item being called “Indestructible” by its designer, but there’s a good reason to believe Vollebak’s claim it can withstand “75kmph falls”. In fact, you might just find yourself shelling out for its fashionable, comfortable, yet weather-impervious outer shell.

The materials used in the Indestructible Hoodie’s high-durability design — Cordura and Dyneema — don’t come cheap, however, and the cost of a new Indestructible Hoodie from Vollebak’s web store is a whopping $795. Granted, that’s more than worth the value of peace of mind when heading straight into danger. Like many of Vollebak’s unique fits, this hoodie looks like it was made for extreme athletes with a need for serious protection. Vollebak advertises it as being “highly abrasion and rip resistant,” even so far as being able to mitigate damage caused by an “extreme 4 way stretch,” which, to be fair, I would prefer not to imagine in gritty detail. On a side note, it’s probably fantastic protective-wear for anyone working in construction, or in other potentially dangerous manual labor fields. And, heck, it even looks pretty slick.

Designer: Nick Tidball, Steve Tidball (via Vollebak)

Vollebak did some pretty wild stuff to ensure it’s exactly as durable as it claims to be, using something called the Darmstadt abrasion resistance test to assess its durability during high speed falls onto concrete. This involved testing the hoodie’s fabric in a rotating machine that dragged samples of its Cordura (Nylon) material across 30 meters. Apparently, Vollebak’s designers needed to rev the machine up to 412rpm to make a small hole in one sample. According to Vollebak, it was “not a subtle test”.

Coming in two colorways, either Yellow or Black, the Indestructible Hoodie is designed for a comfortable and neat fit. Not only does it contain two side pockets for storage, it’s also wind-resistant to keep you protected from the cold. When it gets a bit warmer, this design is lightweight and breathable as well.

All that breathability is great because there’s plenty of flexibility between the Indestructible Hoodie’s smallest and the largest sizes; the smallest (XS) jacket is rated to flex between 33-36 inch chest sizes and 28-30 inch waist sizes, while the largest (XXXL) is rated to flex between 51-54 inch chest sizes and 40-42 inch waist sizes. That means you’re likely to find one that’s right for your body type, making it a versatile piece of apparel throughout the year for any explorer, adventurer, or high-stakes contractor in need of a bit of fashionable armor.

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This Japanese Quirky Bag Designer Created these Stylish Leather Backpack To Amp Up Your Dog’s Style

For many of us, our dogs are not just pets; they are cherished members of our families. We love taking them along on our adventures, but it can be a bit of a hassle carrying all their essentials like treats, toys, and poop bags. Imagine if your beloved furry friend could carry their stuff stylishly and practically. Well, Japanese brand Tsuchiya Kaban has come up with a creative solution – a leather dog backpack that allows your dog to tote around their essentials with panache.

Designer: Tsuchiya Kaban

Tsuchiya Kaban is known for its quirky and innovative bag designs, such as ones meant for holding snowmen or watermelons. Now, they’ve turned their attention to a different type of companion – our dogs. The design of this miniature carry-on backpack draws inspiration from Japan’s iconic ‘randoseru,’ the traditional school backpack commonly worn by students. It’s a thoughtful nod to Japanese culture and a perfect fusion of tradition and modern pet accessory design.

The history of the randoseru, the traditional Japanese school backpack, is a fascinating tale rooted in both culture and fashion. Its origins date back to a significant moment in Japanese history when the crown prince of the time received a distinctive backpack upon entering elementary school at Gakushūin. In tribute to the country’s soldiers, this backpack was designed to resemble the military’s rugged and sturdy backpacks. This noble gesture soon captured the imagination of the public, and the backpack’s unique shape swiftly became a fashionable statement. Over time, the design has evolved and adapted, but the essence of honoring Japan’s military heritage remains embedded in the modern randoseru, inspiring Tsuchiya Kaban’s innovative leather dog backpack, which pays homage to this iconic Japanese tradition while catering to our beloved four-legged friends.

What makes Tsuchiya Kaban’s leather dog backpack truly special is the choice of material. The high-quality leather used in crafting the backpack matures beautifully over time. This maturation process symbolizes the growing bond between a pet and its owner, making it a sentimental and meaningful accessory for any dog lover.

Tsuchiya Kaban understands that your dog’s comfort is paramount. The backpack is attached to an adjustable leather harness designed to fit snugly on your dog’s back. The straps, made of durable nylon, ensure that neither your dog nor you will experience any strain during walks or adventures. The cleverly designed buckle allows for easy adjustment, ensuring a perfect fit every time, regardless of your dog’s size or shape.

For those leisurely walks or spontaneous runs with your furry friend, an optional leash can be directly attached to the backpack. This feature ensures that your dog stays safe and secure while still enjoying the freedom of movement.

The stylish leather dog backpack by Tsuchiya Kaban launched on December 14, 2023, and is available online.

Tsuchiya Kaban’s leather dog backpack is not just a practical solution to carrying your dog’s essentials; it’s a statement of style, tradition, and the unbreakable bond between you and your furry friend. With its thoughtful design and high-quality materials, this backpack ensures both your comfort and your dog’s happiness. So, if you want to add a touch of elegance to your dog’s outings while making life a bit easier for yourself, consider investing in this unique pet accessory. Your dog will undoubtedly appreciate the extra attention and care you’re showing them, and you’ll enjoy the convenience and style this innovative backpack provides.


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Vollebak’s New Solar Charged Hat Is Perfect for Spelunking

Vollebak is back, yet again, with a new piece of solar-charged apparel. Its new Solar Charged Hat looks exactly as comfortable as it is sustainably-designed, being that it’s made up of three layers of material insulating the head of whoever wears it. Plus, it’s covered in “membranes” that absorb light (like plants!) to power its biggest feature: it glows brightly in the dark wherever you “draw” light, meaning you can use it as an artist’s easel with a flashlight. But more importantly, you can store and communicate brightly-lit messages on the hat’s fabric.

Even without that, it’s a very nice glow-in-the-dark winter hat meant to pair with Vollebak’s other solar-powered apparel, like the Solar Charged Puffer. The expensive and intricate photovoltaic outer layer is cool-looking, and probably quite useful if you need all the light you can get, but it does come with a $395 price tag. According to Vollebak, it’s made for “the coldest, darkest places on Earth,” and if you’re going to those places anyway, you probably won’t mind spending on potentially life-saving functionality and maybe a little extra peace of mind.

Designer: Vollebak

It’s built for durability, using a wind and water-resistant three-layered material made of a Nylon mesh, ripstop, and the photovoltaic membrane that makes it solar-powered. The sides of the cap contain ultra-soft fleece lining and insulation. What stands out here is the Nylon used in the cap: Cordura, a reinforced material generally used in military-grade gear. Apparently, the ripstop layer is made of the same materials “found in parachutes”. And from that single revelation alone, if anything is certain, this is the hat you’d probably want on an expedition to Antarctica.

The kryptonite green color may be a bit too bright for high fashion; this Solar Charged Hat is definitely a piece of adventuring garb through and through, and — again if you’re in the freezing cold — it even comfortably fastens with a three-tightness chin fastener, giving you additional  warmth from the cold when needed. Of course, it doesn’t glow green all the time. When you go somewhere with a lot of natural light, as Vollebak puts it, “it’s a normal green during the day”.

It’s not just sustainable in the sense of storing energy from light. It’s also solved one of the biggest problems in sourcing insulation components: avoiding animal cruelty.

“Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles the engineered microfibres are so light and puffy that they trap enough heat next round your head to recreate the warmth of real down, without needing to pull feathers out of ducks or geese. And while down will clump and stop insulating if it gets wet, the synthetic fibres will continue keeping you warm even in damp conditions.”

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Native Union’s Sleek (Re)Classic Apple Watch Bands Are Made of Plant-Based Leather

If you’re an iPhone user with a taste for leather cases, you might already know all about Native Union’s knack for designing high-quality accessories, like their leather MagSafe iPhone 14 case, made in collaboration with Maison Kitsuné. Now there’s a similar cruelty-free Italian leather-inspired band for your Apple Watch. It’s made of Yatay, a leather-like compound that makes up the construction of Native Union’s gorgeous (Re)Classic Apple Watch Band design, and you can get your own for $59.99.

Designer: Native Union

Buy it now on Amazon

If you told me the (Re)Classic Band for Apple Watch in its light brown Kraft colorway was made of repurposed mycelium — fungal threads spanning long distances underground, which mushrooms blossom out of — I absolutely would not believe you. And yet, that’s one of the many all-natural resources used in the synthesis of Yatay by Coronet.

It sounds like everything from Native Union’s stainless steel clasp to its comfortable, soft-lined backing is made of recycled materials. (Re)Classic style is finely textured, giving it a sophisticated look that does quite a bit to distract from the fact it… isn’t made of genuine leather. Still, the high level of craftsmanship lent to these intricately-designed plant-based leather wristbands is difficult to deny.

All of Native Union’s straps come with integrated lugs, which connect directly to the Apple Watch — specifically, the little cutouts on the top and bottom of the Apple Watch where a wristband is locked in place. That means they blend naturally with any color configuration, and Native Union really wants to emphasize how important that is, citing the integrated lugs as a central focal point of (Re)Classic design ethos on its official product page:

“We designed (Re)Classic Band to match the textured elegance of (Re)Classic Case for iPhone and AirPods, now for your Apple Watch. Made to be a refined complement to your digital timepiece, we went one step further with fully wrapped integrated lugs so that the straps becomes a seamless extension of your Apple Watch without any visible hardware. A leather-like strap with wrapped lugs is something we’ve been searching for for a while now, so we made it ourselves.”

If you own one of the older Apple Watch Series, don’t worry: these bands come in two sizes that are compatible with every main-line Apple Watch model, depending on the size you wear. Though, you’ll want to specifically order the 38/40/41mm configuration if you’re rocking an Apple Watch SE or SE 2. And likewise, you’ll want to go for the 42/44/45mm measurement if you’re planning to attach one of these fine wristbands to an Apple Watch Ultra or Ultra 4.

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Meet The Strongest Belt Ever Made – The Indestructible Belt By Vollebak

Vollebak is known for its ground-breaking and absolutely mindblowing designs such as the Indestructible Puffer which is built from the same material as body armor or the Deep Sleep Cocoon that can lull you to sleep on Mars and Earth! In lieu of their ingenious and highly successful designs, Vollebak has also launched the Indestructible Belt. Right off the bat, they’re claiming that the Indestructible Belt is the strongest belt ever made! Color us intrigued! It is designed to be not only a true marvel in engineering but also a major fashion statement that will definitely grab eyeballs.

Designer: Vollebak

The Indestructible Belt is built with the ultimate strong core which is made from Dyneema – the single strongest fiber known to man today. Vollebak uses Dyneema in its Indestructible range. Dyneema is supposed to be 15x stronger than steel, which basically signifies that the belt strap is only breakable if you hang more than 4 tonnes of it, which is essentially the same weight as a Hummer or 10 grizzly bears. It is a game-changer for people who need their belts to be extremely durable and strong, but also dashingly handsome.

Vollebak teamed up the powerful Dyneema strap with a COBRA® buckle which is supposed to be the strongest and safest buckle on the planet. The buckle is engineered with a patented locking mechanism, ensuring that the buckle never releases under pressure, and can tolerate 1.8 tonnes of force before it breaks apart. Every Indestructible Belt is built using 12 rows of ultra-strong bonded thread, and an engraved metal tip by Riri which features a custom anodized metal case equipped with a 3D printed latch – making it a class apart from your ordinary everyday belt, to be honest, the two cannot even be compared. The Indestructible Belt is designed to withstand the harshest of conditions!

The Indestructible Belt is crafted in France, and it completely pushes the boundaries of fashion and functionality, to create an exceedingly innovative product that we have truly never seen before. It is priced at $395 and is the ultimate accessory you have been looking for. It packs a punch with both style and safety.

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