Gundam x Crocs All-Terrain Clog is memorable tribute to the most iconic mobile suit

Have you been a huge fan of the RX-78-2, but had been missing out on the 45th Anniversary celebrations of the original “Mobile Suit Gundam?” The Japanese mecha anime franchise has collaborated with Crocs to give you another chance to rejoice in love. The duo has idealized a pair of adventure Clogs created in theme with the interesting designs of the old-generation mobile suits.

The collaborative Gundam x Crocs All-Terrain Clog is an instant reminder of the Japanese anime. It is tailored for the outdoor adventure and is dressed in the color and gimmicks of the famous RX-78-2 aka Gundam that’s piloted by the protagonist Amuro Ray.

Designer: Gundam X Crocs

Since adventurers and the outdoorsy are the prime targets for the partnership footwear, it is designed to be durable enough to last whatever you through at it. Walk over uneven trails, leave footprints on sand, or splash your way home through slush on the road, this pair of inspired clogs will not disappoint.

But an outdoor-first mindset is not the only distinguisher of the Gundam x Crocs All-Terrain Clogs. This is, as informed, a canvas of creative Gundam fusion. The iconic clogs dressed in a combination of red, white, yellow and blue hues is a memorable tribute to the most iconic mobile suit we have known, and you would agree!

To keep up with the adventure theme, these clogs come with some interesting upgrades. The details you’ll see throw give this pair a mechanical vibe with its rugged outsole, protruding yellow TPU addition at the forefoot, molded Croslite foam uppers, and “RX-78-2“branded turbo heel straps for a snug fit. Gundam-themed Jibbitz charms are also included for more glam and style. The distinctly styled Gundam x Crocs All-Terrain Clog is slated to ship starting 23 July through the Crocs website. The adult sizing starts at $75, while the kid’s pairs will cost $60.

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Next Gen Moc and Mule footwear brings comfort and aesthetics to your soles

For around half of my life, I’ve been wearing sneakers and boots and avoiding heels and sandals since I’m more comfortable with the former than the latter. Also, I’ve promised myself not to wear that certain brand that’s usually made fun of by shoe enthusiasts. Weird-looking footwear has never been my style although Merrell Hydro Moc is the closest I got to actually thinking of getting one.

Designer: Merrell

The Hydro Moc and Mule seem to be great options if you like hiking and doing all sorts of outdoor stuff but you don’t want to wear clunky boots and hiking shoes. The Next Gen versions of these unique-looking footwear are even more design-led but also sturdy enough with its EVA foam cage that can resist water and also keep your feet protected and resilient. They future-facing design doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics for quality protection and comfort as that’s what their market is most likely looking for.

The Hydro Next Gen Moc 1TRL has max cushion FloatMax midsoles and a better heel shape. You can still wear it hands-free and the EVA foam upper gives you a lightweight flexible fit. The BLOOM performance foam is actually made of algae biomass and it “magically” turns green water into clean water. The Hydro Next Gen Mule 1TRL meeanwhile is the open-back and more laidback version of the Moc. It still has the eVA foam and the BLOOM performance foam but also has the FloatPro Foam midsole to give you lightweight comfort.

Both the Moc and the Mule still has the trademark design that is inspired by the water flowing around and over rocks. I still wouldn’t wear a pair because of aesthetic (and financial) reasons but it does look good if you want to hike and walk around in style.

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Nike self-lacing sneakers are losing their app and their biggest value

Ever since Marty McFly first showed off the idea of self-tying shoelaces in Back to the Future, the footwear industry has been trying to figure out how to turn that fantasy into a reality. As the brand that actually made the movie prop, Nike has been at the forefront of that endeavor and has, in fact, already launched a few pairs of “self-lacing” sneakers years ago. It may have been a hit back then because of its novelty, but the shoe company no longer found any reason to make new ones or to continue supporting the ones that already exist. In fact, it just announced not only the discontinuation of this unique Adapt BB line but also of its app, which will leave some owners rethinking their purchase.

Designer: Nike

“Self-lacing sneakers” are not as magical as they might sound, simply utilizing magnets and electronics to tighten or loosen the shoes. For the Adapt BB line that launched in 2019, you could do this, along with other functions, by pressing buttons on the side of the shoes or, more conveniently, using a smartphone app. That app also provided settings you can’t very well make on the shoes themselves, particularly changing the colors of the buttons’ lights or saving three preset tightness settings.

Nike, however, has discontinued its self-lacing sneakers, and on August 6th, it will also be dropping its mobile apps. Owners of Adapt BBs don’t have to panic, at least not yet, because they can still install the app until that date, and the app will stay installed on their phones even when it disappears from Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. That does mean, however, that you can no longer install or even transfer the app after that day, so if you lose your phone or change devices, you’ll be out of luck.

Fortunately, the shoes themselves will continue working even without the app, but it will mostly be a manual affair without some conveniences. You will not be able to change light colors anymore, for example, and there will only be one preset remembered. You can, however, still tighten or loosen the shoe by pressing the buttons, which require you to bend over like any ordinary shoe. It might still seem a bit advanced, but no longer as mind-blowing as the original.

The announcement, however, does bring a few concerns and questions to mind. For one, the Adapt BB will lose one of its biggest appeal: its accessibility for people who might have difficulty lacing and unlacing sneakers. It also paints a somewhat dubious future for smart wearables like these. While people are used to changing phones almost every two years and for manufacturers to drop support sooner rather than later, most of us keep our wardrobe and footwear until they’re no longer usable, and manufacturer support is rare if not unheard of.

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From Vibram FiveFingers to Junya Watanabe x New Balance: A History of Minimalist Shoes

My fascination with minimalist footwear has spanned over three decades, starting with the revolutionary concept of shoes that mimic the natural feel of barefoot walking. This journey began with the iconic Vibram FiveFingers, those unique toe shoes with Vibram soles. While they looked quite unconventional, they provided an unmatched experience. I wore them everywhere, from casual outings to more formal settings like church, embracing the natural foot movement they offered.

My FiveFingers: The Original Barefoot Toe Shoes

Designer: Vibram

Back in the day, another minimalist trend I embraced was karate shoes. Over 30 years ago, these martial arts training shoes, also known as kung fu shoes, gained popularity beyond their intended use. Their simple, lightweight design made them a favorite for those seeking a close-to-the-ground feel, similar to what the FiveFingers provided. These shoes were comfortable, flexible, and offered a sense of freedom that traditional footwear couldn’t match.

Fast-forward to the present and my love for minimalist footwear has evolved but remains strong. Today, I find myself drawn to modern interpretations of this concept, like the Onitsuka Tiger shoes, which blend minimalist principles with stylish design. But one of the most exciting developments in this space is the collaboration between Junya Watanabe MAN and New Balance.

Designer: Onitsuka

The Junya Watanabe MAN x New Balance Minimus UX200L is part of the Spring & Summer 2025 collection titled “Dress Up Denim.” This collaboration brings together New Balance’s expertise in minimalist footwear with Junya Watanabe’s avant-garde fashion sensibilities, resulting in a shoe that is both functional and stylish. The shoes maintain a streamlined, low-profile design, characteristic of the Minimus line, promoting natural foot movement and a barefoot-like feel. Available in both black and white colorways, they offer versatility and a clean, modern look suitable for various settings.

Via tysikd: Junya Watanabe MAN x New Balance Minimus UX200L

The upper is made of a breathable mesh material with geometric patterns, ensuring ventilation and a lightweight structure. Perforations on the upper and tongue enhance airflow, keeping feet cool and comfortable during wear. Featuring a Vibram outsole, the shoes provide excellent traction and durability. The intricate geometric tread pattern ensures stability and grip on various surfaces. The sole’s flexibility complements the barefoot feel, allowing natural foot movements while providing necessary protection.

Designer: Junya Watanabe MAN and New Balance Minimus UX200L

Via tysikd

The New Balance branding is subtly incorporated into the design, maintaining the minimalist ethos. The Junya Watanabe MAN label is prominently displayed on the tongue, highlighting the collaboration and adding a touch of exclusivity. Designed for both performance and style, these shoes are suitable for activities ranging from trail running to casual everyday wear. They blend practicality with fashion-forward elements, appealing to a wide audience. These shoes represent the best of both worlds, combining the functional benefits of minimalist footwear with the distinctive style of Junya Watanabe’s designs. For someone who has journeyed through various phases of minimalist footwear, from Vibram FiveFingers to karate shoes, this modern interpretation is both a nod to the past and a step forward.

Via tysikd

Minimalist shoes offer several benefits that attract a variety of people. Designed to mimic barefoot walking and running, they allow for a more natural foot movement, which can help strengthen the muscles in the feet and lower legs, often underused in traditional footwear. With less cushioning and support, minimalist shoes can enhance your sense of balance and proprioception, the awareness of your body’s position in space, leading to better coordination and agility. Some advocates believe that minimalist shoes can reduce the risk of certain injuries by encouraging a more natural gait, potentially avoiding issues like heel striking, which can lead to repetitive stress injuries. The thin soles provide greater sensory feedback from the ground, improving reaction time and movement efficiency. Typically lightweight and highly flexible, minimalist shoes are comfortable for various activities and easy to pack for travel.

Via tysikd

People attracted to minimalist shoes often include runners, outdoor enthusiasts, fitness aficionados, and those interested in natural movement and barefoot training. These shoes appeal to individuals seeking a more natural and unencumbered experience, whether for running, hiking or everyday wear.




As a fan of Bad Bunny’s unique style, I find the collaboration between Bad Bunny and Adidas an exciting development in the world of footwear. This partnership combines Bad Bunny’s vibrant and bold fashion sense with Adidas’ renowned expertise in athletic shoe design. Fresh off a restock of their previous collaborations, Bad Bunny and Adidas appear to be making room for the next chapter of their relationship. The new “ballerina” sneaker, teased recently, showcases Bad Bunny’s unique style.

Designer: Bad Bunny and Adidas

Bad Bunny x Adidas

Based on Adidas’ Taekwondo model, these shoes offer superior comfort and support. The sneaker features a snug canvas construction and a normal collar, differing from the elastic detailing of past models. Features like responsive cushioning and durable outsoles ensure that the shoes perform well in various conditions. The collaboration utilizes premium materials to provide durability and a luxurious feel. This ensures that the shoes not only look good but also last long and maintain their quality over time. The sneaker offers convenient adjustable laces for easy on-off ability, blending style with practicality.

The collaboration is marked by exclusive branding elements from both Bad Bunny and Adidas, adding a layer of collectability and uniqueness to the shoes. The iconic Three-Stripes logos are slightly raised, and the shoes are topped off with classic splashes of white and black hues. These Bad Bunny x Adidas “ballerina” shoes are more than just footwear; they make a bold statement with their striking design and unique patterns, embodying Bad Bunny’s signature style. Whether you’re a fan of Bad Bunny, a sneaker enthusiast, or someone who appreciates innovative design, these shoes offer something special.

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Nike and Hyperice boots use air compression to massage athlete’s feet, a boon for warmup and recovery

Like precaution is better than cure in everyday life, warmup and recovery before and after a strenuous workout or competition are equally important. Nike has over decades made life immensely comfortable for athletes with the most relaxed footwear options. Now, it is tying up with Hyperice to ensure that the warmup and recovery phases in a player’s life are also taken care of by the Swoosh brand with equal prowess.

To that accord, in collaboration with Hyperice, – a name providing athletes with innovative technology during recovery to improve the performance of muscles and joints – Nike is working on developing a pair of boots and vest that would “help athletes perform at their best throughout training and competition.”

Designer: Nike

Nike and Hyperice boot and vest, Tobie Hatfield, Senior Director, Nike Athlete Innovation informs, “get the body ready for activity, whether you’re playing for a title or you’re on your feet a lot at work.” An extension of Nike’s focus on the integration of wearable technology in its products, these pair of boots would provide the wear with heat and dynamic air compression at the feet and ankle, which feels like a foot massage. This prepares the body before a workout and can relax the feet after a long stressful game or if the person has been on the foot for too long.

The Nike and Hyperice vest is designed to monitor and maintain the body temperature of a player. For this, the vest is integrated with thermal modules and pressure sensors that work in tandem to ensure effective heating and cooling of the body. Both the vest and the shoes are still under development and will be launched at a “later date,“ Nike confirms.

The pair of high-top shoes, push the boundary of what’s possible for today’s athletes, with air Normatec bladders and warming elements. The air bladders inflate and deflate – what feels like a massage – and allow the heat to distribute evenly and deep in the feet and ankle to provide soothing comfort to the wearer’s feet. Of course, the shoes are primarily targeted at the athletes, with the likes of LeBron James testing them, the adaptation of technology could be beneficial for people whose work requires them to stand and walk too much.

“From the moment I tried the Nike x Hyperice boots and vest while they were still in development more than a year ago, I knew they were going to change the game for athletes’ warm-up and recovery,” LeBron James notes. It is worth noting that the heat and air compression in the Nike x Hyperice boots are customizable. The user can synchronize the heat and compression with the push of a button (at the control panel placed on the midsole), and can even choose to run different settings on individual shoes, if required.

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Overalls are making a Glorious Comeback, and they’re now made from High-Performance Fabrics

The overalls have a fashion journey quite similar to that of the spectacle. Spectacles were created as vision-correction devices that went from functional to fashionable. Overalls too, were designed for the working class during the Gold Rush, but were soon appropriated as fashion garments with a distinct, effortless style. The problem, however, is that overalls just made a comeback – they didn’t evolve at all. Current overalls look good, but aren’t breathable, stretchy, pocket-dense, or designed to be worn all day – that’s where LIVSN’s Ecotrek Overalls come in. Building on the success of their Ecotrek pants (which raised over half a million on Kickstarter), the Ecotrek Overalls turn a classic garment into future-friendly fashion. The overalls are made from a rugged fabric that’s abrasion-resistant and water-resistant, yet quick-drying and moisture-wicking, while being equipped with 11 pockets and reinforced stitching. These overalls are comfortable enough to wear all day, have a 4-way stretch that gives you movement freedom for all sorts of activities, and most importantly, give you that understated urban-meets-rustic aesthetic that’s so in fashion these days.

Designer: LIVSN Designs

Click Here to Buy Now: $169 $229 ($60 off). Hurry, only 11/100 left! Raised over $130,000.

These aren’t the same 30-buck overalls you’d pick up at the Salvation Army or Shein. Every part of the Ecotrek Overalls has intent and engineering woven into the design. The overalls boast a classic aesthetic, but come made from LIVSN’s Ecotrek fabric – a high-performance, high-comfort fabric made from 70% recycled nylon (retrieved from discarded ocean buoys), 25% virgin nylon, and 5% spandex. The resulting fabric is a clever blend of durable yet soft and breathable. The nylon and the weave make the fabric abrasion-resistant (no more ripped or scuffed cloth), while still having the plush comfort of your favorite pair of sweatpants. A water-repellent coating allows the overalls to be stain-resistant and hydrophobic, so they never get dirty, and you can wear them in the rain without getting soaking wet. Even if you do, the fabric dries fast, getting you back in action quicker than you would with cotton or denim clothes.

Women’s Ecotrek Overalls feature Gnara’s patented GoFly® Technology: a zipper design that will change your life next time you “go” outside.

The fabric is just half of what makes the Ecotrek Overalls what they are. The garment’s design is an eclectic blend of fashionable yet outdoor-friendly. Available in a variety of earthy colors and with a perfect fit thanks to the flexible, body-hugging design and adjustable straps, the overalls can be worn on treks, at campsites, while tailgating, on the subway, at a friend’s place, a barbecue, or even in bed. 11 pockets make the overalls perfect for storing all your gear while keeping them fairly accessible. Kangaroo-style pockets on the front let you dig your hands in to warm them, while multiple pockets on the sides, the rear, around the thigh, or even on the front and the inside give you a place to store all your EDC from your phone/wallet/keys to your multitools, sunglasses, and even some snacks if you find yourself getting hungry on the road.

The design surprises with a few rather clever details too, from double knee and double seat fabrics that let you kneel and sit for hours without worrying about the overalls getting scratched, to adjustable cuffs on the base that let you tighten the pants around your ankles. Reinforcements at common failure points make the overalls last longer than most, and YKK zippers ensure top-of-the-line hardware. For men, the overalls come with a gusseted crotch that provides extra comfort and stretch, while for women, LIVSN partnered with Gnara to incorporate patented GoFly zippers that travel all the way down the front to the back, allowing you to answer nature’s call in the wilderness without having to take your entire overall off.

LIVSN designed the Ecotrek Overalls to be perfect for the active lifestyle. The evergreen aesthetic works well on hikes, camping trips, cycling expeditions, skating at the park, or even urban living. Each Ecotrek Overall comes in 3 colors, olive, caramel, and a men-exclusive grey, or a women-exclusive plum truffle. Men have 7 sizes to choose from, while women get 13 size options. The Ecotrek Overalls are backed by a lifetime guarantee on manufacturing defects, and if the garment suffers wear and tear or damage with regular use, LIVSN promises lifetime at-cost repairs without any markups or extra fees. The overalls start at $169 on Kickstarter, giving you a chance to grab a cool $60 discount from the original MSRP of $229.

Click Here to Buy Now: $169 $229 ($60 off). Hurry, only 11/100 left! Raised over $130,000.

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The Art of Imperfection: The Unique Charm of Golden Goose Sneakers

Golden Goose sneakers have found a cool and quirky spot in luxury footwear. These shoes, with their distinctive distressed look, exceptional quality, and unparalleled comfort, have garnered a loyal following among fashion enthusiasts and casual wearers alike. From the sidewalks of Milan to the streets of New York, they are more than just a trend—they are a statement of individuality and a celebration of authentic style. Let’s delve into the reasons behind their widespread appeal and explore why so many people are captivated by these iconic sneakers.

Designer: Golden Goose

The Look of Golden Goose Shoes

The sneakers are instantly recognizable for their scuffed, lived-in appearance. When the brand introduced this style in 2000, it was a bold move that set them apart in a market dominated by pristine, new-looking shoes. The distressed look, complete with scuffed soles, worn-out laces, and imperfect finishes, has since become a signature style that many have come to love.

Golden Goose: Men’s Super-Star LTD in Nappa leather with black leather star and silver heel tab

This aesthetic is not just about looking worn; it’s about conveying a sense of casual, effortless cool. The unique color palettes and unconventional details, such as asymmetrical star logos and quirky prints, add to their charm. Styles like the classic Superstar, with its hand-distressed finish and unique color variations, exemplify this perfectly. The Ball Star model, inspired by vintage basketball sneakers, combines sporty elements with high-fashion sensibilities, making it a versatile choice for any wardrobe.

Golden Goose: Men’s Ball Star in white nappa leather with green leather star and heel tab

The shoes embrace a philosophy of “perfectly imperfect,” encouraging wearers to celebrate their individuality. This nonchalant attitude resonates especially with the younger generation, who appreciate the bold statement these shoes make. Wearing a pair is a declaration of authenticity and a rejection of cookie-cutter fashion.

The Quality of Golden Goose Shoes

Golden Goose sneakers are known for their exceptional quality, a key factor behind their popularity. Handmade in Italy, each pair is meticulously constructed using premium materials like smooth Italian leather, ensuring the shoes are both stylish and durable.

Golden Goose: Italian craftsmanship

The high price point is justified by the use of top-quality calfskin leather, which is both soft and durable. This leather enhances comfort over time, molding to the wearer’s feet and making the shoes more comfortable with each wear. These sneakers maintain their quality even with regular use, making them a reliable choice for long-term wear.

Every pair undergoes a unique hand-distressing process, ensuring no two pairs are exactly alike. This attention to detail and individuality adds to their exclusive appeal. The craftsmanship involved means that Golden Goose sneakers can withstand daily wear while retaining their distinctive style.

Golden Goose shoes are versatile enough to be paired with various outfits, from jeans to dresses. They are a practical and stylish choice for different occasions. Their blend of durability, comfort, and unique style makes them a worthwhile investment for those seeking long-lasting footwear.

The Comfort of Golden Goose Shoes

Comfort is a key aspect that wins over many fans of these sneakers. Despite their distressed appearance, these shoes are all about wearability. The soft Italian leather and thoughtful construction mean they require no break-in period, offering immediate comfort from the first wear.

One of the standout features is the hidden wedge in the heel, which provides a subtle lift and extra support. This thoughtful blend of style and comfort makes the sneakers versatile enough for any occasion, whether you’re dressing up for a night out or keeping it casual. The combination of comfort, style, and quality makes them a favorite for those who don’t want to sacrifice one for the other.

In my own experience, I’ve found that Golden Goose shoes live up to their reputation. The soft leather feels great on my feet right away, and the hidden wedge adds a little extra height without compromising comfort. My collection includes the Men’s Super-Star, which I own two pairs of, and a special edition Mid Star. These shoes effortlessly fit into my wardrobe, pairing well with everything from shorts to jeans to semi-dressy business casual outfits.

I appreciate how these sneakers manage to look stylish while feeling like they were made just for me. They’re perfect for long days on my feet, and the quality craftsmanship means they’ll last for years. I’m also keeping an eye on the Men’s Ball Star LTD in Nappa green star and dove-gray suede inserts, anticipating the same level of comfort and style. If you’re looking for shoes that deliver on both looks and feel, Golden Goose is worth the investment.

Why People Pay a Premium for Golden Goose

The value of Golden Goose sneakers goes beyond just their looks. The high cost comes from using calfskin leather, which is super soft and durable. This top-quality material and careful craftsmanship put these shoes at the high end of the luxury market.

Golden Goose: Men’s Super-Star LTD in Nappa leather with black leather star and silver heel tab

The psychological appeal is also undeniable. These sneakers exude confidence and make a bold fashion statement. The uniqueness of each pair, with its hand-distressed details, ensures that no two pairs are exactly alike, offering a sense of exclusivity and authenticity in a crowded market.

Ready to Experience the Magic of Golden Goose?

Step into the world of Golden Goose and discover why these sneakers have captivated so many. Whether you’re drawn to their distinctive look, exceptional quality, or unmatched comfort, there’s a pair waiting to become a staple in your wardrobe. Embrace the philosophy of “perfectly imperfect” and make a bold statement with every step.

From my perspective as someone who owns three pairs, I can personally vouch for their style, quality, and comfort. My favorite styles are the Men’s Superstar, of which I own two pairs, and a special edition Mid Star. These three pairs complement my style, matching everything from shorts to jeans to semi-dressy business casual outfits. I’m also eyeing the Men’s Ball Star LTD in Nappa green star and dove-gray suede inserts—they promise to be a perfect addition to my collection. Don’t just follow the trend—set it. Explore the latest collections and find your perfect pair today.

Golden Goose: Men’s Ball Star LTD in nappa with green star and dove-gray suede inserts


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Design Nightmares: Why the Yeezy Foam Runners and Crocs Echo Storm Will Ruin Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, you might think grabbing a pair of Yeezy Foam Runners or Crocs Echo Storm for your dad is a great idea, swayed by the hype. These shoes have captured attention with their unconventional looks and odd materials. The Yeezy Foam Runners resemble something out of a sci-fi movie, while the Crocs Echo Storm attempt to combine casual comfort with rugged features. Despite their popularity, these shoes are far from being the ideal gift for your dad. Here’s why.

Design: Kanye West
Design: Crocs

This Father’s Day, you might think grabbing a pair of Yeezy Foam Runners or Crocs Echo Storm for your dad is a great idea, swayed by the hype. These shoes have captured attention with their unconventional looks and odd materials. The Yeezy Foam Runners resemble something out of a sci-fi movie, while the Crocs Echo Storm attempt to combine casual comfort with rugged features. Despite the buzz around them, these shoes are far from being the ideal gift for your dad. Here’s why.

2024 Yeezy Foam RNNR Sand

At first sight, the Yeezy Foam Runner is hard to ignore. Its bizarre, futuristic design, with a single-piece construction riddled with numerous cutouts, looks more suited for a space expedition than everyday wear. Made from EVA foam and algae, it’s marketed as an environmentally friendly shoe. But let’s be honest: the shoe looks ridiculous. The unique design might catch the eye of fashion-forward individuals, but it’s unlikely to appeal to someone who values comfort and practicality.

Yeezy Foam Runner ‘MX Granite’

The Foam Runner’s single-piece EVA construction lacks the necessary support and cushioning that traditional sneakers offer. For a dad who needs comfortable footwear for long periods, this shoe is a disaster. Its lack of traditional support structures and minimalistic design mean it’s not built to last. The Foam Runner might quickly wear out, especially under conditions that require more rugged footwear.

Even the so-called environmental benefits are questionable. Yeezy promotes the use of sustainable algae and EVA foam, but the production process is energy-intensive. The shoe’s manufacturing involves significant use of molds and high energy consumption, which might negate any environmental advantages. Plus, recycling EVA is complicated, making the shoe less eco-friendly than it appears.

The numerous cutouts in the Foam Runner might improve breathability, but they also expose the foot to the elements. This makes the shoe impractical for different weather conditions or more demanding activities. For a dad who needs versatile and protective footwear, the Foam Runner is a poor choice.


The Crocs Echo Storm attempts to be both a comfortable casual shoe and a rugged outdoor shoe but fails at both. Its bulky design is clunky and lacks the flexibility of traditional sneakers. This can be problematic for dads who need a shoe that adapts to various activities throughout the day. The Echo Storm’s material, while durable, feels overly bulky and less flexible compared to traditional sneakers. Moreover, the style of Crocs, despite their wide recognition, might not align with your dad’s fashion sense, making them an unwelcome gift.

Crocs Echo Storm

When it comes to gift-giving, especially on Father’s Day, practicality and comfort should come first. Your dad would likely appreciate a gift that fits his daily needs over a trendy but impractical fashion statement. The Yeezy Foam Runner and Crocs Echo Storm might look interesting, but they don’t provide the comfort, durability, or versatility that a great pair of shoes should offer.

Recommended Alternatives for Your Dad

When selecting the perfect pair of shoes for your dad this Father’s Day, consider options that combine comfort, support, and a touch of style. Here are a few recommendations that prioritize practicality and everyday wear:

New Balance 990v5

The New Balance 990v5 offers a blend of comfort and classic style, making it a solid choice for dads who spend a lot of time on their feet. The upper is crafted from a combination of pigskin and mesh, providing a breathable and durable construction. This material choice ensures that your dad’s feet stay cool and comfortable, even during extended wear. The dual-density foam collar adds comfort and support around the ankle, reducing the risk of blisters and discomfort.

New Balance Men’s 990v5

In terms of support and stability, the 990v5 features ENCAP midsole technology, which combines lightweight foam with a durable polyurethane rim. This setup offers cushioning and stability, making it suitable for daily activities. The design is versatile enough to pair with both casual and slightly dressier outfits, making it a practical addition to any wardrobe. Whether your dad is running errands or heading out for a casual dinner, the New Balance 990v5 provides comfort and style.

Brooks Ghost 14

For the active dad, the Brooks Ghost 14 provides a comfortable and reliable option. This running shoe features DNA LOFT midsole technology, which offers a soft feel underfoot without compromising responsiveness. The Segmented Crash Pad, an integrated system of shock absorbers, ensures smooth transitions from heel to toe, reducing the impact on joints and enhancing overall comfort.

Brooks Men’s Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoe

The Ghost 14’s upper is made from engineered mesh, which offers breathability and a secure fit. This design adapts to the shape of the foot, preventing slippage and enhancing stability. The lightweight construction of the shoe makes it suitable for various activities, from running and walking to casual outings. Additionally, the Brooks Ghost 14 is built with durable materials that withstand daily use. For dads who enjoy staying active, whether through running, walking, or other physical activities, the Brooks Ghost 14 is a dependable choice.

Asics Gel-Kayano 28

The Asics Gel-Kayano 28 is a good option for dads who need extra support and stability. This shoe features FlyteFoam Propel technology in the midsole, providing a responsive bounce with each step. The Dynamic DuoMax Support System enhances stability without adding unnecessary weight, making the Gel-Kayano 28 comfortable for both casual and athletic wear. The Gel cushioning in the heel and forefoot offers shock absorption, protecting the joints and reducing the risk of injury.


The Gel-Kayano 28 also includes Trusstic System technology, which reduces the shoe’s weight while maintaining its structure. The engineered mesh upper offers a flexible and breathable fit, adapting to the shape of the foot and providing support where needed. Whether your dad enjoys running, walking, or just needs a reliable everyday shoe, the Asics Gel-Kayano 28 combines support, comfort, and durability.

Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator

For the adventurous dad who loves the outdoors, the Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator is a practical choice. This hiking shoe is designed with a breathable mesh upper and supportive suede leather overlays, ensuring durability and ventilation. The shoe’s contoured footbed features zonal arch and heel support, providing comfort on rugged terrain. The Merrell air cushion in the heel absorbs shock and adds stability, making the Moab 2 Ventilator suitable for long hikes and outdoor activities.

Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

The Vibram TC5+ outsole offers traction and stability, allowing your dad to confidently navigate various terrains. The protective rubber toe cap shields against trail debris, adding durability. The Moab 2 Ventilator’s sturdy construction and comfortable design make it a reliable choice for any outdoor enthusiast. Whether hiking in the mountains or exploring local trails, this shoe ensures your dad’s feet stay comfortable and supported throughout his adventures.

Clarks Desert Boots

The Clarks Desert Boots are perfect for dads who prefer a polished, classic look. These boots, originally designed in the 1950s, have remained a style icon due to their simplicity and elegance. Crafted from premium suede or leather, the Desert Boots offer a refined appearance that can easily transition from casual to semi-formal settings. The crepe sole provides cushioning, making them comfortable for extended wear, while the natural materials used in construction promote breathability and foot health.


Known for their durability, these Clarks Desert Boots feature a two-eyelet lace-up design that ensures a secure fit. The high-quality materials used in both the upper and sole promise longevity, making them a reliable choice. Versatile enough to pair with jeans, chinos, or even dress pants, these boots are a practical addition to any wardrobe. For dads who appreciate timeless style and comfort, the Clarks Desert Boots are an excellent choice.

Nike Air Monarch IV

The Nike Air Monarch IV is a versatile sneaker that combines durability and comfort, making it perfect for dads with an active lifestyle. This shoe features a leather upper that provides support and a classic look. The full-length encapsulated Air-Sole unit offers cushioning, ensuring comfort during various activities, from workouts to casual outings. The solid rubber outsole provides traction on multiple surfaces, enhancing the shoe’s durability and versatility.

Nike Air Monarch IV AMP

The Air Monarch IV’s design is both functional and stylish, with a timeless athletic appearance that suits a range of activities. Whether your dad is heading to the gym, taking a walk, or running errands, this shoe provides the necessary support and comfort. The cushioning and supportive fit make it ideal for long hours on the feet, ensuring that your dad stays comfortable and confident throughout the day. For a reliable, all-purpose sneaker, the Nike Air Monarch IV is a top contender.

These detailed options cater to different needs and preferences, ensuring you can find the perfect pair of shoes that offer comfort, support, and style for your dad this Father’s Day.

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New Earth-Inspired Omega Swatch MoonSwatch: Lava, Polar Lights, Desert

If you thought Omega and Swatch were out of tricks to come up with new variations of the MoonSwatch, think again. The two brands just dropped three new collaborative releases today. Unlike the year full of “Full Moon” subtle variants and two Snoopy-inspired releases, these are Earth-inspired and incredibly creative.

Designer: Swatch + Omega

The new MoonSwatch collection, under the banner “Mission on Earth,” introduces three distinct models: Lava, Polar Lights, and Desert. These watches maintain the familiar look of the iconic Omega Speedmaster ‘Moonwatch’ but bring fresh, vibrant, and earthy inspirations into the design, each echoing unique natural phenomena. Priced at $300 each, these models are available exclusively at selected Swatch stores starting June 15. Let’s delve into the intricate details of each model, exploring the thoughtful design elements and how they pay homage to their inspirations and predecessors.

Mission on Earth: Lava

MoonSwatch Mission on Earth: Lava

The Mission on Earth Lava model is an embodiment of fiery energy and volcanic intensity. The vibrant orange Bioceramic case immediately catches the eye, creating a striking contrast with the black dial and bezel. This color choice is not merely aesthetic; it pays homage to the Speedmaster “Ultraman” with its signature orange seconds hand. The subdials on the Lava model feature Arabic numerals and indexes arranged in a radial format, reminiscent of the designs seen in the Speedmaster Alaska II and III projects. This attention to detail links the watch to its Omega heritage, while the modern Bioceramic material ensures durability and a lightweight feel on the wrist.

MoonSwatch Mission on Earth: Lava

The black VELCRO strap is a practical choice, featuring orange topstitching that ties the overall color scheme together. The strap’s design ensures a secure fit, suitable for both casual wear and more adventurous outings. The Super-LumiNova coating on the hands and hour markers provides excellent visibility in low-light conditions, enhancing both functionality and the watch’s visual appeal in the dark.

MoonSwatch Mission on Earth: Lava

The back of the watch continues the thematic focus with an engraved image of Earth as seen from space. This engraving reinforces the watch’s connection to the “Mission on Earth” theme and adds a unique touch that distinguishes it from other models in the collection.

Mission on Earth: Polar Lights

MoonSwatch Mission on Earth: Polar Lights

The Polar Lights model pops with its turquoise Bioceramic case, reflecting the mesmerizing colors of the Aurora Borealis. The dark blue dial, speckled with tiny silver-colored flakes, mimics the starry night sky and is inspired by aventurine glass dials. This design choice makes each watch unique, as the pattern of flakes varies slightly from piece to piece. The turquoise hands and tachymeter scale complement the case, creating a cohesive and visually stunning color scheme.

MoonSwatch Mission on Earth: Polar Lights

The recessed subdials feature white rings and radial indexes, a nod to the Speedmaster Alaska II and III projects. This continuity in design elements connects the Polar Lights to its Omega lineage while introducing a fresh and contemporary aesthetic. The blue VELCRO strap with turquoise stitching is functional and enhances the overall visual harmony of the watch.

MoonSwatch Mission on Earth: Polar Lights

The back of the Polar Lights model is particularly noteworthy. It features an engraving of Earth, viewed from space, emphasizing the “Mission on Earth” theme. This detailed engraving adds an element of artistry and uniqueness, making the watch a collector’s item.

Mission on Earth: Desert

MoonSwatch Mission on Earth: Desert

The Desert model offers a more subdued yet sophisticated aesthetic, inspired by the vast sandy expanses that cover a significant portion of the Earth’s surface. The sand-colored Bioceramic case, crown, and pushers blend seamlessly with the greige (taupe) dial and strap, creating a monochromatic look that’s elegant and versatile. The hands and tachymeter scale in sand color maintain the cohesive theme, while the radial subdials nod to the Speedmaster Alaska II and III projects.

MoonSwatch Mission on Earth: Desert

The greige VELCRO strap, featuring contrasting sand-colored stitching, ties the design together and ensures a secure fit. This watch is perfect for those who prefer a more understated look without sacrificing the rich heritage and design cues of the Omega Speedmaster.

MoonSwatch Mission on Earth: Desert

The back of the Desert model, like its counterparts, features an engraving of Earth from space. This detail reinforces the watch’s connection to the “Mission on Earth” theme and adds a layer of depth to its design.

Design Comparison: Original Mission to Earth vs. Polar Lights

New MoonSwatch Mission on Earth: Polar Lights

Comparing the original Mission to Earth with the new Polar Lights model highlights Swatch and Omega’s evolution in design creativity. The original Mission to Earth featured a traditional, restrained color palette, focusing on earthy tones that reflected a grounded aesthetic. In contrast, the Polar Lights model embraces a bold and vibrant approach with its turquoise and dark blue color scheme inspired by the Aurora Borealis.

Original MoonSwatch Mission on Earth

The aventurine-inspired dial of the Polar Lights, with its speckled silver flakes, introduces a unique element absent in the original. This design choice makes each watch distinct, adding a personal touch that collectors appreciate. While the original focused on traditional elements, the Polar Lights model pushes boundaries with its dynamic and visually captivating design.

The original Original MoonSwatch Mission on Earth vs the new Mission on Earth: Polar Lights

Original Moonswatch Mission on Earth

As a watch collector, the Polar Lights model stands out as the most compelling option among the new releases. Its striking color scheme and unique dial make it a must-have for enthusiasts. This model represents a significant departure from the original Mission to Earth, showcasing Swatch and Omega’s commitment to innovation and their ability to cater to diverse aesthetic preferences. This comparison underscores the brands’ dedication to blending heritage with contemporary design, making the MoonSwatch collection a compelling choice for watch enthusiasts.

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Bacterial melanin clothes may protect us from UV rays in the future

I live in a country where it’s always hot most of the year (except when it’s raining). It’s a 15-minute walk under the scorching sun from my house to my workplace and it’s something I’ve gotten used to already (albeit with a lot of complaining). I am aware of all the UV rays that I’m absorbing every day although there’s no clear manifestation of it unless I check my weather app. But it’s a very real problem that our constant exposure to UV rays will eventually bring harm to our skin.

Designer: Maca Barrera

A speculative biofabrication project by Central Saint Martins graduate Maca Barrera called Melwear project tries to imagine clothes that are made from skin pigment melanin. They can actually become a form of sun and UV protection for us and even let us know what level of UV exposure we’re getting. This project actually uses two different technologies: the creation of melanin-produce bacteria and extracting the pigment from it and the bioprinting of artificial tissues with living cells.

The idea is to use bacterial melanin as sunscreen to shield our bodies from UV radiation since it has UV absorbance and antioxidant properties. The speculative membrane with encapsulated melanin will supposedly become darker the more the wearer is exposed to UV rays. Basically it’s supposed to become a second skin that will protect the user and also react with the environment so they become more aware that we need protection from the sun and to prevent skin cancer as well.

This is still very much a speculative project so there’s no functional prototype yet other than the production of the bacterial melanin and the testing of the bioprinting technology. It’s an interesting idea that can hopefully be explored more, although thinking about wearing something that’s made from melanin doesn’t necessarily bring visions of fashionable outfits.

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