These cyberpunk boots will let you walk inside the metaverse without moving from the spot

We might soon be virtually walking on the moon without leaving our homes, thanks to the Metaverse push. With boots that give off a Pacific Rim vibe, you won’t even have to leave the spot you’re standing on and just moonwalk your way to distant worlds.

Virtual reality has been around for decades, but it was only recently that it had made giant strides in making what was once science fiction a reality. While visuals have significantly improved, the illusion of VR is immediately broken when it comes time to interact with the world. A lot of R&D has been poured into making touch input more believable, but that still leaves the problem of moving around the virtual world unresolved. These funky-looking books straight out of a cyberpunk prop set might offer one solution, and you might not look too ridiculous while using them.

Designer: Ekto VR

We almost have the visuals of VR down to a “T,” but there are still a lot of missing elements to make these digital realities almost feel like the real thing. The metaverse is promising to bring us to new worlds, both real and virtual, but our eyes won’t be the only ones that will be making the journey. Hyundai, for example, is envisioning a way to help humans feel a snowstorm on Mars without actually being there, but that still involves people sitting in place, whether in a room or in a moving car.

Moving around virtual worlds feels very artificial when all that we move are our hands or even just our fingers. In some cases, that might be OK since you probably don’t want to walk miles inside a virtual shopping mall or on a tour of the world’s famous landmarks. When exploring unfamiliar places or inspecting industrial sites, however, you might want to actually get a feel for the environment, including the act of walking.

Ekto VR is one of the latest attempts at solving this problem of Location Interface or LI. Some VR systems try to use treadmills to emulate the action of walking, but that feels just as artificial and as awkward as not walking at all. In contrast, the Ekto VR boots ingeniously use motorized wheels to go in the opposite direction and speed as your feet. The effect is that you feel like you’re walking, and your brain feels like you’re walking, but to the people outside, you look like you’re dancing the moonwalk instead.

The boots won’t be winning any awards for design, at least not yet. This hefty and bulky footwear looks more like prototypes than a finished product, and rightly so. They’re still in the early stages of development, so looking nice isn’t really as a priority yet. Then again, you can always mask your apparel in the metaverse, so it might not matter much what things really look like in the real world.

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These Apple Watch cases offer shockproof protection and a bumper to keep your watch safe

Colors is a line of new Apple Watch protective cases from SwitchEasy that comes in four different colors so users can give their Apple Watches completely new looks.

While most of us can’t purchase a new smartphone every time we get bored of the one we have, getting a new case for it sometimes does the trick. The same could be true for Apple Watches. Plenty of people turn to new watch bands to give their Apple Watches a proper makeover and now there’s a line of Apple Watch Protective Cases called Colors that switch up your Apple Watch style so you can keep it exciting.

Designer: SwitchEasy

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Colors, a protective case design for Apple Watches from SwitchEasy, comes with four different cases and colors. Available in black, abyss blue, starlight, and army green, each one of the different colors has its own energy and gives your Apple Watch a whole new personality.

Each case is compatible with the Apple Watch strap lock design and comes with screen-raised-edges to ensure total, shockproof protection. The cases are also easy to strap into place. Following a similar assembly method to traditional iPhone cases, users just slide their bare Apple Watch into the Colors case and it locks into place.

Considering all of the available colors, when combined with Apple Watch bands, new color schemes can give your Apple Watch a completely new look. In addition to its easy installation process, the Apple Watch cases from SwitchEasy are compatible with charging and Apple’s Health app, which means you can take blood and oxygen levels and charge your Apple Watch without changing your routine.

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‘Question Mark’ hanger cleverly captures the dilemma of not knowing what clothes to wear!

Absolutely unverifiable studies show that we spend 10 full years of our lives wondering what to wear. No, that almost certainly isn’t true (or so I hope), but everyone relates to the problem of spending long periods of time staring at a wardrobe and wondering… “What do I wear??” before having a Eureka moment and choosing the perfect outfit. The Emotion Hanger perfectly captures that internal journey!

Jinwook Lee’s Emotion Hanger is a thought bubble in the avatar of a wardrobe accessory. Its quirky design features the traditional triangular apparel-hanging design, however, its hanging hook is styled like a question mark. A question mark that rotates to turn into an exclamation mark when you select an outfit!

The way you use an Emotion Hanger is rather simple. All your outfits stay hung and organized in your wardrobe, with the ‘?’ symbol hovering right above them. In the process of selecting an outfit, you rotate the hanger’s triangular element to make the outfit face you. When you find the perfect outfit, the hanger’s ‘?’ effectively turns into a ‘!’ as a sort of exclamation that you’ve found the perfect outfit! It’s a quirky little detail that adds a wonderfully expressive touch to a mundane product… and in doing so, makes selecting outfits more fun, and the hanger more meaningful!

Designer: Jinwook Lee (THIS IS Design Studio)

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Japanese artist’s face masks and wearables give off futuristic, dystopian world vibes

Artist Ikeuchi Hiroto was obsessed with pop culture influences right from his childhood. The cinematic world of the Star Wars, the imaginary robotic animals of Zoids, or the intimidating form of the Gundam. In his early childhood days, Ikeuchi started crafting pieces out of PC parts and models. Later on, when he got hang of things, he graduated to more refined gadgets and mech gear creations to express his cyberpunk love. The artist started using industrial parts and repurposing ready-made plastic to achieve the form for his creations.

Recently the funk-obsessed artist joined forces with Balenciaga to create cyborg creations under the SS 2022 campaign. His largest-ever solo work exhibiting a wide range of high-tech mechanical masks is currently on display in an exhibition in Tokyo.  These masks transform the wearer into a cyborg of sorts, giving them an alienated appearance reminiscent of a future dystopian world. His work mostly employs recycled materials like motherboards and old plastic wiring. The reason is, as he explains, “It’s just that recent products are simple and small, and their parts don’t give me much room for customization, so old products allow me to use more parts for my work.”

The solo exhibition is showcasing the custom mechanical masks, VR headsets, wearable exoskeleton developed by Skeletonics (robotics company), and interactive works developed in collaboration with Prototype Inc. (a design firm). His exoskeletons are the perfect blend between fashion, art and tech – virtually blurring the lines between them all. Working with the icons of the fashion industry, Ikeuchi gave his opinion by saying, “I think it’s great that someone is redefining my work in their own subjective way, just like I use ready-made products in my own contexts.”

The wearables sculptures here are highlighted by the series of headgear having intricate gadgets such as reality masks, headphones and flashdrives. All of the creations function lending each one of them an experimental aesthetic. That privilege is reserved for the buyers of the artwork!

Designer: Ikeuchi Hiroto

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IKEA sofa from Tommy Cash collaboration might make you crave for bread all the time

A piece of furniture that’s a bit uncharacteristic of IKEA might redefine what it means to be a couch potato.

Sofas, sometimes called couches, have long been associated with relaxation and comfort. In more modern times, they have also been associated with TVs, home entertainment, and the food that usually gets consumed during such passive activities. The kinds of foods commonly thought of when talking about couches and sofas usually range from light snacks to microwavable meals, but a new design that’s coming to IKEA turns that idea on its head and might make you crave for a different kind of treat.

Designer: gab bois for Tommy Cash and IKEA

Bread is not exactly the first kind of food that would come to mind when the word “sofa” is mentioned. Pastries are often messy and would ruin upholstery, while certain rolls are best eaten with other kinds of food that might also make a mess on the sofa. That said, bread is also often associated with soft and fluffy feelings, which may have been the inspiration behind this tasty piece of furniture.

Rapper Tommy Cash is probably better known in design circles for his eccentric and outlandish ideas, and this LOAFA sofa is a clear testament to that. Designed to resemble a serving of glazed bread rolls, the sofa really looks good enough to eat. While it looks comfy, it almost also looks a bit sticky, perhaps generating conflicting feelings when deciding whether to sit on it or not.

Curiously, the LOAFA’s inspiration came from something unrelated to food. Designers gab bois indicated that the sofa is a nod to designer Mario Bellini’s classic Camaleonda modular sofa. Then again, those do look a bit like dinner rolls as well, and it didn’t take too much imagination to knead it into a Camaleon-dough. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the LOAFA will be just as modular and will forever be frozen in its L-shaped form.

designboom recounts how Tommy Cash tried to garner more than 10,000 comments in order to convince IKEA to start selling the LOAFA sofa. The Instagram post already surpassed that number, though the famed furniture maker has yet to confirm if this piece of furniture is already baking in the oven. Given it will be IKEA that will be selling this pan-tastic piece, some people might end up biting more than they can chew for its price.

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This fashionable smartwatch keeps track of your sleep and the air quality in your room

While most wearables are more focused on what you do when you are awake, this smartwatch is more concerned about getting the best sleep that you can.

Smartwatch sales have exploded in the past two or so years, eclipsing even the older smart fitness band categories, thanks to a sudden interest and obsession over personal health. While it’s good that people are now more conscious about staying active even at home, exercise, movement, and even diet don’t complete the whole fitness picture. Sleep plays an equally important role in staying healthy, and this smartwatch is just as concerned about that as it is with the rest of your body, including the air you breathe in at home.

Designer: Heyok Shin

Most smartwatches these days do keep track of sleep quality or length, but mostly as an afterthought. Sleep, however, is a critical part of our health, and length isn’t the only relevant metric to keep track of. In fact, different people need different amounts of sleep, so there’s no one size fits all recommendation. The ZOS smartwatch tries to take the mystery out of sleep management and analyzes sleeping habits in order to recommend better sleeping times and conditions. It also has features like smart alarms and even ASMR audio recordings to help induce sleep.

The ZOS smartwatch concept doesn’t exactly look like your typical smartwatch, especially with its elongated screen. It is, however, designed for maximum comfort since you are supposed to be wearing it even in your sleep. The choice of magnetic straps and leather material was made with that in mind, ensuring the wearer’s wrist won’t be irritated in the middle of the night, disrupting their sleep.

Sleep management is actually just one-half of the ZOS smartwatch’s purpose. The other half ties into the designer’s other concept, the CLOSSY air purifier and plant care cabinet in one. This smart home concept product can analyze the quality of air inside a room and keep an eye on the plant that will also help purify the air. While these pieces of information can be seen from a smartphone, the ZOS smartwatch is imagined to be the perfect companion for the CLOSSY product.

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Wearable health monitoring gets stylish with these rings that can potentially watch your glucose

If smartwatches and fitness bands aren’t your thing, then something more discreet like this smart ring could still keep you on top of your health.

Although fitness trackers have been around for years, recent events have caused a surge not only in interest but also in sales. The arrival of smartwatches also made it easier for people to keep tabs on their bodies, and the Apple Watch’s plethora of health monitoring features have become the gold standard for these wearables. Not everyone, however, is willing to part with their favorite timepiece, and wearing a rugged-looking fitness band might clash with their preferred fashion style. Fortunately, there are companies already putting a ring on health, and Movano might have the most stylish one to rule them all.

Designer: Movano

Admittedly, there aren’t that many players in this smart ring market, at least the ones that are intended to keep track of health rather than giving wearers some techno-magical powers to control devices. The most notable of this bunch is perhaps Oura, but its style and size definitely don’t appeal to everyone. That’s where the Movano Ring comes in, offering an alternative that specifically caters to women that prefer something less conspicuous and even fashionable.

It’s easy to mistake the Movano Ring as a fashion accessory rather than a health tracker, coming in Gold, Silver, Copper, and Black colors. The open-loop or twisted design gives it more personality while also ensuring that it can adjust to any finger size. More importantly, you won’t see the bare electronics underneath, unlike on the Oura, at least if product renders are to be believed.


Movano’s wearable isn’t just a pretty face, though, and it promises the staple features you’d find on larger wearables. That includes measuring heart rate and heart rate variability, sleep, respiration, temperature, blood oxygen levels, steps, and calories. It correlates this data and transforms them into information and advice that most people will be able to understand, rather than having to rely on charts and graphs to try and make sense of all the figures.

The one thing holding back the Movano Ring is its availability, which might not happen until later this year. That does give it enough time to get FDA approval for some of the features that require regulatory clearance first. Even while preparing its first product, the young startup is already settings its sights high, putting resources into R&D for non-invasive glucose monitoring and cuffless blood pressure measuring, which could quickly put it ahead of the competition.

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This retro-inspired battery case turns the back of your phone into an LED light show

People put cases on their phones for protection, extra battery life, or self-expression, so why not have all three in one and turn your phone’s rear into a dynamic light show.

Phone cases are admittedly a bit of a controversial topic among smartphone aficionados. Phones are already designed to be as durable and as beautiful as their manufacturers want them, and some people consider it a heresy to mar a phone’s natural beauty with a case, especially those bulky ones. Others, however, want extra protection for their expensive investments or have found certain cases that appeal to their eyes. The latter group, however, sometimes has a hard time choosing between protection, battery, or beauty, and so STARcase designed something that makes that choice moot.

Designer: STARcase

To put it simply, STARcase is a rugged battery phone case that has an array of LED lights on its back. Each of these features on its own might not be so revolutionary, but having them in one place is an interesting proposition. What makes this particular incarnation of that idea really special, however, is how that LED matrix can be functional as well as aesthetic.

Sure, you can pick a variety of “low-res” animations and icons to display on the phone’s back, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. The LED panel can also be used to display notifications, either using an app’s icon or even as old-school scrolling text. STARcase’s creators say you can even play some games on the phone’s back using the dedicated button at the bottom.

The STARcase also has the trappings of a typical battery case, including ruggedness (MIL STD 810G-516.6 spec even) and a 2,500 mAh battery that you can charge together with the phone. You can also set at what battery percentage the phone starts drawing from the case or, alternatively, manually turn charging on and off from the mobile app. That mobile app is the gateway to all of the STARcase features, which pretty much qualifies this as a smart case, unlike your typical battery case.

The freedom of artistic expression and whimsical fun that STARcase offers do come with a price. Although described as “slim,” there is obviously a significant addition to the height and thickness of the phone when wearing this customizable armor. At the moment, STARcase is on pre-order and is compatible only with iPhones, but the Pixel 6 and even the Galaxy S22 are promised to have their turn soon.

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Philippe Starck biotech eyewear using forged carbon is inspired by nature in more ways than one

There is finally fashionable eyewear that not only lets you see better but also makes you feel better about the environment.

Eyewear, especially eyeglasses, seem to embody complete opposites. They are one of the most utilitarian accessories we put on our bodies, yet they also need to be the most elegant because they’re always on our faces for everyone to see. Many people depend on them in order to even function properly, and yet these glasses are sometimes broken too easily and replaced too often. It seems, however, that famed designer Philippe Starck has found a way to solve this puzzle, and, like many good designs, he only needed to look to nature and the human body for the answers.

Designer: Philippe Starck in collaboration with Luxottica

If there wasn’t yet a study on the material waste created by discarded eyewear frames, there probably should be one. Made from a mix of metal and plastic, these eyeglasses might not be the most sustainable accessories we put on our bodies and faces. True to his vision of democratic design, Mr. Starck has created the BIOTECH PARIS collection that solves two eyewear design problems in one go.

Philippe Starck and Luxottica collaborated on this new STARCK BIOTECH PARIS collection to bring stylish eyewear that’s both more ergonomic and more sustainable as well. The PARIS eyewear collection uses forged carbon, a material renowned for its lightweight yet highly resistant properties and employed in automotive and aeronautic industries. The difference that Starck makes is that the frames use fiber models and bio-based acetate, the latter of which is 67% made from renewable resources. As a bonus, chopped carbon fiber creates a random pattern that adds some character to the minimalist frames.

The material meets the designer’s vision of using science and technology to minimize waste by actually using fewer materials. This design philosophy is perhaps best expressed by Philippe Starck himself. “Technology is one of the greatest symptoms of human intelligence. Even when we use the highest technologies, we are still working as craftsmen. This is my definition of Honesty.”

The eyeglasses also take inspiration from the human shoulder in order to deliver the comfort and flexibility that escapes most eyewear. Dubbing it BIOLINK, the mechanism offers 360-degree multidirectional freedom of movement, just like human shoulders, for a comfortable fit, no matter the wearer’s head shape or preferences. There is also a SPHERE type of eyewear with a screw-less articulation that makes the movement feel more organic and reduces the overall weight of the frame.

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Mujjo’s Leather Touchscreen Gloves are Winter-ready and Smartphone-ready

Mujjo Leather Touchscreen Gloves

In a world where you use your smartphone to do everything from calling a friend to calling cabs, it seems daft that the thing that ends up stopping you is something as simple as a glove. Enter Mujjo’s Touchscreen Gloves – designed to keep your fingers toasty while still letting you use your phone like you normally would, Mujjo’s leather gloves make a statement while being uniquely functional. Practically pioneering the touchscreen glove, Mujjo’s leather gloves come infused with state-of-the-art nanotechnology that allows the leather to mimic the conductive properties of human skin. This lets you effectively use all your fingers, your palm, or even your knuckles to operate your phone’s touchscreen… while your hands inside stay toasty and warm, thanks to an inner lining of cashmere.

Designer: Mujjo

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Mujjo Leather Touchscreen Gloves

Admittedly, the touchscreen glove’s biggest hurdle so far has been the presence of fingerprint sensors on phones, but our gradual and inevitable shift to facial recognition unlocking just makes the gloves an absolute no-brainer in today’s world. Designed to match the aesthetic seen on Mujjo’s leather iPhone cases, the gloves sport a similar all-leather look along with a fold-over closure that’s marked with the brand’s familiar slant line, created by Mujjo co-founder Remy Nagelmaeker.

Mujjo Leather Touchscreen Gloves

The gloves sport a design that’s an instant classic, thanks to its use of full-grain Ethiopian lambskin leather with a uniform bold black aesthetic. The snap closure around the wrist elegantly secures the gloves on your hands, creating a snug fit while also keeping cold air out so your hands remain warm at all times. A cashmere layer helps keep your extremities toasty while providing an unmatched level of comfort, although the highlight remains the nanotechnology-infused leather which works almost like a second skin, letting you use your phone just like you normally would… with any part of your hand. This feature remains new to both leather as well as fabric gloves, which often limit your touchscreen experience to just one or two fingertips. It’s a feature that sets Mujjo’s gloves apart – even in cost… although the gloves do come neatly packaged in an absolutely sublime gift box, and with a design that should last for years, attributable not just to the wind and water-proof build but primarily to that iconic timeless aesthetic!

Mujjo Leather Touchscreen Gloves

Mujjo Leather Touchscreen Gloves

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