Cooler Master Orb X Immersive PC Gaming Pod Looks Straight out of TRON

Designed and built by computer hardware manufacturer Cooler Master, the Orb X is an immersive gaming pod designed with luxury and comfort in mind. It kind of reminds me of Darth Vader’s meditation chamber, but with less wondering what the heck he does in there for hours at a time.

The Orb X can accommodate up to three 27″ monitors for maximum peripheral viewing and includes built-in power, audio, and lighting systems, as well as a traditional desk surface. It features a premium leather “ergonomic recliner” with fully adjustable head and lumbar support. But does it have seat cooling capabilities? Because I get sweaty when I’m gaming.

The pod’s dome lowers over the user’s head once they’re in place, so you know that they mean business. If the dome is down, do not disturb — that’s going to be my motto. And the dome is never not going to be down, just to be clear. I’m going to live in this thing; all it needs now is a mini-fridge and microwave.

[via Gizmodo]

Giant Scorpion Inspired Reclining PC Immersion Rig

Scorpions: they can be deadly. And this chair looks like it could be too. Introducing the IW-SK ‘Cool Scorpion’ reclining computer workstation from Cluvens Cockpits. It’s a PC rig that looks like a giant steel scorpion and reclines so you can relax at maximum levels while becoming fully immersed in your computing experience. Or losing at Call of Duty and rage-quitting like I will be.

The IW-SK costs $3,699 and includes free shipping in the continental United States. It takes an hour or two to assemble, weighs 352-pounds, and features a push-button control to lower up to three monitors (not included) in front of you. It also includes electronic control of its recline function to 128-degrees (aka “zero gravity”), all the way down to 170-degrees. Most importantly, it features cup holders in its armrests.

As much as I do want one (and I want one badly), I’m not sure I’d even be able to fit an IW-SK in my office without tearing down a wall. Then tearing down another wall. Then another and another until I’m just outside praying there isn’t a thunderstorm coming.

[via The Green Head]

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