This Crazy Rube Goldberg Machine Is a Tape Dispenser

What if I told you that it takes a full five minutes to get a single piece of tape out of this insane Rube Goldberg machine? Hey, it’s about the journey, not the tape. At least that’s what I would keep telling myself if I had to wait on this machine to get said tape.

This overly complicated machine was built by Youtuber DaksDominos. It took him two months to put it together, and he had to get through 187 failed attempts before finally getting this video of a success. The amount of stuff happening on this machine is crazy. Remember, he had to set everything up again each time. That’s crazy. Isn’t this the definition of insanity? How does anyone have that much patience? Or maybe he just really needed a piece of tape that badly.

Anyway, you can watch the whole process right here without having to invest two months and 187 failed attempts. That’s the benefit of letting someone else do all of the work for you. It just goes to show you that with enough SOLO cups, ping pong balls, Hot Wheels tracks, and tape, you can do almost anything, as long as you don’t mind that it takes forever to do.

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A Very Expensive Game of Ping Pong


The lifestyles of the rich and famous are getting more insane as the days grow old. With every day that passes another mansion is sold, and another golden iPhone is bought. What I have never seen before though is a crystal ping pong table…yup, that’s right, crystal. The Italian design company Impatia have made some staggeringly overindulgent ‘sports’ equipment.

I’m not saying this isn’t the coolest thing in the world because as far as I’m concerned, I need this in my life. Made of pure crystal, there is no denying that this magnificent table is a work of art. As if the notion of having a crystal glass ping pong table wasn’t showing off enough, this table is also available with the add-on of 24 Karat gold coated connecting joints and a net handmade by an Italian goldsmith. If you ever felt bad about buying this table, you could always try to get your money’s worth by eating your Sunday dinner on it.

Designer: Adriano Design for Impatia






Single-player Ping Pong: Table (Tennis) for One

Single player ping pong? That’s just a pipe-dream. It’s a myth. People have been chasing that dragon for years. It’s vaporware! Pie in the sky fantasy! Not anymore. The dream has become a reality.

Check out the video below as The Q demonstrates how to make a wooden table tennis game for one person. You control both players. Which means that you always win. And you always lose. Damn.

Now you no longer need a partner to play ping pong thanks to this awesome table for one person! It’s easy to build and fun to play. It would be interesting to see how long you could keep a game going for.

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Adam Savage Builds a Ping Pong Machine Gun

Adam Savage will never stop building awesome things. Why would he? The man has the coolest job in the world. He gets to play all day and come up with cool new toys and make them a reality. His latest project is for Tested’s One Day Builds series, in which he built an awesome ping pong machine gun, using a leaf blower as its source of air.

He wanted to build this rapid-firing ping pong ball weapon since he was a child, and it looks like he’s fully achieved his big dream. This weapon will be used in his and Michael Steven‘s (Vsauce) upcoming touring show Brain Candy Live.  Judging by this build, we don’t want to miss it.

If you don’t have the time to watch the whole build, you can skip to 18:25 to see it in action.

The ping pong machine gun really should be involved in some kind of new Olympic sport, where teams shoot each other over long tables and score points.

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Trainerbot Ping Pong Robot: Eiichiro Maruobot

If you can’t afford a table tennis coach but a wall isn’t good enough for you, check out the Trainerbot. It’s a smart ping pong ball launcher that will give you the exact shot you want for as long as you want.

trainerbot_table_tennis_ping_pong_robot_1zoom in

Using its mobile app, you can program Trainerbot to fire very specific shots. It even divides your side of the table into nine zones, Baby Steps-style, so you can pick where you want it to shoot. You can also fine tune the trajectory and spin of its shot. You can also string multiple shots together and save them as a training drill. You’ll also be able to export the drills you created to help – or troll – other Trainerbot users.

Trainerbot also has preset drills with varying difficulty, a multiplayer mode and a cathartic smash mode for quick plug-and-play sessions. The robot can hold up to 30 ping pong balls, which it can all throw at you in 15 seconds at its fastest setting. It doesn’t come with a Ballboybot though.

trainerbot_table_tennis_ping_pong_robot_4zoom in

Pledge at least $329 (USD) on Kickstarter to receive a Trainerbot as a reward. The Trainerbot Pro variant comes with a stand so you can position it from a more realistic distance and height.

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The Coconut Paddle Looks Awesome, Costs An Arm


Well, as far as ping pong paddles go, this has got the be the most eye catching one we’ve ever come across. It’s called the Coconut Paddle, and there is no coconut involved in its making. Instead, there’s a Blonde 3 Ply Bamboo Wood, with custom inserts in the handle. The shape of that handle is not only ergonomic but allows for left or right handed play. And like anything that looks unusual and seems overengineered, the price is through the roof: $108. For reference, that’s about $100 more than we’d be willing to pay for a ping pong paddle, but then again we know nothing about the game and wouldn’t be surprised if professional grade paddles fetch even higher prices.


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Super-Hydrophobic Paddles Let ISS Astronaut Play Liquid Ping-Pong

If there were ever a reason to put Forrest Gump on the ISS, this would be it. NASA sent up a pair of special paddles to the space station that allow astronauts to play ping-pong with water globes. The paddles were laser etched and then coated with Teflon, making them super-hydrophobic.

liquid-ping-pong-tbzoom in

The combination creates a surface that water can’t adhere to. The result is that you can smack floating orbs of water between the paddles. NASA says the larger the drop, the less force it takes to smash the floating glob of water, the smaller the drops the harder you can hit them so you need some finesse. Astronaut Scott Kelly demonstrates the phenomenon in the video below:

I’d assume the Russian contingent on the space station has vodka. The U.S. team has the paddles. This could be the best drinking game in history.  Rules of Vodka Pong are each astronaut gets a chance to smash the vodka into the mouth of the competition, if it hits their mouth, they have to swallow. The first one to puke loses and has to clean up the floating mess. You’re welcome, astronauts.

This Ping Pong Table Is Made from Railroad Tracks and Ties

If you are looking for the sturdiest ping pong table ever, check out the Click-Clack Table Tennis Table. It is unlike any ping pong table you have ever seen. It’s a luxury table for those who appreciate both trains and table tennis. The name obviously comes from the click-clack sound that trains make on the tracks.

rail_yard_ping_pong_1zoom in

In case you were wondering, yes, it is regulation size, including the “net.” Both the net and the table supports are sections of railroad tracks with oak and hickory railroad ties holding it all upright. Railroad enthusiasts love stuff like this.

rail_yard_ping_pong_2zoom in

It was created by Rail Yard Studios, who salvages wood and steel from railroads to make furniture. This table was recovered from the Tennessee Coal & Iron Company. The steel and wood were made in 1904 and 1921. You better wear your train conductor’s cap when you play on this table.

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Knock Knock. Who’s There? Ping Pong Door.

Let’s say that you want to have a ping pong table, but you just don’t have enough room in your home. What do you do? One option is to put half a ping pong table in your room and half outside of it with this awesome Ping Pong door.

pongtable_1zoom in

Your doorbell will say ping pong instead of ding dong and you will be able to play despite not having much room. Tobias Fränzel, a product and furniture designer in Berlin, came up with the idea. It’s a functional interior door and then swivels into place to serve (pun intended) as a ping pong table.

ping_pong_door_2zoom in

Just flip it down, attach the net, and you are ready to play.

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Round Ping Pong Table Belongs In Our Offices


It’s not that we’re huge fans of Ping Pong or anything, but the thought of a bunch of us being able to play on the same table at the same time is kind of appealing. We’re guessing it’s the same train of thought that got Singapore artist Lee Wen to make the above Ping-Pong Go Round table… back in 1998. He’s been exhibiting it at various art galleries across Asia since, going so far as making a few models for some museums that were requesting them. It accommodates up to 15 players, although we imagine those in the middle might feel a little crowded. And it also apparently isn’t being manufactured so you can’t get a game on unless you travel to one of the few places where it is still being exhibited. Still, the concept is interesting.


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