Polaroid’s latest instant camera is the same classic analog we love, only pocket-sized!

For as long as we’ve been posting photos online, we’ve been glancing back at the sepia-toned, washed-out moments of the past for inspiration. The 1960s provide an endless supply of grid inspo for today’s creative youth, so it’s no wonder we all want to get our hands on the relics of yesterday’s cameras like those from Polaroid. This influx of young creatives purchasing vintage cameras has given way to some rebranding and new launches, particularly Polaroid’s new instant analog camera, Polaroid Go, the smallest of its kind.

Polaroid Go boasts itself as the world’s smallest instant analog camera, offering the same classic Polaroid frames, only smaller. Similar to Polaroid’s previous analog cameras, the Polaroid Go is compact and wearable with a detachable shoulder strap. The team behind Polaroid Go also notes that the instant analog camera is pocket-size for optimal portability, cutting the Polaroid Original-sized prints in half. Oskar Smolokowski, chairman of the board at Polaroid says, “You can put this in your pocket and have fun with it, all the objects in our life got smaller until the smartphone fit in our pocket, but it’s the same iconic photograph, just smaller.”

Dubbing it the ‘pocket-size creative companion,’ the Polaroid Go ushers in the brand’s first new film format since 1999. Outfitting the new camera with selfie features, a self-timer, and a simple double exposure function, the Polaroid Go certainly fits the bill for today’s photographic needs. Currently only available for preorder, the Polaroid Go offers an exciting reinterpretation of the Polaroid’s beloved analogs, Smolokowski goes on, “The Go follows that lineage but it’s a smaller size—it’s the smallest instant analog camera ever made.”

Designer: Polaroid

The Polaroid Go maintains the same inner mechanisms of older Polaroid models, with instant film advancement slides.

Just like older Polaroid models, the Go is simple by design and easy to use.

The Polaroid Go lets you take photos with spontaneity and ease, shooting out frames half the size of Polaroid Original film.

With integrated selfie capabilities and a self-timer, the Polaroid Go is ideal for today’s creative youth.

The Polaroid Go additionally offers a simple double exposure feature that can be applied with any shot.

With such a compact size, the Polaroid Go can be taken anywhere.

Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 40 is a delightfully retro-looking instant camera!

At a glance, the Instax Mini 40 doesn’t look like the kind of camera you’d see in 2021. Although, given how we’re in an era of retro throwbacks, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 might have just nailed the retro-wave trend! With its black, boxy avatar, metallic accents, and that faux-leather texture that’s practically emblematic of vintage cameras, the Instax Mini 40 really takes us back to simpler times.

At its heart, the Instax Mini 40 is a pretty simple gadget. Unlike most cameras that come inundated with features, controls, and abilities to post stuff on social media, the Instax Mini 40 focuses more on having a very simplified UX… so all you need to really do is compose your shot, hit the button, and watch as your photo develops. The camera takes care of the rest, triggering the flash, auto-exposing the shot, and printing out your image with slightly soft details and a high contrast – just as you would expect with any Polaroid shot.

The instant camera’s simplified UX is evident in how you use the camera too. Press the large silver button on the front and the lens pops open, switching the camera on. The camera comes with two shooting modes too – a standard mode and a selfie mode. To toggle the selfie mode, just pull the lens out a little further and it changes its focal length, allowing subjects closer to the camera to be in focus. When you want to shut the camera, just push the lens back in and the Instax Mini 40 powers down.

Ultimately, the Instax Mini 40 may look like a serious retro-inspired camera, but it’s more of an entry-level camera meant for people who take the retro-trend seriously. Its body is all-plastic (and so are the metallic accents), making for a camera that does feel slightly on the cheaper side, even though it sports a $100 price tag. It shares most of its features with the $70 Instax Mini 11, albeit in a smaller, more 70-80s inspired design. The camera will be available later this month, and for an extra couple of bucks, you can even grab yourself a leatherette case with a shoulder-sling.

Designer: Fujifilm

Lacoste-themed Polaroid 600 instant film camera is boxy crocodile every photography enthusiast will love!

As the gloom of the pandemic continues, two brands – rather distinct in approach – have collaborated for a Spring 2021 collection complete with a rainbow of colors. The Technicolor capsule collection is an outcome of the uncanny partnership between Lacoste and Polaroid that comprises an instant camera and clothing made in each other’s iconic styles.

Lacoste-themed Polaroid 600 instant film camera in red and green hue is the highlight of the consortium. This boxy camera mimics the former’s crocodile logo – in an animated form of course – when the built-in flash is popped open. The peppy camera strikes an instant chord with the era gone by thanks to its retro look and bold use of colors. On the other hand, Polaroid-themed Lacoste apparels feature Technicolor sweatshirts, tracksuits, swimwear, T-shirts, and the like, with Polaroid photo prints in the brand’s rainbow logo that transports you back to the 1960s.

While the spectrum of Polaroid colors goes from photography to fabric, the Lacoste touch to the Polaroid camera transposes a new attraction to the classic Polaroid 600 instant film camera. A genuine piece of vintage retro-tech, this is in all respects a functional camera instead of being just a charming little boxy crocodile one may count it out for on the first glance. With its retro spirit, this new Polaroid 600 offers highly saturated style and if you want to own the fancy cam, it is available in Europe along with a strap and a pack of 600 color film for €150.

Designer: Lacoste x Polaroid

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Polaroid’s new pocket-printer prints waterproof images that you can stick on walls & lockers!

Your smartphone clicks the most amazing pictures of a device its size… now Polaroid’s smartphone-sized printer can realize them in full color, while also ensuring they’re waterproof. The Polaroid Hi-Print is the company’s latest pocket printer, and its first dye-sublimation printer – a technology that allows you to get better, clearer, more professional looking prints than most standard Zero-Ink pocket printers out there.

The Polaroid Hi-Print uses the dye-sublimation process to create vivid, fade-proof prints, with all-in-one ink+paper cartridges. It then uses heat to ‘seal’ the inks, creating a print that’s waterproof too (all this happens in under a minute). Just feed your image into the Hi-Print and out slides a printed sheet once it’s ready. The Hi-Print’s cartridges last for 20 prints, and the paper even comes with a peel-off layer at the back that reveals an adhesive side, allowing you to stick your prints anywhere.

The Hi-Print allows for truly photo-quality prints, with edge-to-edge printing. It gives you the freedom to choose, edit, and finalize photos before you print them, deviating from the ‘in-the-moment’ nature of Polaroid’s cameras, and even giving you the freedom to print images you couldn’t before like notes or screenshots. Plus with its wireless nature and compact design, you can carry your professional studio in your pockets, clicking with one device and printing out the other!

Designer: Polaroid

Polaroid’s new $99 instant camera comes with autofocus and dual-exposure

Meet the Polaroid Now, an instant camera which, as its name rightfully suggests, wants you to live in the moments you capture. Designed around its i-Type film technology, the Polaroid Now is a simple, easy-to-use $99 instant camera that’s all about clicking great pictures. The Polaroid Now comes with an autofocus feature that allows it to automatically adjust between a 35mm and 40mm lens to capture your subject with great detail, be it a portrait or a landscape shot. It also has an adaptive flash that adjusts the flash hue based on the lighting of your scene. With a large, red camera trigger button on the front, all it takes for you to capture a great photo is to look into the viewfinder and click your picture when you’re ready. The Polaroid Now even comes with a double-exposure feature, allowing you to click trippy, artistic photos that print right out onto its i-Type film. Pretty impressive for a $99 camera!

Designer: Polaroid

Polaroid’s new $99 instant camera uses autofocus to change modes

More than a year after Polaroid Originals gave us the OneStep+, it's ready to share another old-school, analogy camera: the Polaroid Now. This time around, Polaroid Originals has traded the dual lenses for a new autofocus lens, and it has stripped aw...

This nifty desktop gadget turns your smartphone’s photos into printed Polaroids

There’s something more personal about framing a photo on a wall, or flipping through a photo album. It feels more real, evokes more memories, and has a special appeal that definitely beats scrolling through endless feeds of millions of photos on your smartphone. Polaroids are literally like bookmarks in time, when everyone gathers to capture a moment that can’t be captured again, can’t be filtered, can’t be edited, or even duplicated. Polaroids for the longest time have been the perfect addition to a perfect holiday, but they’re often limited by A. always having a set of Polaroid papers handy, and B. being able to click the perfect photo, when everyone’s smiling, nobody’s blinking, or some friend doesn’t have hair in her face. The Polaroid Lab changes that. Imagine being able to click a photo on your smartphone, being able to edit it, crop out that photobomber in the background, AND THEN being able to immortalize it on Polaroid’s paper!

The Polaroid Lab is a novel product that lets you rest your smartphone on it, and turns the image on your smartphone screen into a Polaroid photo. The desktop device uses a close-proximity lens to literally take a photo of your screen, turning your high-end smartphone’s photo into a printed picture that you can then scribble a message under and pin to your wall. The Polaroid Lab’s biggest benefits are that you can choose the best photo from hundreds of clicks, edit it and add filters or stickers, and then place your phone with the image loaded on the screen onto the Lab to turn it into a Polaroid snap. The added advantage is that you can make multiple copies of the same snap for all your friends… now isn’t that just so much cooler than sharing photos via DropBox??

Designer: Polaroid