Samsung Galaxy Buds update adds handy Galaxy Buds+ features

If you happen to own a pair of Samsung's original Galaxy Buds, you'll now be able to do more with them. The company has released a new software update for the true wireless headphones that brings over a couple of features that were previously exclusi...

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These bean-shaped Samsung Galaxy earphones were designed to fit perfectly into your ear

It’s 2020 and I’m still surprised we haven’t figured out the best shape for a pair of earphones. We’ve experimented with circles, silicone tips, weird wing-shaped hooks that latch onto parts of our ear canal, and even AirPods, and we’re yet to arrive at a universal earphone design that fits, pardon the phrase, like a glove. Recent images based on reliable leaks show that Samsung’s experimenting with kidney-bean shaped TWS earphones that fit neatly into the outer-ear canal. Given their form, it seems fitting that Samsung’s codenamed them The Bean.

The Bean’s shape looks pretty promising and is apparently smaller than any of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds. Sort of a cross between a hearing aid and consumer-grade wireless earphones, the Beans are a little over an inch long and have two small loudspeakers each, covering the midrange and treble, as reported by WinFuture. There’s even an outside channel similar to what you’d find in subwoofers, and a host of microphones, not just for answering calls, but presumably also to help cancel outside noise, because of the lack of an air-tight silicone tip on the Bean.

There’s no official word from Samsung with any working details or a release date (or even a price range), but reputable sources indicate a summer or autumn launch to coincide with the Galaxy Note 20. Until then, I’m stuffing broad-beans into my ear to see if they actually hold up. Please don’t try this at home.

Designer/Visualizer: Roland Quandt for WinFuture

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Leaker Reveals Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Features and Specs

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus
Image via Ishan Agarwal

The latest leaks of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus suggest that the earbuds will come to win white, black and light blue. Similar details were shared by other leakers such as XDA last month. The leaks also suggest that the earbuds will have left and right buttons, which will be located in the charging case.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus packs in a number of features

As the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus
will come with a bigger battery, it will last for more than 12 hours. It also
comes with many audio quality improvements. However, the earbuds will not see
active noise cancellation. The leakers also claim that the earbuds will be 50%
more expensive than previous models and that is going to be quite exorbitant
for most people.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is
known for its unique clarity and power. Most people purchase these earbuds to
use alongside their phones and tablets. It is not clear when they will actually
arrive in the market. However, when they do, they will surely be accepted by
users as one of the most attractive earbuds in the market.

Here are some of the unique advantages of Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

  • The new earbuds are very ergonomic and fit into the ears very well.
  • They are also comfortable to wear and do not fall out easily. 
  • The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is made from high-quality material, making the earbuds last for a long time.
  • The earbuds are also stylish and look great on the user if they choose to wear them outside.

Samsung tries hard to conquer a burgeoning market

Samsung has been on a spree lately and has launched a number of products, including an unrelated garment cleanser. In addition, Samsung's Galaxy S20 will arrive on the market soon. S20's specs were unveiled a little while ago too, and the smartphone is expected to be very powerful and feature-rich.

The S20 will, of course, be compatible with these new earbuds and will be a great way to interact with all kinds of media. Samsung has had to fight with a number of competitors in recent months. Huawei is growing rapidly, and so is OnePlus and other Asian giants. Though Samsung had initially envisioned Apple as its major competitor, things seem to have changed quite drastically. Coincidentally, leaker Ishan Agarwal's claims seem quite realistic.

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