Designing for a better tomorrow – the innovative spirit that drives the Lexus Design Award 2020

The words “Design” and “Better” are bound pretty closely together. There is no design if it isn’t making a situation or an experience better, solving a problem, enriching a life, or transforming an industry. Designers are always striving to make the future better than the past, and the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD is committed to rewarding designs and designers that are pushing the boundaries to imagine and ideate for a better future for humanity as well as for the planet. In fact, “Design for a Better Tomorrow” is the underlying theme of the Lexus Design Award 2020. Currently in its 8th year, this year’s Lexus Design Award looks at solutions that have a uniquely positive impact on society, humanity, and in the process, to reward a new generation of designers for their impactful ideas. The Lexus Design Award’s core objective has always been to foster great ideas and great talent. Creating the perfect environment for a design to grow, Lexus helps engineer ideas into real, impactful solutions. The brand’s strong association with design and with innovation helps it accelerate ideas to achieve their full potential. Apart from accelerating, developing, and promoting design projects, the Lexus Design Award helps kickstart design careers too, with exclusive mentorships from international design stalwarts, funding for prototypes (up to 3 million Japanese Yen or $25,000) and the opportunity to have your work judged by the biggest figures in design in the final Grand Prix competition. Past Judges include architects Sir David Adjaye and Shigeru Ban, famed curator Aric Chen, and artist-designer Jaime Hayon. This year, the Grand Prix winner will be announced on September 1st on the Lexus Design Award website.

The award process for the Lexus Design Award is pretty unique too. After the entry submission phase, 6 Grand Prix finalists are selected to be mentored at the brand space INTERSECT BY LEXUS in New York by a panel of globally renowned creators with established design practices and decades of experience in the field. This year Joe Doucet (Founder, Joe Doucet x Partners), Bethan Gray (Creative Director, Bethan Gray Design), Philippe Malouin (Director, Philippe Maluin Studio), and Shohei Shigematsu (Partner-Director OMA New York) served as mentors. Mentors help define and refine ideas, turning them into world-class products which are then prototyped and incubated by the Lexus Design Award. The projects and their refined prototypes are then presented and judged by an esteemed panel of judges in a virtual Grand Prix selection event in August. Winners, apart from being able to showcase the award in their resume, also benefit from having been mentored by world-class designers, having their design taken from concept to finished prototype, being judged by design and tech icons like John Maeda (technologist & author of The Laws Of Simplicity), Jeanne Gang (award-winning architect), Paola Antonelli (Senior Curator at MoMA), and Simon Humphries (Head of Toyota and Lexus Global Design), and having their work gain unparalleled exposure through the programme.

Entries for the 2020 Lexus Design Award came from as many as 79 countries, spanning across the categories of Industrial Design, Architecture, Technology/Engineering, Interior Design, and Fashion Design. As the participants currently go through their prototyping phase, here’s a look at the 6 Grand Prix finalist designs.

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Biocraft by Sutherlin Santo

Biocraft attempts at transforming mundane objects into living ones that interact with the environment. Originally named Bio.Scales, the Biocraft is a revolutionary material that combines natural biopolymers with emerging technology to create a new material that possesses capabilities like being able to extract CO2 from the air, rid the ambient environment of pollutants, or even disseminate nutrients into the atmosphere. Created by Paul and Garrett Sutherlin Santo from Los Angeles, Biocraft hopes to eventually replace materials like thermoplastics, eventually creating regular products that don’t just exist to solve a problem, but rather serve a higher purpose by being ‘living entities’ that have a positive impact on human health and the environment.

Feltscape by Théophile Peju & Salvatore Cicero

Think of the Feltscape as an isolation chamber that imitates the feeling of being within a womb. Designed by UK-based Théophile Peju & Salvatore Cicero, the Feltscape is a ‘breathing cloud’ made of felt and recycled bio-plastic with an innovative robotic fabrication process. Equipped with sensors and kinetic mechanisms, the Feltscape can sense a user’s breathing patterns, allowing the isolation chamber’s smart membrane to react to its user’s breath. Creating a perfect atmosphere for reflection, meditation, and an escape from the immediate world, Feltscape provides a cocoon-like isolation experience that helps slowly and surely calm people down. Its organic design reflects inspiration from cocoons too!

Flash Pak by Yaokun Wu

Akin to having a fire-extinguisher mounted on the walls of buildings, Flash Pak by Yaokun Wu of China aims at providing flood-prone areas with instant access to life-jackets. Designed to be attached to lamp-poles in areas susceptible to flash floods, the FlashPak sits in its protective housing at regular times, but in the event of a flood, naturally rises to the surface thanks to the life-jacket’s innate buoyancy. Floods, now an unfortunately common by-product of climate change, displaces millions each year, resulting in thousands of deaths annually. Solutions like the Flash Pak can turn a lamp-post (or any regular post) into a potential life-saving zone, giving people instant access to life-saving jackets during times of need. New jackets can easily be placed back in their housing once the flood subsides, and the Flash Pak’s automatic deployment during a flash flood makes it an incredibly effective, life-changing solution.

L.I.C.K. by Irina Samoilova

A quirky example of biomimicry, the L.I.C.K. by Irina Samoilova from Russia is a portable body cleaner that takes inspiration from the way felines clean themselves. The L.I.C.K. is modeled on a cat’s tongue, with a soft cleaning surface with unique papillae that helps people who are unable to have a bath to clean themselves. Designed for people with no immediate access to water, or with injuries/bandages/casts that require being kept away from water, the L.I.C.K. provides a unique tactile experience that helps keep the body clean. Designed to work just the way a cat’s tongue does, the L.I.C.K. can simply be run across the body while its specially designed papillae and U-shaped cavities help lift dirt off the body (while feeling great to the touch too!)

Open Source Communities by BellTower

What if architecture, like software, could be open-sourced so that people can collectively develop something better together? The Open Source Communities, a Grand Prix finalist from Kenya-based BellTower, hopes to create universally available open-source home-design plans that can be used to design communities in developing and underdeveloped countries. These open-sourced homes can help provide a safe and secure haven for people in developing areas, while helping designers leverage the power of open-source planning to effectively allocate resources, allowing communities to even be sustainable, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly by design!

Pursewit by Aqsa Ajmal

The Pursewit is uniquely positioned to help the visually impaired not just be independent, but also develop vocational skills that help them make a living. Designed by Pakistan-based designer, Aqsa Ajmal, after her friend lost her vision in an accident, the Pursewit makes sewing more accessible with a design that’s built around ease-of-use with an approach that’s immediately intuitive and with a relatively shallow learning curve. The design scales the form of the sewing machine down, making it less cumbersome while also being simpler and safer. Ajmal hopes that the Pursewit will go beyond just helping the visually impaired be more independent by sewing or fixing their clothes, by also allowing them to take on a skill set that helps them earn a daily wage and be financially independent too.

The Grand Prix trophy was designed by Hideki Yoshimoto.

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This spotlight-inspired speaker solves three problems to elevate your Netflix binge sessions

Have you ever been told that you are sitting too close to the TV? Or do you have an urge to always turn up the volume so you can drown out the noises from the environment around you? Have you strained your eyes to read the subtitles because you cannot sit too close to it at night and neither can you increase the volume? We need technology that makes watching TV from a distance a convenient and pleasurable experience without being that noisy neighbor and this conceptual speaker is here to solve exactly that problem!

The sound/spot was designed to route the sounds from the TV to the viewer and limit it to their area. It promotes a healthier relationship with watching TV, especially for kids who tend to sit closer if they can’t hear or raise the volume to an obnoxious level without understanding the impact it has on the health. The aesthetic and the sound distribution was inspired by a spotlight’s directionality and scope to shine in a specific space. The technology in sound/spot is taken from a sound signage speaker that has been reimagined as a lamp to disperse sound instead of light while blending in your interiors, unlike a bulky sound system.

For product stability, the speaker protrudes a little outside the center axis. The stand also features magnetic clips to keep the wires seamlessly attached to itself than hanging around for a cleaner look. A round magnetic remote control is also included. Its unique shape makes it stand out because at a first glance you would never associate it with a speaker. The standing lamp style lets you fit it in tight corners without occupying much of floor space or adding visual weight to the room. This speaker is certainly shining a light into a new direction for designers to make experiences better while also accounting for the health factor.

Designers: Kihyeon Kim, Lee Hyo Min, and Seongmin Kwon

UV Mask is the world’s first antiviral face mask with an active UV-C sterilization for 99.99% clean air

Here’s a classic example of necessity being the mother of invention. Mask design has seen such blitzscaled innovation in the past couple of months, it’s truly remarkable how designers, engineers, and medical professionals have convened so passionately to tackle this pandemic. In just the past few months we’ve seen masks that are transparent, masks designed with miniature air-purifiers in them, and now the UV Mask, a mask that actively uses UV-light to filter the air you breathe, giving you an unparalleled total filtration efficiency of 99.99%.

We’re only half-way through 2020 and it seems like the virus still has tricks up its sleeve. With multiple scientists presenting evidence to WHO that the COVID-19 virus isn’t particulate-borne but rather is an airborne virus (which makes it much more difficult to deal with), it’s time our masks did more than just trapping particles. The UV Mask, unlike your conventional N95, doesn’t just trap microorganisms… it neutralizes them too, breaking down the genetic materials of coronavirus in milliseconds.

The UV Mask comes with a dual filtration system that delivers the cleanest air quality of any existing face-mask. A preliminary replaceable N95 filter blocks 95% of particles like dust, dirt, debris, up to 0.3 microns. Microorganisms smaller than 0.3 microns then enter the UV-C Sterile Vortex, a helix-shaped filter that blasts microorganisms with UV-C light to destroy 99.9% of the remaining 5% on a DNA level, to give you air that isn’t just clean, it’s medical-grade, sterile-clean, bringing total filtration efficiency to 99.99%.

The UV Mask scales down active UV filtration tech to a wearable level (it’s the only existing mask to do so). Its patent-pending design uses a combination of a CE-FFP2 (EU standard same as N95) filter and two powerful UV-C LEDs to actively sterilize the air you breathe. Even during exhalation, the air you breathe out is sterilized and filtered too, effectively protecting asymptomatic people from infecting others around them. The UV Mask comes with a silicone outer-ring to create a comfortable airtight seal, ensuring effective protection from air pollutants, as well as preventing what I personally call ‘foggy-spectacle syndrome’. Multiple strap styles let you secure the UV mask around your head or even around your ear, based on what suits you best. The mask comes with a removable outer hard-shell that lets you access and replace the filter after weeks of use, while the UV-C lamp itself has a usage life of 10,000 hours, and the UV Mask’s internal battery runs for 6 hours on a single full charge. The UV Mask comes with an optional carrying-case for securely storing the mask when not in use, and a pack of 10 replacement filters sets you back just $12.

Built with a 1-year warranty and 30-day satisfaction guarantee, the UV Mask is a state-of-the-art medical-grade air sterilization system made portable. Delivering an unmatchable 99.99% clean and sterile air, the UV Mask forms an incredibly effective line of defense against particles and microorganisms from entering your respiratory system. After all, like the video above says… Breathing air is natural, but breathing clean air is essential.

Designer: UM Systems

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UV Mask – Real-Time UV-C Filtration & Purification Face Mask

The UV Mask equipped with UV-C purification is an antiviral, anti-pollution face mask that filters dust, pathogens, and allergens (like pollen & leaf mulch) from the air you breathe.

Equipped with a passive air filter, and a patent-pending Sterile-Vortex active protection, it filters and purifies 99.99% of air 10x faster than you can breathe. The UV-C light is sealed within the Sterile-Vortex, as you breathe, the air is sent through the vortex and purified under two 25,000μW/cm2 UV-C LEDs.

Dual Filtration – Beyond purifying, UVMask also filters air through a high-efficiency filter that blocks all air pollutants, dust, pollen, tobacco & bushfire smoke.

UV-C LED Purification

Consumer-grade UV-C light has never been practical. The light intensities and time required have been too impractical to purify effectively at the speed we breathe. Until now. UV Mask is the first-ever face mask to effectively integrate UV-C tech with the true power to purify the air in real-time.

As glass components reduce UV-C light transmission, UV Mask’s Sterile-Vortex uses the highest quality Sapphire crystal optics and high precision chip manufacturing to power each UV-C light.

Independently Certified by SGS-Lab

UV Mask has been independently tested and certified by the FDA-approved and ISO 17025 accredited SGS Labs.

The CE-FFP2 (EU Standards N95 equivalent) passive air filter has been tested according to the EN 149-2001+A1-2009 standards, receiving a 0.3-micron filtration efficiency of 99%.

The UV-C active protection has been tested against E. coli and Staphylococcus to have an average efficacy rate of 99.93%.

UV Mask Comparison Chart

Forget Foggy Glasses

The unique sideway air-intakes also stop saliva from spilling out or inside the UV Mask, as well as preventing your glasses from fogging up, unlike traditional cloth and surgical masks.

The Problem We Are Facing With Current Masks

In order for a face mask to be effective in protecting you from dust and particulates, it needs to be well sealed, and dense enough to filter out tiny particles as small as 0.1μm. While large amounts of pollution are visible to the naked eye (eg. smoke), they are still present in harmful quantities when not visible.

How Does UV Mask work?

With both a filter pad (95% filtration efficiency against 0.3μm particulates) and UV-C Sterile-Vortex (99.9% purification rate), UV Mask guarantees protection with 99.99% total filtration efficiency. At UM, the team spent years researching the ideal engineering and mechanism of UV-C purification technology that’s compact enough to fit into a face mask yet powerful enough to purify 99% of the air you breathe in real-time.

Replaceable High-Efficiency (95% Air Filtration). All air you breathe is filtered through this first layer of protection. The advanced filtration system uses CE-FFP2 air filters to block >95% PM0.3 particles, including air pollution, dust, VOCs, and other microscopic particles up to 100x smaller than a grain of flour. The UV Mask filters offer 40-50 hours of protection before filtration efficiency starts to drop.

Light-Sealed UV-C Sterile-Vortex with 99.9% Purification. The safest UV light for humans since it has the least penetrative capabilities through human skin, making it ideal for purification.

– Engineered and Manufactured in Japan
– Designed in the USA
– Double 25,000μW/cm2 (Lab Tested Actual Intensity) UV-C LEDs
– 1,000x+ More Powerful than the Competition
– Extra Safe Light-Sealed Design
– Low Heat Emission
– 10,000 Hours Life-Time

UV Mask’s Sterile-Vortex system uses two pure 265nm 25,000μW/cm2 Ultra-High Intensity UV-C lights, making it powerful enough to purify the air in less than 0.1 seconds. In 1 second, it can effectively purify between 6-10 liters of air. To put that into perspective, your average breath is 0.5 liters.

UV-C Intensity Test

Since most materials block UV-C, UM uses a patent-pending material and precision-engineered vortex design to allow the maximum time and surface exposure to UV-C while air flows in and out of the UV Mask. Exposure time and air-surface are two critical factors in purification effectiveness. Since UV-C purifies by breaking down genetic material, the smaller the organism, the faster and more effective.

Inhale & Exhale: Dual-Way Air Protection

UV Mask purifies both the air you inhale and exhale, increasing safety for both yourself and others around you. This is especially useful for asymptomatic individuals.

Protection Against Air Pollution

UV Mask is designed to provide exceptional protection to those who are most at risk from air pollution, whether due to increased environmental exposure or preexisting conditions.

People who may benefit from improved protection include:

– High-Contact Workers
– Elderly Population
– Commuters
– Cyclists
– Allergic Persons
– Cleaning Activities

Note: UV Mask is not recommended for those who need protection against oil-based particles or chemical vapors.

Breath Naturally

UV Mask’s skin-soft medical-grade ergonomic silicone hugs your face. 100% airtight, it ensures any air you breathe is passed through its 2 patent-pending dual-way filters.

Built for Comfort & Durability

UV Mask’s hardcover front shell is resistant to drops and scratches, protecting the filter and Sterile-Vortex within. With its hardcover and tightly sealed design, you can safely use your UV Mask in the rain. Certified to IP54, your UV Mask’s filter and interior components are protected from environmental water and moisture, as well as dust and airborne particulates.

Two 1,200 mAh Li-Po batteries allow for up to 6 hours of continuous use on a single charge. And with its fast-charging enabled USB-C port, you’ll be ready to go again in under 90 minutes. Even if you run out of charge, your UV Mask’s passive air filter will still protect you from pollution, dust, pollen, and other particles larger than 0.3 microns.

Rigorously Tested For Safety

Filtration Efficiency Tests – On top of the Sterile-Vortex technology that purifies 99.9% of the air, UV Mask also provides a 95% high filtration efficiency against 0.3 microns particulates (PFE≥ 99% | BFE ≥ 95% | VFE ≥ 95%) through its removable filter pad.

Airtight Seal Fit Tests – A reliable face seal is critical to achieving high levels of protection. UV Mask’s fit factor according to the FDA-approved Portacount 8030 test achieved an average of fit factor higher than 100 — the level required for NIOSH certification.

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This solar powered water purifier & pump fits in your backpack to create the ultimate camping experience!

Let’s up our camping game to level ‘glamping’ with this solar-powered water purifier and pump! You never have to worry about carrying cartons of bottled water and calculating if that is enough for the group for all days. No math and no increasing plastic waste when we have GoSun Flow – a portable water purifier that is also a sink and provides water for shower all while storing the solar energy that it creates.

The GoSun Flow is made keeping in mind that it is small enough to fit into a backpack so it doesn’t add to the minimal essentials one has to carry during their trip. It uses solar energy to filter 99.99% of pathogens from water and is able to pump 1 liter of clean water per minute! Apart from providing safe drinking water it also doubles up as a portable handwashing station and hot shower. Having a hot shower (the one thing you miss the most during camping) is such an upgrade because that means we don’t have to jump into a cold water body, everyone knows the right temperature of hot water in the showers is basically therapy for your soul.

It is super easy to get this energy-efficient appliance running – place the intake hose into any water source (except salt water), plug in the pump, and it will automatically start filtering the water. To use the faucet or shower, simply clamp the faucet and flip on the pump! “The Flex Faucet’s integrated clamp can open to over two and a quarter inches (58mm) so it attaches anywhere: branches, tables, tailgates, fences, etc.  The flexible head can twist, bend, and point water wherever you need it” explains the team.

The filter lasts for 1,000 liters of filtration and can be easily replaced. The camping appliance uses an innovative 3-stage cartridge filter to remove 99.99% of pathogens. The first filter is a polypropylene filter disc that removes large particles like dirt, rust, and sand. The second filter is a high-efficiency carbon filter that absorbs hazardous chemicals and heavy metals. And the third filter is a nano aluminum fiber filter that creates an electropositive charge in a labyrinth of fibers to trap and kill the tiniest particles and organisms in your water.

To make it effortless, GoSun Flow uses a USB-powered pump that does the work for you and provides a flow of water anywhere you want and that too within a minute – say goodbye to manual pumping although it did provide a good arm workout. The pump is powered by a power bank that can pump over 100 gallons of water on a single charge. The best part? You can recharge it with the integrated solar panel that plugs right into the power bank. GoSun has always believed in designing products that don’t require fuel or resupply and this water pump + purifier is another amazing addition to their range of essentials that keep you prepared for emergencies.

With GoSun Flow you can have access to clean water anywhere. It is not only essential for camping but also allows you to sanitize yourself when there is a shortage – think of remote medical camps where the rural areas don’t have access to clean water. It is so much more than a hot shower when you are out in the woods, it is using the source that gives Earth life to give you life.

Designer: GoSun Inc.

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gosun filtration

washing hand




Click Here to Buy Now: $199 $339 (41% off). Under 48 hours to go! Raised over $3426,193!

This Dyson-inspired e-scooter can turn you into an electric vehicle ‘fan’

Dyson is hands down one of the most innovative companies out there. Before Dyson, did you ever follow any company that made vacuums on Instagram? It single-handedly turned vacuums into a status symbol and then ventured into playing the tech fairy godmother while transforming all the other pumpkin household appliances. Dyson has inspired many designers to adapt their style and create some amazing concepts, our recent favorite is the Dyson Moovo – an electric scooter modeled after their signature product designs featuring clean lines.

Electric scooters are soon going to become a preferred mode of transport for city commuters as they are environmentally friendly and easier on the pocket than a Tesla. Moovo’s design incorporates Dyson’s sleek and simplified aesthetics with their powerful engineering into an efficient electric scooter that you would be proud to own. The handlebar integrates the workings of a CPU that lets you control certain features of the scooter through its display like folding the handlebar or visualizing your trip’s data. The screen is anti-reflective so that you can look at the data under any light condition when outside. It features a 300W brushless motor in the front hub with a drum brake in the rear wheel and translucent mudguards to reduce visual weight on both ends. There is an easy control for the throttle along with a brake lever that is also included in the handlebar. Soft plugs guard the ends of the handlebar and absorb impact.

You can also adjust the height according to the rider and the anti-slip surface ensures their comfort + safety. Lock and unlock your scooter with your fingerprint and we won’t be surprised if this moves towards facial recognition in the future. The base features a sliding lock mechanism to detach the battery when needed and a sliding stand to make it stay upright effortlessly. The Dyson Moovo has the power to convert many people into electric scooter fans just as they turned many adults into Monica Gellers who love to clean!

Designer: Iago Valiño

This Weird Japanese Gadget Detects If You Stink

I like to think that I’m a pretty clean person. I take a shower at least once or twice every day, use deodorant, brush my teeth regularly, and don’t roll around in the trash like Pigpen. But you never know if you smell bad, and just nobody has the heart to tell you. Well, this strange gadget from Japan is supposed to help figure out if you’re malodorous.

Simply place the Tanita ES-100 Handheld Body Smell Checker near an area you’re concerned about, and it will display the amount of stink on a scale from 1 to 10. A reading of 4 to 6 means it can smell something, while a 7 to 10 score indicates strong odors.

Now keep in mind that it doesn’t have a way of knowing if that smell is good or bad, so it could be that you just drowned yourself in too much cologne trying to cover up your stench, or it might mean that you’ve just been baking fresh waffles or chocolate chip cookies. Still, if you score towards the top of the list, you’ve probably gone overboard and it’s time to hose off.

If you’re worried about body odor, you can get the Tanita Body Smell Checker on Amazon for $145. Unfortunately, the current product reviews aren’t very good so maybe you need to buy another device to detect if your gadget stinks.

The ‘Tesla of lawn-mowers’ uses self-driving algorithms to perfectly trim your lawns!

Think of a self-driving car condensed to the size of a lawnmower… That sort of captures what the Toadi is all about. Powered by the kind of AI you’d find in autonomous vehicles (with 4K cameras and sensors that can accurately identify objects in her path), the Toadi is practically the Tesla of lawnmowers. Designed to work less like a robot and more like a living organism, the Toadi reinvents a category that hasn’t seen a significant tech upgrade… and yes, Toadi is a ‘her’.

The Toadi uses 4K cameras to ‘see’ the way humans do. She accurately differentiates between grass, gravel, cemented paths, and even identifies and avoids objects like animals, toys, flower-beds, and fences. Using a sensing and tracking system that’s much more superior to the LiDAR sensors and GPS chips found in home-cleaning robots, the Toadi effortlessly moves around the lawn on her own, mowing in straight lines, crossing over to other parts of the lawn if need be, avoiding flower-beds, objects, or pets (and other garden animals), and staying clear of fences. In fact, her camera sensors are so advanced, the Toadi even serves as a surveillance device, allowing her to spot intruders in your yard at night.

The Toadi comes with a 3D-printed body made from a bioplastic filament that doesn’t result in plastic pollution. Traction-wheels allow her to mow on any kind of terrain, maintaining areas up to 1.2 acres and even being able to travel up-hill at angles of 45%. Titanium-coated blades ensure a perfectly trimmed lawn every time, and Toadi’s mulching process ensures grass clippings are evenly distributed across the ground to naturally biodegrade into the soil while keeping your lawn looking neatly mowed. When the Toadi’s done, she automatically travels back to her Toadicharger hub to recharge for another day, while also serving as a surveillance camera when she’s docked, giving you alerts and sending you pictures if she notices a trespasser. Designed to be an independent self-driving mower, the Toadi doesn’t have an on-board interface, partially because she doesn’t need to. Toadi is powered entirely by an app, follows you around on her first run to understand your lawn better, and then works entirely on her own after ‘observing’ the yard. You can even program her to avoid areas within the app, allowing certain zones of flora and fauna to naturally thrive.

Comparing the Toadi to other home-maintenance robots (the Roomba for instance) would really be a disservice, especially given how advanced Toadi’s sensors and algorithms are. Working on a scale MUCH larger than a home-cleaning robot, the autonomous lawn mower understands sprawling landscapes as opposed to tiny floor-plans, and uses high-definition cameras to see where she’s mowing. Toadi doesn’t rely on collision or proximity sensors to understand where objects are either, she intuitively views objects in front of her just the way a human eye does, and avoids them on her own. With a simple app to power her, Toadi works on her own like your personal gardener, effectively trimming every inch of your yard before autonomously returning back to her charging dock… and when she’s done, she neatly doubles up as your personal security guard by constantly surveilling your backyard for intruders! Makes your current lawn mower look really stupid, doesn’t it?

Designer: Wesley Lorrez

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Toadi – Autonomous Lawn Robot Powered by A.I.

Toadi equipped with a 4K camera and A.I. detects and avoids objects while mowing around your yard without a perimeter cable.

No perimeter cable or (inaccurate) GPS needed. Toadi sees and knows her way around in the same way as humans do, but even better. “We have been Alpha testing Toadi in 150 different yards in 2019 and added 500 more Beta versions in 2020. If this Kickstarter campaign is successful, it will allow us to go from the Beta version to the first production version”, says Wesley Lorrez.

Crossing to another zone, just as we humans do it, Toadi won’t be left behind.

Toadi likes your grass straight and neat.

Mowing borders will soon become available through a free wireless update. Toadi comes with free lifetime updates.

She can handle large areas. If the terrain is all flat she can mow up to a football field in area. Within a highly complex landscape, Toadi needs to travel more and uses more energy. Still, a more challenging landscape can be maintained up to 1.2 acres.

She can leave other areas alone. Just tell Toadi not to mow a certain area.

Titanium Coated Blades

– 4 titanium coated blades
– Easy to replace
– Extremely quiet

The four titanium coated blades will cut through the even toughest grass. By default Toadi cuts grass at a height of 2.36in / 6cm.

You can adjust the mowing height by replacing the mowing disc (3 to 5 minutes work). Available mowing heights:

US 1.29in / 1.54in / 1.77in / 2.13in / 2.36in (default) / 2.6in / 2.84in / 3.19in and 3.54in
EU 3,3cm / 3,9cm / 4,5cm / 5,4cm / 6cm (default) / 6,6cm / 7,2cm / 8,1cm and 9cm

Toadi Uses Mulching Technology

Docking Autonomously

Docking is done autonomously. Toadi will know when it’s time to dock and is able to recognize her station. She will go there when in need of power, ready to go to sleep or when she’s finished mowing. Since there is no perimeter cable you can place Toadi on your terrace or grass or wherever you want.

What Toadi Sees

It’s interesting to see what Toadi sees when recognizing and stopping in front of objects.

Toys, furniture or even a shoe are often left lying in your garden. Toadi won’t drive over them and chop them up. She’ll recognize these ‘unnatural’ objects and drive around them instead.

Hedgehogs too could cross your garden or even chickens might be pecking at the grass. Toadi won’t harass them.

Handle Rough Terrain

Toadi has all-terrain tires. It might be raining for days at a time, making the soil wet and muddy. Toadi is designed to cope with these challenges, she stops mowing and waits patiently for the rain to pass and the ground to dry just for a little while.

She can tackle hills up to 45%.

Standing guard. When Toadi is on her charger she will be able to see intruders with the night vision camera. When an intruder (whether human, feline or other) is spotted, Toadi will send you a picture of the intruder to your phone. In a free future update she will also be able to patrol your yard and guard an area.

Easy to Install and Use

On the first day of installation, Toadi discovers what your yard looks like and creates a map of it. Thanks to this map, she can navigate in a smart & efficient way without the help of anyone or anything.

Local Production

The team 3D prints, assemble and test their Toadi robots locally to you. The team will have production facilities in each country of sale, because they want to support your local economy. Also they do not want to harm the environment by shipping Toadi robots around the world.

Her shell is completely printed out of corn starch.


Click Here to Buy Now: $2614 $2999 ($330 off). Hurry, only 280/333 left! Raised over $1,680,000.

This energy-efficient superyacht uses solar panels spanning over 200 square meters!

We are in the age of electric vehicles but when we think of them all that ever comes to mind is cars. Electric vehicles go beyond just road transportation. While it may take some time to have electric ones that actually fly or sail, concept designs like Kira show us that the design innovation for them has already begun!

Isaac Burrough, a designer from New Zealand, has created a 110 meters long superyacht concept that uses current and future sustainable technologies to maximize the impact. Kiwa is named after the Māori guardian of the ocean which is a fitting name given that its goal is to help the planet through its energy-saving features and sleek design. ‘The intention for Kiwa was to design a superyacht that is both modern and elegant. Her sleek silhouette combined with curvaceous surfaces adds grace despite her exploration capabilities. A yacht that will look sophisticated whether cruising the Mediterranean or the arctic,” says the designer.

Kiwa’s narrow, low-volume to length hull ensures motor-efficiency from the ground up. The yacht also features 200 square meters of solar panels that power the everyday activities, crew usage as well as the hotel load. Along with lowering fuel consumption it also uses a hybrid propulsion system that allows it to select an electric-only mode when the yacht wants to enter remote zones – this promotes sustainable traveling as it cuts out the pollution and also lets guests enjoy al fresco dining without the generator noise! Looking to incorporate the best that engineering has to offer, its electric capacity is expected to extend from several hours to unlimited as solar and battery technologies advance enabling emission-free motoring.

As it protects nature, Kiwa also allows her guests to enjoy nature! The expansive deck areas and 175 square meters of storage space encourage the guests to be outside and also get comfortable with living a different lifestyle for an extended period of time. The large main deck has sliding doors and multiple lounge areas that make versatile pockets of sanctuaries in shade or sun. And what is a yacht without a pool? Of course, Kiwa has not one but multiple pools! The one above the swim platform is a glass-bottom pool and is cantilevered off the main deck and, on the lower deck, in-built sun pads are partially covered by the blue rays emitting from the glass. The sun pads provide a panoramic view while the sun deck boasts a jacuzzi with an elevated and equally unobtrusive view. Even the spa area has semi-submerged pools that allow guests to enjoy scenery both above and below the water surface. Kiwa is an example of how we can use technology for a sustainable future full of travels!

Designer: Isaac Burrough

A smart wireless doorbell that guards your house without sending data to Amazon or Google

If you were to ask me to choose between a startup with a great product and an established brand with a great product, I’d probably root for the startup. They’re not beholden to an executive board, or to shareholders. They aren’t as insidious as companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google are either, with lengthy terms and conditions, overhead fees, and a privacy policy that just treats your data as their personal property. Startups usually focus on creating meaningful products that serve their users, not their conglomerate’s greater agenda. Pit Nooie, a smart wireless doorbell created by a Hong Kong-based startup, against the Ring Doorbell from Amazon, or the Nest Doorcam from Google and the Nooie stands out as the independent underdog worth rooting for. A slick, wireless design with a 158° wide-angle lens, 2K video resolution, human-detection, night-vision, local+cloud video storage, and a battery that lasts an entire year on a single charge, the Nooie has a pretty impressive feature list… but its biggest win is the fact that your video doorbell’s data won’t end up in the hands of Amazon or Google… or the government.

The Nooie is a next-generation smart wireless doorbell that takes a mere 30 seconds to install and gives your house all-round 24×7 protection. The video doorbell works with your smartphone to let you know who’s at your door, giving you a wide-angle 2K resolution view of the doorstep to help you see who’s at the door. The doorbell connects over Wi-Fi, supporting both 2.4GHz & 5GHz networks, and works in conjunction with the Nooie app which lets you live-stream your doorstep or even review videos from the past. Installing the Nooie is as simple as plugging it into its wall-mount using tamper-proof screws – a process that the Nooie team says takes less than a minute, and once you’re plugged in, the Nooie doorbell works for an entire year without requiring a charge (thanks to the 10,000 mAh battery built in). It helps that the Nooie is IP65 water and dust-proof too, allowing it to withstand dusty summers, stormy monsoons, and snowy winters without really breaking a sweat. Anti-theft tech built into the Nooie means it’ll instantly alert you if a human tries to mess with it too, that’s after Nooie already alerts you of a human presence, thanks to the human-detecting algorithms built into the Nooie’s software, and the infrared night vision and motion sensors fitted in the Nooie’s hardware.

All of Nooie’s data can be stored locally on an SD card, or on the cloud at a reasonable price of $1 a month. Nooie’s secure servers ensure that large companies and local/government authorities can’t access any of your data, and if you still want to have a smart-device that’s compatible with the rest of your Google and Amazon devices, the Nooie supports Alexa and Google Home integration, so you can easily use existing smart-home devices over a WiFi connection to see who’s at the door, talk to your guests before letting them in, play pre-recorded messages/instructions for your postman or delivery-man, or spook a local goon who tries to break into your yard… even if you’re miles away in another city!

Designer: Nooie Team

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Nooie – Smart Wireless Doorbell

The Nooie is a minimal smart video doorbell with intelligent human detection that allows you to monitor visitors, interact with guests remotely, anytime, anywhere. Nooie is your 24/7 home security guard.

30-second Installation

Nooie total doorstep installation and visibility is possible in just 30 seconds. Nooie’s battery-powered doorbell requires no wiring or professionals. Simply use the included wall mount and tamper-proof screws to put it on any wall surfaces.

Designed for Style

Nooie pursues harmony in design — a balance between technology integration and art. Nooie introduced a softened design language to the smart home industry with subtle color pallets and ceramic-like finishing.

Flat & Angled Wall Mount: Zero Blind Spot

Nooie Cam Doorbell comes with a flat wall mount and a 15° wall mount if you need an angled view. Capture the best view of your entrance with zero blind spots.

Advanced, Accurate & Customizable Alert

Nooie uses an advanced PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor and Human Detection algorithm to achieve accurate person alert. This means, when a motion is detected, Nooie Cam Doorbell is able to tell whether it’s from a person or not. It maximizes not only the accuracy of alerts but also the battery life. You can customize the sensitivity settings as well to get the best result based on your surroundings.

You can see the visitor clearly and talk with them thanks to the camera’s 2K resolution and two-way audio feature. If you’re too busy to answer the ring, you can also send a pre-recorded message to the visitor. Customize and record your own messages in the Nooie app.

Higher Than High-Def, It’s 2K

Unlike the other HD video doorbells, Nooie utilizes a 2K resolution camera to provide you with a perfectly clear view of what’s happening in front of your house. The 2K video contains twice the pixels of the typical 1080P cameras, resulting in enhanced imaging that captures every detail.

Protects Your Home Day or Night

Nooie sees things clearly in pitch black with its infrared night vision and motion sensors, providing reliable 24/7 security that you can trust.

Built to Stand the Weather

Nooie Cam Doorbell is rated IP65 weatherproof. It can take the heat, the cold, and everything in between.

Base Station with Chime

If your Wi-Fi router is too far away from the doorbell, Nooie’s Base Station with Chime also works as a Wi-Fi amplifier to ensure that you can always hear the ring and communicate with visitors clearly.

Nooie is compatible with 2.4GHz & 5GHz networks, Alexa and Google Assistant.

Best Value

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This conceptual travel kit is a modular, portable hairdryer and clothing iron!

This conceptual travel kit is a modular, portable hairdryer and iron designed to give you an ‘Edge’ over others!

Edge is a compact 2-in-1 appliance that gives you more than your toiletries. It consists of three parts: ‘Multi Handle’, ‘Edge Hairdryer Module’, ‘Edge Iron Module’. ‘Multi Handle’ has a button to control the product for using and both modules work with ‘Multi Handle’. Specifically made for those who have meetings on-the-go, the hairdryer and iron help to wash away the weariness of travel and smoothen the wrinkles so you look fresh (or should I say profesh?). “We have adopted a slide structure for intuitive and easy combination of each module. This not only allows the user to easily combine the modules but also reduces the risk of the module being easily detached while using the product” says the team. This helps save time and effort into asking your hotel for the appliances and in case you don’t can’t make a stop and have to rush, Edge can come in handy anywhere you are!

It combines the structural similarities of the two products into one and uses one power supply to run both. The dial button makes it easy to adjust the intensity of the heat for both uses. As this product with module has to work as both iron and hairdryer, the team added a button that would allow a user to operate it without being confused even though it has a single handle. Like most devices, it can be charged using the common USB-C cable. Edge adds another necessary dimension to travel kits!

Designers: Chanhong Park, Yonghun Cho and Taekkyung Lee