How to stay cool and refreshed anywhere with this revolutionary wearable air conditioner

Escape the scorching heat of summer and discover the ultimate solution to stay cool wherever you go! Hot days are just around the corner, and while some are dreaming of beaches, tans, and ice cream, many are just hoping to survive the unbearable and uncomfortable heat. It’s hard to deny that our days and even our nights have now become warmer than ever before, and conventional ways of staying cool just aren’t cutting it anymore. We’ve all experienced those sweltering summer days when even the slightest breeze feels like a blessing, making us wish we could carry our air conditioners with us everywhere. Of course, that isn’t going to happen, at least not with these conventional boxes. Fortunately, some people have thought outside the box to make that dream come true with a neck-worn device that lets you keep cool anywhere and also look cool at the same time.

Designer: Torras Design

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There are a few products out there that claim to be portable air conditioners, but most of them are just fans that push the same hot air toward your face. TORRAS, however, isn’t cutting corners to deliver you unprecedented comfort anywhere you go, and its Coolify 2S wearable cooling device brings an honest-to-goodness air conditioning experience even when you’re outdoors under the blazing heat of the sun.

Unlike simple fans and water-cooled devices, the Coolify 2S utilizes high-efficiency semiconductor cooling plates to really pull the temperature down by as much as 30°F in just a second. This TORRAS Coology technology works in tandem with targeted airflow to blast that icy-cool air in four directions, making sure that your temperature-sensitive neck and face are kept at a comfortable temperature anytime, even while you’re out for a run. And since each person has different cooling needs and preferences, the Coolify 2S offers three optional speed modes to tailor the experience to their personal comfort. Enjoy a gentle 1.0m/s wind speed in first gear, a more discernible 1.3m/s speed in second gear, or a gusty 2.0m/s wind in third gear, depending on your preferences.

Air conditioners are commonly seen as power-hungry machines, but Coolify 2S pulls off a miracle by sipping only 6W from its 5,000 mAh battery, allowing you hours of use on a single charge. Using the fans alone can last you as much as 28 hours on first gear, but even when using both cooling and fan at the same time, you can still squeeze out 6 hours before needing to top up the portable air conditioner again. Along with its quiet operation, this freedom from cables allows you to enjoy refreshing, cool air anywhere, whether outdoors on your own or indoors with other possibly jealous people.

Best of all, the TORRAS Coolify 2S is designed to be comfortable to wear and stylish to look at. Thanks to smart engineering, it can fit any neck size, and its upgraded IMD material and premium texture give it some class. Whether you’re doing outdoor workouts, going for a leisurely walk, or just trying to survive a stuffy office, this wearable air conditioner is going to be your best friend and life saver. So, why waste energy fretting about how to stay cool this summer? Embrace the great outdoors and experience true innovation with the TORRAS Coolify 2S neck-worn air conditioner, available exclusively for Yanko Design readers at a discounted price of $199 (originally $299). Stay cool, refreshed, and stylish with the Coolify 2S – your ultimate companion for beating the heat!

Click Here to Buy Now: $199 $299 ($100 off total with coupon code “yankocool”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

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Top 5 Japanese Designs Gift Guide to Bring Peace and Productivity to Modern Life

Although technology and progress have definitely made many aspects of our lives easier, we’re also bombarded with so many things that make those same lives stressful. From visual or sensory overload coming from computers and phones to the information overload that we have to juggle for work and personal life, our brains and even our bodies are sometimes screaming for a break at the end of the day. Fortunately, you don’t need to drop and abandon everything to go on a month-long retreat to recover your sanity. Even simple things can help you rediscover the joys of life, and here are five great gift ideas that will not only help you relax but also solve some of the problems of everyday life, thanks to some Japanese design creativity and ingenuity.

1. Miniature Bonfire Wood Diffuser Set

Different people have different preferences and tolerances for scents. While some might love the fragrance of vanilla, others might prefer the smell of different flowers instead. Still, others might have a fondness for the smell of the woods and the mountains, something that isn’t always offered by most essential oils and aroma diffusers. The Miniature Bonfire Wood Diffuser Set easily sets itself apart with a cute collection of mini wooden logs and a tiny pocket stove that recreates not only the smells but also the experience of a memorable outdoor campfire.

The miniature hardwood, collected from branches that would normally be thrown away, gives off a smoky scent when burnt on the stainless steel miniature stove. Add a few drops of essential oils extracted from Mt. Hakusan trees, and you’ve got an authentic outdoor scent that will bring your mind to the soothing embrace of nature. And with a piece of solid fuel, you can even use the same stove as an actual cooking or heating tool, completing the circle of an outdoor experience at home or in your backyard.

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2. Stress-Free Aroma Diffuser

Aroma diffusers are a popular tool people use to relax, but some produce more stress than they relieve. Some overwhelm or irritate your nose with vapors, while others leave you praying for a good breeze to carry those calming scents to you. Rather than leave it up to chance, this beautiful Stress-Free Aroma Diffuser really lets you just sit back and relax, making sure you’re breathing in the perfect mix of aromatic blends to soothe your tired mind. It creates its own gentle breeze to softly disperse the aroma evenly, while a porcelain filter soaks up the oil for a longer-lasting experience. Cleaning that filter is equally stress-free since you only need to rinse it under the tap.

The diffuser’s polished metal base creates a beautiful contrast with the more organic-looking porcelain disc on top, forming an elegant decoration that looks just as appealing as it smells. And thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery, you can place it anywhere you want, and it will work just as well, not to mention standing beautifully on top of any desk or shelf design.

Click Here to Buy Now: $134 $149 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, Memorial Day sales end in 48 hours!

3. Modular Flower Tubes

While our noses can give us a bit of a reprieve from hectic and stressful days, our eyes are the ones that probably need the most help in stepping back from visual information overload. We can’t always keep our eyes closed, of course, so the next best thing is to always have something pleasing to look at nearby or in places we often look at. Pictures of loved ones and pets will always bring a smile to our faces, but a minimalist yet beautiful flower arrangement can also keep us thinking beautiful thoughts, especially when they’re set on a vase as unique as these Modular Flower Tubes.

Instead of a single container for a large bunch of flowers and stems, this “modular” vase uses thin copper tubes of different heights placed on a circular wooden base. The size of the tubes limits how much they can hold, letting you be more creative in how you arrange different elements, including empty tubes, just for effect. These Modular Flower Tubes not only bring a one-of-a-kind vessel for plants and flowers, it also helps give your creativity an outlet to keep your mind off more stressful concerns.

Click Here to Buy Now: $134 $149 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, Memorial Day sales end in 48 hours!

4. Personal Whiteboard

One of the biggest sources of stress is when things don’t go according to plan or when things don’t work like they’re supposed to. The latter is especially applicable to gadgets, particularly computers and smartphones, that we often rely on to keep everything, including our notes. As they say, simple is best, and nothing gets simpler than pen and paper. Actually, that’s not entirely true because this Personal Whiteboard not only gets simpler but also removes some of the worries and concerns surrounding plain pen and paper.

Imagine the liberating experience of never running out of paper. With an A4-sized whiteboard that you can carry with you everywhere, that dream easily becomes reality. The Personal Whiteboard, however, brings those little extras that truly make life worry-free, like a cover that protects what you wrote but also acts as an eraser that is with you all the time. There’s even an innovative Mag Force system that is both a handle and a pen loop, so you never have to stress over losing that all-important whiteboard marker ever again.

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5. Invisible Shoehorn

There is probably nothing more stressful, frustrating, and dangerous than falling over while putting on your shoes when you’re already in a rush. While shoehorns try to make it easier to, well, shoehorn your foot into your footwear, they aren’t exactly the easiest to use nor the safest. They aren’t also the most attractive tools in your house, which is why they’re often hidden and then get lost when you need them the most.

The Invisible Shoehorn, in contrast, is something you’d proudly put on display precisely because it looks nothing like a shoehorn. The stainless steel tool combines with a clear acrylic handle to form a beautiful rod ornament that hides the shoehorn in plain sight. The shoehorn’s sturdy metal body and elongated shape also make it easy to put on a shoe without bending and breaking your back. Finally, you can have an ergonomic tool that’s also beautiful to behold, presuming you can even see the shoehorn masquerading as a unique piece of home decoration.

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Watch this AI-powered Chessboard with Autonomously Moving Pieces in Action

Someone needs to 3D print some Harry Potter-style chess pieces for this AI-powered chessboard RIGHT NOW!

This AI-powered chessboard features a backlit checkered surface that gives you color-coded move recommendations, autonomous moving pieces, and the ability to play either in person, against an AI, or with people online who can remotely move chess pieces. The best part? The magnets within the chessboard can actually make the king fall over in the event of a checkmate, adding that perfect bit of drama to conclude the game.

Designer: Daniel Leibovich

Click Here to Buy Now: $199 $279 ($80 off). Hurry, only 19 left! Raised over $870,000.

Chess pieces move on their own.

AI and Chess have had a long relationship dating back as early as 1996, when an AI program named Deep Blue defeated then-grandmaster Gary Kasparov in a game of chess… now, GoChess is making that relationship even more intertwined. Sort of doing to chess what self-driving AI did to cars, GoChess integrates AI and robotics into the chess board, letting you either play a normal game of chess against a human, or a robot-powered game against the GoChess AI or a remote human player. With the latter, the chess board can move your opponent’s pieces on its own, blurring the lines between technology and magic.

Your game is automatically set up.

Outwardly, the chessboard sticks to tradition with its overall design. The board comes in classic black plastic or wood variants, sporting the 8×8 checkered surface on top along with 32 minimally designed chess pieces. However, under its hood, the GoChess board is thrillingly state-of-the-art. Robots with magnets hover around underneath the surface, magnetically dragging pieces across the board as you play either with an AI or with an online opponent. Meanwhile, the entire chessboard comes with backlit squares that glow when you lift a piece, highlighting all possible move combinations. The squares also glow in different colors, highlighting how effective or ineffective the move is. At each turn, the active player’s chess pieces glow green, letting them know it’s their turn to play… and easily my most favorite bit, the chess pieces will even auto-arrange themselves at the start of a game, so you don’t have to!

Smart lights guide and coach you.

Unlike your analog chess board, GoChess isn’t for just playing, it’s for training too. The board can coach you in real time, with insights and up to 32 levels of difficulty to help you level up your gameplay. Backlit squares help you understand where different pieces can move across the board, and the AI guides you through popular gameplaying strategies, helping you understand the intricacies of Chess. When you’re seasoned enough to take on an opponent, you can either play a regular old-style game versus a human, or challenge the GoChess board itself and play against its AI.

GoChess also gives you the option of playing against thousands of online players who play on the app, which connects to and, and directly interfaces with the board, moving the pieces the way a human would.

Designed by the folks at GoCube, who also get credit for creating the world’s first AI-powered Rubik’s Cube, the GoChess board comes in 3 models. The GoChess Lite simply features the board’s upper veneer (with none of the self-moving robot-powered magic) that you can use for analog gameplay. The AI-powered robotic boards come in two variants – the 1X, which has just 1 robot on the inside, capable of moving one pieces at a time, and the 4X, which has 4 robot modules that can move multiple pieces at the same time. The board interfaces with the GoChess app on your phone using Bluetooth Low Energy, and has a built-in battery that can charge via USB-C. All GoChess boards offer two stylistic choices – modern black and white board with minimally designed plastic chess pieces, or a classic wood-veneer board with traditional-looking wooden pieces to match. You can grab your AI-powered GoChess board for as low as $259 (that’s 32% off the original price) and chuck in $59 for a branded Deluxe GoChess Bag that makes carrying your AI-powered game to the park or a friend’s house much easier!

Click Here to Buy Now: $199 $279 ($80 off). Hurry, only 19 left! Raised over $870,000.

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How this AI-powered ballpoint pen brings the joy of analog writing to the digital world

The pen is mightier than the sword, and that aphorism remains true even in this highly digital age. In fact, there has been a renaissance of interest and even passion for handwritten notes, giving birth to a myriad of paper-based productivity systems and beautiful notebooks, as seen on YouTube. Unfortunately, it’s also hard to deny the advantages and conveniences of digital notes, particularly in terms of organization and searching. Fortunately, there is no longer any need to choose between the two when you can have the best of both worlds thanks to this innovative AI-powered ballpoint pen that turns your handwritten scribbles into digital notes, whether you’re writing on craft paper or on the back of an envelope.

Designer: Nuwa Innovation

Click Here to Buy Now: $234 $360 (35% off). Hurry, only 237 left! Raised over $150,000.

There is a certain appeal to the age-old art of writing things by hand, not to mention the cognitive and psychological benefits that the practice brings. Unfortunately, it’s also no longer possible to ignore the drawbacks of paper notes, especially ones that get lost or are hard to decipher months or even just weeks later. There are quite a few products trying to bridge the gap between analog and digital, but these often require the use of special paper that doesn’t feel like paper, special pens that may be discontinued in the unforeseen future, or both.

The Nuwa Pen is a revolutionary solution that approaches the problem from a different angle. You can use your favorite stationery or grab any piece of paper within reach, and standard D1 ballpoint refills are never going away. Instead, the Nuwa Pen employs an innovative TRIDENT imaging system to see what you’re writing and harnesses the power of AI to digitize those ink marks that can be saved to a digital file. The result is complete freedom to write what you want on whatever kind of paper you want, confident that you’ll be able to easily search through them as if you had typed the notes directly.

Searchable Notes: Keep track of your notes

Text Conversion: Exact copy of your notes

Augmented Notes: Stay connected

This AI-powered Ballpoint Pen, however, does more than just digitize your handwritten notes. Although the pen itself has 2Gb of built-in memory, you can also send your notes to the Nuwa Pen App for unlimited cloud storage. And with the Nuwa Pen+ subscription, you’ll be able to convert your scribbles into searchable text and, soon, connect those notes with over a hundred apps, including Google Calendar, Todoist, emails, and more. With its built-in battery, you can write non-stop for 2 hours before needing to charge the Nuwa Pen in just 15 minutes. The included charging case lets you do that five more times, giving you nearly unlimited freedom to put your thoughts on paper and, in the long run, on the cloud.

Starting at $234, not only do you get the well-designed ballpoint pen and its charging case, you also get a one-year Nuwa Pen+ subscription. With the AI-powered Nuwa Pen, you no longer have to choose between the joys of writing and the conveniences of digital notes. Write on your favorite paper, digitize your notes, and sync with the cloud to let your thoughts and ideas take you to new heights and new worlds.

Click Here to Buy Now: $234 $360 (35% off). Hurry, only 237 left! Raised over $150,000.

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LEGO and NASA collaborated to design this stunningly realistic and functional Perseverance Mars Rover replica

I’m not sure what’s more impressive – whether the fact that the Perseverance Rover mission cost NASA a whopping $1.08 billion dollars, or whether LEGO Technic managed to make a functional version of the rover with just 1,132 bricks, and a price tag of $99.99. Launched (not literally) in collaboration with NASA, the LEGO® Technic™ NASA Mars Rover Perseverance model measures a little over 12 inches long, and features 360° steering, a movable arm, and a fully articulated suspension system that lets the rover travel across uneven surfaces on all 6 wheels. Designed as a STEM toy to help children get excited about the prospect of space engineering and travel, the rover also comes with an AR experience that lets kids explore the rover and its red-planet home in full detail.

Designer: LEGO

Just like most LEGO Technic builds, the Mars Rover Perseverance model is a pretty well-detailed build, featuring precisely designed pieces that come together to make the rover’s intricate design. Standing at 9-inches tall, the Rover is adjustable, can move on any sort of terrain (making it perfect for playing around on a desk), and even comes with the miniature Ingenuity helicopter, which accompanied the rover to Mars.

“Working on this model has been both challenging and exciting” said Luke Cragin, Designer at the LEGO Group. “I’ve always felt passionate about space, and the design process let me explore my interest as I recreated the incredible engineering developed by the pioneering team at NASA. We hope the model’s features and functions will help introduce young space lovers to the world of engineering and encourage them to reach for the stars in the future.”

The brick-based rover model will also be accompanied by a holistic AR experience on the Technic app, where you’ll have the opportunity to explore fascinating and informative material that delves into the actual rover and its purpose on the red planet. “Through the app it’s also possible to pull an overview of the weather on Mars on demand or learn about the environment and the rover’s mission,” LEGO says. The LEGO® Technic™ NASA Mars Rover Perseverance model goes on sale starting June 1st, with a $99.99 price tag.

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Galaxy Watch 6 Classic leaked images reassure the comeback of rotating bezel

Galaxy Unpacked event rumored for July this year will likely see the release of the next-generation foldable line-up and smart wearables. Even before the South Korean electronics giant breaks silence on the Galaxy Watch 6 series, the inevitable leaks and rumors will set the tone for what’s coming our way.

Going by what reliable tipsters have to say, the wearable will come in two different versions. One of them is going to be a classic variant, and the 5K renders of this premium option is what reliable leakster OnLeaks has released out in the public domain. MySmartPrice has dissected these convincing-looking images for their face value to give readers a better idea of what Samsung will offer.

Designer: Samsung

Dubbed Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, the smartwatch gets a rotating bezel just like the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. The frame elevates between the buttons and gives the watch a distinct appeal. Although slightly thinner, the thick bezel which encapsulates a circular display measures 1.47 inches on the larger model. Tipster Ice Universe had earlier announced in a tweet about 100 percent confirmation of this screen size that’s going to be bigger than the Watch 5 Pro and have a higher resolution of 470×470 pixels.

The smartwatch is also rumored to have a 425mAh battery which is bigger than the 361mAh on the Watch 4 Classic. In fact, GalaxyClub (Dutch tech blog) confirmed that Watch 6 lineup will have larger battery capacities with the 40mm dial version getting 300mAh and the 44mm variant having 425mAh. Compare this to the 284mAh and 410mAh on the last year’s models respectively. According to them, the smartwatch will have the upgraded Exynos W980 processor for a 10 percent improvement in performance.

Some inspiration from the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro can also be seen with the flat edge on side, brushed metal finish and the magnetic loop clasp band. For those who loved the rotating bezel on one of the older versions, this could be good news. Also, we could see the end of life for the Pro model in this year’s smartwatch line-up.

Samsung seems to have kept the left edge quite flush, whereas the right edge houses the Home and Back buttons. While in the images only the black colorway of the strap is shown, we can expect it to come with more color options. If these OnLeaks renders are the real deal, then one could expect many takers for this nostalgic yet modern wearable.

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MagSafe Just Got A Whole Lot Better Thanks to this Ingenious New iPhone Case’s Design

As of writing this article, MagSafe only does two things – lets you attach a charger, or a wallet. The UPRO Ostand case gives your iPhone’s MagSafe feature a set of upgrades, including the ability to make your phone stand, hang, or stay securely in your hands while you click a selfie or browse TikTok. A winner of the iF Design Award, the UPRO Ostand looks like your average iPhone case in that it covers your smartphone, protecting it from bumps or drops… but right on the back is a familiar magnetic ring. However, this ring folds outwards, turning into an angle-adjustable stand as well as a ring holder for your iPhone, enabling one-hand use without worrying about your phone slipping and falling. It’s also magnetic, so you can still attach your MagSafe wallet or charger to it just like you would on your iPhone.

Designer: TORRAS

Click Here to Buy Now: $34.99 $49.99 (30% off). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

Apple’s absurd innovations always leave a money trail. The removal of the headphone jack was a necessary evil to help kickstart a $12 billion dollar AirPods business. The MagSafe feature was designed to build Apple’s charger business, and will result in the potential removal of the charging port on an iPhone. These strategies mean that Apple doesn’t innovate in multiple directions… but it graciously allows third parties to. The UPRO Ostand comes from the brilliant minds at TORRAS, who also invented the world’s first wearable air conditioner with built-in semiconductor plates that work like a mini fridge around your neck. The Ostand isn’t as dadgum fancy as that, but it does fall well in line with TORRAS’ approach to problem-solving – finding unique solutions that nobody ever managed to think of before.

The Ostand is a multipurpose case for your iPhone 12 and upward (as well as for your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra) that protects your phone just like any good stand should. However, integrated into the stand’s sleek backplate is the O-shaped ring that aligns perfectly with the iPhone’s own MagSafe ring. At just over a millimeter thick, this aerospace-grade aluminum ring sits flush flat against the Ostand case when closed, but opens up when you need yourself a ring-holder or a stand to prop your phone up.

It opens a full 120°, while also rotating 360° within its circular hub (a feature that’s available in the UPRO Ostand Pro). That means you can hold the phone however you want, and even make it stand however you want, in landscape AS WELL AS in portrait. When you’re done, snap the ring shut and it disappears right into the case, becoming practically unnoticeable. Bet your MagSafe wishes it could do all these things.

Speaking of MagSafe, the Ostand actually comes with patented Halbach magnets built right into the ring. They’re just as secure and twice as strong as the magnets in your iPhone (offering up to 18N of force), and let you do everything you normally would with MagSafe. You can snap on Apple’s wireless charger or battery pack, dock your iPhone on a magnetic car phone holder, or even attach Apple’s (or a third party) MagSafe wallet to your device. Sure, you can say that Apple invented MagSafe. It’s just that the UPRO Ostand perfected it…

Click Here to Buy Now: $34.99 $49.99 (30% off). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

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This tiny wireless charger is a convenient alternative to the Apple MagSafe Charger

Whether you’re working from home, or in a corporate office, the one thing that’s pretty much consistent in both these scenarios is a desk! A desk is probably one of the most important pieces of furniture in our modern lives, only because we spend the majority of our day on it. You may be typing away to glory, munching away on a snack, or simply fidgeting with a random object – you do end up spending hours on your desk. And hence, it’s really important that your desk be neat, tidy, and uncluttered. Not only will this improve your work routine and productivity, but it will also help you maintain a clearer and more streamlined mindset. And, I’ve discovered that adding limited, quality, and innovative products to my desk setup can help me in achieving these goals! And a nifty desk accessory that I recently came across is the Neatcharge wireless charger.

Designer: Humanscale

Designed by office furniture brand Humanscale, the Neatcharge is a wireless charger that can be neatly attached to the underside of your work desk or any flat surface to subtly charge your phones. The 13-centimeter-wide wireless charger was designed as a discreet alternative to traditional wired chargers, which tend to clutter up our desks and make them messy. Neatcharge, on the other hand, helps to maintain a clean work desk and can be utilized in the office and home as well.

The charger can be attached to the underbelly of a flat surface using screws or double-sided tape. Once you place the phone on the wireless charger, it turns on and uses magnetic resonance technology to power the phone. Once you remove the phone from the charger, it instantly powers off.

“While conventional wireless chargers are required to be placed on top of the desk or between the furniture, therefore, permanently affecting the worksurface, NeatCharge seamlessly mounts underneath the desk or any tabletop. This positioning brings power exactly where the user requires it while keeping the workspace or living area free of additional clutter and cords,” said Humanscale. The Neatcharge models at priced at $199 onwards, and are a bit heftily priced.

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Watch how this tiny HDMI dongle turns your iPad or Smartphone into a secondary touchscreen for your Laptop

Imagine playing PlayStation games on a smartphone, watching Netflix on your Nintendo Switch, browsing your laptop on a Raspberry Pi, or using your iPad as a viewfinder for your DSLR. No fancy rigs, long cables, or expensive equipment/apps. All you need is the AURGA Viewer, an all-in-one plug-and-play dongle that creates a seamless wireless bridge between two devices.

Designer: AURGA Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $72 $99 ($27 off with coupon code “YankoAurga”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

Although the AURGA Viewer looks like a mere HDMI dongle, it’s capable of much more than that. Most dongles only broadcast video (and audio IF you’re lucky). Plug the AURGA into a device and it lets you broadcast low-latency, high-resolution video and 48kHz stereo audio to a secondary display, and even works as an input controller. So, not only can you use your phone or tablet as a secondary screen for your laptop, but you now even tap, swipe, pinch on the touchscreen of your secondary device to control your primary one.

For Designers – Turn your tablet into a pen display for Windows 10.

For Professionals – More screen space by seamlessly extending your desktop.

The fact that this simple dongle creates a two-way bridge between any set of devices unlocks an entire list of possibilities. You could turn your iPad into a secondary display for your laptop, pinching, swiping, and tapping away at elements, or even using the Apple Pencil to sketch the way you would with a Wacom Cyntiq. Your smartphone could even turn into a viewfinder for your DLSR, giving you a better view of what you’re trying to capture (even more so if you’re trying to capture images/videos for social media).

Amplify your Mini PC – Connect your iPad for greater computing power.

For Photographers & Videographers – A larger monitor screen to make sure your videos are perfect everytime.

Outside work, the AURGA Viewer lets you even play console or desktop games on your smartphone or iPad, thanks to the dongle’s incredible low-latency connection. You can use the AURGA Viewer to turn smart devices into monitors for your all-in-one machines like connecting your iPad Air to your Mac Mini for powerful touchscreen computing, or even to something like a Raspberry Pi device.

For Developers – Seamless coding experience with extra screen real estate.

For Gamers – Turn your mobile device into a portable gaming console.

The AURGA Viewer is deceivingly small, mimicking the form of a regular USB stick, yet it’s a powerhouse that creates a bridge of compatibility across devices that would otherwise never be compatible. It comes with an HDMI port for data transfer, and has a small USB-C cable too to draw power (sort of like Amazon’s Fire Stick). The AURGA Viewer works seamlessly with iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows devices, and uses a combination of Bluetooth 5.0 and WiFi 5G to make its operation buttery smooth.

Use it to revive a dormant device in your house, giving your old smartphone a new purpose, or to multitask by using your laptop/desktop on your iPad. The AURGA Viewer is a remarkably handy dongle to have, whether you’re a designer, developer, photographer, tinkerer, gamer, or just someone who likes the idea of a cross-platform world where devices can connect and communicate with each other without needing tonnes of cables, apps, or expensive gear… All you really need is this small $72 dongle.

Click Here to Buy Now: $72 $99 ($27 off with coupon code “YankoAurga”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

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These wearable robotic limbs are a sneak-peak of future cyborgs in the making

Doctor Octavius, the infamous villain from the Spiderman movie might not be the aspiration of most, but still, he has superhuman powers aided by telescopic tentacles. Capable of moving at lightning-fast speed, the mechanical arms strike with a jackhammer-like force.

If already you’re fanaticized by the prospect of having these superhuman abilities, technology is where we need to look for answers. Indeed, true in the case of this newly developed set of robotic arms that can be attached or detached.

Designer: Jizai Arms

Japanese robotics outfit Jizai Arms wants to bring such superhuman powers to the average human with a contraption comprising six arms. The octopus-like arms are controlled by the person wearing them. The idea for this unique creation is triggered by the past. According to the company, “Half a century since the concept of a cyborg was introduced, Jizai-bodies (digital cyborgs), enabled by the spread of wearable robotics, are the focus of much research in recent times.”

The company is a team of scientists at the University of Tokyo who’ve created a wearable contraption with six sockets that can each be plugged with an individual arm. They can be controlled by the user’s arm and hand movement or remotely by another person. For now, the wearable rig is developed with social interactions in mind, but in the future, it could evolve into a tool for increasing productivity, or if in the wrong hands, it could give an evil mind undue advantage with 6 extra limbs to fire weapons or whatnot.

These arms are aesthetically designed to draw attention with slender hands to replicate any movement. The core idea is to have a smooth interaction of humans with AI and robots  – to feel as natural and comfortable as possible for the eventual future.  A group of volunteers put on the Jizai Arms for a role-playing experimental session. Here each one of them could exchange arms, receive them as gifts or even control the arms of other volunteers. The findings were encouraging as each volunteer’s body could accurately sense the removal or attachment of arms.

To conclude the study, researchers said that adding customizability to the robotic arms for a sense of social ownership could be the next phase of development. How long before we could see a Boston Dynamics-like robotic fleet of intelligent cyborgs is not known for now. Still, the idea of multiple robotic limbs to enhance one’s capabilities entices me already.

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