The Pokket Mixer lets you bust out DJ sets using two phones and a music app

The Pokket Mixer lets you do three things that seem pretty valuable during a lockdown. A. It lets you hone a new skill, B. it keeps you entertained, and C. it lets you create some banging DJ sets to help entertain your friends and family. Designed to be as small and as portable as your smartphone, the $99 Pokket Mixer is quite literally a 2-way mixer that lets you connect to two playback devices and mix audio between them. You could plug in practically anything, from record players to smartphones, iPods, iPads, laptops, or even your smart speakers if you’re up for the challenge! The mixer features basic equalizer controls for 2 decks, a crossfader to switch between decks, a master volume knob, 2 aux inputs for your music devices and 2 aux outputs… one for a pair of headphones (so you have more control over your mix), and another for routing to an amplifier so your entire apartment can rave it out, or a laptop/phone so you can stream your mix to a live audience! It’s a simple, bare-basics device that’s great for beginners or even for professionals who want to carry their mixing capabilities in their pocket, and at $99, it’s arguably as cheap as a pro-deejaying app on the App Store!

Designer: Uncommon Goods

Musicians can power their Twitch streams with Dolby audio on iOS

With their touring schedules on hold for the time being, many musicians are turning to Twitch to stream gigs from home and try to make a living. While they might have all the recording gear and instruments they need, they might not necessarily have a...

This linen and wood record player is perfect for hyping yourself up at home!

Quarantine means a lot of dance parties at home for yourself. It definitely feels like time has turned back – we are calling our friends and family more, eating more home-cooked meals, we can hear the birds clearly and the sky is a lot bluer. So when we put on some music, why not do it on a classic Victrola record player made with woven linen and wood!

This record player features a 3-speed belt driven turntable – choose between 33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM settings to choose between a relaxing tune or speed it up for an errand party around the house. The built-in Bluetooth allows you to stream your favorite music from up to 33 feet away and that is a reminder that we are living in 2020. The beautiful audio system is built from real wood and wrapped in woven linen to give it a timeless aesthetic that will fit in any interior space.

The Victrola record player has an output of 50 Watts so you can turn it up, if you want to get more lit then use the line-out RCA or the external speaker jacks to truly turn it into a quarantine dance party. I love the organic and earthy design of this record player. Anyone else singing ‘Girl put your records on…’?

Designer: Victrola

Spotify’s standalone Kids app is now available in the US

When Spotify first launched its standalone app for kids last October, the possibilities were intriguing. It meant that parents could play music their kids like without having it impact their algorithmically generated playlists and recommendations on...

Spotify’s standalone Kids app is now available in the US

When Spotify first launched its standalone app for kids last October, the possibilities were intriguing. It meant that parents could play music their kids like without having it impact their algorithmically generated playlists and recommendations on...

Every Apple AirPods design flaw solved by these conceptual Samsung earbuds

As we adjust to this new normal, we are understanding the value of a good pair of earphones. Given that we are constantly on a video call with a co-worker/friend or isolating with roommates/family, earphones are a part of the heroes of our homes…of course, WiFi is the supreme leader of that list. Inspired by essential personal devices that help us during quarantine, Designer Felipe Duarte has created Yinyang earbuds for Samsung that are going to make you want to switch from your AirPods because it solves the major issues we face – the one-size that doesn’t fit all, the case which is an added device to charge, the bulky aesthetic, portability without the case and a charging solution if you lose the case.

The Yinyang earbuds are influenced by the duality of the millennia-old cultural concept of yin and yang. The Chinese philosophical thought behind the yin and yang is the balance between two forces that oppose and complement each other at all times. These conceptual Samsung earbuds are designed to reflect that philosophy by striking a perfect balance between user experience and portability. Yinyang earbuds are created to be the smallest in the market to that it can fit everyone (a problem I personally go through with my first-gen AirPods). The compact size will be achieved by getting rid of the ear tips.

The conceptual technology of the Yingyang earbuds that make it one-of-its-kind lies in the inflatable hook which secures the earbuds in place. It also features wireless charging and magnets on the rear end of the gadget so they can be charged on the back of our NFC-enabled cell phone, thus eliminating the need for a charging case (if there was one, I would humbly request it not to resemble a floss box). You can also kinetically charge the earbuds by keeping yourself moving (we all could use some extra steps and exercise right now!) if your phone dies. The Yinyang earbuds can also be attached to the lapel of the jacket – that is how portable they are and with the sleek aesthetic, you are upping your accessory game with your tech.

Felipe, if you are reading this, please make this happen once we are all back out in the world, thank you.

Designer: Felipe Duarte


Razer Kraken Kitty Headphones are Cool for Cats

Razer is best known for its bold and highly stylized computers and computer accessories. The vast majority of them are done up in black, with accents of neon green, and maybe some color-changing LEDs. But Razer also makes one product that stands out from the rest, and they’re pink headphones that look like cat ears.

Razer Kraken Kitty headphones let gamers show off their love for cats while blasting their opponents with laser cannons. Like other Razer products, these ones do offer the latest and greatest in technology, rocking THX 7.1 spatial surround sound, a chat microphone with active noise cancelling, and Chroma RGB lighting, which can be synced up with other peripherals. They just make you look like a kitty cat. And if pink isn’t quite your style, they make them in classic Razer black.

So if you’re a crazy cat lady (or crazy cat guy), you can get either colors of the Razer Kraken Kitty headphones from Amazon for $149.99.

Jaybird’s Run XT true wireless earbuds are on sale for $50 at Best Buy

It's generally still safe to go running outside even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and thankfully there are good deals to be had if you need a soundtrack for those excursions. Best Buy has a one-day sale going for Jaybird's Run XT true wirel...

This DIY Bluetooth Radio kit is perfect for those who love to tinker!

DIY has been a raging trend for a while now (our Pinterest boards are a testament to our DIY wishlists) and the present opportunity is the perfect time to start tinkering and tackling that DIY bug. To add to your aspirations, we present to you Celia & Perah’s DIY Bluetooth Speaker Kit – a simple kit that includes all the parts you need to build up a woody-aesthetic radio/speaker that will match your modern interior.

Celia & Perah has built a detailed laser-cut assembly that is easy to follow for even the new DIY enthusiast – Meet the Classic Bluetooth Radio. Taking roughly an hour to assemble, the kit consists of one 3″ full-range speaker, a 4″passive radiator, laser cut wood boards, a PCB, battery antenna and other small items required to assemble this design. Do not be deceived by its rustic looks, the speaker is amped with modern functionalities such as Bluetooth connectivity, USB and AUX inputs as well as an FM radio function! The end result is a vintage-inspired radio with modern sound capabilities that can last up to 5.5 hours of plug-free playing. There are 2 variants of the speaker black or white with the existing wooden body, so you can choose the one that matches your space. While our mind is currently consumed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, history shows that we will get through this and a gorgeous looking and functioning DIY project like this is sure to make you beam with pride every time you look back to this moment. You are here, you are still fighting, so make every minute count!

Designer: Celia & Perah

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DIY Steps to make your own Radio

Enclosed within the rectangular box are all the components that make this speaker great. The last step of the process is to attach the rotary dials over the existing screw and bolt setup. Voila, your speaker is ready to use.

Hardgraft’s clever leather case turns into a 3D stand for your headphones!

The difference between a regular headphone case and Hardgraft’s ingenious case/stand is quite simply just a fold-line! The flat leather case transforms right into a 3D docking platform for your headphones just by simply creating a crease in the base.

The case is entirely made from leather, and features a wool-felt inner layer to protect your headphones. A zip lets you secure your precious B&O Play headphones within the case, while a clever diamond-shaped base turns the flat case into a three dimensional one, allowing you to perfectly rest your headphones on it in a way that’s equal parts aesthetic, functional, and sheer genius! Just like all of Hardgraft’s fine products, the Peak Headphone Case/Stand is made out of high-end top-grain leather from Tuscany and 100% wool-felt from Germany.

Designer: Hardgraft for Bang & Olufsen