Apple meets GoPro in this action camera designed for every adventure enthusiastic influencer!

Conceptualizing new technology using the design language of iconic brands like Apple and GoPro is a hard feat, but when done right, it makes you wonder why the product doesn’t already exist. Apple is known for its minimalist and sleek product designs, with every new generation, the iPhone seems to get even slimmer and glossier than its predecessor. GoPro takes on a more rugged approach to their design, delivering durable, weather-resistant, and pocket-friendly action cams. Varun Anand conceived and visualized the iCam Pro, an Apple and GoPro-inspired minimalist action camera for the modern thrill seeker, merging the two giant brands together.

Inspired by living life on the edge and documenting travels along the way, the iCam Pro was conceptualized using top-grade technology fit for the adventure seeker who isn’t about to be held back by limiting camera setbacks. Equipped with Apple’s A12Z Bionic Chip, the concept of iCam Pro boasts lightning-fast feedback and the same power efficiency we’ve all come to expect from Apple. In addition to its ultra-fast microchip, the iCam Pro comes outfitted with LiDAR sensors, an advancement in camera technology that fills out Apple’s camera to take videography to another level. LiDAR sensors essentially use remote sensing to examine the Earth’s surface, and all of its nooks and crannies to deliver photos that are as close to the real thing as you can get from phone cameras. In a similar vein, a 12 MP ultra-wide sensor expands the camera’s view to deliver fuller photos, while the iCam Pro’s 22 MP wide camera captures crystal clear colors for more realistic documentation.

Today’s social media industry expects vloggers and influencers to come prepared with the most technologically advanced cameras to document their adventures in their truest form. Boasting a waterproof rating of 1 ATM, the iCam Pro was conceptualized to be water-resistant for up to ten meters deep, and the camera’s new underwater camera would allow users to take 60fps underwater shots, the same frequency rate used by sports cameras to capture slow-mo and action footage. Since the iCam Pro was created using Apple’s design language, Anand also thought to include all the perks that come with an iPhone, including access to photos, music, iCloud, as well as Face ID authentication.

Designer: Varun Anand

While Apple is known for more simple, minimalist designs, GoPro is rugged and versatile.

The sleek build of iCam Pro is immediately recognized as an Apple-inspired product, with rounded edges and full screens.

Boasting the speed of an A12Z Micro Bionic Chip, the iCam Pro would deliver lightning-fast feedback.

Anand was sure to include all the perks that come with Apple products, including iCloud, photos, and a music library.

iCam Pro’s ultra-wide cameras would capture fuller footage for more realistic documentation.

With a water resistance level of 1 ATM, the iCam Pro can reach depths of 10 meters and take photos underwater.

Unlike other action cameras on the market, the iCam Pro would not be battery-operated. Instead, the iCam Pro would operate on wirelessly charged power.


Take A POV Ride Around This 224-Foot Long LEGO Roller Coaster

Giving the roller coaster that was 2020 a run for its money, enjoy this GoPro’s point-of-view ride along the 68-meter (224-foot) roller coaster constructed by Akiyuki Brick Channel. Could you imagine if this had existed in Honey I Shrunk The Kids? Those kids would have never even wanted to be returned to normal size.

Traveling at a speed of 0.38-meters/second (1.2-feet/second), the roller coaster cart pulls itself along the track, which includes cranks, corkscrews, somersaults, stairs, wall rides, and bridges. I particularly liked the parts where the track was moved to allow the cart to continue on its way instead of crashing, like at 1:58 (track moves down) and 2:14 (seen below, LEGO Mustang pushes the track into place). I only wish I could ride this in real life.

After the POV ride, there’s some additional footage of how the roller coaster cart moves, and how each unique element of the roller coaster track works. It really is a marvel of ingenuity, and I wish I had the time and money to build something similar. But mostly the money, because then I’d be rich.