World’s first DIY breathing PC uses magnetic bellows to stay cool. Watch the video!

How innovative can your average PC case get for design? DIY expert Matt Perks of DIY Perks sets a new high with his breathing PC that keeps the high-performance GPU and CPU cool with a breathable motion never ever seen before. Sure fanless PC builds have bemused me in the past, but a PC chassis that has its own sets of lungs (metaphorically) is the reason you see this writeup here. Matt wanted to try out PC cooling without the noisy fans for a high-end gaming machine loaded with an Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card and 16-core AMD Ryzen 5950X CPU. That powerhouse combination demands active cooling as they produce a lot of heat.

This towering PC rig is not compact by any means as the breathable part is housed in the lower section, and the PC components are placed above it. The back and forth breathing magic is achieved with magnets and reinforced acrylic panels. Using acrylic bellows, vents, and a water loop – the innovation can cool one of the best graphics cards and the best gaming CPU on the market, the RTX 3080 and AMD Ryzen 9 5950X. This system results in cool air being pushed up to the powerful components and through the radiator, which keeps the system cool. All the hot air is pushed out from the top to prevent it from circulating back inside.

During the testing phase, the CPU and GPU temperature is maintained at 60°C and 62°C, respectively, using this unique cooling system. These are usable temperatures for gaming at medium settings but don’t expect to push the limits with your ultra-settings and ray tracking switched on. For a first-time effort at building this DIY PC, I’m not complaining about its capability compared to the traditional cooling solutions for high-end PCs. It’s not every day that you come across such a futuristic PC, and given its innovative engineering, the entire video is worth watching!

Designer: Matt Perks

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