Ventura Edge Dune Limited Edition drops straight out of “Dune Part: Two” fantasy onto your wrist

Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming movie Dune: Part Two is creating quite a buzz before its March 1 release in the US. Hamilton Watch with its stint of creating watches for more than 500 movies since 1930, wasn’t going to let this opportunity go. The result is a collaboration with Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros to create a duo of exclusive Ventura timepieces inspired by the epic space opera movie’s prop watch. One of them is the Desert Watch carrying a minimalist charm while the Edge Dune Edition has a sci-fi character to it.

We found a fancy for the latter, so we’ll be talking about this sci-fi timepiece here. However, some things are common to both these watches including the commemorative ellipsoid packaging that represents the psychedelic drug in Melange and the water depicted by the blue section. On special request of Denis to create the timepiece in close association with the film’s prop master, Doug Harlocker, the watch turned out to be as unique as it gets. It defies the traditional watch norms resulting in a hardwearing wrist gadget well-suited for the Fremen.

Designer: Hamilton Watch

The Hamilton Ventura Edge Dune Limited Edition has a case made out of black PVD coating and measures 51mm x 47.2mm. The 100-meter water-resistant watch mimics the 3D relief elements present in the original timepiece depicted in the movie. I particularly like the intricate circuit board effect and the amazing texture complementing it.  On the face, it displays the time in cool blue digits and gets the quartz movement on the inside.

The time reading is done in a vertical formation, looking like a faint blue text that lights up at the push of a button. Also, the blue ring on the watch illuminates to complete the look. When the lights go out they go out with a slight brightness peak and fade into the dark, just like the original prop timepiece. The Hamilton Ventura Edge Dune watch will be limited to just 2,000 units and comes at a price tag of $2,500.

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A NYC studio reinterprets the perception of global time zones with a wristwatch that has its own travel-carry

Not all watches are meant to have intriguing complications. A minimalistic watch with a black and white interface, accompanied by a briefcase is proving that right. Designed to let you navigate the world with time to your advantage, The Time Traveler Watch in discussion is created by Nik Bentel, a design-forward studio in New York City.

Nik Bentel Studio is a goal-oriented team of designers that thrives on releasing limited-edition performative objects, often through collaborative efforts. The Time Traveler is a watch that journeys from the wrist to a briefcase, as you travel between countries, has been created in close collaboration with Trio of Time (TTT) Watches by Anicorn.

Designer: Nik Bentel Studio and TTT Watches

Time zone wall clocks found a pace after the global trade kicked off post-World War II. These clocks with a simple typeface, clean white aesthetics, and a straightforward design became a staple with travelers who trotted between time zones. The Time Traveler Watch revives this timeless design with a combination bag, creating a no-nonsense time-telling narrative for modern globe trotters.

Rethinking how modern-day watches perceive global time; the Time Traveler, as previously iterated, is a two-part time teller. One part is a 39mm diameter wristwatch paired with a removable leather strap. The design language is black, white, and straightforward. The second part is the briefcase that is wearable without the watch. Its true potential is however realized when the wristwatch is defragmented (the strap removed from the dial) and it is placed inside the designated section on the bag.

The bag with crossbody woven strap has interchangeable city plates – for London, New York, Tokyo, and Hong Kong – made of chromed silver right below the watch slot. You can interchange the plates (that hold up to the bag using a magnet) to match the time zone your watch is following at a given point in time.

For the inquisitive, the Time Traveler has a stainless steel casing and a Japanese Miyota 2035 Quartz movement powers it. The straightforward dial is protected under mineral glass, and the watch itself is 50 meters water resistant. Aiming to simplify time telling in global locations, The Time Traveler intends to reinterpret the perception of global time zones, and I think it has pulled that off well. The watch is available for $349 right away!

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Forget Flip Phones, this Smartphone has a Flipping Side Button Panel for Regular, Gaming, and Camera Modes

When mobile phones began scaling up, they used physical buttons for navigation. Steadily touchscreen smartphones took over more rapidly than mobile phones to reach our pockets in the first place. This was because of two considerable reasons: larger display real estate and lighter and slimmer design. But what we had to forgo in this barter was the tactile feedback on the press of a button that good old mobiles offered.

It has been seen that mobile gamers and camera enthusiasts prefer the tactile feel of the phone and this has given surge to a new league of accessories that make this possible from an everyday smartphone. Now a designer believes there is a scope of adaptation for a smartphone with tactile buttons for camera and gaming mode, in addition to physical volume rockers and power button of the touchscreen phone.

Designer: Wayne Lu

Appropriately christened the Phone One, this as the tagline suggests, is a multi-mode smartphone that revives the physical buttons for a tactile feel. The interesting aspect here is that these buttons do not take up the screen space but are provided in a uniquely designed three-pivot side panel of this smartphone.

The pivot allows the right-side panel of the phone to rotate within the phone frame itself, transitioning from normal phone mode to gaming mode and further into camera mode and back to the phone mode. The normal mode with volume and power buttons ensures the Phone One looks as close to normal as possible for daily usage.

The magic starts on the first twist of the side panel that reveals the game mode. This shows up a speaker grill in the center and D pa- style four buttons in as many colors. Taking things further into the optics arena is the camera mode that appears on the next pivot of the side panel. This mode with all the physical buttons for recording, clicking, flash and more has a very camcorder-like appearance.

Besides the bespoke pivoting side panel, Phone One is a run-of-the-mill smartphone with an edge-to-edge HD display and a slim profile. It has a single camera cutout on the back and a plasticky white body with the Phone One branding on the pivoting side that protrudes slightly from the main body. Of course, we do not have details about the possible innards of the Phone One, but it is an interesting concept worthy of seeing the light of day.

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TAG Heuer and Malbon collaborate for a distinct Connected Calibre E4 Golf Edition watch

Golf is generally considered a game of the elite and a passion of the aged. This notion has remained put for a very long time, but with younger payers adopting the sport, it is transcending with time into a youthful recreation. Malbon Golf has been an early adapter in this changing scenario with some fascinating smartwatches that infuse an unexpected twist and playful spirit on and off the course.

After giving the youth (and others who may fancy) a new perception of the game with streetwear-inspired watches, the brand has collaborated with TAG Heuer for a new interesting offering. The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 45mm x Malbon Golf Edition is the latest smartwatch with a golf-focused approach that will have many heads turning not only for its looks and features but also for its considerably affordable price.

Designer: TAG Heuer x Malbon Golf

The new TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 x Malbon transcends the ordinary and brings a fashionable idea to embrace. This stands out in the choice of color combinations inspired by the golf course. Besides this, the watch is a robust companion for the players, and appreciators of the game, with a matte black DLC-coated titanium case that measures 45mm.

The sizable casing houses an OLED touchscreen dial with two new and interesting display options. The first watch face options put Malbon’s golf ball mascot in the center while yellow and dark green colors split in half occupying the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock sides respectively. The highlight watch face, which is exclusive to this watch is the elegant dark green accompanied by three chronograph-style sub-dials.

The golf-inspired ceramic bezel has 18-hole indicators marked in Arabic numerals with the Golf Edition label completing the bezel interface. The dark green dial of the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 x Malbon is embedded with the TAG Heuer shield emblem at 12 o’clock and comes included with sports and wellness apps facilitated by the Google Wear OS.

The most interesting part of the watch is reserved for its back where all the connected aspects of the watch – that give it the name – find space. The Connected Calibre E4 45mm x Malbon Golf Edition here has a suite of sensors for, a compass, accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, and heart rate monitoring. It’s here that a built-in microphone also rests, transforming the watch function standalone of your phone.

The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 45mm x Malbon Golf Edition is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100+ and features a battery that runs for a day after a 90-minute full charge, with all the apps and features running at full capacity. For the interesting match and color scheming, the 50-meter water-resistant watch comes with a choice of two straps. One is a dual-tone green and yellow and the other is a pure black rubber strap for a subtle look. With all its features, The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 45mm x Malbon Golf Edition is available now for 2,300 CHF ($2,600).

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World’s Cleanest Electric Snowmobile launched this week in collaboration with Pininfarina

Traversing snowy terrains is now going to be even more fun and environmentally friendly with the Vidde Mobility electric snowmobile. Designed in collaboration with Pininfarina the vehicle makes minimal noise without compromising on the power delivery of a conventional gas-powered snowmobile.

According to Vidde founded by Christian Lystrup, the terrain vehicles around the globe create 30 megatons of CO2 every year. Out of which over “two-thirds of the total emissions produced by the entire country of Sweden.” The Vidde Alfa is deemed to solve this with an initial footprint of less than 100g co2/ km compared to the 550g co2/km of any gas-powered snowmobile. The vehicle is slated for a late 2024 release for a price tag with a wider production horizon planned for 2025. It was launched on February 18, 2024, at IceHotel in Swedish Lapland.

Designer: Vidde Mobility and Pininfarina

Standing out from the rest as a trailblazer of the snowmobile industry, this snowmobile is groundbreaking when it comes to eco-friendly performance. The electric snowmobile comes loaded with a battery heating system for operation at a low temperature of -39 degrees Celsius. For the looks, Pininfarina influence is apparent with a distinctive bold orange and white-hued theme on the sleek body shell placed on the runner and treads finished in industrial black.

The collaborative effort is focused on identifying a solution that elevates the pleasure of driving and making sure it is functional and attractive keeping in mind the longevity of use. This electric snowmobile will be tested at the vast expanse of Swedish Lapland by the Icehotel for the remainder of the season to get real-time data in real conditions. According to Christian, the first batch of units are signed up and there are some limited slots left to pre-book the Vidde snowmobile.

According to Annika Fredriksson CEO of Swedish Lapland Visitors Board, “During the winter a lot of people use snowmobiles for both personal and professional purposes. If we can turn all these snowmobiles into electrified versions it would have a hugely positive effect on nature and wildlife, both for the reduced CO2 emissions and sound disturbance. This fills us with hope and will play a part in reaching our sustainability goals for 2030.”

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This amphibious electric vehicle has the smarts for practical urban mobility needs

Electric, Hydrogen and Hybrid vehicles are going to partly solve the environmental crisis, but the fact remains, the number of vehicles on the roads isn’t going to reduce. The battle for every inch of road space will intensify in the future, no matter how desperately the compact concept vehicles try to gain popularity.

The only viable solution then left are the flying cars which I’m now a great fan of due to their mostly impractical approach to things in real-life conditions when air space is going to get crowded. One probable solution for tropical regions in particular is an amphibious vehicle that’ll bypass traffic congestions on freeways for timely travel schedules.

Designer: Bernardo Pereira

The CROSSER V1 is designed keeping in mind the commuting needs of coastal cities. The primary idea of this kind of transportation is to have flexibility of transportation in such regions for speedy commuting. The fact that this is an electric vehicle reduces the amount of noise created, and also the levels of pollution. The fleet of CROSSER vehicles creates a customized service for inhabitants of urban cities to meet the 24×7 hour needs of every kind of user.

According to the designer, the rise in sea level will eventually lead most of the world’s population to migrate to these regions and look for viable means of earning livelihood. This will lead to an increase in road congestion and pressurize the already overburdened mobility systems. Thus, leading to the dire need for new mobility solutions when owning a private vehicle will no longer be of interest to the majority of Populus.

The future of mobility will be dominated by diverse needs that depend on the user’s travel intention, interaction and lifestyle. This leads to a transition that allows for interconnected mobility systems that are in line with sustainable practices and technologies. Bernardo initially created four different iterations for this concept and the final design is this amphibious transportation service that serves the users. The vehicle has an intelligent navigation system that takes the fastest route, either on land or water.

The CROSSER is developed to be an adaptable service that goes beyond passenger transportation and bears modular features for modifying the interiors depending on the needs of the user. By default, the vehicle comes with a four-seat configuration with a display to beam all the route information, weather and warnings. The vehicle boasting a panoramic view has seats with sensors and adjustable headrests.

When it’s time to tread on the waters, the CROSSER V1 employs the suspension system to raise the maximum height angle by 90 degrees. Everything is done autonomously aided by the LiDAR and Radar sensors, without the need to stop the vehicle. The in-built dual cameras with a 150-degree viewing angle further add to the feed of the user’s display. This whole system not only aids in water travel but also identifies obstacles on land.

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Experience True Van-Life Luxury with this Tailor-Made Camping Box for All Your Needs

Campervans have their own set of advantages, but it’s a fixed construction you cannot choose to part with when you want to use the vehicle for everyday street life. This shortcoming may have given birth to the idea of slide-in camping solutions that convert the vans into campers when the wilderness calls. Over the years, with the transforming needs of adventurers, these camping solutions have evolved so much so that a company in Austria has now designed a full-proof camping box to fit at the back of your vehicle and leave you wanting nothing more.

Built with the notion of bringing real-life luxury to the road, the CampBoks slide-in camping solution comprises a fully equipped slide-out kitchen, foldable bed, sliding dining with a cantilevered bench and table, outdoor shower, and an optional, portable toilet. With all these amenities, the CampBoks can transform any ordinary van into a capable camper for wherever your adventure may take you.

Designer: CampBoks

The comprehensive camping box slides onto the seat rails of, or can be fitted into, a range of vehicles such as the Ford Transit, VW Transporter, Mercedes V-Class, Renault Trafic and the like. The versatile Camboks kit, with all its versatility, adds some weight to the back of your vehicle: It weighs 140 kg, which is more than the ordinary options on the market. But the features you get with this one, I’m sure we won’t mind the extra few kilos.

The traditional camper slide-in can keep the weight in measure since they come with limited facilities such as a bed and perhaps a kitchen. The CamBoks adds to these customary features with outdoor dining, a compact work table, and a full-fledged kitchen and fits snugly in a midsize van.

The CampBoks is designed and manufactured entirely in Austria with three compartmentalizations. The driver-side section comprises a slide-out kitchen provided with a single-burner Primus gas stove, small worktable, 15-L refrigerator box, and sink with a faucet that using an attachment can double as an outdoor shower.  The compartment in the middle has a sliding table which is provided with two benches – sliding out – from the two main sections on either side of the table. In the passenger side section, CampBoks provides a slide-out with three Euroboxes you can use for bulk storage.

Toward the inside, you have a folding A-frame bed, which folds in to form a sofa on either side (toward the inside of the vehicle and the tailgate). By the night, it can lay flat to transform into a full-size bed for a couple. You get under-bed storage plus two 12-L fresh water canisters slipped in underneath. Alongside the comfy bed (useable in seating position as well) you get a side-mounted swivel table that can be your additional dining or work desk, depending on your mood and weather. With all its features and an additional option to include a dry separating toilet, the CampBoks starts at approximately $7,000.

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Levitating Xbox controller themed on the “Dune: Part Two” movie is up for grabs via a competition

There’s no denying, we love everything that levitates. Consider the magical element of a floating gadget or the sheer curiosity of the working mechanism, anything that suspends in mid-air, ignites our curiosity. Of course, this levitating Xbox controller wouldn’t escape our radar.

This special edition gaming Xbox gaming controller will mark the release of Dune: Part 2 on March 1. Microsoft is labeling it as the world’s first floating Xbox controller, and we’ll agree since this is a one-of-a-kind creation. The idea behind the levitating aesthetic is to mimic the Ornithopter’s capability to hover over the Arrakis’ dunes. The good news is that you can win this one-off collectors’ piece by topping the sweepstakes competition by Microsoft on X.

Designer: Microsoft

Limited edition hardware is nothing new to Microsoft for promoting their flagship console. For the Dune edition version, the tech giant has collaborated with Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures to promote the release of Denis Villeneuve’s movie. Coming on to the levitating feature, the controller rests on a stand that floats. The visual trickery is not made clear by Microsoft but we presume magnets are used to weave the magic. Hiding behind the big sandy base that’s most likely created to aid this cool illusion.

The gaming controller has a custom finish complete with the movie logo and symbols. Similarly, the Xbox Series S console carries a vibrant design to represent the scale of Arrakis in the cosmos. It is accompanied by the Dune-themed Ornithopter Stand for the complete feel. If you are interested in rolling in for the competition jump right away to check out the official rules and eligibility details. The entry period is currently on and will go on till March 25.

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G-Shock and Land Cruiser tie-up for Dakar Rally-inspired Mudman rugged watch

Collaborations in the top tech echelons are routine. Some are hard stretched but few are like a match made in heaven. A meaningful partnership in the latter type is the Toyota Land Cruiser’s tie-up with G-Shock. I am sure this collab, which marries high-end watchmaking with automotive genius, would need no introduction. But if you mean why, the companies thrive on their ability to go anywhere and take what you throw at them, so why not?

The partnership marks the 30-year history of Team Land Cruiser Toyota Auto Body competing at the Dakar Rally. The watch for the occasion is designed to embody the spirit of resilience and adventure, which are the main stakes of the iconic motor sporting event renowned for its challenging and exhausting terrain.

Designer: G-Shock x Land Cruiser

Dubbed the GW9500TLC-1 Mudman ‘Land Cruiser’ limited edition, it is based on one of the most rugged G-Shock watches, the Mudman GW9500. Aptly chosen to represent the most extreme motorsports event, the G-Shock Mudman in the collaboration is inspired by the TLC racing team and the Dakar Rally itself.

That said, the new watch is as close as it can be to the Mudman GW9500 in features and style, except for a few tweaks that make this G-Shock a Toyota companion for the desert. The primary distinction is the use of stainless steel for the bezel and the custom color theme of black and red ion plating that make the timepiece and keeps it in theme with the rally car, Land Cruiser 300 GR Sport’s color scheme. For its distinction, the collaborative G-Shock x Land Cruiser Mudman, reference GW9500TLC-1, is priced about $60 higher than the base Mudman model at $440.

Besides all that, this G-Shock x Team Land Cruiser Toyota Auto Body Mudman has all the same features as the GW9500. It has a Carbon Core Guard interior that’s resistant to dust and keeps the watch tough yet lightweight. The watch is solar powered, has a dynamic dual-layer LCD, features 6 radio-controlled timekeeping, and 200-meter water resistance. The digital compass, altimeter, barometer, and thermometer make the watch an ideal partner for the 10,000km Dakar Rally.

G-Shock has ensured perfect branding to render the watch appropriate for The TLC racing team. The caseback wears the TLC logo. The G-Shock x Team Land Cruiser Mudman’s rugged case comes paired with a black rubber strap which has a brown sand-splashed pattern for camouflage in the desert.

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Lamborghini Countach LP400 replica flaunts intricate scissor doors and rear-view periscope mirror

The Lamborghini Countach LP400 was the first generation of its kind and way ahead of time in terms of design given it debuted way back in 1974. Those scissor doors and the rear-view periscope mirror that vanished into the roof, just like the periscope of a submarine captured the imagination of performance car lovers. Fast forward to the current day and Lambo is basking in the glory of the Revuelto plug-in hybrid supercar.

Amalgam Collection, a brand out of Bristol, UK, renowned for making the most detailed scale model replicas of famous four-wheelers like the Ferrari 296 GT3 sportscar has again caught our attention. This time they’ve created intricate 1:8 scale models of both the Revuelto and Countach LP400. Since we like things classic, so for now our focus is the nostalgic LP400 scale model that’s handmade to perfection with thousands of precisely engineered parts completing the build.

Designer: Amalgam Collection

As expected from the scale model builder, this fully-opening scale replica took almost 400 hours of the craftspeople’s time and skillful effort. The design took shape from the original CAD models and digital scan files provided. Further details were obtained from the thousands of pictures of the classic 4.0-liter V12-powered supercar. If we overlook the 250-400 hours of creating each of the scale model units, the initial time input to develop the tooling for vehicles that the maker has never before made alone takes a mind-boggling 2,500 – 4,000 hours!

According to Amalgam, the exterior and interior of the car will be accurately replicated to the last visible detail. These include the color of the seat stitching, brake calipers, steering wheel, speaker indents, manual shifter, license plates, and even the ashtray in the center console. Predictably, the front trunk has a spare tire and the headlights can be toggled between up and down position.

They further added that their long-term collaboration with Lamborghini  permits them full access to “the brand’s paint codes, color samples, and every personalized detail to ensure their model matches their full-size counterpart.”

There will be a limited number of 199 units of the scale model Countach LP400 in Giallo Fly yellow or Rosso red color options. This model is priced at approximately $19,900 for automotive collectors willing to pay any price for such intricate works of art. You could buy a real sedan for that price tag!

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