Elago W3 Stand for Apple Watch Ultra will teleport user onto a nostalgic journey of time and functionality

San Diago-based accessories maker, Elago, has made it a custom to recreate Apple’s loved Macintosh Computer into a charging dock for the Cupertino tech giant’s new watch editions. The W3 charging stands – for Apple Watch series – through the years have paid ode to the iconic iMac that put Apple at the pinnacle of personal computing.

Meant to wirelessly charge the Apple Watch under the disguise of a classic Macintosh, Elago has this time refreshed the design to accommodate Apple’s largest watch to date. The W3 Stand is designed to sit comfortably on the nightstand while charging the Apple Watch Ultra docked into it. With the Nightstand Mode kicked in, it can function as an alarm clock and display time and messages for you.

Designer: Elago

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The new Elago W3 Stand is likely to impress Apple Watch patrons with its throwback design and ability to charge the Watch Ultra. Simply place the watch into the charging stand and the watch screen will instantly transform into a retro Macintosh computer.

The stand – which is compatible with Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8, and all previous models – is made of durable, non-recycled silicone. The construction material renders the accessory feels great to the touch and durable enough to last a lifetime. Use of silicone also ensures that the charging stand is safe to use in homes with children and pets.

If you’re not a big Apple fan, but know someone in your circle, the Elago W3 Stand for the Apple Watch Ultra can make and ideal gift for them. The dock will teleport the recipient onto a nostalgic journey of time and functionality. If you are considering it an option, you’ll be glad to learn that the W3 Stand comes in two color options: Black and White, and is now available online for $13.99.

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This ultra-thin gaming controller boasts magnetically attachable button layer

The dynamics of gaming have changed in the last few years with smartphones stepping in for more than a makeshift handheld device. That compelling reason to load your mobile device with games is ever so logical with powerful processors ensuring you get to play the high-end, graphically demanding titles that have console-quality visuals.

Dedicated gaming phones elevate the level of immersion a notch higher, and combined with mobile gaming controllers the level of tactical advantage is a given. Best options currently include SteelSeries Stratus+, Backbone One, Razer Kishi V2, or 8Bitdo Pro 2.

Designer: Aryan Vijay

What if there’s a gaming controller for smartphones that’s better in every aspect looking from the perspective of casual, as well as more serious mobile gamers? An accessory that’s featherweight and doesn’t take much space yet brings loads of features to the fore. This is the PhoCo pocketable controller designed keeping in mind the long hours we tend to spend on our smartphones in very uncomfortable postures leading to chronic neck, head and back pain. Certainly not the preferable way to use your device.

The existing mobile gaming controllers on the market address some or all issues like portability, ergonomics and ideal posture; but cannot do all at the same time. PhoCo does it all with a very thin footprint – thanks to the physical triggers and joysticks for the best of traditional controllers and modern touch controls. The foldable support protects the screen and controls from damage while carrying, bringing portability to the equation. Aryan has added a stand on the back to keep things stable if the accessory is put on a desk or table.

A separable magnetic layer with the physical buttons can be superimposed on the display layer housing the joysticks and the triggers, giving the gamer flexibility of use which is very important. The screen with qwerty keyboard Users who like to keep a wide array of gaming titles on their capable smartphone will find this feature very useful.

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FaZe Clan x Nike LeBron Nxxt Gen sneaker establishes the long-standing relationship between athletes and gamers

LeBron James and Nike have been through numerous seasons together. The collaborations, swoosh label and legendary power forward share, have entered the 20th silhouette, which was recently revealed in form of Nike x LeBron 20 Nxxt. Now, a trimmed-down version of the signature sneaker has been announced, which is made in association with the esports giant FaZe Clan, which LeBron’s oldest son, Bronny, is a member of.

LeBron first teased the FaZe Clan x Nike collab in December 2022. Now with an official release date out, the partnership is certain and images of the sneaker are available for us to relish. Notably, this is the first collaborative footwear from Nike and FaZe Clan.

Designer: FaZe Clan x Nike

The underlying idea behind the FaZe Clan x Nike LeBron Nxxt Gen is to establish a long-standing relationship between athletes and gamers. The sneaker dons a very obvious color theme, which draws most of its inspiration from the FaZe Clan logo.

It has been designed in close consultation with the Nike and FaZe creative teams in a familiar Black, University Red, and White color scheme. The web-like printed mesh and leather accents adorn the upper of the FaZe Clan x Nike LeBron Nxxt Gen, while a white Zoom Air midsole coupled with a red translucent outsole add up to the look.

This look according to FaZe Clan creative director Jay “JVY” Richardson is a reflection of “the analogy that just like motherboards buried underneath the shell of technology, all great talent comes from beneath, and we all use different internal functions to power us as athletes and gamers.”

Branding is an essential aspect of collaborative products and it’s neatly taken care of in the FaZe Clan Nxxt Gen. The Faze Clan logo appears on the tongue and the Swoosh branding features around the heel counter. Despite the brilliance it adorns, not everyone is gonna rock these. But if you are interested, the FaZe Clan x Nike LeBron Nxxt Gen sneaker is scheduled to retail starting March 9 for $160.

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This Vespa teardrop trailer made of foam, incorporates a functional kitchen and space to sleep the rider

DIYers have their own sense of doing things with ingredients that for you and me may sound foolish to begin with. Teardrop trailers, besides the size, have to be durable and stable. Throwing the two aspects out of the park, Thomas Burick has created a micro teardrop trailer, to go with his 1962 Vespa, from foam topped with a sheet of homemade fiberglass.

Yes, that is pretty fragile from a safety point of view. But motorcycle campers and bike-packers will have different thoughts. For them, the lightweight form factor and kind of space created within is a definite inspiration.

Designer: Thomas Burick

The micro teardrop trailer, towable by a vintage Vespa, is made in partnership with YouTuber and trailer maker, ‘The L Wood by Lucy.’ Its design is based on a 1947 Cabin Car trailer, which has been worked up to let Thomas “Roam in Foam.”

Since Thomas wanted the trailer to be more than a place to snooze in after a long ride; a kitchenette has been provided with ample storage space: cabinets and shelves with sliding doors. The shape of the trailer is nicely arched for headspace and stability on the 25-pound base it stations itself on. The interiors are well-lit with natural light penetrating the windows made of acrylic. The door is finished with metal skirting for additional stability.

Under the hatch of this foam teardrop trailer resides the kitchen complete with a gas stove and crockery. A special section has been created to store the silverware and the cooking essentials. When Thomas is done cooking and eating, he enters the trailer furnished with a mattress for a good night’s sleep.

While the micro teardrop is made robust enough for bright summer days, it may not be the most stable ride against strong winds and rain. Nonetheless, this interesting contraption is finished in blue color to align with hue of the Vespa it trails; a pleasing sight to behold!

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Special Edition Porsche Vision 357 is a modern interpretation of brand’s first sports car

Porsche has completed 75 years of passionate car making, and they’re celebrating in style with the Vision 357 concept. This special edition coupe is a nod to the iconic 356 Roadster, Porsche’s first-ever sports car that arrived in June 1948. The celebration model adopts its sloping flyline, broad shoulders and aero coverings.

The two-seater performance car is a self-birthday present imbibing the nostalgia of the 356 coupe DNA – fusing the past, present and future. As Michael Mauer, Vice President Style Porsche pictured the concept to “feature proportions that are reminiscent of its historical archetype and details that visualize the outlook for the future.”

Designer: Porsche

This eye candy roadster is created on the Italian automaker’s 718 Cayman GT4 RS technology platform, boasting a horsepower of 493 thanks to the 4.0-liter flat-six engine. Gone are the door handles concealed behind the rear side glass for a sleeker look. So, how is the driver kept aware of things in the rear? Well, that’s taken care of by the embedded cameras. The signature GT4 RS origin is hinted at by the rear quarter-window intakes, feeding fresh air to the engine. 911 GT3 R elements are also apparent in the small splitters supported by cables and vents at the trailing edge of those 21-inch magnesium wheels.

Porsche chose to encapsulate the windshield around the A-pillars for a unique three-window element fused into one – just like a helmet visor. This reminds me of the brand’s Mission R EV race-car concept introduced back in 2021. Circuit racing personality is visually present in the form of “75” number decals on the door and hood, and “357” stickers on the front fenders and rear fascia. There are “Air” decals, and arrows pointing to the inlets and air intakes which are unique in their own rights. The roadster adorns dual-tone Ice Grey Metallic and Grivola Grey Metallic hues which are inspired by the factory shades of the 1950s.

The elements that hint towards its core concept DNA are the rounded headlight motifs and the subtle rear lights. All this leads me to believe it’s not going to be a production version anytime soon and only be restricted to being an eye-candy racer. Passionate Porsche fans can see the Vision 357 concept at a special exhibit in Berlin until mid-February, and later on at international automotive events later this year.

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This sleek kick scooter turns into a mini bike for flexible commuting needs

The need for flexible urban mobility is becoming ever so important given the pace at which traffic congestion is escalating despite all the best efforts. Public modes of transport are at their saturation and mindful personal commuter like bicycles are also proving to be space churners.

Compact scooters aim to fill the gap left by other means of transportation with practicality. Beam smart mobility solution is a perfect example as it combines the fun element of a scooter and the reassurance of a bicycle by customizing it to the requirements.

Designer: Bhavya Upadhyay and Devam Jangra

This convertible electric scooter morphs into a mini bicycle in the blink of an eye which is its USP. This foldable single-person commuter is primarily designed for urban scenarios given its compact nature. Beam is loaded with all the necessary tech to make one go around the city limits or even down the dirt trails without any safety issues that can come up due to diminished visibility to other motorists. For the latter, the scooter cum bike has a bright headlight array and equally well-lit brake lights. For the design enthusiasts, the front of the bike sports a very Dyson-fan inspired aesthetic!

The ride is fitted with the highest-grade brakes and a robust handlebar for durability. The e-ink screen in the middle displays navigation details, while two small e-ink displays display real-time data including current speed, battery levels, drive mode and headlight status. User-centric features include a Bluetooth wireless camp speaker under the saddle, a built-in camera that doubles as a Gear Guard security camera, a detachable fog light on the front that doubles as a flashlight for camping trips, and a concealed toolkit.

Beam kick scooter with its multitude of use-case scenarios is high on practical urbanity and the looks follow suite. Perhaps the ideal ride for stylist Gen-Z who don’t compromise on anything.



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Electric Porsche 911 concept looks pretty in panoramic glass windshield + headlights staring straight into the eye

Porsche’s vision of electromobility has already kicked off with the all-electric Taycan, and in the near future, 100% electrification trend is going to trickle down to other models too.

Mission E all-electric concept is the German marque’s stallion in works for the future, and there’s a rumor in the air about an electric Porsche 911 in works behind closed doors. So, what’s an all-electric 911 going to be like? This 911 concept designed by an artist clears up the haze, and I’m already going bonkers over it.

Designer: Nicolas Vigier

Electric 911 will set the precedence for the rise of performance sports coupes before the end of the decade, and I wish it should look more or less like these renders. I can’t imagine a Porsche 911 without those sexy curves, a familiar trait of countless sharp-looking electric concept cars. This two-seater Porsche 911 coupe has a modern persona without giving up on the classic design language. Nicolas adopts a fresh approach in penning the basic skeletal and design aesthetics by incorporating organic shapes for contrasting appeal.

The body shape is divided into two parts – the top one denoting the organic surface sculpture and the bottom representing the modern gadget shapes. The level of detail follows down to the wheel arches adopted from the 930 and a glass cabin inspired by military aircraft fighters. That front section is an aggressive nod to the Porsche 356 and the tube-shaped headlights (ditching the classic big round aesthetic) create the visual connection. Underneath are two air intakes to cool down the brakes and swappable battery by circulating air optimally because this damsel will be pushed to the limits.

Rear section is shorter than average, taking cues from the classic coke bottle design as explained by Nicolas. This exposes the Porsche 911 Concept’s rear wheels for a more aggressive stance in hot pursuits. That panoramic glass cabin extending to the rear is inspired by Targa, and the engine cover bears a classic 356 look.

To achieve a balance of modern and classic design without overemphasizing either is what makes this concept rendering special. F0r an electric concept that borrows its branding from a cult favorite is never going to be easy, but Nicolas manages the feat. Kudos!

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L’Epée’s WWII grenade-inspired table clock substantiates perpetuity of time and unpredictability of life

Life is so unpredictably unexpected! While you don’t need a ticking timebomb under your seat to remind you of that; luxury watchmaker L’Epée thinks a pinned grenade should sit on your desk to substantiate the perpetuity of time and unpredictability of life.

To that accord, L’Epée 1839 has toured back in time to realize the Grenade clock, which borrows its essence from the historical MKII grenade linked to misdeeds from World War II.

Designer: L’Epée 1839

Generally, the word grenade instills a sense of fear and discomfort but the L’Epée’s Grenade is a comforting testament of horology meeting art at its inventive best.

Placed on the table, this 5-inch-tall clock is nearly the size and dimension of the actual MKII grenade, and a reminder of its historic inclination. A timepiece worth its aesthetics, the L’Epée’s Grenade clock features a vertical movement in the center (visible in its entirety) that runs the two black-colored rotating aluminum disk on top: one displaying the hours and the other denoting elapsed minutes.

A grenade without its safety pin would be worth its faded life in time. L’Epée Grenade clock ensures it is instinctively built on a live grenade core with a pin that pulls out to set the time or to wind its movement for an eight-day time cycle.

If the appearance of a grenade on your desk is not going to be a put-off; the Grenade clock should find its place on your work table as a subjective reminder of the unpredictable life and its passing phases. To match up with your mood and décor, the clock is available in eight color options with each limited to only 99 examples.

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This AI-powered typewriter can type out a complete anthology if you can guide it right

A general sentiment portrays generative artificial intelligence (AI) – and the advent of ChatGPT – as a competitor that will replace humans in various job roles. Arguably, for me, AI will make the workforce smarter and enhance the human ability to dream, innovate, and co-create.

Heralding us a step closer to the world of co-creating with AI, an engineer turned designer, Arvind Sanjeev has created a talk-back typewriter, he calls the Ghostwriter. The ghost within the typewriter is GPT-3 from OpenAI which allows the modified typewriter– with the right human input and direction – to auto-type impressive responses.

Designer: Arvind Sanjeev

Built on a vintage Brother typewriter, this impressively transmuted Ghostwriter presents itself in a combo of cream, gray, and orange that reflects the intended warm, inviting, and playful aesthetics. It features an OLED screen to display status and two knobs to ensure you can control the AI output while it’s assisting you with a research paper or composing poetry on your behest.

The GPT3-powered Ghostwriter features and Arduino onboard that reads human prompts and shares them with Raspberry Pi at the helm that further queries the OpenAI’s GPT-3 API. On the way back, the Arduino receives text strings and auto-triggers key presses on the typewriter to type out the AI suggestions on paper.

By bringing down the co-creation model of human and AI interaction to a typewriter, Sanjeev has managed to minimize “digital distraction” and take us back on an “emotional journey” to the era of paper and ink. The Ghostwriter thus lets us understand the creative relation we are developing with machines: positive or negative, it’s a story for another day.

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Lazzarini Design’s carbon composite superyacht glides over water at dizzying speeds

Achieving high-speed travel on the water can either be possible with a very powerful engine or the ability to ride on the waves creating the least resistance. The latter is already demonstrated by hydrofoil boats, and adopting this same technology for a yacht promises high-speed travel in style.

Lazzarini Design Studio is already renowned for its future-forward prototypes or concept designs, and once again they steer away from anything average. This is the Plectrum superyacht that minuscules anything riding on hydrofoils currently, and by a fair margin, to put it modestly. Provided everything goes as planned, the vessel should make it past the drawing boards into the production lines by 2025.

Designer: Lazzarini Design Studio

The 74-meter yacht concept inspired by the American cup sailing yachts is an ambitious design given the complexities of the hydrofoil technology. No wonder such boats with this tech are currently very rare, since they lift over the waterline at certain speeds to reduce drag and friction. Just imagine, the amount of thrust required for the foil cant systems to lift the movable arms without creating any complications. To keep the dry weight of the superyacht down to a minimum, Lazzarini proposes using carbon fiber composite material.

Plectrum is propelled by a trio of hydrogen-powered motors to generate a mind-boggling 15,000hp. The adjustable foil beams measure 15 meters in anchored mode, and extend to 20 meters when the vessel is lifted at a top speed of 75 knots. This promises comfortable sea traveling for pan-continent journeys, unlike anything we’ve seen so far. For the opulent guests, there’s more than enough room for a luxurious stay and a huge sundeck for baking in the sun. There are four main levels, six guest cabins housed in the body and an expansive shipowner suite. The Italian design studio imagines Plectrum to come with a central garage, rear garage for watercrafts and a helicopter hangar too!

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