Logitech G Fits earbuds have custom molding ear tips for passive noise isolation and peak comfort

The sound quality and comfortable fit of any pair of earbuds depends on how well they rest inside your ear canals. Audiophiles who want the best experience often go for the custom-fit ear tips that mold to the shape of the ear canal for the best possible passive noise isolation and state-of-the-art comfort.

Logitech is entering the highly competitive true wireless earbuds market with a USP all audiophiles will be interested in. The stylish earbuds bring to the fore custom molded ear tips that promise the best-personalized fit audio lovers can wish from TWS earbuds on the market. Of course, not forget the enhanced bass, sound quality and isolation from disturbing noises in crowded spaces without relying on Active Noise Canceling feature.

Designer: Logitech

In a way the Logitech G Fits are similar to the Ultimate Ears’ (a brand that Logitech owns) UE Fits earbuds that boast the Lightform feature making the custom molded fit possible. Their feature list for gamers and power users makes the G series earbuds a better option. The pill-shaped earbuds when inserted for the first time in the ear canals will prompt the user to push a button so that the gel tips harden with flashing LEDs, taking up the ear’s canal shape in a 60-seconds setup. This totally seals the cavity without causing long-term wearing discomfort and blocks all the noises. Now, how cool is that?

Let’s not forget, these are centered on gaming and an active lifestyle, so Logitech has equipped them with Lightspeed wireless technology for the lowest possible low-latency connection. Also, there are Bluetooth capabilities for gaming and standard mode options depending on usage. The Lightspeed dongle connects via USB-A or the USB A-to-C adapter for a negligible audio delay while gaming. This ensures seamless connectivity with any device you want to connect with like the Logitech G Cloud handheld or even PlayStation 5.

Since the G Fits virtually eliminate the need for any active noise canceling, the earbuds last for 10 hours on a single charge and another 12 hours in the battery case. Though it should be noted, the Lightspeed mode will bring the figure down to 7 hours and 8 hours in the charging case respectively. Having 10mm drivers, the G Fits promise a “full, warm, detailed sound with deep, punchy bass.” The dual beamforming microphones per bud deliver vocal clarity for taking calls or in-game conversations.

Overall, I like the prospect of Logitech’s unique offering – especially, the ability to get the best custom fit as it enhances the overall listening experience. They’ll be available for a price tag of $229 in two color options – back and white – when finally available in October next month. Initially, the earbuds will be launched in North America and in other parts of the world in 2023.


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This MINI electric concept depicts natural progression of the hatchback

MINI Cooper is a compact hatchback that everyone swears by for fun, energetic drives on the freeway. Throw any city challenge at this agile, speedy four-wheeler and it doesn’t disappoint. The unique-looking car has made its own dominant space in the automotive lovers’ world all these years, and there’s no stopping!

MINI has a race car-like quality when aggression is needed, and still, it maintains the immaculate grace of a city commuter. Like all other major automotive manufacturers, BMW Group has also vowed to reduce the carbon footprint with electric versions of the compact hatchback.

Designer: Roman Ignatowski

The current generation MINI electric powered by the electric drivetrain checks some boxes while missing out on others, still, the iconic look has been a major USP. This concept design of a future MINI builds on the deep-rooted status of the brand without going overboard. The MINImalistic design of the original is apparent and thank god the original dimensions have not been tinkered with.

Transportation designer Roman has created the MINI in the cool EV avatar as his personal study project. The car gets nifty alterations to completely change the perception of a classic four-wheeler. There’s a sense of airiness to the interiors with the pillar size reduced and the sunroof more dynamic to liven up things. The headlamps and the taillight get a more aggressive treatment to reinforce the aggressive stance. The same goes for the diamond-cut finish wheels that add to the edgy personality of the otherwise contoured EV.

Interiors get the same MINImalist treatment inline with the future trends dominated by light-colored spaces. The car’s dashboard gets the all-white treatment with a digital display for the telemetry. The central console is an extension of the dashboard itself and it’s MINImal too. The iconic steering wheel of the MINI gets the biggest facelift in the shape of a yoke-style racing wheel. Those alone project the futuristic transformation of the MINI.

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Vertical turntable idealised to present music in a way we wouldn’t think twice before taking home

A turntable skimmed the aesthetics and delivered music with additional gadgetry which perhaps record players did as a cohesive unit. However, the transition is more modern and timelier. Now, to fill some sort of void left out by the fast transition from traditional to modern; Blok is an aesthetic that visions turntable, and the notion of music, in a way you and I wouldn’t think twice before taking home.

Many form factors of turntables have been idealized, in the recent past, but have not really gained traction. If you reflect back, there are only a few idealistic designs that stay put; importantly, these are part of our routine because the ease of use and adaptation of embedded technology has been easier as opposed to the fancier ones that have crossed paths.

Designer: Josh Schwefel

Basing the Blok on the choice of the gen-z; designer Josh Schwefel presents turntable boasting mechanical looks with ultra-precise tolerance. That transpires a device with a simple user interface and a clean silhouette. It is not the usual beefy device; instead, a sleek square form factor with similar buttons and an enriching scroller knob for volume deliver a turntable worth your bedside table.

The difference here is not so much about how it looks, but how it functions! The turntable works as a vertical device with the vinyl record going into the middle like a disk in between the gaping lips of a DVD player. Understandably, the built-in spindle identifies the record and begins to play it. A visually pleasing setup – provided in midnight back, arctic white, and bumblebee yellow – has connectivity ports on the back that do not interfere with the façade and render the device apt for your lifestyle. At this point, I am not sure if the Blok loves your smartphone, but Bluetooth connectivity would certainly allow Blok to fill the void; permitting you and me to toggle the music from the comfort of the couch/bed.

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This electric scooter fit for a Bond movie is something you can own right now

Electric scooters are the rage in modern times given their compact form and practical aesthetics. The two-wheeled rides are well suited for urban landscape, and their minimal carbon footprint is mild on the already battered planet. Most electric scooters are made out of plastic material but if you’re someone who’s craving a classy electric commuter, look no further than the Nano designed by Bandit 9.

One can call it the luxury option of electric scooters as the Nano has been designed with maximum precision. Every curve and edge are refined to the last possible intricate details. Bandit 9 views the two-wheeler as one belonging to a “modern art exhibition” riding on the streets of “Paris during Fashion Week.”  We like to portray it as one fit for a Bond movie though.

Designer: Bandit 9

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Crafted out of Rolex steel (904L) and polished in an attractive silver finish, the scooter is laden with a lasting impression. The makers have created two separate versions of the electric ride– Nano variant that maxes out at a top speed of 45 km/h and Nano+ model capable of going at 75 km/h. The range on them is the same as they both clock 60 miles on a full charge of the 4.2 kWh battery juiced up in just four hours.

The all-metal finish of the electric scooter exudes luxury in the glossy silver hue and the makers are rightful in portraying the Nano as an object to behold with the eyes. The front section is covered completely in the body frame molded out of a single piece of metal. That gives the electric wheel hub motor-powered scooter an elongated retro feel. From the rear, the Nano looks like a modern moped in its best possible version, and will surely appeal to the young crowd.

Bandit 9 claims that the electric motor requires little or no maintenance at all which is another advantage to owning it. The Nano base model comes for a price tag of $4,499 and the Nano+ version costs a bit more at $4,990. While this electric scooter is quite steeply-priced, for someone who values class in things they own, this is worth the investment.

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Polaroid ventures into musical lanes with colorful Bluetooth speakers that make an impact

If you have been a photographer or love photography, chances are you have used or at least are familiar with the name Polaroid. After giving us colorful cameras to make photography impactful, Polaroid is venturing into the musical lanes with a series of four consumer-oriented speakers that are reminiscent of the company’s vibrant image.

The line of speakers is released in different sizes and price points to give all types of consumers a choice that suits their pocket and style. The playful Polaroid image reflects instantly in the hues that these speakers boast, which are an embodiment of the company’s decades of perfection. The exciting Bluetooth speakers in addition to doing absolute justice to the Polaroid’s image are equally effective when it comes to their audio performance.

Designer: Polaroid

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The four speakers in question are simply called P1, P2, P3, and P4. The basic naming doesn’t at all mean that these music players are in any way inferior to the competition. They may not boast support for voice assistants or any fancy connected features to go with their cute image, but all of them have the hues to floor us. The little, cube-shaped Polaroid P1 music player the company says “is apple size.” The absolutely compact device is pairable to other speakers in the lineup for a more robust sound and it can play music for up to 10 hours on a single charge. It is the only device with IPX5 waterproof rating, making it splash resistant. In fact, all the speakers can be paired with a simple tap and have the same music flowing through all the rooms of your house.

With 15 hours of playback time, P2 arrives in size roughly twice that of the P1. It is more powerful in comparison but equally portable to take anywhere you like. P3 with polished metal handle for portability as opposed to wrist strap on P2, the speakers are pretty identical in shape but this guy outpowers the P2 in output quality. The largest and loudest of the Polaroid speaker line up, the P4 music player can fill the largest of rooms with sound. This watermelon-sized speaker also boasts 15 hours of playback time.

All these colorful and powerful Polaroid speakers feature an array of handles and straps for easy transport. You can wear them on the wrist or carry them in Boombox style, the choice is yours! All the speakers, except for P1 feature an exciting, but small LED screen that dances with music and gives out some information. The most exciting thing about the Polaroid speaker lineup is that they can tune into the company’s radio stations and offer a lovely heart button to share for a song you love. If you are interested, the square-shaped P1 is priced at $59.99; compatible with Polaroid Music App, the P2 is priced at $129.99; Polaroid P3 will set you back $189.99; while the biggest of them all, the P4 music player, available in black and yellow, will cost $289.99.

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Logitech G PRO Racing Wheel and Pedals elevate racing sim experience to god level

Logitech is making all the news today with quite a few announcements breathing down our neck. The one that’s making all the limelight though – the gaming brand’s new racing wheel and pedals for hardcore gamers who’ll go any length for maximum in-game immersion.

The PRO racing Wheel and the PRO racing Pedals aim to elevate the simulation of sim racing to an unprecedented level for compatible gaming titles and platforms like PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One or PC.

Designer: Logitech

According to Logitech G (brand’s gaming wing), the steering wheel very closely emulates the car’s feedback, just like it would be in the real world. Thus, racing game pros can feel every jerk or turning stress with 100 percent accuracy. It’s almost like being right there on the racing track. The gaming accessories are designed keeping in mind the professional sim drivers.

The heart of the racing wheel is the high-performance Direct Drive engine and the high-definition TRUEFORCE feedback technology for “pure connection to racing.” The motor generates 11-newton meters of force with a very low-latency response. When mated to the TRUEFORCE tech, the racing wheel is capable of delivering never-before-experienced realism.

According to rising star Formula-1 racing driver Lando Norris (team McLaren), the G PRO Racing Wheel simulates the real-time conditions of the track and how the car chances during the race. After spending time with the wheel, Lando said, he feels like being right there on the track even when he enjoys simulated runs in his home.

Richard Neville, head of simulation and controllers for Logitech Gaming further retreats this fact by explaining that they have analyzed everything in detail right from how many gear shifts, turns and impacts an 11-newton meter wheel takes, to which materials and components will last through even the most grueling racing conditions.” The wheel also has a precise button and dial placement along with the magnetic gear shift paddles, and dual-clutch paddles for a tactile analog response for varied gaming functions.

The new set of pedals is the perfect alibi for the racing wheel, as they are equipped with the load cell on the brake for the braking pedal, and contactless hall-effect sensors for the clutch and gas. The three pedals have pressure detection technology for realistic muscle memory and consistent performance. The G PRO Racing Pedals can be adjusted to be soft or firm depending on the gamer’s preference.

For professional gamers who want to invest in a state-of-the-art setup, the Logitech G PRO Racing Wheel and the Racing Pedals will come at a price tag of $999 and $349 respectively.

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This solar powered flashlight snaps onto a headband to become capable headlamp in a jiffy

A headlamp and a flashlight have their own individual uses. However, circumstances can arise when you need the flashlight to be replaced with a headlamp so you can free up your hands. This is a challenge when you have a single-duty device. Trade your fancy flashlight or headlamp right away for the combo accessory which can let you switch from one device to another in a snap.

Called the Luci Beam, the 2-in-1 solar-powered headlamp and flashlight is created by Mpowerd. It comes in a water-resistant body so the combination device can be used in all possible situations and conditions without a fuss. The Luci Beam LED light delivers up to 300 lumens brightness, which should come in handy in so many use cases: whether you are searching for something in the store room or illuminating your pathway during a hike.

Designer: Mpowerd

While the versatility to switch from handheld to headlamp is at the forefront of Luci Beam’s genius, it’s not the only wonder. The 2-in-1 headlamp and flashlight is solar-powered but can also be recharged via USB if there is no sun, so you are never left stranded in the middle of an adventure. Mpowerd offers the Luci Beam in a set that comprises a headlamp body, a headlamp mount, a flashlight body, a headband/wrist strap, and a micro-USB cable to charge on the go.

A secure headband for the headlamp and the wrist strap for the flashlight ensures the device can be held securely in place irrespective of the use case. Moreover, the 90-degree toggleable unit can be adjusted by the user to precisely point where the light is needed. To use the Luci Beam as a headlamp, the headlamp module magnetically snaps onto the headlamp mount and stays secure until you want to adjust the light focus downwards by up to 90 degrees. A versatile device for campers, backpackers, hikers, garage worksmiths and boaters, it is priced at $64.95. It is available on the Mpowerd website.

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iPhone 14 is the most repairable since iPhone 7 – teardown reveals impressive details

Samsung hasn’t changed its smartphone design architecture since 2015, and Apple its one major competitor has broken the jinx by designing the iPhone 14 from the inside out as one of the biggest updates in half a decade. At the announcement event, Apple did hint about iPhone 14’s repairability ease but nothing like they could have, and that’s a surprise. They should have made it their pivotal agenda alongside the Dynamic Island interface exploits to gain more traction.

Just like it is with iFixit, now’s the time for Apple’s new cherry to get the undressing treatment to reveal fresh new details. Earlier in the year, Apple launched the Self Service Repair Program for the iPhone SE, 12 and 13 models. The initiative has genuine Apple parts and tools for DIY’ers who want to shred apart their Apple devices. Now, with the iPhone 14, Apple has made things a whole lot easier.

Designer: iFixit with Apple

The inside of the iPhone has been revamped as compared to the predecessor just to make it ultra-easy for repair tasks. The removable back and front glass are something to behold, as Apple has mounted all the internals on a new midframe. That means you’ll not have to shell out tons of money if you break the glass. Earlier it was $500 upwards but with this redesign the number will drastically reduce to $169 – $199 for a cracked screen iPhone 14 or 14 plus models.

According to iFixit, Apple has refreshed its approach to the design with just one thing in mind – to make it easier for repairs if something goes south. The adhesive on the back is less aggressive and a couple of screws open up the access to the front as well as back. The teardown also reveals the amount of space on the inside to fit the plethora of antennas, camera sensors and Qualcomm X65 modem. Overall, the smartphone scores an impressive 7 out of 10 repairability score which is a rarity for an Apple device.

iFixit is also working on the iPhone 14 Pro Max teardown and I’m excited to know what’s under the hood of that big boy. One thing is for sure, it’ll have nearly about the same repairability score!

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This modular desk rack saves space, organizes stuff like you’ve always wanted to

Cluttered desk drawers affect us in more ways than one can comprehend – virtually 90 percent of us are rippled by the perils of it. Also, they are the main cause of stress and diminished productivity. Well, who doesn’t desire to make the most of their time at the desk or in front of the screen? That’s where the Otis Customizable Desk Organizer designed by Miami-based studio Practiko comes into play.

The modular rack for your desk setup can be used in a standing position or hung from the desk underside too. The choice purely depends on the kind of available space and the use-case scenarios. The transition between different work modes can be easily adapted by the removable tray system which makes this desk organizer a must-have.

Designer: Lorenzo Vega

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Otis provides flexible customized spacing that helps you organize and categorize things. Making it much easier to access things. Sure, drawer organizers are an option, but they don’t always fit right, waste space and add to the clutter in the long run. Otis solves this with movable dividers to maximize usable space. Otis Rack units – the hanger and drawer – can be used independently or in a combined configuration. The accessory fits different sized desks, and yes, standing desks too. It can even be used as a desktop tray to keep things handy to switch between different tasks.

This desk tower rack is crafted out of powder-coated steel and has perforated detailing. The trays inside are made out of high-density recycled propylene material. Durability is not going to be an issue here, but one thing I’m a bit skeptical about is the meshed open design. This will let in day-to-day dust particles inside and over time you might have to clean all the drawers to ward off any household dust. Other than that. It’s an undeniably cool resourceful accessory every geek’s den ought to have.

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SONY’s mesmerising audio visual exhibit in London Design Festival reacts to the users emotional state

We’re living in a world where virtual and physical realities are slowly inching towards a seamless amalgam. The interaction between the two realities is making new experiences possible, be it roaming in Metaverse or extreme gaming with VR headsets.

Now Sony Design has created one such experience that alters the dynamic visual reality based on how the user is behaving or interacting with the installation. This mesmerizing play of color and light is currently on show at the London Design Festival 2022.

Designer: Sony Design

Dubbed the INTO SIGHT, this creation in partnership with the London Design Festival took our team by surprise. The installation plays on the sensorial effects that morph the simple boundary surfaces into a visual spectrum of shifting light and color. There are see-through walls and reflective surfaces on the floor and ceiling of the space which is a colossal 220-inch Crystal LED screen. This screen takes input like emotional responses or sudden movement to put forth a hypnotic array of colorful hues and matching audio.

The rectangle-shaped installation is inspired by the intriguing challenges of the decade. The final result is a combination of technologies for guests to reflect on their emotions, allowing them to pause and focus on themselves without distractions yet in an abstract style. According to Sony Design, the installation gives the users freedom to portray their stories in a unique way. After all, the core of our stories remains the same. What differs is the medium and the impact it leaves on our psyche.

The technology used for INTO SIGHT is the same as the one used for cinematography virtual production. This tech has brought refreshing changes in the film production industry and is on course to replace the green screen with a hyper-realistic virtual scenery courtesy of Sony’s Crystal LED display systems. The installation is only going to be displayed at the London Design Festival, so, if you are already intrigued by the prospect of it, there’s nothing better than experiencing it in person.

Credit: SONY PR

Credit: SONY PR

Credit: SONY PR

Credit: SONY PR

Credit: SONY PR

Credit: SONY PR

Credit: SONY PR

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