This wearable smart ring detects cab driver’s alcohol levels to keep passengers safe from harm’s way

A smart ring capable of detecting drunk cab drivers, and keeping the passengers well informed in advance via a connected cab rental app for a safe journey home in odd hours.

Hopping into a cab with a drunk driver is not what someone would want to do – especially for women in the late hours. Ola and Uber have had their fair share of incidents where irresponsible cab drivers employed have been found driving drunk. In fact, a survey suggests that more than 50 percent of cab drivers confess to drunken driving, and also more than 60 percent reveal they consume drinks in their vehicles. Another startling fact is the number of people who get killed due to drunk driving behavior – it’s a mind-numbing 56 percent.

Keeping a track of drivers’ drinking habits is virtually impossible for car rental companies, or is it? With Cue smart wearable ring conceptualized by Risha Garg keeping real-time track of driver’s state is ultra-easy. The smart gadget can be worn like a ring, as it tracks the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels by tracking the sweat. A ring is an apt wearable to track sweat as palms and fingers have a large concentration of sweat glands. Also, it keeps a check on the pulse rate and temperature of the driver for tell-tale signs of not fit to drive conditions. All this is synced with the cab service provider’s app to keep the passengers informed of the driver’s BAC levels, and if the ride is actually safe for boarding.

In the event of a driver’s non-compliant BAC levels, the app automatically restricts the driver from accepting rides from anything as low as 90 minutes to even 24 hours. The Cue ring displays the real-time data of the driver’s condition indicated by the 0-100 BAC level indicator. Anything below 30 is permissible, while values above that indicate an unsafe drunken state. To make sure the ring is worn by the driver, GPS tracking keeps things in check. The wearable disconnects as soon as it is kept a few meters away from the driver’s phone. Risha’s solution to ensure a safe drive for passengers is well worth the development and exploring beyond the conceptual stage.

Designer: Risha Garg


Squid Game home security camera guards your home, keeping you safe without any violence!

While I would have wished the Squid Game security was themed on the cold expressionless masked character, the “Front Man”, this design is a perfect addition for every pop-culture enthusiast!

If you haven’t heard of Squid Game, you must be living under a rock! Hunger Games was already your cup of tea, then a highly viral South Korean dark series trending on Netflix should be on your binge-watching list. If you’ve already watched the 9 episode Squid Game series, then it’s highly likely you’ll fancy this home security camera. The accessory themed around Squid Game is inspired by the workers monitoring the activities of players on a CCTV monitor.

The ruthless workers in the viral series will now adorn the secure corners of our homes, as the security camera keeps us safe – well, a cliche of sorts. The rotating lens positioned right where the eyes of the character would provide a 180-degree view of the surroundings for complete security. The movement is actuated by motion and an audio sensor that sets the camera into action, tracking the movement. Since most security cameras attached to the servers can have access to all the inside activities when not intended by the user, the creators of this concept add a useful feature. To make sure there are no hacking attempts or unauthorized access to the footage, there is a privacy mask that physically blocks the FOV when the camera is not in use.

Since we are living in a world where Zoom meetings and online classes are the new normal, the Squid Game camera has its own light illumination. The light intensity can be adjusted as per the user’s need or level of ambient lighting in the room. The designers Cheon Ryong Choi, Soonook Kwon and Jaeyeon Nam have created two other themed versions of this cute little home security camera. One carrying an oxygen cylinder on the back like an astronaut and the other dressed in a raincoat and umbrella. Personally, I will stick to the Squid Game character, if ever such a security camera met fruition.

Designer: Cheon Ryong Choi, Soonook Kwon and Jaeyeon Nam

Bond Defender 4×4’s airless tires don’t let anything get between you and unstoppable adventure!

A beastly monochrome reinterpretation of the iconic 4×4 vehicle that has redefined off-roading adventure on this planet for seven decades. Truly this attractive monster defined by sharp looks is every millennial as well as urban junkie’s dream come true.

Land Rover Defender is a tough luxury off-roader that’s proved its mettle over the years – being a true reflection of the brand’s 70 years of innovation and improvement. Now a designer attempts to restomod the legacy in his own imagination for a 4×4 off-roader that’s a modern interpretation of the classic four-wheeler.

Automotive designer Matteo Gentile calls his off-roading beast the Bond Defender. An advanced off-roader imagined being the Bond’s accomplice in fighting the bad guys. Just in time for the latest No Time to Die movie which goes through a dangerous rescue mission of a kidnapped scientist. Strangely, Matteo chooses the Harrison (American automobile manufacturer) brand name for the Bond Defender. Anyways, the 4×4 has the evident DNA of the old and the new Land Rover Defender designs that have seen many subtle changes in look, over all these years. The front has the classic influence apparent in the grille and headlights, while the rear bears a more modern Defender aesthetics.

The contours of the original Land Rover have been shaved off for a sharp aerodynamic look all over. This gives the Bond Defender muscular appeal that you would actually want to show off on the mountain trails and desert sand dunes. From the looks of things, the fat tires look eerily similar to the NASA-inspired airless bike tires by Smart Tire Company or the recently popular bicycle tire by The Q. Putting the next generation tires on an off-roader makes complete sense as treacherous roads are rigged with unpredictable dangers for the tire’s compound and punctures.

Designer: Matteo Gentile

This fog-resistant transparent face shield provides ergonomic comfort for sustained wear in the new normal

The SafeSpace Shield is an ultra-secure, sealed, and extremely comfortable all-day face shield that elevates your personal protection from pathogens, without any fogging issues. This intuitive face shield designed with precise engineering is tailored for all the frontline individuals including medical professionals, teachers, workers, kids, and people who are frequently in contact with multiple people.

Designer: Intellisafe

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The pandemic is still an uncertain battle that can amplify in the future and we cannot leave anything to chance, can we? This prolonged pandemic has made us complacent with the urge to return to our old normal has taken over the panic-inducing scenario that we first battled in 2020. By now, however, we have resigned ourselves to the fact that face masks and shields are here to be a way of life. The face shield has been the first line of defense against COVID-19 for frontline workers, and it will stay that way. Now that we’ve realized how important it actually is, SafeSpace Shield comes into the picture with a face protector that is almost like a second skin, protecting from the pathogens in the environment without any discomfort when worn for extended periods of time.

The core idea of the SafeSpace Shield and the initial development of the product germinated from a random meeting with a Johnson & Johnson executive who wanted a practical solution that didn’t have the irks other face protectors have. SafeSpace Shield created using injection molding process is made to the exact specifications with the full-membrane Airtight Tecoflex Seal that’s lab tested for comfort and longevity of constant use.

To keep the seal tightly in place, the developers have devised a four-point attachment that can be easily adjusted according to ergonomic comfort. To counteract the common side-effect of sealing, the face shield has an anti-fog coating for a clear view of the outside world even if you are breathing out profoundly. The filter carrier keeps the filter tightly snug with the locking mechanism.

Unlike other options on the market that have their own set of advantages and shortcomings – the SafeSpace Shield has all the valued features and does away with the things that have not been liked by users over time. For example, it has the full face view of an open face shield while having a full-face seal of a powered air-purifying respirator. The design is also lightweight, and strap pressure points are well distributed using a four-point attachment around the back of the head and neck. Most of all, the distance of the shield from the face makes them perfect for people who wear glasses. It can be put on while wearing spectacles without any hassle courtesy of the custom eyeglass insert kit that comes with the package.

Grappling with COVID-19 on a regional basis, we have our neighborhood safe and vaccinated. What we lack is the ability to help out the frontline workers battling the pandemic across the world. SafeSpace Shield understands this feeling – to give to make the world a safer space by choosing to donate a shield to a frontline worker in a developing country, at a discounted rate. The project aims to help the world with every step you take – making the protectors of the world safe while they fight the good fight.

It has to be said, the SafeSpace Shield is a mindful solution that we all have been longing for, now that face protection has become an integral part of our daily routine when out in the open. With advanced anti-fogging and comfortable design, the face shield is hard to give a miss. Top that off with the non-obstructive view, and we are talking of a winning product design that will be a staple in everyone’s daily life. Currently, the advanced face shield is up on Kickstarter for an early bird price tag of $249 –saving you $51 on the MSRP. The essential accessory is slated to ship worldwide from March 2022, and now is the time to book one for yourself.

Click Here to Buy Now: $249 $300 ($51 off). Hurry, for a limited time only.

This rollable phablet brings the big screen experience to your pocket without any excessive bulk!

A big rollable screen smartphone/tablet (a phablet to be precise) that’s designed to be the style statement in your pocket without the bulky form factor associated with big-screen mobile devices.

After foldables, the next revolutionary upscaling to the contemporary form factor of smartphones and tablets is going to be the rollable design. The Scroll bendable roll-out phablet designed by Compal Electronics is a perfect example of how smartphones will be an even more of an extension of our personality. The rollable device takes a cue from the hotshot mobile device manufacturers who have already fascinated us with their rollable phone concept designs. The likes of LG, Samsung, TLC and OPPO who are looking beyond the avenue to make scroll-like mobile devices mainstream.

Compal’s rollable phone (or should I say tablet) draws inspiration from the ancient papyrus rolls, enhancing the in-hand experience with readability. The upmarket device does this by enhancing the inherent benefits of the flexible display. Scroll comes with a 10-inch bendable screen that rolls out with the push of a button and retracts back into the opulent tube when not required. The amount of screen real estate that you require (up to 10-inches) is completely at the user’s discretion. A perfect way to carry the digital world in your pocket or bag in style. The company envisions this concept to radically reduce the packaging required, due to this compact shape and design.

Scroll has a secondary display on the outside to beam important notifications, display the interface of media players, or alert the user of incoming calls. The rollable device is targeted for the high-end market since it comes in a plush casing and leather finish. The front-facing camera is placed on the upper edge of this casing so that the user can click selfies. The rear-facing shooter is positioned on the opposite end of the casing, although no specifications of either camera are mentioned by the designer.

Designer: Compal Electronics

This towable XL camper comes with roomy and bright interiors to give you a comfortable outdoor experience!

Lightweight, modern teardrop trailers hit the market very frequently these days. Despite that, there is always scope for something like the Droplet XL, an insulated, spacious and naturally well-lit camper for weekend RVers, urban dwellers, and pro campers alike.

After entering the market with Droplet 58, a small trailer with a big impact, the trailer manufacturer is back with the next version called the Droplet XL. This is a bright and modern insulated trailer with a queen-size bed and a fully equipped kitchen. Based on a powder-coated steel chassis, the trailer is made from a wood-fiber frame overlaid by aluminum composite skin and in between the two layers is the closed-cell foam for insulation.

Droplet campers are ergonomic and reliable. The Droplet XL also thrives on this image in a lightweight form factor, which can be towed by any RV. This cool feature means people who do not have a larger truck or towing vehicles – such as the city dwellers – can also haul this teardrop trailer behind their cars for a weekend off-site or a slightly longer adventure trip. What sets the new model apart from the premier iteration is its high focus space, larger panoramic windows and skylights, and extensive storage to keep all the camping gear out of sight and completely safe.

For those keeping a record; the Droplet XL weighs just over 1,000 pounds and measures 9.5 feet in length. The longer flatbed means there is more storage capacity between the kitchen and the sleeping area. The latter houses a queen-size mattress and is spacious enough to sleep a couple. With the generous use of panoramic windows and skylights, the roomy bedding seems even more spacious. The trailer has a fully functioning kitchen with a shelf for cooking and a large fridge to keep your beer chill and packaged food from rotting.

In spite of its name, Droplet XL is pretty tiny. Owning to its compactness, one can count it off for being any good on roads less traveled. Surprisingly, with its 13-inch wheels, the trailer is pretty stable for off-road rides into the wilderness. Ideal for all types of small distance, long trip and family adventurers, the teardrop trailer features LED lighting and USB charging ports. The Droplet XL retails for $16,950 and can be customized with a battery pack, awning and shower for slightly extra.

Designer: Droplet Trailer

This Zoom-friendly charging station elevates + charges everything from your iPad to your laptop, making it the complete WFH package!

This all-in-one charging station is the complete package – taking you from home comfort to professional Zoom call ready with its inbuilt Bodo Board, Bodo Stand, multiple wireless charging points as well as a Zoom Light in one neat setup. Equipped with a stand, the entire setup (including your iPad and the Zoom Light) can be quickly elevated to an ergonomic height, making it ideal for all video calls.

Designer: Bodosnap with Ecco Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $96 $160 (40% off). Hurry, only 3 left!

We live in a world where our gadgets rule us – with multiple chargers and charging points snaking across our home to ensure we never face the dreaded ‘Battery Low’ alert. Add to the chaos of finding the work-life balance; we have everyone recommending those ‘Top 10 hacks for an organized workplace’ all promising the miraculous solution to an improved workflow and increased productivity. After going through tons of such organization and productivity hacks, the “Bodo: The All-in-one modular charging station” is a comprehensive solution that will amp up your setup, whether you are working from home or back in the office.

Bodo is touted to be the world’s first all-in-one charging organizer, and in the true sense, it is actually one. Unlike other all-in-one stations with more substance on paper than in reality, the Bodo charging station arranges all the gadgets meticulously on a pegboard-like organizer that sits right on your desk. The entire setup needs one USB-C-powered port to relay power to the board, which is then distributed across a tablet charger, a phone charger, a watch + AirPods charger, a Zoom light, and a USB-A, and a USB-C charger that can be used to power your laptop as well. That’s an extensive list for the power-packed design, and the solution is so effective, the team patented the electric magnetic charging method!

Say goodbye to the chaos and clutter since the Bodo Board comes with a stand – no occupying the precious desk real estate – allowing you to place your gadgets at an elevated position at the desired angle. In fact, the stand goes up to your eye level to help you achieve that flattering angle for your video calls and video recordings. The stand also allows you to sit in an ergonomic posture that provides the best position for your neck, for writing or reading on the tablet as well as creating a great angle for your video calls. The entire board is your canvas for putting up your gadgets in the orientation you want and desired placement according to your comfort. This design brings a new era of ease in switching between tasks.

Bodo’s design team includes a prolific inventor and technology design entrepreneur for Fortune 500 companies with over 40 patents, and you can see that attention to detail that makes Bodo a minimalist fit for every desk setup. Along with the Bodo accessories, it creates an ecosystem that is perfect for work from home or the office.

The zoom light provides the best lighting ambiance for content creation, video calls, or professional online conferences. This tiny device is a valuable addition that will actually set you apart from the crowd without adding extra wires or clutter to your space.

Not only your desk, but the ultra-useful accessory is also the perfect mate for your kitchen or living room, for attending online yoga classes, or while working out when you need to follow the instructions of the live instructor or while following a recipe online. This is possible with the snap-on modules and detachable stands which bring true utility to the charging station. Add to it the minimal IKEA pegboard-inspired aesthetics, this design will be a fun yet functional addition to your desk setup!

Click Here to Buy Now: $96 $160 (40% off). Hurry, only 3 left!

This Tron-inspired Tesla electric bike’s hubless wheels radiate a drag racing character

What do you get when a Tron bike mates with a Tesla electric bike? It has to be this stunner designed for straight-line speed.

While my analog might not go well with a few, let’s stay put with the design aspect of the Dust Tesla concept electric motorcycle designed by Nazar Eisa. Draped in a completely metallic finish, the bike is destined to have time-traveled from the dystopian future. The clear geometric lines and the definitive aerodynamic build will put most of the other Tesla bike concepts to shame. It is that sexy!

The long wheelbase of the Dust Tesla defies the structural stability, but hey, it has arrived from the future, where technologies are definitely beyond our comprehension. Those hubless wheels and the swingarm on the electric bike evoke a sense of dynamism which is hard to give a miss. The sharp lines flowing from the front of the bike to the rear bring a profound sense of superhero’s favored accomplice-like feel at first glance.

The designer models the electric bike in two variants – one in a complete black hue and the other in contrasting one with silver finish and matte black inserts to lend overall depth to the design. I still can’t get over the long-wheelbase which hints at the bike’s drag racing character. The ground clearance is quite low, in fact so low you will struggle to slip through a rim of paper under it. So, don’t expect it to take on the twisty tracks of the Moto GP calendar.

Just imagine the Dust Tesla parked by your Cybertruck’s side in the mansion’s garage. When the night hits, you take it out for a stint on the freeway, as the wind cuts through your hair. It goes without saying, this Tesla concept bike is going to be every automotive enthusiast’s dream come true. Now if you’ll pinch me, I want to get back to reality and stop daydreaming about riding this beautiful monster on the outskirts of my city limits!

Designer: Nazar Eisa

HTC’s leaked Vive VR headset are honeyed goggles that give you a bug-eyed minion-like look!

Remember the HTC Project Proton concept VR headset shown off in early 2020 that looked like a mix of glasses and ski goggles? The Vive Flow VR headset is the evolution of that very concept and it is coming soon – in fact just a day away from official release at the “Go with the Flow” event set to happen on October 14.

Interestingly the internet is going crazy with the freshly leaked images of the insect eyes like HTC headset that gives off the futuristic vibe. The person in question is trusted leaker Evan Blass who has posted convincing images of HTC’s next-gen VR headset. The big question arises – will this HTC VR headset be able to compete with Oculus Quest 2? Evan has been posting a constant stream of tweets with photos of the said headset, building anticipation for the tech community. For neutral viewers, these images give a much better idea of how the Vive Flow VR headset will look like. It is not much different than the Project Proton concept headset in terms of the alienating presence.

From the images so far, it seems the headset will have a tethered connection to a tube-shaped device to power up the advanced processing of the gadget. There are no straps apparent in these leaked images which suggests HTC has finally found a way to ditch the strap design. How they have managed to balance the weight out will only be clear once the headset is out there for real. Also, the images are highly suggestive of a snap-on face cushion for comfort, adjustable lenses, immersive spatial audio and an active cooling system.

Talking of the possible use case scenarios, the headset will mostly be used for multimedia content consumption and gaming. According to rumors the VR headset will have a microchip less powerful than the Oculus Quest 2, but will come with six degrees of freedom tracking. There are no controllers in view so it is presumed the headset will not ship with one. This will be a major limitation if it wants to go head-butting against the Quest 2.

One of the images suggests the HTC Vive Flow VR headset will be up for pre-order starting October 15th, and shipments are promised in early November. Interestingly it will cost almost $200 more than the Quest 2, at a debut price tag of $499, so it better be good. For all that money you’ll also get seven free virtual reality content and carrying case.

Designer: HTC


This smartphone accessory scans your skin for underlying problems, the hassle-free way

Always worried about your skin’s health? Then this camera-like attachment is exactly what you want.

Skin is the first line of defense that the complex body mechanism has developed to keep all the billions and trillions of external elements from reaching the internal organs. As civilizations progressed forward this largest and most important organ of the body became the most sought after in terms of care. Take the skincare industry for example which is one of the biggest out there and so much money is poured into it for mere looks. In fact, the skincare segment amounted to $18,702 million in 2021, and it is following a growth pattern of 5.01 percent annually.

After all who doesn’t want some me-time, especially with their skincare. Seeing the importance of skincare in daily routine, Borderless Design Consultancy (BDCI) has an interesting take on smartphone accessories that go beyond contemporary use. We’ve seen high-end smartphone camera attachments, medical-related accessories, and other weird gadgets, but this one is actually interesting. Dubbed At Skin, it scans the skin for any signs of skin diseases or cancer DNA for early detection of serious problems. On the skincare front, the gadget scans the skin for tissues and overall healthy signs.

You can attach this cool gadget to your smartphone, placing it just over the primary sensor and the accessory’s hardware does the rest. The device works like a dermascope to detect any skin lesions or melanoma cells at a very early stage so that you can take the precautionary measures ASAP. Since At Skin can be attached to any smartphone’s camera module, hassle-free skincare is actually possible the right way with BDCI’s attachment. The product is still in the prototyping stage and we hope to see it hit the market soon in the future.

Designer: BDCI