Tesla unveils tailgate shield and jumpseat for Cybertruck owners

Tesla is steadily expanding the accessory lineup for the Cybertruck to make even more scenarios for adventure and Overlanding possible. Elon Musk’s company doesn’t seem phased by their recalling of the Cybertruck two times in the last three months. The company has added two new tailgate accessories for the electric pickup truck.

One is a tailgate shield to protect the otherwise robust vehicle from cargo-hauling dents and scratches, while the other is a foldable jumpseat to increase the seating capacity for any use-case scenario. Surprisingly the $100 jumpseat is already out of stock at the Tesla shop, while the $300 tailgate shield is up for grabs.

Designer: Tesla

The tailgate shield is a protection pad that safeguards the truck’s rear from damage when loading or unloading things like metal cargo, snowmobiles, mountain bikes or other hardware. The pad of this accessory is made out of molle webbing to fasten equipment, including the jumpseat. The accessory comes with a combination lock carabiner to fasten other important objects that you don’t want to get lost. This comes in handy for your bikes that don’t fit the truck’s bed and need to be hung a bit outside the truck. Therefore, eliminating any chance of bumping against the rear when the vehicle is in movement.

On the other hand, the jumpseat is a combo of three seats that can be secured to the tailgate of the Cybertruck for comfortable seating when camping or hanging outdoors. This accessory can be attached to the tailgate in a closed configuration and only when required you can unfold it. One can opt for a single or double seat configuration too costing $100 and $200 respectively. It is crafted from a foam covered in Cordura nylon fabric for longevity of use. The jumpseat can be mounted on top of the tailgate pad, making it a useful combination for people who take the vehicle on frequent expeditions.

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Deadpool and Xbox launch an *ahem* Ergonomic Limited Edition Controller with a ‘Cheeky’ Design

There have been some crazy iterations of Xbox in the popular Xbox Sweepstakes competition and this one doesn’t disappoint either. Themed on the cocky superhero, Deadpool, this Xbox Series X controller has got perfectly rounded butts, and we all know why. The gaming accessory joins the growing number of themed Xbox controllers including Starfield, Porsche and Nike Air Jordan inspired designs.

As a part of the competition, one lucky gamer will get the chance to own the custom Xbox Series X console, a themed stand with foam katanas (with Bea and Arthur), and of course, two cheeky controllers themed on Deadpool. This is for promotion of the Marvel Studios’ Deadpool and Wolverine movie hitting theatres on July 26. To be a part of the challenge, one has to be over 18 years of age, follow Xbox on X, and repost the sweepstakes post from July 17 to August 11.

Designer: Microsoft

While we could talk of the Series X console with the custom skin, our attention focuses on the perfectly contoured rear of the gamepads dubbed Cheeky Controllers. The front has texture and imprint of the superhero’s thighs adorned with leg holsters and the infamous logo. The themed accessory has a leathery texture to it on both sides, representing the superhero’s costume in the latest movie.

The question though remains, will the controller’s sizeable tush covered in the red and black spandex suit hamper the gaming experience or will it comfort the tense fingers? As far as I think, it should work well for someone with large hands while someone with small hands will find it a tad difficult to grab the rear and register trigger button inputs.

While the Deadpool controller is a one-off gaming accessory that a lucky gaming fanatic will ultimately own, others will get a chance to own cool Deadpool merchandise. The first 1,000 buyers who purchase the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 will get a Deadpool controller holder.


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Crossfire 4.7 trailer with dual kitchen and array of windows is crafted for rugged exploration

There are random square boxes on wheels and then there are some that make an impression. Onshore in North America there are a few trailers that have left lasting imprints but now an Australian caravan builder is making heads turn with the new drop-dead gorgeous iteration of a travel trailer that’s prepared for off-roading and presents panoramic views of the surroundings when docked.

Australia-based On the Move Caravans is constantly inspiring the generation of adventurers to go further and longer to experience the best the Aussie backcountry has to offer with a range of its overland vehicles. Its list of much-loved Aussie-built models is now joined by Crossfire 4.7 trailer, built overseas with an Australian heart and mind.

Designer: On the Move Caravans

The distinguishing characteristic of the Crossfire 4.7 trailer is its compact, unibody, woodfree design that’s engineered to be 100 percent weatherproof and durable for exploring the unexplored. But it’s the generous array of windows – on the lateral sides – and a couple on the back and front, that makes the panoramic views of the surroundings possible when you’re camping and the elements aren’t playing fair on the outside.

Featuring triple-composite construction, the trailer is designed for those who seek adventure with the comfort of home on the road. For this, the 4.7m-long Crossfire 4.7 packs a comfortable queen memory foam bed, dining cum lounge, a bathroom, and two – indoor and outdoor – kitchens. The trailer sits on a Desert Master chassis combined with an independent wishbone suspension and 265/75 R16 tires that prepare it to ride well beyond the tarmac.

Entry into the trailer is through the door with a security screen. On one end is the comfortable bedding for two, with a lounge cum dining area – comprising two leather upholstered seats with individual tables – in the center. Continuing further up on the other side is the internal kitchen provided with a 105-liter fridge and a dual-burner induction cooktop, the bathroom alongside comprises a sink, shower and cassette toilet.

While the trailer is apt with 200-liter fresh water and 100-liter gray water tanks, its efficacy for extended stays is assured with the power backup possible using 200Ah lithium battery, 200W solar panels, and 2000W inverter. On the Move Caravan adds style and functionality to this trailer by outfitting it with a slide-out external kitchen complete with a three-gas burner and a sink. There is no official word on the price or when the Crossfire 4.7 is likely to go on sale, but it is going to be a quick seller when it does.

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Dyson OnTrac Headphones: A Comeback After Dyson Zone’s Air Purifier Headphone Flop?

When Dyson Zone headphones with a visor for beaming fresh air into your nose were released a couple of years ago, we were taken aback by the idea. Although the prospective buyers didn’t show much affinity towards the unconventional ANC cans costing $1,000, we knew Dyson was working under wraps to reclaim lost glory in the headphones segment. They were poised to take the heat to Sony 1000XM5, Bose QuietComfort Ultra, Apple AirPods Max, Bowers & Wilkins PX7, and Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless.

This time the UK-based consumer tech giant has come up with a more conventional pair of headphones that are ultra-customizable. Meet the Dyson OnTrac headphones that tout class-leading ANC performance akin to the QuietComfort Ultra and AirPods Max. Audio quality is also the USP just like B&W PX7 or Momentum 4 Wireless. Priced at the upper end of the consumer tech segment, the cans have enough meat to pack a punch.

Designer: Dyson

The color customization of the headphones makes them stand out from the crowd with more than 2,000 possible combinations of the interchangeable outer cap covers and ear cushions made out of ultra-soft microfiber material. This is on top of the 4 basic color options in different material choices including CNC Copper, CNC Aluminium and CNC Black Nickel. OnTrac will also come in a special Ceramic Cinnabar version draped in a painted finish with a ceramic feel.

The headphones have an eight-microphone system capable of 40 decibels of reduction in unwanted sound courtesy of the 384,000 sound sampling per second. Good sound quality is a priority for the creators of the headphones, hence, the OnTracs feature 40mm drivers to reproduce the frequencies as intended by the artist. The frequency range of 6Hz to 21,000Hz makes you feel the rumble of sub-bass without muffling things and the highs are crystal clear. The Bluetooth codecs supported include SBC, AAC and the newer LHDC version.

The superior performance of the ANC doesn’t take a toll on the battery as Dyson promises 55 hours of impressive backup with Active Noise Canceling turned on. A charge of half an hour will juice them up for around 9 hours of playback. The controls for toggling volume levels, track change and ANC on/off are done with a tactile joystick button on the outside of either cup. Comfort is also important so the multi-pivot gimbal arms ensure the right amount of clamping force to prevent any pressure on the ears.

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This Absurdly Sculptural Piano was designed to be the Centerpiece of a Billionaire’s Living Room

London-based design studio Based Upon is renowned for its out-of-the-box work and their latest creation is marvel on its own. Upgrading the classic piano design to a level that’s worthy of a grand art exhibition, is the Twist/D. A radical piano that breaks all norms for a creative twist.

Previously the studio has collaborated with names like Rolls-Royce and Tiffany & Co. to create collectible pieces which adorn the spaces of the rich and the famous. Building on the success of The Baby edition of five baby grands, this exclusive piece brings the grand expanse of the universe to your living room musical symphony.

Designer: Based Upon

According to Ian Abell, the essence of every piece crafted at the studio focuses on the right balance between functionality and artwork. Ian emphasis that the piano as a subject for them has “always been to create a credible piece of art while preserving the integrity of the instrument.” Twist/D tends to heighten the experience of the player as well as the listener. To everyone’s surprise, the autonomous piano is an amalgam of sculpture and technical features that delivers the touch, feel and sound of an exquisite concert grand.

The musical instrument has a spiralling shape that embodies dynamism of a dancer’s motion. The minimal silhouette of the piano is inspired by the proportions of the Golden Spiral. For the auditory brilliance, there are 12 computer modelled Steinways and Bechsteins from different eras for a vivid tonal qualities. Just like the form of this piano, the sync between strings, cabinet resonance and pedal mechanism of the symphonies is emulated perfectly for a rich sound. So has the integration of Isle of Skye site-specific audio samples that employs impulse response reverb techniques to create signatures of the island subterranean landscape.

Based Upon has managed to craft a musical instrument from advanced material and techniques to create a deep connection with the natural world. Twist/D has a lightweight frame made out of a composite material that makes possible the unconventional shape without compromising the structural integrity. Those keys are made from sustainable ebony and ivory alternatives for an environmentally friendly design. The price of $194,600 is meant to adorn the living rooms of music composers who value the good things in life.

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LEGO Technic recreates scaled Porsche GT4 e-Performance to inspire young motorheads

LEGO Technic has displayed its profound affinity for performance cars in the past month or so. The latest to rise in their famed list is the LEGO Porsche GT4 which exists because of a special cause. It’s a part of the Porsche 4Kids program which aims to allow young car enthusiasts to get up close and personal with the new all-electric GT4 e-Performance. This will be done through the Porsche 4Kids holiday program held from July 30 to August 18 at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.

Surprisingly the LEGO supercar is not a part of the Ultimate Car Concept Series that has similar LEGO sets like the McLaren P1 and Mercedes-Benz G Wagon. Unlike other Technic models, this one is not up for grabs and can only be tested out in real-time at the museum. Also, mark your calendars on 6 August for the special event hosted by Porsche GT4 e-developer Björn Förster and Lego designers Ann Karring and Aurelien Rouffiange.

Designer: LEGO and Porsche

As Jenny Simchen from the Porsche 4Kids programme at the museum explained, “We give the kids the opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of Porsche and Lego, test the GT4 e-Performance as Lego racing drivers, and play an active role themselves.” The kids and adults can interact with the remote-controlled performance Porsche and other Technic models to learn more about Porsche’s tech innovation.

So far there are no details about the brick count of this exclusive set, the scale version (we assume it’ll be a 1:8 model), or the overall dimensions. LEGO Technic and Porsche have kept the surprise element for this one till the set is explored by eager kids at the museum. The only thing known is that tickets for the special event can be booked online and priced at $30.

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Pocket Cable EDC is a compact tangle-free charging cable disguised as a Swiss Army Knife

EDC essentials are trending for the right reasons and they can range from pocket knives and multitools to pens and personal care items. USB cables have also become an important everyday carry item that needs to be handy all the time for power-hungry gadgets or transferring big files across multiple devices.

This cool EDC brings both worlds together into a form that’ll be pocketable, utilitarian and essential to have in your arsenal. The Pocket Cable by Native Union wins us over for its clever design that most of us needed but never knew could exist. There are many other charging cable management solutions but this one stands out for its compact design that keeps the function at the forefront.

Designer: Native Union

The Pocket Cable is inspired by pocket knives, and the design proves it all right. The USB-C to USB-C charging cable works pretty similar to the popular EDC, keeping everything well disguised and managed. That’s something that inherently can be a problem with charging cables. At first glance you might mistake it for a Swiss Army Knife enclosure but on the inside resides a 7-inch-long cable for all your tech needs. The 60W power ensures you are covered for transferring big data in a jiffy and fast charging needs. You can juice up your fast-charging Android devices as well as MacBook and iPad without any problem.

Durability is also not ignored here as the highly-resistant cable is crafted from 100 percent recycled PET reinforced braiding, enclosed in a 100 percent TPU closure. There’s another layer of aramid fiber core that gives the Pocket Cable a whopping 30,000-plus bend lifespan. Most charging cables give away at the joints of the connectors, so Native Union has included an O-Flex strain relief layer that’s almost two times more robust than a normal strain relief design.

If you are wondering whether the cable is certified for compatibility with all USB-C devices, then the answer is a loud yes. It has a chip with an E-Marker to regulate power depending on the requirements and limitations of the connected device. For $30 the Pocket Cable is a useful EDC to have handy since it measures just 4 inches when winded up. The only thing that is a bit of a downer is the cable length which could have been longer, but we have to consider how compact this thing actually is.

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LEGO Technic recreates working Mercedes-Benz G500 to the minutest of details

LEGO Technic is on a roll this year with back-to-back impressive releases that are a treat to the eye for motorheads. I was utterly impressed with the detailing of the McLaren P1 LEGO set released a few days ago and now the Mercedes-Benz G 500 joins the ranks. This one is also part of the Ultimate Car Concept Series, poised to be one of the best sports car collectibles in a 1:8 scale.

The G 500 celebrates the 45th anniversary this year and LEGO Technic wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip. The result is a G 500 PROFESSIONAL Line model that is a 2,891-piece set for passionate builders. This set will also begin shipping from August 1 for a price tag of $250. Almost half the price of the P1 set and an absolute steal if you are into the off-roading SUV from the house of Mercedes-Benz. The good news is you can pre-order it right now.

Designer: LEGO Technic

LEGO has again delivered its promise of authentic details and recreation of even the most intricate sections of the 4×4 behemoth measuring 8.5 inches high, 16.5 inches long, and 8 inches wide. Under the hood is a replicated 6-cylinder inline engine mated to a 7-speed gearbox having drive, neutral and reverse settings. The internal mechanics are further hones in the form of a working steering wheel and raised suspension. The opening doors come with working locks, along with an opening tailgate and hood to reveal even the finer interior details. Off-road enthusiasts will appreciate the addition of a ladder, spare wheel and roof rack to the mix.

Although the G Wagon has been around for more than four decades, the LEGO team decided to create this Impressive LEGO iteration on the 2017 model. That makes sense when it comes to visual presence as the 2018 version had smaller wheels and a bit lower ground clearance.

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‘Living’ Shoe thrives and feeds like plants, could help footwear industry minimize environmental impact

Roughly 22 billion pairs of shoes are manufactured globally each year. The production process of all these shoes – and lot many made in the unorganized sector – emits crazy amounts of carbon dioxide, enough to contribute about 1.5 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Even though sustainable materials have become a significant part of the production process, carbon emissions have not decreased in tune; this means the industry still awaits a revolutionary idea that can help.

While the major manufacturers are dealing with their ideas, a designer Jessica Thies, based out of Brooklyn has developed a pair of concept shoes that could help the shoe industry reduce its environmental impact. Dubbed Synthiesis, the idea is based on Thies’ research into engineered living materials and is part of her thesis at Parsons School of Design. The experimental shoe printed from ink containing living algae can absorb carbon dioxide from the surroundings, the designer believes.

Designer: Jessica Thies

Presently shoes have polyurethane foam soles which are always recyclable or biodegradable, amounting to waste. Thies believes this could be replaced in the production lines with engineered living materials, which could be beneficial both for the user and nature. “I believe that if we simply replace synthetic materials with bio-based ones, we haven’t addressed the core issues of overconsumption and exploitation of the natural world.”

The shoe concept by the designer is made from hemp fabric and printed with bio-based ink included with algae. The addition of microalgae cells in the printing ink makes the shoe an “active object” capable of acting like a living organism. The unique construction ensures that the shoe can absorb carbon dioxide from the environment, and “potentially be able to self-clean,” Thies informs.

The idea of a living footwear sounds immensely exciting. One that can change our outlook toward the way we conceive what we wear on the foot with the least consideration. Thies’ research with material affirms that the algae used in the construction can survive a month without supplementary nutrients, and if cared for, it can last much longer. For the later, the shoe conceptualized by Thies can feed on nutrients and oxygen-producing cyanobacteria using hydroponics, in a manner we grow plants.

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Innovative Hype-R Yacht Is A Tech-Savvy Concept Tailored for Young Innovators

The world of yachts is largely centered around successful businessmen and rich retirees. But a designer in his youth believes the young, dynamic, and tech-savvy should also have a yacht premeditated to their needs and discerning tastes. And so, the concept yacht Hype-R is born.

From the looks of it, it doesn’t deviate too much from what we have seen in the yachts that have taken to the waters. But unlike them, youth-focused Hype-R is synonymous with luxury and modern lifestyle, which vividly appears in how it allows the users to transition from entertainment to relaxation seamlessly.

Designer: Davide Benaglia

The lavish and future-proof Hype-R concept yacht is designed by Davide Benaglia for the Feadship’s Young Designer of the Year competition. Not starkly different in approach but made with outrightly different intent, the Hype-R is 220 foot long and is designed to meet contemporary challenges while keeping the charm and style of the yachts intact. ”I envision the future of yacht design to continue its current trajectory,” Davide notes.

To make it appear traditional yet deviate from the norm, the Hype-R is flooded with uniqueness and modernity, which would appeal to the digitally-sound and young clientele. Suggesting how the idea for the yacht like this came to be, Davide said, “I have found the perfect fusion of…two (love for cars and architecture) perspectives in yacht design.”

The Hype-R is like a sports car for the waters, influenced by the designs of geniuses like Pininfarina and Giugiaro. Its exterior is very yacht-like with sleek lines defining the style carried on in the innovative features. The upper deck of the Hype-R has a sunset lounge that offers panoramic views of the breathtaking waters while the residents watch the sun fade away in the crimson horizon.

The sundeck is reserved for the techie-owner. It’s outfitted with a living room and private study. Each space has been specifically designed to serve a distinct function such as the beach area that’s usable to host a movie evening or a party in the discotheque. The highlight of Davide’s yacht may be the entertainment cum beach area, but it’s the youth-visioned idea of the Hype-R that would set a new vision in the industry.

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