Gaming audio controller for Xbox with better noise cancellation + gaming modes

If you’ve been looking for a superior gaming audio controller for in-game advantage, then look no further than Turtle Beach’s gaming accessory. It has a better design and features than the official Microsoft offering which makes it a better option.

Microsoft Stereo Adapter for Xbox controller lets you connect gaming headsets (or any other normal headset/earbuds) providing different levels of volume and the level of in-game volume. It also has the party chat volume along with the mute button. However, it lacks two important features for tactical gaming – microphone monitoring and microphone canceling.

Designer: Colin Jackson and Ink Studios

This problem comes to light when you’re in a game room and other players can hear the external noise like TV playing in the background or the irritating thud of a jackhammer at the nearby construction site. This Turtle Beach Gaming Audio Controller solves them both and brings more features for gamers that they’ll relish. The Gaming Audio Controller gets three different levels of background audio canceling. The first one is pretty much the same as the Microsoft adapter, and is of not much use. The second one cuts out most of the background noises and only picks up high-pitched sounds like a train horn or an alarm. The last one is the most powerful at canceling out unwanted background audio clutter, as it cuts out 95% noise.

Other than this the audio controller has different game mode settings for audio signature – Extra Bass, Extra Treble, or both. The standout feature of this adapter is the Super Human Hearing mode which provides greater accuracy in battle royale games. So, you can rest assured of hearing even the faintest of footsteps in the nearby building to ascertain the direction of the enemy’s approach. Overall, the gaming accessory has a much better audio response and microphone clarity than Microsoft’s adapter.

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This shape-shifting cargo trike morphs into trendy urban bike with the push of a button

How about a cargo trike that can instantly slim down into a trendy city bike? Yes, that’s what this highly practical automotive design is all about.

Cargo trikes are a good option to haul essentials in cities, but they fall short on looks when you have to ferry them around without any hauling goods. We live in times where the multifunctional aspect of anything pays dividends in the long run of use. Rhaetus electric folding cargo bike brings that useful multifunctional aspect to the forefront with its mindful design that I’m sure you’ll love to the core.

Designer: HTH Han

This electric drivetrain-powered cargo bike minuscules all the other cargo bikes on the market which are good for hauling cargo, pets or even children – but fall flat on thier face when it comes to normal biking. Yes, this is where Rhaetus shines with its expanding and contracting design to go from a city cargo hauler to a cool-looking electric vehicle for general commuting. The cargo bike has a foldable front storage area that can collapse to morph the ride into a small mobility vehicle suited for congested streets.

The folding middle structure is crafted out of tarpaulin fabric so that it can be folded neatly at the push of a button without much hassle. This is done via the folding mechanism actuated by the hydraulic device and structure of the rear spindle. The bike is capable of carrying 172 liters of load in the expanded mode. The possibilities of use of this vehicle are greatly expanded with this shape-shifting form. It can go from a compact city shuttle to a camping accessories carrier for long travel mode in no time.

The front and the rear sides of the storage area are loaded with lighting for night commutes. In the collapsed mode these join together to form the headlights of the electric bike. So, no one would ever guess in their wildest of dreams that this cool-looking electric bike is actually a cargo trike when needed. The dashboard on Rhaetus is flush with modern-looking telemetry displaying navigation mode, speed, battery levels, turn signals and the driving mode. It comes with a dedicated screen control knob to quickly toggle through the available options.

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This transparent pop-topper campers panoramic windows lets you experience the majestic outdoors

If you also think pop-up pickup toppers are beginning to look pretty much the same, this unique offering by Rossmönster will change your opinion, urging you to go for this amazing hard-wall topper as opposed to choosing another one.

The pop-topper camper market is growing at a good pace as adventure junkies like the core idea of this clever design. Colorado-based Rossmönster Overland impressed hardcore travelers with the Ford F-150-based Baja and now they’ve set the stakes high with the Lagom Series. The go-anywhere camper has plenty of space and the silver lining is its floor-to-ceiling transparent panels for uninterrupted panoramic views to experience nature like never before. This luxury comes courtesy of the aluminum walls of the Lagom topper which folds down flat when in the driving mode. When it reaches the campsite, this setup can be deployed in mere seconds.

Designer: Rossmönster

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Lagom series is compatible with smaller pickup trucks like Toyota Tacoma and Jeep Gladiator – making them compete against Hiatus who offer fabric construction as compared to the folding hard walls of this creation. The folding central supports on the front and rear sides have the swing down windows that hang on to the ceiling when moving up or down. So, the occupants have a bed-to-ceiling view that most campers will appreciate. If you’re skeptical about privacy, the topper comes with window covers. The upper walls are upholstered to keep the space warm and comfortable which all goes well for camping in any kind of environment.

Other than this niche design, the interior is quite minimalistic to permit easy access to the pickup bed for carrying along the adventure gear. Interested buyers can also opt for the Goal Zero Yeti 1500 portable electrical system paired with 200 watts of solar charging system. The Lagom Series base model is priced at $14,000, and the one with the aforementioned electrical system goes for $17,000. In addition to this, Rossmönster is offering an additional $4,000 Expedition Pack complete with roof rails, outside ladder, front LED light bar and MOLLE panels. Lagom weighs around 350 – 400 lbs depending on the truck and its bed size, and also the additional chosen options.

For ones who are already excited by the prospects, the Lagom is compatible with 5–6-foot bed Tacomas (2016 or later models), Jeep Gladiator models and the Ford F150 with 6.5 beds (2015 – 202 models). In the future, Rossmönster promises to bring support for more trucks.

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Braun wireless earbuds for audiophiles who value wearing comfort and style

Choosing a pair of good-sounding earbuds which have great comfort, ANC and styling are not easy when options are virtually limitless. Can a pair of Braun earbuds simplify that dilemma? A designer indeed thinks so with this interesting concept.

The wireless earbuds market is flooded with wireless earbuds, but only a few can really claim to be worth their weight in gold. After all, appealing to audio lovers’ tastes is not easy even though creating wireless earbuds seems like a run-of-the-mill task by the look of things. The likes of Sony WF-1000XM4, Bose QuietComfort, Apple AirPods Pro and now the Nothing ear (1) earbuds – all are great choices for ones who demand great sound isolation, crisp audio, comfort and style.

Designer: Ye Hongting (葉 泓廷)

Braun is known for its high-quality grooming products and innovative product design, so why not have a great pair of wireless earbuds too? Even though the German company would think twice before branching out into the highly competitive wireless earbuds space, the low barrier entry-level makes for a compelling case. This concept evokes that vision with a sublime design and the Braun DNA deep embedded in the roots.

The earbuds have a rather unique and attractive form that doesn’t compromise on wearing comfort by any stretch of the imagination. Matte black or white-colored housing with the hint of Braun’s signature color green is the USP of the design. The silicone ear tips match the matte look, and the charging case carries the same theme. It’s all matte black with a yellow button on the front. Wait till you glance over the top of the earbuds which have the Braun’s well-known patterned shape.

Touch controls on the earbuds allow for a seamless audio listening experience – be it high fidelity music or engaging podcasts on the go. Active noise cancellation is also standard with three microphones in each earbud zoning out the world when needed. In the audio accessories space dominated by similar-looking designs, the Braun What if Earbud spices things up for demanding audiophiles.

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This clean looking watch design is tailormade ultra minimalists

In a world dominated by tourbillon watches and the most intricate complex movements that one could not ever have imagined, there’s still a niche for timepieces that focus on simplicity. Dubbed the Clean Watch, this barebones, yet profoundly fuller timepiece is for individuals who value minimalism in everything they own.

Unlike most conventional watches that use the watch face real estate to display all the complex moments and any symbolic elements, this one goes the opposite way. The watch face is as plain as you could even imagine with the 12 o clock, 3’o clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock numerals etched on the matte black, yellow or green face. The concentric waved circles on the dial give the perception of flowing time which goes well with its minimal theme. Just like most of the common watches out there, this one too has the crown on one side which can be used to set the current time.

Designer: Ye Hongting (葉 泓廷)

In fact, time on this one is indicated by the yellow, white, and green hands each representing the hours, minutes, and seconds respectively. These rotate on a sub-layered face under the main watch face which masks the movement – only revealing around 10 percent of the area. The back cover follows suit with a plain design which is not at all surprising. The clean look of this rare timepiece is well complemented by the rubber straps which match the color of the chosen watch face model in yellow, green or black.

I’m sure this cheeky watch will appeal to the masses who are now shifting towards a minimalistic lifestyle which is pretty much in trend amongst the current generation. Matching it with the solid colored apparels, or accessories like trendy earbuds are going to look uber cool, and you’ll get surefire glances. So, what you think of this timepiece it is hot or not?


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This swanky hot rod got the looks to kill with a powerful heart beating under its hood

If you’ve got a thing for hot rods, then this muscular roadster will be the fresh pipedream you wish somehow makes it into reality. Automotive giants need to realize how badly we need such hot rods to be widely available in the market.

Modifying a roadster car for better performance, or as I should say “automobile of 1948 or earlier that has undergone some modernization to the engine, transmission, interior, or anything else” – in line with the National Street Rod Association’s definition, is a hot rod. The trend of hot rod cars sprung up in America when classic or even modern four-wheelers underwent a metamorphosis with large engines optimized for speed. No doubt motorheads would give anything to own a hot rod, isn’t it true?

Designer: Kevin Kaufhold

My love with hot rod cars evoked from my childhood days, playing around with Hot Wheels cars that were my priced possessions, way beyond any other toy. This concept hot rod dubbed Fratoria instantly evoked the good old memories, and I felt the urge to express my emotions. It looks to be based on the most famous hot rod choice for tuners – yes, I’m talking about the Ford Model T. Preserving the classic character of the iconic four-wheeler, but giving it a very measured modern look, the designer creates a worthy wallpaper racer, shining in its metallic silver and grey combo.

The big rear exhaust has the typical Batmobile feels, and the livery all over the body makes it ready for a WRC Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge. The hot rod assumes a belligerent stance from the front, while the side profile has the classic long-bodied form. The driver’s cockpit is reinforced with structurally strong yet lightweight material just in case the car goes for a tumble off the road. Overall, the details of this beautiful roadster are well crafted and radiate a powerful presence on the road.

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This fan created LEGO Batmobile edges the official LEGO build in realism

Matt Reeves unearthed the more human side of Batman in the latest flick, as Bruce Wayne frees Gotham City from the gripping clutches of a sadistic killer. The Batmobile that the lonely hero builds in his underground cave helps out in this quest. Behind the scenes, digital artist Ash Thorp played a major role in creating this lean mean machine which deliberately had to be not as larger than life creation as the previous Batmobile builds, but enough to make fans associate their own life with the crime-fighting hero.

Ash laid the foundation for the initial designs of the caped crusader’s machine to be showcased in the movie, and now another digital artist pays homage to the creation in the LEGO form, and we can’t help but love it. Just like the initial design blueprints of Ash’s released version, this Batmobile has the same air of mysteriousness to it. Be it the matte black color, toughened wheel rims, or the reinforced bumper build for the kill.

Designer: TaeYang Lee

Inspired by the rollecoaster movie plot, TaeYang Lee tried to recreate the film’s mood but didn’t come good with his own expectations. Later on, he discovered Mecabricks, a LEGO modeling tool, and hence came into existence this cool build. Just like the on-screen Batmobile this one too is set in a dark gloomy world which magnifies its sinister character. Those beaming headlights that seem to stare you right in the eye, or the flaming exhaust that warns you not to cross the periphery!

The rear-mounted 650 hp Chevy V8 engine oozes the same powerful domineer, and the roof of the 1969 Dodge Charger – both of which have been replicated with the finest of details. I would even go to the extent and say, this one is much better in realism and finer details than the original LEGO Batmobile. Though, we have to consider, this one is created digitally, and how it will look in real life – actually (crafted from LEGO bricks) is another question.

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This electric kick bike for young riders combines style, comfort and practicality

Looking for a kick bike that’s more than just an average city commuter, and brings to the fore style, uniqueness and minimum effort while propelling forward? Then the Pipegun 1 electric kick bike designed by Emre Kuvvetli and Burak Kazar of Tozz Bike is the one to choose.

The kick bike is designed to be offbeat, more than just a personal commuter to go safely from point A to point B. The Istanbul-based duo has crafted this skateboard and BMX-inspired kick bike to infuse the element of fun while getting around in cities. All this while keeping in mind the need to develop e-mobility solutions that consume less energy and time. The kick bike debuted at Design Week Turkey, and now it’s ready to reach eager buyers but in limited numbers only. Initially, only 20 limited production units of the Pipegun (a.k.a PG1) will be made exclusively for urban crowd.

Designer: Tozzbike

Durability is at the core of PG1 as it gets stainless steel handcrafted body, and the handlebar has been precision optimized for better comfort, ergonomics and safety – no matter what the road conditions are. This is in part also attributed to the 20” Salt Tracer BMX tires capable of absorbing impact. At the heart lies a highly efficient 250W geared drive BLDC electric motor capable of churning out 45nm torque which has been extensively tested in performance trials. This has resulted in an engaging and effortless driving experience for Gen-Z users.

The lithium-ion battery inside the kick bike charges fully in about 8 hours’ time and has a 35 km range. It gets a maximum climbing angle of 12 degrees on electric power, and beyond that, you’ll have to do some effort to keep the kick bike in motion. One thing I like about this electric kick bike as compared to other options is that it doesn’t make any impractical steep claims. The pre-orders for the limited run of the Pipegun 1 are open now, and it already looks like a good deal at a price tag of $2,100.

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AI-enhanced super workers could be a reality with this AR headband that can be fastened to industrial helmets

Frontline workers in hazardous industrial environments are often overworked due to shortage of labor and are exposed to perilous situations, which can lead to errors and increase the proportion of man-made hazards. Since state-of-the-art technology is changing the face of other industries; it is only fitting to integrate augmented reality into the helmet – the most important accessory – of frontline workers at oil & gas plants, power, aviation, railway, and many such industries to solve these problems.

Enter X-Craft – the first augmented reality device to achieve an explosion-proof protection rating. Designed by Rokid, the X-Craft is created in order to bring a technological transformation in the industry and produce a generation of “super workers.” Basically, this is an industrial explosion-proof AR headband that can fit around safety helmets and hard hats to armor frontline workers with technology that can facilitate in inspections, remote collaborations, trainings, and day-to-day operations.

Designer: Rokid

The headband in addition to AI and AR integration is also embedded with a 5G module to ensure brisk processing and real-time information storage and transmission. The headband is further equipped with a 40° field of view (FoV) display – right in front of the eye – and has a movable camera positioned just above. A secondary camera flip to switch is placed further up – around the forehead (when the headband is worn). The display employs waveguide optical technology to ensure it has a see-through aesthetic with high contrast and light transmission of up to 80 percent.

For the ones who work in more high-risk environments, the headband – featuring a user-friendly control knob on the temple – can be further attached with other peripherals and accessories such as industrial endoscope, infrared sensors, etc to enhance its capabilities and be more assistive to workers. Even with all the tech embedded and the possibility of additional attachments, the headband remains comfortable to wear. Its weight is evenly distributed and the headband’s detachable buckle ensures it can be wrapped around a large variety of helmets and hard hats.

Born to assist super workers in the highest-risk environments, the X-Craft is made to beat the elements. The IP66 water and dustproof rated headband can easily process large amounts of information and data over the cloud and facilitate real-time remote collaboration between teams. To ensure what is seen and transmitted is without a glitch, the X-Craft features three AI-enabled noise reduction mics that pick accurate sounds in the nosiest industrial environments.

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Braun mouse swivels on its tilted base for ergonomic right or left handed use

A highly ergonomic mouse design that is perfectly suited for any-handed use, thus making it ideal for professionals and gamers alike.

Most of the mouse are designed for right-handed users while the left-handed mouse is lesser in comparison. Still, left-handed users have some good choices to go for like Logitech G903, Razer Naga or Corsair M55 RGB. On the other end of the spectrum, ambidextrous mouse options including Logitech G Pro, SteelSeries Sensei Ten or Razer Viper have also claimed a good bite of the market. They are quite popular among left-handed users, and gamers too.

Designer: 葉 泓廷

Any mouse you choose, the setup is best tailored for either left-handed, right-handed – or slightly better configurations for particular-handed use, however, none of them can claim to be perfect for any kind of use-case-scenarios. This calls for a peripheral that boasts a smart design to make the switch from a predominately right-handed ergonomic use to the left-handed one in a jiffy.

Meet the Braun Ergonomic Mouse designed for both left and right-handed use in equal capacity. Unlike an ambidextrous mouse, this one completely changes its tilt and base depending on the preferred hand. So, you could be playing Battlefield with your right-handed configuration, and shift to a left-handed setup if your left-handed sibling wants to use the accessory. Simple manipulation of the form provides an equally good ergonomic grip for both-handed configurations.

The clever design makes use of a tilted sloped base swiveling at the center. As the base rotates it shifts between the two modes. This allows for a seamless transition between the desired-handed modes without compromising even a little bit on the hand posture position. Like a couple of other off-beat Braun designs. This one too carries the black or white-dominated theme with the inclusion of signature Braun colors for the buttons and scroll mouse.

Carrying the Braun branding is a bit off-beat, but then, that’s what we come to expect from concept designs which sow the seed of imagination for future designs. The otherwise household appliance giant foraying into computer peripherals looks highly unlikely, but hey, it’s still in the blueprint and early prototype stage, right?

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