Hyperbells Turn Your Existing Dumbbells ‘Into a Full Home Gym’

Because less is more, Hyperbell is a modular clamp system designed for turning existing dumbbells into barbells and kettlebells. It is NOT for turning existing dumbbells into doorbells – that would take something else entirely. Something I’m already hard at work developing.

Currently an extremely well-funded Kickstarter campaign (over $425,000+ pledged of their $20,000 goal), $159 will get you both a Hyperbell Kettlebell and Hyperbell Bar, which can quickly convert any single dumbbell into a kettlebell, and any two dumbbells into a barbell/curl bar. I can already close my eyes and see my Hyperbell system in the corner of my basement collecting dust with the rest of my unused exercise equipment.

Obviously, the concept is to replace (or have no need to buy) all the individual different weighted kettlebells and barbell plates a person may need for their workouts, and instead only require a set of dumbbells (the system also works with adjustable weight dumbbells, e.g. BowFlex’s SelectTech). A pretty clever idea, both for space-saving and money-saving purposes. I thought about buying one, but my wife told me that the only workout I’ll likely ever get from the purchase is removing the Hyperbells from the packaging. She knows me so well.

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This paper-thin laptop desk comes with 6 configurations to work from your office + bed!

The new norm of working from home has either inspired you to renovate your makeshift office space or to stay in bed and work from beneath your comforter. With so many people working from home in today’s world, the comfort of sitting at a desk in an office has been swapped for working from bed, but bed desk designs have a long way to go in terms of comfort and stability. To bring the comfort and convenience of desk work to the bed, a team of designers created a laptop desk called iSwift Pi, an expandable, paper-thin laptop desk that can hold up to 44 pounds.

Whether you’re in bed and binging Netflix and simultaneously munching on dinner or spending the workday in bed, using the laptop in bed has probably become the world’s favorite pastime just with this past year’s WFH orders. iSwift Pi was primarily created to help those working from home feel a lot more comfortable when they choose to work from the comfort of their beds. Designed to be compact and portable, iSwift Pi boasts an ultra-thin form when folded or unfolded. When folded, the iSwift Pi is as thin as a small stack of paper, which then unfolds to two different heights, either 7.5 inches or 8.6 inches, depending on your lap situation. Then users can adjust iSwift Pi’s sitting placement to four different angles, so the screen can always meet your eyes.

iSwift Pi carries itself on two triangle legs and comes with built-in magnets for its frame in order to provide enough stability and even distribution of weight to carry up to 44 pounds on its desktop. When unfolded to reach its height of 7.5 inches, iSwift Pi’s legs form two equilateral angles, while its height of 8.6 inches carries itself atop two right triangles. If instead of a laptop, users prefer tablets, then iSwift Pi accommodates tablet use by allowing users to adjust iSwift Pi’s sitting placement to four different angles, bringing the screen to meet the user’s eyes. Measuring only 0.2 of an inch in thickness and 40 oz in weight, iSwift Pi carries the perfect size for users to bring it with them wherever they go.

Designer: Swift

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $105 (34% off). Hurry, only 35/1900 left! Only 72 hours to go!

iSwift Pi – A  Must-have Laptop Desk For Digital Nomads

Working in bed or on the couch has become more normal than going into the office during the quarantine time. However, if you’ve ever tried to use a laptop while sitting on a couch, bed, or chair, you know how uncomfortable it could be.

Fold Back to the Board in Seconds

Devised to be a lap desk and a laptop stand, iSwift Pi is a game-changer, which makes you feel cozy while having a good posture when you are navigating a new WFH situation.

Work Anywhere you Desire

“iSwift Pi has two triangle legs that can be folded flat or extended to give you a raised surface to work from, making sure you have a nice and comfortable time using your laptop [on] the bed, sofa, or anywhere.”

A Table, Also A Stand

Recliner Table – Make your bed your cozy makeshift office. With two available heights, iSwift Pi can be used in the bed, the sofa, on top of an office desk, or even in the ktichen. The solid legs work great whether you place it on the bed while you work, or on a table to get a suitable angle to work from while standing.

Smart Stand – Optimize your posture with four adjustable angles. With four different angles available for iSwift Pi’s stands, tablets and laptop screens can lean against the stand meet your eyes.

Choose between four different angles and two different desk heights for optimal working conditions.

“The solid legs work great whether you place it on the bed while you work, or on a table to get a suitable angle to work from while standing.”

Easy to Carry And Store

Thanks to its ultra-thin frame, iSwift Pi can easily be stored away after use.

iSwift Pi carries such a thin structure, it can be taken anywhere – the ideal working companion for digital nomads. As iSwift Pi is 0.2-inch in thickness and 40 ounces in weight, you can stow it anywhere you want. Just slide it in your desk organizer or right below your pillow, saying goodbye to those heavy and bulky lap desk and stand.

Made from PU material, iSwift Pi is extremely durable, water-resistant, and can be easily wiped clean by towels.

There are four angles that you can adjust to find the perfect position while working. It means reducing the risk of repetitive stress injury such as neck and back strain, which happens when you do something mundane like typing on a keyboard over and over again.

Perfectly Fits Your Devices At Any Size

iSwift Pi can be adjusted to two different heights, depending on the user’s needs and body height.

With such stable support coming from the triangular legs, iSwift Pi can carry a load of up to 44 lbs.

Magnets are interwoven into iSwift Pi’s frame to add supplemental support for laptops and tablets.

Working from home in uncomfortable office settings often leads to physical and emotional stress, causing back and neck problems, sore muscles, and eye-straining. Following intensive research and involved prototype configuration, iSwift Pi was designed to help alleviate that stress.

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $105 (34% off). Hurry, only 35/1900 left! Only 72 hours to go!

This intelligent knee brace uses AI to give you the right support you need, avoiding knee pain!

Knee braces are worn by the likes of everyone from the professional athlete to the casual power walker. Built with materials ranging from metal to foam, they’re specifically designed to brace your knee upon impact. While most of us have worn a knee brace once or twice, we all wear them for different reasons. The professional basketball player might be nursing an injury, while the occasional jogger wears a knee brace to avoid any possible injury. Recognizing all the different needs we have for wearing a knee brace, C-Exoskeleton created a knee brace called E-Knee that adapts to each individual knee through the integration of smart technology.

Conceived by a self-proclaimed “group of sporty geeks who are dedicated to exoskeleton technology and addicted to robots and Cyberpunk,” E-Knee was created by C-Exoskeleton upon realizing that most knee braces in circulation today do not incorporate auto-adjustments or auto-binding, instead, the elastic knee braces wrap knees either too loosely or too tightly. Designed in the image of Cyberpunk, E-Knee’s support elements, such as gyroscope and airbags, remained exposed and exaggerated with colorful displays. Offering real-time support, each component of E-Knee works to register when and where support is needed and decipher how best to deliver that support.

The knee brace’s gyroscope, a device used to measure and maintain orientation and angular velocity, detects measurable motion, indicating to the built-in ARM chip to tell the micro compressors to pressurize E-Knee’s airbags, tightening its wrap around the knee for support. Based on the different sports you play while wearing E-Knee, the different pressure needed to remain comfortable during physical activity is recorded and saved to the knee brace for future adjustments. Depending on the activity and the amount of physical exertion required, E-Knee will tighten or loosen its grip around the knee, adapting to the level of intensity and the user’s needs.

Regardless of your weight or build, E-Knee delivers the correct fit for your knee through the breathable fabric used to make a knee brace. The knee brace itself is crafted from highly elastic, breathable fabric that molds to your individual knee, with support bars and a gel pad for extra cushioning. The main control box, with a built-in ARM chip, flexible airbags, and air tubes all work together to tighten or deflate E-Knee’s wrap around the knee to deliver the best support in real-time.

Designer: C-Exoskeleton

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $253 (49% off). Raised over $176,006. Only 72 hours to go!

E-Knee: Your Customized Intelligent Knee Support Solution

We all have different knees and needs, so why is it that all kneepads are the same? E-Knee is a new way to get just the right amount of pressure with the help of Artificial Intelligence, micro-airbags, and customizable compression. Designed with breathable fabric, E-Knee easily slides up any knee and turns on with the push of a button.

3 features that set E-Knee Apart

Real-Time Support – When the gyroscope detects powerful motion, the built-in ARM chip will tell the micro compressors to pressurize airbags based on different levels of pressure and motion, all in real-time. E-Knee gives dynamic support where and when you need it.

Auto-Adjustments – E-Knee detects different levels of air pressure based on initial tightness and saves the data for the next time. Three preloaded profiles offer the right support in any situation: rest (sitting down), low-intensity (jogging for example), and high-intensity (basketball for example).

Custom Size – E-Knee offers the right fit regardless of your build. The breathable fabric stretches around your leg without restricting your motion while staying firmly in place.

To charge E-Knee, users only need to plug the control box with a built-in ARM chip into it’s charging cable.

E-Knee can be worn to play a wide array of physically demanding sports, from running to CrossFit.

E-Knee is the ideal companion even for the casual hike as it adjusts to changing physical demands.

Following multiple ideations, C-Exoskeleton found E-Knee’s winning design in one that merges Cyberpunk aesthetics with traditional knee brace familiarity.

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $253 (49% off). Raised over $176,006. Only 72 hours to go!

SNACTIV, The Multitasking Snacking Tool of the Future

SNACTIV is a gadget consisting of a small pair of chopsticks that sit above your index and middle fingers, allowing you to grab chips or Cheetos, or any other small snack without getting your fingers dirty. It’s billed as “the multi-tasking snacking tool of the future.” Is it a future I want to be part of? I’m not so sure.

Similar in concept to Chip Fingers but unnecessary to remove between snacks, SNACTIV is currently an already-funded Kickstarter project (and surprisingly not an SNL parody product), and $19 will get you a SNACTIV in either black or white. Obviously, I plan on wearing one on each hand for double-fisted snacking.

The idea is that by not touching your snacks directly, you’re preventing the migration of Cheetos or chip dust from your fingertips to your keyboard or another device. Now, I’m not sure if you can tell from looking at my keyboard, but that is not a problem I’ve ever cared about. The disgustingness has just always been another layer of computer security as far as I’m concerned.

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This space-grade aluminum pepper mill that peppers a steak in just 7 cranks raised over $1,000,000!

Once upon a time, it took 73 cranks on his pepper mill to season one single piece of steak. He counted, Cleve Oines that is, the founder of MÄNNKITCHEN and creator of Pepper Cannon, the new pepper mill that peppers steak with only seven cranks. Try saying all of that five times fast. Oines both designs and cooks, so he made Pepper Cannon putting quality (and taste) above quantity – although you should prepare yourself for a lot of pepper talk. Cranking pepper mills again and again over your dish can sometimes feel like more work than the payoff provides – with Pepper Cannon, all it takes is half of a spin and you’ll be asking for seconds.

Pepper Cannon is just about half a foot in length and weighs only one pound, and with a generous pepper holding capacity of half a cup, it brings a whole new spicy ‘tude to pepper grinding. The body and construction of Pepper Cannon are partly to thank for its superior pepper-grinding capabilities. In order for the inner mechanisms to work smoothly, Pepper Cannon is milled from solid masses of Aerospace Grade Aluminum and then, anodized black, or coated with a protective layer of oxide, to make the surface not only durable but also easy to clean. On the choice to construct Pepper Cannon through milling, Oines says, “Metal construction allows us to achieve the very strict tolerances required for precision parts to produce exceptional results while adding strength and durability.” Building its body out of metal, with a stainless steel interior is what allows Pepper Cannon to work up to ten times faster than other top-rated pepper mills.

In order to avoid his burrs from grinding too close, Oines was sure to use high-carbon stainless steel when constructing Pepper Cannon’s interior burrs, which are powered by a heavy, double-bearing supported driveshaft. This attention to detail is exactly what gives Pepper Cannon an edge over other pepper mills on the market. Oines knows that consistency is everything when it comes to grinding pepper, so the stabilized drive shaft and precision burrs make it so particles of pepper larger than what the grind setting allows will not pass through and end up on your dish. In addition to a sturdy shaft and razor-sharp burrs, Pepper Cannon’s grind adjuster can be found on the base of the product. The grind adjuster implements dual spring-plungers and detents so it locks in place once you decide on your preferred grind of peppercorn. When it comes to your ideal mesh or coarseness of ground pepper, Pepper Cannon can grind from eight to over sixty mesh, which means its grind range is almost double that of an ordinary pepper mill’s grind range. The Pepper Cannon is also easy to fill back up, with a top that pops off with the push of a button and easily locks and clicks back into place once filled.

Pepper Cannon’s got it all. No more are the days of awkwardly waiting to say, “When,” as our waiter endlessly cranks more and more pepper onto our dinner plates. Say goodbye to settling for pepper shakers after your plastic pepper mill cracks and warps from excessive use. With Pepper Cannon, excessive use is encouraged and expected. With a name like Pepper Cannon, how could it not be?

Designer: Cleve Oines

Click Here to Buy Now: $149 $199 (25% off). Hurry, less than 60 hours left! Raised over $1,021,122.

A countless number of cranks later and your sunny side up’s still don’t have that kick you were hoping for – you should already be finished eating by the time it takes an old-school pepper mill to sprinkle a little spice on top of your breakfast. Pepper Cannon take half of a spin and bon appétit!

Grind a bunch into the cup, then pepper all at once.

The all-too-familiar struggle of loose parts and inconsistent pepper grind – the parts of classic pepper mills just don’t have the same endurance as Pepper Cannon. Check out the inside of Pepper Cannon below.

Is it too much an ask to remove the adjustment nut of your wooden pepper mill, remove its top, replace it, replace its adjustment nut and recalibrate your pepper mill every time you refill? Yes, yes it is. Check out Pepper Cannon’s refill method below!

The MÄNNKITCHEN pepper mill features a removable base cup so that after you season one side of your steak, you won’t have to worry about getting your hand all bloody before grinding more pepper. Just twist off the base cup and sprinkle some more pepper on the other side.

Burrs are made of hardened high-carbon stainless steel.

Click Here to Buy Now: $149 $199 (25% off). Hurry, less than 60 hours left! Raised over $1,021,122.