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Looking Glass says it can turn any photo into a hologram

Holographic displays aren’t much use unless you have something to look at, and Looking Glass Factory thinks it has a simple solution: turn your existing photos into holograms. The company is winding down its crowdfunding campaign for its Portrait dis...

This space-grade aluminum pepper mill that peppers a steak in just 7 cranks raised over $1,000,000!

Once upon a time, it took 73 cranks on his pepper mill to season one single piece of steak. He counted, Cleve Oines that is, the founder of MÄNNKITCHEN and creator of Pepper Cannon, the new pepper mill that peppers steak with only seven cranks. Try saying all of that five times fast. Oines both designs and cooks, so he made Pepper Cannon putting quality (and taste) above quantity – although you should prepare yourself for a lot of pepper talk. Cranking pepper mills again and again over your dish can sometimes feel like more work than the payoff provides – with Pepper Cannon, all it takes is half of a spin and you’ll be asking for seconds.

Pepper Cannon is just about half a foot in length and weighs only one pound, and with a generous pepper holding capacity of half a cup, it brings a whole new spicy ‘tude to pepper grinding. The body and construction of Pepper Cannon are partly to thank for its superior pepper-grinding capabilities. In order for the inner mechanisms to work smoothly, Pepper Cannon is milled from solid masses of Aerospace Grade Aluminum and then, anodized black, or coated with a protective layer of oxide, to make the surface not only durable but also easy to clean. On the choice to construct Pepper Cannon through milling, Oines says, “Metal construction allows us to achieve the very strict tolerances required for precision parts to produce exceptional results while adding strength and durability.” Building its body out of metal, with a stainless steel interior is what allows Pepper Cannon to work up to ten times faster than other top-rated pepper mills.

In order to avoid his burrs from grinding too close, Oines was sure to use high-carbon stainless steel when constructing Pepper Cannon’s interior burrs, which are powered by a heavy, double-bearing supported driveshaft. This attention to detail is exactly what gives Pepper Cannon an edge over other pepper mills on the market. Oines knows that consistency is everything when it comes to grinding pepper, so the stabilized drive shaft and precision burrs make it so particles of pepper larger than what the grind setting allows will not pass through and end up on your dish. In addition to a sturdy shaft and razor-sharp burrs, Pepper Cannon’s grind adjuster can be found on the base of the product. The grind adjuster implements dual spring-plungers and detents so it locks in place once you decide on your preferred grind of peppercorn. When it comes to your ideal mesh or coarseness of ground pepper, Pepper Cannon can grind from eight to over sixty mesh, which means its grind range is almost double that of an ordinary pepper mill’s grind range. The Pepper Cannon is also easy to fill back up, with a top that pops off with the push of a button and easily locks and clicks back into place once filled.

Pepper Cannon’s got it all. No more are the days of awkwardly waiting to say, “When,” as our waiter endlessly cranks more and more pepper onto our dinner plates. Say goodbye to settling for pepper shakers after your plastic pepper mill cracks and warps from excessive use. With Pepper Cannon, excessive use is encouraged and expected. With a name like Pepper Cannon, how could it not be?

Designer: Cleve Oines

Click Here to Buy Now: $149 $199 (25% off). Hurry, less than 60 hours left! Raised over $1,021,122.

A countless number of cranks later and your sunny side up’s still don’t have that kick you were hoping for – you should already be finished eating by the time it takes an old-school pepper mill to sprinkle a little spice on top of your breakfast. Pepper Cannon take half of a spin and bon appétit!

Grind a bunch into the cup, then pepper all at once.

The all-too-familiar struggle of loose parts and inconsistent pepper grind – the parts of classic pepper mills just don’t have the same endurance as Pepper Cannon. Check out the inside of Pepper Cannon below.

Is it too much an ask to remove the adjustment nut of your wooden pepper mill, remove its top, replace it, replace its adjustment nut and recalibrate your pepper mill every time you refill? Yes, yes it is. Check out Pepper Cannon’s refill method below!

The MÄNNKITCHEN pepper mill features a removable base cup so that after you season one side of your steak, you won’t have to worry about getting your hand all bloody before grinding more pepper. Just twist off the base cup and sprinkle some more pepper on the other side.

Burrs are made of hardened high-carbon stainless steel.

Click Here to Buy Now: $149 $199 (25% off). Hurry, less than 60 hours left! Raised over $1,021,122.

‘Darkest Dungeon II’ early access is coming in 2021

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This sleek wearable microphone with real-time audio backup is the need of the hour!

With virtual work in full swing thanks to COVID-19,  practically half of our workdays depend on functional audio systems. Treating patients on Zoom can get difficult when a laptop’s built-in microphone doesn’t quite catch the diagnosis. Teachers sometimes have no other choice but to raise their voices when addressing a full classroom on Zoom since everyone’s using the same quality mic and the louder you speak, the more likely you’ll be heard. Fortunately, Anthony Mattana, the designer behind Hooke Lav, a wireless, wearable microphone that transmits professional-grade sound, has a solution.

In our world, where content is money, professionals of all ages need a microphone with which we can always rely upon. Hooke Lav, from Hooke audio, is a wearable microphone that has a 24-bit-depth, records in 48kHz with low latency, and is compatible with iPhones, Androids, DSLR’s, GoPro’s, various field recorders, and Mac/PC. Through Bluetooth 5.0, this mic allows users to record anything, anywhere, but since Bluetooth isn’t always reliable, Hooke Lav has 8GB worth of internal storage so that each and every audio recording is backed up in real-time, making capturing audio seamlessly foolproof.

To get started, just slip the mic on wherever with the light facing inside and press record – simple as that, no bulky hardware necessary. The designers with Hooke Audio know that sound matters above all else. With built-in microphones, our voices are constantly challenged to compete against background noises, spotty service, and far distances, but with Hooke Lav, pro-grade audio can be recorded from any distance to any device. Since the need for microphones changes from day to day, Hooke Lav incorporates some mutable features. In solo mode, only one mic records audio and transmits it to your device. In duet mode, two microphones can capture two separate streams of audio so that every voice is heard crystal clear, which makes it the perfect microphone for podcasts, interviews, or YouTube videos.

Young content creators know which equipment works best for their channels so, in addition to Hooke Lav’s compatibility with several different operating systems, when the mic is set to receiver mode, audio is transmitted from the mic onto a smartphone or other content-creating hardware, overriding any built-in microphone in the process. This means that you can live stream from Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube without the worry of your mic picking up on any other voice but your own. Alternatively, when Hooke Lav is set to island mode, the mic works like a recorder, so any sound you record can be stored for later use.

With an app to pair with its hardware and seven hours of continuous battery life, Hooke Audio seems to have considered any potential roadblock. Thanks to its wireless capabilities, the absolute commitment to zero-bulk hardware, and its user-friendliness, Hooke Lav beats out the competition and rises to every occasion, exactly how it will record your voice.

Designer: Hooke Audio

Click Here To Buy Now: $115 $179 ($64 off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left! Raised over $568,945.

Hooke Lav: A Sleek Wireless Mic With Pro-Grade Sound

A wearable microphone with studio-quality sound that captures dropout-free audio with one click.

Hooke Lav is a wireless microphone that captures pro-grade sound with no wires, no dropouts, and no hassle. The Bluetooth lav has 8GB of internal storage and connects to any device with the click of a button. This slick, minimalist microphone maximizes your freedom to record with no setup necessary!

It’s the first truly wireless device to send high-quality audio over Bluetooth at low latency. The stylish, clip-on gives you professional quality audio recording in the studio, on the go, and out in the wild. It eliminates wind noise, cuts the cord and, thanks to its internal storage, picks up every second of audio even if Bluetooth cuts out.

Give your phone or camera a mega upgrade

Smartphone cameras have been upgraded year after year, but their mics still don’t measure up, leaving you with subpar sound on crystal-clear videos. The same goes for mics on DSLR cameras and laptops—the quality isn’t there!

The only way to improve sound quality is upgrading to a better microphone, but that often requires sizable funds, technical know-how, and a learning curve. And on top of that, most “quality” lavalier microphones on the market have messy cords or bulky design.

Click Here To Buy Now: $115 $179 ($64 off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left! Raised over $568,945.

Muzen Wild Mini Bluetooth Speaker Review: Small But Mighty Good

There are countless Bluetooth speakers to choose from these days, so if audio companies want people to take notice, you have to do something pretty different. The Muzen Wild Mini speaker is just that. Measuring about 3″ high x 2.25″ wide x 1.375″ deep, this ultra-compact speaker is small enough to carry in the palm of your hand, but this tiny speaker punches way above its class in build and sound quality.

The Wild Mini comes packaged in a sturdy plastic case that’s substantially larger than the speaker itself. The rugged, foam-lined case is a nice touch but given the speaker’s own rugged look and feel, I’m not sure I’ll ever be putting it back in its packaging.

The speaker is the true star of the show, featuring a high-quality body made from high-density zinc alloy, and a design inspired by military radios. With the exception of a couple of trim pieces and buttons, everything on the Wild Mini is made from metal. Combined with the weight of a battery that can last up to six hours at full volume, the little speaker feels incredibly substantial and weighs in at over half a pound.

Despite being a pre-production model, my review unit feels really well built, with no gaps or rattly bits. The 5-watt amplifier and speaker produce a surprisingly big sound, without discernible distortion even at high volume levels. Physics prevent a speaker this small from ever producing booming bass, but it handles low end admirably for its size, and mids and highs are clean and pleasing to the ear. Overall sound quality is much better than I expected for a speaker this small, and I think the metal enclosure and rubber feet help to eliminate unwanted vibrations.

Every detail of the Wild Mini’s case and controls are smartly designed and engineered. There’s a satisfyingly clicky knurled metal thumbwheel for adjusting volume, a spring-loaded flip switch for powering the unit on and off and Bluetooth pairing, and a pushbutton surrounded by a bi-directional ring for pausing and changing tracks.

A MicroUSB charging connector hides beneath a hinged door that keeps moisture out. The speaker enclosure is IPX5-rated, which means it’s water-resistant, so it’s fine if it gets rained on or splashed at the beach, but you don’t want to submerge it.

In addition to its above par audio capabilities, the Wild Mini serves double duty as a flashlight. There are three modes – high, low, and SOS. It’s not an exceptionally bright light even at its highest setting, but it does provide enough light to guide your way on a pitch-black trail, or to find your keys in the dark. Plus, it can be operated at the same time as your music plays. The speaker’s case also has an “n”-shaped loop on its top, which lets you lash it to a backpack or belt loop with a piece of paracord or a small carabiner clip.

I absolutely love this little speaker. It’s got a unique look, is built really well and sounds very good considering its size. You can pre-order the Muzen Wild Mini Bluetooth speaker now over on Kickstarter. While the MSRP for the speaker is $99, there are still a number of Super Early Bird and Early Bird deals available, priced at $69 and $79, respectively.