Minimalist lamp uses simple, linear shapes to create a functional and ambient light source

Lamps are something that you need especially if you’re particular with the working or ambient light at home. I particularly don’t look that much at the design when I’m buying one but more on the practicality or how easy it is to set up and use. But if something can tick all of those boxes and has a minimalist look as a bonus, then it’s something worth looking at. You don’t need elaborate or intricate parts and designs to come up with something pleasant to look at that can also be as multi-functional as possible. As the designer says, “Good design is as little design as possible”.

Designer: Y.S.M. Products and Baptiste Vandaele

The Linear Table Lamp is an upcoming Kickstarter project that aims to bring a simple enough lamp that only needs a few linear planes and a light bulb. It is made up of a steel body with a rectangular base and two planes that face it at a 45 degree angle. This particular angle of the planes brings a light and shadow effect to your lamp so that the light is reflected downwards. The metal surfaces are bent and welded but there are no other redundant elements as it is inspired by the Bauhaus art movement.

The light source itself is a 3000K LED bulb that is dimmable so you can use it either as a desk lamp or an ambient lamp. The color of the bulb is the perfect one that can be functional or cozy and can be controlled through a button attached to the cord. You will be able to adjust the brightness or dimness of the lamp depending on what you need at the moment. The color of the lamp itself is also pretty minimalist but with splashes of bright colors in case that’s what you prefer.

The simple design of the lamp as well as the color options (green, orange, white, gray) makes it appealing as an addition to my sometimes messy desk. The Kickstarter funding project will launch by January next year where people will be able to pre-order it. No price or other funding details have been revealed but it is one that I may actually watch out for if the other details are reasonable.

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TinyTV Miniature Video Displays

TinyTV 2 and TinyTV Mini are miniature video displays in the form of old CRT televisions. Currently, an already heavily funded Kickstarter project, prices start at $49 and go up from there depending on the style and color of the television case and the inclusion of an equally tiny remote control. Obviously, I might just be receiving that World’s Best Uncle award sooner than I thought if I get one of these for my niece’s dollhouse.

The TinyTV 2 (the larger of the two tiny models) features a 216×135 pixel display, functional rotary knobs on the front for adjusting volume and changing the channel (next video file), a forward-facing speaker, 8GB storage (~10 hours of video) and a Li-polymer battery with about 2 hours of power. The TinyTV Mini features a 64×64 pixel OLED display, volume and channel buttons on top, an internal speaker, 8GB storage (~40 hours of video at this resolution), and a Li-polymer battery with about 1 hour of power. Both can easily have video footage uploaded, and their batteries recharged via USB-C cable, as well as be operated using an IR remote.

Most people want as large a TV as they can fit in front of the sofa, so it’s refreshing to see ultra-miniature televisions for a change. Plus, they’re much more budget-friendly. Sure I’ll likely miss a lot of the finer details watching House of the Dragon, but those dragons would probably scare me on the big screen anyways.

Plufl: A Dog Bed for Humans

Presumably a little drunk and inspired by how comfortable a dog bed looked at the time, University of British Columbia students Noah Silverman and Yuki Kinoshita developed the Plufl, a giant dog-style bed intended for human use. Alternatively, just buy an x-large dog bed and curl up in that. Just don’t be surprised if the cat beats you to it and swats at you whenever you come near.

The $399 Plufl is currently an already funded Kickstarter project, and Noah and Yuki say they engineered the bed “to provide the optimal napping experience” and “maximize comfort and foster a sense of security, delivering relief for those who have ADHD, stress, and anxiety-related issues.” I’m pretty sure that covers everybody. Like a security blanket… in a dog bed. See how I tied all that together? I didn’t briefly consider going to journalism school for nothing.

Admittedly, it does look comfy – but $400? That’s an awful lot of money just to constantly try to explain to my dog that the dog bed that looks like it’s for her is actually for me. Eventually, I’ll give up because she’s just too cute and return to sleeping on the sofa while she sleeps in my Plufl – probably with my pillow too.

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DIY Tandem Shower Head Kit: For Singing Duets in the Shower

The DIY Tandem Shower by Boona is just that: a do-it-yourself solution to doubling your existing shower heads by adding another attached to a long rod. Impressively, the Tandem Shower has already far surpassed its Kickstarter goal, with more than $400,000 in funding past its initial $10,000 goal. Dammit, why didn’t I think of this?

The Tandem Shower is available in three colors (chrome, black, and Miami) and is adjustable to fit showers between 57″ and 76″ wide. It costs $249. *spit-takes warm shower water* Now I really wish I’d thought of it! Of course, the Tandem shower will only work well if you have high water pressure. If you have terrible water pressure as I do, you’re likely to only get a drip out of each shower head. You’ve been warned.

Boona advertises that the Tandem Shower will prevent cold spots while showering (e.g. your entire back) and can also help reduce water usage by showering with your partner. Hey honey – what do you say we get a tandem shower head so we can start showering together? No? I wonder what their cancellation policy is.

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Monitree, A System for Growing Vining Plants Around Your Computer Monitor

In things I didn’t know I needed and am still not convinced I do, there’s Monitree (monitor + tree), a modular system for growing vining plants around the perimeter of your computer monitor. You know, to liven up your workspace with some greenery. Alternatively, just buy a potted plant like a normal person.

Currently, an already-funded Kickstarter project, the Monitree system uses leakproof transparent tubes that mount to your monitor via double-sided tape and a full spectrum grow light, so you don’t have to open a window for your plant to grow. That’s a good thing, too, because I already boarded over them while prepping my apartment for the zombie apocalypse.

The Monitree includes everything you need to grow vining plants, like the recommended pohuehue (Muehlenbeckia complexa) or climbing fig (Ficus pumila), but the actual plants themselves. You’ll need to pick up those at a local nursery or floral shop. Or out of your neighbor’s yard, which is where I also go to get flowers for my wife.

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Whack-It: A Handle-less Hammer for Hard to Reach Nails

Because nails often need to be driven in hard-to-reach places at inopportune angles, the Whack-It makes it possible thanks to its compact, handle-less design. Made of solid brass, the Whack-It is available in two sizes (1.5″ x .75″ small and 2″ x 1″ large) and is capable of whacking whatever, whenever.

Currently an already-funded Kickstarter project, small Whack-Its cost $22 and large ones $32, with a combo available for $54. That’s a savings of $0 – what a steal! I just bought a whole bunch of them for stocking stuffers this holiday season. I imagine they’ll be perfect for cracking nuts or threatening a relative that starts talking politics at Christmas dinner.

You can either use your own striking force to hit things by swinging the Whack-It or smacking the back of it with something else (I’m thinking a hammer). My wife just suggested I buy one to knock some sense into myself. I think she was kidding. I take that back; I don’t actually think she was kidding; I only hope she was kidding.

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Ice Monster D20 Whiskey Rocks: Roll to See How Many Sips You Take

Tabletop gaming campaigns: I’ve found they’re best enjoyed with a drink in hand. And what better way to combine your love of tabletop gaming and fine spirits than with these Ice Monster D20 Whiskey Rocks? I can’t think of any. Granted, I didn’t try very hard, but thinking gives me headaches.

Currently an already funded Kickstarter campaign, $52 will get you a single D20 stone with either an Ice Dragon or Lich King theme, and $92 will get you one of each. The stones measure approximately 1.6″ wide and 1.9″ tall and are constructed from laser-etched volcanic obsidian. They’re rated as food safe, which is an important attribute as far as things you’re going to put in a drink go.

Am I going to pull my lucky whiskey stone D20s out of my glass to roll whenever it’s my turn? Yes. Will it be the last time I’m invited to game night? Also yes. Whatever, who needs friends to play role-playing games with when I just bought a whole stack of Choose Your Own Adventure books from the thrift store?

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