Lamps designed to improve your desk setup’s productivity!

Lamps or light has been an essential part of our existence since the cavemen first discovered fire. Being one of those products that we can’t just live without, lamps must be one of the most experimented upon product designs. Collecting some of the best of these conceptual lamps under Render Weekly’s desk lamp challenge, every lamp design featured here marries form and functionality with some exceptional rendering skills to produce dramatic results. We all know we need a desk lamp, especially when most of the globe is stuck quarantined at home and these desk lamps will help you focus, declutter and stay more organized, giving a jump to your productivity!

The Blooming Lamp uses a clever manual fan-like spreading technique to give you complete control on the amount of light you get. Designed by Yohan Lansard, Blooming Lamp’s fun, interactive design is as much playful as it is functional.

Leo De Brito’s table lamp is a simple yet iconic design, with a focus on getting every detail right. Available in a variety of colors that complement each other, this lamp is sure to be a statement piece wherever you place it.

The Clamp Lamp! The name has a great ring to it and so does the functionality. The Clamp Lamp’s super ability is the way it can clip itself to the side of your desk, giving you a catch-all tray at the bottom and not occupy and precious desk space. Designed by Raghavendra Rao, this eye-popping orange-colored lamp is sure to stand out!

Yes, we need purely functional designs like a lamp on our desk, but designers are here to jazz up your life, or your desk in this case. Designed by Nikhil Kapoor, the Fidget Lamp as its name implies invites you to come and play with it. With a small marble in place of the traditional switch or knob, you can change the intensity of light by just moving the marble up and down along the groove placed in the lamp’s surface!

Peep Lantern by Roshan Hakkim loves the details and we love those details. Showcased with the ability to throw out 6 different shades, the design has a sleek form factor and looks at home in any tech-based space. Sleek, edgy and modern, this lamp is a perfect addition to any bachelor pad!

Joaquin Bozicovich’s Braun inspired lamp is a visual explanation of why Braun’s style rocked the world. The lamp comes equipped with a 360-degree rotating head and the minimal contrast of a simple orange button with the beige body has us entranced.

Lee Sung Wook’s retro-inspired lamp is sure to win every retro lover’s heart! Using metal against old-fashioned glass light diffuser, the lamp will surely cast an intricate pattern on your surrounding space. Mood lighting for the old soul.

Analog designs have a beauty that digital design is trying to embody. Feel the full beauty of it in this lamp design by Tyson Mai that comes with a puck-like lamp head that can be rotated to switch it on/off as well as adjust how many lumens of light would you like to receive!

The minimal Halo Lamp is a perfect design for any modern house. Focusing on the beauty of a circular LED, the light’s halo-like form holds the light and allows it do all the talking. No extra frills to distract you from the sheer beauty of glass and light in this design by Quentin de Coster.

Inspired by the desk lamp from the IKEA and Teenage Engineering collab project the FREKVENS, Adam Miklosi’s lamp is rendered to be a beautiful pop of color that is sure to light up any desk!

How to design sustainably with naturally fallen timber and an upcycled wine bottle!

Sustainable designs seem to be taking over the world by storm. And no wonder, with climate change running rampant and adversely affecting the earth, being eco-friendly has never been more imminent. A sustainable design that truly caught my attention is Max Ashford’s Quercus. Quercus is a sustainable desk lamp, created using a  combination of wood from naturally fallen trees and up-cycled glass from packaging waste.

Designer: Max Ashford

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Minimal and stylish, the DIY desk lamp is targeted towards young professionals.

Locally sourced white oak was used to create the lampstand. The wood would have been banished to burning, being sold off as firewood. Instead, Ashford bent and manipulated the form of the wood into a tight arch using steam, forfeiting harsher techniques such as lamination.

The curved wood was then left to rest and settle into its new form for 24 hours.

It gets more interesting! An upcycled wine bottle was used as the lampshade! Ashford cut it into half, and lightly frosted it.

A low power LED GU10 bulb was then slipped into the glass shade. When switched on, the lamp emits a soft and subtle light, warmly illuminating any desk it is placed onto.

At the end of the lamp’s life cycle, all the separate parts can be detached, and used for other purposes. Ashford’s Quercus is a highly functional lamp that promotes sustainability, while also serving as a quirky accessory!

Marvelous Metal and Marble Lighting


Although the Here lamp is of an archetypal lamp shape, the details express a simple and pure modern design. Here also aims to re-think the 360-degree rotational function in a simple way by avoiding complicated mechanisms. With a well-matched material combination, one part of the design is complementary to the other and each material has its own function in the creation of the lamp. It’s easily produced as it uses basic components such as concrete or marble for the base, lacquered steel for the shade, and either traditional or LED light bulbs. Thanks to this versatile combination, the three main components (base, shade and cable) can be reproduced in many materials and colors.

Designer: Serge Atallah





11 Reasons You Need a Lampster (or 2) in Your Life!


What makes Lampster so good is that it was born from pure, organic FUN! No task-designing or bottom lines to worry about. The original was created just for kicks, from old parts laying around the workshop. The result is FUNctionality with playful anthropomorphic superhero style you can’t help but love!

1. It’s cute as %#$&!
2. It’ll give you a giggle
3. It’s a conversation starter
4. You’ll never be lonely or bored at your work desk again
5. It works everywhere from the garage to the office
6. It’s upcycled awesomeness (from old tractor headlights)
7. There’s an extra RGB light source with unlimited color control
8. The light can sync and move with your music
9. You can control it with your phone
10. They’re hand painted so each has its own unique character
11. They’re the only lamp that’s even better in pairs!

Don’t wait! Get em’ here!

Designer: Andrew Chivote





































Portable Porthole Lighting


Aesthetically, the ‘Clean Lines’ lamp was inspired by French naval ships and reflects this nautical notion in its porthole-like form. To achieve a minimalistic aesthetic, only the absolute necessary details remain. Even the on/off button is incorporated into one of the screws holding the face plates on the head to minimize the exterior frills. Also battery powered, the lamp is super-portable, allowing the user to move it to various areas of the house without having to worry about cords or power plugs. It’s perfect for small space living and versatile for many uses around the house!

Designer: Nick Lyford




Trash to Treasure Lighting


The FLEXO 001 lamp’s shade is unmistakeable as what most consider to be something they’d generally throw out! Composed of discarded coffee, dog food, olive cans and more, the vessels are recycled and repurposed into functional shades made of these familiar fragments. Fitted to a simplistic wood and leather base, they’re a playful addition to the desk top of industrial and shabby-chic interiors alike! Get it here!

Designer: Iliui


Hulkbuster Desk Lamp: Light as Iron

One of the best parts of Avengers: Age of Ultron was Tony Stark’s menacing Hulkbuster armor. Now it can be the part of your desk as a lamp. It looks pretty amazing when it’s all lit up, and will be the coolest object in your room.

iron_man_hulkbuster_lamp_1zoom in

You can even open and close the mask with the included remote. It offers five light modes: fade, flash, multi-effects, soothing sleep and smooth breathing.

iron_man_hulkbuster_lamp_2zoom in

The video explains the modes pretty well, even though the descriptions sound weird. It’s pretty awesome. Also kind of creepy.

The Hulkbuster lamp is available from Brando for $85(USD), and makes for one heck of a geeky night light. Tony Stark would totally have this in his room.

iron_man_lamp_1zoom in

Extinction-inspired Lighting

Inspired by ancient marine dinosaur fossils called Ammonites, the Amonita desk lamp is first sculptural decor and second a source of soft illumination. The metal spiral with built-in LED strips creates a unique lighting effect of movement. In two sizes and 3 finishes of yellow, zinc or white, they’re as mesmerizing in the dark as they are in daylight.

Designer: Hugo Ribeiro

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Anchor of Light

Called “Anchor-1″ for its shape, this minimalistic desk lamp utilizes a 3-facet design to adjust the angle of inclination and light direction. The long LED strip is held upright with a system of removable counterbalancing weights that also make the design an interactive lighting object that the user can have fun adjusting. Composed of aluminum, inlaid plywood and steel parts, it’s as efficient to produce as it is to run!

Designer: Fyodor Lazariev

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Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world!
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A Puzzling Lamp

A little more “crafty” than the far-out modern designs we usually feature, this cleverly designed desk lamp is a totally fun build-it-yourself project! Made almost entirely of polywood, its assembled like a 3D puzzle before integrating the lighting unit itself. No screws, glues or nails, simply snap it together! Of course, you can deconstruct it just as easily for moving or storage.

Designer: Digitalboy

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Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world!
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(A Puzzling Lamp was originally posted on Yanko Design)

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