Braun mouse swivels on its tilted base for ergonomic right or left handed use

A highly ergonomic mouse design that is perfectly suited for any-handed use, thus making it ideal for professionals and gamers alike.

Most of the mouse are designed for right-handed users while the left-handed mouse is lesser in comparison. Still, left-handed users have some good choices to go for like Logitech G903, Razer Naga or Corsair M55 RGB. On the other end of the spectrum, ambidextrous mouse options including Logitech G Pro, SteelSeries Sensei Ten or Razer Viper have also claimed a good bite of the market. They are quite popular among left-handed users, and gamers too.

Designer: 葉 泓廷

Any mouse you choose, the setup is best tailored for either left-handed, right-handed – or slightly better configurations for particular-handed use, however, none of them can claim to be perfect for any kind of use-case-scenarios. This calls for a peripheral that boasts a smart design to make the switch from a predominately right-handed ergonomic use to the left-handed one in a jiffy.

Meet the Braun Ergonomic Mouse designed for both left and right-handed use in equal capacity. Unlike an ambidextrous mouse, this one completely changes its tilt and base depending on the preferred hand. So, you could be playing Battlefield with your right-handed configuration, and shift to a left-handed setup if your left-handed sibling wants to use the accessory. Simple manipulation of the form provides an equally good ergonomic grip for both-handed configurations.

The clever design makes use of a tilted sloped base swiveling at the center. As the base rotates it shifts between the two modes. This allows for a seamless transition between the desired-handed modes without compromising even a little bit on the hand posture position. Like a couple of other off-beat Braun designs. This one too carries the black or white-dominated theme with the inclusion of signature Braun colors for the buttons and scroll mouse.

Carrying the Braun branding is a bit off-beat, but then, that’s what we come to expect from concept designs which sow the seed of imagination for future designs. The otherwise household appliance giant foraying into computer peripherals looks highly unlikely, but hey, it’s still in the blueprint and early prototype stage, right?

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Microsoft Adaptative Accessories with fully customizable input and buttons is bliss for disabled users

Microsoft is leading the way in creating products for disabled people which is going to push others in the industry to create ones of their own. This will definitely splurge competition and drive the prices down which will benefit the disabled community!

Traditional PC input devices can (at most times) be challenging for people with disabilities to use. Microsoft took a step in solving this problem with their Xbox Adaptive Controller for disabled gamers, and then later on with the Surface Adaptive Kit, tailored for ease of use with existing input devices. Taking things forward, they’ve now developed Adaptive Accessories designed for people with disabilities who want something better than the traditional mouse and keyboard setup.

Designer: Microsoft 

Destined for the second half of the 2022 launch, the PC peripherals are created in close association with the disabled community, understanding their needs in a better way. This line-up consists of three devices namely – an Adaptive Mouse, Adaptive Buttons, and an Adaptive Hub. The first two come with support for customized 3D printing freedom – giving the user option to curate them the way they want to. So, we are talking about completely customizing your mouse, keyboard inputs, and shortcuts to interact optimally with laptops, PC, or even big-screen tablets. Just to give you an idea, the toppers for the buttons can be shaped as per the needs.

The mouse is a small puck-like accessory that can clip into a palm rest, and the tail for the mouse acts as a palm rest. The flipping thumb rest allows the user to use it with the right or left hand with equal dexterity. The low-profile mouse doubles as a joystick, an eight-way D-pad. Those adaptive buttons can be toggles for eight programmable inputs for the PC. In the press release, Microsoft showed off the one with two large buttons.

The inputs can be set for macros or complex keyboard shortcuts which will come more than handy for people with motor disabilities. The normal keyboards can be replaced or augmented with a central hub and wireless buttons to pair with up to four Microsoft Adaptive Buttons, thereby removing unnecessary clutter. This hub works perfectly with 3.5 mm assistive tech switches and comes with three profiles for use with multiple devices.

Microsoft has not yet let out the word on the pricing of the Adaptive Accessories, but the fall launch date is certain. We hope they come at a reasonable price to reach the chunk of disabled end-users who really need them to streamline their productive workflow.  More often than not assistive technology carries a premium price tag, and if Microsoft follows suit, then it will be a bit disappointing.

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A flatpack wireless mouse that’s highly customizable depending on hand shape

Always wished for a wireless mouse that would fit like a charm for the ultimate comfort while working? A mouse that can be opened up like a flatpack piece of furniture for seamless storage while traveling.

We all have used our fair share of computer mice, and we’ll continue doing so in the future. While most mouse designs are centered around click speed or smooth scroll, there is a missing link in the form of overall ergonomics. Manufacturers can only create a standard size that will be a perfect fit for some, while too big or small for others. This is where a custom-fit design for a mouse comes into play for unparalleled levels of comfort.

Designer: Tianrui Xie

Meet Morph wireless mouse which is mindfully designed to reduce overall weight, made from biodegradable materials and is the solution that could revolutionize mouse design forever. The idea is to scan the handshape of the user and then create a custom-fitting mouse that can be flat-packed like IKEA furniture. Yes, this computer peripheral sheds all the weight of ABS plastic used in most mouse out there. The outer shell is created from 2mm bio-degradable veg-tanned leather (since it’s flexible and sturdy) which keeps the ergonomic comfort of use for long durations in line with what we all desire.

The outer casing can be opened up for storage in a bag or luggage which will virtually take up no space – now that is a big advantage. Designer Tianrui Xie has created working prototypes of the Microsoft Arc Mouse-inspired wireless mouse, and given its numerous design evolutions, I can’t help but long for it to be available on the market sooner rather than later. You just hook in together like a holster when needed and it superimposes to the hand shape like a second skin. The accessory makes even more sense for people who are always on the move or travel a lot.

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Honeycomb-inspired keyboard and mouse combo hits our wishlist

Biomimicry and design are closely knitted together – like we’ve seen countless times in the last century or so. Creating nature-inspired accessories has a huge set of merits in functionality and of course visual appeal. So why not have a honeybee-inspired keyboard and mouse combo that promotes a productive work regime?

Alexandre Touguet has enchanted us with his mindful designs in the past, and this time around another one of his creations has caught our attention. An uber-cool keyboard that instantly evokes the memories of spotting a honeybee colony in the wilderness. To complement the accessory, a mouse in bee-inspired patterns is something I’ll take with both hands, any day. The biomimicry in the form of a hexagonal-shaped geometric pattern falls perfectly in place like Lego pieces – fitting the keyboard keys like a charm. This leaves me thinking, why hasn’t this cool peripheral been on the market before.

Designer: Alexandre Touguet

According to the designer, the idea of creating this chic keyboard and mouse has a more deep-rooted link. Alexander pondered over the declining population of honeybees across the planet due to human-induced activities. Considering how important bees are to the overall balance of the ecology, Alexander wants to bring this awareness through everyday objects. The logical solution – create a keyboard and mouse combo that closely resembles the honeycomb structure, exemplified by the use of colors. Most people spend a lot of time in front of the screen, so it makes complete sense to instill the seed of subconscious awareness about bee conservation.

The key layout on the keyboard replicates the beehive structure for a very different sensory experience in daily use. That honey-colored Spacebar, Enter and Escape button have me already going crazy. Combine that with the complementing mouse with an irresistible orange-colored scroll button, and this is a guaranteed hit product when ultimately it hits the market. The designer imagines the combo to be primarily a wireless offering with the option to connect it via wired connection too when the internal battery runs out.

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The Glove80 Split Curved Keyboard: For Max Ergonomics

Typing: a lot of us do it all day long. But what kind of wear and tear does that cause to our hands and arms and neck and shoulders and joints? Mine hurt all the time; I know that. I wish I could just type with my mind. But enough about the future not coming soon enough, the Glove80 wireless ergonomic keyboard is designed to eliminate as much stress as possible so you can type longer and faster without fatigue. But can it help push back project deadlines?

Currently, an already funded Kickstarter project, the ~$300 Glove80, is split into two pieces to be placed at a comfortable distance apart from one another, so you don’t have to round your shoulders while typing. The (patent pending!) thumb key layout places all six thumb keys within easy reach without rotating the palm, reducing hand and wrist movement while typing. Finally, the curved finger columns and contoured key wells “follow the fingers’ natural curling motion” to help minimize lateral finger movement. Plus, anybody that sees the keyboard on your desk will assume you’re an elite hacker – an added bonus!

The keyboard also features 16 RGB lighted keys and a choice of three different low-profile mechanical chocolate switches (clicky, tactile, and linear). It can be configured with any key layout you desire, including QWERTY, Colemak, Dvorak, or your personalized creation. So, will I finally be able to type over 20WPM? I doubt it; I’ve always been more of a hunt-and-pecker. Now, where’s that darn period key again? Ah – there it is.

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Quntis 30W Fast Charger Review

Finding out that your smartphone or tablet is running out of juice at a critical moment can be nothing short of frustrating. But don’t you think it’d be more bearable if you could charge your device quickly? Nowadays there are lots of smartphone and tablets out there that allow ‘fast charging’ or ‘quick charging’. However their performance can vary quite a bit, which is why you need to carefully choose one that is reliable and will deliver on its promises. And assuming that’s what you’re after – this review of the Quntis Fast Charger is a good place to start.…

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Tonor TC-777 USB Mic Review

Owning a decent microphone is essential nowadays, whether you want to create a podcast, start a vlog, stream video games, participate in conference calls, or anything else that requires you to record audio that sounds professional. But trying to find a microphone that is good but not too expensive isn’t easy, especially when there are so many different models out there. The good news is that there are some very good budget microphones out there. In fact one in particular is the subject of this review – the Tonor TC-777 USB Mic. About the Tonor TC-777 The Tonor TC-777 is…

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Logitech’s latest device is an all-in-one dock that turns your table full of gadgets into the best WFH setup ever

Acting as a sort of universal remote for all your gadgets and appliances, from your desktop to webcam, microphone, and speakers, the Logitech Logi Dock lets you easily control your online presence from one simple device. The dock comes with a simplified set of buttons on the front that let you join and leave meetings, mute and unmute your mic, and even toggle your webcam. Ports on the back let you hook all your desktop peripherals to the Logi Dock for a wire-free clutter-free workplace, and the Logi Dock is compatible with all leading video conferencing platforms, making online collaborations and meetings as easy as pressing a button.

Logitech Logi Dock WFH Setup

Working from home isn’t particularly easy. With your office, you show up to a workstation that’s already been configured by the IT department. When you need to attend a meeting, you actually attend a meeting, and when all’s said and done, you log off, shut your machine, and leave the office. With working from home, you have to navigate the entire experience from scratch, getting a machine to work with all your new collaboration software, having peripherals that are well connected, needing a reliable home WiFi connection, and simultaneously learning the user interfaces for multiple video chatting apps.

Logitech Logi Dock WFH Setup

Designed to act as the makeshift IT guy who sets up your workspace you can easily get to work without fiddling with wires, peripherals, and ports, the Logi Dock comes with all the ports you need at the back, effectively shifting the mess of cables off your desk and to its rear. It supports up to five USB peripherals and up to two monitors — while charging your laptop up to 100W and even giving you the ability to juice your phone/tablet. Once you’ve set your workspace up, the Logi Dock’s buttons make it a breeze to enter and exit meetings, toggle your webcam (without interacting with the video-conferencing app’s interface), and if you’ve got a headset, you can either use the buttons on the Logi Dock to switch the mic on or off or use the Dock’s advanced speakerphone system to attend meetings without using headphones. The speakerphone doubles up as a music system while working too, allowing you to play your favorite tunes while you work, reducing the need to have an extra set of desktop speakers on your table… or having to rely on your laptop’s crummy speaker system.

The Logi Dock is available in two colors: Graphite and White, and begins shipping in Winder 2021 for $399.

Designer: Logitech

Logitech Logi Dock WFH Setup

Logitech Logi Dock WFH Setup

Logitech Logi Dock WFH Setup

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DLab: All-Purpose Ultralight 4K Monitor

The DLab monitor is one of the latest additions to the portable monitor market. It’s praised for its 4K resolution, ultra-lightweight design, and ease of use. Whether you’re a remote worker, graphic designer, gamer, or programmer, you may want to learn more about this powerful device. Here we’ll share all you need to know about the ultralight portable 4K monitor. What Makes DLab a Good Portable Monitor? Desklab, or DLab, is a monitor designed with minimalism in mind. Everything you need from a streaming device is packed into a 15.6-inch panel – 4K resolution, sound, and connectivity. By connectivity, we…

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How Do You Choose a Suitable Computer Mouse for You?

People who use desktop computers most of the time and those who alternately use laptops often use a computer mouse to work faster. Heavy computer users find using a mouse more comfortable and convenient. While a mouse is a very handy tool for computer work, it can give your wrist and hand muscles stress. Using the wrong size or shape of the mouse may also be the cause of injury later. With the increasing use of ergonomic tools and equipment, you can easily purchase an ergonomic mouse today. How do you choose the right ergonomic mouse? An ergonomic mouse can…

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