Giant Tarantula Plush Pillows: Arachnophobes Beware

Crafted and sold by the very appropriately named Etsy shop LifelikeSpiderArt, these extra-large Spider Sleeping Plushes are just the thing to add a bit of ‘what in the hell?’ to your bedroom. Obviously, they’re the perfect pillows for letting a lover know they may be killed and eaten before sunrise.

The black plush spiders measure approximately 60″ and the white ones 75″. They’re all are covered in faux fur, so you don’t have to stay up at night worrying that any actual tarantulas were harmed in their production. The legs feature flexible wire-frame paws for posing so you and your spider can sleep in just the right position at night. They also cost $860 – $980, leading me to believe I may just be better off taking my chances buying a giant spiderling from Hagrid.

I’m going to buy several and pose them in various stages of attack around the bedroom. How cool will that be?! According to my wife not very, and I can already imagine her making up the bed in the guest room to sleep in from now on.

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Sonic the Hedgehog Head Plush: Sonic the Headshog?

I don’t know about you, but I’m used to seeing Sonic the Hedgehog with his head attached to his body. But if you don’t mind having a decapitated blue hedgehog head sitting on your couch, then you might want to grab this colorful plush toy from Tomy and Club Mocchi- Mocchi.

The 15″ plush collectible is a Target exclusive and sells for $29.99. The soft and squishy hedgehog head looks incredibly huggable and would look great in your game room alongside all of those other video game characters who have had their heads separated from their bodies. What? You don’t have any other plush heads lying around? Well, you’d better get your scissors out and start cutting up your stuffed animal collection now.

I think that Sonic’s Spin Dash move would be much more efficient if he was only a head.

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Giant Sand Crab Floor Pillows: No Pinching!

Do you have a beach-themed bedroom? Me neither, but I wish I did. And this XXL Sand Crab Floor Pillow handmade by Etsy shop BigStuffed would make the perfect addition. Just imagine that crab peering out from under the side of your bed, ready to grab your leg and pull you under. Sweet dreams!

The 45″ x 42″ wool and polyester crabs cost around $305, so they aren’t cheap, but they’re probably a better idea than decorating your room with a bushel of steamed crabs, because my wife and I can’t even step foot in the guest bedroom anymore it smells so bad. She still holds it over my head to this day.

I really have always wanted a nautical themed bedroom, but my wife keeps shooting the idea down because, “the last aquarium you had leaked and ruined the carpet,” and, “the floor won’t support that anchor.” My wife, I swear – what would I do without her? Knowing me, probably own a race car bed.

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Mattel’s Baby Yoda toy sports a remote control that lets it wiggle its ears and waddle around the house!

With the Season 2 of The Mandalorian hot on its heels, Mattel and Disney have launched perhaps the greatest toy ever made… a Remote-Controlled Animatronic Baby Yoda that wiggles its ears, struts around like a baby penguin, and reaches out for objects with its adorable baby hands, as if it’s summoning the force!

The Star Wars: The Mandalorian the Child “Real Moves Plush” (I wonder how Yoda would say that name) stands at less than a foot tall, and looks almost like the real deal. The Baby Yoda Plush comes with perfectly tinted translucent skin that’s almost see-through around the ears, and large glossy eyes that can look directly at your soul. The plush comes clad in its khaki robes, along with an optional Mythosaur pendant that you can make it wear (just like the one Din Djarin gifted him at the end of the first season). While the Child possesses its own mystic mind-control powers, it is, in fact, operated by a tracking fob-shaped controller that resembles the one the bounty hunters in the series use to locate their targets. The controller allows you to make Baby Yoda look left and right, up and down, and occasionally wiggle its ears with a level of realism that feels uncanny for a $60 toy. The remote controller also allows the little green alien to waddle around on its two feet, and occasionally reach for objects with its adorably tiny 3-fingered hands!

Season 1 of The Mandalorian saw Disney struggling to develop Baby Yoda merchandise to keep up with the heavy demand once the audience fell in love with the character. It seems like they’re not making that mistake again with the second season, partnering with Mattel to release this plush just a few days short of the Season 2 premiere on Friday. You can grab your own remote-controlled animatronic Yoda at the shopDisney webstore, or even at any of Disney’s parks. Beware though, with its adorably good looks and that $60 price tag, it may just magically disappear off the shelves.

Designer: Mattel

USB-powered Bears Keep Your Hands Warm While Typing

Do your hands get cold while you type away at your computer keyboard? Mine do here in my drafty office with the snow falling outside my window. And while I could just type with gloves on, I think some USB-powered hand warmers might be better a better idea. These should do the trick.

These Smoko Toasty Handwarmers should keep your hands from freezing up while click-clacking all day at your keyboard. Just strap one of these plush Kawaii-style bears to each of your mitts, and you’ll feel toasty and look good doing it. They offer two different temperature settings and plug into a standard USB charger to generate warm and fuzzy feelings.

They’re available for pre-order now for $35 a pair over at Urban Outfitters, and are expected to start shipping on 2/19/2020, so we’ll should still be in the depths of winter here in much of the Northern Hemisphere at that point.

Kidrobot’s YumYumables Are Basically Plush Lunchables

They tell kids they shouldn’t put toys in their mouths, but even I, a full-grown adult, would have a hard time resisting that with these plush toys that look like Lunchables.

Yummy World’s delightfully silly plush YumYumables are soft, squeezy, and the most adorable thing you’ll see today. The 11″ tall plus lunch container comes packed with a family of jolly, bright-eyed lunch meats, cheeses, and crackers.

The fake foods even have names. The lunch package is Zoey, while the cracker is Chelsea, the cheese is Chester, and Charles is quite the ham. I can’t stand it.

You can grab the whole delightful set of Yumyumables over at KidRobot for about 50 bucks. Sure, you could buy like 20 packs of Lunchables for the same price, but they wouldn’t be nearly as appetizing.

Super Mario Bob-omb Tissue Holder

If you’ve played Super Mario (and we’re assuming if you’re reading a gadget blog here you probably have? or you’ve at least heard of Super Mario? You live somewhere on Earth, right? Ok, just checking) then you surely are familiar with the adorably deadly little bombs with eyes, feet, arms sometimes, and a wind-up key on the back to let you know he means business. We’re talking Bob-omb. Yeah the name is as cute as the character. So is the Bob-omb Tissue Holder.

But you know what’s not cute? Germs flying everywhere. So grab a tissue out of Bob-omb’s plush little head and cover your nose. It’s flu season, and the only thing more dangerous than a flu virus being expelled out of your body at 100 mph (actual sneeze fact alert!) is a little wind-up cartoon bomb that holds tissues.

Super Mario Bob-omb Tissue Holder

A Plush Volcano and Squeaky Dinosaur Plush Toys for Your Dog

Does your dog love plush chew toys? Then let your pooch get prehistoric with this adorably silly set of squeaky dinosaurs which poke their heads out of a plush volcano.

Available from Chewy, the $15.99 set includes an 8.5″ tall volcano, along with six squeezy dinos for your pup to chew on. Extra dinosaurs are sold in sets of three for just $4.99, in case your dog likes to rip out the guts of every squeaky toy like mine does. Why not buy a hundred, and shower your dog with T-Rexes?

While your best friend gnaws on these toys, imagine a Jurassic Dog movie, in which Dr. Hammond genetically engineers a new species of giant canine to take out all the dinosaurs, because what could possibly go wrong with that?

These Plush Porgs Need a Home

Say what you will about Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but it did give us some of the cutest characters in the history of science fiction with the Porgs. Who could possibly hate these cuddly bird-like creatures? And if it weren’t for the huge flocks of puffins on the Irish island of Skellig Michael, they wouldn’t even exist.

If you love Porgs too, then maybe you should bring some into your home.

The folks at Ukraine Etsy shop Porgomania offer up these simply adorable 9.5″ tall plush Porgs for everyone to enjoy. Each one is handmade, and features a fluffy coat of fur and a soft, squeezy belly. Since they’re made to order, you can choose from long or short fur on their faces, as well as the color for their backs, for a unique collection.

Best thing is, you don’t have to get yourself all the way to Ahch-To (bless you) to get your hands on these porgs. Just drop by the Porgomania Etsy shop, and you can start building your very own porg family today.

Star Trek Interactive Tribbles Spell Serious Trouble

You know what the trouble is with all the tribble collectible toys out there? They’re not interactive. Well, that’s about to change, thanks to the guys from Science Division, who are showing off a cuddly Star Trek tribble that works in concert with a smartphone app to perform some basic duties aboard your personal starship.

Each 8″ interactive tribble can vibrate, makes a variety of cute cooing and purring sounds, and has three modes of operation:

  • At Ease: Your Tribble is not searching for Klingons. It will trill to acknowledge you when you interact with it. It will also trill on its own without being picked up because, well, it’s a Tribble. When left alone, your Tribble will continue to trill, but will do so less frequently to avoid irritating its human companion.
  • On Duty: Your Tribble will begin actively seeking Klingon agents. Pass it around to determine who is an ally, and who is an enemy among us. It will trill when it meets a friend, but it will scream if it detects a Klingon!
  • Watchdog: If you must leave personal items unattended, set your Tribble on top of the object that you wish to protect. If a Klingon agent attempts to retrieve that object, your Tribble will alert you with a scream!

Science Division plans on shipping its interactive tribbles starting in early 2020. You can pre-order yours now for $59.99. I wonder if they’ll just start multiplying if you only buy one.

[via Bleeding Cool]