This space-themed kitchen appliance merges a microwave and air fryer for your home fast food cooking needs!

Fooding is a new kitchen appliance concept from Yifeleing that combines a microwave and air fryer into a one-stop shop for all your at-home fast food cooking needs.

Air fryers are like the microwaves of the 21st century. Over the span of sixty years, new designs have transformed the way we cook fast food at home. While new products have come out, the classics aren’t going anywhere. The air fryer is like the shiny new toy on the playground for trendy snacks like kale chips and low-cal vegan wings, but nothing beats a Hot Pocket straight out of the microwave.

Fooding, a new kitchen appliance concept from Yifeeling Design, combines the best of the microwave and air fryer. Turns out, we can have it all. Inspired by the bulbous shape of an astronaut’s helmet, Fooding merges the microwave’s traditional rectangular shape with the air fryer’s modern rounded edges.

While air fryers heat up some tasty meals, they typically take up a lot of counter space which makes them less user-friendly. By combining the air fryer with the microwave, Fooding takes up less space in the kitchen and merges two appliances into one for a one-stop-shop.

Similar to conventional microwaves, Fooding features an internal, rotating heat plate and a heat-strengthened glass covering so users can always keep an eye on their food. On Fooding’s left-hand side, a control panel features all of the different cooking options, including thaw, roast, air fry, heat, and slow cook, along with varying degrees of temperature.

We can all agree the microwave is one of the best things to come out of the 1940s. We’ve relied on them for after-school snacks and late-night dinners since they hit the market. Then, air fryers changed the game and made cooking fast food at home a little healthier. Fooding brings both to the kitchen and saves counter space at the same time.

Designer: Yifeeling Design

This compact paper shredder comes with a built-in removable pouch to collect the shreds!

Pocket is a compact paper shredder designed with a detachable pouch that collects all of your paper shreds before throwing them in the trash.

Paper shredders are the types of products that are reserved primarily for settings like clinics, pharmacies, banks, and educational settings. Whatever the reason we have for shredding paper, the bulkiness of most paper shredders turns the task into a journey that takes up more time than you’d expect.

Yifeeling, a design studio based in Zhengzhou, China, created their own Pocket paper shredder that’s small enough to tuck away alongside the books and binders that line your desk and comes with an integrated pocket that carries shreds before discarding them.

Shredding paper can be a headache when the machine you’re using doesn’t register differently textured paper. Like a vending machine incessantly spitting out your crumpled dollar bill, conventional paper shredders often have trouble swallowing crinkled and larger pieces of paper. Specifically designed to handle every kind of paper, Pocket can shred unfolded, folded, and crumpled paper scraps in one go.

Taking it one step further, Pocket can transform into a literal pocket at any moment. Whenever the user needs an exterior sack to catch all of the paper shreds moving through the machine, built-in slits near the outer edges of the Pocket shredder provide slots for random pieces of paper to latch onto and form a curved pouch to collect the shreds. Slim by design, Pocket is portable and compact for easy storage and quick shredding. No more are the days of dreading the long walk to the one paper shredder in the entire office, with Pocket, shredding paper can happen at your desk.

Designer: Yifeeling Studio

Pocket carries a nondescript overall look, with bright blue buttons for intuitive operation.

Pocket can handle any type of paper, from crinkled to folded up pieces, and even larger ones.

Along the bottom, Pocket features rows of teeth that grip pieces of paper to form pouches that collect shreds. 

Pocket boasts a slim build to fit anywhere on your work desk.

Pocket can swallow longer pieces of paper in one go.

Furniture meets vacuum cleaner with this bagless design that hides in a cork sidetable

Make way for this cork-body vacuum cleaner – a fascinating concept that conceives a vacuum cleaner in a sustainable form factor that can double as furniture after use.

The market is flooded with corded, cordless, bagged, and bagless vacuum cleaners.  These are now stylish for modern interiors, absolutely noiseless, and of course, don’t leave behind trash to clean. But unfortunately, after using all of them need to be stacked in the corner for they wouldn’t play out for any other purpose. This conceptual appliance emphasizes the proposition of reuse. When not being used for its intended purpose of cleaning, the entire contraption can retire into a cylindrical body which then functions as furniture.

This intriguing concept for a vacuum cleaner is not only multipurpose in design, it is also sustainable in construction. The storage section of the vac is made from cork, which is biodegradable and has a warm ambiance to it. The vacuum pipes and other parts are designed in a manner to be stored within the cork shell that then neatly covers using a lid. The possibility of concealing the entire appliance from sight saves valuable space at home and leaves the vacuum to still be used in the open with a different purpose.

Measuring about 45cm in height, it can be used at home as an additional piece of furniture, for instance as a side table or even as a stool. The parts on the inside of the contraption, except for the motor of the vacuum cleaner, are all made out of biodegradable plastic. The mouth of this cork storage container is closed using interchangeable lids made from darkened ash, which allows it also to be used as a chair in one configuration. For the functionality of the vacuum, it is a cylindrical bagless model which can be used for extensive cleaning and then packed back for a different purpose.

Designers: Ivo Erichsen and Tobbias Bihlmeyer

Ambidextrous scissor features a swivel handle to adapt to the left-handed users!

Double Scissors is a pair of universal, adaptable scissors designed specifically to merge the needs of right-handed and left-handed users into a single handheld appliance.

In a world full of products and designs tailored for right-handed users, too often left-handed people have to compensate for an appliance’s narrow adaptability by using their less dominant hand. While working toward our own ambidexterity will always be a worthy pursuit, designs have a long way to go in exploring a product’s handling and its potential for universality. Recognizing the lack of designs that left-handed users can operate, Ren Peng, a designer based out of Shenzhen, China, designed a pair of universal scissors called Double Scissors that both right-handed and left-handed people can use.

With more than 90% of the market’s scissors designed for right-handed users, Double Scissors takes on a double edge blade design to make a more universal pair of scissors that anyone can use. Switching between its right-handed form to its left-handed one is as easy as flipping a light switch.

When users would like to change the scissor’s orientation, they’ll need only flip over the finger handles on its swivel mechanism so that the blade’s positioning remains while the handles adapt to the user’s grip. Double Scissors’ grips are also color-coded to accurately indicate which orientation the pair of scissors can accommodate.

Recognized by the Industrial Designers Society of America for its innovation and versatility, Double Scissors introduces a universal pair of scissors to challenge the notion that separate products have to exist to accommodate left-handed users.

Describing the project in their own terms, Peng notes, “Trying to adapt to a pair right-handed of scissors is not a reasonable solution for lefties. Double Scissors is a pair of double-edged scissors that accommodates both left-handed and right-handed users. You need only switch the direction of the blade.”

Designer: Ren Peng

Featuring a swivel method, Ren Peng’s Double Scissors change between right and left-handed orientations seamlessly.

Double Scissors can be store and hung from the wall when not in use.

When not in use, users are protected from Double Scissors’ double edge blade with a protective carry case. 

This siphon coffee maker uses its analog mechanisms to bring home the joy of a café

Cosie is a siphon coffee maker designed to bring the emotional experience of watching your coffee brew at a cafe into the comfort of your own kitchen.

Now that brewing your own cup of coffee is considered a survival skill, finding the right coffee maker should be at the top of our priority lists. Since quarantine dragged us out of coffee shops, when it came to making coffee, we were left to our own devices, literally.

Missing that special barista touch when cafes were temporarily closed during the pandemic, a team of designers created a siphon coffee machine called Cosie that brings the faithful analog experience of big coffee shop machines to the comfort of your own kitchen.

Going to the coffee shop is not only a prerequisite for starting the day, it’s an emotional experience. We look forward to few things like we look forward to our first cup of coffee in the morning. In an attempt to capture that emotional experience and incorporate it into an at-home coffee brewer, the team behind Cosie built their machine with double-layered glass canisters that allow users to watch as their coffee is extracted and brewed.

Since Cosie is a siphon machine, the coffee inside the canisters is extracted through steam pressure generated by boiling water, a process that users can watch while brewing their own coffee. The integrated siphon also makes the general upkeep and management of Cosie much easier to keep up with. After spooning in their desired amount of coffee grinds into the machine’s top compartment, users need only fill the main cartridge with water and turn its handle clockwise to kickstart the brewing process.

From there, the water boils and generates steam pressure to extract the coffee in the machine’s top canister. During this entire process, Cosie makes fine adjustments to the amount of steam released, ensuring that your brew won’t be too strong or watered down. Once you’ve reached your coffee quota for the day, you can clean Cosie easily by filling its cup with only water and let it go through a single brew cycle.

Designers: Juhee Park, Jihee Kim, and Myungji Jung

The two-layered glass canister allows you to watch your coffee brew. 

Find more information on the bottom of Cosie. 

Intuitive controls make brewing coffee as simple as ordering it.

Check on your coffee throughout its brew.

Alerts tell users what their Cosie needs to function.

The main cartridge doubles as a siphon control and mug. 

Press Cosie to start.

When you want to clean Cosie, simply fill its canisters with water and press start.

The double layer of glass makes the extraction and brewing processes transparent.

Cosie’s sleek appearance fits into the modern kitchen.

This washer dryer comes with a sliding drum to reduce human effort!

I can’t wait for the laundry doing experience to get completely automated, especially when one has to toil between the washer and dryer. A range of innovations has happened in washing machines making them more portable and improved efficiency. Yet, the washer/dryer set remains the most effective solution for people who do a lot of laundry and want it back clean and fresh quickly.

The downside is the amount of manual labor involved, right from putting the clothes into the washer and then transferring them into the dryer. Pointing out a valuable solution through intuitive design, eminent designer Youjin Syn has come up with “Do it” – a Dryer Washing Machine combination that works by sliding the clothes holding drum from the washer to the dryer. Poetically, the sliding mechanism is influenced by the shape of water droplets falling down. 

Aptly named “Do it”, the Dryer Washing Machine does all the work without human intervention. The washer and dryer are placed in an upright position so the drum can easily be moved to the dryer downstairs. From how the renderings appear, this appliance will occupy vertical real estate. But with its geometric design and touch intuitive controls, “Do it” is going to fit very amicably in any setting.

Amid other operative controls, the machine has a push-open door to let the user fill the drum with laundry. When the washing is done – the barrel (drum) automatically travels down to the dryer position through the built-in tunnel mechanism and provides the user with clean and fresh smelling clothes a while later. I think the design has the potential to make a difference in a public laundry and bring me one step closer to having ironed clothes hanging in my closets directly!

Designer: Youjin Syn


This portable pet refrigerator not only stores their food, but serves it to them as well!

If you have a pet, then you probably already know, that they are hungry almost ALL the time. No matter how much you feed them, they’ll come to you with little puppy eyes (quite literally in the case of doggos), pleading you for some treats! And most of the time…more like all the time, you’ll give in! As tricky as those situations can get, storing their food correctly is another matter altogether. When stored outside, it can often get stale, and that isn’t the best for your pet’s tummy. And our own personal refrigerators are overflowing with our leftovers, where’s the space for storing pet food? Hence, Hyesung Yung designed PRODOGT, a refrigerator, especially for pets! How cool is that? But this innovative fridge not only stores your pet’s food, but it also serves it!

PRODOGT is a green and grey-colored quirky little appliance! It almost looks like a portable fan, and it does mimic its dynamics in a certain way (more on that later). The center section of the fridge which looks like a portable fan actually stores the food. You can gain access to this section, by opening the little door of the fridge and sliding your pet’s food into it. When it’s time for your pet’s meal, the food slides from the storage section to the little platter attached to the bottom of the fridge. The platter slides out when it’s dinner time for your furry friend! Quite handy, no? PRODOGT not only stores and cools pet food, but it also serves it quite efficiently! All these features can be operated and handled via the menu panel. The panel is extremely user-centric and friendly, helping you easily control how much food your pet gets, and when he/she gets it. Now going back to the resemblance in the functionality of this fridge and a portable fan! The main storage section rotates exactly like the blades of a fan. This mixes and rotates all the food items evenly and periodically so that the perishable and older feed do not decay. The fridge also maintains an optimum and safe temperature, which retains moisture and ensures the food stays fresh.

Another interesting feature of PRODOGT is its portability! Also, not to mention, it is wireless as well. It’s unlike the hefty or heavy fridges we use for ourselves. PRODOGT is a light, easy-to-carry and portable fridge that you can carry around whenever you travel! You always have fresh food for your pet with PRODOGT by your side. This unique appliance for pets provides a smart solution to all our pet food problems. It functions as a storage unit, and as a nifty little waiter for your pets! I’m definitely getting one for my cats.

Designer: Hyesung Yun


This sleek bookshelf-inspired air purifier finds an ingenious solution to our filter replacement problems!

COVID-19 has pretty much sealed all of us in our homes, and our attention is completely focused on maintaining a safe and clean environment inside our home. Air purifiers are now an essential appliance seen in almost every home. As the quality of air in our homes can greatly impact our lungs and respiratory system, and with the COVID-19 virus directly attacking our lungs, we need to ensure that the air we breathe is clean, breathable, and safe. And this is where air purifiers faithfully play their part! One air purifier that really caught my eye is the Bookstyle Air Purifier by Winiadimchae.

The Bookstyle Air Purifier is to purifiers as the IKEA x SONOS unveiling is to home speaker systems – it is a design made to merge with your home rather than stand out in it, creating an uninterrupted experience. The South Korean company created an air purifier whose filters not only look like books but have to be borrowed like a library book! The concept basically revolves around subscribing to a filter replacement system, wherein you receive the filter via a non-contact delivery system. We often need a variety of different filters to take care of our various air purifying needs. We may need a HEPA filter, or a filter for aroma, or even a filter that specifically caters to homes with babies. The diverse range of filters is stored in a large inventory at the logistic center, much like a large collection of books at a library! When the need for a filter replacement arrives, you place an order, and a filter is efficiently delivered to you, without any contact. The filter is even packaged like a book! The book-inspired filters can be slide and plugged into the air purifier as you would slide a book into a bookshelf. Up to 4 filters can easily fit into the air purifier, making it look like a wall-mounted bookshelf filled with books!

The Bookstyle Air Purifier is really an interesting innovation! It takes an ordinary air purifier and turns it into a product that can effortlessly merge with our home. Even the purifiers can be replaced and stored conveniently. And not to mention anyone who loves books, would love to add this book-inspired design to their home!

Designer: Winiadimchae

This retro desk heater takes on a cylindrical shape and glossy finish to fit into and warm up any home office!

Home offices are meant to be cozy and relaxed– a private escape to finish up work in a place that’s far away from the distractions and noise of crowded office buildings. When designing home offices, while they should reflect that feeling of respite, a solid amount of home comforts should always come first, and that includes personal heaters. Those oscillating bounties of warmth cuddle up next to our feet to keep our bottom half toasty, so designer Dadaism J created a personal heater for the desk, so our top-halves can keep warm too.

Sometimes home offices are located in the rooms that no one else wanted– the renovated garage without heat or the entryway of the basement that comes with a door that locks. Home offices don’t always come equipped with the comforts or luxuries of fully insulated office buildings, so having a desk heater to keep warm during the colder months might be just what a home office needs to keep the workday going. Dadaism J’s desk heater wears a glossy, retro finish and takes a vertical, cylindrical shape to easily fit onto any desk in any office.

Dadaism J’s portable Desk Heater is a wired appliance that works in a similar fashion to traditional space heaters, by simply plugging the Desk Heater’s cord into the wall, the appliance disperses warm air into the room. Embedded inside Desk Heater’s main compartment, heat coils convert the electrical energy into heat, sending it through the heater’s diagonal plastic grating. Throughout Desk Heater’s build, minimalist accents like the grating give the appliance a finished look. Desk Heater echoes the design language of retro ‘50s home appliances through its slick, glossy finish, but packs the heat with an intuitive control panel fit for today.

Designer: Dadaism J

Taking the visual design language of retro 50s appliances, Desk Heater dons a reflective, glossy exterior to brighten up the home office.

An intuitive control panel is located on the Desk Heater’s top so users can adjust settings however they like.

Coming in optic white, burnt neon orange, and stone blue – the Desk Heater can fit into any home office.

This portable fridge is the perfect companion to Netflix and chill with!

Product designs have three basic categories from a user’s point of view – the purely functional design with an almost brutish exterior that we love for the solution they provide, the pro aesthetic designs that take a conventional product and revise it to a new level to trigger an emotional response in us (after all humans are visual creatures) and the rare unicorn – that merges functionality and aesthetics seamlessly to create the best design. The Baseus Personal Refridgerator concept by Jiujiu Hu certainly falls in the aesthetic category but that doesn’t stop us from loving it any lesser!

With a form factor that merges an almost android design with that of a retro TV, this portable personal refrigerator is here to serve us, literally. The heat of summer is upon us, anything that is cold or chilled is in demand. This cute robot-like design with its shiny reflective surface (truly it only needs big eyes to make us fall in love even more) and its leather strap is a way cooler alternative to the old-school icebox or coolers we lug around everywhere (can you imagine how much cooler Netflix and chill would be with this by your side?). The anthropomorphic form comes with a shelf inside, allowing you to store your items in 2 layers – a tall shelf for the drinks or even a cooling facial mist and a smaller space to store flat objects. Social distancing will be a breeze with our own portable personal fridge holding our drinks means no reason to visit the crowded shops at the local park. And for those of us in quarantine, this fridge can serve as the Wilson (Tom Hank’s friend in Cast Away) to our isolated homes.

The refrigerator gets its materials right – wood, a matte plastic exterior, leather, and glass – balancing all these traditional elements with just the right ratio. With the emotional connection that this personal refrigerator brings to the table, one thing is sure, you will not end up forgetting it anywhere you go!

Designer: Jiujiu Hu