World’s first and fastest USB4 SSD enclosure offers transfer speeds up to 3.8Gb per second

With its breakthrough USB4 technology, the ZikeDrive offers transfer speeds that put Thunderbolt 3 to shame.

The ZikeDrive boasts of being the world’s first true USB4 enclosure, with record-breaking read/write speeds of 3.8 and 3/1 Gb/s. Designed with a sleek aerospace-grade aluminum outer body, the ZikeDrive is a clever combination of cutting-edge tech and intuitive design. Its exterior doubles as a heat sink, helping keep the hardware cool, while a channel built into the side also tucks away a USB cable that you can use to rapidly transfer data to and from your gadgets.

Designer: Alen Liao

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Built-in Stowaway USB4 Cable – Quickly connect ZikeDrive to your computer. Never forget to bring a cable.

Look at the ZikeDrive and you know it means business. It’s slick, sophisticated, and has an absolutely no-nonsense design that perfectly encapsulates the ‘Form follows Function’ approach. The SSD enclosure is compact, making it easy to carry around with you, and neatly stores its own cable in a hidden compartment for added convenience. The enclosure itself can be opened without tools to reveal the SSD slot inside, which supports both NVMe and PCIe Gen4x4 SSDs.

World’s Fastest SSD Transfer Speed – Capable of 3763MB/s read and 3146MB/s write speeds.

Transfer 1TB of video, photos, and files in 5 minutes.

Add the SSD in and the ZikeDrive transforms into the world’s fastest storage system, allowing you to transfer and access files at record-setting speeds. It pushes the limits, offering read speeds of nearly 3.8 gigabytes per second, and write speeds of 3.1 gigabytes per second, going above and beyond what traditional Thunderbolt 3 can do. This is thanks to the ZikeDrive’s USB4 framework, which meets USB-IF USB4 specifications (making it the first SSD enclosure to do so). With the USB4’s breakneck transfer speeds, you can move files in mere seconds, or back your device up in minutes – 1 terabyte worth of data could theoretically be transferred in under 5 minutes.

This level of data transfer does generate a significant amount of heat, but the ZikeDrive’s aluminum enclosure quickly distributes and dissipates the heat, keeping your SSD cool and breezy at all times.

Compact – Perfect for designers, business travelers, photographers, videographers, or content creators.

Toolless Installation – Just pop off the aluminum cover and insert the SSD.

The ZikeDrive measures 4.4 X 2.5 X 0.7 inches, and weighs a mere 0.5 lbs (245 grams). It’s compatible with all popular desktop operating systems, including Win10, MacOS Yosemite, Linux Kernel 5.6 and all their later versions. The SSD enclosure lets you plug into PCs, Macs, iPads, and even consoles like the PlayStation. The ZikeDrive enclosure starts at just $109, and you can grab the enclosure with a 1TB SSD starting at $239 or go up all the way to a 4TB SSD for $839.

Click Here to Buy Now: $109 $199 (45% off). Hurry, for a limited time only!

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Tired of tea-bags? This kitchen gadget prepares Luxury Full-Leaf Tea in just 90 seconds

Ninety seconds… more like nine-tea seconds!

As a tea-lover, I’ve always felt like coffee always got the spotlight. There’s no ‘tea equivalent’ of Starbucks, the alternative to instant coffee is the tea bag, which tastes terrible… and even Keurig and Nespresso haven’t figured out how to automate the tea-brewing process to perfection. However, the Affinitea Brewing System hopes to at least fill that one void. Designed as an elegant tabletop device, the Affinitea Brewing System expertly makes you a fresh cup of luxury loose-leaf tea in just 90 seconds. The Clearview re-usable chamber takes care of every aspect from agitating, pressurizing, and steeping the tea brew, before straining and dispensing it directly into your cup. The patented chamber uses pressure + agitation to handle the steeping cycle perfectly, creating a brew that has fewer tannins (the chemical that creates that bitter aftertaste) while extracting the maximum flavor.

Designers: Anthony Priley & Robert Schwartz

Click Here to Buy Now: $179 $340 (47% off). Hurry, only 6/15 left!

Full-leaf Tea – The larger the leaf, the higher quality of the tea. The Affinitea is specifically designed to steep high-quality full-leaf tea in seconds.

The Affinitea is a clever tabletop appliance not too different from a Nespresso or Keurig… however, it’s designed to brew top-notch tea with remarkable consistency in just under 90 seconds. A water chamber on the left holds 2 liters of fresh water to be used by the Affinitea, and the simple control panel on the right lets you select the temperature, strength, and cup size to give you a consistent-tasting brew every single time. An LCD screen right above the control panel lets you view and confirm your choices, and once you load the leaves into the Affinitea and tell it to begin brewing, the machine lets you watch the entire process unfold right in front of your eyes thanks to its clearview brewing chamber that lets you see the magic!

Step 1 – Open the portion pack and pour the contents into the Clear-View Re-useable Infusion Brewing Chamber.

Step 2 – Select your consistency settings and start the brewing.

Step 3 – Enjoy your gourmet cup of hot or iced RTD beverages.

What the Affinitea really gets right (in order to deliver its luxurious-tasting end-product) is the fact that it uses full-leaf tea instead of the kind of tea you’d find in tea bags. Longer leaves help retain more flavor and nuance, unlike the tiny granules or tea-leaf dust that’s found in tea-bags. The Affinitea Brewing System comes with its own subscription service, letting you choose from a whole ‘variet-ea’ of different tea and herb blends. The subscription entitles you to 50 individual pre-measured portion packs of exotic tea blends in 4 different varieties every month, with new seasonal blends and recipes to match. You can choose to hot-brew or cold-brew your teas, and Affinitea even lets you use your own tea-leaves or tea-bags to make your own brews – although their full-leaf tea blends come highly recommended from tea aficionados and experts! The Affinitea Brewing System starts at $179 for Kickstarter backers, and pairs with a 3-month subscription to its exotic luxury tea program. Continue with the subscription for only $20 per month and enjoy this exotic luxury tea program at only $0.40 per cup. Now that is a vacation in a cup!

Click Here to Buy Now: $179 $340 (47% off). Hurry, only 6/15 left!

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The perfect smart lamp for 2023: Moonside Neon Crystal Cube is a sleek, modular lamp with a vibrant character

It’s like staring into a rectangular portal that leads to a prismatic psychedelic world. I wish I was exaggerating.

With a total of 172 individually addressable LEDs on both the front and the back, the Neon Crystal Cube lights up together to create some of the most beautiful gradients and patterns you’ll see. The device comes from the folks at Moonside, who designed the ‘lava lamp on steroids’ we featured earlier in 2021. I still use my own Moonside Neon Lighthouse every single day as an ambient light to fill my room with a gentle wash of intermingling colors. It’s the perfect way to make you feel relaxed and eventually fall asleep, although the one major problem I’ve had with the Neon Lighthouse is the fact that it’s extremely prone to accidentally falling over. The Neon Crystal Cube, however, fixes that with its stable, sleek, rectangular design… but that isn’t the only part. The Neon Crystal Cube’s also designed to create more complex light patterns, using both front and backlighting. It responds to music, has a whole host of customizable presets, and can be connected to multiple other Neon Crystal Cubes to create a modular panel of psychedelic pixels. Touted as a smart-lamp too, the Neon Crystal Cube integrates with your smart home ecosystem, boasting compatibility with Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, and even with the emerging universal Matter protocol.

Designer: ZK Wong

Click Here to Buy Now: $78 $109 (28% off). Hurry, only 2/60 left!

360-Degree Dynamic Lighting Angle – No dark spots all around.

The Neon Crystal Cube is the fourth in the series of smart LED lamps from Moonside. Its brick-shaped design could fool the casual onlooker, but switch it on and the thing comes to life, glowing in a rainbow of different, everchanging colors that are diffused by an internal film and then refracted thanks to the slab of crystal on the front. 32 LEDs on the back of the Neon Crystal Cube also create a halo effect on the wall right behind it, extending the light show to your wall for maximum appeal.

The Moonside Smart App – Control the color and brightness of every single led pixel on your light.

The lamp can be controlled via the remote attached to its power cable, or via an app that lets you choose colors, create your own custom patterns, or dip into the expansive catalog of presets from the Moonside team… or alternatively, you could connect the Neon Crystal Cube to your smart home network to do things like sync it with your bedtime routine, your alarm clock, or better still, your music app. A built-in microphone turns the Neon Crystal Cube into your personal visualizer that reacts and responds to the music you play, creating light effects to match the genre and intensity of the sound, whether it’s Beethoven or Boombox Cartel.

Modular Swappable Crystal Cover – Turn the smart lamp into a unique decorative lighting art piece.

The Neon Crystal Cube’s most underrated feature, however, is its modular nature that works both intrinsically as well as extrinsically. Intrinsically, the Neon Crystal Cube features swappable crystal covers that help refract light differently. You can grab flat, fluted, ribbed, or rippled crystal covers, and they all refract the LEDs differently, creating new light patterns. Extrinsically, however, the Neon Crystal Cube’s modular approach means you can connect multiple units together to respond as a single ‘organism’. Borrowing a feature from the Moonside Neon Hex (their modular wall lights), the Neon Crystal Cube lets you stack and connect multiple cubes together, sort of like creating your own LED brick wall. You can do this to either match your space requirements, or better still, coordinate lighting between two cubes to create the perfect backdrop for product photography.

The customizable LEDs in the Neon Crystal Cube are perfect for product photography (or even for creating viral TikToks) without an expensive light setup. Each Neon Crystal Cube starts at a pretty low $78, with two packs for $152. Your Neon Crystal Cube ships with the crystal cover of your choice (you can grab extra textured covers as an add-on) along with a power cable, smart controller, and a microfiber cleaning cloth. The app remains completely free and can be installed on Android and iOS devices.

160 Individually Addressable LEDs – Turns your light into a lively screen with endless animated lighting effects.

We’ve covered our fair share of smart-lamps in the past, more so given that CES was filled with them, but what really stands out with the Neon Crystal Cube (and all of Moonside’s products) is just how remarkable they look when lit up. Most smart bulbs don’t come with individually addressable LEDs, but that really seems to be the Neon Cube’s most impressive feature. The entire panel glows with gradients that look completely unreal, and now with a backlight and modularity built-in, you can pretty much design your own vivid smart lamp to brighten your space, even more so if you’re a gamer, YouTube/Twitch streamer, or vlogger.

Click Here to Buy Now: $78 $109 (28% off). Hurry, only 2/60 left!

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From Prototype to Reality: Here’s how a Hollywood Concept Designer used the Nexa3D Ultrafast 3D Resin Printer to create magic

Can you remember a time before 3D printers? If you’re under 30, probably not. 3D printing’s seen quite an explosion since it debuted as a consumer-centric technology with the MakerBot back in 2009. While the technology has existed for a while before that too, the Cambrian explosion that occurred post-2009 made 3D printing an essential part of almost any industry you can think of – Design, engineering, architecture, medicine, aerospace, even concept art.

We’ve covered Nexa3D’s XiP Ultrafast Resin 3D Printer in great detail in the past, but today we get to talk to Rob Wiggins, a former Hollywood prop maker who’s worked on massive franchises like Marvel, Star Wars, and Transformers, and even as a contractor for toy and game company Hasbro. Rob now works with the Nexa3D team, helping them design, better, faster, and more efficient 3D printers that can be used by consumers, hobbyists, studios, and massive industries. He created the world’s largest 3D-printed chess set using the XiP, featuring a highly intricate collection of chess pieces that sit on a massive backlit chessboard. The interview highlights Rob’s career journey, his workflow, how he designed the chess set, and why the XiP may just be the most innovative 3D printer ever. Stick around till the end and you’ll even get to know how to improve your own 3D prints, and how to be a concept artist just like Rob!

Want to get your own 3D printed xRook to see what Rob’s (Nexa3D’s) 3D printers are capable of? Snag one here.

Yanko Design: Hey Rob, tell us a little bit about your background and how you came to pursue such an interesting career line!

Rob Wiggins: Grew up in NYC and was a commercial artist, taking any gig I could get. I’ve done paintings, playbills for musicals, comic book covers and fan art. My passion for fan art and pop culture landed me a freelance job working with Hasbro toys, which led to movie studio work and what I do today.

YD: Do you remember some of the most memorable projects you worked on? Anything iconic that we’ve all seen?

RW: I’ve been fortunate to work on many memorable projects. Probably the ones that have been seen the most were several Transformers films including the upcoming Transformers Rise of the Beasts this summer! Some of the unseen work was made for a couple Disney+ shows like last year’s Obi Wan Kenobi show.

YD:. I’m assuming prop-making for Hollywood requires a lot of modeling and 3D printing. What’s your usual workflow been? What sketching and CAD software do you use? Which 3D printer do you find the industry relying on most?

RW: With prop-making speed and efficiency is most important. So, 3D modeling and 3D printing is in a great place right now. Most times my workflow consists of 3D sculpting and 3D sketching with programs like Maya, Blender, or ZBrush right away, bypassing traditional sketching and painting. If and when the need arises to sketch or paint, Photoshop has been my go-to 2D software.

I don’t think the film industry relies on a specific 3D printer “most” in general. There are many 3D printing technologies from FDM to mSLA, and I’ve seen that most prop masters and design teams will use whatever they feel is right for the job at the time. Also, most teams will use whichever 3D printer and print tech (FDM / mSLA / SLS) they are familiar or most comfortable with.

YD: What’s working for Nexa3D been like? How different is the culture as compared to your past role?

RW: Working for Nexa3D has been F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!! It has been a dream to have access to such amazing technologies. From the unparalleled speed of Nexa3D’s print platforms to the incredible materials Nexa3D provides, to the freedom our CEO has entrusted me with as Head of Creative Services. I could not be happier with the Nexa3D team and culture here at Nexa3D!

The culture here at Nexa3D is very value-centric, in other words, we think about how our endeavors will add value to the end user experience. I’ve found that the culture here at Nexa3D embodies humility and graciousness. People here are very grateful and hardworking!
In Hollywood prop-making, people are definitely hardworking! However, the work can tend to be a bit thankless, and most times you won’t have as much creative freedom, considering you’re working on a pre-determined intellectual property.

The 3D-printed chess board on display at Formnext 2022

YD: We’re in absolute awe of the chess set you created! What was the process like? Did you have a theme in mind? Which software and printer did you use?

RW: Wow, thank you very much!!! The process was a lot of fun, since our CEO encouraged me to let loose creatively. One of my first projects for Nexa3D was creating the Nexarator prop helmet. Keeping that design in mind, the theme I tried to develop for our chess set was matching the detail and complexity of our xRook while helping to showcase some of our new resin materials that we have been eager to release.

The software I used was Maya, Blender and ZBrush. The printer I used almost exclusively was our XiP desktop printer. I also used our NXE 400 printer for some of the larger pieces like our King and Queen.

YD: How long did the entire printing process take? Was there post-processing required after the job was complete?

RW: Oh boy… The printing process was hefty. Considering it also included the 64 tiles of the chess board along with 32 chess pieces and their own multiple pieces/prints. Overall, it was over 100+ prints in 7 days, along with a week to post-process and paint all the pieces.

YD: What benefits do you see with the Nexa3D Ultrafast Resin Printer? Which sorts of products do you find it prototyping better than others? What industries do you recommend the printer for?

RW: I think Ultrafast says it all! Thinking about our chess set. There would be no way I could’ve completed that set in 2 weeks without Nexa3D! Completing a similar project would’ve taken a month or more even with multiple teams helping to print and post-process.

Nexa3D printing technology can be used in prototyping pretty much anything you can think of, with the limits really being your imagination; ok well maybe not printing food or cloth material 😊.

I’d recommend Nexa3D for any industry looking to seriously upgrade your prototyping workflow. Whether it is speed; in realizing your new upcoming or current product in the fastest time possible or bypassing the manufacturing process altogether. No matter what, Nexa3D will have a great solution for your industry.

YD: Do you have any trade secrets for how to get spectacular results from your printer every time? What features of the Nexa3D do you love the most?

RW: Print orientation is my best-kept secret. Knowing how or why to orient a part on the build platform can save you time or make your post-processing way easier. 3D print orientation can also help to minimize supports or enhance your parts’ mechanical/material properties. It all depends on what your project needs. I recommend that everyone take time to research, test and improve their 3D print orientation to find the best results for their project.

With Nexa3D I just LOVE the speed and resin material properties. The resin materials we use here at Nexa3D are the best I’ve ever worked with. Coming from creating a studio maquette that took days to print and was so very fragile, to printing something similar within work hours (6 – 8 hours) that withstood multiple drop tests on a hardwood floor, is like night and day!

YD: What are some other projects you’re currently working on?

RW: We’ve got some great projects just on the horizon here at Nexa3D. As with most parts of my professional work experience, I’m not allowed to talk about them until after the fact. But keep a close eye on Nexa3D’s social media outlets and I promise you’ll be among the first to know!

YD: I’m sure many of our readers will be interested in knowing more about your work and how they can become concept artists and prop-makers for Hollywood too! Any tips and secrets?

RW: It’s a very tough industry to break into. If you ever take the time to sit through the credits of most Hollywood productions, you’ll notice you see the same names over and over again in the producers, directors, art department leads, while at the same time you’ll notice new smaller studios (where work is outsourced) names frequently change. Producers, directors and art dept heads tend to stay the same, while a lot of work gets outsourced to smaller studios that bid for work. Your best bet is to build a body of work that will get you noticed and get that work in front of the right people. It’s an intricate balance, being a creative (concept designer/prop-maker) and also networking (sales) with others. But find your niche and be resilient when it comes to showing your work, taking feedback and improving from it. If you’re persistent and don’t give up, something will work out; look somebody greenlit Shark-nado!!

Want to get your own 3D printed xRook to see what Rob’s (Nexa3D’s) 3D printers are capable of? Snag one here.

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Smartwatch with ‘voice assistant’ helps even visually impaired wearers know the time, date, and even weather

If there was ever an inclusively-designed timepiece, this one’s probably it. Made to cater to quite literally everyone, the VOICE GRUS timepiece looks like just another haute mechanical watch. However, push-buttons on its side reveal a few other tricks that most smartwatches could only dream of. Press them and the VOICE GRUS can do a variety of things, like narrate out the time, the date, the weather, or even tell you if the room you’re in is lit up or dark. Designed for a broad audience that also includes the visually impaired, the VOICE GRUS has 6 language settings built-in, along with a GPS module that automatically corrects the time to match the time zone you’re in. Pretty neat, if you ask me.

Designer: INTEC

Click Here to Buy Now: $525 $769 (33% off). Hurry, for a limited time only.

The watch’s design reflects years’ worth of feedback from visually-impaired folk who just wanted a timepiece that made timekeeping easier. You’ve got yourself a large dial with highly-legible numbers that make it easy to read for people with reduced visibility, although it isn’t something that stands out as a ‘disability-friendly’ watch. The dial’s large numerals are a hat-tip to pilot watches, which were designed to be read in a glance, and the minimalist style is a nice touch that reflects the watch’s Swiss-made origins.

When 2H button(the top right button) is pressed shortly, it announces the current time. For 12 hours setting system, it announces AM/PM before time.

When 4H button(the bottom right button) is pressed shortly, it announces month/day/the day of the week.

When 3H button(button in the middle) is pressed and held more than 3 seconds, it announces, “Start setting” and goes to setting volume mode.

It’s common to fall into the trap of describing the watch’s visual details because the visual sense dominates all our other senses… but that’s where the VOICE GRUS watch really stands out. For people who don’t have the luxury of being able to just ‘see the time’, the watch sports two pushers on either side of the crown. Press the upper pusher and the watch narrates the time to you, press the lower one and it tells you the day and date. A GPS chip within the watch automatically corrects the date and time based on your location.

VOICE GRUS comes with two additional buttons that offer functionalities that propel it into smartwatch territory. The crown button tells you if you are in an illuminated space or in the dark. Requested mostly by people with visual impairment, this rather simple feature makes spaces more inclusive for everyone. Wearers can know if the lights are on at home when guests are about to come over, or if they have a pet who needs the lights on. They can even check whether the lights have been left on in a room without manually testing every switch. Being able to make sure lights are off when you leave a room helps save electricity and cut bills. It’s the perfect problem that most of us wouldn’t realize needed solving… but that’s where target-audience feedback makes a world of a difference.

Another button hidden away at the 3H button position lets wearers know the weather. Through simple beeps, the watch allows people to know if it’s sunny or cloudy outside, allowing them to be mentally prepared in advance. Sure, you could ask your smartphone too, but the convenience of having a dedicated button for just the weather on your wrist at all times just makes life a tad bit easier.

The watch runs on a CR3032 battery that gives it a stunning 2 years’ worth of use. The watch warns you when you’re low on battery, and notifications/beeping sounds work even when the battery’s depleted, so you’re never stuck wondering if your watch is low on battery or just plain non-functional. The VOICE GRUS has support for 6 languages – English, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and even lets you adjust its volume. You’ve got black as well as cream/beige dials to choose from, along with the choice between metal link and leather straps. The watches start at ¥67,000 ($525 USD), and begin shipping in April 2023.

Click Here to Buy Now: $525 $769 (33% off). Hurry, for a limited time only.

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This handsome EDC knife unfolds smoothly and rapidly to serve your needs in an instant

There always comes a time when we wish we had something sharp on hand, especially when we’re out and away from our desks and toolboxes. Sometimes we need to cut a string or cord to open a package, or we want to slice a piece of fruit to share with a friend. Sometimes, we might even need a knife to carve out a chunk of wood outdoors. Pocket knives have become part of some EDC collections for that very reason, but while some can do the job, few can help you accomplish your task smoothly and quickly. Even fewer look as sharp as their blades, making them feel like tools you’d be embarrassed to be seen with. Fortunately, something like the Tekto F2 Bravo tactical knife exists, delivering not only a sharp tool that deploys quickly but also a stylish piece of equipment you’d be proud to flaunt.

Designer: Tekto Design

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Lightweight – The F2 Bravo weighs only 2.4oz (68g) and comes in two different handle materials best known for their lightness and extreme durability, Forged Carbon and G10.

Pocket knives are great for carrying around, whether in actual pockets or in bags. Their compact forms save a lot of space, but they also come with some drawbacks. Folding knives, in particular, can take a bit of time and effort to unfold, costing precious seconds in an emergency. Their bearings can also get rougher and more rigid over time, making it more difficult to deploy the blade.

Ceramic Ball Bearings – The state-of-the-art ceramic ball bearing mechanism allows the F2 Bravo to deploy the blade rapidly and smoothly with the utmost ease.

The Tekto F2 Bravo, in contrast, uses a state-of-the-art ceramic ball bearing mechanism that ensures smooth and speedy movement each and every time. This mechanism doesn’t degrade quickly or at all, so the knife will always be a pleasure to use. When you’re in a hurry to cut something, the last thing you need is to struggle with the very tool you’ll be using. And when you don’t need it, a discreet liner lock keeps the blade safely tucked away after closing it.

Titanium Accents – With its custom pivot, machined clip, and milled spacer, the F2 Bravo exemplifies a premium, high-end feel that uniquely matches the look and feel of the knife.

It’s almost impossible to believe how powerful the F2 Bravo is when you hold it in your hand because of its weight. That is thanks to the use of materials best known for their lightness and durability, specifically forged carbon and G10 steel, for the handle. The drop point blade is made of D2 steel, known for its long-term sharpness, while the pocket clip is made from highly durable titanium. All these speak to the knife’s strength and durability, but the F2 Bravo is more than just another sharp tool in your everyday carry.

With a machine clip, a custom pivot, and a milled spacer, the F2 Bravo exudes a premium quality you won’t easily find in many folding pocket knives. The crisp lines and intricate details also give it a character, not unlike a dapper secret agent that can cut their way through any problem in style and with a flourish. And it isn’t just all looks, though, because the recessed liners also provide an improved grip and comfort when you do need to get down and dirty with the task at hand. Why settle for a plain pocket knife when you can have a premium-looking and smooth-operating EDC blade with the Tekto F2 Bravo for only $139.99. And with the special Yanko15 code, you can even cut 15% off that price tag for an even more irresistible deal.

Click Here to Buy Now: $119 $139.99 (15% off with Coupon Code “Yanko15”). Hurry, the deal ends in 48 hours!

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Don’t buy a 3D printer… Do this instead.

Look around your house and tell me if you’ve got a printer at home. Yeah, your own printer. The 2D kind that takes sheets of A4 paper and spits out printed emails, docs, and tickets. No, right? A stunningly large percentage of people just don’t own their own printer because it’s so much easier to get a printout locally than to own the machine. Unless you’re required to print every day, you don’t need to own one… and that’s exactly the strategy that the folks at Xometry believe in. You shouldn’t need to own your own 3D printer either. On the off chance that you want to print a prototype of a product for a special project or client, or if you want to make a one-off design or gift for someone, you can just go to Xometry instead.

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Based out of Maryland and operating globally, Xometry has a network of over 10,000 CNC manufacturers, 3D printers, molders, and more. All you do is access their online dashboard and use their Instant Quoting Engine and you can choose from a variety of services, materials, and finish qualities. The dashboard instantly spits out a quote and a delivery timeline, saving you the hassle of worrying about printers, filaments, acetone baths, and all those extra steps associated with making prototypes.

Xometry’s unique global network and dashboard make it an Amazon of 3D prototyping. The company simplifies the prototyping process to a handful of steps and gives you exactly the kind of quality you need, going from basic single-color prints to even providing prints with as many as 600,000 colors (including those from Pantone, RAL, HEX, and CMYK libraries). Its PolyJet printers allow it to replicate a staggering variety of materials using 3D printing. Unlike extrusion or SLS printers which have their own limitations, PolyJet printing gives you micron-level control over textures, resulting in impeccable surfaces. Xometry’s PolyJet technologies also allow it to print in color, layer by layer. This makes it easy to replicate a whole catalog of materials, textures, and finishes. You can replicate woven fabrics, wood grain, and even elusive granite or marble finishes that are tricker than you’d think. While most 3D printers focus just on 3D forms, Xometry’s PolyJet printers dive deep into the details of replicating textures and colors too, giving you a prototype that looks rubbery, satinesque, glossy, or wood-finished, with different parts showcasing different materials. The best part? Xometry prints and ships the parts right to your door, often within days, making the process as smooth and convenient as ordering a part from an e-commerce website.

Xometry offers its services to a wide range of professionals, including designers, architects, automotive specialists, engineers, planners, artists, decorators, and culinary specialists. Their 3D printing services are even favored by larger companies like Bosch, BMW, Dell, General Electric, and NASA who use Xometry’s platform to quickly prototype ideas to perfection without investing heavily in 3D printing equipment. After all, unless you’re a hobbyist or a small business that 3D prints every single day, you shouldn’t need to own an expensive 3D printer… just the same way you shouldn’t need to own a car when you could just Uber instead. Visit Xometry’s website to upload your 3D models and get an instant quote today!

Click Here to Get an Instant Online Quote

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Want to switch to solar power this year? BLUETTI’s solar panels and power generators are on sale

Not only do BLUETTI’s products make going green easier, their new-year discounts let you switch to a solar-powered grid without burning a hole through your pocket. As the new year rolls in, BLUETTI is throwing its own party from January 10th to 25th, titled “The Sun Shines Wherever You Go”. The themed bash coincides with the launch of the company’s latest range of modular solar panels – the PV420 and PV68, along with the announcement of the “BLUETTI Heroes” initiative.

Since its founding, BLUETTI’s strived to provide its users with the best, most reliable experience possible. It’s a company ethos that’s deeply rooted in developing a community and listening to it – which is why BLUETTI also developed the “BLUETTI Heroes” initiative. The initiative, which is open to everyone, calls for 15 participants and BLUETTI users to share their stories on the BLUETTI YouTube page about how they’ve integrated the company’s innovative products into their lives. The chosen applicants will get to pick any BLUETTI products priced at $1000 as a gift. “So far, the event has seen four heroes showcase their unique lifestyles on BLUETTI’s youtube account”, the company mentions. Their renewed Heroes initiative is looking for more amazing stories of adventurers who use the portable power generators on trips, or citizens who have reclaimed their energy independence by easily switching to a more reliable backup system that’s also powered by solar energy.

Additionally, BLUETTI is also using this time to debut their latest solar panels – the PV68 and PV420. The PV68 is the lighter one of the lot, with a weight of a mere 3.4 kg (7.5 lbs) and a power output of 68W. For people looking for more power, the PV420, as its name suggests, generates a stunning 420W of power, while weighing significantly more, at 14 kg (30.8lbs). Both panels are made from monocrystalline silicon and coated with ETFE to ensure a 23.4% conversion efficiency and longer life and are also designed to be modular as well as portable, letting you carry them outdoors, and daisy-chain multiple panels to power larger houses/campsites. The panels are on sale till January 25th, and can even be bought as discounted bundles along with their compatible power generators.

AC300+B300-Modular Power Backup System

BLUETTI AC300 + B300 Home Battery Backup

The new year also sees big savings on BLUETTI’s more popular models, like the AC300 generator + B300 battery combo, which was launched as the company’s first modular power setup. It has the ability to not just add more batteries (up to 4) to the mix but even hook two AC300 stations together to double their output. Each B300 battery module comes with a capacity of 3072Wh, while the AC300’s built-in 3000W AC pure sine wave inverter with 16 outlets lets you power your entire house, campsite, or backyard party absolutely uninterrupted. Got a larger house? Add extra battery packs to let you last for days during an outage! Got large appliances that consume more power? Connect two AC300s to push your output capacity to 6000W so you don’t have to choose between running the TV and the microwave. Want to go big but also go green? The AC300 + B300 also has support for solar panels! You can save nearly $1200 on the AC300 bundles, which include either two B300 battery packs, or one B300 battery and two PV420 panels for those looking to make the quick switch to solar energy!

Click Here to Buy Now: $3,199 $4,098 (21% off).

AC200MAX All-in-one Power Beast

BLUETTI AC200MAX Expandable Power Station

The AC200 Max is an upgraded version of the company’s popular AC200P, and offers expandability via extra battery modules, supporting BLUETTI’s B230 and B300 battery packs. Even without the extra modules, the generator itself has 2,048Wh of power. It also has 14 outlets and two wireless charging pads (for your phones, TWS earbuds, and the like), and can provide 2,200W of power. It can be powered in seven ways – using a 500W adapter, 900W solar panel, a lead acid battery, your car, or combined dual charging like 1400W AC and solar input. If this sounds perfect for you, you’re in luck, because BLUETTI is offering a nearly $600 discount on their AC200MAX generator + B300 battery bundle, as well as their AC200MAX generator + PV200 solar panel (3 panels included) bundle.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1,599 $1,899 (15% off).

EP500 Home Emergency Power Backup

BLUETTI EP500 Solar Power Station

The EP500 is the largest of the lot, and isn’t really designed to be lugged around in the back of a pickup truck to the great outdoors. Designed instead with a focus on powering homes during outages (especially in emergencies), the EP500 is an all-in-one solution that has its own built-in 5,100Wh battery powered by a 2,000W inverter. Hook it to a solar panel and it works perfectly as an off-grid solution for cabins, RVs, camper trailers, and even boats. Four wheels on the bottom help you move the EP500 around with ease, and a wide range of outlets helps you keep all your appliances juiced and running. The EP500 also supports 24/7 UPS to protect essential loads from outages and split-phase bonding to provide 240V power for high-powered devices. You can grab it solo and save $1000 or get the EP500 bundle with 2 PV200 solar panels and save $1296!

Click Here to Buy Now: $3999 $4999 (20% off).

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This discrete smart ring gives deeper insights to help you live a healthier life

It’s pretty amazing how far technology has come. The watches we strap on our wrists have enough sensors to not only measure our heartbeat but sometimes even detect irregular heart rhythms. Some of these are even available in something as small as a ring that you wear on your finger. To say that we are flooded with health-related data through wearables isn’t really an exaggeration, but the problem is that most people don’t really know what to do with this data beyond realizing the need to lose weight or move around more. Being able to make sense of this data is ultimately more important than just having access to it, which is why this fashionable smart ring marries hardware and software to give wearers a nudge in the right direction in living healthily.

Designers: Pranab Kumar, Apoorv Shankar & Yogansh Namdeo

Click Here to Buy Now: $273 $302 ($29 off). Hurry, for a limited time only. Raised over $590,000.

Almost all smartwatches and fitness trackers these days show data such as the wearer’s heart rate, steps taken, sleep duration, blood oxygen level, and many more. Some of these can already indicate when there’s something wrong with your body, but taken in isolation, they can’t really give you a deeper and more holistic view of your health. The Ultrahuman Ring, in contrast, not only measures some of those same metabolic biomarkers, such as heart rate variability, temperature, and sleep. It also interprets them into something that’s easier to understand and, more importantly, easier to act on.

Movement Index – The movement index has been formulated to help you understand your overall energy expenditure. The score is based on metabolic equivalent (METs) and depends on how much you move throughout the day rather than just your workout for a specific duration during the day.

Sleep Index – The sleep index is formulated to help you understand the different sleep stages such as Deep sleep, REM sleep, Light sleep and being Awake.

Recovery Score – Get an understanding of your body’s current state with the recovery score; this acts as an index for your body. It is based on a combination of biometrics such as HRV, Heart Rate, and Body Temperature throughout the day to help you understand various body signals better.

Movement index, for example, gives you a score based on your overall movement for the day, and not just during workouts at specific times. The Sleep Index takes into account not only sleep duration but also the different stages of sleep to determine if you need more Deep Sleep phases. Your Recovery Score, on the other hand, takes into account several biomarkers that indicate stress levels and suggests actions to get back into a state of equilibrium.

Heart Rate Tracking, Sleep Tracking and Movement Tracking.

Better yet, the Ultrahuman Ring delivers this critical health information through a metabolism tracker that won’t get in the way of your style. In fact, it can even make you look more fashionable with its elegant color options, including Cyber Grey, Bionic Gold, Aster Black, and Space Silver. The outer Titanium shell is coated with Tungsten carbide for ultimate durability, while the smooth interior shell uses medical-grade hypoallergenic epoxy resin for maximum comfort. The ring is also water resistant up to seven feet, so swimming or unexpected rain showers won’t be a problem.

Knowing how many steps you’ve taken or how fast your heart is beating isn’t really enough. Understanding the bigger picture is critical in knowing the correct actions to take to improve your health and save your life. Through a combination of smart software and beautiful hardware, the Ultrahuman Ring offers this deeper truth in the state of your body, and it looks stylish to boot! Say goodbye to bulky smartwatches and say hello to deeper health insights with this fashionable smart ring for only £225 for our Yanko Design readers.

Click Here to Buy Now: $273 $302 ($29 off). Hurry, for a limited time only. Raised over $590,000.

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These all-in-one portable wireless chargers can juice your phone, earbuds, and watch, and they’re on sale

Remember the AirPower mat that Apple announced in 2017 but never produced? Well, MOMAX went two steps further and designed TWO wireless chargers that are also portable, allowing you to charge all your devices on the go without worrying about cables, ports, and sockets. The Airbox and Airbox Go remain two of my most highly recommended portable charging solutions. They’re MFI-certified, portable, and can charge at least 3 of your most common EDC tech gear like your phone, earbuds, and watch. The Airbox has a slot for charging your 2nd Gen Apple Pencil too!

Designer: MOMAX


The Airbox and Airbox Go cater to two niches within the same category, but I could totally see them having different audiences. The former is roughly the size of a spectacle case, and opens up to reveal storage spots and charging zones for your phone, Apple Watch, AirPods (2nd Gen), and Apple Pencil (2nd Gen). The charging zone for your phone comes with a neat non-slip mat, and the coil underneath supplies your smartphone with 10W of power, fast-charging it so you can make the most of your day instead of leaving your phone on a charger. The Airbox works as a case more than just a charger, letting you easily carry your tech around with you in a single cohesive unit that’s easy to slide right into your laptop bag while shuttling between work and home, and placing on your desk as you work. The foldable 5-in-1 charging station also comes with a 20W USB-C port that lets you plug other devices like your Nintendo Switch, iPad, headphones, or any other gadget that doesn’t charge wirelessly, and a whopping 10,000mAh battery provides more than enough juice for all your devices through the day and even beyond.

Click Here to Buy Now: $77 $119 (10% off with voucher and an additional 10% off with coupon code “YANKO10OFF”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours.

Airbox Go

The Airbox Go is smaller but still manages to pack a big punch with its internal 10,000mAh battery. It doesn’t store your gear like its predecessor, apart from a flip-top lid that lets you stash your AirPods inside it. It does make uo for it in other ways, notably by also including a MagSafe feature that lets you snap your iPhone to it to charge it while at your desk or on the go. There’s a flip-out Apple Watch charger that lets you charge it with the straps on (unlike the Airbox that would only allow you to charge your Watch after removing the straps), providing a 5W output for your watch, while the MagSafe phone charging zone supplies an upgraded 15W of power. The Airbox Go sports a USB-C on the side too, allowing you to juice other devices with a 20W output so you can simultaneously fast-charge up to two smartphones at once.

Click Here to Buy Now: $115 $199 ($20 off with voucher and an additional 10% off with coupon code “YANKO10OFF”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours.

The Airbox and Airbox Go notably offer something even Apple couldn’t – the ability to charge all your devices simultaneously with one single gadget. While Apple couldn’t deliver on the AirPower mat, they did give both the Airbox and Airbox Go their MFI (Made for iPhone) certification, which means you can rest assured that Momax used the best quality parts and components for their offerings. The Airbox Go gets an extra win in my book for its unique design that feels futuristic yet somewhat playful, with its liberal use of curves, textures, and metallic/glossy finishes. Both the Airbox and Airbox Go are on sale now, with discounts up to 36%. The sale lasts till January 15th, so grab the deal while it’s still hot!

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