Sleek MagSafe-compatible accessory turns your iPhone into a nifty DSLR camera with precise, tactile controls

A surefire way to absolutely annoy a photography purist is to bring up the DSLR vs. Smartphone debate. If there’s a group of people who absolutely hate smartphone cameras, after celebrities, it’s probably photography enthusiasts. While celebrities hate the fact that they can now randomly be photographed by anyone, anywhere, shutterbugs have a different gripe with smartphones – that they’re just not as precise, powerful, and hands-on as DSLR cameras.

However, it’s safe to say that there’s a certain detachment from reality there, because today, smartphone cameras account for nearly 90% of all photographs ever taken. Even YouTuber Marques Brownlee, who shoots all his videos in 8K on ridiculously expensive RED cameras, alludes to the fact that “the best camera is the one you have on you”, and that’s almost always your smartphone camera. Your smartphone camera’s image processing engine is arguably powerful enough to click photos as well as a DSLR, and the only thing really missing is precision and that hands-on experience… that’s where the Fjorden comes in.

Designers: Frost Produkt & Victor Henning

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The world’s first pocketable, professional iPhone camera grip adds professional-quality camera controls.

The Fjorden turns your iPhone into a hybrid DSLR. It physically snaps onto the back of your iPhone, giving you analog camera controls including a two-stage shutter button, a jog dial, a zoom slider, and even an extra multi-function button you can use to do stuff like trigger the flash.

The overall form is comfortably tactile and grippy (and comes with the same texture found on cameras), and orients the buttons in a way that’s intuitive and easy to use (so you don’t have to sprain your thumb to reach the shutter button while holding your phone with the same hand). Moreover, the actual physical buttons allow you to use the camera with gloves on, an understated-yet-impressive upgrade to the iPhone camera experience). Smartphones are sleek and portable, but try using the camera with one hand you risk serious nerve damage (or a broken phone). DSLRs, on the other hand, are ergonomically designed… but they don’t fit in your pocket, don’t have a selfie feature, and they don’t do 99% of the other things your smartphone can do. Fjorden finds the middle-ground between the two experiences, striving to create a no-compromise solution for both audiences. For the smartphone enthusiast, the Fjorden attachment is still portable and sleek (attached to the phone, it’s about as thick as an AirPods case, which means it’s still pocket-sized), and for the DSLR-junkie, it gives you the precise controls you need.

Aside from the tactile buttons, Fjorden’s own camera app is about as feature-laden as a DSLR’s interface, allowing you to manually control your settings, while still relying on the iPhone’s own features like Portrait Mode, HDR/Deep Fusion, and ProRAW. Moreover, the case is even designed to support Moment’s smartphone camera lenses, giving you about as much power, versatility, and control you could ask for… and some more.

The Fjorden device attaches to your phone either via a backplate that sticks to your phone, or its companion iPhone case using a quick-release clip. The clip-detail has a pivot-hinge that allows you to swivel the Fjorden 90°, letting you use it in both landscape and portrait mode, and the Fjorden even angles outwards, doubling as a kickstand for your phone.

The DSLR-controls are powered by a single CR2032 battery that lasts for 12 months, and while the controls work perfectly with Fjorden’s own camera app, they’re compatible with existing apps like Obscura and ProCamera (which notably has its own Night Mode – a feature missing from the Fjorden camera app for now), and the shutter button works with Apple’s native camera app.

The MagSafe-compatible case that comes as an optional add-on with your Fjorden allows you to easily pop the DSLR control panel out when you need to wirelessly charge your phone, and since the controls communicate with your iPhone via Bluetooth, they can be used remotely too (without being attached to your phone) for those perfect ‘Shot On iPhone’ moments. Each Fjorden device also comes with a 2-year warranty, which really hits the sweet spot because you can easily upgrade your iPhone to the newer model and still use the Fjorden with the new phone!

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This “Lava lamp on steroids” can light up your space in any color or gradient you can imagine!

It might look like a glow-stick, but the Moonside lamp is capable of producing colors and gradients that no glow-stick can ever match up to. Underneath its translucent outer body sits a matrix of RGB LEDs that can be custom-programmed to light up in a variety of patterns… like a psychedelic lava lamp that fills your room with an absolute ocean of hues.

Designer: Akai Zi

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Hundreds of Dynamic Lighting Effects from Moonside App

Quite aptly called the Moonside Neon Lighthouse, this cylindrical little baton of light has about 90 RGB LEDs on the inside that can reproduce 16 million colors each. That’s more gradients/combinations than my mind can even come up with. Its vertical cylindrical shape pays homage to its long-time ancestor, the candle, and comes with similar proportions and a frosted, waxy-white exterior that, however, instead of lighting from the top (like a candle), lights up from the inside instead.

Sort of like a multi-color standalone tubelight, the Moonside Lighthouse can be used in a whole variety of ways. Pre-program it to light up your room in your favorite colors, or sync it to the colors of your favorite team when there’s a match on. Alternatively, you could connect it to your music app and turn your home into a makeshift discotheque, or even use the Moonside as a lighting prop for your photography projects.

The LEDs cover the entire body of the lamp, shining light in 360° with up to 800 lumens of brightness (which means you can use the Moonside as a portable flashlight too). The lamp is supplied power via a USB-C port, and can either be controlled via a smart controller remote, via the Moonside app, or even your smart home assistant.

You can build your own integrations via IFTTT too (creating custom themes to suit each Spotify playlist, or doing odd things like programming the light to go green when the price of Bitcoin goes up, or red when it drops).

Easily the sleekest, smartest, most vibrant little lamp ever, the Moonside comes in 4 variants (where you get to choose the color of the lamp’s metal base) and begins shipping this month (August 2021).

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This black algae dyed t-shirt is Vollebak’s latest creation designed to suck carbon-dioxide from the atmosphere!

Vollebak grows black algae in giant ponds located in California, which is collected and heat-treated to concentrate it into a black powder to be used as a pigment for dye.

Every day, we wear clothes without knowing how they’re made. Unless you’re already buying clothes from sustainable brands, most of the clothing we wear is produced from material that isn’t harvested responsibly, let alone biodegradable. Take the color black–our favorite everyday black t-shirts are colored by a pigment derived from petroleum called carbon black. However, Vollebak, a clothing brand that uses technology to produce sustainable t-shirts and bottoms, aims to reinvent the way that the color black is made.

Carbon black is a color pigment that’s used to dye our clothing black. After large plots of land called tar sands are stripped of all pre-existing vegetation and animal life, carbon black is extracted from the petroleum stored underground. Noticing the unsustainable practices of producing black clothing, Vollebak discovered that you don’t have to dig up any earth to access black algae.

Known for growing in ponds, black algae only needs sunlight and carbon dioxide to flourish. Having abundant access to a natural black pigment, Vollebak used material technology to collect and use black algae to dye their t-shirts black. The result? The Black Algae T-Shirt feels and looks just like a conventionally dyed t-shirt.

Each t-shirt from Vollebak is made from eucalyptus trees that are harvested from sustainably managed forests. Once the pulp from eucalyptus trees gets spun into a wearable fabric, each t-shirt is dyed with black algae ink, which continues to lock in the carbon dioxide it absorbed while still alive. In order to lock the carbon dioxide into the shirt for up to 100 years, Vollebak uses carbon capture technology to trap carbon dioxide at its emission source.

After harvesting black algae from their ponds, Vollebak puts the algae through a heat treatment that concentrates it into powder form. “The black algae ink has been engineered to be UV resistant so it will hold its color for years. But since this is a bio-based ink it won’t behave exactly like a petroleum-based ink. Over time the black color may brighten around the edges next to the seams. To make the algae last for as long as possible we recommend hand washing the t-shirt in cold water with as little detergent as possible.”

The T-shirts themselves are produced from eucalyptus trees that are harvested from sustainably managed forests. “The rest of the t-shirt is made from wood pulp from sustainably managed forests. Eucalyptus, beech, spruce are chipped and pulped, before being turned into fiber, then yarn, and finally fabric. All the wood is harvested from sustainable forestry plantations and certified by both the Forestry Sustainability Council (FSC) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). Representing over 700 million acres of certified forests, the PEFC is the largest forest certification system in the world.” Instead of dyeing the shirt’s individual fibers black, Vollebak dyes the entire outer surface of their shirts in black algae ink, which is why the final color of each t-shirt is more of a very dark grey marl.

Since all the materials used to produce their Black Algae T-shirt, the shirt can biodegrade in about 12 weeks. Once the material has disappeared just the black algae ink will remain in an almost imperceptible, safe and non-toxic state. And while other organic materials release carbon dioxide when they decompose, this ink will continue storing its carbon for over 100 years.

Designer: Vollebak

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Engineered to be UV-resistant, the t-shirt will hold its color for years.

“The wood is turned into [the] fabric using an environmentally responsible and closed-loop production process. In practice, this means that over 99% of the water and solvent used to turn pulp into fiber is recycled and reused.”

Since its not petroleum-based ink, the black algae ink dye will brighten near the t-shirt’s seams and edges.

This sleek coffee grinder and brewer gives you coffee so fresh, you’ll want to dump your Keurig

In about the same number of steps it takes you to make coffee from a Nespresso or Keurig, the Gevi gives you a cup of coffee that’s brewed directly from freshly-ground beans… and it all lies in the appliance’s sleek, 2-in-1 design.

At first glance, the Gevi doesn’t look like your conventional 2-in-1 coffee maker. Those are much bulkier, and look industrial, while Gevi has a sleek, slim appearance to it. On the inside, however, the Gevi can both grind as well as brew your coffee beans… and it can weigh the beans out beforehand too, resulting in a well-calibrated brew that’s just right.

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A 2021 winner of the Red Dot Design Award, the Gevi rubbishes the notion that a coffee machine needs to look like a large, bulky, boxy appliance. With its cylindrical design that branches out into the cantilevered coffee-grinder and brewer, the Gevi capitalizes on visual drama, looking almost sculptural, like a ballerina on a single leg. While that description may be a little too artistic for what’s essentially a coffee machine, it drives home a point… that even a mundane kitchen appliance can be designed to look beautiful.

The 2-in-1 coffee grinder and brewer are visually separated into their two parts. The appliance comes with a base-platform that has its own dedicated weighing scale to help you weigh the beans before you add them to the grinder. The grinder comes with a bean hopper on the top to feed the beans in, while commercial-level 60mm flat steel burrs help create a consistent grind of your beans (while anti-static measures help prevent particles from sticking/clumping). The dose consistency from beans to powder of the appliance is around 0.2g.

You can choose from a whopping 51 different grind settings, ranging from a coarse blend for a french-press to a very fine blend for an espresso machine. The Gevi comes with its own pour-over brewer, for which an intermediate grind-setting works best.

After you’ve weighed and ground the beans, the Gevi’s own pour-over lets you brew them too. A touchscreen interface on the top of the machine lets you choose your bean-to-water ratio, water temperature, and water-quantity, and 3 rotating water spouts mimic the authentic pour-over technique, gently dripping water in a slow, circular motion over the coffee beans resting in the Gevi’s borosilicate Chemex-style pour-over jug. That isn’t just all, the appliance comes with an entire host of brew settings, ranging from an Automatic to a Barista mode, with even the ability to manually control your ‘recipe’ and save it to access it later on. Gevi is currently seeking certification from the ECBC (European Coffee Brewing Centre) to advance its own Barista mode even further… although it gives you complete flexibility to experiment with brewing techniques and ratios, so you can easily discover new flavors as you experiment with different blends to arrive at your favorite cup.

Once you’ve got your recipes set and you’ve picked your favorite blend of coffee beans, the Gevi simplifies the entire grinding and brewing process down to merely pushing a couple of buttons on the touchscreen while the appliance does the rest. The weighing and grinding become instinctive, and you can pre-grind your coffee beans beforehand if you’re lazy.

The machine’s internal 1000W heater heats an entire container of water in mere minutes, and the pour-over spouts mimic the pouring action of a barista, giving you a balanced cup of coffee. Every 11 gallons, the Gevi gives you a prompt to run the descaling mode to remove the hard-water deposits from its water-tank as a maintenance procedure, so that your machine runs flawlessly and your coffee tastes remarkable. As far as the word remarkable goes, the Gevi’s slim, cylindrical design comes in two colors to choose from – a classic silver and a copper blue.

Designer: Gevi

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World’s first hi-res TWS earbuds have Active Noise Cancellation and cost $99, seriously rivaling the AirPods Pro

Edifier’s NeoBuds Pro became the first TWS earbuds to be certified Hi-Res, a standard proposed by Sony and recognized by the Consumer Electronics Association.

It’s just ridiculously difficult to deliver hi-res audio over Bluetooth. Just ask Apple – they announced that lossless audio (to clarify, which isn’t the same as hi-res audio) was coming to Apple Music, but cleverly left out that the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max wouldn’t support it. Hi-res audio is heavy, and isn’t something Bluetooth can handle… but Edifier, a company with 25 years of audio equipment manufacturing behind it, somehow cracked the code. By using the LHDC (Low-Latency High Definition Codec) Bluetooth Codec, Edifier’s NeoBuds Pro can deliver high-resolution music to your ears without requiring wires. The NeoBuds Pro even comes with Active Noise Cancellation and costs just $99, providing some serious competition to the AirPods Pro and Sony’s WF-1000XM4.

Designer: Edifier

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What’s really ironic is that the Edifier NeoBuds Pro are the first TWS earphones to come Hi-Res certified, a standard developed by Sony itself – a brand that’s very much in the TWS earbud race! Edifier’s own TWS earphones really push the boundaries with the adoption of the LHDC codec (to rival Sony’s LDAC codec), offering higher-quality streaming over a Bluetooth connection, even compared to Apple’s own AAC. Simply put, the NeoBuds Pro makes a pretty remarkable claim, although the LHDC codec is currently adopted by a number of brands in Asia, but isn’t entirely widespread.

Edifier leverages the innovative digital Active Crossover technology to process sound through a Digital Computation Processor (DSP) for Bi-Drivers—a custom-designed dynamic driver captures exceptionally deep bass, while the Knowles balanced armature achieves pure highs.

The NeoBuds Pro comes in a slick little case that houses the two earbuds, along with a pretty neat LED light strip that dances when you open the case. The earphones themselves are incredibly compact for what they say they’re capable of, and aside from being able to pump out hi-res audio, they come with a dynamic driver, Knowles balanced armature, and active noise cancellation up to 42 decibels – made possible with the presence of 6 microphones that constantly help capture, isolate, and reduce environmental noise, while also ensuring vocals are picked up with crystal clarity.

On the usability front, the earphones boast of an impressive 24-hour usage (along with the case) with ANC turned off, or 20 hours with ANC turned on – that means you probably realistically need to charge your NeoBuds Pro once every 4-ish days. The NeoBuds Pro are IP54 dust and waterproof too, making them perfect for wearing outdoors even in bad weather, and the wide selection of silicone ear-tips means your earphones won’t fall out as you jog. In fact, Edifier even says the silicone ear-tips are designed to be germ-proof too, and can maintain a sanitation rate of up to 99.8%.

The NeoBuds Pro come along with Edifier’s smartphone app that gives you the kind of control over your sound that even Apple and Sony don’t. You can choose from four sound modes: High/Low ANC, Ambient Sound, or Standard, or even adjust your listening preferences by customizing the EQ and other parameters. Moreover, you can even adjust the audio quality based on your connection and data plan, opting for a hi-res on WiFi and a medium-to-low res when you’re on cellular data. The Edifier app is available for both Android and iOS devices, and even while the LHDC codec is still in the process of catching traction, the NeoBuds also supports the AAC and SBC codecs that are found on practically every smartphone.

Edifier’s NeoBuds Pro begins shipping as early as August 2021. They sport a surprisingly competitive price tag at just $99, and come along with the charging case, a USB-C charging cable, 7 pairs of antibacterial ear-tips to choose from, and a chance to win some of Edifier’s more audiophile-grade music equipment by referring a friend!

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With its absurdly cool sci-fi-inspired design, the GravaStar Sirius Pro may be the sexiest TWS Earbuds ever made

I personally hold Steve Jobs accountable for ruining the word ‘Sleek’. It’s now used to describe every single thing we see, especially in consumer technology, where if it isn’t sleek, it isn’t worth marketing. In a world where everything’s designed to look slim, have plain, flat surfaces, and look quite like an alien designed it, the GravaStar Sirius Pro TWS Earbuds stand out for the fact that they embody a rugged, robust, cool design, while still being compact. The earbuds and their accompanying case have an almost ‘industrial’ coolness to them like they were designed by a sci-fi-driven future. Oh, and if that wasn’t ruggedly cool enough, the case even doubles up as a bottle opener… making these the first headphones to also be able to crack open a brewski. Cool.

Designer: GravaStar

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The fact that they’re designed to look like a prop out of Ghost in the Shell or Fallout isn’t entirely accidental… GravaStar’s known to make some absurdly futuristic products – you should check out their Mars and Venus Bluetooth speakers! The Sirius Pro follows that brand ethos by being unconventionally sci-fi, while serving as pretty great earbuds too. They come with an enhanced bass response, boast Environmental Noise Canceling, and actually have an incredibly low latency of 65ms that’s perfect for gaming. When not in use, they sit inside a rather unconventionally designed case, with a cutout running right through the middle, and a bare-basics cage-like lid that secures the earbuds in place without concealing them.

The hollow cutout in the center of the case breaks the monotony of most TWS earbuds with their monolithic cases. The GravaStar Sirius Pro’s case boasts of a strangely alluring and unusual design, outlining the earbud chamber on the top, and the battery pack and circuitry at the bottom.

The hollow area in the center makes the GravaStar Sirius Pro’s case a perfect fidget toy, while also serving as a rather nifty bottle opener, combining consumer audio tech with a crazy EDC function that a lot of people will appreciate. The fact that your earphones can also open a drink is just something nobody thought they’d need but will almost certainly always keep using.

Once you look past its eye-catching design, the Sirius Pro pack quite a punch as far as the tech specs are considered too. The 7.2mm dynamic drivers sit on a Knowles balanced armature, delivering distortion-free highs along with full lows and mids.

The earbuds also have built-in ENC that help minimize any environmental noise (you know, for more immersive listening and gaming), and do everything you’d expect from a TWS earbud, like accept/reject calls, play/pause music, increase/decrease volume, and summon your phone’s voice assistant. Additionally, the earbuds have in-ear detection too and can be used independently.

The GravaStar Sirius Pro’s case comes made from a tough zinc alloy which makes it damage-proof and scratch-resistant, not only upping the product’s durability, but also allowing that bottle-opener to function immaculately every single time. The earbuds themselves are IPX5 waterproof and along with the charging case, have a battery life of up to 24 hours. As far as colors go, the Sirius Pro do much more than just plain white or black. Taking cues from its gaming inspiration, the Sirius Pro come in 3 colors – war-damaged grey, space grey, and a rather funky neon green. Couple that with the fact that the case even has an LED strip with 6 dynamic RGB lights and you’ve got a pair of earbuds that are undeniably some of the most unconventionally sexy-looking ‘buds on the market. Speaking of bud, someone pass me a beer!

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Declutter your desk with this compact GaN charger that can charge 5 devices at the same time

Not only does the Spruce cleverly compile all your charging needs into an organized little cube, it also uses GaN technology to efficiently and rapidly charge all your devices at the same time, without looking like a monstrosity.

If you’re reading this at your work-table, take a second to look underneath the desk and tell me what you see. A sea of wires leading to an ugly elongated box that plugs into a power outlet? Yeah, me too. There is no escaping that extension box (or power strip as it’s called in parts of the world) and the tangled cables, power-bricks, and massive adapters/plugs that connect into it, although there’s definitely a way to better manage how you charge your devices.

Designers: Chen Guo, Weida Tan & Michelle Walsh of Fledging

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Barely the size of a bar of soap, the Spruce condenses the extension box into an impressively small, organized little cube that does away with those massive plugs and power-bricks. Powered internally by gallium-nitride-based components, the Spruce lets you directly plug up to 4 gadgets into it using the USB-C and USB-A ports on the side, as well as wirelessly charge a phone on its flip-top which transforms into a charging dock. It effectively and efficiently manages power-delivery to all your devices, simultaneously, replacing the need to have multiple clunky chargers for each of your devices.

4 times as efficient as silicon. GaN charges faster, stays cooler, and treats the planet better.

The secret to the Spruce’s small size lies in its use of GaN microchips. Designed to be much more efficient at power-delivery and heat-dissipation than traditional SiC (silicon carbide) chips, GaN chargers can be exceedingly smaller, yet handle high power-output just as effectively without heating up too. That basically means doing away with that godforsaken extension box and the mess of wires located at your feet. Spruce neatly organizes all your charging needs right at your desk. Each USB-C port can deliver up to 100W of power, allowing you to even charge your laptop right off of it; and the true beauty of the GaN semiconductor is that it can seamlessly manage and allocate power too, which means even while you’re charging other devices, Spruce will always ensure that gadgets like your laptop always get higher power-delivery.

The USB-A port has an impressive power-delivery of 30W too – enough to fast-charge any other devices you’ve got lying around, and that wireless charger on top is perhaps the most inspired design detail I’ve seen! The upper surface flips to an angle of 70°, allowing you to charge your phone while it’s vertically docked. The 10W wireless charger works with any smartphone, and even in landscape and portrait orientations. When flat, it charges your AirPods too!

The Spruce runs on an AC power supply and plugs directly into your wall. It’s a definite upgrade over those archaic power-strips and surge-protectors, compressing everything into a small palm-sized box that elegantly (and rapidly) charges your devices via USB. Each Spruce comes along with its AC power-supply cable, a free USB-C cable, and a 1-year warranty on the device… Not to mention freedom from bulky boxes, thick wires, and large plugs.

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This smart motion control electric screwdriver needs to be an essential in every home toolkit

With built-in shadowless lights, an internal motor with 5 modes of torque, and an OLED screen that tells you which direction the screwdriver is turning in, the SES PRO is a nifty tool that’s perfect for homes, offices, hobbies, and workshops. It’s also the shape and size of a pen, making it an incredibly handy and useful piece of hardware to work with – unlike those bulky drills or like those manual screwdrivers that require a fair bit of elbow grease.

Designers: Yin Liu, Shi Teng Yuan & Chun Hiu Tseung of Arrowmax

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Features smart motion control, smart torque force, OLED display, 5 torque settings, continuously variable transmission (CVT) and weighs only 52g.

Smart Motions – The SES PRO is instructed and commanded by the direction you twist your wrist. Gently rotate direction (left/right) to tighten or loosen the screws.

Designed to be like your own tiny handheld drill, the SES PRO is perfect for assembling, disassembling, and fixing gadgets and small products – notably electronics or items like watches/spectacles. It comes with its own motor, capable of delivering anywhere between 0.5 to 2 of torque, and a 32-bit microprocessor that can cleverly determine and adjust the speed, direction, and torque of the driver based on use. Armed with 34 replaceable bits, the SES PRO easily lets you teardown, repair, and assemble items around you.

The comparison to the electric drill is rather fitting, given that the SES PRO scales the drill down to its smallest possible form factor. Measuring 5.3 inches in length, the SES PRO’s pen-like form factor makes it really easy to grip and maneuver with a single hand. Four lights located at its tip illuminate the drilling spot without casting shadows, and a magnet inside the driver helps attach driver bits and pick up screws with ease (the driver bit tray demagnetizes them later). The SES PRO even comes equipped with its own inbuilt 500 mAh battery that lets it wirelessly operate for 2 full hours, and a USB-C port lets you charge it in between uses.

Torques – The SES PRO allows you to digitally select from 5 torque settings, A-1-2-3-4, ranging from, giving you superb control and the power needed.

The smart screwdriver gets its ‘smart’ distinction from its ability to take the guesswork and effort out of working with electronics. The SES PRO comes with 4 modes of torque to choose from, and an automatic mode that variably adjusts the torque on the fly as well as the direction. Just begin turning the screw clockwise or anticlockwise and the driver intuitively starts rotating in that direction. An OLED screen gives you a glimpse of the torque the driver is rotating at, as well as the direction and the driver’s overall battery level.

De-magnetizer – Placed the tips back on the magnetised tray when it gets weaker.

Each SES PRO comes with its own kit including 34 swappable driver bits (featuring the most commonly used bit types) in a compact tray that even demagnetizes the bits after they’ve been used. For more hard-to-reach screws, the SES PRO also has its own 62mm long extension tip that fits between the driver and the bit, letting you access tamper-proof screws in laptops and other electronics.

28 bits will be included in the SES MINI version.

The SES PRO is even accompanied by its smaller, equally handy variant, the SES Mini – although it doesn’t come with an OLED screen, has a smaller 350 mAh battery, and only has a single 1.5 torque output.

Both the SES PRO and SES Mini come in nifty, easy-to-carry aluminum metal cases, and in the interest of the environment, don’t come pre-packaged with a USB-C cable, although you can use your current USB-C charger to juice the smart screwdrivers up. The SES PRO Smart Motion Control Electric Screwdriver is the winner of the 2021 Red Dot Product Design Award for their innovative, state-of-the-art design.

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Meet the first zirconia ceramic wireless charger that was designed to be repaired, upgraded, and used forever

Contrary to popular belief, the job of a tech company isn’t to make new products. It’s to make more money. The new product each year is just a path to increasing your company’s profits. Apple releases a new phone each year, designed to be better than the last, while older phones stop supporting software upgrades. They also make sure the AirPods batteries eventually die out within roughly a year, so you’re incentivized to buy the new edition. Obviously, it isn’t just Apple, it’s every hardware or software company – and that has a pretty sad consequence on the design of a product. It’s called planned obsolescence, which means your gadget is designed to eventually be thrown out.

Designer: Charles Duffy

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Planned obsolescence is a relatively new concept – old cars, telephones, toasters, radios, watches, they were all designed to easily be fixed with a little perseverance and a tool kit. Not so much the new products, which are designed with complicated circuitry, intricate robotic assemblies, and often a hermetically sealed design that’s completely tamper-proof. Take your wireless charger for example. Chances are you don’t know how it works or what’s on the inside, and if it stopped working, you wouldn’t pick up a screwdriver, you’d just pick up your phone and buy another one on Amazon.

Designed without adhesives and can be taken apart in 20 seconds. If anything goes wrong, you can replace only what’s needed.

Designer Charles Duffy wants to change that fundamental approach. Biscuit, his first product on Kickstarter, is shattering the belief that tech should be replaceable. Instead, the wireless charger is purpose-built to be easy to use, understand, and upgrade. Designed with a stunningly smooth and luxurious Zirconia ceramic body, Biscuit is robust and damage-resistant, which makes it less prone to breakage, and has a replaceable assembly on the inside, which means you can just swap out the parts if and when you want or need to!

It isn’t often that you see wireless chargers made from Zirconia. It’s a relatively high-end material often found in premium knives, watches, and more prominently, in dental caps. Zirconia’s known for its smooth finish and the fact that it’s about as hard as a diamond. It seemed almost natural for Duffy to choose Zirconia as the material of choice for Biscuit – not only did it give the wireless charger a slick, smooth, premium look and feel, it also made the wireless charger practically invincible. Buy it once, use it forever, because wireless charging’s probably here to stay for another few decades.

Biscuit’s design doesn’t use a single adhesive. Every part is either screwed or press-fitted in place, making it easy to open it up. The Zirconia body comes with a soft silicone pad on the top (to keep your phone on) and a silicone ring at the bottom to prevent the charger from slipping or scratching your table. On the inside, it comes fitted with a 15W wireless charging coil that can easily be replaced or upgraded as time goes by. Duffy plans on releasing upgraded coils with time and as the technology progresses, giving users the ability to retain their Biscuit charger for years and simply beef up its internals as and when they want.

The slick little puck-shaped charger comes in all-white, a Zirconia-graphite black, or a mixed ‘Panda’ color-way. The charger ships with a neat braided nylon USB-C cable that tucks right underneath the puck as it plugs in, managing the wire so all you have is a monolithic disc-shaped charger and a matching cable emerging from inside it. Beautiful, no? Also a little bittersweet that there isn’t a single wireless charger out there that claims to be repairable.

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This 2-way Dash Cam keeps an eye on the road as well as inside your car with 2K video + Sony night vision

The outward-facing 2K camera helps capture the road ahead in stunning detail, while the inner 1080p camera records your own episode of Carpool Karaoke! VAVA’s Dual Dash 2K camera ticks a bunch of rather useful boxes. The cameras stay active 24×7 (even at night) and can automatically detect and record an accident (even when you’re not in the car or when the car’s parked). A steering-wheel remote lets you easily click pics or record videos on demand, and all the footage the camera records goes right to your smartphone for storing, reviewing, and sharing – either on social media or with the authorities!

Designer: Lauren Long

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It’s surprising that dashcams don’t come built right into every single car. Portable cameras have existed long before CD players have, right? Well, be that as it may, the lack of integrated dashcams in most cars really makes it easy for companies like VAVA to design products tailor-made to the different needs of the people using them. The 2-camera setup of the VAVA Dual Dash 2K Cam is perfect for capturing what’s happening outside the car as well as inside, working wonderfully for fun road-trip videos for the average driver, as well as a neat security measure for Uber/Lyft and other cab drivers.

The front and rear cameras are fitted with Sony sensors that can record at 30fps (to capture things your eyes could miss in a blink), as well 4 IR lights to help them record in low-light settings, and an internal GPS to add location metadata to your videos. A G-sensor within the cameras instantly kicks in when the dashcam detects an accident or collision, and the camera instantly begins saving the video to your camera roll (it saves pre-rolled footage too), working even when the engine is powered off, and automatically locking the data for insurance claims. The wide-angle front camera and the rear-facing camera have a pretty expansive POV, capturing everything ahead of you, behind you, as well as beside you too.

The VAVA Dual Dash 2K Cam attaches to any windshield using a high-strength suction pad. A neat wire-management system lets you connect the camera to your car’s power supply, and a driver-facing mini-display lets you see what the camera sees, working as a bonafide digital rear-view mirror. The dashcam sports an easy-access control panel on its base that lets you navigate the interface as well as switch off the rear-camera for privacy reasons, and a steering-wheel-mounted Snapshot Remote lets you instantly click photos and videos without taking your hands off the wheel. The dashcam comes with its own SD card for offline video storage, although all the videos you save get instantly sent to the VAVA app on your phone too! And just in case you’re wondering, yes, you can live-stream the camera feed right to your Facebook or IG for the ultimate road-trip or carpool karaoke vlog!

Click Here to Buy Now: $159.99 $199.99 ($40 off with coupon code “YANKO”). Hurry, sale ends July 22nd.