This IKEA-worthy self-cleaning litter box is possibly the best looking one we’ve ever seen

It would be an absolute disservice to cats (and the designers) to call the Circle Zero a litter box. Designed almost like an art installation, the Circle Zero is, well, a smart-sculpture your cat can relieve itself in. It looks sort of like a Fortress of Solitude for felines, given its planetary shape, and boasts of a feature list that’s as futuristic as its overall design.

The Circle Zero from PLUTO is a smart litter box that takes care of your cat’s business. Designed to be fully automated, fully enclosed, and exceptionally silent, the litter box comes with a completely enclosed design to provide a private experience. Sensors on the box detect the presence of the cat, and wait for a full 7 minutes after they’re done to automatically (and silently) scoop the waste from the litter and store it separately while completely containing and eliminating any odor too. Once the waste compartment is full, you can use any bag or liner to collect it and throw it away. The Circle Zero works with any brand of kitty litter and comes with two types of scoop-designs. Sensors within the box (although it’s technically a sphere) keep track of your cat’s routines and can notify you via an app if any irregularities are spotted. The litter box monitors your cat(s) to give you information that may be of relevance to your veterinarian, and yes, the Circle Zero does support (and can individually track) multiple cats.

The Circle Zero’s ultimate value proposition is its combination of aesthetics and automation. Designed to appear classy (and practically something you’d find in an IKEA catalog), the Circle Zero truly looks like the kind of device you’d want to keep in your living room. Its ability to automatically segregate and separate waste even offsets those duties from pet-owners, giving you some peace of mind while giving your furry friends a classy, clean, and quiet port-a-loo to go about their business in. I’m sure your felines would give it a double thumbs-up if they could!

Designer: Hae Min Yang

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Circle Zero – Zero-Odor Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The Circle Zero automatically cleans cat waste, 7 minutes after the cat leaves the litter box.

The patented scoop rotates 360° all the way to the bottom. Clumped up litter and turds are filtered and dropped to the back of the unit into the waste container. After cleaning, the scoop will rotate backward to flatten out the litter bed.

Circle Zero Features & Benefits

Safety sensor activated.

Quietly scoops any litter.

Zero-odor measurement. Circle Zero was tested with a SHINYEI Japan IAQ OMX-RSM Odor Meter. The video above measure the OMX-SRM in real-time.

– Before sealing the waste bin with the Circle Zero dome shell, the odor measurement was 33 units.
– After sealing, odor measurement was down to 0.
– There is no need for any filter to control odors.
– No monthly extra costs.

Any clumping litter will do – No need to purchase special litter or liners.

No Special Accessories Required

Circle Zero comes with your choice of scooping devices.

Smart Health-care Mobile App

The Setup

Watch the video on how to set up.

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Ditch those dirty cloth masks, this reusable silicone face mask makes it easy to breathe 99% clean air

The N95 mask is great the same way the Prius is great. It’s affordable, popular, a lot of people have it, and it does what it says it’s going to do. However, compare the Prius to a Tesla Model S and you realize where it falls short. Its popularity aside, the N95 has some pretty obvious shortcomings – whether it’s the fact that it gets dirty and needs washing or the fact that a flimsy mask can actually press up against your nose, making it marginally difficult to breathe. That being said, N95 masks work for some people, like healthcare workers, or industrial workers who often operate on a budget… but that format doesn’t really work for regular consumers. The LMP S2 is designer Mark Austen’s attempt at creating the Tesla of masks. It fundamentally does the same things the N95 does, but does a noticeably better job, and looks great too.

The LMP S2 is the product of a new normal, where masks may just be as common as wearing shades because it’s sunny out. While we’re all working as a global community to battle this virus and end the shelter-at-home orders that are in place as a result, there’s no definitive date for when to stop wearing masks… and since we’re probably going to be wearing them for at least the foreseeable future, Mark Austen believes consumers deserve better than the N95 masks we have out there today.

The LMP S2 improves on the N95 by ditching the fabric construction for silicone, which isn’t just comfortable, it’s easier to clean and is food-grade. Making the entire mask from silicone ensures a perfect, practically air-tight fit every time, while the soft elastomeric material is much easier on the skin, allowing you to wear the mask for longer without feeling any discomfort. The LMP S2’s silicone body takes the shape of faces, ensuring a universal fit, while an internal frame keeps the mask’s shape intact, so it doesn’t buckle and collapse every time you inhale. Fitted onto the front of the LMP S2 is a layered N99 and activated carbon filter that allows you to easily inhale 99% fresh air with every breath you take. The mask even features a dual-valve setup on each side that doubles the amount of air flowing into and out of the mask, effectively preventing the humidity in your breath from getting trapped inside the mask, keeping you fresh at all times. The result is a mask that looks, feels, and performs better than an N95.

The mask’s silicone construction is also incredibly easy to clean. Given that silicone is naturally heat resistant, you can simply take the filters out and place the mask in boiling water to sanitize it, killing any germs that may be lingering on the surface. The removable filters are designed to be periodically replaced too, so you just need to switch filter-linings every few months, rather than throwing out your cloth mask every time it gets dirty. The LMP S2 begins shipping in June and comes in a variety of colors, although my go-to would obviously be black… because why pass up an opportunity of looking like Darth Vader?

Team this with the LPM Touch and you are set!

Designer: Mark Austen

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LMP S2 – Reusable Protective Silicone Face Mask

Made in the EU, the LMP S2 is a reusable silicone face mask with replaceable FFP3/N99 filters.

Click Here to Buy Now: 1 mask & 10 filters for $33 $38 (17% off). Raised over $750,000.

This fully mechanical rotisserie machine fits right into your oven!

There’s a rather fascinating episode of Ugly Delicious on Netflix that’s dedicated exclusively to rotating meats. The concept of evenly cooking a piece of meat using a rotating method has existed for thousands of years and can be found in practically every cuisine. The job of rotating the meat was usually designated to a lowly individual known as the ‘spit jack’, and one of Da Vinci’s contraptions even tried to mechanize it, so that it would automatically rotate without needing someone to manually turn it. In fact, the complexities of Da Vinci’s contraption eventually went on to stimulate the invention of the clock! Eventually, the rotisserie was born, and it found its way into European cooking. The idea was to horizontally rotate the meat over a fire, and gradually it evolved into the rotisserie oven which cooked the meat from the top as well as the bottom, while a plate under the rotating meat helped collect the dripping fat. Heck, my mouth’s watering already.

The ROTO-Q 360 helps evolve that setup a wee bit further by scaling it down and making it more affordable + accessible. Designed to slide right into any regular oven or be placed on a pellet grill, smoker, or even a campfire, the ROTO-Q 360 is a foldable spring-operated rotating spit that doesn’t use electricity, fuel, or gas. It comes with an easy-to-store foldable design that opens out and fits in any standard oven. The spring-loaded gearbox at one end lets you set the rotating time, while a set of skewers let you mount your meat right onto the ROTO-Q 360 and into the oven. All you do then is run the oven like you normally would, and your roast-chicken turns into a fancy rotisserie chicken. The rotating setup helps your meat cook evenly while staying incredibly juicy on the inside, because the fat with it keeps getting circulated within the meat. For the excess fats that drip off the meat, the ROTO-Q 360 features a nifty bed-tray below the rotating skewers… a design detail that has two-fold benefits. Not only does the dripping fat make your meat less oily (and more healthy), you can even layer the bed-tray with veggies and have them cook right in the fat, giving you rotisserie meat and roasted veggies all in one single cook!

Things get even more interesting when the ROTO-Q 360’s add-ons come into play. The various add-ons help you cook more than just a whole chicken, allowing you to use your oven in a variety of interesting ways. Aside from the standard rotisserie rod, the ROTO-Q 360 packs newfangled attachments like multiple kebab skewers, sausage-cradles for hot-dogs, steak cages, and cylindrical rotisserie cages for baking stuff you’d normally fry, like chicken-wings. With a little bit of creativity, you could even roast your own coffee beans in your oven too! The attachments retrofit right onto the ROTO-Q 360, which universally fits in every household oven, giving you the ability to do more with it and take it to new levels.

Designed to put a rotisserie in every home (because buying a special rotisserie oven could set you back a couple of grands), the ROTO-Q 360 costs a mere $49 and comes in all-metal and folds right down to easily fit into a drawer when not in use. Cleverly designed with spring-loaded mechanical components, the ROTO-Q 360 can rotate for a full 60 minutes at a time. When you’re done, the rotating gearbox slides right off, allowing you to put the rest of the rotisserie in a dishwasher, or even clean it in your kitchen sink. The entire setup weighs a little over 5 pounds, and can be used either at home, or carried over to a friend’s house or barbecue party. Along with those attachments, the ROTO-Q 360 lets you cook up a veritable storm, doing much more than making a 5-star rotisserie chicken, allowing you to foray into seafood, red meats, and even roast veggies in a variety of ways. Designed to upgrade your roasting repertoire, much like a good cast-iron skillet upgrades your pizza-baking repertoire, the ROTO-Q 360 helps you make great tasting, healthy food… right in your oven!

Designer: Susie Wen

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ROTO-Q 360 – The Non-Electric Rotisserie Cooking Machine

Taking up minimal space, ROTO-Q 360 self-rotating appliance, automates the entire rotisserie process so that all you need to do is set it up, turn it on, and let it do its job. ROTO-Q 360 does not need any power, gas, or fuel to run, so you never need to worry about keeping any tanks filled or charged either.

Fits into Your Oven

The ROTO-Q 360 has been engineered to fit into any home. If you own an oven – and everyone owns an oven – you can put ROTO-Q 360 into your kitchen. This is a portable device that you can set up as you need it, even carting it off somewhere else for the night.

Key Features:

– Non-electric design
– Healthier Choice
– Easy to Clean
– Easy to Store
– Indoor / Outdoor
– Durable

Money-saving Appliance

The ROTO-Q 360 has achieved perfection in cooking the rotisserie cousins while cutting down cooking time by as much as 30%. Since the ROTO-Q 360 brings down the cooking time, energy expenditure is also less which in turn saves your money.

Traditional methods of rotisserie cooking require industrial-style appliances with electric driven motors. These devices are much more expensive (ranging from $250-$600) also not portable and take up a large amount of space in your kitchen.

Furthermore, cooking chicken in a crockpot or tray by roasting or baking takes a long time to prep 5-6 hours, and sometimes leaves it uncooked or soggy from the bottom side. ROTO-Q 360 will never cause this problem because it cooks the food from all sides through its 360 degrees rotating mechanism. So there is no need for adjusting, stirring or flipping in the middle of cooking, and no more rubbing more butter or oil.

Non-Electric Design

Patent-Designed Gear Box

Utilizing a gearbox that stores kinetic energy when the knob of the device is turned, the ROTO-Q 360 does not require any additional electricity or fuel to operate. The cooking time can be set by manually turning the knob a specified number of rotations, to achieve the optimal cooking time for a wide array of food items.

Healthier Choice – 90% Less Fat

As the food turns, unwanted fats and grease drip down into the drip tray for healthier results.

Roto-Q setup.

Rotisserie in action: speed up 8x

Easy to Clean & Dishwasher Safe

Completely non-electric, ROTO-Q 360 could not be any easier to clean. The components pull apart for simple rinsing, cutting down drastically on the clean-up time after every meal. Much easier to clean than a traditional rotisserie machine.

Space-Saving Design

The ROTO-Q 360 is a portable device that you can set up as needed, even for chefs on the go. It folds down into a size that will fit into any kitchen drawer as well, and it will not take up counter space, unlike other bulky food machines.

Enjoy Rotisserie On To Go

Simply place ROTO-Q 360 on indoor/outdoor grill or fire pit as a heating source and the ROTO-Q 360 rotisserie do the rest. While your food is being cooked, the ROTO-Q 360 will continuously rotate to ensure that your food is evenly cooked throughout.

The entire unit weighs in just 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg), the portable size ROTO-Q 360 could easily fit in any backpack making it a perfect companion for hikers, campers, outdoor enthusiasts to carry around. The compact design of the ROTO-Q 360, makes it convenient to transport the device and attach it to Gas/Charcoal grills, fire pits, etc. for use while traveling, camping, or tailgating.

ROTO-Q 360 Possibilities

The ROTO-Q 360 can cook various types of meat, fish and poultry (up to 5 lbs.) in 60 mins. or less. Additionally, by utilizing one of the many accessory attachments available for the device, you can further utilize your ROTO-Q 360 to cook other non-meat food items, such as potatoes, fries, and roasted vegetables.

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This magnetic modular organizer is the productivity booster your portable setup needs!

Take the convenience of the fridge-magnet system and bring it to the humble organizer and you’ve possibly got a revolution on your hands. The fridge-magnet system lets people fix their keys, bottle openers, grocery lists, and family photos to the refrigerator door, so what if we just used that very same system to fix our EDC and work essentials to a binder that we could carry along with us… like an iPad but for our physical items as opposed to digital ones.

Created by LHiDS Creative, the MagEasy Folio and MagEasy Board use a combination of powerful magnets to help keep you organized and productive. The magnetic system, embedded within a durable and waterproof board, allows you to neatly arrange your life, from your keys and phone to your stationery, notepad, wallet, or even passport. The board and folio provide a canvas for MagEasy’s series of magnetic accessories which are powerful enough to hold keys in place as well as securely store your smartphone or wallet. MagEasy’s novel approach to organizing allows you to store all your everyday essentials in one place, so you don’t have to dig in your pocket for your wallet or keys, or in your bag for your pen, or a thumb-drive. Everything resides within MagEasy’s portable folio, parked perfectly in place so you can easily (and that’s really the keyword here) access your belongings, whether it’s to quickly note down ideas or minutes of a meeting, access your house keys, or grab your credit card to quickly pay for coffee. MagEasy’s board provides a similar solution that’s better suited for productive people who want their desks to remain clutter-free. The board props upward, storing all your stationery and office supplies on a vertical platform, keeping them visible, accessible, while allowing your desk to stay clutter-free. You can easily interchange elements between the Folio and Board panels too, giving you the freedom to always be organized, whether you’re a desk-sitter or a nomadic worker. Pretty smart, eh?

Designer: LHiDS Creative

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MagEasy: A Modular Magnetic Organizing Kit

Solution for WorkFromHome, MagEasy is a portable, customizable and catch-all organizing kit that keeps your items tidy & boosts productivity.

The MagEasy greatly helps you boost your output at work by keeping your stuff in one place instead of scattering around, turning any desktop into a personalized and private workspace, so you can easily stay organized and focused.

It adopts a fully-customizable and expandable magnetic modular design which allows you to utilize every square inch of it to store and arrange your items of daily use.

Peter von Panda shows us the various features of the MagEasy.

Meet the MagEasy Family

The Board, the Folio and the magnetic modules work together seamlessly as one unified system to cleverly keep you organized all day.

The magnetic modules on the Folio and the Board are easily swappable, enabling you to always stay organized, whether you are sedentary or nomadic.

Transport all your stuff without making a mess.

The MagEasy Board

The MagEasy Board is a self-standing desktop organizer. With the MagEasy Board, you will always have a clear view of and easy access to your most needed items, helping keep your mind refreshed and concentrated on the main tasks.

The MagEasy Board remains steady and still on its foldable support without sliding around on the desk. Thanks to its Red Dot Award winning-design, any document, note, phone or tablet will be held at a 60° comfortable and healthy viewing angle.

The Board can be easily transformed into an ultra slim flat in just one second and stowed away in any drawer.

Snap the whole MagEasy organizer onto magnetic surfaces.

MagEasy’s organizing experience has just got even better with its collaboration with MOFT – an invisible and foldaway magnetic phone stand. When the MOFT is folded, you can easily attach your phone to the Board or Folio for organization while propping it up for hands-free viewing and calling.

The MagEasy Folio

With the MagEasy Folio’s organizing mechanism, your fumbling-for-things-in-your-bag days are behind you. Your keys, cards, pens, flash drive, wallet are all well-organized in the Folio for quick and easy access in case of emergency.

The built-in strong magnets are TSA-approved and allowed on the flight.

Each MagEasy Folio comes with 40 sheets A5-size filler paper (only 70gsm) in a wide variety of patterns to best fit your needs. It helps you capture and prioritize ideas, plans and to-do lists, so nothing falls through the cracks.

MagEasy Folio fits easily in any handbag or backpack so your frequently used items are always right at your fingertips from place to place.

The only limit to its applications is your imagination. Use it separately as a cable tie, a business cards case or a fridge magnet.

Magnetically stuck to the Folio, MagEasy’s slim passport case makes a perfect companion for the minimalist traveler. Not only does it securely hold and offer RFID protection to your passport, but it also features multiple interior card slots for easy access to credit cards, ID and money.

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Move over Dyson… this hair dryer is cordless, portable, and half the price

Ever wondered why mainstream hair dryers never went wireless? Well, there’s a variety of complicated reasons, but if you look for it, you may actually spot a trend. Most travel irons aren’t ever wireless too, or up until very recently, hair-straighteners. The unraveling list of reasons usually ranges from simple quips like ‘they don’t need to be’ or ‘there isn’t a market for it’ to more complex ones like them having really high power requirements, or them being heat-based (which actually makes sense because heat and lithium-ion batteries do not make great friends).

There will, however, always be exceptions and outliers in every category… like the AER, which beat most companies to the wireless hair dryer game (even the big ones, like Philips and Dyson). The AER cuts the cord on hair drying, turning it into a portable product you can use anywhere without worrying about being near a power outlet. Built with lithium-silicone batteries that are stored in the hair dryer’s handle (far away from the heating coil), the AER makes a significant upgrade to the hair dryer… a product that hasn’t seen much innovation in practically a century. Designed to be sufficiently advanced, the AER isn’t just wireless, it’s smart too. Sensors within the dryer analyze the air quality and humidity around you, modifying the heat-setting to suit the environment you’re in. The batteries themselves provide up to 4 hours of usage on a full charge, and if at any point of time you find yourself with a low battery, the AER works with a cord too, connecting to the nearest power socket.

Hair Dryers haven’t fundamentally changed since the 1920s, where they first became hand-held. The concept has always remained the same, pushing a gust of air through a heated coil – with a few modifications down the road including temperature settings and foldable handles. The AER, however, turns it into a portable, intuitive, smart device with an AI chip and as many as 13 sensors that monitor ambient air temperature and humidity and automatically control the dryer’s settings (like air-flow, temperature, and drying time) to best suit your hair, along with a DC Ionizer that helps de-frizz hair that’s difficult to work with! A clever LED ring sits at the very rim of the dryer’s air outlet, letting you know the temperature of the air through color. The AER eventually learns over time to perform better while saving energy, and a companion smartphone app provides you with expert tips, helping guide you in realtime (thanks to an accelerometer in the AER) as you dry your hair in new styles. Pair this with the AER’s wireless nature and you’ve got yourself an appliance that quite literally blows the competition away (pardon the pun!)

The batteries make the AER significantly larger than most other hair dryers, but the benefits outweigh the size drawback. The AER can be carried in travel cases on holidays, or even in large purses and travel make-up kits for people who need to look their best anytime anywhere. It also means that you can immediately dry your pets off too after a bath in the garden or a rainy day instead of having them drip all the way till the bathroom. It can be used in its cordless mode for the most part, and comes with its own charging dock that lets you power it when not in use. Running low on battery? Just plug a cable in and use the AER like a regular corded hair dryer… no biggie! The AER hair dryer comes with salon-grade attachments right in the box, and even has three incredibly chic colors to choose from… and for a dryer that’s probably twice as innovative as Dyson’s Supersonic, the wireless, untethered AER hair dryer comes with practically half the price tag.

Designer: AER

Click Here to Buy Now: $189 $389 (51% off). Hurry, only 82/500 left! Raised over $120,000.

AER – High Performance, Artificially Intelligent, Cordless Hair Dryer

AER is the world’s first cordless, artificially intelligent hair dryer.

AER hair dryers can seamlessly go from corded to cordless. They use less heat to tend to your tresses, helping to optimize health and shine, while the AI technology adjusts to your styling preferences, you can transform your look easily and quickly.

The AER hair dryer’s ergonomic and lightweight design (2 lbs) also provides the flexibility modern life demands, meaning you can blow dry your hair from any room in the house, and wherever you go.

Here is what hair stylists are saying.

Hair Dryer That Knows You

With 13 built-in sensors, the AER hair dryer’s artificial intelligence system learns how you like to dry your hair and optimizes the heat and fan speed for a healthy blow dry. AER is also the only hair dryer with a DC ionizer.

The AER dryer is designed to team-up with their smartphone app, which unlocks expert tips to help you make the most of your AER drying experience and keep your locks healthy and beautiful. Continual connectivity enables your AER dryer to keep getting smarter, tailoring the drying experience perfectly to your preferences.

World’s Most Eco-friendly Hair Dryer

For every 100 standard dryers replaced with an AER hair dryer, they remove the energy equivalent of 4.5 car emissions from the road annually.

That’s because they reinvented the hair dryer from the inside out. A standard hair dryer operates at 1500 watts. Due to AER’s technology, you get a fast hair dry with healthier results at just 500 watts.

Click Here to Buy Now: $189 $389 (51% off). Hurry, only 82/500 left! Raised over $120,000.

This wearable belt-bottle makes it easy to carry hand sanitizer with you wherever you go

Whether it’s the hand-sanitizer you bought from Walgreens or Amazon, or the hand-sanitizer you made from scratch at home with aloe-vera and isopropyl alcohol, storing the liquid is almost always an afterthought. You see, if and when your hands have germs on them, the last thing you want to do us use both your hands to take a bottle out of your backpack, fumble with the cap, and THEN spray the sanitizer on your hands. When you actively need to touch multiple objects in the very process of sanitizing your hands, you’re actively (and constantly) leaving germs on those areas. The most effective way to sanitize hands is to touch as fewer surfaces as you can in the endeavor. Makes sense, right?

Designed almost like a holster for your hand-sanitizer, Go.C is a neat, ergonomic bottle that’s easy to carry, easy to use, and has one very clear mission statement – swift-action sanitization. Designed to be clipped to your pants (or your belt), the Go.C lets you press a trigger to deploy a spray of sanitizer. No using two hands, fumbling with bottle caps, and potentially losing bottle caps in the process. The Go.C sits in a place that’s easy to access with a single motion, and you’re just one-button press away from sanitization. In fact, the process is so intuitive and easy you could do it with one hand, pressing with your thumb and having the sanitizer spray on the rest of your fingers.

The Go.C bottle comes constructed from recycled, non-toxic plastic (so you’re saving the earth too), and uses a hypoallergenic silicone trigger that lets you deploy sanitizer with a push. Its overall simple ergonomic form lets you grip it easily and comfortably and push the trigger without any hassle. Combine that with the belt-clip on the other side of the bottle and you’ve got yourself a hand-sanitizer that takes literally one step to use, so you aren’t touching pockets, zips, bottle caps, and a bunch of other surfaces in the process. Besides, the Go.C isn’t designed to be single-use either. You can easily refill the bottle multiple times from an inlet at the back, helping you save money and safeguard your health well beyond the pandemic!

Designer: WI Labs

Click Here to Buy Now: $19. Hurry, for a limited time only! Raised over $55,000.

Go.C – Personal Wearable Hand Sanitizer

The Go.C is a new contraption that allows you to hang your hand sanitizer directly at your beltline. Within the Go.C Sanitizer container, you’ll find a refillable tank of sanitizer that connects to a spraying device.

When you press the silicone button with your thumb, the Go.C Sanitizer will spray the optimal amount of sanitizer right into your palm, thereby letting you distribute sanitizer in an easy and efficient way while still avoiding any possibility of contamination.

Keep your Go.C within reach – attach Go.C to your belt, pocket, or bag for fast and efficient hygiene, and protection.

The ergonomic design allows for one-hand use – no juggling caps and bottles between hands.

The Go.C Sanitizer is completely carry-on friendly, with a capacity of 1.12 oz of liquid in comparison to airport regulations of 2 oz.

The Go.C Design

Designed for use with one hand, Go.C sanitizer’s minimalist packaging is the easiest and most environmentally conscious way to stay safe.

Easy mounting.

Use Go.C sanitizer on the move!


Go.C’s bottle design is reusable. When the sanitizer expires, refill with any sanitizer to keep on the move.

Made from recycled non-toxic plastic.

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Upgrade your home-cooking arsenal with this non-stick cast-iron skillet

Designed to incorporate the best features of a non-stick pan combined with performance and durability of cast-iron, the Prepd Skillet covers practically all grounds of the modern-day cuisine. You can use cast-iron skillets to roast, grill, fry, and even bake food, making it the very cornerstone of cooking, whether it’s at home or in restaurants – add to that Prepd’s uniquely polished and seasoned non-stick surface and the skillet easily forms the backbone of everything you cook, from a pizza to a steak, and from a basic stir-fry to an even-more-basic sunny-side-up egg.

The designers and fine connoisseurs at Prepd created the kind of skillet that could be the crown jewel of any kitchen. The cookware comes with a unique minimal design that features a pristine, polished cooking surface that’s designed to be naturally non-stick and grow better with time and each subsequent cook. A non-stick skillet even goes on to make food healthier because it automatically reduces the fat/oil needed to prepare food. Prepd’s skillets, available in 10″ and 12″ variants, are firstly cast in their molds at 2800°F to create a product that’s great at heat retention and distribution. After casting each skillet, the cooking surface is machine-finished and polished to reveal a remarkably smooth surface, before locking everything in with a coating of grapeseed oil and a high-temperature bake to make the seasoning permanent.

The guys at Prepd, however, didn’t just stop there. The Prepd team have developed a resource including hundreds of recipes to help you get the most out of your Prepd Skillet. Perfect for using on a gas cooktop, in an oven, or even on top of a barbecue grill, the Prepd is designed to give you remarkably tasty food each time for centuries to come, if maintained well! To help extend the lifespan of your Prepd Skillet, you can even opt for a nifty leather handle-grip and a long-lasting silicone trivet/mat to rest your hot skillet on after a long cook.

Designers: Will Matters & Chris Place of Prepd

Click Here to Buy Now: $89 $119 (25% off). Hurry, only 2 left! Raised over $2,370,000!

Prepd Skillet – The Ultimate Pan

Prepd Skillet combines non-stick convenience with the performance, versatility, and durability of cast-iron, to create the ultimate pan.

With a beautiful minimal aesthetic and polished smooth cooking surface, their skillet is unlike any cast-iron you’ve ever seen. With it, you can sear, bake, or fry with unbeatable results.

A Well Polished, Seasoned Performer

The cast-iron skillet is a durable and versatile workhorse, but the typically rough cooking surface means it’s not always a smooth operator, and food will occasionally stick. Through precision machining, they completely transform the cooking surface into one that’s perfectly smooth, making it naturally non-stick.

The key to high performing cast-iron is a quality seasoning. With Prepd Skillet, they done the hard work so you don’t have to. After polishing, they apply multiple coatings of grapeseed oil and extensive heat treatment so that it will outperform any other skillet, right out of the box.

Naturally Non-stick

The extra hours of polishing and seasoning result in an incredibly smooth, non-stick finish — so smooth that you can fry an egg on it, without it sticking to the pan. Prepd Skillet rivals even the most high end coated non-stick pans — without any of the synthetic chemicals, so you can cook at high heat without any worries.

The Most Versatile Pan

Unlike other types of pans, cast-iron cooks food evenly — not just on the surface. Cast-iron has far superior heat retention and volumetric heat capacity, emitting heat beyond the surface of the pan. This results in unbeatable sears, juicy roasts, and perfectly golden bakes that no other pan can offer.

Prepd Skillet does the job of a roasting pan, a stainless steel skillet, and a non-stick all in one.

Made to Last

Prepd Skillet is an investment that will last many generations, and better yet, it will only improve with age. Every use adds to the layers of seasoning, so your skillet will become even more non-stick the longer you use it.

A Recipe for Success

The team has created a resource of their favorite cast-iron dishes so that you’ll be able to find awesome new recipes to cook for breakfast, lunch or dinner. From simple one-pan meals to fancy dishes that will impress your friends, there’s a recipe for every occasion.

The Accessories

Made from high-grade leather, the Handle Cover protects you when the pan gets hot. The cover is perfectly contoured to fit the Prepd Skillet handle while still allowing you to easily slide the cover on and off.

The Table Trivet protects your dining table or kitchen surface so you can take your meal directly from the oven to the table. It’s perfect for entertaining. Made from premium silicone and with a unique ventilated design, the trivet is also easy to clean.

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The world’s first ‘convertible pillow’ transforms in shape to let you nap anywhere

First came the spoon, the fork, and the knife… then, in the interest of versatility and portability, someone fused them into the modern-day Spork, which integrates all three tools into one form, allowing you to eat any type of food anywhere with ease. Think of the napEazy as doing the same thing for pillows. Designed as a combination of the bed pillow, the back-rest pillow, the desk-pillow, and the neck-worn travel pillow, napEazy lets you comfortably nap anywhere, whether you’re sitting or lying down. Its design looks pretty ordinary at first, barring the presence of a parting line that runs vertically across its center. Pull the two halves apart and the parting line reveals a telescopic pole on the inside that helps extend the pillow, allowing you to prop one end on your lap as you use the other to rest your head as you’re sitting – enabling you to keep your spine straight as you nap. Close the pillow down and you’ve got yourself a perfectly compact regular pillow you can use in bed, in a park, on the beach, or anywhere you get the opportunity to stretch your legs while traveling. You can even go ahead and use it as an extension pillow to expand the area on those ridiculously narrow airline armrests!

The napEazy was designed to be the one go-to pillow you could use when you’re away from your own bed. Whether at work for those quick power naps, or during your long commute, or even while traveling, the napEazy’s all-in-one nature makes it, well, as the name suggests… easy to nap. The concept was incubated at Airbus Bizlab, before evolving into its own independent company. The napEazy’s two-part design uses a dual-layer memory foam that’s just the right amount of soft while also being water-repellent and hypo-allergenic. A travel-case-inspired telescopic rod allows the napEazy to split into two, turning it into a prop-up pillow you can use to help you sleep forward or sideways while sitting, keeping your spine straight to avoid aches or posture-related problems. The split-pillow can be used on flat surfaces too, allowing two people to share the same pillow at a distance.

napEazy’s pillow design is the result of months of conceptualizing at Bizlab, an incubator/accelerator run by Airbus, and rigorous testing and prototyping at Airbus’s ProtoSpace. Compact enough to be carried anywhere, and comfortable enough to induce sleep while sitting at a desk or in those airline seats, the napEazy gives you the benefits of a face-pillow as well as a neck pillow – in the avatar of a regular pillow that’s small enough to fit in most travel cases and backpacks. Besides, it even packs a convenient pouch that you can use to store quick go-to essentials like your phone, wallet, passport, or boarding pass. The napEazy comes in two sizes and in a wide gamut of colors… although knowing me I’d probably pick the black one, given that it looks classy and requires the least amount of maintenance… or the adorable Penguin-print one which easily doubles up as a plush toy for youngsters!

Designers: Arvind Kumaran, Pradipta Sahoo, Soham Patel and Shanavas MS

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napEazy – The World’s First Convertible Pillow

napEazy is the only pillow that facilitates front, side and back sleeping postures.

All you need to unlock napEazy’s potential is the push of the button to extend it to the length of your liking.

Ergonomic Design

Expert opinion on napEazy by Dr. Deepankar.

napEazy Features

Light Weight – Carry napEazy anywhere. Around 1.3lb.
Hypoallergenic – Dust Mite resistance. Lab certified.
Water Resistance – Forget about spills and stains.
Durable – Extensive user testing with 500 beta-testers.
Machine Washable – Easily wash the cover in your washing machine.

Dual-Layer Memory Foam – napEazy is made of dual-layer memory foam with differential density to give you comfort never experienced before.

Easy to Carry – Attach it to your bag; Slip it inside your bag; Slip it out.

Storage Pouch – For your small accessories so that you don’t lose them.

Powered by Biocrystal® – The combination of precisely defined quantity is a result of 9 year research. The ratio is ground and mixed in a special procedure with no added chemicals.

napEazy Styles – Available in Blush Cherry, Qtee Panda, Northern Lights Kiwi, Qtee Owl, Smokey Kiwi and Qtee Penguin.

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For every premium cloth mask you buy, this company donates a mask to medical professionals

The very point of wearing a face mask comes from a place of empathy. You wear a mask not only to protect yourself from the virus but to prevent yourself from accidentally spreading any germs to others. Wearing a mask is a way of showing that you respect and care for the people around you… but what if you could do a bit more than that and actually make a difference to more lives than the ones around you?

Masks2Heroes was built around the premise that doctors and medical staff are modern-day superheroes who don’t wear capes, but wear scrubs instead, and wear masks not to protect their identity, but to protect your health. The Masks2Heroes initiative, founded by a group of dedicated individuals from MIT, helps you truly make an impact on the world around you by helping supply medical staff and frontline workers with masks. How does it work? Well, for each mask you buy, medical practitioners are supplied with free KN95 masks that they can use to help further their cause and save people’s lives.

With the Masks2Heroes masks that you buy for yourself, you get to choose between two variants – a premium, stylish, reusable washable cloth mask, or a slightly trendier and more comfortable neck-bandana. The cloth mask looks classier than your conventional face mask and comes with a breathable cotton fabric construction and a PM2.5 filter for extra protection against viral particles, while the neck-bandana takes a more unique, comfortable, and exercise-friendly approach to face-protection. It extends down to your neck and can easily be worn or taken off whenever you want. The neck-bandana uses fabric that wraps around your entire face, making it as comfortable as being draped in a scarf, while being protected from microparticles and microorganisms. Made from moisture-wicking fabric, the bandanas are perfect for joggers and runners, providing nose and mouth protection while absorbing moisture… and since they cover the bottom of your face as well as your neck, they help protect you from harsh sunlight too. Both masks achieve 70%-90% protection efficacy based on published data from the University of Cambridge, helping protect you and others during the pandemic and compliant with government guidelines.

Fresh off the success of Phase 1 of their campaign which saw over 10,000 masks donated and 3,000 masks delivered to backers, the Masks2Heroes initiative is currently looking to supply a second round of face-equipment for medical staff and frontline workers. For each mask that you buy, the Masks2Heroes initiative supplies medical facilities with CE/FDA approved KN95 disposable masks. These masks help tackle the massive deficit of proper FDA-certified KN95 masks that hospital staff need to protect themselves against patients who may or may not be infected by the virus, as well as people coming in contact with these medical professionals who find themselves in harm’s way as they save others. The masks you buy (and subsequently donate), by extension, help save lives in the end too… so if doctors and nurses are the true superheroes, I guess that makes you their loyal sidekicks!

Designer: Masks2Heroes

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Masks2Heroes Part 2 – Get a Premium Fabric Mask, Give a Medical Mask

As many states reopen or plan to reopen soon, the phase 2 goal of Mask2Heroes is to raise $1 million and distribute more than 100,000 masks to front line heroes and provide 100,000 washable masks to individuals, corporations and communities.

When you purchase your own mask, you will also be donating a KN95 disposable surgical mask to one of their frontline heroes (Healthcare professionals and Essential workers). They are selling each mask at cost so that the mask is accessible to as many people as possible.

Their Story

Due to the severe lack of essential PPE in hospitals and the recent recommendation from the CDC advising the general public to wear cloths masks in public, a group of our MIT Sloan Executive MBA classmates pooled their expertise and resources in order to help.

The leader of the team, Dr. Ahmed Mady’s family, owns a textile manufacturing factory where they have dedicated two production lines to manufacture face masks at cost and have a production capacity of approximately 50,000 masks per week. They have also secured three suppliers who can provide more than 100,000 KN95 & Surgical disposable FDA approved, CDC certified masks for our frontline workers.

Their Masks

For the general public, the team has designed a face mask that is manufactured from cotton blend/100% cotton fabric. The masks are comfortable, washable and reusable for many times. These masks will achieve more than 70% protection efficacy based on published data from the University of Cambridge.

Face mask Bandana.

A new scientific rationale has indicated that wearing a fabric facemask creates a barrier that blocks projectile droplets during coughing, which may substantially reduce the production rate R, to an extent that may be comparable to social distancing and washing hands. This would then double the effect of mitigation in “flattening the curve”.

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