This Smart Rolling Ruler needs to be a part of every Designer, Architect, and Engineer’s tool kit

We’ve got AI practically inserting itself in every aspect of our lives and we’re still using old-fashioned measuring tapes and metal/plastic/wooden rulers to measure distances? That, I can’t tolerate.

Meet the NeoRulerGO, a tinier version of Hozo Design’s NeoRuler smart measuring device from last year. Having practically pioneered the concept of a rolling ruler powered by a smart chipset, Hozo Design’s earlier devices could measure curved surfaces, linear distances, random undulating lines, and even scale up or down measurements, converting units on the go. The only problem, if there ever was one, was that the gadgets weren’t really as small as a bundle of measuring tape. The NeoRulerGO, on the other hand, is roughly the size of a car’s keyfob, but can measure everything from millimeters to miles with stunning accuracy. Just roll the NeoRulerGO from point A to B, and distances get captured on its tiny display. You can then convert them, scale them, or send them to the MEAZOR app, which then lets you turn measurements into technical drawings in seconds.

Designer: Tiancheng Liang

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The NeoRulerGO is pocket-friendly in more ways than one. It costs a mere $49, weighs an ounce and a half, and is small enough to fit around a keychain, or even be attached to your belt loop to carry around. The compact size, however, doesn’t take away from how handy it is when it comes to measuring surfaces. Hold it the way you’d hold a keyfob, and roll it along straight or curved lines, or even between two corners. A laser guide helps you stay in line with 1mm accuracy, a screen helps you see how far you’ve come, and an app captures all your measurements for you to refer back to later.




The rolling ruler design makes the NeoRulerGO perfect for a whole variety of measurements. You can use it like a scale, measuring linear distances, or like a tape, measuring curved profiles. The roller allows you to keep going without running out of tape or exhausting the length of your scale, which means you could practically go on for yards and meters in one single movement. Meanwhile, a laser guide lets you know your start and end points, so you can measure even in tight spaces, from one corner to another, or even across complicated surfaces without losing your way or going off course. The laser line also improves your accuracy, allowing you to roll in a straight linear movement for perfect measuring. 93 built-in scales let you measure in both metric and imperial units, gathering distances and even calculating areas. Measuring a blueprint for a house? The NeoRulerGO can scale up your measurements, turning inches into feet, or giving you the ability to determine a scale of your choosing.

What makes the NeoRulerGO even more of a must-have for creatives is the fact that it comes with a snap-on stationery case. Given its compact form factor, the folks at Hozo Design decided to turn the device modular, allowing it to easily snap onto the NeoPencil Case. The long-ish case holds a NeoPencil Mini, but also serves as an ergonomic handle for the ruler, allowing you to roll/measure while holding comfortably. In between measurements, open the case and you’ll find a compact NeoPencil Mini inside. The pencil sports a classy aluminum alloy body, with an attachable graphite tip that can be replaced when dull or used up. The case’s lid holds 4 extra replaceable graphite tips, allowing you to sketch, edit, measure, and mark-up all in one device.

The NeoRulerGO is a tiny device that’s a mere 12mm (0.5 inches) thick and weighs just 45 grams or 1.5 ounces. A built-in battery gives it 90 days worth of use on a full charge, and for what it’s worth, the entire device is IP54 water and dust-resistant. The NeoRulerGO starts at a discounted $49, and for $109 you can upgrade to the premium bundle which includes the NeoPencil Case, a NeoPencil Mini, as well as other Hozo Design products like the NeoPencil Classic, and NeoStands with both color and black graphite nibs for the pencil.

Click Here to Buy Now: $49 $69 (30% off). Hurry, only a few left! Raised over $91,000.

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Lofree EDGE delivers the thin and light mechanical keyboard of your dreams

Some people consider computer keyboards to just be tools you have to bear with, but those who live and die by typing on a computer know just how important the design of a keyboard is. That’s why a lot of writers, developers, and even gamers prefer mechanical keyboards not just because of their sharp sounds but, more importantly, because of their tactile typing experience. Unfortunately, mechanical keyboards seem to have become synonymous with thick, heavy, and clunky keyboards because of the equally hefty mechanisms employed to deliver that experience. That doesn’t have to be the case, however, and this ultra-low-profile mechanical keyboard proves how you can have the best of both worlds with some outside-the-box thinking and creative design.

Designer: Shawn S.

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You can make a keyboard as thin as it can be, but you’re bound to make a lot of compromises to get there, from the quality of the build to the durability of the product to the satisfaction of every keystroke. Difficult, however, doesn’t mean impossible, and Lofree EDGE dares to take on the challenge of finding solutions to the problems that have been taken for granted. At only 485g light and 5.4mm thick at its thinnest point, you might even wonder if it’s a mechanical keyboard at all.

The secret is Lofree’s meticulous attention not just to materials but to the production process as well. It wasn’t enough to simply use just any carbon fiber to make the upper plate both durable and lightweight, Lofree EDGE employs a 3K Till Weave that takes that to the next level while also adding a luxurious aesthetic that your palms can actually feel. The light and heat-resistant magnesium alloy base isn’t just crafted using ordinary die casting but uses semi-solid casting instead to eliminate air pockets and increase the material’s toughness. And to do its part in helping to save the planet,

Lofree reuses the carbon fiber block cut out from the upper plate and turns it into a flat-packed stand for the keyboard. Assembling the stand becomes a playful and engaging experience, like putting together a puzzle, and delivers a handsome mount to place your keyboard on at the end of the day to keep your desk clear and clutter-free.

The Lofree EDGE is clearly just as or even more durable than mechanical keyboards twice its weight and thickness, but what about the actual typing experience? Refusing to make compromises, it uses specially designed Kaih POM 2.0 switches that deliver a travel distance of 2.4mm, a remarkable figure when you consider how thin the keyboard is. An innovative PCB-Gasket mount structure integrates these two critical parts of the keyboard into a unified piece, further reducing the thickness associated with mechanical keyboards. It combines solder-mounted switches and strategically positioned gaskets directly into the PCB, doing away with conventional positioning plates and hot-swappable switches that add thickness and heft to the keyboard. To further reduce its weight, Lofree EDGE replaces heavy silicone with lightweight foam for the internal filling. What you get from all of this is a comfortable and satisfying keyboard that doesn’t strain your fingers and joints, making the typing experience not only enjoyable but also potentially addictive.

The Lofree EDGE’s innovations don’t stop at the product design either. With the powerful Lofree Configurator software, Windows and, soon, Mac users will be able to customize their experience to fit their particular needs, from remapping keys to creating powerful macros. The keyboard supports both wired and wireless connectivity, giving you maximum flexibility in where and how you want to use the keyboard. Thin, light, and handsome, the Lofree EDGE redefines what a mechanical keyboard can be, delivering a comfortable and enjoyable typing experience that won’t weigh you or your wallet down. So if you want to enjoy the authentic feeling of a mechanical keyboard with the bulk and the heft, then there’s no better time than now to give your fingers the blissful typing experience they deserve and grab the Lofree EDGE now while it’s at a sweet, heavily discounted price.

Click Here to Buy Now: $149 $249 (40% off). Hurry, only 59/500 left! Raised over $310,000.

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LARQ just casually designed the world’s smartest self-cleaning water bottle

Let’s face it. Water is good, but single-use plastic isn’t. The folks at LARQ want to bridge that gap by making hydration easy for you and the planet. After working on a “self-cleaning” pitcher and bottle in the past, the company is back with the LARQ Bottle PureVis 2, or what just happens to be the most cutting-edge bottle we’ve seen. LARQ calls it the “ultimate hydration companion — which by all accounts appears to be true, with UV purification, filtration, hydration reminders, and app connectivity all rolled up in a neat well-designed package. The larger of the two sizes of bottles holds 1 liter of water, and periodically sanitizes using a UV light built into the bottle’s cap. Dubbed the “PureVis technology”, this system eliminates up to 99.9999% of bio-contaminants. Then, proprietary Nano Zero filters remove chlorine and PFOA/PFOS from your drinking water with each sip, ensuring your water is pure and tastes great. Each bottle is also accompanied by a hydration tracking system via the LARQ app which sets reminders to help you achieve your hydration goals. It’s a complex system that’s all designed with a singular goal — to help you drink more water without any of those single-use plastics making their way into our landfills and our Earth.

Designer: LARQ

Click here to Buy Now: $79 $119 ($40 off). Hurry, only 27/345 left! Raised over $528,000.

The LARQ Bottle PureVis 2 is an elegant upgrade to the company’s Bottle PureVis from 2017. The bottle keeps its flagship technology, PureVis™ to clean drinking water by killing bacteria and microorganisms like E.coli and Salmonella in seconds. In this second iteration, LARQ has added several nifty upgrades that we’ve all been waiting for. For the first time ever, LARQ Bottle PureVis 2 now has purification and filtration in one.

The two stages include a UV-purification stage that carries over from the PureVis Pitcher, a fan favorite for the home. The UV light kicks in automatically every two hours, or can be activated simply by pressing the button on top of the bottle’s lid, giving your water (as well as the bottle itself) a round of disinfection to obliterate 99.9999% of bio-contaminants. Sure, that’s a whole lot of 9s, but any math or science buff can tell you that it’s impossible to achieve 100% certainty. While the PureVis system works periodically, the bottle’s sipper comes outfitted with LARQ’s Nano Zero filters which remove harmful contaminants like Chlorine, Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS), chemicals that are often found in drinking water that are known to be bad for you. The Nano Zero filters trap these contaminants, ensuring your drinking water is pure beyond EPA standards for consumption.

Track: Set your goals to improve hydration. Remind: Customize reminders to elevate your hydration game. Insights: Turn insights into action and stay on top of your goals.

Clean water, however, as LARQ founder Justin Wang will tell you, isn’t the biggest problem when it comes to drinking adequate amounts of water — it’s that people simply forget to drink water. You can lead a horse to the river, as they say… but it takes that extra push to motivate you to drink enough water. That’s why LARQ is building a companion app that will integrate seamlessly with Bottle PureVis 2, which includes hydration tracking and reminders which connect to sensors in the Bottle PureVis 2 cap to light up when it’s time to take another sip. The app tracks your hydration, measures it against your goals, sends push notifications, and even ties in with your fitness app for an overall health analysis. If that somehow seems like technological overkill to you, the bottle even has a reminder LED ring around the lid that will tell you when it’s time to drink more water – a simpler way to get you hydrated more often.

Download the LARQ App: Track, monitor, and manage your LARQ Bottle PureVis™ 2

The entire purification system and hydration tracking tech fits perfectly into the LARQ Bottle PureVis 2’s elegant design. A double-wall insulated outer shell ensures your water stays at the temperature you want, a removable handle makes it easy to carry your bottle around with you, and the bottle’s lid encourages both sipping and swigging, catering to both kinds of drinking styles. A USB-C port on the lid helps charge your LARQ Bottle PureVis 2 with ease, one charge lasts 2-3 weeks of use. The bottle will come in 4 colors and two sizes – 680ml (23 oz) and 1 liter (34 oz), both of which are perfect for taking on the go. Pre-order now for up to $40 off the retail price.

Click here to Buy Now: $79 $119 ($40 off). Hurry, only 27/345 left! Raised over $528,000.

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What if AirPods had ChatGPT, could translate languages, and came with a touchscreen case?

Meet the Wooask TransBuds A8 – a pair of TWS earbuds that are so unique you’ll want to ditch your AirPods for them. Built with ChatGPT integration in the earbuds themselves, these wearables put the power of AI in your ear, actively translating 147 languages and accents in real-time, without an app. What’s better, if you do need to navigate through the TransBuds A8’s functionalities, you don’t even need to look at your smartphone, the earbuds case comes with a nifty 2-inch screen for both online or offline translation, as well as the ability to simply chat with ChatGPT the way Iron Man chats with JARVIS. Oh, and you can listen to music too.

Designer: Wooask Technology

Click Here to Buy Now: $179 $299 (40% off). Hurry, only 63/200 left!

The A8 translation earbuds facilitate real-time bidirectional translation, allowing two people to wear one earbud each for instant simultaneous interpretation.

The TransBuds A8 has a familiar design, albeit with a few VERY clever upgrades. Sure, you’ve got the white case with a flip-top lid that reveals two white earbuds… but on both hardware and software fronts, the TransBuds A8 are much more advanced than any regular TWS earbuds you’ll find on the market. For starters, the entire wearable has ChatGPT integration, giving you a voice assistant that is far more advanced than Google, Siri, or Alexa. You can simply tap the earphones to talk to ChatGPT, or access the AI through the unique interface built into the case. The case with a touchscreen is a welcome feature too – it eliminates the need for an app, and gives you a perfect standalone device that works without draining your phone’s battery or piggy-backing off your phone’s cellular network.

By leveraging ChatGPT’s vast knowledge base and natural language processing capabilities, users can enjoy more than just translation assistance.

The presence of AI isn’t just a bandwagon feature, it helps aid the TransBuds A8’s core value proposition – the ability to actively translate 77 languages and 70 accents in real-time, giving you the ability to pretty much travel anywhere in the world without a language barrier. The interaction is swift and seamless, either share an earbud with someone and have bi-directional conversations in two separate languages, and the earbuds will actively translate both of them simultaneously, or use the earbuds and case together to have a conversation with a local. The earbud-sharing method is perfect for in-person meetings and other long conversations. Each person wears one earbud like a Bluetooth earpiece of sorts, and the TransBuds A8 listens to what the opposite person is saying, and translates it for you right in your ear. A transcript of your entire conversation gets captured as a text thread on the TransBuds A8’s screen, and can be saved for later, allowing you to quickly and easily transcribe an entire meeting using the power of AI.

Alternatively, the case itself comes with a microphone and powerful speakers, allowing you to use just the case as a translator device. Hold it up and speak into it, and the TransBuds A8 lets you have a conversation with a local or a stranger without needing to share an earpiece. A powerful mic and speaker system allow you to easily converse with people even around ambient noise, while the display on the case does a good job of allowing people to read the translated text if they can’t hear the translated audio.

The case, frankly, is more of a smartphone that houses earbuds than just your average charging case. It runs on a Qualcomm Quad-Core Processor and earbuds use a Qualcomm 3040 chipset that allows it to translate 147 languages and accents with a latency of 0.5 seconds and an impressive 98% accuracy. The 2-inch screen has an app drawer that lets you access the TransBuds A8’s different features, even letting you tap into the offline translation feature that works with 16 popular languages. Buttons on the side of the case let you increase or decrease the case’s volume, or even go back to the home screen while navigating the interface.

The earbuds are remarkable too, with an ergonomic design, and a dual-mic setup that powers the ENC (Environment Noise Cancelation) feature to help you speak and hear clearly even if you’re in a noisy environment. The earbuds have a translation time of 5 hours, and a regular battery life of 35 hours along with the case that doubles as a charging dock for the buds. 16 gigabytes of in-built memory means you can even load your favorite MP3 files right onto the case, turning it into a makeshift iPod Touch that plays music directly without a streaming app or pairing with your phone. You can, however, pair the earbuds with your phone to listen to music, watch movies, or take calls too.

Quite the all-round device, the TransBuds A8 are for any and everyone. They work independently without your phone, translating over a hundred languages, transcribing conversations, and giving you the power of ChatGPT right in your ears. They also work as your standard TWS buds when you’re looking for something traditional, pairing with your phone via Bluetooth for answering calls, watching TikTok, or listening to music and podcasts. The buds are ideal for avid travelers, students, digital nomads, expats, and people working in multicultural companies and teams. The TransBuds A8 starts at a discounted $179 (an absolute steal considering the features it packs), which also includes one year of free ChatGPT integration. Subsequently, you’ll either be required to pay $9.9 per month or $40 annually for the AI features – online and offline translation remains free forever.

Click Here to Buy Now: $179 $299 (40% off). Hurry, only 63/200 left!

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Want Perfect Sourdough Bread every single time? This Kitchen Tool gives you foolproof results

The beauty of baking your own bread lies in its simplicity, and the fact that the yeast and bacteria does most of the job for you. You don’t need fancy equipment or ingredients, just a big container to proof your bread, and an oven to bake a perfectly rustic loaf of sourdough that you can then top up with avocado or ricotta and honey. However, what most bakers don’t tell you is that your loaf of bread is actually a living being. The yeast, whether natural or the instant kind you buy at the market, is a living creature that transforms your ball of dough into a fluffy, airy, mildly tart slice of bread that tastes so good with anything you put on top. This yeast needs just 3 things to perform this transformation – flour, water (hydration), and the right temperature. Most home bakers ignore that last metric, and if you’ve made a loaf of bread that just lacked that oomph or the right texture, chances are you followed your recipe correctly, but missed out on ensuring the yeast could grow under the right temperature. The DoughBed, however, takes care of that part of the breadmaking journey for you. Designed to be a perfectly optimal proofing tray for your dough, the Doughbed is a wide glass tray with a cork lid and a heating bed that creates exactly the right temperature for your loaf. Keep your dough to proof in the DoughBed and you’ll be consistently rewarded with the perfect proofing every time, whether it’s for sourdough loaves, pizzas, baguettes, focaccias, brioche buns, or any other kind of leavened bread you desire to bake!

Designers: Sourhouse (Erik Fabian & Jennifer Yoko Olson)

Click Here to Buy Now: $175 $225 ($50 off). Hurry, deal ends in 72-hours! Raised over $220,000.

Designed by home-baker Erik Fabian and industrial designer Jennifer Yoko Olson, the DoughBed is basically an incubation chamber for bread microbes that creates the perfect thermal conditions for yeast (and sourdough bacteria) to feed and grow. “The problem is not your dough, it’s your kitchen. Kitchen temperatures are often too cold for bread dough, and more importantly, always changing,” say the duo behind the DoughBed. The yeast in your dough thrives at temperatures of 75-82°F (24-28°C), but that might just be a tad too warm for humans, who set their thermostats or air conditioners to slightly lower temperatures. This mild temperature difference (of a mere 4-5°F) can be the difference between a perfect loaf, and a loaf that just doesn’t have the right open crumb. The solution? A mini habitat for your doughball, allowing it to do its job flawlessly well, every single time.

Mat + Bowl + Lid = The Perfect Proofing Solution

DoughBed combines a warming mat, a glass dough bowl, and a cork lid to create an efficient warming solution. The dough bowl has a wide bottom so your dough is gently and evenly warmed to 75-82°F (24-28°C) by the mat below.

Each DoughBed is made of 3 parts – an oval-shaped glass bowl, a cork lid, and a warming base that gives your bread microbes the ideal temperature to do its job. The wide oval tray is big enough to hold 3 loaves worth of dough at one time, and is perfectly shaped and sized for mixing your dough in, resting and proofing, and pouring your dough out for shaping before baking. As a bonus, it’s even designed to be oven safe, although baking a loaf that big would be overkill!

The warming mat is made with cork to prevent heat loss into your cold counter.

Once your dough’s ready for proofing, simply cover the glass tray with the DoughBed’s cork lid and place the tray and lid on the DoughBed’s electric base, which heats up to just the right temperature for your bread microbes to thrive. The bowl’s wide base helps the bread dough heat evenly and quickly, and the DoughBed’s single temperature target works with remarkable consistency all throughout the year, giving you perfect loaves even in autumn or winter months.

Oval = the Best Shape for Dough Handling

The DoughBed is perfect for home bakers looking to upgrade their bread game. The oblong oval shape of the glass bowl is ideal for mixing, kneading, and folding with both your hands, and the cork lid and base don’t just give the DoughBed its rustic aesthetic, they’re key to helping your dough maintain its temperature efficiently, and the cork base prevents heat-loss into your kitchen counter.

The DoughBed’s base operates with just 10W of power (that’s 75% less than an oven light), relying on a USB cable that can be wound up and tucked into the underside of the base when not in use. The cork lid comes with a removable, food-safe polypropylene liner, and both the glass bowl and polypropylene liner are dishwasher safe. We’d recommend not washing the cork to ensure it lasts longer. The DoughBed starts at a discounted $175 for backers – that’s a lot cheaper than the Le Creuset you’d mix and proof your sourdough loaf in.

Click Here to Buy Now: $175 $225 ($50 off). Hurry, deal ends in 72-hours! Raised over $220,000.

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Cutting-edge Pet Water Fountain has a 10-liter reservoir and a multi-stage filtration system

Would you drink water out of a glass that’s been sitting on the table for 5-6 hours? No, right? So why is it that your pet has to drink water from a bowl that’s been left standing for hours at an end? Quite like a drinking glass with stagnant water, traditional water bowls can become stagnant and harbor bacteria, requiring frequent cleaning and refills. The LALAHOME DailyFresh™ Eco-System pet fountain aims to revolutionize pet hydration by not only ensuring that your pets drink fresh water, but also ensuring they drink water that’s been appropriately filtered.


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DailyFresh™ and RealPura™ 5X Filtration Technology help deliver fresh and crystal-clear water, while the extra-large 10L tank and 6L waster water tank ensure fewer refills and disposals.

Sure, it’s easy to think of the LALAHOME DailyFresh as yet another pet water fountain, and there are many pet water fountains available out there… but on the inside, you’ve got a purification system so cutting-edge it could rival most regular purifiers found in homes for human consumption. Water is purified, oxygenated, sterilized, and waste/contaminated water is even discarded in a separate container that you can then use for watering/growing plants. The system is ruthlessly efficient, giving your pet the best water it can drink, and ensuring that every sip they have is as fresh as possible. Why? Because pet parents only want what’s best for their fur-babies, right?!

The overall design takes cues from Brutalist architecture of the 60s, combining those cues with the the minimal functionalism of contemporary design styles. Almost reminiscent of a self-sustaining society, the LALAHOME DailyFresh recycles, treats, and dispenses water efficiently. The twin cylinders look almost like skyscrapers, dual spouts look like meandering rivers, and waste water is diverted to grow cat grass (wheatgrass and other sprouted cereals) that help aid your pet’s gut biome and digestive system.

The pet fountain boasts a large 10-liter water reservoir, eliminating the need for daily refills. That’s up to two weeks of fresh water for your pet, providing peace of mind for busy pet owners with multiple jobs or those who travel frequently. The DailyFresh system goes a step further by incorporating automatic water renewal. This innovative technology automatically flushes, drains wastewater, and refills the fountain with fresh water, ensuring a consistent supply of clean water for your pet.

But fresh water is only half the story. The DailyFresh Eco-System Pet Fountain incorporates a rigorous 5-layer RealPura filtration system to remove impurities. This multi-stage filtration process tackles everything from pet hair to heavy metals, keeping the water fresh and healthy for your pet. An integrated UVC light provides an extra layer of protection by eliminating bacteria and other pathogens that can lurk in stagnant water. LALAHOME’s OxygenZ technology increases water flow, resulting in oxygen-rich water that tastes fresher and is more enticing to pets. This can be particularly beneficial for cats who may be more inclined to drink from a moving water source than a stagnant bowl.

All that tech delivers results that you can actually measure. The DailyFresh comes with a smartphone app to control the dispenser, check water levels, and even toggle different modes. Now, you’re probably wondering why your pet fountain needs its own dedicated app, but for the overly caring pet parent, the app gives control over the dispenser as well as allows you to track how much your pet drinks in the day. The app lets you know when the DailyFresh’s water levels are low, so you can replenish the removable water tanks, and the DailyFresh’s neat design and tight footprint let you easily place the pet fountain anywhere in you house, ensuring your furry friends get the best drinking water to stay hydrated and healthy, without depending on you to constantly replenish their water bowl!

Click Here to Buy Now: $169 $299 (43% off). Hurry, only 18 left! Raised over $90,000.

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These Are The Best 2024 iPad Pro and iPad Air Cases You Can Buy Today

I always say – leave the hardware to Apple and the accessories to third-party companies. Apple makes some great gadgets, but their accessories leave you wanting for more – whether it’s the breakable charging cables, the substandard MagSafe wallet for the iPhone, the FineWoven cases and straps that apparently look terrible after just weeks of use, or the iPad accessories that are a little too basic and overpriced. If you’re spending big bucks on a cutting-edge tablet, you deserve a great case that lets you use your iPad to the best of its abilities – that means A. being able to position/orient your iPad however you see fit, and B. having a built-in keyboard that lets you use your tablet to do everything from composing mails to running your business. ESR’s Magnetic Cases for the new iPad Pro and the iPad Air let you do just that, leveraging the tablet’s powerful M4 chipset (or the M2 for the Air) and its capabilities to the best possible limit. ESR’s Shift and Rebound cases are everything your iPad needs to function as a wonderful primary or secondary device. The Shift Magnetic Case lets you use your iPad as a powerful tablet, with the ability to dock your device at multiple angles, or even elevate it to eye-level thanks to a series of hidden magnets. The $98 Rebound Magnetic Keyboard Case 360, on the other hand, turns your iPad into a laptop for practically less than 1/3rd the price of Apple’s $349 Magic Keyboard. With a friction hinge and a built-in keyboard, the Rebound gives you a makeshift laptop that operates in both landscape and portrait modes.

Designer: ESR Team

Click Here to Buy Shift Magnetic Case: $48.59 $61.99 and Rebound Magnetic Case: $98.99 $119.99 (Use coupon code “YANKOIPAD10” to get an additional 10% off). Hurry, deal ends in 48-hours!

Shift Magnetic Case

If you’re just looking for a hands-down great folio case for the iPad, the Shift Magnetic Case is an absolute no-brainer. Made from vegan leather, the case sports a microfiber inner that protects your iPad from scratches and bumps. Open the case and you can use it as is, or dock it in up to 9 separate angles thanks to the presence of not one, but two kickstands. An upper kickstand lets you dock your iPad Pro or Air at a lower incline, giving you an almost tablet PC-style experience that’s perfect for sketching, note-taking, editing, and doodling. A lower kickstand, however, props your iPad at a steeper incline, turning it into a front-facing screen for taking meetings, watching content, attending conference calls, or just using alongside your regular machine as a secondary screen. Ridges on the back of the folio cover let you adjust angles, giving you the ability to fine-tune your iPad’s placement to match your gaze. You can store your Apple Pencil in the Shift Magnetic Case either by snapping it to the side of your iPad (in the charging position), or tuck it into a bespoke pouch at the back.

Shift Magnetic Case

The word Magnetic plays a key role in the Shift’s design, since it doesn’t attach physically around your iPad the way regular wraparound cases do. Instead, it comes with a magnetic backplate that lets you affix your iPad to the case in a matter of seconds, snapping it in place. This clever feature isn’t just for overall convenience, because the Shift Magnetic Case lets you attach your iPad to the case even in portrait mode, giving you a portrait stand in a way other stand cases for the iPad don’t. Moreover, you can magnetically attach your iPad at a height too, giving you a tablet case that’s more at an eye-level.

Rebound Magnetic Keyboard Case 360

For someone who finds the iPad experience incomplete without a companion keyboard, the Rebound Magnetic Keyboard Case 360 lets you quite literally take a rebound from your existing laptop! MUCH more affordable than Apple’s own Magic Keyboard Case for the iPad Pro and Air, the Rebound Magnetic Case comes with a friction hinge that lets you adjust your iPad at any angle, while lifting it off the tabletop surface for better visibility. The case also packs a wireless keyboard that has a backlight like the one on Apple’s own Magic Keyboard for the iPad, along with a trackpad that quite literally brings the laptop experience to your portable tablet. Much like its sibling the Shift, the Rebound Magnetic Case boasts that satisfying magnetic attachment too, allowing you to snap your iPad in place both horizontally or vertically, depending on what you’re using the iPad for.

The Shift and Rebound Magnetic Cases are compatible with all 2024 iPad Air (M2) and Pro (M4) devices. That means they come in 2 sizes (for 11 and 13-inch models), and are designed to protect and elevate (both literally and metaphorically) your iPad experience to greater heights! The Shift Magnetic Case comes in 6 colors and starts at a price of $48.59, while the Rebound Magnetic Case offers 7 colors, has a 500mAh battery that runs the keyboard for up to 3 months, and is priced at $98.99.

Click Here to Buy Shift Magnetic Case: $48.59 $61.99 and Rebound Magnetic Case: $98.99 $119.99 (Use coupon code “YANKOIPAD10” to get an additional 10% off). Hurry, deal ends in 48-hours!

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Empowering Children with a Watch That Guides Habit Formation and Joyful Growth

As a parent, managing your children’s daily routines can be daunting. The NehNehBaby Training Watch simplifies this with practical features that do more than just tell time. It uses timed alarms, gentle vibrations, and engaging screen animations to remind your child of essential activities like eating, using the potty, brushing teeth, and playing. The potty alerts are particularly helpful, encouraging independence and confidence in bathroom habits. Additional reminders for drinking water and exercising promote healthy physical habits. These features integrate seamlessly into daily life, bringing structure to the chaos of growing children’s schedules and supporting their exploration and growth with fun, effective reminders.

Designer: NehNehBaby

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The NehNehBaby training watch guides your child’s day, gently ushering them through essential routines—from mealtime and potty breaks to tooth brushing and cherished periods of reading and play. This guiding presence is what transforms the NehNehBaby training watch from a simple tool into a treasure within the parenting toolkit, as it smoothly orchestrates the daily routines, ensuring smoother days filled with less friction and more harmony.

The Training Watch integrates timed alarms, vibrations, and screen animation reminders to help children develop regular lifestyle habits, covering critical daily activities such as potty, drinking water, brushing teeth, bathing, studying, and exercising.

The importance of this tool becomes even more apparent for parents of children aged 2 to 8. This period is akin to the prime planting season in a garden, where the seeds of healthy routines are sown, destined to grow into lifelong habits. These early years are when habits around healthy eating, staying active, getting sufficient rest, and engaging in regular learning activities take root, setting the stage for a lifetime of well-being.

The training watch ingeniously incorporates the principles of habit formation, as detailed in James Clear’s influential work, “Atomic Habits.” The watch brings to life Clear’s habit cue formula—’I will [BEHAVIOR] at [TIME] in [LOCATION]’—through engaging animations and musical cues that signal when and where specific tasks should be performed. This makes the habit-forming process enjoyable for children and solidifies the association of certain activities with specific times and places, embedding these routines deeply within their daily lives. Moreover, the watch is equipped with timed reminders, skillfully encouraging children to independently recognize and respond to these cues, fostering a growing sense of autonomy.

The watch’s reminder function helps children remember and execute daily tasks, reducing the mental load of parental supervision.

Habit Cultivation

Time Management and Self-Monitoring

The watch’s task completion log represents another strategic application of Clear’s insights, transforming the tracking of habits into an interactive and rewarding experience for children. This feature allows kids to mark off their completed tasks visually, paving the way for parental recognition and rewards. Such positive reinforcement not only celebrates their accomplishments but also motivates continued adherence to their routines, solidifying the desired behaviors and making the cultivation of these habits a natural and integral part of their day.

As children become accustomed to the rhythm introduced by the training watch, the device’s role evolves, with a significant focus shifting towards teaching time management and self-monitoring skills—abilities that are increasingly vital in today’s fast-paced and often overwhelming world. While task management is an integral part of this stage, the focus is on empowering children to approach their days confidently, significantly reducing stress and allowing them the freedom and space to fully embrace the joys of childhood. The ability to keep up with tasks through delightful animations that accompany task reminders engages children. Taking a potty break or brushing their teeth without constant adult supervision cultivates a sense of independence in children, lightening their mental load and creating ample room for play, creativity, and relaxation.

The watch’s design acknowledges the unique ways children perceive and interact with time. They often become fully immersed in the moment or rush through tasks that are less appealing. With its musical or vibrational alerts, the watch’s timer feature bridges the gap between a child’s relaxed pace and the adult world’s need for timeliness. By establishing clear end times for activities, the watch transforms potential daily challenges, like toothbrushing or getting ready for school, into smooth, enjoyable routines that teach the importance of time management without the pressure of feeling rushed.

Additionally, the watch introduces the “Breath Sync” feature, a thoughtful addition designed to help children relax and manage stress. This feature provides guided breathing exercises through charming animations, such as easy-to-follow text cues or a friendly bear demonstrating deep breathing techniques. This focus on relaxation is particularly beneficial, helping children wind down and find calm amidst their active days.

Physically, the watch has a 1.09-inch screen and a comfortable, hypoallergenic silicone strap. It features a power button, which also serves as a “return to home screen” button, and a “Fun button” that announces the time with a short press. A double tap on the “Fun button” brings up the settings. The watch charges through a magnetic charger port, avoiding the need for exposed charging holes.

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These are the new standard in denim versatility and they’re definitely not your grandpa’s jeans

Denim has clung to its roots like a stubborn old cat to its favorite sunlit spot, toughing it out from its humble beginnings in the 17th-century mines of Europe and North America to become today’s fashion must-have. Originally crafted for the grit and grime of the California Gold Rush, denim’s sturdy, breathable, and versatile chops quickly made it the go-to getup for laborers. Then came 1873, when Levi Strauss threw in some rivets and catapulted denim into the wardrobe hall of fame. Despite a world buzzing with tech innovations, the fundamental jeans blueprint hasn’t wavered much—until now. Enter stage left: world adventurers and dedicated explorers with their brainchild, the Standard Issue Denim 001, a nifty modern twist on the old classic.

Designer: S Jordan Berman and Peter McDougald Juhl

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This dynamic duo, who met in 2010 while climbing at a gym in Brooklyn, NY, envisioned merging fashion with function right from the start. Their journey led them to create “Wares for All Reasons,” a brand born out of a desire to blend climbing utility with everyday style. The Standard Issue Denim 001 stands as their peak achievement, distinctly crafted to endure the most rigorous activities without sacrificing real-world denim’s chic, timeless look. Think of these jeans as your go-to for every conceivable adventure, built to withstand time and trends.

Inspired by the needs of urban athletes and adventurers, these pants are crafted from our proprietary workwear-weight HSTech Denim fabric and are designed for maximum comfort and flexibility, without
compromising style.

HSTech Denim has a 13% stretch factor on its diagonal, in line with the stretchiest, most flexible men’s denim available.

These jeans are specifically engineered for the urban outdoors—ultra-durable, with the rugged, iconic 5-pocket silhouette expected from a classic pair of jeans, yet flexible enough to move with you wherever the day takes you. The Standard Issue Denim 001 jazzes up the traditional jean scene, serving up a recipe that suits both the adrenaline junkie and the serial Netflix binger. Whether you’re dodging taxis in the city streets or glued to your sofa, these jeans merge flair with function without breaking a sweat. The secret sauce? Their revolutionary HSTech Denim boasts a 13% diagonal stretch factor, aligning it with the stretchiest, most flexible men’s denim available, all while maintaining that timeless denim vibe with 98% cotton. It’s like your body got a hug from a cloud—comfortable, stylish, and ludicrously adaptive.

Standard Issue Denim 001 jeans are crafted with globally sourced, top – grade materials.

The Standard Issue Denim 001 comes in 8 sizes with one classic color option—and more of each color on the way, ensuring that these jeans are not just versatile in use but also in style. Each pair is crafted with sustainability in mind, featuring a circular product life-cycle to minimize environmental impact. They are vegan, manufactured ethically, and built to last through thousands of washes and tens of thousands of wears. This might just be the last pair of jeans you’ll ever need to buy. In the rare event they wear out, they can be returned to the manufacturers for repair or to receive a 10% discount on your next pair.

Talk about a chameleon of the closet! These jeans effortlessly flip between semi-formal and kick-back casual and are tough enough to take on the great outdoors. Thanks to their ninja-like 4-way stretch fabric, imagine jeans that could handle a yoga session. No belt? No problem. The ingenious split waist design ensures a snug fit, expanding or contracting with your every move—ideal for those post-buffet moments when you need just a little more room. They are kitted out with high-step knee darts for when you need to high-kick, zippered pockets for stashing treasures, and a slim profile to keep things sleek. The redesigned front pocket layout holds items securely, preventing them from running amok. Night owls, rejoice: there’s a reflective ankle strap for those after-dark escapades, plus a handy webbing key loop that keeps keys out of the way.

These jeans outperform typical denim, proving to be the Swiss Army knife of apparel. Ready for anything, they are equipped to accompany the most dynamic lifestyles, seamlessly blending durability with style. Whether you’re conquering a mountain or navigating city chaos, these jeans are designed to support your every endeavor, proving that style and function are inseparable. They are crafted by people who live and breathe adventures for today’s doers and dreamers, making the Standard Issue Denim 001 a true standout in the world of denim.

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Upgrade Your WiFi with Unmatched Privacy and Safe Connectivity at Home or Anywhere in the World

The Rio system, developed by executives at Foxconn, Intel, PC Matic, and InFocus transforms an ordinary WiFi router into a fortified security hub, aptly dubbed the “Fort Knox” of WiFi routers. This transformation addresses a significant vulnerability in personal internet security: the simple fact that traditional routers are protected by only a password, which has become an inadequate defense against cyber threats.

Designer: Rio Router

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Rio advances beyond basic security measures by incorporating features that control device access on a granular level. It only allows devices that have been pre-approved by the user to connect to the network. Any unapproved device attempting to connect is isolated in a holding area until explicitly allowed by the user via the Rio app. This proactive monitoring and approval system mimics the security checks of a VIP club bouncer, ensuring that only verified devices gain entry and interact within the network.

The company states that “Rio creates a secret code that hides and protects everything about your gadgets when they’re online. It scrambles up their names, where they are, and what they’re saying, so nobody can snoop on your online life.”
This indicates that advanced encryption is used to enhance the privacy and security of communications across your network by obscuring details about connected devices. This encryption safeguards device identities, physical locations, and communication data, ensuring that even if hackers intercept this information, they cannot understand or utilize it without the necessary decryption key, which is securely held by the Rio system and its legitimate users. This process is crucial for preventing potential eavesdroppers from accessing sensitive data, thereby protecting your network even if it is compromised and ensuring that privacy and security are maintained at all times. Given that a startling 80% of consumers have reportedly had personal information leaked onto the dark web, such encryption is beneficial and essential for safeguarding personal data against cyber threats.

This system adopts a method similar to a digital fortress. Using SecureRoom™ technology segments the network into up to 16 distinct compartments. Each compartment is isolated, preventing a compromised device from affecting the entire network.

Additionally, the Rio system is equipped with smart DNS and web filtering capabilities that proactively prevent access to suspicious or harmful websites, enhancing overall online safety. The Rio app facilitates real-time alerts and management, giving users complete control over their network from anywhere in the world.

Moreover, Rio addresses common household concerns about internet safety with built-in features that filter out unsafe web content and block potential phishing sites, creating a safer browsing environment for all family members. Its sleek design and easy setup mean that Rio protects and integrates seamlessly into your home or office environment.

Rio’s guest mode feature improves home WiFi security by providing visitors with a separate access point, making sure the main network stays protected. Whether hosting family gatherings, client meetings in home offices, community events, or children’s playdates, Rio connects each guest to the internet through a special “guest room.” This setup protects your primary network and offers guests convenient and temporary WiFi access. Once they leave, Rio automatically revokes their access, and if they need to reconnect, they must ask permission, effectively acting like a security guard for your WiFi. This seamless integration of guest access into your home network provides both protection and ease, accommodating a variety of hosting scenarios without compromising your network’s integrity.

Rio’s intuitive interface in its mobile app enhances the user experience by simplifying network management. Users can effortlessly adjust settings, monitor network activity, and switch geographic locations without the complexity of traditional VPN configurations. This feature is particularly valuable for users who enjoy international content or travel frequently, as it provides continuous access to home services. Also, Rio allows users to watch shows and movies from anywhere in the world without needing to set up a VPN on each device. Just connect to Rio, and instantly, your internet presence is invisible, assuring that your smart gadgets like Alexa, thermostats, baby monitors, cameras, and doorbells remain hidden from prying eyes, keeping your internet life private and safe.

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