100% ocean bound plastic converted into adorable, reusable sleeve for your coffee cup

Paired perfectly in time for your annual visit to Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Latte, the Slippy is a sweater that provides the perfect holiday-themed alternative to those corrugated cardboard sleeves you put around your coffee cup. Every year in America alone, we use enough corrugated cardboard sleeves to cover the entire state of Texas… and while cardboard IS considered biodegradable, it still falls within the culture of use-and-throw, generating ton of waste in the process. Slippy, like your reusable coffee-cup and metal straw, promotes a culture of reusability. Woven to look like an adorable printed sweater for your hot or cold cups, tumblers, and thermoses, the Slippy slips right on, guarding your hands from the temperature of the liquid inside the vessel. The Slippy is washable and reusable too, which means your average consumer goes from using 300+ cardboard sleeves per year to just 1. This means you can enjoy your daily coffee without contributing to the surmounting problem of waste in our oceans… and here’s how.

The Slippy has a two-fold approach to our world’s trash problem. Not only is it reusable, it’s recycled too. Each Slippy is made from a plastic yarn that comes from bottles pulled out of our oceans. Slippy’s makers partnered with a supplier that sourced their bottles right from the oceans, and as a result, each Slippy sleeve is made from exactly one bottle that’s pulled out from the massive pacific garbage patch. The up-cycled bottle turns into a wonderfully woven sleeve you can use over and over, with your coffee cups, thermoses, tumblers, and even with baby-bottles. Each Slippy sleeve effectively reduces vast amounts of disposable corrugated cardboard sleeves that are thrown in the trash each year, while also slowly but surely eliminating the ever-increasing plastic trash problem in our oceans! Go ahead and get yourself that Pumpkin Spice Latte. You deserve it!

Designer: Zach Crain

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SLIPPY – Reusable Coffee Sleeve!

SLIPPY’s yarn is made from 1 plastic bottle collected off the coast! It is the only product that uses 100% ocean-bound plastic. Which means that all of the bottles are collected from the beach or within 30 miles of the coast in countries without formal waste management systems.

Here’s How it Works

Plastic bottles get collected from coastal areas without proper waste management. The bottles then go to a North Carolina factory where they are transformed into yarn and knit into Slippies using 73% less energy, 67% less water, and 55% less chemicals than the making of regular yarns.

With almost 10 years of success in the knit beverage sleeve space, focusing mostly on bottle covers, the team decided they wanted to leverage their knowledge AND do something that clearly makes a positive impact on our world.

As they sipped on their coffee at the meeting, suggested that a knit version of the traditional cardboard coffee sleeve was an excellent model to replicate.

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Socks with arc-support technology are designed to enhance your athletic performance

If you’re asking yourself what exactly a performance enhancing sock is, think of the term Form Follows Function. Socks, for the longest time, have just simply followed the shape of the wearer’s foot, or Form Follows Form. Aside from absorbing sweat and not dirtying the inside of your shoes, socks didn’t play much of a role in their function, but Daniel Kang, the designer of REXY believes they play a vital role in protecting and empowering your feet, easily the most overworked part of your body.

They say the average human walks at least 10,000 steps a day, which means by the age of 20, you’ve probably walked enough to cover the circumference of the earth, and that sort of activity surely deserves more than just a piece of cotton and spandex covering your feet. Kang designed the REXY socks to be a functional piece of equipment, rather than basic fashion. Every aspect of the REXY was designed to assist and comfort your feet, helping it help you walk, while also wicking perspiration and relieving foot fatigue from a long and active day.

The highlight of REXY’s design is its arch support pad, that sits in the archway of your feet, between the toe-ball and the heel. The arch is a natural shock-absorber, and tends to flatten out over the course of the day, causing foot-aches. REXY’s arch-supporting pad keeps your foot’s arch cushioned through the day, improving both balance and mobility while reducing the fatigue you feel at the end of the day. An additional cushion zone sits right above the heel, hugging the back of your foot to provide support, cushioning, and relief by compression.

The REXY is a great example of rebuilding a product from the ground up. Unlike conventional socks made from either cotton, nylon, spandex, or wool, REXY employs a specially formulated Aqua-X fabric that’s designed to wick away moisture up to 30% faster than polyester, and stay cool and dry, preventing discomfort and the odor caused by bacterial growth. The fabric is even stitched together using a unique weave called Airwave, designed for maximum breathability, making the socks feel cooler than conventional cotton socks. When all is said and done, REXY channels its ability to do more with design details and material science, to provide a sock that cushions your feet, while empowering them to walk, run, or jump more, without feeling the burn. The socks additionally even have four-way anti-slip silicone pads at their base, so they keep your foot stable inside your shoe, reducing any inner movement that may affect your performance.

It’s pretty amazing to see that socks can be designed to be as empowering and functional as your shoes are. Made to work universally across various foot-types, the REXY gives you a serious competitive edge when you’re training or playing a sport, relieves foot aches if you’re the kind to walk a lot or stand through the day, and even keeps your feet dry, healthy, and odor-free for longer periods of time… and it’s honestly pretty remarkable that the humble sock can do all that.

Designer: Daniel Kang

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REXY: Performance Balance Socks

The REXY socks feature arch support, compression, breathability, slip resistance, and quick-drying materials.

Arch-support Technology

Their patent-pending arch-pad design is built to arch your foot ergonomically, amplifying the resistance your body naturally provides with every impact. This pad provides superior shock absorption and distributes the weight evenly reducing foot fatigue throughout the day.

Custom designed arches spring back into place.

Layers of Technology Built-in


With their patent-pending non-slip technology, they have designed the socks to work and feel like a second skin, in addition to providing the ability to help you stabilize every step, leap, and landing.

For All Kinds of Feet

For All Kinds of Sports

For golf. Perfect for long walks and being on your feet.

For running. Made to withstand every stride during your runs.

For basketball. Made for jumping and accommodates for immediate directional changes.

Compression Session

Regardless of age, the compression socks increase healthy blood circulation throughout your body, preventing unnecessary stress near your feet.

Experience less fatigue, speed up recovery and reduce soreness by using the compression technology.

AQUA-X Helps Whisk Away Moisture

The fabric is designed to whisk away perspiration while sporting an odor-resistant finish.

Absorbs sweat and uses the natural movement of your foot to dry quickly.

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The Urban Pack – versatile EDC bag can be worn as a sling, messenger or on the back

There’s an urban-dweller archetype that I’m sure you’ve come across multiple times while walking on a pavement, while standing in the subway, or while sitting in a café. If you’ve stopped to just look at the people around you, I’m positive you’ve seen this one person who just blends right in. Subdued clothing, a casual sense of style, walking (or standing) with a sense of purpose, but you can’t really figure out what the purpose is. Maybe he’s a writer, maybe he’s a part-time actor, a guy working at the grocery, delivering mail, or working a regular 9-to-5. Meet the city-dweller.

There are billions of them, and the Urban Pack was designed for these people, who make up the city. The bag comes with a sense of style that complements practically anything this urban-dweller wears. Whether it’s a basic hoodie, a casual turtle-neck, a wind-breaker jacket, or even a semi-formal shirt and a pair of trousers, the Urban Pack’s aesthetic sits well across the shoulders, as a vertically-worn on the back, sling, or even a messenger.

The Urban Pack is slim, because this city-dweller has a slim laptop, a slim notepad, and carries just the basics. It comes with a set of straps to secure an umbrella for inclement weather, features waterproof YKK zips too in case the urban dweller gets caught in the rain, and allows you to wear the bag in three different ways, vertically – on the back, across the body like a sling-bag, or on one shoulder, like a messenger bag. Its ambidextrous design lets you wear it in any way deemed comfortable, whether right or left handed.

Urban Pack’s interior is designed for efficiency. A padded laptop slot (for a 13″ laptop) is an absolute must, but the backpack even has multiple compartments for segregating your other belongings, and an organizer area for separating your pens from your cables, hard drives, and pen drives. It packs an additional RFID-blocking compartment too, for your wallet and/or your cards, along with an easy-to-access outer pocket for your phone, keys, and other EDC, plus a secret pouch for valuables.

The outside is as mindfully designed as the interiors. Apart from the Urban Pack being ambidextrous, it comes with a ventilated back-panel too, keeping things easy-breezy for those hot summer days. The overall 1680D ballistic nylon construction makes sure your bag is entirely waterproof as well as incredibly durable. Designed to suit the needs of every urban dweller, the Urban Pack almost complements this archetypal resident of the concrete jungle. It adapts, overcomes, and accommodates, all while blending right into your life.

Designer: Loft of Cambie

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Urban Pack – Convertible EDC Pack with Suspension Strap

The Urban Pack is a convertible & ambidextrous design which can be carried on either shoulder as a cross-body pack, vertical sling pack and horizontal sling pack.

With a slim and low profile design, it is the minimal everyday carry field bag for your journeys.

Features a suspension straps system that can effectively reduce the stress on your shoulders and improve wearing comfort for your daily commute.

The interior of the urban pack is designed to keep your EDC organized. It fits up to 13″ Macbook Air/Pro and your everyday carry. Secret pocket and RFID protected pocket protect your valuables and digital information.

Built with ultra-durable ballistic nylon, YKK® water-resistant zippers and lined with velvet protection for your laptop.

Designed for the Minimalist

Refining the Urban Journeys

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Super slim wallet made with carbon fiber and weighing only 0.4 ounces is good for posture

Here’s a comparison that I really found hilariously relevant. The WYN WALLET 2.0 is thin enough to fit into your regular wallet, along with all your cards, notes, etc. That’s one of the WYN WALLET 2.0’s inimitable strong points though… the wallet is as thin as 1.3mm in thickness, is dimensionally the same as your credit card, and weighs just 0.4 ounces (11.3 grams), making it the lightest carbon-fiber wallet on earth, and short of just using a rubber band to secure your cards and cash together, the WYN WALLET 2.0 might just be the thinnest, lightest, and for its weight, the strongest wallet we’ve seen.

The WYN WALLET 2.0 is literally fashioned out of a sheet of carbon fiber, known for its incredible strength, and its light weight. The card-shaped wallet comes with a specialized cut running across its body that converts into a clip you can flex and slide your cards and cash into. Known for its flexibility and resilience, the WYN WALLET 2.0 is strong enough to take a beating without ever breaking (you can apparently even ride your car over it without any danger) and is guaranteed to last a lifetime, if not multiple lifetimes. The wallet’s innovative design flexes to store as many as 12 cards and 8 banknotes, with its cutout shape making it easy to slide cards in, or even out with your thumb. Its carbon-fiber construction makes it water-resistant (unlike your leather bifolds), and pair it with an RFID blocking card and you’ve got yourself the world’s lightest and thinnest carbon-fiber wallet, with protection against digital theft!

Designer: WynLABS

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WYN WALLET 2.0 – Ultra Slim Carbon Fiber Wallet

Razor thin, lightweight, instant access, sweat and water-resistant.

At 1.3 mm thick, WYN WALLET 2.0 is the slimmest carbon fiber wallet ever made. It fits comfortably in any pocket. It holds 8 cards and 3 bills.

Premium carbon fiber material is used, plate thickness is optimized, all the internal edges are rounded and the angled cuts allow for smooth and effortless card insert.


At 0.4 oz. it is the lightest carbon fiber wallet. It’s so lightweight that you won’t even notice it’s there.

Easy to Use

Insert your cards or cash is a breeze.

Instant Access

You don’t even need to take your card out to use the chip reader.

Sweat & Water Resistant

Carry your wallet with peace of mind that rain, water or sweat won’t damage it (unlike your leather wallet).

Safe and Secure

Your cards will remain in your wallet until you need it.

Strong & Durable

Carbon fiber is stronger than steel and very flexible.

RFID Protection Cards

Their RFIDeDEFENDER cards will protect your credit cards against electronic thief. Just place them outside of your cards and they will provide shielding protection.


WYN’s exquisite carbon fiber material and modern design makes it the perfect wallet for every occasion. It is comfortable during work, secure and lightweight for active wear, durable for the outdoors, and compliments any attire from casual to formal.

– Weight: 0.4 oz. (10 grams)
– Thickness: 0.05″ (1.3 mm)
– Length: 3.5″ (89 mm)
– Width: 2.5″ (63 mm)
– Material: Carbon Fiber
– Color: Black / Silver
– Holds 12 Cards + 8 Bills

Why Slim Wallet?

It will help prevent you from developing back pain due to bad posture. If you want to comfortably carry more cards and cash, access them faster while shredding the bulk then the WYN Wallet is perfect for you. You will find that it is the most comfortable wallet you have ever owned.

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This versatile pen-tool lets you cut, engrave, drill, etch, solder, and even 3D print

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, and the 3Dsimo MultiPro is living proof of that. This pen-shaped tool is literally a designer’s best friend, helping them prototype, and create in ways never envisioned before. The 3Dsimo MultiPro is basically a pen-tool with interchangeable heads. What do these heads allow you to do? Well, they let you drill, engrave, burn-etch, solder, 3D print, screw-unscrew, and even cut (like a hand-held jigsaw blade). The 3Dsimo MultiPro was designed to be the smallest workshop ever made. No more power tools, clunky gadgets, wires, and plug-points. 3Dsimo’s interchangeable heads let that one hand-held tool practically do everything you’d do at a workshop. From drilling to dremel-ing, from soldering to foam-cutting, and from 3D printing to repairing, 3Dsimo MultiPro and its extensive kit of interchangeable heads allows you to do it all.

The 3Dsimo MultiPro is the wet dream of every designer/creator who just wants to go wild with creating and not be limited by the availability of prototyping or workshop tools. Designed to cut down on expensive gadgets that otherwise collect dust in your workshop, 3Dsimo MultiPro helps democratize creation, with its pen-shaped tool and detachable head system that works much like a hand-held power tool. Its detachable heads let it instantly transform into a drill machine, an electric screw-driver, a jigsaw, a foam-cutter, soldering iron, heat-etcher/engraver, and even a 3D printing pen (like the 3Doodler).

Each element has its own internal flexibility too. The 3D printing pen works with practically any plastic filament, and can be temperature-adjusted too, while the drill-extension can be used with a wide variety of bits, letting you drill, engrave, carve, or even grind materials like wood, plastic, carbon fibre, fiberglass, aluminum, brass or even copper. The burning/heat tool lets you work with materials like wood, leather, and even your 3D printed parts, letting you alter and modify them with your own artwork. Similarly, the jigsaw and foam-cutter tool let you achieve absolutely new possibilities with your designs, all in the same device, and if you’re working with circuit boards and electronics, the soldering and screwdriver tools come in handy.

Everything is centered around the 3Dsimo MultiPro base, which fits right in your hand. The handheld device is practically designed to be a veritable workshop, letting you snap on and snap off components based on your need, and the fact that the entire Pro kit is affordable, means you can literally set up your own assembly line, or your prototyping station in one go! And it’s portable too!

Designer: Petr Duba

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3Dsimo Multipro – The Most Versatile Mobile Workshop

The Multipro fits in your pocket and is able to substitute 3Dprinter, soldering station, plastic welder, resistance wire cutter, jigsaw, small drill, and electric screwdriver. All of them included in one 3Dsimo Multipro – 7 in 1.

3D Drawing

3D drawing tool works using the same technology as FDM 3D printers, so you can create 3D objects without any knowledge of 3D modeling. Just start creating or repairing.

Create – phone covers, models of buildings, cosplay parts, jewelry, statues, action figures, household items, toys and much more.
Repair – 3D printed objects, toys, delaminated cables, electronic devices and much more.

You can start creating using any 3D printing filament currently on the market (ABS, PLA, HiPS, Flexi, Fluorescent, Wood, Metalic, Thermochrome, Conductive, e.t.c.) thanks to easy to set temperature and feeding speed.

Burning Tool

Using the Burning tool, you can burn-in designs into wood, leather, plastic, and repair damaged plastic objects (chargers, phone covers, e.t.c.).

Leather Burning – customize your leather wallet, belt, shoes or your pet’s collar with the Burning tool.

Wood Burning – customize wood jewelry, cutting board or even desk of your table. And if you are a skilled artist, you can try even more exotic wood.

Repair and Finishing Touches – Whatever you create with the 3D Drawing tool, you can finalize with the Burning tool. Also, you can easily repair your 3D printed objects, cracked phone cover or any other plastic device. There is no easier way to repair damaged things than by heating up the broken pieces and connecting them back together.

Soldering Tool

For the electrical engineer in you. There is no need for the purchase of an expensive soldering station anymore. 3Dsimo Multipro can substitute it fully. The soldering tip can heat up to 490°C within 20 seconds, while your hand will stay the same.

Foam Cutting Tool

Resistance wire cutting tool is an awesome tool for model builders, architects, designers and makers. Now you can create building models, RC models (cars, boats, planes), art pieces and much more.

Thanks to the high temperature of the wire, you can cut polystyrene, plastic boards, plexiglass, balsa wood and cork with ease. Another great feature is the angle platform, which allows you to set desired angle of cutting for a precise and clean cut.

Jigsaw Tool

Jigsaw tool is used to cut wood, fiberglass and other materials. This tool in its standard form if big, heavy and expensive. The tool in this kit is small, light and powerful for a great price. Thanks to the fine teeth, it makes clean and precise cut. The saw can be used to cut into wood, fiberglass, carbon, plastic or even aluminum. Make yourself a wooden butterfly, glasses or quadcopter frame.

Drill Tool

Thanks to microclamps of the Drill attachment, you can use drill bits (0,3 – 3,2mm diameter), engraving bits or grinding bits.

Engraving – engrave glass or metal, create custom designs into glass as a present, or a custom ring
Drilling – drill into wood, plastic, carbon fibre, fiberglass, aluminum, brass or copper
Grinding – choose correct grinding wheel to grind any material, the Drilling attachment can reach upto 20 000 RPM
Cutting – by using circular saw blade, you can cut thin wood or glass

Screwdriver Tool

The screwdriver is small and very capable. Its peak torque is 4,5 Nm at 200 RPM. It is a great tool for precise work, for screwing in self-tapping screws into wood, plastic or soft metal.

3Dsimo Kit2 – World’s First Open Source Multifunctional Tool

All its plastic parts are 3D printed out of PLA, which is ecologically recyclable material made out of corn starch. All of the hardware and software is Open Source, available on their Github here.


3Dsimo Kit 2 capabilities:

– 3D drawing – user friendly temperature and feeding speed settings
– Soldering – soldering electronics and creation of 3Dsimo Kit 2 upgrades with ease
– Burning – burn into wood and leather or finalize 3D printed parts
– Foam cutting – great tool for cutting 3D printing supports, for cutting plastic or polystyrene

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The B-2 Dog Tag with its concealed nano blade will stay on you and rescue you

Fitting comfortably into the form factor of a dog-tag, the B2 blade from the guys at Bomber & Company literally hangs in its tag-shaped sheathe around your neck. The Nano-blade pocket knife remains fully concealed within the dog-tag shaped pendant and its lightweight, compact design makes it the perfect EDC because of its ability to be both a useful product and a fashion accessory.

The tiny sheepsfoot-style blade hides within its matte black metal casing, and can easily be deployed by unsheathing it and clipping it back into its holder with the blade facing outwards. When out, the small blade becomes a really handy piece of gear both indoors and outdoors. The 1 inch blade can do everything from cutting boxes to whittling wood and slicing through paracords. Its 440Carbon Black Stainless Steel makes it incredibly hard, measuring 58-60 on the Rockwell hardness scale… but weighing less than 2 ounces, giving it the distinction of being the world’s lightest, fully functional, 440Carbon black stainless steel tactical pocket knife.

The B2 embodies the true spirit of an EDC. Designed as less of a tool and more of a functional ornament, you can wear the B2 anywhere, pairing it with your clothes as a fashion accessory that holds the ability to discreetly transform into a useful tool to get out of fixes. Whether you use it to open envelopes or cut through wood, the B2 is that reliable, faithful EDC that’s always there to help… partly because it’s so portable and handy, but also in part that it comes with a lifetime warranty and should easily be your trusty sidekick for decades!

Designer: Bomber & Company

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B-2 Dog Tag – Fully Concealed Nano Blade Pocket Knife

The Bomber & Company team is back with a complete redesign of the B-2 Nano Blade, this time concealed inside a discreet military style sheath.

Simply open the tag, remove the blade and fit it in securely.

Butterfly Lock: The B-2 Dog Tag uses a custom designed double-sided butterfly lock for safety. The lock is released by squeezing both sides of the B-2 Dog Tag and engaged automatically when let go. This makes the knife design much more robust than traditional smaller blades which are just folding with no locks.

Straight Edge Blade: The sharp flat ground straight edge is perfect for thin sharp precision slices and versatility of everyday use. The blade is also perforated to allow cutting and slicing of materials to not stick onto the blade itself. It provides a cleaner sharper cut.

Sizing: Discrete conceal-ability is the definition of the B-2 Dog Tag. The full opened length is only 3.7inches and when closed, it stands at 2.75inches in length and less than 0.2 inches in thickness. The miniature size of the pocket knife means it can easily be hidden in any coin pocket, wallet, or worn around the neck as a standard dog tag.

Weight: The ultralight weight of the B-2 Nano Blade comes in at less than 2oz making it the world’s lightest, fully functional, 440Carbon black stainless steel tactical pocket knife.

Materials: 440C black stainless steel allows B-2 pocket knives to be one of the strongest nano blades ever created by mankind. Rated at 58-60HRC the B-2 Dog Tag is extremely tough and will stay sharp for longer periods of use. 440C is a highly durable and corrosion resistant stainless steel. The B-2 Dog Tag can endure years of outdoor wear without extra maintenance to protect the blade from rusting.

Lifetime Warranty: All Bomber & Company products carry a full Lifetime Warranty. If it ever breaks, send it back to them. They’ll replace it free of charge.

Step-by-step instructions and details:

– UltraLight Weight: less than 2oz
– Length of Knife (opened): 3.7in
– Length of Knife (closed): 2.75in
– Materials (Blade and Body): 440Carbon Black Stainless Steel
– Hardness: 58-60HRC (Rockwell Hardness Scale)
– Color: Jet Black

And this one shows you how to turn your necklace in an EDC!

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These directional speakers throw sound in focused beams like a spotlight

Remember when you wanted to blast music on your speaker at home but your dad kept yelling at you to keep it down? How about if I told you there were speakers that could channel their sound in a tight beam, so you can only hear the music if the speaker is pointed at you. If you move out of the speaker’s audio beam, you hear nothing. Sounds pretty neat, doesn’t it?

The SRAY speakers are the equivalent of headphones but they don’t sit in your ears. They throw audio in a beam, like a flashlight focuses light in a beam, illuminating only what you point it at. The SRAY work similarly with sound. Using ultrasonic propagation, these small speakers can bind audio in a unidirectional channel. Point the speakers at yourself and you hear the music. Point them even slightly away and its complete silence.

Audio spotlights, as the technology is often labelled, have been in development for a few years now. I remember seeing a video where someone used these unidirectional speakers to listen to music in a library. You could practically focus the audio towards a single line of people in a crowd, making the technology useful in places like roads and railways, where only people near the train tracks hear the train’s siren, or only the cars in front of you hear you horning, but not the cars beside or behind you.

While this technology is still pretty nascent, the guys at CatchFlow figured out how to shrink it down to a handy size, and democratize it so anyone can access the technology. You can use the SRAY speakers to listen to podcasts, music, driving instructions, or practically any audio without disturbing the person right beside you.

The SRAY is the world’s smallest commercially available ‘audio spotlight’ speaker. It’s practically small enough to fit in your palm, which says a lot for a technology that’s relatively new, and challenging to shrink. The SRAY is capable of providing a uniquely private listening experience by focusing the audio in a thin beam using ultrasonic vibrations.

This allows only the people in the path of the audio beam to listen to the audio, making it great for public services, museums, libraries, transportation, or even at home when you’re around other people who don’t necessarily want to listen to the football game. The SRAY comes with its own stand, allowing you to easily position it in the direction you want, and uses low power too, allowing you to hook it to a power bank for endless hours of use.

That doesn’t stop the SRAY from being a regular speaker. A simple switch allows you to turn the unidirectional speaker into an omnidirectional one. A second audio driver within the SRAY lets it work like a regular speaker, throwing sound in all directions and allowing everyone to hear what’s playing on your phone, the radio, or any device connected to it.

This ability is truly what makes the SRAY such a remarkable speaker. Its unique technology allows it to give you the oomph of a Bluetooth speaker, but also the privacy of a pair of headphones without damaging your ears… And with the ability to seriously impress and shock the people who experience its magic!

Designer: Tae-Young Kim of CatchFlow

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SRAY: World’s Smallest Directional Speaker

A headphone-replacing speaker, that generates sounds only you can hear. It is the smallest directional speaker that creates fields of sound which spread less than most traditional speakers by ultrasonic waves.

SRAY generates ultrasonic waves modulated with audio signal and as they pass through the air they modulated and sound can be.

How SRAY Works

SRAY produces a directional beam of sound, sort of like a spot light for sound. This means if you are standing in front of SRAY when it’s on, you will hear the sound it produces. If you step to the side, you won’t hear anything produced by SRAY. In comparison, the speakers we are used to tend to emit sound radially, filling an entire space around it with sound.

All of The Sound, None of The Noise

Earbuds Raise Your Risk of Hearing Loss

Earbuds or headphones enable you to listen with disturbing nobody. However, headphones and earbuds cause damage to your ears the same way other loud noises too, resulting in what audiologists call ‘noise-induced hearing loss (A.K.A NHL)’. Over time the sounds from your headphones cause the hair cells in the cochlea to bend down too much or too severely. If they don’t get time to recover, the damage can be permanent.

So here is the solution, SRAY, headphone-replacing sound generator.

Features of SRAY

Private Area – SRAY brings focused audio to target audiences without disturbing anyone. By user experience, the existence of different sounds can be possible.

Miniaturization – Up to now (present), the directional speakers on the market, cannot be user-friendly due to the size and weight matters. Currently SRAY is the smallest directional speaker in the world and super light. Via SRAY, directional sound is now for everyone.

Dual Mode [Parametric/Hybrid/Normal] – Do you want to share what you hear with people around you? SRAY can assure you. Convertible modes are available depending on the situations or environments.

Low Power – SRAY fits in everywhere due to low energy consumption. Indoor, outdoor, even in the car.

Sleek Design – Modern and simple design are suitable for anywhere displayed.

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Ergonomic invisible phone stand that increases productivity is real and its here!


The guys at MOFT make it look so easy to build a stand that’s strong, yet so incredibly sleek and lightweight, it’s practically invisible. Fresh off its high after receiving nearly a million dollars in funding, the MOFT Laptop stand still remains one of the most innovative stands I’ve seen. Weighing practically nothing, and measuring as thick as a credit card, the MOFT Laptop stand sat flat on the back of your laptop, being practically unnoticeable until it opened out to become a two-angle stand for your laptop. Moreover, the stand was universal, and was designed to be sleek enough to sit on the back of your laptop all the time. The guys behind that laptop stand are back now, with a stand for your phones and tablets! Designed with its signature lightweight and thin form factor, the MOFT X “Invisible” Stand for your phone and tablet sits flat against the back of your device, can be opened and used in both portrait and landscape modes, works as a grip for your fingers, so you can use your smart-device single-handedly, and even doubles as a wallet to store some of your payment/identity cards while on the go! If anything, the MOFT X stand for your smartphone and tablet delivers even more function than its elder brother, the laptop stand, did.

The MOFT X invisible foldaway smartphone and tablet stand sits flat against your smart device, just like its laptop counterpart. Designed to fold out with a quick outward motion, it converts into a stand you can use in portrait mode, resting at a variety of angles that are perfect for typing, Skyping, and swiping. The angles help reduce neck strain, and even work with your facial unlocking system to unlock your phone whenever you look at it. Tilt your phone sideways and the stand continues to prop your device up, thanks to its ability to work in both portrait as well as landscape. The stand’s internal magnetic adhesion system is strong enough for the MOFT X to even work as a gripping-loop for your fingers. Slide your hand in, and the MOFT X lets you use your smartphone singlehandedly, providing the same sort of functionality a Pop Socket would give you, while remaining sleek enough to slide into your pockets without getting caught in the fabric.

You’d think the MOFT X’s functionality ends there, but the guys at MOFT Studio had other ideas. You see, the MOFT X for your smartphone even works as a wallet, with enough space to stash 3 cards, allowing you to carry your favorite payment cards, your public-transport access cards, loyalty cards, or your identity cards. Just slip them into the MOFT X’s slot and the stand doubles into a slim, minimalist wallet that’s attached to the back of your phone. Its magnetic system even gives it mounting abilities, allowing you to mount your smart-device in your car, on your bathroom wall, or even in the kitchen, on your fridge.

At less than 2mm thick, the MOFT X is designed to universally work with any smartphone or tablet. Designed with a repositionable glue base, the MOFT X can fit on your phone/tablet with or without a case (as long as the surface is flat and texture-less), and can even be peeled off when needed, leaving absolutely no marks on your gadget. Optimized for a use-case that is more versatile than a laptop, the MOFT X uses its sleek material and innovative design to push the boundaries of what a stand can do for you. I mean, how often do you come across a phone/tablet stand that’s less than 2mm thin, adjustable up to 3 angles, magnetically mountable on walls, and with the ability to even work as a wallet?!

Designer: MOFT Studio

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MOFT X – Invisible and Foldaway Stand for Smartphone/Tablet

A versatile stand for phones/tablets that offers maximum productivity and comfort with a minimalist design.

MOFT X series is unseen when attached, unfelt when worked on, and unnoticed when carried.

MOFT X for Phone

Vertical 60-degree Golden Angle

Scientific research indicates that smartphone users hold their phones vertically about 94% of the time. However, most of the attachable stands on the market are only designed with horizontal angles.

60° is perfect when you stand it up, you need an angle to help you read these vertical contents in clarity & comfort, so we got the best one – 60°. It has the best viewing angle when you are in the business, the best ergonomics when you interact with it.

Whether it’s Facial unlock, video-chat, messaging, news browsing… At 60°, you can totally do anything we mentioned just now, hands-free.

Instant Face-unlock

Simply fold it in your hands and take it wherever you go, no strings attached.

Landscape Mode in a Jiffy

5 mm Thin and Weighs only 1 Ounce

Very thin and light – at 5mm/0.15inch thinness & 1oz weight, you won’t even feel it in your pocket.

Holds 3 Cards

Carry your driving license, your credit card, your name card. Don’t worry, the stand blocks RFID, all your cards are safe and sound.

In-built Magnet

Firm Handgrip

An extra stand on the back will keep your phone on your hand like a magnet. No more worries when you try to use it on un-wieldy angles.

Removable Glue

The perfect glue for the stand – where it can be removed from your phone stand without leaving a single mark or scratch, while still being tough and strong to endure all kinds of pulling and tearing.

MOFT X for Tablet

Built for Dual Screen Set Up

Portrait mode is usually for web-browsing, reading, hand-writing, and video chatting. Through a simple fold-line and change of direction, MOFT X tablet stand is the only one in the market that offers 3 angles to make sure you complete the tasks in most postures, most distances, and most comfortable way.

Landscape mode works best with media contents. Videos, games, art creations, etcs. With the help of a smart “v” line, you can also have 3 angles that keeps all the contents crispy to eyes, and all the drawings smooth to hands.

The tik-tok mode enables 1-second instant message sharing between two or more colleagues/family members/friends.

Charge Apple Pencil 2 on the Go

Clip to charge, easy to store, and full protection from head to toe.

Slim, Stable and Tough


Behind the Scenes

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A fully automatic yet personalized home garden that grows 76 different plants!

If you have the inclination to grow your own greens, then there are many solutions available today. Once you have done your market research, there are a couple of factors that will stand out and help you with the final choice – efficiency of the system, soil or soilless, how often do you have water the plants, the variety you can grow, modularity and of course the cost.

Now imagine an assistant who does all these calculations for your plant needs and all you have to do is follow those instructions every 1-3 weeks. The Verdeat personalized home garden does exactly that! A modular fully automatic gardening system created from environment-friendly materials, the Verdeat is an automatic gardening system that grows up to 76 plants. The seed tray fits in 19 seed pods and is ideal for basil, lettuce, oregano, etc. which have 3-4 weeks growth time. The Microgreen tray fits 4 microgreen pads and has a growth time of 7-10 days that lets you plant watercress, mustard, alfalfa, and the likes. Whereas the pot tray holds 5 standard pots and you can grow your lemons, peppers, cherry tomatoes in there! So all you have to do is choose your plant, pick a tray for it and follow instructions.

Verdeat uses a soilless, organic plant cultivation system and smartly irrigates and provides nutrition to vegetables and herbs. Using the accompanying app, the modular garden is self-sustainable for 1 to 3 weeks, depending on what is growing. It automatically adjusts the water, energy, and nutrients required, without unnecessary wastage.

Being notorious for killing plants easily, I’m keen to see how this system will fare in my home!

Designer: Robert Paluch

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Verdeat – a Modular Fully Automatic Gardening System

Verdeat is an indoor garden system that uses soilless, organic plant cultivation. It is an app-controlled system which is self-sustainable for 1-3 weeks by smartly irrigating and providing nutrition to vegetables and herbs.

A Size for Every Requirement

Verdeat S is the best option for kitchen countertops. Ideal for single users and couples living in small apartments.

Verdeat M fits every floor in the kitchen or living room. Ideal for couples and small families living in medium apartments and houses.

Verdeat L fits every floor in the kitchen or living room. Ideal for families, medium apartments and houses.

growing plant


Autonomous App-Controlled System

It is almost entirely maintenance-free: all you need to do is add water and the required nutrient once every 1-3 weeks. The mobile app will guide you to take care of your plants.

Modular Tray System

The system consists of modular trays with slots to plant the seeds along with a soil-free natural substrate (e.g. coconut fiber). Its unique universality and modularity also allow the growth of regular soil-based pot plants and microgreens.


Verdeat is manufactured in EU with 95% recycled materials.

With each purchase, they will plant a tree and give you 3 tree seeds to cultivate in Verdeat and then plant in your neighborhood as a way of giving back to nature. Each unit (size L) is made from plastic waste weighing 10kg / 22lbs.

Mood-boosting Sun-like Light and Better Air Quality

Verdeat creates a near-natural light source that allows you to cultivate anywhere at any time. The plants also act as air purifiers and have a therapeutic effect on your overall wellbeing.

Design Process and Technology

2017 marks the concept/ R&D phase of this idea followed by prototyping in 2018.

How to use

Grow your food in these easy steps:

1. Fill the main tank (placed in the base) with water
2. Add few drops of vegan plant nutrients (included in the kit)
3. Start the app

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The DoBox Pro can turn your iPad into a full-feature computer… with ports!

It’s entirely possible that this $119 device could offset the need for a $1299 laptop. Meet the DoBox Pro, a docking station that gives your iPad Pro the things it critically needs to be as useful as your MacBook Pro. A keyboard, a touchpad, a staggering 16,000 mAh battery pack, expandable storage, and ports… LOADS of them! The DoBox Pro makes a solemn promise to make sure you’ll never need a laptop ever again because not only will it turn your iPad Pro into one, it’ll make it better than one too.

Clad in a beautiful micro-textured anodized metal body, the DoBox Pro bestows powers upon your tablet that gives it the best of both worlds. The iPad still runs its iPad OS, and is fully compatible with the Apple Pencil, and the wide variety of apps, but stack it onto the DoBox Pro and you’ve got a powerful laptop at your beck and call. The full-scale keyboard and trackpad allow you to use your iPad in completely new, yet familiar ways. The absolute surplus of ports return the power back to the user, allowing you to once again plug LAN and HDMI cables, as well as headphone jacks and SD cards into your devices.

The slick, metal device comes with an indentation that docks both the iPad Pro 11″ and the 12.5″. A Type-C cable, plugs the DoBox Pro into the tablet, completing the transformation. DoBox Pro’s backlit keyboard and trackpad work seamlessly with iOS 13, while its wide variety of ports let you use the tablet the way you’d use a laptop, plugging Ethernet or HDMI cables in, or even USB drives. The thin accessory even comes with a massive 16,000 mAh battery that should practically give your iPad hours upon hours of usage-time, and even a slot to plug in an M.2 SATA drive, expanding your tablet’s storage by up to 2 terabytes!

Designed to be the same size as the larger iPad, the DoBox Pro fits right into your bags, measuring just marginally thicker than the tablet, but providing a world of functionality and opportunity to the people who’d like to carry their tablet around to work and not buy/own/travel with a separate laptop that could set them back by over $1299.

Sounds like a pretty neat arrangement, no?

Designer: Mate Molnar

Click Here to Buy Now: $119 $199 (40% off). Hurry, only 15/150 left!

DoBox Pro – Turn your iPad into a Laptop

The all-in-one docking station for iPad OS with built-in trackpad and keyboard. The DoBox Pro supports all of the iPads and iPhones with USB-C or Lightning port easily with a special cable. This means DoBox Pro is now compatible with all iPhone and iPad versions that can run iOS 13 or iPad OS!

Front view of DoBox Pro with iPad Pro

Back view of DoBox Pro with iPad Pro

Top view of DoBox Pro with iPad Pro

How the DoBox Pro Works

Thanks to the new iPad OS, you can use the trackpad and the keyboard of DoBox Pro everywhere just like on a laptop.

Connect to almost any device without bulky and over-priced adapters: micro SD cards, headphones, HDMI display, USB 3.0 devices, and to wired networks. You can even add M.2 SATA storage up to 2 terabytes and charge your device from the 16.000 mAh built-in battery.

You can work comfortably even at night with the laser engraved backlit keyboard.

The DoBox Pro holds the iPad Pro with magnets in place and it works with both the 12.9” or the 11” iPad Pro and even with the older ones!

DoBox Pro supports all of the iPads and iPhones with USB-C or Lightning port easily with a special cable. This means DoBox Pro is compatible with all iPhone and iPad versions that can run iOS 13 or iPad OS!

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