This FHD projector lets you watch Netflix on a massive 200-inch display… and it costs less than your AirPods

Costing roughly as much as you’d spend on Netflix in a year, the Jireno CUBE4 lets you watch your favorite shows in FHD on a sprawling 200-inch projected surface. Touted as the “world’s brightest 100-percent sealed portable projector”, the CUBE4 clocks in at 500 ANSI lumens coupled with HDR10+ for incredibly vivid detail, and a 3,000:1 contrast ratio. It runs at 1080p, although the projector supports 4K decoding, comes with a built-in smart TV system, has its own integrated speakers, and flaunts a price tag of less than $200.

Designer: Bill Liu

Click Here to Buy Now: $199 $299 (33% off). Hurry, only 120/200 left!

For under two Benjamins, the Jireno CUBE4 makes pretty lofty promises. Sure, it isn’t a 4K multimedia device, but then again, it delivers an absolute bang for its buck. The projector comes with a compact design that’s reminiscent of the Anker Nebula Mars 2, with its handle on top that lets you carry it around the place, so you can bring the party to your friends’ houses. Although it’s marketed as a portable projector, the one thing it lacks is an internal battery, so having a power-source nearby is a must.

On the design front, the Cube4 has an all-aluminum body which, aside from giving the projector its premium aesthetic, also helps with heat dispersion, allowing the projector to stay cool at all times – a feature further reinforced by the CUBE4’s potent inner cooling system. The projector runs its own version of Android TV, titled JIOS, which supports all major titles from Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and HBO, to even YouTube, Spotify, and social networks like FaceBook, Twitter, and TikTok. The projector comes with its own remote control, and can be further paired with your set-top box, laptop, or even gaming console via HDMI and USB-A, or your phone via Chromecast or AirPlay and other gadgets via the traditional Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi.

Equipped with a hand strap, allowing it to be carried easily to whatever location.

The CUBE4 supports 4K decoding and boasts a native resolution of 1920 x 1080P. This assures a cinema-level experience, whether you project a 30-inch image against a bedroom wall or utilize the side of your garage as a 200-inch screen.

With HDR10+ support, CUBE4 can provide you with richer light and dark details, so that your TV programs, movies, and sports events have a more natural color transition and more realistic images.

CUBE4 is fitted with 6D automatic correction, it quickly calculates the change in keystone error and readjust the image.

The CUBE4’s completely sealed design actually reinforces its portability. The fact that specks of dust can’t get in keeps the lens system clear, and the CUBE4’s 6D automatic keystone correction lets you place the projector at any angle and still have a perfectly rectangular, aligned image every time. The CUBE4 packs its own powerful 5W speakers for booming audio, and even throws in a 3.5mm audio input if you want to plug your own speakers in. The FHD projector’s most impressive feature, however, remains its price. Available on Kickstarter for an Early Bird $197, the CUBE4 is a fraction of the cost of your average smartphone, with the capability of pumping out a 200-inch display while costing effectively the same price as a smartwatch with a 3-inch display. You can grab the projector as a standalone unit, or opt for a bundle that also includes a tripod, an 84″ projector screen, and a carrying case for your CUBE4. Deliveries begin in February 2022.

Click Here to Buy Now: $199 $299 (33% off). Hurry, only 120/200 left!

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‘The iOS App Icon Book’ celebrates the art of app icon design in a hardcover book that’s perfect for UI/UX designers

Let’s just say that if there was a Bible for icon designers, it would probably be this book put together by Michael Flarup. Titled ‘The iOS App Icon Book’, this beautiful hard-bound publication captures years’ worth of digital design, brought about by the advent of the App Store with the launch of the very first iPhone.

Designer: Michael Flarup

Click Here to Buy Now: $69. Hurry, for a limited time only. Raised over $130,000.

“Design changed forever with the introduction of the Smartphone”, says Flarup sitting in front of a white background, in the rather Apple keynote-esque video above. “Entire new disciplines were created and existing ones were transformed”, he mentions, talking about how virtual app icons practically became the packaging that we consumed before the app’s features itself, serving as a powerful link between creator and user, and distilling an entire app’s experience into one tiny little square that was a gateway to the app itself.

“I figured Logo Design had beautiful coffee table books dedicated to them, right? So why not App Icon Design??”, Flarup questioned. That question led to a 4-year journey comprising many sleepless nights, hours spent in front of computers, and over 10,000 emails, finally culminating in The App Icon Book, a compendium of popular app icons, their iterations over the years, their design analyses, and the story behind their creation. Flarup’s labor of love is almost encyclopedic in how beautifully it captures every aspect of something as humble as the App Icon… or as I like to call it, the Welcome Mat that ushers you across a digital threshold into a virtual world.

The book serves multiple purposes… Created not just for designers, but for anyone who finds the concept of the App Icon an interesting topic, The iOS App Icon Book acts as a visual reference, a source of inspiration, and a historic archive that documents all the different visual styles over the years, from the days of skeuomorphic design to the current trend of flat iconography. It starts with a foreword by Flarup, a designer and app icon connoisseur himself, followed by a short history on the iOS App Store platform and a quick primer on the design process behind creating app icons. The purpose of the primer is to give readers the background they need to understand and appreciate icons better. The book is also peppered with artist spotlights, featuring interviews with the creators behind some of the most memorable and interesting app icons, and revealing the stories of the humans behind the icon artworks.

Spanning close to 150 pages of rich, vibrant, hi-resolution artworks in thorough documentation, the book is a practical must-have for designers, creatives, and studios. It’s easily the most definitive anthology on app icons to date, and makes for a perfect book to browse through while sipping on coffee, or having on your table as you pitch your concepts to a client, or just glossing over for your daily visual stimulation! The book’s running for $68 on Kickstarter, and ships in April 2022.

Click Here to Buy Now: $69. Hurry, for a limited time only. Raised over $130,000.

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This playfully polygonal lamp makes the perfect addition to any minimal workspace

There are a few lighting designs that are so iconic, just looking at their silhouette is enough to identify them. The Pixar lamp comes to mind, so does Ross Lovegrove’s Andromeda Lamp, even the Polygon touch-sensitive lamps. What sets them apart is their instantly memorable shape and interaction… a feature that also puts Gingko’s Octagon One Desk Light in the same category. With its unique octagonal base, the Octagon One looks stable, while still feeling pretty lightweight. It comes with an LED light-panel that emerges from the broad base creating an unusual combination of visual proportions, while the base’s octagonal design itself lets you easily adjust the lamp’s angle by simply resting it on the edge of your choice.

Designer: Paul Sun of Gingko Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $75.65 $89 (15% off with coupon code “YANKO-ODL”). Hurry, sale ends Nov 30th and for YD readers only!

An inductee into the MoMA store and a winner of multiple furniture, lighting, and gifting awards, the Octagon One’s minimally quirky design makes it ideal for any workspace. Its ability to adjust to 4 different angles allows it to easily alternate between being an area light, reading light or even task light, and the LED panel lights up with an array of 36 LEDs that cast a focused glow on wherever the lamp is pointed.

The lamp’s most iconic element remains its octagonal base, which gives it its stability while contributing to the lamp’s modern industrial aesthetic. The Octagon One comes in a variety of material finishes, ranging from darker to lighter shades of wood and even a rather unusual marble variant that definitely stands apart in a class of its own. The Octagon One is chargeable via USB, and the lamp provides up to 48 hours of lighting on a full charge on its lowest brightness setting, adjustable using the touch-sensitive panel built into the octagon base. The lamp itself weighs 745g (1.6 lbs), and comes constructed out of ABS and Aluminum.

Click Here to Buy Now: $75.65 $89 (15% off with coupon code “YANKO-ODL”). Hurry, sale ends Nov 30th and for YD readers only!

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Snapmaker’s 10W High Power Laser Module is perfect for people who want to ‘design their own gifts’!

Creators rejoice! Thousands of Snapmaker users are in for a surprise as the company unveils yet another module to bring even more functionality to your fabrication-station. Released as a part of the Welcome to Snapmaker Wonderland virtual event to celebrate the ‘Maker’ spirit, the company unveiled their upgraded 10W High Power Laser Module, designed to easily fit onto any Snapmaker 2.0 (apart from the 150 models) or even the upgraded Snapmaker 2.0 AT and F models. The new laser cutting and engraving module packs even more of a punch, bringing the output up from 5W to a whopping 10W for power-users, prototypers, and educators. The Snapmaker 2.0 was designed to democratize in-house prototyping by simplifying professional-grade tech to make it consumer-friendly (you can read more about it here). With the new 10W High Power Laser Module, the user is empowered further, and is given new opportunities to put their ideas to the test.

Designer: Snapmaker

Click Here to Buy Now: $399 $459 ($60 off). Hurry, sale ends on Nov 28th.

The 10W High Power Laser Module fits perfectly into Snapmaker’s modular ecosystem, integrating seamlessly into the Snapmaker 2.0’s workflow with a simple snap. The upgraded laser comes with a wider set of capabilities, boasting of more power, better efficiency, and an ability to work with even more materials. Installing the 10W High Power Laser Module is as simple as plugging it in place, and you’re quite literally ready to go. The upgraded laser module has a work speed of 6000 mm per minute, while being able to cut through basswoods as thick as 8mm. To put it in perspective, it’s about 8 times more capable than a standard 1.6W laser engraver/cutter, with industrial-level speeds that allow you to practically set up a factory line, pushing out product after product in mere minutes. On the capability front, the 10W High Power Laser Module supports a whole variety of materials for engraving as well as cutting, along with all the popular file formats for the job (.stl, .svg, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .dxf) for your jobs.

For engraving/etching, Snapmaker recommends using the laser module for a range of natural and engineered woods, painted metal, copper clad laminate, SPTE, stainless steel, anodized aluminum, acrylic, dark glass, slate, brick, ceramic, jade, marble, shale, leather, fabric, canvas, corrugated fiberboard, and cardboard. The 10W laser is rated for laser-cutting materials like Pinewood, plywood, beechwood, walnut, bamboo, MDF, black and red acrylic, leather, fabric, canvas, corrugated fiberboard, and cardboard. This makes the Snapmaker 2.0 perfect for designing gifts, cards, and even packaging all within one machine!

Here is a comparison between 1.6W and 10W laser, taking 1.5 mm-thick basswood engraving and cutting as an example.

With the Fast-axis Collimating (FAC) lenses embedded in the two laser diodes, the module first compresses the laser spot of each laser diodes. Then it combines the laser beams of the two laser diodes using the beam combining technology, resulting in a higher output power and an ultra-fine laser focus (0.05 mm × 0.2 mm), which allows for higher energy density. Smaller laser focus and higher power deliver high-quality laser works with impeccable details.

Autofocus in seconds. Place your material on the platform, and the module will calculate it for you. Thanks to the triangulation technique, the module is able to measure the thickness of your material by obtaining a few sets of data on the camera and light emitter.

Unveiled just this month, the 10W High Power Laser Module boasts of new capabilities, including an improved auto-focus, as well as an upgraded camera, that captures the work surface and helps you visualize and align your print/etch/outline perfectly onto the surface for perfect results. The new laser also has an orientation detection sensor that makes sure the module’s correctly installed, so that the laser never points out of the work area, risking damaging equipment or hurting bystanders (Snapmaker also recommends using the laser module with the Snapmaker 2.0 Enclosure). Like all of Snapmaker’s attachments, the new 10W High Power Laser Module is compatible with Snapmaker Luban, a custom software that offers an intelligent, visualized G-Code-generated workflow to help you set up your projects with ease, along with a revolutionary new 3D to 2D feature that lets you turn 3D models into 2D vectors that the laser module can cut out of sheet material for you. A standard across all of Snapmaker’s devices, Luban allows existing users to upgrade to the newer modules without worrying about a new learning curve. Calibrating your machine is simple too, with Snapmaker’s Original Assistant (on its screen-module), which guides users through the relatively easy process.

Like all of Snapmaker 2.0’s components, the 10W High Power Laser Module aims at bringing out the best in the machine’s capabilities and the user’s imagination. The 10W High Power Laser Module is rated for high durability, with two separate blowing systems for its PCBA and its laser diode to make sure the diode is properly cooled off during and after use, and overheat protection that automatically pauses the job whenever its temperature sensor detects a higher than normal working temperature. Once the temperature falls back into the normal range, users can resume their job on the Touchscreen. Under proper use, the lifespan of the module is rated for as long as 10,000 hours, and a 1-year warranty on the module is a given. Moreover, the 10W High Power Laser Module builds on the infinite capabilities of the Snapmaker 2.0 ecosystem, while also promising to be compatible with all future Snapmaker 2.0 machines that the company releases. You can grab the 10W High Power Laser Module at $399 (original price $459) or any of Snapmaker’s all-in-one machines for a discount below, just use the coupon code BYD100 for a $100 discount on purchases above $1100.

Click Here to Buy Now: $399 $459 (13% off). Hurry, sale ends on Nov 28th.

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Do you REALLY need a strip of tape or a flat ruler to measure objects? This circular digital-ruler doesn’t think so

If I told you to measure the distance from your thumb to your little finger, you’d probably use a plastic or steel ruler. If I upped the scales by telling you to measure the length of a room, you’d probably ditch the scale for a tape measure. What if I pushed the distance even further? Like the measurement of a football field? Your tape measure wouldn’t really help much. Or how about if I asked you to measure a curved surface? Sure, you could use a flexible measuring tape (the kinds used by tailors), but you’d probably struggle with accuracy. Here’s a thought – we’re limited by the tools we have at our disposal. Provide better tools and techniques, and those limitations vanish. What if I told you there was a way to measure short AND long distances with ease, as well as to measure the distance of curved surfaces? What if I told you we’ve been doing it for centuries, but without realizing it? Still confused?

Designer: Tiancheng Liang of HOZO Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $71.20 $89 (20% off for YD readers with coupon code “ROLL20”). Hurry, sale ends on Nov 26th.

Your motorcycle/car’s odometer is basically a pretty foolproof distance-measuring tool. The way it works is ridiculously simple. The wheels of your vehicle roll in a particular direction, drawing a path. The number of rolls multiplied by the circumference of the wheel is basically a pretty accurate measure of distance, over short and long paths, and over curved ones too. Scale the wheel and odometer down and you’ve got the ROLLOVA V2.0, a digital ruler that can basically measure distances as long as you want. Roll the device from point A to point B, and the ROLLOVA V2.0 gives you an accurate calculation of the distance covered. Roll it in a circle and you get the circumference, roll it on an undulating surface and you’ll still get an accurate capture of the distance; without fumbling with tapes, scales, threads, or worse… calculators.

Limited edition 18K gold-played Designer Edition.

Shaped like a compact, pocketable hockey puck-ish device made from 7075 Aluminum alloy, the ROLLOVA V2.0 has a textured rubber tread around its rim that rotates as you push it across surfaces. Move it in a straight line or a curved one, the indicator at the base tells you your starting and ending points, while a nifty 1.3″ OLED screen on the front gives you your measurements, using an OLED display and a perforated stainless steel cover in front of it, to give it a safe housing as well as make the digits on the screen appear pixelated like a calculator.

The ROLLOVA V2.0 is capable of measuring in both inches and centimeters (depending on your industry/country) and thanks to the new OVA 2.0 chip on the inside, it can measure up to 0.25mm (with a tolerance of 0.4%) while being much more power efficient compared to its 2018 edition. Whether you use it in metric or imperial measuring modes, the device can chart up to 999.9cm in metric mode, 99.99 inches in inches decimal mode, or 999.9 inches in inches fraction mode and save up to 99 measurements on the device for you to access whenever you need. If you’re measuring in a closed corner or a confined space, a simple function lets you add the Rollova’s radius or diameter to your measurement too.

Using the Rollova V2.0 is as simple as pressing a button and rolling the device across surfaces. Unlike the conventional tape measure, the Rollova can be used by a single person, and can fit right into your pocket, making it an essential tool of trade for industrial designers, architects, fashion designers, transportation designers, and engineers. It runs on 2 replaceable CR1632 batteries, providing 2 years of usage, so you can measure distances without worrying about constantly charging it. The ROLLOVA V2.0 is currently shipping with a tag of $89 for its standard aluminum-body variant… although if you’re a creative professional who prides themselves on using the finest equipment, you can snag a limited-edition 18K gold-plated variant of the Rollova V2.0 for $109!

Click Here to Buy Now: $71.20 $89 (20% off for YD readers with coupon code “ROLL20”). Hurry, sale ends on Nov 26th.

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Black Friday Deal: Snapmaker’s tabletop 3D printer/engraver/fabricator lets you set up your design studio at home

Created for the “Design From Home” kind of folks, Snapmaker’s all-in-one prototyping rigs are modular, customizable, and size-fluid, going from a small tabletop accessory to a state-of-the-art fabrication lab right on your desk. The company is celebrating 5 years in the business with major Black Friday discounts on its latest products – the Snapmaker 2.0 AT models and Snapmaker 2.0 F models.

Designer: Snapmaker

Click Here to Buy Snapmaker 2.0 F Now: $1019 $1199 (15% off). Hurry, sale ends on Nov 28th.

Click Here to Buy Snapmaker 2.0 AT Now: $1429 $1799 (20% off for YD readers with coupon code “BYD100”). Hurry, sale ends on Nov 28th.

Unveiled at their 5th year anniversary, the company’s two upgraded models, the Snapmaker 2.0 AT and Snapmaker 2.0F build on their successful 2.0 line. The Snapmaker 2.0 AT adds refinements to the 2.0 and can either be bought as a standalone prototyping unit, or as a series of upgrades that you can plug into your existing Snapmaker 2.0, which already lets you do 3D Printing, Laser Engraving/Cutting, CNC carving, and even 4 Axis CNC Machining with the help of its Rotary Module. For people looking for a device that just handles 3D printing, the new Snapmaker 2.0 F isn’t a jack of all trades like the other models, but for less than $1,000, it gives you an expandable, modular 3D printer that’s reliably accurate, and is made entirely from metal for the most precise printing experience ever.

Along with the anniversary, Snapmaker also hosted ‘Welcome to Snapmaker Wonderland’, a virtual event referencing the Wonderland that Morpheus talked about while presenting Neo with the Red Pill. The event highlighted the Snapmaker machines’ ability to unleash the mind’s true potential, by letting creators build practically anything they wanted. In a world transitioning heavily towards a ‘Metaverse’, the Snapmakers firmly root you in the physical world, allowing creators to build, experiment, problem-solve, and turn ideas into products, products into businesses, and digital/conceptual dreams into physical realities.

The highlight of Snapmaker’s fabrication machines is their ability to let you alternate between a 3D printer, a laser-engraver, a CNC carver, or even a 4-axis CNC lathe machine simply by swapping and plugging modules. Just like the Snapmaker 2.0, the upgraded modules boast of a customizable assembly that lets you build exactly the fabricating tool you need, allowing you to expand or scale it down based on the size of your operation or your workspace, add a protective enclosure, or even addons like an IP Camera or an emergency kill-switch.

Let’s start with the Snapmaker 2.0 AT, revealed just a month ago at the company’s 5th anniversary. Bringing important upgrades to the already capable machine, the 2.0 AT adds an improved power module with a noise-reduction chip, and a new linear module that collectively allow the machine to operate at up to 16 decibels quieter than its predecessor. It also features a new 3D printing module with an upgraded cooling system, quick-release hot end mechanism, and improved extrusion components to elevate the printing efficiency and consistency. Compared to older models, the AT models (and even the 3D-printing F models) can achieve the same printing quality at a faster speed thanks to the optimization of the cooling system along with a fine-tuned motion controlling algorithm. The Snapmaker 2.0 AT comes as a standalone set with its signature modular design, although for creative professionals who already use the 2020 Snapmaker 2.0, the company is making the upgrades available to older machines by simply letting users swap out components to upgrade their rigs.

For people focused heavily on 3D Printing, Snapmaker unveiled the 2.0 F, a dedicated 3D printing machine that’s still open to upgrades and size expansions in any direction, letting you create a machine that works for your prototyping demands. The Snapmaker 2.0 F also boasts of the same quiet operation as the 2.0 AT, with improved power, 3D printing, and linear modules. Priced at $999, the Snapmaker 2.0 F lets you practically assemble your own 3D printing station for the price of a smartphone… and then print out smartphone cases too! If at any point of time you want to upgrade your 3D printer to include CNC machining, laser engraving, or 4-axis milling operations, all of Snapmaker 2.0’s modules plug right into the 2.0 F model, letting you easily expand your arsenal whenever you choose.

All of Snapmaker’s components come precisely machined from an anodized aluminum alloy, giving you a device that’s as robust as it is accurate. The machined components boast incredibly low tolerances, resulting in precise outputs, and Snapmaker’s own firmware like its automatic bed leveling system, or its intuitive software, the Snapmaker Luban, is easy to learn/use and work exceedingly well at allowing both novices and seasoned professionals to get the best out of their fabrication tools. Snapmaker is running site-wide discounts on its products, accessories, and even on its newest models. You can snag the Snapmaker 2.0 AT and 2.0 F at discounted rates, and even use the coupon code BYD100 for a further $100 off on orders above $1100. As a bonus, you’ll also get to join the wheel of fortune to win free coupon codes up to $599! Go ahead and build your own production line in your home… or better still, design your own holiday gifts!

Click Here to Buy Snapmaker 2.0 AT Now: $1429 $1799 (20% off for YD readers with coupon code “BYD100”). Hurry, sale ends on Nov 28th.

Click Here to Buy Snapmaker 2.0 F Now: $1019 $1199 (15% off). Hurry, sale ends on Nov 28th.

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Brewing your coffee in this travel thermos is easier than using a Nespresso

As portable as an ordinary Starbucks travel mug, the Qterra Craft is designed to give you coffee so fresh you’ll feel like it was brewed right inside it… and you’d be right! The Qterra Craft is a pretty clever little device, giving you the freshest coffee or tea—even while you’re traveling—by simply brewing it on the spot. The mug comes with a lid that holds tea leaves or coffee grounds in a telescopic Q-Brew Basket that extends downwards into the vessel when the lid is twisted. Fill the vessel with piping hot water and twist the lid just minutes before you actually want your beverage. Then twist the lid when you’re done and the used leaves or grounds ascend back into the lid, secured with an air-tight seal. Effectively, your freshly brewed coffee just requires two twists… but there’s one more twist to come!

Designers: Raeshon McNeil & Pierre Baston (Founder / Inventor)

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $169 (59% off). Hurry, only 12/95 left!

If you’ve ever sipped coffee or tea from a travel mug only to realize it’s hotter than the sun and your tongue’s effectively burnt, the Qterra has a solution for that too. Another twist of the mug (just below the lid) reveals Qterra’s Q-Cool cooling system, which rapidly brings down the temperature of your beverage to a drinkable level, and lets you know via a color-changing band. The Q-Temp Ring goes from yellow (burning hot) to black (drinkable) to let you visually assess the right time to drink your beverage.

The design of the Qterra Craft was prompted by the fact that travel mugs don’t solve the fundamental problem with carrying beverages. Sure, travel mugs and thermoses keep your beverage hot and sealed, but after 3-4 hours, a coffee/tea loses its fresh flavor and along with it, the antioxidants that make the beverage useful to your body. Qterra Craft’s simple solution is to actually brew your fresh hot beverage on the spot exactly when you want it. The twist-to-brew system is uniquely intuitive and spill-free, and works with any variety of loose leaf tea or ground coffee. The tumbler portion of the mug holds the hot water, which remains heated thanks to insulated walls, while the lid holds the grounds, separating the two elements until you want to brew your beverage. Twisting the lid allows the upper meshed metal container to telescope down into the water, akin to dipping a tea bag into it, and the brewing immediately begins. Once you’ve timed your brew, a reverse twist ascends the metal container, sealing the brewing ingredients back in the lid.

Once the brewing is done, the Q-Cool system takes the spotlight. Designed to keep you from burning your tongue, Q-Cool’s heat-absorbing PCM (phase change material) rapidly brings the beverage temperature down to a safe 140°F, and keeps it there while you drink. The thermochromic Q-Temp Ring lets you know when your beverage is at the perfect drinking temperature by changing color from yellow to black.

Each Qterra Craft is designed to be travel-safe, leakproof, and with an insulated inner vessel made from stainless steel. The mug lets you brew the coffee or tea of your choice for as long as you want, runs entirely without batteries, and is dishwasher-safe.

The Qterra Craft even comes with Q-Art swappable medallions that let you customize this cutting-edge mug by fixing magnetic artworks onto it, so you can show your personal style every time you lift your mug to drink!

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $169 (59% off). Hurry, only 12/95 left!

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This $19 indoor camera comes with night-vision, human detection, instant alerts, and integration with Alexa

Expanding its collection of smart home appliances, SwitchBot unveiled the Indoor Cam, their smart home-surveillance device that gives you an intelligent pair of eyes in your home for when you’re not around.

The company rose to prominence with the SwitchBot Curtain, a tiny rod-affixed robotic device that turned your regular curtains into smart ones, letting you operate them via an app, your alarm, or even your voice. Following the curtain-controlling IoT device, SwitchBot unveiled a series of other smart home devices, from motion sensors to LEDs, and even a humidifier. With the Indoor Cam, SwitchBot lets you do more than control curtains, lights, and other ambient aspects of your home – it lets you protect and surveil your home too.

Designer: SwitchBot Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $19.50 $29.99 (35% off for YD readers with coupon code “35BFyankodesign”). Hurry, sale ends on Nov 29th.

The SwitchBot Indoor Cam is a compact 1080p high-definition home camera with a wide 130° lens to cover large areas, and night-vision to allow the camera to keep tabs on your home even in the dark. A recent winner of the Good Design Award, the camera fits perfectly into SwitchBot’s line of products intended on making your home smarter, and your life easier. The camera runs 24/7 (as a good CCTV camera should) and will broadcast a video feed over Wi-Fi to your device no matter where you are. The 1080p camera captures video in full HD, switching automatically to night-vision in low-light conditions, and will automatically alert you if there’s any movement or suspicious activity while you’re out.

Receive real-time notifications.

Interestingly enough, the Indoor Cam also makes a few allowances to eliminate false positives or false flags, so you don’t get unnecessary alerts. The app offers a “Human Only” detection mode that when toggled, allows the camera to only notify you when it detects a human on your premises, effectively preventing animals or pets from accidentally setting off the motion-sensing alarms. You can even set dedicated zones within the camera’s frame, targeting areas like windows, doors, back entrances, so your Indoor Cam keeps a closer eye for movement or signs of danger on those areas. If there’s ever a truly credible alert, the SwitchBot Indoor Camera’s integration with Alexa lets you use your smart speaker to play warning messages to intruders… or if it’s someone you know, an integrated microphone and speaker in the Indoor Cam lets you have a two-way conversation with the person (perhaps a pet or a child, or a relative) through the camera and the smartphone, like a walkie-talkie system.

The Indoor Camera boasts integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, blending seamlessly into most smart home setups (and also allowing your Echo Display to effectively double up as a display system for the camera). A 128Gb SD Card slot on the cam lets you store video locally, although SwitchBot even offers cloud video storage (even if the camera itself is offline), allowing playback and even sharing video footage. All your data is protected by high-level encryption along with GDPR and CCPA certifications that put you, the user, in control of your data and information. YD readers are treated to a sweet 35% discount on the $29.99 camera, bringing its price down to $19.49 if you use the coupon code 35BFyankodesign. Grab a SwitchBot Indoor Cam for the discounted price using the link below – the code’s only valid till the 29th of November!

Click Here to Buy Now: $19.50 $29.99 (35% off for YD readers with coupon code “35BFyankodesign”). Hurry, sale ends on Nov 29th.

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This 6-in-1 fast-charging cable is so ridiculously tiny, it literally fits on your keychain

Dubbed as the smallest and most portable 6in1 fast-charging cable, High Six is roughly the size of your zipper tag, turning your charging cable into a handy bit of EDC that you can carry about with you. No more entangled cables in your laptop bag, no more worrying about forgetting cables at home, and more importantly, no more cables cluttering your desk. High Six comes with a classy stainless steel housing inside which sits the tiny cable. Pop it out, unfold it, and the tiny little contraption can fast-charge and transfer data for Apple as well as Android devices in a heartbeat.

Designer: Vonmählen

Click Here to Buy Now: $25 $35 (30% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!

Designed by the same folks who created the compact pocket-friendly High Five charger, High Six pushes the constraints even further, with a design that’s smaller yet just as functional… and throws in a neat metal bottle opener built into the outer stainless steel case. On the inside, the USB-C fast-charging cable sits neatly folded up thanks to a pair of magnets, and comes with two Lightning and USB-A adapters that let you connect a variety of gadgets together.

Unlike High Five’s cable which could only handle power delivery, the new USB-C cable built into High Six lets you transfer data too, aside from just your regular charging. Along with the adapters, High Six lets you work with smartphones, tablets, computers, seamlessly transferring power or data between them all… and while that’s happening, the bottle opener on the stainless steel case lets you pop open a brewski.

Along with the stainless steel case, High Six measures just over 60mm in length (2.4 inches if you hate the metric system) and weighs a paltry 17 grams or 0.59 ounces. The USB-C cable inside can deliver power at a pretty impressive 60W (although that’s just limited to the cable itself, without the adapters), and transfer data at 480Mb/s. You can grab a High Six on Kickstarter for a discounted price of $25, and the tiny 6-in-1 cable and bottle opener will begin shipping in February 2022.

Click Here to Buy Now: $25 $35 (30% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left! Raised over $70,000.

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Traveling abroad soon? Grab a 30% discount on these TWS earbuds that translate 40 languages in real-time without internet

The world’s opening up again, and leave it to technology to give you the power to be a native no matter where you go. The Timekettle M2 are a pair of TWS earphones with a unique two-part design that allows you to speak fluently in up to 40 languages, or have an easy multilingual conversation with someone who doesn’t speak your language… all in real-time, and without the internet.

Designers: Leal Tian, Echo Zhang & Kazaf Ye of Timekettle

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There are two main components to any conversation – talking to a person, and listening to the person talk to you. It’s only natural that earphones designed to facilitate conversation would embrace those two parts, right? The Timekettle M2, in that regard, isn’t your standard pair of TWS earbuds. Sure, they’re meant for listening to music and podcasts, or giving commands to your phone’s voice AI, but their prime feature is the ability to foster a multi-lingual two-way conversation by allowing two people to wear one earphone each as the M2’s onboard translation engine seamlessly fills in the gaps. The earphone case’s design revolves around that very aspect, with a design that splits right in two, so you can hand one half over to someone you’re talking to, almost like you’re breaking bread with them.

Touch Mode – Simply touch the force sensor on the earbud when you want to speak, and the translation will play directly in the other person’s ear.

Lesson Mode – Imagine being able to understand all the things you struggled to understand before.

Speaker Mode – The Timekettle M2 earbuds will recognize and translate your spoken sentences, then play them through the speaker of your phone.

Built with the ability to actively translate up to 40 languages and 93 accents in real-time, the Timekettle M2 earbuds put a translator in the ears of both conversation-holders. The Timekettle M2 boasts of three different conversation modes that help you navigate a variety of situations – ranging from holding a conversation in a foreign language, asking for advice, or taking lessons in languages you don’t understand. In Touch Mode, tap the force sensor on the M2 earbud once, and you can have a conversation with someone in any language and your speech instantly plays back in a translated language to the person wearing the other earpiece. In other modes, the M2 earbuds work along with your phone, allowing you to not only record and translate excerpts in foreign languages, but also translate previously recorded audio files whenever you want.

All the translation happens courtesy of the presence of 15 translation engines that actively work to identify and translate languages based solely on vocal input. Timekettle partnered with best-in-class language enterprises such as Google, Microsoft, iFlytek, and others to deliver fast and responsive translations that accurately capture the nuances and idiosyncrasies of regular speech across multiple languages and accent types. More importantly, the M2 earbuds possess the ability to translate 8 languages offline (from English to Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Korean, Russian) – a feature that’s accessible by downloading the Offline Speech Translation Pack on M2’s app.

When you are not connected with the app, you can use M2 for music and phone calls.

When you’re not using the M2’s translator feature, it still serves as a pretty good pair of TWS earbuds. Built with Bluetooth 5.0, the M2 offers quick and unwavering connectivity, along with Qualcomm’s aptX Audio Codec Compression to deliver incredible sound. The M2 comes with all the trimmings of a good pair of TWS earbuds, with the ability to answer and reject calls, cycle through music playback, or summon your phone’s Voice AI using its touch-sensitive surface. The earphones are compatible with iOS as well as Android devices, and offer 30 hours of playback with the charging-case, and 6 hours of active translation. They’re even on a special 30% Black Friday discount, bringing their $130 price tag down to a neat $91 if you use the coupon code LAPY4DAB. Comprende, amigo?

Click Here to Buy Now: $90.99 $129.99 ($39 off with YD’s Cyber Monday coupon code “LAPY4DAB“). Hurry, sale ends on Nov 23, 2021.

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