Clever motorized attachment turns your tripod into a remote-controlled camera-operator

In theory, you could ‘socially distance’ from your DSLR and control it entirely via your smartphone!

Remember a time when telephones had operators? You’d tell them who you want to speak to and they’d control an entire wall of cables, plugging you in to the right channel so you could speak to the right person. There was a time when you couldn’t really use a telephone without the help of an operator – and now Siri can dial your numbers for you, connecting you to someone across the globe… WITH VIDEO! It seems like the world of cameras is having a similar moment. First, with drones that can autonomously operate to focus on targets and avoid obstacles, and now with the Polaris, which can automatically control your existing DSLR to shoot everything from HDRIs, panoramas, time-lapses, and even trace star trails. Plug it in and Polaris goes from being a computerized camera-operator to a video editor too, helping you adjust exposure and white balance while taking time-lapses, as well as removing people from your panoramas for those beautiful landscape shots!

Simply put, the Polaris exists in two parts… as a piece of hardware that sits between your DSLR and your tripod, and a piece of software that runs on your smartphone, allowing you to access its pro-features. The hardware unit is just about as big as your DSLR’s body (without the lens), and sports two motors that control its rotation and tilt, powered by an ARM processor. The hardware unit even connects to your DSLR using a MicroUSB cable, bringing a whole variety of power-features and controls to the Polaris app on your smartphone. The hardware and software communicate via WiFi, allowing you to remotely operate the Polaris from a distance. There’s even a premium cellular variant that lets you literally program the hardware from miles away. Open the app and the interface is filled with a bunch of features that let you either manually or automatically direct the camera to perform certain tasks. You can manually adjust settings like the aperture, ISO, exposure, or the camera path, or alternatively, choose from a variety of options right within the app. The Polaris app lets you click panoramas, time-lapses, and even star-tracking features with just the click of a button. Polaris can even shoot multi-exposure photos, ensuring that each shot is perfectly exposed, or multi-focus photos, giving you the ability to focus on objects AFTER clicking the picture. Your smartphone updates you on the progress of your shots as they’re being orchestrated by the Polaris, and the app even sends you the final images and video footage to your phone when you’re done, saving you hours of transferring media via SD cards and whatnot!

As impressive as that feature-list is, Polaris’ most promising feature is the fact that it supports OTA updates, which means the makers can give it new features and functionalities simply by rolling out software updates for the Polaris. The device comes in different variants, the Time Lapse variant being the base-model, with upgrades for the Astro Edition that lets you track constellations, the Premium variant that comes with built-in cellular, and the Pro, which even packs an external power supply for both the Polaris as well as your camera! In fact, the makers will even include a dew-heater strip with each Polaris to ensure you can shoot without worrying about lens condensation!

Designer: Benro

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Polaris – Smart Electric Tripod Head

The Polaris is a wireless, smart electric tripod head that helps photographers conveniently frame the perfect shooting angle with ease. In addition, Polaris can automatically render photos that normally required computer processing, such as panoramic photos, time-lapses, exposure bracketing, and so on.

Auto Remove Object & People from Photos

With the Scene Retouching feature built into Polaris, all you have to do is to take several shots of the same scene, and Polaris will automatically remove tourists or unwanted objects from photos.

Star Tracking

When capturing the night sky – Polaris uses the built-in GPS, compass, and astromaps to move the head precisely to prevent tailing or streaks. This feature will allow you to capture perfect shots of the Milky Way or your favorite constellations.

Holy Grail

Being challenged to capture a landscape or subject with a day-to-night (or vice-versa) timelapse? The “Holy Grail” mode tackles extremely technical and time-consuming scenario by automatically analyzing every photo and adjusting the exposure between every shot. Your camera can easily get perfectly exposed and smooth transitions without any manual work.

Preview Your Shot Even Before You Take It

In conjunction with the mobile app, Polaris can simulate the sun’s movement, and you can compose the picture before the sun has risen or is close to being set. The composition is simulated by using the mobile phone’s accelerometer, camera, and AI. You only need to select where you want the Sun framed above the horizon and send it to Polaris. Polaris will take photos at the exact time the sun hits that desired angle.

Focus Stacking

The smart controller can take a set of photos with different focal points, and using the AI can synthesize these into photos without blur. This means that every photo will have perfect focus throughout the image, and you can get creative with it or choose your optimal focal point later.

Multi Exposing & Auto Stacking

Let the camera automatically take multiple shots and then auto stack them to compose a bright and sharp night scene.

Timelapse Photography

Polaris uses the smartphone app to make setting up the interval between shots, duration, and exposure easy. Polaris can even adjust the timelapse settings during capture to ensure that the timelapse comes out exactly as you hoped it would.

Dynamic Timelapse

Thanks to the built-in programming functions, everything about your camera is controllable. Use this expanded ability to record timelapse videos with dynamic changes in the direction of view and speed. At the same time – dial in your ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and even your focal length from anywhere.

Fully Automatic Panoramas

With the help of Polaris, automatic panoramic shooting can be realized and reviewed in near real-time. After the automatic shooting is completed, the stitched pano can be checked through the app on your phone.

Polaris supports automatic multi-line panoramic photo shooting, you can choose the number of rows and columns of the photo – everything else is done automatically. This mode also supports enhanced exposure. Polaris can take multiple exposures of each section of the panorama to avoid under or overexposure in any section of the synthetic panorama.

Programmable Functions

Movements can be preprogrammed, camera settings can be tuned and dialed-in during rotation to get the perfect shot, and AI can change exposure while capturing a full-day motion timelapse to make sure nothing is blown out.

Through this simple interface, you can add custom control nodes. Each control node can individually set the parameters of the camera, the time interval between each shot, and the precise angle of the camera, or the rotation speed of the head.

Remote App Control

You can shoot the sunrise and sunset while staying warm in your car, and you can sit on your sofa and capture images of the starry sky.

Media Sync

You can transfer files right to your phone for preview and inspection without a card reader and computer. You can even process and send these shots to your favorite social platforms.

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This playful, customizable lamp makes ‘Happiness’ a design feature

If there’s ever a secret to great design, it’s to make something that lingers in your memory. Design a product that finds estate in your mind and you’ve unlocked the holy grail of a product’s “emotional value”, making them something you think about, something you get attached to, and eventually feel nostalgic about. Toys have a unique power of doing this, which is why GI Joes, Barbies, LEGO blocks, Tamagotchis, Beanie Babies, and Mr. Potato Head (or Potato Head, henceforth) have so much emotional value, even today. They’re products that are playful, imaginative, and designed in a way that emotionally attaches you to them. Therefore they’re products you remember and cherish. Mr. Watt, a desk lamp, hopes to take the same route with its friendly, anthropomorphic design.

Mr. Watt is a desk lamp styled like a little humanoid with large eyes that light up when you pat its head. Along with the curious eyes that shine bright enough to illuminate whatever Mr. Watt looks at, the lamp even comes with a positionable head, which means the little guy can look up, down, and sideways, working quite like an adjustable spotlight of sorts. Available in two sizes, Mr. Watt occupies no more than 5×5 inches of space, making it perfect to use as a tabletop lamp, a bedside lamp, or just a light placed anywhere on a shelf in either the living room or a kid’s bedroom. Once assembled (with a cable routed through the base), Mr. Watt becomes a friendly ally that lights up to help you read/study, or navigate the room. To switch it on, all you need to do is pat it on the head and the lamp’s eyes light up (literally!) — keep your hand on its head for a little longer and you can adjust Mr. Watt’s brightness, going from ambient light to full-blown spotlight bright enough to clearly light up a tabletop!

That playful interaction is just one component of Mr. Watt’s happiness-inducing design. The lamp comes with an entire ecosystem of accessories that help give Mr. Watt character. From hairstyles to different headgear, goggles, and even clothes, Mr. Watt can become everything from a hipster coder, an old granny with horn-rimmed glasses and hair tied in a bun, to even pets! This ability to impose a character on Mr. Watt turns it from a lamp into a toy, or rather a totem that holds value. You could name it (think of Mr. Watt as just a placeholder name), give it a backstory, and allow your child to bond with it as they would bond with a toy. This instantly turns Mr. Watt from just another lamp to a lamp that provides a connection, emotional support, and makes empathy and happiness a design feature!

Designers: Norbert Schlotter & DesignNest

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Mr. Watt – Buddy that Brightens Your Day

Mr.Watt is a playful, customizable, dimmable desk lamp with a rotatable head to point light where it’s needed.

Cat and Dog

Mother and Father

Boy and Girl

Powerful Eyes

Mr. Watt eyes are the light source, made with 2 high performance LED puck lights of 180 lumens. These LEDs are made to last, and designed so that they can be changed easily when needed.

Rotatable Head

Mr.Watt’s head can rotate 360 degree horizontally and 60 degree vertically. So, you can smoothly rotate the head to your preferred position, pointing light where it’s needed. This also allows me to express my emotions. Based on the direction Mr.Watt can look happy, sad, curious, or even shy.

Unique Switch

Tap Mr.Watt’s head to turn on the lights. Tap again to turn the lights off. The capacitive sensor in the head recognizes your touch. That means you only have to touch the head, with no need for twisting or turning. Rest your hand on the head and it will either dim or brighten the lights. And when you turn Mr.Watt off and back on, it will remember your previous light setting.


You can change Mr.Watt’s clothes, hairstyle, put on accessories to add a personal touch, reflecting your character or personality.


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This graphene hoodie amplifies your body’s heat, making you feel warmer in under 60 seconds

Here’s the sheer magic of Graphene. A garment that’s about as thin as a regular fleece hoodie, possesses the ability of a down jacket or a thick comforter. Meet the SpeedWarm, a hoodie made from graphene-infused fabric that uses your own body heat to its advantage. In mere minutes, the SpeedWarm Hoodie will have you feeling fuzzy and toasty without needing to wear multiple layers of clothing or touching the thermostat. Go ahead and cue in the Jesse Pinkman “Yeah Science!” meme…

The SpeedWarm Hoodie is quite literally the future of thermal-wear. The hoodie, which covers you from your head to your knees, is a thin garment made from polyester fibers, with graphene woven in between. The graphene helps trap and distribute body heat, keeping you comfortable, while the polyester helps wick out moisture, allowing you to stay warm without feeling sweaty. The hoodie’s heating ability works in just seconds, given that graphene is the fastest conductor of heat and electricity in the world… and since polyester helps naturally absorb and release moisture, the SpeedWarm Hoodie can be worn immediately after a bath (so that your wet skin doesn’t feel the cold). The SpeedWarm hoodie’s proprietary fabric quickly dries you off, and self-dries pretty fast too, so you’re warm in seconds, and dry in minutes! This effectively means you can wear the Speedwarm as a hoodie, but also as a blanket, and even a bathrobe (hint: just wear it all day!)

This is where the SpeedWarm Hoodie’s aesthetic comes in. Styled as a solid-colored garment that looks like any other round-collar hoodie from the waist-up (except for those broad sleeves), the SpeedWarm is great to wear throughout the day… even on work-calls. The hoodie-aesthetic is just the right amount of casual, allowing you to pass it off as just another hoodie on video calls. Off the camera, the SpeedWarm is perfect for lounging in. Its lightweight + knee-length design keeps most of your body feeling toasty without the bulky layers, while the hood and pockets allow you to get even more comfortable… whether it’s in bed, on the couch, or even outdoors! The SpeedWarm comes in two sizes across three colors, and ships as soon as April 2021.

Designer: Jason Su of A.Brolly

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SpeedWarm Hoodie – The Hoodie that Warms You Up in 60 Seconds

The SpeedWarm is made from Graphene fiber, the world’s fastest heat-conducting fiber which also has the highest heat absorption that makes the hoodie warm-up by 5 degrees Celsius or 41 Fahrenheit within 60 seconds.

The Benefits of Graphene

Structure of Graphene

– Thermoregulation.
– The thinnest material known to the world.
– It reflects far infrared energy back into its wearer’s body.
– The warmth produced by the human body is preserved and distributed evenly.
– It can be applied in smart textile and can replace synthetic fibers, due to the lightness, greater elasticity and greater conductivity.

Design Details

Colors to Choose From

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This tiny unbreakable, waterproof SSD makes cloud-storage feel ancient

In the amount of time it took you to read this sentence, you could transfer 2 Gigabytes worth of data to or from the ECLLPSE High-Speed Portable SSD… and by the time you finish reading this article, you could potentially transfer a whopping 2 Terabytes worth of data. Designed for speed, storage, strength, and to be the subscription-killer (I’ll explain), the ECLLPSE is poised to be the future of data-storage.

Simply put, the ECLLPSE is a tiny, finger-sized SSD that’s encased in a rugged, virtually unbreakable, waterproof housing. With as much as 2 Terabytes of internal storage, the ECLLPSE gives you a way to store and carry practically all your data around with you, right in your pocket. It comes with multiple adapters built right into its design, giving you the ability to connect it to ALL your devices, from your laptop to your phone, and from your DSLR to your drone, letting you seamlessly back-up, restore, and transfer files between multiple devices. Although with that much storage, comes a pretty major responsibility… transfer speed. It’s a good thing though that the ECLLPSE boasts of read/write speeds that reach as high as 550MB/s, allowing you to transfer 8K videos in mere minutes. It also means you could use the ECLLPSE as external storage for your PS5 or Nintendo Switch and run games off it with absolutely no lag!

As mind-numbing as the ECLLPSE’s capacity is, what’s the most impressive is exactly how portable and rugged it’s designed to be. The SSD sits within a virtually unbreakable, impact-resistant housing that’s also IP67 water-resistant. It’s roughly the size of a pen-drive, and weighs just 19 grams, making it insanely portable and perfect for being able to quickly capture and transfer hi-res videos, or easily take backups of devices. Moreover, it’s also compatible with the iOS File Manager (to ease your iPad Pro workflow) and even supports WTG (Windows To Go), letting you store your entire bootable operating system on the SSD.

The ECLLPSE does all this while also being more affordable and safer than cloud storage. Unlike the subscription-based business models of Google Drive or iCloud, the ECLLPSE comes with a one-time payment and a 5-year warranty. All your data exists offline on the SSD, which means you can access your files without an internet connection, and you’re also safe from data-breaches and hackers too! The ECLLPSE comes in 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB variants – enough to fulfill practically all your data requirements (and with those 550MB/s speeds, you could have transferred all your data to the ECLLPSE by now!)

Designer: Jason Kwok

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ECLLPSE – Unbreakable High-Speed Portable SSD

With up to 2TB of storage, ECLLPSE is the world’s first and only portable SSD with OTG File Manager support capabilities for seamless data backup and storage for iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices using a lightning connector. ECLLPSE’s USB-C supports high-speed data transfer at up to 550MB/s and is compatible with Macs, PCs, Android devices, and digital cameras.

High-Speed Transfer

Comparable to the size of a USB thumb drive, ECLLPSE is a solid-state hard drive with up to 550 MB/s transfer speed, that’s 4x faster than your typical external hard disk. It takes only 39 seconds to transfer a 20GB video to your ECLLPSE, which is 20x faster than your typical SD card.

ECLLPSE takes about 20 seconds to transfer 11GB video.

Due to its high read and write speeds, you can edit all your creative files, play games and watch 4K movies directly from ECLLPSE!

Waterproof & Shockproof

With a rating of IP67, it is 100% protected against solid objects such as dust and sand; it’s also been tested to work for at least 30 minutes under up to 1m of water.

Its durable design and high impact plastic exterior makes ECLLPSE virtually indestructible.

Multi-device Compatibility

ECLLPSE comes with multiple adapters for every device imaginable. With its lightning adapter, you can connect, backup and transfer data from any iPhone or iPad. The USB-C adapter connects to any PC, Android and digital camera as external storage, macOS Time Machine or Windows To Go.


Using intricate craftsmanship and components the team have made ECLLPSE extremely small and portable without affecting performance and efficiency. 1TB and 2TB models both use Silicon Motion SM2258H controllers combined with Sandisk / Toshiba BiC 64 bit 3D TLC flash to provide extreme stable performance.

The specially designed silica gel outer shell provides great heat dissipation.


Small & Lightweight

Weighing 19g/0.67oz, it’s ideal as portable, everyday item.

Back Up Your Data Instantly

With a drive attached, you’ll be able to move files around freely between the drive and your iPhone or iPad. With ECLLPSE, it’s simply a matter of plugging it to your smartphone. You can easily backup and transfer files anywhere and anytime.


As a bootable drive, you can install Windows on ECLLPSE and take it anywhere you go

Black Magic speed test

10GB file transfer test

Android phone demo

iPad Pro demo

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By being 30% lighter, this ultimate minimalist non-stick cast iron skillet is much easier to cook with!

There’s a reason why the cast iron skillet is used in cartoons as one of the ultimate weapons… because it’s incredibly heavy. Try lifting a skillet made of cast iron (leave alone one filled with food) and you’ll realize that it’s much heavier than it looks – although that’s unfortunately by design. Sure, I’m not discounting the fact that the cast iron skillet is often lauded as the ultimate kitchen accessory. It’s great for grilling steaks, sautéing vegetables, frying eggs, making pancakes and shakshuka, or even cast-iron pizzas! The skillet can be used on a gas stove-top, an induction cooktop, a grill, or even in the oven – but if there’s one thing I could change about the cast iron skillet, I’d probably make it lighter.

The idea of a lightweight skillet occurred to the guys at Prepd too. After the resounding success of their original Prepd Skillet (with over 10,000 backers raising $1.6 million), the team of chefs and designers went back to the drawing board to see how they could make their ultimate skillet even better. The most obvious solution was to redesign its form, eliminating any extra mass wherever possible. The 2021 Prepd Chef Skillet sports a simplified handle with rounded edges to reduce material, and a cooking surface with curved edges that not only makes the skillet lighter, but allows you to easily flip and toss food. The Prepd Chef Skillet comes in 8″ and 10″ sizes, weighing 2.9lbs and 3.8lbs respectively. Each skillet is made from iron that’s cast in molds at 2800°F to create a product that’s great at heat retention and distribution. After casting each skillet, the cooking surface is machine-finished, polished, and bead-blasted to reveal a remarkably smooth surface, before locking everything in with a coating of grapeseed oil and a high-temperature bake to make the seasoning permanent. The finely machined cooking surface and the permanent seasoning make the skillet naturally non-stick too, making it practically last for decades.

There’s also a case to be made about how a lighter skillet is more inclusive. Designed to be easy to hold and maneuver, the fact that the Prepd Chef Skillet is up to 30% lighter than the average skillet means practically everyone can use it, and use it more often. The skillets are easy to clean and require less maintenance. In fact, Prepd even has a set of accessories designed specifically for the Chef Skillet, including a spatula, scouring pad, a leather handle cover, a cast iron lid, and a silicone trivet. Breakfast pancakes, springtime shakshukas, or weekend barbecues, the Prepd Chef Skillet should have you covered!

Designers: Will Matters & Chris Place of Prepd

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Prepd Chef Skillet – The Ultimate Everyday Pan

Due to its weight, cast-iron skillet is often overlooked in favor of less capable pans. Prepd set out to change that. The Prepd Chef Skillet is a lighter, smoother, naturally non-stick and more agile cast-iron.

By reducing the design to its simplest, most minimal form, Prepd Chef Skillet is more than 30% lighter than traditional cast-iron without compromising its unbeatable searing power. With it, you can sear, bake, fry, and even sauté – it’s the ultimate everyday pan!

Naturally Non-Stick

Through precision machining, Prepd completely transforms the typically rough cooking surface into one that’s perfectly smooth.

After polishing, the pan is seasoned with 4x layers of grapeseed oil, baking each layer at high temperature for over an hour. The extra hours of polishing and seasoning result in an incredibly smooth, naturally non-stick finish — without any of the synthetic chemicals, so you can cook at high heat without any worries.

30% Lighter and More Agile

Due to its lighter weight, Chef Skillet is surprisingly agile and easy to maneuver. And combined with its contoured shape you can easily move ingredients around the pan so you can sauté like a pro.

At the same time maintaining the key advantage of cast-iron – its unbeatable searing power. Chef Skillet will become your go-to pan for everything from frying eggs to baking your favorite dessert.

The Most Versatile Pan

Prepd Chef Skillet works on any style of cooktop, from gas to induction – even the grill… or the oven!

Unlike other types of pans, cast-iron cooks food evenly — not just on the surface. Cast-iron has far superior heat retention and the greatest thermal mass, so it can transmit heat far beyond the surface of the pan. This results in unbeatable sears, juicy roasts, and perfectly golden bakes that no other pan can offer.

Prepd Chef Skillet can do the job of a roasting pan, a stainless steel skillet, and a non-stick, all in one!

The Perfect Size for One

The Chef Skillet comes in both 8″ and 10″ versions. The 8″ size is ideal for making individual meals. Perfect for your weekend shakshuka brunch or treating yourself with a skillet cookie.

Made to Last

Prepd Chef Skillet is an investment that will last many generations, and better yet, it will only improve with age. Every use adds to the layers of seasoning, so your skillet will become even more non-stick the longer you use it.


The team also designed a set of matching accessories to help you get the most out of your Prepd Chef Skillet – from cooking to cleaning, to serving. So you’ll be Prepd for any situation! These accessories include a leather handle cover, a table trivet, a chain mail scrubber, a slotted turner, and lids to fit both sizes of the skillet.

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This side table + speaker is every audiophile’s perfect modern home collectible

I don’t know if there’s ever music not playing in my apartment. I even fall asleep to it. Music makes all the difference when it comes to the mood of a home. Whatever we may be listening to, the guitar plucking of folk or the upbeat tempo of disco, music fills the room and sets the tone. Just like when phonographs were the main event of a 19th-century parlor room, speakers are today’s chosen medium of broadcasting our most beloved playlists. Designing a speaker fit for today’s devotion to small-scale and wireless living, La Boite, a team of French technological and acoustic innovators, has created a wireless speaker that doubles as a coffee table called Cube.

The Cube high-fidelity loudspeaker was conceptualized and built with La Boite’s long family history committed to the “traditional high fidelity industry with the design of ergonomic ‘all-in-one’ products optimized for new technologies.” Their patented technology makes it so that from wherever the Cube high-fidelity loudspeaker, which measures 47 x 35 x 49 cm, is positioned in a room, neither the sound quality nor its volume will ever be compromised. Due to its small size, innovative design, and finely-tuned sound quality, The Cube high-fidelity loudspeaker can double as a coffee or side table sized to fit in any space ideally.

Each speaker of the Cube’s collection comes outfitted with a total power output of 200W and features three speakers, one front-facing speaker, two aluminum vent ports for bass reflex, and two rear speakers equipped with La Boite’s patent Wide Sound 2.0 immersive technology. Mindful enough to make the Cube compatible with both wireless and wired capabilities, La Boite also integrated an analog RCA input, a digital optical input Toslink, Bluetooth 4.0 Codec Apt-X built-in, and a mini 3.5mm jack input.

Designer: La Boite

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La Boite’s patent Wide Sound 2.0 immersive technology was developed in their Research and Development laboratory to deliver extended stereophonic sound due to the reflection of the sound from the rear speakers on a deflector.

Additionally, each of the speaker’s control panels includes a familiar array of switches: a power button, dials for the volume, bass and treble, pairing buttons for wireless connectivity, and additional auxiliary input sources.

This glowing orb is filled with the same bioluminescent algae found on glowing beaches

While it may not entirely be possible to travel to those Instagram-worthy glowing beaches, Pyrofarms’ Bio Orb brings that very glowing phenomenon right to you! Behold the Bio Orb, a hand-blown glass sphere filled with seawater and living bioluminescent phytoplankton (dinoflagellates, scientifically speaking). These phytoplankton absorb light during the day and release them at night, but only when agitated. So, gently swirl the orb around and the water comes to life with that mysterious blue glow, looking like you’ve got actual galaxies suspended in the orb!

The glowing algae (or dinoflagellates) are living organisms that follow the circadian clock, like humans, sensing when it’s night time (past sunset). The closer it gets to midnight, the more they shine. They’re pretty easy to take care of too, requiring regular room temperature and moderate light during the day. Apart from presenting you with a mystic light show at night, the algae provide a pretty neat service during the day by absorbing CO2 and other airborne toxins and releasing fresh oxygen to purify your air! Did you know that microalgae are responsible for up to 75% of the oxygen we breathe?! Pretty incredible, isn’t it?? You can grab this natural wonder at a special 20% discount right on the Pyrofarms website using the link below!

Designer: Pyrofarms

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $49 (20% off). Hurry, for a limited time only!

Bioluminescent Bio Orb

The Bioluminescent Bio-Orb is an interactive night light, air purifier, objet d’art, conversation starter and science lesson all in one classic glass sphere.

The Bioluminescent Bio-Orb is filled with bioluminescent dinoflagellates (plant-plankton). Easy to care for, like a house plant, the Bio-Orb will produce natural light at night (bioluminescence) when gently swirled.

Bioluminescence is a natural light produced by living organisms. Dinoflagellates produce bioluminescence as a defense mechanism. Dinoflagellates are at the base of the ocean’s food web. Predators induce bioluminescence when preying on Dinoflagellates. It is hypothesized that the light acts as a burglar alarm to attract a larger predator who will eat the dinoflagellate predator. Dinoflagellates produce blue light because blue light wavelengths are more compact and travel more efficiently through water.

Like many people, dinoflagellates have a circadian clock that helps them discern daytime from nighttime. Dinoflagellates collect light energy during their ‘day cycle’ and produce bioluminescence during their ‘night cycle’. Dinoflagellates will not produce light (bioluminescence) during their daytime cycle. Steady changes to their light conditions will change their day and night cycle.

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The 7 key features needed to design the best bath towel ever

Take it from the guys at Casamera to figure out how to make the best damn towel on the planet. Over the past year, they’ve focused all their efforts on designing bathrobes so comfortable people prefer working-from-home in them, so if I had to entrust a company with making the most innovative and functional towel, it would probably be these guys.

Casamera claims that there are 7 key features to making a great towel. Its absorbency, weight, texture, size, odor-resistance, ability to dry out, and finally its price. These aren’t details I made up… they’re features listed in Casamera’s ‘Bath Towel Reimagined’, a towel that’s seen over 3 years of research and development. What immediately sets Casamera’s Bath Towel apart is its unique waffle texture – a feature also found in their bathrobe from last year. The texture makes the Bath Towel feel thick, but still remain lightweight, while also increasing the towel’s surface area to aid absorption. The towel isn’t soft too (most soft towels use heavy chemicals and softeners), but it isn’t too hard either. In fact, made from OEKO-TEX certified high-grade Egyptian cotton, the towel feels gentle to the touch, but also has the ability to lightly exfoliate your skin when you massage yourself with it. The Egyptian cotton, combined with the Bath Towel’s waffle texture helps it rapidly absorb water as well as release it, so not only does it help you dry off quickly after your bath, but it self-dries fast too, so you’re never greeted with a musty towel.

Size and shape also play a pretty large role in how good your towel is. The Casamera Bath Towel’s ‘generously oversized’ design makes it easier to use, and even to wear. The towel comes with minimal borders, increasing its functional, absorbent surface, and is large enough to comfortably dry as well as cover your body. It even ships in three sizes, a Hybrid Towel size (a cross between a towel and face towel), the Bath Towel size (the standard), and the Bath Sheet (the largest). All of Casamera’s towels are sustainably produced using all-natural materials in one of Egypt’s oldest weaving factories, and they ship in a Self-Bag made from the same absorbent waffle-textured cotton cloth, eliminating the need for plastic in their packaging. They’re produced with minimal water wastage, minimal chemicals, and minimal emissions. The towels are naturally odor-resistant, and can easily be sanitized by washing at 60°C. While they’re perfect for using at home, their lightweight design makes them easy to travel with too!

Designer: Suliman E.

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Casamera –  Bath Towel Reimagined

A good towel is a dry towel. Casamera’s deep honey-comb like pockets helps it rapidly absorb water. This texture gives it more surface area and allows air to filter through, helping it to dry quicker.

Think waffle-weave only PLUSH.

Soaks up water – It doesn’t just push it around.

The unique, tasty texture feels pleasantly exfoliating on your skin.

Completely plastic and chemical-free.

Garment washed like those luxury apparel brands.

Wash at 60° worry-free (goodbye germs).

Bone-dry by lunchtime.

The Design

What makes their towel good at absorbing moisture is the deep honeycomb-like pockets.



Completely eliminating the need for plastic in the packaging, the self-bag will keep your towels clean and hygienic while making their journey to your door. This bag is completely re-usable, washable, and travel-friendly.

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This all-season stylized bicycle helmet was designed to prevent accidents, as well as protect you from them

Helmets are designed for protection, not prevention. A helmet gives you cushioning during impact… but it doesn’t help you avoid the impact in the first place. Designed to do both jobs, the TorchONE is a helmet that guards you as well as increases your visibility. With large removable curved lights integrated into the helmet’s front and back, the TorchONE helps you be seen in low-light settings.

The TorchONE hopes to alter a scary statistic around cycling. In 2019, 56,000 cyclists lost their lives worldwide, and an estimated 60-70% of them were during low-light conditions. By integrating lights right into the helmet, the TorchONE approaches this problem with a two-fold solution – Prevention and Protection. A finalist at the 2020 EuroBike Awards, the TorchONE boasts of a streamlined, aerodynamic design that weighs a mere 382 grams with large, highly visible, removable lights on the front and back. Designed to provide 360° visibility, these are the largest lights to ever be fitted onto a bike, ensuring that they’re sufficiently visible even in bad weather. Attach them when you need and the lights can run 24/7, detach them during the day and the helmet’s weight drops to an incredibly lightweight 266 grams.

The lightweight, ergonomic shell makes the TorchONE comfortable to wear at all times. 10 widened vents ensure proper airflow, keeping your head cool, especially in the warm seasons or climates. The vents on the front and back double up as mounting areas for the lights, which just snap on with a satisfying push. Chargeable via MicroUSB, the front and back light panels are the largest to ever be integrated into a helmet, prioritizing visibility over everything else. The lights come with four lighting modes too, ensuring that even when obscured by obstacles, they remain visible and prevent any accidents. With this two-pronged approach of prevention and protection, the TorchONE hopes to make bicycling stylish and safe. The helmet comes in four colors, with free shipping to the US and UK.

Designer: Nathan Wills

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The TorchONE Helmet

The TorchOne helmet for is everyone, in all seasons and all weathers and with unique large removable 360°, 24/7/365 lighting displays.

Weighing in at just 266 grams without lights and 382 grams with lighting attached, the TorchONE is the lightest helmet in its category, with the largest light display currently available.

The 10 widened vents and aerodynamic design will be appreciated by the frequent and more dedicated riders and will provide essential ventilation for warmer climates and seasons.

The TorchONE lenses are fully rechargeable, using standard Micro USB3 connectivity to ensure global compatibility. The lighting operates in 4 modes and final testing is taking place to assess longevity in each of the four lighting modes.

Key Features

Removable LED Lighting Panels.

Largest Light Panel Available.

360-degree Lighting Panels.

4 Light Options.

Road Testing

Tested in the city with Lanre – Lanre commutes to work and uses his scooter to support his growing photography passion. They caught up with him in St Paul’s area of London to talk about his role in London and how he has been coping with maintaining his routine as a Key Worker during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tested in the country with Indy – Indy lives in Dorset and has a very different style of commute and exercise route on her bike. The TorchONE has been designed for all environments on and off-road, in and out of the city so we spent some time in her local woods to test the helmet in a more challenging terrain.

Tested in the town with Luiz – A hardcore commuter, Luiz uses his one-wheel and Brompton bike to travel around London all year-round. A gentle giant, Luiz has a new-born which keeps him around his local North London borough.

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This universal EDC accessory makes magnets more fun and functional than ever before

Ever wanted an extra pair of hands because you’ve got too many things to hold? Or wished for the powers of levitation so you could have your hands free while everything you needed floated around you? While those demands may be a far shot, the do-op has a clever workaround. With its fun and funky design, the do-op uses magnets to, well, hold stuff for you. Designed to work as an extra pair of hands, an extra pocket, or a rubber-band that just holds things together, the do-op is a pretty useful little accessory that has a powerful set of Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets at its very heart.

The do-op, like all great products, began as a humble idea and subsequently evolved into something much more multifunctional. Designed during the pandemic, the do-op was first created to hold masks – because the idea of putting your dirty, bacteria-filled mask into your pocket didn’t sit well with some people. It involved sandwiching your mask between magnets connected by a synthetic fabric strap and then being able to suspend your mask by looping the strap around your belt loop or backpack strap, or attaching it to a magnetic surface. Needless to say, once developed, the designers realized they had made something with a vast variety of uses. It could function as a mask holder, but also as a money clip, a tool holder, a cable organizer, keychain suspender, or even a paper-clip that worked on magnetic whiteboards. The simple design gave the do-op universal functionality.

The do-op aims at being as ubiquitous as the paper-clip, but with the ability to hold/fasten anything and suspend it to hooks or magnetic surfaces. It uses four coin-shaped Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets that are really small but pack a massive punch. Together, the magnets can hold as much as 5 kgs (or 11 pounds) without breaking a sweat. The magnets come with a strap sandwiched between them, and do-op offers the choice between a synthetic strap that’s available in a variety of colors, or a premium finish leather strap that lends a classy touch to your magnetic EDC, allowing you to do everything from carrying your keys to carrying your tools with flair! Or maybe carry your mask the way it was intended, without having to put it inside your pocket or backpack.

Designers: Pietro Tranchellini, Francesco Lucca, Moreno Monti & Matteo Tranchellini

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do-op – The EDC Magnetic Holder

Powered by Neodymium-Iron-Boron technology, the do-op is a reliable magnetic holder grip that will let you easily manage your everyday objects.

Quick & Easy to Use

Operable even with one hand. A simple movement of your fingers, easy like a snap-shot, allows you to take advance of its useful magnetic power.

Neodymium-Iron-Boron Technology

The secret of its stunning performance lies in these materials produced by vacuum sintering. do-op embeds the best of the Neodymium-Iron-Boron modern technology.

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