PhoneBook transforms your smartphone into a 15″ laptop with a keyboard and HD touchscreen

Allow me to draw a somewhat suitable parallel. Your smartphone is like Tony Stark… Just like Stark’s human body was no match for his incredible brain, your smartphone’s internal CPU is limited by the phone’s small design. Put Stark inside the Iron man suit, however, and he could defeat aliens from other universes, and protect the earth from practically any threat. Now I’m bordering on hyperbole, but the PhoneBook is almost like an Iron Man suit for your smartphone. It turns your handheld device into a 15″ laptop, with a keyboard, trackpad, a FullHD IPS touchscreen, and much better speakers. You’re still running on your phone’s internal CPU, but you’ve unlocked your sufficiently advanced smartphone’s true potential, be it for editing or creating documents, reviewing and sending mails, binge-watching series on Netflix, or playing games like an absolute pro.

PhoneBook was built on the idea that you don’t need a separate computer for work when you’re literally carrying a computer around in your pocket. This laptop-esque device simply connects to your smartphone, tapping into its CPU, WiFi modem (or even your mobile data), and storage, turning your smartphone into a smart-laptop. When connected, you can use your smartphone to do everything your laptop can. You can type mails, edit documents, and run a host of office tools on the cloud. PhoneBook works seamlessly with both Android and iOS devices, no matter how old or new they are, so whether you’ve got a spare phone you want to put to use, or you want to hook up your personal smartphone and edit or create documents within your phone’s storage, the PhoneBook lets you do all that, while also supplying power to your smartphone, to prevent its battery from draining out, giving you the ability to work for hours right off the device that fits in your pocket! Oh, and since the PhoneBook doesn’t really have an on-board CPU with internal memory or GPU, it’s significantly lighter, costs a mere $169, ships in December this year, and here’s the best part… it actually comes with an HDMI port, two USB ports (so you can connect a USB mouse too), a USB Type-C port, and a 3.5mm aux input! Hallelujah!

Designer: John Sheng

Click Here to Buy Now: $169 $249 ($80 off). Hurry, only 4/310 left! Raised over $265,000.

PhoneBook: Turn ANY Smartphone into a Laptop Computer

The PhoneBook is a plug-in-and-play device that can turn any smartphone into a 15.6” touchscreen laptop in seconds so you can be more productive.

PhoneBook is a laptop shell that provides the “body” of a laptop computer, while your phone works as the CPU or “brain”. Just like connecting to a speaker gives your phone better sound, PhoneBook gives your phone that.

What PhoneBook Can Do

Work with office suite, browse the internet, chat with friends, run Windows program with cloud PC apps.

Unlike Samsung DeX which only supports a handful of their own models, PhoneBook supports all smartphones, iOS and Android*.

PhoneBook is also the world’s first device that empowers you to play mobile games on a big screen with a keyboard and mouse. You can use WASD keys to control the direction, use the mouse to control your view. In contrast, DeX doesn’t have keyboard or mouse support for mobile games.

You can touch, draw, or write notes on the 15.6″ multitouch screen, just like you would on an iPad / tablet.

Always Stay Connected via Your Phone’s Data, WiFi and Bluetooth

All your files are now in one device which is your phone, so you never need to struggle with syncing your data across devices, or to transfer files by sending an email to yourself. PhoneBook not only has an 8 hours all-day battery for itself but also charges your phone during use.

Click Here to Buy Now: $169 $249 ($80 off). Hurry, only 4/310 left! Raised over $265,000.

Square Off’s autonomous chess board has self-moving pieces powered by AI

I’ve seen quite a bit in my life, but I’ll admit, seeing chess pieces move on their own to respond to a player’s actions still manages to give me a head-rush. Square Off, a phenomenon that started in 2016, is back with their latest autonomous AI-based board games, the Neo and Swap. Neo and Swap build on the same principle as their predecessor, but now in a smaller, faster, and better package. The boards come with an internal mechanism that makes the chess pieces move on their own to counter your moves, allowing you to play with the board’s internal AI or even someone across the continent! Your opponent could either be playing online, or on a Square Off board of their own. The result is hypnotic, giving the feeling of playing versus an invisible opponent as the chess pieces move autonomously, weaving through pieces to make their move like something out of a Harry Potter film.

Founded by Bhavya Gohil and Atur Mehta in Mumbai, India, Square Off set on a mission to help people play board games like never before. With the Neo and Swap, that’s now possible, allowing you to play with players online, as their moves in a different country or time zone can trigger moves right on your board. You can even play against Square Off’s inbuilt AI that lets you calibrate the difficulty setting. The Neo is restricted to the game of chess, but the Swap, interestingly, lets you play more than one game. The board stays the same, but by simply swapping the Chess pieces for other flat discs, you can play Draughts, Connect 4, or even create your own game using the game’s open-source software. The board, for something as remarkable as it is, is incredibly portable, with a smooth surface and high-quality gaming pieces. It even features a training coach that goes by the name of Viktor (get it, for victory?) that you can interact with. Viktor can compete with you, guide you, and help you understand how to be a better player, so you’re much more skilled the next time you’re playing against the AI, or with your best friend who lives in the other end of the world.

Square Off’s boards rely on a robotic arm with a magnet at the end of it that can latch on to a piece from underneath the board, and maneuver it to its new position. All this happens instantaneously, and silently, to give you the illusion that an invisible hand is maneuvering the pieces around. The board is intelligent enough to know how to move the piece without knocking other pieces over, and it takes all its commands from a computer that either games with you on its own, or syncs with an online game from an opponent playing remotely. While Neo sticks to the game of chess, Swap lets you dabble with multiple different games, and the creators are even working on different swappable board designs that let you play even more games, from Checkers to Ludo, Backgammon, and even more… Hey Square Off, in true Halloween spirit, how about making an autonomous Ouija board next?!

Designers: Bhavya Gohil & Aatur Mehta

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $199 ($70 off). Hurry, only 53/200 left! Raised over $420,000.

Square Off Neo & Swap – Board Games Powered by Robotics & AI

Play off screen with two globally connected, automated boards with multiple games and a built-in coach.

Neo – The Perfect Chess Partner

The compact Square Off Neo is packed with adaptive AI, personalized chess coaching, and 1.5X faster movements compared to last gen.

Neo’s built-in AI auto-adjusts to your skill level with 30 difficulty levels to choose from.

Neo offers you a one-on-one showdown as if your opponent were across the board. The integrated mobile app not just connects you to your friends across the world but also to 30 million+ users on

Combining smart digital learning and real-time coaching across various touch points, Viktor, your personal coach, helps you improve your skills by customizing his lessons to match your learning curve.

– Viktor helps you learn chess and sharpen your skills with well-rounded personal training.
– Since Viktor is tailored and not programmed, he uses multiple touch points for coaching, ensuring a holistic learning experience.
– With a customized mix of smart digital learning, puzzles, challenges, practice games, real-time coaching and more, learning with Viktor is like learning with a super-smart friend, at your convenience.
– Viktor not only brings world-class coaching to your home, he does it at a fraction of the cost.

With up to 30 levels of difficulty, Neo’s built-in AI now learns and adjusts its level to match yours. This means, everyone from a beginner to a professional always has the perfect chess partner right in front of them.

Ebony Finish

Wood Finish

Swap – One Board, Multiple Games

Swap between board games with a single tap. Completely automated and globally connected.

Swap comes with a choice of 4 games to begin with – Chess, Chinese Checkers, Draughts or Connect 4. With its magnetic sensor surface, switch easily between games – simply select the game, change the pieces, and you’re all set for a different experience.

With next-gen robust mechanism powering the board, their pieces zoom across the board, giving you the kind of match you’ve been looking forward to.

Square Off’s built-in AI adapts to your expertise level, making it the perfect opponent for you to practice with.

Do More With the App


Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $199 ($70 off). Hurry, only 53/200 left! Raised over $420,000.

The Pollix is ideal for someone who wants the Apple Watch experience without the price tag

With its incredibly competitive price tag and an aesthetic + feature list to match, the Pollix is a great nemesis to the Apple Watch. In fact, it’s a great smartwatch to own if you’re not fond of the idea of surrendering your data to one of the tech giants… and if you’re especially displeased by Google acquiring Fitbit and all its customer data. This is the Pollix. It’s modeled on one of the finest smartwatches, with features to match. A lightweight aluminum case surrounds the watch’s square-shaped display (complete with an Apple Watch style wallpaper), and interchangeable straps allow you to give your watch new personas. The watch costs practically a quarter of what the Apple Watch costs, but comes with all the important features, from the GPS and ability to send and receive calls and texts, to an optical heart sensor and a waterproof construction. The Pollix has an incredibly intuitive fitness tracker that rivals even the best smartwatches, and it even comes with an ECG monitor, just like the latest Apple Watch does, but here’s where it gets better. The Pollix even has a blood-pressure monitor, something that’s missing from Apple and Fitbit’s offerings, and somehow still manages to have a battery life of 10+ days so you can go a week without needing to take your watch off to charge it.

The Pollix’s most defining feature is its ability to be a great fitness tracker. With a sufficiently advanced AI sitting within it, the Pollix doesn’t just track your activities, it recognizes the type of exercise you’re getting, identifying between running, jogging, skipping, doing yoga, playing soccer, or even swimming. It comprehensively captures your activity and your workout, giving you 24/7 heart-rate data so you know how you’re performing. The watch even monitors sleep, as well as fatigue, letting you know when you need to sit down or give your body a break. Obviously it performs traditional smartwatch functions too, from giving you text and call alerts, helping you navigate, and even control music playback from your wrist.

The Pollix’s biggest pro is its ability to exist outside the Apple-Google-Samsung (and China) ecosystem. It doesn’t come with a dependence on third-party services like your phone’s inbuilt fitness tracking, or your voice-assistant. It packs its own independent dashboard and an app that simply helps you control your smartphone’s features through your watch. Pollix is based out of Austria, which means your data, for the most part, should also be protected by European GDPR laws. It’s honestly a great watch for someone who doesn’t want to surrender their fitness/medical data to a large company like Apple or Google. Come for the data independence, stay for the great design, swappable wrist-straps, competitive price tag, and that glorious 10+ day battery life!

Designer: Serhii Yefimov

Click Here to Buy Now: $110 $220 (50% off). Hurry, only 132/500 left!

Pollix Watch – The Prime Health & Fitness Smartwatch

Aiming to make better fitness possible, the Pollix Watch features AI technology with GPS, ECG, HR, SPO2, blood pressure, and 10+ days battery life.

The Pollix comes in a flush, IP68 waterproof 46mm case and the IPS Display made from crack-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass.


The Pollix tracks your hourly activity, and your resting time, your steps, your distance, your sleep quality, your sleep hours, your calories burned, your distance climbed, your workout quality, your heart rate, the team also engineered ECG, atrial fibrillation, SPO2 oxygen, Fatigue Index and AI blood pressure monitoring.

Pollix Artificial Intelligence Technology

Their AI technology is designed and engineered to help you understand yourself more clearly and accurately.

App & Dashboard

With the Pollix App, you can customize your dashboard catered to you. Keep your friends updated on your progress, remain up-to-date on your stats, read AI suggestions, and receive all the alerts you set. Pollix App links up with your device (or devices) to sync your information, and you can also sync it with third-party apps, including Strava, MyFitnessPall, Health App, and S-Health.

Their AI technology will calculate and analyze the statistics that comprise your daily activity, helping you to plan your meals and your workout strategy.

The AI considers any and all details in your life in order to make suggestions.  The System stores all the fitness tracker data in a database, where the App will regularly deploy new algorithms, becoming more accurate the more that you use it.


The system includes automatic workout detection, yoga workouts, hiking workouts, advanced running features (like cadence and pace alerts), and up to five metrics simultaneously.

17+ goal-based exercise modes. Select workouts that include running, biking, swimming, practicing yoga, and circuit training. Figure out your goals in each activity and try to reach them.

Automatic Exercise Recognition. It recognizes when you are running, swimming, riding an elliptical, or playing sports so that you never need to change anything manually. All your records will appear in the Pollix App automatically.

Built-In GPS. They have built GPS Chips, GLONASS, and BEIDOU three-position system into their fitness watch. Keep an accurate record of your pace, distance, and other key stats any time you climb, cycle, or run. Check your split times and map your route.

Swimproof & Tracks Swims up to 50M. Pollix Watch remains functional, counting your stats and keeping track of your progress.

24/7 Heart Rate & Heart Rate Zones. The 24/7 heart rate will determine your calorie burn, workout, and health trend goals, and the real-time dynamic heart rate zone will tell you when you are in a fat burn, aerobic, or extreme zone so that you can modify your workouts appropriately.

Health Features

Keep a close eye on your ECG. Pollix Watch will notify you if your heart rate dips or spikes, and it will also pick up on irregular rhythms. From fall detection to emergency SOS alerts.

ECG Monitoring (NSR & AFib). Normal Sinus Rhythm (NSR) and Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) are just a peek away using their always-on ECG. This Watch recognizes more than ten different arrhythmia symptoms, including tachycardia, bradycardia, and tachyarrhythmia.

Blood Pressure Monitoring. Watch your blood pressure closely, reading your numbers accurately through a high sampling frequency.

Meditation. Keeps track of your HRV values to put a score on your meditation.

Sleep Tracking. Pollix Watch will determine your sleep quality, recording your deep sleep, light sleep, and waking times to figure out how much rest you need.

Fatigue Monitoring. Will alert when you are fatigued and need to sit down or sleep for a while.

Notification & Motivation

Receive your alerts through call, text, calendar notifications, or push notifications.

Share your activities with your friends, organize coaching, set up challenges, and earn awards.

Watch-face & Accessories

Pollix Watch will fit any normal-size 20mm band, including sports brand designed for movement and breathability, stylish woven bands, and premium leather bands.

Select any clock face that suits you.

Click Here to Buy Now: $110 $220 (50% off). Hurry, only 132/500 left!

The palm-size PrinCube can print on materials your desktop printer doesn’t even dream of

It looks like a block roughly half the size of a spray-paint can. In fact, that’s how you would hold the PrinCube too. Grab it with one hand and run it across any surface and the PrinCube performs a neat, seamless, colored inkjet-print on it. The PrinCube isn’t just small, it’s hand-held, wireless, and incredibly versatile. It can print on materials your desktop printer doesn’t even dream of. Paper, cardboard, wood, metal, cloth, working on flat, textured, and even curved surfaces. You could literally give yourself temporary tattoos too because the PrinCube even prints on the skin (it’s safe, if I may add).

With a swift motion of your hand, the printer rapidly prints out one line at a time, measuring up to 0.56 inches in thickness. PrinCube’s multi-line feature lets you extend your prints by printing up to nearly 10 feet of content line after line. The wireless printer conveniently pairs with any device like your phone, tablet, or even laptop over a Wi-Fi connection, and each individual ink cartridge can handle approximately 415 A4 pages worth of printing before replacing. The battery on PrinCube’s pretty remarkable too, with the ability to print for 6 continuous hours before needing a recharge via the Type-C port in the PrinCube’s size.

Based on the cartridge you use, prints are either performed with standard ink, that can be washed off with soap and water, or a semi-permanent ink that lasts slightly longer, and can be removed with alcohol-wipes or similar solvents. The ridiculously tiny printer wasn’t really designed to replace your traditional desktop printer, but rather to take the technology to new heights. PrinCube’s size means you can carry a printer in your pocket, and the fact that it has to be manually moved across a printing medium rather than have the medium fed into it via a tray means the PrinCube can print on anything, from your sneakers, to your laptop, to walls, stationery, garments, and even your body. It does all this despite being the smallest color printer in the world… and if that wasn’t enough to impress you (it impressed me enough to pre-order one of my own!) the printer comes with a guaranteed shipment before Christmas this year!

Designer: The God Things Team

Click Here to Buy Now: $109 $199 (45% Off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left! Raised over $3,000,000.

PrinCube – The World’s Smallest Mobile Color Printer

PrinCube is ultra-lightweight, fits in the palm of your hand and lets you create fast, vivid, color printing anywhere and anytime and on any surface by 3 steps.

It works over Wi-Fi with your phone to easily upload any text, image, or design and instantly print onto virtually any object or surface at the touch of a button.

It’s portable enough to take the power of inkjet printing on-the-go anywhere you want. It’s color inkjet personalizes ordinary objects, makes messages that stand out and is the perfect tool for arts and crafts.

Print On Any Surface

The biggest limitation of traditional printers is that they can only print on paper. Until now, expensive laser engravers and screen-printing were required for putting logos and lettering on everyday objects. Now, with the PrinCube handheld portable printer, virtually any object can be printed upon.

It makes precise prints on virtually any materials including paper, metal, textiles, plastics, wood, leather and other building and artistic materials.

Print on the Rough, Curved and Uneven Surface

It works on any texture or shape even on the skin, and can print over uneven surfaces with ease.

Personal Tattoo Printer

In addition to other surfaces, PrinCube is perfect for making safe temporary tattoos on the skin. Get creative with any design to add art or messages to the skin in a safe way.

Lifelike Vivid Color

PrinCube is the world’s only portable full-color printer. It utilizes the latest 3-Color Thermal Ink-jet Technology that provides vivid color printing.

Multi-line Printing

PrinCube Enables multi-line printing feature. You can print a total of 3m/9.8 feet content when using the powerful multi-line feature.

Made to Print Longer

A single charge provides 6 hours of working time and an incredible 1 year of standby time. The high efficiency printer has 20 times more memory than other mobile printers and is capable of printing over 415 pages of A4 paper on a single cartridge.

The World’s Smallest & Lightest Printer

PrinCube’s compact design sets users free from the desk. It is wireless, works over Wi-Fi and at only 72x51x68mm it is small enough to fit into a pocket or handbag and travel anywhere.

Easy Ink Refills

The ink cartridge changes in seconds, simply open PrinCube, press in the new cartridge and get back to printing.

Designed for Modern Life

Charges using the latest USB Type-C port that is preferred for reliability and fast throughput for mobile devices.

Behind the Scene

PrinCube Advanced Printing

In this demo, you will see:

1. Color-print an Excel form. (By using the ruler)
2. Print an ultra-wide picture on the curved track.
3. “Add text” feature showing & Print on the metal surface (Macbook).
4. Print on glasses.

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The sleek aluminum Molabox is the lunchbox’s Macbook Air moment

Let’s for a moment ignore that horribly dystopian future depicted in the video above where humans have lobster-hands and are basically aqua-men and really focus on what the Molabox is, and why it’s so neat that people could literally make love to it.

Molabox is like if the tiffin box had its own Macbook Air moment. It comes with a collapsible silicone construction and a svelte metallic outer case that, when collapsed, makes it look like you’re carrying an SSD around with you. However, when you want to store food in the Molabox, it expands to its true height, giving you enough storage for a good meal, along with cutlery, and even a partition too, in case you want to carry two separate items… but most importantly, the Molabox doesn’t contain any disposable parts, or virgin plastics. The case is made from recycled aluminum, while the Molabox’s lid and reusable cutlery are entirely crafted from recycled plastic.

The idea is that for half of your work-day (post lunch, basically), the Molabox is going to be empty… so why must it occupy the same amount of space when there’s nothing inside it? The Molabox uses a nifty origami-inspired folding pattern, coupled with a food-grade BPA-free silicone to achieve its springy-ness. When needed, the Molabox is a full-sized lunchbox… and when empty, slide it into its aluminum sleeve and it’s roughly an inch in thickness, allowing you to carry it around in any bag with absolute ease. The Molabox comes with a leak-proof lid with its own reusable cutlery snapped into it. The tiffin box even has its own modular partition that you can place anywhere in the box, while the lid comes with its own air-valve for easy reheating. The Molabox is infinitely reusable (which means it won’t end up in the trash like your takeaway containers), and is dishwasher safe. In fact, it’s microwave-friendly too… just remove the Aluminum sleeve and put the Molabox in the microwave to quickly reheat the food you have inside. The boxes come in three fresh anodized colors, and the box’s reusable nature means you’re effectively offsetting the thousands of takeaway containers and disposable spoons and forks you’d use in your lifetime. Plus, each Molabox is made from recycled plastics and aluminum, so even owning a Molabox helps reduce environmental waste.

Designer: Pola Mola

Click Here to Buy Now: $50 $70 ($20 off). Hurry, for a limited time only.

MolaBox: The Eco-Friendly Collapsible Lunchbox/Takeout Box

Designed to eliminate single-use takeout plastics, the MolaBox is a collapsible lunchbox made from recycled materials.

America alone created 15 million tons of plastic containers and packaging waste in 2015, and more than 100 million pieces of plastic utensils are also created every day. Keeping that in mind, about 10,000 MolaBox backers can help reduce 1 million plastic lunch boxes, plastic bags and plastic utensils every year.

Easy to Use


Click Here to Buy Now: $50 $70 ($20 off). Hurry, for a limited time only.

These high-contrast photochromic ski-goggles help you hit the slopes like a pro

After a pretty successful campaign in 2018 with over 4500 backers, the guys at MessyWeekend are back with their latest ski-goggle design that boasts of increased visibility, a perfect fit, and an interchangeable lens system that lets you snap on and off lenses for the best experience. The new INUIT series comes with an option of two lenses, the XEp and the XE2, which have a spectacular wide-angled viewing range, along with a high-contrast coating that lets you see clearer than with regular glasses, and a revo-mirror coating that cuts out the glare so you can ski in broad sunlight without having to deal with the extra brightness. The XEp comes with an additional photochromic coating that regulates its tint depending on how sunny or how cloudy it is, so you have the best visibility through all weather conditions.

The lenses sit within the INUIT’s frame, a comfortable, robust TPU frame that comfortably rests against your face while you’re gliding down the slopes. The frame packs a ventilation feature to help your skin breathe while anti-fog coatings on the back of the lenses make sure they never become cloudy on the inside. The frame even comes with silicone-lined straps to make sure that the goggles sit securely on your face without moving around too much. The INUIT’s hero, however, are its lenses that snap on and off the frames. The lenses come with UV-A and UV-B protection, protecting you from prolonged UV exposure in the daytime, while the high-contrast coating uses contrast-enhancing dyes to help you see clearer, noticing terrain features in the flat-white snow. The XEp and XE2 lenses are made from tough Polycarbonate and feature a double-layered impact-resistant design that lets Inuit’s lenses last much longer than conventional ones. If you do need to change lenses, you can easily snap the old ones off and secure the new lenses onto the frame!

However, here’s the best part. The designers of the INUIT goggles don’t just want to create an impact within the skiing community, but rather want to impact the world on a larger scale. For each pair of goggles bought, MessyWeekend pledges to clean up 2 kilograms of plastic off the Pacific beaches in Colombia. In fact, with just their previous campaign they’ve managed to eliminate 9 tonnes of plastic, and an overall of 125 tonnes of plastic as a part of their plastic cleanup pledge! Who knew skiing on the mountains could help purify the oceans?!

Designer: Morten Heick

Click Here to Buy Now: $97 $150 (35% off). Hurry, only 8/210 left! Raised over $180,000.

Inuit Snow Goggles with Photochromic, High Contrast Snow & Revo-mirror Lenses

These glasses come with all new XE2 & XEp patented lens technologies that bring you a new combination of high-quality features at low cost.

The XE2 Lens: High Contrast

The easy interchangeable XE2-lens is a dual-layered lens manufactured in grade 1 optical quality polycarbonate, which makes them both thin, light-weight, and practically unbreakable.

They provide a high-contrast view, and the violet base secures enhanced color recognition unveiling details normally invisible for the naked eye. With an XE2 lens, contrast-enhancing dyes are added to fine-tune the light spectrum and thereby increase contrasts and reduce glare, developed explicitly for snow sport and mountain conditions.

The XEp Lens: High Contrast and Photochromic

The XEp lens is a photochromic version of the XE2 lens, meaning it adapts to any weather condition, automatically. The lens reacts to a combination of sunlight and UV-rays, resulting in photochromic molecules constantly recalibrate as the light changes. This causes the lenses to darken in only up to 20 seconds when it is sunny and vise versa then the sun disappears.

During these rapid transitions, full UV400 protection is guaranteed. The team has manufactured the lens with a patented molded-in film technology, which ensures the highest optical quality, uniformed color change as well as weather resistance.

Check out the Danish national ski team coach -Frederik Højgaard – demonstrate the XEp lens.

Colorways: XE2 Revo-Mirror Coating

Weather Conditions: Visible Light Transmission of % of the Goggles



The Inuit frame is manufactured of a lightweight TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) which is both extremely flexible and durable while ensuring an excellent fit for all faces and helmets. The foam technology is triple-layered to ensure airflow for preventing fogging and comfort.

The Fit

The straps are easily interchangeable meaning you can change the look of the entire goggle in just two clicks. To ensure an even fresher look, we’ve used a matt-finish silicone for the logos. Also, the straps are fitted with triple silicone linings to prevent unwanted slipping.

Pro Straps – Limited Edition

Get these limited straps in the Pro-Package

The limited-edition pro straps are inspired by our hero and icon Glen Plake – the godfather of freestyle. You’ll easily recognize the same 80’s vibe in these straps as you get from the home shopping theme in the video.

Plastic Clean Up

To date the program 1=2 has resulted in 125 tons being collected from the Pacific beaches in Colombia. Of course this campaign is also part of the 1=2 program, meaning for every product the team sell, they will make sure that 2 kg of plastic waste is collected from the Pacific ocean.

Click Here to Buy Now: $97 $150 (35% off). Hurry, only 8/210 left! Raised over $180,000.

Turn your dog’s dreaded bath time into treat time with this slow feeder!

If you own a dog, you know the commotion and flurry that follows when you mention the words ‘Bath time’. You only catch a glimpse of your furry friend, before they begin jolting for their lives. Something about pets in general and baths simply does not mesh. Daniel Lentz and Tom Zipprian grew up having similar struggles with their pets, and hence their creation the ‘Aquapaw Slow Treater’. The ingenious product is a slow feeder for treats, which aims to persuade your puppy/adult dog to get into the shower or bathtub, and most importantly to make sure they stay there.

Designers: Daniel Lentz & Tom Zipprian

Click Here to Buy Now!

So how does the Slow Treater work? Simply lather the feeder with your pet’s favorite treat. Peanut butter, pate, meat mince, their preferred canned dog food, and smeared cream or cottage cheese are a few examples of the food you could coat the feeder with.

Once their treat is in place, stick the feeder onto any smooth surface and let it do it’s magic! Your pet will be instantly attracted to the curious little item filled with a yummy snack. Equipped with rubber nubs, these nubs will slow down their licking and extend how long it takes for them to slurp up the treat. Made from 100% FDA grade silicone, the feeder is totally safe for the usage of your pets. Amped with suction cups, wings and tabs, the Slow Treater can be easily placed and removed from any surface.

The treater is completely dishwasher friendly, so it can be cleaned without much effort on your part. It is also freezable, so you can fill it up with your chosen treat and pop it into the freezer. Freezing the treat ensures that it lasts longer when your doggo finally gets to it.

The innovative slow feeder isn’t limited to bath time only, it can be used when you’re brushing your canine buddy or cleaning their ears, cutting their nails, basically, any health and hygiene-related task that they may abhor. Tried and tested, the Aquapaw Slow Treater is the ultimate bath time distraction!

Argo’s watch face feels like looking into the nighttime sky

The Argo watch manages to capture the childlike joy of looking at a starry sky as well as use the sky and stars as a reference for timekeeping. Taking inspiration from the Argo constellation, observed and studied by the Greeks and Egyptians and used for celestial navigation, the watch showcases a star-studded dial featuring light design details against a rich black or navy-blue background. When the hands move, it gives the watch its dynamism, like watching a comet streak through the starry sky. Combine that with Argo’s fine construction, use of high-quality materials, and its Swiss Ronda 705 quartz movement with a 60-month battery life and you’ve got a watch that ticks all the boxes.

Argo’s layered dial comes with a date-window, and with artwork that pulls inspiration from the constellation as well as the sextant, a navigational instrument. The watch’s second hand even resembles the lens on the sextant, with its hollow ring shape that forms a halo around the numbers on the dial as it smoothly makes its way in a circle. The watch comes encased in a 316L Stainless Steel body, topped with a sapphire glass. Nominated for an A’ Design Award, Argo lets you choose between a Milanese-style chainlink strap as well as a strap made out of premium Italian leather, both designed to complement the watch’s remarkable interstellar appeal!

Designer: Cesare Zuccaro

Click Here to Buy Now: $150 $230 (35% off). Hurry, only 35/40 left!

Argo – A Watch With Mythological Soul

The watch design pays a tribute to the Argo constellation and it is inspired by the ancient sextants used for celestial navigation.

Argo Navis – Uranographia by Johannes Hevelius – 1687

In mythology, Argus was a shipwright, and he and his crew on the Argo had the protection of the goddess Hera. After the success of the journey, Argo was consecrated to Poseidon. It was then transported to the sky and transformed into the Argo Navis constellation.

The Sextant

They started their project taking inspiration from an astrolabe, as they wanted their watch to be a tribute to the Argo constellation, but they later decided to give it a different twist, opting for a sextant instead, a more recent instrument which is also more in line with our concept of minimal beauty and design.

The Design

Argo’s Deep Blue Dial

The team has designed a double dial watch, engraved in different points and have chosen two color shades, Deep Blue and Black Sea, in honor of Argo’s mythical adventures.

Argo’s Black Sea Dial

The most complex part in the project was to carry out a design recalling the sextant on the watch dial without any sketches.

Initially, a bas-relief was considered, but after running a few tests, it has been noticed it was not the desired outcome for the timepiece, therefore it has been decided to use a double dial, with an engrave dial on a plain one, to make the final design memorable.

The Details

They created three different color options (gold, silver and black) for the case; two (Deep Blue and Black Sea) for the dial and also six straps in two different materials (mesh and leather) and six different colors.

360° View of Argo Leather Model

360° View of Argo Mesh Model

The incisions around the dial recall the graduated arc of the sextant, while the red hand mimics the lens on the sextant, which helps to measure the elevation angle of celestial bodies.

Argo’s heart beats thanks to a Swiss Ronda 705 quartz movement, while the sapphire glass and the strong 316L brushed steel used for the case ensure even more resistance.

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This ultimate pen-tool lets you cut, engrave, drill, etch, solder, and even 3D print

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, and the 3Dsimo MultiPro is living proof of that. This pen-shaped tool is literally a designer’s best friend, helping them prototype, and create in ways never envisioned before. The 3Dsimo MultiPro is basically a pen-tool with interchangeable heads. What do these heads allow you to do? Well, they let you drill, engrave, burn-etch, solder, 3D print, screw-unscrew, and even cut (like a hand-held jigsaw blade). The 3Dsimo MultiPro was designed to be the smallest workshop ever made. No more power tools, clunky gadgets, wires, and plug-points. 3Dsimo’s interchangeable heads let that one hand-held tool practically do everything you’d do at a workshop. From drilling to Dremel-ing, from soldering to foam-cutting, and from 3D printing to repairing, 3Dsimo MultiPro and its extensive kit of interchangeable heads allow you to do it all.

The 3Dsimo MultiPro is the wet dream of every designer/creator who just wants to go wild with creating and not be limited by the availability of prototyping or workshop tools. Designed to cut down on expensive gadgets that otherwise collect dust in your workshop, 3Dsimo MultiPro helps democratize creation, with its pen-shaped tool and detachable head system that works much like a hand-held power tool. Its detachable heads let it instantly transform into a drill machine, an electric screwdriver, a jigsaw, a foam-cutter, soldering iron, heat-etcher/engraver, and even a 3D printing pen (like the 3Doodler).

Each element has its own internal flexibility too. The 3D printing pen works with practically any plastic filament, and can be temperature-adjusted too, while the drill-extension can be used with a wide variety of bits, letting you drill, engrave, carve, or even grind materials like wood, plastic, carbon fiber, fiberglass, aluminum, brass or even copper. The burning/heat tool lets you work with materials like wood, leather, and even your 3D printed parts, letting you alter and modify them with your own artwork. Similarly, the jigsaw and foam-cutter tools let you achieve absolutely new possibilities with your designs, all in the same device, and if you’re working with circuit boards and electronics, the soldering, and screwdriver tools come in handy.

Everything is centered around the 3Dsimo MultiPro base, which fits right in your hand. The handheld device is practically designed to be a veritable workshop, letting you snap on and snap off components based on your need, and the fact that the entire Pro kit is affordable, means you can literally set up your own assembly line, or your prototyping station in one go! And it’s portable too!

3Dsimo has even partnered with artists around the world to explore the pen’s abilities. From installations showcased below to an actual working pinhole camera, creators like Messac.thibault and Trimaliny have used the 3Dsimo MultiPro to go instantly from idea to prototype, and that’s honestly what the versatile handheld tool hopes to inspire in creators. In fact, you can even get your hands on 3Dsimo’s project guidebook that helps you build everything from cookie cutters to chess sets, and even that functional pinhole camera Trimaliny built. The book has over 40 projects for you to warm your hands on, experimenting with the pen’s printing, engraving, foam-cutting, and soldering features. Go ahead and grab your copy as well as your 3Dsimo MultiPro now!

Designer: Petr Duba

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3Dsimo Multipro – The Most Versatile Mobile Workshop

The Multipro fits in your pocket and is able to substitute 3Dprinter, soldering station, plastic welder, resistance wire cutter, jigsaw, small drill, and electric screwdriver. All of them included in one 3Dsimo Multipro – 7 in 1.

3D Drawing

3D drawing tool works using the same technology as FDM 3D printers, so you can create 3D objects without any knowledge of 3D modeling. Just start creating or repairing.

Create – phone covers, models of buildings, cosplay parts, jewelry, statues, action figures, household items, toys and much more.

Repair – 3D printed objects, toys, delaminated cables, electronic devices and much more.

You can start creating using any 3D printing filament currently on the market (ABS, PLA, HiPS, Flexi, Fluorescent, Wood, Metalic, Thermochrome, Conductive, e.t.c.) thanks to easy to set temperature and feeding speed.

Burning Tool

Using the Burning tool, you can burn-in designs into wood, leather, plastic, and repair damaged plastic objects (chargers, phone covers, e.t.c.).

Leather Burning – customize your leather wallet, belt, shoes or your pet’s collar with the Burning tool.

Wood Burning – customize wood jewelry, cutting board or even desk of your table. And if you are a skilled artist, you can try even more exotic wood.

Repair and Finishing Touches – Whatever you create with the 3D Drawing tool, you can finalize with the Burning tool. Also, you can easily repair your 3D printed objects, cracked phone cover or any other plastic device. There is no easier way to repair damaged things than by heating up the broken pieces and connecting them back together.

Soldering Tool

For the electrical engineer in you. There is no need for the purchase of an expensive soldering station anymore. 3Dsimo Multipro can substitute it fully. The soldering tip can heat up to 490°C within 20 seconds, while your hand will stay the same.

Foam Cutting Tool

Resistance wire cutting tool is an awesome tool for model builders, architects, designers and makers. Now you can create building models, RC models (cars, boats, planes), art pieces and much more.

Thanks to the high temperature of the wire, you can cut polystyrene, plastic boards, plexiglass, balsa wood and cork with ease. Another great feature is the angle platform, which allows you to set desired angle of cutting for a precise and clean cut.

Jigsaw Tool

Jigsaw tool is used to cut wood, fiberglass and other materials. This tool in its standard form if big, heavy and expensive. The tool in this kit is small, light and powerful for a great price. Thanks to the fine teeth, it makes clean and precise cut. The saw can be used to cut into wood, fiberglass, carbon, plastic or even aluminum. Make yourself a wooden butterfly, glasses or quadcopter frame.

Drill Tool

Thanks to microclamps of the Drill attachment, you can use drill bits (0,3 – 3,2mm diameter), engraving bits or grinding bits.

Engraving – engrave glass or metal, create custom designs into glass as a present, or a custom ring
Drilling – drill into wood, plastic, carbon fibre, fiberglass, aluminum, brass or copper
Grinding – choose correct grinding wheel to grind any material, the Drilling attachment can reach upto 20 000 RPM
Cutting – by using circular saw blade, you can cut thin wood or glass

Screwdriver Tool

The screwdriver is small and very capable. Its peak torque is 4,5 Nm at 200 RPM. It is a great tool for precise work, for screwing in self-tapping screws into wood, plastic or soft metal.

3Dsimo Kit2 – World’s First Open Source Multifunctional Tool

All its plastic parts are 3D printed out of PLA, which is ecologically recyclable material made out of corn starch. All of the hardware and software is Open Source, available on their Github here.

3Dsimo Kit 2 capabilities:

– 3D drawing – user friendly temperature and feeding speed settings
– Soldering – soldering electronics and creation of 3Dsimo Kit 2 upgrades with ease
– Burning – burn into wood and leather or finalize 3D printed parts
– Foam cutting – great tool for cutting 3D printing supports, for cutting plastic or polystyrene

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The SkyTrek is less of a luggage carrier and more of a smart wardrobe on wheels

I’m honestly just pleasantly surprised at how much innovation is happening in the luggage space, and how every new design is markedly different from the last. Meet the SkyTrek, a luggage carrier that was designed around the process of traveling, taking inspiration from how we interact with our wardrobes. SkyTrek isn’t a suitcase or a check-in bag. It’s really just a smart wardrobe that travels with you. With a fingerprint scanner, global GPS tracker, on-board detachable power-bank, and a pretty ingenious vertical opening system, SkyTrek is refreshingly different as luggage carriers go, but it keeps its experience authentic. Here, let me explain.

If you’ve ever owned a suitcase or a travel case before, you know that they all open like laptops do. Horizontally. This often means that if your items in the upper half aren’t secured correctly, you’re in for a world of pain as half your stuff spills out onto the other half every time you lift the lid. SkyTrek’s design allows it to be opened vertically, like a wardrobe. Its two halves are designed to model a cupboard, with clothes on one side, complete with hooks for hangers, and a row of cabinets on the other, for all your travel accouterments, from your shoes to toiletries, cosmetics to grooming kits. The cabinet-style storage unit is customizable, with sliding partitions based on your personal needs. To its right is your wardrobe, with enough space for a week’s worth of clothes and even a retractable row of hooks you can use to hang garments! Whenever you need, just open the suitcase like you would a cupboard, by swinging the two sides open, and you can easily access the insides, without going down on all fours and practically unpacking your entire suitcase because the TSA agent found something in your bag. SkyTrek lets you conveniently access your belongings, without requiring you to make a mess of your compact arrangement.

That’s the story of the main compartment, but SkyTrek has a lot more to offer. Aside from taking inspiration from our interaction with wardrobes, the travel-case also looks at the pain-points of how we usually travel. It ditches the pesky combination lock for a fingerprint scanner, another familiar experience… and even features an on-board tracking system which activates when on the ground, and goes into flight-mode when you’re in the sky. The bag arms itself with extra compartments on the outside, for your quick-access belongings like your phone, laptop, passport, etc., letting you go through security check like an absolute pro, while also giving you the peace of mind of not mixing your tech with your clothes. The outer compartments are shock-proof too, protecting your tech from any rough luggage handlers either at the airport or at the hotel. Lastly, no smart-travel-case is really complete without a battery pack, and the SkyTrek comes equipped with its own 5200mAh battery that you can easily remove if and when needed. The battery lets you power your smartphone and even simultaneously powers the case’s smart features, while SkyTrek’s flat top doubles up as a working space that you can rest your laptop on. Neat, eh? And you’ve got two sizes to choose from… a cabin-friendly smaller variant, and a larger check-in version for those longer trips!

Designer: Jinyoung Song

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SkyTrek – Your First Smart Luggage with Vertical Opening

The SkyTrek is a smart luggage with a fingerprint scanner, global GPS tracker, on-board detachable power-bank, and a vertical opening system.

Removable Power Source

SkyTrek Smart Luggage comes with a Removable Power Source for you to charge your electronic devices whenever you want. It comes with 5200 mA*h of charge and can support your SkyTrek Smart Luggage technology continuously for 11 days, standby for almost 1 month, and recharge an iPhone X completely 1.5 times (it only needs 1.5 hours to be fully charged).

Two Front Pockets

SkyTrek has 2 Front Pockets to let you quickly access your frequently used gear; for example the 26-inch SkyTrek’s larger bottom front pocket is suitable for up to 14-inch laptops; and the 20-inch Carry-on front pocket is suitable for up to 13-inch laptops.

The top Small front pocket can be used to handily store passports, tickets and documents, freeing up your clothing pockets or reducing the need to have an extra bag for such items.

Garment Hanger

SkyTrek’s Garment Hanger helps you to keep things neat and wrinkle-free. You can also hide this innovative integrated hanger by rotating it out of the way to save space when you don’t need it.

Organized Interior Storage

SkyTrek’s adjustable space helps you maximize the benefits of being flexible and catering to your real demands of travel. It provides a personalized way of using your luggage and lets you customize how your interior space is used.

It includes Waterproof Bag for your toiletries, a Padded Bag to protect your electronic devices and a Regular Packing Bag to keep things tidy.

Vertical Opening

With SkyTrek Smart Luggage, you can handily open your suitcase even when it’s upright with full privacy because of the specially designed storage covers included.

Mobile Workstation

You can quickly use SkyTrek Smart Luggage as your Mobile Work Station with the top, flat surface turning into a great platform for a cup of coffee, a desk, a meal table, or just simply to put your feet up comfortably!

Dual Battery System

For SkyTrek Smart Luggage, apart from the removable battery source, there is also a miniature integrated NI-HM battery that complies with airline regulations and is used to keep the SkyTrek Smart Luggage solution functioning for up to 3 days when the main battery source is removed.

Global Tracking System and Fingerprint/FaceID TSA Lock

SkyTrek‘s extensively tested global tracking system adopts 3G + Wi-Fi + GPRS network connections to narrow down the luggage location as effectively as possible so you will always know precisely where it is. Simply open the SkyTrek app on your phone and click “Location” and you will know where your luggage is.

The Smart Lock has an integrated fingerprintID system and is powered by SkyTrek’s dual battery system, so simply put your finger over the reader and open your luggage. You can also unlock your luggage through the SKyTrek app that supports iOS TouchID / FaceID as well as Android security unlock methods.

Digital Scale and Anti Loss Alarm

Open the SkyTrek app, select “Digital Scale” and then lift you luggage by top handle and the luggage weight will show up on your phone. The SkyTrek Smart Luggage solution comes with an Anti-Lost Alarm that makes forgetting your luggage in a taxi or leaving it behind a thing of the past, invisibly tethering your phone to your SkyTrek luggage for safety through adjustable proximity sensor technology.



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