This Compact Pizza Oven is the Secret to Unlocking Restaurant-Worthy Pizzas at Home

Compact enough to easily fit even in the tiniest of backyards, the Gozney Arc isn’t a pizza oven as much as it’s a portal straight to Naples. With a unique design that combines high-end material, immaculate engineering, and a series of game-changing innovations, the Gozney Arc sets a new standard for creating epic pizza at home.

Designer: Gozney

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The Arc gets its name from the way its evolutionary lateral gas burner creates a yellow flame that rolls and arcs over the internal chamber of the oven, mimicking that of a wood fire seen in many traditional restaurant pizza ovens. The innovative burner design unlocks valuable floor space meaning the oven is compact on the outside but big on the inside whilst providing unparalleled heat consistency and precise control. This, creator and founder Tom Gozney mentions, makes it easier than ever to bake the perfect pizza no matter your skill level Just like a restaurant pizza oven, Arcs reaches temperatures upwards of 950°F (500°C), well beyond what your regular home oven is capable of so you can cook a pizza in as little as 60 seconds…. if you’ve tried baking a restaurant-style Neapolitan or even New York pizza in your home oven (with a pizza stone or steel), you know that it just doesn’t taste the same. The lower temperatures of home ovens mean the pizza dough takes longer to cook, and instead of charring on the surface, it dries out through and through, giving you a bread-like consistency, not the airy, charred crust you’d get in a restaurant.

Arc XL + Arc bring Gozney’s renowned design ethos into a sleek form that’s compact outside yet big on cooking space inside.

That’s where a device like the Arc comes in. Designed to distill the performance of a restaurant oven into something more accessible so you can churn out 14 or 16-inch pizzas that taste just like something you’d get at your favorite pizza place. It’s tricky scaling down all those thermals and design principles but that’s what the Arc’s engineering is all about. It has a 20mm stone floor and thick layers of insulation that provide unbeatable heat retention and consistency. This helps the pizza oven get hot and stay hot, allowing you to get a consistent bake, pizza after pizza. However, don’t just limit yourself to pizza with this oven, with the Arc you can create calzones, focaccias, grilled fish, roasted veggies, seared meats, and other dishes that benefit from high, searing, scaling down an hour’s worth of cooking to mere minutes.

With a revolutionary lateral gas burner, unbeatable heat retention, and precision temperature control – all for distributing high heat evenly and consistently – creating epic pizza has never been easier.

It isn’t just the fact that the Arc is smaller that makes it the perfect partner for your outdoor cooking adventures – it’s smarter too, with innovative features that make the entire process highly intuitive and easy for home cooks. Temperature control is key to achieving perfect results with any oven, and the Arc is no exception. With features like a digital temperature display that alerts you when the oven has hit the perfect stone floor temperature of your favorite pizza styles and an intuitive, precise temperature control the Arc lets home cooks make pizzas with more confidence and less trial-and-error.

The Arc is available in two sizes with the smaller oven having a base big enough for a medium 14″ pizza, and the Arc XL is able to make a large 16″ pizza for everyone to dig into. To ensure you have everything to need, Gozney has also designed a range of pioneering accessories from a handy outdoor stand for the pizza oven, with fold-out side tables and a dedicated spot for a propane tank underneath to a new range of peels so you can launch, rotate and serve your pizzas with ease.

With the Arc, you don’t need to be a professional pizza guru, have working knowledge of wood-fired ovens or stress about fluctuating temperatures or uneven cooking to make the restaurant-worthy pizzas at home. What’s not to love? Bring on the pizza parties.

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A Perfect Party Trolley To Stand Out As A Host

There’s something just much more universally appealing about a house party that surpasses any other outdoor social gathering. House parties are a great way to meet new people, see them in a domestic setting, and feel comfortable because you’re in a domestic setting too. Designed to help elevate these house parties, Jagyeong Baek designed the ‘Diner’, a party trolley made with precision and elegance, catering to the vibrant culture of American house parties.

Designer: Jagyeong Baek

The diner is crafted with a keen understanding of the Western culture’s inclination for social gatherings, especially in the context of American house parties. With restrictions on late-night pub operations and outdoor drinking, the culture of hosting lively gatherings at home has grown. The Diner steps in as the perfect companion for these home-centric celebrations, providing a versatile solution for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

One of the standout features of the Diner is its mobility. Fitted with a convenient handle at the top, users can effortlessly pull the trolley to their desired location, making it a dynamic addition to any party setting. The four wheels not only provide stability but also allow easy steering for direction changes, ensuring that the Diner can seamlessly navigate through different spaces.

The Diner goes beyond just being a stylish piece; it integrates functional components that enhance the overall party experience. A sliding door-style room-temperature storage compartment at the back offers ample space for storing various ingredients. Meanwhile, the front center houses a refrigerator for keeping food ingredients, alcoholic beverages, and drinks chilled to perfection.

The top of the Diner doubles as a convenient table, providing a designated space for simple finger foods and drinks. This thoughtful design element adds an extra layer of practicality to the product, ensuring that it not only moves with ease but also serves as a central hub for party essentials.

To further elevate the party atmosphere, the Diner incorporates entertainment features. A dial in the upper left corner controls the power, and by rotating it clockwise, users can adjust the volume of the integrated speaker system. This feature adds a touch of audio ambiance to the party, making the Diner a comprehensive party package. Just charge it before your party and you’re set to impress everyone!

Recognizing the importance of aesthetics, the Diner offers users the choice of multiple color variations. This allows individuals to select a design that seamlessly integrates into their existing interiors, ensuring that the party trolley becomes an extension of their personal style.

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Zen-inspired aesthetic coffee maker concept may give you a peaceful morning

One of the best ways to start the day is by enjoying a cup of coffee when you wake up while things haven’t started becoming busy yet. But a lot of times, I wake up late and hurriedly go through my morning routine and sometimes I’m not even able to grab that crucial cup of caffeinated goodness. What if the things that you use for your morning (or evening) coffee routine is something that can bring you an added source of peace and tranquility so your day can actually start (or end) right?

Designer: Suckhand Saren

This is the exact idea behind the concept for a set of coffee makers aptly called Zenbrew. The goal is to achieve a zen-like mood while you’re brewing your coffee and while you’re sipping your cup in peace. Using a combination of minimalist design, elegant aesthetics, and of course much needed functionality. The designer wanted to elevate what is simply the act of brewing coffee into a “sensory experience” but keeping it simple, elegant, and peaceful. The main design inspiration is the hourglass which is not always a symbol of zen but when combined with the minimalist aesthetic, it actually fits the concept.

There seems to be two kinds of coffee makers in the concept. The first one is closer to the usual coffee maker that we see in the market with the carafe with the handle but with a glass dome at the top where the brewing magic happens. The other design seems to be a combination of a pour over device and a bunsen burner. The carafe is a bit smaller and with a straight handle rather than a curved one. Both designs also have a futuristic, space-like feel which may also contribute to the other worldly zen you may experience while brewing and drinking your coffee.

While having coffee makers as aesthetic as this will not guarantee I’ll have a peaceful morning, it might actually help me get up earlier. Having a nice coffee maker, along with delicious coffee beans and other ingredients, are sometimes enough incentive for me to try and have an unhurried morning routine. Wake me up when this concept actually gets made into coffee machines.

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Discover Your Ideal Decor Style Through Chinese Astrology

The Chinese zodiac, or shengxiao, consists of 12 animals representing time cycles, with your sign determined by your lunar birth year. Legend has it that only the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig arrived to bid farewell to a departing god, each earning a place of honor in a year based on their order of arrival. As per studies, one’s personality traits are closely tied to their Chinese zodiac sign and they can influence their individual preferences in home décor. You can explore the colors, materials, and styles aligned with your lunar year to create a living space that resonates with your individuality.

Image courtesy of: GanMed64


Image courtesy of: bialasiewicz

Birth years: 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020

Personality: Those born in the year of the Rat exhibit cleverness, charm, and curiosity and they are hardworking with a natural inclination for continuous learning.

Décor Style: They are drawn to objects and colors that ignite their imagination, reflecting their charismatic personalities. Those born in the year of the Rat favor light, airy colors, and a touch of geometric patterns, paying homage to their intellectual nature and satisfying their innate thirst for knowledge, a futuristic home is recommended.


Image courtesy of: archideaphoto

Birth years: 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021

Personality: Individuals born in the year of the ox are decisive, independent, loyal, and philosophical.

Décor Style: They have a preference for minimalistic designs and traditional aesthetics while the interiors of their home incorporate classic silhouettes, dark neutrals, and a clean and fuss-free ambiance.


Image courtesy of: hemul75

Birth years: 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

Personality: Individuals born in the year of the Tiger are confident, fun, and courageous, characterized by a vibrant and fiery nature with intense passion and emotionality.

Décor Style: Those born in the year of the tiger have a preference for vibrant colors, and abstract paintings, and a fondness for contrasting materials such as glass, clay, fabric, and wood.


Image courtesy of: FollowTheFlowStudio

Birth years: 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023

Personality: People born in the year of the rabbit are distinguished by their natural compassion, sincerity, and generosity. Recognized for their kindness, care, and loyalty, rabbits tend to exhibit introverted tendencies, often necessitating significant alone time at home for recharging.

Décor Style: They are not fond of a mix of colors or styles but also prefer a monochromatic color palette and comforting textures. Additionally, they opt for a straightforward, clutter-free style that enhances the calming atmosphere.


Image courtesy of: bialasiewicz

Birth years: 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024

Personality: Despite their outward energy and fearlessness, individuals born in the year of the dragon possess a gentle interior, marked by a warm heart and unwavering loyalty. This gentle demeanor coexists with a dynamic personality that is driven by their perpetual quest for new adventures.

Décor Style: Those under the dragon sign value the idea of home and its comforting aspects. Their aesthetic preferences include bold colors and plush designs. Moreover, the prominent warm colors are believed to inspire a feeling of harmony, as they perfectly complement the Dragon’s strong and vibrant presence.


Image courtesy of: FollowTheFlowStudio

Birth years: 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025

Personality: Those born in the year of the Snake are charming, clever, and reserved, showcasing intellectual prowess and an observant nature. Also, individuals with this zodiac sign often exhibit wit, sociability, and strong will, reflecting an ambitious nature that inclines them toward a simple, nature-inspired theme to soothe their competitive spirits.

Décor Style: Their décor style reflects their love for bookcases, books, and classic wooden coffee tables. An excellent choice for this is the Japandi interior design style, characterized by clean lines, nature-inspired colors, and bright spaces reminiscent of nature’s soothing qualities to enhance the Snake’s wisdom and intellectual capabilities.


Image courtesy of: pro_creator

Birth years: 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026

Personality: The horse is an extrovert and is defined by energy and independence and the individuals born under the horse sign in the Chinese zodiac are infused with compassion and love.

Décor Style: Individuals born in the year of the horse find an ideal home aesthetic that incorporates mementos from global travels and soft, comforting designs. Opting for muted colors, classic Scandinavian styles with pale woods like ash and beech are particularly suited for creating a calming home environment.


Image courtesy of: monkeybusiness

Birth years: 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027

Personality: Those born in the year of the goat are known as deep thinkers who have a strong appreciation for beautiful things. quiet with gentle, seemingly meek personalities

Décor Style: Create an ideal space for those born in the year of the goat with a decor that encourages creativity, blending a modern and airy ambiance with soft layers and cushions for a hospitable feel. Opt for a warm and inviting aesthetic, like the modern farmhouse style, characterized by natural textures and warm wood tones, to enhance their warmth.


Image courtesy of: bialasiewicz

Birth years: 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028

Personality: Born under the Monkey sign, individuals exude upbeat, playful, and quick-witted traits, radiating joy in their interactions with others among the Chinese zodiac signs.

Décor Style: Their extroverted natures thrive on social engagements while they enjoy a sunny, natural décor that is adorned with live plants and vibrant colors. To moderate potential prankster tendencies, a decor dominated by wooden tones is the best choice, grounding their lively nature.


Image courtesy of: FollowTheFlowStudio

Birth years: 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029

Personality: Hardworking, vigilant, and independent, individuals born under the rooster sign are goal-oriented and find relaxation in environments that enable them to accomplish tasks on their to-do lists and strategize for future successes.

Décor Style: Individuals born in the year of the Rooster should ideally have a home featuring at least one work setup with classic wood materials and neutral colors. A vintage look brings comfort, with aged furnishings creating a reassuring ambiance and serving as a reminder that imperfections are acceptable.


Image courtesy of: bialasiewicz

Birth years: 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030

Personality: Individuals born in the year of the dog epitomize loyalty, placing utmost importance on friendships and family within the context of their values.

Décor Style: For those with the year of the dog as their birth year, an ideal home environment is characterized by a contemporary interior style, blending sleek design and clean lines for a sophisticated home that suits both get-togethers and their need for order.


Image courtesy of: bialasiewicz

Birth years: 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031

Personality: Born in the year of the pig, individuals naturally appreciate life’s finer aspects without prioritizing material luxury. Easygoing and independent, Pigs can, however, easily feel stressed about life.

Décor Style: They find utmost comfort in designs that are crafted with quality materials, and adorned with a hint of glamorous metallic elements that exude elegance. For a calming haven, they can opt for a classic minimalist home with subdued colors, natural light, and well-organized spaces that perfectly suit the magnanimous nature of Pigs.

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Xbox Series S toaster is now a real thing that can toast your bread

You probably know a gamer or two (or more) who live and breathe playing games on their console of choice, to the point that they tend to skip things like talking to other people and even eating. There are also probably gamers who see their game graphics everywhere, even on their food. Well, this can happen literally now, at least for Xbox fans as you can now imprint the logo on your bread.

Designer: Microsoft

The Xbox Series S toaster is now available to make all your Xbox toast dreams come true. It may seem like a joke item but it’s a real product that you can buy at Walmart and you can use as you toast your loaf bread, waffle, bagel, or whatever else piece of bread that you want to have the Xbox logo on before you actually eat and consume it. It doesn’t serve any other purpose except to put that logo on your bread and for Microsoft to have that image of having fun at their own expense.

This is actually born out of the memes that populated social media sites when the Xbox Series S first came out, comparing it with, you guessed it, a toaster. It has a digital countdown timer and you can even choose the shade setting for the xbox logo to be imprinted on your bread. The design of the toaster itself is similar to the Xbox Series S so you might have to be careful or you could start playing games in your kitchen or you might put a piece of bread into your actual Xbox.

This isn’t the first time they created an actual appliance based on people making fun of their console designs. The Xbox Series X mini fridge came out previously and we wouldn’t be surprised if they will eventually lean into this and create other kitchen appliances with the Xbox branding like a microwave, cutlery, plates, and even other products not related to the kitchen or eating. But for now, enjoy having the Xbox logo on your toast as you play games while eating.

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A Plant Companion That Moves With The Sun Fitting Perfectly Into The Korean Culture

In a world where the sun plays a significant role in shaping preferences for living spaces, a unique product has emerged to bridge the gap between lifestyle and the desire for a sun-soaked environment. The innovative SPOT, a pet plant inspired by the beloved Toy Story, brings a touch of whimsy and practicality to the lives of those who are away from home during the day.

Designer: Dami Seo


Koreans have a cultural inclination towards south-facing directions for their homes, favoring abundant sunlight throughout the day. However, modern lifestyles often lead people away from home during peak daylight hours, creating a paradox between their preference for sunlit spaces and their absence during the sunniest times.

Drawing inspiration from Toy Story, SPOT takes on a personality of its own when the owner is away. Just like Woody and his adventures, SPOT enjoys the warm sunlight in the south-facing direction, making the most of the daylight hours that the owner might miss.

The creators of SPOT have ingeniously crafted its form based on Woody’s rhythmic hat line, adding an extra layer of charm and nostalgia for fans of the iconic movie series. This attention to detail enhances the emotional connection users may feel with their sun-loving companion.

SPOT’s design mimics a sunflower’s ability to move towards the sun. Equipped with sensors, SPOT can adjust its position to capture the optimal amount of sunlight, ensuring that users can enjoy the warmth without the need to move the plant manually. This dynamic feature aligns with the varying sunlight patterns throughout the day.

For users returning home, SPOT adds an element of surprise and delight. By detecting the SPOT’s location, users can playfully interact with their sun-loving companion, creating a unique and entertaining experience. The wheels at the bottom of the product enable SPOT to move towards the sunlight source, making it a dynamic and engaging addition to any home.

SPOT’s ability to move is not only entertaining but also practical. Equipped with sensors on both sides, SPOT can navigate around objects in the house, ensuring a seamless and safe journey towards the sunlight. The autonomy of movement enhances user convenience, aligning with the modern desire for smart and responsive home devices.


To keep SPOT energized and ready for its sun-seeking adventures, a user-friendly charging unit is provided. SPOT can effortlessly navigate to the charging station, making the recharging process a hassle-free experience. Additionally, SPOT’s easy-to-clean and disassemble design ensures that maintenance is a breeze.

SPOT not only adds a touch of magic inspired by Toy Story to your home but also addresses the practical challenge of aligning sunlight preferences with a dynamic lifestyle. With its adaptability, autonomy, and entertaining features, SPOT is more than just a pet plant; it’s a delightful companion that brings joy and sunshine into the lives of its users.

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How to Create a Dust-Free Home

Dust particles originate from various sources like dirt, pollen, mold spores, dead skin cells, pet dander, hair, and fabric fibers alongside airborne pollutants from the outdoors. For those dealing with asthma, allergies, or respiratory issues, knowing how to eliminate airborne dust is crucial, as it can significantly enhance their health and overall well-being. Hence, if you are finding your home dusty, here are some tips that will save you from hours of cleaning and help you reduce the dust levels in your home.

1. Clean with a Microfiber Cloth

Designer: Sobby

Microfiber cloth is one of the best options because it has both positively and negatively charged fibers on its surface which attracts dust and dirt as you wipe. Note that microfiber cloth can remove nearly 99% of surface bacteria and is safe to use because you only need water and chemicals to clean with it. Opt for premium quality microfiber cloths, make sure they are damp after use, and rinse them after each use.

2. Close the Windows

Designer: Universal Windows Direct

Opening windows briefly for fresh air can lead to increased dust indoors. Dust, carried in through doors and windows via pollen, mold spores, and airborne pollutants, accumulates visibly on windowsills. To reduce this issue, keep windows closed, especially during windy days.

3. Invest in an Air Purifier

Designer: Instant Home (Image courtesy of Jar of Lemons)

Air purifiers work by purifying the surrounding air through air filtration and capture particles like dust, pollen, and toxins. Most of the air purifiers incorporate a fan for air circulation and are available in various shapes and sizes. Install an air purifying unit for the entire home or go for a portable unit for a single room.

Designer: Yoonsang Kim of Mosslab

At a glance, Moss Air resembles a miniature terrarium, yet it distinguishes itself effortlessly. With its predominantly white body, transparent front, and sleek, slender design, it effortlessly complements any desk, coffee table, or bedside drawer—essentially anywhere you desire a breath of fresh air and an aesthetically pleasing view. The visible moss filter introduces a welcome touch of green to contemporary living spaces, while its invigorating scent transports you to the tranquil ambiance of a fresh forest during the early morning hours.

4. Use A Vacuum Cleaner

Designer: Shark

For a home free from dust, opt for a vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter, as it effectively traps dirt, allergens, dust mites, pollen, and mold within the filter bag instead of releasing them back into the air. Vacuuming at least once a week is recommended, and consider more frequent vacuuming in high-traffic areas. Make sure to vacuum the furniture, drapes, mattress, and blinds to achieve the most comprehensive dust removal.

Designer: Roman Riazantsev

This vertical vacuum cleaner concept seamlessly blends a traditional silhouette with modern, futuristic touches. While resembling a classic vacuum with its wide head and robust midsection, its sleek, modular design features smooth surfaces. Specific elements, like the spacecraft-inspired head with three LED lights for improved visibility in dark spaces, contribute to its sci-fi vibe. Its transparent section and white-and-black color scheme enhance the futuristic aesthetic.

Designers: Ivo Erichsen and Tobbias Bihlmeyer

Standing at approximately 45cm in height, this versatile device serves as a functional piece of furniture in the home, doubling as a side table or even a stool. Internally, aside from the vacuum cleaner’s motor, all components are crafted from biodegradable plastic. The cork storage container features interchangeable lids made from darkened ash, allowing it to transform into a chair. The vacuum itself is a cylindrical bagless model, suitable for thorough cleaning sessions, and can be easily repurposed for different uses.

Designer: SwitchBot

The K10+ robot vacuum rivals flagship models, featuring high suction, wet/dry cleaning, smart functions, auto navigation, customizable no-go zones, a quiet motor, and a 4L dustbin doubling as a charging station. Its compact design ensures efficient navigation in tight spaces. With a potent 2500Pa vacuum and SwitchBot’s SilenTech tech, it operates at a quiet 48 decibels, significantly quieter than conventional vacuums.

5. Wash the Bed Sheets

Designer: Sheet Society

Periodically wash your sheets as they contribute to a dusty home, as bedding has the tendency to accumulate dead skin cells and creates an ideal environment for dust mites. Wash bedsheets and pillowcases at least once a month. In case there are pets, the sheets should be washed every 3 or 4 days. Blankets, comforters, and mattress pads should be washed every month, while the pillows and mattresses should be cleaned every season.

6. Remove the Carpet

Designer: Couture Luxury

Consider switching to hard-surface flooring like wood, tile, stone, or vinyl during redecoration, as carpets harbor and release dust with each step, making maintenance easier.

7. Damp Wipe the Floor

Designer: Rubbermaid

A thorough damp mopping and dusting can eliminate around 90 percent of the dust in your home, and plain water is one of the most environmentally friendly cleaning agents available. A damp rag or mop captures and retains dust, easily rinsed down the drain.

8. Install a Humidifier

Designer: Blackbrdstore

Static electricity accumulates in dry indoor environments, attracting and stubbornly clinging dust to surfaces. The remedy involves installing a humidifier, whether it’s a whole-house system or a smaller version for individual rooms. Maintaining relative humidity levels between 40 to 50 percent throughout your home is ideal to reduce static and minimize dust accumulation.

Designer: Gahyun Kim

SOT is a unique humidifier that employs a distinctive and almost whimsical approach to directional spray. Essentially, it dispenses humidity upward, but the nozzle is designed to be rotated and adjusted in a specific direction, allowing the steam to be released at a chosen angle. Unlike automatic rotation, the user has the freedom to manually direct the output wherever desired.

9. Eliminate Clutter

Designer: Avenue Interior Design

One of the easiest ways to prevent the accumulation of dust is by reducing the number of surfaces that can get dusty as different display items can function as dust magnets. Declutter the home once in a while and primarily focus on de-cluttering tabletops, bookshelves, and desks. Periodically deep clean the home and eliminate items that are not required.

10. Remove Shoes

Designer: Damn Good Doormats

Various debris clings to the bottoms of your shoes. To prevent bringing outside dust and dirt into your home, consider having yourself and guests leave shoes at the door. Keep a separate pair of slippers for the indoors.

11. Keep a Doormat

Designer: Wayfair

One of the major contributors of dust is the dirt on the soles of people’s shoes when entering the house. Hence it is important to have a doormat with bristles at the entrance of the house and periodically vacuum clean it. Make sure everyone wipes their shoes before entering the house to prevent the entry of dirt.

12. Pet Grooming

Designer: HappyDogz

Dead skin cells and shed hair constitute a significant origin of dust, and regrettably, our beloved furry companions tend to generate a substantial amount of hair. Maintain a regular grooming routine for your pets to prevent the accumulation of dead skin and hair in your living space. As a positive outcome, both you and your pets will experience an improved sense of well-being.

13. Clean the Plants

Designer: Delineate Your Dwelling

Houseplants accumulate a significant amount of dust, which is detrimental to both health and their ability to absorb sunlight through leaf surfaces. Employ a microfiber cloth to remove dust from the large leaves.

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23 Christmas Mantel Decor Ideas for 2023

The fireplace mantel serves as a timeless centerpiece, a focal point for gatherings during the holiday season. It also provides an extra chance to showcase festive decorations and add a touch of holiday sparkle. Given the well-known role of the fireplace as Santa’s grand entrance on Christmas Eve, why not craft a captivating mantel to enhance the festive atmosphere?

Whether your aim is to craft a traditional, modern, minimalist, maximalist, colorful, classic, rustic, or contemporary holiday display, here are some beautiful Christmas mantel ideas for your creative endeavors this holiday season.

1. Opulent and Gleaming

Embrace the timeless allure of silver and gold for the holidays as it outfits one of the mantels with versatile colors in Christmas baubles, candlesticks, stockings, and wreaths against a white backdrop. This classic and festive combination brings a cozy and elegant atmosphere to your festive decorations.

2. Bling of Gold

Craft a whimsical mantel aesthetic with sparkling string lights, opting for a warm white hue for a timeless arrangement. Infuse glamour by designing the décor with clear candle holders, incorporating various shapes and sizes for dimension as shown by designer Shalini Misra. Arrange an assortment of ornaments and small decorative items in a blend of metallic and neutral tones directly atop the mantel and adorn it with gold foliage to achieve the perfect look.

3. Celebrate Tactility

Deviate from the typical mantel design by incorporating a variety of textures in the mantel, stockings, and Christmas trees, adding a tactile quality. The three mirrors contribute to spaciousness, while touches of green infuse a festive atmosphere.

4. Earthy Vibes

Designer: Haneens Haven

Add a whimsical touch to your mantel with Christmas decorations inspired by nature, showcasing colors and textures reminiscent of the natural world. Bring in woodland Santa Claus figurines and Christmas trees in green, gold, white, and natural earthy materials for a minimalist yet charming aesthetic. Observe how the garland elegantly drapes down both sides, evoking a feeling of abundance and celebration.

5. A Dreamy Look

Designer: Lucy and Harly

Craft a warm mantel display with Christmas decorations to achieve a timeless arrangement and cozy festive feel. Stars, candles, and the soft glow of string lights create a relaxing vibe in this minimalist mantel complemented by a circular mirror and characterized by dark green walls.

6. An Evergreen Christmas

The fir trees provide a lovely frame for the garland, allowing the yarrow to stand out. Yarrow is a flowering plant known for its feathery green foliage and clusters of small, tightly packed flowers. The clever and enjoyable use of yellow fosters creative thinking to craft something exceptionally beautiful.

7. Embrace the Holiday Spirit

Designer: Aurelie Erikson

Adorned in soft pastel hues and featuring a sizable pink nutcracker, this mantel exudes a gentle and calming aesthetic. The addition of a large mirror enhances a sense of spaciousness, contributing to an overall bright and airy look.

8. Cool Blue

This minimalist mantel in white stands out against a deep blue backdrop while the red and green Christmas décor creates a bold contrast and makes a striking style statement. The mirror features a chequered grid and its reflections create an element of spaciousness in the décor.

9. Pared Back Look

At times, simplicity proves to be the most effective. Just see how a few elegant touches exude merriment and brightness, whether or not a fire is present. In this minimalist mantel design, just see how textured stockings exude a festive vibe when hung from the wooden base.

10. Just Stockings

Designer: Ballard Designs

Simply hang a few stockings from the mantel to give it a beautiful look. The mantel is impeccably designed with an ornate mirror layered with a beautiful print in front of it and a Christmas garland. A set of vases with a classic design complements the mantel design in this all-white space.

11. Christmas Colors

Adorning the living room with the delightful and timeless hues of Christmas, this mantel showcases red and white berry stems intertwined with various types of greenery. A charming touch is added with a beautiful white velvet ribbon.

12. Seductive in Black

Designer: Hex and Henbane

The seductive allure of the dark black beaded garland complements the green mantel decor. On one side of the mirror, alongside golden candle stands, reindeer, Christmas nutcrackers, and wrapped gifts, the arrangement exudes a luxurious and captivating ambiance.

13. Cozy Mantel

Designer: Christine Higgs

In this all-black mantel, a little faux fire scene is made for a faux fireplace with flameless candles You can enhance the fireplace decor for Christmas and enjoy the creative process of mixing it up and achieving a festive and inviting mantel appearance that exudes coziness.

14. Maximalist Decor

Designer: Sidney Bragiel

This mantel showcases a maximalist aesthetic, incorporating a wrought feature for the fireplace, a striking garland adorned with dense florals, a classic chair, a gilded frame surrounding a painting, and decorative mirrors on either side of the painting. Together, these elements create a maximalist ambiance for the mantel.

15. Focus on Abundance

Photo by Laurey Glenn⁠ and Floral Design by Lagniapp

Adding a touch of elegance to the mantel, a straightforward bouquet complements the classy ambiance. The inclusion of wooden candles, white paneling, contrasting dark wood flooring, and a decorative mirror enhances the sophisticated vibes.

16. Sophisticated Elegance

Designer: Suzanne Zingg

Infuse a tranquil vibe into your Christmas mantel presentation this year. Mix silver Christmas trees, white flowers, and stockings against a white mantel or create a minimalist arrangement with neutral accessories.

17. Winter Inspired Look

This mantel by Janet Clark creates a winter-inspired look with snow garlands, snowflake motifs, and snowy Christmas trees. They combine to create a festive atmosphere on the mantel, striking a holiday chord without the classic red and green.

18. Chic Minimalism

Create a stylish, minimalist mantel with winter whites and metallics that pop against a natural stone backdrop as shown by this setup by Crate and Barrel. This mantel looks visually light and imparts a light and airy look while the differently sized candles and fireplace exude a warm glow.

19. Accentuate with Red

The black mantel provides a bold backdrop which allows the tree print, felt banner, and set of wood trees, with the wood houses, hanging star, wood beads, Christmas plaids, and mantle décor to stand out and provide a wealth of inspiration to the mantel decor.

20. Scandi Inspired Decor

Here is a simple take on Scandinavian-inspired décor that features a wooden Christmas tree, and mantel adorned with Christmas berries, providing just enough to evoke the Christmas feel.

21. Round-the-year Look

This mantel functions as adaptable year-round decor, composed of Christmas tree branches, offcuts, a handful of eucalyptus sprigs, dried gypsophila, and a few foraged sprigs sprayed gold.

22. Ultimate Luxury and Sophistication

Against the black backdrop, the golden mirror frame and reindeer forms the showstopper element of the mantel. The statement-making Christmas décor stands out, emanating a sense of luxury and contemporary elegance at the pinnacle.

23. Festive and Playful

Image: Wayfair

If children are in your home, turn your mantel into a lively and playful area with vibrant Christmas decorations against an orange wallpaper backdrop. An abundance of decorations infuses a dynamic touch to ensure your decor is as festive and cheerful as possible.

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The Orca Tiny Home With Its Spacious & Roomy Interior Feels Anything But Tiny

Dubbed the Orca Edition Park Model, this tiny house feels anything but tiny. Designed by Mint Tiny Homes, who have some experience in designing spacious tiny homes, Orca aspires to feel like an apartment on wheels! It measures 528 square meters and features a spacious and roomy interior within a single floor. The Orca Edition Park Model measures 44 feet in length and 12 feet in width, making it a pretty expansive model that is ideal for being located on one site, rather than being towed and moved away regularly.

Designer: Mint Tiny Homes

The Orca is founded on a quadruple-axle trailer and features a finishing of board and batten engineered wood siding topped with a sloping metal roof. As you enter the home, you are welcomed by double glass doors that lead to a spacious and well-designed kitchen space. The kitchen includes an oven, a full-size fridge/freezer, a sink, a full-size dishwasher, a four-burner propane-powered stove, and a microwave. The kitchen’s cabinetry features a floor-to-ceiling pantry, amped with adjustable shelving. A central dining table is also located in the space.

Adjacent to the kitchen is the living, which is equipped with a full-size sofa, fireplace, coffee table, and space for a wall-mounted TV. You can enter the secondary bedroom of the tiny room via a sliding door. There are no lofts in this home as it follows Canadian planning laws for a home of this size. The bedroom is equipped with a generous amount of glazing, as well as ample headroom to stand straight without bumping your head onto the ceiling. It also features a double bed and some storage space.

The other end of the kitchen is flanked by a small hallway equipped with a laundry area with a washer/dryer as well as storage space. There is a bathroom located close by, and it is outfitted with a vanity sink, bathtub with shower, and a composting or flushing toilet. This small hallway then naturally connects to the main bedroom, which holds a double bed and wardrobe space. The master bedroom also features a door that leads to the outside, so you have separate access to it.

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Shop For Timeless Christmas Essentials and Gifts In Red, White, And Green

Designer: IKEA

Traditionally, Christmas is characterized by the classic colors of red, white, and green, each carrying its own purpose and meaning. Many of these symbolic associations trace their origins to Europe and other Western regions and the significance of each color is as follows:


In Christian tradition, red signifies Jesus Christ’s blood shed on the cross for salvation. It also represents love, mirroring the warm feelings of the holiday season, as the most prevalent Christmas color, red features prominently in decorations, like holly berries.


Legend has it that evergreen branches like Mistletoes and Holly Leaves adorned buildings in cold, dark winters to remind people that winter is temporary, and brighter spring days will eventually come. Romans would exchange evergreen branches as a symbol of good luck and this color is found in Christmas decorations like the Tree, mistletoes, wreaths, etc.


In Western cultures, white represents purity and peace while in Christian traditions, it symbolizes the arrival of Christ’s light into the world, evident in decorations like snowflakes, Santa Claus’ uniform borders, and church altars.

Explore an exclusive selection of red, green, and white products for an engaging holiday season shopping experience.

1. Crockery

Embrace the festive spirit with the complete set of Christmas colors – red, white, and green. Crafted in partnership with Rachel Kozlowski and inspired by paintings of actual animals, these Dapper Animal Nutcracker Salad plates are adorned in seasonal attire perfect for the holidays.

2. Candle Stand

These captivating candlesticks, resembling branches, are crafted from plaster and meticulously hand-carved to mimic wood. Inspired by the Faux Bois tradition in Renaissance Chateaus’ gardens and mid-century sculptor Kenneth Armitage’s work, Tom Palmer’s Faux Bois candlesticks are cast in durable plaster. Each piece is adorned with a hand-carved texture, and a brass candle sleeve adds an elegant finishing touch to these artistic creations.

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3. Coffee Mugs

The brand’s latest Medusa Garland motif features a detailed fusion of intricate baroque plants, flowers, and Versace’s renowned Medusa head. This intricate design embellishes the surfaces of two porcelain mugs, with one cup displaying rich tones of red and gold, and the other showcasing green and gold that pays tribute to Versace’s most iconic emblem.

Click Here to Buy Now: $356

4. CD Player Wall Art

Experience the delight of CD listening and admiring their cover art as this portable player not only allows you to effortlessly play a classic audio CD but also enables you to insert its jacket for an enhanced visual impact. Whether hanging on walls or on the go, relish physical CDs while elegantly showcasing their album art. It features a beautiful minimalist design with a built-in frame for jacket art, a built-in battery for portability, and Bluetooth 5.0 for seamless connections with wireless speakers and earphones.

Click Here to Buy Now: $159

5. Festive Cushions

Featuring the perfect combination of red, green, and white, this cushion is ideal for the festive season. Sarita Handa’s signature embroidered florals shine best in their decorative cushions as they beautifully showcase small bunches of nature, injecting life into any living space.

Click Here to Buy Now: $71.50

6. Japanese Lantern Candle

Illuminate your space with a serene glow reminiscent of traditional Japanese lanterns. This modern twist on the iconic “chouchin” lantern design, inspired by those that illuminated festivals and bars, provides a tranquil light to help you unwind before bedtime. The minimalist design brings a touch of Japan to any interior, and the handmade candles from craftsmen in Kurashiki, Japan, feature patented technology to prevent outer wax melting, ensuring a mesmerizing dance of light through their unique undulating surface.

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7. Wool Rug

The green rug showcases square and rectangular patterns in blue, forming a minimalist composition. It also incorporates pairs of horizontal and vertical stripes of varying thickness. Sthir is a tribute to timeless craftsmanship and artistry, handwoven with the finest wool yarn into knots. It ensures to impart a tranquil essence and minimal charm to any adorned space.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1564

8. Jewel Vase Mirror Stand

Capture nature’s beauty and showcase your accessories with this distinctive mirror that also serves as an accessory stand or vase. Beyond its reflective function, the mirror enhances anything before it, transforming even a single flower into a captivating display. The simple yet elegant design elevates any desk, table, or shelf, and the bioplastic material, rich in rice husks, ensures both durability and eco-friendliness. Elevate your home’s aesthetics with this multifunctional mirror vase, doubling the beauty in your living space.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59

9. Green Dining Chair

This chair employs an innovative 3D-printing technique and is characterized by its expressive wave-like form. Utilizing a single piece of PLA bioplastic, the chair is lightweight and decorative. Its curved seat is inspired by the roofs of Santorini, and the ridged surface symbolizes the meeting of land and sea. With vibrant Mediterranean colors, this chair suits both indoor and outdoor settings, showcasing functional and visually striking furniture through advanced digital manufacturing.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1449

10. Ceramic Lamp and Lights

Achieve the ideal Christmas aesthetic with this unique ceramic light with a distinctive spiky texture. The brass stem supports an oval lampshade crafted from wool and worsted nylon. Each light is one-of-a-kind, showcasing slight variations in the handmade ceramic base’s shapes and shades.

Click Here to Buy Now: $2266

11. Wine Glasses

Waterford’s Winter Wonders collection serves as a heartfelt ode to the festive season with this wine glass that is a celebration of all things merry and bright. Each meticulously handcrafted piece accentuates the natural features of a blooming rose, with finely cut grooves mirroring the unfolding petals with exquisite attention to detail.

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Visionary designer Vito Nesta blends history, memory, and emotion into his unique creations which have the potential to transport us to distant places from our homes. The Grand Tour collection’s distinctive pieces go beyond decoration, interpreting classical themes in a contemporary aesthetic, capturing distinct moments or emotions in time.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1200

12. Mixed Media Wall Art

The remarkable surrealist style of artist Chiara Sorgato seamlessly blends with her fascination for social and anthropological themes in a stunning painting that captures the challenging yet essential coexistence among diverse communities. Titled with the Italian words for “Him, Us, Them,” this masterpiece, was created using the oil painting technique.

Click Here to Buy Now: $9865

13. Velvet Photo Frames

Embracing a timeless romantic aesthetic, the Cinnabar Velvet Frame exudes elegance in a deep, love-red hue. This luxurious frame, suitable for showcasing your dearest memories, stands out in any home. Perfect for tabletop display, it adds a charming accent to both traditional and modern spaces. The gold trim enhances the deep red, providing an extra touch of sophistication, making it a delightful addition to desks or mantelpieces during the festive season.

Click Here to Buy Now: $778

14. Festive Throws

Infuse a cozy holiday ambiance into any space with a festive pattern featuring gingerbread, snowmen, candy canes, and snowflakes. The soft and silky fleece fabric offers a lightweight feel, providing the perfect amount of warmth for a night in or a comfortable cuddle session on the sofa.

15. Holiday Decorations

The Royal Blue Spruce Christmas tree draws inspiration from the North American Picea Pungens, these festive classic replicates its namesake with dense foliage and needles. Adorned with 435 twinkling lights, it captures the spirit of the season.

Celebrate the season with a red Christmas wreath for your front door, crafted from needles, pine cones, berries, and pine for a festive decoration. When acquiring a holiday wreath, expect unique individuality, stylish design, and harmoniously combined colors.

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As charming as Dasher the reindeer, this LED Globe Nutcracker is elegantly attired and poised to spread festive joy in your home. Rooted in the German tradition, the nutcracker figurine symbolizes good luck, making it a delightful addition to bringing more positivity into your life.

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