Espresso machines concept gives you more space in your modern kitchen

Espresso machines are basic necessities for coffee lovers. But most of the ones that are available in the market now follow the iconic traditional design of Italian coffee machines which are luxurious-looking but pretty bulky. And if a kitchen has limited space, then it most likely takes up the entire counter or coffee lovers cannot actually have such machines in their homes.

Designers: Gerhardt Kellerman, Ana Relvao

This concept for an portafilter machine wants to change this traditional design and instead come up with something that rethinks the form factor. The Youn – Ligre gives you your caffeine shot but also makes space in the kitchen for you to be able to do other things rather than just coffee. This machine is as thin as your average computer monitor or small LED TV set but has the usual espresso machine trimmings.

By making the machine simple enough but still highly functional, they were able to conceptualize something that can fit in with small but modern kitchen spaces. It is also made from aluminum so it can integrate easily with other appliances or the aesthetic of your kitchen. It even has a steamer (that looks like a faucet) integrated into it so you get your complete setup.

For noobs that are intimidated by espresso machines, this has an Easy mode so it’s easy to use. For the experts who like more control over various brewing parameters, there is the Nerd mode. It’s a pretty interesting redesign of the usual espresso machines that we get so hopefully someday it will be commercially viable and available.

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20 Best Succulents for Beginners: Easy-to-Grow Varieties You’ll Love

Introducing a touch of nature into your home not only enhances its beauty but also elevates the atmosphere with positivity. If you’re in search of attractive and low-maintenance plants, then nothing beats the beauty of indoor succulents. These delightful additions not only bring visual appeal but also contribute to a serene and inviting ambiance.

Image courtesy of: BlackBoxGuild

What are Succulents?

Succulents, known for storing water in their leaves, often have thick foliage, though the thickness varies among species. They thrive in dry climates and dislike high humidity. Proper watering is key for growth and flowering, as they can withstand drought by using stored water and nutrients but may rot if overwatered. Most prefer warmth and can’t survive freezing temperatures, which can lead to damage or decay. While some tolerate freezing to an extent, they still prefer warmth. Changes in temperature, water, or sunlight can alter their color, with some “blushing” or changing hues in response to increased sunlight.

1. Jade Plant (crassula ovata)

Image courtesy of: klenova

Like a bonsai, the jade plant features a thick trunk and branch structure resembling a miniature tree. Its glossy, dark green leaves grow oval, with some varieties displaying a reddish tint at the leaf tips. Under suitable conditions, mature jade plants may bloom beautiful white or pink star-shaped flowers.

2. Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis Miller)

Image courtesy of: Olivier_Le_Moal

Aloe vera is a must-have for anyone wanting a succulent in their garden, thanks to its rich history in traditional medicine, beauty, and nutrition. Even if you’re not into medicinal herbs, you can still benefit from aloe vera’s widespread availability. Plus, it’s low-maintenance—just avoid overwatering for a healthy plant.

3. Snake Plant (Dracaena Trifasciata)

Image courtesy of: tsableaux

Snake Plants, classified as succulents, are adept at water retention despite their upright leaves. To prevent yellowing or wilting, refrain from overwatering and only hydrate them when the soil is dry.

4. Burro’s Tail (Sedum Morganianum)

Image courtesy of: uladzimirz

The donkey tail plant, also known as Sedum morganianum, is easy to grow and care for, making it a popular choice for beginners. Being a cactus, it is easy to care for—just place it in a well-draining pot and water occasionally.

5. Zebra Plant (Fasciated Haworthia)

Image courtesy of: Farknot

The zebra plant looks beautiful with its striking white or silvery bands on lush green leaves. Its thick, fleshy foliage makes it highly adaptable to different conditions, making it an excellent choice for any environment. Just ensure it gets plenty of bright light, whether from a bulb or the sun, making it perfect for indoor gardens.

6. Whale’s Tongue Agave (Agave ovatifolia)

Image courtesy of: ClaireLuci

The striking appearance of the Whale’s Tongue Agave makes it an interesting addition to any garden. Make a note that it can grow to be up to five feet tall and six feet wide.

7. Zebra haworthia’s (Haworthia fasciata)

Image courtesy of: wirestock

Zebra haworthia, with its striking stripes and spiky foliage, may appear rare, but it’s readily available at garden centers and easy to care for. Just place it near a window for a few hours of bright, indirect light daily, and let the soil dry completely between waterings. It’s also perfect for terrariums or growing alongside other succulents because of its small size.

8. Panda Plant (Kalanchoe tomentosa)

By Agnieszka Kwiecień, Nova

Panda plants, native to Madagascar, have fuzzy gray-green leaves with soft, silvery hairs and brown or rust-colored spots at the tips. They grow slowly, reaching about 2 feet tall indoors. It is recommended to provide bright light near a window and allow the soil to dry between waterings, being careful not to wet the leaves to prevent rot.

9. African Milk Tree (Euphorbia trigona)

Image courtesy of: Prickle

This eye-catching succulent, requiring minimal attention, includes unique varieties like the Rubra with green and magenta hues. Care entails ample direct sunlight, light watering, and adaptability to various soils, but it’s toxic to pets.

10. Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera)

Image courtesy of: Multipedia

This houseplant, aptly named for its winter blooming, especially around Christmas, thrives with regular watering and enjoys occasional misting during its growing season in the spring. It prefers bright, indirect light and well-draining cacti mix soil.

11. String of Pearls Green (Senecio Rowleyanus)

Image courtesy of: varyapigu

The String of Pearls is a unique succulent with long, trailing stems adorned with small, pearl-like leaves. Its cascading growth makes it perfect for hanging baskets or as a trailing accent indoors or outdoors. Easy to care for, it requires bright, indirect light and infrequent watering.

12. Hens-and-Chicks (empervivum tectorum)

Image courtesy of: 30thte

Hens-and-chicks is well-known for its low maintenance and drought tolerance. The “hen” rosette is connected to its “chicks” via delicate roots, thriving in containers or rock gardens. Typically reaching 3 to 6 inches tall and 6 to 12 inches wide, it prefers bright light and well-draining soil, such as cacti or succulent mixes.

13. Echeveria

Image courtesy of: lma_stock

Echeveria, with its striking rosettes resembling giant roses, thrives in containers or mixed with other succulents in the ground. It also does well indoors with sufficient bright light and prefers part to full sun exposure.

14. Angelina Stonecrop (Sedum Angelina)

Image courtesy of: Sugar Creek Gardens

The Angelina Stonecrop is an evergreen perennial featuring succulent foliage that creates a dense, low-growing mat. Thriving in rocky or gravelly terrain, it produces small yellow flowers during the summer months. As autumn approaches, its foliage transforms into a warm orange or rust hue.

15. String of Bananas (Senecio radicans)

Image courtesy of: ellinnur

The trailing indoor succulent plant features long tendrils of small banana-like leaves, ideal for standalone or mixed plantings. Regular pruning encourages thick, lush growth. It thrives in filtered sunlight and should be watered when the soil is dry to the touch.

16. Ponytail palm (Beaucarnea recurvata)

Image courtesy of: trimarchi_photo

The Ponytail palm, often mistaken for a palm tree but a succulent, is highly prized as one of the most appealing large houseplants. Its distinctive swollen stem base, resembling an elephant’s foot, has earned it the nickname “Elephant Foot Palm.” Thriving in sunny spots or bright indirect sunlight, it’s a low-maintenance plant that thrives on neglect, requiring infrequent watering.

17. Bear Paws (Cotyledon tomentosa)

Image courtesy of: Abu Shawka

The bear paw succulent, perfect for indoor gardens, features thick, fuzzy leaves with dark red margins resembling bear claws, and can grow up to 1 foot tall. To care for it, water when the topsoil is 1-2 inches dry and place it in an area with full sun to partial shade for optimal growth.

18. Pinwheel Desert Rose (Aeonium arboreum)

Image courtesy of: nanihta

Also called Black Rose Tree Houseleek, this perennial succulent displays fleshy rosettes in solid colors or variegated hues of green, yellow, white, or red. It thrives in most light conditions, including partial shade, and should be watered when the top 1-2 inches of soil dry out.

19. Moon Cactus (Gymnocalycium mihanovichii)

Image courtesy of: kostiuchenko

This striking cactus features bright red, yellow, and orange round tops on a green rootstock. It thrives with a dry period before heavy watering. To ensure optimal growth, place the green rootstock near a bright, indirect, sunny window for plenty of sunlight. While some indirect light is beneficial, limit direct sunlight exposure to no more than 2 hours daily to prevent color fading.

20. Happy Bean (Peperomia ferreyrae)

Image courtesy of: takemewu31

Also known as Pincushion Peperomia, this succulent features bushy, curved leaves and can reach up to 8 inches in height and spread. For best growth, place it in full sun to partial shade and water when the top 1-2 inches of soil are dry.

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Coffee machine concept brings boxy, colorful aesthetic

Product designers get inspiration for coffee machines from a lot of different objects: from lamps, to pop culture properties, to other kitchen appliances, to furniture. Of course we can get inspiration from almost anywhere, even though it’s actually far from the thing we’re trying to design. Hong Kong’s urban cityscape, particularly their apartment buildings has been featured in a lot of movies and TV shows and now, you can see semblances of it in this concept for a coffee machine.

Designer: One Object

The FOOD Coffee Machine series is a concept that was inspired by the aforementioned Hong Kong apartment buildings with their colorful and box-like design. The series shows off square and rectangular shapes with various pastel colors to light it up. It is meant to be customizable when it comes to its color and finishes so that it can fit your kitchen’s aesthetic, whether you’re going for a monochromatic or a more colorful vibe.

Velo is the more compact version of the coffee machine with its capsule system, if what you’re into is instant coffee. The water tank is at the back with colorful and modular-looking square and rectangular shapes making up the rest of the machine. Meanwhile the Manua is the espresso machine version with its box-shaped version of a manual coffee filter. The water tank is in the front beside the brew head and portafilter. The colorways are more monochromatic but still with several color options from the renders.

As someone who dreams of having a pretty nice coffee nook and maybe a coffee shop someday, this concept actually fits into what I’m looking for. The colorways and shapes are actually pretty attractive even if I don’t know about the actual functionalities of these machines. Well, as long as they can make coffee, I’m good.

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Top Ten Kitchen Problems and How to Fix Them Easily

The modern kitchen design features a clean, streamlined look, but it may be subjected to different problems that decrease the workflow and functionality of the kitchen. As the kitchen forms one of the busiest areas of the home, it may transform into a disorganized space that may create stress while working. As effectively running a kitchen demands careful planning and organization, here are solutions to some common kitchen problems where maintaining the desired level of neatness becomes challenging.

Designer: Falper

Problem 1: Unpleasant Odor in Drain

Image courtesy of: Sonyachny

If your kitchen releases a foul odor, it is because the water passing through the sink and drain decomposes. This can be taken care of by using readily available ingredients from the pantry, such as baking soda and lemon juice. Simply pour the mixture down the drain, let it sit for 15 minutes, and then flush it with hot water.

Problem 2: Greasy Surfaces

Image courtesy of: wirestock

It is common to have grease on surfaces like the countertop, kitchen sink, floor, cabinets, and even the chimney. This is because grime accumulates on the surfaces, which is a combination of steam and oil. One of the simplest ways to resolve this issue is by cleaning the surfaces with white vinegar and a microfiber cloth.

Problem 3: Insufficient Lighting

Image courtesy of: vanitjan

Lighting is a crucial element in interior design that provides comfort for cooking and efficient workflow. As certain kitchens may have low-intensity lights, they should be replaced with bright bulbs. The kitchen lighting should comprise three essential layers namely the ambient, accent, and task lighting. These layers combine to create a highly functional kitchen design. Ambient lighting forms the main source of illumination, task lighting focuses on functional areas like countertops, while accent lighting highlights decor elements. Note that some fixtures serve dual purposes by emphasizing both the functionality and aesthetics of a practical kitchen.

Problem 4: Inadequate Storage

Image courtesy of: pro_creator

Inadequate storage is one of the main reasons for an unorganized kitchen. Therefore, it is important to optimize vertical storage with full-height overhead cabinets and store infrequently used items on the top shelves. If space permits, introduce a kitchen island that serves as an additional countertop or a dining or breakfast table that provides extra storage. Another way to optimize space is by replacing bulky standalone appliances with sleek built-in ones, ensuring ease of maintenance and increased kitchen space. Go for a portable table or trolley that can accommodate large and small items that occupy precious countertop space. Opt for a pantry with a custom multi-utility cabinet or a full-wall cabinet for organized storage. You can also invest in a tall modular unit that can efficiently accommodate glassware, crockery, packaged food, and other kitchen ingredients. Install small shelves on the inner sides of kitchen cabinets or cupboard doors to store small items that often get misplaced.

Problem 5: Cluttered Surfaces

Image courtesy of: wirestock

A cluttered kitchen reduces the workflow of the user; hence you must make sure to ensure that the countertop is free of clutter as limited countertop space is often a common design constraint. To minimize clutter, it is important to reduce the number of items on the countertop and use the window sills for other storage. Dedicate one cabinet to mixers, toasters, and grinders, and use the backsplash for hanging pots, spatulas, and frequently used kitchen utensils. This is one of the best ways to maximize storage and enhance the overall efficiency of the kitchen. Also, you can create additional space in the ‘work’ zone by extending or adding new cabinets overhead and also, contemplate utilizing the space above the fridge to install cabinets. Other ways to reduce clutter include discarding utensils that are not useful, getting rid of spices, sauces, and other kitchen ingredients that have crossed their expiry date, and keeping the counter clean so that the kitchen does not feel overwhelmed with clutter or create stress.

Problem 6: No Natural Light

Image courtesy of: photocreo

Lack of natural light or a window with an appealing view imparts a cramped look and feel to the kitchen. If the kitchen does not receive natural light, consider an open kitchen design or incorporate a breakfast counter. Natural light from the living room or dining space can illuminate the area during the daytime, helping to eliminate kitchen odors. Additionally, ensure that the kitchen has a chimney and exhaust fan for good ventilation. Since the absence of natural light can impart a gloomy look, you can enhance the room’s edges and create a sense of space with under-cabinet lights, providing task lighting on shaded countertops. You can also extend the feeling of space by adding LED lights on the kickboards at floor level.

Problem 7: Kitchen Odors

Image courtesy of: staRRush

If the kitchen releases odors, then it is highly recommended to install a chimney with high suction power and create a smoke-free and soot-free kitchen. If your kitchen smells unpleasant due to last night’s dinner remnants, sink moisture, or lingering trash odors, prioritize ventilation. Thoroughly clean appliance interiors and countertops to tackle stubborn residues. Combat odors by placing open boxes of baking soda, charcoal, or coffee grounds in strategic locations. Additionally, clean the kitchen regularly to check potential sources of odor like soiled kitchen towels, food residue, spills, clogged drains, trash bins, and so on. Do not forget to infuse delightful aromas by periodically spraying your favorite essential oil around the kitchen or mixing a few drops with vinegar and water solution for daily counter wiping. Alternatively, choose potpourri, diffusers, or scented candles for long-lasting effects

Problem 8: Chaos in Drawers

Image courtesy of: bilanol

It is important to maintain order in the kitchen, as cutlery like spoons, spatulas, ladles, and others tend to get disorganized and messy. This can be taken care of by introducing adjustable drawer inserts or cutlery trays within each drawer. It allows flexibility for arranging various kitchen tools and maintaining order by placing the cutlery in different compartments.

Problem 9: Pest Infestation

Image courtesy of: LightFieldStudios

It is crucial to promptly remove food residues and address spills to prevent the attraction of cockroaches and other pests. If you spot flies on the cooktop or ants inside the cabinets, then contact a local pest control company for kitchen-safe pesticides. Alternatively, use insect-repelling houseplants like basil, lavender, mint, etc. strategically placed in open cabinets or hung by the window. Additionally, ensure to follow a consistent home pest control routine every four months. The best part is that modern pest control methods enable teams to reach difficult-to-access areas in the kitchen without the need to empty the entire space during service.

Problem 10: Trouble Finding Things

Image courtesy of: FollowTheFlowStudio

In an unorganized kitchen, it may be difficult to find things. Therefore, there should be a designated place for each item, and it is important to keep things back in the right place. Adding labels or using transparent containers can be efficient, as it is an innovative method to locate things and keep the space organized. Also, maximize the space between the counter and overhead cabinets by hanging ladles, spatulas, and other small utensils using rods, or pegs on the wall so that they are easy to find and access.

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SwitchBot Prime Day Sale lets you Upgrade your Home into a Smart Home on a 40% Discount

A lot of people think a smart home is all about being able to turn lights on with a voice command, or telling your smart speaker to let you know what the weather’s like – but the definition of a smart home has changed a lot since the earlier days. You can now have your home intuitively do things like maintain a consistent temperature/humidity in all rooms, unlock your door when you come home from work, lock all your doors before bedtime, alert you when intruders approach, or even do obscurely brilliant things like draw the curtains in the morning when you need to wake up, and draw them shut if the house gets too warm with all the sunlight. Your home has the ability to adjust itself in ways that benefit you and also help you be energy and money-efficient. That’s the kind of smart home that really makes life feel different, and we’re here for it. We’ve spoken at length about how SwitchBot’s IoT gadgets make your smart home more useful, with their curtain bot that can close-open curtains on command, WiFi door lock that can open/lock doors through your phone or Apple Watch, or even the all-famous Button Pusher, a bot that attaches to manual switches to turn them into smart ones – SwitchBot’s range of home gadgets really help upgrade your regular home into an internet-powered smart one. With Prime Day rolling up, SwitchBot’s products go on sale seeing discounts as high as 40%, so if you’re looking to automate your home in clever, meaningful ways, this might just be your day… Head down to SwitchBot’s Amazon store, or just scroll down to see our three favorite picks from their exhaustive IoT lineup.

SwitchBot S10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Matter Support

Launched in May 2024, the S10 has a few tricks up its sleeve like its ability to auto-drain and refill its water container for the mopping function. For starters, it looks and functions exactly like a top-notch robot vacuum. It uses LiDAR to scan your house, creating a map that allows it to navigate your space with ease and efficiency. It avoids obstacles, stays away from no-go zones, and can both suck and mop to keep your house clean. 6500Pa suction allows the S10 to effectively clean any dust and dirt lying around the house, while the self-cleaning RevoRoll™ Roller Mop head wet-wipes your floor while RinseSync™ tech automatically rinses the mop head with each spin. What’s more, the mop head actually retracts into the S10 when it climbs onto carpets, so that your rugs and floor linen don’t get wet – the S10 scrapes the water off the mop too, ensuring it’s dry at all times. Dust automatically gets dumped in a 4-liter dust tank which you can clean every week or so, and for the dirty water from the mop cleaning, the S10 comes with a water refill/drain station that attaches to your plumbing. Every time the S10 needs a water-change, it goes to the station, dumping the dirty water into the drainage and taking fresh water from your house’s water supply. Here’s the best part though – if you’ve got a SwitchBot Humidifier in your house, future updates will allow the S10 to travel to the humidifier, dock into it, and fill up its water supply so you don’t have to! It operates on voice commands, integrates into your smart home when paired with SwitchBot’s Matter-enabled Hub 2 or Mini Hub, and can even be controlled through the SwitchBot smartphone app. Now isn’t that a smart home worth living in?!

Click Here to Buy Now: $739.99 $1199.99 ($460 off, use coupon code “5OFFYKDSSB” to get additional 5% discount). Hurry, deal end in 48-hours!

SwitchBot Universal Remote

Not everyone enjoys voice-operated smart homes, and that’s absolutely understandable. It’s much easier to press a button rather than tell Alexa to switch on the AC in the living room… but what do you do when you’ve got multiple devices in your house and multiple remotes to work with? Yep, that’s right – remote fatigue can be a thing. A separate remote for your TV, your streaming box, your soundbar, AC, and maybe even the slew of apps on your smartphone to control smart devices like lights, fans, thermostats, etc. It can get much, and SwitchBot’s Universal Remote hopes to change that. A single gadget for all your infrared-controlled devices and SwitchBot devices too, the Universal Remote lets you directly control practically every device around you, from TVs and Air Conditioners to every single SwitchBot IoT appliance. With support for more than 80,000 IR codes, the Universal Remote works with a whole host of existing devices from TVs to projectors, fans, and even your Apple TV and Fire TV box/dongle. A control panel and a color display dominate the Universal Remote’s design, giving you an interface is both traditional and intuitive. The device replaces the need for multiple remotes, and for fishing out your phone every time you want to open the SwitchBot app to control your curtains, vacuum cleaner, thermostat, or smart bulb. Moreover, when paired with the Matter-enabled SwitchBot Hub 2 or Hub Mini, you can use the Universal Remote to control all the Matter-compatible smart devices in your home!

Click Here to Buy Now: $44.99 $59.99 ($15 off, use coupon code “5OFFYKDSSB” to get additional 5% discount). Hurry, deal end in 48-hours!

SwitchBot WiFi Smart Lock Pro Bundle

When you think of a smart home, you rarely think of smart locks, and it’s time that changed. Locks and keys have existed for centuries, and in a time of biometrics, passcodes, and authenticated devices, it makes sense that our locks upgrade too. The Lock Pro does just that by attaching to your existing deadbolt-style door-lock in just a matter of minutes, and giving you a staggering 15 ways to unlock your door while still being absolutely secure. Sure, the Lock Pro supports keys… but in the event you end up forgetting them, you’ve got a biometric scanner and numeric keypad included in the bundle that lets you use your fingerprint or a passcode to enter your home. The fingerprint is ideal for residents, while the passcode can be set up for guests or house help (with notifications of entry going to your app in real time). The Lock Pro interfaces with your smartphone or Apple Watch via Bluetooth, so you can open your door through your phone or watch just by being near the lock and hitting a button on the app. Better still, the bundle also includes SwitchBot’s Matter-supported Hub that gives your Lock Pro WiFi connectivity, allowing you to remotely lock your door (just in case you’re outside the house and you’re paranoid about whether you locked up properly before you left)… or perhaps the most impressive feature – voice control, so you can give Siri/Alexa/Google a command (through a secure device) to unlock the door when guests or the DoorDash guy shows up. The Lock Pro runs on 4 AA batteries, lasting 270 days on a full charge, with the ability to hot-swap battery packs while the lock’s still running. Plus, AES 128-bit encryption brings server-grade security to your home so nobody ever breaks through – physically OR digitally.

Click Here to Buy Now: $129.99 $199.99 ($70 off, use coupon code “5OFFYKDSSB” to get additional 5% discount). Hurry, deal end in 48-hours!

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Ultra-sleek Waterdrop X16 RO Purifier brings mineral-rich water with a single touch

I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen a water filtration system that looks elegant enough to integrate into your house or kitchen’s decor. They’re almost always made of plastic, with a design that can only be described as ‘worthy of being hidden’. That’s why most kitchens come with under-sink compartments for hiding these purification systems, so all you get is clean water through the tap without that hyper-industrial aesthetic of the purifier ruining your kitchen’s design. That’s something the folks at Waterdrop Filter wanted to change – among other things. The first time you lay your eyes on the Waterdrop Filter X series – X16, chances are you won’t even think it’s a purification system – with the sleek aesthetic of probably a high-end PC, the X16 is a state-of-the-art tankless RO water purifier that couples with a touch-sensitive faucet that truly uplifts your kitchen. Place the X16 in a hidden compartment or have it sitting on your countertop, it delivers RO-purified water at a speed of 1600 gallons per day. The water goes through a meticulous 11-stage filtration system, coming out as pristine and tasty as you’d expect from a device that looks this cutting-edge.

Designer: Waterdrop Filter

Click Here to Buy Now: $1199.40 $1999 ($799.60 off, use coupon code “YDreader” to get an additional 5% discount). Hurry, deal ends in 48-hours!

Unlike conventional dispensers that rely on pre-filled tanks, the Waterdrop Filter X series – X16 operates on a tankless design. This means it generates purified water on demand, eliminating the need to wait for a bulky dispenser to slowly trickle out water. This helps give it that sleek design that sets it apart from other bulkier purifiers that store up to 10 or 20 liters of water at a time in advance. Water gets purified on demand, and the instant you touch the faucet, water flows at a maximum rate of 1600 gallons per day (that’s fast enough to fill a glass in a mere 2 seconds, or a kettle in 10 seconds). The flow speed can be adjusted too, but the idea of never having to wait with a carafe or jug while it slowly fills up is quite the boon.

Enjoy refreshing mineral water at home

However, water speed isn’t what defines the X16 – it’s the fact that the water goes through a meticulous 11-stage filtration process across 3 different filter modules. This multi-stage approach tackles a wide range of contaminants that may be lurking in your tap water. The heart of the system lies in the 18-layer RO membrane filter. Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a technology that forces tap water through a semi-permeable membrane, effectively filtering out a wide range of impurities, including Chlorine, Lead, Fluoride, Heavy Metals like arsenic, mercury, and chromium-6, and finally Microscopic Contaminants like bacteria, cysts, etc. RO filtration is considered to be arguably the highest standard in home-based water filtration – but it does have a caveat – for every liter of water filtered, the tankless RO system also ejects contaminated water out of its system, leading to wastage. The X16 tackles that with a 3:1 fresh-to-waste water ratio – which means for every 3 liters of fresh purified water, there’s just 1 liter of impure water that’s disposed at the end of the day – a metric much better than some purifiers that waste up to 50% of water in their purification process.

While the multi-stage filtration process removes a wide range of contaminants, the X16 takes an extra step to ensure water safety. The system also integrates a UV sterilizer that eliminates bacteria and viruses in the dispensed water, providing an extra layer of peace of mind. This is especially beneficial for those with compromised immune systems or concerns about microbial contamination in their water supply. While the filtration happens behind the scenes, what you really end up interfacing with is the X16’s tap – a smart, touch-sensitive faucet that comes with its own color-coded display to let you know that your water is pure and contaminant-free. An intuitive dial on the faucet lets you select the desired water volume, from 1 to 64 ounces, with automatic shutoff once the chosen amount is dispensed. Need to stop dispensing early? Pushing the dial again stops the water flow – it’s so easy even a kid could do it.

A simple glance at the faucet’s display also lets you know the status of each of the three filters – blue indicates a healthy filter life, yellow signifies a filter nearing replacement, and red signals an urgent need for a filter change. This intuitive system ensures optimal performance and prevents potential water quality issues by reminding you to replace filters before they become ineffective.

The result is a design and tech overhaul of how drinking water is filtered and dispensed in your kitchen. Instead of purifiers that you want to hide away, and faucets that can often look archaic, the X16 puts a minimal-futuristic spin on the category, with a sleek-looking purifier that’s worthy of being on your countertop, but if space is a constraint, fits perfectly well in your undersink, occupying a minimal footprint. The faucet echoes the same intuitive, sleek, cutting-edge approach that’s seen in the tankless purifier too. It’s simple and easy to use, giving you fresh water that’s enriched in minerals and has a pH level of 7.5± so you actually enjoy the taste of water too.

Bringing an Apple or Tesla-kind of innovation and disruption to the water dispensing space comes with a price, though. The Waterdrop Filter X series – X16 starts at $1999 for the entire kit (purifier + smart faucet), but you can grab a 35% discount on Prime Day and an additional 5% off using the code YDreader during checkout!

Click Here to Buy Now: $1199.40 $1999 ($799.60 off, use coupon code “YDreader” to get an additional 5% discount). Hurry, deal ends in 48-hours!

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Upgrade your Regular Bamboo Toothbrush to an Electric Toothbrush with this clever attachment

This might be the most sensible idea of the decade. Instead of buying electric toothbrushes, what if there was an attachment that made regular toothbrushes vibrate the way electric ones do? That’s what the Motomoto tries to do. A simple silicone sleeve that attaches onto a standard bamboo toothbrush, the Motomoto ‘electrifies’ your brushing routine, adding ultrasonic vibrations while you clean your teeth. This helps dislodge food particles, clean plaque, and keep your mouth cleaner than just using regular hand motions. The toothbrush itself is made from bamboo and is designed to be replaceable, while the Motomoto itself stays constant. Genius.

Designer: Frederick Yap

Click Here to Buy Now: $18 $21 (14% off). Hurry, very few left!

An electric toothbrush, simply put, is just a motor attached to a bunch of bristles using an ergonomic handle. That’s all an electric toothbrush really is – and it’s honestly disappointing that companies have somehow corrupted that idea into a capitalist nightmare. Oral-B’s bristles don’t fit on a Colgate toothbrush and vice versa. Companies have colored bristles that fade with time when you need to change them, and just the brush head (the replaceable part on a toothbrush) comes in expensive single packs or cheaper economy packs. Not to mention they’re ALL made out of plastic, so throwing bristles away is tantamount to polluting. It’s the same with printers, and with shaving razors… and Frederick Yap wanted nothing to do with that model. So he designed the Motomoto – an electric handle that attaches to a regular toothbrush. The handle stays, and the biodegradable toothbrush gets replaced… and if you want to brush manually without the motor, that’s absolutely fine too.

The Motomoto itself looks like a simple handle without the bristles. A hole on the top lets you slide your bamboo toothbrush in, effectively turning the brush into an electric one. The brush features a bamboo body, with a choice between 4 bristles – regular flat bristles, charcoal-infused tapered bristles, bamboo tapered bristles, and ultra-fine nano bristles for sensitive gums. Each Motomoto comes with the assorted 4 brushes, and you choose the one that suits you the best. The other brushes can be used by other members of your family, and at the end of their cycle, the brushes can safely be discarded or composted, allowing them to return to nature with minimal waste created in the process.

The handle is where the magic unfolds. Slide the brush in before using, hit the button, and brush like you normally would. The vibrations from the Motomoto enhance the efficiency of your brushing by 50%, adding more bristle movement while you brush so that it scrapes off plaque and food debris faster. The gentle vibrations get the job done so you don’t need to brush as hard, which can sometimes cause your gums to bleed.

Each Motomoto comes along with a 4-pack of assorted brushes, and a holder that lets you vertically dock your Motomoto when you’re not using it. The Motomoto also runs on a rechargeable Li-ion battery, which means you can plug a USB-C charger in to juice your electric toothbrush. There are 4 Motomoto colors you can choose from – Nude Brown, Forest Green, Cream White, and Ash Grey, and the entire kit starts at just $18, with an extra 4-pack of brushes costing $9.

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Stainless steel trays represents “coexistence” kind of design

There are some every day items that I use that I don’t really think about the design principle behind them. Sometimes I don’t even think about the design itself as long as it does what it’s supposed to do. But maybe that’s why I’m not a product designer. Ever since I’ve been writing about them though, it has become more interesting to find out why such items are created the way they are, like these minimalist and simple-looking trays.

Designer Name: Irene Yeung (Derangedsign Co. Limited)

Coexistence is a concept for a stainless steel tray set that takes its inspiration from the ancient philosophical theory “The Sky and Earth Coexist”. It basically says that things are relative to each other like the sky and earth, light and dark, etc. Basically, it’s made up of two tabletop trays that are circular but with landscape or waving surfaces to make it also look like art sculpture.

Each tray can be used individually if you need two trays for serving food or for putting stuff on your table. They can also be set upside-down on top of each other in different variations and depending which surface you want to use as a tray. The designer says it can also become one large tray although the product renders don’t show how it can be combined into that variation.

The stainless steel trays have a crisp, mirror finish so if that’s the aesthetic of your dining table or your living space, it should fit right in. The mold they used was specifically designed to make 2 trays so it’s really meant to show the connected duality that the design principle is based on.

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Top 10 Essential Home Decor Accents For A Modern And Cozy Living Space

While decorating our homes, we always focus on the furniture we place in them or on the interior decor style we prefer, but focusing on home decor accents is equally important. These little decorative items can truly uplift the aesthetic appeal of a space, adding a personalized touch that will resonate with you and your visitors. A well-selected set of home decor accents can truly set the perfect tone for your home, and if they’re minimal and super-functional, well they tick all the boxes then! We’ve put together a collection of functional, nifty, and visually pleasing home decor accents that you need to check out!

1. Pop-up Book Vase Edition 4

Called the Pop-up Book Vase, this pretty vase holds and displays your flowers in a lovely, fairytale-ish style. As you open the cover, a 3D cutout of the vase is revealed, and it beautifully displays your elegant floral arrangement. You can even flip the age to unveil a different vase design, so you can have a fresh presentation whenever you want.

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Why is it noteworthy?

The book can be turned upside down to get lovely views from another angle. The book vase is quite simple but still, an interesting way to make your everyday flowers truly stand out, bringing a pop of personality to your living space. Start your home decor adventure with this ingenious pop-up book vase.

What we like

  • Amped with three pretty pop-up vase designs
  • It is made from 100% natural pulp with a water-resistant coating

What we dislike

  • The vase seems a bit tough to clean, and there seem to be no clear instructions on how to do so

2. CD Jacket Player

Meet the CD Jacket Player – a unique design that allows you to relive priceless moments with CDs, while also appreciating the album art that comes along with it. The CD Jacket Player stores your classic audio CDS, while also enhancing their aesthetic appeal by seamlessly including their accompanying jackets.

Click Here to Buy Now: $159

Why is it noteworthy?

The CD Jakcet Player showcases the CD jacket art, and it can be wall-mounted as well, serving as a decorative element in your home. You can proudly show off your favorite album art, while also adding an interesting and visually appealing decorative item to your living space.

What we like

  • Perfect design for music lovers, allows them to add an aesthetically pleasing musical element to their home

What we dislike

  • It can be a bit redundant for people who prefer using digital music streaming platforms


Designed by IKEA, the new JESTRÖM is a single-piece lighting panel in the form of a 30cm x 30cm square. However, it is not a simple square but features rounded corners and curved edges, which softens the harshness you may perceive from straight edges and inorganic forms. The lamp design has plenty of smart lighting features, and the white light can be shifted to warmer to set the mood.

Why is it noteworthy?

You can even set different colors to complement a particular theme. You can control these settings from the IKEA Home mobile app, and sync the lamp with other IKEA smart lights via the DIRIGERA hub, allowing you to create your own unique concert of lighting designs.

What we like

  • Economically priced for a large smart LED panel

What we dislike

  • Only one color is available for the diffuser cover
  • There is a dedicated remote for it, but you need to purchase it separately, which increases costs

4. Invisible Shoehorn

Dubbed the Invisible Shoehorn, this innovative product will save your back and your socks as it harmoniously vanishes into the background once you’re done using it. It has a long stainless steel body that will prevent tears and snags in socks and stockings. It has a transparent and minimal form which is easy on the eye and on the interior style of your home.

Click Here to Buy Now: $299

Why is it noteworthy?

The Invisible Shoehorn is pretty unique as it artfully disappears into the background when it is not being utilized. It is equipped with a transparent stand, and the two elements partner up to form an interesting and visually appealing decoration for your home. The Invisible Shoehorn has both practical use, as well as decorative value.

What we like

  • Functional design with decorative appeal
  • Easily disappears into the background when not being used

What we dislike

  • Hefty price tag which may be beyond someone’s price range

5. Oakywood MagSafe Collection

This is the Oakwood MagSafe collection, and it uses Apple MagSafe charges to support actual charging function, while also offering visually appealing aesthetics. The collection includes products with solid and multi-functional bases which keep your iPhone and Apple Watch in place, while also adding some minimalist design ethos to your desk.

Why is it noteworthy?

With a mix of wood and matte aluminum materials, these stands and mounts look handsome on any motif you might have going for your desk, providing eye-catching ornaments without being distracting.

What we like

  • The charger they accommodate can be removed and used separately
  • Reduces e-waste in the long run

What we dislike

  • The accessories do not come with an Apple MagSafe charger

7. Moon Rock Clock

If you share a love for the Moon and outer space, then you can welcome them both into your home with the Moon Rock Clock! The Moon Rock Clock is minimalist, yet quite striking, allowing you to embark on space travel fantasies within your own home. The clock is built from specially polished stainless steel and has. circular shape which perfectly represents the moon.

Click Here to Buy Now: $325

Why is it noteworthy?

The various numbers wane and wax about much like the moon, and the clock serves as a reminder to you, urging you to live life with an adventurous spirit, like the rocket ship moving around the moon. It features a moon travel-inspired aesthetic which is a gentle nudge to follow your dreams.

What we like

  • The printed numbers seem to float and vanish around the moon

What we dislike

  • A large and bulky product that will occupy substantial space on your desk or table

8. Gramophone Lamp

Named the Gramophone Lamp, this pretty and subtle home decoration design utilizes vinyl as material, featuring a retro and minimalistic aesthetic. It features a curved base that reminds you of the stands for an Apple monitor and is amped with a single aluminum stand that slopes at the back. The vinyl serves as the main light source.

Why is it noteworthy?

The Gramophone lamp also has a trackpad-like surface that holds the controls, and you can use it to switch the ambient lighting on and off, to increase and reduce the brightness. It has a polycarbonate diffuser disk which is considered the “star”, and it magnifies the light owing to its translucent quality.

What we like

  • Amped with a 4000 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery that you can use for up to 24 hours even when not plugged in

What we dislike

  • Seems like a desk lamp, but not really well-suited to be used as one

9. Modular Flower Tubes

Dubbed the Modular Flower Tubes, these pretty little tubes are an incredible alternative to the typical old vases we all tend to use. The container is made from metal and wood, delivering flexible creativity to the users, and allowing them to build their own flower arrangements according to their own tastes and requirements.

Click Here to Buy Now: $149

Why is it noteworthy?

The Modular Flower Tubes are equipped with thin copper pipes that can be arranged in different positions and patterns, in turn creating lovely floral displays. Users can develop different patinas with time, elevating the aesthetic sense and value to the vase. The base is wooden, and hence quite sturdy, offering stability and durability to the product.

What we like

  • Offers users creative liberation, letting them create their own personalized arrangements

What we dislike

  • The unique patinas that develop over the tube need to be maintained well, and not everyone may like them

10. Tray & Incense Holder

Designed by Songpa-gu in collaboration with the Seoul Design Foundation, this beautiful tray and incense holder represents the beauty of the Hangseong period of the Baekje Dynasty’s cultural legacy, as well as the aroma of tradition. The tray and holder perfectly complement all kinds of interior decor styles, while displaying the Baekjeasty’s beautiful art and cultural elements.

Why is it noteworthy?

The white finishes of the product create a zen and minimal aesthetic, which is pleasing to the eye, and also calming to the mind. The neutral colors elevate one’s mood, while also helping you to focus better, and complete tasks with more concentration and precision.

What we like

  • Create a cozy, calming and soothing ambiance at home

What we dislike

  • It features a wavy design which limits the type of items it can hold, hence impacting usability

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Experience Perfect Lawns with TerraMow: The Ultimate AI Vision Mower

Have you ever wished lawn care could be easy and almost effortless? TerraMow, the AI-powered robotic lawn mower, is about to change your life. Picture a world where your lawn is perfectly manicured without you lifting a finger. TerraMow is designed to take over the hard work of lawn maintenance, offering you more free time to enjoy your yard rather than laboring in it. Whether you have a sprawling garden with intricate landscaping or a simple, straightforward lawn, it handles it all with ease. Its advanced technology ensures every blade of grass is trimmed to perfection, navigating obstacles and tough terrain effortlessly. Forget about spending weekends pushing a noisy mower around. The intelligent system makes lawn care as simple as pressing a button.

Designer: Muxin

Click Here to Buy Now: $999 $1799 ($800 off). Hurry, only 41/300 left! Raised over $526,000.

What sets TerraMow apart is its wire-free AI vision design. Say goodbye to those annoying perimeter wires and RTK stations. There’s no need for manual mapping or complicated installations. Its advanced AI vision system autonomously maps your lawn, navigates around obstacles, and even cuts right up to the edges. Whether you have a simple yard or a complex garden with flower beds, bushes, and trees, expect it to navigate your yard like a pro.

Setting it up is a breeze. Just place it on the base station, which takes about five minutes to configure, and you’re ready to go. No complicated installations. TerraMow does all the hard work for you right from the start.

At the heart of TerraMow is the TerraVision system. This innovative vision system uses three high-performance automotive-grade cameras combined with cutting-edge AI vision technologies. It allows TerraMow to see and understand its surroundings just as you would. It maps your lawn in incredible detail, senses 3D obstacles, and avoids them in real-time. No more worrying about your mower bumping into things or missing spots.

Utilizing three high-performance automotive cameras and cutting-edge AI vision technologies, TerraVision enables TerraMow to navigate and interact with your lawn in unprecedented ways.

One of the most impressive features of TerraMow is its customizable edge-cutting. Traditional mowers, especially those relying on RTK signals, often struggle with precise boundary identification and edge-cutting due to signal issues. TerraMow, however, uses its advanced AI vision system to ride the edge of your lawn, achieving zero-distance cutting from lawn boundaries whenever possible. This means TerraMow can cut right up to the edges of your lawn, ensuring no blade of grass is left untrimmed. It precisely identifies lawn boundaries and can be customized to cut at various distances along the edges, adapting perfectly to the unique contours of your yard. This ensures stable and optimized edge cutting, leaving your lawn looking immaculate and well-defined.

Customization is where TerraMow truly shines. You can set different mowing schedules for various parts of your lawn, adjust the cutting height from 25 mm to 75 mm (1 inch to 3 inches), and even mark no-go zones to protect your flowerbeds. All of this is done through a simple app on your phone. It’s that easy.

TerraMow’s sleek, modern design isn’t only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. The robust construction ensures durability, while the compact form allows it to navigate tight spaces with ease. Equipped with four key sensors—an obstacle detection sensor, a slope sensor, a rain sensor, and a tilt sensor—TerraMow is designed to handle all kinds of terrain and weather conditions. The obstacle detection sensor helps it avoid collisions with garden objects, the slope sensor ensures it can manage steep inclines, the rain sensor detects moisture and sends it back to the base station to avoid mowing in unsuitable conditions, and the tilt sensor halts the blades if the mower is lifted or tilted, ensuring safety.

Envision a mower that doesn’t just mow in random patterns but follows a precisely organized path. TerraMow’s visual positioning system, driven by visual SLAM technology, ensures it navigates under thick tree covers, roofs, or narrow pathways with ease. This guarantees precise real-time positioning and optimal lawn care even in the most challenging conditions.

Its ability to handle complex gardens is remarkable. Its precise visual system plans optimal paths, avoids obstacles in real-time, and delivers exceptional mowing results even in lawns filled with flower beds, unpaved borders, bushes, and trees. Its agility allows it to navigate through narrow passages as tight as 60 centimeters wide.

Not to mention, there’s also a feature that allows it to pause and resume tasks smartly. If it encounters unsuitable conditions like rain or low battery, it will pause its task and return to the base station. Once the conditions improve, it will resume right where it left off. This ensures that your lawn care is continuous and efficient, no matter the circumstances.

TerraMow automatically pauses tasks and returns to the base station when it detects unsuitable conditions, such as rain or low battery. Once conditions improve, it resumes the tasks right where it left off.

You can choose from different operation modes to fit your needs. The standard mode is perfect for mowing a single-zone lawn or segmented lawns connected by pathways. If you have dispersed and distant lawns, the multi-base mode will serve you well with one base station per lawn. For tiny dispersed lawns, the spot mode lets TerraMow handle the job instantly without needing a base station setup.

And for those who love having control at their fingertips, the dedicated app for TerraMow is a game-changer. You can customize mowing height, schedule tasks, monitor real-time status, use the remote control feature, and enjoy many other exciting options for a personalized lawn care experience.

TerraMow stands out in both connectivity and safety. Equipped with 4G cellular and Wi-Fi options, it allows for remote management and precise location tracking. Security is enhanced with integrated GPS and a 4G module, providing robust anti-theft measures. If someone attempts to steal TerraMow, its location can be tracked effortlessly. Prioritizing safety, it detects any lifting or tilting, automatically stopping the mowing blade to protect both the user and the equipment.

One of the coolest things about TerraMow is its ability to handle slopes up to 45% (or 24 degrees). Whether your lawn has hills or flat areas, TerraMow can mow it all efficiently. Plus, it’s built to be durable and waterproof with an IPX6 rating, so it can handle rain and humid conditions without any problems.

Ready to transform your lawn care routine? It’s time to let TerraMow take the wheel. Picture weekends free from the noise and effort of traditional mowing, replaced with the quiet efficiency of TerraMow gliding over your lawn, doing all the hard work for you. With its advanced technology and user-friendly features, TerraMow offers a seamless, stress-free solution to lawn maintenance. So sit back, relax, and watch TerraMow create the perfect lawn you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t wait—make the smart choice for your yard today. Simplify your life and delegate the mowing to TerraMow.

Click Here to Buy Now: $999 $1799 ($800 off). Hurry, only 41/300 left! Raised over $52,000.

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