Redbox will stop selling Disney movie codes as part of settlement

Disney's lawsuit against Redbox is over, and it's not great news for Redbox. The two sides have agreed to a settlement that will have Redbox stop the sale of movie download codes from Disney disc packs. Attorneys for Disney had accused Redbox of vi...

Disney Plus Is Now Available in US and Canada

Disney Plus is now available for those who pay a subscription fee, which ranges from $6.99 to $12.99 per month. Yearly membership costs only $69.99 year for the starter pack. Currently, Disney Plus is only available in the US, Canada and Netherlands. From the 19th of November, it will be available in Australia and New […]

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‘Star Wars’ on Disney+ reignites the Han-Greedo fan drama

If you thought George Lucas' constant tweaking of Star Wars wouldn't extend to the Disney+ releases, you were mistaken -- although it's not quite what you might expect. Viewers have discovered that the 4K HDR remaster includes yet another change Geor...